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, .
Gem: Taylorl-Despatchp , • •
-- ,Matic#4lll---the , offiCial_despatahes__ • ?_q ei n e fi li t
Talk* and'the officers under his, colpinarid4 ,
giving &kilned accMintsof the litittlesiol*illa
• Alto and. Resaca de la Palma.' They occupy
ten of'the broad corthiffs
`otie n"tT ion, and
we eiarlo,lherefore give theM in full in our
p a p er ; :*iii.: however ; make room, for the
Offiewinelettecs from the Commander-in
Chiefs' with abstracts from the tables contain
ing tlio,lists of the killed and_wounded in
- totirbattlea.• .The left-vs are highly inter
Mottle of Talo Alto.
iItADQVARTtii% 'or OrarPATION,
Camp nein- Matamorsa, May 16, 1816.
81111---1 have now the honor to submit a
-- Iticitrdetailed - Teport - of - the - action of.the-Bth
• ' The main body of the.arrny of occupation
Mate? uty ben - teal* orders,
Point ISabel,..ein the •eienibg of the 7th of
• May, aturbivoutrekoci'seven miles. from that.
place. •
Our. march was resumed the following,
:Mornir.g. Aboat noon, when our advance of
eavalry had reached tho water-hole of "Palo.
Alto,R . the Mexican troops were reported in
,ourfront, and were soon dis Covered occupy,-
' .10,g0e road in force. I ordered -a hall,upon
reaching the water, with a view to rest 'd
refresh, the men , , and form deliberately" our
• line of battle. fhe Mexican, line was nevi
plandy visible across the prairie, and about
three quarters dirt mile distant. Their left,
which was composed -of a heavy force of
• cavalry, occupied the road, resting upon a
thicket of chapparg while masses of Wan,.
try were discovered succedsien on the
right, greatly outnumbering our own force.
Our line of battle was note formed hi the
— fcillowingordericommeneing on the extreme
right: sth infantry, commanded 'by Lieut.
Col. Itiltrlntosh; Major Ringgold's artillery;
3d infantry, commanded by Captain L. N.
. Morris; two 18 pounders, commanded by
Lieut. Churchill, 3d artillery; 4th infantry, Maj. G. \V. Allen , the 3d
arid 4th regirnents, composed the 3d brigade,
under command of Lieut, Col. Garland, and
all the above corps, together with two squad
rons of dragoons, under Captains \ Kier and
May, composed the right wing, under the
orders of Cpl. Twiggs. The left was formed
by the battalion of artillery commanded by
Dere. Col. Childs, Capt. Duncan's light ar
tillery, and, the Bth infantry, coder Captain
Montgonier3-ell forming the let brigade,
' ueder Limit. Col. Belknap. The train was
• packed near the water, wider dir'ec'tiben
, • captains Crosinan and Myers, and protected
• by Capt. Ker's squadron.
At two o'clock we took up the: March by
.heads of columns, in the 'direction of the ene
• my—the 18 pounder battery following the
road. Mille the. riolurrins worn Advancing.;
Lieut. Blake, topographical engineers, volun
teered a reconnriisance of the enisiny'S .
which was handsomely performed, and te ,
suited in the discovery of at least two batter
ties of artillery in the intervals of their cav
alry and infantry..,These bane tea wale soon
igidic.iii,lle - WrOrttere "the celuirms
halted and deplo.fid into line, a id the die to
beieturned by all our attillery. The 81 t
fantry, on ourextreme left, wadtl own ack
- to secure rthat-flank,-- The first ft o" the
enemy did little execution. whit our 18
pounders and Major•Ringgold's artifery soon
dispensed the cavalry, which brimmed les lest.,
Capt..Zencan's battery, dire - Ave lbrwaid ut
advance of the line, was doing good fixecti-
I ion at this time. dapt. May's squadron was
now.detached to support that battery, and the
left oreur position. The Mexican cavalry,
with two pieces of artillery, were now re
portdd to be moving through the eltapparal
to our right to threaten that flank, or make a
demonstration .against the traits. The sth
infantry was immediately detached to cheek
this movement, and, supported by Lieutenant
Ridgeiy, with 8 section of Major Ringgold's
battery and, Captain Walker's company of
velunteers, effectually repulsed the 'enemy—
the 511Arifantry tepelling a charge of lancers,
and the artillery doing great execution in
their. ranks. The 3d infantry was now de
tached to the right as a still farther security
to that flank, yet threatened by the enemy.
Major•Ringgold, with the remaining section,
kept up his fife from an advanced position
—and-wee-supportc-eit-hy-the-Ath-infuntry •
The grass of the prairie bad been acciden
tally fired by our artillery, and the volurnes
of smoke now partially concealed the armies
from each other. As the oherny's left - had
, evidently been driven back and left the road
free as the cannonade had been suspended,
I ordered forward the 18 pounders on they
road nearly to the:posilion first occupierrby
----the-Meklean-cavalryi-ateLeaused_the let bri
gad!) to take up a new position and occupied '
a point on the extreme right of the new line.
The enemy made• a change of 'positioe, cor
responding to our own, and after a suspon-
eion of nearly im -hour, die action was resu
The fire of artillery was now:Most destrod.
live--openings.were constantly made through'
• this orterny'rkrauks by onefire, and, the con
staticy*ldewhich the Mexiean infantry ens
, tatned:thie severe cannOntde; . was a . theme
of uniVersat ;emetic and n'aintratien. Capt.
May's squadron was detached to Make a de
monstration on the left of the enemy's_ posi-
Buffered severely from the fire of
artillery to which it was for some time expo :
tied: the 4th infantry which had beerf'or
dared to support the 18 pounder battery, was
exposed to a most galling fire of artillery, by
which several men wore 'killed, and Captain
Page'dimgeteully wounded. The enemy's
- - fire , wee directed againgieur-18-poundorbat.-
- ::terYlond" the,,gtins .bncler ' : Major Ithiigold inn
ileivictmtyr 'The Major himself ' cool=
" directing the -fire 'of ;Mb pieces, was stseck'
•-• Cannon:ball'and teortally'lveunded.
Tn Iho, meantime the battalion of artillery
Col: - Childi had been brought
theAftillery on our right. A
- - strongillinnimetrailon-of-•etwahf -was-nriw
rriitd'e by. the ' enemy-against-this -part or our,
" and; the column continued; to advanco
•a "' ruider : aregore flte - from
:The bathilioir • wasinitantlY formed in square
• ' :mid '-beld 'ready to redeiye thir charge of my
' "alry,'; but.-"wh en the advancing squadrons
. --'."tere within clinte range a deadlyfire of caw,
- — LL „,tntater-fierit Aida is ; poundels_ilisporiedAbenf...
