Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, February 21, 1844, Image 4

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    • bit Receipts and Expenditures of CinnberiandCounty, by the Commissioners of said'COUnty, froth the first'day of January,
' OR.
To balance in the hands of Treasurer at last 'eettlement,
" of Taxes outstanding at last settlement,
Amount of County Tax assessed for 1848,
'" Tax on U. 8. lands, rec'd of R. Kilgore, A. W. , Sterrett,
M. ("bitstock end Kilgore's heirs, 1 42
." Pine recd of J. M. Means, Esq. for profane swearing, 3 00
••" Heed of D, Leckey. Esq. for sale of stray, • ' 1.12}
" Etri. for old lever press, 4 00
A3'lll Erb per his nuts and interest on same, 56 00
" Paul Martin, Egg, late sheriff fines & verdict fees for 1842 &3, 331 18
1. H. Graham, t'sq. one verdict fee in Commonwealth case, 4 00
'• R. Wilson, Esq. verdict fees in Qr..Sess. 57 00
" v. H. Criswell, Esq. verdict fees in Com.. Pleas for 1.842 &3, 36'00
? D. Hoover and others in ibll of Bridge bond, , 150(1'00
" Error in the assessment of 1841 for the State Tax of 1942, , 094 40
echedute orditanding Taxes due County per return of Treasurer, Decem
ber 3014 .1843, subject to exonerations, kc. with the amount asssessed for
1843. '
t. Du-
7'otonahipa, Itc. Years. I Collectors. 'plica of
tea 1833,
IS. Middleton,
- 'Carlisle,
E. Pennsbore.'
Monroe, •
N. Cumberland,
N. Middleton,
8. Middleton,
Filver Spring,
Shippenaburg B
" • T
W. Paulsboro.'
To balance due Treasurer by County,
,Vatement exhibiting the amount of Taxes assessed within The C
Slat day of December 1843, inclusive, with the amount of e
the hands of William M. Matey, Esq. Treasurer, and
Collectors, together* with the amount of cad
To Wanes of State Taxes outstanding at Jot settlement, t; 16 7 3 6
Cash in hands of County Treasurei do do 314 18
" Balance due by State, to M. Mateer Esq. Co. Treas. 10 76
To balance of State Taxes outstanding at last settlement, $8306 92
' 4O Cash in hand■ of County Treasurer do . 1786 43
To vomit of State Tax assessed for 1843,
• Townships 4 Boroughs.
I Collectors. • I y ears. 'Amount of Dupli.l nill Y o f de -filCollectors fees.:
! Amount of as
T I Balance outst andinff
I cotes for 1843. 1 ciencies. 1
I ___—
' Bait rennsborough, Samuel Mumma, 1841 41 ~-. .2 03 41 14 33 12 " 'l.
South Middleton, Jacob Lehman, 11 2 10 30 373 3 13 it
Silver Spring, John Hollaglier, " • • 32 15 o . o •
Shippensburg Borough, James L. Brandeberry,4l ' ' 10 163 12 03 . 14 .
Allen, • David Coovcr, 1842 14 12 67 62 82 455 59 It
. ,
Carlisle, JacOb Squier, 85 583 93 20 1034 93 di .
Dickinson, D. W. M'Culloch, 41 19 01 , 62 43 629 22 ..
East Pennabbrough, George Moltz, . 35 983 72 04 638 79 /1
Frankford, ' J. C. Brown, .44 3 244 14 87 67 42
Hopewell, . John Stouffer, ' 0 313 •10 06 . 186 16.•
•• ,
.Mimin, Thomas C. Scouller, 3 54 16 90 168 17 it •
Monroe,, Christian Clime, • 14 52 '5B 20 511 76 41
Mechanicsburg, Lewis Schutt, ~, 3 333 7 913 50 38 - o
Newton, John Ruth, 44 ' 12 75 34 71 85 40 ..
New John S. Morrow, 5 863 8 46 50 79 41
New Cumberland, ( Rudolph Martin, . ~ .'5 05 526 • 21 98 ~, •
North Middleton; 'Samuel Kutz, .. . 25 67 • 46 33 645 26 • o
• South Middleton, •
.IJohn Peter®, 44 36 66 626 00 470 14
Silver Spring, Francis Eckels, 782 - 48 94 . 681 78
'Southampton. Jacob Coover, . 6 373 33 64 291 04 ..
