Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, February 17, 1847, Image 4

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    )1-ltit6iCiiies , :' - !. , - .
w2 11 .9R7PM 1 - 1 -09r itrerEnfi:-
InAA RE i llutalliblethfidtomeTorpyppepsta or
tl n.
igbitidif,lite:nrifferial-COinplaint, Head-,
ache,Depression of Spirits, Pi infdesand'Fasfules
on'tliefileWHAbitual — Costlieneisrltlietniatistn ,
Affections of the , Bladder"and Kidneys: Billods
Fevers. It id a Ilbrfeot preventative of Bilious
and Western Fevers, and the boat remedy ever
used in reitoring the patient, after'being prostra
ted by Fever, (cc. Erysipelas, Enlargement of
the Bones, Fever and Ague, Flatulency, Foul
ness of Complexion, General Debility, for gene
ral'prostratiom caused by diatase, medicine, or
indiscretions committed in feud); ahberraticin of
mind,cotifusionef ideas, lobs of memoir} ;tlimness
of vision, a hopeless expression of countenance;
and for this class of disease generally, this medi
cine has never had its equal.' Gout,rkiddinese,
Gravel, impure Blooth - Jaundice; Loss-bOppe
tite; Liver Complaint; Leprosy; Looseness.
MERCURIAL DISEASES.,.-Islever fails to
eradicate entirely, all the effects of Mercury in
finitely 'sooner than any other ineiliCiiie.
Sweats; D ervous
, Debility; Nervous Complaints
of all kinds; Isleuralgin; Organic AGetions;
pitatiow.or the ; Heart; Painter's Chotic. Faihs
-ortherbeadribleihack, limbs. jtrints- and organs;
Rush of blood to the head; Scurvy; Salt Rheum;
Swelling; sick Headache; Stiffness of the Joints;
ScOrfula or -King's Evil; Syphilis in its worst
forms; Ulcers of every description, and the Key=
sipelas; Exposure anti Imid•adence in Lite.
TENIALE CON] PA INLTS—.Larlesi of pale
complexion and consumptive habits, and such as
are debilitatetby those °instructions 'which fe
males are liableo are7re'sforell. by the use of a
bottle' or two to bloom and vigor! It Is by for
the best remedy ever discovered for weakly chil
i dren, and such as bre& had !annoys, being plea
sant they readily take it. It immediately restores
, the appetite, strength and color.
Nothing can be more surprising than its invig-
Mating - effects'oa the human frame. Persons ) all.
weakness and lassitude before taking R. at once
become robust and hill of energy'. utNer Its
It imlnediately Coiniteracts the nerveless
ness of the hornet; frame, which is the t• mat cause .
The following are some of the certifcates and
complimentary notices t h at have been received
by the proprietor,of.the efficacy of ihis medicine.
Mr. Philip WiICPX, 61 well known firm of
Wilcox St Richmond, shipwrights, or New Ben
ton?, was entirely cored of a confirmed canker or
the stomach, throat and- mouth, with sore lips
usuallyaceompanyitig this diseaseond his gene
ral health Muth improved by themse pf only oho
bottle. 'lHrny dent has - sell . .. Te d -severely for a
number of years with this iliseaseond attributes
his cure entirely to the use aline Hitters.
Col. John Doylies; Natty 'Slier; IT Bristol
county, Nlass.i has voluntarily cei ti lied that he
Was cured by theßit tees, ofJaurtdice,lndigesli on,
Heartache and vertigo. •
Col. Gibbs, or Sandwich, testifies that several
persons in that town, well known tin him, haw
been benefitted by the use of the Hitters, and in
every case they have given the most perfect satis
J. IL Perkins, Esq. Attorney at Law, of New
Bedford, was cured of air unpleasant eruption of
the lace, by the 119 C of the Bitters.
[From the Daily Ev - ening Bulletin.] •
It is lint oar custom to pia Patent NI minium;
' sinless we know them to he really excellent:,
Having :ourselves. to knowledge of Dr. Mood's
Sarsaparilla and Wild Cherry hitters, and hav
ing severyilrientla who Nave hewn betiofitied by
their 1.1%.!, we do not hesitate io.recom mend them
tothe public, Boil; Sarsaparilla and Wilt? Cherry
are Vrtictes oh established yeputation itr the men u ,
teal world, anti this preparation is made with
great care and appehrs to combine all the medi
cinal qualities of both in an on 'surd manner. For
sale" by - the proprietor, E. Thornton, Jr. Water'
street, anthil.the Druggists generally. Anyotre
suffering from ilisZases of the blo.alointligestion,
or headache, would do well to give these. Bitters
a trial.
Prepared by E.Win - snion, Jr. Sold Whole-
, sale and Retail by WysyT he K crettAst, I t2i Ful
ton street, New York; SA 'MUM . . ''T,
Carlisle, IlliiiDriiZOStß generally throughout the
United States. Price I , j, large bottles.
. December lt, 1546.
The Oldest and Most Popular Medi
cines now-offered to2the_Public., are
Fahneshcles Family Medicines,
Many tunes Ten Thous:m:l Gertilleates like the
Milo wing Mime 'been voluntarily given to their
Vlilollll7l3a,lluring the lost eighteen years.—
All of l'allotesniek's Family Medicines are pro
verbial for their ehenpoess and and no
family should be without no Assort!nent of them
nor will they,it Wk-vent, niter a trig:o'omm
It has"met.wia a 'success hitherto unpural !al
HAVE frequently used Falutestotles Vermi-
Kluge,, with pod effect; but recently I have ad
ministered in one or two , eases in which the ef
fects were astonishing. In onecase front the use
of one Vint ,14(1 worms were ilischarged,'atid'
another 46 passed, to tiMentire relief of the little
suff3rers. 'Signed CHB, WALLACE, M. 1)
Belleville, I nd. Sept. 22, I 145.
Price 25 cents per vial.
Fahnestook's Vermifuge, together with Pah
nestoek's Cat'lnlnative Lozenges, Pahnestock's
Cough Lozenges, Fahnestock7s Eye Water, and
Fahnestook's Ruhejacientotcertain mire for Mien
matisns,are sold iu Carlisle, by
. • . - • - Di..l .P. NIY VAS, nnil
PERSONS in 'Philadelphia alone
can teem•* , to the wonderful efficacy.
• of that powerfal remedy TIIOMPSON'S,
WOOPLNA.PTII.A. Rbad'i ' Read! Atdonialt..
Ing cure of Chronic BronahitiS!.: .
Mri.S.;Tuoursen—.Dear. Sir. P.or. more; that
four years past. I had been dreadfully afflicted
with an' affectio,nofthe throat,-which' my phy
sieialt , prdnouncedlr" Cheonie Bronchitis anus
i.atljps,repeated. and negleeteti.aolds.
tress suffered is indescribable. My threauwas
iittpfally; yay. , ,,vlith violent ,congitingi se, tikat .
