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ilxoect Oems!-:
Important fioex' Mexico,
Mexican 0 veilures •Ar ,Peace—Americans sun
- i rounding the City. "
Trom New - Orleans, we' hilve t e ma
rine of the 34 inst., confairting
'mg highly intpariattt tiewifroin Gen. Seottfs
•Ayrpy in Mexico, brought by 'the 4mitinAhip
• Fashion, Captain O'Biady,:juNt arrived from
Vera Cruz via Tampico. She left VerteCtuz
on the 27th bI August,. arid Tamptab the
20th. '
-The n4ivs by . ibis arrival is fhe
'portant that we have received in Manly
months from Mexico. • Our army has not °il
l:3r advanced to the city of Mexico; but, it has
had twoamorragernents with the enema doe()
wider tliej'alls of the-city and defeated them;
The Mexisans'hava-been_brcoaht to aap_pli:
enter a suspension of arms, aidrpen.iScett
- haa granted it. Titii Mexican Congress 'lids
'been convoked to take into consideration
!Mr. Trist's proposition.
• ,The news was received in Vera Crdz on
evening.of the 26th ult, by an express
'courieHroni Orizaba, - who brought-down the
'follewing•lefter to Mr. Dimond ; the collecirj
at Vera Orur; to whose courtesy we are in
'dated. for 'Me , urie -of thelettor which we
!proceed to-give,:
OttizAßA v Atifeist 25tb, 1847
My Dear Fiientl.=The Mexican' Mail
which has juet come in, bringstbe, following,
'intelligence, which I copy Irom the Diario
Official act Gobiertio. Being,. of so great
portarice,:l Fend ou--I h is -express . courier,
which will be AV ith you, to•mertiiv about .1:2
. On the 20th two brigades commanded
'Gen. Valencia and Santa Anna went out to
attack the Americana near San Angel. Gen.
Valencia's.diYision has been c_ompleteJy_ . cle :
feated, and Santa Anna, after the first ren•
imntre,.fell hack also in disorder to this city.
They immediately alter this _asked for a
—^ suspension of hostilities, arid offered to hear
the propositions of peace from .Mr.Ttiat.
The next day the Minister•rif Foreign Re
lotions ' invited the Congress, -through the
newspapers, to meet for that , pUrpose._.. --
These are the great facts which no doubt
%vitt tiling. after them peace
. •
To P. M. Dorm), £sq
....Another express arrived at Vera Crui on
the 26th, with letters containing the same
triews in substance, and the following trans
lation of the announcement of it in the Ma
rio Official del Gobietno':
"On the 20th August Scott's 'troops who
—Aintended-marching Penon turned -it and
-arrived near Toeuabaya. is soon as the
hiews was known at Mexico, Valencia's di
-Nigel iient out to attack the Americans at
" • Los Linnos de San Aogel,and was complete
routed. Next came Santa Anna with an
other division, which shared the same late,
'After some - fighting. - Tlre Mexidaitiftrcal:
ed to the . capitalin great disorder, and -such
was the panic created by their defeat i that the
Minister of Foreign Relations immediately
'convoked the Congress to take into 'consid
eration Mr. Trist's prapcnition. A suspension
`of arms was demanded by the Alexis:ails and
granted. The Americans are, around Alex-,
lco,lmt had not'Ontered the'city or. the '2lst.."
• Bitch_ are nieagredetails•which,welMve of
these important events:
.No 'couriers from
— Gen - eral Scotesermy - direct-having-been able
-to got through as far as we can learn. But
from the foregoing statement it is manifest
'that General Scott holds the city of Mexido
at his command. That Get - 1. Scott did dot
`choose to enter the city is manifest. He was
doubtless deterred from entering it by a de
•sire to save the pride of the Mexicans when
, upon the ette of important negotiations.
It is now supposed that the. extrortlinary
•coorier which left Vera'Crriz for Mexico on
the 12th ult. a day in advance of the - regular-
English Courier, was the bearer Of instruc
tions to the British minister to offer again his
meditation, and we think we may safely say
that he was instructed to do so, if possible,
before Gen. Scott entered the capital. We
believe the instructions were positive, and
no doubt they were obeyed.
Having absolute confidence in this repre
sentation of the acts of the English GOvern
ment, we think it reasonable to suppose that
Geireidl,scott was influenced by a knowl
edge of that mediation to trust once again to
the efforts of Mr. That to negotiate a peace,
- and so spared the Mexicans, the humiliation
of the armed occupation of their capital.—
His characteristic humanity may also be pre
sumed to have strongly intluene.ed him to
save Mexico from the violeece of a hostile
occupation.. We may recur to this point and
to the prospects of peace which some may
now entertain.
We have given none of the rumors cur-
tent in Veia Cruz as to the fall of. Mexico.—
They are evidently lent ded . fin imperfect ra
w mom of the teal state of facts. The rumors
eircnlated here that Santa Anna and Valet)-
. cia were taken prisoners, we believe, are to
tally unfounded.
In regard to the train under Major Lally,
the intelligence is favorable. We are in
formed, horn a very responsible source, that
he is known to have passed Perote sine boon
- on his way in safety to Puebla. He made
some delay in Jalapa. Our readers may be
interested in what is said of the movements
leaving Jalapa, in the
of - the Main,inlor to its
San Ed Anahuit. •
The Boletin, erjalapa, says that the train,
after having beeiTufacke3; at Cerro Gordo,
retired tet.thataitii3L..the_lanne_time_the_
guerillas also retired. On the following day
the train commenced marchino . for Jalapa,
and on Thursday evening had hot yet en
' tered that place. On the 19th it was report
ed at Jalapa that the guerillas would attack
our troops near that ,place ) and all the even
ing the road for near a mile was covered
• with men ) and children, whom curi
osity had attracted there, This gave rise to
the firing of canon and musquetry from our
troops,•and , the citizen s succeeded in reach
ing their
.heimes . without receiving any injury.
, The errillas:are said to have numbered
350: .The , fire Commenced-at , half past 'five
&chick, and 'lasted but' a - Short time. At
night tranquility. preVailed in .the eity,,enti a'
l'iarty'of mounted men front the ttainantered
the:city and praised through the principal
street, at theiarne time guerrillas *ere seen
near by. The, B lose_oletin saya that the lo
.the side of `the guerrillas was sinall.6 •
Intelligence reached Col. Wilson, on the
tnoraing_of thel7th Mgt.:Limit. 'David
,Henderson,:cf_Captain Fairchild's company
Dra,i'dons,, and. his varty..who'• were tent
thelstt of 7AuguatAct ,
apprisco,miijor - Lally,cif the approach, Of, rein
:4';:,1 110410 inln" doubt' of
.I,ho reot4eis
this ', Lieut.* Hendeioori
rzW , A.F.. tesit l Pnt New OrloanO, • 4nd ; but \
Gently enilFinriod:in; dervice,
'lnarSanta're., , ~-; .
'' . 4l'cl . r'of ' Atn "ph' "icin {l".-`*-` 4.76.14r;4 / 7 7 4 1 7 ) ,...... '
.::';,,,ir46,1-4-' itilittienflinaport_.,p..,,,mbn2xl,,lauli,,
1- •"'", , , irv, Ili arrival..6l : Mr. Aptry a .
