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1 _..Ans_SA am*
Important FroM.Vera CrEf
Weihave, by the Souther Mar and
' important inteligenese Step
vhasettit has arrived at Ncw , de*, howl
Vera Cruz April 14. At, eep biopcome,
in fro:n Gen. TWigge, y0716;114 dhkt ifeport,
that Santa Anna had errtralacheitt
Cerro . gordn, seven Inileil;beyoW / Jalapdc .
and liadl6, - 000 troops. (Cerro Gordo, is
about twenty this side of Jalapa, aid
' neatly mid way between that placetand the
National Inridge.) Lientenatit Col. Johnson
was severely wutittled in reconnoitering the
erenin,sind it was-said a Skirmish hail taken
jilaerrbatkveen.tlid7ilexicatia arid thelatvance
guard Of Mtgs.
_Seteetral ofeur stragglers
had . keen :killed: Tha brigades of Generals
Iyogliotatiersozz i .Shiel4.l4illow ? ,and-4uit..
Weiii on the - Marl, advancing to the
Beene of conflict.
General. TWiggs had abcrutz27oo men and
''Snits Anna, whe - was supposed to have 60
pieces nt.ttotillOry, would hold/647i in cheek
till Gen. Scon'eame.up. lie wasmaking ra
cpid...that and, •as before suggested, the
:battle.probably took place on the 14111.. Mr.
the l'ickayune, however writes I
- that intelligent - Itle'sicatis Were of opinion
' that Santa Anna would riot tight: he had lour i
Members:o,f the national coutreikvith,
- what for, except;.to negotiate! -
Gem Patietsomlaid entirely, recovered his
-illness, and the only disease at Vera Cruz'
thetits diarrhma, with whit: l h many were
more or less afflicted. . .
At'Tuspan, there had been tilightbe'tween
and eitizern, and a detachment:from
- tlto ideekatling,- - squaddron had . left 'for that,'
— 7 - ptare", -7 Mier - it's - ''Commollore - IW. -4 o •
had isetuda a 'proclamation enjoining upon
the :11exteans to remain at .home and - prom
. itinethem prOtee-timi.
The Now Orleans of the 23(1 lilt,
eonfirnis all the *accounts we have p:evinu,-
13: received, of the advance of ourquinty and
-the probable - resistance•et - banra Anna. \Vi
give the lollowing to nyakc complete .the Ida
tory of the campaign.
- —From We' New' Orion,,. riCll)un'e•
4 . ,1A . M11 AT 17,';),:5; Ju. , April 14 lk-17
T arrived at this' camp at it o'clock last
night, the road from rera Crux runanig.for.
the most pant through heavy sanH , ---The
vision ol Gen. Wortli,from the excessive heat
•and weatisome road: , su tiered incredibly.
The news in camp is stirring. An 'express
tins come down limb Gel. Twigs to the el
• feet that SantivAnna was before him, at Cer
ro Gordo, with 15,000 men, as near as could
be judged hom reconnoissances made by
lkiptain Hardiecuil oilier o ffi cers of the dm
. „.
'Lieut. Col.q.l'E.'Jhbosoithas been severe
- .ly but not money wounded while exatnin
. ing Santa Antra's works, which appear to be
' a succession of breastworks' on the eininen
oes in the vicinity of Cerro'Gordo. Every
thing would now ge to show that Santa An
• as is , deterinined to inake'n'bolil stand.
• A dragoon who had. been sent down ex..
press by Generid Twixt , ', was
lounif•shot, by the'roati side just beyond this.
Mis papers bail net been touched. The Mex
icans.are,playing a bloody, ung at the s same
time bolder game-than-is-usunt-for.
' it is thought they have killed, nu less Mail
fitly of our meiPwithin the last three days on
the fond.
• Gen. Scott stopped last night Mile miles
front this—to-night lie will teach 'General
:Twlggs' position. .If Santa )Ir:undies-strong
as he is representell, he prObably will not be
attacked for two or three days,
VERI . CHUZ, April 14, 1847
There has - teen a - skirmigh at Pitenra Na .
clone, an'd we hourly look tar fhe intelli-
I /
genee of the calitwe•of Cerro Go • ' p strong
mountain fort twer•.ty-two mile rom Jalapa.
A deNsive battle is expected • this point, for
it is the best vantage grow t ..this side of Pe
rote. General Santa Anna was at or near
Jalapa at the' lascaccounts, 'but by this time
there is scarcely a doubtihat'Cerre Gordo is
tanned by assault, •arid the army at sllll2
quarters at the healthy and delightful city of
Jalapa. Vera Cruz is as•quiet and well gov
tatted as any city in the United States. tlt
would improve
.the health some to throw
down the walls and let in the fresh air, as
the commander thinks of doing.
From the Brazos
s The New Orleans papers rontaiu Brazos
dates to the 78th ult,'. brought by the arrival
ni the cream propellorTmmbull. When last
heard from Gen. Taytor was at Monterey
pushing forward supplies to'S.altillo, with the
view of hastening to Snit Loris..
The army was was still atjls did positron
'under General Wool. 'Fite were
.comingtowavds the mouth of the Rio Grande,
as their terms of service expired;` Very few
re-entering. The subsistence department at
Nlatamoras had been robbed of fifteen
red dollars.
Gen, Cushing
had issued mort stringent
•nrders for the Government' of Matamoros
with a View of putting an end to the &Mr
'brmes oolong - prevailinrx - there, - ThirShipS
llemphiQ.and Flnvins, front New yortr, hod
• . .
Lier's.txt'ifirl—'The, Courier. anti
Enquirer stays, "A trientl tin Washington ;
- who - ik.well - tidiiiSeircir4hiirlitkes Once. in.
'forms us,,that•thereiis iw.the War Derihrimit
a litter'frOm Gen. l'aylni,./latetl'ilte•thiy be:
'tom the'liattte Buena. data, in which ,he
reutertie Me whole mutual, lhe Adminietration
!towareghim, in in way. which mtmlinve caus
ed no little excitement al lita:WhltorHottsel
Will the reiiitor of' the' Unionienlightelt us on
thiii•stibetl ABBI.he notiiticluce the Sacra,
tarp nf, War to turnieh a copy for publica.