Dein' if; 'ale° great 'eppres t
sic* tightness tt:;thii4hentiriin - fever
- 4 -in'ithort all the usual pulmon'aryn Symptom's'
sheared themsdlies, showed themsaltesicailling*
entire loss ornerissary riioserelptlireativstr
mado• trial ofeiery Inchon rrem'edy', and
foment periods hadtirei.adilewof aii(Ohtislobin4y
and all with tio''.availiMilgbout , ttve 'Months
since I made trlarof your - C(l46unit Syrupiiinf
Tar' ansl Wood Nappoa; isrid lifdra• I had . rd
the first bottle I.,feltreliSkAeoniiinted'iiiiiii
.'.hadttaketi iivoir , bottles - it loWelittriii6letely 40.
moted r ihtt , fflidesetaridietotafed ine! tar Pitritici
bilitlia bbini•fiii`4oueo
medichi e . 011 v,ar 3NNE(tfoffitlViev. , lP
.123 Spryee gtrpoL
• offlekt'NE .lE.Vtither'of
retro.4l4.ltitt 4484,49)--M.t.ilf
/11 P U . A. `P A T T 401 44 fI,4V, Wi!td'
WitYl4lll; +,o:;‘
•01 WILIPOLIK: ;,, • • olithitkioteirafthe
v , •aure of CoditiApp , • . hioloyk l y go Or*.
le hi
611404i47.14A &ft , ' orPlltit
t ot • 1t.8.1
t4,14401b0, 0 41 4 1
atTRA I Mwin,
• -'•
:• ItoutanOtoniiiii
' • RAN
rrfgILOVRIEw6• z e',
ChafirerpeteAfa-4400;010 'CapitairlYM
Oifice7l63,okerisiAatiiegi•''"' -•
kterj,n ipti est Item or datnagekyjirepoPAPPEATY ,
and EFFECTS .of ,eyery.desertpiroi,iir.tovin or
Conntry,it the Moat re..sumnableterina.
tione made either pers onally or, by letterfn , sll be
proMptlY altended to.
C. N. 13Alttcliih, rt7eito
nates,..of insuran ce , Reduced.!
,- 1 : PERP ETtI4L . RISK. ', ‘
Brick or StOnedivellinipior stores 1
from , •, , ~:.„ .. 2i to Sti e depot,
do , ' ,
4Mir - Claes • 26 to 3 •110
do' do Taverns , ; 3to 4' do -•
: do do Barns • 4' to. 5 416; '
do do Stable, (private) 4to 5 do'
do 'do Stables (public) 6 to-7+ 'do'
do do Grist Mills, Water"
Power, • 71to 10 do •
Brick or Stone dwellingattnd Fur-- . •
. • nintre.trona . •- • -30 to 40a $lOO value
' do do Stores and Merelutiv
• - -•- dine _ 95 to 50
do _ rio Taverns andFurditure
' . - ' 40 't0.60
—do do Bfirna and Coolants
t 054015
do do Stables (public)
.100 to 150 do
do do Grist ;Mill and Stock
' . '75 to 80 'do
. .
Frame and Log dwellings and Fur-
nittare „ . -50 to 7S .do
da do Stores and Merchant
-dize ' :65 to 85 do
do do Tavernsand Furniture •
60 to 100 do
ilo ,do Barns and Contents ,
~. .
90,t0 100 do
do do Grist Mills and Stock , •
90 to .100 i' , • Ito
The siihscillier is agent for theabovedonmany
(or Carlisle and its, vicinity. All applicationsfor
mssurnnec. either. by mail' or personally will be
promptly attended to. D. SEYMOUR..
June 1945. • Iv-55
Ond .11Intual Insurance p rinciple ) combined
with:a large joint-stork Capital. Premi
' reduced. to-nearly half theusual rates.
Y the Ant of Incorporation the stock is
IN pledged for the payment of nny losses
which the Company may sustain. And as an
adgitionat security to the assured, the act id
qn it es that the profits of the business shall be
funded and remain with the corporation, as a
guarantee and protection to the insured against
loss. This fund will be .represented by scrip
issued by the Company, bearing interest not ex
ceeding Fix per cent. per annum. The insured
are entitled to a pro rata share ofthe 'profits of
the Company, and will receive that proportion
of the aforesaid fund in Scrip, which the
amount of earned premiums paid by him, bears
tothe total aitm of earned premiums and capital
The scrip thus issued, to be transferable on'
the books of the i Company as stock.
'.No_ dividend of scrip can be made when.!
the - losses — and expense& exceed the amount of
earned premiums.
The insured ere protected fromloss at the
customary 'rotes of .premiums.
.without any
individual liability or feliponsibility for the
lessee nr expenses of the Corporation. The
assured have all the .rights of membership,—
con vote at all elections, and are eligible - as
Directors of the Corlßrutien., 7 • .
The subscriber has been appointed agent for
ihie Company, end as the mutual principle
ti superseding every other mode of Insuraitee,
to would confidently recommindi t to,hist frietide
end the pdhlte:
The ,North American. Company has closed
their Agency. Those 'having exPiring
in that office eon have them renewed in the
Delaware Company on much more resemble
For full particulars enquire either by hit
or person to JOHN J. MYERS.q
September 10, 1845.-1 y.
A&L EA' el EAST P EA - A . 8.80R DUG
TH F. Allen and bastpennsborough Mutual' ire
Insurance Company of Gumlierlantl County,in:
4,wpmtom( by an act al-Assembly, is now fully or
gustizeil,a mijooperati on ti infer the manageMent of
Inc following commissioners, viz:
Cht.Stn) inandacoli Sheliy,Wmt2 Gorga s,Lew is
Hyer,Chriatian Titzel, Michael Hoover, Henry
Logatol ichae I Cocklin ' Benjamin 1$ Mossei;;Lev i
MerkelJacob irk ,Nlelelliorßreneinati Sam!
Prowell, who respect ally call the eitintion of the
citizens of: Cum bola nil York count ie ato the ad
. • . .
vantages %Oink flit! company 111610 out.
The rates of insurance or& as low_anil favorable
as any Company of the kind in the State. Persons
wishing to become members Tire inviteiflomiake
application to the agents of tie comianirlWliciare wait upon theno at any •--
JACOB SHELIA Pr * eiet. , .
s MICHAEL HOOVER,. Vice Pi•esillent.
Lewis Ilyer, Secretary
Michael OcckliniTreascrer.
Michael Iloover,Deneral Ageni,Nf echaniesburi
Rudolph Martin, N. Cumberland ton siship.•
M Coekli n,Alletttowtishih.
Wm It Gorgas;.Alleri township: •
ChriStiAll Tiizel, A lien township.
Jour C Dunlap, Allen township: • • •,
Peter Ila rnliart,Ea st Pennshoro' township. ' •
0. B. Kingstown, .
Dr.' lac oh-11Puihman Cauilele, • •
Jtiobli Kirk,,Gpneral YorliCouttly,New
Cumberlaiid',PA). - • '
Henry I:ogsn , York COUnty,„ •
John 3hcrrtck. York.einintT.. '"
John Rankin, York •countj..
Daniel Bally. Yitelk.' Otitity;r]
J. llowmnn, York appity..
Ph lipTti oiinilierla lid
Itillitert s :olS(tiFrdt, S. MiddikOn•joinship.{((~'n~licragensti will Sdd~itled hl ,
Jul' 3tilJt4 s:' •
, .
'Till!: CI.I:II)iEItLAND "VALLt; ,
• .11 - ntitai,ri•otection Cone Vi.
1 roi 'M
ender. the di rtletioir ~ or, ihe , following 411'11%1'
NißnAkeiti fokt be eiteuhitt (yen4v t izt,Lrrhomi. C 4
Miller; Pr,epitlelits Sainugil 0 kiXiIi,Y,IPP. PM!
