Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, November 10, 1847, Image 3

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- --'- --' - f- 1 14 F1.,7-737'.1"hureday lash by
- - - it Rev: - .liiiiit'AlC.prifeliey, ',Mk GEonal: D.
' ntar-ilitiAgutlgiitarriA.t!iredolltiMA;i: both of
4'1: 4 1- 1 ' li " dliffi I ff`ifiPA , c . '-z -- '''''" " ;r7'. J
- ---
Oita;`' i l )111filiabil-tti c ieliiiy:"A.4 l , Krentqf,„
ik i
,r=' 'l' Itir:' CO . 'xlluil•lViibi to miss ttiiA milaiot
_ othfol* ofii*ityllik.zop r iiiy.
.- ----- zi O i rtftliiiSdiiir-the_l/34 ult.`,by.lll9.,Re z .v . •-Mr;
'''' '''''lM'cio(ll, 7 l l /11'.1.1bOri 'STUART, of South, Middipt.
JANE, --ARY;_at_B_tet 0....._ - ,
':,.:, • . • :l;,?;4fi.tP7,,trit . '"Miss I" . 1 i h f 110
-- • - i„ siiiptlytl-Meana, Esq. orHopervell townshipt"
. -,-,.. 4 ~.!T 7, - .!•. .4 ' ' ,L'i • ' D1E111 .., .
~', , •
P, .I . 1 itt,,,) I,' , - • ' .
.' 1 41, h ~ gif Monday the Ist, inht: at the'- residenbi;
- , r...{ .toi , her • husband, -Mrs MARGARET,,AV,ifq Ot ca.
~,,,,,; , 4 cliti.4 ‘Vynkoop of Plainfield. 'Eurpbhiland'
''' . l''"'4:l6'll,edhbriut 9'5 yearh, • .
r. 1...
Garrison, . ,near this'borough,
91110.itfilY,.,mortikg, the.9th' Lieut.'
' :. , Pictail:fluafriniiivi, of the 2d Dragoons,' U..
r S:. At:Flow , o - 'fiev..,Dr. Hector Huniphievs,
iPresittentpof nSt: John's College, Annapolis,
, . I 1`.:,._:, % .7 -7-,-- rr ----,--"--"ess
Zi ,. ' " 4.1
:',, ••Tilg'sitibsoribpr offers fbr rent
'"•:'; • • ' ail" whole 'of that oominnitidua pro.
• • •I v o II i i • ittiii", on the Corner of North Han
--; Ailiie and'Lcititlier. . streets, in this
---- ~ i
`, .0 iii'iiteetitriediner - A - PuEging - Hatiser
- , 14 4,.Virri.Biuif, iindllil
ei in oVe•ron on , the cur.
- inei r lii . effrietianinlioff. The Store.rootil hod
- 11 •f; 141) Mirk ,
the rear. of it will lie rented sopelrately
ii.,,feo . ,kille dwelling homer:. • The bootie is fame
•:.•Aart :wo - .11 arranged for a bearding druitie, being
0 ••, - ,:. nu ppl i eff w itli every d esirable con seigenee, eh d
. .....SILOS ed in c' pleeennt lodation.
•'''• ' , "•''Alen,'•sc•ertil 'Other, Dwelligg Hou's'es Ail'.
' tolg"For: t i eriins, tipplY to • .* ••
l ' t ` ' ' ' • • ..
', -- JOHN A. -klUAlitiCl4. '
asaltrzapa7murns , MULES.
r WILL be, mad in front of Wm.
• Auction Room, in the
rang ,htiremgh.of,Carlisle, on FRIDAY
LZ the, 3d of. December heir, at 2
::ROUR , MULES of the largest
: eisi,lcigetheewith eel:Mirth - Ste set of Goan] and
one broad wheel'_' WAGON: made to order, of
;the best nikterlals:' 'The ' havri always
,worked`on•a 'term: are - allgoOd'ooih lenders
:and work 'well in either. single of double liar:
Imes;' !Twig-known on the day
'of saki by . 40.1INSTON.MOORE
iquvember 10 , 18 47
• -, jro
T a stated Orphans' Court began on Tues.
day, the 7th day of September, , 1847, and
'holden nt teerlielti,'Cumberland 'county ; before
• the. Hon. Samuel Hepburn, President...l 2e,
• Sind Joltu Stuart and InhaClendeni .sqrs.,
Aseriblatn JUdges. &a., fhe foi oWi proceed_
hild, to - wit:' •
Inihe case of the writ of pa tition and VAC
' Won,
on the real estate of atienee McKean,
dee'd.,,the same having been c onfirmed by the
4 :Orturt,; Now. to wit, the 7th eptember, 1847.
enoution of Mi. Biddle, Rule on the heirs and
perione interested, to come into eou'rt on Tues
day, the 14th day of December next, and at
cept or refuse to accept the skid estate at the
valuation. By
,the. Court.
~lAMES 'HOFFER, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Offieo;, , Cierliele,
November 10,1847. "-
THE Books &a., of the Into firm of JOHN'
NOBLE iSr. Co., are in -the hands , of Ilia
subscriber.. All persiiiiis who have unsettled
• i — trail - rivitiffm — driliy„ as it is ne.:,
cessory that the books elniuld be closed. - • -
'.November 10, 1847.
; .Satins, Velvets, Feathers .15. Attfclal Flowers.
ACHOMP assortment of Noshes of every
. 4 1_ color, Ostrich Tips and Feathers just
landed. A vers cheap lot of uncut Velvets,
new style, ante very desirable ; Satins in Diab,
Maiurine Bide, and every fashionable calor,
and a largo and. cheap assortment or Ribbons
did Artificial Flowers,;-Itogetfier with every
requisite for Milliners, at
87 South Second at.,
November 10,1847 . .
'Fresh ./IrrivaL
---. 1 THE aubscribert ha.e just
oak/44 from Philadelphia a now tut
, sortnient of DRUGS„WEINCINES,
ARTICLES, i•c,&,e, which has been selected
with care and all warranted to give satisfac
tion, both as regards quality and price, to all
who will favor thorn with a call.
Remember the old . stand, opposite the Rail
Road Depot,
Carlisle, Nov. 10, 1817
Three Cents Reward. ‘j
RAN AWAY from the subscriber, it Dick
inson township, an indented upprontibe to the
Karming business, named JOHN WATSON,
colored boy, aged about fifteen oA sixteen
yeiiis, The above reward will ho paid foe his
delivery, but no either charges paid; and all
persons are forbid haboring or trusting said
boy under penalty of law.
November.lo, 1,8:117.
~ Stray Heifer.
CAME to the premises of the.
J1:2 , 4(q . : '`, 'premises of the aubscriber, near
LA- onihef3d.or tth di' October lam,
a red . At IfEltewith a wl.ite hdad and small
Iniorre,itild'abautlwo or throe yeah; old. She
id miliporied to be with: calf. TIM owner is re•
labieted tol'Oeme forward, pinVo prop'erty t pay
•ohargee and taketer away
No*emberlo, 1847
Highland Plaid art:
TUST received, a' further supply . ' dr I-HOLM
4•111 Plaids and Plaid Cashnieres, in irUat
ty, by ! v ' G. W. HITNER. 1
Carlisle, November 10,1847. . - _
O yir.: opening at the afore of the subscriber,
' g P
.. .mat "variety of palicoefi and
hams' efloivncleni! ;G . •
O tc . HlTNeat
- -;, , 1-Nosfornbet , — . .
10. ; ; 0 3411.6 Ci iit inilitek '
9 1 b , KFItiqr ,kaietAreturned from
lil e.lallywith a large ad pbuble!„P id
and oher..,;lltr..lqsi of...Bou,net . ..Ribl!one.,afid
I ;l3eiliAt'Velieti;"whieli will be sold cheaper the
r- ' Oyer. '., ..: ' ~. ~: 1 .‘ . 1 q, IN,HyrNkllt... l
LN - o . 4Niivertibei. 4 100)147 ;':.''' • ' ' '” '' ' ' ' .
, ..
~ .... .
i','•.;.,: . :.,R . .., LL „lrringlti Anil/I/imps. '''
' `A• • uniiAT : , variety of IFrioges and., Giiiiii,
. ,
._.,..- -alio:Velvet 111libone of
. al colors, for trim.
• "riiißglijttil i ttittiobeireitfit. lii 9 ..,,..
~ ! , 14 „,.,,,„0,..,,,4 ' - ‘f ', ';:•G 317 - , ?;,
...,,PlM s *ftl l ,oil B 4, o i l f. I.> ', , oi ~ ,i ~ • ..
