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    •y, k . Strayed away, On theAtli inst., ,
TWO COWS.onee dark.lduley.;_
the other a dark'Brindle, viritka white ;'any .
person having . knowledge - of said Cows and will
gitroinformation to GEO.-R..
CROOKS,, Diek..
lotion College, will bbee, r hitably rewarded..
. •
Sept. 10; 1845.
THE COMmis'stoners of Ctfmliultinti• county,.
' • ifi'cinneetion with a Mmtnitten appointed
by the-Tovin'Couniii orthe borough of Carlini°,
. will receive proposals until Tuesday:the 23d fruit.
- for milking - and:Putting uP",k ••
• , 'sem' m - ( 9./serz, •
the Cupola of &I - new . CourtHouse ' now
erecting in the borough .ofCarlisle. The Clock
is to be of good materiel and workinanship—to
hnvo four faces of about 'him feerdiameter each,.
on the Cupola with or
. wititout minute hands, as
'may be agreed. upon. The weights will have a
drop of RS feet. The-person - receiving this Con.:
tract will ba:riquired to give , security for the
faithful performance of his contract, and guuran.
-- tee - hirwilflrfcemlbirifrime year.
office, Carlisle, Pn.
Commissioners of Cumberland minty:
_ Committee:oA panel Tarim Comicil.
• CompliaslonCre Office, .
• Sept. 3, 11345..- • •
Building Idols
At Prirttle
WILL sell at Private Sale EIGHT BUILD-
R ING LOTS in the borough of Carlisle. They
' !A-lira-tett ;" As F -ttro--Borough,
and . .are all adjoining. each othori fronting on
romfret.and Bedford streets; there is •
z. sniall two story S'H'ONE HOUSE n „,ti
on ono of them,land'on another is a :Wk.%
. good welt of water with a Pump in it. -
Persons wishing to purehasn will please to- call
upon me, or upon JOHN HARPER, Esq. who
is authorized to attend to - making the sales, end
will exhibit a plan of the Lots and show them on
the ground. The terms will ho made easy alid
as near as possible to suit purchasers.
Sept. 3, 1841 " • ANN-BROWN.
. _
rill IF, tinderbignial•being appointed Exieutors of
the last_.whil and lest neat of Samna Alextm—
•der, Esq. deceased, and having taken out letters or
Administratimu thereon, ruqueht nit.persnits ;Takla-
TI to the estate, tn make payment immediately, mid
those finning clainta- to preient them to Lemuel'
Todd, Esq. at his °Mee in Carlisle, for settlement.
September 3,1845
Estate of .1:Ica) Kissinger, tleceasLd.
tTOTICEis Iterel,y gisen fetters of uritoin
istrotiter on the esinte (ir kissinger, - itrZe
or West l'enushorn ,- to 4 siedrip,.f.:..yrillrerhind county,
4.leetststli, have this (lay been grunted, by the Regis
ter, mot Ihr tire said county to lire sithseriber rho
resoles in the loesergli of Nesrville, ut 58111 county.
All 111,1,0.1 S honing chi ms demaikll4 against line
xstale of tine Arid deo risetl, evo rerirresled to wake
n the metre stitituut riehry, nod those indebted
to pease drent to •
.) -ICOIIJIM] IA iii',
Ne%t ville, Sept. 3, I 7 - Adim;stratoi
( .
-Y 1 (. 1 1 •
ALL tutrso,l6lcrt- ,- 1,( , ;,•Ii)r t.i lificd . thaUthe athnio
istrathia-uo do, egoaate of Samuel A tidrews,
laid of North Alin) Ileum too oislith, Cumberland
cothrtyydotreaseicliave this charlleelo by the
n 0 , ,, for the said eototh - , On tine Fathsel•i
-bei_wlOl resilles_it,the said lee/1,11;i, Nc0111.11.-M
dleteti. .A ll
.. persoos
neakst the s eine of the said 01,...11e,1 are requested
110 11111 k, kll,lll 1
. 11 111 C -. . 13/111 . 1 1 . 1 1111c1111 , and llak*c
itillebrCile pa.) finer t Icl
Sel;t. 3, i54.5.:--rrt
JUII;i COON 1:11„4li.,
MS ) CO4ll karr
,sAa. Et:.
cox. Y virtue of on order of the Orphans' Court
=ll,. of CuinbCrlittat county, will he sold on the
premises, on Saturday the 4th day of October
next, at 12 o'clock, neon, of mlid day, he one UR.
divided fiftlt . part or the estate of George Leidigh„
deeQlsed, late of South ill iddleton town -hop, said
counrr - ethe following plainat.ion or tract of hand
situate in said townstup of South Middleton, and
county ufbresaid, hounded' by lands of John f,ei
digh's heirs, , Chnstian Herr, Margaret Miller,
rthe heirs of Michael Ege, and others, containing
more or less. About 50 aereg are clouted, and in
cultivation, and the residue in good timber. The
improiretnents are a large two story
and a half story log 110 CIE, a new
Frame Barn, a first rate wring near
_.the dwelling with iLrpriutr_hnuise. "1-
Apple Orchard, Peach and othet fruit trees. The
terms of sale are as tidlows Fifty dollars to he
paid on the confirm - talon of the sole, the residue
of purchase money on the first of April next,
when_possession_will be given. Said put chase
money to he secured by Judgment.
Administrators of George Leidigh, deceased.
' 3; .1 8.142.—t5. •
1 - 111 ! - 44.g.
_ ..‘
011 P ki r it COURT SALE.. •
purutotnno of no order of dui Orphans' court
of Ctunlidland county, will to sold at Polilid
. solo; on the preinises, on SATTR.DAY r the-,401.
of October next,at 1 u'elrick,, P. NI. the rollciwing
described Real Estate, Into the properly of Abra
A tract of lend situate in West Pennsborough
townships, in said. county, adjoining lands of
Thos. U. Knight, Widow Byerly, Nathan Woods
and the huirs of David Bear, containing about
.acres, .•
The improvements are a large two story stone
dwelling ROUSE arid kitehon, a log barn and
.101ack smith shop, an orchard of choice fruit, and
a well of water near the door. The State Road
from carlishr to Roxberry_passesjrnmedintely
A 6 frontof tli6 improvements.,. Thia property iu
.sstuote !ma rich-and. populous'nelghborhood and
the location very eligible for any / hind of nteehan. ~cal business.
• The Tonne off - sale are SIN to be4taid,:en the
.confirmation of the sale by. the Court; ono' half
thd balance on /hell akar April, wheu,pos.
sessiori: will be:glvon,-:and - a 'deed - inade - tfillici'
purClittser,'and the •residucjin . two •eilual - a annul
pay Incas, theriie fler,,Wltheitt interest., The whole.
'to „be rdeured , bii_recekniianeo_in•the .Orphane.
Coort,'ilth ri approvea seturity) • • •a •
- ;JAC01)
Executor of ,fleifeovder
Sept. 3, 1544;4;4ta.',.: ,
Orphans, -, onr , a e;
13 Y An ottior',of ille OrPIIIIPB Paart of ambit..
i land county.-,ltwill-exaotte, ta' public 'min on
I ho:; pretniaes, - on FR I PAY, the-,, 4d day, of Octa,,
bin', 1R45; at il 0630, A. M. ."..1,,..... . ".
.. ..
--Lk zam,'s2-751"-k-sia-maszna-,,--,
~.00qiosn t4,,tt. roli_,_ii . eta - ! , :tm4iiiiip.c_i.. - t h _e_i vit riy.,
-copiltii:pboi l ti i : obi on Rom- Ont lala,_od. t a W.A.
gonot'e;Oitif. Road, , contuinhig; altogather..244
,Inl Ta rc b ti a l at l ;q P a e n t l e i l t i r , o'tt ikil i cl int 'i t !t ° o o tio n6 o r tl . l o h f a w r i t4 i n c ,, it h it i v,) ) B 4 4 ) r f ,
'Platt Ift n CieJahlalgttikal-fiftt;tibtnit-40-.acipico;
... 'lyciad)and itArt tWtialdit&;
"Cita , ciirddltivatton,, a,Th'e.,;titipipy - aiti l opt - a , aro a
', l a ago:,",',l.iip Y.o.46 , ,'))*'lliiiulii g HOUSE , large
.Prlatnei itifitfi'Mx g op ektielinCsotri-Oritnillarcr
— Lill I t: birgeElitheiAon97, ilfrint.',o9li 0,,... , Piece hearlo
, and ulna thrsinith'ilio kall-thati, 4 0 i t so l i ng .
tieir,ildt9tvt,PHlPtiOquaei-Alktt'kla tk•otahatd,',' .. :.
1 ) .
