Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, September 24, 1845, Image 3

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'undated at a leeaprice thah it can lie had by Bandit*
. • -
• rillte losignili 3 Etallar. s Nelvspiper - bwellemp
ook and Periodielid 131Oiri);fuinish
is tiubseilberi at thq !chi 'rate' of sl.2d . free of poet=
______Ageilleing2.twentetts_inenta-lesction: itcan bii_
•vhad , ,braubicribiug , in kk,iiiißdelphis.
~aoaor,lbetafir ta half year. ; s
Septembep . •••.
' - -
L" . 'itApktAkb7ivti_ac_A4l)l(sSUFFS:,
Maniifactured front the purest and finest,
Marfrials: aria warranted;
Idi e:trio:is drtigi, by
• . ' DEBAUTHi; i.
East /444 Street,,-Lancater,
r ' l 4 111E:ahtwo untivalle'd'stinflhn•ro Supplied lb
the. kradtrabli other's Ch . -liberal feras E rta
all ordefillifaraptly - iittirided •
. .* CAUTION V-_4loakare of 'a spurious articln
called Lancaster Snuff,:and.palnied upon the pub.
lie for tkiLl arttlioe_Dentuthte-Snufferwhi eh- are
v - ikeleTaled only v..the rnennfactutor, in Lances
. ter, Tavitna - by • Biniuger and Coevals No. 56
,etreet. New York ; , Stabler ancLCan by,.
PrnA: street Wharf, Balthhore ; Anthony Elton,
No.lo, North- 6th street, -Philadelphiti and 3. &
E. Eyrudi, Wes! Penh street, Reading, Pa. •
-Sept. 11,1845.-3 m. - •
rtiblie Vendite.
. . - ,
wILL be sold atTu.blio-Vondue, on WED.
NESDAY the 24th day of. September,
11345, at ll)•'o'clock, A. MVi.. at the mill of Samuel ,
Alexander, Esq.. deceased., one • mile Noith of
'Clirlislc, orr the cimodeguinet creek, A -
Great Variety of Personal Property)
consisting of 'Cows, Horses, ploughs; Burrows,
tolts, hogs, hoards, scantling, log 'chains, stoves,
noVsome 'flee tyoung cattle.' - '
• . Wagon' and Robes% There will also le sold
about 8000 lbs.'nt new staves, posts, cooper stuff,
malt. bark,' ditrjeedi's toolei, <shingles, . lathes,
paints v pitch; 'Carts, threshing machiae, jack
wa,_paten t beams. Also,
Wheat, Rye, Corn and Oats, in the bughol and
in the sheaf, Buckwheat, Hay, &c. &c. •'
There will also be sold-on-TUESDA-Y—thel6th
et September, at I la:6'loA, P. M., at the Railroad
opposite-the Collegd, two double Rail Road Cos.
and three tons of assorted Bar Iron. -
Notice is also given, that on Manday the 13th
-of October, at 10 o'clock, .)451., at the late dwel
' ling of' Samuel Alexander, eq. will be sold his
consisting of upwards of 400 volumes of the best
selected and most useful reports and elenientary
works, Otnbracing Caine ', Johnson's , Massaelitil
netts, Cranch, Peters, Pennsylvania Reports,
Yentas, Dallas, Rinney,Sorgeant&Rawle, Rawls—
Wharton, Watts & Sergeant's Reports. Also
'the most *valuable English Common Law and
Chancery Reports. . •
_Terins_matle known on the-respective days of
sale by ANN ALEX ANDER, _
Executors of Samuel Alexiinder, tsq. deed
t3eritember 10, 1845.—t5: -
Oet thO gd of °claw. next,
WILL be offered at public 'sale, on the
promises, by the_subscribers, Executors
. 01 the estate of - Traticis Diller, deceased, the val.
urible Mill Property belonging to said estate, sit
. unto in %Veit Pennaborough township, Cumber
land county, abOut seven miles West of Carlisle,
• on the Conoiloguinet creek, consisting of a.. liage
CHANT MILL and 'SAW MYLL -;i:i49411
the former having iicerun t fotones' 'e t'•
I .; •
three of which are. Burrs; turd all
betneln complete and first rate &Hee; together
4 with 6 ocred and 103 perches of ground, ineled
ing.the dani and water right,cenueeted with the
- same, on 'which Is also -erected besides ihe mill,
.a Two_etory Weatherboarded Dwelling Douse,
with all' the necessary out „buildings. -There is
also-a thriving Orchard on the premises.
Also, at the same time and place brill be sold
a tract or first rate bollonilend, oh the opposite
itido'dillia crock from the mill, containing'
37 Acires 83 Porches
'stria measure, which is under good fence and
- texcellentscultivation. It will he offered together
or 'aeParate, as may host suit purchasers, and
bring the best price. . •
. - Sale to commence at In o'clock, A. M., on said
day, when attendance will be given and terms
,n do known by
ontemter 10, 1845.—t.5. Executors.
,'" - iwnbastor thatin and York Republican will
lawdritill tale and foraiard bald to this -office for
To the Heirsan'd hepresentativee of P
late of ItUrlier - ough of Carlislo,
TAKE ,notice, that in pursuance of a twit Of
Partition and Valtuition,l issued out of the
Orphatte:rotiiritif Cumberland county, and to me
directed, an toliiest will he held on The feel Es
tate of said:deceased; en PRIDAY the-26th.clty
pf Septembef,:_* 'D. 1845, at 2 O'clock, P. M. of
said' day,. Oh the premises.- tor the purpore of
making partition and valuation on the real estate
• - •Ofeitittddie - isid: ;. -
• ' ADAM lb llGEbOillgi..She qtr.
Sherirtitlffiee.r • • - •
..'l44llliiidierAk 1845: ."' •
-Griat -.ltelitictio it in the ileite
liotting a large_ joint stook capital, take Fire
riski on every_ description tot propertl , ? at pearly
'''one - hritf . the amount 'of prefOiom that is charged
''.'hy•climpitniee doing business on the old principle,
,;' - "Flialtchscriberl'has accepted the aewly of this
'Cbmplany, and recommends it to the puldia as
'tieinegratitli.'ou'rierioi . to the old of fi ces, both in
ChedlYiress and securitk
For full particolars pee general advertisement;
• oriiiPly.Perentially; orolay letter, to ,
.• • J011.014.-MYEitil.
' September 10,184'5." •
. .
fin llE,XnneitEleotion for fftners and 5 non
gars of the °. Cum Qf an ,Vatley rtmil itoid
:'Conitiany,ivill he bald ,atthe house of 'Mr, J. A.
Winroti, lntheborough of:Carlisle, on MONDAY .
tho 6th, day neteher next, between the, hours
orjb 4, P. M..
' . E.• IfiDDI;Ei Seeretory:_,
R4oastiglitime •For Oa le at •thaonly 0114
Ina or.
111111 Ce
11. 'will be 1.9' irmte,d , : d o i lc . lll F , u o r r
14 4 '11:*1677° r 010 6 110th the P t „l n !„, c
• ''" .4 •A%
citlo4slerPleti 4'„„,o'n Akhture.V.i
e-. 4.0 'PP 4 • ."
- • 4 1 1 ! ,iy.
iVros.4 .lol o,,Glanol4- Dingle's, Van so:
la t Abd plytot...4hilan g compolind; , ktipt
y, .0a law( innlArkr gain ht the' chug dint
a;; '
'6lltltiOSO:, Sheehan:it 'V-iie/i4ely
- iiikir;Eivitne moo' r a l
thing4sy_pi c
a co" ittbil. , 4 .
.weivt?ri--0--, . r , ,i . ,
01 . c::1 , „, „., ~ , •,"; ~ tr[ediniiiistiattpti3On 01.018
i!'ilrE,34l•EUtko '4l' r !aft Or M10111)-1°Wnshtleit
,',l'tl,f,titePt_Al,ttrirAr74Z4 t he ,; ate ~brn:gxriii...
;0,1*.tri,,C11;,Yiiii4f.:11,,.40,1,47,3, (6„t Ie
Q 1
t..lilf4Vl° 1i . 0 41
.640.p?,0 , ..4 4 ,;1 ~,„0 . ..
glis , Ili lip, 1,1 .. 1.„t4(141iC ,10., icdi.iiihdi
T., iihrigtuttlefiS , ,lillrinetilitinis 6 . goi 4114:
' illil E a , ' wiitnfiffid thil" * . ibith•dolv t . T.., ,
''if,tltiticifient loTthttl!ill 66,,,,rK)ierirtzr-ii"
*(l,oll,,EigrotusiEtc,ig;': t7•';Adininitifirt', 1'
10410iiritm.-,4,e,••?-,-- •, , :1 ,
hi ~, 1 4.(rt. y•, ,, ,• • ,m7_,:, Li...,,,:--- . ......
