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NVEDliestiAY. APnit, 23, 1895
icrba 130 i of .nettp‘ , ''
y across
be,p transit of 1(
the :Sail's
7 irjt•Ti;ratia
id eni."lC
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_lquirer says Pres.
remove Mr. Wise from
'ilinisterto 'Rio Janeiro.
rick mak ere , Bricklayers, Carpen
-6iii.Pinfiler'Srig4'.csli now fincl•itriniediate
eipp!oy trent in Bitisburgh.
.1161il''Friday last, was observed in Pitts
.- -burgh as aday of humiliation and prayer;
• and no•papers • . were issued it!....that city on
Saturday. •
trr e onainercia :an -o hi a el
phis has accepted its new charter, in which
is incorporatetk the individual liability pro
vision fur all its issues. Depositors have'
not this additional security. ,
irCrThe repprilttitt news had been re.
ceived at Washington; by express from
the South, -of hoptile. movements on the
part pf Mexico against this country, is cont
tradicretbythe Madisonian as a silly hoax.
oarni Pilot of the Sinllow : by - whose
negligence the late fatal disaster to the
steaintioat Swallow was daused, has been
indicted by the grand jury, now sitting, in
the United States Circuit Court in New
York, .The 'result Of the trial in this case
will be 'lc:161(014o With the deepest interest,
.The Rev. Dr. Milnor, Rector of,St. I
George's Episcopal Church, New York,
died in that city, iuddenly, on the 9th inst.
in the 7130 , 05t:0f hisage„after a few min
• ' -
hia, originplly'edueatetilor the law, and
larThe Globe says ;that Mr: Ritchie,
411e:"new organist," Will not ttike.charge'
7 - 61 - the "official organ" until smite . time in
'. — My - fieit 7 In the meantime `the " old
player" will 'continue to work 'the kepi,
taking care, however; -- not to touch upon
---- any doubtful nine ) or give forth any , rim
the. President, on )Saturday fast, dis
niiseed: Lieut. William Decatur Hurst from
the Navy, for fighting a duel on _the coast
Of Arrics.•while.acting as executive officer
of - tire Ur S. brig-fruxton, with a midship.
limn under his command. The example
will have a salutary effect.
irrlt is said that tlie Hon. N. P. Tall
media has been removed from the Guber
natorial Chair of the Territory of %Vim:on
tin,-and Gen,,,..,Henry . Dodse appointed in
Iris place. HIV: T. had not resigned his
Senatorship to receive this . appointment,
the annexation resolution would have been
lost h' a tie 'vote in the Senate..
A letter from Wishington says :
:Muir leaves the great Grob° with much
grpt. His resignation of the orenship
was compulsory. But lie wet obliged to
yield,to the prejudices of his patty: 'He
has never been , popular with . ..his *hole
party,'and - cii_ now disliked;by' the giealir
,part. •
Mr, Markley,.-formerly of Laneaa
• ter :..couitty,2l3o.
_Wien the Shakespeare'
'Gleim, and - jtap'opeifed'it as stem-reread°
. House. T hose Mr. Mark
•ley's , P
attentive and o
lilikititiridlita--hnittia orderly and
dlwlth-the.b erthin
Twcntky 4i*: couttterfeit notes' on
:4 4
'tfie'Harrisbaritsiiii c are In 'circulatiori in
Phi!adelphin:'44:!',Orjaaeirible the genuine
bills of th a t liavtia some
what JAurred a'plicttitancii;:The letter "D,"
in thi s :mord Oh, t hat - body of the
notes, stands Tho rir,to.ille left df the 'o.'
They are deted!Oeti'7lb, 1840.. -book out
Tab GorisaNmemr 0 Rods."` The Wai
evening, 1 - i rlif
r - - Mon da yePn-a
nieied-into by
'. l,i at`egreefnent e
' Ihe , e'rtie ° • • ~,•dii sale of the Globe'
, ifildirVilile:sl r.;Lfr •wis.ltitelfie di Heise.
er;tabliehtnent' t ° : " .4-- - •'•d inietrationlir
--'"thi6Akiatilia-11:.°(M° a ° hew fiiin'. 2 r • '
' iitUietitie Control ' of the
`- ',... ' '• ,. 0 .' „ 7'
7 4 .' "w ' 7 . '„:' - ' F ,i A ' •''i a-'' ertOtiit
lter ' ao •
noyle dge
Ise 490 111 49 1 ' itenien f l .d rem°Ptsle
) , w 4.te : i+(t Ve2h l r 7 'i•Onetquendeef•2
, .iiodig , fhe postr . deracioie
tliC i PtPt 3l ,,; '..'"' . sent, , ii pea.
~'. ~....._' •:•••4,-1.,,,,ri.4001; havi• ht Pr ° ; . ~,
'''''' '''ll4 l7:a'''''
'td get thref un pl easant ~ • ,.q i atOptifittf . ifli '2 .LeP.!..ll°r7
sio,ti'..,(o,4ol79:l:nfinl iiied/dis'eM,64o4/1- tq:it- .. , 7--,. Lirit,ou7.l9—,rili' iiiiirri,weire caught
'itilliittetit i-.7- r• 77- •: - 4 - iii;tailiViited ID Y: al iiriticeliiP'l,3cotW ‘• sral firpitiON'l.l,34
...,......-„,..,.......41,--iftiiiiinianicf Oka+ • ,
~ , , --,. ;' '1 ,
euie'agioirk.,.!itall,if„, ~,, , • , ~, f fr i,„,,,
-'nftetittliflM •.“• $ . francs. . -. "` short ii,' ;. ' .• h a d g ~,, ,iditor-0. , 71 ,
, or - iors fer' Ye
k; r lynched, `l• irirY , - ----,9 - bir ;A fitieri, ii!!
tra i llll - ,4 1 '; ,•'' -'' ' Of the P a P - ° ;of ii•YeePeet°, °'••,•,;,
• , •,;'•"•OeiO'fimid4oo!`l,lotfP°-, ` • arein pit - the PiePe!" lilijg-:iii',,,;s;lll6:l,_ ,•
..,•:, . ,s; %..b ritor.; thilathlitilW -.• h , ii. ,'1t449• ,:d-4i;joiiittqaPePiT'
Agotier,a-...e •:.viiiiiecto4 ,le , o therwise several '7 a''''' ''"*. i 0 0 . 0 1 1! *'l
•'.itilf4C:4llo ' g en ` .'. h•
,iounterreit Pre w hip ped fienatiedlift#JOYPS• '• ,:
' *i,f; 'pb4*f Whiek;111I••? 2: and one 9rotog _lowitopeAro';`,Ther?,
r ~,' , i Bank" ,
e ,,, mor 'Bar!' ; - ' ', h :roe
-5111tir" .