A, brhik' fire of ,• etn arM ci,ties-n qui 'opened
- --4:7atpart:lkizt square. bY which , one Ofßeei,-Lieut.•
;,61,ighnsf; ; (1 . ,tittillery,,mas slightly.Avourided,•
,iiliatiOvOlihiliectod , iveihsy-frata the front
,4 1 9.11aMtsilenceit all farther,. flriug,front the
r„ :l 4. o t,ortplby ,*4llo,4 t .cilitiO 9 r, was now
° nearly,
'? 1 0 0 iti0O'llke, tight ,
lil l i - ,lloY:4oVOL.,s4.llorni4l.o9 ol l l 9llAat),
.'•':`l,.A4t•ykritilgi.the.ahov,o wbagoing forward ‘tin
itolundnr my own eye, the enemy had'
+,uittißttd:s'a4rious.attemp against tire; eft - of-Oui•
' Capt; Dunckinf uptabtly .poEceived :tbe
"t4;;# 1 ,100 .4 0" and Vilial), bri 1 4, 13 40 110 1/:
efforts of the elterni - 40.;.
:I ,l * , I iitelto m rg a M ml p o l n T i T b ß
p A i .o l f if 4 4ra 14 gp 4 o 0 n . s 0 ' ' 4 )w 17 .g im al d la - n P t
V Afjethy ~
PY - iOnniOneelookainjhO.,ol
mAikikeillittillojig OW' igholoJine•
.%tiVdi4k';'4b'en , ihi , z_43iiijtnicie'ti j ilid
i iir ; b, 'oil fin : the ground it," u loth;:
vip" 1 :111M4, _'9l9,o:ff4l9lki
• •
- -4 4-4 .0, 116 -.000 if P 4414 * 1
t llt ri A l t re r *".l3ll4l
0, , h40P -40 8 4 1 .,(40
tio : pf:oo3(4:l3 . otlfbMS#l4. l
litititid#W4 f ialofildrietid; nisi; at
Watien -- •-bic - thOisel7lo,..kin_d str,„
AK of his dekdAe - tiOurilecr,
by us, on the day,LuceeedingpipAitttlii.4!t , ' 17.
lose'iWkilledi , wcainded, and rriiiiiing s ollii i:
two . af . P4tirs
, oldie 8111 aril Jt i€;
JO ', - ,;,ilderettil-YLlestimated,-at.4oooJiiePti44,•,oiit
.ter.' • 'v,..ool4tettfirk -hal-been
med foiCelOti, - OvercOme• immense: itoildk'eCtlbe
.41 the best.leiotis' thatiMexiao can fart - 084+1(04W
on an- tegimeritailierfectlyequipped.eud:apripinisia
, Eight .o,eleets sOeittl- - coloV#4-,
. brief des,-. standard4.fa:gtvat •numbe - it:,. - CCWOOUPtiOW , :
and ,p;ifin chiding fourteen, offiriO l '
eltifd,a Itifi4r"04011:(
desired. E. of baggage•iiiiipubliP lir.qte,4'l3lo,6 l 4oit ,
A trial - -a bad: into iinr hands. -
dps displayed a The causes-of Victory are' . dtrulit;4l4M
which gave me, found in - thWinperiokuality of•_Piit;PfftOeilt',
stfAiptory , and men: ThaVe fainikbittibtlo,
of individu- paid a general - tante - todlieTridgirfibbOett
-duct of the troops , on botte,il4 - oi•kiiiftbe,'
comes my,duty 7 r-and kfeel*tO*Oilitaf .
great delicacy--henotiee'ndiqdindrg 7 , 7 Tiiistii:
extensive a field-as thnt:tefithiPAiheieo3il::
-the dense cover where Most' ofjhe . 4witipte6t
the 9th was fought, 1 coUldliest
witness to more than a timallpertiatiNsiAie
operations of tEe:vafioutilcoVps;.fiti
therefore, depend upon , the repOrtsfpf-Ertub .
dictate Commanders, Which I redipeetfUllol.
clove herewith.• ,
Colonel Twiggs, the Apciiid in 'cominfulai,
was' paticularly active on both day ri tt exer,
cluing my order's, dtid - dhecting the opUintheft
of the right wing. Lieutenant ColoheltfW,'
Intosli, commanding the sthAnfantrYiMeOl
tenant Colonel Garland, commandinwthe:•3&
brigade, Lieutenant. Colonel, Belknap**
mauling the Ist brigade, Lieutenant, coliniel:• :
Child's, commanding the:aitillery batlalibtf
Major Allen, Captains L. N.:Mot:010ml
Montgomery, commanding respePtiVety'llfii:
4th, 3d, and Bt h -regiment s of infantiy;i'vitii,e:'
itialousin perform - di — ice orlheirTdilfieir;
Sin :—ln submitting a mere minute report and gave" examples to their cornmand
the affair of liesaca la-Palina," J have cool and fearless conduct. Lieutenant Cold;
Ilse honor to state that catty in the morning tel repulsed with his regiment a
a the 9th inst. 11. e enemy who had encamp- charge of lavers in the action of Palo Alto,'
- a
en- near the field of battle of the day previous, and shared with it in the honors nn- dangers
-of the following day being {wise severely
was discovered moving by his left flank,- OVl
wounded. Lieutenant Colonel Belknap bead
dandy in retreat, and' perhaps at the
en- a charge of the Bth infantry, which resul
time to gain a new position' on the road to
red in driving the enemy from his--guns, and
Matamoras and there again resist our advance.
I .ordered the supply train to be strongly leaving us in posesalon of that part of the
packed at its position, and left with it four
pieces of artillery--thd two It-pounders Captailt Duncan and Lieutenant Ridgely
which had done such good.ounders which service on the deserve especial notice for the gallant aed
previous day—and too 12-p
efficient mariner iu Which they manrouvred
had Mit been in the action. The wounded and served their batteries. The impression
Made by Captain Duncan's battery upon the
. officers and mon were at tine same unosent
m et< to Ni t a I sa b e l . I t h ee nen - e a-f orwar d extreme right of-the-Remy:a-fine, at the-al
with the columns - to the edge of the chappa. fair of Palo Alto, contributed largely to the
rat or forest which ektends to the Rio Grande, result of the day; iwhile the terrible fire k t
a distance of. seven !Mies. The con]. up .by Lieubnant 'fidgety, in the of of e
primes °Hite Ist brigade, under Capt. 1,. F. 91h, infiteted heavy -losses upon the one
-Smith, 21 artillery, and a select detachment The 18-pounder battery, which-played a
spienons part•in the action- of the Stilt was
of light troop's, the whole under the command
iiilmiebly served by Lieutenant Churehill,•
of ('apt. McCall, infantry, Were thrown
forward into the chappinal to feel the enemy 3,1 artillery. . assisted---by. Lieutenant Wood,.