•sifteigt 04011 tWt - iliPculJ , ll l I _,LPIMPui:Fri j 4i
'G. 41 4 i4 1 .0A SeerelW. l - ;04111 NVlci s tlit4 l .l.llll/
c alif!, VOrt, l ;t l , t #K, 1111, ?) . 4 . . - 1 5. a IV l,.., f,.„rl t i t il 7 n i° -.4
- 7. - 0 - g• - ;,, iirrktir I - 1;1 ostei;.ollsi i . . tf ? ... "'...e..r,
A bralliiihltiiigHeir, Ailtii•All'i . uAt . :' ThefVei.e ,
i tillui"tiwthinib'er'iii Afi eiiiiii Atjiiiriekiit" the's&
iftoent eoprit,t,eii,N,ll44,lll-t.,o4tvo,,!ppljAllfona fur
ittliTeoce• mi t t!, fol*lll.ll.llteti.rptreytfittleil 1it.,,,111 7
~ tietitttae(heAilllile'tifilitritiltiAtfs,Wlliii lie' pot=
i iiiii 'will, he Isitiiiil"ikittitiiit 'delar. 111 ,0 41111 , theil
inliifitiiphill'ireqlie, b):4tiiii nftheconliniiiit , 1 , ;1
.0 . ,, , .,
...1,1„ 1
~.0 1.1,1 ~01 . 6s ti vu . ..A. t i L la tt . e. ty... o . r . e g-. 2 ,1.,•
A.A ; ,, 0 m. i,s4lisyi ,1:,,.... ; llttlt a,i, , Y0r..11.!0!) IA
tfiliMl6 -r itng ; t6iliiiiiiii i iiiiiialaii i iiiiiiiiihreir
Iliiii 11 1 1 r,!.. it:i`i , ti : Nliir..4:l4 / 11101 r,7„40 .J0,01,114W,
111 litilint),E64;t ar liOW...llVl . 'XI la i:I rilyi 1 ..d , I; iv,
I, ' , l34.trti . .thifiMii.iheijiieblit*". l , ~-/ h..;13,1,: , ./
To},tieorget. , Bi t ttditiits i r,,lm o i lt t o b,„i 1,!,t00,,,,.ii01
• .L. li..,',WilliamifEitiketVestlieitiigb,i,rblo al
I , rlr.ifesnaktableans , jEatva‘leirhitre. igotiol of 1..'
toiiJohe,lCipolictnloi E5114,540g441AWr0l 01fe,61) .c,
U .l.lo, t 4 o44 ll :9l lll iektl lol h4llPili.. l ll l ,b l iTi!*, 14 iiii , t,-
4.1 1 -. I 72.EAJ L , 4149 4 )..4i1191 .Y.ll i11 , ..4 , 1 a itt ' li .Vi" - .4`.4111 . 1
544"—NP.4406VOWAXIIIIK • • 'fi
0 /I ` m°o° l l' ""P 46 7o"l .l 4l B o ii eV i cl a it
;showin g j le reIRI Folligt e k
" . „th "%ept iirWrir"
tiel'fttatiltOiMitlt too. ; criir AlCitYs•
. 1 1 60-1' m'yttts
. .
x.-, , • -4trig-va.'ll4thilit .. 1 1 , ' — ' itcFT'' .c. li n't ?..` t ott
,rlll-41, witiave,pl titto*
1., 11).-11, oseg . 4 1... 4 ' , --- ~,,,'
p,:1 1 411,... T. c,,, , ~- 4 32 . - : "444,-;',l
lipna tti"l4,ll-44 0 44 *J,rf ,
- kr i r r i ‘
, , 1 -1 4 ,:ig,
, viein,t4;o3,. 1 8 !
'.._::... 5. :',.',5*.0.(0,01iie . 0.iiR
NEw-eritoisitE OM - 13 tal AND
4 • . lnek •tIJI
MIRE; rnii?iiribdetiymijd.
Au the paynfileoepo the, POWKI
kenortiliyAlus4 pontinmsdln , LUMßElt
-YARD ;_oiltliOviSs` eriarof
Owner formed: by-11W - du li - MltTfr: -. •
Turnpike, where .be will rut, ektimes.kepp
,hand.,sgsueral eupplj cif Welil•VoliCt4 LuMber,
R ucli e.1)0, .c.
ina,YrimbOk; Shi10;10. Ike.' •
which will he soldat the lowest prices. ;
Hieatock oktpomber ,consiatsof,s, full escort,.
motirrit; Melloir,Janik White „Pirin,Teplar :add •
,Cherry, Boardwatia Plank i ftdm commowpannel ,
linivalityoutd.of .different thicknessp also Ash
Plank; White and Mello* Pine, Poplar, Cherry,
Oak rind Maple Scantling, of all sizes from 3 by,
3 to 15"hy ; 3; also ,a full. assortment of Tine and
`Oak Shingles; also Building. Timber, of Alegi
'length and. thiekness; ,Joide
sorts and sizes, together with everyz other arti.
cle usually to be found in a Lumbar yard.,. Ho:
will alio keep conettuntly,on,hand,a supply: of
the differcrit - kinde - of - cao-4.--t(4-', such us
Irine: Groves , Wilkciebarret eq. , Shamokin: `foi
Coal of the 7 bWitTri ual B.3l,!it•lhe lewder pi. fruee
Grateful for past favors, -he respectfully so
lieut. uCcontinuancesof,cthe, \ Public patronage,
and hopes by strict r attention latisfactiop
'to .hie costonfeirs.. • •
SAMUEL V. noeivElt.
Carlisle, May 13, 1846.
rnHIS, Institution, which is.located in the most.
1. healthy, part of Cumberynd county, will be
opetreirferfletifilitg OP lay scholars (Mulc t ) on.
Monday, October 3,1846 . . •
The situation has beeit chosen for theadvantages
it presents in being fan removed Worn thenolse of
busy life, yet most
accessible by
Rail Road or State Road, being within 4 miles
Went otparlisle.
The•buildings are new and convenient,the Aca ,
demical department having been, erected this
summer. The number of studentswill be limited.
Order and propriety shall he the distinguishing
features-throughout-the—lnstitutionEvery At.
tettiton will be given to the mental and moral im
provement of thestudents, by competent teachers,
and every effort ion& to secure the confidence
and merit the patronage of ten enlightened public.
The year will be divided Into two sessions of
five moieties each, commencing nn the first Mon
• lay a he October nail April. The .expense for
Boarding, &0., Tuition in all Engliiit bran. hes,
401. 'Alin and Greek, per mission. $5O-
•Prench, Gerinan,Drawang nr Music,eacb, 10
Day Scholtifif, . DT
( -- .Arratigentents can he made to enter at any
time during the session at a proportionate ex
pense. Further information, references, ke. fur
nished by application personally or through, the
Carlisle Post Office.
R. K. BURNS Principal
September 29,1846. •
I COMMON SENSE, that the natural vein.
table productions of every country are, if pro.
perly applied, amply-sufficient for the'cure of 'every malady incident to each peculiar climate.