• '' ' lCatiklanleirell Atka Dio c ita. dit" Ltilnell
,evu,t 6 iGENVllA:ll , iiiitertiineet . Of.' Vfgured anil '
' .„MModit':Oolorid , Ceshiteree,
~.y.•L and
!. , , M
':_: oo s
d .
Leine" also searlef l tiherrYi'and' iatiitle pli,
, moue o
4 1 ~. 4...-, G v . H I§TcTiith ikisix, , ~0;, T , N . ,
, •
Troth, MAO : 9jl ;:-A .
of FrealrYi ne 00,
"'llllWitlbliorilier"Mis'SMOVDßYYgl4.ol , l4
BOARM 1 1-4 1,011;,Em add, ,
- I.43 t ' hi•fleie, 14v. lc 7. '1"
IfllB giihell RE !JIVE, OR!:
ep tirita pigokond , FanupD,Onnet Vclvecte t ß 1,,
Alta lr bwers. ' •
'Carlialci, Nal.. 3,1.11147
itVet:v !..,1311r;
roegitin Ilt thp ,
:4 litiluteilhAgetkiimnover stregt. —
1 r,
4. lifAtiteroWlitilifttili,
t hi c„kf1eftg5;91f1ipc,!,y.',1,6'.,;,4,,,,,,,i.::-,,,
f. - ..... ..... , ::' i :L', 4 IO.QTV..AIs,IIIIIOES - , .: 91
lompfliNyAßTotihi.l,4;,A4.ol. -,.. ! isy
. .--fT,y,'.1.M1T.2.- alipertmept a 44l h .,p9ol, 6 bled)
'' l 4ol:lS;;p.ylr z bi•c?l,4l4 , to ibs. tilace. comprising
ifei , jr,....iirit*dif ;;;Atxr,Airfi t nillibdibi ..foi. Fall. - nn&
',; - -Widite.E.;ariebli iiii," 1,14e0.,-Oiipyal-fiele4ioli , ..ig"...
I t
13.1.thl;!8H011 0 ; ;':yifiliti;lio'bff‘irs z;bir'-eale atlthe;
"ZiVit...i',litAiskii)Tibfi'sl 7,, ,."-; ~ j., .. .-", 7 , , I. .--. . .,,, ,
` . • , algclk-Itil•gl4skoptc,!.. cif:. MP R6C.CCi, KID;LI::!
INN - 41.*: B.442b€:‘thelieiti,..!f!ijali!ji; which; hki;
, i411 , 11611',4) (be tbede,'ititl'iailie lii;tb measure , ne •
'‘iiillaTC ~.:" . ' '.• , r . •• • . ,'• ) ', •-: .:, ;:,;;;
~.Ail, .2ivoi4;. - s ioyl.,lvili , be; iBailiudteiti„)ind • +rips
sewed,. gratis. , i ~. ~.,, ~, 4 • .., i ~, -, ',; •• • . ,;;
•::„Ci,irliske, N r gy:P: 1 84T-7-6t: r., -' •-s• •- ' ' - '••l''
'''..,l)einder4 . eed YolynteiT !Dopy., ' '- . ,
A , Lot'of'Gioitotl in d bit" rade wn,
% i, i
~Ili”nroe tosittiship, Cuinberlsi.l co.
11[ 1 impanvements are 111 , ,ItANIM
HOUSr., SO feet in frodt,,iyith two
front' tleorti,;-•=with a back butidinel a t
blick smoke house, bake•nven. and Stable. The
property ii valued at ss(to, and Abe'Ontlitions pf
sale will be s2ooOtt the *first of 'A'pfil next, when
possession will he kiVen';llliti $l5O in the uninal
payments thereaftori.withent interest. 'For - ftd
did °nal particulars engitirt of the. subscriber in
()Labile. . ,
Ni)vember 3 DAT
A Vegatable and Universal Medi-
„ Th use ißills: core till diseasei by. ptu.ify ing - the
blood. They give id nil the •orgatts of the hog
the prceilet• 41110tliel. of 11413 Itee.elte9ltry to tied r pit
rifiestion• ' They arc - a
' ALTA )4 , itiii . rll eta May bc",justly2sitid , to,:give. the
beiolty and visor of youth to the weaknes
trepitude ofttee'. 'Can lt. be belie'ved (lint after
.heitvg•lieli3ro the Miblic for ninety one years.their
sales ebould hiity liolo bb a little fitting' Yi' MIMI*.
of boxes' pet: yell'r? lihiwo it is, a n d it is only to
he attributed' VCI Mial' Vinnljudiee; or- doh. sale'
would he it leASt twenty' millions of IRIXeS per'
year instead of otil'bit'e Million. Let all. the nick'
use thein- , - , they - will 'mint Itittliting the healthy 1.
lit all 'wile Would securetientilselttei lldin sick
iiiiii 'have' then, by 'hem, in abbe tiff sudden 111.
tiiiik•; liar a tow doses takeli alien the body icon
,nvnices to get out of order, am' the benefit is se
cureilitt Olive. Fathers andminkters attend to this
sultikt...Soits aiiirthifiglifths.iitfenilliwihrirsuldeln
—letuill men ' and women tick themselves the
question whether what fins stood the ;getout* time
no 10ti,., , . dims sot deserve shine iittentiqM , . , . • '
' Awl who is t be beneli tied ! TIMSe 4ho - use
the Ltrondreth ills: 'They are the innei that re
seive the intere t of a them sand per cent—flow ? .
In thg,preantit p yment of health , of vivacity' ler
di IlOss, of hp' huteSs and clearness of ',creep.
thin, dare 'cloudiness AtieLetingelBloll of mind.
lira ni elle' Pi ll'a oi.e a life u vresetver. , 'Those.
who kilo xjt mit- Mialitiee feet. Secure in their
i ‘ )
health and tn.:Obits being preserved' to them loan
indefinite period. They are equally good is sill
kinds of dis?.ase, tilt matter how-ldled, because
they cannot he used without taking Out impurities
front the blood. and perseverance will cause its
perfect vitrification '
suid no disease can be pre
sent when the blood is pore. . ,
7'.Is:BII,IIOXLILS loont_twentry-tliree riti:enB
oy4'urritown;.ll'eatchroter county,
..V: con
coning tlie tuttue of I)J?E 71'S
PILLS, as a cure in Bilious and _Dyspeptic
3AItLIARIr 14, 1847.
Die. H. littafgurzi
My Dear the tiodersi,gned, being
fully Convinced Of the superior tpinlity 01 your
Vegetnele UniVe'rsal Pills over all others as a
Meniettir, which opinion is founded on
our own pergottal experieliceli—lmeing used them
-for years la's lstiuly medicine. We. therelOre
take preaft'nrein recommeiftliog: than as es
peciallyociteellent in preventing and During these
bilious ditilculties to which alinow every' Jodi
vitlnal is, a, certain periods al the year, more or
less subject. In all dyspeplic rates in which *e
have seit them usett,ileyt have effected-a perfect,
atietittid a using them wet to- take
one IC:o tirery night when going he'd. Who.
ever Mat is ilytifenne,ktl follotrs this "Advice,
will Fe sure of a oUre,lo Ole believe, 50 we hwve
never known them to itil. Nothuro.hut..the..wel
fare or our fellow beings flats ittlitt:etl on to write
this; you will therefore confer a particular favor
upon us by ( published.
Mt loon 1,. Lockwood, County Clerk.
.1. Collin, Surrogate_
Jacnif 0411; M. f;ltArlet 11 Underhill
I) .14 Lent ~ llet C'firpenter
.lola F Child \V fr Van W 1.31
Elias Mann . Ii A Clapp
George Mills !leery Ii Irodil
John .o Elijah Weldity
jtoul,eu Swartu oin -IV in D Ward '
1-1:111 Joseph II Vail
John Leettlirti Tloblittis Dean
AI I) Marling .. Cornelius I,OP,Se.
John I.: Weeks W A \Vedic:) ,
TLe /al SIDIt l'S PILLL lire anld (0r,25
cents pe.• box; at Dr. IL Ilt•aildretles Principal
Office, 241 Brittlwii., New York, and by the Ml
lowing dilly authorized Agents:
W tn. S. Powell, New Cumberland.
t Li,. Miller, Lisburn.
M. Brtfier, Siremanstown.
4: tit L. Iteigel, Mechanicsburg.
. Geo. W.- Singiser, Churchtown.
A: Az 11. Leittch, llniliug Sprints.
' • 1). L Beelimin, White Dense P,.0.
fitticiiburg Weiting;CtintVevale.
• 111111e5
Edward Scull, Shimiensburg.
, S. L. Seaman, 'Newburg.
r)1k1 in Carlisle, by CH A Ras TARNITZ
Solo Agent for this borough.