. •
A SlGN.—The.Washingitiriatiolitil
-says, a large body of 'ilabernrs rrieChan
lc& engaged upon the- Sriiithignniait InSinhte
'building-over .one hundretlin
•took" a:poll,.twasoertain 'their :Ohoicti
n e t - P rOs id en t Erutrj+ liFin n~Yhxmvol for
the HBmi4:llliFina Vista! On inquiry, they
sound that they wereitettrlVVnially divided,
jn party.polittco,:themajor!Ssbeing,.'patho.
. .
Thii'firrie 7 l7iiiiiiiedeesteln of talcing•a little ,
' °Pen t le.,4 niti4iyiy.o, in. the epi log, of thetyear t ;
,r, f _lk7,„,tt e t l f,Ft.t 7 r ) . oll :flePettanatenend,•Phi'
''°*l?"Yr.,...9e!‘3; ;Inf.., ie. P.Oneildernfihe;inctonJ
yen ineo,,ex,prineeced wile) recurrence - orn`
• 'wertnitittell;. , oter , tiseqpir of colll'eveathet.
/X leelleg - ..0f ' hieektvde, i.droNVoitiessi'.; 'some.'
titnq• s e`fil!ivininliNpot the heed. and beadidji;
a eeißeet Kdltneoe,l?p4 l ,!..",host of utplerutani
9 Y rll lo lifo ,l, fl ,kii'thell k er ..
".. '"ni;.
bid' 00 tifpOlolieeie of, - -'
--- witrie l #ifeitheriTiliil7l
or liidge le . Lome*t .
I I r il itpllt; kilt Pema
---ve ' F..,..,,.',,,,,,,,1; :o '1;::tp•': , :.. , ' ,., % -5- ;i ,
Fel°. tie l' l STP.. ol CT,.2 l .2Ptirifilog the bltiiidl lid.
olluiktrnArle,iime , lll.lle trieslicine,euperietrie
. • IV ii/ ?ilk; add it•iiretrog.
ly• rtleiemetee, e,43,oooVlSplitig.finodioitlee,
.. T ... h , e _k i il,. P i ,itta,PPl, #.0%111,0, ultple 1 pylte nii ~ , ,'alid'-
' ' """'iu i?.,:"Y i )FITJ!! , , , }!;'•f Ile.r.etlYi l .Ale other. , dep
• !)I( M k n e i ii/ 4 . ,.41Pi5 i 0.. P L Prili!fillentio..air , ... plirtp . ,it;
'i1ku1144`1YR11t5419..1'.,,r4 f ,, t$ + ir,l +-:,..:1.
.' i: teig,el,,..iyheti , you .;purehatio,Wrigbire;
:•• •• •4n ' tli legilin§leil:elPpilYelibmish"joqavold•
~kljtib.e.ll , :',"4 , ` • ' F :• - •;:' - '; - - -' : •• ••` - ,. -- , --- ;Ii- . 10;...rilv
4 -: s lsl l .o**+Ctigibileflip(7,filig. 13,41ti1t, ; f!.
't' - trevgo.f'e . in . .SitftiArie•e;.:4` , ..,: - .1• 4 :.7....;' ,‘l
. • ,-... .• • • . . •• •• . .:....,., ~ , ,•- 4 ,...;.'....- - ;....;;, 2,•'
. , .
• -" •
d • -
I I,
Our Reduced Terme; .
One Dollar end Fifty Cents'a year it paid_ in
Advance--LOne Dollar and Seventy:ftlie-
Gent's it' paid within er,at the end or six
months- , --Two Dollars paid at the ond of
tlitylear. The Herald i 4 tioitrthe
est paper in the county!
The Tariff
For Goventor,
• •
For Oan'MVommispicirter."' '
Kr The N. 0. Picayune announces the
al:ivat of the last Pennsylvania Companies
at'New 'Orleans. • , •
crrFrom the .Army newa in to-tlay , ST paper
it will be seen lhdt another battle ima proba
bly- been feuglit' 6y. the troops under Gen.
Scott, tie resu'lv 6f which may be da(ly:loOk-
I etl for.
Frilay'kast was Pile anniyersary•bitho
inauguration oP Geo. Washington as 'Presi
dent of the m Melt took Jace:A .
.;:r (1 .
- Capt. frA 161 rl,O company or Redfor^d,
arid Capt. Caldwell, of Miflliri:*equiny,'hace
been aCCepted, by Gov. Shank under the late
requibition Of the Prebident fur two more
companies for Mexico..
(k7—The , eitizens 01 PhilndelOria Intve ten
dered ti poblie dinner to!Commodoie Conn
or, in consi'derAtion of .the high' honor they
entertain torrhis berviees ors a Naval Com
mander. •
. _
l'aylor , te serving nis , cehntrY
the floods on the 'lVlit.sis . eippi are Fetving 'his
canon plantation badly. It is said a recent
inundation will cause him a loss dins whole
crop, 'valued tit 630;000.
Qtr- The bittli-dny Wailiii4oti was
duly celebrated' by the Ameritans in, Rome
by u public dinner ; at which Mr. Polk, bro
ther of our:President, tirefitted. One of , the
rousts, " the snecesAd, terrriinrttion of the
Mexidati—Wal - ir wtki drank, with " three
' chee;s for Gen- Taylor."
The lest Congress.
Prior• to the Virginia
_election the IVhigs
shad elected/81 members of the coining Con-.
press, te 58 loceloces. The result of that e
lection • increases the Whig sttength to 87,
and tLe loccifoco force to 66. In'tlie States
yet to elect, acccording to a reasonable cal
ctilation in the N. V. Tribune, the
probably elect 32 members, and the locos
49. If this calculation is realized therefore
the next f-lance of Representatives will eon,
sist of 118 IVhigs and 115 Locofocw. The
Senate will of course still be locofoce. Con
sidering that . Alr. Polk had a majority of a
bout sevcnf y in the lest House, we should
think this result indicates pretty strongly
what•the people think of his miserable ad
G. %V. K
License Election in 14;ir York.