- Ttt yfaitt* katitaan , Ldlltidndi ' o,y,ki lv ii,pit s .,.,ix
089' lentaltißz . patalina . ,'„7l`,. ha - tr...1,,R;4eac,, , ,,,-0,
ItOiCAT 4 III.OCh 6 k 04-,1, 3 ;Ore47.lrtibtolilo:n hif ,
,;11rpr:frmaiwied.1 , •9rr. lia001(4)1 '0 tillAtatokotpai i i
. it;ihck.oodilitio.:imanto r i, i a nitiwithout. iglldtiit*
and: 11 1. c i 0 11 04: 7 Alfir'third principally le 4 te.`;!-0 d 't
-,-: withgitt. - builtlhiga,9atAafit36ol)fiprealifi - : , ..
4 ' 40 ; Oi l iir',ir l 4,;' ,ll oAttfdßo 6 :..FP'ostlaild t.:tindA,ilif,
' ;110161il'irepitrafel y:or — ti1140110i - aa,r74otll: haat:4 , 94',
. p drOjtar!cra a nd b t,ing:Ole_ bast' pqad..',111 ,1,9 0:1 11, ; A :
.:'latare.ttrPtiih,er loilli.o4i3g,p,iti,!iirlit,iii'o.,-,..,:).;,-,','
1.,v, , To bra,,),;oo,o.l:oo,,,A9pwleopi:dnY;off4iklci
';-.17 ' 'l;:c7-i,, , .: -. d:‘Jv i )':i;„q) ) 4 , ,'..Q . ,!,C,(tlitke.r#34:BUßN:i'ir';s,,,,
~-1.. 4,t--r7:10410:**11'14Aili.P;11300:Ylif!":',,
gittc: , 3:4 49q1•4•14....k . i.'.41.040..,
1440 . 44 : i g i e. 44i ntril#P-ttrk'
1'1! 1 )i , "/ POttgollo4' i 4:, e :
Via;.. ~ : '.4. -. ;, ,4 ,044.;,14- , r,, , ,,F,t04 , 40.51-;,.0,0 4 .,,
';' .4 .;YAV04 , 14,471.igfe.011 f h , *n43 1 ,'
~ y ,, ,, .!..:,.., . .3.r...,1, , A10g,, ,,v 4..,,...:&.,,u4,-111 . 1 - ,
--',',4. it' ef.. , ,*-tii,..i,,e,.t..3,.;,T,0ve.,....%';,,...6,A.1,,,, , ,,;.. ~,, t s
76.712 11.0
BY-11;1110,0f_int order of_the irphane_Court
orCumberland county. arid the agreement
of the*idew and heirs of Thompson IlroWn, late
of the borough of Carlisle, decciailed, tho following
Real Estate, late the eatato of the said Thompson
Brown, will be aold by public sondem or o9tory
on the premises, on SATURDAY, the , Ith day of
October next, at 1 o'clock, P.M. All that tract of
land situate in North Middleton township, in
said county, adjoining lands of William Corn.
man, William Graham, Samuel Alexander, Wid .
ow Seder and the Conadoguinet crook, containing
476 - Acres and 76. Pereliesi
neat or strut. incapre, 130 acres of whioh'aro
clear° and in cultivation and the residua in tim
ber. A portion of the cleared land Is valuable
meldow land •along thd Crock. The improve
ments arc a two story LOG_IFOUSE and Rita.
cruind n doukia leg ftri rajualLyFiotad.
logs. There is a well of goad water t t
and several springs on the p remises.
Tho , terms of sale will be made known on the
day of sale.
Guardian ofJaines Givon Orown.
'Guarcinnof Mary A. Brown.
Sept. 3, 1845
17 virtitoof an order of tho Prphuns'
of Cumberland -- county, will - be exposed to
Public Sale on. SATURDAY, the I 1 th day of
October neat at 12 o'clock, noon, of that day,
the - following described piece or parcel of land,
115 acREs,
or thereabouts, situate in Silver Spring township
en the road leading from Sterrett's Gap to
ticl 13ortnne - Anduthers, it being part of the Real•
Estate of George Baker, deceased.
Forms as follows. One hnlf the pur.
chase money to be paid on the confirmation of
the sale, and the balance in one year thereafter
without interest. JACOB BAKER,
Adm'rs. of George Baker, dee'di
MoDERT WILSON, Crit.Orphens' Court.
Sept. 3, 1.945.—tv0-- (Statesman copy.)
rpm,: subscribers offer the follos;ing described
real properly for sale, viz : A tract of first
rate lin‘esto,:e land containing '
112 Acres.
I - sit - Mite - in - West Peinishoro'Lowtdil CUlnlinrthml
comity, mac miles \Vest er4t:totsh:,iteete g the
State 'toad .leadiog tram Owlish: to News-ale, one
Mile South of Sl)ellaharger's mill, adjoining the
road lea ling from s.dil trill) to Mount unek:i r
The buildings area good two-story STONK ;sll 7 iNi
HOUSE, sled, a good 'two gorr
IitIUSE, a good BANK • -aid) a
nen of excellent trader at rack of said boos* an
orchard of dunce 11 ult. This inlet is mostly under
first into post trod rail ft oco-, and ititta high state of
cultivtoon, with many other odvantages. Also,
another tract containing
ntl)/uaW. tlw_,:thore 11 , 10; frith It at. 11 kNli
It A ICC '‘iherroll`t`recteilost tming ofwboiee
fruit. this tract is also under gOOll fenciagutiii - in
on excellent stow of rithitstion. The alatce
iterty.w ill he sold togt•ther or separate, to suit put..
chasers. Also atiollwr tract of good IIT9111)Illiji
pritteipally cliesttil,lZltont fixe miles from the other
prniteriy. 1
Persons wishing to ruteliase the above property,
will please call no either of the subsuribere, dieing
on the-first described tract_
Sept. 3. 1 ' 44 5
ft - a
rillIK" solo:ea-Rives will sell at public ventlito, on
1. • Flil D.kl", the lOtli ofG t
etir.ler nexl,un flit!
prruiiscs the ite..ttleserjheil Ilea! Estate, be
longing to the lit llorhhey, late of Alif-
Hitt township, tleetisisl: Mi. 1. A tract of land sit
uate iii toetiship, containing
'27 Acres and 143 Perches.
111....--kniprovements are it good Double • Frame
Weatlibrboarded Wit's'', witl a well of never
•lulling water 44.460 cloor,a double Log Barn neaely
n:ariv new, a Millie spring house and smoke 'Muse :
a good li l.,ckswith shop and oiliewt houses.—
There is also on the property orchidd or
chided fruit. Tile Inuiperty if; in a good
settlement and is in it high state of rultivstinu• It
Ill's six miles %lest ed Newt lib., lime East of
Newlimig and tide mile from filerrett's it ill, and is
au exceedingly desirous situation tin• a li(ai ksmith.
No. 2. A tract W l)I,A ND, etnitaiiiiiq about
9 acres . insd o.l"erchrs,
situate ❑lout one mile from the above desiwiliei
properly 'f l ies.. propel ties will he sold together,
o• separate us inns I, , lpsired by piiiielnisers • There
mill be reqiiired to be paid no tile day or Salle %dant
the propel ty is strut lc oil', kitty dollars on No. I,
and Twenty-five dollars on No. t.!. The titles to
u...4w.upgrifes , artindisput_alde..__Snle.ta_quiunienee_'
at 10 o'clock on said ibis - , alien terms si ill lie made
known by 11'14.1.1 A:11 1.5
St pt. S, 1845. Agents for .t he El rips.
York insert to gimuutgpflt 5O
and charge this office..
Public Sale.
WILL be exposed to public sale on WED.
-'Y V NESDAY, the 170). insi., at the late res
idenee. of Jacob liisAliger, doe'd. about two miles
East of the borough of Newville, near the roadl
Lading from Mount Rook to said borough, the
rilluxcing propert . ,
horse, one cow, 13 head of lings,"one two
hers° wagon, one dearbourn, two slei g h s , whe a t,
and rye by the bushel, corn in Ikti
horse genre, one ten plate stove,
one hive of Heed, and u vuriety of firming. uten
sils, us well ns household and kitchen furniture,
too numerous to insert. • .
' Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M. on said
ay, - W1556 - itiolidittice Will be given and terms
made known by .JACOB BURKHART,
Newvil le,Sept.,3, 1845. Administrator.
EZIets , LIaCKDD e
SOl4tH now nrrangenienta,liave been made in
reference to tha,LAW SCHOOL, by which
more strict attention will be bestowed upon it
er y oen , ono
• A new rule has been adopted' prohibiting the
bearding or lsdging or any student at a hotel.
•Any ififririgement of this rule, pr needlessly Ira.
quentim any tavern, will be' deemed finie facto,
a. witllTiatyal from the institution: :• •
• • • REED.