Shippensburg Borough. George Kimmel, id 131 • 15 00 56 07 a
do Towniihip, • Hugh 'Craig, - . 79 684 92
. 95
West 'Pennsbcrougli, George Zinn, jr. -- ~ 47 1-6 51 945 654 96
Allen,, Lewis Kline, 1843 1,697 10 14 . 603 00 1,094 1,0• ~.
Carlisle, Isaac Angney, • 2,395 01 , 44 11 695 50 ~,, 1,639 51 '
•Dickinsciii, James. F, Lamoerton, 1,561 61 .." “ 560 50 1,011 11
tut Penneborough, Benjamin Longnecker, 1,811 27 • . 44 . 450 00 1,361 27
Frankford, John Armold, • 391 88 326 00 ,65 89
Hopewell, . . Samuel Flickinger, 451 98 ii 11 247 00 204 98
Milllin, Christian Shirk, 542 5 . . ' 353 0,0 189 56 \
• .
Monroe, . David Martin, 1,440 4 ii 11 298 00 .1,143 44
Mechanicsburg, Lewis Schutt, 218 6 /1 . 85 00 139 66
• 14
Newton, James W. Allen, • 440 00 606 99
,John Vance ,44 . 140 00 46 29
. 186 29 .
New Cumberland, (John Hickernell, - 122 67 79 00 . 42' 67
North Middleton, David Williams, ~ o 1,037 . 00 463 24
1,490 24
South Middleton, Jacob Spangler, 1,464 30 o .. 274 00 • 1,190 30
Silver Spring, John Bob!,, . o 536 00 I
999 35
1,635 35 t.
Southampton, • Johnston Williamson, „ 1,214 55 o /1 500 00 714 55 •
Shippensburg Borough,. David %mower, It CI 132 00 262 09
394 99
do Tiiwnship, Jacob Kitsmiller, lB6 62 • "
1,383 19 " 41 91 00 , 95 62
West Pennsboiough. ' Simon Alter. II 873 00 I 510 l9 •
' •
. , „ $l9 475 70 $346 ,765 $775 354 I $14,595 90 $12,235 34
• •
Cumber!arid Connty-
We, the Commissioners of Cumberland'ounty, 'do•certify that
the above exhibits a true and correct statement of the Receipttand
Expenditures oflCUmberland county, for the term abOve stated. as
.-•(- . .;L) also of the severe' taxes assessed for the use`of the Commonwealth,
albre.said, with the aggreaate of fees and exonerntions allowed du
ring Ri dd teew,'and also the amount of the several taxes outstanding end in the'
hands of the several Collectors, according to 'the best 'of our' knowledge arta
judgment. , " .. •
Witness ottihandsand seal of office, atCatlisle, the Ist day Of January, A.
JOax,lvirior, Pa*.
Bargains tor . Cash,
PlPElEsuiseribir.hliving received afresh ,
J. supply of 11000:As SHOES,_ . ' 'HATS Stid '
CAPS, and a geisha AsossyrMent orintocents,..';'
is soisdstssndled to , do iusindire Cash %Ohms
1-short are
Can estmise,pie St4kiinS wises be..
44 4 4 4 ,04 ewW0,41WaoiCristoat to
iti.#l444,oolitvoldlho Betessit of don..
41' • k7 ninWit i
•gTA:::-T:ig : :3l - :IENV
to the thirty-first day of December, A. D. 1843, inclusive.
.1. Peters,
L. Kline, •
I. A ngney.
J. F. Lumberton,
B. Longnecker, '
J. Armold,
S. Flickinger,
C. Shirk,
D. Marlin,
L. Schutt,
J. W. Allen,
J. Vance,
J. Hickernell,
D. Williams,
J. Spangler,
J. Bobb,
J. Williamson,
D. Kenower, -
.1. Kitsmillcr,
S. Alter,
1069 55
1199 83
1203 82
1281 07
279 96
8,11) 77
422 70
085 11
148 24
705 27
131 67
87 97
1095 17
1067 59
1153 95
916 72
139 63
1014 55
- . s'6,: 93
.7 1 1,; \
tr`-'llltv O.
`" "Ziiye - litbefarejbq 29 t4i 1 P ta .9,'
!ilc; •
~ f .
• ,
$ll6B 18
11178 25
13078 41
Ant' t. of Yax
1 011181anding.'