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills
Of the North Ame_ricara Ciellege of healtlrars:
cutnpoeejd ; ;ofhlaou wbfolq row spontaneously
dn'her Own soil; and aro. therefore . betfer, adap
ted torintrconioltutinnu 'thin medichiest con.
cooled from foreign drugs, howeier- well t h ey
may bo compounvled ; and as they are founded
upon the principles that the bunion body Irvin
viz: coirupt humors, and that said' '
-cum the disease on
by cleansing and ponying Am belly; it will'
be manifest, that if the constitution be not
entirely exhausted—a perseverence in 'their
according to directions, is•aboolutely
lain to drive disease of - every name from the
When we with to restore a swamp or morass
to fertility, we drain it of ale superabundant
waters; in like manner if vim wish to restore
the body to health, we must cleans it of impu.
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills
willibe found one of the beat, if not Abe very
beer medicine in the world for carrying out
became they expel fri m the body all moibid
and corrupt huniors, the cause of disease, in an
early and Calmly marina and :While they
every day give case and pleasure, disease of
every name is rapidly driven from the body.
B6WAaa OP COUNTER FIITB.—The public are
cautioned against the many 'spurious medicines
to deceive, are called by names
similar to Wright`e Indian Vegetable Pills.
The only or igintil Cita genuini:lncliab Veg.
etahle Pills,imve the s'grsature of Wm. Wright
written with o pen on the top label of eahlt bds..
None. is gen.iino, Rannterfolt this is
John Coover, Mechanicsburg.
Breneman do ProweLNewCnm.berland.
, Jam - es GilthornMewville`,- ' •
_A..J.North i ; '.* •
• • - • Alqr•Catheeri,Sheperdstown,
J Sc S A Coyle, Hegeatown,
Isaac Bartain-Liabon,
.• J. A ClippengeriShippenabing,
John M Clever, Lees X Roads t
J amen 'Kyle, Jocksbn
. - Rnsirel and Titice, floekersville, ,
.lobri keetliCentrovilhi,
A,G, Hiller, White House )
Eaby Sc Kissinger„ Kingston.
John H. Zearing, Sporting Hill,
• outman, ew tug,. ,
`pllingpilii Via 'Po d Urtirlithton/b
• 'John P. Rhodes,-Mifflin X Roads,
C. tAf Leer. West
Jiypuary; • „
Vegctable r Itheuxuatic Linimegt.
I VEIXTED..nND RREP A 413121..:...8 V 1414.
. I.IEL ;OE D ; LlST.4l;:fiiii ;r YiT
• .1: - 11 - i•y17:9,4
/FMB Liniment was preparetl-tirlaiiiiillid*
ilteithettmatismi:(und is tko,Ami) , ,,_eaterrial
remed7 known) bit has been Counties piriinen
'siikAtemlatche;.palis lb , 'drib 4bacle,taelsiiniTrom
- acetic complainti,eipediall.ftlioiroilnin the tymp
toms arelinstAlivelgOrd,And. innumerable_other_
, itoute and chronic-pains,
• tem is liable. ,Irnis.Linimint .s tlo9s not impure
constant applicillikiracii.weekabr'Montbs to effect
a cure; buttint'tlioietibtrary,,intercirCtamitifilica
-tionsror one ovAtwo Bottles skilfellx,tteet4 his
been found 'a n effectual remedj , ,li removing the
most violent palm. Patients laro.ppetljt : op re=
lt;ing. ,to, vest, teLin9 tint Tmovninc,bayeAptice
rreettintirelk- rrom the attack of paim4artsktig,
ft/Limps or ,i tatborctma. jr. T4e,suksoiibvrOit
t ttaildt ido 'OW pu and oft `hittjnglitsd ,the t
t6l filYteryitis
it! ti 7c 401 *t to yAiLi
ttivitmlitow Hie shilictof iPment MidiertlES!.=
1 111abiperannimdiatitl..belctiAirepreferreditotista.
m44410011%10 AmoirsonillAjn, , x'elollonf.tb, (16
curativeroperties of- " the LininttpdM. i 4orok. , :
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Elizahelb G esti: l l,B . T taqtett.l.,f9sV , Vii4):
ary Peters,
The , Vemliahlpitippiryst4clibisnpai la pet up,
lilll ll4 l9arat949VhffltAVVirt
T 4, . qtrt ,es
rimiln'ESsf Pons : 1 0.reeti elj"q*Aihi
*gto 11846-,;4+tr e l'. y . .} 4.N.1 Cithi,..l4
- .''','.`'n ~ ", . '-' CA II 4O CASge' I ''' '",, , ,. 4 :z;
A l '&& in. till . PilliSlA t 'ra'
. .o. .. c t; ~ a a l .....:4 ,1b 6 .1 :'
1 14 ri t titi#VPITtiii$Viottuivillorbaw:ctix
, 1411:01d etatightihrimillvbCdrivenitialliliLida
06 111141 6MM,A 1 1:',64i).1,JAIIII,ipGI$ZA
,4-. , ' Deisos; - 1816:: , - , ' , : - ,,, , T , *',' - V, q . ~" :, , ^;,
4 :
It is, Written
Natural princip:bs
~t ~~~ t~~'d~~i~~°llia:
• P 4), L 4P)PP -F 14.•;;"a7.
A..aLA.tnis astalblishment may: 4fitlfotind, , thel
.ttOr;fpc,JIION_RAILIPIOAiti, the United
States, to,which ilia:attention ofthosilin want,
of e t tittleacription :and. especially. for. Oemetea,
ties„_ ie ,parlictlarly. foe, invited.. •
. The priaelpal.part of all the Indlgent° Rail-
Om at Laurel Hill, Menument' and:other celel
bratid.Onmetaries in •the city and;,County of
Philadelphia, which have been so :uglily extoll;
edloy the.puldic press ; were executed ato•this•
Manufactory. o.' r ~;
A large Ware ; Rom is connected with the
establialmaent, where is kept consturitily on
Itiond . rnAntgo stock of readymado:lron Rulings
Ornamental. Iron._ Setievi,. now
sty lo 'plain and .ornamental . 'Oates, with
an:eXtenOivenssertment • of Iron Posts, Peden.
tole, Iron Arbors, &c:. Also, .in..great variety;
Wrought. and Cast, Iron Ornaments, suitable
for4Railings, and other purposes, • • •
The subscriber would alactidate 'that in • his
Pattern-and _Designtrig Department tie has
employed.some'of the best Wont in life coon: -
; ,try;,wbosc 4 , detailed to the
:business-4rniiiietilfeleth'efdrtc — oPthe - most.
!complete and eystematic •eslablishntent •of the
kind in iho Union,- • •
ROBERT WOOD, Proprietor,
• • Ridge Rued, above Buttonwood Street..
Philadelphia, 4847 i • - •cw ••
For. *ender ling pioii,shoes, ttc.
VW ater Proof. : • •,.
subscriber' hereby.maltes 'known , to.:
the.Publfe.thet , "stile a CoMp o
*Mon, without •the uan-of India Rubber or
Gum, which will render Boots and Shoes and
Leather of eve; fielcripthinr — Pi - VraTl3;
—permanently Water Proof, .against Wet or
damp; by proper application, besides'softaping
and improving it.
This Composition is patented both in this
country amPin Europe, and is one tifthe great
andtruly beneficial discoveries of the age.
-Prica,per doyen boxes,.s2,oo,Singgle b_px 25.
cent. As a:guarantee'of the character and
gunuineness of the composition the subscriber
wilhrefund themoney should it not give entire
' lie is also prepared to render cloths of every
dedeription, Awning; Sailcloth and Cotton
Duck completely water proof and secure
against mildews and rot..
