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- - -
• - i , ''VEDNESDAY - September 10 1845
'Co'iy. Ticket.
• • .6 'asembly: '
-- :Cornmissioner
.J9SEPH.. IR W INE,'-Newton.
- Prothonotary: •
Recorder :
RPIIEIet WILSON,./vieblianicsburg,
I?egister : •
JAC•OS BRETZ, Carlisle.
• • , • , Director of the Poor:
- J. MYERS, Carlisle: •
.• Treasurer :
D. N. MAPON,'Carlisle.
-- The, .Whig•.Mottol
. : ,67.11 K ITKION' of hoWb igs for-the
tiafto,,of our Party—our County
and our State. Eterything for
• -- Prhiciples and Viefory—nottF-
Ing•tor Men: -, •
igarktomipunication, we have recei.
ved free' Dickinson town-ship is held over
until our "nest, io the hope that better and
wiser counsels will in the meantime pre
_against the suicidal policy of those
who Would -ruin when they cannot rule.
Oun paper, although the usual variety
sof miscellaneous matter is precluded by a
'press of advertisements, is .pertainly of
greSt - interest,io all who wish to - know,.
v;rhere some of the best Farms in the State
.cial)e_parefia .
'call the—attenticm — olth - c — People of Cumber
land county to-the Arti# \ _under this head=
in an adjoining column_. It.ia the second of a
• 'oertes-of seo-innieir
oed by the editor of tho West Chester 'Vil
. -loge - Record. They Itre, worthy-.of the
- profound- attention of Tak-Payori. -' _
C4t. WASHINGTON'S company
, of
U. S. ler)? stationed at the garrison
mearAhis_borTgb,.mads_asplendid parade
in town on Thursday last. We noticed
that the gun-carriages had been newly
painted and refitted, while the whole ap
pearance. of the
. company have evidence
.that evary:thing.:wao•-il , complete and per
fect order.. We never saw this superbly
appointed 'corps melte a more " magnifi
contlY Stern"disiday•
icr The Philadelphia .papers notice the
'completion of an elegant'new building erec
ted by the Mercantile Library Company,
?tear the corner of nth and Cliesnut street
in that city. The building is described to
in depth, and as alipecimen of architecture
—second to none in the city. The edifice is
three •stories high.' The first, a basement
Mtory, is faced on its entire front, on two
streets, with , white marble,x worked with
e wa
bricks coyerettwititeement a - nd ban &Joule.
,a portienjvith‘ suitable Entabla
torei:atid,heving six stately ',columns of the
• Corinthian order resting on a marble - base
ziohed., by ornamental Antete, it each .ex
lremit-yt spd . poelled between the windows
.windpirs, :the principal' floor are
provitiadwltli liroodinarble';beads; tanning
.cciniol4... - The itit4iiir Of the
ing finishedr in a corresponding style Of
T.liiii,splendid ad
.':iflcitiod4o.goon4.:,oo9o,wfiichit stands,
h a lf o j ,
f134050°°77 ' '
fluky abs`u
coat the •j, been - paid
said to a ' ve
- t d„-
..4.• itt' tpl , ll l 8.01 b ' 8 .the vas •
''..,.4 - • i'' Tag- 8 PW. A, • • in
_igloo! ' . ,
,„t or.„,..building
,around.' itotieen ihe•co-- L int the 'same
. Ifrinctinliic Sat! ono 'uf eu!"
r ii4 . 7 - r. - • L,,uniyoo9nlyz.•,
. ,:...iioutous.
.., disastrous
ittiA.---41' •
''.. ---.4l.i:eri#LAPP!' .-; PhilidelPhiai
_,...F..0, ._,- i,..nligibedm..,s-k, it 001
..6ro\brftt(4°P.,,v4. • i . and begure --.
"to'''''itti4..OPiuiPg ia"
',11P ,513 ?"-..."(ii(1,4 Ile-,i7fl'.' 1 'eiti.-
-7--4bePrfee'ri''',-, douses ', mi c : o .st - ' 6l. , • o f
'' ,a,:ciiiiii!riti*,„, , , i.i;„,46kisipc,oto
Y'r'P%„,-,ll.iilif:l,Vler,e,4:` 7 ,n i. 081188
~," '0" Fo. i. tz
.„.;,,Pll,loi',V!'llai ii - s ' re.,--i!upoil sig . ! . .
--;-A.2..martint`,e,t,,,..,, ~...-,,.:i 3:11m -buildings
Ainiu r-7,t-i.,--rAlielaunn..l9..,
''n ' ltnen:9 ~ ~...-.,,tc.. lA,',,uoure .—,
'ia - ,°._'-:';.' ti ; tb ‘ it c con ' 4 , , ..=l.'•• , . b op,
: L i ' 88' "917 estimated; 411 ! ab°4i '" 81 !,-, ;
. ;16 10*;1°`QC!- / v,.i.effiatillx.eilw
' '"‘ifutfi'Siiki!ccl 1 i n jured LI -44440,-
„. --ivi,.e,:,,,m on,:weteatit , 1 i
' '''''eV.
-•-'-ere"`''-' 'MT he burnt-o u t aom Pa.n e
-14,telliitt:Or, -d of theirLreeetrlP
: giv en hi itimiode , o4l!B r.
.... - ''
5 ,..--- ,;,,i i ,,,........i ~,,,,,-.' • , , .' - • ',
iiiiiirj,bilPintati-`' ' ' ' ' ~,
____,, ‘...:
.- e .s'i• wEnoVe L,
q.'3'•i i
•mpou,r,wart#ll • , ~• • ' - bow of ',
- - 7-.- J, i 7, '..i..j 4nindri 110014 '• '
,he4en.1.,... ...,....i.,,. • ,
01114$1, ,„, •
, 1, , •.-„,..i1.4 '• -
The-PnOlic- !Forks again--
yhe Volunteer' fine over 8 0 1 '
umn its ""Pied irOin itabe'" ,
th following resolution of the loco 'loco
county meeting, to not in violation of the
wishes,of more than two thousand loco lo
cos in this county, -who voted last fall for
the sale of the riblie works. We give the
resolution agein 1-
Emote* That coniidering the enok
mouspinount-of our public •debt, and the
heavy taxes with Which our people ,are
barthened, a most rigid system of economy
fs necessary in the management of our
public improvements, and that their-Intim
popularity among the people of the State,
will mainly qpend on_tho.fact whether or
notsthey will prove a source of revdnue to
the l'reasury."
