Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, October 06, 1847, Image 3

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PROGLAM - All''' O. 1%,
.7. W. HER:EAB.the Nenairebfa tinautii: ar r
President Ante , oft tbe •severai
.Couitec4podnatonPlette of the counties Of Cunt: :
tairlindi-Petry ; arid niate, in. Pennsylvanii,
4--4ind-Jusil-of7.lfieliteieritl - Gettrts - irffjper a
gederil • Delimtv,:,in said
:nolill es;'.an • on: .1,411154 Jan atm
of the. Courtor oyfr.i6d, - tet.'
General Jail Delivery, tor, the trial
'itanilot;tid and other offenders,. ht., tbe.-said
of,Ouniberlind—hy their preeepts tci me
~i ! ldifented. dated the 23d , day of .August. , lB47 l ,:
~,haite, ordered the.Coort: 'of Oyer and-Terminer:
:a/ :and .Gerforal Jail Delivery; to. be
1 411sle'ori the sooond - Monday of NOVelititeenext,,
• k %eing the tilth day) at 10 n'Ohick . itir'the fore,
to contlfifo Orir - itieoltii;: I r
t , ..; NOTICE is , therefore, lierebY',git4n„ tattle
'Coroner, , Justices 'Orate 'Ponce' and Ctiiiitablia'
• 'oftho said county of Ctiinlidrlentr,lliii(iheY are
• 'by the laid:preeept `idiaimatilled to the,, and
'"'there-Ifi4ltdir-I) . rott . erf-ner,stuterLtyith-their-roll:
dianiinations, and* 811
reme,ltOrti6ces.A: do those thine which
1•8 1 99ir sinoos:appertatn4o tie done, and all °dsc
!that are bound by nit
. .rgnizancesi. to' proiecute
'4against the prisoners, that are or Wee Area t... 1
the Jail ely.are - t"o I. e there to
• •rosecate thorn on shall lie last.,
`Orfice,terliele,. j. VirmuFr.
October 6 1847 $
s 'Walesa .
*pit virtue sundry writs of Venditioni
Mutt ExPimis, *mad out of the Court 4ron ,
-..Ncton Pleati.of'Durtibleiland county, end ttNe,
ulfrdatedil'wkll'expoia the'' follow ing'Real
ttataa'Sie Online sale at the Coiirt House In- 0 e
:;botouet of earliale..On SATURDAY, the 30th
Mity:ltt , datab‘i',lBo7, at 10 ci'ocloch,A.V. viz:
half tot Of Ground, situate in
the borough Of &His)°, bounded 4,1 lot of
'James. ArmstrOte on We east, Pomfret street
i on the south, South Hanover ;street on the , west
and others, containing 30 in front on Han
over street, and 240 feet on Pomfret street..
• having thereon erected a atone Dwelling noose
;back building, 'frame shOp and stahle,A,
Seiied and -taken inerutettition ait'the property'
of Elizahoth.Gray....
Also, a Lot of Ground, situate in
r,tie 'l.6rearti M' Nett Cumberland; situate en
:Water street, adjoining an alley oar the east,
'nu alley on the south, Water street en the
north, and LotNO. 40 r n the west, containing
SO reel in breadth and 150 feet in length, more
of l ess, having, thereon _erected a two story
Franie House and a small stable. Scizetl:ontt
taken in execution as the property of - John
Arse, a Lot of Ground, situate in
Franklin toWnship, bounded by lauds of,--
Itiountsjolitt Hays, Samuel Javery and others,
containing 13 Acres, mote or lessAaving
Abereon erected a one and a hell story Log
Hausa, .Ilrc. Seized and taksrt in execution as
the pioperti of Thorns Sanders. And all to be
sold by me, JAMES HOFFER, Sheriff.
__Sheriff:s3_lrue, Carlisle,•Cet. 6,14347.-
- - c - FRUIT
TIE subscriber thankful fur past
tiatreinage, would call public alien
' • lion to.his stock of Trees now on
' hand; consisting of the choice out
2 0 .00 0 t'per and five yearlings, most of which
hen frein 'lO to 'l4 feet high, with stocks iii
proportion. consisting of upwards 0f..100 of
the most approved %quietist) of the choicest
APPLE. lle also Jeffers -
Peach, Pier; Phipy , , Oricot &
Cheery Times.
AD of *Met the euhscriber will sell as low
otbei - eqtablislitnent in the state; and it
requested georrintec to be the kinds as recom
'Mended.- All kinds of country - produce taken
in exchange.
To 'orders from a eistance the ii-Ces will be
rreatly put up and Ihrwaroed, within 20 miles,
Witlibut additional expense. and over 20'noilev
reasonable allowance., Gentlemen ordering
enes by mail can rely upon getting giiod
healthy trees, of the best varieties, or need not
receive them. Address
Ne*villo. Cuiiiherla ncl co
N. B.—The subscriber desirous of reducing
his stock, would give great bargains in about
110,000 two and three yearlings pcx would sell
Ins wlinite establishment, consisting of one
ban, of 6 ACRES, with h now two story
bit ICK HOUSE and all other necessary int.
provements. Mao 8 Acres of Meadow Land;
none better in the county. He would dispose
Of it together, or separately on reasonable
terms. • DANIEL.IIP4R.
Newville,.Octobor 6, 1847.
Plaiatield Classzcgi ALeademy,
Four mile,. peel ef Carlisle, between the New,
yille &ace Road and CumberlBnd -
Valley Rail Road. I. •
TINE third session (five months) will corm
mence on MONDAY, Nov. Ist, 1847.
The number of students is limited, and '
eve!! effort made to mecum their moral anti
mental improvemesti, as well as their comfort
mad health. ' ring he palityclar upwards of
fortisuldepta have been connect-6 with the
Institutinn. • •
bfibtato all that are tequishe
to* Galdge or any husinees or profession.—
Rverieffert will. be made tosecure s continu-
ance of Mitrimage irom the friends of 'education
Referencee,' Terms, &c., made knout's- by
application. personally, or by letter
October 6,18470-3 me ~ •
ooduraigned haring, been appointed by
JL shp.Orplasitis! Court of Cumberland entlinti,
tn,morshall and distribute the funds tp the hands
orJ obit Lutz; Execidor of . fintleitt . :ltitter, dried,
a mew. tlie several ; creditors .of, Said deceased, ` l 4/111:attend'fai.that' intrpole stt to braise
of Samuel Morrett; in the borough of Carlisle;
V: .tuit S'yEILfRDAY- -the''.23d of' October, pt
. ;:thibeit in ihefttrennon.
1 , 1",•; tuT
fr .
'!"- tteiztlikie Cgianberlaszillitreys..
~. • • ,„,,,,..., a
:, , ...,..,..r...oruer F u,to p trade.,, et springfielit
'; '!`. on;TpitfiftiAlf . the : t 9 ill. of ~Oetohor, rt
4 6.,.4.0,090 . !4', - A. Mo, .r,O.Tepliteliequippod for
''aiill." - By order. Of the Captain. • . • ~. ~. ,
A13p40, AA A YERfi, 0;8:
•-•• .
.' . l:',;oti!ler . ,G . ;-.1847. r,',. ~„ 2. : ~ , ~..,..i . ,,, „,,,., ,
,- feel Bag Clasps and Ready.
Ar l .
l o kIIIM
4 LAEARosartment:af:ateellisi Olispe
- --Pekoe Clapp', Pure° Ri . ngs" and - Tagreifir
tiT,itife*,'shadodiminitt.plad ;4111t-;Purp!
. wistirijaiittriiceiVedi by ; ' , G. W. HITNER. '.
,4Cifirible s ;Oototiei, 6i:1847i . ~f 1 f: f ~.r.
...,...,:2-;,..,:jrirliflgeti....nn - GII jp t.....
•A.,,u,..,,,,...„0,mack Silk!Fringcs anti
, ;Plinial:Pr ; ATiaaming Latlicial...Visitera 'Li
„ t inliaijgat ope.ned;by •:. ,C44 , ,VV..pITNER;
',; "::Carlisle, oditibar:fti 1ii41, , , ~ 4 . ; •• I ~,% . :',., . : .: •
nAuREP of Yra~d ' Pine,Oil ; pleo' ;Pink
Glmi E trit ro
civ d-by - , r EO-W• a fl m a R
= CarliderOdoet 2f,.1 ' 847.; . , ;
Vir.ene Is
res ,
p in iec d ovo'oes of su
pininperiok n , ?repel , Merfires,
' Ny: kirriitp:.
tarn Bleithileiiiiof l2 , " ftvr • ::)"; <
' . tunron-- -- 7,-• .. F i ' rc.4
hmere4l-0111 • ( - pi/46'qm.! . gu.
