Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, July 22, 1846, Image 3

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Nta), , Abutrtionnento :
1 orE4lidi lilinbOland Road.
• " -
i HE perscins who are appointed Corinnis
sioners in the Charter of the YORK AND
are hereby notified-to meet at tho Washington
House, in the borough of YOtti 3 On THURS
DAY, the '234 of July, ittiqi . aoo .o'clock, A.
M., for the purpose, of taking-the necessary
measures tor opening.the books otsubscrip 7
Hon for the stock of said'Coraparty.
Williarn.ll • Robert Nebinger,
- A. J. Glossbranner, George ,Chris',.
John •Hough, _ Robert.K. Church,
Jacob Emmitt,-... • Andrew PatteMon,
Michael Doatle),4 . Robert Bryson,
Ramsey,, , • Lewis Hyer,
Robbit 4, Fisher; , . Hyman Longenecker
William Patterson, 1m Day, • .
• Thiimes C. Hamblyi• Adam Belida,
Martin Cott!, A. H. Van Hoff,
' Miller Hays, •Michael Hoover,
Samuel G. Kister, -Frerick Watts,.
. hn At Woodburn,
James Starr, • J ob M. Haldeman,
Jacob Miller, • "Valentine Hummel,
Benj. H. Moaner, Simon Cameron;
Jacob Kirk, J. M.G. [.secure.
John Rankin, *,
July 22, 1546.
The Carlisle'•lndependeut Artillery,
DAY OF AU .ust NEXT,at 9 o'clock,
A. M., at' the Court House, for inspection and
drill. By order of •
JOHN F. HUNTER, Captain.
Ca lisle, July .22,1946. •
- -N - .-11.-Att-Election will •be.held on the same
day, between the bours . of 10 o'clock, A. M. and
C o'clock, P M., at the public house of General
Willis Foulk, for the pirmose of eked ig one
SECOND LIEUTENANT for said company..
By orilefof the Bridle inspector.
On Saturday the 31st October next,
, WILL bc - exposed to public sale, on. the
premises, in South Middleton township,
Cumberland county, about .4i miles South of
Carlisle, the vatuable,Fram and Factory, known
as , "Milo Factory," with all the appurtenances
thereunto belonging.- Said Farm is situated on
the Yellow-Breeches-creek,adjoining-lands-of
William ;Craighead, deeensed,.Sasituel-Keene,-
and Jacob Sheaffer. The land is of first-Tate
rniality, - and to arittate-of thorough_cultiiation._
The improvements .are a large
HOUSE; -commodious BANK
BARN, and all the. necessary out
ipuildings,. together with a thriving orchard of
choice fruit. There is also a very considerable_
growth of young Locust trees on the place. The
Factory is o substuntialittone bitildirtgi7s - fect.
deep by 38 feet wide, and affords ample fact.
titles fur the most extensive operations. It has
now a large and Increasing custom in the man.
ufacturo of woollens, and to an enterprising
young nilnufact firer holds out inducements of
the most advantageous character. The Farm
and the Factory will be sold together or. sepa
rately as may best suit purchasers;
At the same time and place, will be sold a
Tract of Mountain-Land, containing foramen
Acres, more or less, nt thriving chesnut timber.
Sale to corpinence at 10 o'clock in the fore
noon, when attendanceand terms, which will
be reasonable, will be made known, by
Juiy 22, 1846.—t5,. _
Ur virtuo'of an order of the Orphans' Court
-Ks of Cumberland county, will be sold or, the
premises, on SATURDAY the 15th day cif Au-
gust next, at 12 o'clock, M. of said day, the
following real estatd, late the property of Dan.'
iel Guymon, deceased, to wit i
That certain Lot or Tract of Land,
situate in Frankford township, in said county,
adjoining lands of Samuel. Fry,.George Draw
bough, McDowell's heirs, and David Ernest,
containing 21;117111NIMIT AGAIN and
allowance, more or less, of good , slate lend,
bout four acres thereof are woodland, and.the
remainder cleared and in cultivation. The
inaprovelnents are, a two STORY
and some out buildings. There . „ iT
is a well or good water near the
kitchen door, and ,a young thriving apple or.
chard of choice fruit on the premises.
The terms of sale are—Ten per Cont. of the
purchase money to be paid an the confirmation
of the sale and the residue on the let 'of April
next when possession will be given. The grain
in the grcund or to be put out this fall is re:
served., Purchase money to be scoured 'by
Guardian of the children of the said . Daniel
July 22, 1846.-4 w.
A Valuable Farm,
; , : . :# 1 .0*.15.:44..: . *.;
131 Y the will ot ,
the lite NV. Sttilther Janie; hie
11,11-exeentoriceie dttacted•to'celC that portion.
3f the'Tan6luee'r.eitie,'! belted the ' , VANCE
ibetic 2 miles South . of.Newtown, and ithoiit, 10.
from Whicheitter, the Chief inarket'tefro
,f the Valley ,of Virginip.
• t — gT - 3cd7tir - SIESTC , NE",I4A.NP, -- chtT3 7 - -
‘, .ItiTitehe!.(pek, -
vialinut, and hick eiy.),:.,4baa been;.
• •Udiciously cleared, ~eo „that; the.
'..: l N.ondland, , ia,verY, convenient ,to tho roil t--ut.tho
'„, Parrn. - ,,, The cleared landln in fine ~ fh reting or.
tior' s 'thoireator
. prirt cifit hningireci.fron? rooks.
Ibrlaro 'ond a iro uto;ocul -, moat orthe fieldo,being
well Oct in clover-and orchard, gran t ... The
fencing is inferior perhaps in fhb valley,
=din tlfiriiiii*lOastioryandlenoral,4rninge
- went of the liirni , Will 'condone:advantageously
,wlthany_nther:',', , Thohnildlnge ari indifferent.
.., ; (except tho barrt)•bet are beautifully in
a fine . grove, in the _ Contierqt:fit trant ~Orini:
', - TiniiindiriErt;'newi,or elotr'solitit..;,449aiii:iii,
L _Le.h uj kor : opoiti,llooo trees is gro wing near the
.nhouse4l'; 'Wald. ji oupplied,...b3 . 0 :: wo w w hie h ,
1.-never failed before i tho unusual drought'oflB4s.
••••• \end by, a numbor•df pond.' whiob , furnishod 1 n
•- obundance Of 'water oven than. ,- i, Churches - end
Oseheoli,z - dillli; fontanel. 'atOroa •and -tifechardos
~of alliorta,iboinialtiithe: - Nialnityftbp ., psigh...
borhOcidlielrit,tldikty settled by, a‘thrlity,'lri
`,,, :dootiVied ~Orderi.V,liopulition, 'The tract'
• - nlii" ' l 'l'' inf" each ila' it
,•' 2 %01..,....f „Iv.a ott into ; two , fit vi i yin •
!''• cfiil otifend a dqiintipqtiOn'oftitribil, -
''': ''
ifitettotllng . .prlvotnk,' and •Will'• be - gl ad
f ul.