This resolution the/Volueteerthinks is
very 44-- etifiilly,worded and expreSs — c - s - tis
clearly as could be
ments of the democracy of Cumberland."
We Aink, toS,4that it very "• cctrefully
worded'.'—abut the care has been to express
"tfie real sentimeE -- iffi r 'el* the StateSiMin
istration. not the wishes ,of the tact pay
ing people of Cumberland county ! And, ,
we are, the nroref inclined to think so, be
cause the editors-of the ' Volunteeethdve`
heretofore been •located where they could
know : . a good deal, more about "the real
sentiments" of Governor Shunk, and his
r nds, than have_be,
MIER, Hopewell.
JZIECI T yetjo.
learn ditto people of Cumberland county.
As for Mr. Bonham,, whom they giVe as
the author of the resolution,.he is also ima
situation -where he-catt-riaost-heartily es- -
chew• Antt. , 'Nxism."- We have never
heard him charged with being , deficient in
'sagacity, and he would be great fool if he
Ilifutoktititika_ressatition Aich was w
ten for .Harrisburg, " on' the hill," would
not arso exactly suit the democracy Here !
The avowal of the editors of the Volun
teer that they are in favor of the State re
taining the management -of the public
works, render it unnecessary for us to re
ply in detail to:this long article-.-for that
is the great point we wished to show. Our
original design in commenting upon this
reseantien was to show that the loco foco
leaders and the loco foco organ in!--tliis
county are now opposed to what nine
of !heirparty,sire in favor of :the
sale of the public works: This the 'Vrif
unteer adm'it's, but aims to show-that it is
because the public - worko now ." begin
to be a source of revenue to theTreasUry."
-But this is not true: There is no portion
of the public works on which-there:has
the COlninbia Rail Road which we
admit is pow iii more honest hall& than
formerly, Bp even here 'tile improve
ment is licit 'very greal, and we believe the
revenue from - it is not equal to the amount
ti under the administration of Gov:.
• . -
And here let Its look back to that so
much lifted administration. During
Governor Ritner's term, ifwe,are not mis
taken, the receipts from the public_ works
amounted to -about one million, and the
expenditures [at least the last year,3 were
not more. than from four to five hundred
thousand dollars.. When Gov. Porter
succeeded to power,'with both branches
of the legislature ready to obey . his beck
and nod,' an appropriation was at once
made for the management and repairs of
the public works of seven . hundred thous
aud dollais—thus at the very' fitst. step
Increasing the expenditures two hundred
thousan . d dollars! At- this increased
amount they have been kiit ever since.—
And this while 'he receipts hive been jtist
aboutithe same the'y were in Govitino;
• let tl term 1 If 1 1- -kg are
ie pu. to wor
beginning to prove a source of revenue
to.Alta,Treasury t -the Volunteer - must de
monstrate Ify faits arid fignies. Until it
is thus clearly demon6trated party leaders
may viiirexpesi the People. to be satis
fied with dby thing else than the sale of Cho
pu , he works.
a.ove are built•o
By • neglect of timely assessment the
Whigs lost just about ai many votes last
I fall' as would have sufficed to carry the
, county for CLAY and MAIIELE! This is
a fact. Let us not have a like lamentation
to tnakithis fall. The laW requires every
voter, to be assessed ten days before the
election, and we call attention to the matter
at this early period in' order• that every
ha!" hie name placed on the list
in timer -- ,
~ WIZEN the fresent . editore of the Votun
leer promised do largely in their ealutatOry , l
siddreasoliat their columak-shcald never be
prostituted. by -, ectirrilloue : abuse . 'or th,6,
6ppolients,.. wfi . did^fnOt• think f The promise '
would , be,lo soon violated' as it, is in their
last paper; - whereihe-Whiglieket-ie char.
acterized. ae..2!..aLmitterAle; 'aristocratical,
ticket); concern, proverbial only.for
becifiti.",' We Would' just intimate!that if
language such se 'this is to, be'the Order; it.
.will becoqm neCO4Sary , f4f:Tll9.ol%l l 4l.l4Y.
riCkiiilly the course
JIP -1116-r.
uliiiii; - 7 --- ., , .
deerib,Volf, 2d direeter de:' ° .
--T—C._Mlliiiinealdili .
tfisaili 13
, re *se Ins ,
ovp, 2d ''''.- d
-' ''-
',- Jecsib , j 13!)rin, Iti , . Angeiy, ' Wm.' Id,
Porter,Ceinlidtti; iA. ' "' r
~.. -v,- --,-„, °° , Fo° ol3 te- , ,``
. C:elf ,je oru e s t v o l i o 9 6 v77ae t ; r 7 4l ;3 l _ ,...
i n: j ari li i ilih r m n i irl ei n tr a
a '
Gam- _, t a n dt - .!te' lli o d i° . wl :„*.. ll ,f '
lbeArieleritiZ;tii . ' ; ' . ll A ` L ifitt) ' t ab Yule Y ule ereb ''
4. ' ' '
• v._ , ,,:,, , . ~. ; c p. °21.',1 1 .., at in la!k i le' • . A ,-_, ) PrPfent ,0 ,40ifavgbEitider ,
o o l o qu i s i x ? m o l i•;fiiiiii-i t ;i'" , - 4 4'6 - y. , -; , 49,for'ibe , Olii rind im Oarti tit 'Man e' , *ri 7 l
•• ~,:? , 1 7 , , ~, ~ ,„„„,,,,,..19,4 ~, I .lek: /0 1 1,,ti ,, ,h t i r h tr im 11 , ,:. . ~-.. •., ,P, '''' l ,
41,,J0,0,01101rAlakli,10,e10'n.beliplitibli4 0 ' id ~.°,,. , 0 arggsr. his Auietp'im
4,oloc*:slk44:64o,iikat,*-141 1,''°., , ,niv .1 4." ),,1 1i ii;, d 0. 1 ) .09R:i 4 g , '}i 404)0 .
iii o ,Vit , l tl7ll,elV9, , ,i,i - v_ , 5-.11 $.,,,k4.1,414113,1300fpatiy,4))16 ~,;114-ii‘,ol4ioi6
„,).,,,,?,,,...+,1k.,.-6,5:4-.-;, I A ~, wr,,,dlk!ip.) , ;(lr4-ry . .lA,zki , ; .190, #44loiiikt l i , ,d#iegifto limi ileriek s iVileii..'' •
aolir - lit , ;, r ~,..,.. .4v..0-,1,,,.-kizy,,!;l.l*,-;,,'11117itc..., *6 , 0 , 1; ,, 0 , , ,4, , , ,, :,Tvi:;;;., ,,,,, ,;11 , 4i .