" --1 ` '''' 1 ' - ' `d 'by Mr."Birnil in, off Baltimore, ,
t'.',iic.,°•?f1112,44:1.1„Le..h.. boob ( re c eive d :f fF" # ,l-,P, ti ;
;' E in c: 9l .7o,7 6.7 i ' ?, , Cl , Ta rr l o k na , c , h ,. 4 i i ni Y a :i l , t i a ' r l i i: 4 ;: 44,
-, l4 lelipie .chlePt Y..:., . • .•-,,,,:;:._;„,„1 Ati,*Lq.,
, ' pliy1611001,1!-011.1P7) 74`,t ; 8 714; iq'!hi?rjrx .
, , , - Oto arrxv-f' sa, •''''f, +,' a ••e• 2. .•
..7.1',04 - 114.Y1?..,.,r.
~. ,; -..1 c o n i a io . ,fi:le-tibi.llmid;r::.
Tti9, 4 9 4 0 : !41- - .:,AiiiiioiclAnket.r77-,,.,4X
t**il e i9,4l!r , „ - ,:,,z,eiCaliiir
~.', CO g•.A - R) :',',: '::•''," Id .i;WiNtionn e%4V11-§! ~..
N.A 'li' ' ern 7011 _ RR- P 4iiik" 1r aft M lin atula , t,ir .‘
ptaltyirßoP, ~r,... ,Lt l i , iiii t e e 1 04 ,inet
';'4' ,i. , frwiareo 9 1 , 1 • , 1,:. ~.•1!•-1..,.'
,0:p10044,9 ra.,r;?;t41,,,..1),,'",, 7 - ;., 1- ... - ,i
I'..;'`+':,' ,: i!,.;;o. ;-s'f'.i'' O•gZ"'' :'' :' .4 ';' Wee '.',.••i4j,',2,,,","•:',',:-
; 'Z . :;:,!.A.V•,'X - 4 1 :f'gi'''''','""Y'•.I'F' 4 i . ;''''''F'4';'`'' 'rZ''''• •
..16t*0 ViP 4 '%:'14 4 .7;•?91.1.• ~4 ' , J ,' , • •
',",%:„ t ,:B‘; : •,••.:4cdo+ ,— ,:'' •'' '' ''' '
.2 ' 441 . . 31 .
;It' iitAieoiit - '• -, • -
s:i'sete:ri`brttit” riVirderers have,
becin -
tim e r ot:col'VVileox t a htl 4 -",
ng•expirtti 4 it fiLleAvel's6etv.!:
TvrenrYf the - iiitizens,'JioivetrNhad War
mitedr.yo,:reinain and fora& the, plic - o.,,'''f'i,•:_ -
time previoater the lark advices, 'bet' frts : „
nipped in'tlre.'..bud; Ind the leader s tvaric - fly precipitately to the mounti
of San Clou.
Gen. Morales wits at Santa Fe. ,
Col. Price and'his men' ate reptssentelto
have• conducted themselves in a manner
highly disgraceful to ilamarne ofAmoricaos4
. - ,•
is said to be no Whatevei
among the troops,and vice'in'ita worst loran
is practised by both men-and office's,
ly-unrostrnitted. by Col.- Price.---
The Colotml
is, also said to have lowetell
himsielf Mucli'in the -Character - cif aniAlicer
by - deiAaring tharli - e — wonlithaul 'down 'the.
American flag and evacuate the town, if not
'reitilorced'belbre the "10111.:of August.
This threat has caused many of the trad
ers at Saerrificies to_paolttip_theiLgrinds mist
prepare for leaving the country; rtS they well
4rflowthatall the Americans, as wtill-es the
Irielidly Mexicans, Would certainly he mur
(lured upon. the withdrawal of the soldiery.
(This Cal. Price, it will, be remembered,
is ofie Of Mr. Ocilk's party 'pets, ancTliaslate
ly heen made a 'General)
Mr.,i.inaki ti".4lp.f..LoitiVitt
One Dollar and I•'ifty Cents a year 71 paid in
--- Advance—One 'Dollar and Seventy-rive
• Cents if paid within or at the end of six
..months—Two Dollars it paid at the end o
The year. •The Herald is now the cheap
est paper in the county ! .
Yours, (fully
The One Term 'and Thrill
For tonal bbrnmissioner.
JAMES MACKEY, Shippensburg.
Dr. J. J. MYERS, Carlisle.—.
Director of tlie Nor
JOHN RI,TP, Hampden
To Commstamm.trs.Thei conanuniea
of our friend from Ilegheitew:ft is feeeired.
We are obliged'to hinilor d ifte lavor, but On
second thought he will probably agree lvith
us that ii n ill be more prudent not to [ib-
Huh it.
The ''Facts" furnahed b our East Penns
bore friend are excellen and shall be rub-
Halted. They corbel ate tor this week.
(*.That learned jurist, Mr. *, Fearne on
Contingent Remainders," of the Volunteer,
may score his loci:Ace Abolition eontempo
furies at the Philadelphia Splril of the Times
and Evening Bulletin as severely as he
chooses-for their-bold presort - oton in daring
to question the propriety of the judicial "re.
buire' recently administered to a jury in this
county., bin we want to know upon what
grounds he 'refers to this paper as one 'of the
"pensioned presses" of Carlisle? It is an old
trick of the Volunteer to dub'others with dpi •
theta to which itself is more justly er:died.—
Dtirpaper is not "pensioned" upon any man
or any institution, 'or . any party, either for
money or for leading editorials. It is bound
lo no man, to no clique, .and to no party but
the gitat Whig-party of the U. States—and it
is . by the clegly defined principles of that
party, and the voice of its Conventions, a
lone, that our course is shaped. Thus free
front all pensionary obligation,ve have never
Imen,suddenly compelled to 'turn a flip-Bap_
- oirtlie - Tiiiiif, • r any Other subject, like soMe
of out neighbours. Whether the Volunteer
is. thus tree and in&pendent, our noiglibdiir
of the Democrat may be can tell.
The Volunteer has gone to such a'length .
in vindication of Judge ilepbtint's rebuke to
the jury in the riot case, as an act that was
duo. to the OM - ranter of the Court trod - to the
corntnuntty, Ifni\ a good many poisons feel
constrained to ask why it is . that thole was
tionotice taken also of another:most estrapr
dimity transitetipn,—that most memorable
transaction': . bir
• :ylol' three individuals,
c)eariy identified as pck-poilcels, were recently
bet at , fulilibetty Without the vulgar. - annoy...
ariceCia . triall Was there prodangerpflitie
I :tii . Cettling.ti..attlijoet.ol_ ,, dirlii.oiina:ritiooll':
II .xt,verdict :rendered upon .'oath, bitnielve
respeetable 'citizens, whom ,:the ::yolanteer
itself deciareijo'be trtiiri!!i , hoet3'ltiniolors •
serves f c rebuirt; ' ,'hvh3i, , haiinot:ilitt;Aamii min ,
sure-been; 006 the - libOratbrs .- cf: the.
pickpockets)t.'We. - Isli ; s thiii . lri :all; itit's - '' 1
li9l :l ingg9 /Ti;. ,- C ige bil iii4. :, - ' . '' . ,,• - • '.' '':'
' -- (1:t. it', nifty ba'..,fis I,,F,elln . lti,' imbibe .•:nur:
iteighl;o'iifthi'Voitr.t4f:,l4l . i';4' . "-'''''
impresOen “by , inforMing`himi a t We tiVii
ir i r
not Amok — the-nag cil..oltepetal'eliha Tar i of,
18 , 1,6,, , ?. ; ' , .Thq!' ; f1ag-,i l tOt in;,type:,lftit in Ki s .la. :
,favor:, ,ik''i'llt;Ftil,ii. i t tikel l 4:.llitte : , t#it.go : joo'
IgPM. 1'511,9n0? Reolkgie.l,o9(litiik of this
'Btitiiili*tn , ;:,'' , ';;'-:ii:%.k5._.!...7 - q',. , ..:.::'.! , ;Y;-,' .
