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warranted by my 'iostrections, yet the change
• of affairs since those inst rucirions 'were
seemed to warrant-this course. I beg to be
-advised as early as aspracticable, whether
I have met the views Of the-government in
tlfese particulars,
' I regret to report that Captain . Williams,
:___JapegmphicaLt_engi” Terrett,
Ist infantry, ha"
.st infantry, have died the'wounds receiv:
ed in the engagement et :the gist, 'Captain
Gatlin, 7th Infantry, was wounded (not badly)
en_the,224. - • --,-. - •
I am, sir, very respectfully,
Yfiur_obedient.servant,_ . =
Itif.Cl — e — narg. Arms-, commantllng
The Adjutant General of the Army,
Washington, D. C
Important from Mextca.
The New Orleans papers received by the
mails of Friday,''furnishus 'a few further
items of information from Mexico. The
Picayune states that "loiters — were received
in that city by the James t. Day, riddreased
to a gentleman deeply interested in Mexicami
.affairs, and.'from a very responsible toreign
source:in Matamoras, which says that Gen.
• Afmonte has been appointed President or '
interini, pen.. Santa Anna genecallissimo of
the armies orMexico, and furtlier that Santa
Anna was then engaged to raising and or•
ganizing troops, intending to take -trio geld I
in person in tlie - North. This news• will
strike every one . as important in miens as.
- pepts,_buLit is especially sci,-as it Thay.bear
upon the armistice granted by Gen. Taylor
to Gen. Amptidia's forces and again upon
the dependence which the Government at
„Washington may have placed in the pacific
intentions Of Santa Anna.
A party of traders artived at Independence
on Oth 3d ins. with fifteen day.. later intelli
gence from Santa Fe, -having left sin the nth
of September. They blitt the following
It was currently reported when the corn
' panyjelt,-that five thousand men, Ibe flower
of - the - Mexican hirer?, were tin their way-up
from belpw and neat. Chihuahua, to meet
and attack Gen. Kearney, and that it was
the General's determination to leave a suffi
cient number tinder the command - of Col.
Doniphan, of Clay, anif take the remainder
ladow, it possible, to meet Gen. Wool's di
vision of our arm): , . The report still further
is, that Gen.-Paredes-was on his way to
Chihuahua with fifteen thousand men to
attack Gen. WoOl. if this be , -,;„true, and it
seems that credence was gieiiilk.the ref Sort
at Santa, Fe, from letters recd be
-IPW, our Western Force ii)11- , some
thing to do. this whiter. - -
Our army at Santa Fe there ail' Nnl7rßg
the post rapidly. mid a (fag staff of pine, two
hundred feet high, was in course of erection.
to receive the stair and stripes that float so
proudly over out land.
General Ke,arnev had his head quarters at
the Goveendr's castle, and lad given one or
two splendid faudananes. - A large nucultet
of letters are in possession of the company.
and willibe in here to-morrow. If any fur
ther news is received, I will lot you imply.
fjr- The New Orleans Delta has been 8 ,,
sured by ad Officer, '' who was in the battle
at Monterey, that in steady bravery. theneh.
of course, not in methodical ma chin:: and
systematic attack the Volunteers were hilly
equal to the Regulars, and that is saying a
great deal, for we venture the boast that
there is not a finer army in the world than
the Regulars now in Monterey. But particu
lady in the scrambling fi ,, ht in the streets,
and on the tops of the houses, the Volunteers
of „Mississippi': of TenneSscie, and of Texas,
were very eflective. rndeed the chief loss
to the enemy was occasioned by the sharp
shooting and sharp cutting of Tennessee
rifles and Mississippi bowie knives."
A scene - of horrible butchery occurred
at Lancaster, Pd. on Satunlay. A man named
John Haggerty, after shooting a Horse-in the
street, near his own 'tense, went to the resi
dence of Mr Melehoir Fordney, an aged
and hig‘tly esteemed citron, who, with- Iris
wife and-child, ho deliberately inurdered.
The editor of the Union and _ Tribune gives
the particulars as folloWs: A boy,- a son of
Mr. Fordney, gave the alarm that his father,
mother and sister had been mindere() 'by
Haggerty! On going into the room, we
witnessed one of the most horrid spectacles
imaginable. • Just inside the front door of the
shop lay the - old man, with his brains batter
ed outs At his side, but with her head to
wards the back door, lay the body of his
wife, her brainc also battered - out; and near
her lay her child, four or five yearrt old, with
its scull broken and tl rius oozing therel.
from ! .
Fordney and his NMI, it scorns, had been
killed instantly. The little boy staled, in
substance, that Haggerty got at his brother
_ .with_an axe,_ and-while he was killing him
his mother ran in to interfere, when_ite turn
ed upon hersand killed her; and then struck'
. `the child on the head with the axe. Tl.tgf
child only lived a lew hours. The foul deed
ifeatird - ftiten,se excitement in the city: -
Some feeling existed against the High
Constatle . of Lancaster, who had for several
qapOt 'warrant for Haggerty's arrest, on
charges of ill-usage-to hie family _ arid_neigh.
bole, Ha he beemecimmitted to prison,.this .
awful tridgeY would not, have Mtn place
ThOinufdereilins been arrested' "
dwelling. house, -about fi've miles
-, abOver :Harrisburg, was burned doWn at- an
!early hour*Sraturd'ay Morning. A hofrid
e/ e¥6¥Aer, says Me liar
. risburg Integigende i. cor the eceniants, a mai,
Daniel 'Gttyntiln;-lifi'yliiettind four, children
" Er,i;#o,ffioqo;.- 4 ,9'aini.itnis said to.
't? liitTll: 4 'ork),rtg; industrious Min:,
.1 1
tituti - --.tlkelßttite7i'reasurer, cancel led
and-,t t °lief
wizolelVainega:o s lltinene la
•Z,' ,4 ,:4: 4 :0#44.0di Isas4 6 #'inia
a‘t . 3 l / 4 1 4 .4.),1irge # I I .II.6 YO"eY) and
=4l , e v r alAVt,o l l td' 2ll 'll 7
2''WA,Wkii‘,o9,-#4.00e41 billinel]
~po •
'lO - • t .