,ilPyr,. q i° ;e : ' : Libe rty
,'', .', ''.'" fod, /". 11 , 1 • ' c itinienv !A, l' . 'e
,"'i" -' ' .-.
~1‘,4:40,i.e.trirh..,y0iterati1ati1i,!..g..1,4144.1.,;,,i15.,,r-Atti, ~
jr!,,,,,,,!..,,recd;.....,,,..., •
,L-....,,r01iti.- , t ,
~- ( ; ;l ii i i.o; :i iiin
I,4libigutkOrPilr-2. ;• , 41' C ''' , llloiii Ili ';' O r714,-. o*..:,,TerYi` others 0°,11P..
,_. i.
~., , 0 x '4 L.,.'t.ihjiin, el kin 4,1,,,!.. ,41,1-tyir,„-„,,,, m • , ..:-,wlkrti..,, ; - 44, 04t111 Plir hioy- ther
,rt.,:, ,fa Il.rirr-,2, IL - z .050nk.42 ,, ,, , ,,,4% • %.,`,," '''t 'once, i00.5pe...,., .7. nil $3 4 ~ , 1
' „ ..• I'4' 1 li f i11i,9 ° Fk!, 1 57 1 ...i ,• ~.;JA,,,', 4 .?).',,,. 11,..5 .1 . f Olt, "-fidni;tiltpaq, ';'l4-11./i,', sil44hec
'.Y '4' ' Pl ltt ll ';
f V I. ''
IWilrt 1114174'nitiii:Oiv, 1..P.0',..e-.49,(1,,,'9- '''iliil,;
;-',--,,vt'.111403/4 411*,...;, Llt, i
Alb{ t', „ter#4-/
:.otter l 9 ' '..teleV''Pl'
' - W4r#,Wifigo • Mr AI, .4 a .444 - NI 4.14,. '.„ ' - staiiistn,vY,piii..,
..f. 1 ., it ...,, ,•,- ~.0. . ,, •iiii•f4l 40,41.410,1,,,.,,g-: a , ] 1, .oa, ,' t ',l; 0.4r.i9Y1.;c."2....Ti,,,,'''
~: i.l,eingAtivirmv.4,N;Fikal;4,:.:#,):4/0,0 't ..7 : 17, 74 , vgA;07;l 1- 6 , '?,?, *t ~ I:,' ~ , ... )''' ' 7
'1644,0 ' A f rieed `'*::'' , '''" l ';‘ , ..:/, „.. tipo .. , - , 5, , Att , --I,:# ','' b - ,'• ~ ., , ,c.,., ',,,,‘,,,,,,,,,,, 4 •
~ X , u .
r7'Thfkarrixol,of the oteatilsiiir'Greto.
y pturing _
and enthralling them as apprentices. Sir
Robert Peet'• expresied his.regret tfi'at the
President had alluded to the• he
evidently , misunderstood the matter, and
did not compeheitit — the - plity 'o( Gtat -
Britain. The Premier further expreiseil
hii wish that the United States would in.
salute 'otimniission to kovestigate.the eon'
dition of the slaves and apprenTiees. in the
West Indies, ,and , pledged himself that eV- •
ery facility would be afforded to attain the
trittii. The , sorenes of the Administration
on this point, shows that the exposftion of
the real' character of the 'apprentice-sys
tem an.d the revelatioo of, thedevices of
tender point. The Duke. de Broglie has
arrived. at London from Franee, with full
powers to settle the future, anti-slave "trade
policY that-nation,-conjointly. with—EF
glaind.. It ite understood that a blopkatte
system is to be adopted, in place of the
mot eo obnoxious form of search, hitherto
resisted by the United States. The Arne.
"dean Government saw and felt the abases
which inevitably were sanctioned by that
mode of suppression, and their view 9f . the
wither is sustained by the cavalier dispo
sal of the cruizing plan, w hich with its
attendant evils. had . hitherto. been insisted
up - on by Englund as the only mode. to check
tf.e trafflob -
Trade is not so prosperous as at the last
accounts. The Corn mailtet . is dull,- be ,
sugar brisk. American beef and pork was
.infair demand. Cowin was rather dull.
Ireland is quiet. Mr. O'Connell : was
,re juieUNg at Ki lke nny,
arch"7 , iiiii."- - Eilti-Aiiii . a. a veryle - iii:p,rate
Kkgqo . ThtEnt-±4O-the-decreese.--,
. • , 1 ::,., • : >eiaintirviara - aiii"-' ' "T`,.e.,.
_ The Pittsburgh Fire:
Our paper last Week contained a full
account Of_ the - terrible—'conflagration at
Pittsburg. In addition to what was then
given we find the following interesting par
•agraplis in the pittisbu g h Advocate:pf Mon :
day: ' -
delight we hear more favorable accounts
front .our oflices,.after•an investigation of
I the losses. We do not wish 'to hold out
any encouragement not warranted by facts,
but- after zomparing_notesv_z_feet anther_
ized to say, in general terms, that the of
fices in this city as a wit* will pay a ve•
ry large per centage on all their risks.— •
The whole mimet insured by them is a
bout $BOO,OOO. Their capital in the ag.
gregato will cover up a large portion of
this amount, The affairs of the Penn
Company are in a better train than was
believed, and they will ')ay a large per
centage on their risks.,
thittee - appointed by the Councilsafter. a
full examination of the burnt district, hav
ing minutely visited every part of it, have
arrived at the following result :
982 buildings burnt, value 62,506,500
Value personal property burnt 913,450
al.' property of young men or persons not
keeping liouSe.