L ACAII-•- ,rily4l„(#6l,ptit!, ilii valbeh: , J uit 'l.,
1\ }Nit ,! t r. Ay/ it ETNER. 1
' cei ` 64l l" '' imber t 2 0, 847 ' :, . , t • -
i !§BOl - * suriala; ^ .
t- N " ' dip Sacs' ) • ti 6 mo4i,
•- • :..;,Irom,,llseM •., ' Vin'yiluit,u '64
• NoTilalf2jutiPlf Ptitlit,,Aiiat:Awe DI,
~ajild hallat b
re dE' O l • tru it'sl47,4lll‘i i
Carlisle, Ootoliim 6, /
i ._, - .. , C.AktitCh_o9,ll6lfiati§ilt 4 1 .tisif4 6 4 i
.4 0t.
, -J-,..-, 'iAnov),lttilki',tr*rict - i - ii - iielsiibe. oti
ni,nl, ligNikkilliefOr.;iskiek:Att,sistrlsilJiddraticeozi,
%. , , -- 4 Minicea, br- - -,- 3 .4"tr,4,Npr - ::
,-'-- - 'i4.4011'111,i.0040f611 lI,PII''Z' 1 1 , / 1 ' ' 4 , ,, ,' !'" . r. '* , :i: '
• *,",;' , ''''*, , ^ ..! ~, ir t l ~- l. ~„., . ~, ~,, , t
n'' , , 1 1. - 0 -,--,'. - ' , ...'.-::,, f , 1. 1' - I'.
r . ,,,
subscribev.lurs-jusr',eoCalvell and is
• - SciuthJ
vvest,eorner of the Pehlke Sooriffi, muss.
i u sh as
anis ass ntertr4—antiThilLe s
.. ,,,,- --m - shieli,",Shawls;Musline, Gloves, ••
• ;-.,; •:•-• &a: "1
.-rA,aplerididi stock of<CALICOES,st prices
varying iviim,64 to• 18/ eents.d Also,
Cittoberies 'of'all kinds. • ,
- Also; a fi'eld(Steek:tT the, - ! _ , •
which are
found to' be by„ all that have tried them, tho
most ecOnthiiical kle l
he, ?4, irable artklean every
!wipeout now , , iq use; A
Tiin Company s Teas.
filuTocen appointed - 01e agentlifiblerplaW"
fur the sale of the, above. Teas, to which he
would invite the special attention of the love ;
*of good Teas. The manner in which It are
put up is such, as that the flavour. is prrse-ve,d
for any l ength of -tunerbeing incased in 'laud
or tin 1. Fu see can be supplied w t
any quantity, put up iti this motinc`r.
The hliclikrespectfully invited-to call and
axamino.his stock before purchasing elsewhere
inasmuch riS ho feels confidant that his widely
and,Priees will be satisfactory (o purchaser's.
rerlislc, - October 6, 1.847. '
. . .. .. ..
. . .1711.E' BE..lfllifE i.".E, ''
THE iniliiieritier hairoPeeed e Filmdom°
stock of PALG,and WINTER GOODS,
to which:lie *held cultilie Attentron of the
Tal l.
eititene of Carlisle and -the our ding
neighborhood.: I will nyit. go to the trou le of
enumerating articles-It :would take u too'
much time-and room - 1 will enly•name wow
of die leading articles . I
Clothe, Cssftimers. Sattinetts, of all kinds
and prides ; Velvet,Sitin and cithitr Vestings;
White and Red Flanneli,ltish Linen, Minton
Pia n nel, 'Tiekings, and_Check a, Gentlemen's
Gloves and silk Cravats, white Linen and_ailk
Handkerchiefs, lituslins,Culicoes,Lineles;&e
• Plaid Go(As of - all kindsi7
for Ladion; such as Cashmeres, Jalapa, Cale
dam], Moue. do Laines, and Ginghums, plain
and _plaid .Alpanas,.flombazintori, Shane, Glove
and Hoskins for Ladies, MisseS and Children;
Bunovista Caps for raisins and children.
Woolen. Sect& in great variety ; GSM
Shoes, a very handsome article for Ladies;
Gentlemen and children's Cape, of all kinds.
Gto r arios.
After looking through the market, just an
chor nt the PEE lIIVE, in North flanover
street, and for the CAM 1 will give you elf/
good •bargaina,air can be got in the state.
Carl isle, October 6,1847
and - Cheap --
street; ale doorest of Martin's hotel.
."DE subscribers have just received and are
now opening it large snick of fresh goods, in addition to their former stock, makett
their assortment larger and better than can be
bound elsewhere. „
't heir stock comprises a lull mortal% at ()Wild
ing material ofevery.deseriptiOlSALl.l stile, with
a large assortment of Tools for Oil Maids 'di Me
chataci, which have been selected with great rare
and are offered at:the lowest rates.
Also it full assortment of 'goods for Carriage
Builders and Saddlers, such as %Worsted Damask
lad Itattinet•s, Curtain Cloth, Oil Omit, wide and
narrow lar•es, Fringes, Tassels. Tuft s , Patent
Le Aber; Lamps, Electric Springs, 1 ott;AS,lus,
...diver awl - Brass Plate Carriage ilandsrliipaii,
Brais anti Silver' !MAW ?dooming, Bridle Bits,
Stirrups, litiekles, Demers_ of all kinds, Buck , .
skins, Dog-eking and till description of goods in
the SI.I'DLER i.lNl. Also, '
Waiters and MA'S Candlesticks;
Itrass Andirons; 'Shovels and Tongs ; ' -
Knives and Forks of every - style - r ----
Fano , lied common Be Iowa;
Butch- F and Caning Knives, Steels;
Pets and Pocket Knives of :every sty le
Table and 'Fen Spoons;
English nod Ant -m Holloware;
Sad Irons, Ilion Kettles &c &c.
Ihty sad Nlitartrb Kirks;
IVagoll flatners,Sho vets and Spotless
Tree • I falter and CoW Chains &c. &u.
Also just received,
Bar, nand and lloop 1110 X;
Russian and American Sheet Iron; ~
Cast,Simar, Blister mut Sifting Steel ;
Tin P ate Zinc, Speller, Leal ;
thltlol.o6 slid JOllllBOlOB Ithaltillg.Powder{
IM onus's Rifle Powder, Shot '
IVetherill's Pure Ground White Lead ;
Linseed Oil ;
Copal, Coach, Japan and Leather Varnish t .
AVindow Glass of all sizes;
Put ty;Turpentine, No.
Cedar-watt of all kinds, &c. Ste.
Thev have also Mr stile Ilarvey's Patent Spiral
Straw totters, which are consillertai tlMltot,tiow
in use for cutting hay, straw or corn stalks.
September 22,1847
Cumberland Coiinty Agricultural
the Annual Fall Meeting will be' held on TITURS
DAV, the 21'ib'of October, 1816, ou•the Earn , of the
Messrs. NOBLE, on the Harrisburg Turnpike, two
miles east of„earliele.
nmm Mee of Arrangement—Armstrong Noble, Tha
nes Bradley. Richard Parket. •
Cons anitiee on Cattle—Abraham -Myers, Johrf Noble,
%klieg Woodb u rn.
Cmspnittee on.Agrlenit'l Implememe—Jacob
DevieSterrelf, Wihbun Schriver.
Committee on Seeds—Thomeg McCullols, Unions
Bradley; Heorge Woinseirisr. - •
Cumminee oh Itorsess=Wits: M. Biddle 'rime I• ce
A lexn uder Davidson.
Commlitee on Ploughing—lbsberl Bryson, Christlesi
Ti rei; John' rani. CM !stints , Stepson, George lien. •
iCounnittee , on Sheep ntsd• !loge—Thompsuo GeV
Josopltpnicor, Woo. M. Henderson.
