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Jr& 'MOORE. . iiisHog;
, -MOORE .
Stredt, niarb , opposute the
Esehant , z
ItESPE'CrFtICLY tunieteleo'to their 'friends
and the ptiblle thitt they are constantly pre
pared to mike to order, of the finest' and best
• materials, and 'at' moderate prices, every article
of Fashionable Clothing coMtituting a Gentle
. mrtn's Wardrobe, for which their complete Stock
• •of 'elloiee and chrefolly selected Cloths, Cassf
onerci:Testings, 8/„,., of the latest apd,most deal •
ruble patterns, are particularly designed. • ,
Their own practical knowledge of the !tininess
'and a personal attention to every garment, enables
- them to give e.dire satisfhetion, and to both old
.nut new customers they respectthfly tender an
invitation to give them a call.
having been toe years connected with some of
the best and most flishimuthle establishments in
:this country, employing none but first rate work
'Len and being in the cemtatit receipt of the la
„,test.litsltions and hest styles of guoth, they. are
fully prepared to uccomniudate customers tit 'tile
best wanner. , • ..
Philatle'phia August 18,7 847,,,6M0
At the l'hiledelphitt , Thguerec:,ot) po Esitibitsh
inent, E.teltleke, Third S tory Rooms, •
. , "Nos. Ili and t 17.•
Tlll4.l7dprictors contiime to lkke. the , above
•Fortrall,s-fit any siie, and are happy tq
tlMt thi.y Itave,lptide
140.eitts y : much to the delicacy and
.. , :attuty of the.i . 4traits'iliketi . at their establislimmit
• An'exantimition ? of opeei wee t at their 1 . 09111 S in
,respeettully soletted ; and still be
}Mule to give entitle Sat istitet inn
W. kV. I a :TIENIIE I IIf ,
Sole-agents-for-the sale of Voigthientler's A p
' phrattrs;-tuttlipporters-offlates;-chemicals;•bcc
• Plailopeltillia August IS, 1817
FARM AT Pu.fiLic
Sword ty.,the 4th clay or September, 1817,
Ur the subsciiliec will offer at ptiblie , salo . pn the
'premises, the valuable thrm now net:opted by
Win Carroll; situate in Franktord. township,
Contberinnil eounfy.ottiOut one mile and it. hall*
,above Plaittlivit'ilukillittilits, lll lllls ol lletclintitt.,Al
- John Snyder, John Ilevsee and oiriera,.con.
mining 57 At:I{KS and 104. Perches of eiceellent
slate land, id! Or UlllOl with the exception of
41 , 0111 10 :110t8 of woodland, is clenred and in ti
good state oh cultivation The Improvements are
a Log Owelling &it There is a good
Emoting spring of wince
, ttenr the •ItottSe :old it
thrisine young. o . rehartf o f various kinds of fruit.
l'ersons rolls of examining the place are re
iine.ted to call on the tenant living on the pre-
Sole to commence ut n'clocl:
Anvust 15 15:17
TILE subsctilaw for tile the farm Irate
the pi pip ty of Abraham Pickesoleevased situate
Itt,..bouthautio au totxot•ttlit, ctiiituy ! oear
uthe road leading from ShilioloisliOrg .to
bersion);.,ioij clog lauds or WeittletBoll,z3l.2(liii
.lleSS alai Fit`Cotital I.i eg I 8 ACIIES, I . l,idi
:is erected a two story Log Iluose,it double rrante
,111.4,111 shed, c en crib and other ltiltiNgs.
Also ill; 'Orchard of excellent fruit tind it well or
'gnat! water the door. Persons mAltittg to
lOtruhll9o nye, toestetl'to'ettrt QR . Ailtlrew ['lckes
'living on the proKses, or no the subscribers re
r.Adisru iu llichntson towoshiu, Cumherhetil Co.
Auglist IR, 18.17--Gw
grolime , Volerir- -
'Of the Senatorial District-Composed of the"
Counties of Cinuberlond,and Perry,
.T I.IOIE n..-..l_ollnyself—o-s It - cErralir
I`6; - REN.. 3 .1 . 011.. If you elect mo "I'll try'! to
carry out genuine Democratic principlus. I
- 'tun induced to thiahy the earnestrolicitations
'of many friendd arid kllow_eitizerth.
Very respectfully, yours, &c
- T. C. Al ILL En .
Cuntb'i l'urtace, August ;8, 11-147
EXI fa' rtUnti y Coal.
.NTU'rT, EGG or LLIAIP COAL, by. the
.gle ton or - maw), Thit Coal is from
Mpnes, and has 'given •entire
tiOn to hundreds of ca.,tozners duriug the poet
WHOLF.SAT.E.-31crelittnts et a dimtarrce
wrth! do wull to cult curly to costirc h stippl).
Terms CASH.
T 1 arrigburp, Antopit te, 18/7=-4w
e' arc hereby notified that Dr.
11 . J. T. %V A RD, having removed Iroin this
borough, has lull his books and accounts in the
Lauds of the undersigned fnr concern'', nod
settlement All persons indebted ii4.c ugliest, LI
to ms Ito 'pay lent without delay, as it is no.
contain , that all accounts shall bu
list 18, 18.17-
- 1701.1 arc ordered to meet 'br parado at
1, the public !lanai: of Colonel Hoover, at
Mount Hock, on &locilily, Lho 21st day of
August inst., at 10 o'clock A. M., with aecou
tri3llllCllo in good order.
By order of the Captain.
.N. B.—Thero will a court of appeal lii.ld at
tine sane time and place.
Audio:A 18, 1817.
1 DOW AY . K &ail LE, 37 NI Wha rve°
below Race street, offer lor side ut the
U iv EST PRICES, all the artiales of the Oil
Trade. Their stuck is varied and o).lcm:iv°,
,and they feel aonOrlent of giving satisfaction
tto those who cull. They have new oh Mind
l'ure Sperm Oil, White Winter and Fall
iirm.sed Lard Oil, Winter Elephant and Whale
Oils, Refined, Rucked
.and Common
Oil, Tanners' Oiler, ti'iperni Candles, Cheap,
&C. Sic.. ,
Augukt 18, 18 , 6'.
. N. goods delivered in first rate inter
Suhscrther, of tiro Into firm c &
. Moore, Mho this. method of informing
•. tie friends and the Publio gendial, that ho
~...batrbought out the Interest of S L.Beek,,et tig a
old established .CLOTIILNQ:STAND, No. 244
'Market Street,,phiNdoiph IE 4 .artil note pro
' pared to -furnish all' kinds .of 'ready muilo
,cLoTtuilwit pries which cannot 'bet secure
.to hint the. patronage of all Who , wish to par..,
Ohne° chouirclothiret. I have splendid Vrunels'
Cloth Drees llnd , FF(rplc . Coritseflunr 000 to
$18; do Pants froM7s emits to.sBl..Vests
folicoilts itn SA; suitof Stiminee eloilduk, for
04 - 4 *Also allltintlfi of Gentlemen's Purnish.
ing,Goods at Wel If riemt,
dealers in Clothing nttluttl do widl.
to. call at tho store of .
JOSE li_J;MOOR 1 , 1,*
Illatket'itriati Philadelphia
Arl.aN Si SI T-I-..lsVG:jOf•ThOntne'•• aaN b ra tad.
111,)(,ropy f3r,inct 'Ca 11 L
Xfop, a:'
• j oi e Veniuth's 'cal° b t
Rappao , anOi.c.oarse;.Macciiboyi anti Dannot'a
Ra poet! Snuffs: ! ;., •
, Splen id Ilantattoki; .Vequeioi;. Lit -81 e Lorin;
La Priinavera, 'cahalltia; Priucipeo , Fiherot'a
and'' other, Ota . c i da' of liMeortial 'Sega:re,
logethot with,7.heig• a; .pu 'aft na,
W,gatiate Of, tho !Mat
;.„,iltipciltd , 44(l'4.liyi'citipan'. : 41 1'4
oh' IjA
;#ooi, tow 4l 7iijiA ale
'..1.erip,06,0106 - n , hio may choose . to klye hint a
c° ll ., • ' '2;44 . 1 • "I•
west CLBectorres , Hotel,
" 1 "
^, 847:4,14i , '4 fl
• a
, `l' '
, . f
WOciteo atodk•
7,s , N)F,.?: t or,tliVpg BLI
trEtfl/1. .:corur,
• ~ „.2-. • 4 r "
~„..--...,,:_ _riiirricE-,
.....,..... ,
`i' atifricriber;:taitqs,thia:nhellod to' i n , rn '
• • • ilia . 111enda and tlni nutillemi gamin)! tin
4t., lur,antlioriied - S A COY LEs,l-Ntifth,llan
'ovs.r,.ati:6l, Carliele, - : Ais?"Pck i pis.:-.llll.itgent.' All.