::49M11t 18 ;4 8 , b e
. Tg#W.44:oo:i , l******* , kil*
':iic:;.#.o4* , ;it,.l4'ii - Wlitigoo,o4 l . , :ti4tl4ii:
.li,i,i,li , : , i,ii ,.. ao'ilotiioJ.ifif;iitzfiiip:i4i•
tdraiV4ol:6lM*lolittliiiiiir , !r) , :w,
- -‘.,...,.. , .,..k! i''.f.:' '.; ;L...i At.t.„4;
- -'-''''' " ' ''' . ... “4: : : :".'• : ' '' ...r.' 1 :::" " :.:V : .0.f .."1 .; ' , ' , 1 6 ') i? . .
'—''''''.:'•'',''''' e /: . :, ;'; ';:Y l .''' ',. ‘ F, - r: - .,'..'''',1.',.' :','`',t:'•,:c:
~ • .0i
.k." •
wh .
kmei -
Our Redifeed Terme.
T) casul er-
. Commissiaito
. - ,
9-:o6f.oir r o(6l:l3F CiAAE.R.
' 1 ;00t'. )1 4 8 : P .I *blitli ) ° l ltA llll - 7.Weel f Bll
is; yOu. preparing; for I ie.
Alrk?ff - Aiie joh making
rhogeieents'to t 3 our votail 4re jrni
to lii 'itijpd lance of the_conteet ?
glcct tt:.7l/,!lorigfrl The. time for EtOTI,ON
haiseorrrn:' :There 'no time to be lost. Our
.A.r:6oe Rentiiither
that full vote ill- 'ensure . iV
TORY, and thatOines Old
boiland at ? gois t Ottrirte! .
• ' .FroM - Mexico,
The *thiatil•tn_ rietv4-We übliert to-da
details the still conclitOring-ndvaiMe of our
'gallant army, and places the imperial city of
Mexico rube feet of the heroic Scorn. ..
!has no doubt pausetLatits.gateallirou4tMo
tittts of the highest ni4manimity. /16
North Ainerican justly tdatarirs.
Scott parr-'es; rl y:o c 'believe that, his sighs
are for the poiipie—theliah-combatants r the
ivomen,and children, for ‘rimite,sidres the
heroic Taylor rather chose that the host of
Ampudin at Monterey; should be itutiered
esi'apeby capitulairon, than that The help.:
Less and innocent'arrimig its citizens should
be eNposed . to the horrors at further store)
and bornunrdment. We Can beirge, tooi
that S:ott'S hopes were, by thiVmodera
' tion to obtainn peace—a-surer and 'd!ipeetl•
ier peace than could : !have been forced
by_drivingne- Mexicans-M-utter-extrett.-
.ities. The entire destruction of Mexi•
cosi-such is the perverseness of human ma
tare—would have covered h is name with
immortal diary. tie has 'chosen to forego
the prize, to lefase the temptation—to res.
train and limit his ambition- to the peac.qi
which, in. his eivti phrase he deemait the
sole object of the 4, t0 conquer." May
the peace be ilrearty conquered
From Got:. Taylor's etitnmand we leSin
that he has ordered (agteably togovernment
orders) needy all his-disposable lime to join
Gen. Scott's division. Of course alqj opera
tions aginst the city of Mexico by- his line
are 9nsequeTfaly abandoned. lie will pro•
titifyeturn . to the. U. S. , 4he Ohio,
na mud Massachusetts regiments, will ell
'oin Gen. .Sceit. There is much sickness
among the troops along the Rio Grande.
Perry County.
At a meeting of the whigs'of Perry,'on the
COI, as we leant from the 'Freeman,' it was
resolved to make no rminationelorcounly
offices, but to resc.lve to'support Such ,, seita-
Llo as shall volunteer.
The meeting appointed Messrs. H. It
ter, T. Ell is, Jr. and R.R.Guthrie cod feiees,
Tn .- sft - et lliose7from4;umbelian - d , - 'to put - m
nomination a Senatori?l candidate for the ilis.
met. A series of pungent tesolulions was
passed by themeeti*
The Freemdu-ti Graham,
Esq. of Cadisle. a 'scoring, mere in ftiendy
ship than in natter, for the flagqou misrep
resentations contained in lics speech wt die
tocofoco meeting oil Tuesday week. Some
of our Imam) orators who go over foul
times a yearsto admidister law and locoloco-
Ism to the people of Perry, make very large
drafts upon the suppoiied ignuranc.e of 'the
democracy,' there.
Mr, Sunni', we see by the 'Democrat,' is
still raging at a (Mimi:. rate against JohrfD.
Crilly, who Seems to have beeu guilty of
adfiug Stroop and his friends ca set of ring
boned, .spavined and string halted Gld Hun
kers P This. Mr- Crilly is a sad Tog and
will undoubtedly be the death of Stroop some
of theSe days,
The Tariff and Low Price.
Two weeks since we called Ole attention
ul Farmers to the further decline of Anneri
can Flour in England,-and to die tact that
the flume market was all that now sustained
prices, while British goods were pouring in
like a flood and would have to be paid for in
specie insteatiof breadst offs. •
Our brief article has called out a Whole
column in last week's Democrat, in ridicule
of the home market, whicipthe writer aSserts
we cannot be deprived of, 'but; which is
. a
small matter compared with the great foreign
market, Now we vciittire to gay that our!'
Farmers understand thi, subject as well ns
the- :Editor--of- the--DOmocmt—thcy-know
by an Iron orinitcranclOry immediately at
their *vers. If yeti Mitt get Irish A
mine every year the foreign market will be
itgreatthiog :. But Ms.we do not expect or
wish tlio;. the trite' pcilidik'of .
to ericourage.• a honie Market by ibeierising
home - manufactures, and at the , inithe: time
dirninithing r lfie num er of producer's, - ft
absurd , to say that you enlarge the hoine
mai ket by, purchasing British*. Manufactures
-no intelligent larrnet Will believe it. ' •
(*-The V olunteerthe htexiu,
~ .
,people, believe that the, Whigs the U.
S,titeopposed to the war,and this'eneoure
ges•the Mexicana to hold , out and 'retract
theni , “ bu
hoveli, there r was' a party. in : this; count r y , fa
rorahletto Mem t
.gverithe . Union kis :denied
catletry, "traitors''. and !!.hitegioatte: at heart"
The lifiercieile.'; 7 :lPAOTOid them: MOM :wee a
itttitir ; in this attitnyy of Ale:tiditW•ivings'
and'Mexican aSmtpatbizet'sr Th41066)1.1'
ihat the Alitileteritsot the
Gospel in this country... were' ‘""ettentiesr-01 .
heir*Dttetiatti,l o .;:',Theset game loatffocda!-'
' • . ~. . . . .