`',' 'tl'.. ire j `efFors; but trnot-sootier,;dliposed of
''' ' . I.'llll ' be ;1 101 4 11. * the t wiOdia via t ally&
77'a - .lo4lr;Vtlifititldet itirr it itiblicr,inic
•'' . : t O,On'tha,oiorribilis;tbilfiATTYßDAy tge. gi,,thr
I '#),, YAFPOte;)oeii. , firiV: l ,7,ThOliags. *PI be 003'
~ .r, 1," et pdipgipip4stiriz, 3 .,..'npo)7,,4o,lt...l3: , 'JifiON,
":6P40 , '9 0 0 .41 0 0 4pt so* . lril 3 i4oliolViiiiheito,, ,
r,„.,1,, , , , ..5 . ,„;,(.&.4:. - it•tliNf_V:niiltrill`hVg;if.:('
yag . Eo l* . t' lo A'Y
4 ik o , orw Nl : V 4 l , .. ,ls J V o :3 i 4:o o 4 ti .. Z .4 is e f li;',,v . ,i , i i, ... , ;
1411; 1846:-8*,:,_ , Af1 - it% , •
p• ,'. : ,-.:,',.:::,,:. ~ :,.., :..2: ; ,) ~.,, .ir ~, , 5-',;,'-.
~. . . ~ •."-e ~
.s.• . .
ILL b 'i talti at pub7leoulery, in tbe bot'ough_
, V • :of bjElyviLligic(mbeiriahcroounlyi on.
1.12.11)X11. 7 ., .the 21st ..tbly 'of., , Atenst, next, the
It vtintfleeeribeg '.oo7.l.oT,lute,tbe property
al•J+Seik ; :thatiniti . :tleitteett, sittitite• Neteton•
townebipinbOUt tlitet74fnehthe mile W e i(
ilreatboce! . - . ,nttyried borouglt,.boutittett of.
liebert3ltlitantinne;'..laeob; 1 50:19.0. 01 tti.
lisUiiiiiiillitheitontitiniti7 • -.--- '-'
• -
• Balla,to.anrooerien to. 2 o'clock, P. M ., . of !said
(Jay,. when attendance' will be given, and (Cigna
made knoive by
22,1846.-Bt. •
'TRW subscribers have just returned from the
IL East with another large assortment of Mer
chandise, consisting of Dry Goods, .GrOceries,
Hard ware ; Queensware, Boots and Shoes, Ste. Ike.
'which they are' prepared to sell at their usual
.cheap rates. We vespectfullYinvito imr friends
.and the public tb give us a •
• July 15. • - GRAY St SON.
, • • N.
THE DIMINO. GAP tiOLPHR• Sm:Tao:1)10. -
ci ATION, will hold their fi rst • nnual eleotton
at the Springs, on SATURDAY 11105th instant,
at o'clo ck . , P. MOO elect a*Peesidentand Trest7
surer to serve for one year; and three Managers,
one for one year, one t h r two years, and one for
three years'. Punctual attendance is rognested."
A. L. COYLE, Secretary.
Newvilleduly 15, 1846: •
•. - •
Spirits of-Turpentine '
oj e ARGE stock or Spirits of Turpentine
ust received, which will be add as low as
it can possibly be bought in O/lisle.
July 'IS. - S. WJAOTT.
i n i N,tlie first day of August next, all the onset
lled notes, accouets, Bro., oldie late firm of
NORTH k MYERS, will be left with William
Crawford, Esq., for collection. All persons
knowing theinselves indebted to. said firm, may
rime - costa - by calling-on A. J . North-before-tha
time and makipg payment. • J. R. MYERS..
Newville,July 15, 1846.
`A. Penns! saved is a Penny earned.'
911111. a4oi> i e motto may be well applied, by
A calling - tt GRAY Ez SON'S and purchasing
some of their "Shoes and Boots." They have
just added SO cases to their former large stock,
and can safely any to persons in want of the arti
cle, that in purchasing of them, they buy nothing
but a "Warranted" article, on which they run no
risk. • GRAY k SON.
July 16,1146. -
HAVE just received from Mr. Landretli4 a
large supply of TURNIP SEED, warrant.
ed of this year's growth.
July 15. S. ELL IOTT.
Ul2 Q 9 6ES trc.zr ak•
large and cheap isrortment.of Hosiery,
Gloves and Mitts, for sale by
July IS. GRAY -& SON.
A new lot of Muelins; consisting of 6.4, 5-4
fabrics; far sale at the cheap 'store of
...July 15. ' - GRAY ISt--SON.
A LOT'ofbenufiful fancy full aralialf Gaiters,
-I. price vtu 7 ying from .97i to $1 45. just received
and for sale by GRAY* SON.
N s en's Shoes for Harvest.
WO cases Men's coarse Brogans, Mice from
75 to $l 00. For . sale
July 15. j 'GRAY 4g SON.
L7AQ4Q., Ia SZY's
few pieces of Lawns just received and
IVA fur sale vary low, by
July 15: GRAY .5- SON.
Notice to Contractors.
PROPOSALS will be received at the o ffi ce
Y, until Wednesday, the nth day of Au
gust next, at sunset, for the re-building of that
pall of said bridge between the borough' of
Harrisburg and Poster's Island, which propo
sals shall state the plan and price thereof.
The person-whose proposal ihall. -be admipted
will be entitled to the use of the stone remain.
ing of the two abutments, and five piers upon
which the wood work of the old bridge was
built. By order of the Board.
July 8; 1846
- Boots; Shoes & Slogans.
g UST received a fresh assortment of Men's
Y and Boys' Calf & Kip Monroes . Ladies'
•. Kid and Morrocco Slippers. Misses
and , Children's Gaiters 6r, Kid.BOots,
• .
' black and fancy colored. Also, Kid,
Morrow), Linings, &c. &a. For
sale wholesale or Mail, at the lowest prices.
..Call at PORTER'S Shoe Stoic.
opposite the Methodist Church.. • - •
Carlisle, July 8, 1846.
Pamphlet Laws.
Prothonotary's Office,
. ,
- Carlisle, July 2, 1846.
THE PAMPHLET LAWS, passed at the
Session of 1846, have been received at this
office, and are now ready for dalliers- to tholes
entitria Ao receive them.
W. M. BEETEM, Proffity!
A Teacher Wanted.
THE` Board of ,school Directors ef the
ough of Mechanieiburg, Cumberland coun.
ty, PS. will receive proposols for a competent
Teacher,,, any time between this date and the
let or. August next.' School term 6 months.—
Salary twenty-three dollars. School to , com:
mence.on the 14th day of Sepiember next. •
ink DAY. Secretary.. ' -•- •
July.B, 18464
. „ .
Assigneeship - Accounf:
. ,
• E,E4ssigneeship—Aeeount,or—Atlitro-6ougs
• ir,f, Esq. And Samuel Semicolon, Assignees
o .David,Elinkle•and Elizabeth his wife, having
been presented, to the Eourt of. Common' Pleas of
Comberlapd county, said Court• have apOointed .
ihelfint,lo4.? of • the August yerrn, .184,6;f0r the
final psstag . ittiaTiOnfirrnation ot.-the same, and
ruhi on ail enneern'e.l to atmear and oho v, cause;
jr , ..any.,they; have, why said- aeoeunt olioll • not be
oenfirmed.4 the said.S.lourr. , ~• ;
.Prothohotsry's Office,Earlisle, Julr,B 1846.
Nti)nikt...Thiorrieioliitoit he hitssusceitu ife:tr
froin the eitleo,siud tio* plfeehrig tite,;... *ges t .
sAnscirtmdtit or • •
DRUGS. .11Q0K8,4!"