$28712 09
$30,200 9S
!ounly of 'Cumberland, for the, use of the'Commonwealth up to the
xonerations and fees 'al owed Collectors, the amount paid into
the balances returned by him as outstanding and due by •
him State Treasurer, as of this date, viz:
--982 30
-10,093 35
19,475 70
$30,051 35
We, the undersigned Auditors of Cumberland county, do certailthrit hiving
sexamined the accounts and 'vouchers of William M. Meteor, Esq. Treasurer of
mid cdunty, from' e first day of January to' e 91st day of December, 1849,
nclusivo, do find a balance of Fifteen Hundred and Forty-Eight Dollars and
Two Cents due said Treasurer, iry said 'county, exclusive of the several taxes
assessed for the use of the Commonwealth. And we further, certify that the a
. hove, exhibits a correct statement of the outstanding taxes due by the respective
Collectors assessed for the uso.of . the Commonwealth within said county, toge
ther with the amount 9f cash duo State Treasurer'as above 'stated.
Given under out hands at theCommitudenersoffice, in Carlisle, the 10thdey
of January, A. D. 1844. •
. Auditors.
,Oasluterils Ircipthgpi,
tILIPPINGER:- & :CA REX are just A LL per - sons - indebted le the sitbseriber
V. o „a a i n i, a larg e anartmaat o r f a im ena bi e Ctis, ' will plesie to take notice that I. am now 14.
l i mert r a laeor;:ehleil will b e 0 0 4 i t.the 1,,,,,,,, ng on all. in arreatete .
r,, , no, u 1 need cash to.
11.. .., , : . ... 4. ,
sit k 4 * . A .i a ' i , a ..,' ~,;„, :,, -.,' , ~. .::' - : : !' r •'. -; '' ' ; VHAV..O: - 9airtif ,
" - - 4 77,7"' -1 ' '', ;:; .., ',- , , , 1` . :':.' Y ' : .. : , , i: . .;' Earlisle, January `S, fir 4,4: :'' ' ; • • .. •' '
• • • ... . •
• ',
.. -10 ! (.2 ' . 11- (1 : 841 ) .:.''. - .' r.' , :,WATER= PROOF BOOTS
A t i li. , :zT o t i tmi nt titygmb e e: t ,,,rr m br i - UST *calved suiviiiek:tfairi:;i44)o ° ,ruti;nt
'll,7mati , " —— " • • , , . ipeott.wnd SW -,141ipb1,10.1p,
Amount paid out 'on orders*: ati follows, to wit:
B e y witnesses fees in Commonwealth suits, $
Justices do
" Constables do
Poor House in full of estimate for 1842,
Do • • do 1843,
Jurors pay,
Assessors pay for 1843,
County Jail and , Penitentiary, sundries furnished prisoners,
Election expenses; 'p • •
Repairs and incidental expenses of public . buildings,
Bridge at• Hoover's Mill, •
Repairing Bridges, •
M. Holcomb Keeper of Penitentiary,
Directors of the Poor for 18 , 13, •
Poor. House Visitors, . - • •
J. H. Graham Esq. Attorney to Commissioners,
Public Printing, •
Taxes refunded,
Inquests , on dead bodies,
Damages awarded on roads,
Auditors pay fdr 1942,
James Dunbar simerintendent of public buildings, . .
Robert •Wilsdn•Dsq. Clerk of Qr. Sess. fees,
Thomas H. Criswell Esq. Prothonotary's fees,
John Young apprehending horse thief, •
J. H. Graham Esq. Dep'y Att'y Genf fees in Qr Sess,
William Anderson Court Crier,
DMkets, &e.. for Prothonotary's Office,
' Do for Recorders Office, •
Eastern State Penitentiary support of convicts for 1841 & 2,
Michael Mishler Esq. pay in full as Commissioner, •
Jacob Rohrer Esq. do '• •do for 1843,
Robert-Laird Esq. do do do
Christian Titzel Esq. from 4th Nov. to 31st Dec. 1843 inclusive,
John Irwin Esq. Commissiongs:Clerk,
Paul Martin Esq. late SheriWiupport of prisoners, for 1943,
Constables Quarterly Returns,
Viewers of Roads and Bridges,
Orders for killing Foxes, &c. •
. - $21,536 24'
0 Commission allowed Treasurer at 17., percent. 403 80
" Discount on a $2O note,lo 00
. .