• -
• - -
• •
bnv-- -
rrifliiictibscObbi 'offer sale; kin
the pcernises, the ialuable. Varna on which
hOWOWliveri:aktidite Frankfard
berladid County; the frore'Carlialh
fanner ;arid about t4a mile nortb,of,Ai•
ter'a , llitill,ipnalatlng Of "
firaLraw Taal t ey,, of, alateilanp,..nedcr i geod;fenea r
Mid' in lho'beaF atite "et', oeltivatien, „The - nn:
provementic ( TWO StORY. ,
LAC - ROUSE;BanIi - Barni - Wagen l4 ;
Shed; Corn Crib, and other'-build
inga, togothpr,_with a good ore:he w -; "1" here' hi'
fine stream of rubiiifig water "through' the' place, .
with a ''power. auffitilatiV for 'Matiulactaririg •
peen. -
Alan - at the same time and place will beeffered
at MAIM 'vale, the Valuable Farm. adibining the
of the stung quality oflund, 144 of which Weise
in the best atauk of OLlloo,itni. About onehuo..
dred acres of it is thriving Thither. land, which if
desired by purchasers will be sold in sMaTler
tracts. The iniprovernents are it largo Lug
House, Log Barn and other. building*: With• an
Orchid. ' .
•Sa to Commence at 10 o'clock; A. when
once will be;glven and terms made known
Bepiember 10, 1111.5.;—)s. .
1 4 i,ereciabter ILJnion Will :insert till sale, anti
forward bill to this Oftlee fortollection.
Valuable Property
At - Publie Sale.
On Saturday, 18th Of October next,
. a I
a . rid
manetow ' C;m county, the
lowing valuablepruperty, latelho estedf
Rupp, deceased, viz:
A Dwel ling Rouse ,Lot,
ituate on the Main street in said villageo,‘. inlet)
ing lets ofilenry-Zearing and Samuel-Dane elk:
which there is besides aback Dwelling Home
and stable.
Also, the half undivided part of a House
and Lot held b Jacob and . Henry Rupp, and
now.occupis. .y Dreary Musselman' and Samuel
Darr, and lykng.on the eolith side of Main street
in said village.
Also; three-Lots, lying on the Nort
side of Main street.
Also, A 'Piact of Mountain Land, situate
in Silver Spring township, lying on the south
)31ae of the Blue Mountain, containing abOut 09
acres, formerly property of Robert Barnhill.
Also, the half undivided Tractof - Land,
belonging to Jacob and . Henry Rupp, lyin
• i
Rye township, Perry county', containing 10
Acres, situate one mile from the Susquehanna
river, and bounded on the East by
_Samuel Bohr:
roan. .
A.lB4tlie half undivided Tract of Land,
belonging to Jacob and Henry Rupp, and con.
tainum.2o Acres, lying on the. North side of the
Blue Mountain, in Ryd,.townshipUerry county,
and adjoining-lands of Robert Bryson, John Rupp
and others.
A Iseyabothe.t hall'undivided tract ofiand
belonging to Jacob and 11 e pryu pp, containing
17 'Anus, living oh,..the Wirth side Of Bide
Mountain, I/ miles from the river, inEnat Penns•
borough township, adjoining lands of Shbon
Oyster, Mr. Newcomer and others. - - -
Also, eleven shares of stock in'tho Cum
berland Valley Rail Road Company, . • •
-. Also, one - Shari Of stock in - the Carlisle
antiCharitlicrsberg Turnpike Company. - .
.Shlo to commence at tO o'clock, A. Md, on said
day, Wheh attendancu will bo given an terms
ma iirrioviii by- HENRY RUPP; -
— Executor of Jacob Rupp. -
Eeptamber 10, 845 .—ts.
Au Old gstall.l,illed and t rirst rate
Store House, ilwelling. ticc., in
burg; York - Countt
itt auhscriber kill sell et public 'sale on
4.11, - SATURDAY, the 4th of October next, all
his real property, situated in the borough of Dills.
burg, York county, Pa., viz:
.Warehouse and
_Dwelling, on the ; ;
corner of Baltimore and Harris. 1 I
burg streets, 491 feet front and
running back•to a 20 feet alley. The store house
is built of logs'nnd roughcast—the warehouse is
frame weatherbodroed, substantially It, and is
well calculated Cr a dwelling. T ere is a good
stable on this property, and --th lot is well set
with fruit trees. There is also a well of good
water at the door with a pump in it, and it is
decidedly one Of the hest situations for a slurp in
_thia_section of the_ country, and - ji is at presets
occupied as such by Messrs. Junin Moore &
No 2. A. Two Story prick House, with
atm) story brick back building, - goad stable,other
necessary out houses, and a well of water—front.
Mg on Baltimore street, with a 20 feet alley on
the North, and -running back to a 20 feet alloy on
the West. "Tho yard end zarden are well sot
with young and thriving frbit trees—at present
ooeupistby,Rev. Joseph A. Murray..
No. 3. A Lot of Ground adjoining No.
2, on Whielris erected sone.story frame weather.
hoarded house, at, present occupied by Messrs
Weimer & Moon air a cabinet maker's shop, and
by Mr. Rektzel, as d chair maker ' s shop.
The abovO Presents an ..opporionity to persbps
with 'limited moans to make a. prolitisble_ireveet.
in - arit,.aiirtlia.Profe r rtylii'vrell-Lcalculated tor-any
k ind Afbusinese,. end Will. positivelY 'Sold. on
said day, as the subscriber has removed to
Persons wishing, to age. the property. tleferre . the
day of saleban•do•tio by calling on James Porter,
Daft., who is my duty authorized sgentTor the
sale thereqf, and by _whom the terms (which aro.
liberal) will be Made known on the day of sale
Formation will bei givt i n on the first of April ,
1846' when the present laws expire.
DillsbureSepteinber , •
- ATTE TllOlll
p-rtiO, "Carlisle Ledepreildeat. Artillery
C,ortipary"will parade hi Carlitile oh SITUR.
DAY, - Septeniber 29th, et egaipt
and' tnilnrmed for drill and -ineneeifon. , rho
iiniitpaby' will- be • revieled and inspected' in the
afternoon by Brigadier General gdwaril'Armir.
• ,By order of JOHN..
1845‘. , '*i =
•SC110016: 110011iSip • •
MIT'H'S' 'Geography, M itched INlGengrattity;
intnar,lo:kbam's Gra Minor. erica
stook's Phtldicitilly i Comstock's Chemiitry: On ley 's
isittehrstionYttestio's.l‘loo,ffitretion, Olney's }ion
griphiertirlere Ppogrephy,,llutlion's Grasomir, - ;
'Mtrroyis Grimmar, Johnson's 'Philnflophy John.
aim's Chemistry, Colburn's—Algebre, Whiard's
Histoitior:tht United Ststiest tekether with eviry,
variety of schont booki now; Muse. For sate eheip,
nhfl " .
r{ rt ~~
Siihoor? 41Ibres tar 143 isheav at
the. doig "n4l Imolcat9rp,of, , • I
; wlVa:( 1 . 01!*;.11 atAritibki
- - -"GrifaitiVlAtftwitadi-gtoOdd in *abd, -Corn
tratairiteaS l l4' , eudieVeyP;eraki,Geo - DyeTchijitiett
14,t!gwetalohiSPed nr*FliC'Nfod.4 Yieltn‘qua wo - Sdi
otapped:,/,attte,,..Aljack, 0. .1 4 , 4 h : wr o th airt be
mold. at gready .reiluved the baerel-'pr
eingle , POßallat qie dr, 1 14 01 . 14 .1 ( ' , i'."
.. Myers p....iettrergipk:
`WIIA.IGUT'f!ri t iILIJS4' . :' • 4!q
, .Wright's tndtan .Vegetal4e; _ le. Just: heife yed
and warhketed genuthev for , IlialnAt the cheap drier
' , *rid,bnoViteie IVtiori EcHeirArliitek. -
••• .
