Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, February 28, 1844, Image 2

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ON?), L. 11 „ IPA
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SUbit ' Ci to the (!et.a ror a Nati:mul o,r,vention
riEmx2RATP3 VTl'lc<3
svnciALLy -you PLBLIC EVE."
0/I ert.'E 33 F.)
I. A wound National Clo rencv, regulated by . the
co ill lutd authority of tlw
`.2.Au udequA.4•l:. wow., Protection to
American lodnFiry.'
LOA 1:XCI,111:ve: power, cm-
Lac, di thu ul
the Veto.
S. A 84miqlstrntionn the pt:blietto:liittn,
.vitli the rrocectiB
:.:ulcs of it a inorg all tf,r • lztilic , ,,. •
An honc.:t 21Ild .frononlienl zolnlii:if•trolirr: of
perf, o t fri, , doi .I.lp,prlit. opri Or the ri;4111. 01
tt.trregt..; but with vuitable• restraints agait:st,
improper iiitorf,aeno , .• in of, Gnosis. '
C. 'in anien,:inctit' to the Coso.litutino, litnilinm
the incumbent ,t the ofii,c to a
.I . llegit ;Itt:11111 , !, I t Hr.! Wl` 511:/11111
C4:11 , :t to I, tli " 11( . 011 1011 1,11 adllllllll.tratil.ll nl
rfl..-,. ~ S?'*tM
f. r 5
4 L. 1-
ineinhers of the ltemocirutie !Lail:mit put ty
• or Penn‘ylvii,niu—liimm tyliu utnitd c: ith 111. iii I.e
• 'allies iu the itchitycmciti I. , rions pchtical
victory in I B.lth Mc rut Mt of v. Mel. ctn. the
election or t. 1.0. e, ‘clivralcd and i/MI
rU pat;Mt (4:NI:RAT. IN 11.1.1 nAltrthiu:?,
10 the 'tit ttlial ChM; ',vim hove Irithrtin
battle() for "flu! Supremacy cr
.aws," whoutre opposed to ell toy.Acri - e;:, rvhelhcr
or the t;,..tornintint or 0111 t wiim, a Ilich lira M.
'nett M Ilia 101hli0 'eye—Mote It'll.) aro ei).-
( . 1.10011, and either of
tulle(' or power - v. lot me *Lir. •..1
mum. the Conlioimie, lliutlll.eWl es and
V'tirrency of' Ilic rr imtry, ;ill (Oh. is %olio itte •
• or Ott r, , r0,.,•,1,, 1r (Jr tile st„,, , ilod N.:rood
to itecurc 111.00 d, ecoloenie
energetic atlininct S. ;Si t i o.
icl .(
to ;.he c,ll,.the tt i 11,1101 by
hunt they 1. re adminit. :cr. th ;ire 1.1 mic,tc.l Lt• the
Srtlu rat It...omit:OM I 1.. r.
;Be .t in 1. 6.r..1 itmlitirts iiin! •
0e...“n•111.. Cor I 1ee0.:J.%,
In h•et. 1),•10.2:41, iu u1.,,,,i 111 11 , 111:t tt
Senatorit and t?cprriteni lint 11 in
laturu from imeil Co.:10 ;Jod liicts, to
1.0 le.Nl et He rthdgir;r, ou
^tllNl).\l', 'i, .1, It ti.,y
c! ', ; : a d; M, Ln owohnte t Wol..thic ceoeidele lor
Govelmnr, 1.1) t,a . opputteal Lt the rileoll,4
c id c r 111,i, 1
,Genital Mimi, :1111! to Mt mirth
other LEIS and tili . og3 as Indy be deemed uttect,sary..
l'hc =corral l'omtly let will he [trend
to Ltive lit, proper nolimis in their rtisiletitive
G I:011(W l'01: 1.1:wa.-1..r.
HENIiY iNION - 11;DAIEitY, Dauphin
!EAllllEit DENNY. Alit heap.
\vim,' %AI
Jrr.l4 G. 1111!':..4, (luntiu;d m.
TALR: A RT, NI rtlunnberland
V, , , !AM F. 11(!(:11E: 4 , Phila. Cu.
.1011 N I(11.11M -1 ,
:71( . 013 EV(*A NT, fiorth.tiplon.
Leillyett:•, the (7cun•al, Ilan
el.-,sen a melliber or the i'rench Chaillbcr u!'
7..e.oorrier 01 .
zot •iy)...cstiion of t wcnty.five plates., for cc:mo
te.' feiting 2nies On vas iont iolulis in th:i and the
acljoining 13latcP
er,_;,The Bnil'As of 110 Conirivni..vualtii, mccord.
in; to the repot( or the Auditor Gincral; hove
circulation of '36,(122,2(ii ; Npccie and Fp( cie: filth!!
$13,:59,3'23 ; dtlmitcr $:),7J4,E,'71 ; discounts $l6,
0:36,t1 I 0.
f..-^"-Ciet,%;•a linwinao, o egos tried and
nc,nricted a fl.w daye snire in Iledrord county, far
11.1brientinz and virenlatint u lil.cliuuj report a.
bout the late lion. Charles Ozle ha 3 been parilon.
en by Governor Porter ! • ,
rl-T!“; Freneh government has beg,un to a
wake to clic' iniportanceof a proper observance of
the SAbuth, ai a prevention of the liorrible con.
sequences of Atlie:Pno: The Viene.b 'Alinister of
.. '7llarine has addreosrd a eh enlar to.ail the mara,
limo prefccts ropirsting that tio workmen shall
he rinploynl in the •Royal Arsenals on the Sab.
ETOn Friday, the 9th inst., ill St. John's Chap
el, New York, the Bishop of the Episcopal Dio
cese pronounced-the sentence of degradation from
the ministry, on the Rev. .Nathan Kingsbury.--
The sentence tvlis incurred in the regular canoni
cal process of presentment atiil trial, on charge of
scandalous, disordcily and immoral conduct.
The Newspaper i a school iii a family worth
ten dollars a year.. Even the'ino*t barren paper
brings sMilethin,7,.. vew. Children tone or hear
the contents; gain intelligence of OM atElirs of
this world, and acqufre_nneful-knowledg,Farle
importance to thorn in life than a present of fit:
teen acres of land. 'Parents, remember this!
yly•Tlis blast Furnsceirf the Pro quo Isle Foun
dry Company at Erie, Pa., er.pluded from the gal,
on the : l4th inst , setting tire and reducing leash
es the entire building enclosing the Foundries,
Pattern Shep;Alachine Shop and Finishing Elnoin,
which occupied an area of 240 by .85'feet. Loss
about $2.5,000 t . no insurance.
0--j:The . N. Y. 'Pributle. soya that Ilfitorr.ixo
has foOnd amity of settling all diffsreitcce-aa.ta
thy .cornparittite . merits bf. General Ticket end
Distrieta for choosing plembeFs.uf Congress. 'fifer
plan secures the adrintagre of both systems, and
is commanded to the %Whig! fur unitareal adop.
lion!, 2
.± . ,
( ; : :_rlfhelestotastee;iftin establishment of Moser,.