HE following real estate, for mhrly. the
property of Isaac Kemper, will be sold
on the premises by the subscriber, at public
ypndue or outcry, on MONDAY, the 2'2d' of
Aii next, - Nomb at,/ orelnak . P.lll. - ari - Ttaid 'day,
to witf Alt that Vindi eland silliatb in Dick.
toivnehip, Cumberland ablinty; bbOnded
6y lands of. William Slower nr,d others, and
containin d 2. Adreai:lllo perches, none or
lest; 0144 , A it whereof are cleared and en.
der feline:7'l'lle Improvements aro a two story
tog Houseot Log Stable and a carpenter shop:.
There is a good Orgliaril or well selente,d fruit
on the premises. The terms of sale will be
Made known on the day of, the ,vendue by
• Aisignce of Isaac Kemper,
rictohor 27,1847-0 • • •
• .
recentlyllF,'sidtsoriher hat .
, 134.97tvith' a litrger4trd hishionnb.e:
to his stock,:iind is now prepared to:furnish , I.;it
tliee'nua taentienieri With - all the, usual mtiol'es•in
his-lines at - the' most
diook will be; found to consist:Dl' a rhili and ,ele
.gant assortinent •of
&' WOOL` lieNTS;Veri , :hnntl.)
trimely. 'finished
BILK CAPS; 'of the.lntest:
, 11 , 9 tlFPß;of` g higglilpp ' etiperiorqualit y. l'; ;: `-?
% :Gldiifled'for lb& libienl old:
and enstorridriiiltflittOrilis ;him _great plea=
quilt to 6o gble'Ant to nerve them and ho ho,ed.
•evt 9 43116, itiidriiiltitdbilis 'to tlipnifielvet
I j•'+ - C! , Ge,q, ,, K ELLER,'
' - :Notth , fitthref itheet..7
iiiitoliet; 20;
--too Vitosiffw,tanEp
r."4el - = er' f ' l `
if' '',,thy,J444ol,.twoopi, •
V lorgetimber_ 15 , AGONSIii load, for
Pittsburg. Liheriimitges LW,*
freight at-Plits.hueir is nettfultuite ' , Ally to • '
.1. STAMBAUGH tg metussdr,...
Chstobersburk, Octoheoil 1 847.
. , ,
, Steel Hag Cla.!/10:iilnitrileittlie
ok. ..:!..AtipE,assorkplepr r Opg i: ,bag*Claipe;
'' ' 4 Ptiieci-dleiltik,-Piiroo' lie 'rid Taßiede,'
. og;.•Tassfolii;41)odo(1-iind iplald ;eillillPyroo
Twit'toilOst reeliiivo&bit.';,G) VVAIITI4EI2.: . ,
.I.cailitiO,,Oatober=6; . 4847; .4 ;tr''. , :e ...‘7, , ,;- i,.; . .. 0,,,
. .• , . , ~
" " '`''
" , • „ , „ ,
itii'll,illititellcineotte. .'l•_ , - _
— (litf'llollNcTfAnl g.iioncE - . 1 ..
oTipE i.,fitereby given.te".ell.pereone in.' .
. ~ . ierpeted thatttheibllcivkiineirdoomiteleve"
bocn ., ,fi led ait.::the'..VrotbonOtery'e , Oittae i fitirt*V.
conin'ation; byeeconlittinid - thereln-inmed.Vitu'dL'
4;11-,bo , L1Wesehtel4'-"fo-:tiiti',,-,Ebirrt-,tif'1ortiiiiiiht
'end alle,iv.eheq: (iii','lvip - v . I),AYi 4 ,thfi,..Eit fi l 'daiiit
"Neierriber;',A: - . D:vitfr•.„ . ':,. .. . ..--." :,,:::
~i.'v.wii:A:aiii,ipt'Or4.49iie. 4viii;k ! 4esiineo.
iii eeeet rit)",=;,' ;.',„:, ...s..f C ' ...: , ':. I I: ,a.
:, 4 ' 7.,V1i0 - 4CCOUfit. ' ,Qt. Jacob-Klcky Jr,t ass ji.,
,neo,of, Christian . Weber. -
~ .t..3. ••The ;Account of .W-: A oLinthuret, Aseii':'
, neos:OLThomae H.'Skilorkt . •,, • , e Il f , i i ! :.... ~
4. The Account of .T.i. lit Willi nit'. Aesio'
nee'of David Ebersole.
--••• - • " •
~ e
'5. •The A'cc ~ rinC of
nee of John . Megitry:. , „
. 6. The Account or . Wilninn [ Horper',com-,
nii nee
7. Tlia A . ccouni.of Themon‘BrinChnequee!,
trutor of O l t • if,anCA?or.'iina•Cnrlinii3, Turnpike
Redd 'CtOpiiijY• • ;
I.t. AP. tHETF.III, Prutley.
Prothenritdry't Offite;: '
Curnett, CCUpo,'ll347,
.'.• ItALAIS . NESS'
„ ,
. . .
P um. ,ex ensivo oftng "aro ioOso
thO.Onliod•Stutos. Reopen for Win.
T, ‘ •
ter. 100,00 Garments on hand•and•ready for
Alisposig,"Wholesolu'und Retail -. • • ,
.• To iiatrone f ve-would soy; that haring but
one price,' those who are not detains or do not'
understand the real Valliatiob jitice of grinds,
will luire twit ripportnnity of'.paVehasing
monta . as - -low us ['Weeded ; Writes
and doalOre, jo ready. rnado',Clething can
plenisii 'their 'steaks OM..Winter; and we
tiiariinto theloidesiFlie'blisliitiefit in Phila
delphia, to select. from: 'We attend persotiallf
tckthe packineof goods, and see that a good ,
assortment of sizes andwell made articles:ate'
put up. Single suits forwarded di? riei•orcley.
(rJOur. goods nrb for Agle only at the I,l4 lmi!ding, 128 Market stropt, modicum . ; come:
bf :Unita end' Fourth Arms', Philadelphia: >
• botober'lB,, 1847.' • *:•:•;74:?
p., , ,.).
joittl STONE: St.SONS, linpofiers iiiiir4
Duoleaiiip•Silks, Ribbons-and Miliinely-
Goods, No. 45 , ..50uth Second street,' Pliiindel
phia,•aro now opening ib*r.the Fall Irradom
I very. - iich • easortmeht Of • M T L L I Al ER Y
G )013S, a large proportion 1* which nee of
thel 'own impoLutii.p. v,.
Bonnet Silks; tipmect ano ~taus. • ,
Bonnet Satins, 01 nil Utmost..... ~.iiitiON
Fahey , Bonnet and Cap Biboot ~ a very hand-
soMo assortment;
Silk Flushes;
Silk Yti!vets, black and colored ',fall qualities;
French and AinerieaniArtificial Flowers;
Fancy Laces, Cap Stull'', Lace Trimmings.
Bonnet Crowns, Tips, Buckrams, Willows, &c
They have also received by the late arrivals
a very beautiful assortment of Fancy Feathers
direct from the Manufacturers in Paris.
Philadelphia, October 18, 1847 —lino
THE sithseibers respectfully inform the citi
zens of Cumberland county that they IniVe
on hand ann sir constantly making. up Clothing
of the best quality, consisting ot,Oress mid Frock
Con s, Over Coats, Cloaks,Ranis,-Vests Shirts,
Collura, lloaoms, Gloves, and every - arta • ces
sary for fitting out a Gentleman. Our stock is
fresh—being IQ tiro weeks, from Philadelphia.
We tire determined nOt to he'andersold by any
establishment in the eoantrj.
We are also prepared to make tilt to order in
the neatest and most laillitYintial manner. Mr.
W 13 Parkinson, an experienced and rastileixa . -
[ILE Tailor, will cut for theestablisliment: All
work warranted.. - .- •
Oetnher 13.
Dissolution of Partnership.
HE partnership heretofore existing between
the subscribers s trailing Under the firm of
Joint Noble k Co.,has this (lay been dissolved by
mutual consent. The banks and pspers.of tin
late firm are placed in the of .ROBE RT fILE, on whoni all po'i'sons haying accounts
to settle, or payments t , make, will please call.
Carlisle, October LI,
I'. S.--Thc BUTCOEIONO biishtess wilt still
be carried on by JOIN NO 131.8, At the confer
of l'ot street rind Chesnut AMY
lir UST received, n fresh assortment of Loaf;
Crtished, and Pulverised Sugar, also elreap
lirepitii Sugars of every descriAlon and 'price;
Sugni , -Flouse emir-New Orleans-Malahsisi Steam
• Sy rup, I loney, Superior Young ft son, Imperial,
nut Superior. Black ' relit ; Whiter" Sperm
Sperm and Tallow Candles l Citron, Ctirrenta,
A Iniond., litliSlllB, fine Table Salt, anll ,... S2iset of
all kinds.