- •
...,„..5r Exoneration allowed Collectors, ' ' 324 03i
' ''''Friric—f
-- do do • - 1160 98
• •
° Valance due by Collectors of 1842, . $316 61 -1
° Do ' do 1843, ' 6503 32 6819 93
" Balance due 'fleneuror by County $1548 02
By cash paid State Treasurer Per receipt,
" Commission (1 per ct.) allowed County Treasur
er on t',314 18,
" Amount ove:qtaid by B. Snodgrass Esq. on Mon
- roe Duplicate, •
". do.• By Win. M. l'tiateer Esq. on Silver
Spring Duplicate,
• . do
do Shippensburg B.
Exonerations to Collectors of State Tax,' •••
" Commission (6 per ct.) allowed Collectors, •
By cash paid State Treasurer per receipt,
• do • do
" do do
" Commission (1 per ct.) allowed County . Treasur
er on $4058 04,
" Errol. in assessment made 1841 for Tuxes of 1842,
" Amount overpaid State Treasurer foi - 1841,
Exoneration allowed Collectors of 184'2,
" Commission (5 per et.) allowed Collectors of 1842;
" Outstanding Taxes for 1842,
" Cash due State Treasurer,
• . .
By 'cash paid State Trqiurer per receipt, ' $3025 00 •
do do - ' do • . 2000 00
" Commission (1 per et.) due Co. Treas. on $5025 00, 50 25
" Outstanding Tuxes for 1843, • 11,765 70 '
" Cash duo State Treasurer, 2,634 75 19,475 70
.Iteitp Kir UAW!. '°
4 05 1314. Y, * ?5 18443 ,
• ' '`
'..:',',::.:• - ,..:,?. i ', ,
$ 314 18
. 5 76 -
8 11
14 293
121 693
$1766 4i
135 78
2135 83
40 58
694 40
10 76
332 4/
653 6f
470 14
3,931 30
--: 10,093 3o
geliM • bid) slillTl tineommonlf,
rptac dtif Pans
or' . " 2k7it48 0 Oe .
Couglui,Pleurvigkllimoi+AageArtha. hungi . and
all alio:IOW of the Pubnonary 0;04. - •
956 86
55 04
'.. A compound lliilsamie preparation of AIM gnu
VirginianaWild Cherry- Bark,. o '. combined
with the FOr:ace of Tar ; prepared ,b a new chemi
cal proeess,approved and reconimended by. the most
distinguished physicians, anfl universally acknowl- -
edged the most valOoble medal-The - 8 ever discovered.
In setting forth the virtue's of this truly. great med
icine we have lid desire to decciVe those who are
labouring untie': affliction, nor do we desire to eulo
gize it more than it justly-deserves. Yet when ,we
look-around and see the'vaist amount of suflbring and
distress occasioned by many of the diseases in which
this medicine- hiss proved so highly Successful, we
feel that we sonnet urge its claims too strongly' or
say too much in its favor.
Su •• i, indeed, are the
Ihi . . .
O s Balsam, that even in the advanced stagec of ,
Comm/mot, after all the most esteemed remedies
of physicians have tidied to effect any change, the
use of this medicine has been productive of the most
astonishing; relief, and actually effected cures after
all hopes of recovery had been despaired of.
In use first stages of the disease termed " Coiner
hal Consumption," originating from neglected
COLDS, it has been used with' undeviating success
and hundreds acknowledge they owe the restoration
of their health to this invaluable medicine alone , —
II that form of Commiaption so prevalent amongst
delicate young females, commonly termed debility,
or .
A complaint with which thomands are lingering, it
has also proved bully sitccesifol e inul not only pos
sesses the power at checking the progrt4s of this a
larming complaint, but also strengthens and iniigo
rotes the system more effectually than any medicine
we have ever possessed.
• F(ir particulars, certificates, &c., see Dr. IV agar's
pamphlet. .