Crierimiltits 'MS IfinteL dinette, VeelsililesiYrults,
Phill:ere nod Domenic Ittatifuetpren—Wllliamtine,
Montgomery Donaldson'. Robert C. Sterrett. , • •
COlllllllll VC of Su sierintendance , -GeOrge ii, Bother,
Williuw Woodburn, Frederick Watts. ,
The following Premiums will be awarded and paid
by the Treasurer: ,
Fur the best and mutt approred ploughing' $lO 00'
Second do „ 6 00
• third •' ' ' do 9'oo
best Hull, - 3 - 00
best Hull or Maar Calf, over I yr. 01d,. : 1a 001
• beA. Beek of MIN; , • lOO
best Dbut he Sow;
' best Plough, • 200
• best Harrow, . , •
• 1 00
, best Drilling Machine. ,„, , • , rpm
bust Mowloyand Reaping Machtne, , 800
• beef TbreshinitilfatUlne nod . power, , 00
For DM bem,Cradle. Straw and Day collet. Ant
••ned•vagetable cutter, comehelldr; lutprelre, 7 -•
any newly iriventintor ithproVed agrtoulturl
imploMent, • I`so
Fat the bey Duller (at leapt 5 r0a11110)% , 4 4. : .1 00
Por theltest Cheese (at lent,s / 100
'FOr the best' Vegetable'', Itlntynrp,,Frn tor.artiFl2, ;,
.6Ydelawitic'manufacture.' ` .. , 00
'Per th e best specimen of setaii,Vheat,
Batley, anti, orsother yalltablmseedenot qess , , ,
~ than half a bilibel, -
ihttbest,ttatuullt tWed,Stud.gotse,,i,
.l)o.'gen ,tad Horde;' ch r ot d ' phrit,eitie;• .0 oo
Itt Wit_do
t• 9 . 1 l• • 2 Ou
of w .Inrs..l4' , . 00
Do. earrlase'llorses, , • •.!••••' , •i• •' • •`•;•2 02
1 ,1141 , / saddle lintie or Marc, -‘;4` . 7 00
Llest , HoreinVMare OM over, ime yerrs POO
yup payment of,any preadult' will bp anonlananted
, Certificate ,of Merit, sloped 4bY the , tater& MI al
i t ,ifi n e o W4 or tub appritbation' of ilia snidely i twd
such premium of Certificate will be awarded la, any
ease unless for dlidineoleoed inerlP
Any:one, , although not a member of, - ,llM"illieleiy;
may,pritecni any animal; intinerlictricarllclti, for Mo.
arainatiop..: and If It rdcele the'faiorable Import of
-22fettpziptIteeTauetqierson. ill - tournttledin earl(
Al , sroli; 4 bY Oft !Akers, mdecteetimony
aPPI - gmtion.,9l ll lll air With ouco.nnedna;
ell ',soma pgalpetition'Wttb ,ntendier at the ,se
Ittireal a. WO NI 0 enclety,wito Perot ebblPele ai
- ploughinematch, are tentnieteiCtit,lnfa n porn
one member of the Committet,or Arrange phi a
least one day belbre the meellnik •
b , J 1 "
01§11011114 „ma eb commence precisely it '11144, 10c
p2',. - , by bad dneletyVW , o;2.l , ?lt
•,.1,•;T TL 441 iAßlWlLAVitp*.Preard
AndreW.llyter, decd i'
rkT le!teie,
and tealamtrit
or t`,1,EX1:4+463' of Franklin towo
il'Aiirtaiwbmimiacoivoy , , , hold , ; have two 84
htmnflV4 , 9 ,l . l )l , * Pg i atc.r, i n ninr 61 '; 'lora
county; tiothe who'tooldes 4 :14i• ihko
ttie oudnepatbroliald:4
eek!9.0, 7, }1aft0111 31 , 1 ,1 1 1, !A/1 0 0 11 kb
o.a p' the 4 610' ,9r,i1te ,deq°4l'nt ato;r .9, 0 M11011
t! n
hoier,kflowo. w) 1 49W0(nR1,95 ,
A ' r three dbubliMilelt44,lll4 B l4 ofte4,l4l4,pitrusttrukftr,
I n F. D . , ttf!'"° , sAic9l(l4E-t,
kCP, ; 4,, ri;
_.~-_ .T .~ .._ ...., .~.. ~ _ .- _
_ _
. _...... ...._.,., ..__
.... •.. :_ '. ...~ - _ __ .'f:~•~1. - .;gyp: " ; iw.i.i~.j..:.fa".v
s,C. . .. ~y
~.o~:vi~r:7 :'^-c•S`6~ -~. ~i"dG:; i~..::<F.•: ~^r'~rvu ~' ~fiiit +•'~'::.• :;F.rthFaM~!es."ti4t"S~fh~.:ki 7 + ~ , , :A:ttsrtV."c'hr.ii. ... ._
1)11111S1110.00 11Vt3i310; ., ! • •
virtue of an Order Of ~ 1116.
•TII 11 'Orphans' Court of ,Cuinbeflanit
j outityj , will be sold at-public out
- - eiy_on the premises on SAT
r ' , the" S or , October next, la 1 9 o'clocklA, a f W
ili;ntiiienn'r tract or land situate in
West PennebOro, township, ...conjoining , about
160. ACRES of ~first rale , Limestnne , Luind, lands of. Sharp'ti and Myers! htiirs;
Sttively,, Tritt- and Montgomery.' I l'he
%eta Spling rum; western Mar:
girt of lii tract, a ' st'ream" that' never _;f11011 tir
fr9oapo. ad is'ithequilted by tiny stream in 'the,
United Stalds: The improfveinents are,a, Arid
inta FLOLJR!NO '1 , 11 , 1144 dirge .aturies high;
with heo . 'run - Or . Bitable ph, th e above
mimed spring; VW E4LINO HOUSE, Barn
and Stabling, , Miller's.lfousa,UnepeOliop, pr.
ell id the - betteot birder. Mimt o'ne
half Of the:trot:Alarodi, that balance covered
with thrivinrtunb Oti err — The - wirohrwill - bc - Trot
separaielylor together "as may best suit pur
chasers. ,This prciperty . iv , about. 2-1-9 miles
Tian. Nc villa Depot of the Cumberland
Valley Railroad, in the hemk of a rich coun
try, and offers - strentr-inilatilAtente capi,
Titns. ,
The terms of saloaroi one-third. tho 'amount
or tha notches° rtiOney, to be pnd on the eon ,
&option_ or ihO 4W° by trio and'hho
residue in three equal : annual payments With.
out interest; to be'secajld by judgment bonds.
inlniee of Jamas Finer, deed.
;Septern her :29,.1 847
White HRH Nuts and ConEhercial
. airen,
•, • : • CARLISLEO'A.. :
-- THE.imbeCriberviPbulil, uhlic
' l Wrr attention' to the stock or Irriteg'
•”; at- won hand in_the above establish ,
• .1 -ment, and ready for this fUll's;mer•
ket. The entire stuck .consists of oprrifs-Of
a planer of a million of trees; ncriarig which
a re, upwards-of - 150 -varieties - 'of Alio elirdecat'
A ri - pite, cereftilly selected from the best end.
most celehrpied lqitrfatries in the , lEfoion! The
trees now ready fdr . Sale sire from 'I to i l 1 feet
of healthy and. , sigoOus growth, many of
which, are trained 'with regular-toptceidl
beeing state, which supercedes the ,iicessity
of further training to the planter,.
offers •
Peach, Pear, Plum, Praise, Ap
ricot and Cherry Trees,
as well as a large stock of 11vergreim and Or
namental Trees of various kinds, of large size
and well toppeal.• Among his Apple are up
wards of SU varieties of recent introduction
and superior quality. All of which the sub
scriber pledges himself to sell as low as am
other similar establishment Or established
character in Penney !viola ca sell an article
of equal quality, - •
N. 11. To the " - curious we offer the noted
Puulnnia Imiwrinio.-flOwers pretty— loaves of
en ta•u feet in diameter—of very rapid growth.