-. ~.*: '.`t ',1% , 1i bragitisunittr, Se pt,., 6 - ;, 184'4 . :
,wid n -,,lniieph ,W Patton • lailetl'idbusinesh .
hein , tie ,itiktebtatb lbAte' fir rn al . 3 o D,•.,p, k onii
eCo;+-ttbanCeleven. handled *alatil'.' , :liii'
..tnaat'sevAcitl,rtaYmento on ticeettuti ametinn.
ing:fok , f,atranti::stlfrp...itittanaso.`voutitta,i anal
4eattiaig.4_;,litaanett • unpaid" ol_tki3O' , liva'thititl.
dollate4:lfAtltiving that Ihe neanitS4t;;;t9iiiio
hio.+lol . B#.o9.iiY:bo:itcquiretl,by. hia,,iperOov:
al exertibtia,'llhink , . he rap:rite ~ ,Rlime4 .Ibe
:what'ito 'title, 'delta tattier .titati,omanitia,l,li+4.
cause hi liis not Mitt 4;40,1 D. pay , All„,
' ...' •' , ''',- ''''',''' ' ...J;r , D.,.PAxTON4 il
...,,,:..,,- ?-,....,, ' ''Y''' .;;'',..', 3 , .." , z
,;,,,,, r, , ',, P, PM big VottFrii Sepf,'loB47:e'.
1 , . ,4 A11ici id : .,le';o*ttr.*;' t4 l lt.:l;Nifen-giiektOVil,..
I PB,4 ( o l o lo atkilf.builrigMt : 4 - vo:: l 4*Y'/0 4 t
J,..,- -. ..- -„.,-. ~ — , PA'.',N , t-.. , , ,-,, ',OPlittin4ll44,lo4. : 4 4 oo*P44.o 4 PaYTPOOi'
~;‘).../: , ,T,4o,p#etinjiiett,i:of Age , . Vi t tlOisi t iii ;AO . o,r_latt ;,11pituq, - tow;atieotetOgefortand:
'0ti,4 41 - 6 ° 4 o*Oirk , :teiiiiVid' l l#o,; , l4eo;ifAis. ) 4 i4 ~:k9 toPki4 l ,lA. ,ars on , ,k4ho , -000k • VP,
ihis ‘4«iiki.:laiKiitritidr t 4 iiiiiiiohot . a :Tif4r - i',43Pilto o 4 0 1if i sitotetAioty , d
i .
, -
„!,5..;•;".„,..,, . • ,';- ,'• ...; - , ,', ~, •",...-, - ',., •1, 7, , ,..! ,-,-,,,,;v0.. , ~, . ...., , 2:..r, :,,, -, 47,4 2 . „ , ,,,,; ,:0 . ,,V. , 4.,', ,, :1ik!7 , .7;1 -, , , ' , „,t,, ,,, ,,,", , c ~.., ,,, , , ', 1 ,. ;„k ,- ,'"-
kii. ,> :` , :" - ' , ~',, k ,-' ~' ,' -.' '": .::•r- -k• ' "., , , '.^... ,; ' • ,ii..6i,' , 1";1" , ) ,:41,, -.,•4 ,,, ,v , ,: -,:k;! , ~ , y,..4,1,, J 4 k,,, , ~,,,,,,, k ;', ..
~,,,,; '4 .., ,:,, ...I . ‘. - ,•-• , •••;• '' ,; ' . 4 ..,. :•t:'":":',:;:,*,:mP.1.,,..:' , 1 , ,),4;1 ,, :,, , V,y1,^! , 5," , .',, ..' .;';':iii - 4 , ,, , • 4 " ,, - , ,'.:
ere eitnittora7
try?. tybk
onote).!- 'e'efilleir.va9ar'', Air '..polk
4no caus'
-- ire inata' a '!m,, 64.6.
itri ,11113 no -1.:1,13
§ur.74,1, a
an ' ticott49( l )l,:
M( l aa
euch *!‘ •
' '
%. - ..viNPEOdditraf
4 poitiOn'-,iti6ibg.','lop - oft*Clowits:Jnis for'
- kliirtlis: , weeka been eniptietl 3
fate 'l4letk,the. rieieolistr::oll4oi3ilAlo £401;
-oapalit'Otutnissioney i .hifeed apart the fact‘tif
'his'ha'iing taken the benefit of .the.
Law. .411yitig 'arcitelicurillous sheet is Bed,.
fotj, edited by the 'notorious - Geo. George'
BoWrnattj.oiie Of Shuiik'e''proiniiierit of
•ficit.holders, 'eontrtienced; - thik:eitiatlb,:littad:
is pi t;eldatietl;by itsiiffi at lirirtia--
4ii,r44 ion. and Philadishillia Pennsyfve4n
suit; in.thisAisgracifill Warfinc
VOiltaii'etedit be it attiil,4ll6.i.lit'rlislcNoluri
tearaiikporriocrat'linve tint phrticipaled in
these ruffian!' assaults on the character Of
Malta Pwrrorr. Here in his own
i*etl. Pucli attar:tits would fail bi airy hi
larious effect against him. 'Unfortunate' Maj.
_Patton_ntay=tituteite_en,_blit . ihe people _here_
know him too well to.believe that he Cltele
, .11 - as been . er ever witl be' diskonisi. — • .
to>litiOis his private business;
matters brought before the .pnblie i 14111 j.
ton has cjiiiehy suffered these attacks. The ,
boldness and, desperatron of his assailants
hhs at length
sof f-yindie 'on; and neyer did man come'
before a more triblokharlt-:
staleiner rly: ail; or' quite alt , of the'
'certificate '1 lifat,Otl'aie from this qtelitica
o have so deep a eativrie•
tion of lib Slot g integrity, and so high an '
admiration Of his exalted and honorable
Character, that they cheerhilly - come - foTwaik
to testily to the world that he h.'. that " no
blest work' Of God, th 1101*181:iVAN. 11 These
certificates might 'he et to a albeit
greater extenyil it were necessary. They
bolas.. the iiriticipal creditors at the time
Mr:Patton failed, and additional unnibers
could scarcely strengthen the facts estaEr
The folicming is n statement of the lia
bilities of Mr. Patten when he took the ben
efit of the Bankrupt Law ; .with the ainciun
paid by him Bike. . o ' _ . •
Liabilities relented,
Delen Mr. lialderentt's claim,
since mid,
Itetursed - - -,- fm-which he flutis - binisetr
not liable.
i; a In - ce - dtacui eyed,
Leaving his own liabilities
Mr. Patton line paid since his failure, 'uf .
ivhichcitif l icates show upi.ards of 8.1000
the sum of 84,800; Who then dares to
charge him with cheating had
poor men ?
TESTIMONY OF J C , /13 111.11 A LDEM AN,
. .
• _I-I,tanisnunc.! Sept. 2 , 1)347.
To the Vito). of tMTc na. Telogrtyk:
Sitt-1, have jearnedlhat Joseph W. Pat
ton is charged by siimosgf.his political op
Tot - Lents __WlL,delhand f AY:: hiscreditors by
means of the Bankrupt - ficlieving the
charge to be unfouhtled,Otillinnust, and hav
ing an intilleteiknowNgeol the effuse of
Iris pecuniqy:!'ilikpiplOWL`:. have thought_
prbperoultntir Palf§olo
nr-ik lastatern'ent..
In 081 owned one-third of an Iron es
tabliAmetd in Cumberland comity,at which
Mr. Patton Irk! . managed the year preced•
ing. Alr-Paiton, although entirely without
capital, rias induced by the soliMtations j and
liberal offers of asristattcd from the owner-of
the other tw o-thirsts of the property. (who
was anxious le have his set vices in the Man- '
agement ! .if the concern.) to purchase my
intermit for 6.22,7s6„besides. a tigieelitkOu pay
my shard on he debts . `VieeOitieby the
concern. Some time after making the pur
chase, he diScoverel that the owner was ve
ry. much involved in pecuniary difficilties,
and that it would most involve . him
sell,ltnd prevent him from paying for the
proPErty. Ile expressed a Wish to sell out,
btft did notinieieeic Mgening a purchaser.
