Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, February 10, 1847, Image 1

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plephew, Ii.jAtiZSON ,
Drug and Bonk , • •
Ity this atmlingritent,lliseio• NIYFIIIS will be
enabled to-gi lII* apill vi fled -attention to thetlu
ties Or hi l'roresilon. - '
SebtOttil*Pllo,ll,4-6.--.3iiit. ' •
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' toiitkoSyc. "#l6n;
APFEIa: Mein sheet, in the itouse for
erly, oepupied by'Dr. 6r0.4.,E11g0an
CarllBl%, April 9,184 G, . •
2DM 'kti;T:td---LXV2III§,9
lohs'upon the
i t s c e tf r a tb t . nt P m e d il lo t
tth it preset'=
ration onehaa Scaling, riling, Plugging., elc.,
lir will rest.Nte the lostrolthem, 4. inserting Ar
fileial Teeth, from w'sjiigle. Tuotli,to o full
sett. a()11 . 1ce. on Pittstreet, a few doorsSonth
oldie notel. •
N. 11. Lopmiti will he nhaent from Car
lisle the Ityitteliti 'Lys, in (inch nlohth.
KEloinv ED'clAu IzzEurr,
, NrrOlt,,N'EV At LAW.
practice in the several Courts orCum—
beflttoil and the alioining.counties antlnt
end to all prJessltnidl hushiess entrusted to his
eitre with prouriptness
Oilier in Smith ilsinover.streel, in Crithnta's
new buililine•,oppoiltethe Pdst Mike.
Carlisle, .26, 11411. --y.
Attorney at Law.
OFFICK 11l tiOIIIII l l:Ulnver streel ,It few doors'
follow . I.:r➢IIHIH, Esq.
Joh - 16,1845. .
303-IN w. 113EINMEIL,
- hp IiiI'ECTFULLY irllnrme thisliilblic,ihat
hiving opened an office in South ['allover
Aired!, pearl j• oilitoslie the .Host Ottiee,he ie pre
linred In prainke 111•INTIS URI' in till its broo
ches. Co 1.1 Teeth are essential to healpt,hesilles .
astnral fiiiiiitsero lint
ii-anatnqnta I, nail add niatektitqw-'%ttcomropt of
Ehe ivet •ter. It need . not be 'audit - II wlint can be
tilonettOrthe teeth, suffice it to '4 tb:tt etef . 'y delete
rail re , neilfed,:in.t Heal' T colt - iiirnistivil from II
one to all entitle sri• flaring
prat:ov: lol: n.noo ll io l ' of 1 , ! ,(1 Algona rerei . "
triton will he given to mita, ns re:if - love ttieein,lott
the lost proof is (lie riper - rt . /jail, w tll iii all
114 es. tic ,net:Ttrtlltul in the molt unreltll ifUt niter
awl at prices to alit the occasinn and th'e inks.
wa ited nit-tit t Iteitt i vositlututea, cit lidr its
instil gr c•ionti'y, wit hoot .o•Ztl:il'eldrge. Ile inav
• i d wins lie Grind tit his °Mee as above,, fir at his
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ti e 044 et:liplring. °I
NVstrliesantl .le wet ial t is alp; iu Smith Man
err St .klin,lgNT.'tlt„.l,7V-IN-1. otently
lie si tteniinti and ski [NI execution of his
•or nett , c r.gugitAisottitorisby..ntilleiteat
share nrptililietettrnonee.
Carlisle. April! Filietidall
1 - I .1. ItRIS, 7l i ttrtg - lIT '81. 4
No. 2at Surd. 1111.41).110.17J.1.
ImporterJ AM Wholesale Dealers
DrevAtetlicieet.,C.itemientr,l'etetit 3littl.
t c t ce .t, Sturgical and 0.-.stetrietti Instrument tit
1)rn7,7,1 me tuts we re Whitlow Glass, Pa ittt 5,01 Is
Dyes. Perrttmery, ke.
ItetTlincte.etel Physteisins
supplied with did the mnitt ftt
,vn-rehle tartwt.. Strict and pretept sittetaipe p a id
in orders trumtactl,
nirrll kltettl, NI. I'. • 3 FtS Tunvr.k.littelj
or irirgi On. Wrt.t.l t.t tit VII, AI. D.
S4tl t t : 3o. S'i —y.:
Fronting on the‘CmOcrifilfaTallell Rait Bowl
. .
( .4433,242g 1 124 ) 4-N.O „"
lAT E tilt 001 by . qort:iV ,Fotil i k,itilfi jtte
11. been tedien'bV thle'atldeeribei: l lt . is newly
furnished' ittftVlittePbei*lihor,drigh,lpeinfired;
Paemengers in the'elfia',' alranEerd, riaoeitere
and visitors to . Qatliele, at;o kft ,. v.Attd 40, 1 0p11 f ,
to the comfort and erieVegidtiteoer (hope who
itatroniza'Jhe etstablislunirit.:
.1. .1. , , ,- WiNILOTT.
CarliSie,gpril if,, 1845.
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FFERti his rerilters to the public. Min
4, lag Jiad, mev i eralythireekperience'veitlibia
• ather t biul litiiltVg in hiatuiviesainti.tlie valua
ble collection of rapers iiigilo hg h~~qi be-hopes
tare 'to obtain . ; shun of
11ublia pairtiotige. . ••• •
Oillec in the 'labile Aryunie,2 iinmc(ll4nbi In .
ilia rear °Nile (:oar; Iputio,
Carbide, eel 21, ,
..cxrl.lll.42.,ea . .iirszah to Lama droair-s?,
o x 1, u . r I.lll.l r p'lt.ll4' par .141 e College
dyes, Ladies it k. rilidittlevertilt'sapps'pel. t sill .
41? snit mrisi•riSels all Wn'tt,to' satisq , eoT.;
(Yrders' las Hop,
exsTette;Sejiten?biSO"g, gitV
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..,: ItriFj I n annelri!l 110,1161,1 v . , 1.
r .m.f.N l iv lip AI uuuove ,- wm ,i,,,,,
itHAVE. ' received' front' Put 14r; ~Itldi '. l lki l iiV-
Vona very witoraive , m 10,0,1414 tax 4 !sirjal,r,
atockf'-and can offer 0814, vphiip ,vsli..ArAk4ll, tilL
my, line. tie /ow 'if dot Oldie. (dutn , than any ether,
in. twin—Country) Store ICeefiervviritegleth , al4
initeraoare respec . itly invited.hitaktileatity•dht . ,
'vend - upt ntettinf; - et lateslitrf_ook,l ' 4 IL . ,'',Z A PM,
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Ba ia, Itraxa, - , . ,'..-:-' :?,:''T".‘....4,, trApitift
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Abe - iubrar Tit) i'haitit2o,ooo . lf,Af!g
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Okia' a ) rTaraiiiiaa, at. hia?RigAtSatiOßT
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•#' • . - 444
AFFIC E. irl , tht SouNkVest. ottgle. of M i t , publi
Squate, IKzek - 'Coterr t Hotese • '
3,i. Dona year lx Alinr A
two•Solturer Withiti fife—year. ,
' • , •• )ste Doilttr sikmonths..
' [Anne wiLL , bc , Yf3tldly Adhered
• F 4113. .(1t: ADVERTI S ING, • •
, Advert IsernOblit,timititio Afteekt Iloottdr.doss, w 1 1 1 . 1, 1 0.