11 7 -LINE.•
.1V hi tehall, September-2D;
Tire ! Fire Tire! ! I
J:tt)a.a - . 9 = C2;.*Ell:bd,cia,Uta.dl
C.I . TYXDALS 11n, _ 11t etuth Santa at,
Philatielplilai wishes toiniarm his liiends and
the a public generally, that lie still continues to
nw ullicture and sell the genuine AIRTIGUT
STOVE, with the latest improvements. After
many years experience in the manufacture of
these stoves, he Is now enabled to otror to his
customers the -Air-Tight Stoves with ovens,
suitable for dinlirrtionis or nurseries. lie lies
also the Atc•Tight Stove'on the Radiator plan,
"which makes a'splendid arid economical parlor
state, to Which' lOC lemild call the particular
tittentimi of those wlimwant on elegant and
useful artiele A for their pailoit also a large
assortment of Coal, Parlor and Cooking stover;
all of winch ha will sell at the lowest cash .pii•
cc& The — pubilc-would do well to call before
purchasing elsewhette: -
- Mr. 'l'. would caution the public against An
Tight 13.1317C8 made by most stove nea ere, us
they do n,.1 answer the purpose intended.
Septembet 29, 184:7.
Secure 11w SlladOW ere the Stli/Sholle fade."
Collins' Celebrated
rigrivv .piLVER MEDALS awarded at tho
Fairs of the Franklin and American In•
itiIUICS for Ilierbeat and iiiiiit - iiitletieriraptici.
mona of .Daguerrcutypthilortraits.-
Tho recent ; inprosemont made by the sub:
scribers, and which is peculiar to their rant,:
lishinent alone, viz : AN UPPEtt LIGHT; has
received the highest recomincndationi 'from
the press, and 0140 written 'testimonials from
the flint Artistsdtl the country, as 'olio great
sopbriofity Oct the -usual side light. The
peculiar advantage of this light is- that the
natural expression of the eye can be obtained
inure perfectly than heretofore.
Citizens Mid strangers aro respeotfully In
vited, whether desiring portraits or not, to
visit our spacious galleries, probably the larg•
est and inlet •extensive in the United States,
and examine for themselves the astonishing
immurement , : made by the subscribers in this
T. P. & D, C..OOfAiINS,
. . .
Prollrlyttiis 01 th 9 City Daguorreizin ENtablish•
omit, No. 100 Moon LA st.,2_doorn below 3d
. Booth skim •
,Boptentiber 29,1847. ' .
Arstuat Protection Coney
L, M. PAGTEGTION Ny; wil l ge
under., the, direction .u 1" the following". hosed' of
hillnegOte ' the ensuing year, eiztr-Thus; C.
'Miller, Presalesii; Siwmcl Galbraith, Vice -Pre
sitleut; ,W. Mittlullotigh, Treasurer; A.
.G. Miller, Secretary, James Weahley:,.loliit
Griett,-.lolan Mug Abralitinf Itiehard
Coyle r Alesantler 'Davidson. There are
number of Agnine altimittitni tint' att,Siteetlt
counties, who will ea . - 01 . 0011;0111 iiloll6_ 'lttr:
enrollee :anti itornit4l
tproval to the office oroid 0th,,010y,i4 hen. the ;101-1
1 ia, will.•§ijailisled.'iiithOuvdet o bi• - roe thdi
lohlihniZelott ego Tif.iiiiViiirthetotopn
;Tlia following ; gentlemen, •linve b'enaitlio!titet
• littllitith it;
CoS le, Ctirlierl'; ,.
Day; ;
I • -.George' Itrindle',Esil:;'lMOttroe.;
.0 CI ehtlehi n
Se kntlutt;;
~, ~. vett:101118 . Ali ieg ~.,-,
In kho , rnattors'.of • thdimbdtiiit of hdfq; phypier,,
or; P,Thuijce otr.Wllliiith 11:iil ?"‘,0411',40-1'
; 1
rri OE undOrifigrielf?lit6i,lng o.on, i nppo Pit
C m '''A ititi ' l .' ', 'b eta 'l ,? .i a l lefri t t u p r i t ti f t : fi s i ki i,f l p il ii n ilE 6'l l 'i Z l it;iit P i;d m a ll ; 6. f
1 .. ac,,fk1i...§4 , ,1Fi . j9ii fhp„ArmAito , ,-.onitoj*,•,ilie:;:sebera,l.
ReOlici , ii r illOkiii ijiolvi,y4igaof,a'siiiienrntitit,
Wit o riiithtul for'thal , pliriiiisititit : thp
II --i i ..
';'•' Arbitration b '?. i t rat,: icj4p4r,.At thnzCipit. a -ttiii4"-'r', 1819 w
MONDAY;Ma ppiwortbloti6i"- ''lt'l
ceclocklt-the-Cicenoop.7""" '"
Ir,:„,f. I)II , SA::k.V . ;I:C , ODAN ' A.'9 ' IItii:.
?;A3eptenibirl9:'l347_y '
. . I
Arto, at
•,• . 4
61 • •..4.#.!..! "
'23a - riiiLvionioiiiif.Oeti4iii.riaievd
&ark Aittit.le:MilVfneiti
Awo:d opipti in' money r -twelve.gullqrs orwltieli
wore ',in'ltellet-Notos on various
,baukror this,
to:fitsten - with p
chap; but 4hon lost wile'' itecttred!by,'n . t.vvine('
string; 'the , p' being '2 briikeit4Tlici,'.ibcnio
revierd tfie.thetike'ot the'.iityneV:*ill„bp
giv . iitV to' veVise4l iatnining:lstiAl-beolOrittt
I:4;o on'tentsitt:ilie'sioro
,I, East. Main:etreglt Cara isle,
:,,:.SePttmber.2l, 1,9496 iry ...t
I , w;a!iibiil36,oifoi:in - Nkrt;ii'Piti :drool;
11 with - 4 barn 'Und 'orchard' auaelied. 'The
,orchard contains. sone thirty treep'‘ end is hi
good condition. 'Persons.wishing:tonliltivatti
land. in the neighborhood of the- ttiivii;'wchild
nd-this-a-fine-loentiorr*r-their - nurprise .
Also several eligible building - LetS,Tronting
on North street: Aplbbiritlinilo'benuideto
Carlisle: COrner ''. l l‘lorth
• -•
HAR LES , ()G I LNI, 'liae:coiri to . enCeil
caving .uric of Die. larFcst .and ofosi.,spleodid
that hie ficerrbroughtan Carlisle for many:years
Also_ M vary latge , ould Selected ,stoek of
. .
'llOOlO, glioes an a tArdiemiles,,"
which he is determined to sellin theyel* small
esk profits. 'Ewen timentte oracles would he tete:
less,.avit - would t fill -columns °Elide:mer i t mid
then not thc:otte hintdredth part be nidditinecl. , :—
Huh he reaperefully Invitee all to call earl look fdr
I • ll l e l m oid e e i ro ve b i tr ' tkO ' O N Doi Lei , Agora cas t
LD .
- :d . cihOzAlorki.A;lldiofe (lir - eddy opposite Mar
•••••-•-' , " •
Scatember'22.lB47. !.
~.:',..:', Thp subscriber 'having. removed to
.ghippenslturg and engaged in other bu
- l-1.111 I.
I :id e i n i aB Lit ; Cl'
°t o
: I t l ei , i. s Og i t t ) ti lA n t i t n‘ c :e i I I: .t Yt rit : t. vt C t n iclia t l o le : L :t i t il a ms l l t n i eg i;
Combed:u, ontkuty, on the Cumberiaq Valley.
Knit -Iterni, ftve m.les west Of NeWViltenfkfive'
Mires elect of Shippensburg. The improvements
uont•ist of.ll large malt brick.
Alssmton Meat, n wash house, spoke house,
bake house,"a ci . stern which bolds Ind barrels or
woior— o n of brick and 'entirely new—a well or
gond water near the duor,n small barn, n hog p'en
carriage house and all other neccssai•y out houses
n young orchard, gond_ garden and choice fruit:
trees of all kinds. There is n sufficient yof tim
ber for iceessnt'y purposes. ' The location 'ol the
above property is not surpaqsed by'an'y in Cunt
berlanil cotruy, being Convenient to mills Mid
mni•kOhr.'• An undisputable title will be given
and terms ti ode td su.t the pureltawr,
September 22, 1847.
copy three times and.
and bill fo fljis •
THE subscriber. offers at Private Bale the
shove named propert, sites led in Mell•
I:•,h township, Cumberland - countyi_eito mile
:scat of Churchtown and five miles frOin Car-
Ba le .on
road limting f'oln ;I& latter to
York. Farm contains 72,ACH EH, more of
leas of first rate JArnestone Laud, bout 68 or
which:are cleared and - ins gooti state oftultiva .
ties, and the residtfe .well timbered. .11 - ;,6 ;m
. provpm c nts are a'two storySTONE
- HOUSE and Kitchen, Frame Barn
;IP" and ocher outbuildings .there o n
• ‘ll , erected, withwell - of flaw-fait,
-ing water War the house, and a fine young 04.
chard of choice Fruit Trees. To a young and
.u.ditstrions former this place offers induce
ments which are seldom to be met with..
