Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, July 07, 1847, Image 3

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    On illie - ,2sttrof-Juilo, nettle Yeelilineonr Themes,
in Diekineed tetewhin; Cn hiheiland enmity, FH c
4.04.1kgq4*.bent,.50 years.
.':>Vetut - i buertiscirants.
MOTs •
ratiirned TrOnathe city, with a large
nOttctithttillig-syeleinted tissertment ofSs,
-"Paintill Dye-Stab,'
• ' "
and..PATENT-MEICINES; including all
the new, preparations o ft he day, together with
a general assortmeat of choice PERFUMES,
rANpv ARTICLES, Stm,..• which makes his
stock full and complete, all of which ho will
poi LOWER. THAN EVER:• Call and .will
for yoorselies.
July 1,1847.
•Vetv Stippfy.
.THE subscriber luts just returned from the c ity
with a lot of NEW COIiDS, consisting
lim i t of the following articles: .
Chatobry, Plain Ginghams, Plaid tinglituns,
New Style Calicoes, a large lota
WhitoW brown .
WitbNfld.-brown 4-4 wird 5-4 Slicetings,
,Vlitkiiigs and Chaolis: Also
;'11?5 dose Cotton Hosiery, all :
200 lbs. white and 'colored Cotton Yarn,
Irish Linens, from sri} to $l,OO,
Ploin.Swiss, Book, Striped and Victoria Alta
line. , .
White end . .Faney peens for Getitlemthi,
. SataiiioOloth and Ettalnatteetui,
Cauimgre7 an& V waimp, Carpets, ile., &e.
, The abCom ireCi - articles united with the old will
i ctraiiker my stock complete. Gall at 'the Nen/ More
in North klanover street atitl examine.
Carlisledtily 7; 1847
CLO'VER = naLL rAuriac
. _ . ,
• 'FOR' . 8.11. E...
.• -.
MHE subscriber offers at private Pale 'the
' Jr . aboVe named- property,- situated -in 310.
rue township, Cumberland county, one mile
' wort bf Churelitown and tiyn miles item Car
_ liele,_on_the._road _lewd i og_froo t ihe la tLer . to
—York. Ferro contains 22 Atilt ES, more ur
tees, of first rate Limestone Laird,. bout 65 uf
w.hich are cleared and in a gootrstate ofeultiva
lion, and the residue well timbered. The ir ..
• ' provements urea two story STON
HOUSE UlLti liiiCilell, Frame Hu ri
Ho; , arth other odt-buildings there , 0
II 1
_ - erected, will; u well of Ateve , fiiil-•
log water tier the bowie, and a tine young Or_
chard of choice Fruit Trees. To a young ari ,
trdastrious farmer flifs place ulfois imam,
mente which are seldom to be not with.
; Also, Iva' be sold With the above,r . rdesired, 'it
tract of WoormAND, situate tie the same
township, about two Miles Iruin the ibi ' , Kr,
containing six acres naortrur less, well moor
ed with thriving tinabi.r.
For further particularti enquire . of the'sul ,
scriber, on the first-named premised.
July 7,1847..
.Lune‘etet Uttiumineert to - umuuninf V 3 and
send bill to advert leer. ' ' .
TWO PIANOS, ilytttioil order, for Hale on
reasonable• terms• ,Enquiry ut the Fur.
—niture—Roontu—ol—the .geliscriber, on North,
.• inly 9,
JAMES E.;ll' EAV En,
Fresh Fruits,
A CHOICE eilit'ply of froth. Orange., Lein
•one and other fruite,lust received itrid for
nate by S. W. HAN' E HST IC IC.
ANOTHER arrive tur fresh goads nt the
NEW and CH TA' STORE in-Wesi High
street, such tie Lawns, Oinwhams, Gingham
Lawns, Bleached' and Unbleached Ml.lins,
Ca hones, Trekinff±, Cheeks, Hosiery's, Queen--
ware, Gruceriea Sz.e
"rrarligle, July 7, 1847.
Office for Rent.
THE office on Muinstreet, next door to that
of Jae. H. Uovor, 'Esq., 4110 lately occupied
by the key. Mr. Newlin, is now for rent. It
la one of the most pleasant and desirable
lor an office in the borough.,
Immediate 4h:impassion will be given.—For
terms apply to NI re. JUDUE DUNCAN.
July 7, 1847.
T°"etENI.V.S 'SA USA R 11,1. A —Thu,
article is hale extensively ii,oif by ph) sleuths
and others for the removal and permanent mire of
diseases arising from an impol . e elate or tr.!
, blOO.l.
or habit of the system;
manufacturer to be five tiltit•S ‘ trOagel• than Dui
preparAtion of the same kind eAtalit, Mai each
bottle to contain a quart. "Price $1 per bottle..
• for sale by ' •
• • J. fic W. 13. FLEMING.
July 7,1847.
ALELA N DEWS Ti 1 .01:0 LI lie his r
improvement of tbis celebrated Hair D) e 'has
juat been received by
J.& W.ll. MEN! I N G.
July 7, 1847
13 OUST LLS HAIR I)Ye..—Thisnytitie. but
11, recently inven'ed by the well known diem
ist andperfumer whose name it bears, and whichis it stifficient guttroitee of its merit, has just been
received st the Drug store of
July 7,1847.
WAIM'S PANACEA.—A fresh siipply of
Sw.,stlips Paomica haskist been reeehe,i,hy
J. Sr. W. li, eLEMIN G.
July' k 847..
Fresh Pine Oil.
THE. subscriber line this day received h ham
of Fresh Pine Oil. ,
GEOfI(W. tiVrcEit: - .
.lely 7,1847.
- •
a g attaCe•
lll;l 4 ,p,rsons 'a'ro hereby, cautioned against
, purchasing it, promissory limo, to the a•
mount of 433, flown r bei in in.
I/Of of 13.. G., Miller. • ,Aik.thouubseribor hog not
received 'full value-In • consideration .for said
' note • hole itaturimined not to puy it until coin
'' ".:' ~SAMVEL'BRiCKETt.
701347. .- •
General TritiO lirlindri4Phical Society ,
z. The . Atnitveasamt of, .tidet Society, .1411 be
"deldbritied en• the , 7thzdett-oi , ..lalrtnead: The
'oeinpOLOgliti n0,%!i1l lie held 'limlie•Hall of the
Diektriitod i3t;tiL7ctal
p t „ no „ . „
tiaijPY Phis.
ACYCIi!:- P I, Or. P.M . r
I ,94lk9tMetlPAOst
,Chorclisrr,A. ' general ..naeokink,
=blither Or le looked for,
? - ..''Catlidlitl.lititit , 3o 1841' ••f , " l, •
Y 4 -IPIRVEY. O 4.7 I M ti2=ER ,
.. rt, be found:et his OVlthuiti the, rear of the
i2,t6 Ilbtille:l'ellit P!Vtiltlittv4ifigliqf4Notlnkett
' 4 .4 it.the ' builnese;ollitulti'of.tuulbti•r•Ad etukta St , -
veto of 141141'..,roattu, etu., , He. !111 Ovi,,llrepare
- 7':' It f eionyeykoeo, out! any. tillie . ,'tnutroOteitt .cif
kl?..,:fAti. , oleV.Tune '23. ii 4...,.. ~., , ,
..____..f.„:.!..L 4
_oo Pan ed.
- 7: - ..•!*.soo,rdkat.dry . 0:11'k svOl MI are Med
OPT . ' PiOdlimayli, co, lege , to • ilel
o theist et °otter 6ext. Propoaa la w ill be
histlittiahic r e pit 'the 12111:11 C•J u
i "
• " ,;•.1 z
oPtty eguidYir Y 1114).;
cot a a -,P4,5,41
ine- atrcijoi4 or
t„t4 ''soyig.b),l•Thrvo-,;B'"lEChttri%T.l
" 6 ,
,; ~,,:
UST received a Ittrge4upply..of; resh,Grol
tp CUries,UoUsisting,orsuporior tirown au e rtas,'
and Intif, :EWSlititl,,.'.PtilVdriked anti 7 clurified
SUCARS„ttit,of ;will be sold at reduced
prides.' Afeb"COF.FEE' ''dese(iption•
and price, with ti fino lot:Cfutrong .