4r ' V ''s s ''''' 1:' ;'-'447lo,YReri 'y-rilbitlyeb,olA,nni.rigy-a-hiA1,4,6.
Z o
.. ~ ~ ,,id :A,y .. , -,1 , i . 11 , ,p ,,, , ,, ,4._ i1ri i v,1,,A,41 . 4. • . ;$.,..„.„.,,, 'A, .„ 4 .14),1Anx; , .0.s
~.., v e, J,:', l . -;!:. :,,,, $4,4!;-'1 vkAillik4Avi,qvi4,',f,,zJefif4oief,Y; 4 leggielidailkielqk
• , 1,040_ , , , ,1,18,1t,rrA , :%:Y",:. 7 , 1 ,, , 11, , 5t5,55tftT ) F, k v i'''Wr , "
' " ''' '4,,
ire have gerio refrained r m and
the . objentlonidde
' '
ErTh e, Ml i sStii,44o49,lo4.ooPre st!f
rt—The - Peery Democrat Says . oh Sun morning. asit, 111r.lonN McKisSicK,
Jr.; was drowned `the sluice at the
Clark's Ferry Dam, by' the tiptetting.Of
Slrifl - i
was about ge years old,.and has left a fam-
Be assesiied in Time ! lily.
:p . `re` dratiani
denial elbotiOni: Met ara animated by ilie
spirit that 'lnuit 'ensure pli&31388, and for the
princitiles for which they then so nobly
cantended. they are still resolyed to. 4 .,‘Ficoie
on—Flowi•tirmil".- . The following non !
inatimis,have tieen made in seven:Li:aun
ties : •
The„whigs . of Fre nitlin _Cpunti., have.
nominated John Stew -JohAAL Punt- -
roY, for
,Assembly . Jatnes Davidson for
Commissioner; John. S. Detwiler fo t
rector ; Abraham Stouffer for Register ;
Thom - ny - Prßdid fur ['to . . i swzmuiai
Watson for Recorder.; Tan 14. Fisher for
Clerk of Courts; .Georee Garlin for Treas..
popular ticket.
The whigs . of Lancaster "county , have
placed in nomination for Senate, A. Herr.
Smith (• Assernny,. Jacob G. Shunian,
Theo. D. Cochran, Thothas
.13. -iJacobsi-
George Morrison .and 'Christian Bentz ;
Sheriff, David Hartman ; Prothonothry,
Jacob H. Kuntz; Gliem;
liecorZler, William Dbchman ;. Clerks of
Courts. James Dysant and Carpenter Me-
Cleary ; Commissioner;ThomasPdtterSon;
Directors, G.otlfried Zahn and Christian
MISSIONER. - The locofoco Convention
whlefi mut at ItartfisotriViin. Thursday
last, succeeded in nominating - -upon the;
second ballot, JAMES BURNS, of
county, for' the - ,office of Canal Commis;
rion of Burns was in opposition to Gov.
Shook, whOse friends supported Isreal
Painter, of .IVestmoreland. ;The vote on
second ballot was for Buena 61 votes . ; for
Painter . l 6; for 44‘ A. Douglass 10 ; for
Geo. H. Bracher 6 ; and fo'r Samuel Dunn
4 votes.. MeSsra. Graham and Clendenin
of, this county voted for Painter ; Mr.
Todd voted for Gen. Dunn. There Seems
to have been a good deal of squabbling in
the Convention on various subjects. A
mong- -
m the'resolutions we find onewlaud
ing the Canal Commissioners for "intro.
•thicing a•system of economy and Tesponsi•
bility in the management of the, public
works"—which shows plainly enough that
the locofocos are determined to hold on to
"the'spoils:" • • •
Canal : Com Missioner, posse r Pseti all' the .
qualifieltinns which have distinguished so
many officers on the puhlic'works. "Two
weeks ago, in referring to- his expected
nomination, the Huntingdon Journal re
ntaiked of Mr,Burns, that "his chieiqual•
itications 'consist in having got rich in
a very short lime, as a-subordinate-officer
on the Canal' This is the way with Loco•
fecoism - ; whoever carries off the public•
money most expeditiously stands the beet
chance for promotion at their hantls."
Alabama steamer has arrived at New 0 -
leans, from Aransas By. • The news tha
s . hi3 brings is interesting, because it Is from
the seat of imaginary warfare, but it is on
ly important, as it shows that there has
been, and there is likely to be for some
time at least, no engagement between Genf
eral Taylor and the Mexicans, and
bubble which General. Gaines has been
blowing up, with a view to get into com
mand once more beloie he dies, has burst.
The Mexicans hale a gond deal to do • be
fore tl e •
and a good deal will be said before there is
any fighting done.
. Mr. CLAY, says the Wheeling Times,
Came up the river from Maysville to Guy,,
andotte, in the excellent Wheeling steamer
Senate. As he was going an board, he
remarked, that he had hived his public
life was ended—.—bit he perceived he, must
go into the Senate again
Union Fire Coniptimj.
At a meeting of the Union Fire Compa
ny heid on Saturday, the 9th inst . :ihefei.
lowing Members were elected oißeers for
the enening year..: . _ "
LEMUEL TODD, President,
- Wai. M. PORTER, Vice PiesideM,
J. Holsapple, Secretary.
George Treasurer, •
Hendel,Chief , Engincer,
Shrin, is Aseisiinf,
Q.coLWetee, jr...Chtef Director, •
kflatnuelkWeteil l ,,lit'llilecter of the Alp,'
Hook end . Letider cheep
ii, , ,ottrinni , SU Atitreotori
lohlitl"Gaeneler, Director Engine
Ortbrettweeheago.we atladecl
r apier,
Burtlientl.iach now weigh anon' thtf:Pitti.:'
Ple-of Pennsylvania.: , The.yisit f the Tax ,
gollector, with „his.iquplichte in hie hand,
aad , the demand of r 9 iniils for ; :State par .
poses: upon every dollai:of.yOur,vionerly,
is 'calculated to, cause the' lax! payer- so en:
quirecinto the why and !whetefore which
hail() rendered it necessary:: The collector,
)11b . eit-Fasoliil-:_mani-=man;—yeare7tloorrfie:
walks in, end clothed. with-the panoply of
the law.-demanda his tribute,; _ No plea of
misfortune 'Or eickness, no pleti of• failure
of crops * or loss by flood or fire, will be
. _
received ;:11e- id-inexorable 2 le to :es t e.
lait.eb - pier:friani - the orphan . ; tfie Shyleck
of the Inv/ most have il—he must have his
of flesh — . 71 --- lte co I — ocirr a
o es x
no bowels 0t - compassion ; the law en
shrornis, his heart in steel.