.01148 i STAttOptARY,
• • :AND, ' 4 1
Ininonecable ancv:Articlo,Cietbrouklit to Car l
liale,_whicklni_affittcli;nt:-Iltie.oslo-LLOW.;;Ag-- to
ANTONIIIII4 Aimee, :WM, aro curious' in that: wile—,
Just call for:the antosonlent of- t4a.iliinsc'•
• 1.
w /1 4, j 9SIPVY & PL GLOVES: , ; n.
store of subscribe r
J• 40i
tie Aiiis nt,citteray
IRVINE, , ir., •
. ,
,! • •
.lotlgot,ll), hod ahem
^7' r 5 : 4i CROOKS.
NO. I and 2 14010m1;01filibly'rel
fors iileibP;it;e',s t 11;
`:"." :FRESH? , k 111160 A
41.78.1r)RECEIV,ED;14fri0 Aptilt4orlzoltii;
;o'i nob' ae•OrangeßY DPITioR!L. 1 11 1 ;4 11, 1 1 4 11 11` , 104
itte by ulzmitooKso, ,,,
dri n i vA l4 hlaii stud for, • .
A Lot of Ground in.llogestown,
bounded by John M. Martin on the west, an alley
on the north, John FireoThl on the east, and the
Carlisle and Harrisburg turnpike road on the
south, ctintaining.s2 feet in fronland about 2JO
feet hi depth, having thereon erected a one and a
a Pnime.Stable. Seized and taken it, execution
as the property of John, flitkirq ! •
A tract of land, situate in Dickin
son township, bounded by lands of John Peckert,
John leleFaelane, William Carroll and others,
containing 15 Acres and 14 perelris, neat measure,
having thereon erected a one and a half story Log
•HOUSI.I, Stable, &c. Seized and taken in-execu
tion as thepropertrof-Francis•Smith. • - •
A half Lot of Ground, in the Bor
ough of containing .30 feet in front and
.249, feet in depth, bounded by William Spahr on
the west; Mayberry's heirs. on the east, Locust
alley on the nortli,and Louther street on the south,
having thereon erected a two story HOUSE, Etc.
Seized and taken in execution as the
. property of
John C. Gilmore. _
All his interestin.a tract of land- in
Mifflin township, bounded by lands of David
Ferguson, Mary, 'Lenney, Andrew Middleton,
Thomas Elliott and others, containing 12Q acres,
More or less, having thereon erected a two story
log HOUSE, log Barn, &c, Seized and taken in
execution as the property of John_
. .
AIL the interest, •(being the 12th
part;) In a tract of land situate in Newton town
ship, bounded, by lands of the heirs of Samuel
Wild, HenryKindix,-_-.--.Bowsoid others, con- taming 1.33 acrecritore 'or less; hosing' thereon
erected a large two story stone HOUSE, 'tone
'Bank Barn,and other-improvcinentailkci Seized
and taken•in execution as the,property of Rickard
Ruth. •
The one 11th part of a tractor land
in Mifflin township, bounded by lands of John
Shullenberger, Peter Weaver's fieire androtiters,
containing ROO acres, more or less; having there
on erected a doubts one and a halt Story log`
HOUSE, loglJarn,fic.
- tract of land in said township,
containing.twenty-three acres, more or less.
A tract of land in Hopewell, town
ship, bounded by lands ofJohn Heberling, Philip
and David Hawn, Levi Diehl anil'ochers, contain
ing 230 acres, more or less, having thereonerect
ed a two story log HOUSE and Kitchen, Dank
Bartt,and other impiovements. Seized and taken
in.execution as the property of Joseph' Hoover.
All the interest in a L'Ot of Ground
on the south side of NLin street, in the borough
of Mechanicsburg, bounded on the north by stud
street, on the east by P. Wontlernab on the south
by an alley, on the west by widow Bowman,con
taining 48 feet in front, and 200 Let in epth,
more or loss.
Two undivided seventh parts of a
tot. - rif ground, situate 'on the smith side of
street, in the borough of Carlisle, F.SAlnliell on the
north by said street, on the' east by a. Frame
House and Int of Sarah Armor, on 'the south by a
20 feet alley, on the west by . a house and lot of
James Noble's heirs, containing about 30 feet in
front and 240 feet in depth, having a two story
-stone --HOUSE and -Kiteiken -thereon erected.—
Seized slid taken in execution as the property of
Edward Arum..
A. lot of Ground . ' situate' in the
borough of Carlisle,bounded by Pomfret street
orth• north,;by si-lot of - Mrs. - Williams On the
east,:•by Chapel Alley on -the south, and a lkt of
N.'Schuchmarn ihr the west, containing AO feet le
breadthmild 240 feet in diirethinore or less, hav
ing thereon erected a tag ^ HOUSE 'and Kitchen.
Seized and taken in execution as the property of
Jacob Cart, deceased.
A tract of land situate in Nliffiin
township, containing• 75 acres, more or less,
hounded by lands of Soloman Shaw, Samuel
MitiGaw, David Whistler and John Miller, hiv
ing thereon erected two one and a half story log
HOUSES, log Barn, Blacksmith Shop, and other
Improvements. ' '
A smtill tract of land situate in
said townshtp;boundetilY lands of Peter Jacoby,
David Britiker's heirs and others. .containting . ls
stereo more or lets, about two acres of which are.
cleared and the residue in timber. Seized & taken
in execution as the property of John Eneminger.
A tract of land situate in South
ampton township, bounded -by lands of She Car
lisle Bank, Foglesonger and otters, containing
10 and one fourth acres. 'more 9r less. Seized
add taken iu execution, as the prOperty of Jacob
A two story Lo House; 18 feet i n .
front and 30 feet in depth, on the ground or land
owned by Henry Oeker,sduate in Dickinson town
ship, bounded by - rands of Ti'(. Miller, .Esq.
Galbreath Ege,, John Aufd, and others; anti so
much ground immediatelyadjacent:and belongirfg
to, as may lie necessarytor'tbe ordinary and ,use
nil purpose! of said building: Seized and taken'
• ty of, erg. .
. . .
A ,tract 'ofland situate at .Sterrett's
. .
. . .
Gap','ln Nardi Middleton towesidpi in the comity ,
.Cumberland; Find NMI& toWtiarips of, Rye and
Darrol r in'the imuitty 'of Perry i nnd State °Mem_
- booded-stitollowsrto4it-t— ' BeginikinO-p
thence by lands ofJacobSailor'sheirs,north7S
Imes, east 180 perches to atones; lorth 21 degrees;
,what 19 perches td a Whileoak; north 61i:degrees:
as 211-' erehes to , a 7 Oct ' earth 85+:0
_; reoe;•_
plielEvtrtue'of sungiy. *O t ani Veaditionl. Expo'.
nits, , Lniato . Paolo; and-Pleri }:nelas‘ twat°
nted,l'aillte*Vise to' tinblhi the Cadet
4ouso; in,lhe;Bofoltilrof.Cohlkole Conibetiona
00 6 1 0; 0 n .Pricksy 1846 'at
ISPl.oo.:roliovapg real eslateivik
A•tract nflariiLsituate
„ , . .
son- townhhip,,,lnkinded- by lands of•Chrastian
,Illylr,Samuel'SOuk;Samuel Woodsisr;
b(th Woods, .51,111 , ..the filreeobea ,eivek;
oontairii ng 140 ; lornii more .0c ann. ',The 'fro- .