L. Deidg, Chambershrug.
Solomon Oswald, York. •
J. D. G. Kinsloc, Shippensburg.
-Carlisle, November 8, 1843. • -
WHEREAS, under the pretence of title ; de
rived front sundry unrecorded Deeds and
sales made for taxes, which by rEpeatted ndiudiett
lions of the Court. of Common Pleas of Cumber
$30,260 9.83
Ind enmity, mid the Supreme Court of this Stide
aye hien deelaredfiwudulent and void,lar , e (inan
ities of chestnut and other valuable linger have
been cut upon the lauds •known as the Mount Bony
Estate ; the pnblie are theri•fore hereby notified,that
the said estate emulating of all the tracts of land at
arty time used since the near 1816, in connesionwith
the Olount Holly. lion iForke, (excepting such ;tor
! flouts no have since been sold by the subscriber,) are
the property of the Farmers' & Mechanics' Bauk,
by virtue of a conveyance by theSherilf of said coun
ty, in August 1838; that all deeds not recorded
within six months from the time of their execution
are, by Act of Assembly, dated '27th May, 1715, de
clared IMuhdent and void against subsequent pur
chasers; that the taxes have been 'regularly paid, up
on every tract forming_part of said. estate, from thu
first occupation up to the present time ; that by act
of Assembly, dated 29th March, .1824, the editing
hauling, purchasing,, or employing of others to cut
or haul, any. timber trees upon or from the lands of
another, without the license of -the true owner is
made an indictable offence ; and that the subscribim
will prosecute allpersonsoffeuding against sail law
no matter under what frathilent pretence such viola
tion is attempted. Ile will also give ti reward of
TEN.DOLLAUS for such information as may lead to the
appreheosion, and TWENTY' DOLLAM for the convic
tion of tack and every Wender.
Attorney it; fact of said Bank
''.... , 1ice,, '26,1343, .
, .
Ci. Any inlormation in -regard to the estate may
he communicated to 1.. C. licatidelmry, Esq. Car
Forwarding & Commission
Er - 3 0 NJ
ESPECTFULLY informs the public, that he is
prepared to receive, foci and and dispose of
Produce of every description,
citnerat the Philadelphia or Baltimore Markets, or
at any other point accessihle by Rail Road. As he
will attend in person to the delivery and sale of all
articles entrusted to his care, the most satistlictory
Mid speedy returns may at all times lie expectecl,and
Ilse utmost promptitude ill the transaction of all•bu
smess entrusted to him.
Farlllll'S and others having any article which they
wish disposed of, will do well to call on him, im
mediately opposite the Mansion Douse, and Rai
Road Depot, West High street, Carlisle.
G. F. re authorized to purchase. several Millard
bushels of Grain, fur which the highest price
he given.
Carlisle; May 17, 1843,
30,051 35
ettitt Enginetr,
Yee e ve 7 ei t cxevene r.
Conimissioner ti>< Ranierliptcy.
11 AS removed his o ff ice to North Hanover
Street, West side, 8 doors North of Louther
street, and nearly. opposite the office of William
Irvine, Esq., where he will as usual carefully
attend to all business which may be entrusted to
him in the line of his profession.
Carlisle, April 12, 1843.
HAVERSTICK barejust received
In from the Nlanutbctory at l'hiladelithia' a large
assortment of 1,./111D .1,.411P8, consisting of
Parton r;Clut mber & Study Ltimps
with or without shades; which they w 11 sell whole
sale or retail at the manufitcturer's prices.
Astral, Side Reflectors stud Glasa Lamps of vari
ous patterns. 1/4
-The very beat ‘Vinter strained, bleached Sperm
Oil, witreanted to burn clear. for
Sl,ttli per gallon.
Beat Sperm Candles, 57i cents per lb..
Carlisle, Dec. 21,1842. tr-s
PREPARED and sold wholesale and retail by Dr.
17 W. C. SVPherson, west side Markeo are,
Harrisburg, Pa. •
These Spirits are Ahrrsanted to be superio r to any
other preparation nos in use, for removing all kinds
of Grease,.Tar, Oil Was,'&c.; trom ladies and
gentlemen's wearing apparel, ; .£c. without injuring
them. It its also effectual in removing: spots occa
sioned by any kind of acid.
It will also be found a very useful article for re
moving dandruff from the head, and leaving the hair
innhealthy and vigorous condition.
Price Sy cents per bottle. A liberal discount
male to those who purchase to Bell again.