1 nh FA, AdEr'e..Tow aosl.4emp
NINFuP: RAG*, itt.,561 cts, rcws4.le ii quit akoili of
Airecoi.o.' , Sensr , f ;
reoelvtd-on ,skfiiii) to*
4ukb'otsveir7 variety of Musical Itirmei)ir,
Sin tarnish either ,who)e, , ,bAnds, Nl' argwiiii,
silos liistiescifincii's‘lhisy er.waoo ;
icaitktheikit,loo6V, s.m ptnegfjoia lilcptheir'sibiortm t
• ••• A
''''' = 'Y:l , ul3ll; 7 :lAtrurnEAt: MAU
. . •0-.T1„•••,i'l-
TN Par ''''''''' of , tlierlase•Wl 1 - altd•ll'e lament
.11.,Adam.Lehnianlato,„or,SeuthililUslittenV ank
ship,'deciaied, itall;be• solif tit piddili sale, on the
pecmilicar,SATlTDDAlf,thls7,lfithdify - 4
Abenext,set °Weak, P.M:the tolloatinttlescribed
plantation or tractiof. land,d situate in. Fmnkford:
township Cumberland county, boudded . bylandauf
Geol.& Tilichabiader:Matilel.,Flnebkibladet,'Ben,
Akita containing about One Hun}`
.dred and,aeventy „Acreajor.which:about,loo,aores
arb cleared cad in'ii•gootr state lof c~i~tivatiori~ and
the' iesidue !Well litabered,•hating theremiereefed
a Two 8 CORY•;LOG,HOUSD'i and'.• '
Double Log - Barn There le st•netet 4
foiling welt of Water':netti;" - the dodet ,
an Apple Orebard'thereon,andbtliee •
fraittreeKNSeireizilatiesiths of water ••
pass through said Farm, which extends to within
15,perch; ot ~the: ConodoguineUclieek,
off simile of Altyr's The public road &dm
MoClure's Gap t 6 Alter's Mill passes throbgh said
land and betweenthe liottad'and . • • •
Any person wishing to see said pi•opertilfefdie
m th p e o aa t t h e e c fa a e n in e . all,: upon Adam i l., , ,ma , wliO Byes
. •
The terms be,made knoWn on the',day nig
„moots 'LEHMAN, W. Pehp.
' Eiiel!ilbfircirkdaninaliTdeiT: --
,",,yeptembet:l7, 1845.4—M
Building Loa
. .
. .
. • At Pilvate Sale::
I • , . • •
wAtr, sell at Private .Sale EIGHT B UILD,
LOTS in the boroughttearlisle. ( They .
are. eituttied in a . , populous patt alb° .flornaglii
and are all adjoining each oilier,• crating! on
Pomfret and Bedford:stroats ;
a small two story-STOMP BOUS,F..".Ii'S
on one of. thinvancf. on another is a..
.good well : Of-water
.n4jtli a Pump' Mit.
Persons wishing to purchase will:please- to call
upon .mo, or upon JOHN HARPER; Esq. who
is authorized to attend,,to.,Mokingthe , sales, and
will exhibit O. plan of the Lots and show thorn on'
the ground.. The terms will barnacle easy ; and,
~ as near as possible to suit urchasere.
1 7P - • SopC 3,184 . B ,
RE undersigned being aptiointed EXecutors of
Me last will and testament or Samuel Alexan
der, Esq. deceased; and having taken out letters of
Ailinintstration thereon, request all persons indebt
ed-to the estate;to make payment iramediately, and_
those having claims to present them to Lemuel
Todd, Esq. at Ids office in Carlisle, for settlement.
September 6,114'5
.Estate of Jacob Kissinger, deceased. herctly p,iren that letters
istration thi the estate'of Jacob Kissinger, Into
of West Pennsboro!Aiwnship,_Cumbe.rland county,
deceased, have this slay been granted by the
ter, in ansffor the said county to the subscriber who
reakleain the borough of Newville In said county.
All pdreons having claims or dem Anis against the
estate of ,the, said deceased, are requested to mike
knosin the same tvithotit delay, and those indebted
to make payment to
Netliville, Sept. 5,1845. -Administrator.
N.OT,ICE . •
Li, peraons are hereby that the (lin in ,
istrntion on the estatate of Samuel •Andren , s,
late of North Mid )ieton township, Cumberland,.
county, deceased, have this day liceit issued hy the
Register in and for the said county; td the subscri
ber who residei in the saitl.t6wfiSbip of North Mid.'
theten. Inf./ ing clairils or iTE.rrinitris
against the estite - of the said'ilecealcd are requested
to make known the name without delay, and those
indebtedio 'makepaymentio - - 7 -
Sept. 3, 18#.5;—Gt. Administritor.
ourliANsl. COlUitT SALE.
Rvirtue of an order of' the Orphans•rourt
.110 of Cumberland county, will be sold on the
preinisei, on Saturday the 4th day. of October
next, nt 12 o'clock; noon, of said day, the one on.
divided .611-11 part of the estate Of George tiekligh,
deceased, lute of South Middleton township, said
county, in the fullowihg plantatiOn or tractor had
situate in said township of South Middleton, and
county aforesaid,.bounded fiy. lands of John.lei
digh's heirs, Christian .Herr, Margaret Miller,
the heirs of Michael Ege, and othera, containing
95 AGREES; ;
more 'or leas.. About 50 acreliurei eiriarrd, and ih
cultivation, and the residue in good timber. The
•,a improvements are a large iw'os•story
, and lialftiory log 1101JSE, a new
esl i
;" I I Frame Barn; a first rate spring near
the dwelling, with aspriag litiose,an
Apple Orchard, Peach and other fruit trees. The
terms aside ore as, falloWs : Fifty dollars to be
paid on the confirmation of the sale, the residue
of the purchase money on the first of April nett.
when possession will be given. Said purchase
money to be secured by Judgment. •
Administrators of George Leldigh, deceased.
Sept. 3, 1042.-1.8. •
. - - - - -
- Nlrtusuance of an - order of the Orphans' dourt
lof Cumberland enunty,mill be 'sold at Public
Sale, on the premises, on SATTRDAY, the 4th
of October twat, at 1 o'clock, P. M. the following
described Real Relate, lute the properiy of Abra
ham Reifsnyder, deceased, to wit
A tract of land situate in West Penneborough
township, in said county, adjoining_ lands of
Thos. Ili Knight ; Widow Ryerly, Nathan Woods
and the heirs of David-Hear, containing,about- :
25 Acres; •
_ . .
The improvemebttare a large two story atone
dwelling HOUSE and kitc'h'en, a log barn and
black smith shop, an orchard of choice fruit, and
a well, of water near tb‘door. The State Road
from Carlisle' to RoxbOry,passea immediately
in front of the impluvomentac. Thie property in
- situate:A, a - rlek and opuloua tieighhoriiiied and
the toemien very ellgifiro for any kind cif Meehan.
teal busineaa: - •
The twine of sale aro slog to tot paid on the
conarmetlon of tho : aele •
.the Coa q ,;one half
the balance on - the tat of April, 1846; When..pos.
session will be givcri,land. a 'deed made to the
purchaser, and the residurin two equil annual
payMente thereaftUr, withaut:lnterest,',The whore
to be neared by recrgniiatiCa: iri Orpluinie
Court; . 0 .
Executor of Abraham leifent , der, deceatatil .
( Sept. 3, 1,845.--ta, • e r • •
Qrphansv,, Court- Said •
BY an order of the. OrPhaliedoO4 of CuMber.
, land ~equely, I mill pepese td‘Public Bale en
the 'iremipitie; FRIDAYVihe 3d'ilay of Gino.
ber,11145,,t at 11 o'Olock,4. ;" • 4- - '
eituale in North Middleton township Giitinberiand
county, :alien,. 111. m on:the.Wa.
goner's Gap Reath - containing altogether 244
acres 14:pertifiee, 'Sleet 200 acres of which. is Of
the 'best 'cleanly limestoee end, the" remainder
slate Wpai ivbc#ll - Vlore' tihi:',tboet‘4l7,aeres of
'woodland ,thii„fisidue - olearod.,a ni1,16 good
lo6', veltlyetlon.'l4 .keprovementa „are ~ ms:
two...storr, log ~ Aisielling ,;.1:101,161E;large
Frame.flarni wegonalied,and.„oorkeribp.: v There'
.which Ales elem. to -1
and 'Min through lhOland, theilibe,alse . gpling
, hbarthe dwelling house) and.l large et.oberd)i
This farm hes been-divided into folr Omits; Of.