Is riot this truei—erisily• understood . ; and.
doe not enCli'of bur renters, know it-to be
Woe It is true,: every • one broths it to
be So, „Everylew weeks the MX gatherer
.makes his .appearance—he wants • roads
taic,or"chnol tax; Or County tax, or bor-
Ough tax•or he wants What is now com
plained of as enormously buriliensome, the
STATE TAXL-he wants three mills Upon
• ellarithu—possess—bil--sv-ill-tali •
three milli. - ,
And what is the satisfaction detived from
the payment of -this enormous burthen ?
We are told, and Ave may believe; that the
State credit will be eaved,F but will this
burthen - ever cease'? Is the State Tax al
ways to be thiee mills on. a,dollar ? is there
Irr be no change Firtlii - bWaffifllWifio
Allow the present generdtion to the grave
, deseend as an heir-looM to posterity ?
These are worthy queitions for considera
tion. They are cogent—they are mighty
questions. They rise above party or sect.
They concern the interestef every individ
ual tax payer in:the State. • We confess
the prospect for relief ahead, without the
introduction of new ; financial measures, is
gloomy. It does not afford a guaranty that
even the present•enchnuMs taxes may not
be increasedl, :Tifteen years ago, the man
who would have predicted that 'one and a
half-Or-two--naillions of dollars would have
to be raised annually by Waxation, in this.
State, would !rave - been regarded! as a tuna
-iii2,as.--0 4 7 inintite for Beiliam.• And yet
we see. it!- A dozen -winters have scarce
-passed -ovelt--us 4 --sin4-ervery- Pennsylvanian
felt his Stale hi be basking in the sunshine
of prosperity, pith - an"-entire freedom of_
State tax—with an openhig improvement
system - whielywas - to - eve life, vigor. and
progress - to every hamlet and valley within.
its limits. -- '
hat wilLanother_ twelve years, , bring
forth? ''that is a momentous - question. Fel
low citizens of Pennsylvania, it is for you
to decia -- Ynu rriusi meet it, andes good
citizens-and.4 l l&, yoti should meta it in
no mere party 6piiit: Your fatal apathy it:
was that brought on the public debt, and
the public taxes—you must now bear the
burthen and pay the `taxes. F I JI° people
may groan, but the evil cannot be staved
off. The error has been 'committed and
the penalty must be paid. But, ask your
selves, whether, in this condition of public
affairs, bad as they are, may they not be
worse Q Yes—the public debt is large,
lit - it - may - be - larget-!7The - totes may be
heavier ! It is for you; and you only, fel
low citizens, not merely to pay the taxes,
liurto prevent their increase with the same
rapidity and from the same causes as have
operate .heretofore. It is fornott to stay
the torrent,. and to prevent it from sweep
ing._onward-inits=llestruetive-career: -
We know.that no man in the communi
ty is iii - favor of an - increase•of the State
Debt . or Sukte Taxes. We know that
each one is tired (Attie heavy burthen even
buck from it but we - iv foo that party
spirit is powerful—that it‘binds 'men to
the car of . unpritinipled demagogues, shuts
their eyes to alit' (tees, and makes them
tributary to the-public bitrthens, while they
imagine, 'honest souls, they aro doing God
Service. But here is the vital question—
is there Ilenesty enough in the State to
look the State debt and State Taxes in the
face, and ar s e.the People bold enough.lo
a 41.9 the remedy? Dare they sacrifice
party—dare . they_ bid defiance to party
leaders, - da re they glifor reform, retrench
ment and - reduction of the State debt 3 If
'they dare not—if die craven spirit of party
is to• ruled; then'itilfiney 7 iii boldly and
empjtatically,Tthaithe i Taxes willccontinue; -
the•fiublie debt increase, and,present
Taxation.Weighties*it not be'Ade--
quite to' the .publieioerOst,orthe support
of tite,P!ete • ...
We taYlaoati , dow is a° 01° 9 1
al -- • - etiotlitibe controyettail. , t
If the people ot, Pennsylvania be inde
pendent, if they binot cOnternpible tools
e&latlit'lltei . wjit'attera longc., to go to
'the polls led on hr delat`tve Part,' wat°h*
I drd 9;----4 'Y - tht - FP I-4 `ftltliertre.ri7 or
ai li other elep-trap`sphrosee,l, but they wip
bend-teiethetqw te ther alut tLwith-tbett
eYee falootaalo" Ay upon the State Debt,
-. , ,y r.• '
and the State Tanee.4emang t heir" sletfue•
lien With ill 'tbe"j4;nitlidott that a sound
On ' enelnY!eud ai iblest're"iitiatrattett, of
.nttl' ,, affairs *HP , iiiiio inil WI filthy
• bliebi4r=
- ' 0640.00!,44Pu
'flY,Ale'”o V,.T,-
- theo:Y;itqiitiit , ~' :...,„r:; , ientpoifforo
_ . , f ~,' ~,....- oliffdlipo i ;e - , ....,,,hilof
'=Bu i!ciV,17, 13
.ci in, v0i,;014,49 ..V o l,„
~,, , ,
• '' iiii4li'ldP"Y",-'%!iimii4ot
cvot' , . , ,if ... oldi,„ itio , !s", h ,, ~.„i r ' i
g.-i5 r,,,,,- rmititilin ~, k iiiiifirijtes, i tk-• !