Sold in Carlisle by T. C. STEVENSON and
MYERS & HAVERSTICK, Agents for this
Carliele,November 1, 1843. tf-1
DMA ItEt. ( 5te,arg0442114133
. . DENIST.. • •
ILL peiform all operations upon the Tied),
V V that are required lor,their preservation, such
as Scaling, bilisT,Plugging, will restore
the loss of them, by inserting Artifieial Teeth,from
a single. Tooth, to a full sett. _
fiolliee on 'Pitt street, a few, doors Sou h of the
Rairroad Hnleli. ebe
IC D. Dr. Lean* will be ent , from
,Cat• t
the last ten days, in each month. . , • ,
May 24, 1849. , . , tr. 3
:1.; !ngtkila cn 15
:,p„ Conn
4701308,114(24. t44s34ltik
4t4144,' SyPitlOtfial7,
bwiitrytybdio tirron,v,,. /
, 4
-~"r 11 ,
- 4
2, ,-
:j.!-& 7.-4'
F %
LNGES, and grown people say'they are the plea
mutest and most effective medicine in' use. Litor
mous quantities are sold. anti every body likes them
Freeman Hunt, Esq.; editeu'of . the Merchants Meg
azine, says. they cured his cough in' a few hours.
The Rev. Mr. Dunbar, of 'the .111eDougal atm
church, was cured of a very had cold and cough it
on‘t day. The Rev. Mr. Anthony, of the Methodis
Church, was cured of consumption by them.
the lives of thousands. Al& F 4 E. Evans,
Walker st., the Hon, Edward Porter; Hon. B.
Beardsley; Dr,.G. Hunter; and nearly all our physi
chins, what they think of Sherman's Lozenges, un
they will tell you they are excellent—the only in
fallible median' known.
real andidotes headache, palpitation, sea sickness,
lowness of spirits and despondency—or the effects of
dissipation. Capt. Chadwick, of the Wellington,
Mr. At:kern - nut, the great sign ,painter, Mayor Clark,
and almost every body knons,their value.
POOR MAN'S PLASTER—Sherman's we mean
—costs 114 cents, and is sure to cure rheumatism,
lumbago, pain or weakness in the breast, side, or
back; also piles—and they cure worms'when applied
to the part. Ask Joe lioxie, or any one who lets
need it, and would give $5 fur one sooner than five
cents for all other plasters.
Sold in Carlisle at BUNTER k RNEEDLER'S.
Book Store, East High street, who are sole Agents
for Carlisle.
. And Atittley tv. arenson, Sl,ippensburg.
The proprietor of this invaluable legacy of a great
man, has for scone time failed to present them to the
public in an advertisement The reason is a plain
one. So much has their use given 'satislitetion, and
so strongly have they been 4 Tecommended to one an
other, that it has liemi.utteily impossible to Mir
the demand, bah het e and for minify agents , tt
ring the present month, more than two hundred gross
or nearly TIORTI"niuUSAND BOXES, have
beer sold in this city 'and .Vicinity, and supplied to
Agents throughout the United States, and many or
ders have‘been en hand weeks before they could lie
filled. In [het it needs not the spirit of prophecy to
foretell the day when the only Pill in use will be
that inventetrby the immortal Dr. Bet jamin mush,
the greatest physician America ever saw.
'THE I InA Urli PILLS have cured, JVCre curt
scorned well nigh iinposs , ble • they have restored to
`herfect health hundreds who Lid long languished'on
ods of pain; they hive operated like a cliarMi, who,
all - other medicines tidied eleri to nfPirrd relief, they
kayo given comfort to the :acted, 81111 hope to the
despairing ; they have•removed the ills aline yon: g.
and given back youth .to the aged. Indeed, they
seem to possess the properties ascribed by the al
ehymists of lormer (furl to that I.ll,ixin, that SOVER
flax HALM, that conquerer of infirmities, to discov
er which, they passed long days and weary nights of
Libor rind study.
Sold • in Ciirlisle at ENEEDI.ER & HUN.
TER'S Book store, East High street, who are
sole Agents lbr
Angley il. °reason, Shipponshurg. .
For the cure of Obstinate Eruptions of qu
Skin; Pimples or Pustules on the Face
Biles which arise front an impure habi
of body; Scaly Eruptions; Pains in tht
Bones; Chronic Rheumatism; 'fetter
Scrofula or King's Evil; White Swel
hugs; Syphilitic Symptoms; and all dis
niers arising from an impure state
the blond, either by a long residende it
a hot and unhealthy climate, the injudi
CIOUS use of Mercury, &c.
This Al ctlicire has frequently been found
highly beneficial in Chronic coughs, or
• Colds of long standing:
This ledicine has been evtensively used in the
United States with decided benefit in Scrofula, Nler
corial diseases, and in all cases oran tilecrateu char
acter. As an alterative in the spring and fall sea
sons, it, is unequalled. It possesses unity advantages
over the decoction, and is introduced as a prepara
tion mere portable, tint liable to injury by long keep
ing, and better adapted lt the use of persons travell
ing or residing abroad.