69 -stie' , 93 *rate, 71 aeres - : , l#l l tArtal*B3;
Rotel - 1147 lititishes;AVid 13 aciree 76 'perches:, -TtiO
firit'inetitioriod_litrt having alither,briliditigiOped:
l#lliiiiiitone land, without buildings
oilthe9l4ll) l llidigqitnll shoot 26tOirolkef11,wOod:
larid r Ileiteytone.Woodlind) and
be cold
toe relwiers dud.bring the best firleit, - i-,,,Tbitra laa
large grewth..,Oflocpstilloker.the., farm,
terirsM)t ko, tied. - kiioWll:P6';44l . ol sates
0 0 . 11 . 41, ?1 ,- .1 ‘4 1rstVelttCriSaHtleEni -
For the . airs of I . l biliplliker. - deo'cl;l2 .
11 90Rfo0 1 01eiblItte,4101%'
faWfrd I d
TS 4etti itod tbk notaitotten ''e to l ot
.11Jame. McCominonZdecoosed,*9
thiffobrotibPttoXo - didO)*7ld4tiiiii l thootAciv n
zoonednotice to coil 01 Mtn ond poxthe t mhotosand 4lo
coats, it* not ,1 will.lettoo4ont;',4t4bl(Ellolsl
smith,Foi, in the,borongtoCOnidlo!tt, on or nen+
thOlitAt'Of AsTofiottbitfor 001100t10n.,..AL1Y.Vc..4
.1 t , I
10 1.- -IFTrl4ldtefr
Miff ;iirtne Of tarot nethe - Ojitittt. Mtn
.111-Oftinnberlandlieennty ; and ;. the agreement
pt4tlni,vaidow_and heirs of ThorppsoitHrowadate
'Orate Iniroegh iifearliili,dedeased;thitolloatlng.
Rnnt.Eitale, late the estatecif the - aaid*Thompson
„i4lni , it„
,bs-sold by-publio-Nviidue r 'or ontory
on•the premises, on SATURDAY.: 06 , 4jAiluy.of
' t
Ooober:nett, - at o ' olock,.P.M. Anthat treat of
lend, situate• • In NortiroMiddleton itownshfp‘ In
laid &minty; •etTjoining :lands of William Corn:
oia`Zgtler'' and the Conaddguinet oreeliccontilning
-116, *Acres- and 7:46 . Peke') s ;
.1 ,
niat, or :etclet Measure, - 130' - idteir, of which'are
Actin arid in cultliation
7A / portion Of the Cleared land Is'ntliibln
,tend' ilmig 'the , creek: 'The Inniiovel
two Story LOG)110t3 EVA . .Kitoh 4
eh arid a' double log Biro , find! vMlifis nut !inn&
Theta lee welt,ofgeeil vraterlafthe,h - ouse
and severelnprings on the.premises.
Theteiras of sale will be made :.knowit,on the
day at Balm
-A-N:N-7BROWNi- -
cifJarnes - Etien Brawn.
.Guaiiian of Mary A. grown.
Sept. 3, 1 . 845 . . •
:113 Y: virtue of an prdnr. of the Orphans' , •
orCumberland.,codiny, .be".exposed to
•Public Sale on SATURDAY, the 11th day - of at 12 o'clock; Minn,. of-that .day,
the following described' pieta: or'parbel Elf bind,
contaitlipk • •
. ' 11. 4CRE7,94 • '
or thereabouts, situate' in Sjlvar,Sprink LownchiFi
on the road readhig
,from Sterrett'a Gap to Aar.
riPburg..adjoiliing lands of SS muel_Baker,Sam
uc Roltl3ci9il4l3thirikitlipingilatt-tif-the-Real-
Estate of George Baker, Mbeased. ,
Tering of sale as follows, Oho half the
chase money, to bo, paid on the confirmation of
the sale7arfa the bplanco in ono year therenitii
without interest. _ JACOB BAKER;
•..3011N.8 EFIRIGHT,
, Adm're. of George - Baker, doled.
Ruettr....Wn.eon,_9l.!k.Dr phone:Seen.
Sept. 3, 1845.te.—($to,1etinagn copy.). 5 '
tik: - subscithers Ober the •following described
real property for sale, viz A tract of first
rate liinestooe jo i nd containing , .
112 Acres,
situate in West Pennshoro' township, Cumberland
county, nine miles• West of Carlisle, joining the
-State road leading from Carlisle to Neivville, one.
mile'Sandlror - Shellabarger's . ndjoinitirth'e
road leaning from said mill to Mount Rock T
- buildings are, a good two-story STONE,
1-10USFI,nlso, A good two' story FRAmE,..
HOUSE, a good RANI BAIRN, with- a •
well of excellent water at each of said houses, an
'orchard of choice fruit. This tract is mostly under
first rate post and rail fence, and in tallith state of
cultivation,. with many other advantages. Also,
another tract containing
cao amcms o , a '
adjoining the above tract, with a new RANK
BARN thereon ereeted, a young orchard of choice
fruit. This tract is also under good fencing and ln
an excellent e state of cultivation.. The above pro.
perty will be sold together cieseparate, to suit pur
cliaserit. ..AlsoAnotherliactiolgood mountain
• TloxidisiN LAND,
principally eliestnut,ahp‘it rite voilestFoto the other
. ..
- property:— , - • - L . .•
Persons wishing to phrohaiie the above property,
will please call on citherof hie siiblicribeys,living
pti thetilt-daideibeirtra-ct-.
Sept. 3,1845
,rlNlllEsubseribers will seWat-yiubliceuduei no
1: FRIDAY; .thir 10th of .October neit•;:on the
proralies described Real Estate, be
!eaglet; to the heirs of Mary Hershey, late. of Mif
flin township, deceased. No. 1. A trait oflatid sit
uate hi MillllllT6Witaiiii,containong •
. V. Acres Eui4"l43 Perches..
the improvements are ' , DOuble - .Warne
s %l'o'lllo64r(led HOUSE, with a well of never
hiding water at the door,a double Log Barn nearly
nearly new, a stone spring house and smoke house,
a...g00d Blacksmith shop ,and other, out .houses.—
There is also on the property a thriving orchard of
choice fruit. The property is located in A good
settlement and is in n high state of cultivation. It
lies she miles West nfNewville, four-North East of-
New linrg and one mile from Sterrctt's Mill, and is
an exceedingly desirous situation fora blacktflnith.
No. 2. A tract of WOODLAND, containing shout
9 acres and - 130 Perches,
situate about one mile from the above described
property. Abuse properties will he sold together,
or separate as may he desired by purclumers . There
will be required to be paid on the day of sale when
the property is struck M1;1.14 dollars on .No. 1,
and Tweety.five dollars on No. 2. The titles to
the properties are indisputable. Sale to commence
at - I0 o'clock on said day, when terms will he made
Setif. S, 1845.. Agents for the Heirs.
fa' York Iterinitlitau insert to amount of $t 50
and charge this •
Orphans' Oeonrit, Sale.
111b - Ylvirtue - of nn - nrder - of the Dilibane
RIP Court of Cumberland 'county, I will expose
to publio sale ' the premise" on WEDNES.OAY
the- Bth of October. 1845, at o'clock; A—M., A_
Pahl) containing One Hundred atid TO/only met;
of gond elate lam! sitaabe. In East Peensborough.
township, Cumberland countratiout„lo9 acres of
which arecleared, Toney(' 'and in • a gocid siikle
culdtatio,n" The iniproiedteabrife" ' •
HOUSE, tdoI,Iam,„IIAIHT:HARN'i,: , ,,
limey-, part.4l' Atone . ,
Shod and Cord Crib, 'Matti' . louse, •
Spritig House, with a nevor.iikiliint itolieg; of water
aiind. °good Orchard. :Thelarrwirabeut three
Milos from Ilarrisburg„and, Hely on the Canodd
guinct creek. • .
. The terms will be Made knowz endue daj of sale.
by• • • 7,,• -•. , , MOSES 110UVHR,"
Adfninthtrittor "of daceb deWd, : •
Attgest-27,, ~• .
Estate of -Henry Wikie, .deceetsetl.;
Viiribk Is heiebi gi6n fl int Letibokof thin:
on the .Bstite if ' Haney Viklß lei!)
of West,Pennsboro?_townithlp,itve-beet,grantell- •
theinabseriber . rosidlng,kin thesame toiviiebto;',l4. l'
persons indebted to eiti,d,Estitte, will make payth'en Ti.
itioLthrethitybrx, elainitt,wlll4t:c4rtl theyp,for se -'
-' - iltr4GO
, Id , It'ZEIGIAI . 2,"
,' ; r:1..,,. : 4 .., !'opisistraor
• July 90 , 18 45.• ... ~ t- .: ~
~! t
, , ~
4 4 c
sa p. . a arang, pts er
ialclOr t ig hernby,glytm,thtt Lottert - rtutimen
N -t try on tinilEatate of Coithifirie•Reisieri late of
~ W,ol(. P tuntltlitnol towo 014 p; hota:Atnen:.gEantod to ,
the subscriber, resl)Ong tio•Penit antintYl , ol4l7lsol.'