Carlisle, August 27;
Esiatc of Henry Wikle deceased. .
wirriqn ialterell , given that.Letteis of Admin.
111—iitention-oki-the'Estatti of T'lloßey - WiklO7lnte
of West POntishoro! tMettship;Anee been giinittel to
the: sobseriberTesidiog in the , stnne fownship:' All
*mho indebted to said Estate, will loakeintyment;
and these Itteeieg uinitris.will .present" them for set-.
July-3oTtB#s ::~
-. , .• . .. • • „
.',E,s , tatelo __Cathariiie .- I?eister - 2dec?(L-: , :
wr 431 CM" a licrebY• ki*entliat ioettOre Teittimen; , .
Al r. t irk: on Alta I:',6til!e 01.1!allaiti 'pi 110 etth.;.hiii bt .
West -Pen n she ro' ~..towriqhip;" 616 , 4'bOiiii granted ... sta,
the subsoribeir;:iiiioinOtill e .oil:ootiiiti; ISlxey4inil::
!), .:- la R" " '"'
`AjLipersolicin'ait.bts. tCE-16—::;1---tmei,
impilenteiliiilibese PP 1r . % . alitipo pill ifOsopt.Vieyti . -
fcir slittlpmeut4 , -7; ,, t-' ~. - . : 3 ,t:-: - 0.7 .-:, ', -",, : -...t... ^.-:
''. '.- '— ''' ,l "...''' '.: ''.' -. • ,' oYre:4 2 li-PPETA-ler,, 7-'
'-.. ;'Exetitlittotc-rf
• - .4state qi •
N°tic Iti h i.:etteie Att,::
totohlitatlott i on the Es.tottret - VVillette'ffeittli;
[ etiterrilinurciritowoihip;AgeNt"littiebeeegrinted
ilte: tioheoribe_e i'oBl l lll% itathe!,khlp4Al •
.porsousfeifilt tee to egetFEstitte poke. thtyloon't;
"tin. L. OD ! Alums , wlll' s tilieht.q for:
~., ' l '.'i‘.."':: . .-.::'P''.. - : . -:' ,-, ..: ~i . ,,,„.,,, ,
3A1,4V7.44,, : . " - . , ' , ' ,941 P 1 14 . 0 .1 r#V'L1T 0,. '.....
',-;E, 2.,. ' : ` ,L'6 , 444.4.7.;k;',., ; .' : -:', 1 ,,:',',','; .-, ,, -;'J"4,OTlp.
''' , Nc;':'.%:. , •::,.' -- ; - -', '...-,.,.:...-,.A.':.:......,.,......,::,i,,
AM 111111)1111001151,
'‘C.69iik'dj o 6 o4l,46 l P2l ' AV Re ' dMit;ll.
°C O 21. Arl o l 4 l o# % . 6* d ' 1 1 : 6171111 4
91,1 11 . 0 191 t 1:1 0 0 4 1 02 1 AA4 4 :1# 4° 94Nt
Near' 00..4"ditriersh4.p
EAS: I3 11 im,,llitz,H
at the .Cheaig 7 Staiet.mi the corne r ' South'
' Hanoverond 'Pomfret, streets: . '
The ta(eqt ..firriva . l in .illetrhe.t I.
VIHN G RAY, hating associatil wiPtitiiself In
.0, - his business,,his son,'Wit.wist H. Gist', roe
peotfully inform, their' filiends ..and' the. public In
geneiul that they havelust returned from
and.,are no'w opening a very cheap and choice
selection of beantilel and fashionable
Spring and Summer_Dry_Goo'd§,
ley invite their frlentisand the . public to give
the a call, as they are determinedito sell at great
bar b ins, believing that,s "nimble Sixpence is bet
tart tan .a stow Shilling." . Their stock consists in
part cf,-CLOTHS .54. C.ASSIMERES•!--fill colors
and qualities. Summer Cassimeres,-Tweed Cassi
meres. and Summer Cloths, Drillings and Gank
zm a
bin and other edgings, Shawls and Handkerchiefs
•of every description, Cnl.ieocs. froth 6+ upwards,
Irish Linens mid Long Lawns, Stockings and Gloves
Sheetings, Linen and ttziton Table Diapers, Birds
I.:Ye:Hum in and Scotch Diapers, Carpeting of vari
ous kinds. Indeed personseati get almost any nrti-
Ow in the Dry Goods Line, and as cheap if not
cheaper than they eon be had in any store in the
,eounty. •
They have also received a Very extrasimassort
meat of Shoes and Roots; lor ' e 4, (101145-
01,:: in part of -the following:— ,
Gentlranens' C:Of:tad - Seal Boots, $ll to $4 00
Mom oes, COO 10 200
Shoes and pumps ;
Ladles' Gaiter Shoes.,
Al mimes andllid Slfpneb," 75 1 00
Also a great variety of Boys' and A'otithe Monrbes
and Shoes. Misses and Childreni! fancy and plain
shoes of evert' description, which they will sell at
the lowest pasible rates for - ossit % . •
They 'haw also received a large assortment of
Fresh - Groceries, which they will sell cheaper than
the cheapest, ' ..
'Sugar, , • 64 to itdi
Coffee, . - • 7 " 124
Molasses, per Gal. : 37•4 "50
A huge assortment of China, Liverpool and-Com
mon litre—which they will sell - at S/0 per aunt
lower than can he pm-chased elsewhere._
They.have . alto.awextcnsive assnrtmea ciflrarle.
figs of Indeed. von con scarcely call Int ,
an article which they cannot supply' yon with.
F k 9 . 0 T.'
Time will receive in a rew days Oranges, Lemons,
Figs, anisins,k.e. &v., which they will sell by the
boVor otherwise. The public are respectfully in
vited an a all nail irsamine their stork or (lomis, as
they will take great pleasure hn showing them.
J011140:1.0 & SON.
June 11, 1845.
r- 1 .., v , 7 , 3 ,, , r0 -,-, \ A? 7, 61 . 6 ,,
.73. ,.
1/ST Teccived nt .1. )V. Kneedier's chca p
Book and Periodical Store,
Gislinins Mitgazpir, for September, price 25 ctn.
Godrv's Liiiis 's Book,
Cule,;ibiatt •Magezine,
National Magazine, 0 Igi
Arthur's do 0 I8;1
Number 4, Life of Napoleon 12S "
Carlisle, .Aug. 27,1845.
am or rdER (6) - 62 • ar - 1
Bn. GAI -•
•SELT,IN'd- OFF. AT cosT.
ar.i.HE subscriber havitur ccinellided 'Ton a
ja . change of businesh offers to his customers
and the public in genertiVhis struik of Goods Al'
consisting of Bloc, Black, Brown and
Mixed Cloths, Cassimeres, Sathietts, Cords, Jeans
-and a general assortment of _ ,
• ...•
Wentleturat's 111,an
Alen, Alpneeris,Saehmeres, Meninoes, Mous.
de La hum Lin cos, Calicoes, Gingna ins, Sill: and
Worsted Shunts, Dress-Hdh'fs. &c. &c. with a
.general assortment of Gloves, Hosiery, Buttons,
e t
Trimmings, &c. Also Shoes, Bran Hats, Caps,
Umbrellas, 4.e1 Coffee, - Teas, Hy : toffs, &o.
TO purcha s er s at a distance an Merchants in
the county, on opportnnity is now offered of sup.
plying themselves at Philadelphia pries.
To any person nr persons desirous rff engagi 'lr
in the mercantile business in the pleasant and
healthy Borough of Carlisle, un opportunity is
vow offered, as the subscriber will divose el* his
entire stork upon accommodating terms—either
for each, or Mr a well improved Kirin in a gum'
tit - 1011°6°nd. • S. M. 11 ". RNS
. N. R. All persons itnowing tliornserves indebted
to-tliesu bscrtber, will please cull and settle their
accounts, without lin-flier trouble.
Ca 1845
NW!: lichvet illibbons,
UST received and for sale by - Ow sitlii.rri.
ail lier. GEO. W. IJIT N ER.
August eic 1845.
'Black !ill: anal Frilagcs.
JUST received- Bicek Silk and Silk Fringes aim
Ladies' Copeii;ily . G. W. arcs ;11
IdyFie►g and Scouring:
BLAIR realietafnlly informs the public
vy that lie continues to carry on the business of
Ladies' Dresks and Gentletni:tt's. Garments of trll
kiwis, whether of Silk or %Vet)len texture, and of
all colors. He believes that he bas formerly given
_great .4atisfaution -to --nil ho- -have- entrusted - Idris
with work; lind feels confident of still being able to.
I' banking the public for gamer favors he would so
lick a oontinuttace 'Of patronage.
