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o WEDNESbAir, JVNEIO, 1 ;kik
--- --- For Oaual Commigstoner
imens, on Our first pitg,o, upon
t ly in gg ol d should , have•
been credited
. to' tho' National. ltdolligeneer.
It lel' .poetic gem, and a it tribute to that
gallant and lamented soldier. -
(1-A small mistake occurred last week
advertisement of the County(Commis
!fierier!' relative to the payment of Taxes.—
'''rho Collectors of 184.5.wi1l find it einteeted
in 4cTI-day'a iaper
Tn.r.AT.—We aro' itiloribed
that the Annual Oration before -thol3ellos
Lettres'Society of Dickinson College, *ill be
'clelliered . 6y the lion. H. YV:. litt.tasitn, of
Alabama, , otr. Wednesday, tlic."Stil of July,
.next. Mr. ff. is a-member of the - U. States
/louse of Representatives.
Our first page will be found a description of
ths;-Battles'on the Rio Grande, which is con•
sidertid to be the most graphic that has yet
appeared. W i e have also placed on the op
posite page, a diagfam of Gen. Taylor'4 p -
sition and the town Matamoros, which wid
give our readers a vie* of the scene and a
better understanding of the operations of the
Army, and particularly of i e latest, move
ments in taking - peftAssion of .Matamoras.—
The road leading out from the rear of Gen.
Taylor's camp is the road to poipt Isabel—it
r was on this' road several miles in the rear of
of the cwnix that - the Iu c, gi eat "battles took
EDITORIAL. Mormer.N . rs.—M;. C T Ithork.
Ify,,of Philadelphia; has become associate
editor of the r StatesmaoL 11.__is_ah_en:
graver, and besides promising that he will
give an energetic support to "Democratic'
principles : assures the_ readers or the-States
- Man that his art will be industriously employ
ed to make tae paper as pretty as a picture
book. As he_is also reputed to be a writer
'of 'and - ci:xperieribe - , - . we" pre
sume.that the batch of literary, thriblogiCal and
other w4iteis who have been 'contributors
heretofore, will now be dismissed froMtherir
work. Mr. H is welcome to the ranks.
Mr. Ilolbtook, of the 1. - nneaster Intelligen
cer,lvenotice 1)&3 retired from the control of
that paper, and is siicceiled by 41r. F. G.
Man late editor of the Chambersburg
KrAn exciting debate took place in tafe
Senate on Friday last, in relation to General
/;aines' condocrin - ordering •out -Volunioers
from the South. The has been ordered
to WaShingtom - He was warmly defended
by several members, and it was pretty
strongly intimated that the Administration
was to blame rather than Gen. Caws:. A
resolution . passed sailing for the eorrespon .
_ &ince on the subject,. and also for' hat be.
tween the Seeretaiy of Wat and Gen.Seott"-
Thia : perkespeidenee, said the Hon. J. 111:
elaYien,..Will vindicate Gen. Seoti, and ehon•
him to the country and the world as a brave
/soldier artHrue patriot.
• fltr Our friend Mr. T. H. Criswell has
opened a'lobacco and Segar Store, on Main
street, where he intends to keep a choice
• -variety- for old and young gentlemen -who
patronize'Jhe Southern staple. %Ve happen
c.dto look in and were promptly furnished
with a goodly sized package from one of the
choice brands, which enables us to testify to
o'f' Mr. Webster stated in the debate in
t he Senate on Friday last, that he had taken
some pains to gain information at the propor
sources, and had found that the military ex
penses of the Government since the war with
Meixco had commenced, ,Foro Hardly less
t han half a million dollars per'dayl The Tariff
might to be reduced by all means l/
• ' ote-Rilisoletionis:Of thanks to Gen. Taylor,
' his officers and men, passed, the V. Stains
Anise of Representatives, on Thursday last,
Aiy• a unanimous vote; but every attempt no
increase the pay of the soldiers Prom scorn to
tenilollare pe'prnontli, was voted down—the
..whigs.genorally goibg for, and the locofocos
itainstria increase of their wages.
•!, •If,r:li,SOveral Whig !payers are discussing
. Witrinth the . : rjuestiori Of. , who
ishall be the nail Whig candidato for Gover . -
nor. !lad .our friends belt& tiot'attend to the
,election.oltho Whig-cau s didate for Cantthelim-
rift' '
Th 6- •C.-F
. ,
candidate' ft. 4 o o" . f. I liois,"11116_ no op.
position - ,flis — wlWas -- a - miod-•-rhig,- and as
ohe has tiit€iil4lriglierToWn Freqoh will
jpAlcoAiOoty.'l,3potigli,G9,l7l9r for us.:
Cl.7! , A` ddattgetjve( tire .oqorted in the,
,town of ,Warren,',Ohio r , on the 24 inst. by
.-- = - which the . .whole,beeittese part of : the town
444 teltitiftniiehe • 'L o is estimated nt 5t35;:..
M 9 — le -,,, 'i ~ 4 , ' . • ,' ' '
,0.11 , ', lt!'',', , .' 1 - .'n f't , . '.. "4 .. rt• i -. 1
"0 . i.;,Ti ic9 . *.:(4oc:ri e t o oy Brothe r
'F, , ;, lo n aaiiii. him; h.°, . had e't Kheealer'e ' Price_ ,, .t , . , 4',..;,...,, , ) , 7: , -.•" 4.. +-ti,,r.,•••••••••••r•-•^"...-
‘ ' ..'/2,11 Rome I ,a , vopkre. ',,.., / -- ' ' ' •
fig, 'A , ii; , '"'"!` ' ',`2 .' ' '` art4A , '4'3 ',-, t;`
•IMCite,te."lo44ltB 14° i 0 of 4Pestnt;,'
. - .';i l ).* g ‘'ir°r ' lliijOritt.4 ) :ltegihlef!t,rotl. l it4 , l
;. : 04 . ,0 1fi i Y 4 1# °"1 C -1 7 1 1TI m rii i.. - : .
-*. ftrii.'.*a.4iVecitliAttliti6ll ' 0 (1
0.,„,__......,, , .4,,,.. ,
i!..07.„, Mw c°l v asl l 4 4 ,ela S e 94 ll " , ,-"YORriri'
kiiyepter.fityot-irr , P? i , 11 , .t'''' .ll , 1 ? - t- - 1 -4, ' . : 5 ; '4 s;,
,MitailfP l AakteMPlNlr!9, l
'''Ci;tlso4;Altid iII,NIAPO I I ' l thiAdadaY: niO 4 .:
l i
rlAk= virmrelyttt 4, tt
it7;.dicrtittaYliatAtiged , `P , Year#o.l". 0i0 . 4%-4,4
_ 2 _,„,' _,'.._;,__ll - 2-2.V?: . „•,01 , ,01 , itni‘y51,1' ,, ,, 1, 47
, . ~„.- , c,, , ,„-,• ; , 4.- .: , ' , 'r , - - ~ - -Iv,: “,
',.... • , ~, - .:!: , .,?:',:.,6- , :-s-;.t.,- . 7 , ' :: ` , l„,- , '' ',. '• . 1
''':•---+ '- ` 11.1 ;;;
• , ' • '','. ,•LR .,. . '
. r. ., 1, }': •,,, ;,,,, •:,••:::„,,
' ''• '',' -- '.
,`.c.;, ' ,..., ----- ,4-• .', 44: a 1 -' 2, A '',
_ _ .a, ommeneentenkia:drairing'POavi
Wißbtr something
of he literary repaKto which flier:tit:a to be
invited on tiAftoes s
er ilitoo, , , Nlykare:lo,Vized,
toio r y tha'o,,Ore qic;istSi'iiifiVe'cl4eioq
cilyeke - y4PW4ll:iie :
JtilyElst .47?