L15)44.11 1 t0 ttl
. Toziftalr
- -?
,yp T"I4
- • -
- •
Ifs The .o . ifiCial return of the late;election
wilt be tound in tn.clay a pa,} t: Tlsoy-nre
set up in very large type for the bpocial - nrre=
fit of our lorotoeo friends, that he who runs
Inn). real
OLT - The annual fall meeting. ofthe Cnm
berland conntyAgt icultural Society corn men_
cps to-morrdw and will continue over Friday.
From the arrangements-that have been made
we have no doubt there will be an attractive
exhibition and an interesting meeting.
The 2flh of November has been fix
ed upon in all*the,New Englandd - Smtea and
in Maryland, as ThankKzivin4 day, this year.
We hope Giw. Shank will soon proclaim the
same day for Pennsylvania.
,Among the weteber's eleot-lo the'Maryland
Legislattire; we are glad to notii-e.:the name
of our friend A. GAI.BICAITH lace. Esq. of
Carroll county. ❑e runs as before the high
est on the iieket. '
" (,) 77 The Volunteer Battalion of this bo
rough- and_vicittity, under _the caul - land 0
Maj. O'DoNNEL, paraded on Saturday last
louking well; and lharelring well.
,rf.j - Our friend Sponsier, of N. Alrildletgn
township, scut the annual °flaring froin hi
line apple orchard last week. The larges
spec:inlet?, a heautlful Tri I pelstpc,,ken,
ei;;lireen oult;es, and an apple of chore de
.herons flavor we !lover tasted. - .
Almost every Lo,ol - ‘,co paper we open
ascribing their defeat to the 'NM!
nut deficale. folks oar locofnco friends have
got to be! The pni, haul-Working wings
did not mind the raim hut our aristocratic
opponentg could lint go out m the storm fiat
fear of injo - ring thou Iteallh, and :yollin:2 their
tine cluthus, ruffle shuts mid silk stockings!
\\ hat br a ve. ine , l these t oe sSnoos wooltt be
to send to I.le),ico!
IIIIIIII.—Tha•News[I.4I?It the 1. o.'o. F. in
, miend dedicating their new liall.nn Thurs
day the sth of Nnyember, at w ite ht time
there be a poUlic pr,cesssion, Mid ora
tiQmMem' of extensive prepinatioQslir
the the laigo number of tneni
hers of the older ironi a distance ;we expec
ted to fillltil.:46, and we have no doubt bu d
the procession will be the most niagnificient
a.lair ever witnessed in this place.
;The officers of the Grand Lodge of thi: ,
Sta e, will be' present, anti - a ilimingiii4lleti
membet of the order will deliver the o,a-
The .N;cw Volk. Weekly Mirror, which
has be ii I.6l.,fishing lei some time past,
tale called " 18dd , nr the Power of S. F." an
nounces that immediately on Ps conclusion
it will commence the publicati•oh el au uri
6nid and deeply interesting story, by one of
its most popular authors, desetidtive of City
Life and Naiiiinal Itabi.s. to be called The
Tripphng T,,it Pepper: or the &sults
Rumuncinv." As they iftitit no extra copies
those who wish to posst3es this new
Novel. will,-do well to subscribe, eatly, for
the Mirror. We can safely recommend it to
all. PriCe, EQ,CIO-.per' year, payable itr ad
Kr The storm of Tuesday last was one
of the most terrible that has been experienc
ed for years, and seems to, have extended
over half the States in the Union along, the
Atlantic coast. Such a rain was very much
needed by Fanners• but 0111 locoloco friends
may consider it lucky that it did not happen a
tidy later or they would have been beaten
twice as bad !
Kr Ti lmol the Free fiade - CongresP•man
of this Stale has been re-elected, but by a
diminished majority. Every county in his
disnict is strongly lecofoco, and besides that
his motion at the last session to preclude
Slavery from the territory 40%1 ncqui'red in
California, secured to him a 'mon degree of
Public favour. -
Ott— The locofocos find some consolation
in the election of their candidate for Coroner:
Well we could'nt deny them that office. As
locefocoism has suddenly died it is fitting
that it should have one of ifs own friends to
hold the intim. Our friend Craighead is no
doubt heartily glad to get rirt of the job.
(0- The Statesman. commences a long
-oriel, explanatory of the locoloeu defeat i by
ohyi4g" the lArhigs as usual owe' evory sup
c.94,llohe influence of their principles."—.
neighbor" Gitt—if you had stopped
tlieritt 7 the whole truth Would have been told.
- The Veltiiiieer . Fag the Tiardihribil to - Jay
that " spurious tickets" were used by the
11'higs in 'the late election. This is a gross
arid unfounded-falsehood. I f any such were
afloat they mast have been among the loco
Some. of the !wage° leaders say thes,
go now
,for raising.the 'Anti Tariff flag. with
out disguise s . That's just what we went the
to do. the Volunteer come out.
boldly and honestly T
Sitomino!--filittle child of Mr: James
Gray, in Louther street,' was burned to death
last evening, during the absence of its'ynoth
er a few minutes from her house. " •
yerfyylar aslativeAmerigany ia.ereelpd.
Sh'eilff of the city and county of Philadelphia,
by t majority of p3s : r-Flia-election-ia-torhe-11
. ,1
, ._
Otr.The Etrn Wt!on - ,
teOpphiai Whigs
, 'inaf,„-1,;4)e10110blitelt-few mgre:Vtt!ih,'T
ular,f;ininphs ! "
' r
Otr . 'Meseri 3, Wright 81 .• $4 1 9 1 .1,;,,1 1 .;triv0'
lateljr,erntinrkfnl ; b4idess ,
terltOn'tt#4 weWeeleotildn9o.4eo l ' , 66 krt
rnent of Bitditne:;' : gna theleintr4inneni;
2 2 ' ••„”
•,`„, %
0111t — P040011-4.lldAltrikity,
The \ Whigs of Cuteherlan c My may
fairly,lay olaim to a good Attila of the:creolit
which id dueforthrs gfeat triuniph whichlfis
just been'achimied :ikir the Whigs of Penn
syframa. It is . groWn irilb the force of a
roverb that curriberland count is the start-
ing'pointiaf all politica Involutions iri.!; our
State. - As' she eies so goes State; and'
-Whin-it-was-aseertalned-on-last -Wednesday-
Morning that Curriberianci.county hail giVea
afnounting almost to certainty, that the
. Whigs had triumphed over the entire State.