.tii.Ce'leit lA , Atitli.,s - A D'oyla*ill b"d sent to me,
tind - tiatiiitirriidiilolociVilltieiiirtifirailliiiiiin.
Illecttani.lsburg A figuat 11, , tb47—,3w.
-aria. tikss 110.rti And - Turn.. lers.
!USTU received, a .large assellicientr:Arj
pritpd Glass Jars and Tumblerc, suitable
fcr the preserving *mourn. Fur salp
J. J. m Y ERS,
July 28,18'47. AYsnit Street
For .13ippeptics (In others.
JUST received tit Di. Alyers' Drillißtdre, a
choice article of Black 'lea, for invalids
and dyspeptics, NizoQlti and Young 11ybort,
'Guninitvdcr,and Iwpen al.
July 2 . 0, 131'7,
PISUE nteouULof reict: Llnrithart, ssignec of
Johu lijusex, beeu preselite4 W Ole
Uptirl„lik • Cyjoniuti Pleas rt - Cuuibeilunil
'nud said court iq ltoii tetl the liesl day of the Av
pliSS• go 01• .01,3001, and ride fib' • till collo:riled In appear tunl
sties/ 'cause ahc said uremia shall nut 'lie passed
:out ono wcti
W. Al. 1it:El:61(1,
Protlturiotary,s °Hied,
Carlisle, Aug. l 1., 1:4.17.—(,.;.
LIMESTONE F.A.11111 _•
AYA Lti A 11 I.l s . — Fariii;sil -
born iowtsbtlr, Cina.bes lathil county, itt's
%vote. remit Carlisle; elf the..)lannat 1%0t.k Sprang,
Incur the Cumberland Valle,y Railroad . , unmanlier' s ;
about see s, Itiu of a laid' awe cleared, having
thereon ti I urge tWa.r.utorj• double stone
two-stury I louse, tau cons cadent Burns, large
corn call) and iiagtin shed, currant: and-gram
houses, and a never g of WWl'. Phis
farm will divide to.good nahnutaige and will be
sold a bole or the hail of it.
For volivulays enquire of L. 11. NI Mien's,
ou the pvetn*s, or of the mibscrther resit:-
log to Diek inseu t:uti le east of the ...steue
Lavern. JUIiN G WILLI:01S.
August 11, 1847.-2 mu.
tatwcastel. Ex:unit:er will publish 2 months mai
eltstr6e this office. ,
• •
.Estate o 1 Michael Hoover, Dec'd.
NOTICE is hereby given tint't letters testa
-I`ll mentor) , Ulm the last . lvlll and Piti En to cut of
Iluovila, Esq late of the Borough of
AlcchanieAnir,:, Cumberland co. dee'd, have
this - duy been iosued by the Register in and for
the soul county, to the •bUbSenber who iesides
to the township uf Allen. All persons having'
elahns and Jcmanda against the estate of the
said deccdent, will present them fur settlenien
without:del - ay ; and those indebted make pay
must to Rib T 1 Tcrz Ee'r.
July 31,1117.—Aug 11-6 w
Elate of John NVoakhno, Sr., deed..
Tic:E . k hereby Shen Llnll letters 'of
udininistratiodon the estate f J xa. W •
uf Newton tp, tjuinb4Janit co t dee' !
have tliis,day been issucd 4y the—Register in
and for Bard cotity, to the subscriber who ,
resides in Phu townstriii of Newton aforesuid.,
All persons having elabsti or derryncts s vi n st
the coat:M . 4.lle said decedent are refines:LAl to:
make known the same witlidut delay, and
those indebted to matte payment to
.101'N ‘WEAIi.LINE, Jr, Adiu'r
Auglist 7, 1847—bw
r ribaCher,%.
- R,JoTtCli is hereby given, that the. school
diuctms of Newton township will meet
at Rhodes' school house un Saturday, the 2 . lst
day 'of August, at 11l o'clock, A .11, 'for' the
purpose of selecting teachers for said township
By older of the Ihrectors
SA rl U BOW i:II.S, Secretary
August II 1647-f-,:lw
ASZiglEteeS Sale.
following, real estalc, the
property of Isaac KClllper, will be t•old on
the Ire. tises by the subscriber, by public von
tine or eatery, on MON DA Y, the 23,1 of Au
Rust, 1817, ut 2 o ' clock in the afternoon of said
(fay, to wit: All that tract of /and situate in
Dickinson 101enship, Cumberland county,
houttded• by lands of William Shover Imo oth
ers, and containing acres 100 perches
more or less; thirty acres Whereof arc oleo red
under fence. The improvements' are a
two story log house, a log stable and n tarpon
ter shop. There is a good orchard of well to
'cried Irtiit on the premises. rite tchris of sale
will be made known on the day of the vendoe
Assig,nc'e of Isaac Kemper.
July 9.1_, Ift47.
To Country PlaysicianN.
Ir.. R. MYERS hos just received in riddition
M In his termer stook. ii.lage assortment
"of DRUGS AND .Alli:DielgEtl. vi:iirranted
pure and fresh—en - King which ore ull the re
cent popular preuhrutions of the Profession,
Which ho will sell' on as good terms us uny
establishment out of Philudelpirin.,
xj Physicians urn relocated to exnmine for
July 7, 1847. •
,T1R0CL.,111..1 it to the World-111m Iltetre't
L Compound Strop or I tohrtio,tho is,withuu
,xoe ll ito‘ or exaggeration, thelnlnd dale 111111 ipe r e•
dy cure Await diseases oiling horn Coughs and
011,130111h1! unfortunately tiegleeded, too often.
end iu Con miniptimt. If [lance's Continent! Syr
up or I oarhenad isrla•ketron , the - iirst appear Mice
fl It 11 lit iinmettiittely and sir e
from an untimely gl•ave. Price d)
:Welt ray stile - V - Seth - S - IlltifactoB - Baltimore
st tind corner of Charles and Pratt sts. Baltimore
For Side ill Clll . llBle, by J & W 11 FLEMING,
,n 1 Drug. store 00osit4. the 'Railroad
Superior Old 'ViTinftiadlrandies,
For l'urposes.
R. M VEI2B hob just selected in the city
uh ur4Sortinent, Of the meet choice okl
NVi•en foil llroniges, (or pled leinui aiid table
purposes. Those I\drelasin'g may leiinti'd'Open
ilictn es .beirg Pore. Also Chernpeign, Port.
Cloret nod other summer nines.
July 28, 1847. ' • • .
~~J S`3 ti r l s~~- ~' ~;-rte,,
•Tho•two-itory: bwollirig House ozi,illoOor.
.n cr of North flunovor and Loather 4tro'ots, ex. !
coiling ilkia,pnrOon orCciiiiisd GEI Forni.
Rownsi wi,ll;bo for, rent,froin (Ito Ist.duy
of August. For ter n s apt; ly to -•'• •
, • . : J.ACOB FETTER: •
••'.fufy 28,1847, • : •• • •••
_ esticist 01'7. /. 5 '
And ,
••••••-•i Enr9 W ATE t: bafrO
i find
-,?"• .• -
- ,
Tuly 213.1 84•7;-:3t, •
ifolne; Ois'is' •
#at"K• (et by r .,4: • , • ~
' • ••
FUNK, aL MILL Eilt ,
lliirrirhuiT, June 90897.! ;• • • • • ••••'
• - .
RDSEWIS roatmisutt ~ .uhooc9me
h .
E d istTh• • f
11111_ pu esVri \ ri 111 1! „. 1)0F yyt.l4oo o e I4c .
'' ' . o i FVY ih andil w l, of war ;
u fluor, tpuriow'i,for-,ualos,at t c•'
V,,0:1 - • 51iNG8' Drug Stordi , ,,kti.
bTIC iu,kUrrzby„:gitirUn.that...,[l)l .4 IficiNik
-Arjoipp3.,iriki,forcilhe Ctimbpri
tio'h old` _ 09‘41)°,1
i" odor IcA f l4: l -10C.:4-4 0 .4W:Yrleb Digkinn ,
t ,of i September, nuav,„
ho'ficay ` o' (s.4:rine;yr)4r:* ,Pr'i...*IL,LER,
Dlakineon.Aug,llTlB 7. - .4w ..... tifoOY
cil4this ANp , plizkw,imer. 'fVf 61110 y 3;
4 {
0 • •
" I ll i teat . e r ta C • 4
01. Valuabley.Tawn. tand • :.Coun try Zirdp . arty.
t /
*Tv E,undersigned intending to leave this regio i n
IMittry . .:,,desires to
,dispose of till their
ease in•this 'county , ibtti;satititti
liublic stile Sootier disposed, of) at the fol
lowing thriels!and placeS,.