:ex , aminap n begine,,SA
July Bth—The Board of Trustees will meet
tat - B — o elizr2l-711.
Chi the same morning at 11 It'elopk, AP;
addtem will be delivered before tl4 - Belles
Lettrea Society, by the Hon. W. IL lllLLteani .
of Alabama.
In the - evening, at 8 O'clock, an address
mill be delivered before tho'Union Philoso
phical Society; by R'.v. Taos. V-..blooaeilate
of this borough.. . .
.. ,
duly 10th—Corrimencornent proper.
The preparations it Will ;be . seen promise
increased attractions, if possible, upon,,toi:
The General Assemblies.
The General Assomblies
New-School.)-of theTresbyterian-church have
been in session in. Philadelphia for the last
few weeks. The slavery question as usual
excited a good deal of likens:don in' both bo
dies. the Old saimi division, it wasdis.
posed of .by resolving that that ,tiody had
hitherto expressed its views upon thstibjilet
of slavery with Sufficient cleurnes's And that
there , was... no necessity fer any •addititinal
'action. TlurpNulsition injule by the New
School Assembly that the two bodies unite in
.eelcbration of the LotcPsSupper, was de•
clined by the Old School Assembly. '
In the Now School Assembly the slavery
ipirstron.was disposed or toy the adoption !.if
a declaration upon the subject, by a vote. of
9' to 27. This document declares that sla
very i; an o%il, and urges the churches and
mcinbc,rs to do all in their power to retrieve
it. At the same thee it lAN that the gen
eral assembly has neither legislative norlu
dical authority to institute tests of Christian
character, not warranted by thellitile or the'
standard of the church, and leave:4llle matter
to the intcriorpolicatories, to do whatever. is
.right and 00m-litulional—untter the eirCUirl
' stances, subject to the general assembly for
review and control. The diseussion of this
dispaSsionate manner, although nearly
one hundred and filly speeches were made.
The next meeting of the New Scheel Assent
bly Will he held in Cincinnati, on the third
Tuesday in May, 1847. That of the pld
School in RiehmonA-Va,
THE OLD VOLUHTIiERS.---WO givd below
the muster-roll -of the old Troop of Horse.
commanded by Capt. Ego. It was known
ns one of the finest companies in this section
oldie State, and' in 1844 announced to ti n '
governmdlit its readiness to..4)meced to the
seat of war. -
Captain—GEOßGE EGE. • .•
First brut etiani—lss tc 13: PARKER.
Priv/rte . 's—Geo. Metzger, James Munihon,
Renjamin Stiles, Thomas Carotherei, John
Carothers, John Gracey, John P. Carson.
John Anderson, Samuel Irvine, John Bloan .
John D. Mahon. Richard Craighead. Georgrt
Craighead, William Craighead, Thos. Craig
head, Leonetti Wise, Henry Wise, Jacob
"Duey, see. Jacob bue*jr. George Baker..
AtidroveMallp, ,- Tho'rens' %VeakleJ, 'JaMes
Wee*ley - , Seri., - William' Weakley, Isaac
Weakley, James Wea.kl4, jun'r. Ilenkun in
Peffer, John Peffer, Simeon Smith, James
Elliott, Andrew Elliott, William Logan,
Rayne, James Martin, Joseph Briggs : David
Briggs, John A. Cooper, William C. Cham
bers, Joseph Miller, Mordecai McKinney,
Thomas Hagan, William Miller, John Moore,
Richard IL Lee, John Loudon, James Bell,
Peter 13. Smith, Joseph Jones, Michael Ego,
_Stewart Rowan. Barnhart Hagan, Frederick
Albright, Samuel Porterfield, Hugh Reed,
Robert Galbreath, George Houk, George D.
- Meek; - Ephraim M. Blaine,
.Mathew Armor; Abraham William's, Wm.
Clarke, Stephen Duncan, Henry Burkholder,
Mathew Laird, Daniel Sullivan, James Mc-
Cloud. John Srmnsler, Henry Acme, Engle
hart Rhebm. Afoses Eby, _ .
'NEW IlAmpsuutg.—Aiz's WEILL I--The
Whigs and Democratic Independents in the
State of New Hampshire are realizing The
warmest: anticipations of their friends .else
where. There is no doubt; uoti•, that a Whig
Senator in Congress will, for the first time for
twelve years, represent New Hampshire.—
The six vacancies in the State Senate have
been' filled up . by Whigs and Independents
and theStateSanate now stands 8 Whig and
andindependent to'4 Loco Toros. Our ma
jority in the House is clear, as Will bo acen
by the report elsewhere.
Gen. Anthony Colby %via l e olecied Gov
ernor, and John P. Dale, Senate!. as Congress,
for six.years ensuing, and probably for the
unexpired term of lion. Levi Woodbury;
vice Jenness, who is holding pro tepo ; iy .ap
peiiitment' of the Governor. After . tbiei the.
State will be Districted for Dlembere , 6lCini.;?
grass, her 'portion. of the U. 'Fund
accepted, &c. ;SO.
N. B. Gon : Colby has since . been-doeted,
Governor ljuzza! for New -llartifishire
(0 -- Tha --- Eilit - iliti - litsited States Ga
zette., tells the whole truth with-respect `to-ecittaili-tfa-ribttiaMictrtnrTtelloWing:
G,ENERA.I first nen% that we
had from tlit.A.rmy of.OneupatfunTinlits - con;
test with the Mex ichns,Aval unfavOible, fo
the ainth‘of euveountry '..andildetMted a total .
wantiifyirepaiiition. TheadMinistration_wai.,
sensible of this.fault,:and begap,throtighliiii.
arGnion,','. heap censitie, wen , .penetat
Taylor,' ...egainet, whom: insinuations, ;were
cast, and strolig:charg94'9CPeirlect, neOretlian •
hinted; But; at.:length
,more, important thousand-men'
are 'called into;the,:field;.alti minions _of dol
Tits are to be ; ep2itt, _in ponqppring,thejne.-,1
.. ,- , -,. ~.. ~Tivne..,.....1 , ~,.....;.p.,.- ,„i: cc, - Tr i..- , f ; c . „
,-, r ,
•The,maA;who'did 'net"Preiide 4ellfi; life: E PP, t° 4 8 i 5 :i_ t qui . of 4g-f i° di,be:e4 ll . s ,°',lhdli . t.ake ' 1 1 . 1 , 9 P51...P,Pt t ,r„ ,f,d,,:t191,,,F.4‘ ~,,,11',.1.'''et .r`,,,1. 4 ,-°Y,411q41,1
:gut of; too cifculatio, . nlesa and xoc., offOtoigltllotokifpfintlMeen..etKiPlztheelerl
army: of two, thOusarol j pauddefilV h ooo m co
gor.ft, , anit- why T-not bee-oust:1111 has evinced illie,' h umors 'which, are the eflat , .net only latingle.adoo.,orihealoloaiolo -f ' f..-'/ - '
Pnkluaw,lalitut --k - . -- :raylin was always great,. 11107 bIllett,,IC 0 . 1 1 1 , 0 , 1 _Pr, t a _ l sl,T,l_L -741 :,,J? °_' ! . : 1.; J: - ,:f . . ' ,' 'k 4, , 'l,:. tKiiitt :v.