In calculating the value of real estate,the
the improvement§ as they - were before
the fire,-and-not what mill. require
to re--
pair or rebuild themi which Mat, exceed
theabove estimate - tit last-26.-percenti
_ Loss_ot , Pittabutg Chrorti
cle_of Wednesday says:--In the midst of
awful pecuniary calamities which have full
en upon our city, we ought to be exceeding
ly thankful tong liver rulingSovidence that
so were desTroyed by•the dnvour- , ,.
ing element. In additioMto the four; Mr. -
Johnson Mrs. Brtiolti . S. Kingston, Esq.
and a. servant girl of Mr. George
we have heard orbut•threeothera who are
missing.' These, are 'tin - old lady by the 1 1
name-of—Flemmitig,_on itoststreeh_Mrs._.l
Maglone,- on Grant 'street, and a servant
girl who is supposed to have perished in
, ilu -- 3"istmte building' with Miacingston. .
dr — I --
Gowan, ity, egn ator,;• .in f orms:us
iii the city ;;, rind"six - ogi - of it.' .•,'' • ' •
TO-DAY;! . -4s numy
bf to
bald; Who rift to much " cri ied, to,
do :; 'it,
'd a y.the;elglit'ltittiVo/.
. • , , • • ,• spirit. . •
sof the season.
. iegisititureidjournetk,s4C4i,l,
olonked one 'd'air.bk,pro - elemotion 64-1 `e
C4O4e!nOr.:- - `Sibjoiribel is aniteeount'aihn - '.
, .'s prOceeilings ^ ~ -
HAnntsnetto,.Aprill,4, 1645..
In the. Hou,seo4-4he The :, .which
W . BB undir coniaideratiOn when thisimmin
ing clpied, - :16. exclude 'froin the'fioor
of the fl nen Mr. Martin, repoitar for: the'
"Pennsylvanian," on account of his
said. chargeri , of - b r ibery; and corruption. a'
gainat members Alf the , LegWature". : . and
others, was agreed to by a 'vote of 7 ail
26. Mr. Martin is, now oxeye& filial .
both Houses, Irving received a cowhiding
from Mr. Gearie M. Lauman, on Satur=
day, into the bargain:.
Ire Sencite,—T4 bill from. the Howie,
granting to, the New York and trio Rail'
road Company the righOof way thratith
Pike county,-1n this State, passed-second .
reading, at i,',:was tost on .transcribing by a
very decisive vote. -* The Baltimore and
'Oh' s ° Railroad Bill,-it will be remembered,'
passed in The Senate after a long debate of
Weeks, and . the House—so also
the Girafil Bank bill. 0 •
e reso unons rom 10 • ouse
relief of the sufferers I!`ittsbni•gli,
propriating $50,600 out of the State- Tres.
sury for that purpose, to be distributed a•,
•mongst the destitute, under - the direction
of the city authorities=also remitting the,
State aid County Taxes for She present
year and the years '46, '47.and '4B; to_the
burnt district, ;foil refunding and releiMing
the" merchants'lieeneesw Nose merchandise
has been destroyed—passed final_ reading
in Senate, with some unimportant - amend
ments, which weresubsequently concurred
in by the — House; and the bill was sent to
the Governor, whose.. prompt approval it
will doubtless' receive. The next cancel
lation 'of. reliefi issues is to be deferred to
nieet this appropriation: .
Mr. %Vilcnz, as is usaal in that branch
an the last day of the session, after an ap
p-nriate valedietol_speacli,.resignett•his
o ice
Sterigere, of. Niontl
*4564i .Asi_isi)kiii#p',4,menA'" --
ceived •17yotes—roost of thein
" Mr. - Crabb`oll'ered the complimen
tary reirolution fo Mr. ?Wilcox, the late
Speaker,. TMr. Heckman made violent
opposition to it, denouncing the late incum
bent as imbecile and. inctun petent. Messrs.
Dimmock, Sullivan, Crabb and others vitt'
.dicatedthe official dharacteritf Mr. Wilcox,
after which the resolutiOn was adopted--
Yeas 20, nays 0.
House.—Mr. Trego offered a resolution
tending to the Hon. Findlay Patterson the
thanks of the House for the ability and
rtiality_with_w_hich_he luts _di sch
the arduous duties of preSiding over its de
liberations, and for the courtesy and urban•
ity which has distinguished his deportment
to.wartis the members„and tendering to
him Weir respectful the separa
tion about to take place.
The Committee on Conference on the
Appropriation Bill, made report this•morp•
ing in both Houses. They agree upon a
bill compromising the matters ,in dispute
between the.two - Houses, by'striking out
the prOvision'intreduced - - by - the—Senate;
authorizing the people to decide, at the
ballot box, next fall, whether appropria
tions to Common Schools shall be sus•
pended for five years or not, and have re
.tainod the House provision in regard to
the payment of the August interest— ,, that
is to say—All the money in the Treasury
on that day is to be appropriateroman - get
the claimants, and the deficiency ie to
made , up in checks on the Bank - Of Penn-.
sylvania, from one to four months after
date;payable F= liittjindirebTarini.
Treasury—vibich checks will, doubtless,
be as gioid as cash to the holders; Se;e•
are the principal points of\tliTretence.