Sat Perky in peria!, Iron n g
. .4:0;71 Dyson and Mac& LAS
tA "won from the best selection of Dal
vid Rankin, who has been cel
ebrated for 30 'years for Fel
ling the best Teas in Phihr
A foie , sets urthina Tea-Ware.;
Leaf Sugar syrup, sugar house and baking
`MOLASSES, superior importe . d HONEY(
Chcese, Dried Beef, sugar-mired Darns, dried
- Peaches anti 'Apples, Soup Imes, Cranberries,
Sailed nil. Mexed Picklex, Figs, Almougs,Rai
situt,Citroritt, Currents, Spices, Matljrcrel, Sal
mon, Shad and Herring, Hop &fa, and a great
variety amber articles too:numeroos to men.
tion. All of which will be'sold at sucloprices
as will give satisfaction, 'Oa end see.
N. 13.—Small shops eppplied a small ad
vance on Pldludciphia
Carlislo, Juno 16, 1817
A IrCQNI)F.I) - frcro the eMployment of the,
-sti'Aerther, 'Shirentatistouut, on elm
, log of the. ptli journeyman tailoroutiogil
xv him goods a mount
rrom $55 to,S4o,tionsisting of cloth, eassiatere.
!and suutnnis , goof s. lie is about d feet ti Melts
high, wore it li:irk:green dress coat,:gtritigltt
} bretuded dull k cloth rest, hod retry straight black
dotrituast expression, ind syas very !With
111. 0 ,1 4 ,1 % 4 1'Ite;abotli ressitiul is `sslFerthi thy his
detests:in tint! arrest ) , by the sulSseriber,
.Inns 16. 1 847,-.--a*
icrolcy: PictoN'y 1
Tx H. 48RX OLD has
,pis{ rrotrhed , from New orkwith a large awlselectml Joisoci„•,
r -Shrink,Ment,hlllll Summer Dcp(ininitt, which
lie will sell to his friends mid the plaint: genercr
ly on the lowest mid most reasfitable terms. I la
rmgpactliasell all Ks !limy goods at the package
sales, New \ he is eoutitleht that he can sell
thew .30 per colt cheaper than tiny store iit the
Pronelt LIM us (worth s:i) [ can sell
from . IS? to .23
(Thlollllll Sz Organey 1.-aWlis, new si3 Ic, l'i to .25
Enibroilleeed Scarfs for ilresseN . SIT to 50
All \Void lialkorines 'r . :il to 37
Nlotil de I 12 to 40
Barred and Plain Swiss " ' I'2 to '23
Handsome Hies Silks,
A splendid assortin't , s ii . liarage Shit o 41..: Searts.
. Silk do do
NC W stile Ribbons, Bloods, Colton and Thread
bases, Linen and Cambric liandk'fs, Hosiery
and Gime,. Also, ,'
'ClotAts, Suattiaier Cassiiiiierem
T%i ceik, DriWigs two Vest'ligs. A. large wt.
sol'itorlit of ingrain, 1 . 11114i:in mid Rag t uT•pet
iug. Floor Oil Cloths and Matting.'
Persons wi,,hin j; to put thane any of the a-.
hove articles will flail it to their athatitage to call
betore intreltatingselsewhere, -
Carliive. April 14. 1547.
•niat. the liroicipie euving diseitse hy
lug nod micilving the both•. is sicietly metfor—
Mimic with the laws whieh govern the pninaal
_economy ; and it• properly carried out by the use
Will soli:duly result in the complete abolition of
disease; u e offer the following testimonials, from
persons of tliehigliest respehnibility in New 'tore
who hove recto.. ly been cured of the most obiti •
Hate enngAxints, solely h)• the use of
duw Vegetable Polls of iGe Neirllt Ann:Heim Col—
lege of IlrHlth.
I•roni Nnio lodz
1) . 11. Wit . NV44I lIT Sir,—At yofir re
commendation, I :mine time stnee mad,: trial of.
Weight's Imhoff Vegetable Pilfe, or the' North
Inierieun f;ollege of Health, and ran COIISO . IOII
ously assert that for Purifying the blood and reit '
orating etc system, I have recett'ed more benefit
!runt their use than from Cl. yother'nofflieine it has
heretofore Ifetiff 'toy gond meet with.
I ant, dear :lit with maid. thanks, error obliged
friend, Cl I-A it NI:TATE,
No. 69'llammers13 stret,l4o., 't erk.
ilitrwarsin", , , X. Y.
gI II ,- , 7 1 hams beet. afflicted for set cull
ea , ~ iih 'nista - 11 weakness and general debt lir,
Het:01111M tinlys with pain in the side and
enure distressing' complaints. After having tried
‘arions medicines wiShout elfeet. 1 was persuaded
.iv a friend to ntlake hiring of Dr. 11'riglit's Italian I
Vegetahle Pills, a hic6 l sin happy to s gap have
eel 'sere& me imai•inost-nwmiletftil-manfte - K — rh a r e
need the instlicine as 3et but a short time, and
hat c no tioutit,hy tr perseverencesiii the use of the
medicine according to directimis o lial I shall in a
short line hit lici:l - eittly repaired.
I trust ercommend said 'to all ,
persons similarly alllicietioottl in the full belief,
that the same htmelicial results will follow Weir
I remain, yptirs sincerely.,
lVarwbrsiug, Ulster Co., New Vork.
B i"OiAitt Or Courrruttrarre.- . - The public are
motionedstutinst the num). guidons mellieines
whi, b in order to dereivr, ore called by twines
sit& Itw to AVriglit's Indian Vegetable Pills.
. I.:harks Curli.le.
John Coover, Mechanicsburg.
Breneman & Prime', New Cumberland
A. J. North, " "
A lox. Cat heart. Sheperdstown,
.1 & S A Coyle% Ilogestown,
Isnoc Bartnin Lisbon, ,
Sit vaer and Pauli Altorelitorp,,
John P.p.:1440g, Nlitilin X ROadzi,
S. L. Sententan, Newburg,
10111tes devoted exclusively to the sole or
Wrialq's Indian ,V,rgentllle Pills, tvltolesale and
retail. 169 Rave Street, 14,iludelphin ; 28k Clet.en
win!, Street, New York; sod 198 Tremont Street,
Iles on.
fish t -Fish
200 ht,N. No. I, 2 and 3 Mackerel.
100 bbk. Na. 1 Shad.
100 half Mils. family shad.
100 bbls Herring, for pale by
FUNK & 9111 t LF11
Ilarriaburg, June 9;1847.
WO TONS Pine Giovq,coAl 4 ;2oo tp2 ,
nn .
Wifisbarroe Con(-20,910ne time burnTre
Cual5001) bus. SituminuuirCoul,
for aalu by, • • . ; 7 ,
flarrnb-irg, Juneo, HO. •
Si . det9
ty,';7's'ric4;' 1 81 7•;r-177
• , •
j tf TJ'f , OF_ • .
opened loktithatidxoino Ittige
at the iitore.:ot '
June 9 4 184 V ,: ~.. !;1•,1 •
rl •
, TS. "
tlsceivedilot,of how'etylii Pa nisolvtlit
Chinane. patiliWailirdliT4 - 1111 - tretic u lipW itr
mtoro of :`
- ---'
- E2
' ' i'' **.' 'the esteie
ETTEibt'i'iil4loo4 ktilli n Ato -r,R,i-ti i - 4
- Tir Ditlifel - ttelfilloeyeS,•el.9 . , : ,
• 0 erlatel couety,,ee,,,,eeve keep
- ..
:' t, Icl, 7 :oeu,e,y4eforearit/.