The boOming thunder of succeOive Whig
majorities as they rolled in one after another
with every mail, speedily verified our anti
cipations. Old Mother Cumberland, although
it is not becoming in her to "'weer the brae-.
elms," is in fact the jugleman of the great
Whig a rov
.Whig's of Cumbeiland county. this position
imposes a high duly upon you In the late
contest you have done your duty manfully,
and we congratulate you upon the proud re
sult. put Ain not pause in• the good work
which you have .10 OrosperonAty begun. Dn
not 'let the Vicittly otifuesday past lull }ton
into inactivity. Your work is herjusi begun.
A Whig Governor must be elei2ted trio next
,year—a Whig President the year after! The
I .T:trig' of 1846 must be repealed and the'
Thrift of 1842 restored: The whple policy
of the, govemment roust lie changed and . the
— mis - drabbidiSoriThrsiirPEalrism he reM
edied' All Mrs and touch mor is to he done,.
and the - Whigs must do it. . 8 iiqk not from
your duty then.--all this yol do if you
will. Be vigilant—be persevering. Prese've
your organ - Wren, firm and unbroken. Pub
princ ipleA far and wide.—
it.ile. =TATE, AGITATE! untiFevtiry vo
ter in ilje county shall have joined our ranks.
It is for , old Dl nher Cumberland count). to
lead the way, and, her path most ever be to
We knew that we spoke the truth when
we stud our Itiend ClLATscoof i l he , nothin'
else" than an editor. After quoting our-notice
el Ins new paper : he remarks in the last he
nits:rat :
•( Ve clip the above horn the •Carlisle
(l'a.) IlPrald, a whig paper of the first water.
o The top of the morning to you," M'ajor
Beam% and may both your shadow and sub
stance increase. We did come out. to this
western eonotry, . Major. to try our hand at
farming ; and we have plowed a little, har
rowed a little. husked corn, dug potatoes,
and latched sjeaves 7 .-butili thing_ dirrtil.
‘ilirk Indtil there was tut inward yearning'
that the plow couldn't salisf\ ...ilte old fe e li ng
Cattle over us—our heart, itched - loc"Mlle 1
slibp.' - ' alit In! here we; are. once-more up ./
m the eve-brows in politics, awl surrounded
by press types, stands, cases..lnaliets, ' , lain- l
ers runt shooting ticks—edrior, type-sticker,
pressman arid devil. Ater all,. Major, the
-shoemaker should s ick to his last," and f. The victory - is thus signal and complete
the printer, to his types. With our hands ; The Whigsand Tari ff teen have not mere full of Inf , iness, our inner man "moderately' ! I„ ac hi eved a victory, i t i s ''' tt -
Thorough rout
supplied with pork arid potatoes. and.. once, i- 1 ' • ,
jina while. sAlajor. , t a littl e wine-for t h e sic , i —ln ever whelming e‘mi . rpation,of the Free
mach's sake?" we sing cheerily; - -- 11. - ifirrs aid - their trilheierds* !Yell is it Enid
How Iropy : a 111 n printer slAin aloha nighenad day. - 1 - `.i•Tift3 North American, that- 1 ' the elOolion
. And takes lux slit. runtion In ram. onto and hay. ;
ye ; iiii.. ~
of Tiwsitey have conic upon us like
ou r re a d er ,: will recollect that we spoke of ,
an avalanche of the, popular might. Never
infusing Con. Cralth's spir 11 into the canvass ; was rebuke so loudly spokemortver was
hole, by 111111611 g uric of Iris stir ring a pp eal s a : triuMpli More - cornplete. No such political
pew weeks since. The G el , th us rejoins in , revolution was ever before known hi this
the last Denowial ; . onuotry." The tables below show the re.
‘, That rack won't fUn. M.,jor. Yon must , nuns of meitilterstiont the ditletent districts
do sototalthig more than ‘• Mime the I;po er _
and the eaths made by the Whigs.
al's spirit into the canvass" in Cumbeiland, •
it You want to carry lite who.: ticker. , We ,
live considerablv nearer strirmiewn - thari - you - - Canal _Co:
eastern folks, and, withal. have picked op a The folloa lug are I
thin , or two in. our tral'llS—and having " yist Com ettissioner as far it
- :weiolied the matter,' . ... ns Our friend
NTIEe lower, W.
would say. we have come to the on
that neither the Tirtill rut salt-pore t
Itin.* .11ill
your bacon. Yon have lint one chance, 2r7a- Li yr,„,ii„,. 21)(1
tor, that is to put Col. Norn.l: on the stump. N mininibeilalid, Situ
backed by the id;adv 'lo7lh. II that finis I , ,.h amm,
'Kin, :300
Al a jor, like apt. Scott's C only Conn. yon il . ) , as ti tiot i ti o,,, , . . 4r ,„
well knook !puler. Ity-the way. Ine sure to 701
send us the Coliait•l's speeches. if he sho u ld 1,11 ,,, a _ 1er. . tt . 22:ti ,
be elected. We have re - thing in these dig-4st
gins to match his oratory!, Se`mv:kill, *
Mifflin, I 50
The Clem will see that we'' didn't do Any- Cliester,* 473
thin else"—and backed the Cbl. by n first- cl , rnbella i ni ; '
rate ticket besides. By the way Gen. Crabb Adams,* ° 51
is destined to a terrible .disappointrnent by York, 150
the Ponosylva election returns, as the follow- Franklin, 591
ins paragraph from the Denrocott wilishew. tVleghany, 1900
Clinton, . 100
We rather suspect .the' progressiveness. 01 the FiLerie,
Whig party will astonish him rulittle.• Beaver ' 400
.;.. Whilompon the subject of Perins . olvania ur,i,,,,, SOO
politics, we cannot' finbeat remarking, that Irzerne, • 200
the Democracy of that commonwealth have. Mercer, 600
entered into th e canvass with then usual (;utte r , 300
spirit, and, in nuejtulgrneut, will 'carry the AttriStrong, ~ 25p
States as usual. The vote for Canal Com- iroiarra . 700
missioner win be the test, and we do not vv3.„l.flit'ig. 100
doubt the clean nof William 13. Foster, the Av ar. ,,hh igr „ , , 6 1
democratic candidate, by over ten thousand E r i e,
' 1700
majority. Re may fall short of the lull de,,, Crawford, 50
mocralte majority in Lycoming and one or e
oemerset, (10 tps.)7os
Cimbria, .