The, House.. adopted the re _ port, by a
votb of Cfs to It. • -- The - Senate adepted the
same by a 'vote of ifi•to 11. - So thb bill
lies pissed finally in both Houses, and only
awaits thebigoature of the Gpvertior,witich
it will• receive, es a matter of•eourse, or
the wheels of.Hovernment will stay. •
A great number di- amentlin'ents
Vete - . bills were concurred whietiLif,
wOitld be inipoesible,.as well its unPfeiltal
ble,'to ere. The pops like : alobcimolive
on a' fail : — Wiyi r :Tan'd'beforo you get yiTtfr—eye
flied en ituye.iiiirtieilar,
"bmitibti`." farla'arreai. Many
fazth'e,-bills±_which.;:petts,:_thleAtty : ,4lll44
news to those Who.papeedilietb;"Whett they
see, them on the Statute Book
"„iliatylisopta, 001 to;
• ThojiegfPlOute?.ro!'at i semble4;iii.l 3 l..p.o.:
sesoon 'al
dienee • to the !indite of : the PcleutiyO,
end. being called to order, the Proelimetion
13edet they met *fie. read in
11011 ,,, 10. imt : 8 4
doted Plevidbig,' 'bet tbd
'cern mitto B,44o4 "ebouick . be. continued'l'or
tits"bpecial-: as ,were
fit ;t‘le„,„r",gPlai session, end 'bet
butqqeWilbc.oobo` P!eceedojl es, if no,
ildj(MiniliPT4 I" ,tilkeTkOtipioigliot - ni?.
new initduile 0 ( 00
:90A,A3't143FIFekt,4100 'and1?!?:11v
; :r i T ila h." 2 l l o r ! ' 4 li B t9fdlYi•ii ll o;t 4 ihlC!*
4 0 ,8,1fP:iCtige 0 ''AbO' liPPreiori,M l MiliPt Passed, ,
1040PgnOmbe,utirl ht
iranoriblob,tt,he.„4lp! . ,pip004,.!?7,00;
~-„Arigh,), oui
,1t„,,m ;* .,..
iiii itO S Fl la q l4 , l, .l , r o .lPl,tl.4, l ?,."!?v;: i lt2 , l•o'-'. 0 31 0 0 1 ' •
tko, 4 ,‘•'. • 1 ' • ' - • • '
~, w
tiArtrirstrna, April 15
~,„ ;; .
Lry , .-;114•-•,: -.. . "'sift
g , '' ' - of,
:t ; ',PF,,t,9I4TT
,1106- ceases* t .. _elinoturtrit
~ . Ij4nitirrtint,X-OCundti bus , point*,
iti t tet'itiallfbilltinOt presented iii'ltint %
a:lie to'•be signed and iihtined, IntAt lie
oyei till tt*riett .seeeitM•:.o-e:' l l 3 tElPlied;'
.fie !. .viil - ie * gkier. • lo' 'sign tben rit the ,
mea t•ue 7 an l I 1 at
teach; his;Whik:before
-adjournment - are
zpae facto. '&4E144. , . •
Il'orn,trijite44ereo.ippointed . ,in each,
.. to, Wail on 'the other, and, on the
GOvernor, to inform of their sitting, an& a
recess Wait-taken till 11 o'clock. '"NO mew
~ -..7 •
-sage beingryetieceived.from the Governor,
a further:recess was taken till 1 - 2 — Weltietc : ,
With the expectation of,receiving a mes
sage-from-the—Executive - concerning the
fate of the; Appropriation Bill - which has
been preiCelifetrio him..and great curiosity,
if not anxiety,-is rnanifested'• as to:, these- .
suit. Vlie - opinion' prevails preffygenerally
that a veto ii 'hatching.' '
Hallo!-4!ere : ,eottice the Secretory "of
thfe commoeweelth I—" Meenge in , •tyi it-'
ing • from 'The; Governor."—Read-" Ap
proved and'signSd the following bills, &c."
about fifty r7 ,•anongit them the Appropria
•. . t' • nd.the_billta ••. • • . • • !'--
laturei State Stacks, &c. So agony is .
'over. -. , • - •‘" ''
The Legislature then adjourned sine die
at-a_few- niinntee aftee t o•eioc•k-. in perfect
geed nature, having received a lesson from
She Gieverr.or which will prepare them
hereafter to wait - until they are ready be
fore they adjourn,
The custom ofsigning,:and even trans
cribing. bills after atlipurnment, has been
king practiced by the - Legislatures but it
is just as well- that it is checked, for it
opened 'a doer to fraud..
tlree copy from the
Report of the Hon. H. L. Ellsworth the
following paragraph, abutting the utility
of deep ploughing: ' ,
"Few individuals are atsrareor_the ex
tension of roots in- pulverized soil. Von
Thayer mentions finding routs of sainfolit
from 10 to 15 feet deep in the ground.—
corn roots-taken 7rcmi one iide• of a bill- of
Gallery. ",The corn 'watt plante . d
20th of MY, and root§ gathered on the
14th of July, .1842. In sixty days some
of the laige toots extendeil more, dean. four
feet, covered with latteraUiranclies.
have caused the roots - to be Measured; the
aggregate length of roots in the hill is,•by
Mr. Skinner's estimate, over 8000 feet.—
The specimen Outlet, open for exam
ination. Tln3ifact is-'here mentioned to
show the impattance of deep ploughing,
to enable the plant to find nourishment so
much b'•loty tiffs - surface as May-avoid the
effect of &duet, give support to the Stalk,
and not expose the- cut off by
needed cultivation. Soli is' made by expo-
Sure of earth to the atmosphere . ; and who
ever wishes to make perritaneni•improve
ments will not fail to plough, deep." -
jThe late Rev. Sydney Smith so
lemnly contracted to be tarred and feather
ed when PenneyHanle pant her dividends.
In view of this, e. cotemporary suggests,.
that it would be an odd reversal of position,
if he who,'while living, Waged such war
against repudiation, should, now that Ire is
dead, become.a rerrudiiitor himself, through
his executors. lii case "the drab•colored
men" insist upon the fulfilment of this
contract, the reverend Canon's executors
will be iii an awkward predicament.
Me., while a meetir -ites was in
priTress, a number isgui~eil as
negroes, broke in tp proceeded
1 10 admirsisio an=oat
devotees of Mißeds
anent' =any-moreal in --prop.-
; .•
agating the doctrines of that ism - , ant) this
- b — eitleilbile,lhairikete hustled — mit 'of the:
houo. - The'tlieguised party then seized
.I.lo,ll".a_large siete_ of provisions , and $4O
• , .
inittinte - y, Which - thi'deluded people lied .
gathered together; end intended to giv"e it to,
khoreii(eeirrien;Ye . thought Ode 4etegbo , l
rime and etringeni•,Onee,in ainc4 hilt it
appears have 'a little. oT the
leaVen Judge Lynch in them. and can
Make theill - laiVinniiiimyl4 the - dine.