'alivaYlt ( ~, r Ouglil and, ready!"—biit the loading, every : Mauta rti lle mPPlP?;urn,"' ' z ) r u.' lll fire'? ; (.;;rho
,I,Opet•'!crhlinf been Iniejeg - adegnerfe,e,
'effgly,t)lontianti men ' , vvell'anatalned „with toil, 1°,74:, of
, eeR L OAii -r- v,?..„gf.,1 8 24 1 ° 1 1 ,4_, , ft',, Wtei7 typo Samtfi'plitonpa',„of ithe„-dielegates,i who
Inehenti At'dolltin(lmight GeneraiScott nx. night en - g ol ,eg . t p,,,yili - ..,,. will
„ _.'14,, al l cas es •
Tin' , ,,, , fiita c i;i'“ir n i t tiF2-40 i ii i -eor iii - -4 ii. I- - . -- n nr ,.7
•'}iliciwerlutio,,ftr*norag_atai4inif the A iw a ,
...giyeAriunediatT,FF,Pekftii ,ti, immeiTtimpw i: - ii --- t .... ~,,v . - z: '-i ~.,, ~ , , ,m,,,, , 7 ,4,, -.4 ”„
tion'or-.COrnmitlllieriii:gliioior ojeAkfniy, and. fiinilis*AO'nelii o assuredly ,i'lt,qsl)ol'll:,ticid,ir nosed h . ~1 15` niltntltt41 167 :'and 31 ° 44 " 4 9211N°
Dlav y . •: ve ! en eet - ge3 o °.4 thelreffolkanoWed, ,ten state 14 1 1 6 0#4))6,401th.,,.,,' ~• , ".,;., ~i...,,,, ; &turf! he, ,heetn_inee , ,kti` a. ,,, ,b ,' f., , ,
to w ou PY l h 4.o 4P9,lAmtalbreaup49lFiiri t ie-, , ~The: o nly _s ep urit Y 9oo l 6 f , i 4t#l , l9ll,l 4 4 IP. • „i,c,,-.4 ,:,, it' - t , ;/:i, - .; • - • r '.,,,:,,:, , i11 4 .,, ,p,‘,... , ) " , z
04 (kgm-..venjurtm ReV,rliesheit , -,, , ,,,t , -1,44 AT'. ';014. 011 *.gtir°lP-P9,.PCOPONotiv,,gan.,shpw, LlWtheqstil*Net:lt'zfell•VehtietUto*ilsa
i? 1, 4.4'' ::`,,„ 1 :% ,. ..„...,. 4'2- : ii..,,,, , . -, -rw* 4,r1:4 , .i.i. L -it' .14 $R comf Agengi oral 'R l PSlF 9 emitql, Abe consiiotik'outh6si 'ikAlbany
i ,,1 . 1r..,..1T 9 7:e-te. 13,4, ~ ,.9.49'Preq V;1t,),%ft.141t k l pop 4'. fp,po,!oo.):lo 9 ,..aßage aA - 4_ l *P *- ~ 44,--2:•... ,' 4, ..- 4. --,lik4* -;-tiro ' -- .- '... -, .
0 1
. . . 41, 4 :Limmuww , t ! co- i i i t it4 4 . 4 9tdeiT - pgt&TiFNutfittar,,,if f t&r , ,,,,,,„ap,R4ii, yripari.. , ,,. R,411913 , ,71 , , , ,: ra i....1:, - ; 4,,, 1) , , ,
..,_ ,
''. c.„1,!i , #,,,,,, n e fli l t :Pi el tfil4herk.titet* cannot , Melti , iia tlfiNtinAo llc` , ..chitniinillomic ~:.%`iii t 4 iiiiii '4,ofi'46 -,- A - I`•‘4'4itli c ittlileiiii
*k e *,),L 4 :s 7l .l ol . ol6 4)fiat•#l l ot,iiioiii'tiiiii 7 't# o o 1 1 . t V,ZAW i *)o, , i ' vA' 4,o ele- 40 , -` ok:' i'e . ' - ' - "rliiiik; ' ' ' ' • t ile' ,'. titlita -' iff `
! '`o Nen'tpo faitO 4;iii"" ' ' '.” ,'''*,;::' ,. .zri-nrl - ;4 ':!'' , 11 .0 .„f 4 V A T.V.,a,,,,,,, , L i ,. ' c1.L41,414 1 ,fg . i lve fl i 1 0 11 ,,,,,,,,„ f1,14V,,,q, tv ,ri., , , -. ► /L, ~.
„,,, 4 It 4 r ~'' ~', W.; 4 , , , ' ' .- i '' e4 4 ) 7 . f#l ‘' '' ' ' \'*;l '' ' 4 44 : fT I : 4 -1"4y"r1 T*p I gi v, W I N I VAIR 4I . 4I 4I , *. Yil 9 "M. t l i i 11 3,.. -1.4AY:.11t A 9:? t- 4A-AT, IL ri
A 0 I
ffit ' 1 'fi''''' 2 ' 3P- A: , .'7Cr",e,1 0 .1":: 0 ,1
~, ~,,* elt',4 : -'it',•=o.ltt34N4tfitn , ,,-:).tsili r '', opttel:t9.llli./-.„ :: , ; , ,:,:.),,, , ,iSp, Ir. - ,644iiiivv.i, Y'''S.' l ' , l : 4 ,t l 4.
zgAire', - ,'-; -• 4 "'''' '',' ,'''''' 'A' .; 1,07 , • . ,4,, , ,, , i''';' ' ' .5,Y : ; ''‘' `fie: ''' i; ,1 : ' 1 ,,,,; , '=;2..L. , 4 , ' . ..:1A''T.v, , L'i•''',' --, ;74M.'4'f'gv.1 7 .;''1 , ,, l , '''.::' ~ ~ .'
''.',..t' ~"1 4 4.,; ''', 'l-',.. , '' - A'4.2-L',7f: ~, ' • ~',,,,,,-. 4 ‘ ,'„'),.-, 02,43.(.,: ~,„, , .',.),..• . ,:-‘,., ,:.: ~, -', ' . , ,
-' , 4h 7 - , - , `047, , :::' r g -.141,4".. , ..., .... , • ~ , , .. ~. -. ,
145 , 7r c 1a;:f
;•TheAFW:iteA;Eitpieitti . thett.'",xe . t . S. 0., he,
11 - t4wLi....0-o,,i'iiffiki:pmo.,,l4":9lif..l..
fa ~. foul f 4 i}iiikt . .:pilliioticlimiu r :in
#1,1y,A , 4 ) ... i r ne4 aye still.•disptisted)tt ,
ife l f o 7 .11 4. ."(4, , ..,•'.lnisupporting . a7Sfer f ei
4 .i,k
~..,„.,o„,,,i 7 e,stipport'erthe . 'lo,., o #
kiiii36K-41iikeountry. The highest IticpUrsete
' . ,kati . fk l ill4 4 ti " arid , Patridetsm, Prciert - Pils4o3'
to'act, , hnit thcfjust discrimination: , ,the - Whik
. 44rty....tritikee_in ; rstanding,- - ,-14.--their-ceituttn .
3v hire they. are_condemning-the- adm in iette-'
•tioh:lif?dWatiViteltraiiV'tlitriltitiefirateir'thei ~..
net er'rtiefere-seen- sorrnany-teasolioo• he,'
Prond,Of our party—for,„it shows itpslf "ebqva
eh P'iqlispirit, and personal vieWstit24 ex : :
Wee' 'a r ilVl 7 iiiiiiliFf6ltiV"Wii'iiiiriliqt a -li s .ak
abova , „ kitimbintitione. , s t..:•t)V,het .more
beautifur'exlibition can "thitVlitt'ef_a Paity, ,
and of party,Mon, than •such. groat teeth as
these-...thaftheleadet of out army in„Mexioe
is an anti hilnasatioh Whig—:that such Whim',
as. ES,Goyernor Jones 'of
olu 'Ten'neesee,.: hj.e,
Captain. of vnteersi,ani.l thittAtenhieltY,' ,
which gave the largest: anti.Taxa:47tiittleyhy:l
- Moat .readily .„ fernished the:di : 4o , 4 lain=
bar of toluhteersi . If
. a party that can, and 1
does make aderifices as these lathe country,
is. not .a" patriotic p_arty,_and_a_party 7 to_b*,•
trusted,. we do hot know. where such a party'
is to he found: While, however, these FEic
rifice; are Made to.itur country, we abate not
one jot nor tittle of our hostility to the mode
and manner of aupexing_Texas, to the jity.a
nion of the. Alekican state of Tamaulipas:
without an art of Congress, or to 'the !ash.•
rink of a low Itutictiedi'hien there Without the
means of reitifincement and support.--= f---
. The Whigs are not spoulers, frOth-makers,
declaimers, rampant orators, such as are the
54 40 men, and alt that clan and.,schoel
of mock patriots; but when . any 'hard fight
tug is to be done for their country, when
men and money are wanted in the battle
field, they are there—not spouting, but acting.