Vincent att,.lliintott. of 'Erie, was entirely destroy:
•cd by fire, on the 10th id's'. Lass estimated at
82n,000. :,NO insurance. ,
cr . y,flugh A. Garland, Cleitt of - thallonse of
Roprosentaticss for,ttio2Gth 'Congress, has, ad.
dmaed a long inetnorial to the present goose in
muse of his conduct in. the New Jamey case. •
riVqt_i t rOititted'in' a' 'reliort 'of Mr. Vhdlpa's
epr.ech'in thelOtirrial of Corntneree 'of 'Monday;
that "the floutiited:fo'r taich• In :sizing in Mai.
eachusettaorrae} is.qoo494l4,ll.ranuntof four fay
ken from us - hg ... •
ir.rThe' Reßei , Nat
if!Ti!l 'Aloiltfr.iiitntylinnlar quatad)M
worthl9g . ol P.,4ll4l,ajtolibic harat!;PrO,ill ,
Ibroken:apdAtiyo 411 made: oilr loins $ ‘.
11,1 , „
Xi' ha annual report of Hon. Charles McClure,
SuiferitftendenpOgCommon Schools,is'a document
of more than ordinary interest to every philan.
thropist and friend of education, while it possess•
es especial importanc6 for Pennsylvanians. Nye
learn front it, that the whole number of School
Districts in the State is 1139. During the School
. yeur" of 1843, which ended on the firut Monday'
ofJune, 945 districts levied tho necessary amount
of School Tux, and drew, their 'portion of the,
State appropriations. Eight hundred and Sixty
five of tfcau have fit:Artie-id their annual reports.
In the distaiets that iept;rted, there -were 6156
i.elinols, on un average, 5 months - and
I 4 'rho whole number:of mule teachers
5964—fcanalo teachers 2310. •A vertigo salaries
of male teachers per month, 817-59; ftinales
;511 NiiMber of, mule scholars, 161,161; .fe
male de. 12:7,698.. Average scholars to u school ,
. 45 ; cost of teaching each sc:holt:l:per timiith,43,}
cents, or-SI 2I per quarter. Amount of State
appropriation mid le :the accepting Districts,
$272,720. tt'eltool Tax levied in the same districts,
$419,020. Cost of instructioli - in the reported
ilistricti,s)llG,:lo7. Ali increase since last year,
in every item, except the wages of teachers ands
the expense of each scholar pet. quarter.
Alincing to Colleges, Academies and Fetnale
ftentina ties—the Superintendent regrets in regard
Ii sitelt:lnditntions that it is not in his power to
presem a more sa title ctor! state nest; 'Such r.
smail•iternbti olthcin having sent in their reporta,
and the reports of man? of these that did comply
milt the law .1 . 11 this respoet, being' by no means
complet.,. .1)O A Img the year, nine colleges, .(iit
chafing the University of PcinisYlvattia.) sixty.
f l our aeadeinics, and thh•ty-seven fmialc semina
ries, ho-t.• Ileum iii active, operation, and received
a portion of the appropriation from the State.—
The reeelved,r;:o2s 00,-ric`a`tietnies
4'2.; ond tracers, scittinar:s 010,444 27,
the tives•e,dl‘ge.; th,it reported, (Dickinson, 1'0nn
50).1.1.,,, M.11.-hail,)i.od.iii , ,,lten and the Culver.
sily- or Pennsylvania.) there Were eight hundred
and :ire students, those in the prepara-'
sort' depidttitcrit4, of whom.thirty were qualifying
ttirint,Lives tuln 4t0:113 teucluire ' Jicominitin gclooke.
The average .rest of luiliuu per annum' is $OO 00,
except in the Unil:,rstty, where it is 575 00 per
annum. The titicr,i.uty xpc , :itcs including I.Umed
isig, is about. 2133 00 per annum.
'llepot.ts • have b.. 011 ceived-n-mr, thirty-right'
avadomies. Itithese were Itl4 Pupils el' whom
f2tio . o . t re i•ropuring to tc:“.11 coniniuti
Thu . tuitiou ;sir . •pulul . varies from Sd to
$2l. TI ,e t.,ver.ige is about 516 par annanyand
anti] 1%,
.whri o 1..Y1 ,, :11,C. per
. :111111`;i1 1111 . 1t1;:ill;
ri horn 112. 'Thirteen tpimite
era led. These cotititin our • lin:tired and
ninety-four pupil, lit Lunn filiy:thrtte a.u pcc..•
puring_to leach CO1111:1011SellUdi. TllO I'll'lllllllP
coon Of luiliuu for arse ts *l2 Gt,, and the
tivct sears exponsca per pupil, int:lndio:l board,
(O. •
T!.• re 13 Ica a clii•tricl. in Cu ll) .
be iiic btalistical labl: qt.
tio:htsi to repotl,A r g fulluc•ing - 111
ri klio;1 to the unml cr of sehnlarr, tchclicri=,
connected public schouls of Cumberland
county :
I)ieh ir(n
111w1e... of di.ti icl.4 rt.p.rti! , 2; _ 18
(.t* the year 17
utter of • 17
.Ivertize lorolwr Of months tuoglit.: Gd
No. of helinolA yrt 5 of :.i.l:oulii 127
Avvr:l7.;,lvry of furialle Ica per
. .
No. yr
No. of male leaclxr:.
Numbri of lisnule suh,,!ars
Nit!iliwr of :male Frhgl u::
le:lthitla' r:.rh scholar per no. 453
Avetogc 1:0. of • ,50101:irr, in rot h schwa 46
Re! e ',lle
Anwznnt of tax Icvio.i in ttccolqinz. dis
11 . 0 613.'2.7.'.2 DI
tut u:i t of Slate Approprialiwi paid to
ticetviNg 00
Various, onlibtened 814,Ygc:liuns are toady, aa
to thn u:g•ralion of Ow Cuuuuou tielsool Nyatern
throughoUt the SL.te, and c>l eci,4 jlllllStOll is
1113(10 to the itnprovo:a...itt in thu clutract ,, r (it
"On (says the Superintendant.)
velves the most important agency in the work of
general education ; and it is only through
We Call ex'rect to cli vi.te the condition of our cow
mon schools. Their iti,st may mit 'be a prominent
one; they May attract but a small:lleac of public
attentiod ; 'their labors :nay be carried (in in si
lence, but their intltionee, whether Ihr good or
evil, is nut the less Imw.erfol. They for tlie
minds of our culture. cit:zonS. They given direc
tion to their tastes; they fashion their moral
character. Next tonic domestic hearth, the coin
moo school does more claw any other instrumen
tality towards determining the future standing
of individuals. To the coininon , school teacher
in entrusted the task of go:din:, the early mental
efThrts of the inquiriiig . youth; repressing his
wayward 'excursions, and training him to profit
by the discipline of active life; and render the
scenes through which ho is,Alestined to pans, sub
servient te"hin intellectual and moral development.
Po we wish, therefore, by means of our common
schools, to raise up a class of intelligent, enter
prising and upright citizens 1 ' ‘Vo newt aim at
securing the services of competent and faithful
teachers., .Other measures will be Ldneficiar only
so i far an they tend to effect this. Systems may
be ilcviked ; funds appropriated ; large and,com
ninclious school houses erected; and the provisions
Of the law in other particulars bu properly exe
cuted; yet if teachers fail to perfinin their part,
all those efforts to better the condition of the com
mon. schools Will prove ineffectual.
The Superintendent, is therefore, gratifiediaL
.being stile to state, that so far . no his observation
'has extended, the present school law is bringing ,
ferwatd . a body of teachers, superior, both ih moral
ehuracter and literary attainments, to th6so cm.
ployed before Ihe adoption of the system. The
public liar been in some degree awakened to the
necessay of Miring competent teachers,,thOir
qualifications form a more frequent subject of Ms
cusoion--and more correct opinions have bean
formed as to what constitutes a suitable 'instruc
tor for youth.. The really meritorious teacher
finds his services more justly appteeiated, an is .
incited to the attainment of still higher.degrecs
of slttli in his calling; while - the 'negligent end ,
incompetent:are compelled to ,give place to those,
better fitted for the office.