Apply at the United States Water-Proofing
Companyi:No. -. 11 - Walnut Strett,Philad'a. -;
co> Ono Agent in each of the towns in this
State will be appointed to dispose of the Cron
position, to . whom liberal terms will be made
on application as above.'
Philadelphia, Feb. 3, 1-847.
Ridge Road, above Spring Gojen Strae,
rp H 1 s eßiablialiment is erected onitniMpro
vedpliin, and by the aid of Steam Power
miniufsoldres — nll kinds of Mnrblo Work in a
superior :style, and at the lowest prices for
The largest and best assortment of Marble
Mantels over i t tercd - to the public may be seen
at the Ware- nm, to wbfeh the t at ei ttra o ,,
of purchasettris resrectuflly invited.
• Imported Garden Btatutiry and Vases rif.,the
most tasteful design and pettenr, made of lie
finest.and handsomest description ot - Italion
Marble; Tiles fot Flohring, imported and al
ways on hagd,and fur sale et the rhost reason.
able. prices. • - --- • .
,r - ,• : .lll,drbleCtitters can bd, supplied at, all.
times vitt; any number of finished mantels or
Trittlel'opsott redueed•wbolesnle prices.; and
the Trede,utill be furnished at the shortest
notice with, all kinds of Marble In the block,
or cut td sips fur. Monuments, a c. o
Ridge Road, above Spring Griden St.
Philadelphia, Feb. 3, 1847..
Cheap Watches and Jewelry.
^,• , -AT the Philadelphia Watch
; •,....,....41 1 / 4 and Jew.,lry Store, 91; North
I '`, Second St. ; corner of Quarry
Ilk Gold lever Watches, full jew
,..11. :. •f•••:4 elled, IR Caret zanes $4.5 00
....b. - CiiWati.7 Oilver Lever Watches, •
fulUtitivelled • 23 00
Silver Trier Watches seven jewels 18 00
Superior. Quaiter Watches ' 10 00
!Irritation quarter Watches not warranted 5 00
Gold Spectacles 8 00
Fine Silver Spectacles I 75
Gold-Bracelets with topaz stones 3 50
Ladies Gild Pencils -10 craw,: 2 00
Gold Finger Ricca 37 -cents to $B, Watch
Gltisscs plain 12i cents to 18i; Luna 25.
Other articles In prop4rtion. • All- 'goads war
rented to be what they. are sold for. ' •
On, hand time 014 and Silver Levers, Le,
pines and Quarliera loiver than the above
Pfieea. , , •
Philadelphia, Feb,,3,1847-.
No 87 North Third Street,
1H El celebrity of the Inks manufactured by the
subscriber, and , thee:0004o ; sales subse
quent upon the Jiiti,k reputation which they have
attained, not only thromilinut Unitedsatua,
Mit the West Indies and ill China', has induced
him to make 'every . !irecessary arrangenieot to
supply the vast demand upon bis estaiblrsiiment
Ile I. now prepared with every - variety of Black,
Blue, and red Inks, (..3nuing •liik,,.lln..elible Ink,
and'lnk 'preputled, under his own
persoral -superintendence; so that purchasers
may, depend (rpm' its superior quality.!!! !!!
superior article-for Mantling-Glass; Chinn, Cab.-
inet Ware.lo.:lectll 161.0 - yers'!: I tousekeeper,
be,ngq whik9 ensily and,iint affec r
led by'et:illinirY heat= y
1:97 IsaApillefit * Uolitititilit'llie l naMC'rOes tent
h. aniala had iittieo; will be
furnbiliMl Ib lintiluistrii."o 4 , ,
("I'lne sale - Wife MaillifantoryliThMiesida . wird
Retail; .NoMIT..! ! North dr hint .Street, , Opposite
(Alarm Streelc,Phihinelphia',by . ..
i 0 1P51K1'.11:4,.Y9,V.P.R., , MPPur,notMr,or.1
Jan.' 27,1847.—1 y,.
SALE .11uvanurr.s, No. 4 0 - itifirket Stroo'
(South Side, below Scc6nti,) Philadelphi a .
:Ofrets'lor sale si
bve4Sitiffirj , t‘tvliinlirthev !nalli fife :lb(
ten e
t wlh e e l h e .)
00116;'.01ibtileti'•410016 HgOtei!
:riliti'ClP din vittperit , ;(I tit !Alio Ny hi tel thid
110' Leikill Wittdoneitigissvo Pirttits? snit ,
eftea'peir'thtiniietc )4:1.1 or.
cr„xiz,-Az;.c. rokinp_to_prietotle or the inklitui
own and-neigliboring".ttatotriff [ die titst ita
.fqr the onto of ebegliVetilitscA'stitmal,litte.
• IVloncir refunds& ideviry oobene
fit is received.' •• '."al3l:l7o"iet • ' ' . •
.tviiilageip(Oikibing-27; • 0 •
„My hie stbriiin Weal. sh soo'et.itis
ruftno764..PAlNAVirpioDY E-ST tlpts
ooKs,..sztTikN Y k 4 I'V e r4lr,:an4
Amcy.logigiobv , , talc, ogetnen4ritliiiis.
cvi II litamluithedloolgeot suileartniet!vii
mi t trittOwd:iiiiii , n4smasoitmitikiAeoTTlUßVlAPE
PPliyiktiltassiPedlikr.l4#d spaill.dealeroeuppiieti,
4t• pprioee„rierrf mtz If e
Cirt P
iN Piciiiiiiil4o l lB 1848. . : : .‘ .
- '"---- ggr I"el.inillt tegf i lved a
' lrs ' 4lP4. " -.1110.. oilecled i
• ang r
n i mco'P
t'‘ /
- a u ' atiterhulAooittlei'lyl' priet! ry
4 , forlodie o gmh and ohildrelt an a a? A
tSvenreti! pidAIMA 141115 '
1111 . adlibliiitTF:vl:l
. •
• Gold Leverk, Eli,ll„jetycllcd, „ $45: 49 1 .
- . • ;., ,
• Gold Lepinerijewellcd; , • .30 Al): ,
• Siliot Lapmes,,jeVrellaiLT-J:i l 7. —15:00-
Quar 'OO
Geld :Watches, • '15 . 00
SilverlSpeettielciti • ".• " 7 . 5
. Gold pencils, " " ' " ' "o'oo'
• Gold-anteaters, "1.4
‘Abto,oni band, a large assortment of• Gold and,
,Huir; Bracelets, finger rings, breast
ear rings, gold pens; silverspdons,.sugar tongs;'
thimbles; gold neck curb and fob chains', gnat&
keyk, and jewellery of every cifide'ription a.
equally low prices. Alll want is' a cell to Co r ot.
cmco customers. All kinds .of Watcheit'ettd
I Cloaks repaired 'and Warranted to keep good
time far one Year. pld gold end silver bought,
for cash or taken . in ,ettellanfitt , For "le , 8
day and 30 hour Brass Clocks, at '
Watch; Clock 'and dewelery Store,'No. 036
Market - street, abeve I Ith (tre'rib side) Phil
11liV1 have also„on 'hand some Gold and Si
immtevem,..alteceer then thmabeve prices.
N. 8. - A 1116 r d -discount rtiMIC, to person
buying VVqt.Chck tO - iell"again.. Call and ime.