• 'First; A hull lot of ground akttintgil tit Elie norilr
West corner of Ilattover and Ponifeefstreets,botio.'
'led SO feet by die former, and 240: by the latter
on which is erecteil;tt substantial ilil•Ce sto
ry briek. Tavern stand, with o goon hack bonding
out houseih rind a large forme Stable,. pro
p..;rty is well lot:lied d for oings goon . business,
and is new in the occupancy of Sainttel IS,lorret us
public house, , . , •
. Second, A httlflot of t;rotintl 'attfainitlg the ob.t
ove and bounded 30 lilt Oil 111.11101'0i. ilrellt.rtmiling
back 240 feet to an alley. -Oh • tlhiell is ereCted
substantial three story brick
. lionse ! Willi
track building , nut houses, and a well of standing,
water in t h e yard, this property is at. present t u t-,
der leaser to the Assoehtion of
Third, a lot of gt ound situated on tlatiovei , at.
opposite the Post (Alice and bountleil on, the north
by a lot James 11. Craliarn Bat. nih4 on the 'smith
by a lot of Air. Charles Barnitz, this lot fronta 60•
feet ell Hanover 6n:rectum! extends bark 210 feet,
oa this lot therein a comfortable frame 'nut wrath
erboarded !Dirac, with a•good
mtt 110t15eR, and it Ironic stable, this last n ill. 'be
sold togetliA , , hied as May best snit:4llc in
1. Q rthose
'rim above iltset ibed properties will he offered
itCpolitiik 306 attic house tif Samuel orrott , ill
this plitve . , on TiMinlav the 21st day of September
ti , :v. art 2 utchick
Forted), A liken) ;Ito:deft at the west end .or the
lunging(' or Citt•Phlv - ; Okay 'Within hounds of
0, id borough and partly within North Aliddlclmr
township, Contaiiiing.l3o EMITS, 1)641:illeil--011 the
,-Flouthrby-tt-comitinattotrof Louther-Strcetron the
totem by. Bakers lane, Lavin: east and 'west by
Mail belonging to dames °tile's Mira. 'l%.e im
provements are a new log house and frame barn
Creefed in 1846, there is n well .51
tenant I' good orchard Oil life premises. This arm
in of the best quality of limestone land , , , the surface
g'clear of reek and loose stones. rile laird is
susceptible of a high state of erthi cation.. These
masts will the sold to,, alien' or in small'pnrcela as
may lust suit havers. It toys so near to the unim
proved part atile borough an to crake it desires
hie for, pasture lots, nun writ lie sold otos such if'
rot di s posed of tog,ther. This property i 9 UCell
pied by Daniel Priese, and a iIl be uttered at pull-
Ye sale of the prrmisesba• 11'edlielday the 22nd
dav 'of September next at in i• o'clock; I'. AI.
'Fifth, A f.rm situated in North Alichtletnn
:Mont miles from Cat•l isle anti idiom 1-2 mile
from Atesatiolei2s 'pill. It then c od ed by the Con,
ollogilihat creek, William' Ursharn, - fttr. Corn.
man, and the' !leis% of Samuel Alexander, Ilee'd
co m,,thi ng 176 mai:l 67 perches. Tbe improve.
meul , no , n lag laniSC. log Hat iI and a well of
good water, the !kids areA_rinlaGnonafi'sitnutt rl
there isms est...llcm memlow' along the creek.—
This propesty . ,is at present tinder lease to Nit.
tsol witil no offered fcks sale 011 the 1/I. l ifi.
1/0 TIIIII . IIIIIIV the . 23t1 day of & 1 'LL...6,, 0,,a,
sit I o'clock I' Ni.
terms willlse made knot n on the flocs of
sale by Mr. !toilet t :hen of Smith 111111444t0n
too situp Sties 14 liil y ant hor;zeil 80 Mr us and
to WI - OM sire refer tiny person a 141111g11.111 111116011
'on the miti,,t of sties,, 1111/111•101101. It tl/11V he
proper to remurk that the terms-of sole will he
a t ,oo t tuod o ttog in repo tl to payments
bd,t hg to eaiillsllle 1111 r or these proper
ties will Inc slots a thent'hy Ow mount's is, post.cs
on her own Account.llllllllll flosirdian of
itt\ RV A 11110 'll'N
11 f 1111011'N.—
N. -Mr It, can he secs, Iretpacntly art
Mr. 11'1.1.011's Ilotel.
Niigust 11, 15.17
4th mid sth dese
Ade . . tide till bale anti wiitl 6111 Willis
Firi•2st for Pj'e.elc.
rrn . F. subscriber o ff ers his farm fur salositu..
ated in Alillitu tp,t'unibc.dan I rii; - 4A m il es
west of Nevville, near Eckard's mill, contain.
Mg 102 acres and-allowance, about :5 - ..
whit is covered with thriving timbetr, and the
rem hider clear and in good state of cultivation
A suilicient'portion of meadow; has wilier in
every livid lint one. — The impravoments• are a
good .two story log House an/ douhlo 43g Balm
with corn crib and wagonsheirattached, to
gether with stabling There is u “ever failing
spring of water at the door and convenient to
the burn, 'besides an exceLent spring of mineral
water Also 1171 Apple Orchard of choice fruit,
peach orc hut d, cherry, quince and pear trees
For further particulars enquire of the sub ,
scrieer on the premises .10S. SVELIIINNY
August 11, 1817-4 w$
rp FIE subscribers oder at private sale their
Farm situated in Dickinson tp, Cumber.
land county, on the rood leading from Carlisle ,
to Shippensbitrg, funr niiles oast of Ca
containing i2do acres and allOwance, on which
is erected a two story Stone !louse, a large
hank Barn and other, out buildings About
60 acres of abovq is good timber land The
lend-is well waterwtond sopplied with . four
never failing springs • 11 f not sold •on or before
tlibrC)of Deccinbei nekt it will be rert(od,or
glv non the shares . '
A urist 11 1.8 , 17-8 w
R'esiebe,•ler Record and Lancaster E 4 a minor
Insert three weeks and charge this ufliee
PB T. 1361.1.1. E.
Yrslll.l ppissrel!siber !suing sleisrousto move to the
,Western imontry, olfers his Farm at private
sale, situate in :NI ifliin to wnship,Cumherland en.
about six miles from New vine, on the State road
Ismail% to, the Sulphur Spring. Containing 19;
nem s bond Slate and FreeStosfe land, auijuitiiug
lines of Sarrittel nod James MeCormields
property, the heirs of I Snyder dee'd. and
others. The land Is in a ~smosl state of cultivation
and of
of sort; about 'l5 acres
of good meadow told SU of tiwiving timber. The
improvements are a commodious two story thick
Das in - WY - O'lW I ing - wel I
of water, trlarge Bank Bairn, a Wagon Shed stud
Corn Crib and other access:Os out Ishiltlistt,--
['here are also n thriving drehards with nth 1142,
41 - choice fruit tht Icon. - Persons disposqd to
purchase a property of the sans t ya sloseriptiimarc
requested to estll out the subscrUser residing out the
farm, who will take pleasure iii i t Iso, : witisg the
premisetityaLgiving all desired , inf Orion. An
untitspottle title will he {Bien b54.1,,s
August 4, I§4, —lm, ,
tO"The Lancaster Fxstmitter will publish to
,the amount of one dollar an I charge :tins office, ,
nuoiblie sal p,an thei*enlice,
V. V , ea 'PRIM% S,Opteirileityit Ant of
round llq tierea.ifinee 'or lasi; altitaie
in illea:townility,;(3t.iiiberlatitli:county,. ea Om
State Rend to,•Gettyit:
,buogt maw adlle if)llol . 9k,ShrililCl.4BloWl'ii 01,
35 . (1.51:1ett1l Storyt(ause,
cedicil; Ternieniattt: notid oailayotanlc by
• .10 tN ki.tiJKlAN, l.xecutut ' :,,
Atr;hat 3','1841" '''' • '!'