The policy of employing female teachers is
warmly urged, especially for the youthful. Nor.
mai schools for the eclucatiorrof teachers are rc
commended. . The nun-accepting districts of the
State amount tit' 224. In order to draw the'mon
ey now in 'the 'State Treasury to their account
thrte districts 'need only levy a echool 'biz of 50
'cent. for every in:table 4 :rhia moncy,bayc the
Superintendent, belongs to iem_the moment they
comply, with 'the conditions' of -the law. But if
they' continuo to reject the, eyatetn ,ritubh longer,
theY;cannot eapeet that the .111Vilo ,tieLOon will tie
wead.ved:for, them' I:he 'millet minimt duo in
thin sd4, Isle dietriets in Berke county: In one
ScheolDiattiet; sum due amounts'
'to $5,f395.
Rental conelndesWith 2letne ,ipnropriate
0 .
bit ' •
port o 011 save. llitit..,
its'•eatabliahment, hes
been .of , the
.pl .
The numb rat eilltketty
the schools, is every yam' increasing. There hits
bean . an ontife phangeAri the style of buildlng
soliool: houses. . The peopi,e generally manifest a
greater interest In the affairiof the school. ! . The
choice of suitable boolre is exsitingillsetrisien
'and research. . There is a disposition to prosecute
study more extensively and thoroughly than for,
manly. Great Care is observable in the aelection .
of teachers.' Thant' mural as well' as 'literary
qualifications; attract a degree of attention before
unknown, Teachers are generallyirriproving•ae
a class, They aro seeking out and introducing
better inethodeof instruction and school govern
ment. 'The examinations.they undergo, and their
strict, accountability toto the beard of directors,
have a tendency to exclude the' worthletis, and in.
spire the des — erving with great respect for their
This is indeed a noble enure, and ITort.hy of tlic
best 'energies and thci most liberal endourar„enient
of a patriotic drul 'enlightened people.
The Meryl:load Victory!
n• - • TIM brilliant•victorl of the Whigs of Ma
ryland has opened the great Presidential cum.
paign iff 1814 most gloriously. It has gone like
an electric shock through the hearts of the Whigs
and animated them with the highest hopes and
enthusiastic feelings. The election of Henry.
Clay is from this time rendered as certain as *any
event yet to be unfolded in the future
Jr Harrisburg, on the 19th inst., a meeting of
members of the Legislature and others was Balled
to express their gratification at the brilliant' tri.
%imp!' of the Whigs of Maryland, and to take
measures fir a celebration of the victory on the
A set of spirited resolutions were passed,
say the papers there,'andseveral happy and do.
quoit addresses delivered by W. .B. Reed, Esq.,
of Philadelphia, John Recii, Esq. of Carlisle, Hon.
Jas. Cooper and D.
,M;Smyser, Esq., of dettys.
burg, all of which iv6o responded to - with enthu
siastic applause. Froth all appearances the cries.
pkign of '•l9 will exceetherfen that of 1840 in pop:
ular spirit and enthusiasm.. '
Wnig eziebralainias
ErThe Whigs of Philadelphia city and cimn;
ty celebrated the 22dWith unusual spirit and en
tints:llmm, Public dinners were given in the sec.
cral Congressional districts of the county, and in
the city n grand Whig festival came otT in the
Musical Fund Hall. .W, B. Reed wis the ore.
tor-of the IMICaFiOII, and acquittedliimself in mas
terly style. In the evening , a magnitieebt Bali
was given itt the Chestnut Stret Theatre,Which
was attended by a great crowd of ladies end
gentlemen and came oti4ll brilliant style.. A
Whig celebration by inetnitars of the 'egislature
and cittemm was also held in Ilarriaburg on the
- 49 d, at'uli;ell several addresses were delivered
and 'a hoist enthusiastic spirit manifested.. The
Whig spirit is up and ready for action
Contest for a •IC:uniea.
Conneetictit'S tate election taltc.;p]lc.
on the first s :Uonday in April. The Whigs ore
preparing energy for the contest. On the `_'Ol r.
great Whig Ilass Conventimi was held in Hart'.
x% hieh was attended Icy immense nunilicrE.
(lon. Mr. Morehead or the S. Simate,"%vds
present'aml addre,:sed it. A prize banner Was
letted to the largest delogation iireAnit, which
the committee had some difficulty in awarding,
owing to the close cern petition. Two 'towns,
Avon and Norwalk, et , preially deserve Commen
dation. Norwalk scot 70 delegates-70 mile,
kvorNent :ill the whig voters hut two: UM
BristolNraving given":.!93 votes in 1810, scut to
the Convention 20:1 Whigs! 'line committee niter
doe deliberation, imaninioahly 'pronounced Bristol
thy, Monier town'
1 (I.n
I t;
is exeitin:y: much atlentiod io the
:'struts. weik olva.che:i were made by ,\ Ir.
Aiello:ion, Mr. Choate, \lr. Hannegati, and Mr.
I.).tyln ; I.lcasrs. A. and 11. being in favor
resolution olll•rred by Jr. Semple, to ul - ograc
the joint pi,,r,e.,sion of the Oregon by England
and the United States—and Metvra. Choate end
Dayton agaimt any liitl4.pilate movement on the
atibjeet. 'Fite debate Viftfe continued this w‘cl;,
and will no doubt tnerea:se in interest and excite•
Gen. TM ail: ie.
g'r'Phc Pittsburg 'Gazet le,' say.+, die inay here
remark, in relation to General Itlassmt, that we
never saw greater unanimity manifested in favor
of any man for any olViee, than is manifested for
him in this mind the adjoining counties. General
MARKLE, if nominated will sweep Western Penn.
Sylvania, where he is generally known: a like hur
ricanr. Let our friends in the interior and Mtg.
~ . ern counties look at this. If they want the teem
ing west to give an old fashioned llarrison major
, a ien us' General MARKLE, and we will march
over Elm /1101.1uUms with a majority numbered by
thousands on ocr banners, and with - victory, vier°.
ry, borne on the v?ings of the wind.
ExecarrioN or ) Jrau.Ns DOLAN.—The Bradford
Argus of Saturday say v: "This wretched man
convicted at the Septembe term' of the Bradford
county Court of the murder' of Rufus G. Gore,
near Athens, in this county, w us exceuted ycster.
day in the Bradford county jail yard at precisely
Cub O'clock. The execution of .Mrs. Dolan, who
ivria , convieted at the same ti:no for the game of
fence, was deferred, she.having, been minted by
the Governor fur the term of six month .
The Post Office DUII.
The N. Y. Herald learns from Wash.'ngtthi
that the new Post Office la reported by - Col.
illerrielc, has. received one or two important a
mendment!. Newspapers are to go througt: , the
mills ns Mdiehandise, and all exchanges to go
rrn EASONS why the Brandreth Vegetable Uni.
versa Pills are . ,especially adapted to this , clituato
No care required in using them.
No change of diet.
The body is less liable to take cold when under
their influence than at any other time.
May be taken'triorning, undo or night, Qvith a
certainty of good *teenlts; that is; proVided they
overate freely upmillio bbwels.
As a cathartic tlicy are the most mild and In.
•igarating medicine.that can possibly be admin•
'Caution—No Drug Store has the ginulite Bran
dreth Pills for Bale.
Sold in Carlisle by CHARLES BARNITZ, sole
gent for this borough. —,
, .