and pceriain his positioe. About 3 o'clock topographical engineers. The charge of oav-
reo•ived n report from the advance thatilie. alry on the enemy's batteries on the 9th, Was
-gallantly led by Captain-May, and,
enemy was- position on the road with at
lea - sf.rWri pieces of artillerY. The command Plere- ,4l ccess•
- ii'ai - Tfirmediafel . )-put - in motion, and mount c - aptain --MrCrilL4th - infamy. re - d - ritTed
four - o'clock 1 canto 'up with Capt. McCall, ' distiniWiAted service with the advanced corps
who reported the enemy in force ie our fMnt, Under his orders, 'l's ,- loss, in killed mid
occupying a ravine which intersects the road. wounded, will show 'hew closely it was en
a:nl is by thickets of dense chappte al. gaged. I may alto this occasion to say
Ridgeley,s - battery and the advance - under in two former instances, Captain Ikt - cent' has
('apt_ McCall- were at once I,lnoWn forward-rendered valuable sliryices as a partisan WE
, on the iOlO, and into the chapparai on either cer. In this annexation I Woulti mention the
the - sth infantry and ono tying of ;services pT Captain Walker, of the Texas-
the 4th was thrown into the forest ot, the I rangers, who WIIS in both affairs With hie'
left, and the 3d and the other wing of the i company, and whotuts performed very-mer
a, on thetriglit of .the'voad. These.-corpa- itorious set ricer,. wili%spy ttrubpartrean,"
were employed as skirmishers to corer the i must beg 'travel() refer to the resorts of
battery and engage the Mexican infantry.— subordinate commanders for the names of
Capt. McCall's command became at trice many officers, non-commissioned officers
engaied with the enemy, while-the light ar- and privates, who-were distinguished by
tillery, though in a very exposed position, did good "conduct on both days. InstaneeS
;reap execution. The enemy had at least individual 'gallantry and personal conflict
eight pieces of artillery, and maintained an with the enemy were Rot wanting in the af
incessant fire upon our advance. fair of die 9th, but cannot find place in a
The action now became genera], and al- general report. The officers serving on the
:hough the enemy's inlantry gave nay before staffs of the different commanders, "are pa
the steady fire and resistless progress of our tieularly mentioned by them, -
own, yet ,his artillery was still in position to I derived efficient aid on both days from
• check our advance r -several pieces occupy- all the officers - of my staff. Captain Bliss,
' ing the pass across the ravine which he had assistant adjutant general, Lieutenant Eaton,
. chosen for his position. Perceiving that no A. D. C., Captain IVeggeman, commissary
decisive advantage could be gained until this of subsistence, Lieutenant Searret, engineers,
affillery Was bilenced, I ordered Captain and Lieutenants Blake and--Meade;-tope='
,her re the batteries with his squadron graphical engincers, - momptlv•conveyed my
. Ora' ,14:15110 481114110:.
_lei 14-1 , 1 1 . 1
vftbliAded*Tienteiriantaltither fallen l3t*(fil,„
fie d reports o. hate been . 177
officersynnd ,
2,l:l'MenHiggregate, 2,288'." The .Mexican ,
force, was not less than 6,006 'regular troops,
WiTh.lo pleeits - etartilleryfand-probably-ex,••
ceeded -that number: the irregular force not
known. Their loss was not „testi - than -200 .
killed and 400 -wounded(--probably greater.
This estimate is very moderate; and formed
upon the number actually counted upon the
field and upon.the reports of thetr own offi
As already reported in my first brief des.,
patiii. the conduct of . our .officeni 'and nAth
was Every thing that could. be desired. Ex!,
posed for hours to the severest trial!---a Can
nonade of artillery—Our troops displayed a
coolness. and constancy which gays me,
_throughout,ille_msortinee_of jjewry
I purposely' defer the mention of ipdividu:
.als' until my report oT the action bf tho 9th
when I will :eodeayor, no, justiceto_tire_
many instances of: distinguished conduct
both days.' In the meantime I refer; for mi
nute details, to the reports of individual corn-
um, eir , very-rospeetfully, erv't,
• • Z. TXYLOR; -
Brevet 'Brigadier General United Siateg
Army Commanding.
•• Washington, D. C.
From the table prepared by Abet. Adjutant
General Bliss, we find that brit nine men on
the American , aide were killed in the Battle
Palo Alto and forty-four ‘were Wounded
Fourteen homes Were killed and four woun
Battle of Rosca de la Palma.
NO. 39 .C.amp near IV t o 0 WO tl,. Textlh
Jay 17, 1846
, ,
of dragoons..... This was gallantiv-and 'effec
tually, executed, the enemy was driven- from
his guns, avid General La Vega, Who remain
ild alone at one of the batteries, was taken
prisoner. The sqliadron; which suffered
muctrin this charge, not being immediately
supported by infantry, could not retain pos
session ot•the artillery taken,,but it was emu ? .
pletely_idleneed in the_tiskAinihn,slhi3 Bth
infantry had been ordered •up and become
'warmly engaged on the right of the road.-;
This regiment and a part of - the 9th Were now
ordered to charge the batteries; which was
handsomely done, and the enemy entirely
driver] frOm his artillery and his position on
the left of the road. ,
The light companies-of the lstbrigrale and
the 3d and 4th regiments•of infantry hnd been
deployed on the right 'of the loud, where, at
various points, -they became briskly4onn ' aged
with the enemy. A small party inid.erCapt.
Buchridaii and Lieutenants; Wood and . flays,
,4th infantry, composed chiefly hf'men of that
regiment, drove the enemy from a breast
work which lie occupied, - and captured a
piece of artillery. 'An attempt to recover this
piece. was repelled by Gallatin Barboui, ; 3d
infantry. Tlid onemy.was at last completely
driven from his position en the right of the
lead, mid . retreated precipitately, leaVing.bag- ; ;
age - of 'every descriptionThelth - infantry
took possession of 'a camp Wheiulhe 'head-
quartersoithe Mexican:general-in-tine! wore
established. All Ids official correspondence
iiiiifunfiturtai at place. ,' - , -•
..... - i
The artillery battalion, excepting tho flash
companies; lied 1)6011 ordered to guard
baggage train, which-was packed some, die;
lance in - rear.•-• 2 - , 3ilnit-tattalion- 7 -was-now-or--
, -dered-up:tili:pursaellie; enemy,:and - with the'
3d inlinitry6 Captain ..Iceria ~ i :ittigooinii:/spd,
Ca pfai
CDu l
_ ai
, ' , abati er y ; ' . f ell i ew ed .1 cmi..,; rap
idly to thesiver; meling:a niiiibei•o . pdae
l, i .
nem . : Great nurnbers et- the','
droWned , in,atteivipting:to. , iroitkilet Ater
near the tea '', , The, corps:ladiferlionet
.:encamped .thosixecfbkiisithiltdet_bc , the-itny. e-field.
of battlis,;;;,.,, ~„,i,;„:,)-',
.i . : -. ;Thtf - strengtk of,our,marehingjontieudili 4'5
- day,ea, exhibited. in. the - tinneXSdAeld!ttipbo4
was 473 officers and. 3,04 9, Men—aggregate ,
2,223;•;The actual ~number. engaged: with
, the, mieraf,', did '43 bt :exceed' 1700...;„02kii h3sS
was thiee,,elliSets • killed, and titelmWoinar
ded,lhirly9iWmen, killed,,Tand:atlyentyrode:
. lybunded..,4 l 43nong , thetdfiotirs.killed r i-hayik.