two e th er counties, in consequence of local 300
objections, bin this will not mach affect the •
!'hose marked c'itl
general result. In the Schuylkill congress
ionabdistriet, and probably one or two others,
in consequence of the New Tariff, and other
causes, the dernocrata,may lone ground. But
we look upon the State as safe, and believe
her to be as thoroughly democratic as ever.'
• Gen.. We'd - like to see you read this nee
olumn alter that! -• . - .
Mechanics of - ther - ihrifed -- Siates i real - - the
touching description of die - English working
.man's lia7ffships and toil', as drawn• by Eliliu
Burritt, in his latter on our firel prige,. Pod
help- you, it you ever let the iolittuation' of
party draw you down to suckdegradatien and
suffering,. You-hauls just given•an errinbetio
rebuke to the ivemiesiif Protection to Ameri
can industry. Cease not your efforts till the
destructive Tariff 01846 is repealed f
CONORESSIO . WAL DtsTaicT. l -..The
following is the official - .votelfor;:,gras,sin
this district:
Brady, (Whig,) Hepburn,(l4.F
Cumberland 1949 1917 •••,
Perry, 631 ' 683'
Franklin, 2312 • 1623 ,„
4892 •
. • i447l3ratiy l ,B : llllljOilir!
'MT rfratty'a - mujpeity)n - thir ctrirrilfit7vOlt'be
seen. Is.ootliiiitraibtrlpw;et-thtur,:the-averagf?
wifr!g maj9rity., is owing to 1 . 1.11.11*
burn's:;active personal exertions ,: .aod-lb6
, Y - fihit Goind;
: I)l o4*COn i gt4 e ALlP.r !!gkirii, l 4r.''
YiilliilFl'lek,a..riiii!Pn 6 P,sA° 0 /4 4 P/Eicc' tbi 'eve:
+~lTiglseQlunn 1
The' Fraud of 18 44,rebuhed!---the
British 'Tariff bill overwhelmingly
condemned ! • " .
The returns of the election , held in this
State on Tuesday last, exhibit most glori
ous result for the friends of PROTECTION
signal rebuke of the inquitous fraud perpe
trated upon the honest 'but confiding .free-
I men• o! the State in' the campaign of 184.1,
by Polk, Dallas,. Buchanan, Shut dc, and
their .allies in the Maroons woik of deeep
, non. The, With's and Tariff men of the
State—tho. friend' of Protection to borne la
hor—have . condemned the - British' Free
Trade Turill of 1846, and have spoken- td
their betrayeis in tones of th,ander! Per n•
Sylvania has said, in a "voice that cannot be
misunderstood or misconstrued, that she
may riot be.eheated and deceived 'with im
.punity ;—that though betrayed, she is still
true-to-her-interests—and, with a spirit be
coming the honest freemen of the land
of Pennsylvania, resents the villainy of the
political demagogues who have dared M de
ceiVe arid betray her.
Old Wilier Cumberland is not alone in
her indignant-rebel of the iMPThaiipled - he:
trayers of Pennsylvania interests. Other
ooniciies, more i.lireinly interesred in the
question of the Ttirifl have also spoken
in tones of Thunder! Many 2t. the old
strongholds of Loco Focoism are revolutioni
zed,-and all shaken to their very centre. Old
Berk's, wl:ick in 1814 gave I'ulk 4674 ma
i lrfritYi now gives less than a thousand major
ity. Montgomery, always a steadfast Loco
coma) ~ by at least•a thousand, and which.
iii 1844; gave l'oln a majnrity of 1105, has'
elected a Whig Senator by six hundred ma.
jority. Schuylkill . county has elected the
entire Whig ticket by three hundred majori
ty, usually Loco by-a thousand. Luzerne, too
has givena Whig majority. So has Nor
thumberland. Yo'rk-, and other of the snrt.
gest locoloco counties, have given merely
nominal . majorities. The gloriOus lesull -of
the election may' be briefly summed up,
AND A IV - 1111.4 Mic.IOTIITS; IN
BIIANCIIES 01."11:11.:
Members of Congress Elected.
1. Lewis C. Levin, Native—No change.
Jos. - R. Inggsdl, Whig—No change.
. 3. Charles Brown, Loco . ,—Loco gain.
A. Chries J. Ingersoll, Loco—No change.
, 'O. John. Freedley, - Whi,,, ,, = Whig gain
• 6. John W. Hornbeck, Whig—whig gain.
7.__A. R. Mc:lnviting,. Whig—Np_chapge.
'6. John Striihtfc - Wing- - No change.
9. William. Strong, Loco—No change. .
10. Richard BiodheadfLoco—No change.
il. Chester Butler, Whig—Whig gain. •
13. James Pollock, Whig-;-Pci change.
11. Geo„N. Eckert, Whig—No change.
15..lienry Nes, Whig-zW„lng gain, .
Jasper E.. Brady; Whig—Whig - gain.
17. 'John Olancliard,'Whig e .- 7 No change.