7.. , .A 4 ` A 1(49* , ..,..,, 1-,' 'V'' ,,. ' 4, -','; "
Tlit*:4ltßlAlW iiiliell.0!!!, ,i ) 1 1?:.1S4 e,
tometvtn iiii„:4ooilkytil *
-r n di ke il leolomiw:lo4*r,,tl., ,
4 74414i01mm,4
, ,h..fe,_„,,,„
that-T o aaak on le-hAayytan , roar
. e-heaver;
d_ALay . ti; diaifulalLibe value • - off.'real estalay
:4 1 4 .34,:•frekeriCil?4,,ealnlent: - of ' , • - aapllal
flione *us. •
It tallyho that it' is yet too soontO expect
ors hope that . the' - :people of, Pennsylyania
willYeerioesly- tern their titougliti; to a re- -
•rncivol of the public borthans. They may .
resolye to cling to,party dod to party 'ea . &
ersfor a few .more.Yearsand to•groan under
their-hurthens.----To some, party is - dearer
than all earthly eonsiderationti—dearer than
country -op wife- or child. - :To such,- it-is
idle to point out or talk of- rendies.--
They are like the sick mon, whOwill take
all I
no medicine any hopes
,of'recovery , have
vatiished. 'When thee - people of .penneyl-,
mile .have arrived at this'.point—bowed
11 - OVrrttrikertfirli9lntliey -will-aft--
pls ., the - reinedy. Mien pert,/ ceases to •
govern inen, they will talk soberly of the
remedy. • • • •.
• What is that_reinedy ? -.locrThe Uallot
box must proclaim thvihepublie officers
and ili,e yolitic4 leaders shall no longer
i SAD TILE PEOPLBry but shall follow the peo'.
ple..Cll Thisis the first principle of de
inocraCit is the !pais of the •republican
fabric ; and:it is the only cure or the evil-of
the times and the public burthens. What
dui' men in • •r e • I I I
- „
sala r riet, know of public burthens—.whet
do they careSOT - 6n as.tVe people endure
them 'patiently 1
Suppose the_rUlers insted of managing
to perpetuate their 'own power, and the
ascendency of their party, enquire into the
wishetk . of their constituents, and honestly
resolve to..carry them out what would_they
_ •• .
discover , T . _
They would find that the people are tired
of paying Taxethat they are in favor of
the reduction of, - the Debt of.-tko:•State-;---of
ridcling themselves of the 'im p rovement
system—of ,stripping the government of
1 that patronage upon the lines of railroads
and canals, which has served so long to
stimulate,partiian zeal, public and individ
dal corruption, vile extravagance, and to
undermine the credit of the State.
- What then would be done V The rulers
would took to the removal-of the evil. To
removo the evils of the Improvement sys
tern, They would revert to the, majority of
twenty thousand .given av the last election,
and effect 'a. wk.—This would reduce the
public debt, and diminish the public cor
ruption. A portion. of the burthens would
be .:remnvedli :the:tax-payer - would find - his
tax lighter,-and all classes would rejoice
m 'hirgreatef freedom given to their Wits-
The 4iFTr — ifT) etfi spoken out in Favor of
it sale of the public< wiirks. When "Thei r
voice shall be 'beard by the leaders of tinny
the-works. will-he sold. • This-Will be the
first step. towards the remedy. '
The next .is . Nthe Distribution of the Pub
lic Land Fund for the payment of the pub
lic interest: That 'fund, it is truei is now
absorbed in the .purposes of the general
governnutpt; but the People of Pennsyl
vania, have only to ask it, to obtain it.—
The general government dare net turn a
deaf ear to Pennsylvania when she speaks
in a tone of authority. What our share of
this fund will amount to, is uncertain ; but
it may be fairly estimated on ap averag"e,
nually—an immense sum to be subtracted
from the amour of tire - tuxes pull! - by - th
It is well enough to consider iiironnec
lion with the Public Land Fund, that i
Distribution dociunt . ,n reductiot
of the Tariff Will speedily follow. Whit
will then be, the effect—our Taxes wil
continue the same as they . now are, and
our domestic manufactures will be crippled,
which will diminish ourability to pay
It is evident, from these remarks, that
Taxation will go down. Those who
want'the latter, must go for the , former at
the polls. If they go for party in prefer
ence to a sale of the public works, there
will be no reduction 'of Taxes; Those
who still piling .to the delusive phantoms
which have so long blinded the people will
not go for a sale. •
Again, the • distribution of the Public
Land Fundy-will . rodnOe—thel,TaiceEi—Atill
Here, then, are • the two great, remedial
measures before thopeople—the Sale of
the Public Works and Distribution., The .
People have already : spoken for thern.H.
Twenty..thousand majority proclaimed-the
will of thefPeople - in i 844, -in favtir . of -the
first, measure; in 1833, - the:iinanim:oils
vote , of. .the members 'of Congrese ' froin
Pefinsylvania proclaimed their Will in ' favor
of-the second.-- Party-apirit.zhas.thus far
defeetedlhat, will.thas.expressed., . . .
— The great 4uestion ao - WiaTivill - thirPefi.7.
Oi:eritgi4 . Ohetlieneete:their r ivill:;_ 'Wit'•
tliskTvii4elnr - 140Atetiinlidt iii-41'sajp;
6t DiOritiition';';Stu): . s:reditotiOn 'or Taxa.
;lion;; 'call }upon bUtit` partiee• and alj,partiee
to' siatid out roi..,sueit men- - or ~
.forward:blindly to thePolli's putieg • the
'swa s iolii4oid:of:' ptiriy.; and;gloqin4 in 'their
ovitt:listesdutiuri; i, ,-: /^"!'-"::' • • • '-- -':
T': We' taireitteOleretl,4liel l ihil &whine.
airr th'iEllikiild.f. We. iiiie -no. alluded
to:eiistine pirtiee, Tier'*eiFteeii';il6
Tex, be 044 4ti liiliPi4lit:ei(fi3Orliiitto 6 o l ,
:8 1 0c.0 7 1 1 PiiHe 1, -. ,eir,ekii?i4l 6 i*J. ..dOre,soe
point outTioelf and - 07 - 'Fivi
Of ti*daninti , , ,,'•, , Tlicir:Piiiiitip'isitipf)ronoti-'
- t!lia'ild)f.ifiii:llY - AOKiii oll : o 'o9o44 l ot l l.'
TOr;f 6 ilhY# 4 :,*!i,, B o ll o 1.*00:Ez_.111404;
'iktA ' afti'* lo l99,44l:jci:OPTANo '. o),iir
. uttii' , liii? - 7,,ill,oqo.4 6 )pveri.mAh*YeYit
lien ..-ttt*Mit4iitil'4,eitelq;yets;,:ittlgeati#
Plilt i ll 4 o.A ll '9",, VOtlift .B , t
; ,v 11111.! , NI * . '410' 414, Akiisi.g,4sgt .
c lhi' tit vo, pgri. i f AjOffiNA
. ' !l: 'S.Vii4kati:.4:446,..SAl 6st,:ek;hbOs,,,,ith
On:°FrldU R''
of. t4il3
. b s T°oo l :*lll4l:4:Yetae.: , ; • •
,L; IkWaihitigtotr City; - 9n . the 30tItiilt: etiolerii.
infatitiiin,' , Aii.retilill44itifentson
PhillJKiirthet eity; ! . • ~•„
BY Divine perinission i Camp Mooting for
Carlisle 'Station
'7lli;`.l43l'6idigii;lWn Milos East Of Carlisle, on the
Railivipdi to' commence on nowt FRIDAY,. tho
12th instant. .• •
' Our Mends -of neighboring Circuits and Stii
thins, with their ministers,. "aro .most dordially
invited to-como' and tent with-us.
lErMessrs.' Rey. J. Squior and - .7. MCC:Wary
-are -oppointeciChief Managers of the meeting,and
the law pf - the,Commenwealth - for the' protection
of *religious meetings will he inktm, as' goad se.