HEALTH! ! lIJA !! 1 .-110 W 11;e:CSS
Sire riches and all they can procure if the possessor
is deprived of health—hew malt harder , too is the
Sitter lot of the pour, when sicknesa Is added to
poverty., Why, therefore, will either Of nick clas
ses trine with that inestimable blessint--heahlt ?. It
is well known that the,greater portion of all the com
plaints that prevail in this climate oweilielr origin
to Colds, and it is almosr.equally well knows, the
most lure as well as agreeable cure for Colds, and
and their uttendant intserles, is to be touch in Pant 's
Horehound Cattily. FOP proof of these assertions,
read The' (WS; ptikis, - dinl you Thousands
have'tterlified that Otis ttopular , medicine la.tlae best.
known fur thecure of'Colde, Cttnsumption, Whoop
' in-cdugh,lnfltietiza, %Minima; Catarrali,''llranchitts.'
Et-President Andrew,Jackpon,,
down the last one that has been etlivd. AVegident .
'Tyler approves °tit far. Colds :and ,Clotiglia„Mr:
Bench of the State of New. York, and the Ikon. R.
IL Merritt, alio hareincled theittestimoines •, 'The'
whole.clergy of
rought pp
iy'it:Ctdlesst.array „ 'of all, and professions,
haveall'eertlfiedtoit/tiratite , Poire
4 14VPIIP 1. C.F 2 .4:DOgtvn4,
Pitney Store,Nortli Itover street, ac}4.lgin,sloy
To' the. Editor of the Herald dr..ExPepit'Orfi.'
nosing been One of the immense audience, eon,
sliding Stiengers members of .the Senate and
Mime of Representatives ,of our State Legisla.
turd, in , connection with the citizens or our boro'
nod the offiders of the !U. S. Garrison, compris•
ing env of the largest eird'iriOst,reineetable nesem.
blagee over witnessed in this place, .convened on
Thursday evening last the 22d inst., at the cele
bration' of the 55th anniversary of the Belles.
Lettres. Soniety „of Dickiner College, fam in.
duce(' to express to .you the heart-felt gratifica.
tion I experienced—in which all seemed to par
licipate—at the, order of exercises, and the per.
formancea of the Qconsidn.
.Where all the young
gentlemen who presented themselves en the plat•
form—two of those who were to have spoken, he.
ing excused from indisposition—did so well ;
where they severally acquitted themselves with.
so much honor and distinction; were so studious
"to keep the eiid•in view.and follow nature," it
.would,be invidious to particularise, or to commend
'Hie peculiar metits - teitlicr. it is sufficient to
say; that the exercises of the anniversary of this
Society held at so appropriate a Tolled se the
birth day of our Immo . rtal Washington, The Feteh•
tr.of our Country—wit) not suffer in comparison,
1 with Ility that have preceded 'ICI
Exhibitions of this kind shonld continue to be
patronised for several reasons,.bdtpartieubirry be.
cause they serve as incitetnentslArthe-young gen
tlemen 6 - imposing the 9,611ege, 'to activity and ex
ertion in the pursuit of virtue, and the Pursuit of
mental culture. All, therefore, who desire to see
a state of, prOgressivo improvement in moral and
intellectual cultivation pervade our land ;, all who
wish to contribute to the laying the foundation of
settled principles aid fixed habits of virtue in
the minds of the young, thus preparing C h eri' to
discharge with ability the offices of public arid
private life to which they may be culled, should
give•their countenance and support to , the various
similar opportunities that may be presented, us
conducive to • that end.
The music on the occasion, conducted by Mr.
"Walker, a Profbssor of t h e art, assisted by a num ,
her of ladies and gentlemen; amateurs of the sci•
cndc, was also of a superior and attractive. kind;
alike ereditaidtt to the, naasior, by whom the
piecestbr the occasion were probably selected, and
to I.lneie.wlnr united in their performance. We
arc convinced we do not err, when we add, that
even the most fastidious—if any such were pres
ent, were not otiiy debarred from miming any
just cause of displeaame or &Tome, but returned
to their homes imyroved, ratted, -and gratified
with the:whole. - T.
Carli IC, Feb. 23, 1841
c - IThe last Ilarri! , burg -"relegraple
the follmVing coniffiunication,presenting the name
of tin old, respectable, and well-known citizen of
l'untberland county fur the (Ace or Canal Coin.
nlisbioner. We jeiin with the author of the coin
uninicatien in expressing a "hope that Ills Miele
Will be properly appreciated by the convention of
the 4th of 'March :
:Va. Torreit me to present the name
of TAW , ' t i CRAIGITY.AII, Jr., to the Ih:lnm:ratio liar-.
rison party or this Commonwealth, as a eur.a'tio
candidate fur the olden or Canal ComolisFitmer.
Mr. C. is au excellent tol.chanie and
iwqminited with the management of our poldie
works. Being one or the people, there it on ialt
in the State upon whom the hard fisted yeomanry
o r the comitry would rally, heifer 'than !Or. C.
hope his name will he propel ly appreciated by die,
Convciition in March next.
• I .l4t>v: . . .E:ope:zsoN,
Thr , irom otiV•i,l antirew:
lite leilowing 'atateitietn. of the .exprics of Mr.
V..ii Iclinittedrillun and lite present:
The average exlieti , es, per your, dill %Tr
Buren's Administration wore
Total elj.•cuditures $1112.,01111,11110
The: Cape:ore per year during . this
Administration, avcragn $:24,.
Total elponditute to March, 18.15, 36,000,000
itedur.tinn ofexnendiluren tinder this - '
Administration, derived from au
thentic and oilicial itilormation, 16,000,600
During Mr. Van Duren's Adminis. •
'trntion, the average nmount of re
venue reecirei per year was $:21,-
. 000,000.
The total amount of revenue for
four years was . 84,000,000
During this Administration,the aver
ago amount of revOnue received
per year has been $18,000,000.
The total amount for four years
computed at '72,000,000
Thus it will Ls sern that the revenue accruing
under this Admini,tration has been twelve mil.
lions less than the amount which accrued under
Mr. Van Buren's Administration.
When 'Mr. Van Boron canto into office there
was a balance in the Treasury of V 6,067,278 OU
Due to the dovernmant and Tree.
sury notes issued, 2,57U,9113
So it appears from official documents thut Mr.
Vlin Buren had the neat little sum or V 5,000,000
as a capital or legacy to commence hts Athninis.
tration with. And yet, with that sum on hand,
and the -S4 - 4,000,000 be received afterwards, he
left a deficiency or debt to be discharged by ilits
Administration of $7,000,000!
GREECE.—We sue it stated that thu standing ar
my of thin small power—so inferior that it has to
suNmit to the control of the five greatpowers-of
Europe—exceeds in number that of the army of
tlw thiited States.
1) 1 ,'; IVriszAtt„'ii,,Gituar Dlscovstry.—lr was once
sa id re is nothing new under the This
ban ;,„„ , plititically true, in reginal to medicines.
..iits, Panaceas, Expectorants and Spe
cifies of all sot is have been puffed into notoriety—
,all made mainly of the same ingredients, adding new
ma t er i a l s to t.he healing art. Btit Dr. Wistarls Bal
sam of Wild I.fiterriv,l'iratishes a new , ineilical agent
— a newpriti - 1 1 to C , MIVed (*mina nature's (inn depos
itory. It owes- incipient Consumption,
Liver Complaint, mid , All diseases of the Lungs,
when nothing eke Iv -honorable member o
this Canadian' 1114iitCsvrittat Ant it hits 'cured.