—lle may lie found atitisAlwellingion-Eitst-hotithei
street near the ColleEo ' winch persons may be at
reeted to by the sign above 'the doer.
August 21 4. 1 . 8 , 4.. •' Francis-miller, deceased. --
"NkToTicE is hereby given that letters testa.
-meniary on the Estate of Frapeis
Into of West Ponnabore' taw nship,Cumberiand
county,, deceased have been grapted to the sub.
scribers. All persons indebted to said Esiato,
will malts. payment, and those having claims will
present.ihein for Ottidinent. -
',SAM VEIL DI WI p of W. Pcnnsiniro': —
• • A BRAHAN: BOW MAN % of Franliford: •
Aug. 27, 1815. . Executors
A Largl supply of PRESErt.V4',4I22 . fcihalo
low at M,L1.0:1:1"S - -
Aug. 20,1845., . •
8011 remains uurivaqud mlo . .rirrants a. cortaji
curl. - Ter aulu at - the Drag Bi o ro
11 , 1m_7_,11845
047p141.10 7 ., , C0kt . 5iite.
TN purauance of an ordor of the, Orphan's Court .
of Cuniherlond - county, w ' o wilLexPoSoim pub._
to'. Sale . on' tho rosnises on'TITURSPAY, thO,
2 ,15i1i of KoPtethbor, neit i at 11 otolookoi:M;; - •
• •
. • • • _
lag iniide,af G9orgo. Lantz; (. 4 .o6!geiSchjeler•J.acob
IllicktiroolL:Ponjainjii• An4arepp!" , !ialisi - und !Ise'
Yejliti*•,Bree,Cll6:6 creek,'
Otintairiing 236 Acres
46-6 ,
011te'e, Obant wideh nip :elp,ar.
edyfeneed and Well enitifetteilt-and - lhii'reibleo In
good ‘.' _the •• fib nro'veineMio • Li . re Rio/
fiist)File _
abed, cern erib,link° *Moe,
Ihrmio bounded. for. thceiliurtbir ef a- mile - by'
for ‘yater,,si,olliii 'rind inay'ke thus The
0'f,40 ~,,,,,,,'coy
-77'cr::).TirinOtopu0kliiNisl:640,3q3,04,x0,,Ar; chilrige r
1 4t , nameaA( 1 9 1 19,97kUrtlivPX , tq,rir.viebbi . ,,
ye •••
. re l, 4al t a-4 •ft l e
toi!) 1 0 6 4 1 Y-'.; •"" rE't'
• •
if era °two.
401101 . .viStue orihe „last , VBlll,;and;Tebtattsent of
'EP IV4akley;-late' 'of , lhe . borough of.
Carlisle, deceased, 'will' he sold it pabliasentlac
o n'
Thursday - tha 'lBth :day of . September 4ext, on the
premises, the Allhwitigtlescribeil Amoperiy,aituate
thaSvillagc_oGPapertoati,Cti a therlintLeoitity,,l
artirdoi i , OF G1.1014 1 V,,ir •
onivliwti 111 erected a Log , Pitistei;er- ••' - •
MUSE viell finisheli, in, which
store hats - been kept for Many year's,' 4;`. N
with a Kitcheni.Smoke,HouseiSta'••••
bleata.`, pad it welnif
water will: a pump therein - , on the premises '
:' 'This
isa very. desirable nnii valuable property,mal the
best bupinass stand in the village - . or' surrounding
country. t. Also a, •.
adjoining the- above' described lot' on the north, on
HOUSES, one a eointnndirms -fit'iuk • ~,,,,z fit ,
house, hod the other a frame wentk: i l ,.'it ; ~'
el.-boarded house, both suitable •631. ..,r„. ',
auto a business stand.. The above property vill be
sold 'either separate or together as may best suit
01111.clinsees. '
Sale to commeritte at- one o'clock on said dav,
when attentitinie will he given and, let ms made
known, by
Adm'rx, , with the iv ill annexed °lilt. Weakley tiec'd.
August. 6,4145! . . , • -
`WILL be sold nt Public Sale; on the premises
of Blue laie Robert Conk, cleo'd. ih Monroe
towitslap, Ciimbeehinkcounty, on Sii...I.I.IIIDAY;
lioptembeeo2olh, 1845, a certain , ttact of land, situ
ated on the Yellow Breeches Creek, abdut two
miles north of Dillstown, on the road lending finan
Carlisle to York, Pa., anal about midway between
Clark's nod Griffith's Mills, containing about
it Which - 1 a it"
50 , t 1 25
50." 1 25
01 . are .clenred and in a high Onto of
Altivation—the balance is woodland, well covered
withiine growing timber. The improvements con
sist of e two-story. Double Rouse, a
large frame Barn, and other out
Windings. • An orchard of fine thriv
lag Apple trees je also on the pram- : . N.u t
iscs. Ctmvenlent to the door,.is a
never failing well of excellent water. This prop
erty is admirably calculated -88 a place of public
!Justness, being ideated th a popufous.section olthe
county, and the house kept for dually years as a
tavern. Persons desirous of reviewing the proper
ty pri-r to sale:can do,so- - byvcalling-upositif e .sub
icriber. Sale to commences at 10 . o'clock, A. M.
1 , 11 said day, alum due uittellitaii©e will be given,
and conditions 'node known by
. August 13,18 . 45.
N. 11. A Iliumlity - or corn, rye and 'Mita by the'
will he sqlil iit the same time.
Harrisburg Inbilligeutio• publish to amount o r
23110, and charge this
Valuable :Real Estate
a.) Lta
rpm; Ruhserilier, Elevator of William Jrlities
lock. NI•11. ll elqlqol. will sell Ilt 11111111 C stile 011
the promises, tin NV ERN {SDAN' the I Stli
of Ilc
luhrr nest, the frillouing M.:scribed real estate, to
it: A Tract of first tale Lirot?toute Land,
FO 1 . 1 . R nun 39. perches omit
memartt. The land is patented turd iwit high Mute
of :cultivation.. The improvements
area twit tun story IKEATII • -
Trommith { - MUSE, a new. Batik •V't ' l l :
larootatl, all Miter ore - essary: 'out. ag_ ; .),l„
buildings a 3 niMg pple OrCharMitf .
ehnite ft nits, null a %tell a water near the Itoti 4 se;
Thi; hpol is Sollll l e about thrt o miles \ , l est of
)Ireltanicsimeg,:moti: Trimllo Spring road,
Nintirm' and is Irmotletl by lands of 11'111.
A'restlutifilm. Joshua Sly-
ers II trot sold The - property will lie rented fur
true 3Mar. An intlispittablei4itie will he given.
- ti; tle-to commence at 1 O'clock, P.M., - attetolittive
given and terms tootle kiittitimby
LF, 1845.-
- -
Two - Valuable Limestone Farms
AT ED - 6139L1C ,
111 Y virtue of the last . will and testament of
•LO John Bttner, Into of Allen township, Com•
Berland counts', deceased, will 'be sold nt Public
Sale, on. - Friday the 2d ih Of October next, 011
the premises, the following described property,
viz: A valuable plantation, situate in said town.
ship on the road leading\to fleldentan's mill.
south 01 Sliirein.fitstown, and about four miles
west of the Susquehanna, containing about.
200 ACRES. •
Id first rate britestutic Land, all cif which hi in h
high , Intf.! of erilikation and tinder good timers,
and will be sold as a wholb or divided to suit trio
rhat.yrs. The iiiiiirovi:inents arc a good Slone
Doelling !louse, With wash house and i‘ell rit
never renter, it large Stone Hank Baru,
NVagon shed. Corn I house, and t thin r out !Rinses,
together with an excellent 'rertuot MARC, and .1
itlu.ble iiiiii!e nielr.rrd, About forty acres of
s.iid tract in thriving timber land. At the same
time and 'dace will be °caret a tract of
7A - 031 -I .ES - ar- -, * c;/ 1 10 - 0 _YEAND
,ilu rte uu ill, -Yellow breeches creek, 111/011t throe
quarters ul from the above furni, which
scid—ac=a--w-lwrie-,- - Drin three lots to cult
pthehasei's. Also,
(in Tuesdity, the 28th c [October next,
be sold on the premises, a valuable farm,
situate in South' Middleton township, about two
miles South' of Carlisle, on the road leading to
Carlisle IronVorks, containing •
of lira rate - lA:nest - ono 'Midi in a high state 'of
cultivation and under good fences. The improvs
ments are a two story Brick Dwelling Haug,
Tenant House Brick flaili_Damnagun_Blied,-
Corn Cilbsor ' trall other necessary out buildings.
About 100 acres of this tract is thriving young
limber, and the rest cleared and thoroughly cul
ttyated. It contains a largo Apple-Orchard 'of.
choice ft uit, and a well of never failing i.valcir
near tho door. This tract will ,also he sold us a
whole or In two Arta to salt purchasers.