10, Andrew Stewart, Whig— No ohanga..
23; James ` Campbell, Whig—gain.
lanai Whigs will have. from 16 t0.....113,
member of Congress' out of the 24.
. . .
'', PeniMtltablif - o — gitirt
. . . . .
. - .' .. : STATE SENATE,'
•, • :• , .-.1846 . - • •.: , •1 ; 847
.': ,' • '..: ! ~,...:.,..,..-.; .-..C• L. '.. W.N.. L. ... W; : N
ijij.illintosi•3r :, : : /.1.•.;8 1 10 ,ll . 1'
.. ripad_69l;thty,...:'.: 2 .0, ....!:, •._.l:. . •:-.., ~ • ~, .
lblittgetinpry....: .„.I'.. .0. ~ 0.. . 1 gain:
auglas7:; - : -- ,Tiiv; - '1.':.,1) . ..-.; . -7-7.9,?'- - •
re.4l44iiill.:Collioni ~...,-....,...::.•
-Monro6!&-Pißgi--.-10---H-.r.ik::-' -- '; , -I'sciin:-
Nqiikiiiirpton!and 7 .,,.'`.....r. , „; . l..:'.';: • '-: ~",-'',,:-..,- :' ~-
.I,ohigh - glt.'7. - . -- 1: - T:i:p. - .-;;;:-A - ,- , •7 4 - - +*gai!i-7.
,FliiiiirciidLB'‘Tiga,-,1:!,;.0 ..!.::•,•!'16g!.!.,,:„...,,,•:: -.f.-;-„....:
I,)*iiiiiirg-,•!,EC4iptpri':.'„_--,.',4,!..';.:.ft-i-:::,ry--::, ~:!,
I•!:lnd! ! Cpnitp;g!(,- . '.-,,,0C. , 1:4,...*:;..:. , ,Aq 1 3;;t1' ,. .Ci•i:: ; :
riiiki: l •-;:•.'' . .... '.';..;.;-?. ".: , t. :7 4.gtOit ,- ,-
-41114141#..!•16r!: 04trii.`,:.:;','.:::,...:;.,::;,.:::-.7,-,:.‘.;:-....-.:4:1-.--,-,0:,,,6,.,..
-. 1 : 011 0'4',...1; i' .. ir'.:9:" - /: -,0 .'. , t'-::=: , ':!Y'.:‘ , 0:: , `1 , :,4:1':;
:,E,iik(f,':'!': , r , ;.:•:, , ,:, 0 41:1Zi':',:;1010.'`:•''','I' ;.-q
• .--„,.; ' r!, q: , ;'' • • ~ Y.-. ~. ',. ' . e. ,
'',1:,4;i'.:,7,, , ..;,::„:':'.',:n•.:•7,!!'1"j !.T ; '!":""' .'.
~.."%::' 7 :'::4 ''`l'''g' •
''IVI:•":' , WP' .O ' .. A .2 j.4 '
.-,'Y''''''R . "::''-' 1
1 - .
'l:)frj''..l l ;''- -7 , , i),•.. 5 '%‘;•4 7 : 7 i' 1 1 . :' :.. ;'li .. ':(i . ,,,'l..:4';'''':•:-::
....*...,... , ~,.._
LONG FACES.—We have often heard of
spooks,.noh-goblins,4;hosts, and such 'like,
but the most interesting specimens of the
• long . find golYrff limt we e vet. set ,nor
eyos timn. tveM net erest•killed friends. ihe
Locos, on Wednesilify toNning 100 ';•:11,•11
fares! words- cannnt depict their measure
mem! tVeff—well friends. all .ttl can
in the way of encouragement. is, that
.) on
are on the wrong side of the question. Ii
you wish to prosper. to 'enjoy victories. ‘t
'draw from a pally that is daily becontinti
unpopular. Join the \\ hags, who at° the
only true frmnds to their country. and (Uwe
more tou may he able to throw up you:
hats anti shout hiu rah ! Ah those long
faces !—those very long, long I:xes.! • .
s rervi‘vd.
CorNTius L
' -10
CE•,,tre. 113
Vern'. * 19
• 400
* 152
i 5
10t:tgornery, * 299
11 . t. , Iinot eland ; 800
Monroe, 250
Carbon, 42
Pike, 84
Susquelianni, . 100
'mono, 700
article, as it atone indicates, is a chemical
extract of Wild Cherry. It is simple •attil
harmless in its etleet—pv it is more cffica
eious in obstinate Coughs, Asthma.. Croup.
Consump , ion and Liver Complaint, than any
other medicine known td man, tt lies ef
fected Many marvellous cores—baring More
the appearance of miracles that. the effect of
a natural remedy. The active ingredient of
the balsam 'the Extract.' is not. and cannot
be kno All or made by any but the inventor.
Ilene° it is in vain to try remedies that fail in
their object as often as they are used.
William Seaver, EMI.. Postmaster at Bile
via, N. Y. writes 'that he gave ao afflicted
person one bottle; the effect of which was
so wonderful that it created an immediate
and extensive demand for it. It needs but to
be known to be universally used by physi
clans as well as patients.
Sold in Carlisle by-5. ar.nirr, Sole Agent
r this borough
a (*) are official
INSANITY.-A 11 diseases, even insanity and
irritability of temper, proceed from depraved
or corrupt humors, which, circulating With
the blood, occasion pain and diScord in the
human frame. - clear, that, byipersover
ance in' the use-of Brandreth's Vegetable
Universal Pills, which is one* of the very,
best, - end only proper. purgative medicines
insanity and irritability of temper can, be
cured, as welt as any other dissease depend
ing upon the pureocee of the circulating lipid,
the blood. .• •
. .
• BrandretWs Vegetable Universal-Pills are
liticiwn; by the experience 'of thousands,
to perfectly, clanse the blood from all
neasiii3inove every morbid: affection, and
renovate weak and enfeeble constitutions to
' perfect health and vigor.