Mtn of Asthma of ten
. veati' sal - Ming,. A. Williams,
k'sq.,'Attiwney at Lav, 58 William street, N. Y.
was cured of the same Alissase or twenty four years
standing. ?,Tr. Cozens el liationfielil N. J. makes
affidavit that it citretl hi in of supposed Consuniption
ufferilbysiciatts hail given him up to die ; and so,o ,
intilreds of others.
(o.l.ten'tentlier, , we pbSitively, , in case, palm off
unreal cures produced ls,V, this invaluable remedy,—
Be'sure to get De. Wistar'sllalsalrn of Wild Cherry'
I Sold in Carlisle, by S. ELLIOTT,, only agent' for
this borough.
Tae litimoiorneu's Aimra---in other words
panacea for all diSCII9eB. 4I WO9 diliggentl y s ought far,
but never foetid, by the ,Old .altibeinist..- in 'these
modern dove, however, one medicine liss heenjn
vented 'which ion specility,fir•tit least ti dozen
eases. We mean Jayne's Tonio Yermirage, :Which
ja ceradil •os , men or the tilglieSt standing in sohlety
tik be a• 54peedy.cure worm's, : intermittent foyer,
dyspepsuu, piles, dysentery, acidity-or the stomach,.
and all ollier :Coniplitints affecting tire :stoinaolt and ,
Its stomachic, ita i weli as 'al t erative tjnall- .
110, are highly. beneficial in all 'eases'ivliere disease
is AccomPanicd,by a partial tirestratihn or the-Wilily
pows-rs". While it,reincler obslototioay W 411,1404,
lonetind the 'loth° : • '
tatitred:,bp. JATNA.
Plilladellihip' and Tor e Varlisle.hi
Canal Cumin issionci
For tim Tolevoph
534,563,776 ,51
tignnsgpititta 'lLe,(oo;at!tre.
On Wedheaday Mat, in:thT House, Mr Roam-
Ohairrna i ii of tho 'dommitteo of, Waya and
Mean's, 'refifilied a bIH o priiido'frr 'arid neap
'the permanent revenue of the dothmonwriattli, and
to redeem the public Mtg. We Itrivp prepared the
following , abstract of the several sections or the
••Section Ist, Provides. ihat from and after the
passago of thiii act ali'stial'astate.„.to wit I houses,
lands,luts of ground, and gretind rents, 'mills hhd
manufactories of ell kinds,Turnacei‘forges,hloom
cries; distilleries, gitgatr houses, breweries, tan
yardsand ferries;.all park:nal estate, to wit
horses, mares; geldings, inui,:s and, neat-csttle
over • the age of four years; also •pli•Mortgages,
money owing by solvent debtors, Wiictlier by
promissory note, penal or single bill, bond Or jag
ment, owned or possessed by' any person or per
sons whatsoever, (except notes'or bills for goods
sold and delivered and bank notes; also all shares
or stock in •aity bank, institution or company, in
corporatedlry 'or in pursuance. of any law of this
commonwealth, or of any state or government;
and all public loans or stocks whatsoever (except
those issued by this commonwealth;) also all
house hold furniture, including gold and silver
plate owned by any person' r persons, corporation
or corporations, when the value thereof shall ex
ceed the SIMI of three hundred dollars ; also all
pleasure carriages, both of two and lour wheels,
gold and silver watches, SdarlCH an emoluments
of office, all &Bees and posts•of profit, professions,
trades arid occupations, '(except the occupation of
farmers;) together with all other things now tax_
.able by theltws of 'this Commou wealth, shall be
valued and assessed and subject to taxation for
the purposes in this act mentioned silo/ for
dote, county,"and township prapooes whairoSuer.
Section Provides that the tax ayscssed mr
bank, ceiporatiuns, &e. shall he paid by the Cash
iers and treasures thereof, at the times prescrib
ed iii thisact; also, that the commissioners of
each , county shall umko' clue return of such as
sessment to the State Treasurer. •
S Repeals the act of July !nth, 18.1f2,
except the Acventh sCetion,and difcets the county
commissioners to add to the - Ethic n tax of one
mill on every dol!ar of real and personal pfoperty,
and three mills on every dollar:of property cot
before taxable.
Section 4th. Provider, for the eqinilization of an
sessinents tied taxes, by the appointment of a.
hoard mi .. P.cvenne , Goniiiiiissina who with the
State Treacu rer, F llil hi inert inlnisburgin nine
ty.d4s fruni the passage of this eel. '
Section sth..l)ireets County Commissioners to
furni.dt said Board annually ‘rith a statement, um
tier oath, of the aggr.lgatu valtie of all the pro.
petty liable to taxation in their smeral countho,
distinguishing real front personal. Refusal to do
this is to bo.deetnod a misdemeanor in office mid
mthishable Accordingly.
Section Gth. I)ireets said Board to ascertain
and detatlllillt: the valtntion of all taxable prop •r,
ty in the several enmities or this State, adjusti”g
and equalizing the Si 111 1 .1! 00 as to make them
as equally no practicable on all the citizens of 1.10
Section 7tll.Provnles fir the incrcasin of Om
amount or tax levied on each. county, int shail
be necessary
. Section 9111. l'roviilcs;t4t the taxes fi r the tc,e
of the State sh ill be eiiltectcd immediately upon
their assessment by the Board, and directs contoy
Treaiitircrri to pay the caore over to the St .te
Thai , incr, semi annually, flt leant 11001 . 11 dat a
finnan the Ist of February — and the 1 , 4 of Auxost
itt each yrinr. IC any county nef;leeinn or refintncs
to do so at thin proper tinnr,tlnc Came shall he churn
ed said county, tv.itin sip per cent interest
until paid, and no sty It ciiin.ty shall receive its
tunic rt . tine reline! or :Icy ctincr slate 1 . 1111d3 dec
to it 011111 $1311111:11( is 1..11(1.
SCOW:11:111( (11V(1.: a pr-toitito to any count:"
paying its quota 'Pao the: 'freasury thirty duyu
pilot. to the ti;:tt•
Section Ioth. Provides for writs or mandamo,
to he issued, requiring 'Compliance from any coon.
•ty'rotainis,ioners t negle:ct or refuse to coniply
with the requisitions'of this act.
Section 111.1 i. Provides for the pay and mileage
of the Board of Revenue-Commissioners.
' Section 12th. Names several gentlemen to fill
said office this year, and provides for their elf:e
thos hereafter by joint vote of the Legislature, as
U. S. Senators are elected, en the first Tuesday of
Section 13th. Directs the Board to keep El re
gular journal of its proceedings.
Section I , lth. Provicks that certificates of stool.
be issued to dozneuie creditors holding certilicatce
of indebtt (loess by the State.,
Section Irith. Provides for the taxing of all
estates worth over five hundred dollars, passing
from any perii.on who may die possessed of such
estate,.of obe dollar on every. hundred of then
Section 'Mb. Mulico it the duty of County
.Rekistere Wills to receive 'and pity ci•er such
Sietion l WI.. Directs the county coin u tission•
ere of the several counties to cause a valuation
by the township assessors of all property made
.taxable by this act, and return it to the State Trea
surer within Sixty days.
Section loth. Appropriates and pledges the a.
inount.of .ta , xation hereby raised, to the payment
of the interest on the public debt, und•to.bc used
for no other purpose whatever.