.411 c 1 1
ii c
14 ,-- Agiteriett-itt: 00hy, „ t,t , , ,,, air.que..,!,,
to ‘....tti, , ,, , p.. 11 ,.,ipr ~ , ,,,,,,,ii,it i .„
,P kv br i; R p P re;ellt e :;: ' ' ';:;...iiii:liiiii_ait:l4.33slllll'vil:A'edimal::::
-_,.;:,' ''.., :is .9 -gilitu 2 ,.. R, ;. . ~,,
~ 11114. :vAil 18s t i oix ! ki'1fi'PP?7:', , . ~....,..- ! .. i.e.-4,1
.• ''. "` '
I ,
;11 4 411.11f i riteet,,OXI I *6 - 11: ,,1 1 - 7;
14,i1L1; y 41,11116 g,, 14;, Plies
A`Kcip)cit; altalsgte v rl f lirpolb"Vetiyi rgd . ' in fishini;
retilliti)l,*ol eittlmarifq
b er to , lh¢tltcehHbir"dPeeryt►onrgr l ;
June 2,1817. '
, •
• s Nottctoi
AAditorhi 7
Pri-P.A I 9 2I :Fot clirArr,TAdm'x:
r'at 1116 bettifo.iif l itinuii4lipti,Vri deed; MIL
tied 'by the'Einotyjill'Extouter w ,
being rofetreil lo'ina hp ?the Orplion's douitiin
ao unditor,,tit report, os,iv, nytto.inanilial the
aiisots : I le,oreliy, give notion.,tinio attend
tho duties
,qi'iiidiiiniintitiontott my . :offido
in C i arlillo,on_riidny
'The grockiturit will gleaso hand in their claims
ou qi before alai Any: i_
.t,VM : MILL ER,
.I;:'ne 16th, ,11347: . •
TliE• undersigned, f %uditon appointe d
. by
theDrphan's Court of Cnimborlatid Coun
ty, to marshal and distribute .the miscue; of the
esTalifof,lncon Rum deo'd.,late.ol East 13.-nns
borough township,. (in theliands 'of his Exe
cutor Henry Repo 41mong.the.crediters,) Iterti7
by givo4 notice that lie will nttand to the du
ties on Saturday., the 3d day of July next, at
his office An Carlisle. All persons having
clahns must hand Went, or before that
day, or loose the benefit:Willa fund.
Carlisle, June 1 , 41.8 47.
Nur EMl3f.R.9..orthti Allen and. Eastpenns
-0 tiorouMutuala Firo .Instininco Com•
puny of Cumberland county, die hereby notl.
lied that the bootd of Managers have or.dered
•an assesenVentof four per Cent On ull prondium
notes duo the compriny on the 99th duy of May
last, to Le paid previouslo'tho9th day uf l Ah
gnat head to the Treastiver'orin (lie recover:
N. I:3.—tho receivers for Cninberland coon.
ty, are William' M. Iteetern, (Prothonotary's
Otrice,) .Carlisle, Robert C. Swett, South Mid
illeton,, John Comer, i4tj. Mechanicksburg,
Rudolph .Mdrtiii, New Citin),erland, • -
"TrensureV, Michael Copitlin neat Shdpherds.
town, Cumberland County.,
June 9,1'847.
Eslate a Samuel dt.Te'th
NOTICE is'herehy_giSTll that letters teslanyen
tart. hi . the Litt will and testament of Sairmel
Bowman, late 'hf \Vest Pentisboro' township,
Ihimberland Coe nty.tleeease4,linve this day been
ed by the Register in and I'nt• said
.tense Lefever,. him resides in said township of
\Vest l'ennshoro' ar..l Jacob Bowman, who re•
sides in. NliMin..thwhship in said Counix. All
Persons liming claims. and demands against tho
estate of`the said cleeedek nee requested to make
known the same wnhont delay, and those indebt
eo to maki.payment.
15-14“..! LEFEVER., Exr ,.
Estate of .lOhn Eichokls, Oec'd,
woTic t; is hereby given hut letters teste
d`© mentdry otethe estate of kiiiN , EII:IIULDS,
bite. of ulion gyp., deed, have been grunted to
the subscriber, residing in the borough of Mo
rhaniestnirg. persons havingdtaims and
demands against the said estate will, present
'them for settlement without delay ; and those
iridebred fwd.° payment to —
June E'tec'f.
it3 4 6tiee: •
W 01.7111) hereby ivatily,all persons concerned,
olio are arrears either by bond, gate,
to call :mil settle up their reippetive
dues, 05 I ha' e ilLawiseil of my entire sffick of
Ilarilo ay.: to Messrs. Fish'ar I.z Fortney of Har
risburg. I hose mild for no-other re 10.0.)
Setllo up my books, Vind the sooner calls aire t runde
the better, as by alert ajl the accounts will
be left JA the 1015..0r , a legal 'officer for 'cffilee
lion. .S'everal attempts have lieretolbre been
mode to selllei-p inly hooks but failed, so We now
give fair warning thytt if 000 way fiole there's a
woo that o ill Out Mil. -Those having business
wit 41111,- wit I •ri l Ole at iny-residence,-atruerol
Loather and Pitt sit eels. -
. . SP '
April 14', 1847.
T NI)1•:11 the provisions of the act oT 18.44
any count) ail) ing into the State Treasury
tile Stole tax ievlril- oi, Bitch:county, plor to fl,c
1503 of July iu On) Tear, is entitled ill an ablite
meld of 5 per (rid. on tile amount so paid
The undersigned, COIIIIIIiSSICOeI`II of
111011 COUnTY, In, 'AC) Of he ahm e provisions,
consider itelittilable and proper thnt those, who
by the prompt pas meld of their taxes prior to
the pbo•e date, enable tins Trenburer to pay over
the :stare Wt., so solo receive theetoressid abate
ment of .5 per oral.
,benefit of which has
hitherto been enjoyed by. the. Citizens of the
- eninity generally, should be allowed a iletltietion
1,f.4114 ]]]] 11111 by the collector—lave authorized
- t till even en cc ors to ma e said 'abatement
from the State MX, in all cases whet'e *the state
and County tax is paid to the collector prior In
the 1511 of July, 1847, when said alnitenimit Ell/11l
111T1011111 to one cent or more, 'ho IVaettons of a.
ceiwto he credited.
Since the net of 1844, the etimmiasimier.i have
paid the 'State tax of this coutrtv nonentity to the
Mina Teealtirers, within the time prescribed by
the act, and, the comity 'has received the benefit of
all abatement of live per cent. thereon, but to
meet said payment they have 10111111 it occessary
heretofore to appropriate it part of the county
113 Meet the . deficiency occasioned by de
inmetrlvowail the balance of the State tax nits
collected. It therefore becomes necessity to
require the pa) float f both Slate andrComity tax
to entitle the paver to the aforesaid abatement
upon.the ttliiresaid State tita.
The undersigned therefore confident)) andel
psite.that I lie shove arrangement, and the farther
iiiihieeMClit of enahlina. , Comherlancl comity to
nutiataiti the character Ton peomptness antl
ty whiled she has thu discharge of her
ont . igstions to the Commonwealth, will inclitre
eveff citizen 11161111111'0 11W - if Mile and County
tax prior to the 15th (Ins, of Juts. t
County Comm'isaimers.
" ArrrsT--WNI.REILY, Clerk.
Estate of Detrick Cooklin, deceased,
itotyricE is hereby gimp that Letters loath
inanity nri, Ate bp't will or Drritick
COCK Leig , late 'Of A I Itin 'to teitsbi p; Cumberland
CoultlY, l o9'd haVe• htdri kratifed !jeweler
to the, aphsoriheri Monroe. township,
AP ,persons .110:,14. claims
gitlust snip tleeddiettqa estate, will present them,
roe settlement, awl those lutlebted yrigitl (Mate
:wilt inate tranAiatii. jintrn' ' •
Crux S. cbaug; Ex
'May .12, 1114. T..
Estate of Cllristiuna Meta; cle'deaVad;
•liKtarldE, it hereby, g iven that holey, pr
111 or,Ohris.,
tieno blotz otlietwien, calla d Chiiitun 1u Swai•
girs;.litivitig, been
..isii!iecillO'Weitihickiheri lie
cplls upon ha'vini'Muleiii'lipoii the
- eiteato mesent foi'liettlenielef,arild Open
in; the,' Serate, to iniike •
f.o'imiatihr - hhiiillsetthi L his adniinii•
o,Bpra-rtcARTNE A ,
Estate ,of L. S, ObliiCK,ldde,'d.
~ . O T LC
'l , ' . • . ~ N 1 ;IV, .i., .t. t ..-. 1...,-
1 1114 i
0T IC,,ller.oby,,,glyeo,tlipA, leltora of
oiiglijkiltrittiokoo,ilickifiggto., fTr 8 Ciro
~ WI 0019 blroogil ofiV,lpti cOlilliiiiisod, Cu in
-14tifiriti15aoribor residing in , thtssipfoir , Olooo.-'
741r7fiirrtionwrin0411101 1 -Nilrpnlike)'!immediato
3popoont, and those hoy,f9g,o)oimo will Iprekiof
34.frir,espwitjy9 accooptojprppor)y : authentic u -.