— Tlieff — iterifir - swlti7didd — innocence litTf
them' afe,fhrough every period of existence,
from infanctto old age. - - • "
No extra , care in either dress or diet is re
9Uired whim they are used..
p •
With this invhluable . medicine in our pos
session, we.may_visit themost sickly regions
Without fear. No 'contagion can by, poisibili
itiftoot.Us,_,if we'_ara careful to . freely- use
'•- • • •
. •
77 - StePben-OulberfsonyShipp,ensbut.
H.. Brenetnan & Co. Newcumberlanii.
&L'ltejgel Mechanicabum.
• Ay G. Miller, White House P.O.:*
---_M;Bitner,-Shiremanstow_n, • ,
yegestowit: •'•`
••James Kyle, Jackseinville.:7 ; ::i,„,•.
S ider
L - Sentmani,NeviVillei::.
aiOdetiOlikliC l 44o4o 46ll *
rThe Senate will
-Whigs :13 Locos at—fdiNiitliii.
040 • 4
Bedford . 2 .
Beaver .
. Brad ford- 2
Bucks 3
Blair 1
-Berke— 4
- Butler — r--
Craw fort] 2
Centre & tlear ,
field 2
Cheater 0
Columbia 1
Cumberland 2
Cunt:trip • 0
bedaware . • 0
Dantthin 1
Erie ' 0
Franklin 0
Greene 1
Huntington 1
Indiana 0
-Jefferson, Clarion,'
& Venango, 2
Lebanon 0
Lehigh & Carbon. 1
Luzerne• 2
Lancaster • 0
Lycoming, Clinton
&e. . 2
6liiilin, 1
Morwrrtery 3
Northumberland 1
Northa'n & Mon-
roe 3
Peiry 1
Phila. city 0
Phila. county 8
Schuylkill . 2
Somerset 0
Sutirt'A-Sr. Wyo-
ming - 2
Wasioglon 2
Westmorland 3
Wayne & Pike 1
Union Si Juniata 0
York 5
67 33
*One Independent Democrat.
Kr The Whig minority in tlie Hance w
be !rum 10 to 20! ,
Ohio Coming too? !---Victory .upon
Victory !
.. The returns from Ohio so fa; .as received
•peering and glorious! The Whigs have
so if - gahred FIVE MeMbers of Congress,
and will unquestionably hold their majority
in both llonses of the Legislature. Bebb, the
Whig candidate for Governot, bids fair to,
-have-several-thousand -majority-I Are-the.
authors of the British Thrill of 1846 sufficient - -
Ge3rgia Election,
The returns published in the Augusta
Chronicle, inlorm us of ftte success of four of
the Whig candidates for Congress. 'this
State, viz: Messrs. King, Stevens, Toombs,
and Jones, the latter
, being,4V - Whig g,ahi,
the district now represented by Mr. rowitS,
MWSSrs. Hataldspn , Lumpkin, and Cobb,
Democrats, are also elected. Mr. tver,m i i.
it is prooatilm - will succeed in the•remaininUr
district, itt which case the delegation will be
(Nosily divided between the two piolitivak.
~~~ ~7~~1~~~ ~~~~
stand 19
' From the New Oriente; Times.
Very Important .14ImArs - * kit' the
• Oity of Effesieo.
The U.S. sloop of . john Adams. Com
mender MeClune IroinNera Cruz the 25
nlt.r-touched off the S. W. Pass on the 7th I
insittnt, on her, way to Pensacola, Lieut .
late_sg,_ the_ U. S..sehoorier)-For--1
ward. came 'passenger in her and left her
at the Belize, arriving in the city, yester_day_ l
afternoon. Fr this g_entlemen we have
0 1 3 gain •
0 I gain
4" 0 -
0 0
0 •0
learned die following particulars reghrding
the Blockading Squadron.
The whole of the officers and crew orthe
Truxton, who surrendered to the Mexicans,
after the loss of that vessel off Tuspan, , have
been released. 'the officers on ffarole, the
men under a pledge of due exchange.
Lieut. Kennedy states that, at the time he
left, no rumor existed of any attempt to be
made by the squadron on Tampico. There
hatl - beenT for-somo time, a report-that alias
tile-demonstration was to be made on Alva
rado. With regard to Meitcan internal af
fairs, very little was known in the squadron.
ft was however, gutted that Santa Anna had
put himself at the Lead of the army, and was
about to march a g ainst Gen. Taylor, The
1%1 ex leans, not wit risme ding their.attatch
ment in Santa Anna,• woulti not elect him
their President, unless be:Pledged himself
to a vigorods prosecution of the war with
America. On that subject, there was little
difference - of opinio - M seemingly, all ranks
were burning with desire to drive the •inve
dets from the soil-4B they conld. '
Santa Anna as it appears, has suddenly
become the chief head and hope of the war
in Mexibo, which indeed, to say the truth,
embraces nearly the whoie of the population.
Ile is now, or was at latest dates, in the city
of Mexico, arranging the plan of an extensive
campaign against the several American corps
daroice organizing. recruiting eneourageing,
exhorting the inhabitants not only . of the,gai
theivlio eT7eOuutry, with a view to
meet the danger that threatens Mexico with
the whole-of defensive resources.
: „On.the-151.13-uic.-Santa.Anna-arrived-at the
capital, amid rejoicing 'more enthusiastic
than had ever been witnessed before. The
people seem to behold in 'him their saviour,
and were tilniost frantic with Soy. The tes-,
tirnonies of attachment to his person were
on bounded. The next day the most vigorous
measures, so far as deidarations go, were.ta
ken by the movisional Obverientant. A levy
ot 30.000 men to reenrit,Thett4ny was,or der
ed. liequi,itions were foidtwith transmitted
to all the principal places in the Republic, for
an immediate Intin-hing of their respective
qUotas of men. Pne - Ght, and the'.whole of
the towns yithin a circuit of fifty., leagues of
the metropollm in'e'Pnced sto have complied
with the requisition for rnen, with the great
est alacrity : A regiment was iminediately
raised in Puebla on the arrival there of. the
news of the levy of 30.000 men. To hwili
tate the , arming and equipping 'of this large I
.hody of troops, the Government have order-. 1
‘al that duties out alL,rmluitions.of -war
cease io be levied, until further notice.