I advised him to go on and do the' best he
could. The next year his portlier ! failed, 1 1
and from that time Mr. Patton (milled on
the works himself, under many dillieubies '
and embarrassments until the !all of 1835,
when he faded. I then stated to hint that il
he would pay me t bithince of about .slst)
of unpaid interest, I would take back the
teal property . and release hint etitittly tbliiah
Ire was thew not able to do. •
lie paid while he held the property, the
yearly interest on the purchase money; (ex
ceptine, the $450) 52,750 on account cf . the
principal, turd a portion of the debt due by
the concerti when he Purchased: Ills pe:-
sonal property was sold -for 'the, bene fi t of
creditors, and the real estate was bought by
me at Sheriff sale forahtint tWe.lve thousand
dollars less then lie was 'to ply me for it.—
In Ine,paid me the balance of interest
due at the lime:he hided, and then I told
him h would give him a release at any time
he wished. It appears that as the Judge
nrents wore Mill unsatisfied, he thought it
necessary...le rettnt line amount. or.twelVe
thousand dollars in Ins rtatement of li
iles, although I pever,mtemled asking him
to pay it. hl r, Patton vias ynCi% mid c er
goat', nod easily led to embrace au opporin.
pity, as he nail as .I thought it of :ising in the
o•ado, Unfort u nately tented out very dif
hfremlyy from, his e • ectationa when le. ea.
tercel the concern,' : r, Pools, crap!) to live
with m 9 ilplya;4o . , twenty, sears ago,, h
Yo.ung , mati, aud assisted, me iti,,, on
2 5
.my iron' Works, milling. nd far 4 inggisitini
end putt .. . 1 oan,stata; with.p, 'lire- that I
.never bad In:my. 0 wititoynienl , a , Man . with
whom I was.,botter pleased, "itint.i . oheOrfully
give- my , testitu on y . as; 1118•,,M it tuMiT ) 'aßbirl-
ilitegvilYi audqu .l alt Ai Uefilioua fa
M Airl ess:
ALID4 '•
, • ', • 0/trait.% Sept 7 ISO
. This is. to certify that ;whets ;Joseph'..WA
:Patton , kited, / lAas Halite . kw: him, to thtLa..
moont,idatioet tWo..thousand odellaysi from
which, T.Wailelioyeti .by.the sale ot his pei.-
8090 SxopeAkiityith, tho oxception , .. of a*utt
sixty eilms,,which he ponf . me come ;.,Years_
alter V , dlitl hlthingh; d i god pg, in, My t.pbliti.
cai-opinicinsrritk;mi'3, , VatttonilTooikeitler-it•
dec 4 ldtiliti to say,;that ,his'-eonduct Adwaivirt
m e was.hiAiiimiorable; ~, ~' -,',1.'i.::. , --,,,'..
:),..,•:,;,....,,.; - i. , ::.iii - ..:',, , „: . WAL'l4o.oltg:::
tit a,.. ~, Y
:Gi ~ i ~ . .
Z~r ivs
ThiS is to •cettity ; , thaf:wh - exk'lli*Ph W.
.Pattoir failpd in business ; lie;;wali ' largDly s in,
my 'debt. _That , sinee' then: iie hie
fiequent paynientiPtin)ountin*lltpgdiliseilii.
stbeittl6,tifitt)io noLrAtie.'-, - , One, or,
tivo 'pay int nts"‘rui - utid'fi shor(ljr;iftei3he , rret,
is salt
ways ha con fid end; in ,11 , 1r:Vitttoree ditilie ! •
sition pay his;ilebti whenever he. would
be ti oto - tib Bo l and thatailitfidenee has been
stretip,ther.ed by the feet of his making, PAY
io,lititlits OWN Hb bn, AND HONEFITY.
• „ VAUL
This is- to'clertify' that Joseph . , W. Patton,
was ribeitt sixty - diillitraiti-iiiy dad Wilk We
failed in. business. That about honor threb
yeafri'aller, when I was titeyettleii;'by bail
health from attending to my business, 1 sect*
my account - against lend, to whom
ing 'from Mr.. Pitithn'in my pettiest *opinions
• I deem it due to Itfrn'in thus certify to his
- ritillisaArlic'edirdirct-TOWszus-st
. t srirvltgßenurtc, 5ept.A.,".1847.
•ythisTs to 'terrify that when 7 Jesephil - V.
.I?attorCroceived the benefit-of the FraVcrurit
LaW;.he wed. me fifty,-dollars. That sine
'then heznaffe me seyerat pop-penis until tliq
VulteifcitillriliiKOCOptiommt one 11. - 011a . .5
ins b en piritUrihe last payment being made
m 5 'the 2 tat February, .181 l may add that
had.heen filtered forty dollate.friattcyelaitti
but believing in the henor . 'and
I lionegly of IVIr. , l'attomand thtit heWould pay
wheneyor it was in his power. I have not
`been fliSappeiiited, I have genmally voted
with the Democratic party. '
Mani - 4:111 FirrayNcE,.Sept: 4, 1847.
`T do cervily that I.oen. Jbseph W. Patton
was conOideratily in my debt for coaling
wooil. That since-then he has made me
'three paymentS cm abcclunt,and 1 have cOn-
Tiller/ea that Mr. Patton win pay me.° the
rest 'n'itenever: ho may be able do so. •
FRANKLIN CotAsnrrept. 4, 1847
This is to certify 'that since Joseph
Patton received the benefit of the Bankrupt
Lnw, he has paid part of what he owed me,'
and I rely on Mr. Patton's promise to pay
me more mhenever he can do so.
900 .'
w o RTOWI V S e y.-7,
This is to molly that when Joseph W.
Patton received- he benefit of the Bankrupt
Law he was indebted to me- That since
then, about Iwo years ago he paid me fifty,
dullars - on - riceTurnTitwd - th at li-olina-madirme
another payment since., about one hall of the
debt being paid. mArniEw MOORE. •
'Staink - agaiust, Old Zack
The last in ovemerdiof the. Shank party is
manifested in- their futile attempts . N. put
down the TAYWR-movement which has bro
ken out Fo extensively lu the locofoco party.
in several counties. This is according to or
i!er3 itoiri WasGSigimiTAl The Shunk metf-T
Mgt in Chester and Berks counties two*
firms offered by Promineet Locolocos in fa
vor of the Old ‘Vltig General were voted down
by the Shunkites though not without great
difficulty. In Cumberland county the Shank- ,
ices voted (Ten. Taylor to 'be " not in good
etrot-491 company" to receive their Sopport !