Thu terms of purchase aro, that half the pur.
chase mo9ey shall ho paid 4n hand, and the re
mainder in five equal annual payments, and on
the lost from.a widow's dower,will be subtracted,
frojAllto...mpncy to be, paiclin_band,
sale to commence on , emli.Of said days at 11
O'clock, A.-M. when attendance will be given by
isAug. 27,-1845, !. • - Executor s
Lancaster Examirier..cind Lebanon Courier,
will puUlisb.till stile and send bills to this office.
Twthiceelhit'Pribli& - SehT,'On SAititDAY,
(he 20th of Septa tn bor,next, ata,o'eloek,P,
precisely,at - theYubliti-House of.Jeenb.Trego i lu'
- Dielfineup townpliif, - Ell7o;at ler:fract 'or
.WOODLAND,' - situate Dioltinxen township,
belonging "to A: G:Ege, containing about 11.400
ACRES, whicli will tre4ltyided Into'lota an';CA.
_drafeand , plan eibibited , cn dAy. of ealti.: Pereone
deiirene, to,vieri - the,property, befure!tbefallio
wale, can-call on - 11104. iojin florpor or Wallin*:
-I.lne r Ettci:4liir will 41how-tho-ptopi?ily r ot,giOti
any infornialloni ...nocoosari , ‘ • 'l'ho .sale
known`en theda ot oalof
'"Aug. 27, 1845.., • ' , -Agootfog A.'o;
PPR ' ' '. ,' , 4 . '=
~.,,,, ', ' v • DirE :sicit- ,z- r , . aili
TlviiiiLD can nie ditentign` 6 Cm..n. I°.!;n:r . .!. r ,
1 -0th40,1 4 0-I'verf eitesgely.esuPPlY ?!,1g..°t,t. 1
c alstink of loigwood.'Prosil , WoPa. pars /Yi 2 1 z
'9' Wood,-Indigoi'lo3^4DYEtS-VITI"'
' lh" 1 " I eiary%'othotaiii '
thti.,,der, ..,,et„llc w.t ,I 1 mot ,,_ . 0
ole utiod inAylOgi . iNPlr t:# l ,li',4 B ), loPliouttli,Y . 7
Igtoettoat o
Ak 'obit !mowing themielvai in ,
ntic h Pe n fi
omm .
s oy ; r e
N i7; l Ei ari
itn : s
1. I
f ::
a t: t s
l e e 1 7,• 1 3 : 1 r o ' n
•-., ~
•&.: , ,1':27:',,
..,,.. ',••• ~;,,,,,,...r.''.:,,,,..
. . , '', ,",.'"'lu
~,,,, 7' , ~,";,,Ho ßk h...,- b . '
pie iltrlpEZdas -c?!.
.-44_i_ ~,,•'•.„-,,4-i1i•0.p.,,,mi,d5hm..013.•.° . INtl•N•'?' •;*--
-., ..,
• ~.„...5.,...4,f.,y4; ,;„,-.o.Asocipi 7 4 ,,, rri ,,,, : ,, .- -As r,,,5„..,,.K-N
...,,.*,,,,0,,..4 A ? , ,.. , .. , .,. noo . or . .tta:.,,1•••51b,.,!N tn.,44....-0 T•"•;•it•-•-•!;-,•
t • Ifirik;
„% a - 109 . 10,-• •-• ~u., Mr.,
~,t,,,,.., & - dii,.,„9;
• n4llll,LietiliAltitnit:llYelli 100.1;:'ii, .'l4-'3.÷,n,'"P:,,„a.:,2::,...`„'
iT.,Vl,o,\,;ljko •4 . .., ',40,61, 0 7,---., ~!,',4
.-.),'' VlO
~,,,!.N,A -
''fifilla,rlT'ittiob.o4.-4,,,,!'•-•-,;1""",.:1iit,-;',;'; ,-',',:yr,,,-.;.•.:','"'''' -
Jt -.,,t,:v•;..2-7.-i.‘,iiiirtcp ',.J,,,,,,..,,..,-....•!;--i,..,A,,y , '.... -
ti.....?,piror„ 04.itiqy!fi!Pv.....-pp1.,,,,,,,„,,.:;,&:,•...'
44.i,111,11.,:,,,,„,,11.•...• .
!i,...t•...!.,,,::,'4,:e.'.,::.j:Et:.,:i.'5,'"-.'' '' . '
Orphansy..,,Vourt e.
1101 -. Y.-'tiirtue of:an - order Of. the Orpitatite Court'
iMblici'sale„ at the' public . !ionic - 9f Mr. Hiliy,.ln
Stougho6lo,-On SATURDAY:4Im 4th of 'October:
neFt; . at o'clock, noon, °Cilia day, the following
-described ,reaLestate, late the property of John
Stough', sen. deceasecl,•vizi - •
7 - . - Al3: I, A - Tract of tioiebtrinet
joining Stonglistown,'Newton township in said
I,o6outy, ` bounded . by lands ,f John McCullouch,
Sharp's iteiis; IliPwothvell's heirs, .tho Harrisburg
and ChambersfiCirg turnpike roatl, and other, pipit
'ertt of the said John: Stough, - deceased, containing,
pErUliiiii;ittritt I . i - feature; of - Which Aiwa - one reit"
acres are cleared, under good fence, and in good
cultivation. Tho improvements are
oacupied at is Tavern, a largx Bank
two frame stables and other
out- houses. A fine young Apple Orchard and other
truit-treektnno n-never thlliiirwell-ofWate'r.--, •r-
No. 2. A 'Pram. of _Limestone—Land.-in
said Newton township/bounded by hinds of Skiles
Ivoodboni;'.lncob B,eltzhoover, Polly n14011,16(1
containing Seventy-one Acres and twenty-nine and
eight lenths:perches, of which shout d 2 aireS - Ore
cleared; in gootr o otativatinn, and under' exce llZ o t
fencet•linvlng thereon erected a 2 1-2 story Log
!louse, a L(10111.14 Corn Crib and Sited.
is n ..ond r Ot Chard and Cider Presysm the premises.
8; A Two Story Franin House, n
Stotts : Shop. a Frame Slnp,mll a lop; Stable, with
2 acres and 67 1-2 perches ni tlierets
sitti'lle in Slniiglislowlt v 1,1:,i,
tie Mitelnil I Stuarl, &mud Melliler,, null Front
No. Ii alinn , snid. e "
The terms of sole will be. $222 to be paid 'on
purport No.'l.—siro to be paid . on purport -No. 2.
—and po on purport t h e confirmation
of the stile of each rt. spectively. -One 'third of the
purchase money of each tram to remain in the land.
'the interest thereof to be paid to the widow of John
Stough yearly and every year during her life, and
the principal at her death to the heirs and repre- ,
rents 6ea of the said John Stott.h - deceits ti Oi e
half the residue o the purehase•motwy"to be paid
on the ISt of April next when possession will be'
gvLin, and the remainder in two equal annual in
stalments witiirnit interest, the payments to be se
cured by recognizances with security in the Or
phans- Court. Groin in the ground and rents to be
reserved. Due attentlanee will he'etven on the do
August 27, 1845.—ta.
Orphans' Court ..Sa
frp - Y 7 virttre of - ow order of the Orphans':
Court of Cumberland uounty,l frill expose
lo piddle sale, nn the premises, W EON FIS 1)A V
the tith of October. 1845. at .11 e'cincici A: M•i. A
Farm containing One litindred.o.llCl Twenty acres
of gond slate' land situate in East Pennsboiongli
township, Cumberland &mar, about 100 acres of
areftleared, fenced anti iirma good state of
math stint,. The imprOf'ements are'
110 USE nail large BAN BARN, I t I,'
Irmer pal.t of stout, with Wagon Ait.! s ". • 4.
Shad :mil ,1.47. • 1. 41. *,
Corn Crib. Wash House,
Spring 1111115 e, will, n never litiliingspring of water
—mill a good Orchard. The 111 1-111 Is, about three
'mils from Harrisburg., and lies on the Galindo
cilium creel:. .
Exeptitor of euiil dada
The terms will he made known ant cAlay nt sale
:111./SiES 110 Wei
Ailrakistrator Jactib.lluover,
August 27.4845.—ta.
PUblic Sale
tinde;signed, ; " assignee of Jack High',
T.will sell at POlic Sale, on FRIDAY, 3d - af
OetublT next, on the premises, at' 2 o'clock, P. M.
the following described Real Estate, viz:
situate in Newton township, Cumberland county,
one toile front Newville, in a good state of colt'.
tulion, bourdleittrriands of Robert McFarlane,
Jacob Weaver. John - M. Woodburn. and Jacob
Gtr•e aonlainitm , n• • r
arectO r d a tit , . - aiutSr .- LEIG - .1:1017SE, To - tf 'Mid;
-binukamith ;lion 111111 , -11-Nvt4l-.of watin — bear the .
door. The above tract of land inny ho purcha
sed at private sairrprior to the lo Oetoberuntid if
not sold on that-day-be-offered-at public sale,
Terms auldf. krniwn on day ors,,lE:.