Since the commencement of the •present sesaion
numberless petitions have been picsdnted to the
Legislature, u:jiirrying for the repeal of the doe_
of 1705," as it is called, which prohibits tho,sel
litt—Oriipirituousliquors the-Subbath r ond
jetting persons found drinking in taverns on that
day to a fine, which reverts to the use of the'Guar
diens of the poor. This law has been unknown,
or at least obsolete, for many years, and hustlere
fore remained unnoticed. Recently, however, , the
Temperance men of Philadelphia have waked up
on the subject, and as we learn from the remarks
of a Senntdr Item that city, have appointed cum
mittees wife make it their 'business to visit the
different public houses 'in that city on the Sab
baftl,vnd repoft,all offenders. In consequenCe
'numbers, both sellers and drinkers, have been,fin
'ed. The petitions in the'Sen"io,
the Coininitice on Vico anff l'ininorality,.whe re
ported yesterday on the subject, through ;their
Chairman, Mr. Crum, of Washington county.—
The Committee"take.-Stronrgitaind against the
-repeal of the law, and tirge its enforcement :in all
eases. On the quesqpf.sustaining the lime •
of the report, the rote stoA yetth" 27, nays .0.-- ,
The usual ntinihvi: of Opice.were ordered to be_.
printed, andihe'ilbuie attaClied, to how the Nellie
of the Senate , un - the.tomperance question:—Tile:
Wit. appears ft , rix:cacefill:exiiiiination, that
thciaveragq of ain grown inthe Dnitcd.Staies
buihels ttio' inhabitant, first'deduciing
tenth for seed, t le average of the Northern States'
'('.Virginia and the District of Columbiaincluded)
setwenty-two bushels; thatof the Sentherii and
,Western States and Territories '42, bushels ; and
'that' of (he , eotibii-groWitig‘Stittes:aloriq,A4
.to each Term,. Sir Robert Peeletates that'
• Consuffiricin,pf i i vhe n Gloat Dritaln, is lops ,
OPO;ooo,binhelii 4' year; *Wel - gives en average
eight bushals
r irCan peva nee.
ApETriviN'• fat ditiotp* , and oerti
,ficate,uoller tite,l3ankruPt Lew, has been fil
ed by WILLIAM iIiGLYi (Metier, CumberintrA
:county; and ,FRIDA.Y,'-the 12th' of April' next, .at
1 i cl, °hick *..M'+, is appointed for the henring,th 4re.
of, before, the, coid Couet,•sitting ,in Bankrupt ey,, at
llrtne Dietriet Couit Room in the City of Philedel,
idtinovheit untl'iiiikee'the , e'retiiters of the mid Pe..
titiolier, : who hece , pr9ved their. debts, and all other
pertioes itt interest, may; appear and show . ,V..711114ej if
Disehurgo Oeit Cettifieeto
may they tuille, 4 why such
etteeld not he greetedi", , '-'• ! • , , • ~, .; 2 % ..'„, • • ~,..,,.
~.- , "f .. !.-::‘.- , .... ;1•,.4.11A,'5., ,HOPKINSOige • • ; : i
• ..
,-.— • '...•,,,, •, ,plerk,of th6,l3.lMri t a.t.CourAt
:Oiltitlelphitytin,l7 11g4; ', ;. - '' .
- ,,, ••c;!"' , :;,. '''' '.,:',',.,,,,,..- • - ,'
•----',,,,-• ..,-:',. i.-2., - ..1.:42...,,, , ,„ ~,:.„,,., ,!, _,„ ~, „ , ~1 , , , • ,
.:. ~ ~,,,72 , ,
..:“-‘l4c.l"o:gi.i , • , - , : - ..--.. ,, ' 5 1;. , 4 1 ,40164,3'. 1431;14.4"0,&A;h&'1•4tz...:.!ii;
2a2Vl 224124111,21230
VATNORE, roliruari2 7 l . ,'ls44.
REHECALTT4ETIse sales amount to abot;t.
4061readot3 75 to $5 25 per, 100 lbei:; and Hogs
'sold hi 4'62i Wel, 75; the Hogs are taken
spriringly by butchers, as wanted—seine lots have
been' driven to neighbofing triarhels.
FLOUR,. .Cii r Mills:rs generallysat $4 75, but
tt'xitlenl a few bundrgil reported at some
thing less. Extra brands have BOW at $5 for ex-
Port. Howard. streei/lias sold at 4 . 69 i t 0,0 4 -689,
to a tonstderable e'xiOnt for good'mixed brands;
and extra or or choice lots at $i 75, No Susque.
henna in runlet. TheirisPeciions of this week
compilse the following hipds and quaiititcs 1-:-
Howard street,.7,9oo bbls. and 371 halls bbls:;
City' Mills, 941 bbIS. and 174 half bbls:i family
flour, 968 bbls,; 9,539 bble. and 545 half bids. of
wheat flour. There were also inspected 406 bble„
rye lour, end 920 bbls. and 16 MI6. corn meal.
GRAT . N.:-LlVliest is ;he same as last week; 95
cents 'to $1 for good- to prime reds, but ',coming
forward only in small . has; 'Cridinferior parcels
may be quoted 75 to 90 cents. NO transactions
in Rye. Corn is less firm, particularly whife i
which has sold at 40 to 41 cts ; and yellow 43 to
14. Oats have sold 'at 29 eta. •
,7 A': ills; returned froml'itilatlvipliiii, awl iv
. ?i - i,.: flow opi•iiiir•• a largo and 1.p10141i1l aisortitioat
of NV hoer tiro:lli, colisistilig, in part, of 1 , ,h.• & ,...i.i.
CIIOIIII C11.1P4114, (;111 1 18 Ito Ambers, Plain and sal-
II" l' l4.l l.'' l L A 1 1 8 ".". 'Al)ltyte 1)e I.:duct+, 11888 44318
(liilicoes, awl Linolini Clihitz: Elegalit Silks, Nlial
tillits; liroail filiitlev; ea-hiltieres; ijavii118118; I(iiii
iticky %loony; Tiel‘iags; Checks; rlaiiiielit.; - Illatikets
Nltislills; NI crillia•s ; 1ri.,11 LiIIIIVDS At11i:1 filtet•tiogv,
Its:i.; Alp:mho \ Vigil; Cas'onori: nail worstill Hosiery :
Togettiot• will' lots of .11,,,. ~,•,. Z0011,11)0 11 , 11111•1...
0118 11, 11181 rt. rol141:11 : :,111Ir g i'lller Ille 1:11•. 7 ,5i, behi :111111
(.111.11 1 11,3 tlot•I. ,/1 .
.1011-k ill ili;h (.01111t .. ... . .
))111 . 1 1111`.1:ikr•l!ii. 'Phi 5hi11,i,,,p,14,1i1, :41., liroa Ice
410114, Past 111...11 •Irot•I.
1 . ....61,1 , ,.1;11.11:11., \ :% I 1../..1 I.
ei p \s. I r,
• . •.. •
• A. --.• ~., ,•..,
• G.t.[ : I r'...- 1-I,k-....t: t.t [:, 'il .
. .
.P,),. .hirictitti ity ri!, , aiiist loss by l'ire.
Charter rerpPluai.-9 100,1)00 .Capital paid in
0 4 1ke 16:3'j Chrsnut sited
ritho•r•lot•••:wileekit •
tire. al I'll( >1'1•:11:1
ml.V.I'Vr.l: I `.l 15r :v: rtlll,l'lll6oll, in pmt n vi•
Comitry, 111, I (li ,, 11,1!.11: if•I'1114: IP;111,•,-
6 . 0111 Ily ~ 1 :1
promptly n I Lo.