'ln Perry county a set of Taylor resolutions
VereTpassed - ny. act lamation in the locoloce
county meeting, but the Shenk' organ there
edited by George Simon refuses to publish
Mena ! hi Union county the Taylor demo .
crats were thriven from the Shunk county
meeting, and forced into a separate organ;
zation of their own? 1n Lycoming county,
as3fo team by the Muncy-LumittarY,a.dem
°erotic meeting was held last Week in favor
.of Gen. Taylor, but the ShunkilOswould not .
participate in
.it. The LuMinary saylj
One thing was observed that THE SIIUNK
MEN all refused lo have anilthing to, d with
the theetint. Let the people remember this."
lit this optposition to tho. glorious 'Old ika of
Palo Alto and Buena Vista the peopfii May
plainly see how-completely Frs, It. Skunk. is
under the thumb of the Polk administration
Hall -of the last session of Congress, was
spent by the 11-tenth of Polk in various at
tempts to C'ellatire, degrade 'and .embarass
the military operations of Old Zack,and now
the putty eflorts of Francis R.:Shenk and
Jesse Milfer are exercised in the' vain' at-
tempt at putting down the popular feeling in
layer efthe Old Hero 1 Ye-gods just.think
of it—Francis.% Shank. ailtl,Jeskee Miller
puttitigdoWn Old - Zachaty Tailor I
Givn sin? says-a recent vigorous wrf
and I will purchase tinier) , iOOl, of land upor.
the globe. 'I will Clothe. &Cry man, woman
and child in an attire that. kings and queens
Would be proud. of.'' I will build a , school
house upon every hill side and in every val
ley over the whole hiliitable earqq..l will
supply thnt school .W:iusb with a competent
teacher 17.will.bail&' an academy, in every
town and e' .14 co ege every, Stale
'andfilhit with alibi pmtossofs; I ivill crown
every bill with a. chanili:bcinseeratetl to the
promulgation of ing tdsilel of peace; I - will
.suptiott.inits 'ott/pit en Ole. teacher of right
eousnessiapAlmt on beery. Sabbath, morning
thirehime on one bill shottid anewnriii ' the
Cbitne on antitherAironntl Ilteveattlee , broad
clreninferefice,f.antf the Volcts of prayer '; • •
the sent 01 praise.eheuld aseenit unit.
venial holocaust, to lietwett'.", • - •
, .
NoBLE 6Ern ikprr.—='lll6 - , paid
btu) sentiment is exhnoted 'from Gen.:, TA TL
ion'it letter to theonti s a
• r. 610, 05, - It
st:htllmeintitertlir theilatt.&ntd _heart of its
~iis~ingeishelll 'author nin) lienetves . be
pritted letters'ef.
plyself#, - WHld, ir 'Aim]
thn'' intik?' a PresiOnt el' the tint:
ted teteS - in4 who the high' of.
;11( i .n - nt:Pcasitlnnt s "wonitltittrninister tlie 'Gov
era tnent th'e.grpatest ' pinitx_ned 'Ansi
eaWettle; rentnting what it wes itrearlier
dityaal;the would :Make ,that
ilsan , PreslileaCn &matter rta' sihSt party he
' l #iot•niiie)nttlik
so`atmens.e4Tlie Waskingtoit,l;nion ,
:iltenctuneeathdhlatnoorats' that ,partinfpateil
)n1 0 114)1416 ~Taylertnenting at, arrisburg,,,,:as
( ni ifortOtyl'Aeclares them to,..bp ftiSposq. l : , l
I ci :o'4oo , 4 l iiolierr'At!gii):lAWN
sghn eCateekOnf4eleißeee/OSP9`,
,401, 1 406,4Kulit,inc.pcoeiAit
bentAtill..iiptop .rvadlioo - 11 qt.1 [ 6:10 1 upprOil
Bttlaqpokrotai l / 4 444,1 1 / 2 , 7ltiop.oo,mogii„WWili
Aini)i - flttiOri tate ►tpva el tillle.::,,te.
liabk'4!Wthe' l o l 4: ; ' 3-4.C1`,,V,
StitereNeeune, Sept. 4, 1841
- 7, 11341'
- ;1
- .•;) k `i
. _
THE l AMERlElNpyfafolitots!-82.000
'Destftifches for the 'government. hav,e-lhis
moment been : reeeivid.' The ifttelligence
he(etoforeleceiyeills fully..confitrped.. ,
• Orr' thtil 4t11; 19th Wert+
werit'verious collksions„with the. enemy, In
which a'nernbei on,:beith - skids were killed
and 'Wounded. Ttie'roeica'olled in the read
show'e'd that Geb!Seott 'bud stolen a march
on Stuntr Anna; . •
On the '2oth the' Adi etican forces, eon
elating-of 700a - rridarniet-ilie-entn y-re!Gltar
basest, three or font'rnifes. from,flie: Capital.
'The Mexicans were. 32,000 strraig, and post"
ed bellied an irrunense battery of heavy ar
tillery. After sheet two hours bloody eon
gallatd troops swept S,Werything be,
fore them at this pOint of the bayonet.. The
,waa less thin .a thousand;
-while that- a ihia-NiOxiCantris'esm:ritirdil iit
five 'thousand . and amongst kilted,nre
malty, distingushed men,. both Generals, and
civilians., "• • . •-••
. An armistice was 'agreed nron, and, five
commissioners am - minted on ,the Mexican
at the *head .ot-ivitorn was' Herrera.— ,
The commissioners had two :meetings, and
were to hold a third' on Monday, the 10th.
Valencia epraried with , two pitepanihns, to
Talunali • h - ds_ttinee.:Fied_agiinst
Santa Anna.
The pony express,
Rwenty tour hours' it
advance-01-theLtriail T -hse-a-rii-veit-this-43m,
ing, briaging the New Orleans Picayune, o
the Bth ifist.
The steamer Mary Kingsland arrived oh
the 7th, with later - dates from . Verii
She brings accounts of the two v ictorious bat=
.tles . of Brontieras and •Chai base*, eq . called
horn t he OWd work of the enemy., The pre.
.pusitionifiii eemistice was by Gen.
Scott, gupposed, to-have been at the instance
of the British embassy. ..
The refnuit lierdtefore.gtven that the city of
Mexico was at (Mr Mercy, gedrifs to' have
been 'cafes:laded, and ehoilld pettee not fob.
Io w. from the degothitiont
other batile-Minit 'ensue.
--- A - litter -- from - Mr; - KerninlL -- drrturi -- Taen
bava, Aug. 25d says the Archbishop's Pa•
lace of this plr.ce now - occupied by ten.
Scott and a portion of the army. alter defeat.
Mg the enemy in twb of the hardest fcMglit
_battles_of_the -i ,
. •
'List -1 - 1/ r Killed and f ottnrifd,—officers kip-
ed—RegrilSrs, Major. Sills, 15th Artillery ;
Captain Burke, let Artillery; _Capt. HallFo
Till - Infantry , : I.7apt. l'lmMtprt, - Dritgrntiv;
Capt. Casson, Ist Artillery; Caot.l4nari7;
15th Infantry; Capt. Antlen-rni, 2,1 Infantry;
f.ieut. Irons,. Ist Artillery, but .attached -.6
Gen. t lad walatler's.stall •, Liereenant Pre.ton
Johnston ' Ist Artillery. Mir attaelted to Pula.
grutlet '8 battery, ;- Eat.ely, 2tl Inlantrs';
Lieut. 13othInetn, 15th 1111 'tiny Lieut. mit
man, Ist Artillery.
ttilititteers-4,ient - ChriMiler. N. Y. Regi=-
ment. : M. Butler; Lieut. David 'A dams
and W. H. ot S. Carolina-
Wountkil.:-Col. Clark, Col. Morgan,
Wade, Maj, Bronneuette. Captains Wessels.