!targed at thd`Wtte prlttV,co,ritOor laseit; i onr,
• !tree titbits thid ttViktitk-flve'k.6 ts for
very soltsuottehMinel . trolt , .! 4 X , OrlYvldvortlider will
be eloirged LIC titoflowlhf, rates ;
One Colt; inh, t to paper,
_for ono, yesi„,
.iintra column, ,
do. • •° ftla
T , wo Stotaios, jtrilft outtrtetl,{ changes, ' ..10 ,
Business Cartly,Avith the potIO(p,
Eitwica, nd bills, pooh', qtrettlarn nod,tvery. atm
theriteseriptfith s of eirtlintid him timely o'rh
xpOditlotititY, and dl the .I.OWEST PRICES. •
Miz:nlafrnat9mz a *
rendm Tltk OLD centtlANl
Should you tneet , tity true tom, "
Rey-1 greet her well; -
Should elle esk'you
„how I ?ate;
Say—'she best run tell
Should elle nek If 1 mu Welt",
Rny-1 died of eerrent •.
Should she theft begin te weep; ,
Say-1 1 11 come to-morrow,
Febna the Guegt,
He glistened the dire snuke.
* * Subtlest heart of all thelield."
Ph ft. LOPIT
Twentyone veers tiO, the goodly town of
Chaintierebtirg, in Pennsylvania, wore a
ditli•rent aspect from what it does at the Ihe
deut thiv. In this brief period a mighty
change . has - tak - en - place io the conditimi of
things around it. Railroads were, as yet,
things unit nown—the rushing ot. the Steam
horse with Ids long train, rivalling the speed
ofthe wild pigeon, hail not vet disturbed the
echoes oh the mountain -vales of Franklin
In ihrise dnys might he seen, in all their
glory, those . renowned -PerMBylvania teams
that now oily live in the memories of men
They have. passed away, and have. given
place to the swift ear, or the slow, ungainly
canal boat. A grand sight it was to- see
sometimes a dozen of those great teams in
one long sning drawn by .five or six stee
horses. moving steadily along at the rate cif
twenty miles a day,-aatl-htadodLby—a 'wagon
whosttlinen cover was whiter bleached. and
whose body was brignter blue than
the test. and whose horses and housings
rriminea. with gay red 'fringe, and strings of
bellson iron arches above their collars, that
'ade teeny music as they moved along.—
I tow proudly stepped the 'horses. and with
what ail air did the driver twist himself in
his saddle, and crack his whip,- and cry " wo
19 this manner all the merehandize for
cnpjtldl•tgthe '%Vest ern country" was 'they,
trau-porten to ['Milberg. ' Going oveillie
mountains,! ails a different glair from , the
e4sy• three daySz journey ,of the, present
And the taverns along the great turnpikes are
elthnged slully ati the means of locomo
tion, Evi4 y petty town (lid not then boast
01 . Wathinglon or American House, with
a paltry irnitatien at ))able of the etiquette of
Ilse lordly Aster or Tremont: The good old
names of the I Green Tree;' the Spread Ka
gle,' eltd the ' Rising Sum' were then in
vogue.. There vidre large yards around these
taverns ter the tn:mated:Mon of the team
sters. nod there might often be seen ten or
twelve wagons - lathed arouna with a Tong.
trough fastened to the tainrue, and five or six
hones standhig up to eaert s ,quietly inunehin
tllir'oats eater the short jouitiey of the day.
Au nfr of comfort wiped *)thin the - hoaseT
and at the table prolusio'd, was mitvr. re •plaiiily
disternable, than style. ho knew batter
ttniti the Panthiy . trantrt landlady of that day
how to stew a - chicken and make a Imp •of
coffee f Or who'better than she coald bako
the cri4p brown.watfie Bake. and bring it to
the table, smaing hot and swhrrnine,
butler t
Hut pant Is al f 64 &me P 'fie 1 . .43 tittiii, , 1
---ttitmu.ntetitHtride_tbay-finurished ; In forgtti. ; '
On a bright, warm evening in June, 1925,
at the sign of the Cross Keys, in !Chambers
berg. the landlottl was talking-ta some Ohio
merchants - whb had been to Philadelphia to
purchme goods, antl: were thus lanai their
!viten Immo, tiaVellitig Ot horse back.-!-
Arnutultthe door: !wore. viirion's ! people ' ,tind
mechanics of the town, wlki had: dropp4id in•
to have an hour's chat, antr i t'a heanthe news
from the cityy tireught by , the teattastere••••••for . 1
the people then.cont rived to live without the
eager haste lot news that , cliaracterizeil the
present giMeinli'on : and however woeLinay
smile artheir siiiiplicity ten/ ignorance, such
a thine usiner- titered their:beads as killing :
horses and•bre'aking the necks of their-dd.:4S
for the sake of-getting- ititelligen . ect a few ,
hours soonerthan, by tiegulartothee' of mail:
By degnaes their diectimrse turned te - politicrt}
and the Prestdintiel'election,,ltild the inaug:•.
urution,of.kohn-. Quineyeidenta, that:lied la
-1,4'4 .PlaCe a few mohthY previbus; was 'the
!theme. -The: antkuimitkittratiohlnittr , wari,
1 : the: most; 'numerous on /this ocitision .1 Joe
;stituptel,..the , ,blabksmith; tiles Idud !in his'
i tlissatislactiorrat the-velvtaitkehtl:little }Abet i i
} Pieni.E4! the: !Whilei t i barber,' roa - ndir aisettelP
that lea.. Jarksdn Mad: belihi chanted oat} of .
1600 btion. • girit look oil/ boy!' mid . he,'•
•: . i.gftai' if we don't malahlWifiestiliat - 1 - 10 - xt l
!lime )o }mu may'foriefalse-propliet.'
• - !'..iii i - :-; }• + - Mai * tin 4 * '. , } !" , .:.}P. , :aot A an!,
} P t
In Filha..Al99ol; I,lirn?Lgßamgl6,oi4 toile ;
~„..,(0,„,,a,„„,,,,„.., ~v ~,,,,,,p„„ 5„,.,„„..:.
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~,,teat relniritug,yeAltuir,l ithAia,/kkiallii;••hei
had' ihb ila/leat:iimsgoian, ithq 1 . fOtflA ?PON
1, / hgc. B d, l 3 l- ti,K et*lla 4 1 j'ailkiitticonntri ;When;
he !in,./141i44 1 9 -4 9}theAllrilOceolndihis Ulna
'wo a i f.!! 3 , !IN ed ; Aii,vi' A tigninti!polte ttiftti ,Obeat , 1
"nt Miiir.flS),fihg AgraitililY,Atllitt e ingdettitfi
• enepaill'9"l:Pla! hi u 3 4, yawl fplaice, klAavolrphhtl,
Abe:melt!' 91(0110i/440AI :he:depleted: thatikk
;m k t ! , p c ,,,t almit y c hv a t rit p, 4o o4 melt liltiottVl it:9• : }.