11.1N1EE41, frost,
.11,t• ~1 11, 1 ”11,0," ;o . .:ctil I ur. th, aLolr conlirow
ai:tl iviiiity. All :1111,1ivatigms fm•
(•itlicr Dv
liticlido•ol NV. 1). )i1 . :11)1; It.
I),rens'iwt• I}'-5
Ir SI 0111
I d Ill:Us-kw s,,le vvrs rc(111.:6.1
:0•.:o4.11111.11t 111- •
. I NTS, ether ' Oh
Sirtiflll:ll, Clip l ' lll/1•1 . ,
hot , V Ilrr dr.7.ol..tithcr,f'vot•il,, Dritsv.o- ,
Iwii• do., Purr,
11111 bruslo . s, Cray_.
log do. Ski, ing do. Tet•lii do,
l'l,ll do.; Sharing nod
Toilot So . .tosio
Nari , :11 . 11i tit,
ai: ii r d:r.rrOVlMi t 3
To•:ellpo• oscry odic!. ,trlich• io iii, I /cog
Ilie:.4qt,ilon •iviaos, Cotiol )14 i 5•13.00,
is iiiii ss.i)
It• 'wits s 01.
h I 3, Pi 1.% • Li.
E.EL.'e tc, :110:11'M
.T1V7(1t . 1.1) I!1' it. I,ta ILr I Odic
' l' I'. 'II iln c 11.1%, jn I :it 111 , 11 . •i , : • 1 . 111
„•\I 11001' ~ 1101•11•111', I frac], C:trli,le,
:t 1111-4,, t•1.4.,.••0 i :A Nl)lrs.
:,11-! i• r.iiili, in theirline. vLi;h
z'o dhirr,
MI ;Ill! 111,.1 Ills. Ti.•II .
Critlll/1 . 1, , ,:irsoies, sill of %I Islet arsit
ul th c o , l3litv :
ri%no:l, ritrlq,
mint, 11.11.1 prli, c.:,kt, poll rolls, viimailion, I , .1
fill:, 1,111111 i; !ICI:11111111111, 1'14 . 1%( . ; I•I'I• 111 ;MI! 1111 . 11-,..
• fhnnyisnllrin 1.l • 1/01/pi . r k'Sf,ll ;11tII Clay
11.111‘111 1 / 3 11ti, l' 1 1111111.;11 ;
Cllllllll l / 1 1 ; 111.111...Zill(11r111g . :.N . I . CIN; 1111 . 11 i drr.l
rack nud V:1(1111:I ; 1.11;;;II . and 1111:111 :111110;1dt
rand% ;NV. ; 111111,1'4 •
Ti iT'1 . ;) — Aill11111.1`1,111!)01 . /S ; Ell:01.•11
rks,ellestitilsoffil 13razil,crealn,ctleozi akinl grout
I its.
Inniniis, raisins, liga, inana
•gates nud Cill,ll. ~.lso the best
CR-vendish Tobacco and Evgai:l.
I'viiteipv. 11:itmut, 11••tilneas hi/
... (14 , 11 ,,, tkelit,,,t (pi:d.h. "
is kept ly Ft, 1,1,11,4 f
lttil. AlllOOll3. C0111111•V 11WIT11.111IS :WO 111,i1011
C.:111, :IS Ilicy C.lll lii 011
nuv 115 rile !flier , . 11:1t1 . 011:i1i . of die 1111:1114. j!
'Carlisle: Apra I
G3i11.13 f:iiRISTMASI
!'.."1.3%7.1rE.. ,12)1 f
ka . Y L
i(. ka . IES & AV ERSTK has lC just received
a splendid assortment ol "ANNUAI.S,"
consisting'in put' of the Opal, Gift,. Frientl , ltip's
Oaring, Lit yrs ry Sotivenier, American and Bri
tisb Poets, in rich and showy binding suitable
lin. CM i4tinss presents. Also a choice, selection
of clegantly.bound Bibles, Hymn ;Books, Cnii).
mon Prayer ditto,—together with a general as
sortment of Standard, Aliscellaneous and
nil or which will be sold lower .than ever olTered
in .
of every variety, best qiiality of fetter and C.
Papers, ruled and onrulod from NA tiv2s cents
per quire; QTills, Blue fluid and Mack •Ink, Steel
Pens, Pencil:4, Oacksim's licstOSilver ever Points
Leads for ditto, Wafers edlnred and transparent,
Sealing was, fancy and plain, Motto Seals, Pam
folders, together with a large assortment of Pen
kniveß, superior and cheaper than•ever oiTered in
the market.
Carlisle, December 13..1643. 3m•7
:DIY virtue - of .a Writ from the Ron. Daniel
Durkee, President Judge of thel9th Judi
veld District of pennsylvanin, bearing date the
IGth day of December, 1843, and to 1»e directed.
That a SpecialDourt of Common ;Pleas of :the
Peaae, willbe hold by the said Hon. Daniel Dor
itee,and the Aistanate 4odges ofille.CourbofQuar..
ter iSessicins of fhe Peace of Cumberland County,
lit " t ha Court Douse in the borough ofDarlisle,
'commencing on MONDAY, this 4th .day of
March, A. D. 1844, at Ten o'clock A.. M. of
sad tiny,to continue ono wedic,libr the trial of
tlletcertain causes depending in the Coutt of Cow
men Pleas ofeumberland eoutity;tigrecably to the
proilisions of the Aots of Assembly:in sudli case
made and pro'idcd. Of, saidApeci4l :Court u -
cora and all othor persons concerned take
Notice. A. LONOSDORP, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Offica,Darlisle,
January 10, 1844.
Pile best method fo r the Molitioii of Dat
ease 4 cleanse 4` purify the Blood.
' . • • . .
rOillt 4n:erica's College of Health
Are MAY acknowledged to be the ,best Medicine fti
the world for the cure of . ' •
ECAGSE they completely Cleanse the . stoma4
and bowels from those bilious and corrupt hu-.
more WhiCh are the cause not only of Headache , .
Giddiness, Palpitation of the Heart, Pains in the
Bones, Itheninatisin and Gout, butof every malady
incident ,to man:
Area certain cure (or hitermikteet, renti . t&nt, nor
vatet, ha - mint:lloy and putrid Fecers,becturs
demise tile hotly item those morbid humors, which ,
whet, 'coitlined to the circulution,are the cause of al•
kioila of •
So, also, when the same impurity is deposited on
the IneMbrane and muscle, causing pains, influmma
tiontrsind swellingP, called
•The Indian Vegetable Pills may be relied on as al
ways Cell4lll to give ' reliel; and if perserved with ac
coNling to directions, will most assuredly, alldWitll.•
Olt fail, make a perfect cure of the above painf u l
mil b,:ties. From three to six of wild Indian 'Vegeta
ble pills taken every night on going to bed will in a
short time ; 30- completely rid the body f r om every
thing that is opposed to+cultit.,,tlint Rhetsmatiirn,
Gout, „„ ; 1 I , a n of everr'«.serintion,will be literally
lyllll r7e . 0.4.t 'l'llE BODY.
For the same re4onsoyhen, from sudden chntrges
:1111101411111•11!, or ittty other cause, the perspiration
iv checked, the hontoes shoithl puss off by
the skin are thre'wo inwardly, causing
//E. //41(:../ . 1/2, 0/DD/XES.V, .