All iP.M.KIP Sogifitpd. to mild Estate, will notitl
t aykent s and those having n1,tr . 41 ,prointptthent •
, „ E • P, A rt 1
idly SO; 1814.4
- . — EttafO "QP.Wiliiiiiii i.,9oo4; * Cree r d. '.,
OlriCE11( hirdhilfit , an that:. Lettep 44' Atli..
tednietradan' idi Ili, 'pl it itii'af, YVlllliinfldeadiji.
ate alrriitilicort,E4naldigd ' il:;l,ialtiiiidin OMIT
' . 'fi„dii§"itille•ietheir'reildpft.l ' vitnie*iiiii)ol6;:'. 11.
1 14"
paildittiiutlibirid to , iald Eiiiiii::*lll liiiikel4_ypl'o 4:
and those haidng .011041, will' o:email 01111ildi'letl ,-
~.. . • ~..----- .-•••--
• —.--,,--Jfir, .-'. f.. ~, , -9 40;itilltikibe;Vglhoe
' 'C' r ,- ''.;'7'._ ' AjliiiiitiglitoEi ' I
... . . .
'ilifiltl:l44 7 :' '''.
""'" - C
--,',X . •
• ''."-,t i. x : I,, ik: f'''' : '.:. 1-"F:j,.
"' oil' Cindatnoa , Herr"l ,l l l . ll P aVtg n ritaiiiaall of
inetifrs pure ike. Lem°"•)',,a'ceaAiuid
e 'brilirre4"—lintid);7l7
,e 6 r"
,‘rithii-,4?..-11,15,14. ;
1 , . 4 •
I T r !r i r ;
fl. ` C . !, i , 111
t 4W . e.y 4 ‘'
P ti- 'lf.
11aii711-1045'12t7:27: ik
r In T al
? i***ARAVA.Prit:/ To 1 F 1i 4 '
pr sly*tli, , ptii,s4litt,gt mt t =o,4•Lltfroli sotltm9 1
- - - - J . ...2 -,.., 01 .t-ri '..V...'.ii`4., , , , , • ~ ~ ' -
• ..'2.. , t 4', ...`V ,',",,' ' L'lt'l'V''" . " , '. ' 'I% ' "1 4 '' 3 t
iMe•C'heap • 4246..,0it. the . c''brn ei;',Socith
Hanover' st •
and Pomfre' 'atre_s: '
2716:,lalestarriveg j,,Afari:
.YOH GRAY, associatedtiavlrig •wltbllirtiself In
hil,btielneasilisAtoni.-ylrittlew H2Okalt t ires4 .
pectftilly,:'.,inforer,`theirtfrtenda, atid,•the
jeneral that theihave just returned from
'phial and are now ;o ping a very.oheap Rod choice,
geletttorbeantitul andlashtititable - „.•• ,
7 ' ' • • •
Spr jitvlitimmer'DXlC4o.o4 t L • ;
; 1714 invite give
thei.arii'detertitined s to sell at; irelkt
arketpi, beliering thatjil!,:nimble'Siipence s
1 I et.
ter thalf Shillhig.'t Their stork' tionklsta,lit
DASSXM.I.ADS-rtill colors
upd .SUeitnier'Cissitrerea; TWeed.Cassi=
rueretkentl. , B3llnnier!..Clotlia t Drillings and7Gant
brit onsi Vesting:l.olllll. olositriptlons,Jaceitetk, Hob
bit, and other edgings? Shawls and. Handkerchiefs
of every - ileibriptioni qaticoei frOrtt -6* upwards,
Irislri,inens and Lthigtuwns, - Atotikingaand Gloves
of oyet7:titriety„,and and fourth - Linen awl:Cotton
l'Slieetings, lanen arid Cotton fifiLitibliperai.Biati",
Eye. Reedit and Scotch Ditipertr,,Carpetling of vaFi
kinds.--Indeed•peranns can get almost any arti
cle in..the Dry Goods Cine, and fib Chqiip if.not
cheaper thati % they canhe,hadin_ any store in the
1 county.
..71te,y_haso alto :received . sy:Tery..exteitsive 'assort-4
mentor Shoes and Boots; for- itunwhe'ely'eair,opnsis
porl of the followingt • • '
Gentletnnws' Cilfand Seal Bpote, - 'sl 75 to• $4 00
Montoni,•: . , 1 00 " ' 2 00
Shoes and,pititills, - 50 " 1 25
Ladles' GaitenShoes. -50 4 t 1 25
Monroea and Kid Slippers, 75, 00
Also a great variety of Boys' and Youths Monroes
and Bboes, Misses' and Cltildrens' fancy and plain
deseription, which they will sell at
the lowest possible rates for will. - -
-7i•rthe•;rltitieletlscr•rtmeived-4-itit 0 0 mrsoilmeh
?red! Grooorios, which they_ will pit cheuperAhan
the cheapest.•• -. . .
pugne r . B}. to 12i -
V01fge,,... . • • • 7, " 12.
, 11•1014461, - lier flati. .. ',.374 0.:5Q
A large asiloitmeat of China, Liverpool and Coin
anon were—which they will Rell at 90 per cent
lower — than can L rchaaed - elsewhere.
They Have idsii an extentive assortment of Varie
ties of all . kinds. Intleed you can seareelk - ball - for
an article Which they btinnpt sdp - ply yon With.
- 1F3.11.0 0 7%., • .
Tli - e - Y . Taill receive in it feta days OkangesiLemons,
Figs, Raisins, &e,, whip!) they will sell liY'the
box op otherwise. The public ,are respectfully in
yluad so call and examine their Stock of Ootls,as
therwlll take greetpletevereliy elte,whig - thern -- •
Tune 11, 1845
.1 'Minable Farm,
Og SATURDAY, 27th of September neat, will
be soh' at public Bale, on the premises, in Mif
fing township, Cumberland county, near the road
from ;McCormick's mill to Shippensburg,. about
containing one !Mildred and forty-one Acres of
Slate Land, in a good state orcultiPittiOn. The
provements area good
• •s
is .LOG 11017 SE
Log - Barn.
the latter:of whielihasjalely been-put tinder a new
roof. There is a well ofwater near the house, and
a running stream through the place. There is a
Variety_pf thriving. Fruit 'Trees-on the:1)111140Di);
Abottt - fifteen Acrea'of the place is meadowland,
and t ,venty pr twenty-five acres of Thriving Wood
land. The-place is considered one of the finest-in
that township. Persons wishing information of the
place, can obtain it from ljr. John Wilson, of New.
ville, or Samuel McGaw, adjoining the property.
- Sale to take place at 1. o'clock, P. M. of said slay,
when attendance Will be given and terms made
known ify the .anhaeriber. An indispiitable title
will,he given in case of a sale.
July 230845-7 -- SOLOMON SHAW.
IN pursuance bf ail' order of the Orphan's Court
of Cumberland county, we will expost to pub
lic sale on the promisee, en THURSDAY, the
45th of September, neit, at 1 t o'clock, A. M.
A Tract of Patented. Land,
situate in Allen towraliip, in said county, adjoin.
Ing lands of Georgblantz, George Sckialer, Jacob
Hickernell. Benjamin Anderson's heirs, and the
Yellow Breeches crock,
more or les), about 180 acres of which are clear.
ed, fenced and well cultivated, and the reildue in
good timbers. The improvements are a -good
-two story log Dwelling House, a first rate Brick
Bank Barb, Wagon stied, corn crib, hake Wage.,
spring house, and a first rate Orchard. iThis
farm is bounded for three fourths of a mile by
the Yellow Breeches creek,- which has fall enough
for waterworks arid may beth_us improved, The
title is indisputable.
Attendance will be given and terms ufsale made
known on Said day, by • -
,JOHN sciiEgltx.
Adtrie . ribf Christian dect'd.
`o:* York „RepOPl!eari 6Op i ypie above & charge
lilt coin tif Itvlitlin Fairview.
. . _
. .