1[111E: : itibacribtr ado ott. l
the premium', on SNIT It pAI I thyykli,
'Anglia:- last itat, , v o In th uaolvctgon ,
tract of, first rate., Ilinostonodithil, , containing; 4.2
aerds and 'twenty 'sorra puritliesorkt woost,i.o. , —
sitwootk ott;thellavin' i'onkt hulf
MIN from ; MOAI anits ;op tltelurti
,,lpilte,; v-09t..?N0'000i;92-toipoop,'Oumbeil'ai:ld
pro = first
ri t hitlinlinit,and''iliofbithineo'ilit a , oOk:,tifka . 4 of
:ooltvitio young ;orchard
co - .trius, , a-ttrii :'slory
!iiiiding• ham at the
i • - This 'profit:ay Is OW
,'iln.7;fottir aMI Carl isl r, Mid „is:
, ;;;w6lll' of; all
tiara . . Mil o ," Wang ptirultaso: a . small. farni. t
bwgiviog' Iti t o l Vn
• thud • s''
, tirri. • 1 , , 7 '
''''lttuhAr • .•. - L ,,
- -•' ,4.' i ,, aigai.iir'. Of(i...r.PP.''
'",('', ipige:, nn.d., r°4l - . . ' athiaiiiitibn'Auer.
fiQupeivkittie; &6.;.br...ey0u, cash , r ,. ri eii .
"/4v ( 1., And, for-01110 OA' the lthVeo ...L . V ot .
'' • ..T the --- s — biciitior . wp!l NiTi, 0 ,.'.
ni n
4°r° of•
' - f — " 1 11Fiiir p" riooncalVloo
:T....,'lnvirtic-!co nu---1.,7'/•-,'1.,,,w....11ww.;:l
t,„ 3 - ', ;,.• 1...•.,%•,,, , -, ii!i!Vi‘l.'o:44:_-:.:-,W:;"
-j u ii2p , lti,4 s ti '
Y rirttle *iiiinttrY wrath of Ventlitioni Ex-.
Of-thitourt areOnsinbn
Pi e" 6 rthlrftPcritttut.c.ininly‘mittl,totibe direeted,
I will exiiose the following Heal Eitaldfoi . Sale
eir.PRIDAY, 40th day of A444 1 1847; 1 ht'
10 o'clock /1'..111., as fAlows, .
A halt lot of grotind; situateln 'the .
'borough of Carlisle, bounded by lot Of James:,
Armstrong op the. mot, l'timfret street on the,
.south, South' linnOrtir street on the 'west, and:
others, containing. St) legit in front, op §oullk Han
over stfeet;.:24o feet" Porldret street, miring;
thereon err tell o three-story Stone llouse;n back.
fi:anie Shop, Stable, bee; Seized and
taken in emit:Whin lit the pt‘operty' of Elizabeth-
Also, a Italf - lot Or ground si t uate
in, l'he borough of Owl isle,- bounded by _Main
strecit en the 11 , .rth,by a tot of Andrew kerr on
,hr welt, an alley 'on the south, and by ,a lot of the
heirs of Andrew Carothers, tleed.,o6l the west,
containing SO feet in front, and 040 feet in depth,
more or less..lia , Mg thereon erected a (no-story
MO: [rouse, back buildings mull table. ,
Also, a halt lot in the same ti:01 ;. 7
(nigh, bounded by
.Mnin street ou'llie north, i.e-'
tort spring on the env, by .a D. N. Abilion on
the smith, and ,litcob'Ztig tin the:west, conthiiiing
GO fret on Main .street, said 00 leer in dept h,
hereon ceecitetfa Stone. Disfille:7;fritme
Ucr. ked and taken in eiecution as the
property of Christian litheff.'
. Also, a lot of grotind situate' in
Frankford township; bounifellhy--- . -3toutito ,
aloha !lays, sttnuel Jayary and othutT• r cmttoining
one and a.lialfaefk.:A noire orleis;havitigthaenti
erected a one ntsil flair sloe,' Log Jlouse, tae.
Seized and taken in execution as the property of
- Thomas Sandra:- -_- F . - •
AlSer, trio. One Inul ia6 r . tit 1 rt)iift •
of a tract of hind satiate in Newton township, on
the turn pike road:cootAining IRO acres inore or
less, adjoining hinds of Mary Vulton,:lacob
John Metullock, Samuel Aark wood,
Johu Sharps heirs and others, haring, thereon
erected a largelo:w;story Ilonseittadli•aule
house,'twO Log-110'11ms, sue Stone 4hop, a large
flan % Darn HA matey other out houses. Seized
and taken s in execution as The property of Joh.,
Stoltz!' ;Jr.
Also, all the interest of Thomas
Pnx , ton in in'a tract of land sittiniZ in Sinith
-Il'eton township, bounded by lauds of Wm,
Alvorli; Tho iins Craighead and Joseph Jittagy,
entraining 14 :writs mid forty perches, 'nidre or
ices, hnvutt= 'thereon erected a Alerelimit Mill,
Plaster ,T, S. iv Alil I, two one and tt hall sloe) ,
Log II n o ses, Roil new Brick dwelling loose, Co.
'Also; interest in a traet of
land containine..t2s acres more or'loss,sittude its'
South Middleton township, bounded by lands of
\Vilie in Moore, John Zug nod (Alters, having a'
Lime Nati thereon-erected. '
Also, all the interest in a tract of
land eonlitininut 05 acres more or less shuttle in
South ithllcton township, hounded by lands of
ITOCer, Samuel Hepburn, ;lolly Stuart, Jr.
:and the Mount 110113 Estate, havingthereon erye
led a 1.N.. !louse . , Seized and taken in tekeotis
thin methe priyerty of Thomas l'ititon,"
Also, a lot of ground sttliale
Dickinson township, containing five sores more
or Jess, lands ci NI. Gilleland, the \Vel
ma !knout Road, and others, having, thereon
-erected a large I,oo.story Brick liottse, -Tam
all, Tan Ilnnso, n Stable..liud other out hatisA."
Seized and taken in execution as the property of
.1c lin Minnittli.
Also, the interest,-being the
rided hull Jet of grown, iii New Cumberland,
hounded on the r nigh by 3tl 'street, 1111 the emit by
1111 alley, coutaining 6u feet in Iront and '250 lint
in di pd., more 01 1 lust, 1111% 111! therOon erected
wo,,story L 0 ,.; !louse Pm!. I...rtne StablC,-
Seized and 'taken in execution as the property of
AMlTtaini Bretz, _
CI ties In lie
Also, a tract; of land' sit - nate in
Dickinson townßktp ' _atpigio g lambi of Georg'.
Kissinger, Saint:el Cook lob other:lmmls of John
Kiil'er awl others, coniaimag 1135 iirres.ttnire or
leas, having thereon erected a !VO-slol . •
llaen, WogOn shed, Ceo..
Also, a tract of land it, game town
ship,roj,,ining..lanch4.6l: \V. Wewt.le., heiho of
Wm. Craiglow, Christopher JolmOon,John Clues
nol and other lands ti John containing
100 aCI.OB inure or *se, has hog thereon tweeted, 31
Log llodse, Bank Hann, tN'agon died, Orchard,
Also, a tract of Wood%did sittuitc
to same lovit I ip,:uljoining lands of !looser,
Samuel couLley, other Moils o" John Keller and
containing 35 acres more or less.
Also, a tract or Moontain land sit
uate in same township, adjoining binds or James'
Wvahl . Thomas 14. llinek„k Ego :mil oth
ers, 00113116. g 1116 acres more or less, havaig
thereon' mtecled, a Saw Mull, a one Malty Log
!louse, £?e.
Also, a tract of Mountain land sn
uffle in same - township, adjoining lands of A 6
Ege, Dr. ('hamburg, the fine Grove Estate, and
others, containing 255 acres more nr fess > having ;
thereon erected a two-story-Log Ilnuse,t4e.
A Iso, IN line_ undivided'_liallipatit
of a tract of-310ulditin had situate in South NI id.
11 lvton township, attioittitig lands invai heirs of
Michael Ego, a ce'd., Bricker and the York coda-
Cy line; containing 900 acres more or lett . •
Also., a tract Of Alninftainlabel sit
uate in matd toivitsinp.,,,tionntled by the heirs of
Al ichael Egt;qtail'il., Jacob Shealrer and others
uontaining 106 acres more dr les • ri , Setted and.
taken in execution as the property of Jim Keller.
Also, a tract of land situate in NI if
nun township, bounded by lands of David Forge.
snit, MUry Lenny, Andrew Nliddieten, Thomas
Elliott and others.contitioing lee ac es more or
less, liai inu thereon eronted a• WU sttiVy . Log
Ilausw, Log Baru, fee...Seizatl.and taken 111-CX ,
coition as the property of John U. Alia:he:l.