Nausea and sickness, pain in the bones, watery and
inflamed e)es,core throat, hoarseness, Coughs:eon—
ktimptions, rheumatic pains in ViII'ICRIS putts or the
body,all,l many other vtuptotns oft
• U. , 11'(;111,11 - .; COL ,
I'LLLS Will invari
.ahly kite immediate relief. I , rottt three to six of
said 1 , 11% taken every night on g o i ng to L e d, w ill 1 1 ,
e l :f I time, :Int mile I VilioVe the :thole unpick
hut the hotly ill,snte, Grimm ti in c.
r ,, tored to even sounder 114141,1, than before. The,
•:,1111.• TIVIV he S:1111 Of
Vegonlile fills'ill lo osen anfl (limy
bv !he stowne,ll will towels those /01101 phlegmy.
l'"""e'• " I ' l ' l ' met' ' I II , the :tie cell& of ,the luogs,ued
ve• . ll,t, veleet lot 0111 V UrtL!ts (B'l, distrcssitig tom
:,1:11,0 , will•i: ite;tieeted, often tertithettes iu dm:
till "i" l ..dy enth.d
II Y 1 1 ,1111,1 41 , 0 br remembered that the lotliiou
N't n vvriuhl core for
n f )1111rt nitl:lll,s,
411101 tilq,e of the tea ryes and
et cry eiLee s ) ,e l ;e e, of a torpid di.,taused itate of
tisoni the bodylllooe_
thiptll . llll, this impuruutt
thr: ery ‘avi,•iy
00:11 IN'I
11'Lw a !iation is eflaltilstql by OtithiTilk
1111 , 1 U1' 11 ( . 11410, die (11.1 SUM' 1111.talifi.Or 111'C% Chill% the
or ) ,
VE, \VAIi,
i, to °Nile] all rt."llllov.s, and ct it (livrlsed ones from
11.1. {:“...,try.
lu lik.• I.;:onwr, %Own pain nrsirkm•c, of riny kind
indir_dr that Ow hotly Stl",lg',ll.lig
Al.l, :1.101i111.;.)
(Ti.,aitot, to TIT
(T.l: NIN 1tE,V1,1%
Tlrt; lh•ineipk nl etiriitg Lt' Clvato.ivp,
and Ih:!•iC•,in;; arvortholue tilt
thu . l.att , uhlthl.:ll . ‘i I II lite Niji).3ll veotwilly; atid it
ii1 . (1:1,11y 1,111 L Ott :lII' ;11.1)VL
I'CI4JAN '11.110:TA II! PILLS •
NN'ill resin it+ ih.•lio,' 0
TY1 , 11!,,e; Ap• nIG•r 11W I•rnul
to Liljti iii NVork
, 11 . 0 of tln• nin+i nbvtm:rtr•
C!:ri:rAlll.r. or "Ire
l:ciLLt:C'.•:ovm:.\l:l . ll•
I. VIII, 1841
Wid;.rol :liv-11 is 'rich
7;11.:It 111;.I. I can of Illy ha% itl7,
liven Ntril . : 4 011,41 • sears
I , y dim 11,12111 . . otti. 1›:111..N Vi . :(*ITAIII.I.I
• •
I'l r‘ 'loll 4 .
ku Lit'.'illi.c,, ‘41C:i...y‘C...1. et - It'il31,•11 111011-
C :11e,
I 11:114 1111.11 111: , 41 . thl ." . ; ilnil6l,• f1i . ,,,11 . :d iipli.
Ciallq,:l;:d kid I/I:I d •:;u ild , 1111111 VOW :. lan all to tiO
('M 1.1. Allt . t • liSilli, (.1:1 .. !3 UVltt 11 , )!... if your, Pills
114111 , 11..L.1., I C. li
11:U.Iocoll 1.41 'MU, Il brIO li, tlnit I IT
N "111 Cl] 11l VI I•St, t• re ill II 1t.11..1.• I, r 111,S. I II e 1.01•111 I,g
!our IIIVI;(11•1115, NVlliell I. 11141 happy to .late, lias it-
in ❑ lul . rvet utue. gratituei: to youtor the
gre; 1 luivt, mal:;;Iso 111 tile hope.
1 lhal (Wag, shy:: Im.l '1)0 induced to nuilic
trill our t•,,ir:tordiunry noslit•iue, Feud you
'Mils slalcultqa Ivira run litu O,' a) ',oldish IN: stone it
Yours, fs;o.
Nrr.• IBA!. • I:. C. BLACK..
•"1:11 \lr. noonis, ALlout for NVriglit's 1111111111
V,, , ,0ut1e GroonArlill St. N. V.
SW—A 031. rccnq,mvu.hflirnt.lsu:aalntl
, In . ( I' r.tadc 11 . 10! ni VI . Iti( ;I INDIAN VEI.I
-111.1. S ,)1 . the North Alill•I'IVIIII College
or 11...11th; storimi ,e - m4eivutiously assc-t•t, that for
Purifying the Mood, owl illoi , ating the system,.
!h i v e Juoro heoclii rrom flail• use, than rront
soy mhor medicine, it lots herctolore houtt my good
rot tune to alliq't pith. I am, dear sit,Nllll many
(hooks, your obliged friend, C. AI. TATE,
• No. GO IL•uncrsly Si. New York.--
\L. I{ieLard Desmis, sp.eoffor Wright's ludisii
-Dear Sir-1 have bon nfllirled for several years
w•ittrmwnrd weakness and general debility, accom
pallied times with pain in the side and other 'dia..
tessing. chntplai nts. AV. Int ingtriedvariousmedi
without elr e ct, 1 was persuaded by 11 friend to
make trial (.1 1)r. Weight's Indian Vegetable Pills,
which 1 anrhappy to statellavereliesed me in a most
wonderful manner. 1 lime used the medicine, as
yet ltt, a gliort time, :mil have 110 (Mudd, by a per.
severance it the use .01 the medicine necording to
directions, that d shall in a short, time be perfectly
1 most ‘rillingli.rerommenazaid Pills to till pen.
sous ,niTheted; and ln,th e fall mi a p t h a t
the came beneficinl results will Follow their use.
I remain
liVawarsing-, New York. •
Thislin.tweerti:ilv that I have n's'etlWriglat's India
Vegetable Pills tv itli.ibe greatest benefit; havirZg en.
tirelv cured mpt-!C et' the 11111m:tit attacks of Siet
I leatlache, , tovhirit I hail previously been subj ect.
A'?::: MARIA. TilomrsoN,
• 392 Greenwich street, N Y.
To,Mr..Richard`lieenis, Agent for Wright's
b Indiar ,
VggetA l llo;Pillii. -- i • -
VAIITION. ' ..----" '
As there are tit this time many wicked persons
busily engaguilin selling. a counterfeit medicine un
der the name of the Ine.ein Vegetable Pills; and as
these desperate men hre so utterly reckless of con
'ttiptences, that many valuable lives may he lost, Its
consequence of unit , ; their tivmdful compounds, the
public are cautioni it against purchasing any Pills,
unless on the sides of the boxes the following word.
ing found:
Unction Pie sratioe,)
And aim to guard especially against purchasing said
mediciii 6 of any person except the regular advertised
agent - a, or at the office and general depot, No. 169
CHARLibiS OBILBY, Carlisle Cumberland co
John Quiver, .Metthausiesburg, .
Henry Brenneman, New Cumberland,
Isaac Loyd. , Liabotisi
Alexatider'Catheart, Shepberdettistm „
ClipitinieV kestrel,:
ohn.A!, Hickeratewis
March! sth 1141
• rdekied ISe s ll3b4° " ted
a„-i•4pl ba•OxpF!", •
note - 0 book aeon .
'it instant." • • forif • • cithZalfcip
Nim YettK, Sept. 29.1R41