' Public - Sale = --: •
:T HE undersigned , assignee of Jacob High.
*RAW at
_Public Sale, on / FRIDAY, 3A of
'OeMber next, on.lhe premises; itt,2Veleick. - P. - M.
thefollenikdeseribed Real Elitete, Selz 1 : .., ,
A,,tltAibt OF gIi—ATE .tit.lV
; situate in Newten.tonf thin, corilbetland county.
one mile_froin Newville In a good state °Multi
.sation,'‘ bluinded,by land of Hober). MeParlats,
Jacob. Weaver. John, M t Woodburn ; arid Janob
..n .l)i)
qedie, captaining about 0 acres, havi,nkilnrbon
:created, i two atory -, r. G.ILOUSP,, lag bare.;
.i.leokeinitli. 'Map. itait,.a. Wall'of , wafe r s near . tho
I door, , Ilia above Itital',4",land may. be ,iirel nk .'
I : 4d aherliate eel°. pkici 1p the 36 October.and if
-not sold.on Oat offered at ; public, sale. , ;
• ,Terms made known:on day of saie. , ..--, .-• • •
J . : _.: , .
~.• . . • DAVID--RINS;.-- ---
.....•': : ~. • i. , , ',; - i - Assignee of Jacob tiigli:
_7' 4Mitst 27, - 184k:-; ' '-'' ' - '-..._-..--,,..,
• ''' ; , - TIRA.CMILItS ''',WAIIITEIII: ' I
Fat , MVEX ,Teacher. tiro—winted in North
...Middleton, tottailinpi,,i Persons. wishing sit.
vationb'will meet...this' Nerd of Ate:slim:its nt 'tlie•
tinbliertininee:nre'David Martin. 'ln'i,Cerliiile . ;on:'
, SATURDAY '`thg . ll.oth it,rstant; ilf I‘ , •o'eloelf, P.'
- , mi- • ;:fAll:npplien tits - Will ie:iiiiliitetedlo an exnin:, 7
7 '-0 - itioii.,, 'py:oidei r ,of the Sigurd; ' ' I .::: ' ; '', I „." -
I' . .i...\ ~i.';, 41 0St,r 11 'CUt/YER, l l s iie l l;
3: 4 . l Filtilif;,§4:o l ltat'i.,,ll: ','„:,; ~;,"'
Siiideinhen, IQ 40450;qt. —i, ,
~, . ,
r '4I NV' 111.4. . Poppet y, n
„corm", t 1 4 1
' that iiit'dentlenhe to 4Aft,l on the 1010otis
Mime, wnetner of eilk or. wooly, I ,4 4;tgrfli 4. 54 ofd
oolont ile.belloPee that, 4.1 e ci formerly given
groat ootiodOtiOn to ell. iihd ;hail% : entrusted hint.
, yith mot*, end het it..nonthlen4 ef Atillrbeipg tilde to.
nankin the Miblio - fonfortifti`,llrforelietrauld aclf,
lieit.a imntinuarooOpetronake...• ;••
ole7toothentlit Eistiouther
',tenet' neor the•Coilete whmli personi,marbegli
teettql, to•bytttot iign iablivepthe d00r.%
1145. , r. T„ ); . •
g.’ .1
~14: .‘.,\
, rancis ceitAedt
r ' '
"voTICE hereby-1011h alai :littler*.
. 113 ° 1115 1't , orGithg N,kwa,
-I,wtif--Weittiniipap q r A 160,11eNti l •Ciiinhetta
aourity;slibebid. biee* ea hied ti 64,
ikty P4te
*lllllli,itielYtin4fiftitklible 131(4135A;F1'#1//
ifie ol l ' tit le t
_ .43M„liALVILIIOWAME,Ni* frzwikrotti
tts. ,Astsiutd r i:
r; A PritentirWSNeeenB#`4i*"
r°f it 4 „
1 00.110 0 4 % 3 "•%.•
01 , 1,eLS+1 , ItolrnirrA'T 017 / 1 / 0411. f
1 ,f 1
N , h: ':, ~_._~:` Mfr
Orphans' Con - rt Sale.
EL111, ? 1, * `.7. - .0611Tit 17 41 1- &1 7 6. 1 ' .
, rphenalcetty
e ray,- ja
84 . ioghstewp; entATURDIAN -the,4th of..ootober
l e'eleEKhooti, cif that,,day,lhe . folleiving
described' reel ishite,lata lihe:pratiet . ty or John
Stoogdt ran: •
A :Tract 'of Li tiVeiton e. l i aoct,
joittlng:;Stoughstowii,..Newt4_nownehip, paid
eounty,i boundek by.lands of,,,John:'„Miscallotich,
Sharp's heirs, Brosynewell's heiii; the flarrisherg ;
and Chamhersburgternpike ,rchicloped - oth'et . prop l •
ertv of the said :Jobe' Stougkrdeeealeit; containing
verehes,itriet measure; of which tibaute4 hundred
sores, are alearedoindergocl, fence', an. In- good
.cultivation, ,The improvementi are •
aiarge STOItIr T`,.(I N ,
HoUSF.. . 1,' , 1'1) -KITCHEN, now. ,
oenupied,aa.a 'Eavernoi large Ban k .
Barn two. frame stables ;and other;
out-hluses.. kfine young Apple Orchard ,ap 4 o fther
Inuit tree', aid a never well of water.
-2. -A TraCt of .-Limeatone !land,: in
:aid Newton township, bounded by lands of Skiles
Wnodbdrh, Jacob Belt2hoover, Polly 'Fulton; And
the-Harrialiurvmd-Chatobersburg-turnpike . -road r
vontshil)fg Seventy - one ores and twenty;fiine and
'eight tenths perchek of Which about ite anres arc
cleared,: in good - rlltliatton, alid - ntider exalt - Int
fence; having thereon created a. 2 1.2 story tog
House, a Log Barn, Corn - Crib Anil Shed: 'There
is a good Qichard and Cider Press On the premises.
3. .A tiod tab , Fran 'Hbuse,
acres nod 67 1-2 perahea ()Clint! thereto, attached;
situate ip Stosighatown Aforesaid , bounded by rands
of- Mitchell gtuart, Samitel hleittngec ,. aid react
No. 1. aforesaid.
The terms of sale will h 2, $2OO to' he paid on.
purpartNo. 1.51 e..) to be paid. on purport No; S.
—end ssoson purpart No. 3--on .the,..coufirrnation
of the sale'lif each respeetFtelv.. One third of ',he
purchase money pf each.tract . Vo the land;
I tife hiliniartlieleThiftitiepitid to the Widity of John
Stotigh yearly and every year during her life; and
the principal In her death hqy tikeheirs and.renfe
..entatives,of the saitrJohn Stough, deceased. One
-lialf-the4esiducPbf-kho-pnnidutse. - money tdi lend
on.the Ist of. April next,.Sylien pospessooo will be.
- and - rind the remainderjn tw.p equal annual. in
stalments without. interest; the ply meats to be se
cured by recogniznitces with security in the Or
phabs7 Court. Gruiti in the ground and rents to be
reserved . . , Une - attentlaitee will be given op the slay
of sale by GEORGE,,,SANDERSON,,.
Valuable Real Estate
THE subscriber, Executor of William
trick, sen. deceased, will sell at public sale on
I Ofirpreimses, on WEDNESDAY the lsth of °a
telier next, the following described real estate, to
A Tract of first rate Limestone Land, con
taining FORTY A 1.3 RES and SI . perches neat,
InCtigitiWTTliditnitl - iii"patented tit a Mgt' state
of cultivation. The improvements- • • •
are ii new tw 61017 WEATHER- -
BOARDEff HOUSE, a new Bank
'Urn, and all other •necessary out
builditigi,a young Apple Orchard or
choice traits, and a well of water near, the house.
'The hind is situate_ about three miles West of
Mechanicsburg, near thb Trindle Spring , mid,
• !Monroe township, and is bounded by lauds of Wm.
Westheiffer, Henri Westheiffer, and Joshua My
ers.. Ii not solil the property will be rented for
one fear. , Arrindlsputable title will be given.
Sale to commence at t o'clock, P. M., attehdance
given dud terms spade knovim by. . • , •
AtigUst 27, 114 d. .
Two' Valuable Limestone Farmt
. -
AT-PUBLIC she.:.