Isn a large assortment of ASS G AND
CiU.kS A HE.
Carlisle, October 13, 1817.
lloit's Improved Chemical Soap
Soap Etwids unrivaled in this country.
for attracting Grail., Tar, Pi , alt, Oil,
ue any other greasy substance, from all
khan of he alone,' or Ladies' clothing, carpets,
htblb attrettils, tnetuno shawls withont +lur
ing thin„, that pure vt - uter,will, not injui•c.— .
!laving tried the article we Ott recorntnehtl it
with confidence, satistied thAt no person will be
wititnitt it sifter aPriCe cents.
.sttle at the drug store of
Cnylisle,Octoho•,l3,.lB27 .
T4HE subscriber has on hand 'and still ,con
tinues to manitfuctiire his superior CORN
Stl LLERS, which lie 'Will deliver'and'put up
in any part of Ctimberland or Perry •counctes,
anJ will warraht them fdtworili year, :The.
above machine Will shell 100
,liMthble Par hour
with perfect case. For refdreuceapplY to the
following gentTemer44who hate the 'mei:Mine
n met .
John Noble & Co.,Mr. Noffainger, Mr. Reef.
John Wolf, Mr. Eberlay, folio - Sampler 'Thos
Ek_Urie; William_ WagonchJueob.Billiltuo,
vet., John Pauoohn.DuitbarMohliirGT4Misson,
Uporge pheaffer, Mr, 'Quigley,: Mr. ;Iliewn,
• 4r , ,•4'..4 r.1 . 1;F !, ••
;Air.l P.' Pli!!!?t!. ' i ;.:- ;IN d tk i i - A 8 ,
OctobereNjiiilietio; ..40".1647:- - 144t4d.. i '7,„`::
~, ; '
• - ••• - '.TO , TIRE .IP'ILIBLic, : ',,,, ,
(1111 E subscribers hiving purchased the cif
:,41L mtirwstock Of , J ace& Stoner, invite:the Mi.
tention , ()rine publio':to their 'assortment.-
With uall the. boikritiCit,'"putilng ,.. ”. and hUmbug.
king intit!' bi ether estahliehincnts, We' iie,A r
Ele r toisell kfaidtiire t ellOWif 'Wet e i littlew:,
61j 'iliiiiAf,(0 61--I , l6 Fd*, aro Star.'") . 1b. , 4 1 ) 0 'OOl l l 3
tY:' 1 l'iy, us, and 'prove us,,,atzthe,4jd and , wel
known. , stand an‘ North Honorer„Stvect, bi tWeerc ,cor n man's . Tavern ,Mcd , the , Hat” !
Oar; Store, of, Gem - Heller. 4Ve-'ha'SM just 4 .:
calved a. , full: and *gbnefalmisortinent of Ha d
ware and .Building ' - Matfirlpls,"tuitubg " w t3h
Mai bb enurfieratbd'thefolle4lrig,
500,liottnde Aineiliali'lil(sthi St . ool 7ii Pei , liii '
200 do 'Engpsli - '''''''''',' 114 per MI
lo p ,',( ii,y,", oastpild,S4ei l `gibblle'ller lbr ; f,,
ZOO t 3 i . t10'4" . • Eittei lox I*l3lY,keterlt Ittitind 1 ' ,-,...,,
:Hi dok of CoposistWortisk Oirtlf .' L , '' ", - 1
I[oo kegs 'Of , Vails'inil if - pikes:et f 50 Or keg,
SO boxes of asiorted GtOii; .. ,' .
2poo lbs:gfrol phit9 ; WIHIP -0 ! 1 1$ 1 7$- , 6 i 2 '
• peritei't .: , ' •.• c• ' ' -
2000 Ihs'llel!:t ilibillV , ivr '0
riti d• Aoic it , ii t, l to'd lb'
200 gal Mes or Linsebil 0,11;.V., ' , , i
Ida ' do " SPirits'TerpeotiriC, "
00 Toes WM aii'd E,ler p e - Shoe' Tron , 7 , '
'With a' fhil iiiser,aMetli, of ,Iloildini HtirdWare
slip,h el:LoCiiii ~,
,tmtchesl3olts, Hinges, Screws
O o, ils,' P,_ into; HIM,' Mul l rutty, HMIs end @Oka
~,i wi n imi'nerousl,,to mention, at the Low
pricedlierdwalb cliore - of ,-, , 1 ~, , J ~• ,
,-- - ,,,- 71 .,-. 7 '. , ~:, - , FORTN BY .44 FISHH*-
''Stiwiti'atitnielii-Elti`cet Carlisle' M 5 '
50 Saolis'/Ohtoo , fikid
09. 9,tit:tfrn. n .!°l l p. do. ;8n ; -1
P. ? I
rimE4 4' E l 4 bgcr,i bee ; hail; ijitat,';rcueyyp an
Itl i'ietee!infsseconahle:geodd, augh :as
anne "‘
paeas,, , Sl
' „ t
A:splendid atee,k CIALICHEHViiti pricca ,
aro.cenes, of all kinds:
'.'“'OELgBIII3V..I) "FtUiD, LAMPS,
found .: •tcytio'. Vrelli. that hivie tried :them, the,
'Tibet edoninicaltind.il6lruhld:iertield')n every
et'lko . -
licias. •
Helier' been 'aliricuniikirseleAviiitin t h is place
'for th'eeale of thi3'"Ubovo;TOW,clo'illiich ho
Would 'invite ttie - lipecHd 'Wentfon of the love : ti
oflOod The manner in 'which they are
put up is , such,.astiint the tloyeur,is prcse-ved ,
for Ainy'Jength of lirni..-b-ukogilleused-in--luudJ
or timtoil. ,Funiilieti can be supplied with
. .
• ''The public is.respectibily invited to Call and
examine hie atocit , befm'a purcha..iieg.'elbavdicre
4 naßmuch•us he feeleconlidentitnit . liiii'Variety
'itfid Paced will he Walerant:orV. .
-- k - Rrirsl9; . tic!:Obei '6;4 ,
1 1 9 i9 "
" ,
FVHE subscriber ..bas:opimed ° 4 ,hnndsodic
stock orTALL tied WIN-TER. GOOD9I
to which he would • Mill the iittentrcin of; the,
citir.ons .of., ,a r 1 hal o,p. and. the,, , surroun'ding '
neighttnrhOod.-11 wig : 4lqt go'to thettreuble or
enumerating's'articlailF s it'f.would fakel en' too
mucli:time and reniiii-14111.onfl:nainii u few.
El s othilVcsssimersil?pattiiietta44;tall hinds'
anik.prieese,; Vestings;
110:Eitiuiel;'.14iiili , 'Lineni Canton
Flaniieh,TAckinii:Vancl ;Cheeks; :Gentlemen's
Otorife , liii4.,fitilk,c.frairate;WhileLiuen
, find silk
, gaZ!:l Inorods:of ,
fo'r Ladies; such as Cashmeres, Jalapa, Cale
dolts; Was. do Woes, and-Gingliamsolain
and plaid-,Alpacas,'Bonthazines, Shane, Glove
Bunavista tiips for misses find children:
Allreoltili Scarfs , in . great-. variety ; Gum
SliVelt, o very handsonie. article for Ladies
Gentlambn and children's Caps, of all kinds.
• Grocpries.
such as Sugar, Coffee, Tca, Spiccii, &c.,
After looking through the. market, just an
chor at the BEE: HIVE, in North Hanover
street, and for tho CA9ii I will give you as
good bargains man be got in the state.
Carlisle, October-k1:147. '
• HE attention of lho,public is respectfully
invited to a NEW AND SPLENDCD
Hardware .& Paints,
which. I hiive just received from the City. and
Which I am detormioed to soli at the LOW—
EST i EWES! - .
I do not pretend that I Impair, any- Goods
myself, ,but buy them in the City: all for CAfill,
and of course get them at the lowest ratea.- 7 ,
,j therelore invited to become
acquainted with the pniesond then call on me
and it I do not sell better goods us low aid
little lower than the ImporterN•l shall not ask
them to buy. - 1 0111W.bjeio prices of- a
few urtieles, viz:
One hundred Kegs of Nails at' $4,50 rei
Keg ; one "nindred Kegs Whitt; Lead, $2 per
Keg of 26 lbs.,; 2000 lbs. Grindstones, 1 1-2
tot rents per lb, and all other geode at equally
luw prices.
n. Call and see at the old stand in North
Hanover Street, sign of the Rig Mil Sow;
Carlisle, A ptil 7,18.11'7
TIIE mob:Taipei' having been op - pointed by
the Orp Conti of Cuinherbool county,
to mar.hall and distribute thefinola ht the hauls
of John Ekecuicir of Gotleib
among the several creditors 'of Bahl aceased;
will,aitenil for that iii_o:pcise at the imolie house
of Samuel * Morrett, hi thilnifargh - orCitTliali!;
-on-SVPUItDA Y ' -the Oil - Ottober, • at - 10 .
o'clock in the forenoon. '•
CEO. tor.