• ' *
. ,
rWO hundrekyears ago. , lhe . Ace of .drum
kennees woe Oven mdre,prevolent thatilt ire
irticitioshin - inn -the 'subjeet in the
13;itieh,Parliontent the Bishop , or Salisburi
suited:Ow 'mune street tia,nndon - kboarti
Was put up vrith:the,fellowing - unit,ription:
i,.."You ',may , get:ddink, here , for - one pen- .
pence, and Have
elepu ,
• .
~,NEOOOF tiloor,—lllCeop . (Ndk) log
saY :Oat* negro • 11 10 0 - ! 1 : ( ,00Pging :-1 . 0. Mt.
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to test the 'llld4 4 ; 1 ,11; 1 1 ,, I greleidkl° 4 16 , w?tio
table Anti 4,, b r i m il ' 4tortl. qua 01°1 hl
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,rti •
_l l 4;po . e9fisidereciini iirtintAtrue.
9.9*Orm_oo..of,*iat country.:
ilifice — et . testis, 'provided%, the latter pro'
reject thel.reacitutinis of.: - the
OeUgreiter of ' the:VnitlidrOtatee .relative to
annexation:'" It is. Said als'o'thayEligiend
has -had a' hind , in the matter all of 'Which,
,while very probable, remainsto be proved.
:' - An English frigate, the Eurydie, has
leftliers - Ortti Tor Ottlietteetf,-Witli. an:lif
fer,-it is lielieied, for ,the Mexican Govern.
menkip recognfse' the independence of
TeXiPi , pro vded , she refused to annex
herielf to the United States. The same
intelligence,' it will be seen, comes to us
by the way of
,Havanna, from Vera Ortti.
We copy the following .additional item
of news' from the New Orleans Bee:
FROM..Mpaco.—By the arrival of the.
Water Mich, We 'ere put in possession of
dopers. from the ,tapital, to : the 22ci ult.;
add frorri Vera Cruz to dstill later date.-- ;
Tlip,Ugh ive hav-e—quoted a large batch of,
journals before us,' a pretty carerul
inspection of, them .add, but 'little, to our
knowledge of affairs in Mexico. The
Tuillitly seems II Td-;
-.7 .ranquil
ministration, at least we_shoultLiortelude
is 'linnet). from the - tonof The press. „
Of Santa Anna the papers - say a good
deal, 'brit nothing - definite. He. had not
been tried at the lest accounts--:tbat is no'
absolute juilgineut- ; had been pionounced
upon him. ' Hiscrritten defence had been
Bent before the Graitd Jury and is freely
'commented upon by. the journals. It is
spoken of as insolent in its tone, and. bold
and li'ardf ini its defiance.
On the s 3d'of March, Santa. Anna ad'
dressed a note to the Minister of War and
'Marine, Von Peilro Garcia-Conde. :lb
tbismissive,be justifies his'efforts to -se
cure Ills 'private: fortune, and complains
bitterly of the interception and breaking
open Of his letters. teilloilier agents._ , The
language pf his note is extremely haughty .
--rather oi - ilt of a diellor than a prisoner.
Coinmenting upon it; the Sigliu XIX
.uhitez.v.esalts.i4jAn...,4l gcci ,
to the hum ble tone•of his previous letiers,
7 e..47 -" itiViffrebrr - 41W
er, by a new revolntion. . The ultimate
:safety of the radii tyrant is mine than
hinted at, Tor the smite paper of a later date;
alluding to the letter in qdestion, and to its
-insolent . tone, remarks that if Santa Anna .
Were not perfectly - c - ertaltrthat neither the,
G - overnment nor Supremi — Court will place
his-person in the slightest danger, he would
renewtieting and cowardly scenes
which occurred when capture - if' at San
On Abe 24th of February, the Grand
Jtiry and_ boiltbranclics.of._,Congress pre,
sented forum) articles of accusation against
Santa Anna. It is an exceedingly prolii
document, examining a nil an,lyzing the
conduct of the Ex-President at great length
and with elaborate care. It concludes by
declaring that there is full ground for pro
ceeding against him.
A joint Commission of the tWo Houses
was appointed to examine and reply to the
request of Santa Anna' to be permitted to
leave the_ Republic, and to be allowed 'to
- abdicate the •Presidency. The majority of
the committee refuse both requests in di
rect and positive terms. A separate
port pas submitted by the minority, in
which •they contended that not only was it
expedient to grant the prayer of Santa An•
na, but that they !tad no constitutional
right to examine the question.
Ryes was cortdeihneth-to be
deer' ved, of his -rank, dip' Hies nod salary,
and confined ten years in afortress to be .
chosen by the Government. Ile wailike
wisTaialared tbleir --- of Wl'
=-.ane==of- - thy
.leci incapou...-OoreaTter of hiling
any -of-Me-offices heretbforb-etercised-by-
ty world not
The Texas_quektion„ tis may be sup
posed, creates some excitement in IVlPxfao.
At last-accounts the news of the paSsaie
of the resolutions through die Senate had
: been eeceived,bat their final passage throtigh
the Hods°, as amended, was Unknown "
'l'he press appdared diapthsed to think that
the Ileuse.wetild hot accept them. ..'there
is of course mue.h indignatita
The idea of annexations . and many; haral%
thing's' said of this . goveritthentf,:i.*
the way .ot
hay_elativicee some_What
Cruz.. It would_appear..that.Santn_Anik
holds•out htavely hi his defeece before the
new•_anthorities• of the .coutitiy, althopgli
hi ha's, net - , yet'. hien tint tipthi 7-- rhiti' - ;(rial:
Santa`: Anna, eppeartio';direct r all- hitt exer
hone AeWardis saving a •poitiakilhis' ii wn
'property . and tha his wiihv itor`any:ulte.,
; rier'opeiquoris which iikrOjrliOve
- he'bhancps appealed daily- More-forthe;
eaCePticiithelde bictitor, Santa'
R? The` following, maxim ie>worthy o
( eonniderntien' ,-„about thane daai....;l3linab
pot too lest you fall., lie not on , t -
groenO.: 1 141 01 4-. 1 )q-Aram0 3 40 71 .....--gin*
iviirsetf- sage; when* your own legs
boar YdP.'