If new Binkillirn, 'WagonShod; Corn Cribs,;
well.of water-nnd .O
an Applereltard,-&& - . "Seized
and taken in e.xecutiOn as tlin'iroperbrid Sciontet
•A Sot. orinece :,GrOund,. :the'
Borongh of Shippenshuig, bounded by .lots of
Paul Martin, John Oker, George Hartline mid
—'street,''coidaining 80 feet In front and 250
feet in'depth, more or lese;havingtherecirn erect
ed a LOG HOUSE and . Seized and
taken in execution as thp property of Jacob Green.
A Lot or iece , of'Grotirid; in - Dick
inson township, bounded by the Pine Grevernad
on the - east, thsPine or Shippenebut road on the
Muth, a lot of William Clark on the north, sod a
.lot'of - Davidson--;-•. on the West; containing
seven and one. hall - atirerr,mtire -or teas, having
thereon erected a --two-atory -dwelling HOUSE,
Ike. Seized and-taken in execution as the Jprop
erty ot;.T. X. Ferree. , .
A tract.cif
township; bounded by. lands or Philip Ebert,
•Mrs. , Bl!yers,{ividOw,). Israel Griffey and otters,
'containing 44 acres, moreor.lest, having thereon
'erected di ofie`and a half atm Log 'HOUSE; log
Barn, an Apple Orchard, Ito. Seized and-taken
in execution as the proper ty of William Randolph.
A half 'Lot of Prourol,..,sitgatc ip
the Borough of Carlisle, hoisnded chi the east. by
Hanover street; °wile' south by a lot of George
Brown's, heirs, and on the west by an alley 12
feet wide, containing SO feet an front and 228 feet
in depth, having thereon erected a 2 2 story Frame
HOUSE, Stone back building, and Wore-liouse.
Seized and taken in execution as the property of
James J11'.21/ath.
east 26 perches , to .st•plco.stuinspy idnap7bY an
of Davtd.tlartts heirs; condi 68lt deg . rees",caliltr„
.perchesStoriej. berth .:721. 'tlegrees:..eist.43,
perches to a *lt ita oak, thence, by - lands °Fla ince
NVliite,.. north' 114 , .4.16);reee s east 149 , Oercheito .a
static beep! thence by tends to r t,lehn' White, south
-Bi:degrees ,;04103.tie tp:hill10 14 dead :White oak's
iliencelgijilpglorrgbitatly sitrreyed — tabhn - Logue,‘
amilli . ,.77t_''ilrgreep, - west r , 140,) . peireheit to stoves'
81. degreetc'east' thllieiches to. a chestnut!'
tiorgi 86 degrees; east 652' perches' toe% chestnuts
I'4: ilegratAH• estst.27.perchas a , hiekorys
IVoitit*fir - Hugh - Smithi - aow' Haldeman*:
ytaber"..scsrth ! 46. slogrees.-tsast .99 . perches: to, gi
. ititte:.reltddijobtkthreo degrees,east 111,tiegiiket
to „ ettesuutg
, Inuth'.Bo Aegroes, 'lrk* p arc h es.
to a'chesinidrsonth'64 'degrees" *cit 34-
to a whj3ta wglnytt north: 85 degrees" :west: 55
perelie,i Fogg eheideut'oidcS: south 42 ilegrees,..xeit
228 perchetto.a oak, oak,. by,Myersv-
Vineysed",south`s6F degrees, west ,28 percher lo:
i'ehestnut oak;. south 804 Altigrees,weet 112 per c h
tti 'a - :ithesteuti. south . degree, 'east 49 perches
to-a'PICIS thence by lands' Of William Minden=
fl ints heirs, northc 87 - degrees, east 584 perches to.
11401; (falleno .s otit'pAtegrieo..i.ast.*?*•:.-
es' toe 'ehistaut;.(fallen3i by land. ar
tbeace_by, lands ' r,Trivablet south
bilandVitildleaSatt & Viiiikropulll67 'degrees,
10#04:perehet 1 10. a chestnuts; *Mali:, degrees, Mi
• 't-,715-pOr.ber toishbockciki ciandh.'6B7-degrettli
welt;o,.pFerb. ll ,o - illSes1,,01111014i:11444 likfl Elliott' north 26 `degree west,;. P~.~y es.,tg,,li'
. „
easl3,perchet to ,stoneug i t, . 400
.11uiner'S beirs i ;nord4344egeeesiyeal.. 4 l4oo44
a . roalseaMilli'svd*e**pst.' 22 , i-Pero„
monetu nortW 34: degreesi:wesir , lot,perisnearsr:sk
posts ,degttes vett.446. per_ches.:to
hickory steitipl Attitth I degreiclimest 4.66 Vire&
es- Id -it fallen south: 83 Wegeees, .wist SG
pert. es 111 a Hic k ory , falleM south , ' 19, ;wed
east 86'perettei to a post; 'South: , 76 slegreesisseat!
83 perohei to a hicitoryclhente bt.fand Offarketi
Bt-COrnman, southiftdegreas; small 686 Skims
to stones, Ahe m * by lands of Samuel Miller north,
414. - degrees;iveit:23B per Ches bi,fs pests thVice
.begmaingiioidatining FOUR RUNDR Ittr,
Ctiin - teililiiCtinty, add SEVEN - NUNDRED 81, -
inferry county . ; containing jn`the "simile;
, ,
1 thoueand 1 hundred& Seventy4bur
lowsuce of six per ccnt . . for roads,. &O
.less; tegether all and 'Angelus...Abe hereditsi.;
met* and apptingpances thereisitto - belauging;
sib: Seized and taken :.t execution as the'prop
erty or Steriett 'Ramsey and Albe?t C. Ramsey.
And to be 'Mid by me.
.3- -
Sheriff's °Mee Carlisles
July 1, 1846. •
war.REAS, the lionerahle,Sastuer. He r .
.suitn,'Presidefit Judge 'et Vie several .
Courts of Common Pleas of the counties of, Gunn:
berland,. Perry and Juniata, in Penneylierill;
and Justice of the several Courts Of Oyer and
Terminer and General Jail Delivsiv in said
counties, and Hon. John Stuart ettitTiMMISC:
Miller, Judgesof the. Court of Oyer anitTei
miner and Generhl Jail.Deliveiry, for the trial
of all capital acid other offenders, itt the said
county ofCuMberland—hi their precepts tome
directed, dated, the 16th•dey of April, 1846;
have ordered the Court of Oyer and Terminer
and General Jail Delivery, to be holden at Car
lisle on the second Monday of August next,.
(being the 10th day)" at 10 o'clock 14 the fore
noon, to continue one week.
NOTICE' is therefore hereby given; to the
Coroner, Justices of the Ponta and Constablea
of the said bounty of Cumberland, that they are
by the . said precepteriinmended I. be then and.
here-in-their-proper-personerwith - thei r-rolle T
records, inquisitions,' examinations, and
other remembrances, to do those things which
to their offices appertain to be done, and all those
that am bound by recognizance , , to prosecute
against the prisoners mat are or then
in the Jail of said county. are to be there to
prosecute them as . shall be just,
Sheriff's .Office,Carliale, -
July 15, 1846: . (-
Y virtue of ri'w rit from the Hon. Nathaniel
B. Eldred, President Judge of the 12th
udicial District of Pennsylvania, bearing date
at, Harrisburg, the 14th day of:l4V, A. D. 1846,
that a Special Court will be licAd by the said
Hon. Nathaniel B. Eldred, and the Associate
Judges of the Court of Common Pleas Of Cum.
berland county, at the Court House, in the bo
rough of Carlisle, commencing on MONDAY,
the 21st day of September, 1846, to continue
one week, for the trio: of certain nausea de
pending in tha Court °Marmon Pleas ofCum.
lierland-county,in-which-the-Hon. Banana!