• -October BO 847..--Voltinteer insert. •
280, Alan ktiFred, Thiladtlchia . •
r - •• ,HE • • Subscr i be r (late of the
114 4, Washington Hotel, Ileitis
le, Y.' burg Pa) takes this method of 111 I
forming his old friends and-the pub.
lie generally, that he bus taken the above na
modHOTEL. The house is airy Mid toinfort•
...•. .
ablo, and has been ,extensively altered and
itnprovsd,,snl the proprietor hopes by. a Oriel
attention to builimes imd a proper Sere ref the
comfort of his gucelii,'te.inerW -tad receive a
sharopf putillb prattettago. The belie° . is situ '
ritaive - trceifsertifforthe - travellinh - pubfic,
'being only two doors above the Harriebu'rg'aud
Pi.tsbUrg Depot; and within two,minutes walk
the.Ballimdte and - Reading:Depots. STA
BLING atteelteo.? Termi .• (1110. UPS, Proprietor. .-
Atike‘t i 2B',lB47-8mo:•' '' ' ' •
, ~ . Vtate of Jacob Shutf,'Dec'd, - -
N OTICE is botchy giten that letters teats.
mirtary o.qie estate 01 . .3 ACOII SIIUFF
• ate.rit - South , Aliddletop , tMinalum, deed, have,
been granted to the subscriber residing in the
itune:loivesliiii. All , persons indebted to the
eatitte.Uf said deceased are requested to make
iiiirriedialirialtinbrit.intlilinse - liaving claims
againiii the sameiwikl prosedt-tliiim•• duly ou.
thenticated for settlement: •I• ' ';,"
• ; 401fN PETRO'S, Exantktdi
Ab 25; 1841:
I..WOULD Iterws , notify allpersons concerned
."isvhit art tutelars 't jtitee' etwil ; tided, book
"stoccitint; td. call" itid . rilettle - . up their4ttipective
duesiVds dispitied or mi:erittte. stock of
Haidwara to „Weser'. Fisher & .Votinoy, or Her
ristiuk Itseeitold tei';noiotrter reotoa thin to
settle up of hooks,the sooper.9.ll Ishre made
the' better; Iti!by:Juo iivi!,.wri the ocholtr,ts I will
be fertlit''tlie 'ixdleo
tion;?lSisvel•il.,eitentOs'.hkett'f..lieOetOfet4 y been
tn it`deidienle.ep votookildjattileil;io iitt now
'gide Mitt .ditirning ifintif)titte:'sktilfitt . ld'itters,A ;
paytklit isilOtot :11tR.Atiiitig , ;., business
ith nitt4ill'fietVtne'ttl'ini:reottletutei (metier of
'Lonthee`ttiod ‘Pitt. efrCets.. - .
..SifttditDiON' 'Offilfc,o' { \
;in ql r y ti 1 0,949i 1 _14,-,9rl;ft,E9l 4 •§YO°r;
4 ,,' FrUPg9.ol, , itiqiiianttim , Wo o Ao9llll4 - •
TITE underslennd havint Leon- oppointell.
;7, , by .tild4COurkof;..Vonitnon 'Plea% to hit - tv.
filinlif,iohdtithitet the' funds in the hands'''Of
Jficob Swii,fer• truotots' ON; the
reroditoriii natnedA tithe , dolidVsiiindonti. ,
tiethiltAititta, f ti,lll
MONDAY" the•qAti. Amato &b I f
tvloo =lotli,c,f;foreoets ,
Alf:Al,illllo,l'.. q ;
„ P 4
847' o , ,
i i tl.ol9E, iiiiikiiiitOltictlpiriAla toll e ;on.
1 1040. flilitfor ealr Ohl, dvs n6'onr
0 neEMINO. •s" t
' October ot s , •
i?AiS Tg' PITA*. ,
's,T4looc,pl4,plimr cpkpre, op* opentim ,
• G . V. 111 :1, • 7•lgit •
-*1 ~•!..• •
' - .4ttfj.('.4' lo 3oliiiiirtilVA6 - ',- 1 .
regti: '4t,traCticiinc.
"t't '
4 r:344LVAfEAVIIMPOR4iNtr. t:: 1
- , -- r - dHAßLkS''Deriiiiii9rde,difli,tlfplraVA*,
-ceiilniiiiiioSf-ilie'lliiijetie atUt.inOSSlejslgOitE
l' l stoeli,'orrALL'hii'd. iy,INTER tigt : _ppoOs,
ifiiitliiiiilieeiri feliiiilif - th'eu'illilffis - r,tutkoy peat's' 1
' At a l i ' 'l : Y#l 4lb.. 0 ,.1V.!1 ' .1F•t! c •llihelicliisil?,k' of
i ,'quote, ASoOk.and.Gribeer46,o A `''',": -
wii'ich,li6 Pi etletermltidil :to :eel rut 1.1:,!0',i',. gt.i
,tt 'IS t• ',.
estprollii. 1 o mini me te slicks 4 , 0u1t1. be use, •
less, us: it would. IIW Colutheeof ilitiptispei,suul
then'-not.the one hilneleetlthqusit lie'rrieehone(l:
Put:he Tespeut la fly . in vitoe kill 10 till alidiook tor'
them elves: .. t ßemember the OLD sT A NU, it I w"tibues tist'
of the Merkel House, mid direetly'oppUsl!e' Mt ,
thOlPtloteL • • • .
_ Carlisle, Septemhei: 2.4;1847. ' • , ,
. subscriber' respectfully
• ‘4 1 ,,,,, m m •'hia ,friends &
~.ryPicl'l. • the public generally, that he has
."opoticlt the ahrivii . naped Livery
Stable in the the , rear.Of 'the Mai bet
lionee,.wherp he pan and: will.nocommodaie
all those . v‘ , llo may give hint a cull, with t#QO •
.The..Mibli.Kiney- , hiperidinn.:ietting' good and
se o. but Pete, qte nu Case giv e
. opt a
'horse-tiniest; Ivan' recommend'him'as elite and
gentle.' • Prices 'moderate. '"fle hopes= by calm
atid 'rebeitie a share of
itublle patronage. '
, . • '• '
erthei Ifoititetind SignPainiln'g,and'all avers
iii teat . lisp-will . still be .thzinkfullY received
and pundttially.itttended to.
August 25, 1847:-3ino's
w k aulfurs Nnakerci al
G Arden, •
THE subscriber Weal.' call patine
attention to the' stock of Trees
n - .w on hand io tie above establish.
• ment,•and ready for this fall's mar.
ket.. The entite'sthek consists of upwards of
a'qunrter of ri,inilhori of trees; among
are 'upwards of ISO
.varieties of the-choicest
Apple, carefully selected-from the best and
most celebrated Nurseries in the Union. The
trees now ready for sale arc from 7 to I I feet
high, ofhealthrand vigorous - growth, many of
which -are trained-with — regular tops, and in a
bearing statc,.whieli supersedes the necessity
of further training to the plantei. He also
Peach., Pear, Plain, Pr nriey
ricot and Cherry Treck
as well as a large stock of Flynt-green and Or
liniment al Trees of various kinds, of large Plitt
and well topped. Among his. Apple arc up
wards of 30 varieties of recent introduction
and snperior quality. All of which the sub•
scriber pledges himseirto sell as low a 4 any
other similar establishment of established
character in Pelmsylvania can sell an article"
of equal quality,
. N. -11, To tim-euriouy-4e - offer.-tho muted
Vatilonia ]mperiuix•-flowers pretty— IMISCA of
u feet in diameter—of very rapid grOwth.
whit 011111. September. 29.1847. 91.
Fire! Fireil Fire!!!
CM>u ,, m;gati (Z9ziADLetiatt,mcAl_
,No. 97 south Second et,
P h del i itTwishes - to - infororliter(rtards
thepublic literally, that lie still continneato
mil ufacture an self the genuine AIR-TIGHT
STOVE, with the latest improvements. After
many years experience in the munufueture of
these stoves, he is, now enabled to offer to his
customers the Air Tight Stoves with °YOUR,
is - citable for dining tiruins or nunneries. He has
also the AirTight.Stove on the Radiator plan,
which makes a splendid and economical parlor
stove, to which lie would cull limo particular
attention of those who want on elegant' and
useful article for their parlors; also a large
assortment of Coal, Parlor and Cooking stoves;
a Iftif which ha will soil at the lowest cash mi.
ces. The publM would do well to call before
purchasing elsewhere.
r. T. would caution the public against Air
Tight S'oves made by most stove ma rs, as
they do not answer the purpose intended.