,The Election on the27th ult, in the State
of New York, on 'the question of grantWi
cense for the sale of liquors, we regret to see,
has resulted hilt complete 'change of public
opinion. The licenseparty has carr.ica'near
ly every county where the friends of Tempe
ranee last year socceede;l. Trio Tribune in
speaking of the result, says, various 'etitises
ale assigned for this great change,'but 4
true 7 ;
cause is perhaps' o be found tin the Tat.
that the people are sick and tired of the agi
"Marshal Turreett,". 14 Soup Scott," Ire.,
were the names sneerintly gitieeto the Hero
of Vera Cruz by the scribblers for tlitt_Loon
6CoPress, before the bombardment of the
City and.Castle r but now it is "Gen. Scott,"
"Gene Winfield :Scott," 11 Maj. Gen. Win
field. Scott,"' Zro. &c. _Lun,dy's Lane,
Chlppmva, Floritr,thend• Vera - Cruzinte all
today blended w ith , hisharne and .fitine,Wh'en
but yesterdny . this brave mien et
for every shot which IoW vivo; vflt4kee
could aim against him. •
.0*- The HCIII,,,, , pANIEG We • eft_
Washington ohlVednesday aecempin red by,
his lady, on ltis long 'projeCted.ietirlihrough
,Southern States,,to New ,Orleans; :and.
thence up , the Miasissippilo: the Western
boon try, itirnding to return home
ArageMents 'are being wide
Richationd; Clinidesten, and, other Southern
towns to give him-a4reception .
distingnlshcrfarner • . •
by` Mr.:, B.' :
'Mr tave . iiiiii:rA
riftycgii:: :Ong.; rtrikiiititii.:46..!iigen i al
moot wli.ligrifltrierriiptig4,l9l.Offige,.liolder,,,',
Mr. Ii ; ,Conneeled
the Bplihnere , .Mignetio Telegraph 'OffiCe;
,intiatiebi , whichlke wires rosy
brie..', , under
'!Rr r Y i.9 n !,4 l 4llliP.l'ilail! ', ana I 41 aid
1141 1*er thaPuiliefie'deeired
" -" -• • • 144.1
'df r Y;o!lr Ert r, o°f4
r i do
' , Auk
;Witiprii ithe:ooo , llllllayiiiiiii. 6 `A h ' l '•' , ' • ii
• :••• ' •.• '• I • , ''''•l 4l :'!'•'": .
_ ,
r~ ~
~~.,, _
7f i li3T(3"oi;Cltflt - iii, - - Jliti:-..-14 9Tiiiirta '
AcmlAiDiftithiet,..a.srng/S act,:in our• worthy.
Q4Ypi,riorrivhfch }Mean ermsciontiouslk 'On
thialnt4, i''-'which-has'rnot.tendridi'to. , ,tiefilifit.
.;40'Stalsir 4 ; fi.Jrcifuniser.
i. rtsi3rtite r ighboe talks like aluiltei! ' If he
.lit#l6ttliatl ;is to "point out an' act, 'rvitiaglii
il a '''''t e ,i , ,,4 ,, , , b)el t we conscrientiftsly:cPprellei. 4 .:.,. ,
liiiild -- faye . fonnd tivcre'dartculty*.:.r.
'w . Ot..lli,g.' As or Ihose , vihielOT ' ,0,'.,. , : •
entioali- condemn," thcy;.a . '•-. ~: ,;'
• ,' .; !riiii'''' . iiiii'
hlackhetrics,.. , amt;entitelygl„,q 'fici*- I :?..;''
;naeritipri,7,-as fle.wirticei3 , o# '"-',.:: .),::*7
64' .,
-, " ? , - 017,:yoiirili:g r itrit44' T i Gums, ._, 40' i ' -', l
ty ? 'lle. (B&W issed one of the
Judges 'front our - County Ctiur. l itilk i i4'Of
no good and sufficient cause whataxer;Whilet,
ho continued another ; whose merits vrlsre'far
from entitling him to. any such preference.
He ' has also most wantonly and wickedly
trampled ypontitebusiness inte,reste of Cum.
Berland county by his repent veto of , ti Bank
charter, although everyona of his foOlish ab.'
stractions concegn frig t , iii'Ai v hlutil I inhil4y, , f
''&.c., were chefully provided -for in the said
charter ! ?ks the Arolunteer. itself has not
= been able hi'upprovc either of theie " acte. of
'the Governor, dabs it suppose we'cannot
conscientiously condemn (gm?' ~ ,
i ,
~,F , ,
.47. N'
But it is.iu the policy Which Gov. Shunk
haS parStted—townal the general intelests of,
the State, that he has done the greatest injo;,-
ry, Ile has Iwit only turned treitorio 'the Plit
faalriOweil Ibe ocrat ic Tariff doctrines which
PenrisPrania has Ulways held, but . lie has
bosidesiluid down a narrow, connected and .
stupid course cdoection toward corpoiatibfie
which is everritay driving capital oiit oftlfe
Slate, and cruSh4gievery effort and enter-
prase'‘ the further de.
reiopetuent of s our .vast hidden and unem•
litoyed 'ret mimes' a . i n eta I and matiurita
wring wealth. The following statement
ulna 'we dip 'from the N . : V. JOurnal of
Commerce; a •tocafoeo .-paperi will explain
ihat'N,ve 'mean : ,
"The whvie7tathetint'd the annual pro
ducts of the thtited...t'.;tatns is about One
Thousand Million df Doll'ars. Of this the
proportion to •edeh , itlluibitant-4s greatest in
New Eng s64—in the Middle
States s76.—itl the3cadhertiss-'i in the South
Western $6 n' North Meg ern $4 I.:-
These great dilterenees'tesult in pail front
variations la'th'e density nt popttlation,:fer
tility, capital, markets. slarety, and in
palt , als.o hunt dillerepees , in Slate legisla
_ Now as New England has 'no allvapages
over• us in ."
very, &c. ; " it mast•ce:rtainlyibe the " differ
ences in State legislation" Which have made
the proportion of individual'wealth• 88 high
er in New Englund , thau it is in Pennsylva-
Who-'candlatibt their legislation were
as liberal in encouraging manufacturing as
sociairens in PeritisylvaniattrAt Massa
chusetts:that 'all classes of industry would
thrive in 'Pennsylvania as they do there.—
Massachusetts is a vast hive of-manufactur
ing industry. trenUsylvania . however if
a martufacturintpassoeltition happenetoyant'
a ilittle, c lostering 'legislation, the 'big toot
of such Governors as Franciti R. Shenk is'
immediately do vn uf(on it to extinguish the
which has the riatural , t , imans of 'bectiMing,
the greatest and wealthiest slate in the Union•
is one tenth poorer than Massachusetts,which
has scarcely any natural advantages at all
but the•stiperior inteiligence 'df her pbpula
tion. Gov. Shunk is equally afraittof 6mon
ster Banks - and "small notes"—il a manu
facturing lormed he sees in it
"a , return to the feudil systetre--.-if a.