Also, a lot of . ground situate in
snno. Nliddleton towns:Ali, !Jimmied by lands of
-William :\loore. James Moore and Robert Gra
ham, contaliting one and a
. nuart,er acres, haying
ftl-3 \
thereon erected a Orni and Ili • Dry Log I louse,
141; Stable, Sze. Seiked and' itik in execution
as the property of-Samuel—Schiver,multill to-be
sold by me.
JAMES HOFFER, Sheiii: . •
.:Shei i 11 1 ,4-0 filee r ----A______, _ .
. Carlisle, Juryl4, 18.11. j..,
6 - .N.....4„•t1ay.., the 4th of September 1847, the i
suliserWill sell - at public, venthie on the
promises, hia_Eartn-aituateil-in-Silver_Siniinw
township, Cuenbct land comity, two miles north. 1
bast ot Hogtioficoi;ii, two miles from E . riolciir's
Al ills; nine miles troth Iliterillineg,ntifl tone hymn
Carlisle, pounded by laude of I•leurY Ewalt anil
the I oimilmminett :creek on the south; be Boil
Eberly Anil others on thii east; by.lllr: Peminy on
apvortit NO .w.e.titooir4ttitil - g :1„1?VAI - ....HAS nod ,.
.:I4 ' filo% north)
giblet trMallitt, of 1 ACK rStitaTE •
,LAND, Omit 160 acres of which are a Mat:edit titl
if ti high ..state Of Obltharion;tioiler good 'fences,
' ti'itil" , toesrottliii fitildSlinvo rdiming wiper in them:
Tlie,imiliniodek: IS' well" iiitibtiroO,' and' map bi
,leilliiiiriiiiii'.4ti,rlf nil iiiililiateil,' ''llidiv . area
great,,frileitliiiiiel4eil through
ihe Gelds, ' !Pie fairilkib .ti , oll‘tiibilitett ';l6i,tre b i bt..
liikor stack or 01 ''r a 1110 . 41.1 Ithitlii;'' :.,'•
' "Tliki.".lminTi'veinutirs are ti 'Pori
', " - it:. , lISTOItr.DIVELIAIIG ,- I,loUbt.i.,
te : • . ... ‘ : . . „ •. , . ... . ,
.4 :1 . ; i : ! 'wt.tillsetliportleti ,:aut; , p ainla d ;: a
l ;!,,,e; I '.l f..oo:''.lThitN;. , Witgen . .f Sliedi' Cori!:
- . .' - ''' ) " 4 4L-:;'... , "' Crili;TP.NAVl'llol.s3Vnitiliitli.:.
er..!out!' I)9,ittlitio;.ni(d tin 0 ttqll.44l,l'Or :Cliblue•
Trilit.PA . boiti , ti' tin :Odin' le: iii:'.Sprilig., OF 4titeii
'ritnirllii:boriiti;; 4 "ll:lKtiolltliOniiiWiliiibu fotir. lintt
• cent: tO`:l*.iiiiio , -tititite 2 iiiiy. of 'inlet; tititrilitql of,
the - reinalikh , oe •'' ti ill' II rot 'tiny of April= nuit,
piton possiissi on oeWit'Obil! , iiil,otfil;be given;
littittlitroce 'fit fetfr.'iqpiellinitillii'pn'Ytrietite without
interest; all to lin lir fiGFinlliley.• , The ptirellafbi
to have ,half ar,lli6 g Mliiiiosplaaiveit, to he ire:
tivercii I tilliwbu 51it:06.19.m Alm tikei of I 84ttl f
N. 11.:.1f,the:i:bitytt!.: . .lintlo . ..oretitoixit,l0toltli to-,
gultei., jt,rwilt tiliblitterell'iti.tWit , OVtlifeelfartit4'
snit porchasers;•Mi•thefiatner , otindleimitut Persons
wishing to:',vlew itlio : Tatunlw1111111Onsel - tutll ' upon
Aliralmtwilennurd; resitlineliCNiukti.iii.;tipon tlie
atibseriber 'ne'iii.:-.ritirvleiv,lt:oik,lVoiltit;ll;:milus
above. thii'llarritiliuk; bridge.;', . - .' ~" . •, , ~.-.
' - '4/.. i . 3. 4' ' ' '''";li : h .. 'i" , ;;' . iTAo olllbK,AlXY.:
- .*::,'itAYi,.zsti'l.:B47,i,-6,:i4;-j.e.4%,t .0----6i4tHi------7-.h.-.
- ', ,-k , FRESII ,-, ARRIVA L . . ~,,,,, ;
Dr:: :361111:,,Ti ' ' IYIVQrS ,' `'.:' ' +.:
/14,1 4 .1g i q ' r9 l3 4M at t 045,41, OP ollYS , witlko laige,
l'qd-,caUlL9.ll3!feeleq#4ls4oStine*till.L.,:l, - :
iPrugs,z ,Taints -;:ibils;;,llye,tituflhi .. ,
n 4 PATENIret.MEDIOINES;iInoIudir*:a) I
tliti,itily'•fitini.aVptioltkaf -tfie day; tbitother , volth
iv6n6relttidiiiirtnitfaVcif?*oo fi*UMES.
KANor,lAgTiptrEsosib:," 7 ,0 klall)plijecip • his
:,'! Ir-i,-1-o4'r‘ .
c•p•f:,:' ul r
~..'Oc.'.,. nt ' • it •7 ' elt44.
~ 1C0, , , .., :lt'lj,•,i•,'tl
...i',, ll "
i' e .. ' t ' will'
; • ,
'ili'holr3rnAT,EYElt':', C4ll' Ol'ieu
J y yl; - t 47 „r
.''.. - :' , '" , :! , Mtia4.:.'.
avAtio44;Prosident,Judixtt',o . ‘ , 1111, de VONA
OouttgofCbiquign Pleas of thesounties of Cum.
Adliiiiien7of - 7thelitivetral7CiitirtrtifOyei - and
lamina and,gancritl' Jul!: Delivery; 'in,said
atitistiqs, and Den. John Btliatt tindJqhn lan
denin, Judges of the court Oyer ; and Ter
.miner and General Juil , Delivery, for tail:riot .
:of all capital and othet.aferiders, In. the said'
county of Cumberland—by their precepts 4o me'
directed, dhted the 15th day,ot April , 1847,
have brdered ilieCourt orGyer'and 'Famine,
'and . Getieral Jail Dolivoiy,lo be holden at Car-
lisle 'Mt' the 1'660 Monday' of August next,"
being the 23rd day) at 10 O'clock in fore:
noon, to continue ono week..
40TI4}D is thareforc hereby given, to the,
gamier, Justices of the `Peaceend-Consta bias •
Of the said county of Cumbetland, that'they Aro:
the stildprecopt cammanded to be that und,
therein their proper persons, with their rolls,.
mega+, inquisitions, examinations, and all,
other, remembrances, to do those 'things which
to:440111ms appertain to be done, and all those!
that arc hound 'by reecgnizances, to prosecute.
(against the prisoners toot are or that shall ba
in this Jail. of said county. ore* fto :that( to
prosecute than is lihd /I belust,' •
SheriiiPs °Mee. Curlislo,l.._.....§ . TlElttri. •
• .•
a. • July 1-0847.
Notilo . to Taxßayere.
THE Coinmissioners" of Cumberland,,counly
feel much gratified in being able tooninounce le
flit!' by their_ prompt
-payment-of-the Shim and County Tax,.•they ituye
enabled the County Treasurer to pay over to the
Tv v 4 surer of the' Conimonweiddi the State Tax
assessed Mimi this County, sties to receive' an a
batement of five per cent upon the .amoinit thus
paid, agree:ad,' to the act of Assembly.. Ilut while
they ,woman congratitlate the citlicas of Ctiniber•
him 'county that a majority haye cvntbeil a lauda•
ble spirit in thus promptly aflbrding (O. the . State
Treasurer the-means to meet the engagement of
'the Common Wealth and 'to pay the interest .upon
the Statel)ebt. at maturity,-they would. remind :
the fewocho are yet inarrerages in the payment
or heir taxes, that them is a debt . due by the
tib M Ii r
county and bearing interelL enders it ve
ry desii able that those yet in' arreaim should make
payment to the -County Collectors atisomatts.prite
ticabtp. .
The commendable promptness with which the
majority have paid their State mid County TUN,
Inns enablettshe Treasurer to, pay over the Suite'
tax without the necessity al the Cotmnissionerar
Outdid ligat loan for that purpose,which has hilly
ern., been required—and the proupt payment of
the balance of the State and County Tax yet dim,
will place in tin' hoods of the Commissioners tin
'ans Pi (tic the Honied Merest of the Comity
deli and also about tit aye thousand dal larsof the'
DANIEL COL 11.1:. •
A.ttest—Wm. RicEr, Clerk,
Cumniis.ioners Oilier
Carlisle, July 21, 1847. S
Xot ice.