.10..jeg t i9t.the lot* 'of Lieutenant Inge; . 2o:diti.,: .
-,...#60uNi who:: felt sk;the: head or.: bLa pl sleek'
'while gallantly Charging the enemekhlittery;
..• 7'citli;ientenant C P „Oblirsnei , of the 40, tketrideu , ! .
teliant-Cliadbiafto,,b(- - .the 'Sib' tithintry,'.who:
4 1 $01 1 sitrtio.t. theirAiitilhirtithe;,.thickest:: Of.
.ihk ,! ,44tp , :ti: . .alie , :ia - perS,' , 'ArpllPdpk;*.egi
I,ASykletnpit ' 4.bickial,.fttip,':lopsetbt Sneral;
jl:46l.o6ent"Debhilisighiltgl, ~.6 - ' i '
,0 - „ 4infittdl74. l l.o4.44coi:ellg 0y.A40004'
, :*p.91i704101,-*Qo,44oti'jpf*Oor.irel.t:
~,.0030 ,CII taltt . 40.0', 1 5 •-i '; . Vesely.
" .. 1 ). . .1 4 . u4 . 1 ,05i,„... t ,
rig t:' , 4t. ifilvalaCil . tetli) clAttivat -.
iirol l aktel)*, tal/littigti#4,74l)W
.0.9A 4 0141 11 0.0gPt010.04#4 1 00 11 10 1 414
T o
! 4i ., 1 0.g 1 t 14 4: 1 . 0 110WK
~.. .4......, •:',.. ~, 0 .... ; (4 1 y.:
4. „ #olooAmeili.,e ~i ., , . „o , 5,0,4,.., .... • tf.'
1 ,0,14 , 1mk01v4A , M1*5:. , q , :; . : , .:W , ',Y ,
,-....:•"' '
" :- : • .',,!.; • ;,•„..1- . .:.f : ?.:, , ;:•,':.:4,: ;,.‘,,, A,
,' .. ~ ..,,,,
t. , f
orders to every part of the field. Lieutenant"
Colonel Payne was wounded in the affair of
the 9th. and I have already hnd occasion to
repoit the melancholy death of Lieutenant
Blake, by accident, in the interval betw e e n
the two engagements. Mafor Craig and
Lieutenant Brereton, of the ordnance depart
ment, were ne engaged in their appro
priate deties,. and Surgeon Craig, madtcal .
director, vuptirimendeffiii -- paramrtherardiro, -
service of the field hiaspitals:.. I take thitioo-i'
casion to mention generally the devotion to
duty of the medical staff of the 'army, who
have,been, tlaising in their exerrions,-both
in the field and in the liospitals, to alleviate
the sufferings of the woundkid of both armies.
Captains, Cro;semen andqMyers, of. the
quarter-master's department, who had oh argct
of the heavy supply train, at both' '0400'3 7
ments, conducted it inn most satisfactory
manner, and finally biought it iiii;vrithqut.
the smallest loss, tails destination
I enclose an inventory of the, Mexican; ,
'property on the field,. nff.tilisq4A,
sketch of tha.ffeld,of PResaca de litTrilin
and Of 'the:route' from Point Isabel, iriaoe'
t „
my aid-de-camp , Lieutenant Eatoti:::".',Oh
regimental color (battalion of Tambiec.o4lVii
many standard's anaguidens of cavalry aere
taken at the affair' of the. Bth. 1 vrouidAli.e.'
2 pliased-to-receive yiaur-instrnelicais 2 .4-fo-The:
diaposition to "be made 'of these- trophies 4.•
XvirellfortheY - shall - hp — serit - to - 'lV.ashipstitrl ,
`Lem, very voifiec'tfullk, fielieli . Teeitkp,
''' ' ' " • ' - • Z. TAYL'ORc'''',l-:
' Brevet Itiii, Gen . ;U.S: 4; Ccimt,nifillit - 0
The Annvinw.G_FairrtAi i Of .the Arnajr;;;;-.-;i 7 !
. • WeehMstany--0„ , A: , -;-:S-,;
The ,11.10 (ir T O A i1#1 1 9# 4 0 . .ki1,f0.04 4 0-:
*ig,! 9 /.p* F i k , de ,1 a Ifolion,' ei . 444d bk
-.2teet4ljetaet peadrat.prisi,riei,e'oift4;r:
:wpondod,effhi,y.two• ,7.1',.31:1t,t-40)40404t
014 : :.‘ildliyi!e — eil_'`,;keunded.41.. 4 y- 2 t- 1 -J
~ - ; . t,•';•, t ,,.::"1. . ,:i;;lpleiriossiOim*.V4?"4, ..,It
'N - ; , lrl: o °;""Vegioiature,7o l 4 - 03A011#11" , ..
1./ e , e irl tl;K9 i-ie'ic 4T.. i f , : ' 9 ,o6 .litel,f,
*Hili,sti4o 4 ).. l ? OOMP4 I iiiO 00 1 tik
itttlet t it., t rarn t lk: cetemenilieg -eiPer?.?.oo4
ilet'Prate Ceierat,aPimAciP4*!th'illt6oe;•
.'and higttlYe6niitiineetini'ithi*iti;tiCiti;Oti-:,
'9i4-i4ittr4oo:.., r fri i•"r % ,. eikiiO4i44
- fd*PfWiofw 4 o 6 o:o`«Wishing ,. M'•fo „.2 r
the heteffe'jie*iqiihisiritiOp: •
Palk'arid hie fridn4o' .4ill' have, theirlends,
full be4tte:4eyi;OLOrottAtj*itliAttl .106
The,N . .Orlecini pratte.:4 , ,co!;Ass.. p_•, - kri l lands„.;
nutteletl to -ot:tio3 Otigli,iitboit# 'OS :Ail
~.. ~,, . N.,, -:"--," s.,' .tg,, , .
. 4-77 .* 1 9C1# 0 . 7 7t'PO,IIVPIP D .kq`; (1,5 _ ) PIP It O,Y1!7.
kilieiliii**ol,o36o : OGl4olll4l4' it 41A . 434
I l i ***fiti s zi434l44o* ". :. : :I„'''
1. 1 9 . 04,i(6i t r . j'!”: t
l'?rn*l 4 ,4 :. ': '— l' , 'pt *ro*lfttiO4-
, z;T:d ., -,:.- ~.-- - .-•, - 114 ~-.?*
itiVi clia p.Vettg itaii eg i llttil t'r it !
, :,.,-7..T '.: l! , N. , 71 . " •';',,, ' ,4'). 7' .: NW:I, ' k' ' IcAt, , ri :'
: . , ::: I • ; : : .,; : , , , e':;Wr.„:".' ' ;':';'4,..E).%Well; , 'lafiki:,:e , ::'.ait
41{,!fr'4414145 18 •
EDNESbAY, JUNE 17, 108
iiii':4*.clana lo6 o#l, l , l L,_F*44 , !:!-
E itho . n saiNtrcrize.— • give ' in to-day'a
Pap, daspatchae,containinii tha
ttaiiipi,nf: thaiavei- to-be-forgottea battler. ,They
(.6PM#;roltfaat.patea our country ' s hiatary and
with livelyintareat.