.curity, against all suttlora or hucksters,- and other
dlsodorly persons. JOHN A. GERE.
Carlisle, September 10, 184.5. • .
N,Saturdar morriingylast, a iadicite GOLD
1119 BREAST PIN,-which'The owner can have
by proving property aid paying for this tither
tiserirnt7-1 rts possessferrOT —
S, D. HEARD. •
Carlisle, September 10,1845. •
. .
A no MONDAY the Stir instant; the subscriber
last ketween• his regldence in North Middle--
ton ,township and% Marti Ws Hotel, Carlisle , f•• in
the borough, in West Loather, North Hanavli,
or. High street, ns far ns the Minim hotel) a yellow
calf:Skin TOC.KET Book - ,.with A 'Wire spring
and clasp, containing Forty-two DoliOr's, and. a.
receipt4roul• J. P. Lynn in his favor for 013,25
cents, paid fora plough. Any. persenlenviag it
with gni undereigned; or with Mr. Bectem at his
hotelovill recoivatho above reward and the thanks
of the owner. • LEWIS RINGWALT.
September 10, 1845.-3 t,
_TiILEVEN Teacher's are wanted in - North
X2 -- Middlcton townsipp. PC/30118 wishing sit.
uations will meet the - Board_ot: Directors itt the
public house or David Martin, in. Carlisle, on
SATURDAY - the 20th instant, at I o'clock, P.
M. All applicanis Wilt be subjected to an exam.
ination. By order of the Board. . •
IfEttstir, Secretary.
September 10, 1845.--2 t. •
Rat and Mice Exterminator,
The above - article. will lid wiiirlinied s to kill or
drive awdy rots or mine from the premises. Fur
sale at 2v cants a box, by
,Ylevenson 2Wc/uiffey.
----september --10;•-1 841 i, -- -
Great Rcduelion in the Price of
having • a -large joint stuck capital, take Fire
risks un every description .of property, at nearly
one Aalf the amount . of premium thin is charged
by .companies doing business on the old principle.
The subscriber has accepted the agency of this
Company, and
.recommenes it to the purdic
being puatly superior to the oil utflims, Ruth in
cheapness and security. •
Fur full. particular: , see general advertisement,
orfilitily personalty of by Hier, to
. JOIAN J. Al YER' 4 .
Beptembil It), 181-5.
It Ileum:Mc, lAEA awn/.
'Hewes' nerve .and pent Linninieni, nn im mc
diet() cure for the intlametritory,.. chronic and
sciatic 13hetnnultset: For saV..- nt-ttp nnty ... egent3r.
Sleuenvm 4. Mehtfey.
• •
WILL-be sold - 'et Public Venrlqe,. no - WE I).
N ESDA I' - the .24 th• day 'of i'Zcpretnber.
.1845, at 10 e'elock, nt the will or Samuel
Alexentler, Esq. deeeu.e.l,. one mile. North of
Carlisle, on the Conodoguicct creek,
Great Variety' of Personal Property l
consisting,of Cows, Noreen, ploughs, hdrrows,
wngulls, wheel bnrrows, harness, timher wheels,
flogs,'boards, scantling, log chains, stoves,
and some fine young esttle. Also,
Wagon and Harness. There will also ho sold
about 8000,Ibs. of new staves, posts, cooper stuff.
oak bark, carpenter's took, shingles., lathes,
paints, pitch, carts, thresiiing machine, jack.
serewe, iron mill suns, ' , stem beams. Also,
Wheat, Rye, Corn and Oats, in the - bushel and
in the she al; liock‘t heat, Hoe, &c. &c.
' There will also be sold on the 26th
of September, at I o'eioek, AI., nt the Railroad
opposite the College; two double Rail Road Cars
and , three tuns of assorted Bar Iron.
Notice is also given, that on Monday the Ipth
of October, at i 0 o'clock, A. M., at the late dw e l.
ling or Samuel Alexiiiider, EN. will be sold his
AE Tr Tr.
consisting or upwardt4 s ir 400 volurnes•of tile best
selected and Must uselbi reports and elementary
works, embracing. Cams', Johnson's, Massachu•
setts, Crunch, Peters, Pennsylvania Reports,
Vcates, Dallas Binney, Seigeant&Rawle Rai
Wharton, Wnits -- &:. Sergeant s - teports. Also,
the mast valuable English Coalition Law and
Chancery Reports. .
Terms made known on the reppective days of
Aisle by ANN. ALEXANDER, - •
Executors otSainuel Alexander, Esq.
September 10, ISQL—tt.... •
- On - q'hursdayttie 2d of - Obtobur - tram;
be offered at public sale, on the
promises, by tho subscribers, Exectitors
of the estate of Francis Diller, deceased, the val.
riable Alin Property-belonging to said estote, sit,
unto in Vest Pennsborough township, Cumber
land County, about seven miles West of Carlisle,
on the Conodoguinct &oil'? consisting Ow largo -
the former Raving five run of stones,
three of -which are , Borri r and
hetng in cjmpleto.and first .rate order; togpther
With 6 acres and' 163 'per ches of 'ground; includ.
ink - lb& darn - and water rightconneeterbvith_the_
same, on which Is'also 'erected besides 'the Mill,
a Two Story Weatherboarded Dwelling House,
with all..tho necessary out buildingtr; There-is
oleos thrivingprpliard on the premises.'
Also; at'ttio same time-and place will be sold
a tract of first rote bottom land, on the opposite
.eido:of the creek Rein the mill; containing
, ,
rAMIg subsCriber will, tell: et public sale - on
- Jo .SATURPAY;.tlik'dth'of 90.ober - nitt; itli
hia reel priiperfyisttuateri in the biorot!git . qf Dill4 f.
burg, York county - Pa., vii; .• .„., '. ', . .',..':. ~ :'-
: . N 0:1.;.. - k.STONn . 00usg;... ', ..`' :-.. .....-., -..