' Ph iledelph fit, 'May 608 , 15.. ' ,
•' . .
sucx Ft MOORE ••• ''''• ' •
254 Market Street Philadelplll6;
*A...o.o o dantly on !nnni every-deseription
. 11 , nil .of „which are cut ) tri (11.•
11. and made In a manner not ,to he intrpdaped,,
And are'warranted cheaper than the, Sat equality
of Goods are hi any other establishment in the
Ti.v.triAres Funtlisttiaril Goons at reduced antics.
Those visiting the rity will find it to thehinterest
to exatuitie our stook before rm rr hasi „R. elsewhere.
BUCK & 1%1002E )
a september 11146.
InTiMniel:2l 4 SE
T "' greatest bargains are to. Irt had pt M.
EER LINE; No. 202 Market Street,
Who Ims just finished one of the largest and
most complete assortments of ALi and WIN
TEIt CLOTHING in the city, consistmg ,
Su to aluelc..Dress Cents, troutto-1,14 00
do. do. Frock goats 10 to 14 00
do. do. Blue Dress do 10 to Id 0
Soper I,IK Denver Bangui) Coots, Btol2 0
do: do. Cloth do. do, 10 to' 15 0
. _
do. brown dn. do. be. . Id nl4 00
Pilot Cloth Ilanup Coats 3to 000
Super Black SRA Coats ' • • oto 13 Ott
do. brown Sack Cents . . --840- 19 Oil
Tweed Coats, • 3to fi (X)
Union Cass' mere Coats sto 6 Ott
Black Cloth Cloaks,• 10 to t$ OU
litisioess Cloaks,fl to 700
BlackCassitnere Pant , . — 4
to 500
dn. Fancy Cassintere 4to 500
Satin Vests i- . 2.506)4 00
Merino Vesta ,
2 to 4 00
Silk Velvet Vests • - 3to 4 i 0
Gentlemen in want of cLoTi lING may depend
upon being Stel*tl in every respect, as 55 c tire de
termined-MA*lO be undersold by any competitor
in the business; All goods are 'purchased. for
CA Sll.,..whicit enables us to sell a little lour& than
those who deal pr the credit system;-it being, a
self-evident fact that the " nimble airly:tree is
limier than the slow shilling.". DON' I' I'oll.-
C El: THE NUN' II F. It , '295 M ARK" KT ST.;
October 14; 18;6. • .
Natia~nal - Vapierrian Gallery
Photographer's Paraishing Deirots.
AWARDED the Medal, Four first premi;
nine, and Two highest Honors by, the In
stitutes of Massachusetts, N. York, and Penn-
Sylvania, fur the most beautiful colored Dagtier
rentypes end best Apparatus ever exhibited.
EFPortralts taken in exquisite style, with
out regard.te weather.
Instructions given in the art.
A large assortment of A pParatus and Stock
always on linnd,•ai the lowest cash prices.
New York, 251 Broadway ; Philadelphia,
136 Chesnut St.; Boston, 75 Court, and 58
Hanover Sts.; Baltimore, .205 BultiMore St.;
.Penisylyanla Avenue; Peters
burg, Vu. Met.hanic's Hal I; Cincinnati, Fourth
and Walnut, and 176 * Main St.; Sakatogn
Springs, Broadway.
I remain, my dear,TheMea; as ever.
Your mother, lit love's Mud durance,
And iryou would keep me here, darling,
Pray send me the ilokrhouod From Dotter.
.sale at 103 Baltimore street.
,Scald in Carlisle by I. NIIIILAEFEY, Sole
ZEZM u t asmtv . Okritiarf6:lB.l7.
No. 97, South Secood Street, Philadelphia,
wISIIES to inform his Mien(ls and the public
generally, that lie still continues to manufac
ture and sell the genuine sTovE,
With the latest improvement.
Atter many years experience hi the inanuftie
tore cif these Stovea, he is now enabled to offer to,
his. customers the AIR-Tiffin' STOVES will. ,
ovens, suitable for dining rooms or nurseries,'
Hellas also the ;lir-7'll4lft Stoves on the Radio,
for plan, which makes 14 splendid and econointahl
parlor Stove, to which he would tall the particu
lar attention.of those who want a splendid orna
ment For their parlors. Also, R splendid itasorv.,
meld of Coal Parlor and Cdoking Stoves. All of
whi c h lie Will-sell 31, the .
The public would do well to c.tll before pur
par - Mi. 1.1% iv mild caution the politic" against
alli'Air-Tight Stoves made with cast iron doors,
asAlley.'nl;e - a spuriousurtiele and will not answer
in ant ease. .• :
Philadelphia, Septerfibey..23,lB4o.,
O011001".§:AIS,1): PROP AA, suitable ll;)
the ireation,julerebeived at PDO'Ell'i)
sTo.RE,.. c ou i p t iein g
Mend and 'itoy's tbiek
Do `do Brogans.
1)o.,, Boots.„
• no do° 'Brogans !
This,sprh warranted to Jek sopolior„to
enr,ever iirought, heremfor,e, end; will
B°l(l.lmifor ClOll. .Duna forgot, tho,corner
opposite Cho .M ethudist Choral). • ;
Carlishi;3eptefrttikle,lB46. r.
:_ct* - 11.9.4..a005t..441cp*F4,?...„
MYZRS—hosljust.receive47z , 'en ,esseienient (of .tho. finest ;
ITEAStInit eould_berneleetedin
t -•( ( 1
~ 7( (.
4Y054 P f
trY,PPOPIOPrti,,' . 1.,15
,611,110100008MbetdAftfit • '
• •
-443 - • 9* 9 11
nt . 1 4.1.? ,1.0)
20 i;i t a aristfpr.. B ,l9,,,r 4 h celor
H. ham') ar,')Yl-,:%lktr
hl :riel3-
f ind . Ithubtry• el e. 4
frill. f; rnr
fIP R .'
Carli sic; Sepi ber 3S , 1 1 , 6,1 ;,(1
tit ireilve c rPiiltll, litrd
sifVs ?gel fr it labqt,allo,tritheni
lit'rei • (ki irs tore ei • X : 'l o ÷
M andl - Sat a I " r•miglAsiPPE .
gri' 1015404,14,
. • ,EkljrcsDMEPX4, „ M!1,;;/..1
61,7 vflErs•kinlii9drida,
books cirp,
NkLik. MrEtth i~lo n'
-6;l'lleikik§frbr) 711. 8 : 4 ,97,i1 got 9,
gr , to.,` Points 0116 I ,Bt DYerats ,
Cig,ll9fixi: 6 RiOVßlAVF°r 4
"." Atlviict,st,3 o . 4, 1 , 1 ,0 4 4,
o n?M it hoe ' s ' tdll l ,i ,
`der, Recl7oo,ltofV9ok
had ticlAWlon k o l f-t*IMIN4 ,44)1
Die Ir 6.
I A , rs 1 417:
lhe__uar ;
g A e A i t ti- t V
-petelec l i --ar
Sitc )ll qc ifd•i dware,.evei
brought to .Carlisle I
4:/HN P. LYNN respectfully
friends and the public , generally that be hat
Wit it &Ivad rroprtha cit3r4 Splendid stock el"
ChenfiTaints, Oil, Varnish; u o
defermitVed to Iselthheoper that) ewer. "
His stock consists to part of the following?