Also, will beranichenh the abet/441f desired,
tract of WOODLAND—situate4n4bas Alltrae
township, nbout'two miles honk. the forasa,
containing six acres more or less, well loser.
ed with thriving timber.
For further particulars- enquire of the sub
scriber, on the first...named premises,
.ley 7, t 847.
. _
Orphans' 'aurt. Salo.
"COY virtue of an nrdur of the Orphans' Court
JUIII of I;iimberland count), 1 will expose to pub
lic sale, in the premises on sArrtitm,,yo,l e 16th
dav of Oember,tll47, at 11 O'clock. IC Tr.
A Tract of Land in Eavtpeinisborough town
ship, Cumberland county, I,ollllllw' by lands of
of Mary ' , Willey, Flenry Molt's hei-a, jind the
Cciiindogiientiett creek, Containing 45 acres V - 6"
peaches, tirut-mensitre; . abmit -- one , hull of which
is *,bared and - ander excellent 6wce, and theTcsi--
il , inciii thriving timber. There are erected upon
the premises a small LAG Figusr,
, and 1..""'f.; STABLE, and there are
'' - two never failing springs of water in
the premises. property is near
the. Susquehanna. river, and ai.out
three miles from Harrisburg,and belt a mile from
Pratt's Iron Works.
The terms will be made known' on the day of
sale by ' (IEOIiGIR RUPP, Jr.,
A ilm'r. of George Itupley, deceased.
September 1,1817.
*.* I larrisborg Telegripla insert till sale and
send bills to iliis office.
. • Orpliaiis CoOrt Salo. •
. • BY virtue or the last will and
tamentar Catharine Maltz deo'J,
Pncl a decree of the orphans' court
of l liniherland county,l will ex
p6m-tOPulilio sale Mt I`..t4IMES.
I Lt Y the ..211111 of October 1817,, at,lo ,o'clock
NI. on the Preinises 'in Bait Pennshore toWnliship !
a Clause atht Lot of GrOutia situate in said Icva
and county, hounded by' lands of Jacoh Pheetz
'Beorsu . , BOyei.',Siilloiel,llefer and
•Jac. Kll I CM' mbollt.agyt;timip,ET.
in. - less, having p guinl•spriutf of water Mill n run.
ulna atreanieu theopremtst;s, • .Thelamila cleared
and iind'el.gend Nape.' . •
slime 'time and plarb - /..rteros • of
wonillpno, situate, in the Same township Find boun
ded by lauds el John Kissel Samhel Bowers Jacob.
knoll and otlleli,viilinut any iinprovetnydli.
' Tha r terms or sale wsl I• he ten pet.' rent 'or the
purchase money to - he paid on the' liar :of sale—
tho, renitlue one-hall on the -1 it ;of •Aiiril 1848,,
antis the balance iaLtwo pitinlai PilYtin*ds without
finterest.••,•••.. , - • • • '.,1At..10.14KUNT4
„4ilm'rivitllll63willrandatil'orDalOCOM* . 4 6 'd
September 15 1847i.-'-nemooratiopYit'?
orphan- .•
„ • •
, picots' Gottii_of, tib
,Cinerlanii county,
• • • V • will 'lie sole Ott
r 8c 4 4 11111itl.,Vir'ilniMAII••• Ontither
o'clock . ;
„it .div; 1.11161 - rr Lind ittuate VlCkinebn town;
isOunty,'oniljnining , 'lambi' a
bralot irt Anil ; here,
snore, or lees;
cititivotion and; uniler'llniro.'•inprocceticiii two stOrytilicl . I%A Ilitv'sr,
Oitit„ Inn ol 41 )
.arclinlvd Or.tliqtee : • ,
Trrma of
ney tribe lin tiO:of stink' bY
mente with out inkiest:'
• SI AL' SAnt'F.lTi - .3,
_ J.' ; ,Adriic of Geonltockey,
T tiuhiiwitiCtYpin'prietoi tt
;.:;`..r.:;•.: nbat%;esltililislinciati•Whielt is slluatigh
fi ti itibuttilmt tniltit..44,t 2 OP.Carliste;iiesit
that • In}
-wi atvo:ttlarge-Istahk-tifAll.Plo.: -, PIIFIFISi - ontO•
• prising', Lila -ohbleAot Ine
Fruit which qi:o4lloatF o l , lalliie conniY•
will, be disposed of on terrts:..itt. .V.gowni! r ubs . 1 0
01060 Or Oity,,Other s lqqrSeytikAbliciNiolkli
• 'anul In
'regard to tint, g4Aitti,iiaqi.,y,igor Of L thp - qtels,• . nit
OICR. rOl• - kliefo'ii a CO, (rfat,•,.!
nAlrip:Agt.F l EW,Ji.i'
Pa • R 14,0 47 1 .F
Jl l 4 -,:trww,-Ablegi . l 6oll . o'l4Wil!
0 4.4 0' '4".V.*::31K., •
facYlil , 47:."
JP , ,
et'44:lYi 7
z , 4100110;t4P
," '
' Are
neat WFBILIttr-
rii&N Pit , :lat'Z'itilnlialn, "'AIM. •
vaPf Pk& the , arson yr, to fie
II , notelivis t aitnnte .In ,Sca,tti Mid
- dletioLlownahtp;Ciitnberlaiia--eo;
a .eutreix, , ,miloa 800 rliale, on _the 4 road.
liadingqnreteraba ,nmg ands Chlho;
,tian .Hert, George Breener'anl offlere , contain;
-ing' , lo9. ACRES 'of , firatAarei, lend,' grtoitlV
Limestone; - all of which is under'goOd (Millen.
tion,!.with- the, exception' '.of .:(thelOt . twenty flee
acres of WOodland:." _There ,large
meadow with a ettearn ;of wnleironning_iftro*
it.: :The inierevetin3nni hthili L
HOUSE;:lia.nk-, ,tr
Darn, aton,ahoditiorn
ct,ibil. and,`other,necesaitry. out buildfnga. Al:
so a fine ORCHARD together With a eonaide
rabic number of 'yotieg grafted Friiit'Treea on
the-placer:The . tFarin tirbolnid;piit that the,
• cattle can have abeeis.(6water:fiem'evOry field
;Also n'trifat of land adjoining:OM above,•eon
Aerea \and* I 11-peroltes - ,of first rate
Land'undertnoi which is
= mtridow - mitir,wrunning - streriteliriprOve. -
trents on'thia tract ere e,Litg Dwelling House,-
- Stable, Frait Treed.Aae. If not aeld.a,t private
sale before SaTuabeAr the'l6th of Ontobcr next,
both places balput iripoblig vale and sold,
Persons desirous of 'examining either, plane,
, aro; requestO to call - on the subscriber o n the
prSeptern emises. -
br 847.. , • , .
• • .. . - .
• •
,THE - eubseriber• offers at private
• riPit,l • hole the 'Farm ;on' hich, 'now
. • ' •• • sliiCs; situ,* liaDiclikunin,.toiori.
Ddmberiadd *Muth' about a
()bailor ti • mile limn tho tarnpikeannd five
1n fies.froin_ adjoining' Janda of John
Paul y George Davis, and • others,Containing
about 40 Acre's of Pmeatolie L and-tee of
which is Woodland —and the rest "cledied and
tinder god cultivation' and. substantial fences.
For further'pertfc'elo'ri enquere of
Seplcm_hei 22, 1847.
• Orplatit 1 3 . 6u.rt Sate.
BY virtue of an order of the
t•tit Orphans' Court of chirnberland
county, the subscriber will expose
to public sale SATURDAY tie
29d of October next, on the promises in Dalt•
inson' township, in said county, the following
property, late - the - estate V Petet - Shaintiatigh
of said township, dee'd, viz: A lot of ground
containing Two Acres, adjoining lands of Geo..
Davidson, John' Paul and .citlitri, situate in
Dickinson township, and having thereon crew
ted a t.vo story Frame House, Frame Stable,
Carpenter shop and other . necessary out build
with a variety of fruit trees. , • .