44titt'didatia lathe - Army at Matacioras. •
4440:fkid,sericiaconsequ'onces to the grass
011grififtof:ops,..tho weather creared-up boaa ,
N.Oft 93 i§ola ; y:.ll. We suspect our coun-:
tt . ,,,t - trile n iiijs:will make the hay fly pretty sharp
itliisweeek They will, by file w ay. find some
ileW Mate ivoithay-making on the firsfilage.
townsman, Mr. EL.
( Walker, who hag recently achieved so high
disfiricticai its *Pianist, has just returned,
ot;Most successful Concert's in the
._ l teittes r 'and- we are :ggatified to learn
pOsas to ftWor our citizens with an.early
414;4xhibition, both of his own dkill arid'
the action of his new improved instrument.
-1-rislnew Piano )- with the Harmonic Attach-
4ipti . ti,mpaitAxotured at the celebrated estab
Ofthiekering, in Boston t is said to
li‘ipii.e,-Of-the-most -splendid and powerful
inatmnients cver made in this country..
thiOftergetint in the AitillerY named Queen,
at thifißartacks, near this borough, made a
tleitO' rate attempt upon his own life Lon Men
day'rimming last, while in a t,t of mental de
iangeMentt growing.out of an'tittack of pleu
risy. The attendant in the hospital having
bear called away from him for a short time,
loumtl, on his rewthrthra the unhappy suffer
er haikinflicted several wounds upon his
body., with n knife, and had matya gash in
iiiii*.ottt which severed the windpipe. The
wounds, we are glad to learn, were-not in•
stanOlittal. The untottunate man stilt sur- .
viveit,.. although the nature of the. wounds
loateislender hopes of his recovery. . ,
Ma. WEBOT ca.—The report of the commit
lee,:exonerating Mr. Webster from the
moue-charges made against him by Tory
be found on our fist page.—
The b_old and shatneless audacity with hich
these charges were prefericd by that inisera
blelibeller, was all that led any one doubt
mhalthO repoit of the committee would-be,
anVlhe result Will therefore not so muCh
sttrßxi§e as gratify the. uthniters 9,f Mr. Web-
Woald'have been 0 dark day, indeed,
itir.hfiMan nature, if Daniel Webster could
haViilbeen convicted of a petty defalcation of
4 , 2o4ol:ikand-we.might hat e hid our laces in
shatne befote the nations if the earth; could
it have been proven that one of the highest
otlit!ers of our government was so steeped in
vile corruption as these charges declared.—
The result Will therefore be hailed with deep
satisfaction by all who view with national
pride the standing before the world of tall'
public men, especially, of those who have
been milted to administer the highest func
tions ef.eur Republican institutien. Let it be
rdmembered that this report was made by a
committee, three out of five et whom were
locolecos of the most decided character.
71r: 11'©betOi waYin a fix once-before-that-
We should like to know, now, where Charles
Ingersoll,wholg would have been al Tory
had he lived in the days of the Revolfition,"
is to go? Whole will he hide hiin6elf, to
cscapo 'the burning, hissing scorn, of the
Arga9rinen Penplel - Where will he no to
•esca 6 - the terrible lat-hings of a guilt con:.
autelice;l *Me do twt - know, tintlni otight to ,
go litlt . of the United StatedHouse'iif'ltepii. ;
resentatives, ad ono 'who 'is no lorignideser=
vi.:g of a place among honorable -nten—as
onewho has disgrace(' himself, anti-as—far
disgracedas;li'B,eould has
Ids courttiY•
ror , Old Itongh and Reade:m . .as
nominated.for the Preehiency, at a large and
reritliutgoithiNe9 - i;:ngsiV:Tronton, N. J. ,on
T~i ire ay eve itig itiipte..7,iL Men of bokpaliti.
'4fpitiiielo , l.o3):: , liiiit, the meeting:: A
I ) 4 l ***lllig* 61 / 1 4,4!.
Vtirli`fa theAtinfeiurpose . 1 .;
;Getil ; ;Taylor ts‘ now unquestionably ,tho
mostpopolar matt tytthe country, and it r wont
i , i.M.yihardfor.tbe Whigs to support 141!
•' • .
p7:7 l )* - .Rtatty‘ 'Sr he' , Carlisle Light
4#l4l4;efsii: Seated cr? , 2:4
. #6•#re g4t4a,
Atiolffityn[;bas . reorailed , ranks the
and; to,. day -forwttrdit trio roll
.IFi:yhtTg'.7iiiiiirotTtifi ytn. direr of.its sinyines
Oisting, way yalth,
urlflO toilVti r c, yoUnginini, ,whop tailed
!riAt; I ,anirnktodf
. 4 iii-srolot"!.;of hithcre;'.'• drill honor
k] . a . t"):44bilittoi..ok l * ( * - :.
4 ***s o o l ** l 4,4,..adYothemeOliMatilt.
*tfrititt - i)f , :oekiison.l4ov: ,
iODn, formerly 04.: Y+'il.mberla~l(~=count - I'lw
4ildtetis i-Pma,YAMProit at
liielfibiktiiiio.o l6 i*Kboo -
# l-0 1 1
, nk : 6 ;o4: iaT -61 -
1 ° t
pitt , ilt r mi , eutiplegg . #
tee?: ~,- 4 ,i4l-,' ''''
0 ' " ialli4,loli l o lhaf'
,0 11 l ' ,r ,-,
ti li-v .;: ''' Itsil,b4kilititft7
1,,,,, g , eikkoprfitret i v ,
~-v ,, ,, p.0,..
i{ , .**" l lllhtftr
' ' '‘ ,'' r:r r' ' L'rr' ,, '• r - , - "'" ',`
.. ,‘ ' ' .., . ; - ~ ,i , , •
01:;••• x • •
We have the
ttiTsthat aiiitatsage',fronlit
dent was laid befeTis),il4 . tatei
day last;;ticconiOnyiliggiXFproposidon _,frtgit,
the British govidrtimenisiA;settle o.or.egon'
has transpired, in secriii - SessiOn; tiia'precide•
terms of the proposal are not clearly. known.