Batik is asked for he'cannot imaginelltta , tirty,
twelve Directors can be found to menage 'its;
affairs honoily ! PttunsYlVan t 4 has been .
Aptly termed "Iditf gi:ritt,7 end Gover
nor Shunk may beproperlyealletiothe "blind
leader of the blind."
- But shall it be always go? Vi‘illtteePerinj
sylvania rise up in her Irltelligenee nnil
might arid shake ofl these'clistinswhioh dlo
her enterprise? Will she not niece - ea the,
narrow-minded men with 'their contracted
dogmas who thus bind her 'energies, while
her more active confederates . dignutceller in
the march of improvement'? Tat 'General .
JAMES IRVIN be elected Art the place for
.Francis R. Shutik is 101640, anti a
new era will.dswn on our prosperity!!
~~t..,~anta : -,fir
Polk- ahi
, . .
The 'Volunteer see ms to be exceeilinily
annoyed at our very, frequent•allusions to the.
fact of Santa Anneisititlrn•:,'i ' nitriarict
of the Mexican Arrn"t by iiVirniils%,
bi # lFo
sion of James K. Polk, Prost of the' ni:-,
ted, States. , We:are • ntit!surpOs,kl Mho an
noyance.vvindh•lhe,metliion 1:11"qa fact cau•,
ties' tee' Voltinted hha f Aittor:litop,ii papers.
-Well may they be'it'iiiiiii : . ' 'itin'ihdy think'
of this inconceVablre - .1 i , ..eittiatttge of '
Mr. Polk, in taking and `protection tuial l
favor, the blood-thirsty runt. erdr of Arnailican
citizens •at the , Alomo—taking - h* frotollies
brutal cock-RfraKliavai . ta ',an& tillOa44 i yirn ,
'in retina to; M, ', ?kq(i i occo c t4anleil;tly,ot litiltfiT,
did. retinue of twenty•Spittisfitolllioete, lb ia.
,gain become' tbO innigOttit'6l iityOki:titinYiOtt
44tizen5'43! It'e '
~United Stat e s at ' D,; 3 eito Nr.itital ,
Weii, - .may, Alibi. People of l'itittete
feolindigliatikatid 7 ontritgod 'at 496 , ine#4l;.! WI
not oyert;er:ir:r_i i ,,binitfclp,:,'Polli,l.,ti ) ::4io' .
cii4B it a * i tilolth;Meirici;iiiid,' . ttlin,hriiiiq' h
Ail!,! ri./wmgc,o.rniiib*,44enehd to,6othet , l
.ever heard
!tury! Wbetiti iihttilliit ilia'
.oioe.hillia Ai' be fiiiii ift!'; iiik . , Oil iOti:eii . ,,'.e l ifiAil l
it ili.k64:2itir4:?d!ii,liriliFt*hlit'ii`cttlilei'i.
m r Nil; 11'4 it'? ' ieturfng l'San,t4h"
Mexico; the peoploi - aio,,oßlit_'ooncetoed._ by'
.ttie fact thiit.Ttlexbiols'iordliaoted rotialance,
. „ .
'antil thO i ntobinobol list.
ol ativini hundred'lV
'tnOtiointil ktuoa , rtedlivtiOrdodaf Buena Via: 7 '
. le ' : o 4 6 ;ioiinces: cif his return. And' in
a day or, two mote wemay, neat
of ' more
T , LPOeit
that no: good 0.10et:c004.110.94
plielted by? such riPioadairitill
&aid Anfiti:
AiTkri Y./O*Y e10§ 0 kPl ( ?,P 1
krii r '
i,lollolr l lo 4.1)1# 1 ,0,
vitt ,Litaifgiorol*
twag 4;
-- <iA teniagadeis worse-than,tenTurks,P- al-
Waysi and ao with the AmeAican Volntiteer,
which froth being one, otthe:fieicessidenoun'-
iers of thefiiiif,`Ofiititi•itt the time of its
passage, his ncii
- 01:TAii1hiLpili
- t eer,;l6 'at lonia re
41 1 .,elefiffcffit21 .r.
lbao to
7pPrter pf tyeTnit
the defeede!o".
Tariff lot.tlie.,‘Del
it consiste' , lly.,,, r Tpo editor of the =Volunteer
sneers at:thoso.wlio , gm °ailed. and titan atl"
over the' iiissade of the British bill,;.when
fad the Volunteer itself was ore, was of the
very loudest of these groaners!
• 4 4ititte the -Whigs deserted the Ta - riff. of
18421" ineeringlv ask theirdlunteer alidoth
er,locofobo papers,„ Wl3 tell them , --ND'.. , —
TheAvhigsare not in the habit:of deserting
any of thei r
‘ principles- 7 leatit of all would
-they abandbu one seledni,ht with
to coutiftWa's the principle of protection
leas proved-itself to be. Tfilay ao not huiza
fora Tatiff one Year. *nil' cry it down the
next—or - g0.54-40-,(t111:or none),to-clay and
take4o—(on:ttseiuCh-as they can get) to
oriUW7--Thrinineiplekortli-Oiflitgs are
fixed.. They dare tlecideby in fiver of the .