1.1 Y virtue df lhe, last. will and testartietit or
Up John Miner, late of 'Allen rownshipSnm.
berland county, deceased, be sold at Public
Sal9',Tia Friday the. 24th. Of October next, on
the premises, the following described property.
vii : A valuable platifittipn, situate in said town.
ship - on — tho- road leading
: to, tipldemqn's mill,
south of Shiremanstown, and about four Miles
west or the Susquehanna. containing aboui
. 200 ACRES.: - .
of first rate Limestone Land, all of which is in sk
- .high state' of eilltivation and nnder good &Imes,
and - will - be solo - as a wholetr dividod-te-stiit'per
,chasers. The litifirovements are , a good Stone
Dwelling House..witti wash house and well of
mixer failing water, a large, Stone Dank Pun;
Wagon Shed, Corn House, and Giber ouch see,
_together with an excellent Tenant, House d a
valuable apple orchard. About forty of
said tract is thriving timber land. At. t me
time and place will be offered a tract of
situate on the yol)ow Breeches creek, about three
quarfcra of a mile from the above farm, which
will be,soicl as ,e whole. or in three lots to sett
purchasers. Also,
On Tuesday, the 28th ofOetober next,
will bo sold on the premises, a valuable farm,
•sitnato. in South Middleton township, aboill. two
miles South of Carlisle, on the road leetdihg to
'Carlisle Iron Works, containing
.2413 AC RES • •
• •
of first rate Limestone I vid,in it high state of
_cultivatiommtl neder_gpo
_fences. The improve.
ments aro a two story Rai - Dwelling House,
Tenant House . , Brick nit Barn, Wagon,Sbed,
Corn Cribs, and.all of r necessary, out buildings.
About 100 acre this it et tp thriving young
timber, and tit rest cleared ,and thoroughly cut.
!Avated. 1, contains a large Apple Orchard. of
.choico..fruit,...and.--a well of never—failing-water
near. the dont... This tract will also be-.sold-as a
whole of in two parts to suit purchasers.
- Two., terms of purchase are, that half the pur.
chase money -.shall-be I)4d:in Rand; Ind the re..
mpinder in ,five cutlet amnial payments, and •on
the last fVom a widow's dower 4111 lib subtracted.
from the money to be paid hi hand.
'. ....tale to: commence on each at . said days at 11
i).4locii, A. li. alien at lepdanme Willihe given by
• . :•
11 31"1 17 81 6
MIRY TN ._:,
_ . O
MATTHIAg . 81TN4 1 .4 ' ,
'Aug. 27,1845... , • , ; . . Executors.
.Lancaster Examiner and Lehne!, Courier.
will pilblish till saleand send bills to this office.
': • • PUBLIC S.I.LE. •'.
. y Firtue,or,nn,Order_of thO,o4lbano! Court . '
• pf Cittnborlaud county, will to„
1:) ,
pu lia sale, on do) premised, in Allen township, in
said county, on..FRLDAY, tho 2dth orSopfernber
nextott,lo,o'clooki. A, M., , , : ' - -i.:; f., , ----7--
. • A T - .ACT-13P - LISM - : - ----- '
alivare.ln-AaJd townehity, ntinut , one:mtlesf r ai t he
Yolloi, Breeches reek, odd 'Oini hilra mile
icirn.Slephordekivin. ori lye road ,leiiijing,ln Piil : :
„vee:Sprtni, 7 containing ElGHTEgN Apr/El,
more or leos,'•.rll,,iit ?Mich liiiolonrod , ',nd undet
good lance, arid ,oUltliqitiduk , ' Attendapon 'will . bp
gtieit 44;4 tttnnitued 0 known on dat,of rate
. 4:
• , `‘.!' , '' ‘,.' , :"- ' 0 4ORG 4'.4 EEL 111 AM ', '. ,
'`• ' ' :',Athii,kl. lir Ptiltipßoirerkinlifir;'debt-: -
. l
''', D. - , STUFF& ~ -'; ,:.. ;',, .; ,
T;ivou p call the attention of taanufinniiitin-tind
1....01bpre in a vetv extensive saitlily nrtflye Sniff'
Oins . litin* , Legavookl;,
pitre;,Ciiin.,•Wood‘ Ind,igo:- Lan ,Eltei , c t tlebinnal.
Adder', loirotier with IttbkitiLeibri„Ottiei 'nloll'
01,esised I,2ll,nnuotioty Inivj
by piti,quaitil,Yl:. • • 1;,.13;,..1Erat0,i,01 1 rr.
Au20;1045;1 - • • •
pilmeht theni,
f01_, ! .?•#04:4 1 ,4 11 tvt 11CCS41thililiii:,_411Lbiisitose,
-, I" i
lets iie - "i 4 ortmen.t of ''Vyi voiffaif,', fad tl4ll
tba; - StrikA,Bhnnets ilthti itiViobijiinhiliirai liUletik
101' lad ll* 1 , 0 1 1 - 0 3 .0:i 'tirtoesi 4 ,i; e,kip . WV - P4', o sk , K I , t)
de4 I3 P,K, 118, 4 1 ,5 •, 0.:4 , 4' - v441,1:1, 1111 h'
, , --. _,_ I•o,'' " „V,• , '.1 , 4 > " lt i'2,1 . 1 , :, 1' 2,',..' ;';
:k ; ''.- -- r - op sierlo ,- • . _ .„ •:, °„ 4 , !,, *,
'l,44'eigiiiii,iti* - VP4iiin4lift.ogotifJ
,iiii,hwelletti, , Dilisloi . : 0 09r 4 lker;ic l i 'x'i
evilwk , , 4. , 1 , ' ,, :',14 1 1. 4. P i . i/ • k ?il'' . ''''''''''''' '
~11 ^ 'V t Ati .; x r ~,4, 'l-V,
Pk4o ; te Iti " 40, 4
~, at i fil Inktil qt.
5.7.1., ii,i, ,
'1; . 4l
:, 4 • '-,, r
O 'PFOItAi , ,I, O , i , ' '' 't , * ' '' P '. ;.' 'r!‘4 4i i
~. l''',‘
`•' It/ la ',
• ^ ;••• r e v -.0-: • •
Wood •
parillk t h
}eJ only 11 fln e*iiiteneti
5 ,nom
hi; Pnealitte.iihartOter,
oanipOsed ot,lrekttable :Esti:stints dm 'mitt
which 44u=
hination they, areAllsionli to..iiinstforns:OtAlsentle
And nitty,he taken n . t a i l tittnel; bygyOungind. old;Ssz• •
,hust and feeble,ltikpOenct,ttsikty,;istithiut ltiteffn
hin¢¢ with habits; ' 00g1 1 0 0 1ivi n . 1 , 3 !9C.j.r50,4r i f9q l qt
• • '
They will int - fillinfeoe,ibund!terylOtble asa
tiitigatlier cleansing,-the itoinfieh ifid:Votrelt,ss
*elinta puriper pf.the,bl.9oo ntld animal olds in
lidditlotf tniheirlother itualtties;:lioptittse; - .oinitaln.. •
sind inediesit'Ax;
'tract* in teem ennipoillkion;ill4 makes •thisns .••
preferside.tii all °tiler, .
lig 00 :,Ceigificotek7 . (
at iirionilimes of their
inValdiStiadisbailesjintr idrie
ernes had raileill,4is the.ptiblio nod list , Krend nianT •
o4heitr, Blither publication 'or ih'emli deeMed un
neeessak7, onaenonnt 61;theirentoknense. •
More than , i100;000 , 80h . e. 9
tli us sticiwing thßt in theplace where tiley are inane
factured; tiMy have a r_eptitaßoti,.grealer Cryan any
other pillswhiehnrises trOM the fact that Dr. Tell=
dy known fit , home as a. regular Physician,"
and bispilis sire consei'llicntlyi'Mnployedwith great:. .
er confidence than any other; in additrori to their
known 1 . .
, be renzenibeted,,, • -. •
'tis notiliesluviritity '•of pc)ls or ntlwr,n3eili el he you
eau getfpr the same money, is the mo t or Cheapest '
Or °bebop rhedielnes or pills,
Ynii, of course, get the Most; and you are induced 'to
take the more; under :the impression :ir.Th littiti.ddes' •
good, more more gporliand,yrt trinke,drug
shops of your stomclo,•(must ng allentimel'aeriqus
injuryjoyoursilves for • ••• " ' ,
Blood_Pill i are aumjipsedcf. mone ex. -
iiensiveltigreiliciiii, and req uire mor e nicety anti 4l-
1,01. in-their pi:emit:llion grai nay
. n,ther
nmirirnmsnlone roi• prepar i ng contained
hi his pillt.coating over three thousand dollars..