The_italtimore_t_Sim,Lholwiter 4 statee that the
ofre . r jx,,fet: a sedlement e.Ait
on th_ptaattel,
;with the whole of Nancouver'i 'lsland, and
the tree naviga ion of the - Columbia
by the Hudson' Bay Company, until the ex
piration of their c tarter, (in 1858); the Brit
ish government appreheading thbt jt might'
otherwise be compelled to pay that Compa
ny too large an hided-why, The free navi
gation of the Straits of Fuca, and the free use
of the Bays and Inlets'of Vancouver's Island
IQ be allowed to usz,fcr the, same period, and
other;some rivile g es not heretofore antici
pated by the*r49 inen. l o ,
''The proposal watieutitriiited by the presi
dent to the 'Senate for advice. It •is under
stood that that - body' gave its decision in favot
of accepting the proposition, on Friday even
ing. The Ledger gives the von . pposed vote as
Yins—Massrs. Archer,Ashley. Benton, Berrien,Bag.
by, J. M. elayton, Cameron.ealhoun,Multi, Thos.-
' Clayton, Davis, Dayton, Dix, Evans; Greene, Hons.
ton, - Huntington, Haywood, Jernigan, Johnson of Md.
Johnston of La. Lewis, Morehend, Miller, Mangum,
%Duffle, Nilee, Pearce, Pennypacker, Phelps, Rusk,
Sevier, Speighto Bitumens, Turney, Webster, Wood
bridge, Ifulee-38.
Nays—Meters. Allen; Atchison, Atherton,- Breese,
Cass, 'Dickinson. Fairfield, Jennass,fflemple,-19.
Absen't—Messrs. Barrow,. Bright, COrwin, Critten
-412n, Upham, Wititcott—O. ,
Refused to vote—Messrs. Chalmers and Hannegan.
It is said the treaty will be drawn up, sign
ed, nud sent to the Senate immediately. The
_settlement plillie.____y_exed_questien. will be
hailed with delight thrhughout the country.
Gen. 'Scott and Mr. Polk.
The letter-from Gen. Scott, which the Presi
dent has made the ground. for removing him
from the command of the Volunteer forces
against Mexico, will ° be found on our first
page. enable the public to lorm just con.
elusions as to Gen. Scott's 'course, the whole
correspondcnCe should be published, but un
fortunately it is two lengthy fur our columns.
A brief review of the subsequent letters is all.
that we are able to give..
The letter from - Gen. - Scottis folfOived (after
an eminous silem:e offour thiys, in which the_
state of things is changed'very much by. the
news of the v ictories on the Rio Grande !) by
one from Mr. Marcy, speaking for the Presi.
detit. In this no attention is paid to Gen.
Scott's views respecting the prosecution of the
war : although they clearly show him to be' I
most iudustridatly engaged in preparations
to take file field persentql . v—but he is iinnie- I
diately -pounced - upon - by -- the - Secretary - mr
(;asting gross' and 'disrespectful; reflections:.
upon the President, and charged with impu
ting to hOn the "precondemnatioii,".&c.-to
which Gen. Scott f anodes. The Secretary,
therefore, with an evilent sensation of
sure, fully betrayed in. his letter, informs Gen.
Scott that " tho President would -probably
misunderstand his ohjeet . in writing his letter
if he-ditl-not , atonce relieve aim from the pro
posed command of the Army." Gen. Scott
is- accordingly ordered to remain in Wrath
luglon. W holier a veteran soldier convicted
of the fault of writing hastily and with too
much , Ny,Hrmth under tee impulse of injured
f e elings, should be thus severely rebuked, ;t
will be for the public to judge.
To Mr. Man•y's letter, as above, t;e n
replies, and most earnestly dlselaiins the con
struction given to his language by the Secre
tary. • Ile denies having in his allusion to
"'high quarters," meant the President, and
begs to say that his complaints on the con
trary referred to the Secretary himself, and to
44te-Imewtt-,-Open-sed-v-ielent condemn' •
of him (Gen S.) upon the part of several
leading and supposed - confidants of the Pre
sident in the two Flstlums of be
cause;" adds aeti. Scott, " because on an
intimation-:-notM ;ants —fidid not fly to the
Ric) Grande, without waiting for the invading
- , ._yetici he rai.eil,—nny abandouin_ it_
to ger,,talliat. ri‘'er as it 'Could, and withou t
the lernit regard to the honorable pride 'and
distinction of thrigallant General' already hi
command, on that river; who we knew had
done: we l l, was doing well, and who, I am
and hie little army, would, if the
oeiusion offered, aver : themselves with glo
-13.'),....."Gen. Scott cinies his letter with baying,
whetherit shall be. the trleasure of the Pt e
sident to serid;ine to the Rio Grande, (whlch
I prefer,* ay retain me here, I an onlysay
I ain equally ready to do my duty in either
position , with all .rny zeal and all ability.) ,
To this Mr, Marcy replies and gives some
general eiplanations. Gen. Scat replies to
,stating llje satisfaetiori with therSeC'
1 rotary's explpnatione,and .closesiry speaking
of some of the carries, which haff . 'indueed
hits - to InnieveihartlWAkffernibmaitin* was
st dl toh' 'h
not rien y mine intirges Ise puns
4the command , rat the grOund' of senior
rank. The correspondenee.:cdoses with a
'brief note front Mr. Marcy,' stating that the
and that tire eitinMend - prthe Army, had been
* - 7 - 15igiiii(tio - Peii:TaYlotr- , 't - ;
respondence, saYri , .,, , ' , the, - .l.;OCos.arii'euhing
'arthe iiietkOint,ittle',a4MinistratiOnlaiicr'out
. Scott. It appears to me very
(1614004; at.latOmei;tir:o,,i'flen: S. the
ttr'.he heheyeal Inp.:did:l7: ;
of 'sentleihrSadn'inothee
eettotty , ... 7 4p,. conqueirveacoln the' heart,of.
,tingrnatiorre,territery r WithonyWrinen
,411 . 4-innthotionst. -. 4 ind'--thentCcOstire
, pt i tomie - 04 ;
thatthe'Preirident.wal impatient at his delay:
' Ipg to' : the qai der wheri no °RIO('
04:y1'1124114 • •
9.# 149 ncrilOY,7engagslc, i `;_
riiA . ,l
4 4: • .0
the city.of,:trty,
I t rilefterdWlMailS
iit-7', 6l 4Ptk teid4 ' efievebxeit - ,
ierieteftierr ftl3l- 011 - 4 1 44 th.LF-Te—M--
rlAraahteite:h 1 4I'R'th r it - Oc i i4erirea•
fignok . Y . thOrident,al)4
1.6 the - StadteYeete . l& l 9: : Neliini b t
existed a its tat,ification, and' that yelstioxf
is therm e s f
—tki r eta,
. ,
Next 'We have Ai . arrival of the Great
Western frOin England. The :learner Cam
war against the U.S.
and of the' laW Of Congressfor 50,000 volun
..This news produced a greaf'sonsatioa
gml the sympathy of ,the Britiih public was
altogether in favor of Meiieo as.the weaker
patty; though War:of'in.vasionagainst
the poor Sikhs the same public had very lit
tle sympathy to threw away, notwithstanding
the weakness and'inferiority of the Sikh gov
elnment compared with the power.of Eng
The news the battles:on theßio Grande .
were published. without comment: . -Queen_
Victoria bail 'given - birth to a , .. datighterher
fifth child,..andHiere were greatrejoicingivin
consequenee. The torn .Bill 'had passed
second reading in the House of Lords. The
Oregon notice had been' WelV, -- receiv ed in •
England. Prirrfee Louit.BOnaparte had; .66;
caped 'from the For.tress'of Ham, and made
hi. *ay:to:Louden: • . - •
':News from the Cape of Good Hope,.Which
reached New York on Sunday.; informs us of
a new field of labor for -British troops, A
war has broken out betweetythArafirAibes
and the Colonists; at the Cape, which has
rendered it necessary, to put the Colonists
under martial law.. -- The natives have com
mitted some 'wavy depredations, and threaten
more serious ones, --
Next we have some highly i...4atit in
telligence from the Pacific coast or Mexico
and California, showing the progress of
events in that quarter. Mews of Inistilities
between-the United States-and-Mexico had
arrived there, and our interests are being
closely looked after by Corn. Rol, of the U.