Important from Witco!
An arrival from Vera Cruz; bringing papers
from the city - of Mexico' -up to- the bith - of
111 : ity, gives the important intelligence that
the port of Vera glitz had been blockaded by
the 17. S. Vessels Falmouth and - Mississippi.
-Or+leus--hatr beerr - rreebmil f om 0
Mexico directing all Americans to leave Vera
Cruz by- the 25th of May. 111. r. Diamond the
eonsurw - as preparing to go on bodrd one-of
the C. S. vespels of war. The Government
of MexieNasmaking every effort to.earry
out the war4ith.suecessi. and has.succeeded
by tsom e-yery strong measures in . repleitish 7
in:: the treasury._ The castle of :Sarfituto de
I.:Hott and Vent Crux are'in it stem! Alaw of
defence. and will ro , quir'e a , IronLf tome if an
. 1". inediiiitv,!.
The lii;zate Missh.sippi had hreught _tlte
news Of ille..baules_ol-the 8:h fliire
teas -lateen to keep it how the. AleNicaus ; but
NV:lei Thought the fact of their defeat had
leaked but. One ill the Mexicans dospalch
es, -speak inu ()I' the V. Annoy:says "it is
not, more than 4 ; 000 rtrong and is in :a-mate
of dentoralizatior. If we 1 are no local revo
lution lid , Ameltean artily will hither be
defeated on capitulate' within twenty days -
They know better now, probably.! '
The Independence of-Yucatan.
The New York Sun has received late and
important arlvices froin Yucatan, The old
Legislature (Assembly) has been dissolved,)
and a new and extraordinary Congress was
in session. It was opened 'with the greatest
solemnity by Miguel Barbadian°, who was
appointed Governor ng.interim• by the As
sembly, and hts since been elected Governor
of Yucatan by the Congress. The names of
the' other Government officers are also gi'ien.
.The-first oppration of lite new eongrosis Was
- to settle the question of independence. This
being done, they proceeded •to the manage
ment and ntrungement.of all the other mat:
tors necessaryto the establishment of a new
.a-ver-inuer . ve - teen I
appointed on ti secret foreign_ mission, via
Me United Stalest Although the Goternrnenr
did' not openly decßire. fled these offieere .
were to visit Witshirigt, p for:the,pnriteite ; or
inquiring into the, steps, necessary to procure ,
nnexation, yet- this was , well known to be
the object: This slop has found great, avor
with the people, and , although the mission
was via the the United States to some other
country, yet it was well understood._
Cc:7- The Pennsylvania Reporter (paver;
nor Shank's organ at 7 - liirri.sberg;)-yeads'ilie.
dog law to, Otos° dernedats.. 3 1;111 : 1 ,4yejpcle.'
pendonce enotigh k, to condemn., the sneaking::
manner in which Foster was nominated fee,:
Canal•Cotiinahisiorier, atter'ihia
',We hear'or.p Miserable : grumhlekg' i ;l
who' themselves demoorats,,talkin4 •of
opprifilmn the election . pl R: ,
They, ,an_inotitly,eo/11Piiiit:r9r. disappointed'
offico seekers;and fellow ,who haye :been:
pletideting and riabing', - thiii §ixte,for years.-;- ,
`We,lregard theM,as - , utterly, oboikrriptifire
vp , llll*---syinpatlike . erti, wltlf
eoe , r.prbfeisionst, legielative - i?Oreio fellows
: who would lie ori'abOliale iobeppn,der,thiii
bed=• tcrirnek e = . - themselver itnesses. -
; Some
'llloll,,lepowp...,defollere r ie tha..oeyerwo,
rheto... , The' sooner.' eieritures, A.
to the eaerey:thTi better: :Vhei r aemoaratio •
party, will : be, rid of v,rw
'lherr!, i Thejr.
pres9n4j#,* ~,ktptlesi:-.oit4;6f--a ll
;7 -
er ip0'bt04 . , 034,,0fi
at - e olume
•- ful'od Jo eve efroi - ing; ' ,,iic:,i?`c.b..a,,. apfilkiriti
ocrheise'iiirhicfi,terriiießtp,h4,,thii:AungtrAi t ho
spittin 4 106 E 1 , 1, P t lf lui n.O t i o P..i 414 o th er
dreadfdl,cooo,o9o.; yViigt)t's t
"efahle:lllJAAre,periahl. - je'pltr,atY:y. ledjatF
* t "qe n ;:* l: ,S4*,t, l ,9 l. eltiAit:/!/**:2o4!Tatlii .
i l. ,l,iie , 2 . sl tlli:iPk.°,l 6 *l l l. o 4 . *L7liil arid'
10111 „,4510 , 1 9,0n 5 ,41p4
jtAW-it s o,lPS4l•l 4s 3liiibil.pOitit#oo.434. l
.ctottie`rit anjt,cioninistactionl expiana
ifOO rendei die following, from the To;
iOi . calf teaders,;' , .l ,
7tafbiiiintil otanci'e gi patio ; ; ill tatrarid t , b( ;
'r., , f4htt.itectpleOt . '„Notßievo:lwaS.eAlAtted
Iditinight;at,ilkier"ppranit,eitchlingo iA rame.
ilce,mekinif7tolietnor, (Mit,
(orfiad a9jen rn 00: ',One . colijlays,aiipo!trod.
abdit - Ithe - littitforiti;and - tnirited fd attention
, stielkpiat paper s . from 'which, said-he; I. in-'
ittintittz prove that... Major General Scottis.o
ffloward,4 7 4he words had searcely dropped.
fretolla iigs„liefore out-burst.of. indigos
lion the'yast - riteeting, aid 130', terri
ble - 3 and .itverpowering. had .it:..become !in 'a
taw . Ininittes, ;hat the speaker, was :silenced,
.platfortin. : ',.. Major
then-atid ressstr-the-meeting-in-defence oft-the
keidia.nt anckbrave , ,ScotWl- -
Nevthe ; Orlean s
Mobilp . OvOrtiset,speakh 01 . qayslis being
of thofip/kregimentlifLvolu
feers,?_Eind thus describes his , ejection.from
the meeting: ' •
• a .