They nre -prepared only i ninl sold-wholesnle nod
Rend], ,tit Dr. Leidy's Hettlilt Empoinum.-No\l9l
North Second street below Vine at., Alsn h77N
Sole Agent Cot Carlisle: •
To tho
6 WOOD 1114PTIIA. -
„Poi the .Preventiou .atid Cure of
, 1
Pulmonary Consumption.
OF A n diseasmi incident to, our climate literals
none tin universal and,at the same, time so in
sidious and fatal as .ICOnsimmtion—ln this country
especially l'alronnary Consumption lAempliatically
a scourge, and in its resistless career sweeps o'er the
land uswdestroying - .Nn'gel,thying rot - trith relent =
leas hitid the strongeStnud fairest of our race! Hith-
Arta silefFot•tsto• arretittlii a ditiiiicliseasehaveiwov.
ed in vain and all that seemed within ourpotier was
at liest-theltUistation of sd&ering, rendering. Bonin.
what smoother the certain progressto.the tomb !. L.
Thr i , Componmi, SyruiFot Tar is• a. combinatino_
heretofore unitnoYm t eserti g a pewee over. the dui
ease scarcely coticeaVable; aving a specifio Action
on the mucous tissue,t e same time bringing
the whobra y stem undet • its powerful 'acme it item=
pletely eradicates the eause'of dithitse be it heredi
tary or otherwise; and thus by strikingat the root
oPthe.eonvtaiht ithpttrus thine to debilitated organs, •
tiffai•ds rettetved ihor to thegeneial system and this.
restores thanittient lo permanent health. -- -
This invaluable tnedminaie riuttili in bottles,hast •
ing thefollorkgt •woriltittqlsthin theglass•JThotnit-
son's .Compound7Vmp isf,Tar fOt Consumption'
7,itiMut which-none is genuine. , •,
Price 50 cents per hottfe. ' Six Mottlesfor $2,50.
For sale in Carikile by . • -
.'. T—C S TES:TVS - UN:Soli Agents
_ •
LET nil Om vtorltttakenoticO,and be Chrenill not
to buy the langur noateilliinproved Intlianym.
getable:PSlS, unless every ... box hgs on. itthe . .lkrittOti
sagnature-of the originalvnbenfor and patentee.
. 0. BEJA MITH; IVY. n...
Theie pleasant Pills,possess powers to open. Att.
the natural drains of the systetn=-• viz :„the' Lungs,
Kitting - T. - Skin and Bowole—haherto unknown - to
the produce of Medicine • and so complete hasbeun
their triurnplover all ot her medictnes,.that many
baiebeen led. to inpPose they contain some power,
ful. 'Mineral ; but upon examingtion by Doctors
Chilton, Randolph; Huntingdon
. ittul odium; this
supposition is at 01111 e proved to be groundless.
Sold Id Wew York, at die. printiipal Office, MI
Grenwich street, and also by MYERS CI HAVER.
STICK, sole Agents for Carlisle.
Smiths Sugar Coated Pith.
Baltimore, Feb. I mops. ,
Dr. H. W. Andhews
dir P—The box of DO. Smithy
• •
Sugar Coated improved-Indian Vegetable • Pills I
purchaspd of you, some two months pasti,l.found i
their opplicatinu to my son (of aboutts jears,o
age,) the InestdtapoY eirecton the system.. Hp hAt
been 16r tionie years, very delicate in health, am
very, much silliest to fever, and chills,.so much
as to create alarm for his future hettlih. And, r
two or three years We had to keep him from Oh nl
the Oioet of the time. lam now (miaow ackt\cwl
edg'e the complete restoration of .his health Ind a
fair prospect of its perminent , enjoyment.
. • No. Hanover
Principal .otrace, 179 Grenwich at., Nei , York.
CAUTION.--Anal miserable. imitation has beers '
made by the name of Sugar Coated Pills, it is ne
cessary to, be-sure that Dr, d. Beitiamin.Smithsaig-i
nature is eiiihe box.. Price 25 cents.,
Agent; for Smitha Sitar Coated
tiougestown, J. tc.S.• A. Coyle. '
, gingidow u, PATO & Glauscr. -
April 9t! ,1845. •
ulmotaary Cottsmptiott..
%filleted ditoli
THOM PSON COntOotiail Kyrati• the
0e most. eertni wand TOweetul::,renrddv• kilown for
the CUM 01 Cdheumption , to all iie sr - A grc ui - Ap.ti te hitl ! i
Christi la Cough Prtittlog pCSlood 40,04 of t h e
Heart Liyee, Complaint and Ch' e o l u e , titte e ti o j e ,
the Kidneys.
_ fl-g 4P I Orx .4.7)`!! „ .
Still furttiet• proole-,its ow?, t \Fiala i'i•!;elttitli it
- Read the foil' o w ' otg l
• ' PM * lad.elol4llo :9„11114.4 -
Mr. 3 P TneiiiPsou—D ear.. he* n
gratitude to you audit def,it4Mt
have reeadrtatiuyour invalhar nitedlointY, I
would statetile benefit,'s h oi ( iet from )I.
into -7-Ifi.tojictirko , tirep trost. I haVn.Afiliattil with
a.distrgvatagaalt,itigeou,shoteao oledwithagreat
tip:pieiVuu RlMlPt it e f utly_otbre Oflia
polakr,tihtness It A.e..ohe4kt,:4leqqming t greatl• -
atifeSell it friend:lok) ha d' .
o liten,tauch tieueftitad
Your ihediaine ree' jrninethled totito t tcylt ~.)1 4one
4 9 and In',a very OcAt kirpry,alo pit 6 o,tlit)tom
inred;. , rol' *( )Frieiitoiiitlon-bedatne
pi e'l'oemit me t.toy eigkeettsed sinil In fair .
I wee abate go ' , Out oil attend rii.f hi:lineal* well
'Mee! iittnation will be . theorfially •
givet ILO
tell , % ',toted lYy t dalll6
&tiny - voidance No
• ---' °Poet"
- . X7ries` j.efitite riglrtbOttie;,` 1
, ,r Carlisle by2 t id. • ••.;i •
T.• TA
CA ' itlvitio
For Minh is Ofirhsu )
48:447,6 S,4IiSAPATRIZA ,
lAS the purest,strozipeick piostefflosnioup 4,a; itn,y ,
otherabreparation of ,Saniaparilia that is mask. .
lt.te ivarreate.),to .:ts streeger.thrl boll/r4l of. ...
-AffASX, olitere—stronzer ,tban four of
Ifirlfiltg, limn:three of tiNGEST Slivered
, by„ toy other lo.the'United ;be,
• lar; teldes 11.0bonictegited.10 all
respectable physicians is prefereneeinflaY,tther:
All vctio,itvocivikufried-lt, lisucAlitArtillubre bilne•
fit frcfm one bettlithan threliolOn oF others 4 and,
• il dr . " : l l.l 4 ti : ra fi t! l bo ''''l 4 '''"° :::: ,' : 2" 4 "l :;:ft ide'r rfl :4 .7 P.r irer,...i t t a ll t i
10tOglIng49#00°14.TLtsappirltf:C l i la pc yidxfa
- ,
- usedin 03,1 1,141'
lathe 0tt41.( 41 4 1 4.010 ii/dlO EittlAPPsttedbr
laiftt , hon,e4flkllnAmeellgtultida :ere 1430 • • '
koment op Op < V*1 4 14 1 06' iffilicl e xPeq"Lt).
11, 9 , 004 1 4 . .victues : co„ m t pa- ,
rills for anthotEtoPriinlc.,mu ane.. ci ' 4/ /! L144 .* ,1 0` ' D T •
fgualte4AWF" ,fgl , kouresoini) reeditifianClo;
from. oferalrlip, o ‘Heil beo4 ' '‘-
iromfiote,to.; tinut - Pll4llshg4l-iii,,cliffcrentilibers,,lk
I. onV4houstit P 1 ;141 1 44 fir.)k4PCliii#o l ol.44*lo4•_,': , ~
teitvolo - 0 4 warcih's.lotkel), 1 ! , ,SaimipaNylii 44 01,..
4010 In Axis Oil, fienllifie.,4! r;,
tif WsiOifitf.
Adlee., , sti(slOntpizlhoiCieWen , ..WPAll ' .Ct
. '
lintul4Enupicii ' "
1 440,4•PQ 1 441 014404•1041, 6 11r ,. .f1 ,
g- ““m(-'xr‘7-‘;Yr _ a!