' - - ~„. ... • _
1 3 Ortrt.iit ' flawrinkilni input✓tiopidar yew-
Ales of the preseut daY.l4e thole , Whip!' ptilify_atid
cleanse the blood, sititt- which streAnowu to be inno
cent in their Sucliremediei tia Aillinue- -
ny,•,Meroury, ZintiTitut -., the ' havitCq recourse. te
Itleedlog In dleealeti, are nott,„it is hollettgointout,
of . fuahion, and .V
I siggpkblii. Itemeillea wilt be scion
„the popular, medicine... lien ,Braoulrelli's , Yeiria
tile Unlyerail pills wilt bri used mind appreciated .
They.itre known to act beneficially, on every' , pert Of,
thirbbilyt being taken up' bit',the;Ohylii they . .esiss
into the bldotti_whiett they. Purity i and it shook be:
rerrierchatid thartheY only remove tkoartpurtakont
the bleed , which ;were the, cautp•of iiitlantinittlielopr ,
dosease of.stny kliyl;,,; Nothloir,,litequatle - .l:ltldyt
the vitiated Ininitt*,,tritlVir,yettef,ableiv*/_l42lllitee,e ,
tliii kfrillit lUtfcylriitis . .rk 41f11"idk
ei::tialdo,':, ary;litti it loirsii: 000, ~ , IY',, , I,rc ,1 4;;;.t
.. 4, 01310 ' ti entitle, y4 , 91ta t i9;.411.„ ia, ,, ,f t prn o llpol,
Or thig'loripiiii . :. -f",. -- ..c2 , ,,v . ,t , _ ~,,;,5 A:i,,,,,,..,t4t4.
‘ M ,s,ny ;‘:_Q;rg-ra:}"i?
. _ 41; v u
$4-44, but is generally helil i 450, the set;
tling price from thirears was at A. 371,7—,
hie no transactions in ,Susquehanpa
tt report last sale-.was-at '4.soTper. bbl:,
GRAIk.---Thesupply_ef Wheat,thotigh
moderate is about equal to tho'degend and
consists Cheitly of Pennsylvania, which is
-taken on arrival, at :prices ringing.from 96
• • • -
cents to $1 03 forAnfetior to' prime reds;,
lilobably 10 to 12,000' biisliels hive been
sold. 'Rye has been disposed of at 66 to
62 cents. Corn has come down to a tribe,-' ,
owing to the difficulty of procuring vessels
by which to make shiptnents, and-at close
we quote white at 41:,) slid yellow, 421044
cents the; latter for Ono:Sylvania. Oats is
worth about 25 cen4l . rtlaversecd is held
tit $4, for, small lots, bat forr-large parcels it
ie difficult to obtain $3 75; unless the qual
ity is- strictly prime. Flaxseed is a little
bettor Say 1 15 to $1 20 per bushel. ,
SP I Rll`S.=*-Prices:of IVhkskey. are' to w
er, bbls not commanding oiler 2 . 3,, and 1
hds 22 cents. • -
You will parade At Mount Rock, on Monday the
stb, and illso on thursday the tsth of Mar neat, .nt
the-same place—bsth .days at_to o'clock,. A-,-.M„
completely equipt for drill - •
• By oriler of the Copt
AriflA El AM .MYERS,.O.
...April 16 1t.45.
- .
persona are hereby Ailed that tht; trust
.ttamount of Groans W. BRICKER and .tour
BRANDT, asslgneeti• of ,Henry Neel, of Monroe.
.194Xuslini, Cumberland county, under a deed of vol
untary assignment for the benefit of creditors, was
this day presented to the court of Common Pleas of
said county and filed. and that the said court has
appointed Tuesday the 29th of April instant, at
the argument court to be held at Carlisle for its at
lowance and that the slime will tlien lie alloWed by
the court unless cause belihown why said accounts
April 14, 1e45; Prothonotary.
by the court: _ -
- .
• A CC A•M
3 ETURNS lint sincere thanks to those of his fel-
Witt3Tlllll=tradireirin .
Vitilefr 'Mike Out in hit titore'on the night of the 7tlt
of A ri6wns,rsubiliied,u444hoptinciP 4 4 l -14" 1 -44:s-1
;V • 1`..'1'.•
coritrittulla so liberally in-money towards coverlugl
his . loss. Being a younftmcm - rmd without a' fami
lyr, lie felt it td be lii§ ditty to decline receiving the
contributions which their generosity would 'hove
placed in his hands; Ind ha takes this opportunity,
of informing all his friends and felloW citizens, that
lie has again eiiminenced business, and that he will
shortly have a fresh stock of goods on_hand, amid
will be happy to serve all those who feel an inc ins
tfmrto patronize him in the Way of business.
Carlisl6, - 011115; 1845:'
r r.,
, it.
; .:'
' . A r.-4,044,.
• Order.
- -
THE enrolled Malitia and Volunteers sohject to
military duty within the bounds of the let Uri,
gade, Ilth Di, ision, I'. M., are ordered to parade by
companies under the command of their respective
commanding officers, on Monday Jhefitti day of May
next, and the Regiments and Battalions for inspec
tion under the command of their respective Field
Officers, as' follows 1 -
The let 'Battalion or Cumberland Volunteers un
der the commruid of Col. Samuel Alexander, at Car
lisle on Monday the 12th day of May next.
The 197th Regiment P.- M. under the command
of Col. Armstrong Nohle,at the same time add place.
b The 2d Battalion of Cumberland Volunteere tin
der the command of Major. John Clendenin, at Me
chanicsburg on Ttiesday the 13th of May next.'"
The let Battalion of the 96th Regiment under
the corinnand of Lieut. Col. Joseph Ingram, at the
same time and place.
2tl Battalion of •tiors6lh Regiment at Oys
ter's Point, on Wednesday the 19th day of May
The let Battalion of.the 23d Regiment tinder the
command of C01...10hn Wyncoop, at Mount Rol;
on ThursdaY day :cif May next:
The OuinbeiltnadPl:ay,"„neder the command fof
Capt. Samuel 6tew4l4t,ilieciame time and place,
or at NewilllOFtiallk;lliii''Hilif' 6l 'MaJl.nexl• - .