Led i'orptilopoopf.:l;Y - :,i (., - .
..'.' ~ j , ;.)1 4 . 0 1 50 . w i II‘HENRYI PREIigNIAN.,' I t
f'to.4:lV/7t fl, ..,',. 1,; . :1'-';-..).;:l , . • , Agliiiir..
. _
-- A -L AR t iElunntity , ar - 7.Rgekgi - 401011Fii:dre . ;: -
It for Scluit4s, livexcollent order and fornfil6
Of. 1110' gOiner
Araiitifhoteek on Ninin tilinciver ieeN, • f.A•rqc
May 5.: 18 4 7 I JA§,.ll.;.;wpAiEri..,l.,
iG woe at the Drug elgiP of
ip titigKt
• • IRISH LINENSir! ^ o
"etc Pll
'0" Valitle° 4 ";WlSlTPPTetl , F ‘
cottdo,jubt rorkiNott ayd.4.00664
)rjgrie „ 1y.,49T,
Notice to Tait Payers
i'•. "•'-`""'"- • w " ---7 1: --
• •
- 1 1- airill4Or
3 Vti ;
T WIS , to, attlA-oxt ae..my_
' 'towtiallioC:timberland
rend iggSttOttrg,•;antlicotititying :307' nere's.ol,
Slate land oibdut 30"aerea ot Which, are. Woody,
iblVgifoti atatm,
. ONO i 11-ai ion. ' • The rnproiieni &its 1.4
at'e tt`Tlllo4TOity .„
IVeatherboartletl , LOG 4t -g j i •
water near th, house, witli•nn , Okell..!;`7
nnil of AWISRIPeaeIi, Clierry,6Plitm, and, code.
hearing fruit irees, in line . condition. I. wIII sell
Oft'n . :trtgibitiVitaratte wholti4Ogetheeiati , may best
suit purelutgerei.. • ~• : .
,ja If not told!nt iiri,vate'sale by the 7,ilt titty of
Alienst mist; it will on•that Sit Oft•itted at
pablie &Tin. For further pat;tipillinq eiiiiitire of
the aii4erlher liciup on the , • .• , '
' , ' JACOB wEAvEt:.3
.FaR.7ll FOR Sate% ! ,
:,•• , ~
iTdubtriter ore rs his fOa t private
tedinNewto,t : . l icon.
be an'd county, 2 Wiles west of Newville,. on
the road leading 'to Germantown; end' a a mile
T ,
flom Collard's mill, onntaiilin . g 1,51 Acres,
ul freestone. land, about 90 acres ot .which , is
clke red with thriving Timliee, Ad. the remold
der clear and in a good state of •chltjaa.tion. 7:
The improvements are a good log , . . •, -,;, ,
two-story HOUSE und KITCLI— :;14.itt 5 .
EN,. a double LOG BARNrcider ".i. , :ti: I :Is,
press. and elf other ttetess'aey 4 ,4 ••• , . u ....,:m...
buildings. eAlso, a
_good Tenant: floupeoUc.i
-Which has a never failing•well ciElitliiiier at the
door, with an orch4rd of choice trait trees.—•
For ruether particulars eriquiee of the nulicri
bee on the premises. JACOB RAMP.
May 27th, 1847.
Cloths, Cassitridtes. an d Sattindts.
witEN CH CLOTHS, Caeaimerea, Safinetta
Satin, Silk. and Marabilles Veitinga,• at
great barguins at the now atort in West High-
Street. 't.;/14131"0 - NY.
Carlisle. May 19, 1847.
Gb Mts. AVliiie Sugar ;50 do. Brown do
r .,;,,1.7":10 Tierce:6 Hooey.
. 10 Rice.
• .Bugs Rice.
.5 Kegs Allspice,
5 " Pepyyr for sale be ,
e., FUNK 411 MILLE t Ii
Harrisburg, May 9,6, I 8.17.--.lf•
Salt and Plasteir. .
200 Tniis Piaster, SOO - Seeks G. A. &tit
si) Sacks Ashton fine do.
tuu Dairy do.
For Sole by
Harrisburg, May '26, 1847. —tf.
PR Cider Vinegar. One b4l pure Cider
Vinegar, just received by
mey 26, idtfi. George W flit no
New lEiore o
THE subscriber has opened a - new and
hindsnine stock of ,
CMS44 . .)CrJUDM, 9 ,
GB OC Eio i*JEcliswA IftE , 1
&0., &c.,-cormisttng-.0-Giothe dpd Criss mays*.
Catiliniarers,'Tweada,,pnd all other 'kinds of
goods for gentlemen's wear. Gingham Lawns,'
and Gingliarns, a good assortment for lathes,.
Wursted Ca melians in dress - patterns and Or.
goodies,- all suitable for: Spring dress for la•
ladies logethar .with.a.good.itock of enhance:
mid gait - ins, arrd - Ifib - bons, Palm Taaf
Hots, Lind a small lot uf,'Cope May suit.
-able—tor—ge-ritlemen. Also, a good steak of
Sugars, .Coiree,
,;,1,1 SPICES of ult kiricre—together with
nllnf which the aubderiber 1/61).5e1l :CUE P
- .
Ca.l6lc, Ap7il 7 ,1897.
WIIAT is most conducive to health'? A
TION:OF THE BLOOD. Now tl•e best meth.
oti to insure a healthy stato of Blood is. on the
first symptom of any disordef of the eireuln
rig.fluid, Dyspepsia. Costiveness,
hick arise
therefrom, to use Hance's Sarsaparilla or Blood
pills in a box for 25 eels. according
to lite directions, and yon will obtain ttutnedi•
ate relief.
One Word of Caution.—When you co to
purchase Hence 'a Sarsaparilla or Blood Pifis,
be sore you get the genuinci - eiticle. 'Price 25
cents pc.r box, or five blixes for one 'dollar. For
8010 by Stalk S. Hance, 108 Baltimore' street,
and corner of Charles and Pratt els., Balti
F'nr snln in Carlisle, by . J. R. %V. B. FLEW
I NG, at their cheap Drug vier°,
Railroad Depot. (Juno'!, :8470
IT has pow ; to cause all of ferhal SORES,
I'oISON OUS W OU N np, to tit selaa'rge theft. pu
tr lai,annfers, and then heals them. '
It Is ri l ,latiV termed All-healing, for there is
seaveely a disease, - 01. - itifT:tiail;thatale
ill t‘ot benefit. I lime used it for the last lour.'
teen news falr al f - Ili senses of the chest; consump.
boll anal• liver, invulVinf; the 'utmost danger, mud
responsibility, and J deoli,re before beaten' find
man, that not one singld case has it failed i tb ben
efit when the patient was within the reedit' at'
inertia means.
I have harphisicians' teornelltnlhefirtifesslon.
I hate land tadiatsters of (lie Dossel,;.lllsies of, the • ,
bench, Al ilermeia';' Lawyers, gentleuielk U 1 the
hikthest erudition, and nalltitudesprilie'poor aise
it in every vfiriety Or ism* nuiFthere 'islliebil hoc, •
one, voice---cniu unl‘Jellat 'iloieL4jskyihg, f•?le-•
Aliister, your.Ointrnent, is DOOP:". i "! '
' ItiONSUIIPTION.'-..lleasvhaidl3f be orballted
that a sshie can have any 'effect-upon. the: twigs.
-fatted a tual they ais'. Wlttlin at:11110j steiri. , . Out,. if
placed upon thd attest, it penetrates to the. lunge ;
sdpsratefoin poisonotivi 'PP rli, ol e° 0, 1 , 1 "1 1 1 4 ,*C1T.15ul
1 ming 9(amokudiwittct.9,tbfvrcirn lie systep.,
'tie - emit* perilous of , Ppniuinptlon,eoutleuilli;
HEADM.;I:II.Ir...,The ~s,st've.,llai.eiricl,'perienS
of the hesOseheof ,1 L, stanaltpir, and 'Wh'is
had it rsgalur, eyery-i.weelact flittl , ,fmtsiltaig 'brek .