Ream-y, Mcßeynolds, Craitr, Ross, J. 11.,
Smith,, Chapman, Johnson, Holden,
way, HMI man : Li , :ntenants
loway, Ballson, Callender, Herman_ Thorn,
Hendrickaon, Humber, Boynton Lorimer,
Graham, Van Bare'', Martin, Gondlnw, Far•
relly, Bell, Bee, Lovell, Chandler II ii inch,
Tiller, Newman. Gardner• Hayden, Sprague,
ralmeL Bnekr•er, Lninpkin. Peternell and
Benner—most of whom are only slightly
tare sale pt peroaual propVtly will
iake platteu Saturday ; the 25th inst. at the
Carllse I pin Works. See advertiserpLehit...
by our advemsing"cohmitts, a large amount
of Laud is now °tiered for sale in this Coun-:
ty. Several of the v'ery.. fineit - Farms ur
the County, will be found adVerti r seiL 4 11 he
-first sale'ofithb seamin took.pluce oit Friday
last. Mils was the fine farm of the Ftslibuin
estate, near this borough containing 105 a
et es, which wasbought by 11r. thezerinf
Mechanicsburg, at the rate of $7l per acre.
For OK; Herald and Exposit&
Cumberland "County 'Agricultural
. Society..
The Annual Fall Meeting will be held on THURS
DAY,. the 27th of October...lBl6, on the Farm of the
Messrs. NOBLE; on the Harrisburg Turnpike, tw•o
utiles east of
Co rii frith ce of Arrananntent—:Artnefrong Noble,T4nr 7
nine Bradley, Richard Parker. .
COlll in Mee nn ['ante— Abraham Myers. John Noble;
Skllee Wendbenii. . . ,
Committee out Agrlenit'l iniptenients—jacob Plabkr,
-De v
Committee en Beetle—l'homas MeCulloh, TheMak
Bradley, George 'W. She:arr.
,Committee on Morse—Wm . M. Biddle, Thoh. Lea,
Alexander Dar ideon.
Committee on Pitnighlng—Robott Dryerfri,Chilstiati
Tflzel, John' Paul, Chrlittlen Staymen, George Rea.
Committee : ow-Sheep and pogo—Thempaoh Gal
breath Joseph Culver: Wet. M. !lenders - On. '
Committee on Dutter,'Ctitieke, ',Vegetables, 'Probe;
Flowers and Votnestie Mehureetnres— William Line,
Montgomery. Donaldson' Rebell C. Sterrett '
Committee orSuperintendtince , r,George Jr. Ditcher,
William Wtiodburn, Frederick • ~,..
The fratipvlng.Ptemiuma will be awarded iiaid
t'or,ttnii beet and most noprovild mOuotri`g;4fio. bo
second ', • • do 000
:third '-• • do: " 3.00
belt Cow,
• • best Bull or Helfer pa l f,'over 1 yr. '2 g
bes t 'Buek or Ewe:; _ • 00
;106111:9011, or AlcOlri".... • . 00
MeatMeatPlough:. 1 , •
00heat .
1 1 4f1117:4041ind, ' ":, 133
bettl.Moliting and Reaping ' titeelline; 00
best Threshing Machine and printer,. 3.00
For dot best Cradle. Straw. and (lay cutter,toot. '
and vegetable cutter, corn-shelter; hey take,
'or afly newly InAtnted or improved allrioultur= •
,For_the beet,Buttet; (at'leeat 5 ponAde) . '
Far 1410 - best Choose - (ntleat poondo) , •
For. dot beat VegetabltitoFloWere, Fruit oi &titan;
dogmatic Immaculate, a , a. ;,; 80
For tbe,billit tip"Alinalltwiroecd'Whinktilßya,ignrns,t,, • f
lintley.,Onte 'or yalittabia4eed, nut,
than half a bushel, • 54'
for the best thorough bred Stud Hole, •}JI:00 ,
'.. I Mare,. 't 1. 3. an
Beet stud Haree,lbe field or rood Aiirinteee,, od
• Best Marti, •' , • do' ',
Hest pair of work liorscsi• 00
-..< carriage
coddle Mile .
BONI,4ll,o O'er rw,°'Yfitra old.
the iiii'yinoO(l4
by ,frtYllto °Memo; aa
ISltimntlY - - or the ePPeohatiou r ihrltie..nocielyi• hut no
-stick:rethink et- Cott Dictate lbe,..rtmkrgeit any
oetiA - ottioe.Thr . .
tha; hoe tat 3+,
• Q„ at ,. a iteientAny *le' for ex
'iiiarimillowtauct terolvo:the,:favnenblet.i e p or o r
' , .tpo.o9utntttioar,itiieh:Pe t rell:,Will,.." . he an . titlid,t9 neettlr
:Dente of, 4necit. Signed' Y. tee oweetat OA n teetiMent
pop p r o b l utoKor enalety but np,tteit person'
- ,,erplatten;itt-%hentgetiOtt...eeith
. .eintiarpi" [bead
it,l4liitt#Artirj;tbeadeialiYAirlib:itifend'iicOitikte' At;
PlOtiOningittitlctWare.:loquOted. , toltitorkniratup'
•f.intllll‘beiN -of4,llte,Cdminittee-Of'jilteegawsbivite
It t 01) COMlTOri9o,iltit Oiclotk; o, , net thou
itiuctpcbmi iho p#oo , iprpoisiOVlE-',O 00.416,
ittlitt':PAnAtii'llantatilitt6Vni,..tfo. , ,, OW:
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Demtkgra.o.'anCClT a lons.
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Theo litiOtOilisunwiti rePlyinttolih.
' - iflikrt 4 t ;. E4 '1
_ nn y vantan - ring
libli - 4,#;l4:lotitpAritcy" are "rtopßo4d to ail
exonitiiii'grafia and - privile,gelof ariy_k
#lkesh'il2lWitiernory Jot.rnal with
I 'ie.publish for Ott • purpose'lif exposing the
hypocritical-gietentlers.who are endeavoring
.5 .
humbSig.the people, The truth is,- anti- -
thirce ( cords of our State hike - IT/will show it,
hat the 'Tocofocos are the irierids. sail advo
cates of these corporations, and crfayd
filet -now exist iii the a, o f rnmodwdellifi `,`For
years leocotocoism , has...been,in,}theatnicen
dant in Pennsylvania, and all these exclu•
sivii giants ritailjnnnop6l3) privileges 'Which
flood; theltite, ate the exclusive oll'Opriiig`ot
that party. The "Sue rebuts the falsehoods
' of the'"Pelinsylvhnia n " With the following
01 - Pennulvaaitt ie riciw,
clammed with.corporations, eoveied by-dx..•
elusive grants, and deyoUred by spritilegeg
to monopolists!
4 - rotirtsytvaitia bag
31a d}iß
.lieen iriverhhtl
Ity- De fa tut rats; •Fv eh - in - Heister?a
Rimm's time,.there was a democratic LegiEl:
iature.._The..ppAvei n to..._maka-Jaw.k..htatfl.,-•
ways beenin the : handa of the lielifeetitie
party, , . 11, then, .thh OefttiitieKtaltriylipposed
In corporations, how haa,llp,pp,ned..q.ili
these. ,exclusive grants and.monoppolylaW 7 .
iloges 1 -
We will answerthis testirritiey !froth OA,
beard of Ili ,
ary: • De:iricicratic patty,
,instead of opddinik•ciFfkien\umesrl Eve , y
corparapon now :existing in lbe Stale wirl
bblinicl to have -received th'e . votes .1 6f 'a•
Treinocratic lee.islature-11 not signed by I n
Democratic gmiernor.