Ddilking fuel - brisk", sun
hnd Screws, nails and spikes, window glitst, of
all sizes. Ourpentorielohls of, ell kinds, suck
as planes, saws, chisels, augurs, bracqs and bite,
cornitheses, sulidtior sand paper. Saddlery, al
full assortment consisting or brasss a eleted and
Japanned Pathos* mounting,saddle trees, hilts
stirrups,•beiekels, hog skins, raw, hide,' whip
stocks, &c. Cabinet M akcrs'• materials, such
as MAHOGA.Ny,, , vENFiEJiBi Gin 55 ,4 nd Ma
hogany knobs, draiver and chest lotks, : lled-,
stead sereWs and calm. Also, a Fiplendid assurtt
ment of fine pen onti`piieket knives, tablek'nives
and forks; floe scissors and shears, sheep
shears; razors and razor straps and shoving
cream. AlsotDijadlestiolts, and snuffers, shout
to and tongiT, t brush7*Telt tin Cubs ; - nati
1 uoltels. , shovels and hpa'deir, hay mid TO
forks, halter and trace chains; coffee, milt
looking glasses; and looking glints *tempt' al
sizes In ill and crass cut saws,ba r, band, round
and limn iron, cast,ebeCr and blister steel.—
Also, rifle and toe powder, of the best quality
and safely fusy. Togethet with every article
usuallyAcptjp r a .Hard w,aroMor s e. r
Call ttrid 'asinine befOrelitfirohksing•
where• as Tanideterthinbil not to be Vest.
The books and accoUttlit of the late firm of
J. P. Lytle & Co., are iny , hands, and per.
Song knowing themselves indebted to call and
settle, as the books must 'be settled up Larne
dintely otherwise suits will he instituted with'
out respact tripersous.- - JOHN P. LYN E.
April 29, 1846.
WF. hitve heen copy tholollowhig•
letter from a lady of the highest respects
la Boston to her son, a young . merchant,
dug business in Baltimore. The article the ora
lady alludes to, we believe, is BAN CES BOAR-
I IOUN,I) SYRUP and CANDY; which is 'doing
wonders in the way of curing A.sthmas and loughs.
N. Y. Mirror.
pear Thomas, „you know my allietion,
• •
The COlll that 1 caught a dance,
So I beg you will send me a bottle,
• Of HOAltilUULD, extracted by FIANCE
Mrs. Johnsen:l(litre say you knew her.
And the story will sound like romance,
Ilus_heen cured Wilier tong') of long standing,
13:y bui ing some Syrup of fiance.
There's the - doctor, too, bless the old fellow,
For his health, went a travelling to France#
And CHOW 1101111: to he cured of elti,Mlllllllloll,
. And lays it to l loarhouat l and !lance.
Mrs. Martin, your fisher's first ,cousitr,
Lny n o or three days in a -trance;
And the first thing she said upon nuking,
Wats " send fur some Ituarbuittni' to
)esittrillty sent for the doctor, • •
Who said, "I ran see let a glaiwe
There's but one thing can cure )no*rder,
A ntl thati4 snitte,ll - onrhound-from , 'me."
So sou see, denrest Tons, my condition,
no would my enjoy meets enhance,
Do not lull to torwardio morrow,
A bottle. or Syrup from Dunce,
Do not trust it Ity nor Peter,
For flair or some ugly mischance s
For whst shall I do, deseesi Thomas,
If I.ket not the lloarhound from !Inoue
One bottle for me, nail another
Pon'i forgm to direct to yime aunts;
Ttie' :MI It I rvekoiy
lint be sure 'Lis the genuine (lance.
111ra. Brown was bent tenable with' eirorigiting•,
' Rut now. she's as attarielli at a lance t
Anti tire change has been wrought, she assures
II) inking Mc lloorhoond from !lance
As I wrnt to ibe store Mil last Friday,
:%IY. Bogeyman e) ell gilt llfikime tt ; •
Anil S 1 bisperiog said," Nlrs, I L t: s,
You must Bountiful: some !loan bound to flatter
'Afes. I'ittg, who subseriltem to the Mirror,
In that Journal encountered by chance,
Very lucky, the first advertitetnent,
Ilnil becit Seen in our village from Hance.
Inv the cure of Piles. Tlie Vt.etable Pile
Electuary, Invented by Dr. A. Upham, distin
guished pit) sicion of New York city, is the only
tea tly successful remedy for that dangerous and
distressing complaint, the Piles, ever uttered to
the .° merman public. -
The pecteary contains no NI itieral Medicine,
-ntr'AlnescColoityntai Gamboge, or other power
ful and irritaillig purgative. No fear of : taking
cold while under its influence; no change in diet
necessidT. 'trinket' according to directions,
I cure for life is guaranteed.
Another Certifieitte added to the fiundreds that
have alreadv been received, of the efficacy of Dr.
pham's If.icetuary: _
• NEW Vona; August 25,1846:
MCB9III. Wtntt k littalutrir--Gentst For sere-:
, rid yenta past L hove been troubled with files, e
very optative state of ply compitint not bei ig so!
severe no to disable me fromistismess,lintra dread
I hod of nnil patent Medicines, that
until this spring 1 never used ;Rey medicine or
applied he n physician for relief. The Piles then
being so severe that I allowed several °neutrons
to be perferpted viLtboimatty,betiefit Determin
ed it See-Olio-Lb hiper
thament of a cure guaranteed by the use of Dr.'
1J phn m's 'Eleit ry: I.ptirelinsed three boxes at
your store, nod. from thetnie 'or I found ,
myselbentirely•eured orate Piles,and my health
much improved. 1 restinikSirs. tour nutelv in
ilebteil friend. • . ,• i Ezea Di
Islerelitint•Taibir,l94 Itroadtrayi upstatra. l
T)r. A. IJpbnm, l Proprietdre •‘' •••
4hrrm k KETCIIAM; 121. Fulton streeti•Nesi:
l'shiltyGenetttiAgentisforthe Southern Stars. 1
a'.7.S old in CarlisleVhy . Siimunt . Etra trir; and •
Dragitlelegnittirally thronglyout thistruited States:
, 11 .1krtivtriber 11 rl
-aaritlartielt-forreheavannoking:niolln Pee - a"
6 cents per desert, fort .sale at the Cigar:Faotaryt
thasubsoriber. .iA
-barlisle,.ootoker2tAi ;,;,,..t..,,,
, ,iatinioii Viiiiliiii ltiidfciiiiiii ''f: : '1
,i i ,
'5 - 4t.T.,* 0 1 ,4 1 9rIP,MIMPIY PrAlt!,;411?YA:T.4!!!1` 1 ,11
r,,eliejtAttifl9llo, ls „, l 9
__,1 , 9,, . - y ' :, , ,ii,,, , , , ,,1,,i; ! . .1i , ,,,: ,
!,.,',.) .f , .. 4 V1.R'i1.r%. , ftke° 6 r1",,t; , 11,,.. ,q Ri .t , 1 , ,41t.,'ir
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A Cure for Life secured.
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TTIC preceding. fl gure it.gided . t.prepresenes
INSENSIBLE 'lOll - 11"13 - gra.