Terrns 'sale-4100 to. be paid upon confir
motion of the sale; ore half of the residue on
the first of April, 18413, when possession will
he Oren, and the balance in one year after
with interest. Sale toeoinotence at 12 o'clock
noon. when attendance.will he given by
September 22, t 847.
- -:-WELI6 - -1111-PIIVITE-b - PARAU
Public Sale. -
TutrusuA., the 14th of October - neit,
UV on the - premises, al lit o'clock A. M. the
subscriber will offer tit publie sale his Farm and
i'aidence la mile Ilouth Weit of teetblvn
,If the day should fib
inclement the sage praltponed tintiltlie next
fair day: Tlie tract.comatits.3lB. ACRES almost
exclusitely.of die best .L 13168706 Litil D. be
arable—land (about 240 Acres) is divided hike
field's Of .cenVetiletit site, la in a good state of 'cal
tiratiotipmil in produttivendis will'hompare favor
ably with the beat; land in the country. -The
• . WOOD- LAND comprises about tin
Aiwa will caeretcwith thrifty Tim
-4.9l'ke her . The.Qpvqiion Creek on Ore wre
s . • '
t eht htildet% said Several pet:thane - id
' ponds in die interior of the af
fortran abundant supply of water at all somas,
freely aocessable to the stork..
The Sitepherdstown Turnp ike is one fourth of
it mile distant, which allbrds easy accessjti the
villages 'depots Ito., in dies meaty.
The improvements are, new, convenient and
limpte fur the_variotta Mee of the Ferni,and the
coutifortatilb aceoniniodation of a large - fanilly,—
The DWELLING DOUSE (built of A
brick) contains nine rooms, besides gar- HI;
vets, pantries &az' .Ir is well finished, and , II
pre tdy situated 'ea a grove of oaks. The s erocii
is large and Well stocked with Fruit Trees of the
best quality.
There wishing to purchase are invited to es
attune the property previous to the day of sale, as
the subseriver itssui.ed that it will recom-
Mend itself to any one In sea of a etettfoetithle
:esitlence and valuable farm.
Tr:was—One third cash, the balance in three
annual payments with interest; deterred p
- itienta ko bb seethed d»' a deed of trust on the pro
perly; Poifiteriaieli-to be given on - the that thity:of
-March, 1848. - • - - -
Letters of iitquiry may be addressod to me at
Lectowin Jefferson comity, Va.
September .24,184.
• WILL be etpuied to silk on the premi
' ses, on SAT the !bilk dlis of Oc
tober next,ti valuable lot situate in Mottlit
Knox Cumberland . county. containing nn Acre
'lnd. :half of moPb or leek having thereon
erected a commodious two story brick DWELL
ING HQUSE:;,a large Frame Stable whit it shed
attached and other baildtogs, sill entirely
The MOUnt Ruck spring is within.* few yards of
this property, whence it is supplletlxvith wider all
seasons in the year. 'DO also planted with a va
riety.Of olio iee ft nit I Feei ; in a tliii v ing cOndution
HMI 101 , ikthining, Thiaproperty cer
tainly presents strong Imineenients to persons de
sirous good suitdtioa for coining on
tho itiereantiie business; or • to' tradesmen;' being"
loenttal:init fine, rich and densely PoptilmixiCet
'lenient. It. it equally a gooti, 'Renal° , for a
laboring, min with a family, orTierians wishing
to live private. 4Peraima - Wialling to phrelnise
prliticay of this delitrllition are requested to ex
amine this property for themselves, which can lie
sabseriber, residing on the
•Prethisen;any day before 'the ink.
Sale will commeneelit 2 'O'clock P. M. Terms
made kuciwit dtlilte day of IhIM , •
: •. • GEO. EINE,
..• September 22;111_4.
, S.‘ LIE. . • • •,
• -,urrisque• of the ;nit Will'arotiaita-
. • meta o ttGx N lido -tif - *Carrell
township, 'York be
g it sold , '04441$ wile ott We" prddlises,. on
• ATV 111/41'. tile. 16th of Oetolteettext,
tlilinliattiwiitg:,renke,shate of said deceased, via
I arra conl%luitig 162 and
12:Teraltei,aiid.`allowsulae,.sittinte in amid totvti.
ship ; a haitit 10 iailossntilh west of I lorriabitrg and
enstlaf .
onliai State lidadoadjoitting
..fli•deetlee 61.6 , k null lands car Solintion
101itt';-liatifel. I 1414; John liMilTl:lll . altd , others,
having a due proportion of Woodland and.Meati.
taw, the renitiou in n high kale of cultivation nod
runnitig water in every field. ,Tlte ipprovetnetats
ars at SAW 1 .11111:141ml tinker:power, witti tiritts
stOrKsionellol.ll3l .l- , Log Ulu!
,olltetittublittg‘i Illiedvau.rimieltouseorn
'cribs ;
,spriiag.,ltoyso with 'a :neve, -fail.og spring;
'll6oo' hawse Pod otb_er, out buildi op.', ; Also -no
stud .a.suriekror
zather'Finit ' • }•'•
.•'•:'Persintis"ileilrOtis `Of 'eattfflitaing" the property
can call on • the sultioriape' at' (11 - tirk'S . Mill; in
Monis:lo to w p; Citmbertand aoilnty,oP tilt Mil
iiewter, on tlus premlinia, Sale to cora metteit.di' 1
o'clockwhen' terms will be 'made known bi
•••: ~, •, • CLAREl;ExCciutur.
;Festo.e,,9t, dt erL.,ll , lcFarlanei d '
heiattittotiftes) that l l ettara
talioatnitiontairy,,iai•Ota last 4,41t0at BO ant at
Rosisti Ma Fa ItLa tan
ci t tishasiand county; dioN,•lniiii thfa' day
Isatsatliky,ll49lstglytor,,, ip' pod for said - ottaniye
~, • thetiliscr barsi'Ona 'of •ithini`;:ritillialA=
~ Mii,Vitniss'y:lfoildot ',its', the' .hoitititti3if New
'villa, and thitolor;4loet •Woiiiblirtipit
flirt; • asiislitilty:'\Allzi 6 O
frltteOAda a Ot thkelitaio
make?: P,"9
• ,41 8 of
• ,‘ • ,
intal estate;
•• , •
t:Baie of
-., •
'• r reir,W " lPV6oo . 4l 4 ll, l
vittileof the Orphans'
court - of CiiinberfatilVeounty_l will ex-,
VIDAT:IIiOIth-of.--Oabber next,'
'at 10. o'clock al. M., EIVE' - ,LDTS of
L'fl.9 'l3, situate on the "north-east; 40p7r of
So ' ldh and Pitt:streets" in the borough o,f,qa isle;;
the Property of the hems of Daniel Boworil;
.•....No.l 'a said lots,ilituate on the cornApipf said
streets, eontaitis•SO feel in-front on ['At streetiam'
exteods 110 feet in depth to a ten feßtulley. „
• No.• 2.contains feet:in - fronton Pitt - sti•eet,
Mid adjoins.the above.. : . .
LNo.,S:contains-60.feetinTroid.irt9i a1*9,1111°,7
DWELLING HOLISM, a well of 'wider Advlaier
improvements thereon.;
' No. 4 contains 30 feel in front on "'Ste street,
aiitlaitetilli the hod. , .•
No. 5 also .contailis S 6 feet, fig front, and ndjoins
the above and lots of Jolly .All these lots
extend 110 feet back to a ten foot alley laid pull
or n theeecommodation of these lots. " •
Alio at .the same_time,and. place, will be sold
at public sale Two Lots or Gaourin on the south'
[ode of South street bounded by said strem-on the
north, on the west by Miclael Matthews,
on- the
Muth by George Cam,and on thweavt by George
W. shridfer, containing together. 120-feet in- fron •
and-00-feet-in-depttri - beingimmtieTeirOlf, and
SSO in additional out-lots of the borough of' Car-
lisle. '.:As to all °ri p e said property' the hits will ,"
be sold separately or together, its suit I
puridiesers. ' 7 -10 , •
Ternis r npe cent. of he Owellase
money to be paid,mi Jhe da of sale—nne-third
remain in the property, the interest of whip!'
is to be paid to the willow during her Iffe;unil the
Principal nt 'her death—one-therd on the Ist of
A pril,lB4B, and ,tIM-balabee en the lit of April,
tB49;te be secured by a lien on Ili) property.