'Warehousis and-Dwelling;.eintito- .'..i,..-i; ~ , -,-.
reorner itf, ...Baltimore' and; „klarris..- -;:i 8 k .
bUri..qtreete,, 419.. feet.:..front. _ end •'—'•••'.''' ' __ _. _
tending *baele'tori2o`,:fent itllo.:_llic store licter4,,,.. -
iittullt of logs and ronils.cast--,•the. yOrehOti:o4lc. , ..ti' ,
traits Wentlierkoarded, fubstehtiellY:bOic kiii
.• le: ,
well calaulitod:'for'i,tlWelllne.,-:There'rk,t(ioo.4lr fig! ..'
stable',•On. thia:"proesirty, andltlioAWiiii..!ei. . ' • •
.with-frukt:,treos --Tlletro,•- Is 2 aburtio-wolE of good,•------
• • 'l. A
,!tioni, w tri , 4 1 pod It, tit , .
't_sil4OPP 4 Pr, a attire in.. ••
...,.„.47t.'0147 1 0tratfreitifit ----
oy4ct , tirtii4l:aroos J. Monte
;-•-•f-'2 l *.:•"•'-, , i.; - •:: 1 .•' , ni , - , , .- .._ •.. _,,
ood„efibld'ogi,E.. •' : •,
.;• , INliti , 2: - ! . : A:: Twii,ktiork;Pipk, Hilifee, 7 ivitlit : •
ktii,C, story prick .14:41i" 1 0ing.
* 6 041. AI, tiiiilo,re t '"4 iNv. 0 1 of, - *O if' r4roiltZ:
ing on '-luolital:prit,istreetc • With' - c :20
' ' .
,or '.
Oiditfiail#o49o - the -14 # 10. 44 1 1lei'ogt
' rl-,
MA1,W4,40 6, 19A-aqd gaFdpq! , go'vell wet •_.
*4o l 4o;ii , hrivinOfidit ArFeatg . prOe!‘,
PoPjfil4 44;-1 "9 1h ;4 ,10 T174::; , , , k=.
, I)r.Pio& A lat' 0Gran44 , 0 . 004 . V6;
,iktitt , *Molt . is erected a one story ; fkameiveittltor , :' ~ ,
.b6Srded, hones, at.preSent . ', oconpli*Aly,,..llitnaprcil.,.-.•.:' •
'Weimer Si;.llfitOke arettl444:4isktir'iiphps :.. antl , , ,;'•....;
by 'ltlf,.Reitifiliiilttehitt:anskeenSliniii, , -•,:p.,,, , ,, , '' ~-
- .
T.' Tim shove , presetile.o .'4oolol(y.Wparaci4S:':' - :
with Iltllited ine'dnit;l 4 049.( 0 .'440 6 (tib1it 1 0floti-L-':•,---
mint as t h e 'itt(itioig4l.*.iik , lo4lo l oolo*.y ~.',.'.'
k hid of Intsinesvcan4 , -.041444031.',194:..4i.. - ,
''' L ' ' . "'''Aiii*jret l: '” •- - . 8i4 1'00004 0 0r4 b #40 1 :.i.,00Av 0 0 1 i : h w ,.. ii t?: . ,;! ,.. ..
~•:.'.', i .f. ; :wf..!.,, 4 ,..., . . , , ~...e, . 43.,,,.-. -•. . :',..p o ii, iiii?...iiiisblifid....ol4eittibllppeiliyijpe ow.swqr'i.' , . - ..=
tri1i44414149i:11914"*" ``i.d'/Ilaila;..l'ilit:t.iirOliiiiiiiil47.ifficskOftltit)go ';'4ooWPOitkiv .:,,,,.::.;
'rit'it,t'khf the4V4 l 4(it Aqm . ",s, r undY: '
•Itil'il' Roa(g.kliog,#ii64i.iitLiiiilf'.#4)iiipjk
~ , :#.0?04iik:41 . :4 E P. : :4!•
6 1 46 0 40; ; : t o i kialc.tiod'i:# : t1+,'Iitiptta,r.ifr . Mr . . I ,4'i,,l,is.O,ln;tliiienfai 1iPtdr14 . 0 . 901, 0 4 r# 1 ,411/0004: . ..V:,
'Viprottilo,;.. ,kY9,Oli-VVI*,6"4-IYl'9'4l49l!lt:l)%''Ycl.lik'iriili:4lll7.§: 4,o***A r iii;': ll6 . - dliff , 0)1400 ; ' , '
464 ' ' 'O'k 4 V 4444 • 1 • ch ' i • Si '• * "!'" Y t!t k-) ' 4l. ' ll A l4:l4*i °f 4 P ' .o . AnktOtt ll o#:'4 o 4'•#- .o ,'i•M '' '. 4-0 1; r i'' . 'i'v:4
44!ifit ';,,,„0#01.; ,, i.'„=. 1 5! , : -- - -,,,, .0:ii ,, i't,:tv0 104',ttlitgf,l,p,f,ttttotAri i aVv.Ac, ,-. )',
4 1
trv .,,(„;:ip),,.m„tit1ep,t.,..ctr0i11,,i,,,Aiw.,,,t5iA 10g r i11 0m,,4,1,1c.,„..„.4z,,w;,.:10
~ocet =_,p1ytnuer,,,,.5.,70.1.44,,„„A„z*0,,,v,„ :11 , 0p t i bok " :41vimmr4faimiqw - 6.,N
yi , • ,, 0.w...4. ,. .,344kr-1041pkAy:,:04...,,..;0,,,,,,, , ,,-) 4 , 1, lyk-kf4i)--r.fA ,
• Acres' is 3 erches
strict instisuro, which is under go.od l'ance..and
itscelletlyoultivation. - It will bo'cifferedttogetbor
or separate, as may-best-suit: purchasers,. and
bring tho'best . nrice.,.. ;
Sale o dominance at 10 o'cloclr;A,M. on said
day; Aslten attendance will be — Oven and terms
made knoverby.,- ".•. ' •
.• Lancaster Union-and'-Vark-Rapubiliian
•ineett till salt/ and furwaid,bitla to this . 4110' 10
To the Heiils end .12e'presentiklioceni ,Philip Moyle; ,
late. of The,tiorouillVCQ,
P rAgEl: ' lliipile; : p o . 3ean co of kir It r of,
`: ,, ,,,P t Ottitioe e
Vrileetin, ieeupd'ihit :
lionierCeetrefr_Ctimbeile td merit • d . to 'tee:
%create. , nques wilt be held Olhe Red E.. ,
titu'of eqd,..steepasecl; up: the , Pisth
tfeepiember;r:*: I). 1845, et -:2 ,i? 5 c 1 .4 1-4 4 1 !00P k t
I said day, 'en' the , 'pienlisetS'for..l l l o ,%p#o9.ol, li. .
partition eind-p4uetbOin.c.heitflai ‘ ?4F.t+F'
46,erifrifigiflee;beiiief441; - ::V"W
..."011 01 4,0 1 Y1 inlilkdelPhia, •
bind t ixig.tgeJ_Olht:Spick _
• \\ . .
piari y'o;ie half of .