Wok liialls.• .., ~ I. , ~..,,,,,, ~,? ~.,e, ce
. .o , ..: , i,'!-
::dlietitinits Sind
.r.iir Aoltultrii liehietil, 'fills. like'
M10CQ611. , ;.# !.... ,„0,: ;.„ ;,•;,.,:: 1 I 1 1 ~,,,L I, .„,:r, I . i 'l , ~
' ' 'RliEUliii.Tl4ll344 ritql o Fqten l o 6l. IMMe . .
, Iliattly,.;ll4tiliflpmsdlO ' n,,cukil:isy o ,ttilli*.#ri f the .
pain ceases.!.. lleeil - ,l4.,(lJrcullr,i,n pl,Ffullpl. (si`,'P9, 4 t . .
COLD:rEEM4-CPultilailll l 9,4 l 4.* o • g , qtn.l.
illalit,,poin IP .the,,Ottgi ptiNgfpfr.otthei ..
huh. one, oe.tho.,uthir, ONO/ Jic ,)( 11*.1.P. 81 .9e;i t ie.0, 1 .1., 1 "
feet. : , (Iritif , Oiehrop.oo/ 11 ,W3tIllf , Verrke.P.).'u l'ii: '
la ewieigivAoltll;ell.4l,ter have cold feet: , •• , •.: . ..1 , •••c.
lit serorelik, oltl.prus, ilryilliellipi -pullrlituni,' , 1
liVer , -Ct"P 114111 4,0c9. , A1 3 ) 94ki1.43% NO :th rilll 0 ,
liratieltitis,,hrokeu or . aere :brea tit , pile:l4 ill uhest i .
diseases suiliniuSllkrust;,oppruspilpopipuln4.nls9,!
sore luts,ehoppeOundOllFfitiesiclPinetti tSciti'l
libilu.,psry9Us fllaeriielehD:er,''lhe - epineoiltriai Is ,
lip laialiai qe, , n ciiv 'li.ithliiil ! #!gand:4;:y-,—;-4 - ,7, - . r-,- - 7 ,
So 44 , ,D , tur,gt!i4i, , ,yolo,ii . lit:id eases dine'
Heitialli.di'llAdi.,iliertlll:lpklthow4fkiiitwel as t tip
olillit'y j oi;:koici,ApOor.ll.,‘' 9pe 'IVO Ioill'uih. 0 ::
luid sPriii sollbil' WS elillclreu. 4 sitloAtt firly iiiiiiigi . '
fit, Whet+ slew beaesor iiliihholit'Oureilihriii; ~ -1 '
.44 01 15TE.4 -1 I 011:fehture'Ilis) heir itlpiii'o •
Ilion tiePelhP thiiigl • . 1 ',;'. , •- ) !..1.' , •1'Ut ~ ill = '- 4 1 1
-,., .11IIIttN , S:Atia thVharatl4lng.i%Ple• wijrlll (ur, ,
,B nrha. ~;., ( Itetitri he t p r ec A l tat illfo,uo,d7tne-holtrr.:,a.?
:' NV ORNl4'., l lC4llldriVe every itatigief,them
.1."44.1+;',174-ril(lif:,-.l?r,"tif-i1F4i.,i4442y,'N--f ~1,,....:,..,,
',/.(flierg(llV:r(ohilblyilom!'etltii,lns:on;* face' of ; ,
4hbenCtliat'Sidaff lilf sum A" 4IIOOI FP:' I SW 9 '9omti
olor. vihro,c)e! •,') ,• ..fv'tvi: , -ti. , • • • , r 4
1: '.
1 . ,CPll.ttAirlPce'mili.l9,4,ff* oh .Illii 3 Oihlhrtit will'
illyays) esiieer i tia l lyortr,gpari'a);.
i lllkiiile
1 le ph thein - ItIII4 idill aye Row.
Mepr ihrtl i til l '- t id , '• ' I I - Ai. b it
~ • IL .. ..- I i dth are•yea ly. cure y A a.
huga4•. , r• , '..,' '•:e• • " • '
l'" '‘',..!: ,4, t,i 7 : 6 .tCsplg,iiritasuiliTnli.koi: , •'..
.t'4P.:44 . 61/060i'etiiiv'brthe . Dbiwiniiiditifio.A,
i ,
kiqp,ktyrioN4 , l4 oirvemozwilitt4iT9r,
Trial unlese - ,the'*i 'aiir-Off AlitikaligififiAlbster". Wt.
'4lll6o.4moiLitfitet 4 .crp.Atitsltyrittittl.with a Pow
AtV9.o*sl,,hilktitifr, .1 , ,'1.i:.' ' ' J...'.' ,, ' - '"" - , 1 ,h , ”).i.11t1
,Sold 11 , 047iioo;IyAek:;FLI.IpTiTi:• : i - r'•;‘.'.••7.'!‘
. ~vtares. Ally coops.; -
. ....
ItiHN.thhicritter:id-dcfdition-to,his. enrol.' r
;!. ',; '4's.lissilik rit,, , i6o 4.`piA n tie° i' "h IN N E!W.
',l4` gE, ton vN stilt , lllaniWeii Street; d splotntcr.
ices itinent iiil Goods; etinfistlegdn• pact of 1 IS ,
'Rd 'wing.::—=gety' style raliefeee;lSColeh• OW!,
11ain,q 11 Olnglaint i Lawn't;;l3h'ruigto. 'Mons di;
!Leines, 4,6,:- 't.744pp6' may liAq's:flicleriilempp,
fiummei. 04th di - erotormigloth r ,
-131ack L'ashmatett; Tweeds once rd;ll33o•Cassi
mores:, Also; Carpnting, Window Blinde, and .
'Fldoi Oil "01011, ... '' - ' ' i - !` , l' It N I •il .
The:fieoplii die rOgpeotrelly; lii'altellth'eallontl
'ckatnnte the stoc:i as I will Bell Ateap Tor the
ehasii,:e.. May 12.) S,A COYLE;
rl •i • _
T IIF.:. subscriber , has just opened in the
atoro room lately occupied by R. Simi:
g ras s, ksa„ West High . :Street s iii lbe•bgrougl,
of Carlisle; a.largo and general assortment of
Dry Gooels, arotpries, Queensware,
'Erardigarg, '
all of W filch' have, been rieleeted with gret care
end which he is deterthaied to sell as'eheap as
the cheapest. ;
The pnblio re'respeWully itivited to give
him , a calf !' he tlatterh \himself that, he can
Mier such InchicCmcnts 03 van make it their
interest to•patroniSo
; • J. G. CARMONY..
CO - *.A let•nf auction. Dry Goods at very low'
..May 'l9, 1847. ..• .
ne lli"
Fa G 1, 44 cerff
op rv -m• subscriber takes this niethOti to inform
his mends, and the public in general that he
has,jtint opened in the house lately - occupied by
1/1.4.10hn A rinstrung and thredtloors east of .1 be
jihoits' Warehouse. a lar , e ud..eneral
sortmant of Family Grocerien, den tts "ens,
•QatretA,Sugan,..3.l4lasses, Chouolote molt , ,Spites ol
everh glz script ion. Aesh, a large and well selec
'art aloe& of
WillcT-ware, Ittatabes,'Pocket . a,Stc. btc. ,
lam) or every• description, from the common
stmAitig tobacco, up to Wootlwavil's best 'loco ,
"the it ihll are respectfully invited to call . and
examine his stock before I uyiue elsewhere; na he
flatters himsell that he cannot fall to p!ease them,
both in price and quality. • .--••
• N. 11..—His friends from thecountry Gail
it to their tolotantalte to glve hm a call the active
is ctnveniently aituated,just a felv'stepsTrott Mr.
It bonds' hvern.
Carlisle,Juttie :2, IR4
rir. 'phliscrilier . .'eis Wevaillitted u hl l Store
ltedtri, and 13' - now rec;:iving sn'entire new
ski nt freshatillply o -nraliarthiles connected with
th e Grocery ihitl Qocensteure business, enibese-
Ing Coffees and Peas - of the lines/ - qualities, Syy•
, tips Sugur House and 'Orleans lolasses, togeth
er with
' .Cednr-ware, - .l9loneniewire - and,
6iasi-warg; „ ,
flrnwn and Loaf, 85 also crushed Lont'Segar",
Painted Tubs, Buckets, the. (&., .all of which is
offered l'or sale at the lowest cash profits. Oisi•
%lends and the public are invited to call'and
4401,Efe40r then/Belies At the old stand and MOM
IO6A 1 1/ ' • ' J.. W. EBY.