Aegignce of. ;Jacob Iligh
August 2"7, 18.1.5
- IV li 11.115,11CLE
17 a.•migh Propei•rff
, ~._......
On Sal inlay lbe QOlll Sopterither next, •
,It.. , to 5 , .1,1 :II Public :•Ih, ;ft the pohlie
boom-of :ear l neelelo, bl-q., that (Urge
nod %yell tini , hed TWO. s'
Bloc': DwELLING fibus-,E,.0. fi.
onte'a nt ih.• ~I. Ic.lrt I! II I,v,r „,;;;1 i !
II lid tooth, r eireitn to.. tio Id ii./r •11!..,' I, . P rof
It is One cr the bc,“ hur,...,:cii‘ ~ , t.zt........
1 ,1,,,e. and loin long twee net opina`lis , i lateilwse
stand, for which it 10 to,,i eligil4 ~.ito.itud. Tlir
la etfu front room on the first : floor It , now fit 1411
ua .with the nece.wary fixtures for a (Hoods
Stuh•. The howl., has large and •cutontodiouN
be ck•bu i Id ings I br.l4conx , en-iontn•-,-e-iffl-titer,
is p Tiif•hej - to it a sufficiently large garden plot.
A Two ACRE'. LOT on the tuhipike lending
to flarishurg, but within the borough limits, will
also ho sold with it. Tho terms of sale will be
made easy to the purchaser. If the propjrty is
not sold on 'said day, it will he rented for one your
from the . let-of April next.
Sale,tosomnionco et 11 o'clock, on inid day,
when terms and conditions will tie 'nude known
Auguit 20,-1645. Agent for the Owner:.
WILL be sold on Friday; the 19th day of
.Septemher at Q o'Clnek, P. M. on the
cremiseo, a Feral - containing 217 acres of Lime.
stone and Slate Land, two thirds Limestone situ•
me in Notthitlidsleton_tmv_uship,_ Cumberland
county, 5 mike from Carlisle, 1A from Kingstown
• 3 from .Iloguestown and 14 from liarritiburg,
bounded by Conodoguinet Creek, David TlOnvor's
Mill, a road leading from Sterrett's Gap to York,
John Coovor and Jesee Ziglor, There ie h btidgo
over he creek at the . plum The ionprovaneate
are, •
ivoatitcfboarded.:l. A bank barn BO by t 0 fear, a
wagon elicit, carriage hoesci-and'other-out-builil.'
logs; tog tenant house and lug stable, which
- makes it conscnient_for
parte. BASHI be mild 4105%14mi if it sults poi- .
chasers; a. miser fulling well Orwater-at eaeh
meee; timeep at the mansion; 25 nares weariloti ,
not: eurpaspad_lbt_hcalry yield or g_994_,q 00n1y,12. 1 5
acres woo dland; a -large good 'beating-orchgrd...--,
The whole — odor good fooce ; a suffeiiaiicy or
100614:0 make - prods, : put-,,the ybole , antler
good post fence.. A further "ion 6,--
i3sllary r 1.130 prOpertt;Will
ICOOII, reeraing - Olere,00; oi - 1) 1
Mill, or by the ilObictriber-iii."l
wiles Wfist 9cCpilliiip...; - . , ::':,
,- - -.;•.'7 . .:.
. ~.,,,:.,::::-.., 7. - -
' ~N. El....:lf.not'Poldr.:iin:Piibi '44,, ii.:w will, bp' oilbrid
P . iiii . lAo .. eitle.lll Pold:'•.,' .'''...-.., •• -' • ,'. :,'.-...-..::,--..
tanactitter-Uniorg and '.lrork-Ri:fitibliVap intort
tc; tliitutfil. •
i ...i.. i i ii ;j e:
cif. ;2••,d,,:re•deiltri.;;;;e...Swiiii;ol.llreph_.,:xilpii`.9oCcdontrot
p ..of Einniberll4.- : 1" , ;; I l l i A l k,j, tow no lo p . i r i
pub ia we; .6, th o .p i en, pig ,
F - -Divr-thei-Sgth%f= StiOinmt!ef.7
gajd , OuniYi --( . l ° - 1 . ,1 , A i -!-!.:,
~,„*„':,: •:-.-,.',.' ';... ,-: ' P . ',)
neit; 410 . ololpo1.!,r,T;
.., • : ;;',:,..., . -,..,•....." ~. .;,,
A - T , .RAC , TLIOR;:;AOVYI,----T
-:- ..-- '' . ` - 1 -- '4l,,i'i'On . d'inil;' from lint
i ttT"." fr '-k -. 'and' riliaittAinlf '4 ) ittiln- 1
Y A 1 1 _,.. 11° M.,e,;-.-,„ C°°3 4 ° -. B . 'c ir r • S- -edirj-iliiiiiiiaing 10. $- 11 .
„r, , ~...!koibutgE.o- AcREs,.
spring ''-' oniallillN '" l '•', r '6ll. d'illidec
V,lr . ...-. 1 ki . tu:irf which,o 4 eare 4 .F.,, ~,.:
pte "F, F. ?.(1 ~ ,i ti4ilatiiiiinnilinwo , will be
ITO' "A cf i. ,l %,i'a f felaciliiwn ciri' , ll4.y.'of $O6 ! ) .f:...„.'; : ,
i'FF! ,..A : 3, , .777.1r-.7: i25g5GE.',8gt.b1Aii,..,..,.,..,.
,-‘,', 4; ', 00 - i ! , - .' ,10 45-.1'*:,. , 'r : , ..: . ..i ''• • -';-:•,::',' '''- , • --
. '' • ' ' '
- := 2 Pun Lit; saLE.
::FliF.M:i,': . ft,i,ll),,'TA:ll.o'; l ::;l'l,lT:4l,
• .:.,• •
a .. l J in l /.l t :
lrft rt grc i - i l t: iaY:the.3oth4 :f a
tale, the, pioperiqisnonstuckoy,deo;
.ed,.via . ; - . .
'. -- Farilti7aitd.Talretili Stan ..
Situaio at the Forki of tlic Piitibute and . Wheel.
frig' Turnpike Roads, about. four mike West. of
/3cdford. Tim! Tayern ii a commodio - us
tho_sbigies_bi g h,_Afty.fe a til k le n gth.'by forty in
widtln with. stabling, Opting house, sc., attach.
ed. The farm .contaihe
' 216 Acres of floe Limestone Land,
}BO cleared, and tinder fence, 90 of which are
meadow ; there are two geed-orchards.. Besides
the Tavern Stand, there are en This tract^ •
A - large banli - barri andlgrainery, one NM - Ring
House and Still Houle, and a large stable arld dry
•honset-also-two-other - - DWEITANG-HOUSES,
a wagon- makers ehop,"and black eolith shop, and
saddler shep.
TERMS -it:Me third of the purchase moncyto
ho paid, in, hand et the conficination of the sale,
the leilence in three equalennual payments theie.
after, 'Without interest ; to ha secured by judgment
bond., or bonds and morgogo or worgoges. .
Sala to eon - mace° Si 11).0`olook, A. M . ^
. • • 1' EARLE 'FUME
August 20, I so—St.
al Pain:able Farm,
ON sAtuitimy,27,l, of September next. srill
be bold at-piddle sale, on the preinisus, in Mif-
flin township, Cumberland comity, imay the road
from 'NlcCormick's mill to Shippensburg, about
tls:quarters of a Milo from lie 'T
AR S o.•
• •
Containing one hundred and . forty-one Aeres of
Slate Lend, in a good state of cultivation: The im
provements are a good ,
—.l' LOG. 1-1 OILTS77 ,
MI 1 4 ,
1111 •••
And a Lo- Barn.
the latter of which has lately been put under a new
roof. There is a well of water near the house, and
a running stream through the place. There in a
variety„of thriving Fruit Trees our the plantation.
About fiftenaAorea of,dhe.placc is meadow :lane, -
and twenty nr twenty-tiro neves Wood
land. She place iv coaNillcusll one 'of the finest in
that township. Persons wishing Information of the
place, can olitala it from Dr. John Wilson, of New
vine. or Samuel NlcCiaw,:pljoining the property.
Sale In mite place at I o'clock, P. M. of said dav,
when attendance will be given` and Perms made -
known Ir the anbseribet, Art indisputable title
will he, 'given ia,casc., of a sale._ •
July 9-3, 1845. ,SOLOMON SHAW.
vroTieg is hereby given In apply log
'or situations in the Public Schools of the
district composed of the township or Frankrord.