, - ,the usual rates
Ili Y. the Aet Of IncorPoratiohlh - estock Is pledg. „
.Ul - tidfor- the payment of.any . Josses whiph the
Company Mar sustain, Ahd as an additional
accdritY lonia assured, Abe act requires that the
prafils-of ilia liuginass shallbefunelidand remain
witifthe corppration, its a guarantee and protec-
Lion to . t.. l o . insurett - against7/OriThiof land well
be. represented hy.serimissued-by tLe cornPa.tiYoo
bearing interest: not exceeding six per cent. per
annum. The insured are_entilleotto.,a pro rata •
shard of the profits of tlimConminy, and will re—
ceive that proportion of the aforesaid fund j in
Scrip, whicn the amount of earnedpremitions paid
the lea! juin et ea rned - premiums
and capital stock: - •
Tho scrip thus issued, to be traneferable anti!re
books of the Company as stock. ,
No dividend:of_serip—can.7be—mode-whan—tl---
TOT t ies. and toxpon_ses xceedflte:'amountei- cacao.
premiums. -
The-insured are proteted froth loss at the cue.
tomary rates of premiums, without any' inclivitt. 4 ,
ua/ liability or responsibility for the losses or
expanses of the Corporation.. The, assured have
all the rights of inemberaliip,=,-can vote at all
electionp, and bra eligible
.us Directors. of the
Corporation.., .
The subscriber -Inni been ;appointed agent_for
this • Company, and an The mutual principle is
suftraeding, every . other 'mode of 'lnsurance, he
would Onididently recommend ikto his friends and
tho pubh6.
The North Ameriban Oompany has 'closed their • ,
Agency. Those having politics eapirtng in that.
ofileo,can have them renewed-in the Delaware
Company - en mhch mord favorable terms.
•'aire..either-by-lettm ut '
person to • ' JOHN J. MYERS.
Curliele September 10,1845.-4 y.
, •
On ThursdF; 16th of October next,
rip HL subscriber will offer at public sale, do
1. the premises, the valuable Firm on which
he now lives;situato in Frankford tow-nsbip,Cupt
berland county; on the toadleacling.from Carlisle
to — MoCluro's — Gafrahouinine'''mile.a.—from--thn
fernier and tibtiut a toile anda half north of At.
ter's Mill, consisting of
16S ACRES, • -
firt.rate_guality•of slate_land,under_gosid-fencer
anirin the beet state of cultivation. The
pro'verneols . are, a 'lll 0 STORY •
•lV 'CATO h:R..130A R ED AFMV ,„
LING HOUSE, Bank Burn, Wagon
Shed, Cern Crib, end other build. , •
ings,logother with a good Orchard. There is a
Iwo stream of running water through the place,.
with &power sufficient ler raanalueturing pur
A ko, nt the snme tirhe and place will be offered
rit nubile side, the valuable Farm adjoining the
shove, eontnininz
.214 - ACRES,
of the same quality nfland,"l44 of.whieh is elan .
in the best Auto of cultivntton. Alma one Hun • -
tired acres of it is thriving timber laud; which if
desired by purchasers will be sold in — smaller
-tracts. TI/13 improvements arc .a large Lug
Ileuse,l e og Barn and other buildings, with an.
Sale to commence at 10 b'eloek, A. Il.,when,
ditendanee givenntrid terms made known
• September 10, 1815.—t5.,
n - Laticastor Union will insert till sale, and
forward bill to this 'Mice for collection.
. _
Valuable Property.
On Saturday, 18thi of October next,
wiLL• be. exposed to public sale, in Shire•
manstowb, Cumberland 'cnunty, llie foL
lowing valuable property, lute the estate of Jacob
Rupp, deceased, viz;
A Dwellitg House and Lot,
situate on the Main street in said village, adjoin.
ing lots of Eletity '',caring and Samuel Black,'on
which there is ',chides a back Dwelling Donee
and stable.
Also, the half undivided part of ri House
and I,ot, held by Jacob and noisy Rupp. and
now occupied by Henry MuEfthnun and Samuel
Harr, aid lying on thu south aide of Main street
in lipid 01lage.
Also, illyeg Lots, lying on: tha North
side of Main t•trect.,
Also. A Tract of 'Mountain Land; situate
in Silver Spring township, lying on the south
side of the Blue slottutuin, emits-Ming °tout 69 •
mires; formerly the property of Robert Barnhill.
Also, the half undivided Tract of Land,
_belonging—to—Laco to
Rye township, Perry_ county, 'containing 103
Acres, situate one mile from the Susquehanna
river,.and bounded on the Euct by Samuel Bow--
Alen, the half un
br ranging In Jacob and Henry Rupp, and con.
taking 20 Acres, lying on the North side of tin;
Blue Nloubtein, in r.yo township,-Purry coun'y,
and adjoining lands of Robed Bryson, John Rupp
and -others.
Also, another half undivided tract of land
belonging to Jacob and Henry Rupp, containing
17 Acres, lying on the Scuth side of the Blur
Mountain, 16 miles from the river; in East Penns,
borough township, adjoining' lands of Simon
Oyster, Mr. Newt:tune and others.
liares_of_atorkinjh Cum—
berland Volley Rail Road Pompany.
Also, one share of stock in the Carlisle
and.Chatubereburg Turnpike Company.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M., on said
day', -when attendance will be -given and terms
made known by - HENRY RUPP,
Executor of Jacob Rupp.
September 10,
• • _
An. Old• Established and -, First-rate .
Store ect, in Ms.
burt,_York County,
, ___Exerinforet
:I's``i9' 4 ,
At Public Salt.