Tariff of 1842 : now as.thei were 'inifit44,
and they will vote at the.fall erection for lit-
VIN and PATTON, the TAIII - EF.'CAis.' DI,
DATES in opposition to,SttUkx 'allll LPNC
',StRETII the deitlarad advocate's 'tit British
.Velonteer cannot understand why we
do nnidenotince the Southern Whigs who
voted against this Proviso as. as the
locialocos. For the same reason,
We answerohit we do not denounce thi3
Southern It4lifoebs. We expected both par
ties in the South to stand by their peculiar
institutions, and we hoped to see both par
ties in the _Neat act with the same spirit:—
But Northern locofoemsm has always shown
itself ready to "basely bow the knee to the
dark spirit of Slavery," and such men as the
We Representative of our district, may in
vain 4arylooked tb for an act of bold and man
ly indepentlence, These "Northern-donlf
fates are Well described by We New York, the leading local - taco paper of
that city:
"A set of men who live: only in the sun
shine of pcnver, who-mho-their-opinions from
executive organs, who oppose the IVilrnot
proviso to-iitty because the administration
disapproves, and who would support at with ,
equal vigor, to-morrow if their file leader
winked thrillther way; who, though cradled
in the lree_statei,'haVe sid i idea of thedigony
of freedOttivwho ear
erabib exeuse of ikturoranc4, or consistency in
. erret, - beteileting, timid .and 'irresolute,
itethitttokues - to. their constimentsAreophants
to the federal-executive, parasites every where
misrepteritietingdhe noiTh; - despised by . the
south, bitik fora few briethours, in tfielight
of exet'utiiirlairor, nod, pethtli—covering
ititio — TSOi yea wit ignominytd the fivegimes
, Wit , disgotie.. •
tltfacl•the Wilmot proviso . passed, all the
ilangelu Which are likely to'folloW the Mexi
can war would ,have been averted. Slavery
woultl have been told in stein tones, "thus
far shalt thou go and no farther, and here
shall thy proud march be stayed)' As it is
a crisis may come which shall shake the very
foundations of , the Union. ;
'Cep. Taylor and glavery.
W,e_rtpeak by reliable authority when we
irtyiloit.6'eo.: ; faylor is deeply and wartnly
imbued with Whig Eetttithenle feelings ; and
sympatitieStiliatite is (Wetted to ‘Vhig mea
sures and Whig Melt .that he was opposed
to Me Annexallmi of 4 1"exas; and that he is
_not only opposed to any extension of Slave
TeritOiy, but regards the institution of Slave
ry--.-thttligh himself Slave-holder—as it is
viewetl by Messrs. 'Clay ton, Alatigutn, and
other diStitighiAlleil Southern Whigs; as one
of the incident evils of our Otherwise Free
Government.—Albany Eventng Journal.
We are amongst those who prefer to leave.
the selection of the. Whig, Presidential can
didate to the National Convention, bgt trOld
Zach's ;ire correct4r;repte
lented above, we hang our banner on the
baler wall for hits l-This-isall-that-thousanils-,
- itilliti - Nettlilliave - beenffwalting to knew - --,
LErrta Faint Iip.NRY CWT.—The people cri-
Louisville addressed a letteetoilon. IL Clay
requesting per Mission to-isethl for 'the remain
of hiti - son, who fell at Buena Vista. The re.
'quest Mr Clay thus answers:
yield gentlemen readily, the permiss
ion requested. Louisville now contains the
rerrigins of his belcrve4 wife, and was 'the
place of his residence before his death. Thero
isitherefore, a ° particular fitness, that those
who in lite Were united logether'by" the
strongest .ties of affection, should 'sleep 813-
eryther in das,th,,
• ' , For the.kind an friend ly, interest which
the'pecilo of Louisville .have taken on an
,ocettatore distressing to, rne,,end for the
gthretoira . r7rnpathy, manifested by you in
yr:loci:4)4 mA letter„ I, lender-an -"expression
,of my profound gratitude nodihanks, • .
1 / 1 , 1 $: 1 / , :04.4 1 / 1 IPE:.
The PieSaiin, ; England and Ireland
Jtinorabiliontiou dl the eyrntiathy. , manifes-'
!A ri l tre , thtit erialiifor the!diatriWsei l ti?tistitigll l
Tr4:34l4;:ii'll . t,fierttp/iividened,,Vritit ~gratefu l,
, responsee,tothe liberal , stibloriptionti'llitren
'Alt ii,behall oesuirtiringhumaniti.:. , 'Th's folo
Owiiiiyi4Ol6ilii, , 'aiiii#l,l4:iY6iipittiduell,7, t ;',
_whiltillekeeFs r eln-gt'etttpnbtio-rtieeting-nr
,6rapn i M4e q h.24;tirill' 12i'veltri'a spe ci m en:
'‘‘That, o rinw...ted ivjth" heartfelt , g i t ei. • th
~,prompl; denidi!e t and ' energetic
benevolen e of: the ,titiaple of .thrr United
States of: '' meriee 't , _in , their 'Sgontertedus
":1 11 1'0 billiolle l :4: , l l 4lSiiq*lTi 3 q l3 Wliityliof
The Wilmot Proviso.
.e situ,
-- "(j y— Oin neighbor' of 'the ttletnocrat-:was
good-enough to le Klls the-litfligo.ol)e
-borOtigh SchOolM 1.9 :p q fo
tqking it for granteth at Tie titndf 141 , -hn
-duly read and ocurVd ze o Tbllltv it .as
WP got it. We' h )ainue that,tke!*
were one oF'twot 4
'E! addilintik ;.'ked for bythe Diree_
lora 'was' grante 'the election held yester
I rfo elver
'The First Presbyterian Churc'i in this bar
on Sunday Morning a 'iv'eek a ago, which
the Volfinteeri altegesitkpiitnotihrittibuse of
the National it(lminisinitinn because of the
existing wttr)' Wo liUpriened 'tb 'be at
other than 'our accutarriltlAilacri on (hat
rtieniing : and consequently did ' t ot hear the
sermon alit:Wed to. IVe are thiformeil'how
•everbYpersons who were preWent, that the
Volunteer's charge is, tyliiitly untrue.' The
subject of the discourse was. l'Peace; f •but
while the, MeXican.War was ofcotirse anti
ded to and stronverms, it,seern be the .partieblarabmol Newlin to.
treat the subject in such a way as to steer
dear of all party Opinieria:cOricernitigiii ori
gin. All who know the estintable. raster of
far forget his public character. 4w to preach a
sermon "teeming with pbeg of the National
'lt could scarcely be expected rife minister
Of the Gospel, itvliose special mission it is to
preach gilthee.on earth," Ibl!dy anything in
'l.vor 91'm•, and'especially of the present.
one. In Ithe Revtilution 61.1776, and when
ever Freedom Ras tireggled agattist despotic .
tyranny, the Pulpit never . htiled to rrii3e its!
voice in favor of ihe'right. -Bet the - preprieJ
ty of defending the, Mexican War we appre_,
bend is not so obvious. Ainka the excite
ment of war, the clangour of arms and the'
tumultuous shotit of victory. the " still small
voice" ol shoubl • ever whisper
And we hope the day is fitr dis
tant when Ministers of the t.ospel shell he
found justifying any War h'ltia is not in the'
strictest sense defensive. And W 3 trhst ihat
Mr. Newlio r cor any otife t tMialseer ' our
midst, will ever become scrtime-SerVing and
unfaithful to his.high calling, as to 'einem
ber that either. Whig's 'or Democrats are to
have the Truth conformed to their partisan
views. We have'thoUght this nrvice due to
Mr. Newlin, whose remarks have been mis
represented, rand himsefrvetT improperly
made the subjeot of newspaper censure.