IS hereby given, that iThavc boon appOrnted
quigoce of Andrew McElwain or Dicikin
son 'township, by deed of voluntary assignmen"
for the licnofit of creditors All porsons
knowing ilienisofveli indebted' to said assignee,
will please maks paymen't to ma immodialely
and those having 'claims will bond thorn in. .
West Eennsbaro' TR., July 21,1b47.—Gt.
rvIIE subscriber takes this mated to noti
fy all in errors, either by tints or bunk ac
count, that hb is determined tn have all t;ctiled
up withas little delay es possible..
14. 1847.
Etude of -Sarah. F. Spohaler, dec' .
NOTICE is hereby given that letters of &
Administration on the Estate of inn
PONSLER, late of Dcrry township, Dauphin
cbunty, deceased, have been granted to the
subscriber, residingin said township. All per
'nous indebted to Bui lt COloath sere 450cc1.7 vv,iiies
ted td'lnalto intymnnt without duldy, and loose
having claims to present them duly authenti
cated for settlement.
Jill?. 14.1847. '
IWOULD hereby notify all persons coneeroetl,
N ho are in arrears eitlvLy bowl, note, book
account, to salt tool settle,np 'their t esneetite
d ues ,. as I h ave ais li cked,Of my entire stork of
I lortlwar.s to Messrs. Fisher & Fortney of Har
risburg. • I hayr 'sold for no other reasoa than to
settle utt -my •booka, and lite sooner calls ore Made
tile, better, tirliTifflaf,
ritall ifikaccounts a ill
be-left—ir.thelumiltrofirlegUrelutforfor — epllei= -
tion. Several attempts have heretofore been
made to' acttle et. 4) mpp bookalint failetLeo we ,row
give We-warning That if one way m 11
ire there's,
stay that will no faH.- Those 'having liminess•
with me will find me pt my.resitlence, confer of
Lopther and Pitt streets.
JACOB SEi7l.:ll
April 14, 1847
And try GVIV'S New Estab
lishment !
rilillE untleesigned would respeetfulle inform
. Ili_ the citizens of Carlisle and the puf)lic gen
erally; that he has opened a New Establishment
in SOl.llll Hanover street, in the store room
merly occupied by Mr. hates cMatia, and
nearly opposite, the Vust 6./1114 Carlisle, Cum
berland •co., Pa.. where he is in epared to execute
with neatness, durability and dispatch, and on
'reasonable terms,every description of BINDING.
MuSic and Peminlietils board to
, patterns; Ceti
Alumenht-Lliteielhalittedupand-repatreth Ladies'
Scrap llooke;Albruns and Portfolios, of all des
criptions, made .to order"; mitinq done for Li
brames, Institutions, Societies, tte.-, on advantag
-aturtunris, _•
BLANK WORK of every desiript ion, such as
I)ockets, Records, Dect) Books, Day Books,
Ledgers, Plarcis 111emeriOultrrna. Check Bonk,
Receipt Woks, kr:Of the.fineal'hrolli.)• of helper,
jhu thAyAsguaLte any-mahle-ith-irettplacroirtr,
oil the most reasonable te'rms• DAB aid see ape •
' , .
Books rebound neutneks unit
iiiivaloli—ulso f Files of papers.
.0 The subscriber :has clap commences., n new
liook Store, at dh , , minesne Pince, where :BOhits of
altima ever/ description cinkbe had. 0 . 06 0 fu r .
hooks Lo prompkty attended t 0...
and Writing ` ..Prinat e •
end pnii ; thl,
realp,,yerr Cheap.'
• Who fottelle BLNDIK:BoOKB,NCY..
•TICLEiS; 446::' Blank" Deeds; Lawyei s, ;J.natiues
and• - ..conat dds blanks. 1 , - , Al , large •assortaient or
new.:nyte./Waill!ind Window Blind .• Pa per, yire
Boad; Bdreeits, White :and , - bine Bennett
:71ilPardli z ,.0 !tens ; self 'stippiyiulg Stands,
I,l3nees,l Jilumsand red lepe r Bond,
_sand: bh,tee. new ity .widers; 10.,
wltfell.,yti)),!)e.!3nktiln"r:l9r. cash i er, vtt:N . l%oo'cm.
clenh ijaciopiti 'idich'wodlice sie
ajr:lhe 7 ii !O ,t kimi64"for,
thecks,Apind.. blenke, on'alngue,k
.0/ei prided:of:the. storteittiloti!T,'
• u 1 ,1 9 1 .411%te '.term s,at• theAbpycineirtioned .
OkoOre.eeteelfirilk !!.
• Q$Y f 'S:Miarr, "
• '.l4lof,t.Np Grit'
bib talisn ,
-04-i iie - r e;ol4ter,o4 - suitir:iiinio .
. 4 .;fffic s t,s4,-.. • .
6o will
piileavoratif 1%4.411;y:ca1l
Thalami!, eikognOy . ,. and is ftir,
D itibad throtig out : lilitood - boddlnit,iknd
•ci Jurniture, ard7his•duanniiriodations tire suj3li•
as 'wilr•inakt;,it''a'•lionviiiilunt.4anik. dtsjralilu
stripping •elSc9.' rtioixertilNiis•Will•be red •
inho ; it; aggreoublo in , ,• lit ,defiartnicilyi'," to
"thase•wh 4 igiy.faior lam 'Ain a ' •
BOARDERS ''w,OL-Va;;Wieie,k):lll),i7ireji4.
1,1144; 0i 3,!*; -- go. wall& kicco
• - •
rain , EtAkai. ;
ii„,b,cribo r facia, at , privatc.. sale„ the
JL. Vuluablo,iaccupied. by hint.
.self; and .situated4bni.,the_tYtdlow,....Breecti t i s
Crook, in' Monroe township:Cumberland coon
tihout cf Carlisle, near'th t .:
road lerid ing, to York. . The .M ill has four 'inn .
or stenos, two afPw filch are burro, wed ttlicire
• vater9Stitvcr. sUfiloient -for-largo itionai
worksol. any . kind. The 'Mill is 'built °talent,
three stories high, and 64 feet by. 42 dimen
PlierelA attached to the Mill latent SEVEN
ACRES of firstAcato:Limestona ,Land, in' a
good *tato or caltivation. Ilio int t prdvements
are a good two story Dwelling House, with
ltables,and other' necessary oubhuildings,to- -
gether with a fine young 'Orobat drof choice
fruit. A 144 a tract of WOODLAND,„contain
inst Five Acres, situat.d within three
Milcs.of the. Mill. The property is sltulted ins
a pled em.ntry for doing busineas; and. offers
strong inducements to a practical Milhir, asit
is possessed tit ever* advantage, • - .t
7f not gold at private sale it will ho offered
at ['Oldie sale, on Filday,' the_ 3d Any of Sep
tember. nelt, on the premises. For, Maher
particofnes.etigai r wurtb o subscriber living on
the property.
Y rine .of an order of, the qpion':.
40.., Cot rt ,Cotiii;erl twit 14 1
sold , on 'the preMisCS on ,SATUR Y, the .9.1.5 t
I of f t ligquit, 1 841,11411)11ciiyi Vstate 'of
.4, lot of ground sitilatirinAllon township;
CuMberiand - comity, near 'die bOrotigli of New
CuMberland, bounded b'y lands: of. ;Jacob M.
lialdenfan, Esq., and containing one nero and
forty perches more or Ices, honing thereon
ereeted.a Log 'dwelling house and frame Sta...
Terms of sole Will be made known on the,
day or diiic by JACOB lORK, Jr.
- ; Trustee - to - maka^aule - of said - KcalEoi,ct
July 1/, 1847.
Y virtue'of an ordervi the Orphan'a Court
ofCtirirberland county, I willexpose - to
public side cm the hremlses in tho borough oft
Carlisle,.en SATURDAY, the tiot day of An
ut,lo o'clock, A. M., the one
*Vidcd sixth part of or that
s • HOUSE and OT OF
; 1 ; GROUND, in 'the borough of
Carlisle, bounded by Rey. Tho:-
maaCciligh ftn the -west, Dickinson alley on
north, .Mary Ego on the,east i iqd High •
street on. the south, eontpinirig thirty feet,
front, and Iwo hundred and forty feet in the'
depth; having a large two story Stone Tavern •
House. 'back buiMi.-gs, and Stabling- thereon
erected,. and at :reectit occupied by Dayid
Marti •
The wholo otoparty is sobject . to tile life
astute of Sohn Common, 'hots . tire Property
the share now being sold as the property of
Iliram Wolf. is also subject to the lila, estate
of J. n Wolf his father, a ho Anr:iVca John
Corm-pant. •
Tur'ais mad e. bnown on dny of rale by
On — dr - Man oClliinnt Wolf.