2„°,l*F 'f'.
it Vrcil.4l/iVriia . lhiPlatrie‘ l ,Aem:
• 1 7int't liFi 9 . 410 i ngat9n),Y}Ntdi, 4g, dcugtaar,',
.ipl o aftlx4l } sum latarAlPlida :WORD the
' IitITIF it air lhhec.949l.terictlaint:
i ..1 0 9'. gal l iiVi'faa.cifihidan Yatirs (fiti,'hilti
tlnhal!a nki plitio:cakeidsigt i had in ot o,een
, 041 1 C 4 _, a , t l 3 l l - a.4althi}9 ll 4 , 4 l } PRalgling-sekiholi t ,
"14'm `9airi!,' }ligil BRIT Act m4y,? Oa ,viaB
~ aoc 4l. ' I LI PFn i P,l lag/ ~ , Ingdesweictanpllghatftriti.,
}9''FiNt i t 1 4 - P: 91 1 3',PPOOFtgliilighil9Vdihrttrie
!..F;i 1411 " OW : , 0- fMin4tMk , fl l9 , l t) o } l l 4l o
tOlbrs,ft,lPTl litlrkayinciAPAirtilletlikiitrNolo4l,}
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hiltie. OPY.',, JP , •VOR'4a, *mitt 41 fiaorf
, ttaxeh if rqp#,,t tvp4:4914'..101 imilkv,st# With,
lefr oW i l lifeldE . s. ~,191(4.191.1 .*1.01, - )adii/OFt
-lighted aidrei! 4r 0 4411 3 9 - PigkinthiniaFF
-to ITI at #l ' .4lilrifV49Po iliacc! Y.FPriVaoa9, - Plean:
. 41 ' ) 111 00 , 0 PA 1.4%. 0 1 (1 4 11 . 44 41 1 '; .111g1020°04`
ljeto•zbdkLl6ol:34l2l'3lD.. " tlikaWi 6, L 't t ' t i !" Ll3 ; ;Caß42'"U''42r 'a r
bid 'Lutheran Church. •of Chilnbersburg?- 1 .-
Not one,, .not,pretend , to sardhat be 4
ing.Sole i heiresa,to : lather's broad: acres ,
nigM.not hay.e beep , e'llligningredititit ilr
the ailltniratioid filo wart felt ,ibr her by dlie , the region around abbot Chambers- .
but•g.l but without.thia eXpectnney, Kat e was .
a . des'll able sweetheart. To a blooming Com
ivforrn kink nOt beet] Spoil: .
"id by , the milliner„tilie edilod modestrande
sh'at:Wof good 'sbnse,aiul:Kate was well
'fitted to',lnatte That bitch talked of thhig: a
gnat wife. No Wcintlerehe caused thelhenits
of the . yming, men ; to.fintter.. . • • •. •
hi the- . Borough lived a . yriOng hoop.. cart.
'pbiiter; a scion of the ancient homily of the
John,' nianlv.
Ade and titack entry acing: With' broad slionr-,
data andrindustribils"hribils. He weS•fore-
'host in all the meant! frolies'of • the time;
lie'lbokithe lend ni 4 the bass at,the singing
school, and no qtdilliiig or sleighing party was
complete without John Smith. • Oh ! those
. jolly 'sleighing parties inothecountry I . To :I,e
• wtappthr to the same bnffalb robe with ychit
partner, and speettaWay a .M2O of 'mires to
a dance! Oh !dire masid of the belle 'and
'the occasional' .a'ccornpitniment of l a Olt: oVer
into a snow bank-,and the delightful task of
picking tip your companion and brdehing the
snow from her I and then to start after yoili
hbri.b just to shdw. her' how. fast ydu can run,
and meeting ever} , few lolls with afragment
of your sleigh! ' You go to 'the next farm
'house Where yon find your horse frightened
to death; you borrow another tileigh,and than
proceed on'yoUr journey. Oh] those jolly
sleigh rides in the hountry:
' It-was at a parry thitt went r i ltit to Loudon -
'that John • was first fairly srhit ell with 'Kate
Bonewitz. He had known her long betore
this : he haa admired her at chetah : he had
sighed when fie heard her sweet 'voice at
singing school ; but lint tili •noW did he give
himself Wholly up to love's swect
But it would have taken h hetirt much less
sweeptible than John'slo resist Slier riding
fineen m tics in the seine sleighitind -dancing
a hall dozen setts With her.
After this it happened that he open turned
down the hew() old reter and
it also happened that Kate never , gave him
ant cause to believe his visits unwelcome.
indeed there
. Was muchto admire in his bold,
fred.character, and by. degrees and without
her being aware of it, Kate was smitten' too.
But say in what clime, and under what sky,
comes there not disappointmen I The great
poet has . deplared that,
"For ebirlit net he could over lenru,
• Could ever tend by tale - or blarney.
• The course of true love never did run
Old Peter began to remark the increasing
frequency of his visits, but he had no idea
„that Ins Kate Blicr.ild be carried off in such a
berry. And besides, who was this John
Sion • Ile had but served out his appren
ticeship and began business on hie - own ac
count a year before, and tried in a balance,
Kate's-expected wealth would make John's
worldly _possession kick the beam. in a trice.
- .r.ri' - retesoned old .Peter in Pennsylvania •
Dutch.' Ile had not arrived at that pitch of
retifienieuti to,despise .hint for being toMe
.ohanior—it was purely a cOnsideratiop of
dell • r. 4 and cents So the old man shooti his
head, and forbade; him-the house, Great was
the tribulation of John andliate. But love
laughs at locksmiths,' and many an old Man
hrislicen cheated out of .his.daughter. It so
fell nut, that l'eter went off on a journey to
Carlisle, and John was not slow to take ad
vantage of his absence. On the bright eve
rung in June before mentioned, he dressed
himself in his Sunday *Mt, and was soon
down at the farm, and in the kitchen by the
side of Kate. I dare not tell the many sweet
words that paused between them, but
The minutes n inged their any with pleasure'
anti John's chair had gotten very cldse to
Kate's and (entirely by accident) hiS arm
had . encircled her waist And he was gazing
rignt into her eyes, `when, tramp . .—tramp'!
on the 10n,,, ,, porch wpb ' heard the heavy loot
str4fs of Peter Ilona witz l lie had come
home a day sooner , than was expected.—
Sohn knew that lootstert—he started up with
a look of agony, and without ',even allowing
himself time lor a larewell kiss, he sprang
out of an open window into the garden and
Twitting along a narrow walk, lie cleared the
fence at the bottom with it single bound.-.-`
' Misfortunes never come singly'; the great
est evil was yet to befall him. At the foot
of the garden lay itrneadow which bordered_
on the tikrnpilte, and lib hurried defogs this to?'
moat,' the highway, and *so get back to 'the
toi s vp, ,lia )lad but taken a feiv strides:alter
hirr leap,,,ivhen • he felt,nconvulsiie mpve-,
;Petit utiaer his ,foot, then there was clear
shitT 'dude: something darted' suddenlir
against his leg, and he felt a stinging pain.—
Tile dreadhil thought flashed through his
tu,inil dial he A. 1,4 stepped Dry wrattlesnake,'
and -a had 'bitten him. Filled with horror,
lie tan, he flew, fear lent him wings, hod
giosily.'pale -with tiiiguish and 'affright, Se
&;rired into the ;bar; 'Oefil- 01 . ,the;Crosa Keys '
Xs i i. is ',row, P,ieroe•l ad uttered his patriotic
pro recy ,in favor• o GenAacktion: , ' .
' lly woat'is;_thei Outlier Johtdt salted Midi
ierft i
or', intern , by hie , fri snit's/ blauChed
'9ltleilitbee..i i, iii ; s, ; ; il i eh,'. i,, ,'. i
I, Vat , bitlen by arrattleatfaltei II) said he.