TRAININ S DA}'.' —Tile gailitlq COM [mule
. . .
of the invincible l'enti'a Dlililih , who have
hail not a chance to go to Mexico : tuined out
.and "toed the curb,' in-glorious style on Nion
day morning .last, the anquaLmiusterday...—
'Of the tour companies , Oh parallb it must be
conlessed the " College Greens" rather "took
the shine" oil the rest ; and attracted the par
ticular. dttention 'of 'the ladies.
Two companies of st ullitary atnatenrs'have
btenTorm — nititrnotiggt the students at
College, and have acquired great pmficien
ry in drill umlet the ili,cihlinß df . Prdi. Sad
ler, who giadnated and was. for some years
a 'Professor in the Military Academy at ‘Vest
Point. The companies turned out on Mon
day morning, and attracted general attention
as they marched through tihk. streets. They
have adopted a neat grey uniform, in which
they will appear on the day of Regimental
training This is a new feature of Mother
Dickinson, and will loon at least h healthy
and vigorntia exercise for the students,
Captain Todd's cOmtmny til l Light Artillery
also paraded on Sloriday, and made a shik•
ing appeilrttnce as well as a Is turn-out,
The rnerribers_of one of the old companies
have recently come into the ranki nt
lifiery, and it vas en Monday ' ;a - nixed
by the Brigafle Inspects .ers are
Captain, Lemuel Tod
George W. Crop : seew Ric)
and D. Stevenson.
irrln burA6lice of the illutliinailOn las t
week vyrnadvertently anitted to mention
McGlaughlin's cornerni Bedford arid
z„ Ndin Streets, wlfitih was filly lighted agd
made a billlninhow. We notice b7y7the
wayObal this house has lately 'tinder-gone
•er x,tensiverund.hentlitome improverlients
'of-its 'ternal appearitaiie; whtdh we trust
is an in ierition on the:patl of.ils ..netti4ro
prietor tat the internol.arrangements shall
undergo a errestiOnding ernetit, such
as Shall i ile the traveller by the display df,
good tame •eomfon and plenty.. i'! •
...4.the Ow York EVeniag Post' rt was
1- 601treiime since iitlblished, that three hunt'.
red and eighty bo dies
. Of lutmaji beings, who
had •died frern - drutdrennees, ; Were gathered
ap in
. the streets of.that city by alte Coroner,
and buried in the year 1845, at 'the . rlfblic
expense, ,
' Low SPIRITS are cauitsed by the prOtecce s ef
;impure hu m ore- le the Ibleoil—Healt is ?lie
-state-of-bcdy , and h telt , rentlel4,4 , - - rrik(e'
exihience`a bleesieg;shortZif
disease, and is caused 'by . Ike aectirrielarciii'
1 :0 irior,bid -49 ITll3lt , bliiod;' TOW 'et hdr
'juices;, by tiegfecr.of itegettffityllel.4l4. Vtie'
df,i r e . is very,eireplelbrien `th'enstre'raltrOititi'
'Of,dy which 'nate
the:dairying tail of WO'
Wilt he'eute.te , TMs erki 'tle, l itddern l
'tillebea 'Wither any itterinV,tinierieti;: 1;•/ 1 11q
are keIiWAY,
perfectly clefitieelitt , blbod'fiklia. fotilnesi
len:love everrnideblid
weak and'enteettiettitphityatiiiisti iii4u3kfiet
health alai:l4l°o. ''!" I.
• ,
BeWareej Pritt.Q-Bit careful rind
go to the' agent lihear yoW Want 'l3ittedieth'i
•gene at -
4pTap7 ,ei _r,
rticle 16'61;
. 6 . :If;o10,41 !41. ,
0 , 41,4“1
i `'•'~tjllLEltlAQ~lgtl '(~i'.~'lL~C~l'~~
caure#l4,', gi t r a r 4- oentm!! - ON
'N'AAIX!'!! .oyerield4W-t*J*heldile
morates-14,4'feensta* ineraikig: pippu
;actors thAt
The followers of !lOLK - Mid SANTA ANN*`
have been vanquished on every deli!, at
!k erne and abroad. The gallant Whigs of
made a clean. sweop—aeliieVed -a perfect
' CITY has been gloriously redeoned ; and the
eleetions-throughout 'the'EMPIRE 'STATE
have resulted in a stieeditsion
siehilrl result has taken place. The ever
faithful and noble-hearted Whis of the
BI'CKFWE'ShTE have done their whole
duty. The Whig Banner hoar; over the
Queetr,City,and Loeolocersin hasteen hand
sorinely thrashed in every, theiihn"rif the State.
Ih IMVA Loeofccoism has been - 'Signally re
4itikedr ami-last-a4most - glotihith'of Mt, - e
'iMri`bl.:DA'lßGlNCA*that steridlast Loeofd
co State,' has cedilla Ihn'lthiifever, seid 'ad
ministered a signal thbillte to the poWers'lhrit
I be! 011.11e.result in l'ennsPvhnia 11 . 01'fitI/
there cannot, be a doubt. From preseht
dieetions'lßVlN and PATTON will siveeh
Tri - ewi - by a majority: of 20;000,. and* botli
branches of the Legislature will bb Wliig by
larger ruajoriiies than laia year. In 1848
t.oa bids fair to entry every' State in tlid
Locolocoism will then 'be completely
on its tete we trust to remain forev
er. Now read the returns of the
In the last Congressional delegation from
Virginia the Whigs had but one Representa
tive, Mt. Pendleton, and so decided was the
:political cha;aeter of the State that the utmost
calculation of the IV4tigs in the recent elec
tion was to increase this number to three.—
Hntvihe People have willed the delegation
to stabd'in the next Congress the' following
*table oldistricts will show:
_A retell Atkinson; 1,. F.