GaHrsle ' April 14,1347.
Sw• - tiAvvorerici( (les:res to inform his
•fitientistind the public that his new-SPRING
AN I) SUMMER SUPPLY of goods, which
have been tiehmted with great ;tare by himself per
sonally, anilluts op med at his old and nett known
establishriient on North I (Hoover street, embrace
a supply of FItESII DRUGS, together with a
most eltensive, rich and varied stock of BOOKS,
(both-achonl—amP miscellaneous;) 'V A N C Y
GOODS, PERFUMES, Stu: Stk. to c hick he feels
confident ho may htvitu the Ilit*liioll all the pub
he with the full assurance of Ming able to supply everyw hat and grttify every taste, besides ensur
ing entiresatisfection by the sent reasmsuble terms
upon which his numerous at tieWs Will be dispos
ed of.
He would call the partienlar attention of Pam
ilies and Physicians to Itiml'eplenislied assort net
of DRUGS and 11-IEDICI-XES, which hart been
uriilmsed at the be.t tousesinTliihnielphi
may. ere ett epos for freshnesi and excellence.
Added to,,these will be found- do entire stock of
&C., all of which he wi t ensure to be
or the best 'finality and at the yery.lowest prices.
He has matte many 'Wiliam's! to Ida stock 1)f
BOOKS; besidealecuring a new semi/rot' all the
Text Books, Histories, Readers, I.exicons, Wrl.
ling Books, Ate. now in use in College end our
public ichnols—which he will dispose .7.1 on terms
suited to the circumstances of all.
His stock of FANCY ARTICLES Fmbrnees
a rielt and extensive 'collection which it woOld be
impossible to enumerate, bat comprittiwg many
novelties which cannot fitil to strike life 'eye and
please the taste, such as Ladies and Gentlemen's
Cutlery, Gold and,Silyet. Peas and Pencils, Hair
Tooth and Clothes 'finishes. Perfumes otAtou.
Belle's rich and extenp)ve varieties. Fancy Soars,
o Card Cases, Pocket Pistols,-
Pocket bdoks, bz, Btc.• •
• 4lsn. .14 new supply of Carneltus's elegant
LATH)"B,.kM PS, togthe'e witlitlperm and Mould.
Candle's, sketa, Musical I nstrtiments,Pmbrel,
_IAx. hiiirep_Tuys,.Heor er. ar t 1..
ales in the 'variety Hole, which with n constant
supply of fresh FRUITS, nuts and Confectionary
of the rieh'eXt.tinstlrty, make a large a'ati :splendid
- ptite'g to lietennfitlettily ittiites ilAlittentiont
andipaironage of leis torn and country 11;iciols, at
the 010 otipisi in North flanover street, nearly up
po'slfe ftie ttirl i 131(nki •
m,11E,,, au bacrip ers li uye just . i.eerive(f in ((del i
i, (ion to 1110 r
. fot tiicr titpee k tOar*O supply at
, - , Drup,.Nedicinesi DyevSfuffa, and
'' -• • ' Fancy Aniolea, - •
V et . pee wantingliny thing hi tiliS line ; will (In'
igll to ,eall'it! we are"tietertnine4 icrnt'll" low for
(lllgei'l:tuelian'etklitnette 3 ih mirrittitcui to lief
Alio best iitieltiiii , tee. to *aura'slur , II A kit ' in
, euseis'of italdtitoss,ivruyont he felling out, oikre.
- mowing.: fkinalsoff, Scarf, Ist 44, front. the-Iteetri—v
I)ipiteeihtto.le : 2,,, 3", . , .. A .,. : , 7 .,,„ ‘ ~ ~,,,,.. •,, , ..,
. I NV lip er„'sTeabqrry, together .with ,the Csie z
..Raue4.„ 'Oomit,,e4nntot f.N ott4l:
t 4; t t t rine oti.4
)I,ooth 1 ash, t4t.:(Sslu At, the:Dreg Stetii,of o'''' ,,
' ?IX W,. 4 I . I(P,NIWG: .'
‘,.. -,..
VS' ~
~ .- --'1 1 0 0. 4 k 77FAND-..-BNIIFF •
o §,kw,
. I - Y l P 'o4 l 4l # 6 tt . i 4 tiliVi,il ) ,g:cfn'!? -4 1 1 OP
„,. ; .,,,,,,,r. 0 „...„,„;,,,„,,,„v.„ R p 0 ppAikby Xr,
1 , (41 0,4 Yn„-,ii, 11' . 4 °M1 1 91Vt.iir' l l:!ktriTAttltq .44° '
,c,t,thi,9o9AB,llt,,,lnignurs pl i ll,44siepe, '•. -with' 1
Vh4ilee ertiejes ,111• Ii fa Ilite,b4i)4l4' oik-fiefp
Pas . tititlistA. , ,atid Ct.digress • eliewitig Llobni.e4;
Cii.eFtl.4t . t po4 - 91404, ,t 5 00. 1 . 4 1, - t, - P,,/" tntidT',4!!
.'llgltiop . ',4ll7cliAll,filti,Y- tillPl:i An fI; '9 linnPi 0 1 141.
ilf S'panteh,p?pgAjle,qlttlih!Fs, 44dtpalittOr:
ino:i.ffrp94.(..y,4br"l4 l '4"d ' §ectirailt4 11l 1
Ifitßitoig-iPAiics9t l4 9l 4 frit i o,at!.4 4 wid.kpit
, ,',liiimilfoi:P-Pii l l,9rJAk-,001 13, 30.d,win1ik
Lino„ 0;3110 , , sppiar.9,Dikico,..o,
whke.Ato4Ny A(. .?4 1 )pro!),*.s'ell',,to . tilbewho
Ailey:399pip,,itß4ivp,;l! ; ,9;4!:;..,:impil )4 Vett!
.211144514.C0hc 1 .4 116 1 1 4.-, ,, t44-- 1 --- , '. 11 — . '" 11
..,1 k :...4 . A.1i cAlsgtor.;:. ,
)llriggi: (ime fr=,,,. 4
erg ibirrziagii
use to reatorii;ttwe Hatt in eoses:oiltldueae,
prover - it it dui; arid. removidg au.
druftliiiihife;tee,; i fteei theheild.
tleno.n Trictiton!, 0f,259 North etteqt,:,
phge4c4fl6l,eAtAiolll4. fa w bat tteit of I
g ;MN reps y.
tiv,thripp of' hlti th ( at'
;thetel.einbte .fpw tiald heado they ijeo
Opitt 3 / 4 1 1; e rpr gmloo-a-g.e-DruotoreitotD}: ,
' o d
74' qY. • ;
-: •
`tli6ir street ,
iiitboiiiiyulN•oootie St -,'
,lalt e tor. , o;il ffrAlarOlv.
.wltich in 'addition 40, lhcii . fotinerasioelki,tinakes
theitl'assortmenclarier and mioatt.uonsislate than
will he tumid itt.ang.
°lime atore-insheotgattayolnd
to s bleb they would call ih4 attleatim.
eta,' Meehanies . and all wauttag gofids. In thiir
line. heir stork comprises a hill ithschtlin't . ot
L0'66'811(1 latches of 'every desaitillMl.
•Hinges, l St yews, Volts, Shutter Pastnings stud
Winbow , Springs ;•• "' -
Circular. Cross-to t nod Mill Saws; • ,
Hand, Pa nnel, , Ripping uud Tennunt Saws ;
..011,ittals,,Gouges.and Plain Wits; • . _
Planes ol tverV, kittll ; • • 1.