Hepburn was coinerned is "connect for one' of
the paitiek prloi to MO appointthent as Presi.
dent judge-of the..9th Judicial Diatrict,,and.
such other causes at are embrated.svithin the
provisions or theAet of the General Assembly,
passed thel . 4tWiifA Apr - 183 - 4, relative to the
organization of the Courts of Justice._ Ofsaid
Special Court, Jurors and all persons concerned
will take notice
Sheriff's Office, Carlisle, -
July 22, 1846.--fe. • S-
11E several Collectors of State and _County
Taxes, will personally appear onSATUR
AY, the llth of July, 1846, at the COMMlS
gionere Office, and there pay over to the Treas
urer, the State Tax, assessed in their several
duplicates, for the purpose of meeting the de :
mend made on this county, by the Common
wealth. This must be rigidly complied with,
es the payment must be made fifteen days prior
to the let of August, next. '
rp IIE State Treasurer by his circular of the
1 9th instant. to the Commissioners of-the
County, has directed their attentioeto the ne
cessity and importance of collecting the State:
Tax for the present year belore the Ist of Au
gust, to enable - the State to meet the payinent
of the interest due at the tinieLand oilers a de.
docilen of five per cent from the Tax of such
counties as may pay the sameinto the State
Treasury, prior tp that date. Cumberlandoo.
by the prompt-payment of her State tax the past
year, realized the sum of eleven hundred dol.
tars; a deductiOrir from. the Stite tax, which was
-weived, by ..the , county . Treasurer for:County
pumper* - EqOatprempturiti en' therpitt Of the
collectoini and tax payers the present year...will
result in the same Advantage to our county; and
we hope nothing mere will be required to en.
sure the priyment of our State tax, prior to the
first of August, than - to call the attention of our
citizens to the, advantages resulting to the
County. particularly at this time when a eon.
,siderable debt has been incurred lathe erection
of the Cepa Rouge, and also thetTayment is
required by the ComMonwealth to enableher to
maintain unterniahedehor :faith, and credit, in
the prompt payment of the intereat•on the- pub.
lie debt.
• - C. TITZEL,
Conumssioners of Cumberland County
- 00111111111110NEIN (WICK, •t• -
Carlisle, June 24, 1896. c.
Audit Or's N0t101.,,
. .
HE undersigned Audi ter, 'appointed - by the
t.trpliane. Courf-of CombeHand county; to
tsettle sud adjust the rates and prispititiona of the
assets in the hands of Jacob, Slielly; 4 4ssignee of
Daniel , of Allen township, to a totamong
the respeetrve creditors,
..heeeby giy e aleitrie to
all personeinterested; that M
Ile W . attend' for iligt
porpoise, at the public house Of Michael 'Longs.
dorfc- - .ln. Shiremanstown;.elf SAT,PRDA.Y • the
>!2tis xt , at-10 er:112.-yhop and
~:LLVi M
Audits:44 i1t.0#60. -- . ••
fIC-tuidersetned-4nclitoOppno‘inte. • :y_the
'11:t Conet'T'of-Caintimittkleer.7of,---u!'iSerland
cnniity;:, Met:shall' , initl:dietribnte .the 'evicts in
'the hands' or Samuel N: lhaley,'Aesignee,nippi , 7
Cromlich, Jterebfgives notice.that ho
..411'aitneol few thsit_vn.rt)nm..lC6e'n. hh:&
, Wlnrbiti:in,the Retinue' olCarliele,onPlUitti-.
- 1)Alt; the 90ttriir nitt.nt'lo,o'dlooyMM:
tunl , Avhei , e.thglorediters of the
- Bahl Doreheiteer - ik otiteti in
' Atutitor.
7 7 ju1y4,4846 t
Estate of Gootte
147 () Tipp hereby:given,that tette& pp:
::tanientary en.tho lask.will and. testainent
of "George Kitsiageri - decegued, - lattrof - Dickinat
son ;townihiP,C,Cotriberland county, have -haver been
Issued byl the gegister af'yahi' nannil thi
snbecriber, residing In the , same toirnshipt , All .
Menne' having niairon'or ,tionands Against the
estata,,nteatd,Acceased.,ar,ti requested to make
.known tho:,aaine without delay , and:lha s e:in
gat4ed 59 111 ;'!Vn!kti PaLnlent• i 9 •
• 11PNJAM15.111.7150:13; , ,. ,
Estate Of 'Gotlick. Rittiirdce'd4,' ': --
gricE•iii heret4B6l4 alit totteriontal
, rnittitai".oli thti—getitalAUCßYlPEO,
El,lldetelsetk late 'of I :Mbitie tii*nshipo
Cumborlanatitliiitifiliveliiiiiiirliiiittalir the
jubscriber, realdigt'ln - the'lfinl",39,lYnshlP s--
Air poriotie holitig[ollolo4lllkiit, said esOktei
Wilk *Oat , 4betut.ProPorhtsitithentiOgg4; for
Atlonsot i vali: thaw, tp4el,ll,:4l;uiiikeepaym,ept;
,thitripiomo:ti , ,,tl , , ,, ;;, 1 p,.,'.:: , c, -,.
70iiiii44;1846. ' ••• -.);‘Erpeatowl
10c4";': to ii
, •
:trO,E7Profirletor the-": Snblio in generel; that the - Springs - are
..rk.opened for the reception'
1 n Visitora,.. The.
i• ' Springs - are, situated 9} miles.
north of 'Carlisle, ,cin the read
'leading :to- Illeemifield„ In fine
romantic plea: 'Bathing . establishments, both ,
..warm andLeold,. end every , accommodatiOn:rorkr
be relied- upon. Ele', outer - sit: than
- tier to suit:this. time*. . ,
George , Handel will take •pessengers
'Or, fivirethe Springs ,, '; at' any hour of day. in the • l
Fed, when two pr . more apply, at twenty-five
rank, each poiienger. .APnlication to be made
at. hie Livery Stable, In Pitt street, near the
corner Of Pitt and Pomfret et:eets, Carlisle.
4,lll)eap & % Iglegant Priuting.
• THP. .1-lEaAra:l l Office . haling been lately
furnished*With an elegant new , Press from
the celebrated manufactory of Hoe & Co. hi
New York, together with a large variety of
new Nancy Types of the'llitest and most at.
tractive. designs, is rioW provided with facil
ities for doing every kind of 3013 PRINTING,
froin :the .largest posting bills down. - to the
smallest bard or circular, in the most supe
rior-and elegant stylerand •at the lowest
priCOV.--espeoially ^tvhen 'paid . for in CASH. •
Handbills tor private circulation,
or to be
need as'wmppers, by . Merchants, Shopkeep.
ere or Mechanics, printed at very moderate
rates when ordered in large quantities, so as
to make it a desirable object to basilicas men.