2. Gen. Noingoole ; L. F. t since died)
B. T. Suitt hope Flournoy, Whig.—(lant.,
4. T. S. llocot:k „I. F.
_ 5. 1Vm. 1 1.. Goggin;
6. John Vt.'lions, 11'hig —gala.
7. T.'n. Rayly, 'L.. F.
8. H. T. L. Beall:w1.. F.
9. .t. S.l"tniffletnn, Whif!.
'lO. • 11'ehey Bodbiuer, I. F. •
ft.. James AtleDqwkfll, L. F.
12. W. B. Pre.4ton,
13. Andrew S. Fulton, Whip=43llin.
W. It. A. Thom pson, F.. F.
15. Wm. C. Btown,•Ll F.
-So that the,CongreSsional dclb!mtion will
now:stand SIX WHIGS, eight toCoF., and'.
one vacancy! !lad the. Whigs been thor
oughly united we should also have carried
at least two other districts.- ItiqbeCith district
Hocock, locofoco, is elected by about 25 ma
jority, owing to a - defeetion in the' strong
Whig county of Campbell. It the popular
vote the net Wing ghti over 1814 is about.
2500 rates.
In the State Hon - e of Delemates the WhigA
have made a net gain of eleven Intinbers,,
equal to the annihilmintt of the locotoco ma
jority of L'.:4 which the locos had last winter,
Later returns also mate 1: probable that the
whlgs Itnyti also carried the Kardihwa •dis
him. which if correct will give them seven
mew hers of Congress ! Is not this glory
nough for one campaign ? Onward ! on Ira d !!
is the glut ious Whig cause! ,
A True ;Ail Noble IVhig.
The N. V. Tribune says, truly, that there
is nein Whig in the country who will not
hear with a thrill of exultation that Jottx M.
Borrs has been returned to Con2lens hoot
VM , iiiiii. We doubt whether thei . .e is one a
mong as, shut of Harry Clay hiniselt,.whose
per.onal triumph would cause a wider or
deeper satisfaction. The Tribune'eontinues—
" Reared am! living in a'State f a mous for its
crow ileis and abAraelions,Mr. Botts has been
at all (l ines and eminent') a Whig of the
Union. He had beer, openly and steadfast
, lv an adVocale of it Protective Thrill, of a
ationalCtirreticyould of liberal approplia
lions for the" improvement of our !livers.
Lakes.antl Harbors. Living in the midst of
a Shiite-breeding populniion..lidding his most
powerlul,support in due of the chief marts
- of - tlye, -- Doin - eistie - Slave-T_ rode, he did
hesitate to vote against the Gag-Ride sub
verting tlreßight of l'etitiom'even when Rep r
resentinfiles:ol Northern Fret:lrmo, wito , notr
appear to be newt zealous fh their resistance
to the encroachments of SltiVet'y were Voqtig
with &loth Carolina against .1 4 reeclorri. He
was among the first to denentice the trekch
. ery of John Tyler, though hls height:ler and
daily associate. De fcinght.the Annexation,
of Texas from first to lust wish mtnnul zeal
and perseverance ) he denounced. theVer
on Mexico front the outset, and is its own
ver'ng advelsary still; and when an attempt'
was made to ensnare arilAefeht him, by a,
pledge to - support no 'man for President who
favored the 1V ilmot Proviso, he promptly an
sWeted inn sgtistance, "My. way to avoid all
trouble concerning Slavery in our conquered
territory &As no .territ from `Mexico,
'inid 2 thoUgh I don't-like the- %Vilinet Proviso,
I pledge you thin l'i-41all''1'Ole for any ‘Vhig
against any 1664 6 OM may , be- nominal
'ed!" Salt 'l4' the - small who will represent
, -- tirtieltelant 7ilistrinrof V itiliiiiTtilltiiiiiii -
COngresst , , , -Richmend gave ',ltinti 6' heavier
vole aswell-us it Itfrger meterityqhun she . griiie le- Deo ty:cply: 'toti.jri the, District his
niajoritf is*mine than ' double M. Clay's.--,
".011,this after a .face to-,.face .canvass, !id
winelu.itis adversary and the Richmond En•
;had rungthe r changes en his allegedsanti.;
Outherp,Voles and,-„Sentiruentli,,tlerfotirjOing
piin atipis?)l,i d :01i *plei6iiii:??...4l:-
,o:77TlicNew,A, Glilexfneskstoiti4thal a
,golitleman Q .th 9 city„haa recetvgd p lanai
loivind'rfobia' ;fait of his son
at lineta 41.?'
My litm`lies`!idsfl T ull of ao,`rnest}o,uft~ia=:
Vol evened -a-1
aornit oonsolatiori iron
ilinowinqiihakhe , died whore he itould'havp
chosen, and whniiiijiltr'liibt Mee hinds 'eihihild
gebrice of his plinn.ll.7t
xon ,
.4 09,14!-EyerY,tiqt(Alux,ftrALT,
ActiieiTs,A - 1 77 viotory,,ihe•
e gso l ; 00 *v 444141OPPi.94.,Wgikt
PipW,nci;rellizalionTh ihie i 6 rig*Oraytili
f ha t 3 lPiglA hit , . ba(ttisg,
• -t,
Virginia tiectibh !
; ,. ."45 , '4*4 1 §, Past TO SiNTA:ANI4A-:
Tile , V*Rniaride, of our. , Plnvel Ifbice's in "
thertil-rit.iterelly directed NOT 1 1 4 0 f t.)ll-
srm.r PASSAGE . of Gen. Antonin
Loi t ail e Seta Anna and, suite to glexte s o
heidentreto return thither.
"When 4l :
Orders were issued to the Con?,
mender of our Naval force in the Gulf, on
Mb fifteenth day of May last, only tw.o.days
alter the ex i istence of the war had beeritec,:
.Cbugtess, ,to. place the coast of
iMexlCOlutfiier blockade, HE. WAS: DIREC
11 E . RETURN."—PnI1c's Annpal Message tb
Congress, December 7, 1816.
It remains to be seen whether his return
May not yet prove favorable to a pacific ad
justinent of existing difficulties.--Ibid.