.EV.ADUATION Joe the impurities of the body
It will be noticed that' p thick 'cloudy mitt. iosscre
from all points of the sorface, Whit% indicates dist
the perspiration flows unititeirriipteilly-irliett-*l
are .
health, but-ceases witch we ar4 tick. Life
cannothe sustained without it. 'lt is- hrOwn oil
from the blend and other :juice's Of theliody,and
didposes bYjltis means of nearly all the imperi l.
ties a itbin'us, The language of ScriPfure is tiin .
the 111.0011 is the life." If it ever becomes int% .
pure it may be traced directly, to the stoppage of
we see all that is necessary when the blood is
stagnant or infected; is to open..the.poretti and it
relieves it sell from all impurity,lnatantly. It.
own heat and vitality are sufficient, without one
pat Odle of medicine, except to open. the pores..
upon the _sorhtee,_.Thu s w_eseethefolly_ollaking .
so much internal remedies. All 'practicioners.
however ; direct their efl'ortato restore the inset i.
sible pet spiration. The Thompsoniar,,for.
shiner, STEAD'S; the 1 - 1 dropailiist shrouds us is
wet blanketii; the Homtepathist deals Opt infini
teissintils; the Aliopathist bleeds, and ddies us
with mercury; and the blustering quack gorge
us with Pills, Pills, Pills. •
.To give some idea of the amount of the Insets.
tibia Perspiration, we will state that the learned -
Dr. Leweithock ascertained that five-eights of
allwe receive intothe stomach passed off by this
manna: In other words, if we eat and drink eight
;Mends per day, we evacinite.five pounds of it by
the Insensible Perspiraiiim.
* This is none other than the used up particles
of the blood, and other juices giving &nee to the
new and fresh ones. To check this, tart efore, is
to. retainAu r thesystem five-eights of all the_vire,
lent matter that nature demand's should leave the
lly a sodden transition from heat to cold, the'
pores are stopped, the pi rvpiration cease's', and
disease begins at once to develops itself. flunee,
a stoppage of this flow of the juices originates so
ny . ecni plaint 5. -
is by stopping the pores that overwhelm
mankind with coughs, colds and consumptions.—
ine-teitilis of the world die from diseases intros.
ell by a stoppage oldie Insensible Pura: dentine.
Let me ask{ now, every - candid mind, what
course seetimAlie most reasonalbe to pursuit to
unstop the, pores after they are closed ? Would
you give physic to uirtop the•pore's? Or wool:
yon apply something that wrath' do this upon the
t ieOlogginguc witty id?' ABM - ye
I know of no physician who makes any externs
application to effe ct it. I'M:re these cireunisten•
rev, li.resent toplosiciatis anti to all -others, Me.
Mister's ALL. •u EALING OINTMENT, or the
‘VOHLD'S,SALVE. .1t has power to restore
perspiration nn the feet, on the head, around tild
sores, upon the chest, in shot t, upon any part ot
the hotly, whether (linseed slightly pr sft;_,Tertly.
It has power to cause all external sores, scro
fulous humors, skin dis”sises. poisonous Wounds,,
to discharge their putrid neuters, and then heals
them. It is it remedy that swegiLs off the whole_.„
catalogue of cutaneous (Henrik' T, and restores the
Catlett erdiele to in healthy funciimilt. It is a et...-
racily that forbids the necessity of FO MU' snit
deleterious dings taken into the stomach. 11 is a
remedy that-neither sickeits,gives itiroweenienee i .
or iv dangerous to the intevtines.
It preserves and defends the surface from all
derangement of its futiotinns. The surface is the
mulct of five-eights of the bile Mill used up matter
within. It is 171C11.411 with millions of openings
to relieve die intestines. Stop up these,pores
and DEATII knocks at your door. It. is rightly
termed for there is scarcely it Ms
ease, external or. internal, that it will not benefit'
I bate used it for the last tburteen •ears for al
diseases oldie chest, consumption, liter, haul
lug the :, , most danger and responsibility, and(
I I declare before Heat en and man, that not in cot
siia• ++ le case. has it failed to benefit. when the rik
Bent was within the reset' amorist means.
I have had physicians, learned in the prof - veins
I have hid Ministers of the G ospeid nelges oft I'l
bench. Aldermen and Laws ers, gentlemen of 1 .
higlirst ermlition, and mnltit tides of the poor;(
it in every vnrietY of Way, and therein's been h
onevoiee—nine united, univerml voice—say in.
McAlister, yutur Ointinent is GOOD." '
It can hardly lie credited that , a salve can hare
any etTect upon the lungs, settled as they are with
in the systeM. • But it placed upon the chest, it
penetrates - directly to the lungs,, separates the
poisonous particles that are cousumiug them,and
exi,els them from the system:
I tel not say that it is curing persons of Con
sumption continually, although we are told it
foolishness. I core not what is said, so long sa
can cure several theusond persons . yearly.
Tlic'Snlre has cured peranns of theMettl7..le
of twelve-yettre-shusolingoutd—who
!arty eveiy week, so that voruniug 'often tout
place. Deafness and Earache are ,helped with
like' success.
Consumption, Liver Complaint,, pains in
chest } or side, lulling off of. the t se
other, always isecompasdes cold feet. It is It s re
sign et 4iece.t, sn'the system to hale cold filet
Tist:Salie still mire every ense.
In Savoie's, Erysipelas, Salt Rh rriy•Liver
ConiPlaiht, Sordr E)ets, Quincy, Sore Throat,
Bronehitas, Broken or Sore Breast, !'ilea,
Chest.:•Diseases,,such Is Asthma, oppressden
pains, also,,sore lips,, chspperl hoods; tumor's,
tmmusousp,:uptions,nerynus„diicasses,and.of the
spina dim.. is r prohabli no medicine now, known
so good. the: heal thing' its
•itirld 'ed'r (Rend 'the' cli . rections atol i rsi
!he bok.)'`•
""'", WORMS. ' '
' Il' Parents kfieW 'how rile! mold reedicln'ei were
tcrehildren 'taken inwardly, their' wonld trio s
to resorotir Weed. Especially tomeecurial lozeit
ges,'t dmedieatedlozenges, , l"cermitegkie
' 'pills, &o; 'The 'truth` hi, no one, can tell; incaris
wormsinre present,: INOW,IIet wet
'543* to; Pnrealui 1 1 0
child Ims worms. ft will ilrire„eyees teStige,q;
them away. (Read the direiltions- around ' the '
hoe.) There is peobablf OtOthedicene on the fase
4! th9qtirtib *l4 Il lf s)M i PA- 0 -
pul,ion werms. , .
'titildrivrAV§l.' I " ' a ; • '
selling, , w ide ilikopidn'Of ceu ceases w .t )/ ..t.argorErts . F
-t pores being leciFe,il tip. iio,lh t ilia heal indlierl
pans' off!. litheleast moisture
could• be, started, the crisis hair piised and the
danger it over—• The MI-He'aling-Ointment,sciiil
in AilfsSvPpcifqvlekeloo9,oll)l4lnslYollllok the
skin Raining forth the perspirstiqn.
or V.l.VtokkAlVAAntlyllit itlitt Idle; .1
tqtria n InihimeNuF 'SIP-101 i '
tf'III. ,
ihirilroltdeolightef. them hvkluc;;Flti tottg.6 ARA
ifiallethe4iißliktilabjeet inilrenkiesi.dflshe
flesh-Latilltingl as disestie atitl
egUortMlitailtßUPAO oettselhfrAn'lltb, L 4 *FAO
hen the demand will obese, and nott
111eicLISTER & Cu.
'Q't PV9lftelpks,erthls above Medicine. Fri,.
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sounterr7 vv vin to the
public tha ito„ tmelt.Al u unless
the names of late 111 b Iliferti. , ^ ;tees 111eAl N .
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