The let Regiliiirileif Volunteers
der the cominsiillforlO4Vohn Hood, at Novvville t
on Friday thC46lh:of MS'inext.
The 2d Illatbilleii:orlhe 23d Regiment at tit.
The 196th Reilieeiif.iinder the commend of Col.
.nry B. Rehuck, nt Shippensburg on Saturday the
19th day of May next.
The Shipperisburg Temp under thdeetem,and of
Capt. J. ft. Young, at the same tithe
The Union Guards under the command er Capt..
David Wherry. at the same thim — and place. f .
Tho Mount hock Independent Light InfaritrY un
der the command of Capt. Rhusds, at the same time
and place.
Dy order of •
J. REFIRAR, Brig. hag).
lit-Brig. 11th Div. P. M.
Brigs le Inspeetor's OMR,
Carlisle, A ptil 10, 1845. S
. •
.• 'Pholinos for
-fifty cents each Joy, and can be paid to. the County
Tircifiliter or - gie Collectors of the State-or-Connty_
'btii,before the days of training, or within sis,ty•deys
thereifter—it - Whichlhave all the - Collecterti
_will be
reii !tiredto make settlement, The balance of the
fines after -deducting the experise of Brigade, will,
.7 (a-The officers in command. pi_Militia , Regl-
Mena dre . requeited to make . appointments of com
pany, officers in . rdom of all nksignatione 4 , ton:easels
r withontdeitty-1,.. •
7:F .'----, 7, -• . -- F =7 ;75 - 7 =77- r i ,L 7 R, - : ---
"Gioteiir Shoe .& Variety Stoics. ,
Crteaberrsesiti mese anti Maekere.lkat - ofrotetl
at their- rates.'
N. B. Expecteddailj Ilittie;Eitles; titled
Beid iTnd.Torignea. r -
- - •
r o and wi,ll,constant!.! keep
t laurd; kinds 'Lutnbei., suet, aa'Whitta;
Pine bhatlea,Shinglin‘
2 6
at tliaiiimr.iarines'. With tha taatiat
Caaht at the NVaretniusti Of
•' • :
M. 13 .' 1 %04 .1 " 7 !*' : ; : :
'March 12,4445.:: 4.:
• •
Estate of .Sarattel•lltiekeraltet;led'il: "
11* ETTER 8, '9r'. Antra i jalittlia Eil* of
.R. 4 Samna, thiakitaliailaio. of;Frankton] 'taint
shop' :!Icteasad; hive baansra ntid ]kaL,ankairriber,
reatengln the mom towask]ta!).All , persona indatt
acittrelveao'ls 000,,Pert*d thole TAl]ng
swaentthaiaatilem nk,
°lion •
; /1'1:;1.1S.
'; f4l ' hri DIYWANG
„ • fi 7.,Nr; John tiiktOcrimi .
El if linii-lla,rtf.vfiao*li s.:**ll6.
tiii4lol entot of„; zj.:444(
.70q,K ' Vf 4 :1 1 ;" ,
, '*-Yefiridi;y4o;t [454' .z r
"0111118 niideraikiiexhiti•Ottillitoirjt iirtheAnsqueltann_
;iVbine or Ceti andCanatfloafi , retufntheir ale
sere thanks to their_ &le in:l7ltnnklin and .I:um
berland eountiett for; ' ;cid respeptially in
form them , that We. ...pkepared to resolve
and forward A..013 • 4 4 'tr'...`.! nine , •
%. 7: egith
Proddee will be'deliverderto any' honAn,,n
phis or Baltimore to which thelißoht:
Their'agents In the eitleat.q7
Messrs: 1. Witiotrr
Vine at. Wharlonthe • Detalitr,'
Messrs. Jonrr Meeintotioti::St
, tint Ore..
They will alao;rrejeWiMforwrltidolaitkiiefitio
- nine gilt qinotrtits,:Breight,mntliPassen
gera also fort . 00"nd West 'Bran • ett Canals. •
P. 111,A11.11N.
Chlir4. 4 4;l;etlitS.
Iron and ktenerg qomnAsstaki-Iller.
• • chant,,
RECKIVES l'ig Tram, Blooms Bud , lion, Nsil'llotis.dssongs,
• 13,Er:RMNCE •
Mord'i Si S. N. Lewis, -
' Lewis, James & Co. •
' Moiris Jones,
" E. G; llutilh & Co. • •
Hen.). H. Field,
James Tae wit
Ate,s. C. L. bt
tii'Mereinints generally in Itiltimorc,
.March 1e„1845. _
Cheap Umbrett p
,Parasol_ and ,
•Shadelranufactory, ;
"FOSTAIF Vir.• CLARICE, Successor to Robert
itueltie, late at N0...4 Sduth Fourth Street, Phil.
adelplon, has remitted to- the Nutt' West corner
cif Fourth and Market streets, where he keep ..
s con
staidly for sale superior artict.;rot theitbove named
gobtls, manufactured under his-own immediate , su
perintendence, and warranted ,ol• as good quality as
can he purchased in this or any. other city. .
Desling only-for Cads, J. W. C. is ettableit to
sell on the most reasonnble terms, and he respect.
fully invites Merchants anti others visiting the city,
to call and examine Ids stock- and prices before
purchasing elsewhere.-
• ..10STA.'ftitilA It RE;
itl. • NV. Corner of Fourth as d Warket sit cets,
Philadelphia. „'
Februm v
egm :S•
Carlisle March 29, i14;.5.1
NOT!F.E ix hereby kiven to rill persoris info
ented, flint .the fullowingiieeennts have been
filed in this ulEce inf . :examination by filo ^ ea.,
I:untantrtherein named, and will he preSented
eotrfirrnetinn-and-allowaneeinn Tatailtry-th-e-29tli
Shippeneburg, deceased, r_
The oceondt of Benjamin Fides: Admials
trator of George Fiches, lute of Newton townelljp,
deceased. .