. Patent trot! and Bull Braces;
earnincul and Plaited Braces with Bills ;
tVilner'and nitt, ;
and Nail ;'
Hatebtas, l lritwlug Krises ;
141101! and Nail Hammers;
Piles and Hasps; .• • -
Truett Halter and Cow Chains ; '
I l
Names, Slatvels, spades and lines
Hut - and ,N 4 Fattore borks,,Straw Knifes &c. ;
Kn.v,es and Por,kit off every atyley -
Pen,'Peeket lilt k Naives,
Scissors and Shears
Tulle and Tins F•peolts ;." "
NV;titers and Tries; Ca allfstiaks ;
lirass Andirons; Shovels:oat Toni, . ' .•
Pane,,v mid enratfrott s ; • '
Smoothing Irons; • ; . • .•
notional tut every dt.script I An deednr-wr •,
Thicv have also a full and ebilipletauwit?rtiiit
Sadildling and goods for nominee builders ; ,
Wligoli Boxes, Carriage Spas t
Paints, ailsandltbe,Stuita• •
• Coaliit ,ealtinCti-IJiman sand • thetk - Vstimish•--- 3
Wintldw Gists; Patty,
Also just
4 201roiss of lahr Iron. ' •
'et-iva lug a full ssoi•intluit of alt kinds
leitsslate and Noterieatt - Sheet !fan, Hoop Iron . •
CaSt,Sitenr, Blistei. and Spri'v,g'Steel '
Anvils; Viers, Nails and Spikes •
Till;Plate Zinc, Spelzer ;
Pig and Bar ..Leatli 'Mao,
G rass y t lies,
9. 0 flag Seytlie;:riialis,i.
„ ,
R'Persons w taning to .
1:0 per eeta rheir
pu,•rtinves, ore invited to r:01 fool e amine ,pi*
4goods,'sti we :de enabled tu'rdrer better linfien ins
than Lao be lotti elsewhere. .
• tvitimur k sAx - rox'.
April I t, I 847.
1. I
THE al tet4ion of 'the'public is reimeCifully
-invited to o NEIY AND SPLENDID
Hardtvare & 'Pain - 14
which I mom juet received from the City, and
which I am determined to sell at the LOW—
I do of pretend that d import any Goods
myself: but IMy them in the City all for CASII,
and of course get them at the lowest rates.—
Thspublic thereldro 7 -iniited to beenmu
acquainted with the priceS;and then call 'on me
and it I do not sell better gocids as low nod a
little lower Oak the I mpo - rtereiil shall not ask
then - lie buy. will ; subjoin -the prices tt
few articles, viz
• .One hundred 'Kep i s of Nail)] et $4, 4, per
• ~)
t ßeg ; (pa' iundred kegs Whitu.Lead; pet
ge.g.of ldd OW. lbs. Grindstones, 1%1-'2
tot: devils and all .d.hevgbods,at eqeally
low prices. • • •
Flee nt tiro 011 l stand in Isr,prth
Hanover Street, sign of Nl4 SaW.
Carlisle, April 7,184 t
THE. subscribers having purchased the ea
tire stock of Jacob Better, invite the at
tension of the public to their assortment.-
With all the boastirg, puffing and b_umblig.
ging made by other establishments, we arc a
ble tn. sell Hurd wax° as low if nut Lilian:law.
er than any other Hardware Store in the coon
ly. Try us and prove us, at the old and well
known stand on North Hanover Street, b; -
*Veen Collimates Tavern and the Hat and
Gap Store of Geo. Keller. We have just re
ceived a full and general assortment of Hare
, ware end Building Materials, aiming whizh
may be enumerated,the following a
800 pounds A niet•icatt Blister Steel•ie per lb;-
2.00 do • English do --112 i per lb;
• • rnicaint Sh l ett-Steel-1:13-per
50p do S pre rg • Fxt,det r 4 eta per pound ;
nerac:z. of Cornkhtr Grads
tOtAtgs of Nalik and tines at $4 50 per keg,
-sU,hoses of ;lead.* Gnus,
201111 Ms Ground \ VRilte Lend frofh 075 to it.!
Tier keg;
itittO Blithest qualit7 of Grind-stotte,•at ton lb
200 gallons of Linseed Oil,
I(K) do Spirits Turpentine,.
21V Tensility and llorse Shut; Irpp.l I'
Wigha full assornmeut of Building Hard,Fare
sueh as Locks Lat4lits, Elpits, fling* Screws,
Oas, Paints, GJass and Pul.ty, Nails end spikes,
;Sec„ too numerupa 10 •rnantion, at, the Low
priced Hardware 'Sidra of. •
fT ;°li \ jl s tFStE f
orth fa over treetnr;ie. Nlays
Cheap Drug, Store,.
R 113 . , FLEMING, • ESPEOULLY inform their friends and
the3ublik_ggileittlly iihnitherhave_taken
the Drug and Coeini.ial StOre;•lately owned by
Mr. FrLuldin Melialrey, end formerly by Ste.
vansdn & Hinkle, on tne".North West Corner
of High and Pitt streets;' directly opposite
Winrott's Mansion House Hotel, in ibo Born'
of Carlisle, where' they; hive on hand,(inci in
tend adding literate) a large :iiiiot:iinent of .•
a ' 1 ledic:l2)o4
.Paints, 0115,
.D . ye.Sitiirs, Petfinnes, FaricyArticie s ,
Glass itc.., , whienthay aro determined , to sell
.ver,y r acaptoinoAati9g, intcod to
:and,line to,reeelVen,Hberal`patrfittage,
nom' p dud d. .i!
X ,----,
- P`="•" - •
44, j9lt. cco Ind
r 111,,iitkgp,ritipaupply;.4.
Dzogi o god,f) iole:9ked tvlifi
gra IWCIS rtl„ tact.))4 confid puiVl re coin in qn
then lip ittifrosbcpura andlennirie,
" 1 • piii*4ll . olool6;%Pytheiliitiops,' ''"
carefully, oo,irmpu,o , cO, oqd afttoto at, n5l,
ed. ff; viA ri tl!:q9a#a, P4'444; *pi r"iiiiit l f
pg,porps. g S•
.); it1aT01i.104.1647 ) :1 ,
. ,
LPMIIOIeB lib e Inky T
111b0 „, ()PI 10, lilre d
wittiouVoq propittiwoo.,.opp,',44 tokis,
loPutatio_nAbilYAClritithiofprioci , tonottO; now .
in ue'rP , NosSigilgiftord of,
Altir 12 t 111470 ,-,,1 4' & flMr• , B,'FfilS 4 1 I NG:-
it ! t; W3l C'tke rO'
. f'-'114,' , c4uftg 1 i v ,:e914,4.4c0,; 1 11 , 3 1 et NV ,
TI.HE London - I ndiatt - Riibbol Coik - l'lditei :
...'t olirdinotr nig.' 'to voili 'off; tor gide ' l, 3';'•l'
&WY 0 'I O E.E3I ENG, "Oooohltif tpo Dopbt' house'
- Elegant 'Fruits. ~,„, ,-
t r, F ,
ST - r,,eclogifilt .1x - froth ,osliiiircltt'ohoityo
tliite "Orato,,tiutuns, l Flffes Am • Soi
fur wile ' b'Sq'. ' ' ... ''''fi..lAv jakVeirOkw i'
t tt. t'.t. , t , tt A i1 ., 0);` ,l O ...,,,,
1 :'lXintilli'Canilbrlibliatiaker,Cidebil'Ob
TwEN T r.D6o,l4'dleitiiigili f ileiamiloil
,tinen-Canditio, IpuidketAtgo lt at,l4oloot 1 ).
04 /MY tee l ii,..iaihr.O''" ‘ t# ll6l l 4 ,,"r it n i i
if/714 0 7N• I Blliqi ' , PI;4 ':B ali; el*. .: 4 -, , ~ t r 4,,41,
", , 5 -
t, „' - , ~ , i, ' , • , ~ ~ ~,.., , i .., , , ,
, 14 ;
rinfLE. eii7j,secibq reepactfully again Informs . _
still attends to tlCoUring clothing as usual,at:hi d •
rotlidetieri Bedford ti
er" s tree t ti; le , th %leo ; veaiden co of Ml.
John, Proctor, deli'dw.) {faxing given getieral
satignotionlierefolOtilit4l4ll those i who have
patronized 'him; ho " 6 i/90,0-merit!. con.•
ttnuance of publap ptrirunake: Plitinitlentets end
laoiea eio n need glitieb; 'Paint, oil
or any•othar filth 4r lohatenee, in a neat anti
'skilful nwirner . ripi.uxecutin , Whtehlo .
article, drug : or any oilier injoilpifte'd 'Siitance
is used het "scouri ng loop!' pur
pose. and-no other. This
those who have purchaiiad
most sttfii anct•certain,eFuele
lig sold any where. or ever e 0114.4" Fibre ably
i 2 tts. rife, cake, with iitetructioni' ibi use.