, • Adm'r. flowers, deo'd
Aeptember 18 , 17.--Voltinteer insert.
IN piirsuance of an-order of the
Orphatis..Coutt or Cumberland co.
it: MI the following Real Estate late the
; 'J‘! properly of Armstrong Irvine, de
ceased, will be sold on the premis-
CB nn A FOIL DAV the lfith day of October neat..
ntl9 eelock' AI : , of that day, viii:
All 'hat certain plantation or tract of land situ- .
ate in Silver Spring . township, in wild. county,
hounded by i lands of George Belshoover,Jauob
!Litman, Andrew Irvine and,others,nnd contain
ing shout'l2l ACRlLS,alionf BS acres of which
are•Limestonef4noh the remainder slate land of
good quality. Between 20 and SO acres tire in
ti t tirifieyoutVinther a-arthe residue in cultiva
tion. This
: land is well fenced, a large portion
of. it post and rail. The improvements lire a•
large stone DWKI.I.ING HOUSE' and Kitchen,
a large stone BANK BA UN, with. a Threshing
'Machine attained and other out buildings. A
young Apple Orchard of grafted fruit trees are on
the premiani... flieVe she ti:o good Alltls.Within_
a.mile of this farm. •
, .
ryWill be offered at the same time, a lot of
ground adjoining the alini.e and containing about
one acre, having thereon erected a gond LOG
HOUSE and Rome Stahle, well suitet)
m r a ten
ant house. There are some choice truit rees on
this int. Both properties '
can be viti .11 at any
time before thesele.
The conditions of sale will he made known nn
the day of aide by HENRY W. IRVINE,
Public Sale. 4 , } •
133 , virtue of an• order of the
:',g!l till Orphans' t'oUrt of Utiiiikerland
-coUnty,andOlt Pmiler of attorney
&MI Pewee 411-yera of Ohio,
will expose to-public sale on the piemkiea, of
FRIDAY aid 9th of Oettilfert 1847,xtt-10 o'.
block A', MI a lot of tiiece of lund'ih Erankfurd
lOwn'ellip, bounded by Win.Graccy, John Mem
ser, Henry Musser, John Doner and others,
egotaioina 10 Acres, be tho same more or leap,
all Of—which is,cleared and under gond fence,
having a t*o.stOry LOG HOUSE and LOG
STAPLE thereon erected, and a well of water
ht the door and Tuning water on the premises.
Thhia - made known on the dit'v of sale. -
- PETER MYF.RS, guardian
of David & Johso Myers, and Att'y to fact of
• George Alyorp.
-Borvaoi.:v 15. 11.147.-5 t
IN the case of the order of Or
pliane Court to Thomas Bradley
, adininlatrator of Geo. Eisenhart,
deed. for the sale of the real es
tutu ut said decedent for the payment of d ebts, i
to wit: A pluntintion or tract of land situate
in South Mhildietgn township, Cumberland co.,
bounded by lands el tire heirs MGeorge Eisen
hart sr. duc'd,Junas Rudy, Rev. A.. T. Mksill,
George Craighead and Mary Grayson„ contain.
ing about 128 ACBES,orwlielkAhqul 108 are
cleared, having thereon eructed a large two
.story_weatherboarded_ HOUSE and KITCH.,
EN, stone and frame Barth Ilater and other out
buildings,. Said administrator havjng made
return of the aforesaid order Court on ,the-
Stlt of December A. D. 1846, that maid real
estate remained unsold, no sufficient price be.•
nig offered for the same, which return was ac
b.eiiled by the Court and further proceedings at ,
that time held under atiVisemeni. And now,
to wit,23d August 18-17. The Court upon the
application of the administrator award a now
order of sale, and do order and decree that the
aforesaid real estate be sold at public sale by
Thomas Brafley, administrator of said dece
dent, on the premises, en FRIDAY. the Bth of
October nett; at 1 &clock P. M: oh the follow
ing ietmfi, 0100 bo pant on thb confir
mation of theanlii by the Court, one hall the
balance on the Istof April next, when posses
sion will be given and a deed Made to the
purchaser; and tne residue in two equal annual ,
paymenta thereafter without interest, the pay
mentacto be scoured by judgment or mortgage
But 640n:touch sale be made the Court fur
ther ordertind direct that due public and timely
notice be given by the administratot "at tenet
twenty days before the sale, of (Ito title and
place of sale, thb premises lobe sotd,and where
situated, by advertisement in at least one news
paper printed in Cumberland countyoufi by
handbills, three of which shall be affixed in
three of the mdst public places in the vicinity
of the property to he aorta
Said arlministrato} td make return of his pro.
ceedings at the,,next ranted Orphans' Court to
be held in Carlisle, in and for said county, on
ihe 14th of December next. By the : Court.
2 September 15, 1847.-4 t
. ,
Orphans Court Salo;
BY iirtue indef. the
• bbtlll4. the 61110ining teal estate
late. the property of 'Jacob
nigit of -Monroe townshipon, said county, -- deoM,
will be sold op the promises eq SATURDAY
aIe thel6th - of October next, at 12 &cleat;
neon, of said &ay, to wit: _
All that nettain, plantation or tract of land
teßroshlp of liloriroimbnund
iid, hy lands of Joseph,. Drandt„ lariolteep tetra,
Samuel. 11offurt, and ,others, . containing 160
ACRES and,lo perches neat measure;, of good
landinliVu,t 105 acres er Which are cleared and.
in • cultiriititin; Mid the ttaideit in good , thribcr.
Tho 'lmprovements' ai:ot' it large. ti'd - litbrjr ,
STONE npus,p; largelstinie 'Bank Bain, - an•
ail Mill, Wagon: ahnd;'cider.toreat„ slinenyripg
h:ansa,: . siiii; ()their ont" , bnildtrign.':.- There to a
geMildual t ot Locust,Chostintand TOlll4
on ; ,the promises, and a good apple
. ,
Alen a-ttact''of: • land "near' the fo r egoi ng,
lopundod' bylands'nf.:JObn'l3chollOiedfil3aooel
'4o' Aires :it porches Plat '.l.o l iastits; Sb
blr,leiTiid73 l fi, 4 tW 49 .
nad,thos rneloinn:goou:titnbon 'l4OCl.' • I
Aielf•a!sinall,lcotisifknirnintanst,lifoitifti ,cald
inwpaliipotManiiiit;bniiioddirpyjandinf Ego'n
hoiriand,Containing .FAteradind EIV perches,
EViind,it‘:.ll,siir Stable. ''' crowds Wishing,
y t ,f,yatolialfira,ny; coflhC , abrnon . .rotOontles arc
fre11n,„91,,t114-Aci;cagy ..'l l l O oinnintoi,the osalfin.heloreo,
thi Penditionoo;.of. ,-*046,,
Kti.grl.,!oce•Fid ror Pali by
Yillidee-apnointe44Y:.toto o r Phnunt; CtlSit to,
-1 , , manic ,
Alum• • '1 1 !elan; Mottniiium
trilitB,4TO 1,7
fq,M , AciPiziAvdo.4"
=tr. 111-4)0 ,k,
, re , ` j •
I " I i'^"Js" A
''''':- . - ..' :: :::.'' .- -7. ..•' -,-, ',,:;• - .,: - 4 -- ..... :, 7 ,.... 1 .. .t.:::1:;,. 4.... ,-....,
-'` '`i~~~llaiteaus
• "I I
• ans otat a -- -
vjattiKtall:nit'neder,"Ortbo ortiluis 4 Conk
. OlintjOlin• Real litate
John 11*Intlaitie r aE - e laAk of, - Newton_lasensh*-41—
Said - cOnicall - wlll7.lfailt TereliTti'. ablio gale
Wednenbtf. the-.6tynkaitabinA lot at gmltinsit
ontitainmeohe acre sitt.aterin ..Weglokittovnnshi
boutitind.l4.lands 'of kionrytillindney add Josee t „,
Wageonni, havinithtrnon erecteda TWO ST.
lR iio'usE, sTALILE, and olier neceasa
y• out
,buildings. : Sep to - ommetice at 2 o'clock,
P. 2#l.ovben termnaksatemillbe made kr own by
• • Adtilnistrator. ,
Seritemb - er_R o
1110UN,TAIN . ..
the 2311 of obzr'nezi
u*ier'd a
e bile' - the pre:. li DA t, t
mice. of 'Jaineel l awle, in- Monr4 township;
C_umbeitrrid. eountiqb .1 reel orhfoentain - Land .
late the properly of Robert Cook, clee'd; situate
in eald - townehix - tinttadjoining latifetif,
churl Mishler, Janie& Lewis and a few:otbe;
containing SS ACRES and a ten perettid,:o
chicßp Cheenat
Sole to.conn;uence_at o'eleekrr_BL,_when
- Altellifew cc ,wflrhe • given ttitl term. lade
k nowt?' by, the Aititeiergned,Etteuter of Robert
'Cook:Ate& JOHN HOUSER..