S. Nary—and there i strong reason for
licving them ore "this, some decided steps
have been - Men - b'f that C . .eniniander ; per
haps Mazatlan has been reduced, and the
'ineriCan flag firmly plaqied in California
—at Monterey.
It scents evident, , too, that 'revolutioinv
movements against Paredes are eximali'Mg
rapidly through NI-axle°. 'Several depart-
MentS have eeclarad against him, r
Prom the New York Trthune.of Wednesday
Grand National Jubilee of the Sons
of Temperance.
lee wu4
twirl yesterday
'The day wa,s as fine as could have been de
-sirecl—sky alittle-overeast, and iemperatUre
pleasant. it seemed as if the ‘i eather had
been speciaily,reynistuct to don its_ flutulp,3 -
go-to-ineuting: suit and endeavor to make
itself agreeable to•tlm host w hich was to as
semble.On the occasion of this mighty gath
eting. Flags were displayed• at the City
Hall and various other places, lea by per
mission of his llonor o the Mayor, the Foun
tains had been allowed to eskcibit their spark
ling beauties. During the forenoon the vari•
ous delegations were arriving and marchifig
to head quarters at National Hall in Canal .
street, and'about 1 o'Cliwk they were fibsted
:tt the various stations which had been as
signed them. It was a beautiful sight to look
uphn the various delegations, clothed in' the
regalia of the Order, and with their magnifi
cent- banners-, extending all along Hudson
street from Chambers to Amos streets, and
it stirred one's blood to think that here you
beheld meii who hail nobly resolved to be
free from that vice which plunges one into a
a condition wherein-all the- biightness -and
beaut • oT our being are dimmed—wherein
all the softer pt omptings. of out better natures
are stifled, and wherein all is extinguished
for which life is worth living. •
The procession corn tueut•ed to move ahem
2 o'clock . It would be impossible to g i vo at
the present tine, rt notice of ;lathe banners
with their devices and mottos. They were
all beautiful and appropriate. The most
ratigai ' l e a jug mothr liumhte
judgment,4was the one - borne .by the Grand
Division of . .Pennsylvania.. 01113 side was a
,splendid, pi p ing of 3toses .smiting• the rock ;
anti orf•tbe other the Genius ofTemperanct
with her foot oii . the globe4=-on the United States
part. Ort the top of the staff was a miniature
fountain; the water s represented by silver
fringe, which appeared-So natural
ate a thirst to look at it flowing over the stdes.
4 - The vast Procession, moved four abieuit
the gram' line formed hi 'Hudson.. siieet, the
right on Chamber . street; it.tben broke into
columns, from the right and:.uigichntl to the
left, as follows: Up ljudsarlillrFctn,ttneuth.
street y through Fourteenth strnit to - and around
Union Park to Broadway, down Broadway to
116nd street, thence •to lets ; , Boicmy, 'down
Bowery to Grand 'street,' Wri Grafid to Fast
BicaidWay, through:pat Broadway to .Cliath-.
am street, through • Chathain to Bit:: park,'
which it entered. - through the- 'Opst ; gate. "Ii
arrived at the Park
,a. gander., eller 2 1o'clottk.
Alargo*aging 'had been , ,e 4 r t eeted ift•
of . ihe City flult,,on Islgtioiial 1)1
Officerri 'Of. - Grand • `Divisions;'' M. 11
Marshal and A idsi Gran& Ma - rebid and• Aid s -,,
and guesti•toOk Their seturi:;. • • • ••
• •
Previous to themtitering,of tIM Procession,
Vffe - 'Reps' orita — iTiy , 114 7pre trawded
human beings.,{Ve„ ehai piriyatOly cetiVer;
Otto A hoo:. l .oo*•*as:'iuehit' crowd, •"cleedin.
the Pai d-tin - Ondesicin:•••nt , ;i;
rifterkt:bSejitrigniebylhe'memliers;of the'
1 0rderiett 151' 4 W.W.Ps; , •1$111idoittiugh,'41;11k;•
• t dtic • sue' s'
v „,
the ii*PrAgtiPV:atill,"ol*
Siltae,ol.•'TeMPetartee, was
; 00cisung: e
* (l4 4
! ' ;' q lgtv. ll .r .l* l4. 4- L . 1 1.4 .4"4
M 1"
' •
1 4h-043411fr9E-V*iiiti.ri!PoettlFaklef,..P t •
Jhbilfficand7gne'lliat simi'-vro- for- •
gotten:..l 4 Thpatirpber. •tfie:'rrocession 'is
40101): procee4lol?_passed: off
rrtife'mW eiiideritory plaripef.' - There Reis
•deleg o ittioihi....T4tOnthiteiiitreagrif the people
at ihe lipehtuyik,se.vnboutirle'4, •
• . 1.• • o' •
..Szetm Mit8 4 ( 0. 9 •
• From the - StatietWars
Fire Days Later from Me - xlco—Receipt of -
_Abe Defeats in the Capitol—Mexican-North
Ileilifeeed ! l =Deutiand on Ate,
Churches—heriief4SiitisidiestufOr .•
4 ""Mexild
. Way;
The New OrlianaPicaytino 2d itnet, i sas.
-;,-By arrival et 'barque Louisiana, capt; VVil
ja,--we have advice frentirVerii,ciliz,to 25th J r*
Wt., five days' liter tharilhosii:hrelighphy the
Thetis. The Vniisaiut
16 1 New York,flay,2o,-.aabefere,reperteci;:;;„,,,.
•The-blockade ofr-VeniTcriii-doinmeneed -on • - •
the 20th,,and - fift/iin'qlos were allowed all
.ri eutraLvesseliqiithat- port to load and &Part;
by-order of thelleXican'goVetnthent.. - The- •
American Constilto. - „Office has' .16 be closed, .
and . Atheiicali.'Olizerie leave,: by xto
26th 'May, or on Aliat- - day:'
our - Consul t , expected le.arepark..on :board
the steam frigate 15lississippt , The'irigtito
Raritan returned on the -25th, la' a'sldop
beirig found lyiug, off the port r gotetbirhasto
to prevent,reing seized: .The .day they sail='
ed, rims- reached-I/ea.:grit; that-a-Miszqt)au,-
',lipoid. there had been a pyelunCiamenil.