ThiS worthy was taken front the. platform
and•thruSt. our of the .Itouie. and btu for the
timely interposition - of our fiiends Bullitt add
Lumaden of the - PiCayune, and other gentle
meri,.the vile shindeter of the gallant Seen
would, Mayo fared' badry , in his persOri. The
-valian Colonel '- wasl carried for safety to, a
neighboring house,' where Maurice Hurrey,
Esq...niet im, and. pronnonCed a -liar,
and-threatened to strip him' Of his military
apparel—a threat which - he' would have:ex
ecuted, but his. friends_entreated him to de
sist.' t have the • pleasure of stating. that
GenTGaines condemns, in the most unmeas
orcd-terms, the conduct of this misguided
man, and expresses - his profound mortifica
tion-and indignation at his course. The
Pic'ayune' and, - Tropic contain. hissing and
blistering notices of this affair.. 1 honor the
people" of the Cresent City for the honest
outpouripg of their' indignation on this occa
sion, and rejoice exceedingly' that Violence
. .
tion to adjourn the present session of eon
in the Senate, on the ground that no action had
been, Us yet, taken On the Twig, upon which'
i que'stion_this Congress (i. e. the Democratic
portion'ilf ii) is pledged to the country. The
Washington Union', catching up the war cry , I
of theitutidal portion of the Denim'. rges
upon-Congress-the•unconstitntionali y attic
TariffOf 1842, and the necessity at e friends
i r
•orthe -- ''Arlminislration making the present a -
Ifit time i 6 abrogate that system, and esiablish
I another;; : -It would appear, that whether. at
peace,' or involved in war—whether ender
,4 light eilienditures, or npon the eve of accu
mulating a-heavy national debt, the radical
portion'of the friends of Mr. Polk are bent
upon aAectiction of thenqiff. At a crisis
in whieft a gretly increased revenue is nee
ded, thwre eager to ditniniSh ;he.. present
once, ..,1f Dom: with the Tariff!" isThe cry.
cost whitjt may. "It IA one of the political
contiiiegi"Art , t ,, ;....- —, • • •
ago, acid ito.. ye,: it NV , St),ays,:Ddr.
Polk's orb •
Rep'braid() Illassacros in Texas.
We copy the following from the New Or
leans C9arier ;--A. letter from San Antonio do
Bexar;gives deplorable accounts of murders
and robberies comtnitted upon the people in
habiting. the western frontier. of .*eios, by
the Comanches and Lipans,__,Most.,of
able bodied men -of the colonies . ..6l NeW.
Bramfela, Castroville and Lake CMani hat,ing
joined the army under..-Gen. Taylor, the sac
ages profiting by then absence, threw them
selves- upon the old anon, women and'ehil
dren, .bUrtit the hritra . es, the crops of corn,
mutilated the dead bodies, violated the
women, and carried oil a number of children
-into slaver
The Commercial Association of German
Princes *hotudertook to col - collie-the Mouti
tains' et. lite; Sail' Se !Mee not been sue
,eossful in 'thuirp,itmp.. - . • TiteY.l.tlireetetilkcon7,
yoy: of..Oneliontirtid *opus 'on therroute
Ate savages.: The German emigrants; allet
fighting ; desperately, were overwhelmed by ,
numbers and obliged to retreat, leaving be,:
hind great narnbev. of kllled and .
savages.. The
wagons contained the .whole fortunes of-the
emigrants: • ' - ' "
- -clhe people say that two' companies ought
10 be despatchad yrithout, delay /9 pursuit of
these eavagespif exigencies of the ser;•
vidp.iyilh,ii . dnifff;fire'tflisetice of such a force
- nitikeilieir'''tiPlceranci3;' the savrigeti . 'wiJEffy '
tefore , thern-44::wilt afterwards return nod'
commit A r atrOf body of sol
i4he.irepreyideeeeef Aye =lioadesm t)f these
:eolettOts has , l
. 3heoteic i iiioverbiall! ;' They -hre
rnefeWof • 1-* f
, :.Grenerallyi the emigrants taTe:l?r ht oybr
'ter their ,
tIP'.OIPOt s h av '
.4. 4 91
t f:44yezniSo.l*ALl4li'lliesg
, 4 Ss.
c o
•Puffirtunate.emigrante lied er
ttrulheyi were lheigret
cell etiheirj:edb . tt&teeti6trs , ‘` ll, he
~~:.~-' ...:trf ~_
st ✓:. -
36116".'34 . 7
liguati4 to Gen. Sco tt ;';.:
took 'occasion, more than ' lontli since,
to 'Mention the ,fonislpirly GeritfOLS,dittAlfia
receivinftat the bajiliirpfthe AdriiiniSfratiort
but t frijippoied fojil
be confined to the u ltiident Syl,?,telary,
of War. , •This'llostill hp*e . 9liir- hug inow.,
entered Congresicl. s ot itherftlre.',l-I;tusq..4L.
limpresentatives, where M. Bcfyd;OflCerade.
ItYi_lies_introducell_awarriendment-that. -them,
ehalLbe but one'Major General allerlbe,wer
and that the officer retained shall be Select ,
toitherted!iy .
Criss iorriiniasi6ii~ .-+. Tliid 'prevailed.
by-thwohises,Vote of '..133. to :78=s-the .
• Smelly° vole being from the - Adifirnistration
side of the'chamber. :',,The next amendment
offered. lelectelr,„9,eneral,Secitt„..was,to„ limil
theoffiCers not ittnallFengaged in. be war
to six rations a
..clayr," - s oruttlds-waS rejected by_
a vote of 73 t0:73. Thir'next amendment
-was a limitation of eight rations n day to. of
(Beers, whethertheactii.ri service of the
camp or elsewhere.`` "
The majority of - dui House seein to enter
with much, spirt into the petty, war upon
General Scott.•- Whylf , would not be 'easy
to say i except 'that a, recent.' COrrespondence
the Secretary of • War,.and General Scott, in
which the latter haS done no more than justly
to maintain Ins righbvregardidil'of fear or
lame time ailice — the 'PreSident and Mr."
Marcy had a flee : con sultation together, in
r k .
'regard to the army the frontier of Mexico.
It was then .vide tood • that General Scott
should take comm a d- of the army, that new
trczoes weirs to be . ca led into the public ser
vice, and that Mexie was Co be invaded.—:
General Scott, it was, understood, and agreed,
should take command of the increased - forces
on the frontier, - and had the invasion. With
this understanding ho left the Eiecutiveand
'rri title 'preParation silialaritaiheyr6Teil alien
himself as Major Gerterul of the army- or the
increase and concentration of the for es.
It was at this time that the pub it: was
( ..1
hailing. With some degree of satisfaction,the
.rumor that. General Scott Was to take com
mand of the army; and it was at the same
moment, also, that_some of Mr. Polk's fi lends
: Congress remonstrated against the change
of command rand it was about "the sa-r,e
ti me , also, that estimations- were tlirown out
of a bill to create two new 'offioers of the
same rank with General Scott. The.liill lf , ,
that to day before the Ilduse, the sumo w hicit
passed'ihe Senate last week, and which, in
-a few days, will 'probably become a lii\- r of
the land. _ .
General Scott, in the mean thee: U-as de
sired to take command of the little army.
which has been under time honorable unit
successful command of Generid Taylor for
more than a year past. Ile remonstrated with
-the-Executive,-and-declared that 'tartlet the
circumstances of Genbral Taylor's entire such
eels, his great. worth as a man, his bravery
and skill as an officer., it would be very on
' just for him to dO so. Ile desired that all the
laurels which bad attended the 'Movements
of the army proper shad - lie given, as they
belonged, to the officer now in command.-
-At the sane time he desired; and now de.
inands as his right, the command of_the „yet
rinteer force ordered by Congress, . The. bad
treatment received from the administration
he has mit& the subject of , complaint in a
letter to' the Pi esident tt-rough the head De
part Mel 'That letter - was - som e properly - 4
Pungency, as it embodied eomplaints aud
gave particulars. It has been answered, I
learn, from one who
,knows. with attempted
point and severity by Iklr. I.4arcy, and that
answerhas - culledierth . a rejoinder from Gen.