:BArrLi; OF 41oNTEREr.—S6plembei
:12, 23, 1846—three days hard fighting=
Loss of AncricaaAilled and 'itotended—FlVE.
.' - •
1 13,tcritc OF HIMNA VlSTA.—Vebinary 22d,
Loss ofthe ;Itnericans'i'dkiiled
. •
. .
. ,
: 0::7 - Whb'has given , caid and comfort" ib
''iliti - en - eittyr' .
av-rho knli-Rent troublhs-have broken
out aneW•ih New York. Gov. Young has ht
sued h prbBltaniniion (-) . floilng a large reWar l d •
for the apprillibniitin Briiii3 person);
concerned in therecenthiiiFadh. .
itC:i.Gen. Scott and suite attended church in
Vera Cruz on Easter Sunday and- received
marked attention from - the inhabitnnia. The
aenaral was_the first in_ the Conif,gation-tb
whom a long lighted candle was handed,
which he field for some time in his hand.
OrFreilrje's Reidel, %silo was to have
been executed at Pittsburg , on Friday last for
ille.murder'ef his wife, communed suicide
the night before, by opeuiritz 'an artery in hia
left arm and afterwards hanging himself.
esitrT Mr. Bownxs,-111. C., iis a recent
in Mileage, Alabama, called Mr. Polk
" The last of the Rdmans." _The Vliih'grr
triery Journal on the occasion expressed its
delight that the breed nigh run out!
A QUFSTIO! , F FOR FR ur. Tea DEns.—lf the
recent - extraordinary advance in the price of
Breadstufis in them Britnin resulted from, the
enactment of the Tariff of 184 . 6; to-what
cause are we to antihnle.the immense de.
cline in prices of which we are informed by
the last steamer?
It is woolly r i . `
•rinte also that the reduced
prices in Diuland did not at all affect the
^•arkgs in New York, Why? Because of
the demand- for heine Oonsiimption—thereby
.showing that the'hoinc morkrnis riot so instil
nificant_a. mailer as the .Free Traders would
have us to believes
The Serretary of War is einlavnrinv to ar
'rest th e Alinse 110 , 11 the Indians hove
.o sevorelv siihered, aml.hhs issord regola•
On o ; of a ;Irind..ot eharacihr. ae
cord in. 2: to law.' te intrn:itibtion'r4 Intomea
tinglicitiors hinring the lodhin tribes. •
Chaurellot Kent has derided that t 'matt
becomes of age toe thiv previous to the rar-o
nivershPy'oChis birth.slay, so that a person
horn 611 fhe second of April attains" his ma
jority on.the'first.
There, are thirty-tour Protestant Missiona
ries laboring ainorm Mice hundred millions
of Chinese. sent out by three American anal
two English societies.
Queen Victoria is about to mid another jew
el to the Enulish crnu•rr.'The event is to talas
place t•.ome time in Angudt next.
Lord Ashley, Rev. Mr; Ilielersteth, an/I
souse tithe's, says the Dublin Herald, linv6
raised near 51 00,000 lor the employment cif
seven hundred Scripture renders fd: Ireland.
.C* - Ceemi, the reformed kamb:er, is iti
Philailelpitia,.s.itim'iog ()tithe tricks onrade,
as torredrly practiced by
pliilabcipliiil illarlict.
FLOl;R—rti'moderate request foi export
with very light stocks, and sales reach about
1500 barrels, lair 111 iAed brands at Si which
is the 'uniform asking price. We
lice a sale of 1000 liarrels Western 4
deliverable in all next 'month.
RYE 1 3 1:0111-:—Is steady, with small sales
at $4 97.4.
CO3II MEAL—Stationary at St 50, with
a climbed ~ d emand.
IVHVAT—Scarce, .and good Penna. reds
would being 157 a 158 cents.
CORN—In detnattel with sales of 4 &MVO
bushels Southprn and Penna., yetlow at 95c
OATS—:s . soo,,bagliels Virginia and Dela
:wprfi'sold nt 51'n 52 cents.
WHISKEY—A tardier sale of bbls was
Made at 29 cents,
loussels Pom fhliocomtt,
TIJF. and , nidet:perle.cCartteJefitr the
growth ohd o war•
ranted . & inane, Beef niarion , for ogle at 'J. et
W O FLEMINGB Drog,otore. , Jc
may s;' 047,, -
excellent assortment 'or ration; patternr,
jl. fdr rac;W: FG,EMINGI
Ricaidte Palma. Ohriliti. Pammide.
, NEW 'glad' boitialful prOpOition,,,doi'ljdoo. '' •
tally ( iadaniftiitiokOtl: ill' 'Having
for imparting a tionlitifial; 81;1'0 and '06:4 eta
Drug Store of • Je,4,W t it t mEmlso. •
Ma 5, '47.- - ' - 'Opp o site the reSt4l4 :r.P9L.- •
:; , • , !Roussel's Tooth
•O'llinee : JaiM nnmik „ I‘i
F-.Atiltg• I tit 6 Tflr„ '
nen Mended, - , 1-1 4 'gr ink tiifearly no hitches. -,to ra t
the ene t tuel. firmness to Um
th tirelittraf firaWrsmilY7 . lyl4,!ilt? o c t
. osie at the Drug ;
" ... J. .
May b,l
‘ l6l •
Ofgeet.'of ciplukrinei:lltpuett,** 4 ,,--
)I\TOTACEA! , .biOlritiVigi3O•Weitten.tot IT
e 1 Akdpiumoitattorkithikili4tkofv 4 ir u lt l ittoi 1 '
MbjuiPsti% 44 , 9 c 00)10; toiroshipi.Cuivibv., foto
land coontp\doittidj;baVeebselikitanieditolthirlilt)
',l 4 4*.ritieit midi i.gin thkikuoi govvil i k!pi AU:-'-
‘ t i
poirsonavdebtak*ko)lo iliflikmfl4496T_ m !
,paiiiitt yi,iNtil 90Wet:* Vtne4lll' prnol t p l frplv . ,
forptO r it . ,:lo.4tipiiMi dAF',,liiii en*t6i,i)o.tift..
- ' ' . `. -I •'' NV Fliti it ~, 7 ,
1 .. .
' PiOY 0 ) ,1 164 I. - ---- ,\T ' 4‘ 1 -shiltr'r • b,",,,!,