' , (Bit by, an Buttleenakall was• repeated irri
,lairtf,W-by evAlry one in lithe irboin,-..1iA1l 'whho
tuaiently noriftisinit,ditr:./ 411.- , (/ IT ,111 , ,,, 1 , I ,
tAti for the Pocior P roared the,•lehdlortr.'
1 , '..ipsit it,out.w,ith a lazor,?(Frie g irrord ri er m
ithe„ltartair.., i , ii;11 .1 V,alt ,'• f ..)11 - 1.1 iiii•,i:
r li t v ii rn,lt oatiWith a ired hat p
'l oker.jahhated
,Icilimm el the,y,ore me
blackamrth. ;il .ir i ...1 . 1 ,.1
`'lLrll i barikt,meurErroarrell - Tour
.I(?_6lalith.l.' in;: 'is es , „ l'n I, • fi 'F , ..7 1 ,1 1)1
' ' Thex,lo(l,lll4,to a betl,trari and tripod era'
4friliiriattpai a Ambit ,ponctttre 11E101 aldintwas#
Veered /4;1,40, below thenkbeeiieurrdn&,'
V t, y'apittialStleAitelt4ialld .ileam , whibh#tt#
' l6 * aror cf titspod.ltadiertudede'irtbrthlllq fli i.
) iii , GOo y,gracloyal.howqits awelline ax4'
''elliiiiied_lbp,landlarly;dartinpart ofthe prire,
Sire had alwaye-,ol.,hartdriatremglalbr .'tide
;#5O-br-at'OrY,l44ol•o4-ior frainr or I diode/ITC , ' till:
'ileY'rlie_apa.,„lt (ale feoraposad olithe' lettverie
'ef 'Van Sege i P,01.14 falrinto ai pitip,Tait d fa be.
ed •th the serapmaft,rAfht,bfaion. ~(Branilii
Itthi IN l A'n9itc' Rh Ifit I Wepyin:toic,l•49o,) ,
• tig utckly . ,rettikned wilt }', a ler; uf,h,ur inv,a-,,
l ithble satioilliarliProlliii,g 6 ,ei pOrtion br itiri
Irilitieursit sho9applietpitf talitif weniiid:
i iThlikWill drawi'.the;pizeitiAutOlsaid -64.4.4 ,
<Theta Wail' Bill Davis that#ant oft hiretig toe
' With' a brpir , axe, And ig Tapitle. hi miacv,poW4
ilifufwert)s i at t hs,, : esitiltryt. .yod,y,,,rt,sgl i c,
rt on (opt 'airgerand'Et(loo aarytt cur , 4 inl
i. iriii, in , oab *bait, And -' therti'‘Witi' el ' h-'
ViKlingoila ion Mat, that was hifint arm;
i I ,
'b 414ndy Jack , tha monkentliat' r o_the
B ,. 'ei l h ot l #Srit w l o 64 hu' i nt i PriOA' ( 1610
41 111 i 3 ) !'"',ft vaTil.P.t Tg:111740. 1 SPII P 441 9t .
,1h a salve', a gi.. are rin,in tea damp, IA
iy e iret w ait.' # Iflo Di -I,,'''''''i.c'''' t '" 1. " - l'''
' r lik; tlaptlhatDaelorleirlefigialtribrirtdt'i
tee Were turned to him i all ; . ,.earar,rire)tl e
ia-f,di hOariflS,antinoi4o s .:thoi laplil' , .
•,,, 0 .;..71' 7 . ' 7 .1..,L .1 ''f.','
lap I
QA,To,lg . ,g',,;yo34ipoy:lo;.':
• 'Lord lili've meiby on me!' grottned 'poet
'l'es; fix, the bite first 'and give ue the
speech alterwara!' cried Tom, Peiteei
At ihia sudden interruption of his half fin
ished description; the Doc& frowned terr=
bly, then he gazed around oh,his
with a sneer of contempt, for their want el:
appreciation of science; arid then he turned
to the poor sufferer, innlcutti9gaWay a small
portion of the flesh Stirrounding ; the wohnif
he applied a glass to draw out the ris-•
onotis fluid implanted there by the fangs 9f:
scaly retitile, and rig rid inilispensible adjunct'
he administered a tiopious dose of olive 0i1.,"
Johri . now felt- a.little relief, and he descti- .
bed the spit minutely where the horrid thing
lay coiled in - the - grass, atill hew, he trod,t p ,:-.
on him ,iind was hitfeii; It was proposed
that a partY should stthimrriediatelv and erh,
dehvorto destroy him, as it was not-likel
would Move far after nightfall. A. party af:
five, including - the blacksmith and TO*
Pierce at their head, and "armed with Icsug i
clubs p , roclfeil at a neighboring wood ;Fi11a, , .;
set oil instantly for their bold and darigeliuss'
enterprise. They soon reached the vicitiffy;
p 1 the dreadful serpent—they began tq
.fire high - grass with their, clubs, when 840
denly they saw n movement, rapidly foll6Ww•''
ed by.that cleat sharp rattle , hetiM by lel 1,
—they Started back a step vrith - herror.,-Te'' ;
bolder than the, rest, raised aloft his c lub
give,the death biow—but hi t! a rm vras - P*
ed in mid - air: his weapon fell !lethal°
the earth. Wrii he charmed by tb4 s- „I
,No—before him in the bright - light t rQ
moon ho saw—a poor hen sitting on
of - eggs! Such a shout as Avent up fr '
:bonen] of Peter Bonawitz eAtirtlen
'Whoever heard of a rattlesnake with ' •
ars?' cried the hineksmith t .- • -0,
'That becilithe Doctor's snak4:4oitli ti•
ters tn . the abdomen !' shouted :Corn. .
They, captured the unconscious hen !Int:
hurrying back to the nivera, innrche q"a
body to Johns foittn. The
,anxioes oup
with snlemr. faces was still aroual the, .4 LI.
and the Doctor wits yet at his post um:lolly
watching the effect of the suction of cuppsug
'lad you kill hint. Torn asked the larild
lord with breathless haste.
'No!' saki Tom, 'we have got hint alive
and here he is!' and he flung the poor hen
uttering a piteou's squall, on the bed in their
, And such another scene at this unexpect
ed.,termihation of their fernentitions:-such
roars of laughter—and John 4ughed too, and
he jumped nimbly hour the bed and kicked
ofd the Doctor's cupping glass, breaking it
in a thousand piece's, and then danced a
Pennsylvania Quicksttfor joy at his happy
deliveranc. In the eight of the -hubbub
the Doctorsloped ma i e back way, wisely
reserving the remainder of his description ut
the Crotal horridus fora (pure occasion.
'11.6.', story spread, and even old' Peter',
laughed, and was glad that John' was not bit.
, a real snake. • . • •. '
`• Abitibi - tit •wrts Bond eauSo lorAtis imatti
hation to codjurtrupstich horrors-Dchned by
;the old Inaw-Ljumping - tnt of the kitchen
window.—and hishreast rackful• by thwarted
• love; ' Say • wait , it' any wohder he was frFght=
erred} - :
•HU he:stut recovered from his fright, and.