Large posting bills, circulars, cards , and
every variety. of Job Printing, onlwllte or
fancy colored paper, executed in the best
style and at the most reasonable prices.—
The orders of our friends and the public re=
spectfiilly solicited.
rrmicii..and_ttermari Lariguago,
PROFESSOR PREY, purposes to give instruc
tion iq the French and German Language, to
young - Ladies said - Gentlemen, Wm, are desirous
to become.acquaimeil with those branches of po
lite education. Mr.. Prey_will remain in Calisle
a year, during which time, an assiduous pupil;
under his instruction, can learn to write, lead and
speak those languages with ease. lie is now in
for the °Adel= of abilities and the-superior
ity of his method of teaching. His terms are
moderate. Lessons in Hebrew, and r all other an
cient languages, will be . given if desired.
Mr. Prey would refer to the following gentle.
W. IL KNOX, Esq. S. D. ADAIR, Esq.
PARKER, Esq. Prof. BAIRD, A. M
Carlisle ,June 24,1845.
MITE person who sometime•ego, borrowed
I the following books from Dr.Crelih,
Eberle's Practice of Medicine, tat. volume=
Cullen's Practice of Physic, 2d volume, and
Dung Neon on New Remedies, will please to
return him.
Carlisle; ;July 1, 1846. -
To the Voters of Cumberland county]
virnEßEASonarts -.have been put in_ cirt,u-
If V lotion by COrIRINY interested individuals,
thrt I have declined being a onialidate fur the
Oftletiof—Sheriffornanifestlr, with the- fraudulent
and dishonest intention of 'injuring m' prospecti
and advancing their own; this is, t heroic:ire:for the
pnrptse. of ' , positively and flan/ contradicting
these false and malicious statements, and inform
ing my friends end the public generally, that 1
Ait.t.v.z . tior.neeLltion,—that I will not deckne, and
that if my life and .health are spored until• the
election, I shall be ranch gratified by receiving
their support. Very Respectfully,
Your Ob'dt Serv't,
June 10, 1R46
DouNing•Go White-SniplitaLSprings.
eitSbliehment tias• been: : furnished by
the. "Doubling Gap Springs Aseocialien, '
• and will be open for the recap
s lion of visitors at any time from
:••• BO •
and after the fifth of July, inst.
The company has provided good
Cooke, and careful. Servants, who will be al
ways in attendance, and visitors may rely upon
being furnished with every thing which will
con - duce theiricr liteasore and comfort. There
will be conveyances alwaye ready to convey
.paseengers from the Newville Depot, on the
Cumberland ValLy Rail road, to tho Springs.
July t, 1846;
Ts at:lmm( GIVEN, Mat . application will be
made by the undersigned and others, to the
next Legis!Mimeo( the Commonwealth of 'Penn.
sylrania..tor the Incorporation of a company, to be
PiCKNIIKLYANIA e , tube located in the Borough of
Carliele; Cuinborland eaunty, to' have si;aiplial or
not less than One 'Hundred Thousand; nor more
than Two Hundred Thoimand Dollars, with gen
eral banking and discounting "privileges..
Thomas C. Miller, Thomas Bell,
Juries Kyle, Samuel Beetem,
Abraham Kurtz, William Kerr,
Skilei Woodburn, John Ltifevre,
John Dunlap, John Huston,
James Weakley, L. H. Williams,
Benjamin Puffer, Alex'r. Davidson,
Andrew, G. Miller, : 0. H. Leas, A.
D.' W: McCulloch, • Isaac, Lefevre,
._William .Galbraith, ". Geinge . lleikee v
Richard Parker,: . James Greason,
Wm..M. Henderson, 'William Creglo.,
July 1,1846.-om. •
liter Ltirge Supply of
New; Goods
Just received'from NEW YORK and
PHILADELPHIA, al the Cheap
Wholesale lit'Retay Store of
llE.anbeiribar having purchased this last
Jiii , fatock .inty.New YOrk and Philadelphia,
can now ' , aecOminodate all 'hie. °whom.. Lana
a pu, to, no genets with - larger:oll4ll4om
. Jind cheaper,' assortment. of 'goads than
,his ,
(Ivor' been brought to Cirlhilo. •
onumorata. artlake;:but
.ho,wouht, will the attention:of the ,LA thee ,to
aphindhl' stook:Of. _
Ii `LIE,- -
,„,, Auditor.
• • ,
GENTLEMEN 10 his , big atooli for BUM
'MEW/WEAR. .I;:huva added to. my funnier
atooiir!.l l iarge supply of
.2 _
eitilisivaiisiorbilgiq: Priaith . 4o ll
. .
nomembin: tile Old Sliiid,'East. street.
4here.yiticiatuttliltilinittnittlf:_Altlstock of
N. 8. , COUNTRY: MERCHANTS sup lied
lciddroft6drii it -
, .
It4tAqi;a ll DaPerrian; (11,d;ory,
fßOSWltither7 s randig
'AL -Medal, - -pp pont:-
, tine, and-Two highest Hostoreq thrrlO. ,
animal of Mitesaphostons,ll,!lforAt, And' loon.
siiettnie;lfie tha,inoat biktutifhl 040401 liter.
;rentyinso and best Aimiratos,,tniotilOhlbited., -
iMPortitilts taken
out regatdlo *pother, . •,
",.`; ~litstroeUtina glean in the att. • ,
.'r A' large asiortinent of Atmoratus and Block
Altrayirort'hSittariteloWest'otshlirieini:7 -
- New -York, .251::Broadriay ;
;138 'Chesnut, St.; 805t0ri,..'75- Court,. sod .58
Hanover, 81te.; Banknote.; 205 Baltimore St.;
Noshingtone",knilhaylvanlit Almoner , Peters:
him Va. Mochntlife Hell .Cirmittnati, Hourth
and WslidttOttid , 37B Main: 8114',' titt'otOttit,
zoz. ()Mot
rannetta, Moak tci:your Interests
, Vktalltnrirra memm , ;
MHE sithsoribers 'would respectfully 4 inform
, the Farniers of:CumberlandrAdanycFratdv. -
linoind the adjoining counties, that. they have the
right ternake and Sell MIX'S.PATEIST HORSE
This -Horse power'is made on the prinolpleOr
centre draught, and Is prononneed by those bar
ing them in use tohe the lightest draught or ray
Horse power now in use. This Horse power and
Michinel-has been irk use in this county for about
fouryears, and has fulls sustained its reputation
for being tbe beet Maclilne in use. ...
- We respectfully call tl e attention Of those who
are in want or a Machine to sell at our Foundry
and Machine Shop, in the rear of lthoads' Ware
House,and examine for themselves before pier..
shoeing elscwhereos we are determined to sell
them low. The following Certificate have been
gratuitously offered by °tote having there in use;
aml speaks highly' . of, its value.
" ir Certificate:
... . ,
THIS, is to gerHfithat re hare in ,usetne' of
Mix's Horse wirier and Threshilag Machines;
and do consider it Auperipr to* any machine we
hive ever seen Orli - sett for lightness of , draught,
speed in threshing, and durability, apd do coed- -
dent!) , recommend i,t to farmers as ii superior
Machine. -
David Rutz, John Milburn,
'Jacob KutZ,- -. Peter Tobias,
Abraham Kurtz, William Shriver,
William Dunlap, a John Swoyer. • •
THE subscribers would niso. inform she citi
zens of this and the adjoinging counties that they
arc prepared to execute to order all kinds of
• Castings,
such as Mill Gearing of all descriptisins, Rolling
mill work,. Corn and 'Mister breakers, Thresh
is.g machine castings, Ploughs and Cultivatots.—•
They have also on hand knew Corn Sheller, that
will shell lOU bushels on
. hour. Stoves of all de
_!....scriptions,_such as nine:
plate all sizes and pat
! r 7.'=";Til e terns.