Scott, to which, as far us 1 can learn; no
_answer has been received. The policy •of
the Executive and his adsiseF appears to have.
been to order Genend Spelt to the frontiers
to frlie - coMmatia df Generlil Taylor's forties
Wilertiikll9,l l l9-44). Q.i l M4.o , :he•RM lll l:4a,le no,
ItWit . reloa c iy,ht fifitiTiiiitfik) . for 'there
was ne enemy M fighealler the . 4io'rrande
had been crossed. General Scott knew that
it would take,from two to three months to
concentrate the invading force, upon the kee
-1 tier. All this time he would lie idle. and all
this time his personal and political enemies
would point the finger of their petty scorn at
_him, asking all the time "why General Scott
was placed in cot - emend and General Taylor
superseded r' The attempt was ti very skit- -
ful ono to kill off General Scott, either physi
cally, by a sudden transfer to the southern
frontier, in the heat of 'summer, or practically,
by making him odious. before the people.—
The attempt was menu, pitiful and conternpt
ible.„—u scheMe that must Make &cry bond.
ruble - man attached to the administration blush
for the schemers, who would at a moment
hike the present lay their snares to decoy and
destroy one of the oldest and bravest of the
officers-of- t
wounds upon his person, and who has, done
the country good service, both in the council
. -
and in •
General Scott, as I have said, now demands
as his.ijght, as the.senior officer in the army,
'id be
.liiheMliedddiddidd of did vohinitoer
forces:' , - What head Ihe''Ekeothibe - Will Mice
or -, this liettitin'd •Is'n of Tor nitVici" fifty; rs
DOE . TO . UatiatiAt6cWit."-..1,116 - iiitO is
nfivaded . , he asks tolead
• Ilie2aftqfilirotigh
'Mexico, Mid • the - only- oth or reipiest, he has,
elieCynade of the Executiveis.' that - if a More
powerful. eneniy invadelhe eo . untry . , he 'may •
he .perniitted to meet that enemy instead of
the 'weaker foe. " • - •
With sfiCh intentionwt6"Serve country.
General Scott has. been - bath wionged 4 and
slanderedV . 1 - 116...Qoverntbent may be strong
EhOugh•• 16.hrettlefrtiewn a brace 'lrian and a.
faithful officer, bitit wilirepebt it§ nialiee in
-the ihdig,ntition of people always rrytidi , to .
• take up , the ' cause_ of the Opreeie'd. ' • If
Martin Van Buren was n?atle•Pfesidant, be
-cause; for good' reirsoita i tlfd!'Sentite ‘Vould.
• notqatify his tiatinaticiii. as Mialstefla Ei
land ; Scott 'called:l6'th°
sarne 3 Office;•'when,
.for - go"gecid . reason, be
•hak received wrongat-the 'hands Of the. doib
• L•-"- - •• E,
• . •
- West.
..lrook,,of 41#. Watiooner k,, 4Etro,wootlrived
attCharlbaion 410 lot'-alf.yfronalavatiair,
• Voy..'enik,`ilid - '`ai:riefi- 1 4:11tiv,itria,. tuldcr
'Erlttiih cold Vsi•- 's -tbe24l
~. .. -,,i,Yin
in .
~.., -,-,r lo n e, asi .. -
- 1
-I'VE tr t'' 59 Void just!y
...neigt.Y.--4° ,-,iirytiiinid.lf, P-,0-jaif'inti.
..... , ' ,avver' tP!'eir 1 - ciiiiitliii:' ,1?,., ''..-, ~. .
Your-P d„retddikyfi ,Px;... - ramiuut, ~., .„, ,
celokrayl .16,iiityLuug:,-0-,•-•cu'oiiiir,••• ! `
ViiiiiilP°c ~a 040:1,t1tin9,!,.,,',.'; .
:- iwrAn `,lliii , l4:. t - ~--:-. - -iittehte).ii'erih
fethi,:figo'g,-C,9 k:..7.',i!. ';:'::".7...'''--‘t
'.'l7e,*.tiA9vig'it,',Oig- lq r ".o, 9 ,lfi t ed . 1 , 11 A;
liiii! ighiti4;:..),,. efftk4r.,4.; voi,iviivieilt:f:
~•,,,:lhotuly e
ner,f ortotikfcC •iiiiidliiii:,*-..
r..or'lloXll.),lo.7la iiity, - ..' ,4llll e.Vitt,r nlui•*tiirs*
r ihed 4'o" ~: irie,. - -.. , ; fifie : ', all '1 0.--"""fietiekt:4-
,, ~,-4„,,..40,04,84Y,T7,r„.• ••-..- „.
,i4dir Nous ; , 11, -..... - .4......,-*...:,-g.i'; 1
'44411-t-4:,,eiviiilit4LY' ,1,H,f4:-'ilriia..Cll47 ~,',l'
• vs- ~ . e,..,i1t,„,ii: „. li ~.,f4E I,ilt,
-IVrsta6 "
" ." Illitbpt,,pp .. ‘4ll4oti
•' Prl,-,id VlifprotlPTl,tr- jirrinikl , ii l.
• Ana Wee° 4 • fit:ntilid--OPO ,Pe-.• -ifuliet=l.• n'
a6ii,,,..poitf, ,caijiaiiidto Agee ,•yitkotvell ,
Aitiiiio,gig:' ~4.,4'" 'lnilZitiieili.l t.'!lijakkitillif.
tjui2sliYg.:C4l.7lritaiYil Y 4 . <l,- e i n i bAt ielli i iii:..'
gni. tcilio::!qi iinirr''
rauziguillk.'Et9.,,,;io,4l.luu.#. l •• , y - t . g .
vi0101,::91tr14,. Y-4;,!: .! 7 •7.i..,..- ~ , • t•..•., . *F .
iii:.:.,. -7:; -, • ,iiii,00,4;;t4,00,i,..
7Twi-ithilloi-G.„.•twizult':',9.74l-..v,?/.,.1,,:i f.'l`V.
-ti5,4z4„,..1,,-,' ‘,.l.:,,iri•ki•iobloaup,‘,Y,
':g4t:ii4jcp.,!..'„v;.ickiiivAittAltz9l,, -itikti..t.÷t,:ii,
~i,N.olilf.flt, k.jriiß;l)ir'4,4'S.,,:.• ~,,*...-'.0,-;'
440*' 4Ab b ..'!'' ' o, vk x4 rrIk . ; ,, :iro4 , v..g iv. , i ,', ,
'Ov''"l"' ''',.44:ei:.t ik- ' ,4 M`f: ,, .....;,,; 4
,-,f-.....,,,,,,,,h.,411.1,011 .c.i,...,. ,- ,--, -- -..:',•:,
J.04,,:*,,,•-r•,,,, ~.:-,, . , •,- -..: .
•,;•••:.;,:;;:;,,f,;.,:t.'40 '' : - • '
. . ,
' . •
Matti orals : fia en without Opoeitlon.
sy; hq,arrty4ofthe, steamship telegraph
at lei u~DZ,gan, ptii tre 26t - *Nilitfib:
vices m-GtifiS 'aylor anAthe Atanyto the,
:1:90 - 411 Bra4Santiago the - The,
*oho - 1)1 \ m Talle.n'''wkll s ifit tOsisfatte e.
ef-Pale , A.lto-ruin-ltesaea-d'ele Palma
seem to liave.endettthweampaign, and the
mnemt-has-flettio terror and (Harney • hefore,
of . out
. GAixteretl, May 22-7 P.ll.
The stearnahili:Telegiaphslias just . arrictit
from Point Isabel. Through the politenegi
of her obliging.elerk,*e,ltap,been,fornish t .
itiforthattoiri -- . •
. On the alternemet tini4l,i)iliist, a detach ,
mein of 300•regiffrifinfid,b0 volunteers pro-.
Ceeded to,Barita and took poaeaXionTof•it, and
eitsiblighed milllary 'depot. '• ."