-as forbeinglaughetfat, he thought etliete May
laugh; who win,'• for ho,was industrious; d
itidusry begat confidence', and cobfrdet ce
was ' rapidly incieaitinghiti bus?hetts'2•And old
f Peleq find inV • t hat +Kato' 'w as - • I ike • all 'other
girls Of her - age;—the: 'more
.hei oppoked the
moo 'she Woultl.halte him-4raVe'his'eensent
as , asensibleold' Maw should, and atter -an
other year's'probatiorythey..Weid' inttVieil - ;%-',
•She•inade him the beitt , bf-Miti. Stniths:—ripd
,n ev.ermore'in: after I ite, Vat John Salith ritryL
0 ‘, - AliiitAlturrreipsi - A-ipv):- - c liiketSjati,'
' bodas'ion al Itiik iiiii11......;06'60" joye; I:t i l i i4„ *IA;
ke'iti. -010 itnirii i ffilliiiw st'4 , ,e lug a bout
'rao'eAfia the 13r ilayr', 4 w th IntiriilicilOi.
Izin than' b'doitil ciit ecitiViiiiiiiiltlt b)lfilti.
~i, 'Mall' ; .ivtiii qii'll `'•inAttbilidw' "a 1 4),4,
;!F 1 9 11 0 , ‘ °fti t,; 'll T l V 7 9l. bt l i ,f if #l, ~1 4 1, 1 4 1 ‘ 1 ,4 1 ) . 14
~,,,wh_4,,.byrealiiipast i oso grtr,'
lielyao - WAi ie.. bid to
, a, ,r,401114,,;','# 1 ,..., 1 1r= .t.
'why) th,ei fat' 'A 114 - Of Ty Iveligalit!ro‘. ...
b-1.,1--hicLa-bilft inAll 'tl'cia,bre 110.1 a. e ' l l ay ) ,
fflidakii' 44 ka filet';,'' keikikft*.#t,n l 7: :,':,'
01. 1,, e ' ' ', i'
,„ H r i :,,'
'*"(624;(6lo(l.lfriiiiil:ool:Agib§{iShckft :NA,
-t t t ir litail 4 l tUre6 5
.19P ITtl i ' t h i ltil V iM
liVrAllii',..iiiirilii)Jlllt a tt 11),Lit3 . 101;AS
IP 'f1 4 4a ; '4 ,ra rtirt,r.crPfk , 44 . 0,
krou l , , i , ,S'o,o>M4 4 9 LPW . ..4 7, 1
,;t ,, mic, ii
'C r oat, ilk 4 td . tons. o f.Cilfriberlittlatst;iiiiittibliV l
or et info re. ' , ' '; ' . , i
. ... ._
d s'7l'sc.'!"•:.*Leo'..' :,,, 11', '-',"-'^ i,,' '' ',, '1 • ....1.., '. , -r- '. -.. ,
lill't'''' ''':',Al l :''' 4, ' .1414 -.
dy,'s wohiliirfal,euresl,, The,,Poetot.,wert,
,to the btiaide, and straiglitwitY ihive(l
bis ,respdet, ror sage An(l,lyitsßAly teasing
it,out of tills ,tvasque
men• vihci i , t;siver oppOrtimity.!Fifot
givitig`aieeture : ,: itus, oceaatpn he mailV,
a earelhitilii•Vey of the woUnd,, tied• looking,
around eVei the tops of his spectacles, on the
anximisgrodit thal enerrCletl.the,becli he. be
gan, OY'ftlends;, there ire three elapses. •of
yegetAle and anincat. 7 .,
wottral was, eVitteully inflictep, by . sorrte,
serpeni—itt .would therefute, belong,M
latter class, at frbin its exneetitpgly,inftain
ed appearanee, l pronotince it a' bi e of . the
C'tqalus licirrides Ifattle4nake.--:
The generic character4l this speciesisiseuta:
on the abdotneri, acute. and seeles - letiehth•
'the tail,' rattle at the end of the tail,
iThere are five species, ttll natives of-A
merica: The rattle is composed of dry and
hollow banes nearly all of the same size and
forth, Anil is.eoilsidered by most 'naturalists
as behig-deiligned to , warn'other animals at
their danger, and the_.. sound 'of that instru-•
mein often _ impresses / 016 . 0 with such,ii..4lel ;
glee orierrni as to withdraw every ,energy
of theif frames 7 -anal incapable of inetion,
they become an easyitrey to their dreldful•
enemy. - Their bite is not only poisonous,
but'rapidly fatal, rind :has been known to: kill
a mkn in a lew minutes--and'—
'Milo? cried thelendlorrl, find John was
only triCby a chicken? -
Opp of Ole ,beet(ittrioltitsrlhat %Volleys
• hemd ,of for. a long time is the folloAii4,g..4lt
t a-4 4 , 0 :( , , )
•t , llr. fo. • II
,s-Fger.urnrerNivpi; POP , rif
fißtfies- iit43 1 9:1 j ildtkki—elvinKtiinfinYq l l.
09, 11 0 1 14cgill!TOPP dliPear.o
1 7 i t; 1 1 6 , t I St
e ! rl y,
, 9 5i P a R ci a.t , i1) 1 1 7 1 .9 .3 1k , ; 4 11 ; O F ; 4 t ß e t n tli cs
td, 0,g96 tailor, and iitti* a month"yod
yourself ?noosed, in a nevi snit of i eJoflos
`Thif PaTh6 bafftiedbYiti VritlFlpitls,,bebt‘;'fr.b;
i woinl.ap'4):l;
of ficiar to be and'
t}ianner.ilak. t ')
_ B7, _
- nftecti4ialf4ls34.',
• -The License Question: •
~ , ,h „ : ie,lv , ENotAlm.- r .lf.there be any Sincere
friends of Ternlierance, who still doubt' the
opediencyol sur.aini O g• - Moral Suasion, - by
Wish he, vvpukyspenc,a,,few dap
iaMaesaciiits'ettS With lits eyes, open., ;The
,f)rty Atate - tvo th,e' firer, Nve belie*te aiteiript
thq•lrqpreasion. of the qtynlcardipriangtab i tpre
;by lav , and; t tlircough,evi,Land gOodlitintine?
the,attempl has. beekOrsev,preil in ttl , this
dayi 'Her Ociverrior,. Lieutenant, Governor
and • most' of her law. Makers are pledged
.claimpions of Total. Abstinence, :her : laws
licindema the Liqupr traffielhrinkgbont her.,
borders. Ana; thane' at first rfsisted and
ilefibd as here, they are ne' very generally
There - areitiar or-'no-agentiltural
totyns in which Intkicaficg.l.iiquors pre bpjito
lyi,soltl; and there . are townships 'Often
Sand inhabitiints Mier, half engaged ib
MartufaCtures, whM•ein not a drop of Ardent
he,obtained at any price.- Even
-;iniWorcester, the largest inland town in New
Ili - gland. not a drop is openly sold, though
,IferhapS it may be secretlf - cibtained-at - tWo
rthree places. Even in Boston, we did not,
iiee a decanter , of strong drink in the, course
of extensive perambulations. Of course, Li.
Icor is sold there, art circulates freely in sly
iaens, gambling-houses, brothels, etc., 'Jilt n o
a?rialr can honestly plead terupttion in excuse
fiii - dririking there, for Liquor openly solicits
,fio man. , .