O o
O 3
O O h
O 2 gain
1 gain Co .
0• 1
O I gain
O 1
O 2 . .
2 gain
1 gain
1 gain
1 gain
2 gain
I gain
2 gain
3 gain
• (MI-The tVrishitigton Unieraof Wednesday
. _
says llajor JamesGrahatu Jett Washington
this mowing, in-the.southern train, with des.
patches fur General Taylor. It is believed
think carries out instructions for terminating
"Inni4mporary cessations-of hostilities:"
- t ik-'e-infer from lire tone of the Union that
rstead "of presenting the Olive Branch to our
neighbor ; the Government intends to push on
the War with ail tho energy it possesses, and
Wait for overtures of INeace tram Mexico.
,\Ve hope by the time that the armistice
twoul.l have explicit of iisclf, says the rinon our trintoplialit flag flying at
Chihuahua, at Saltine. and. if the newspaper
veciMititais,iiie to be believed, perhaps at
Vittoria. (,lie capital of "Faiiiitulliais.) :mil at
Tampico. At all events, We go lot action,
euergy. ale( stwcess.
Leiter writeri who appear to know. state
. tiattaF ttitierat let rive
i"d"'"11111" "'lit:lj'l"":"t.‘%.ii,..4o.)Nte
'rd to tsti.ti.,:L . tron tht t t•tr•t• . 4 n , ght or no
.11.)iiiere , y, where.
tho Genet al was al last hies. ;!ititettr, to be
'FI/ more thttti :20 miles S \V. from Catttai
r,i, Itto Cottt dO, Saltilla i, in Nita
!dia. S \'.. ths4ll.lll'er les,
Lao (111) nolo , . Solt hit , lost ' k the (apt.
:al oh the State or Prot rice of 11111110.
and is N. N. E. !roil, Salttlla, 111:4;111(.4.i about
30-0 toile;. It is less than 1110 mites from
Taoipiro. San Louis Potosi is the point a t
which it is said - the troops of were
ordered to centre. If, then, General Pane:-
son, with his evinmand of volumeers,qbas
been ordered to Tampieo, he will have SOlll6
enemies in trout, and old Rough and Ready
to back him.
Cr*r A shocking funnier and suicide wa s
perpettated oil Wednesday afternoon last, at
Hartford, Conn. the victims being Mr. Daniel
Olcon, a livery stable keeper, and Lewis
H. Holcomb of St. Louis (Mo.) The follow
ing are the particulars : , —Prorn the evidence
before the Coronet's Jury, it appeari a suit
(for abouts3ooo) was pending bet Ween them
—Holcomb being plaintill—which Mu) occa
sioned great bitterness of feeling, although
there was no evidence that they had had any
direct personal controversy. Mr. Holcomb,
who was boarding at the hotel, caused a fire
to be made ib b s room and gave orders that
Mr. 0101 t, wham lie expected to•call and
settle some acconnto, should be shown in
there—which was done. Soon after one of
the ladies of the house heard .a. noislLas-_of
the clashing of boards, and soon alter that
t wo or three reports of a pistol.' On enterin
the roam, Mr. Holcomb was found lying on
1110110er, dead, and Mr. Mott just breathing
his fret: A revolving pistol, identified. as
belonging to.Holeomb 7 was sound, with four,
barrels discharged,' ; -.- -
Mr. Holcomb was to have been. en ,
the day of the dreadKil catastrophe: ,
(g Anizirrisno" Manictria:SOrne'simPle
mm e peep eci a great dislike.6l von:
they are pleased to cull advertised" rnedi
tine. In their estimation , for Wright's ,
Indianlievetable Pills to ,be made public, is
to deprive :he all'meriC :. This te:ridicu
lons, . MedieiankiSin article irreommeriwith
every, other. afticlei eritt ' like them,.is the
subject parchase:andsele•Advernsing is
alacility , ,w,hich pecular-to-the-tinaea l -on&
has become an indrspensible element,- in. all
- hdelneatr - transactionsr - 7-It - maketran - article•
neither good nor had ; but simply auntlelleet,
#43 sign.board does..that 'at a certain -.lace
'smarm) we giveneserwtion may. .a tri - d7;
Thewrorld: haa m
mirely attaed. knowledge,
duricg Maim five thouaand years, of a remedy;
tt the fieshjo heir, t c yr and4lo,
haire, that. remedy oho:ma .be made,;-known:
Ina Presar - •
Sold' in C'ariiider4ly;G4rifi-.06441t,`5C1e
Arad for. tiamaiihr:qX.:J'3•^llq
... 1 '
Wm. R. MI
and others 'on . ;I', at
.Richmond, Va. for the minder of a
who waa charged with improper .`, hinaoy •
with ..IVfia.
_Myers,:have_been committed-to---
jail for final trial. Mrt Myers the unhappy
author of all the difficulties is reported to have -
destroyed herself by taking laudanum_We___
see the report is since contradicted.,
Right HOm Henry S. •Eo?r, late- Her
RiitariOic Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary
to the Government of the United States,"Aied
at - Wa. - qtfilcaten On' Tiesdav
I)l)itabcp lyia • illatket.
Monday Evening, Oct. Nib.
Flour qUlet,.rtbOUl 100 bbla ordinary 'brands sold at
$5, and aeveral entail parcels good retailing brands at
8 2 .121 a 5.25. Corn alettl—penn'a Is dull at 0 3 , 75 ,
Rye Flolir—We notice a further small sale at ga,gll.
Whont-5000 Penn',, reds sold at 125 c. and a
small Int of White at.ll2c. Corn— Raiders of Souithern
arc waiting for the Rieanter, and atilt 68c. for Southern
yellow—buyers hold off. Whiskey-11 We. cold at 24c.2"
bbls, are Mill at MI cents.
r y e
By the Rev. George Miller, on the 15th
inst. Mr. WILLIAM JO/INS, of Cumberland Co.
to Miss. St/SAN o.ll , l',.LalleaSter county.