Gen. Alvarez was still carrying - on his -hcis ,
tile preperations, in the South parte" the'de- --
parfrnent of Mexico,. A report was weirea
!alien that Gen. 'Paredes Wended:l67, leaVei
the city of (Mexico at the head 'of 'Mole troops„
to reinforce the - army in the North,
'The animosity existing-against-the Ameri
can.,volunteers-wastittereatied-by. the-news of—
the-two actions cif the Bth and. 9th. Ener- -
Mous found loans, which- the government
had imposed upon the clergy, the later had
declared itself totally unable to. get. The me
tropolitan-churches to furnish subsidies to the .
amount of $98,000 per month. The chUrch-
es of Mechoican 535.000; of Puebla, $ , 40,000;.
of Guaditigora, $20,000; of Durange,.Bls,ooo;
of 'Oagaca,• $8;000. These great sues per
month show. that Paredes is determined to
prosecute the war with energy. Senor oo
mez, of Durias, has been arrested by the
gm/cement. °elf.' A linonte made a formal
resignation of his. mission to France. In. re
gard to Paredes putting hiniself at the head
of the army, the El' Republicano.says, "It is
uncertain whetheilie Yull:rePair _to _the-Rio
f;ramle Or 'Vera grey. would' leave the
Capital as -soon as 'Congress assembled."
Full accounts of the disastrous action 'of the
Bth and 9th'had been reeelad- at the capital
and appeared in the opicial-journals. Thor
are more accurate, ft; far, than-Mexican bui z
;otitis generally are, and do credit to-Arista.
The news was receiredowith profound . regret,
but a 'determination to fight-the war o ut.
Further—from IRlezico..
The New Orleans Picayune of the
sant - giges further dbtailsrif the contents of
tholatest Mexican Impart as' follow's
Tlff , MAlNM•plitiers c turn ppsi ivYl• y that
the number ,If the Pied and wouudect—en
the part of The Americans was more consid
erubleWhat of theale ans. , , en. ns
ta sits Own the knee of-t e Mexicans in the
action of the Bth at 3 : 000 • men and twelve
pieces of anilleir;_ our utunbillts are stated to
have been 3 7 000 area, more kieless, with
great superiority in stalely ,
The destritetion'by our artillery is repre
sented to have been severe. Over threC thou
sand shots are said to nave been fired at the
Mexicans by our artillerv : between 2. o'clock,
I'. M.•and 1 : in the evening,.whee the.baule
closed. The Mexicans in 'the same tithe'
discharged seven hundred and fifty 'shots
from their artillery. Thp Mexican loss oil the
B,h is set down at 352 killed and wounded,
nd missing; and they Odin to have retain
ed possession of the field of battle.
'We have not: the description of, the action
of the 9th by General Arista, as we had sup
posed in our haste, but we have`bi a journal
friendly to him. His poSition is represented
to have -been gallantly forced, notwithstand
ing the repeated chinges,of the Mexican cav
alry, the fast of which was headed by Arista
in,person, and during which they actually
en n n c c
~.• Ameri cans.•
Ainerieans."• The loss of the Aeriejuis is
still represented as superior to that
.: ,
The papers make very patriotic - appeals to •
all good citizens to come up now to the'res
cue of the count Ty. Even El. 14publicono
claims that "the President is making and
1 o ill make new efforts, as great as the emer
geney req tree, 1--- I if - W-ges all - to matte the
sari ifiees Which will be demanded ; and ap
peals to the • cinirgress,.abotit reassemlile i to
sustain the Warr at eve ry possible hazard. :It_
recommends the putting 'aside of personal,
dir-smisiops, and denouneas these who would
resortto foreign intervention to bring'about.a .
~ , . .
:. - • ~.
,regard to t he loan attempted to he raiaett
from the clergy of 111exsco, we have - „:00.-0-
ficial letter of the Aliniste.r of the,Tressur?
(Senior Iturbid„e,) dated the. 13,th t qlphire i .the
news of the actions of the Sth rith34itih-bould
have been received, It Setri?;fertlP,tliettit.-
- -ousmecessity of -money Ibr , ,. , ther - 'iviite,-•atid
urges the duty of thii•olergy to iutimit•toVi`
hardships forced 'upon all : by theipitionalva
!amities. fie - tells,the Arch•bisholi , , that • t rio
Clovertimmit , Ills: , eitriropriated: alli• i'kyeti 4es
ihich were mort"aged atispendilig :with
exception all payments- to its creditors;- that
it withheld ertli Part col..the :Salaries of all
its ern pfamer's ; that all chitties' were calledur . tu
to make:. sacrifices, and the clergymustltiot
be - exeiript:',7lliFthen culls 'fini;aloaMef $.2,-
100-,000,,p,ayab1e,,,.id tivelie_tOrisllo,--ihstal- A
motifs, coMmenetrig the_ 3 i:tilt:Pr , 4 1 .-: .. , 1 "
ThO.Arelibiigtop 18.411 . ft-1'1449 tr;i:*tilitiott
the loalLalTACitgake r arAVit_ol Alio _.
Tilirgy.' 'On 'the:alb-0 I .:', , . .., PP.-41:41041
['that he liiid'''sikiiiiicirieclAfirflepiditsuuttiolfein, _
1 I itehticin tM.liitief._:that-iiiitil#N4iligeriii,4herif -
1 the -*altar would belaidi.stnd tlatit:e. VOuld
to-dpetate'te thereViiiit of. hitqfi*eis.(tjd a
warmd which Weifr'anskukci , lVii,fito pre cious
object&oFkle.lieause;, - itif4ndliperidencri=-Wid_
iii koligiPol".i;:aho4 - next we toorjof the loin- -
'l§ nit onnOoOoome0t:in EI-Itelaiblicaricr Ofilfe,
21st thiil4, l le'raetYppolitiiii ; Olitiolieri':etitia`4or
colifilbiito -thir.08;000 i;ti:,:itithitiCalliiilTo
Ihenl4 ; is; the totol'op iiiiiitielook i:0:41:• , 411 ,
of tfiateifftf.'-','- - -I‘ - ;'`,:i•-•''';'' ''7, , ..2,.?,:q . , , , ,, , ;:g,
• short The efAttIe.,PAROY states i41,,,411i',314069,1
'Of. such ii,tip18.,144 a r ! ) = l ,o4 ) ?.e 4 lef IP I.1 1 ' 11 4;° X . i':
"illi,litelle4.ri!,-.'Plie4Y,i,,iniPTl;F,,tlfl,„4,2*. r.'-
sent - tliourkstafe-or theinneprAtip„racm r . ," - -
' al.d° P Oat.iolit:.:4-POcltellity,gterkliktolier. - 7:
. .r his 4istitipogittkelicOn forg**Oordlo4 to: '
ilVaaiiunti; yety 7 fikjaiiiiiiioenikiegroVinitz.
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