That this state of things is exceedingly-fa:
borable to Temperance; no observing man
doubt.-'-Thetan contrast between the blogt
4ed and sun-burnt faces exhibited by' several
fil l Congress and the utter absence of stfith
AOnt the IHassaillusetts House, must. strike
the most casual Cioserier.
it has been urged lime that Hotels ol the
,first class cannot be sustained without the
,profits ol the liquor businese. pur - we•doubt
„whether the Hotels of. any ether American
`pity, unless New York be an exception, sur
_peas those of Boston, _ where comparatively,
liimor is sold even by those which do
not utterly and stubbornly eschew the traffic.
New Yonts..,—The New York Teraperanee
State Committee have issued an Address to
the friends of the present License Law,
they - statithe official result of the vo
,ilng last May on the 'quest , ion of . License, or
;No .License, as -
.It appears that the Will county of Rich- -
hati,VOted "license," by a ma
ijority offifikfive'vetes, and that the remaining
Iniuuties of the State have all voted "no It-
Cense," by majorities ranging from fifty-nine
to four thousand and ninety-eight—the• lowest
majority being in the county ob Queens, and
:ffie,highest in the county of Onondaga: That
;of all the eight' rities of this State 'which were
allowed upon the :ideation, -have de
cided against license by an aggregate major
; Iy.'of Az thousand one hundred arid eighty-lour
t:That of the towns from 'Which returns
pvu ea reueivtid, nine are. divided by a
tfe vo 6,,ane hundred tualsixty eight have vo ,
led "license," in most cases. ty very small
majorities, and sir hundred andfifty-one, being
ing, about lour-fifths of the whole, having vo
ted "no license," for the most part by , lame
majorities: That in each of the six counties
of Cayuga, Rockland, Ting, ; Tompkins,
Warren and Wayne, every town has giy,en
a majority agdinst lieetise, while in natien
t?ther counties but a single town in each Us
voted in their laver: And that in..* ilk
Slate (except trout twenty towns above
lerred to, Horn which returns are not receiv
ed,) the majority foi "no license" is Pim
PfaiN I.VA N!A Templimilec. Victory in
Pittsbure.--Every ward in Pasherg gave a
majority; at the late klebtien agiiVst" the sale
of liqUorsi The total majority in the city
was 1214. The heart cheerifigzei'ult is &is
antiou'need in the Pittsburg Morning Tele
Victory! Victory! Victor!' r‘ Teitiperatibe for
ever.--It is hereby announced to • the friends
ot 'temperance throughout the length arid
breadth of the land, that, on Tuesday r fantiaiy,
bih, 1847, trio detachment cif 'the Celd Wa
ter Arrnyditationed at Pittsburgh, 'rich:wed a
signal triumph ever ,be manufacturenti• and
•venders of. imoxieating 'ignore, in, a•
wards of the city, and totally, routed ,their
combined force--loose, toot, and dragoons.
This is glory enough Icir one day. '
correspondent of the New Orleari‘,. Delta,
writing from Victoria, deicrittes •the follow,
' '1.114. Seen. as having occurred shortly after
Gen, Tailor's- artival at diet:place: ~ , , . •
.' 4 tGer Taylor visited the Illinois volunteers
lyester ay, and the Milt, the, boys crp,wded,
, artiiiii himlhreatened i lamellate. sitirion i
i l y lway 61,0'almation; I Ilefily belleVe t e tild
i n
I °nice'', ptilled•af his hat' five thousent liintiiii
' 1.1 I'mres,loOlFing,every.minute, to , see• him;
11 1 the front niece off. l',lie General 4 i was ,
'mounted on a large and splendid le,Wbilk
hie Orderly rode a sPlindirdiagoon horse,
luttl:_was_diimeelfJl resied2 , lrilw Clean :arid:
..hendeocrisAniforrri k
. whil§t,t4e,pieriertilliat„f"-
innifil same - Old iiiiick - frecli.orAi T .P.,blg(•
'Nlii)ii iliVili n tAV har " Mr:Flint; PO I *"
1150P, 6. 0 itblifut:ll%Si , ditTutie iii' Tiqlbkqe One i .lh'a._
' , Stiekerektakjagi lila. for illiet)Geeetilt, , AM'
'...wkin4atiOgiOthYtOsNcallett•hifn , e/th s ray)pr ,l
'Mien Alqej j. tw i rperul 124 giAmu3ehotoi
Nos Or APV4ineash:tiiiip ;We,y ,Infor,rdh,
frottl . , ISMltiiiiaippeartine fiheti it•irchild ne '
.itotliii glairussitci offer hunts Aindito bh'iker
end' Oeyt 1)%19I, PI , itl Witlttatiob,gclod,iiilktbsktit
by. tIR ~• Attpp,, the ,tyfo„,regmily!„Nlithrt,,,ltere count have ; Wee, qt p,
l'-feblitie left-in- `=As lie l ieidetoff,•ihriro ii , rii:
InanZwho wondered - whether 'was the
'" 111 ) 111- °c l VOkiitßtt,aroci. l o 4l m o pliis .
1 . 1% . r, i .tiltlit s 'im "VPI I ' - id
..., ~. , • TA ..". . Winthrop,
' t 6 ,, 4011 tin iiiiteeet epeeeh' tquin'' '.Te an ,
'i4filitionriruVilelreeillte' 4l ldltioi 1, 16116 . 4fat i P
onnnleillpiXii tit Alitit'stfir 08441 e 't In "ih ~
1 -vition tit' i tlietillbgthil'Ob l iliii l l'ele` r ori l liiiniiii :
'...)4llitlOiettiOd'ilikeliitAiclitS; tte6POile'
I . ' fell; motet: aterl frnyOltitsoa,'''lnitning 'Wit'
,!we e )AlllP r. ,o:lld l ( . ittilol.l 3 Pttnal , th e 3, thlnitsparl.
'Of: is rivers, and upon the fountains Of ova 7,:
' . 1 ' ''
).... N ii -- lig ter'it iii/rCV
,`A i, P. ,nix r . i f, . 6 4 eil ,
n t
iw,ci jut' 'th'at ria,tl iti 0?A• , , ..,Err -
%Wet yypilit*6 •ari traitor Mentliettlit t 6 -
*iiiiiiirf#9,l,l444l.%illiinllicle bitter.; 0 y.I
44 ifilria4MItiaLWOIltle ItliViilli'itlietl l
tiiiierniblish his;. 'iiferksoteniolen4;!yillilliiiieiii:
atier)hanlannei - Of'Wldtfti Pobtt',9 RalrAS.;.. , ..
; ,
, FrFm the.Nqw, ToyIF Cattrier dr. , Enquirer.
xh ' '
In the absenCeof duet egular flies ; and in
cice4 ctiatiy,..,foreign—papersoke.4‘er4Yr
published - th,ii brief : telegraphic announce' ,
ment of .the continuance , of. the massacre
among the Nestolians, and .of the death bs ,
iMp.ale,meut 8f Mu Yohapnan. The stet? :
!I - tent was one, of those Ignorant blunders
which sinCe • ih'e establishment of the tel'e-
graph, haye be'eomp unusually coiernon.L.