September 29, 1847
" Sccure . the shadow ere the substance fade."
Collins' Celebrated
TWO SILVER MEDALS awarded at the
Fairs of the Franklin and American In.
.stitutes for the best tttd must artistical speci
mens of Daguerreotype portraits.
The recent . miirovement made by the sub'
scribers, and which is peculiar to their estab:
lishment alone, viz : AN UPPER LIGHT. bas
reserved the highest recommendations from
the prose, and also written testimonials from
the fiat Arilats in the country, as to its great
superiority over the •usual aide light. The
peculiar advantage of this light is diat • the
nature) expression •of the eye can, be obti.ined
more perfectly Wats diVreleforc.
• Ultizeno,.antl apangera ere respectfully in
.vitcd, whether desiring, portraits or. Oat, to
>vient•Oile ,
gallorienCrirobahly the larg.
.eat -arid .ninit• extensive in—the—United , States 'arid ckti'ullnp fur i
.themselves the astonishing
improvements mlida by the subscribers in this
weniderful art. .
. T. P. & D. C. COLLINS,
• roprietqrs'of Daguerreilin ENtaldisk.
, • nieutirNo; Ido Cheroot id., 2 doors below 3d,
out!' side. ,t'
' e'leidetither 0,1847: s'
'.4 . 040; (tad Clteap
Main street,one door west of Islartin's lintel. ,
iroßß subscribers lief° Jost recei v ed and are
1. n(lw - opehing - tr' of - freak - goo - its;
wlitch in addition to iliir former , stock, makes
thew . assortment larger 'and better than can be
intim! elsewhere.
1 ,
heir shack tornprliks n fu t stilt assortna' of build
ing material or esi•iy description and style, with
si large assorttnent of Tools for all kinds of Me
elislitliks,lidch have been , seleateil with great care ,
and ale elfigedat tlie,lofeest sates. 1 ('r ~,
' ' Alsip ii lull .assortment or goods fur. Carriage
Builders 141111,Raddlers, such as.Worstetl Dime*
and iltutiltur s',Ciirtain Clbtli, Oil Cloth, wide tied
narrow Lit+es, Pringesk Tassels, tTults, t Pateitt
I.oo„lter,,,,,l;aittpe, , Blettrie ISiwings, ili:on As lee;
SS Vet. alai Brass ,PlateCarrlage•Bantht i tlit l yath
'Brass 16
Brasll Silyer,Phltlti
eAountingi Brittle) its,
Stirrups, Buckles, Batters oh all' kinds,' , Bnck
skies, llog-skina mut ,alt description of goods in
the SADDLI:kiII , YIANN.',I Alga', ' ; c; t
I tt.,/,V B4i ll g , 8 , 1 4 I%TP; Candlesticks it .>::;'; ,
• mass ctitoirons; Sliovids and Tongs);
Knives and Pprka , of every style t 5,.•.1'.
Pisstay-autt conauton,Bellows'i ,c 1 -.a I , 1 . , ~.
-, Butcher - and Carsinit,ltnigetti'Stecidt. ,4" , t• t' ''
Pen and Pockey,Kiii,vesof. every 'styli:r e f ' . -r'‘
Table and Tea' Spoons s ~) v ~,,,,, , , ;",. ) ,
EitglishAndAineripanfitlollowarri „i P; r
-.Sai,Urpits,Blass,Kettles>tto..iko. -- . , . , ”
"4,oit,4o.9.l,4r9fggrkiiiii-1,),7- ,ti,... ? • ;
'""W son Illitners,Shovels and Spades f" - * • ?,•
,---T itilfilltertiiiifenw Pluilniqo. 4 qe t ,.. ! , ' ~,i
~ t oa Iso.rdit received,: 0 ',.. 4 0 . .
l 'Ap t4BanskaltlifooplllllN;li'll, , ,Gr ,
11,6 00 , Kral ../ 1 41ericiiit Sheet iron; -- ; , ,
~,,.; Cast,Shoiar; Mittel' and Wiring , Stlieki ti, ' '
',,,Tlit,PPite Zino, Spelter, Lt111111; , , ,' / J ' kg . , '
~ ,,Onpaitt'a and Johnsen's Blasting Ppiftler 1
:,;,l'Ouptiat's ltiflowder, Slant i
,-.- ''''
o .,;(yethe . rllP! P i ne .9,00,90W400 L e ad , ,
•'‘ loniend Oil;' , - „ - „, -., ~"" 4
Cppal, Coach; ;span and,piglitiFiiyo,oiiii I
"Wiiido* Glass'of a11;512.6p s' ' ,' , ..' '' , , ,
~., ' Putty;Tul.Pbntitiet &O. '' t + -'. ''''''''''''' ''', ' ' '1
r ., detlar•watt of all kinds; Ike. 514 1 , h ,• ' ' 1 ,, ....
:,4rhet, have oso-f e r eale Ilattieyht Patent Spirit!
..s)kistr.flußeril;wlilelvain'itausidered time best fiat
in title foo,4illting bay; straw Vrtoorttstalks,it, ,
.., .
, - i . ~,., •
~, ...,,,,,;,, IVIBPIOI lk SAXTOI4.t, `
` Etepternber ii2;lo4r. . .-.., .... ; , ~,, . , 1 , , ~
•:..t.:: - Fy9g l ,!.. P!,p9 011.:.; :),.•-".•,:,':
ii i
13ARRI411%rii‘iilf:Piii4; 't;: r alpi),-iritifi'
lllit tAkiaftly.l" t :,r4iiyil!',Caii evo.:-44.81;rd
-0° eliq- ' ' ' 1 W , 1 1 4;,./M•ERI
•,:, . : ,' ', '.'..' ''' - ‘-t,•"."..'', , .: -:. , 1 ~ '''''•:. '' '-,
rlie•biliotaiiii - eil:Tiitiiiiig-rtnii.ved to
• ',sltippesifiburpaud.enkriged in'other
Aines 6 lLiiffersAiise'-11 0 Aft.'W - noittnining o
Irmo 80 to (Of/Acres of filifirtitil,l.dme,
. • iingefvtan township
Ott-tliethinthefd:ind-• Vs I I ey
:lihifltotiqdliO 4 Mlße 'Nest of-Nnwville'and Jive
'nfilea' of Slit pjfenslifirg. Tliejm . proyements_
•ccasifirof linigC . Ile!' n)1(1 bidet ,
!NlArietoit : ffottitia;' Wnelv
bake house; it:cist tit adifali bold 'll.lO ',hit r'ralii`ol,.
Water—alhif k.and'entir'elY'ne'w-;-ft well of
good•water nowt •closorit small birn; is hog pen
parrisge house ant other necessary out houteß
ft young orclifird,,gond garden, and , choice fruit
trees of all.kittils.. There isa sufficient y of tim
ber for necessary purposet4 The, ocation of the
praperfy . ts not surpassed by any .in Cum
'beldamd eciiiiny, being,,conveninnt to and '
An '
markets. undisputable fide will be given
and terms n ado to au.t the purchaser. "i. •
September 22. IBC.
I.,nnensier Tribune will copy LIMO times and
sand bill to lbie ttffiae.,e•
.' •
T.' .
VA (A:TABLE Farm, stinated in- V estpenns ,
born' to wn9ll.4l,...tUlitbeliHnd-VOU"inq-nes-
from Carlisle, on the Mount .Kock Spring,'
.rent . the Ultlitherhillti Villky Bstilrciatl,contaioing
-IthOUt-aW 1 e14.11 , 464411- Whfehivre - tfenretirknin.
thereon a I trge two-story double nione Honk., a
two-story) Log Rouse, two'bormenient. Barns, liitte':
loom crib -and wagon alted,•earriage and . grant
houses, and . a neyer litiling .well of water. This •
. taritt _wil I ilitille to. grankadvauttige -and w illa
w whole or the halt of it.
For parlicularit eniptire or.,L. ri.l l , Hamm,
4 ,. 4 .. ; ',.. thepretnises, or of the' suhaerther resld Bickinson 1p.,-2 miles eintt nr.,the t ,
-Stan ,
•arern. -; ' ' . 101 IN f 4 ,.' WILtISMS.
T August 11, 1847.-9. Om: ''' ' ' -' '
_ .........