Geatterzien ancl.ladiee,ae usual, will ,bp'iiviited
Open at their residence to receive any of lug
t u be Semi iatil "Prices no lieretutorejbefin g !ea.
ihhli "chtrieed'lly ittiloth67ll6fiTeit;"'
Carliali, June 12,::11341,...'.
he only Straw Cutlce'whidt.hadvires that are
-adjusted on the
N examination cif these justly ceithrated
_fr - I'Clutters is alone deetnirid iiiiffitiient to ree
ninniend them to public favor•.. During the
limit year they have drawn ilia , first premium
from the New Ynrk Stale Agricaltura. Fait,
from the Mechanics' Fair at Huston, front-the
M tissaehnaetits Stute'Vtit tie FINt lieWeicester,
.atin-at,every-Fiiir-whbre •thopiniVeltthibited.
These Machines combine every impratemant
necessary U, make them excel ill machines
for - cuttin g flay;Siraw 4 or. .Corhinalks. The
knives tieing supi inteti by wings,triat on 'the
cylender rendc sufficiently strutig, to tint
the largest kind NI corn stalks with' ease ann
great dispaidli-.-46 'as the knixeliiiriftlfegniated
by set screws, it gi es them n great advantage
over all o'ber eyir cr.sutters, "
For sale at the Cheap Hardsleare Store of
IVRIMIT & SAXTON, who have purchased
the right for Clumbailmid county.
May 2n, 18.17.---3 t.
. -- atto . c.t.Arm it to thehat llanceN
entopotitid . B% rep of leal;rltUtind is, without
exceptiah or'exattieration, eft trioat safe Had-spec.
Iy cure for all, (;ceases ari.:hig_ from Caught and
todortunatelY neglreietl, too often
end in CbOompt ion If Hartie's Compound Syr
up of Jloarlionipl is taken ea the iirat appeterance
of a Cough it. vill.immediatelv cure it and Bare,
the stifrei:er froth art untitnely . irtrre. Price Su
cents. For sale liuSetlrS , Rartre,,lob Baltimore
st. Foal 'corner Olt:buries and Pratt its. Baltimore
- Frir saki!) Cueli ate, by k W - B`PLEMING,
at their Lheap•Drug store opposite the Railroad
.(Jute '2,1847,
6 /08 .4.17/ BIRIT/D S -
vvM, W EBB,takett this method of refurn
log his sincere thanks to his numerous
friends and the public general!) , for the very
liberal encuurat-eincnt they have begn pleased
to bestow upim hitn, and'weuld respectfully.
inform them that he has just Veturned from the
airy with afiarge and very St perlor lot of.IIIE
TA LLIC WIGS, Three ous.rter
Ladle' plain rri2ettes, or froni t Braids; Also
a small , assortment of tadiee' 'urls, a Bolen. -
did, lain ane improVed Style on
cambs,IMUSHES, Sze. • ".
fie hus also, received a inlertijohd r oUperlor
Int'of tiffid Cli)tiiesllrushes;
and b ho Pit:Corn ulpgs sin g a n d -
poOlcet du-•-rastielbs tliat , ennoOt fail to.recum•
mend tipmselvs by their, superior finish.
Leine!' find othelur wishing to purchase any
thing irrllic atove lino, will find it to their ad
vantage by calling and 'examining my stock,
as I feel confident that the articles, and priCis
attached to them; will ensure generallatisfae
_Lica._ -
Carlisle, June 9,18.17.
Still Late•.
D. ff. ARNOLD has just received a large
assortment of Stow and desirable summer
goods, to which he would respectflilly call the
attention of his. culthinersondlpuiclimsra gen
erally—as Ile can offer greater indudements
than ever,
Carlisle, June 9, 1897.
"The submiber.desirous to inform his friendlt
and the public that he has removed his Het and
- Gap - Sineer - to - 'the . •rantn next door to Irvin's
Store and o'priusite'Bectetti's Hotel, oil Mein
Street, lettere lie has just opened u.largtf, hand
some and fashionable assortment oft, !
. HATS andAP,il3l.•
made of the best materials and tin the hest
style and at the lowest prices for tfAser. Ills
'assortment is complete and comprises every I
bind of hat from the 'derma and cheapest to
the most fashionable and elegant. Also, a very
large variety of men's and boy's Cape, ihclud•
mg the new style of Rpugh arid Ready Caps,
which Cannot, fail to,please. °moment.—
Call and get your QeW Inas pf the latest style,
gentlemen P. B. LECHLER..
Carlisle, May 19;1847.
dig .
orre ore . t
T HE slant/16'er resTp etfkily announces T HE
hire friends and the ptiblic' generally, tha to
has talon the well known Tavern Stand
On - ties - wetter - of - Soutts Hanover
and Pomfret Sts.,
'formerly kept by` Mr. Andrew - Roberti, where ,
he will endeavor to.servei those: lib° may call'
loon him in the most satisfactory manner.—
The house 'is pleafmntly 'situated, and is fur
nished thrciughont with good beddlni,tind oth=-
er turniturquinl 4 thertecniniii6Birtfrilifflue suck
as, will agate i '
'4liiontaniasti and - desirable
0404 piece. Na eictrnia , ni taill he spired to
melte it. evertilie iq , all its department, tra
th'iissynqiii,ejay'fsVd"riiin? 44110 , ' '
'BOARDEIIS 'WWI tip byqke week,
hioritli rir`yciai; 'it the , beim!'
4pri1f.14,4847.i., ii, , 4;241./
Sogeteil. •
I'RN RARfI.FI S oC.l.Averinglr finest twat
ity of dttublu.rn6und;,pruehed; flxq;•epu~hed and
p u vgrized ,Lant: u,4l,A.Alsoji A tot or W hlte ,
fli*uleyiffvt):: thoytit'lypirt, just TT.
ceAvekilkd loitialu ItilvAl;hg - GrOperi:ttort
* " 2 "
• "'r
Look ;to.,
w - own Interests!.
t the
neat 4Wtbitt WdarVit • rsell—eheap
IttiarieldentiiniiiVidelidtheiiiti Ging
hem LawitS, handiome styles, which miff the
kreetest hariaind
ni may.,ig4,;B47„tr, GI'CAFACIN
zd Axe , , , iliztt.s q , •
lik4 .4 N'tt i verto.V *Owes of Ca II
goes, c.iegs„ e e Q, Cinghams •
'lllaidtle'el t addl7nblel6 - Add /ttelliiii; j.htnew___
buttsrumk , f andableoli eadei`
AympLfituitiattitienti of' Outdid - and Thai', •
v g. l k i, .iki s i te t i li)lirlV e !Pt'74l
Titeeti` fir ale lases, Ins
taeatitid -G dirketwtrujo o f. , .
'ffi lealil 4 1 400:4 ; 1 A.c '''
r i:t "MIL
, 1 14.1111- - ..., k- • 1 , : c
1 6
d oi
ri 71 tuskyi4e.ivo,v, q 41011;11 rtg.T.7,
„ j „. a his onwto,r4reL
„( ki thileid,hi.
Jeulywkiip9o l ,, pAR, 4 Y . g,k, , i ri,
,t. ,
R9E;.,,,A!,. , 1vi7r,,,,&, ° Oa div
'*iiillitel.VlCiii.C.altV'ts,lll7"‘44.,T,s,- ARNOLD. —
.-r." , .. i. k iag I f
V'l l ' AWS , Vr A tl i itl f itt. , lq, ll3, S!`4 '
' : ; ' *4644 4 4.:einoirint win . do44 '-. .
at - lli 18 tesiis tt new and 41clui , -•(.,-,
kBlllithukkui' . 03 . P 'i o p Vir to' :: '
Idoisigf i cOtrecciUdtliald &KO., ze_ 4.11,—.
L- t o t,,1„ , 45i5e , 14.} 1 ( a, , S.M. .A N , 44,Tick, . „.. , v ,
'f'.qvlie fkiltriln‘ . 1 , ~. I '. .., ,`,-,-. - „ 7 ,1„ - ', 7,
',z.'vt ~,' I.;k:t. ~ . .=4,1?,-Ff - - : , .P,.t1!, , :0,. 4
~ ..., ~.,
~• , . • ,•••