-Subsequently we find that Ohl the;lihtlitof
the 19th arrivadfronitefriT::stivr
Ling that he •- haderasbedllte'Rio'Grande and
tak en the city
FLED THE •.; "
selling their ranks in brittltllions",•*'.Y •
Two American regimeut.S, with the excep-'
lion_ht-about-350,AlaVing--xnerelied-'a- few
days previous, werestationed atßrazos
awaiting the . orders, of. Oen. T.,- and ii:was
thought they:would leave on the 20th for
MritaniortiSi - via. ;the old Barite - road:!: Col. I
Mclntosh, Capt. Page, and lathe ethers that
were Wounded in the action 'Ol-the Bth and
9th are-at Mitt Isabel, an,sl:aVe,recovering.
Capt. Auld, of Thetelegiaph, who hds had
opportunities .toe.correct information i - has
given us some interesting paha - 1114ra in rela
tion to 'our army operations which haVe•
now scarcely time to allude to. •• •, •
Copt thinks the' whole nitniii,er of our
killed and wounded must amount `to more
than 300. Besides the wounded taken to St.
Joseph's there are-now about 40 at Point [sa
-1 bel,. too badly wounded to be romoveH—all
i but three, it is thought, will recover. There
. are three Mexican prisoners having but one.
leg between them all. After -being . shot in
the atm - Col. IsleintoAr received a bayonet
wound in the mouth, which passed through
one side of his head.. There, tire hopes of
his,rocevery. - The condition of the esteemed
Cn pt. Nem it Melanchoiy indeed. 'The whole
of his lower jaw, With a part of his tongue,
and palate, is shot away by a g-ape shot.
Ile nowt% er survives, though entirely in
!on f,ahlr •of ' , porch. Ile communicates his
tlatitglits by writing on a smite, and receives
tit2llieee§sary nutriment for - tire support of
o ith much difficulty. He does not de
sire to live; but converses with cheerfulness
rirrd , exoltatinn, wreathe suheess of our arms.
. All our accounts represent, the MeXieans
as haying fought on the Bth and' 9th'with a
courage and desperinion that would have re
fleeted upon the troops of any nation.
Pticty , were nearly in a state of starvation:
and had been promised the artple supplies
of.-the American -camp, in caae , they, would
secure:Ow -victory:. They--met the. charges
of our troops manfully, anrlstoodllie destine.:
tire fire-that WRS' poure4..inlopon them with.,
nut giving way, until the werki3-w ere encum
bet ed with the lead and wounded.
— TVrem the Nevi' OrTerme Tropic, 30th 1,1 , ,J
Still Laterl—Contimation of the Cap
- lure of Alatamoras.
United States."Sipsoth•on ordered to Pr:cicala 1.,
Prepare for an 4 epos-Vera Cruz.
-_'oleenier Galveston,
.Ctipt. jut
arrived, having left Point Isabel ou'lVedna.f
day, tlitf . fe.ftlrtilL L the news .brought by her
is confirmatory of the,rapitre' Of Matamoros ;
117.0 .icatoq.vyere.epeampeLL about 20 iniles
the vlVeri botliThe Aniericans
were:, waiting for reinforcements,. .when
another battle was expected—the Mexicans
lett a large amount of ammunition in Math
moms. which is a valuable acquisition to
Gen. Taylor's supplies—the Mexicans, how
ever, preciously destroyed large _quantities
by filling up the wells in the city, and throw
ing shot into the riven.. •
. Gen. Tuylor, Lime. American officer,-
gave milers to his army not fake the slight
est article without paying for its actual value.
The citizen. o - Alatainoras were permitted
Io gri on with their business as usual, with
the exception of sellingliquors. Commodore
quitter - will leave with-the squedioti.: r ana go
to Pensacola, to recruit and ranforce for:ma
king, an attack on Vera Cruz.
Arista sent a tlsg.of truce_to Gen. Traylor,
lequestinf; an . armistice-of six wei•ks, giying
as a re: son_for his-ret uest that he %r•a! to
,auttunicate with his government. Gen.
Taylor . answered that he •would give him
until_ft_u:olock-ilext morning to - evacuate - t h
city of tilatrmoras, and would permit him to
take the public property under his charge;
,fing then returned., On the next clay, the
28th, the army classed on flats pf their own
eMistruetion, and 'bodies of, Wagons caulked.
Thefalevage was nfado about,4 miles above
For4l3rotrn... l -- ,, '" - •
""'On arriving . at the City, it was - discovered
that Arista; had . departecr with his forces, rea
sing, only the' mounted battery; all, the mor
tars,' rind suit of Ihe.riiilitary apparatus as
ebuld not be rentored in their haste to pseape;
were thrown into the Wells. A partf : from
our army went ont tb reestmoitre immediate
ly after the entrance bite l'ilatamoils, and
overtook , 'a portion of the •Mexitians, who•
were retreating, -22 of whom were Made
prisoners,..,,, It is,Understomlthrtt Arista's head
quarters, are at. San ,Fernanclo i; About. 90
miles libin Matamoins., . •
• , The New Orfefits" Preayrie; t of tbe 30th,
contains.a:lettbcfrom' Point Isabel, dated ,the
26ttlellt. It gives:mime interesting. iterns.—H
,ThiliVritertiaysAhat Fort Polk hi now acorn.
plate - rntiscu m f fitted,. with ; . .111 exictin Orison
ors, mulOs, saddloii," -- ourfaufrilv wrought,
leather ,pricksathilcs, Page saddle-begs, mus t
ktiti, drums, bidodrice, bop* cannon 'balls,
,grope 'shot, letterryt and ;all , lcirida liVdtteu
.menis;,picked upion , the4round" whine Am
podia was encamped: One of the of fi cers
ty_Wivals in. e rn 8t
.art4oth,.payo.3-thattthc-supper,w - M
icons, in - Aheakcorifidorice, had prepared Io
theinselvektandAghich , they,wore,obliged. do
Wolir42.ltretg nod liuitterleifftcers- and; merit
Who pronounced 4 i thotr,liquors, - 0 choiclate,
soul), -oast have •fi
oon: r sNrate,
vhielet4itirvaluablri;litiilflir'citriiitly taunted
,The , Piqnuno suites . that Vitt izniount of
*what tfol l ati•ltr thlirtneXieCtif trmy..ehesti.
shag the :battleold 1 itki11t1i " ,:* 4 ,6 4 140,94- lii
,The, commktrk4l*G.o:ll4rxil*R6;:roll4
that.the.',Rio:Grande- 8411 bo,. , p4o44circlifllt
clodetlduptigardtti.rilt volts_
goets-fcat:;ineroltruite,L . -In42atiMonriog :
such 'turcontaitt-ximAitio,A4t
): Niyl l :-. 1 .64 , 45i0ra'Ut. - !Pealdcala.44lO-'u. P.
AllxVihkuffrigWrOtPhOlOp' 7 oaPhrticz&Tilttiry
athledrhlihhOttlsOntiaglii:°/f ?he 2tgli‘ tilt.
Atitial" ofa4rPtiiiiticow oh lo" '3 °thfi''lLO ft
'gg — LVH,y taco
11;• tune;
arrived ))019Av
tIVO 10314''Vt&
• , s` ek7.
* 2 % , :''ir:ion . a . v..51.. / u. 4. .
.—.7.--.7..-.:,-,„.,:.....,... ~.. ... . a
ri! o,qtp lifiberni .