A. boro,
PlOH.Esobscriber offers at private sale the
pitidAy hfrhaelf, situated on the Conerloguinnet
reek, about 4 .miles west of Carlisle; und. 44 .
north of the Cumberland Valley Railroad. The
farm contains 200 Acres of first rate Black
Slate land, iti the highest state of mink/anon.
The iinprovementi tire a Mansion. House,
Bank Barn, corn crib &c. There lealso there
op erected a la rge elobelllEß - criAlslT p¢ 1144,.
lately rebuilt on the most approluul plod, with
Kiln ler drying - eorn for making meal, togctlt ,
ea with a Clover Mill, Saw Mill with circular
saws attached, and :Plaster Mill. ' There are•
three tenant housesi ono for each of the millers
and one for.thu furmer f with a spring house to
each; together with a cooper shhip and other
improvements.not necessary to mention. 'I he
water power on this place is eqiial to any on
the Conortriguin'net creak.
1 also offer for sale a FARM on the Welnut
Bolton] road, one miletrom Ca
115 Acres of the licit quality of Limestone
land. The improvements aye a stone Dwelling'
Holiati, frame barn and oilier. necessary .out
buildings, and a t at Tole well of water &c.—
A tract of about 5 acres of Chesnut timber will
be soill_ajong with this farm. For further par.
(Mohr-it-enquire of the sitbserther living on the
Mitt place. Purchasers are inilited to eell and
examitruthe properly. - Terms will be Made to
suiLpurchasers. JOLINTLITK --
--- August 25, IS - 47:
THE subscriber offers at private
the 'Farm on which he- now
•••• ;'<• lives, situated in Dickinson town.
ship, Cumberland -county, about a .
91111iTterof' a - mile from tho turnpike and five
strifes Gum earlisle atij.,i„dace lends of
Paul, George - Davis nod othero, containing
-41117 - A - crerr - of Limestone Land—tin, of -
di hich is Woodland —end the rest cleared and
under good cultivation and substmluel fences.
For further particulars enquire of
.1 At Publiega
rcei_ ON FRIDAY., the 12th day of
; n November next, will by sold on
the preini es, a certain 'lrani of
lying part in West Mae
che-Steryrviisltip, and the residue in Dover
township, York ccunty, about 4 miles from
the borough of York, on the Stute road leading
from York to Carlisle, rind a half mile from
Weiglestown, bounded by lands of George Le_
crone, Jacob Heilman, Daniel Nailor and oth
ers, containing 162 Acres and allowance, with
a first Nita two story BRICK HOUSE, with a
Brick . Back . Building, a stone Bank' Baia, a
brick Still House, steer stable, hay stable with
two mows, and all other necessary out build.
ings. A thriving young ,App'e Orel) ird,
Peaches - seralmeall.cither-111,irdeut,frtrit
Never falling fountains or watnr at theAtobse
and barn yard.. Said farm is under good,feno
ing. There is on the premises:a first roe
throe story STONE MILL, with whim 'power
sufficient to drive said mill, with 0113 pair of
burrs, twri pair of stones for chopping, one pair
of shelling stones and 'Smut machine, sham
good order. Salo to commenco at 1 o'clock
P. when attondalico • will be given and
terms Casale made known by
October 20, 1847—1 s
Estate of Robert AlleFarlatte,
ALL persons areluireby notified that Letters
testamentary on the last will testament of
Router MCFARLANE, laic of Newton township,
Cumberland county, dee'd, hare this day beet'
issued by the Register in and..lbe said cub*,
to - t he litibACriberEli "One . - of %diem; Tliefifek
McKinney. resides in the horritigh ofHow•
villa, and. the other, aims I , YbPdbbilltlii
tan townahly, in said couhtY: 111 pbrsons
having claiins or demands ataitlit the 'estate of
said decadent, are requested:to:Make known
the 'same 'wltho•it delay, and titbit: indebted to
make payment to
Sq . % 21,1847-6 t. pd. Exeitniors.
Estate of Andrew Eyler, dec'd
OTICE is hereby given that letters tor
11 tamentars on thillaat - will'and testamen
Of -ANDR.EWSEY,Lt.R.LIato-of-Franklin-lown
ship. Cnunborta d botintflileolik have this ddi
boon issued tho',lrogieter in and - for said
county; to the Cbabribee - Fho'rosidoe in ttie
township of Mifflin; in thio county afuteattid.—
.411.,Ocisons, haiti9g.claitaam durnands against
Alai estate of tliii sal() decedent requested to
makii' known_ A
'.*" 't , vitfiulit.';.dplaY; and'
those inilCbtgdlg • '
• JOHN 011.;EIR;Eitecutori .
`..'Septoidbtro( 1 fi'VT : 74K. ' 1
41 14 A I P aflctle:'
i,,,VlE.anbacriber thankful roi bent
V:4;41:111-',. patronage, vrould :atten.
"--"` ttpo to hie etnult - iiftriees ;now on' ; 'i
band, conidelingof,tbe chola° out,
'2OlOOO fiat+ and fiVe W
are fromlo ft'fele't High, 4vijfik. stook
• •to roOortiOu 9 cona hedr• upivaida'af;,l Q 0 uh
, Mina , EitiprOveil liaribijce 0f tho . hele4it
nkaiird citrate • •1:-;
Pettch;.PentilPlitjari; A ik4.l bt',
Cherry Tir < 36l; "?: 4 " : • c.
Ail.: r;~euipl '~;tro=; enbacrlbor~ (gill eyll , aii..low
catatilleliapedtfiill.b,qtatnLand if
ingdeatetligharahteeiteibellij,liindane (acorn - .
, morido,dis' 4 All * ;l,lli'ds'ef;;;Ootintrir i lifbduce taken,
in viotiangefi 4 Lo
,rVii Wryer, from a'cletanCe •tho trees win'. be ,
noitilfiptit up andforw,aividt,ivtildn'2lY tnilea r i
withoukaddttional:ciapause.,apd , over 20,inilea '
ursasonablealibivatiaii•.` Pinitlemen ortlei
'frees fel+ . upon pon4 getting good
Areettieffthe 634 varletinaini nand not'
fooolvo thanit . 3 .Addieal
:;' ,.l • l l.;ll9vville,Cunikerland cai'
• '.N..11.--.-T.lfoiniliectiber - deal tone of redticing.
bialtfiek - f gitelroaCbargains lit' abbot
20,000' tWO and 'throe ye3itlin kit f,.r °old sign ,
hiel• wholo , ' mita Uliahmonk bonalitlnti of 'ono
Viet 1 ge,-6-=-ACRESs l 4lolt4;:aOut two efory
,URICK-HQUITIP amfall Othett:iteettesory t im.
:tlresvotnenta: Alio 13.Acinnt•::Of Maadow 1. 4 1nd
notitt latter inithci
`tif-At together tr- , eo4al4kituq eiventi
*, •*, • '
.., '•-.A . .lllfioaid, Merryßitters.
• •
..41.111BAnJofallit - ie,:llletheine for Dyspepsia or
- .;;T,"::: • i • '
litieKitlneys. Bilious'
Fevers. it is a
,perfect .preventalive of Bilious
OW 'AVeiteiii.roverOirl: heel , roe - MA:Y . eve!
Piettiii.resitarini the pnti.ent ; idler beiiitprostra—
Cad by', Fever. &c..• Itlrysipelas,'Billargetneni or
'the Bon - es, Fever and Ague;PlatitleOpy, Foul-
Ilegif of Complexion ; aeneral fur gene:
rat prestration, canned by tliseifie' v ,ritetlicitte, or
indisheedons ooMniitted in yotiA,ablierkation of
icoatrusiciii,oriileita, loss ofmemery ,oimness
of a hoPeless 'expression of • conctenance;
and for tlihr tibias:Of 'disease geoertilly;tilis Medi
'etne lane neier had ins ripial. Bout, Cipitlittes , si
Beiiklil,lmoilre,lllooil t Jaundice; LOSS Of Ai/IW..
V.;*nriplaint ; Leprosy; Loosittetis:
111 Eri.ct.RIAl:_lAll$,11EES, L —N evcr fails to
- eraltlictite entirely, all the effects prNierdury in
finitely sooner then stay oilier medicine. Night
Sweats; Dervons Debility; Nervous Complaints
of all kinds; Neuralgia; Organic Affections/ Pal
pitation of the Ilearll P.inter's - eitolie. Pains
s and jargons;
of the Joints;
%cot sinits worst
forms; u teens o, evLry ilesgtopott, anti. the Ery-
Fl'xposiirelttitt 11;i1Wrilenee tivLite.