J oly If .1841 .
TIIE subscriber ulTersat private Sale the
above named property, situated in Mon
roe township, Cumberland county, on mile
west of Uhurchtown and five miles from Car
lisle, on. die road lending from the latter to
York. Farm contains 72 ACRES, More or.
lees, of first rate Limestone Land, bout 65 of
winch are 'cleared audio a good state of Unitive
-1.1011; and the residue well timbered. 'fhe hes
provements•are a twoatnry S'fONE
'''•••4l .. 910tISE and Kitchen, Frame Barn
• its rind oTher out.boinitige incireou
• erected, with a well ol dever-fail
ing,watcr,ricr file house, and a fine young Or..
chard of Rheice Fr,611, Trees. Tonj...onng and
ii•dustrinue farmer! this pla'ce offers 'induce
ments which are sOdom:to be met with.
Also, will he sold with the above, i desired, a
triict of WOODLAND, 'sitnuto in the same
township, about two miles from the former,
coniaircing vix acieri more or lose, well cover
ed with Thriving thnber. . • •
• For further phrtieulurn ermaye. of the sub
scriber,on the first-nained 'Prein was. • • •
-;luly-li - t8+7.
Lusto%ster that'll union to onount ouS and
send inn to advertnior.-,. ,
1111411- POR SdlzE
subscriber offers/his farm SI private
safe, situated in pleton tow,nship,Cupi
berlund county, 2 wiles west of Newville, on
ilia road. leading, to Germantown, and A a mile
from Eckerd's mill, containing 151 A cres,
of freestono land, about 40
_acres of which is
covered i,vitn thriving, Timber, and the remain
der clear and in a good state of Cultiautiiiii.—
The iinprovemenys are a good log '
tivo-story' HOUSE Lind -e
EN, a double LIX4,IIARN, cider II r l c,
press, and all other necessary
buildings. Also, a grind Tenant
which has a never failing wsll,of water; at the
door,with am orchard , of choice fruit trecv.—.—
;For hrtoer oifticuluit enquire of the s'ubSeri ,
-ber"on4lw,pratniics.. _ JACOB RAll : l % i
Alay 27th, 1847.
Azol L.== ) .zar.bLvar - cq ctsa?,o. , 9 i , .
oFridaySeptember. in, at 10 o'clock A
Zif : hip oubsoribeis will °trio for solo on
- Iturirein Wert he - valnablo - Aarm;lutti. Iliti . fitti 7-
party of John riolthurn, dee'd, sktuu led in %V cat
l'onliabor,o Vowrialdp - Cuinherlarid county, about
tli feu - Milks noritifitit'orClifiligle, oil Ille, Colra°
doguinrictt preck, j coliiiiining 105 uerea of, first
rate 'Lund, wlityli Is , cleared
And under. good . poit,ond roil ,Ichen.'atid j iit, a
high state ofthiltiyatieri. The itnproGAments
area large t two;STOry.brick House, largo Stolle
flank' Burn, Wag .n Shod, Corn Cr.b, , .5; a large
stable -Air. feeding ,ehttle4 L Also a. two.story
Frame Tenant flutiao, ''A.' Wasli:hoirrio;' Smoke
liiiiae and . WoOd.bri 480, two pig.o"ens - , , Ourriage
• se,' idd'lCS fibula '.- _•Tjtoto is
. ais'o a BISEIc
8 ' • tPll?fo:oit thodtropectilTraifia .a ' lajzo pr.::
efisti . i ir,t)o,V;Ri:F.reiS,'Froba, A qini 1.,,y,i, anti
many. ler. aditantageousimproeetnenis.'!thby
64 ,1.
-will ohm, .ILat t tliesante,timo a tract at., Til )) ,
bar :Lan ~.,, el , . .trotaining., eight Acres, two of
, whishls or cd;situated, about,' a . mile from'
Om iirit'larm., whieli' erected a hods°
and stable'&e,. ' ... • ; ....:r , 1., , -, • ,:1
:libio,'ali.Plit . 58 . reis'Of:piinbeiTaiiii • oti' tint
I.lth.Mcinnlifa'a '"t I ni,ites-fiCiibihci L 'Acifo -
I Maco , o4gh.f"'qi:C,F io' o'.iood liptuitii 'S!,iible
1 a ed•rxitherrti.datioarito4lngo jagettier.,with.ri
Argit l'ulkorcli44; .1 W /liocwill b0,,i61(1,40ie1h•
ci'pr , ,iq wail" soils, pprollyers,;;;
..,. e
..,' , :n.:•., 1 J 1 ,
~t Personw M
formatt* . bn in/bleat,
a rci int , ' tort to!cit II fere ' th e' 4 o , .o.itio re ;: on I tho
- Yraritisaaot aPairr, WYrili;'ES ( l4TlA l liiiiBlo.
' , A't" .l i• ,U '' ' ''' ` ' ELIO& f H 11.N: —
1 4 '.."7•2 / '''' ' ' . -'; .7':3VPLIffN ' .ti • u ',-
;::,;...:- Exccti f1idf,,:1,614, i 1 ,,,t,0,1, ) "' 4 , 6. 7 4:
„, : `August 11',. ,r,i4"1"„;-,ts.;,', 1 , : ; , , 1,..,,,,.. - i.T . ,. • . ~,
- , *;Volhe Laneastet.if4cemiiler 110..1 le
' * I .l
• ' t d
- bill - ' atilt'
Akocaleyiimeitil l',en eTaifti sett , l
..paps 1; le thiff office. ; .
.. ....•. y, , , , • .
cairigrraiithl to - , haat.! , p!oliovat,iori iii,cissoi 'of „balOneso,
drOfffr. &o4afrOOl the haii4,;. heal-44n , ;'
Aloitior of As9';Northlityet-;
m 1444404: fitoto:!,haf, iipte* or twi t
c;osirieho , have inoueed.444a4-*o7,ovOjOildly ,
,pa:4hO L LOicit,htiii honk tiqd tilin , Olnagit,6 at
imilt Int iti4PlOgi . .Bthrosiciff4r;l
-- , T-Store.a4-attb--$ll
•i• Nvk , S
iTE stb rilier linek„jilib opened In the
•-store-rcia . 4alY;occuOitid-liy—R.-rSnod
grass, gag., West. igh Streeti in the borough
of Carlisle, a large ttl'generalkoesortment 'of
Dry Goods i Groqedes, Qtreenslsrare,
t itardware, di.o„ 6AG.r
ull'of Which have - boon selected with grat Rafe
and whioh Bois determined to aelpatrobeap as
Thoptiblia nre: reapocittully.
him a call : he -ffatteira' himself theti,hai.caff
offer such Inducements as Hill make It their
interest to .patronteo him.' •' • ' .
`erA lot of augion7aids;iit'very low
prices. ,
May 19,1947'. . ,•-
- '
Paine! y Grocery
... •
rirtllE subscriber takes this' method to inform
his friends, and the public in , general that he
has jinit opened in the house Jatelp.otionliied hy
1)r John Armstrong , and Airco doors. east s ol J.&
I). Itithads' IVarchouse. tl large and general se e
sot Uncut of .Family rkerieli, such as Teas,
doffce,'Simar, Molasses, Chocolate and Spiceaot
every _seri pilot': Also, a large and well Bele°.
a stock of
7 ,„ .- 11UrititATIFfP;IIMIV
Wiflow-wM•e, &e. To
-111(:130 Or ever}' description, .frotyi.the. common
smoking tobacco, ufi to: Woodward's hest honey.
lkw ..
p thlie are respectfully invited' to mill and.
examilie his stock ilerfire 1 eying elskwhere; ap ho
flatters that lie cannot tall to please them
loth hi price and quality.
N. D.—llls friends from the country w'll find
it to, (heir aihratitAge to give hima.eall ;tthe store
is et tiveliiently,situated, just n few steps from Mr.
lilioads' tavera.