No such neWebas been received.. Ad vices
from Kuristanitribesn received to The sth
Of NoveMbef : and give details - M the teridble
massacre whibh we rinnoUnced. by he for . ;
m'er steamer. I
It appears that Bedr Khan sent two rnes.-
sengets to the Nestorians'Ot thd pastoral Alis
ltict, threatening te'attack them unless they
'bent him I.o;ooo . beak of cattle. They ac
needed to his &Maud, and this led, to inn
thearequisition, for anothergifr. This the
Nestr),rians refused.. alleging that, if they
'eernplted they would starve. Two ilitheir
priests, liciwAiter, and their chief Dunge ac.„ .
companie() the messengem to 7..atra Kale.
the Khan's . head quarters. where they were
told, that if nev persisted in their refusal
they wou ld he i ee r,ificed: with their whole
tribe.', The Nesteriahehedilitted and.ilemtio•
red, hen they were seized and inV,6(ti
down a ptecipice; And on the same day the
inhuman chief advanced with his force and
fell upon .the Nestorlans. killinit 750 and
seizing 4o,o.ooJacad tit cattle. ;Following up_
his attack, on the 27th of October Beder
Khan, with'l2,ooo, men penetrated into the
district of the Jltt tribe, although they were
opPOsed by the.peonle. ,‘ They 1e11..' says
the correspondent of a London Newspaper,
" like birds of prey upon the Nestorian vil
lages : carried fire, sword and desolation
everywhere ; murdered indisoriminately old
men and children burnt their huts and cotta
ges, and orptitrued-the-brichery for -several
days, tilt not a spark of an intstiol remained,
The stout hearts of the surviving Persecuted
Christians Sank - within them on beholding,
the surrounding desoltrtinn.l, and abandoning,
these hearts tending scenes in the lanfinf their
lathers, they alsh crossed over the Persian
frontier, as had dcine:their bretheren cf other
-tribes brit a few weeks before.. At. Miezireh.
the capital of Bedr Khan:The atinnients of
the Christian womsh were!arirised for sale.
by the soldiers. in the rnarketovith the reek
ing flesh still hanging on them, at so muh
the eke."
Durinr, the last month.,the liesiiii popula •
tion sopth and east of Maidifi, raised the
standard qt revolt against Turkev,,at the in
tigation 01 tear Khan. who m e naced' sub
jecting them to the same treatment as the
Nestoxians, should they in any way mani
fest friendship for the Porte.—Acting un
der the influence of his threatS, their first
act of obedience to him was n pilaging ex
pedition against their Mnsselman neigh l anrs
of "the plain of Mesopotamia, towards whom
they nourished in secret the most itiveterate
haired in every dir.ectinn nn the one hand.
the Kurds murdered the Nestorians in the
mountains: on the other. the Yesidis mur- ,
tiered the Mossulmans of the plains.
Accenting to the rire-t authentic reports,
67 Nestorian rillages e ind towns have been
' laid Wit:lift, and tram fi 000 to 10.000 Nesto
rian Christians hide been murdered. The
tortures inflicted on those who resisted the
,itivaders were barbarians and atrocious in
T)he•evtreme. ilwalreds have been impaled,
rind hundreds were burnt at slow fires. Sev
eral cases are reported of the unfortunate
victims haying been bedaubed with fat, and
then baked in ovens! The atrocities are
numerous, and so horrid indeed that nope
'nut such barbarians• could have conceived
„or executed - them.
The revolt of Bedr Khan against the Porte
has let the latter to adopt energetic measures
against him. The Pacha of Mosul has or
ders to subdue the whole of the minor tubes
uticier Kurdistan, in which h,e was partly
succeeded. Tav:_ir Pacha has also, in a
campaign of a , month, espened from the ,
district' of the Kliabon river- sortie ,of the
Arab tribes, losing hiniselfiltook IPQ° men.
These mensure.s,, however have led to a
union of all these minor forces ; under Bed,
Khan, who hTas,Mider his commend not far
from 40.000 men,, whi:oo erdinary vocation
is pillage lied repine,--Laity accounts men
tion the death of Toyer Vacha leader of the
Turkish 'foited, by apoplexy ak is reported,
,but in battles as is believed. The cold has
been excepsive in Hindostan, and many per
sons have,perished from frost. A. force of
40.000 men is reported - to have been raised
- . 1 Tehrant to oppose the Turks and a !Mfg,
and bloody war between Persiii and Turkey
ill appreherpled. -flahri -Paella, it is said has
oaken conaVnand in place ef l'Etiar Packa.
Letters state that the Kurdes tyere itnielly
huntingthe Nestorians in , the mourtfains,,and,
as patiehtlYwailingthe'arlivid elf the Turk I • h
troops t. act ligairtst.them. , ) Pedr , Khan , has
'return oft to, Pi pFi cp!)Av,liia he was Jortsfying ,
in tumos fo,crniciabke trptoper, l „ :,
,I Thlif44 ilib - slibstileit Ofall Life intelligence
,frArp theiNestbrittnrii , The , irdnbleg'hadttitit '
reachedProomiah. nor indeed had authentic,
iibbifutits of them been received there at the
latesti,dafes,l:l Thiv tiatiinreh 'who *ns irnPa
loll, aceiiirtling r to thp.reivAeeK ot, last ,month„
74q 4 1 .,3°1 t' a /i nn t'', 1 , sr. 1
~ t f iziiiit i o' . s4l , if oiilfAn' ft7pv,---'ilya follo '' ;' ...
.:14!?ealilq,' kiaieli'4ite'4okliitl y t'p' l glioi-,.._
s t t iori of:, in adiTierisitY jiff: 11 41 i #1,11/ 111 ,f
UilfsfaaiNZ(elaVeT: fti k ltiA l ottncinq th e
' Vail; 0? dig iiiiiiiiiAit k'eaitilil A ' ll '''' ' "'"
_ .
' -9 F! Mf4pealret,...thetingenuityjol ••gricit will -
Writr altelep?, 0( A - 1 4104(0 4 ~ tlettreFf,s,Weetvr".
Vat haAa sifted "the eacumstance6 of Mr.
igtpitti'deitth;'ai i thil a'abutfclifit'indai.g.itha
:lagretilerpe':of , voeit)i . .And'efriend4hite mrif
Inkerr;uCtieit.foM6o3l.3bitWitelPt to WAX.
butt herflesVflußgt, l # l l;#47 •,
, Al% ',,?
tattacelled b'Sons ` erationspxwar ly Ten'
rott . Ttl r a ost, tho ß ol4,lo,pur, l u m maiikil,
need Willie' turrieViowe ehbin'ikiquiitthe
'Ude tiltWifiti' arid lehiltliatt :ftiattled terhis
• 1101": as le.: eiphikcbtt , That l honld he i &oat
tint see more, uPP ilerl)lvbAre. l 434PPY:
l,loic,ear to lift the youl whit screens the
solitatyittneat alt
nerteme.pabliolgage4; The,
gYbill*?i.PP Stc:Mq4mirlf i rgob , c;nriiii l l) l4o ,
grosgl or the Sanignar,y o butrd tulle. , r l'ili
lee 'Viet liittroiliold'' with 'thiS t'aiiiiicaia
' ullieh are.balm to the. heart machtesore ,by.
Vrovidenee. T h ere-i s a God whole trm is
,impeu ad ' 'the ' oithati•, - ah tl ' 'the' iridbet , ii•taltii
' dioß in the hol eta!of Eluv*heral.#l`lP.l ' . l - 4li fit
• .•
'•l V•it fi re , broke,put itt4e4pisvilleAart'yeek;
tatTNYATillugrot - crisho.:
• *,
. . ,
~" . Distress. in. Dela •
" It 4'
If the various e eats whip. reac, tut
die not greatly, exaggerated, the most appal
inglhetress exists,.in Ireland, from the scar
city orfood. ; An Irish paper receivediby this
_er saa,w . .