Septamher. 8, tB2l-,:
Y airtua'cif an
,order. at (ho Orphans' cowl.
Ail -of Cumherland,county, the 'Real WAR
;zlJolin Ruth, late of Newton township, dee 9 d,
Wilt I.'6'4e - red al.,ptilMo'inie on THURSLEAr;
the 21st. day of Oetober nexf,'On peMises,
at.l 3 . (neje* noon, viz: 136 ACRES 16 perch.
•on:of Land Rhumb. in Newton in said
county, on the State Road, shout 2A miles from
Newville, 86 aercer of which is first rate. time-
Stone andthe remainder'af,goed Slate, divided •
from the %Mier by We , Ureen 41orfrig, Amy
Which there is on both sided ti tract of natairal
meadnow of. nine acres. The whole Planebt
in the highest state of cultivation wed -under
gbod fences with the exceptimunl-nbout twenty
' • acres of woodland. The improve.
•mentP• are. a _Largo STONE
• • 'I:WELLING HOUSE & Bitch
en,.large 'Bank Barn and Tenant
HouSe, With otli'er 'necessary put buildings and .
a Spring of ‘r,i,tiyer watat. heart the door.:
Also a thriving young Orchard of all kinds of
choice -fruit. Persons desirous of examining
the place will call on either'of the undersigned
-The terms of isle will be as follows: One
hundred dollars to he paid an. the confirmation
of sale: one half of the residue of the purchase
monay on the let of April next, when posses!
sion will be given; and the remainder in two
equal annual instalments thereafter without in. ,41
forest. The grain in the ground. is reserved,-
and the purchaser is to pay the taxes assessei!
1848, •
Solt'temberA 1847 Administrators.
Lancaster Examiner insert till sale and send
bill s lid paper to this office.
THE subscriber subscriber otters - for sale the farm
the property of Abraham Fickes,deceased, situate
in Sontliampten township. Franklin county, near •
die -road tending from Shippensborg to (Thom.
berObqg.Ritinjnjcg.lsoll4 of NVendersoll,llVGin.
nesSAnd ottlers,Cnotairdrig 4:18 ACRES ~on which
is erected a two story Log House, a double frame.
warn, wagon shed, corn crib and other buildings: •
Also an Orchard of excellent fruit and a well of
good 'water near 'the door. Persons wishing to•
purchase are r It - Feasted to call on Andeew Fiekes
liritig_on the premises, or on the suhscrihert-M---
siding in Dickt neon township, Comberlanii Co,
Executors .
August 18, 1847-6'w
' a FaR .711 FOR Sallb.R:•
Ti - 1•E subscriber offers his farm for sale, site
ated 3i miles west. of Carlisle,cumberlend
county, Pa, on the Conodoguinnet creek road,
and about half a milt from Davie' Mill Tyio
farm contains 64 1-2 Acres of first rate Lime
stone land. About 54 acres are cleared, well
limed-and in a high state-of cultivation—the
residue is covered with good timber and LIM
• whole under good fence. The
1 . - „4 , a • improvements are a kRAIVIE.
-..tW I " • HOUSE, a large Bank atn;
•• -• with two floore,wagon `
she r d corn
crib, cane y 4rc, under the satrie,rool. ,Ther9
is alnoa brick wash, heuae; inneke !musty* a
well of never failing Water; with a.pninp in 11.,
under the same roof; and othet ont buildings.
A brick cistern, capable of containing 80 hogs
heads gutter; and a young thriving Orchard,
of tun: g fruit, a good Lime Kiln, &c. The
builderin were all built-within six years.
• 3EOR9E 111 YE
August 25,1847—ti
A VA LUABLE Farm, situated in Wcstpenna:
bort) , township, Cumberland county, 6i nes
west from Carlisle, on the Mount Rock Spring,
near the Cumberland Valley Railroad, centaining
about 200 mires, 160 of which are cleared, Lavingg.
thereon a liege two-story double stone Roust.; fi.
two-story Log House.tsin convenient Bartnl, Tome
corn crib sad wagon shed, earriago w and grans
houses, and a never failing wellcof. l'hia•
;Arm will divide to good !Irdvitntiage add will be
solii.whole o , the holt 40.. • , . .• •
For Jiairlibt#l l ll:,et4d,iiM a L. Mims,
Eig., on tile pregimes, or of the subscriber raid
ing in' Dickinson tp., 2 mileamast of the Stens
?August 11 0 847 . -2 mo.
(Lancaster Examiner will publisNhnionthe snit
charge this office, -
IDA f.lll 304/AlluirTir-
lIE subscriber offers .at private .sale the
pie by himself situated on the Cimodoguinnet
reek, about 4 miles west of Carlisle, and 41 1
north of the Cumberland Valley Railroad. The
farm contains .200 Acres pf, first rale Black
Sloth land, in the highest Rate of cultivation.
The., improvement's are a Mansion Moab;
Bank Barn, corn crib &c. There is also there.
on erected a large atone IIIERCIAANT
Agilely rebuilt on the most:. approved plan,- with •
Kiln tor drying coin-for making-meal,togethk:-....
ut with'Et.ClaYer. Milit.Saw Mill with circular
alms altaehell; Mid Plat - star Mill. There .aris
three tenant binniedirshe fbi each of tlmmillers •
and onoll7i - the farmer, with ri.einrinclronse to
each; logethcr Sholi and Ottigar
linpiarbinbnhi not iiehaseary. to mention . '; The . :
water power on this pldco is equal te - anion
the Couodognienet creak. : • ,
1 also offer for , sale a FARM_On.theMalna
.11QttoM road; one mile from Carliafe,containing.
115 Acres 'de. the best 'qnality Of r ,'Llmaatone
lend. The improvements are , a *atinclllieellint
House, rotate :barn anCelhernencesary out
buildings; find a:firit rate, well of water o.
7 A: trent of about ti acres of Chesnut timbei r ,
be ecild along, with.thie_farni. - For lurther par..
ticulars enquire, 6111ie.s.iibtorihm , Irving °wit/a:
Mill 'plaSe:: , , rtuilfifnis ore invited to tall and: . "
cgaspiriethelon,eFY3: ! 2bre will, made to
',' in .IOILN
- Auguit 25,1847: ,
nn HE, enbe'cri tieribbriebtnult
%ann oun c io hie friendisk •
she public getterittly;.thEit haw
°yam* thbiebove;naitieti
:table AO dm alleir 14 . •therlittr . the Market'
etr thesis who may give, him w 06 0 D
HORSES, nuqG CAERI4Ip ; t s A i2kie.. ,
The publt.t.imiy'itlepend:ein gettliigigend. and
cafe,btqatla,..l4l I will inittf,b4e give out ot;,;.
hawse unlesitaii'teitontmenti lifitin;ne ante And:.
gentle. • Prices Moitekatb: "Hi;hnpoiliiiiirei
1(1-!; 141 °; Pattc na g e !' h " ;•
',:E 3',1 4 1.0A
tbinedeetW:Sigi'Viantinirtind 'Or -
14 4 ' 14.,C;11fie ul ineelved
rA#OO7,tItAIV A ,
~.I.o. o WbietiViifid:, ! po,,, i f e rof : ...,
~ ,ws,toct.foli.mplicstitire•or.-;, ,,-. .-
.;. tk.V . : . '0;: .• , :„:
. .. , :.;4, - ,', fit ,-. •,-;') J , - -... - ...'.; - ",;::'.. - :':;:::::::...: - :::': - .:'.L . ;;;;,. - .:! - ;-: ~ -Y,..-:.,',:, : ";.,;, ' ;', ' -'-',.;:.', ,- -:', 4
. . ......... .... -..
. . . . _ .__ .......,.,.,