PEW CONIPA 1..T.5,-.l4iitcsi of pule /
°apples lon and consumptive habits; nod iamb as
are debilitated by those obstructions which fe
males are liable tootre,restored by the use of a
liottle Or two to bloom and vigor. It is by tar
the best rMlte;ly ever discoi•cred for wexkly chil.
ilven o 'finil sue!' ns baye had humors, being plea.
start they,restitils take it, It initnetliately restores
he appetite, strength and color.. - • -
Nothing caii. be more sorprisint.,tliati its invig
orating eflePte to the Inuivamlixtr d, Pbrsotia,all
iveskness'aml litssittfac beTore, taking it t ,at once
become robust of energy Muter its IOU:.
totes. . It immeillatelyeonitteracts the nerveless- ,
.IAR of the humus trameovllich is the great cause
barrenness. • '
Mg are some of the cellif:cotes soul
complimentary notices di:Whore been received
by the proprietor,of die efficacy of thisinetlyahrmA44
.111 y. Philip of f tit; well kit'oWit
IVilrox & Iticinnontl,-Shipwrighta,,of
ford, Was entirely &need of a confirmed atti he Stomach, thimat and mouth, witla aoreslitiS
usinully accompanying this:tliientmj . Mtd. hi.egene
ra I health 11111,i proved.hf - themse Ofjnly ono
bottle. ".SIM W lynx hos - aufitireir leVer4y fo?a.
number or, curs Ma r -this disease, and 'illtributes
his 'cure mit il•elT,tOLilitMise oldie Bitters.
Bnylrei: - Mpnly
. 2,lterilf - of Bristol
county, Mass:, voluntarily eel tified that he
was cured by the Bitters,of Jaundice,lndigestion,
:11eadache and 'Vertigo. '
Gibbs, of ZantlAidelt, testifies that.several
pn sm,s lit that town, well known to him, have
been benefitted by the nee of the Bitters, and itt
every ease the) have given the flout perfect satin
filenpll., .
.1. li. ESA. Attorney at Law, of New
l e d or d, was cured nt an nnpleasatit eruption of
te.face, by the use of the:Bitters.
(From the Ihtity Evening Bulletin.]
It IFI;101. oar custom to pnli_Patetit iNielltri, es
Inn we kmity diem to be really excellent.—
flaying ourselves a knew edge of Dr. Wood s
Sarsaparilla nod Wild Cherry Bitters, and have
log ,li sl sev i eryl friends whit !tote been benofitted by
their use, we do not hesitate to recommend them
lathe nidt . liu. Both Sarsaparilla' and Wild Cher r y
. • I tilaorestaldisited reputatiyin . ./he med
ical world, and this prept.ration is Tilde with
kreat care and appease to combine nil the medi
cinal qualities or both in iill lin 'Enid manner.- For
sale, by the proprietor, B. Thortdon,Jr...Watar
steet, and brtheltruggistP generally. Anyone
suffering ri om tlitanisys.-or-tito-hln‘id r intligestion,
or headache, woultrilo well to gave tly:se Bitters
a trihl.
sa e tool Itculti b . rarn • t LTC HA 4.121 Fol:
too street, Nev' York; SANIUEL ELLIOTT,
Etti tilde, nllll Ui•ii.lists tbroogltout tlto
United States. Price 11, large bottles.
Deeembe'r 18411.
Dr. Kealer's Vegetable Panacea.
For the.reineval . and permanent cure of
dtseases; - atixing from — fin' impur
siato.uf the Blood and habit of the
burly, viz. Chronicairections oftbu•
chest, Chronic Pleurisy, Brun.
chitin, Catarrh etc. 'Scrofula •
in all its stages, 'Fetter,
seald-head, Cutaneous af
fections of the face and
extremities, Chronic He
patio diseases, Chronic
Rheumatism, Chronie. Enlarge-
Ments of the ligamentliand Joints
AV bite Swellings, Siphilfs; Si ph ilitic
elTections, Mercurial and. hereditary pi e
dikpositions and. coystitutional -disoaders, etc,
Among all of the various kedicinal produce
Lions that science has discovered and art pre.
pared for the alleviation oti 'minim -suffering
from disease that orb es from a vitiated comp-
Lien all - id - Blond and - organs of nutrition, fore
most stands the PANACEA. Where other
remedies hay. failed to destroy the essential
poinc:ple of disease,. as it vas worming its
mole-like way info the deep tissues of the bo
dy and undormining thefouridaticum of Health,
this remedy pervading every tissue, organ and
part of the body has by its powerful alterative
innence uprooted every vestige of disease in
the systein. As the genial kayli tif%,a Vernal
sun, infuses new Life in the :Jogetable world,
so does The.Punacea invlgoinin the debilitated
and sickly, and as,neW life fresh and blooming
springs up froni . ilie tiaiThed earth alter copi
ous showers; it,ikdoes health follow the foot
steps of this natures great remedy.
, Ertspaitd tiinkindd Cov.ld and. South streets
Philtideliihib.. Sold - wholesale and. retail by
SAMUEL ELLIOT, Carlisle, Dr. MlTherson,
Harrisburg, - and - by - druggists• and Merehent
I kughou the County
Health Maio easy for the Poopi o
' or Physical Trammg,io make their Lives
in this World Long and Happy, hy the
author "of "Education : ; 41., it Is ;
First 'merican'Ettitioni .
with Athnians . • •
Ileing.nn elementary and hiteresq tog trctise on
'Self [Knowledge. Containing short and enter
taining articles on •
'Food, . •litsrt, ••". Glands, Strenth,
Rating, Stomach, Nerves, Reaction,
Digestion,t.iveri , . Hiving; ' Old:age,
Blood,•! Lute, • Mind„ •
'SVF - tretiiintri7Ai , teetes, • ~Hangs, - -- ntui;'
Head, Veins Heolth • Diseatse,
• :&a. Sco , .
Togethliji;• With: Vie!: Great:. •4ecrct-• Speeest in•
.Life how atiittheil-ILHOW:tiVile Coed ,'Causes and .
' Weals' or. Erioi.; 'Habit it s, Passions,' Woman des
embed.. lifait Alesbritied ?. •lll'sn's Erroili; High and ,
Poor, , Sexes; Virtue anti, Viee,„youthritl•Errors, •
?Woman . hqw , riide .delioetb, tees,
Mbition, • , ••• `• • .
deeigned, for theilhble,;of„lleiTine o
impt4ritii and extctitling ethientiOn intaugst the •
lien er. unpwting valtinhie - Icailisletige! on the ,
frame this• laws •
Widish govern h,ke. Blee
n An/ 'Perlon'ikikt;4 l 4' 7 ! s 'Oentis'epelotied in
a :l a tter:snail- five •
II lor • ;I: Atltiresspostage .
paid„; - C• .PERCIVht'Ca,•
;. r ;PhiladelOia,,ii/a)•flri, 1847 , --- •
, imutaius [I rt: ; lltiodeeimo
3lt‘thl.7t P age!.
',•11101UNV , EAGLE •TR 100 El.. ~
, ..
- 11118 'is'the'lieit 'n iti 01 e"eier, 'dierirkre d for ,-7 " --
- cleansing' , and pelishifieeverylit! of Ale
is e'nnil , Glasti Vitro, being super' Or to .rotten • •
, I
stone; whitinta Lee.; lie 'lt proiluees' the host brit
liant7llKlNdrogioliskwi th',Atery:l4tvepoor: It.
is alliniit.eiliollent'urtiele fer:pleitiniing'whidOWl! ' . --
sed,intirrors... , ,,The. - Anseri into ''PripolW alto-.
gather free front. odds sod. Oorthtling , Subitiuttres,;•
.rynd .is therefore superior :to' the littlhitilty,lllU ell . •
usettAp Europe.,, No poison who , bilk OSOd• Ow
article:. will, be .wi,hout it. ~ , PrioN.4l4;!pli4 p e. o
putter. :,': Persona 'Wishing ' tlr 11U Itha 031.0 `IIIOIIP '
ego at, cat, he . , supplied at th ninnu rue tering:Cool,'
puny's prieei hy.eallingrttlite drug attire' or ,_ , l• , . • -'
~ - . - , - . -,.
~.:Eurlisl6. , October 13..10 ,it . ',' ;,,, • : ~ ' :l', t.v!.
4. l l:lvti bit 4 Pitt itreet,,
, Wi th a 11•1 arnhakil 'rho
Had; 00404' ; Oina and is in
land cniidition':, , '-.Paytinnit* lalling4o,:c l uitiva to -
land'in'..l.hii'aiiigldinr4a4;l4-',9l.e,;tol,iiii; would •
find. tbita tineloaatiqii:lo..lllinr.
1404,- froniini
on 'Ninth strant:'.„: , elitipjaint.) - antm ,Ve, made; to. •.•
•• Cat lii , lottfiejnimbte29;;ll,474'-'&-c l4
- , „