Hibernia steam entreat our readers
attention to the following, shocking descrip
tion of the-state of..Skibbereen,.and the aut.,
maling , district of W ; est i qrbery, in. the •
county of Cork; Piemisid,thatit is only an
. aggravated ePitonie of the suiletingi of thir
poor starving peasantrr in other districts. It
is by Mr ; L'arpritina, a county magistrate, who
thus writes to the . crake of Wellington,:
.wentr ori. thajtthinet. to Skibbereem and'
,to give the, instance,al -- euelowlend. district
which' I'visited, as an example of ,the state
of the Odle coast diatriet, I shall State simply
what I .there.saw. is situate on the east
' elm. side : pf Castlehavedharbari and is named.
South Been, in the parish of Myross. Being
, aware that a should have to witness frightful
liunger t , 1 provided myself with as re, ; :ibi lt
bread as five, men could carry, and reach-
ing, the spot L was, surprisetiA;
; find the
wretched . hamlet .apparent' deserted. I
els to ascertain the
entered some of Are hei r
cause, and thO rceneg' that presented them
selves. w.evf' such, as .no,toirgae, or pen can
eon7r ilre slightest idea of, In: the first, six
.7Tiiished and ghastly sWeiet_ons, to.all appear.
mice dead, were 'huddled in a cornet on
some filthy straw ; their sole covering what
seemed a ragged horse chith, their wretched
leas hanging about naked above the knees.
found - by aloiv •
ramming, they were alive=they• were in
fever, four children, a woman, and what had
once been'amen. It is impossible to go
through the detail; E•utllc6 it to Say, that, in
a.few -minutes, I Was surrounded by at least
200 of such Jhantoms.L.such frightful spec.:
tills no words can describe. By far the
greater number were delirious. either from
fairrine or from feyer. Their demoniac yells
are still,ringing ,in my years, and their hor
rible images - are l fixed upon my brain. My
heart sickens at the recital, but I must go on:
In another case, decency would forbid
what follrAvs.i but it roust be told.• My clothes 4,
were nearly torn oil in my endeavor to es
cape from the throng of pestilence- around,
when my neckloth was`seized from behind
by a grip which compelled me to turn. I
towel myself grasped by .a woman with an
infant apparently Jest born in het arms , and
the remains of a filthy sack across_lierloins
—the sole covering of hersell'aml - babe.—
The same morning the police opened a hOUSo
on,the adjoining lands, which was obierved
shut for many- days, and two frozen corpses
were tetrad lying on the mud floor, half
devoured -by the rats.
A mothes, herself in feyer, was seen the
same day to drag out the corpse of her child
ii girl about 12, perfectly naked, and leave
it halt covered with stones. In another house --
within 400 yards of the cavalry station at
,skibbereen, the Dispensary Doctor found sev
en wretches unable to move, under the same
cloak. One had been dead many hours, but
the others were unable to move either them-
Selves MYthe"corpse.
, Equally disheartening is what follows
from, the Monaghan Standard :
• Ihe state oldestithtion in this neighbor
hood is absolutely afriglitful. In every street,
at every corner, lean and cadaverous beings
meet your eye, lamina in the lace, want in
the hollow glance ; emaciation in the wast
ed frame, and yet they do not die. Strange
how much suffering the body accustomed to
want can bear before the spirit wings its flight+
It has not yet been ascertained how little man
can live on. ~.Menwho led Moderately in
other years are suprised how:they are
they get so little now, The able-bodied la
borer is no long er so—,he is haggard and fa
mine-N.9M, T here is no charity among those
who gave ninety per cent. of the alms to the
country—the farmers; they are buying them
selves oats; flour is Is. 6d.,per stone, and is
sold to buy mpah l the horses are.starVed, end
the family, li4 , e.a vessel in ,a calm is on half
allowance. The poor-houses are tilling with
rightful rapidity.
:This strange -combitiation of odd qualities
1'0( which leaves ono
in..doubt,whether he is more Innstie, buffoon;
knave ,or.fool, made 'a
speech last week 'ln
Congress "all tiboul,nLalout" the War
With Mexico. It ~was full of egotism', and
his intention seems to have been rather to
I.tartle people with what he crated his "or
iginal antl,novel v.ipwr than any .thing else.
In the course of his hirangue' he said -L-and,
•Such sentttnenta render' himp)?ifitct
ul the deepest ppy 'or tilest burn inehaligutt
Lie wail one of those' wlfb, ..and
liteild die in 'the' beefi*tliat the capture, of
Capt. Thornton; the' murder of taiiis,lptid the
,loaq of Porteroivre themost'' fortunate eirewit
stances for the United S',tigps... It broke thefiipr
il . eethurne . on (lie'stde whiCh., they Al l ' E ldtmot ,
know what wit licfpro. , War, ffreaght
them at ioneelo'h state ojtliings which lie war.,
llecVas most fortunate; and though they heard a
'greaNigl ~laboutf44, ini,tfortaries /and calamities
Of Tar,,Vth_jt. was , very l .tallc'abour
,the _ik
,Qt agog „mimeo ; yet , ite,,wouldc. , A
:like any to tell him what these oolaina-
ifetilkyerc jor fie (sad note hen:tip/
it `#l l f*(l, Is it
wefficmoPASiffic fonfiim..4+ oriyAtial; , ,heletly
,Fleanf p lqistonipfrithop;e by his'exttiviroce. •,
ia*.rtlati v
y v , ho is sO atllslPlinf'l9
t.O himself
_ poollious.
9r4ejealtkOr..a.Pruper.peracit totbe placed at ,.
,the. head of the Committee fif F:preiga !)flnira
of thoilonewatl2ejireeenialt4l4l - 1-Tehlii-ef:—=
'the'r4he , ldOody•apirit of eligethekirniiehiel'
~Tioui,dieposittop, O f,a mopkey,''hi iiptea* Ir.!
responsible for anything. t fiat , Ite, , berf 6 ei, y:tir
; dor) He 'Milers elite loseobrixveriiffider#,!",
And rifookeot the eglainittiaa'Whielf win' 'has '
-I,;irquiht upon • the coutitty.w
',that thly. t'‘ ,
;gapittwgraiies;if, iiluivitibSt`afr.i),aaf#'il
And .tri ,- liattle'Lory'Adlenil
ati ti` the !Wail of the. bite l eaved'thlviii,lhOutylhcrti
.hind 011 tofaffeier Me leitaiK,i'Wefier
A i vinglNeioit o tlitintii:therlithlkkOihaqiii)
'Claret; the catie;ltt I ,theit'iltdaftSrtetieitl:l,
Artanate'itetenf /hiekei'lle't(Poo,lefi r t
I } lo lo - kal i allfittvg 2 '
~R.z..-TP:O-xl" Jig., has Oeither sense to perceive '?
' , 1ffe'qi,910481,441; 4;gtrfisNi4 it4oll
nor lIIINICIIICAVNinikOVOI; c P , P10$4 1 :
OD, i iffic
1;741 ,zocni , f or a vt , wea
te*d:tligiloll l lWK ireurit rtti
tlf XXIV
Charles J. 'lngersoll-the Tory.