OnThurschiy morning the 16th inst. by•the
Rev. A. H. Kremer, Or W. L CREIGM, to
Miss RAinrarm Enwaans, both of this borough. ,
ilk' With the, above we received the usual
rernembranbe of the printer, for which the
young couple have our thanks anti most cor
dial good wishes. -
• PIED, ;
On the sth inst. in this, borough Mrs. RA
cttAmi. KUNE, wife of the late Geo. Kline
aged 52 years. ..
On the 10th inst in Petersburg Perry, co:
Miss. M ATILDA. datigfic6F6T Dr. Joseph Speck;
aged about 25 years.
qtro W-41,U4.1P-DZ1L338,.....
1;3 SZt Uanb
oFFERS his services to the public. • Hav
ing had ae!'erul years experience withhis
Father, and having in .hiapossession the valua
ble collection of papers made by him, he hopes
by care and punctuality to obtain a share-of
public patronage.
0111cpin the public square, immediately in
t•he rear of the Court House.
Carlisle, oct 21
Estate of Jacob Burkhart, dec'd.
N°.ricE is hereby given that letters tes.
tumentary on the estate of Jacob Burk
hart, lute of the borough of NewVille s deceased,
have been granted to the 'subscriber, residing
in the same buroupft• All persons indebted to
the estate of said deceased are required to make
payment without delay, and those' having
claims will present than In the subscriber fur
settlement. SCOT'j' COYLE,
net 2 L • Executor.
. ,
AsSnluttoi of Partnership.
N oTicE i.•hereby given that thc co min
subscribers in the business of Tanning and
Currying, is this dardiaiinlvcd_by_ rnotual., :um ,
cent: " A [Ulf/ fiA L D BRICKER.
• J 0033 11., ERS.
The tell! Le continued by Archi—
Lula ttikker, at the old wand.
New vine, Om. 6, 1846,
EIA NC ES SFt SA P-A It A, 6 - r, aboon
rtu4s. FIFTY PILLSAN . A sox !.
lnr Cheitnest and best Medicine in"exis
tence ! Every perann who is subject to Hilt.
OUR Fever, should purify (heir blood and Nyt3.
tem by using n box of the
SARSAnfrflitliffi-N,1112.-BLOOD PILA,SI I
Persons afflicted with costiveness, slated/I'oy
.7oting . ladies and gentlemen troubled with
Pimple the rage, should try the
Singing in the Ears relieved by the
fluore.s. Sarsopftrillet or Blood
nr , ,si.ncam and General Debilt ty cured by the
ii/r/te”Y Sirs i - opetrilla or am,' pills!
Pers., s rr hu. - have token considers,i hie
noriu ms of mercury, and tmerrm , .quence Wow
.I.isltlflie, Mum:, should use freely the
lloorr's .S;lrroparilla or Blood Pills
Persona in want ore Pat that is' Vurvly
Vegemble. and is warranted not In contain a
particle of mercury, should use the
, S'ltraopaPilla or Binod
genuine lor sale by SET:I 11ANC11, 105
lialtituure Kireet, Daalluvia, atid bj
F. Y. 1 .1116111.
S. L. I.erm .N, Ten ht.! ry.
A. itiettAftn, & rlf,
• WM. I I aAT9.1 N, Druggist, Newvillo.
Ilasittr I 1„1,1..F.R, I) Niggim 8100Pensbwr•
I ANcK's comrouND SYRUP ok
I noRE-liiUND—For the cure of
Coughs, olds, Canennylion, o f
Blood, Pain in the Sine and BreZ,
Bronchitis: . Croup, Asthma, and
all diseases ammo: from a
disordered condition qf
the lunge or ne
glected raid.
Take lime by the Forelock,
Is a piece of advice which is suitable to all
seasons,.and applicable to all purposes; though
these is•no in which this piece of ad
vice Is inure valuable, Wan to persons win)
have it cough or cold, for if they neglect what
may appear to them very trifling. • •
it may lend to Inflarnation of Lungs, and final.
ly Consumption 'T• To all who have a cough,
or cold, for if they neglect what may appear to
them very trifling
it may load to Inflammation of lunge and B•
navy Consumption! To all 'who have is'
cough, tip would pay, procure a bottle of
Ilmice's compound Syrup of Hoar•
hound. •
The - medichm - Irpleasant - co -- take and - it - may
save you years of sabring. •
Price 50 Cents per bottle or six bottles for
Prepared. and sold , by SETH S. HANCE.
108 Baltimore at, and corner of Charles and
Pratt eta, And by
F. Mignarrev, Carlisle:
B. L. Luinan t Newburg : ' • •
41.641ticitaans,,4-Co: Plainfield.
• HENRY Howta;(lhuggist,) Shippensturg
October 21. 1246. . -
A very Oesirnble Privatejleeidenee, on
West High street. .pftglifiebf the F.ditor.lllL -
of this paper: •
,1 .
,toher 106.-7
,-, 'Eradyncii - 6101nr,41040 -
5'OOOAuD SPA NIGH:CIGARa - received
.na foi into Wholesila •and Revd'
sp,iiNli3fl: CIGARS, • for Bala:, at' the rod uood
- o f:l ater 43,00'01i tiousiind, at hii ci*Oi ficio• '
• ___
;* • c_4IBIVPLIC:i _
„ October
a 8 . 46 - .7., . •‘ i "; :
- ..!Dit c woonfa,- I.4usirAnki.LA AND MILD
OHSRRY-DIITNBI4Ao remedy lir Drip Op.
Mimile! lind.Pttlititlel PA• lI I,i,0 lekatt,4,li,lnitY,lll;llitt-,; 1 ekatt,4, 1 i,InitY,III;Ilitt - ,; • --
ititat Cloitleneii,',ai.'Juit.iviehifl 'Pi,
zuaprz, 8611I;iiiipi ear lAL., • ••
'• •
• • •• • • • -