• ' I - fi`.• Ooa l Bc, 060kIng
of different patterns such
as Bucks', Zoigler's and
Lewis' patents, I •whsc arc the best now in use.
Threshing 3lnclsincs repaired at mod:trate prices.
kinds and finishing is general. •
Foundry and Machine . Shop in the rear of
Henry Rhoads' Warehouse.
p.n. KEENEY,
Cut lisle, May 27,1846.
GREAT EXlTEMplairt 2!
THOMAS CON LYN, tikes this method of
returning Ms sincere thanks to his friends
and the public in general,- for . . the vary liberal
share of patronage bestowed upon him, and begs
leave to Inform Client that he. lies just received
the largest, handsomest, cheeriest and best stock
of Watches Jawelrq, 4-c. ever _offered iii 'Car,
lisle,.consisting, in part of Full 4%0410
r,.e.• :
.Gold Patent-Lever
EA:. .
1 --- ~.,IWarat9hes. ,
;... from 45 to 75 dbllare, and
'• ( p l ain GOLD,f& SILVER
' i'., ‘ i h.. 4
._:. :;, , , ,' . . 5 . ! .. - :# Watches or every kind,
i 1 ' .;..,.!
x - - quality and price.
Gold; Silver & Common WiitCh-keys,
of every variety, froth li centii, to three dollars.
Gold 'Finger rings, - -Ear rings, Clasps) Lockets,
Watch — chains, Bracelets, Medallions & Breast.
pine, together with every article ofJewelry for
Ladies and Gentlemen's Weer. Gold'& Silver
Beim pointed PENCILS, a great '
variety and
a fine lot of the celebrated
Diathond Pointed Gold I'ens:
A great variety of notions, such as common
fancy and low priced Breastpins, Watch chains,
Steel beads; Fancy Hair darts, Miniatui e cases,
Guards, Silver Thimbles, Pencil leads, dte.
Also, a large and' ery fine assortment of
such as Buttcr-knives, Table_and. Tci Spoons,
Sugar tongs, Salt Spoons, &e. of the very beat
quality and. monafacture, and as cheap;as they
can be purchased -in the cities. Also,, a very
arge lot of Gold, Silver and Steel &amid ' •
03 4 Nrat.SPECTACLES 4
to suit illArlis and ages, and at all prices.
His stock is large and extensive; .and lie re.-
spectfluilly asks the public to give him a Call, air
every article offered for sale will be of the best
material, and sold CHEAP= TIIAN EVER!
=Watches and Jewelry,
Will he repaired as .usual, in the best style and
on very moderate terms, lle radtt be finind at
the OLD S I'AN D, in West High 'Street, a few
doors ahoy° . 'lectern's Hotel , ind opPoitit . Mr.
Loudon's.Book store, where he will be I appy
to attend to the orders. of his old friends and
customers, and as many new ones as may favor
him with their patronage.
Carlisle, June 3,1846.
Harper's Pictorial Bible.
MBE subscriber being aware of the enniple•
tioii orllarper's Pictorial Bible, will be
able to Bind Thom for any of the .subscrilters
who may favor him, with the- Job, with Ithe
promise lb do. the work in a neat and Liebman•
tial mannerond at a reasonable rate.
Carlisle, July 1,1846.
I:IIIRCOMSTANCES'renuire that:the bnoka
Uof the late fiini of CROUSF CART;iIe
settled ea - speedily as poveible: All accounts
not elosed.hy the . 1 - aket 'Augnat holt; viill
• . . S. D:A0A132..'
.in l.,
AITAItItANTED' etitint strength io thiam'
Isinglass for Tattle mid Of great
service I[ol'3oll/ra where delicate animal food is
se_getted_,,tunliell 'cal Ciliated for long sea Vat Rive:
It inipreles7 . ytY
into Soot:ieltrfew nt!nutes,etitl ieof 4r;itat service
in obirityhig I:Wm.:Beer and ; • A-•
TO'inaku; fable Jellies - --Use at leait,two,oun
sliepitit he lirsViOtticc4ili"ttefiletaterifttyll hours'
drat!, that _water; then"::ake of cold :
,water MT eotie . atutithilf pO put. it iii!
the white - Of thretieggs,,tlo:JitiegZot%three good;
sized leerier's, lite.tipel'a one, a sitek'of oinnalnen.
a little nutniegiprange,peel, or other spice to snit
sibs taster stir,' all the Ingredients Weir to -ellt6i"
whildleold, then -Willie wlielliCteilitrlVe Wit' letv
ntittlitei; and iltoepotir it. throligliJellf ‘ lhg,
when lt may be put , into ' glasses or tioulde and
. Ivhen ' ,Vold will:begt.for use.: t The ntoulds.sfiouhl
b l i,Arg:, ,, 3Vet. with + little, white Of 'mind water,
just, beloirollitTjelly is, Ptst In them, iii - idger
ri jteisy to turn,thcos ,out on plates. .
.The Jelly Bs is Owlet Of flannel 8 or, .I 0 inches
across . ' the' opening, and 'about "ludf -a 'yard deep;
haridwing to point ittlie bottoni. -The liquid
that runs througk,tirit; should 'be poured , back in
the: jel l ybu g until . itruns ` through clear.
Atld ofin'i,plut of wine to the above for Witte
Jelly, ottiei liquids mitdc ft.( m .. preserves L tnax be
jellied by using the sante, preportion af;-.,the
-Blanc 'Ailelige, may be inittlebYitsing'+eleast
'one ounce of isinglass for 'two louts 4 , tnlik . or
Creep% thelpepl , of two lariatias,lsugar tind spiee'lb
01.18,011 p taste—bring the whole td boat:
streiri,it,e(td when nearly euelsBiii- 1 4*eitY )
hooreanythet - 7011 . rfse.whilirmiolingoopr"St - iti'
'intialdsOnd Wh l enperfOtly OM; turned
lout anqti will then-be , really for tuie.' ,- 2.Thik.nittlite
shOuld be' oik.VeCitlth ?raold.!_wateri,*ll)ol l (*AU
it ; ,tront , stieltinefoltheta`d‘.:,‘'''
CELEBRA,TroPI.JELLTI STR/41Ni$14,11witit!
•whieh the above s jellies can idadWlttlaiti
minutes ;,;J'anp 10. Joqll;l,7;,tor2Rll'
Yrylitoe ' tatrelrot..:MOlCk
Otis h ordetirf the Orithanedloar.t.
g :of COsubattand cotiikty;.l still -expose to •
public Acre, on '06.0 - M6IW - ter .
SATURDAY; tlie . .l6llidiri:tof.Aighid nfixt )
. ,
at 12 o'clock; noon; of said. dity,-.4ll.the,Real
Estate of, Leonard Wise„netedi; Matti ttoutli ,
2 MTdaletorr - towrisTuri; - U7ivrrt - - , -7-t' - ' - t'
'.. 'Purport • No. - I`.'
.tiact of land, situate in said towniliiii;
mad 'leading - Ohm . Carlisle:to-Michael:4l'd
Iron Workiond.abeut the:triplet
place:; !aid antation I. b ounded ' orj,Vhe,waet
14101dB - of flesity and Readeriair.ll l lsed the
north' by:Glotiras' belts, arid an the'artit - hy put
pert Noil, and contains .11.30' ACRES 62'
Perches. strict marmite. The land it first
qualify Branton°, about 111 aoterr'are cleared ;
and the residue co?freted Hitii Alptirlhe timber.