Cumberland county, that the Boartl7lDirectors.
it ill meet at Mr. Bowman's Store in said township.
On Saturday the 113111 of September next, for the
purpose of examinitig, applicants as—to—their reE
',native qualilicathins; at which time persons apply
ing will please ;Mend, .
FOR SS. 1 LIGE . . .
A COUNTRY STORE, situated, in obe of the
1 - 31, most tiourishingjywns in the county, and ion
pollulous district, is' oTfered for sale by a person
about .ciderutp,-pitattrofcss:ottalengtmcinentsi
dres, B. „at this Office.
A.ttipi_st 1, 1845, - • _
,sort c &tot i to their advantage to cull nail
ti‘attlirie at die 'Cheap Stare,' a large usenet meat - of
Cassimeres and qussinetts, Which will be
sold at reduced pi lees, by
_ _
Shippensburg, August 15, 1845.
DRY APPLES, for sale at the store ol
August IS, 1845. J. A. CLIPPINGER.
As' "A Illt INA L.
9111 E 811mo:oboe begs .tye' to call the ;Menthol
of die public to the lam old Fpleotlid itssort
lucid of 11'scithes :11 , 11 Jewelry:just received at his
old stand i t Maio street, opposite Loudon's Book
store and a little West of IlcutuurNhotel, cousist
lag ol Gold Patent Leveilb
Aid Levine WATCHES,
the lia.),t emeicovv , and
hen iiitu Ile Il;IS cr olicred
In lb, citizens
•luotlicooatt sdlier L vii
ago! I a:ill lie to ( t old
zilvet bias, FA
.keys, Witteb-chal,,s. Speiottchol. at .llso oov
Toctv - e - a - si'vr, - ttnai th,t!Josirs - , - Lork - ersTH-rir=Tinis,
chip, Finger-i lags, Aledalloor, and a lot of very 6U-
Diamond pointed Pens,
a eery tlesiralde artii le for men of Business gene.
calk; together ninny other articles in his line
of Inisiness tuna:possum. In. mention. A
Persons wishiyq to ptirehme opy of the itbove nt ,
tieles,woold do well to 611 slum, ni it in the howl
tuonefd mod 4:heoliet.d nssurtment et ri• nirereli to this
conrimindtv,llllo 8 , 11 , 1 10%%1•r lop cash thou
they Coo he puruhustul ut retail it, the pities
- July 0,-1845. . . •
CLolrmnus SCI,DIVB`,VG
IVe rettiro our thanks for the putt amigo dreads
Tijiiitirtrott us in our !Mr of I)oo4.B6—the Seth.-
ing of Clothes, &c., with Soap of nor own numulite.
titre. -Pall is drawing near and all those who desire
to get their hill and wilder clothing ready cleansed
froot grease spots before wearng again, will please
give 1111 " c 0112.1. iti_W.est_Pneafret .Street- The
Collars of Costs, or any spots, will lip cleansed
Without. lottelling the tither parts pi the garment it
desired. Puy primis will be proportion to the '
job, varying freim 12 1-2 pests to half a dollar.—
Send us word owl we will come to your dWellings
foe the Work. Preoldhose who may not wish to.
give us the cash we will take trade of any kind...we:
Mil use. -
Auction Cake wilt be attended to in town hint
hountry t :unti on minket tnuctlitutoot the Mankttt ,
douse. . wEsuey miLEs
aril• 2. K 5.
'N B. linve procured n room connected with
-Mr • Stetilien-KOeper's -Tioner-Sliou in the - rear-Of
die - Mort:et Boum, where Twill rimeitm'ollkinds'ot
t e .C.; 4 . 11 9) ...11tue FJurii g the tilly,'cir in -tile.
eilminir,s. All neonunte will prormaly be settled
immetlitttely niter 111.
• • ...
A , A DIE S I rrq;)"113.11
Lidlei'areftivited in' look at I IN - 111)1611ili d Oracles ,
for. the toilet received by the subset iber,
tag Soulii , liousseihs Almoinland,Other ;106=7
nioe Iletoott Oa; Eli7111:1011411131
teutlyk . ltoussera'.. , ,itoadiae ., /or
itonaset's 'Extract for, the triodkerollief,besitlei 'a:
'cannot fitO'ttflifeaoe',•ftiflrri.lifOli Tiery.
low for oasth:.
Cpjtnpot!uti lirtio!ittite -Woo - 1
. .4(l` , *(ll,sed;Riiit
.rpr male ;
c44.l..stor_a_4..ft.yOrit.,SLY , _ol,lro4
0 141 0. 1. ,Pi4; 1 40117.7 60 i!X*10i
i;jusC.reCel . yeiti;:and Kaitale at. the i3heoritit*
TKSl:ilOitigrirk - M - cliMpr. --. ,
y - . , §,6 . At!;ittL4lrrt
supeoor.ijually t
tat reettiked-m4d . for - sato ye - the cUitii-d.rug
teveniin • , 4 t
la.4b ; l .J.,rigllE 'BLITZ MIXTURE
izte'd:Meatiooo G 11 01 4 40: - caYebife'eitiii.02 . 7titi
sitkon. 8ert.4942,01#0 . !V' ..
riU of 5. frish' find viallif o ijiiikeisAteit 3441
TOffilialii,l4:oo 7 oliitall - lrug metro .O z tonWaiTirdn - gt241411
COttX ,'7 ,Priklatritit
A,,kberialn core for„ColitO , piliklichtel,tl ,
sale . Yt Ott 'slrug 1406,94itcfa1000 . 0 4, 40, , frk
• , " „,, „ ,
• (ea
, • ,
d a l i niV2 l 49Arcptei'keiyi i ieii 4 ' i l'
' p9ct,Ot!l
\l l4 -7-
• 9 3
' -5
7. ‘• -
;Old -& ~ppiifA~B la A ;; 1 All 6 ifl f lret
' rate fy EST NEttalty:iitii`atiiSiath
IVlrodletooto*ll4hipi,otte , •iii!le:StAi '
Cuthiiiitaad :coMity,rlying'Ou thtelValime•Bottoot
cdtittiPtilV.e t.'•:): t: rt .
• 'lcLatc.U_:__=7.3a_Miliii:Vr '
More or tess'4 having tt\etteton
two goo: Stone-House, a.largii.-fratne -
Barn, a. ater, a Sqningl• r; •
and thrivint ripple OrolArtl. Alto to II
ho solir witlrthe 4bove ttsCt flive4tcres „,-
fi r g'rate . C•theittout:Tiintter,:',.7 ,
' The W • B
alnut ottom' *id.; ptioides . :thititifili 7 iito
farm, which gives a inarkeo Or all this
is raised upon it, hst drovers Pyiasing through fo•the
east. • .
• Per sons wishing to purchase witl please 'call iipcm
Mr. Andrew Blew, lir Carlisle; or on ilieiMintiribdr,
at his Mills 4 miles ergot of Carlisle.' . •
August 6 . 1845. ___ • _____
IHC_sobs _a 1. at..privqa :sale, a
1 irnot or land it West Pent..Tiboroi - ,townnltipt,
Cumberland county, one half milereast Of
. ,
ee) — .E,...ersms -- 134Ext
of prime Lhneatone_LatiO, hi a good r i hile of pottiva.:
tion, 631'11(1,164 a large,proportton of knitiler'gßoti
.ld thriving timber" 1 he improve- ,•::
ments are worn Story Stood fionseo
Stony MI 111
Stony and tither out-buildings.
- The nbovn dosoribeo- property, the J2:7 , • . 1.
subserihera offer 'to sell either in
tract, or otantatir or . It ,
.acintrate from lheirest.
good .title and pmtOision will be given on the first
of,Ainr uei t.
July .30, 1845
rill - 11S remarkable discovery lies received theff-
L• universalfipprobation of the Medical ro
fession of Great Britain, and hits now been spill
'cloudy long before the American public to ghe
fair test of its
. power and efricaey. thpFahott
Galvanic Rings have been fininalo anawer all thil„.
purposes for which thp oramary Galvanic
tary, or Electric and Magpelic machines iito
used, but are without any of the injuriqui*cksi
_which nectimpan:y the applipationit-bsothoie..ifi.
struments, and in mtiny father reirpeptft and more - -
safe and.certain in accomplishing the desiqd
The Galvanic Rings hays been used w.dh-Vk--
leet success in all cases of Rheumatism r acute. M t •
eli-onip, applying 'to di¢ lama, face or Mabel.—
Gent, Tic Doloreqx, or Tteithache,
Veotigo, Nervous or Sick Headache, Indigestifel,
Parulyssis, palsey, P llipsey, Fits, Cranip,
onion of the Heart, Apoplexy, Stiffness of Joivis
Lumbago, Spinal Complaints, Neuralgia, Gerwr•
al Debility, Deficient of Neryops Energy, and ~11
Nervous Disorders. Their extraordinary cfret:
upon toe system must be witnessed tole
ad, and as a certain preventiVe fbr theteccedinz
complaints, they are equally to be recianimended.