1.1, n•n ei were iastPacl
mender of our Nava) fOreds''ip the Golf, .'on
the fifteenth tiafni May)ast, (two days af
ter the existenc-ecif . the War had been reeolii
nized by Congref:e) to place the Mexican
'ecthist 'tinder blockade, HE WAS DIRECTED NOT
TA ANNA TO Al EXICP, ihatilil•he attempt
to return:"—l'oot's Tetit ahhaal Message to
Congreis, -
Comment iscunneeeseary::-
11ViFthifr - be — auldlit Ptib l iehrt
SATUDAY the 2Cd_Of
on the premises, in Kingstr4vn, -
Cuiroberland county,. immediatef)r
uppasito the I.utlierun Church, a Lot of Ground
30 feet in front by 80 iiidepth, un which ip
erected t. ore story and a tor DWELLING
lED-USEi r lCitclien-&e, with-a-cellar ; and also a •
pomp of wu ter-neur the door, The lot borders
on nn alley and has a stable on the rear. Sale
to commence at p. u`'elook, Pv M, iyhen_t-rme
will be made known hk , - _
. . CI2RIBTIANA. M. SEthEle. '
Sepleirhbee 150847. - .
metuners of: the Bethel Iteli . gions A,mso
igit. (colored) God wilting, will itolh -
Camp Meeting near die Spring Forge, di tidies
enst or otrlislv, Sntnrdny,Sulitlas and
%1 nicht). the 24 It ‘2sth With tindaiiii daps or'Sep
tenTlier L. - n=ll6lg; rre 111 I friefitlly - ttitlrelin'ogni:R
tinev Itgiuus are resin:edit!
ted to 1.1-I.voll.
J 5 !Mil'.
Welch's National Circus!
I'lifl t AD ILL A.
~.~ '~~~
ter ~-
~. , ~ G
`ii'Y l,y
~IT x ~~ ,
rr'Hisdplendid equestrian comPen'y coinprneetl
erti.ely of Star Pc foragers, will ekliibl
under their splendid Water Prot! Pavilion,
commodiously furnished for the coniforlable re.
ception 01 3000 persons, at CKiale, on Thurs
day afternoon 'and evening, 30th September.
Admission 25-cents.
' , lndependent of Willis's celeitratrd Brash
Bane, the 'canpany will he saluted, on theft
Attitta I, hyithfiWallace.'s-String• Bondiplay ing
airs from the most: popular Operas.
7n .the evening tho pavilion will he illuminnL
fed by the patent syfric Gazifinventej by B.
Casten, Esq., of . ..that'll: S. Navy Department,
- Wash - in - atom lie etitliely a new meth-Cid-4v
.:ng a supt r!or ligi I ; tree from all nauseins of.
the fault of all other attempts, and cas
ting alight scarcely lestTMtilliuilt than Lite thion ,
day -sun.
Constitnting thi3 company *ill Ito found Nir
C. enthral laderoxlmiwill ridb Ails much
ad in i cd acts of he Russian Envoy. the terrors
of a Sorcerer of Siam, and the beautiful episode
of the ',Writ and 41.9 l oa fang, on 2, 3 anti 4
' Madame Louisa Howard, the great native
fethale equestrian, wham admirable persona=
Liebe nn a single horse, charm and delight all who
behold her,instifying pnldio opinion in awar
ding to her the high }Mahlon 'she has so' Nuct
easefully held amidst a, haat of rival spit.
• CLOWN—Dan Rice., Aim provukink
Dan;tvlioseitifittattYVAT and FUN unitaimeil
by liidei7e.e Mid flaeO -bhp fat bel
yound the 'llia of IMITATION.. ' *
Mo - 110 - arce ATesek
-Ide etert; .
- 111 e ri ~e_pLßin-~_—__
The Pimp's Pam;l,y, whose union of talent.:
is without e parallel in ;he world: Chaititivers
thilniost finished artist in his arrangemerii'and
itv confirm of scenes and gymnastic groupti+ t
Frederick Rivers presentsjivery kind of Foreign
act, that.can surprise by notrelty i and Amite':
Richard Rivers, (the I - inimitable, will perform
his'act on a single bode, as perf ormed:hifoie
the Piesident and *Mame °film U. States, end
by all present dectattd the moat perfeit U'On'Of:
' ve6anan ii-goitAcm tile world;ever' knew : , "
Mastsr 'T. IVeilitle, who hairaeftwimil pi e
tore 414 of riding; end executing the mom dia.
cult feats Neely:vents, on• ti steel° hawsiAl,ti ''''
. Mr: Wm, Stout will ride lue finttelartile eels,
on 2, 3 end 4 Mines, forming a pyramid of five
Macao, whom he will bear above hie bones at
liStaninFAlMA 'e ‘,, : - ' ' a ,"„1:
Signior.Germani,'thaf migh(yltelianmiew
tnian will ride hik incredible olermnantic ecitimf,
introducing,' Les intone 'du diable,,'`and''hiti i
golden Peletons, dro.'f Re will also bring',for; 4 . ,
ward, hie two wondeifui:doge,Witette:, feats Op
withottt equal-in tbe Arena. ~ , ‘,r , '
. Mr. 3y. ,Eloward, the — Spaniahl,acgie r y:444
and groat l'OPrOgelooro of the Hod lii-Of Iltit
Mrr Marks Footer, who Mee,*greet , dm.' ,
m aticSeerie, Ondir rend qiii harp' Atne en itilia
-s HONOR TO:91111 ilEii9Elet. - - IT ,-
Or; All foititiellountri;in,whiel6 h,y Vie :pi,
of correct costume s Ike_ willAptiisent the Chief
Patriarch tray ing'ier his count l?au l. *.ttie t i t . ,
TA y Lott, pt'AlpniiiiicKlit'Allr Siiiirom
liee.voluideet, Santa *mai th‘ g niiittichild A
klesidb,"eonclutline'with, i jhci:Ao.4D*TAP,
PILRE.IS WV,' heatinOlet mertioreele„, tyelvt7,• ; -
.. den. 'Taylor never thitten r.,.....- , ' 'til it
gone. Derioug, of,tbo' Canino uly,mphinf, . _
will intradfidelilh liridlloil POO° IO 6 Mont4Thifi `,.'
dm 1 ' whose heautittif Janata far.,suipaes any:. r,.'
I thing of the kind , ever yet hiciughtlifore-the
PO 4 1 1 0 * :NM t l3 ll O O O PoPi",,A3MOiI end Juliet'
w ilo i yAo r amnia , dinner amines," Wails ofi L l' - ..,
od,' ) lgt"L e tr 4 ,..PEr e i lt gi '', i lt i P c !i v S•belt'Air
drol ry: T , 0 , 1 ' .
f:Toigeli P rt ar enttleA e /r ritti n tia i tsl itWnle U m n ei w .r h i e th l * ea M tehtr.
&ne"lohoeiti/f°OijotoOoiibindiPl644lloo * N , urc*lgaritlian Old it 4 way.among 0, ! „
410 4,
",i0 yapentatlone ef thi-Atena., ~' ~,, l ,", ' V
'' . f 1 0 3001 iii": oevya 'Peerittlizt "
~..079fin4 ', , 1" ),1' , ' 1 .." ..4 1,, 4 ,
~, ..7. ,
,plaMlief fiti' 1547. .: ' hP F. ,IiP - A i lt - ~;
"e;' , :' 'f--, , ''. ' "'',.' ' '
.4 e.,`1. , . r ' 'l' , ' ~ ... ', ' ' t , Yt.'