, 1 , ,
, - ,:oAk,,App l iemia arrived t Boston
\ 'railltie yaytrnstom : The news is.not par-- -
• inftyptilqiitittia' - Cotton is maintaining
its pricaliMily_;_ but_thag itr-tradei-betb:in-'--'':-
Londpn and Liverpool, sine he dpparttne,ot.
the Great Britain; has
....' beeof-e - eedinglyda, -=
lireilitiii, owing to the • disconra . vlceounts
• received frem'all the markets held on gth
c \t
einfBtli , ull.---- , ,- ~...- --v,. , .-:---.z. , .., ..,.-, :,•_-
'. ' Pifiiiiiien 0; Mark a' has' iMpi:evedlrt inite,
ainVihe,effecU of ' the' Mini :front the; United
ißiafi SaC ili di f i 6lsl hineliginreilifilarb n
..WO on. the hinds:.
- in tlie.Heutie4 Comniona -the Corn Bill
• bad passed; i is lhirdcreading:hra. insjolity of
' "68. It•is noti considered-safe, 'and there nii
pe4-ra to he • littieltipubt that it wilfieSs Au
Mouse of Lords • '' ' ' •' .•
':flitii:nct,..vs...Videlireaelieti England of the
- final'. action of the 1.1.8, Senate'and House
`on thii-die g On. notice, - created a greaC . riteny ..
diswastiirmajtf_thii-ifieSa-and:etuitieta circles,
bat seems to produce no fears of a collision. .
`The beiiefgairied;gronitd that'all Operehen •
sions of Vratiare atrini.eriiloand that * Mr:Polk .
bus iniplieit confidence ill the continuance of
peace, ache lies made no".reparations for
ecinfljet? -- It'vrotild'aiii:oetirli - Y the folliiiiffik,
that the British Government are not Willing
to trust to appearances, but continue to take
precautionary measores, It is repoiledfhat '
twenty gniiners,
.two sergeants, twelcorpOralit
and two bombardiers, under, the - command of
Captain Blackwood are to be despatched by
the BritAt Government, on the war steam-
ship Terrible, to Oregon, early next month •
The vessel is to take am..adequate supply of .
guns and . sores, and-3000 --excavator s are to
be sent to the same destination with all-pos
sible speed, This - knee' and these men are
professedly sent to the Hudson Bay Comparq
The London Times of the Oh ult. says the
packet which will sail in a few days,..will
convey to ilia - VI) hod - Statealli - e - fell iiiiiißia-
sion produced here-by-the: - late inteltiyem --- •0:
II the resolution was intended as a threat or
a hostilemeasu re, it totally failed to have- any
effect-iv:except mat ti is probable Mr: Ptiken
barn will be at Once empowered to bring the .
controversy to a prompt and final issue. The
London Ec - onomist slates, on what is consid
ered high and unquestionable anthority, that _
he Oregon question is on the point of a sans- v
' tractor), se:Cement.
.. ._-- ..
1n Fratice the vote of Congress on the Ore
gon question attracted some attention._ Its
etlects were tecontiftn'the conviction which
_hatl--all--alotig been entertained, that war
.would-not- -mkt: J -411am between- the 'United
States and' England, and. the fundsac se in
consequence. The state O f &lairs between
this country and Mexico excites' much - inters -- --
, ..•
rest in Parris,
`nf ~;r11~
On Hatardny, the nth . instant, of lotlmitation of the
Orals, ANNIE : ELIZABETH MAHON, daughter "at
Dr. Daniel•PC: - Biohon,'of this borough, la the .11th year
hege. ' . • , -
• ta
May Bdth in Philadelphia. WILLIAM LOGUE a)re
eident of Cumberland county aged Onus 66 year..
To the 'Voters of Otunberla.nd. county.
reperia have been pm in circu
lation by certain interested individuals,
thr.t 1 have declined being a candidate for the
office f Sheriff,..tnsnifeshv with the fmodtilcut
and dishonest {Mention of injuring my prospects
,stud.ail cams their curni - thi a; t hercforch , for the
[turps se: of positively, I_4o, Astli,..contratliating
tht !be and Ma licionn statements, sail
lug my
.friends. and thelmblio generally; that
/*AVE NOT DT.OliNED;th r Ot I not ifeelincounl
thatif; my life 'and health are r rintred'until. the.
election. J.shall -he much 'gratified. by receiving
their support. Vet" itespecttully, '
YOOT Ob'dt Serer,
.1.1:111.18 HOPFEIt.
%Elicap . &.k.r.ilegatittOntttlite
.lune 10 1816
i IIETLEVAD , 31113
•,baNti v
furnished with air elegant nets . ?fess:from
the celebrated manufactory of Hoe & Co, in -
New York, tog,ethoi with a large variety 9)
new Fancy TypeS of the latestqid most at
tractivil de4ign:s_is-no-Wpmvidecil.with facil
ities fordoing every, kind of :013.PRINTING.
from .thelargisit,Tosaftg,
smallest card. or, mrcular,,iiiihei,moat-sMpe
liOr. and-, elegant. style f and . at,lhe.loweEt.
.priceanspecilly when paid for in. CASH.
Handbillq :tor.. private circulation, or to be
used: us wiappers, , byfAllerchantii,:§hopk cep
ens or Mechanics :7 , printed-at 'very meth:trate
rates *Jinn ordered 'in large, quantitieii,:s&as
to tnaka it a-desitable.objeot ,
Large posting bitio, circulars, cards' ' and
e very,variety„ o 9C4pb,,PKiritifig, On s white or
fane t - ' 6, OlOraiki!dper,: - E!'Seatatett*"jitt.l4+,:lio s t
style and. M
The orOeie6rfoui.frj•!rids.iiiiitrikekubliere-
EipEialiilly *cl r,.
• - $5. REWARD.O . -•. -, s-r,4••f:
Rol AV: V fin ni 11 19 , ..efilisee!live;-ne lienrday
night:Tte 30th ult.„tp.:4JitleTTMlpiiivoti6e to
• 101,8464i8t#444t cao4//42,
td ITy r tio my acpulik, tilideipasTify the
Cerlloo, June Oul
' N'Obto - croilois
- •
. ti kot*bil 4.•
JET.- onlelnhiamtiti.a'lntAkialC9.o4Pilinlong
,Printic,4". "ai
ns,liarl attl i b Cabe Nal -T
-ani', nnblesolird • Pf, p,;lktyq.anpqrlint,Ellaili„ Italian
Ciiiiial*,l'iraaOlenesoAnnnetg,Frenalt:: narked
PellYrain)(l,ghPiOlotloZ4ll. 9,,cyttsicht . A .?vlll.4elt •
ti,! the kiwis( prlees,fqi'oalk.
1 _
rk;' 4 ` CRlCaoit' Tallit ! '' o ' 9 '.' r'
iit aa lehb p g
baVillam tia.jag opiaiit a ) frea*tarrio z,
DI Ptlitl,ol4,,olikotiAo yin till ot Itloopti,
perl - ,a art, or 06'0
'4 bytitia*lton. Illpisredno.,, '
tiofign•priat, , malcre it ilie. raati'itiliattilhAiika
Ithat'ata be obtrilaeil tor ChurtliesitaibtoMPAl4.
L . , Who; an hand ;Pints Oil, awl Lai tratailgtg 's'
. Wane* 6r. glitrutenlitiada-itth -aaCitiltoitti !or
. tiami - wtaloCil'Ad?tittali!.;;,...p.,,-.0.4V* MIL 4. ' , '''' , -.'
- - - - ..
'' - . —, 'vd , stEl4l , 24r'optit
,jrtgr,riQophrhiekt:thik,st.o,o,*s,jok 4., 5 ..,
7.itockorirdio,.„,l4s,„ k tb- ,
be‘osiii iectioubilielaq 'loci. ~;:t1t , ‘,,.,, . c
~, er , Pit .
41-‘' . - ' ll'
1. leo Ire 1 ?
1, 3 r. „ -
r::::',':ii))...i.,:i-'v'f',....':::l':-41•,..':.....;i:!:'`Y-.'.:::'''''-'''.l '7'l