The. Galvanic Rings aro in every way perfectly
harmless, mid are-sold at prices to be within ill: ,
reach of all. Christie's Magnetic Fluid 'is useij
in'conneetiim with did Riege l to render theirel
tioient action pet - 441 . '4nd to direct the Galvanic
.influence to.particular parts which arc affected.
-Nroneforis- certificates erthe 1;060411 'effects
of Dr. Chriti,tie's Ring rind Flora Can be sheep.
The followier Caution' is fleir,tho Preifif"Yer4
Surf, of July 12th, which fully recognizes 'the
churn 'of Dr. Gristle us the only . proprietor of thq
'genuine Galvanic Itings"atiOragnetie Fldid.
Caution fo Me Public.—Wo teal. it a dilty.l.q -
onoiion the public against purchasing apy of thy
Imitations Crietic% Galvanic Rings which
unprincipled persons are attemptin;
„to dispose
of in eariolie places throughout Wo
can rt•ita with confidence in its truth, that thite
•tiation ;sem: nejbeneficial Innueinm-What-
ever and nit 4 Le rpgariled in no °Lifer light Chili?
a direct fraud.
. _
fIATERT Is ;hp solo agent of Dr. Crisqo
forflarrisburg and • .
Harrisburg, Aug. 04.5!
Estate of Samuel I - I. 14.oclrevrs, '51we,1 7
ALL persons are hereby notified that Letters—,
of Administration en "the 'estate of %Irma
ri. Andrewit, late of North Middleton township,
Cumberland county, deceased, have this day been r"
issued by the Register in and fur said county tqf
the subscriber wliO resides in the said township!
of North Middleton: All persons having alums
or demands against the estate of the said deco-i
dent are requested to make known the Bailie with-1
out delay, and those indebted to make;paytaisp4
to JOHN „Carling, Jr.
Auguit 12, 1845.-61
Estate of John Fithian. deceased, Administration upon the estate
.101 u Fillton,tate of Allen township,Ciun
berland county, deeedied, having been grab - toil tr)
th : subscriber, residing in the some township, '
- , - ;rerrnir, - Iricrwing---theinselves-indebterl-to tfie_ea
late of said deceased are (oink &to mrdte,' , '
nem- lame:dirt-WV; itpd-these-lt
"demands against aaid 'deceased will preset); tl.Ol
duly authenticated for settlement.
ILLIAN 11A41{NESS, Adm'r.
August 12, 1841=3i. .
JUSTICE 11AR714:17".,,
TA'S.NKFUI., for the very lib rul 'patropage he
las receiyed,.would iuforvi the.Ladips of Car
' lisle nod iti vicinity, that he still 'condones to maio
.nfacturC LAT/IFS' 2110 ES ”clf every quality and
keep:ce boOki: • •
Ladies; Frencil liforocco en KO; double-hole d
pltuce,' •
Ladies ittnikinfi :hoes, ' • • 1,25
" Gaiter Sithos, • • 107/
Nfisses'and•Children'Aelocoin proportion. - All
work done by hint warranted, and all rips repaipd
gratis. Cal Lat the Jack hous,o in Garner's, •Stiqvr.
nexitfotir la' cqthrie, • Vatchmaker.
Carfisie, February 5, 1845.— r fra.
.44:t,g9*1 NES.
fitALZOßlNti:aell,Lawns of the bleat atxlep . ; it
exeefalingl:y, le* tiriees t for gale at.the Amid'
eifiat 130845... • J. A..CLIPVII3PE,I4
NOTICE , --,.--. ----'-
.. -Thorny
~... ivemetieerlig 1,1,
a siped- here. 9 s , i ecomm 6l 4YFP, ill ~
--The '?" l L er ' and Easv! °I , •,,, t ,, i t„ . soolides a , „ ..
tl e bimmicukao9
.An a vaii
applicationlps,ttloi a i l
i t e h
poey , ! i t ,,, n i, b e n iT o i • au 4 t :l, - ri l erot f h r e e i n i tg .
t ; :,,,,,, ,
of i e. n )
ono int; of'' a l'amir alining nOrk,qf '
ra „ the ,menr,), A„,,,,,,newand_l. I ,,ir citi r i .
d 43 , 1 e qf ' T me_., Hu 0 ,..,, uomg • - , capita , cs ,
t" ~ 1 .. to, twlopt(Pf WM to, avP F-, ',.°
c R'''•'_ ,fi-c -; slid' Porl'ara goner, ,
PL'"""YIW A 'r ' tlimusand doil",, w ith.
bank4r n htpid- qa. r I , ,pe g es. , _ ~, ~,
n- °J.' , .., ddi Bentant st•Pr ~. nh e ein, , ? ~, „r,T . , -
iib PI! • • •,, 2 - d'acov - A , ..7. ; , „-,_711'.-::4`-7-,•..."-
, , _,,,,.i.
, ..,
- -=
qbeili3OMT, ' r q
*r,,v.,„'..2Vatcherl- '•••
, - • ‘...r,,,,!
4lx 4 " ' •,
~ '' • t.. - 1-M--iiv,ll4a. 4rY-r'7,7-'--7.,
--'Z-•''374...•,•7_yth-ci-3.--,-pon. 1,4 „ ;e4
, ~'
.... ' ti,.; . .7,'..1.; 1 ‘ .:
~ .il' . j,,)::' , ", , ,,:rt. ”.
' ' ffeW,aitiegilwilvvt:o,roL,_:_.
J.,uS_T_.r . to" tte.l lonittn..o4.,-,,,,,
akern s +LI " ..,
a mnobic iirA4til be:acIL4:OQ,PAP?7,I
IL,Rd ailingjtowri snsiroLs , ,, , ,F at! al. 7 i , 4,, , , ~.... ~ ~',,.; i.:•,,'"
Lear. ' an " . • ‘11 . 414 Wfserli'fri,"..,„,,,,
: l c gm stbre?F” +. -f.,-%
' . -- /-Alltob- • ' . 444-; *,,,,
that Letters tdifri c h i, -si;
--- s - ,o„ , .T:,.. , ,x,c,f,,,i d i v h,...,,,,,y, 6 „ F ula hlr f,...„ 4 o .9 .. u c tiii )V e.,ria Gl itam 4 i r eti , qiicett " ti.,:,:: , l, , ,
o i, s o.fili ' l% h i- i 11$0-'rAirretid ly! fi rkl i , Estate .P 10,4
.. lid lit- 6 ' 5l, . i ifebted't .4) ' I.ll)ret.i:^t
onegelin AW'snisn _ ll .l. R. t 'and v ql, . I ! 4, 'M 1. ~L,..,,,:, ~
shiP' ' - edlefearril 'it'' 1 i ' ;it,e.,ti-41'1..,",
ram , .044 , for iattlenk otiol#,,TiAm * -41',713:1
-will sert':,7"- 0 old. /1:5 ~7,:dnipuktsAtlv.,,l7.,
~ 7-- - ,
~;„,, ,
~41..712:2,- ' '4 =.t.'' .` , i) , •• ,
-, '" • ' ~,,.,, ,:, : -, ; 1 c '
~,;, ,5+,1.,";3,,,rii.
`::eilikl4oos43' '
Jgr~e,SL 184'5;' `';
------ ---F-7,-.11,-,77,--77-7-7-17, , , i 7i . -
I ! ...' . firMi k 'il -
' l l , TEO,' iilifteilerho:l44.o7if tr ,7 64 . li fie" , ' ; i .
giant. is. ~ . . 01. 11 „„_..4%
Aiiltn rafkAltk .I* ft Pt . "PP (Na- "I I V.:•1';: - !
14 rei**44**4 l o lloo l 4. ot Ont# ~,;C 'q: i' l
t wmeotiotiCti,>niiiiitA4eVieo4*. . 0N, , ,,„:
',.:o:4oulf4;3AGlO4Wlit-Il i ttivr
~., ,: .., - -1, , ,,,, ~0 0 4 :4 0M tWeGNENT",,,int !ilea , ,
.: 4 'teqAls ,,, v,m4#6Api - -Aes , ,,,
°.44*6;'4544.'::',: , ;: , ,::,!.; ,- , , : ,1 , , ;;: , ,- . A , T9 , ..!, , PVg,
;;,.• , .i., , :',i' ; , , ::, .' . ;,'';':,'l4 q:AAl;•,.:;