Carlisle,;lo'ne 11147.
rinllE subscriber has newly fitted up his Store
Boom, and is now
a nd fresh supply of all articles connected — Willi
the Grocery and Queenswnre business, embrac
ing Coireei and I`vits:ofllie finest qualities, Syr.
ups Rogur noose and Orleans Mohisses,togeth
er wrtlt •
Cedar-'war - e: - Stone- , ivairt3 and
Brown suul Loaf,,.ne also crushdd i.onf Sugar?,
Painted Tdhs, Bocketa,l‘tc. &c4,a1l of which is
offered Inc sale at ilk: lowest cash 'profits; Our'
friends and the public arellinsited to call and
jutige for themselves at the old wand'-and -store
MOW Of. • J. W. EBY.
Carlisle, Npril
yecniyed a largo supply of fresh Gr.,
J caries, consisting ofsuperior broten - suAtiii,
an d 'Loaf, ashad, :Puiycrized end clarified
SUCAR`4, all of sold at reduced
prices.. 11..1p COFFEE of every description
and price"ith a fine lot of air eing..Rf on
Superior. Imperial, Young
Hyson mid Black TEAS,
from the best selection of Da.
_vid Rankin, who has been eel,.
ebr'ated for 30 years for sal
, ling..tho best Teas in Philisi
lolphim. A few sets of China Tea-Ware;
Loaf. Segar syrup, sugar house and baking
MOLASSES', •au porter impoited JEIONEY.
Cheese, Hried Beef, 'augar.onriigl
!'caches and A.S
gples,.oup linarip;Cmuticitles,
Sailed oil. Mcxcd Pickles, Figs, Ale*ixds; Rai
sins, Citrons Currents; Spices,ltlackerel: Sal.
mon, Shad end Hersir - ig,HopSoda, and a great
variety of other article's too numerous to men.
Lion. All of which will besold such prices
us will give satisfaction, . Call and see.. •••
N. B.—Soleil shops suppliedat small ad
vance on Philadelphia prices, • •. • •
. _ . . _
~,,,, YEE t: 411
ykfli TEAS:
';';,-::: Yie
GEo; - R; -- CROOKS
Carlisle, Juno 16, 1847
• • ____ . , • •
nismair GOOXII3;:&p: •..., ~ ..:
W. HAVIRTICK desires bilhGarin hie
ii, friendsnial the public that his new SPRIN U
A 'D SUMNI BB SUPPLY of goods, which
have been selected with great (=icily liiiihsell{ier,4 .
smokily, and just opened at his old madmen ktrewn
establishment on North Hanover street, embrace
a supply or FRESH DRUGS, together with it
most extensive, rich and varied stock of BOOKS,
(Leib--school- ; and . miscellaneous,) -I , A NOB
O 0,0 DS; P.F.iItFU NIES, Sze. kr. to a hich he feels
claWent lio army, invites the attention of the pub
-lid 'with Ike Adlinasuraos'vcif.lning fade 40 lump!) ,
every want tend grad?. every taste;beildeli epsuN
mg entire satisfaction iy the very reasonable terms
upon which his numerous al tieles wiltbe dispos
ed of. • , _ . .
I Ic.vioulecalVtlie - particuttir 'dttetition ofFami
ilies and Phy sicialis 10 his replenished asscrrtntl
of DRUGS imtI.NIEDC:INES, which It bye been
purchased at ile'best houses in Philadelphia, and
intry.lus relied upon for freshness and excellence.
Added to these will be found an entire stock of
Glass, ke &e., all of which he will ensure to be
if ilie .heit 'finality 'and in LIM versOnlovisst.prices.
Re has made many additions . twins Stock of
ROOKS, besides securing a new supply of all the
Text (looks, Histories, Rename, Lexicons, Wri•
ring Books, &c. now in use in College and our
public schnols—which he will dispose of ou t e rms
suited to the circumstances of all.
• Ills stack of FANCY A,RTICLES embrtic:ss
riclibud eitedsive collection which it : would' be
impossible to enumerate, huVeoMpriiiing,mitni
novelties-which cannot- full to-strike the,eye mnl
please the taste, such as Ladies and Gentlemen's
Cutler-4GolibankSilver'Pens and Pepcils.Usir
Tooth sal Clothes Brushes: Perfumes of Iton l
varictieSaancy- Snaps,
Slat %Tug' Cream, Card Cases, Pticket Pistols,
Pocket books, Fut. tcco • 0 • • : • 1.
Also, a Ili* supply of CornelMs l / 4 elegant
LARD- LA nr,s, krlr . vg_ritli SpernmnictMould
Ost9ll . ndrutrienta, Umbrel .
la'ai.clilltleeles Toys, Dodo 11 a,6rud othei , sartie
des in she radetydine, Sykfroll *ilk a Constant
supply of freslirrltUlTS:auts'and Confectionary
of. Ike richest. quality, make a Jameson! splendid
stock to allieh helemilident,lyipsites theanention
aid pateona”e' of
.Ida So wnapd , ooputry friends, at
the old hitan . iu Neva,' Hanover'strcey nearly
iT 1.114114%. ,, , 7:1
• • • • f• . S. W. ..HAVERSTICK.
Juno': 1847. • J
iti'W '106.'6114qt. in'tid .
tioti totiteir toes - ire stpoltoettiidateliply of
Drugs, BletitclUes, ~ Dye.S.tuffi..., and
rancy. Articledc )..
Pcrsohg I atty -•ttlitileet lino'Wit] ,tlO
well to, call as rye - aro, d; st 11 - Icrw for
cash.kit. rO,
Brigg's Russia n Cosmetic. • is warranted to hn '
iilii3•bop!. artieje. :Stag Ito i rostore 'She'll:Mß in
Canaq5.0411 3 0. 411 1?9 , 4i liilweid-kiti , iiilling , qutiald
: p r i... 0A1 06. 1,L .,..,, 1 -..., 71, 1„./,/,) {ate
Wheeler'S traberry, togcthrn iib thd.Contyi
iciond --ttratisot,. cativo tuaLtililuriitaoitut-Orris,
'rood k NyetAi jofiiititt aS Ike I.trait,Slore ot- '
. ..• - 2 . . '3 tie
e1ext1211,81,7. • „.
. . . . . ..
' G REAT BAR tiA.INS Iv. ,"--
, .. .
mlE t otitblircih eri w lob O . ' ps..t.o yr i oti . Cp. IPS bush
e,89 IY.Plentlei yill dispose of ' hielarke and !
clegsut it•ssortsnont, Pt Dry':: Goods pest aPit. 1 ~
Wei og . 'dCtevitiiiie.ll fo'soll'olefaifeictire stock, lie
ii'aktecti - Pis rvictidi aPtil;sliopPliliCrAbitritiAt bar- --
wins ',:i'sll.l)O. l otPiediP4 irhosii. "L'lctototi;..lslo ,
wtl4 tuoittvc,: p•oml I Pctor,lo peV e cant, , i n „pukka , . .
sinfeNCl•oops,„,villtlO well to. jii*A iPi ns, cui,ps9: l 3" .;
sit,l,f,. s ltts casortmgti n . ls, / 3 t3C's riq'4. l ,o ei'l." --- ^
lisve.becl 4,41490' CAth: gecst . wire, ' , APP.:e1...7 '
lietioc",ittfilt Ilingo. oriicsit , cydWitetioirsusw , . .
y' tip4i.,... 1 ,,,,,.,„-,,,, i .,,., 4
:.As *a afa • istedtto'clit emit , . i,'D witless;
itt die 1.6) y 0 6 'dolle Vplieibia Viirloti, - Ver -, hereby
noiify iltote7Pidelited'Ai}..*Wfztot‘isscd,,,ltDracilest- .
Tai _i
~ ,.
cc ti ..., ... .
atAoly_a_oll cetat,A4l.oXr rap c9iV.,Plitkis , IT..
loOgorr!lotPilkocco , i, AV., .., OM, tl: fi l f `rikOtel - . - ;
Mio,. , l4, 6 of.hrtrohe , tp.t est-PP. I {Pri',lettle
thoicAccouCtsgpr...o.Ct: havP i ttiglik=adstot;.,
ht:tli e lile o'6 R 4 ik4titi#4oPgallettillh."l?"9V, . „
,Alc+JA'4.l) :r44: ,. . ' 44 , 'V '':;1, .I):II..,.ARD.TOLD:' . c
;,.Carliile.!ZJitlig.4o4riT;_i!4 ,44 .7: , 'r. , ,p ,, ` :._,": _..,
?..‘`.i:,71':!;:',,7.,,,,:.:,1;..-.,'vf ~.-',..`,.
"-Y..;.:4;: , ;•; - ,: , .;,z , L: . !.` ,. - .. `:, ..' :., '.-
. • " • '-':.: 1, 6..... : ; ; ;a ~3.7"
. —...., ,