3. The: hi-count of Jncoh ClippinYer,Adpinte.
trn,:or of .10lin ft . .. Stewart, Into of I,lc , ntrotigh, of
Shippensb2trg, derensell.
4. The t , coolt of John Garriiin, Arloninislra.
for of Daniel flenAuw, luta of Si lver Spring
township, ticocased.
_Thp acc: , unt tit". John Craigltexl, Rxecnior
nrCatha rine Dixon, late of South Middleton to'qn.
ship, deceased. `.
6. The neco,,unt of Meld Demuth, Exoeuto/ of
Samuel Demul.b,luto of dielcireien toH,hnhip.'db•
7. The necount ofJoenb Erb, Administritr I o of
John Erb, lute of Booth Alithiktto_.t.igtophipae,_
6. The nr_Tount of Fla moil Miller, EA - en:tor o
Henry M I kr, late rit Allen I ownnnip, dec ease d.
9. The nEeennt ~ 1 !north Adiniiii4fn tot
of Christian Failor, late of
10. The account of Acfnm Feemim, Adminix
tratot of Valentine Feeman, lute of Allen town
bhip,deceastir. '
- 11. The account of John H. Convex, Admiiiie.
trntor do honk non of Nancy Orr,late of the ho.
rough of Mechanicsburg, deceased.
12. 4 1"lto , ,tecoont of Jos en i r a n d J o h n m e nd.
land, Adin - nistrafor of Joseph McClelland, late
of Hopewell township, rieecased.
13. The accmint nfJohn Kozer, Administrate',
of John Frelick, Into of Silver Spring township,
decenscd.- • - - •
14. The account of - John X erldrr. Administra.
tor of Chrietian Keekkr, lute of Dickinson town,
ship, deceased.
15. The account of Jacob Duey, Administrator
of James Hutton, lute of the borough of Carlisle,
fleeces, d. •
ThO neeount or Jacob Clippinger Guardian
of Mtn R. Stewart.
17. 'Plu• ocenuoi of William B. Seyrnore,Gear.
dian of Richard Stevenloh, of the Borough 'of
•_IP, Tbo.obv_oord_of_Jiiapb,Rui,p 4 _Guardion of
Adeline sidle; minor, et:tiled by Henry Rupp.,
ID. The octounia - IlenryßUppiGnardlan of
• , lisabet. l oWiltia-ininur child of — John Wilt de.
-ceased.. .
H lib account ete-ft chebl 4iishler, Guardian of
:Henry Cilekltsi;paituar Ghild of DavitrCuclilin des
Wang Esq. Guardian
of the minor ciiildren 'of 'Thompson Brown. de'd.
The Guardian of Sa
rali-Ann Neitlinh; Summit: of
dectased....,''..T. • • ,
The account •of William Line, Guardian at
Samuel &Midi,- a minor - child of Samuel Nei
dieli,-deecasci;l„ • • '
he account' of William 'Line, Guardian of
John rflordich; minor 'child of of Samuel Neidich,
•'••'::-i-i'''-.1.'.:4;.4:44Ccin',.. BRETZ, Registcr.
— D. .7.- L
.S. , Ni , 10. North Sixth se, r Jew
-tt et.
havieMaiket,, Philadelphia. •
Uri ea alwein_oif, hand large and fashionable as
.11.1 sortatent foc variety orehlirr
netudyund style :Or •(I excel those of any
Whi. • oatabli aliinellt:;in the ' city; and will be sold fit
the very, loWoif•prictal,,•:Aernhaws supplied with
*an* quantitv. lit the Sluktiseittotice: Old Millais re,
.:plinltTOW[trindilytitWltink - 7equal 7 tOlints. _ •
He respectfully- Invites the: citizens of Cumber.
land crawly', to gitre;:,lllw•it: 'war, before purchasing
041:lionsainl Sigrr,paintiiiieXCFßled4ll"u2/ iR
the best thinner and do iiitieacit_termar
1. ,
March 19,1 845.
AnothFr ArrAva.lroUNE:W and
I. u ru s i ' at e l d from t7l e A r . : 1 17 ,3 ; r t
°614 Com fo rts , Itt
only e fi i l u e
c t 1 4 : -
ad MannoaN . c u l l f ' #1 , 10 ) . 121 co' LOS 'lgaiebed and
ots t:Tial+r n t at *1 - 14 1 ' • -.1
- and
- n bi en .hi u t usna y,
_ay t earnytnnn, ,
Nr e tvo Cords, o,llett.;iiiii4,44
ram --,-
liortera Caahmnres, Shavih - ,.
ghan datiiiiei,ito., in gtpi'd
ellicee 'make& ; tny: atonkkLll oonrililew Al
onions vennting 'good bargiiins - ddil do n'eli
at the' . ol' inid,lnurtti. store ' the l ibir ner . ial , •
Maripiatlrnnt. ; " ' - ' . 4
, ':Atztte:of.rriOCeS enri eCetktae • •
, „ ,
,r wryßO.s , 14'dministratiois o'RLstip 'two 0
4t644,,Atran. 'township; den.'d. ,
hAvi beek muted te,ttki • • • P•resi 3 Oint •,,tha
ramp t9wtioNp;'L'•All •It Altledplire rg,9 o PMed
ttiokilicetik)tmeo)*sl* 4 044.-topreiftt
Ilkera: Oar ,uattlep9l4o, ,, ,
' c
~-' , ...„.
.I.AglikV , ‘ • lime4f ,
V “wefig - 11 - , ll' --."
Aptat ,,..,,,.... -" ,, _rye
~. ...,.,"..... 4 5,, ~..,,,,,,..„...,....„..,,,,..
.....,,, . 4, Wk.. ~ ~,IVit,::.'2r- ,rl_4.3..vbet , ~;.J'- : ,
..1i,•:,!!th'...'',,'!:%',f,!-,,,,!,'-,,Z,„,..d.74,7,,f,',,,e, ~ , ...
4 ,V;,,fi1t`.! • , :i, , , , ,i14 , ,? , ,;,, - :,...;:r'; '. qE:t,.f:l::':—.l';
. ,
d .
Mee .
3. Nom , ' York
• • • t •