The cleared land 'is under lOW:farce and Wen
cultivated; and , the improtreininits are a LOU
..H S 7f.7J.
Y. 11Votttilo.L.Og
SMOKE,_HqU.SO4I III ouis, &liLACK'
&mull SHOP, Aogethei with 'a TENANT
HOUSE dr. Stable, two .A Orlihairdo
choice fruit, ad' a WELL,wf
Purport No. 2, adjoins ' No. 1 t Oil
the west, and contains 48 _Acree t , nwl ,112
yerches,-neat--measure r oLthe_eame . qualitY of
land_ of the other tract, about p? Ansel; ivbereof
ia cleared; and the leeldiie well
timberek. This tract is also.under .
good fence, and htis on Eton APPLE/
.The above trade contain some of the best
land in. the county, and will be sold separately
or together as may best suit . purchasers. Per.
eon desirobsof viewing the property Previous
to the day of sale, will please call on Emanuel
Wise or Leonard Wise, tr. residinton the:Pre.
mine. The titre lo both tracts is indisputable.
. - The Terms of Sale to be as follows.:
Five per cent.-of the purchase money to be paid
on am confirmation of the sale by the Court—
One-third the purchase money toreroain in - the
land, the interest thereof to be paid to the widow
during her life, and the principal at her. death
to the heirs of the said Leonard Wise, deed.
one half the-remainder to be paid on the lst of
April, 1E547, when a deed-will -be made. and
possession given, and the residue in two equal
annual instalments thoreafterovithent interest,
to be secured by recognizance with-approved
PCCUI ity, The Grain in the ground, that may
be put uut the ensuing Fall will be reserved--
.und the purchaser Will be required to pay ail
taxes assessed alter the confirmation of the sale.
July 8, 1846. . Trustee
Public Sale.
BY virtue of an order of the.Orphans' Court
of Cumberland County, and by the agree—
ment of tho other joint owners of the Caine,
will be.sold at public vendue or outcry on the
premises, On SATURDAY, the 16th of August
next, at 12 o'clock, noon, Of said day, separate
ly or together, the following tracts or parcels.-
of land, situate in Newton township, in said
county, _
The ono beamed 6fleridi Of SaniL Wagner,
Mrs. Kennedy, Samuel 'Miller and Otheri, arid" .
by the : Green Spring, pontiiiiiing 42 , Ac_r_cs;
more or lees, of good land, part Slate and pert
Limestone, .clear and in eultivation, except
about three' acres of woodland. •Thc, improve.
'rents are a two story weatherboarded
...... A 11l
• • . Double, Log_Bant.
The place , is well watered.
The other tract bounded by lands of Kil
gore's heirs, Samuel Miller, William Boyd, and
others. °and containing 30 ACRES, more or
less, about one half whereof is cleared and in
cultivation, and the residue covered thri
sing young timber.
TERMS OF SALE, viz: Ten per cent. of
the purchase money to be paid on the day of
eale, or a- note with security given for the
some, and the residue on theAst of April nem.,
when possession will be given. The Grain in
the ground to be reserved, and purchase money
to be secured by judgment bond.
Adm`r•• of Rebecca Mickey, and Agent for the
other owners.
July 8, 1846.
wortuopf en order et _ the orphans' Court
f Cumberland county, will be sold by
public venitn, on the eremites , on SATUR
DAY, 14 IStb of August next, at 12 o'clock,
n00n,...ff said day;= the following adjoining Lots -
in the village of Plainfield, or Smokeytown. in •
said county, late the property of Henry Wikle.
deceased; and bounded by • landa of Samuel •
Stein, David Reed; Freci'lc. Ziegler,.John .Bear.
George Horning and the State Ituad. - -
Lot No. 1, containing BO perches,
and having thereon . treated a two story LOG
• • ' - " *r* JIMUSE
• EnT A Wagonloakees. Shop
91 o. 2, containing
. 81 perches.
Lot No. 3, containing eighty-one .
perches and eight tenths.
Lot No. 4, containing Erne htlndred
ard thirty two perches „end five tenths,
having thereon an ,Appie Orchard.
These Lots will ho told separately, or together,
as may, be doomed most.advieable. Terms of
lido as follows : 'Ten per . the 'purchase
money to be paid on the , nonfirmation of the ,
sale, and the residue en the Ist oU April next,
when possession will-be given, The purchase
money to be.,e_ecured:. by judgmenG. Attend
anceWlll.begrien On suicide* by -:
••. Adminlstrattwof Henry Wikis•
' July 8, 1846. - .:
. . .
Cheapest Stock of Hardware ever
brought to. Carlisle.!,! ! `
INNE. respectfully • iufo•ine his
o,friencleand th 4 public generally that hay
just seemed from 'tin! city a splendid stick of.
HMO* R - • CUTLERY; iteilkOLERY; --
,Paintsi Oil. Varnish; :Akci; whjeh' , he;is
deterthined to sell . cheaper 'than over. ;
• siate]tllzinit'o l ihe . folloeringi—
BoiJklag materiale, such' as Locks,
and Serewainaili'and spikes,,vvineorr glum, of
• all sizes. Carpenter's tools of all . Wadi; Such
• - ai pianos, siwtii - chisills, 'augurs; braces and bits,
comparses,iiiiperliiiT•adilli •pa - Pe - E -- 1311 - ddlery, a
luil,assortment palliating at: braes plated and•
Harlioss tioantiok,saddle trees, bills.
l atirrups., ---
Istoeka;'&d:" Cabinet Makers' mateilithi,lsoh ' •
Sia•MA HOG AN Y VENEERS„GIass and Ito,
,faogany . . ktiobo, drayrer and 'cheat lockpf Bid=
stead - and - 11110 - capir. — Alsdi a splendid ainport-'7—
thane of fine pen and pocket kilEveo; table ketvus '
Rind forks,; ; : tine • scissors ' and shea* , •ikeep
shears; razors Ond , Nazor strap' sod:skiving
cream:: Also;Catillestiekisind anuffisllo , thir...
elaLand •loagsyllscishas; pralChAnd,s; lobs'
biackets: ; -ii'hovell gad opadooi•hiriodnouotroo - --
forksi,-,bottor.. and. Una: ,ckabr•T VtigoP •,
iloPk!Pir.ersua. and ,I4okingPies, plates O s ,
Adisc mid vr
old OrooO outliao,44.tioedi fferMAY*
anehOoplroo; coot, O4ew OrdMister , : • •
Alep; rifle : and rile,' powder, of the' bait
leut,oafwty fine: ....Together:
•:; C4l:kopt,i*ordraro* •
and:wo g ak:btforolOuOle4
T A lieterocriterditorioUrtorboitir• ---- t -----
{Thor tioo446l.,lll44s94otPifthii•lote fing,;
t;), • ''.ICO.;I4WP , % t!iiiiog: 014.4
1 ,4, ; :WtridoWitt to,. call , 4 , 4 4„7,
:herald ;.„ - 3*o4t . 1 4
airoh , 'OlOOOlOlll tiii:institutot
%Atka!: I. JOHN 1'f.2,11 11 01.
Il• •i• mtk . • .
• Vi'S ,". ' `;•", • ' '