The proprietor begs -aye to call attention to the
following certificates, e ccted from a large num er
approving its efficacy:
This certifies that my Wife Mrs. Deem, had for
nearly eleven years suffered ti•oni a scrofulous erup
tion resembling truer which ate deep Idles in her
thee, neck and arms, the constant discharge of which
destroyed her health, mid frequently confined her for
different periods to her bed, Miring which time her
sufferings were very great. The best medical atten
dance was obtained, and all the known remedies
were tried with but an alleviation of her complaint,
which always returned with increased malignity.—
Having lost all hopes of recovery, she had almost
determined to give up the tine 'of any other medicine;
she was however, by persuasaion, Induced to try
Oakeleys ..Depurative Sarsaparilht, tic use of
five bottles or which has removed the disc:mould
restored her to pet feet hotftb..
_ .
opposite the depot, Reading, Pa.
This is to certif ., ' lira my tide son, abont eight
years old, had antlered for a long time from exten
sive sores on the right knee and leg, supposed to
have been white swelling, which I found impossible
to heal, even by the aid of the most respectable
medical advice, until I was recommended to use Mr.
Oakeley's Compound Syrup of Sarsaintrilla, 8 bot
tles of which not only healed the sores, but perfect IV
restored the child's health. which had suffered much
in consequence of this affection.,
7th,above Penn street, !leading.
Tne tibm e ease WRA presented to me both before
hod after he me 'of Mr. Oalieley's Syrup of Sasti
parillaourd 1 have no hesitation in believing that it
mmatite agent of kis restoration.
JOHN I'. MESTER, 10 1)
DOTJOLASSVI LLE, April," 19, 1843,
Mr. Oakelry - :—My NOB Edmund Leaf, had the
scrofula in the most dreadful mid distressing; man
ner for three 3 ears,during which time he was de
prived of the use of his limbs, his
.head and neck
wemeovered with ulcers. We tried all the (Idler
cut remedies, but to tio elfect until recommended by
1)r. Johnson, of Norrist. Wll, nod alod 1)1.. hone
„ .
Mester, of Reading, to use your Depuratie Syrup
'of Sarsaparilla ' of which I obtained several' bottlee,
the use or which drove the disease entirely out of
his system, the' sores fielded up,'and the child was
restored to Perfect health, which he tins enjoyed un
interruptedlg ever since, to the astonishment of Ma
ny persons who seen him during his affliction. I'
lutvelhought it my duty, and send you this certifi
cate, that others who have n like affliction in the
family may khow where to obtain so valuable a med.
eine. Yours, truly. A. D. LEAF. '
.Sold by' 'JP: C. STEVENSON, Car
isle and the . following Agents in Cumber.
and County
•J, G. Miller, New Cumberland
Joshua Crain, IJognestown.
Wm. 8t "G. Loudon, Kingston.
Vm. Bratton, Newville.
JIMA Burkhart, do.
• L. Reigle, bt Co., Chureldown.
A. L. Cathcart, ShoptuAstown.
January 3,1844. •
. .
. ,
THE subseriber has jest reeeiseti another supply
of 110QTS SHOCS,Mnong the lot will be found,
s‘ 20 Cases Boots front $9 t 0.55., :,;
'l5 ' Mena Alon r oes from 1,00 161,50.
10 " ' , Boys . '4o. , frmn 'so to t 00.., •
.25 , Ladies'Slippers irpm,9s to..t,sas.
10 Do Afolking Stine' end Durkin's. '
Chlldren's Shoes ofalleolors; shapes, sizes, prices.
Don't mistake Abe old eland, wherwyou will be sure
to get great bargainsj,, 5:. , .„
, % Noyerober 29,1842..1 ;'.; . : tf..5
.180 Gi rPtekling• Njegrear of, the YEA
Al 3T Ttentyijiiiereoetteoltihd Woalslty
r' ;141114QT:11 '
Oltenia, *tura4 10, 1'84,1).'
„4 - 441„.1
4 ..”
Susquehanna Line,
T HE proprietors of the Susquehanna Linewill
run their Cars and Boats as usual to Phil
adelphia and BaltinicNreduringthe present season.
Their friends 'will please apply to Noble, Flinn
& Herr, Broad at. and Hart, Andrews & McKee
vor, first wharf above Race street on the Dela
ware Philadelphia, and Joseph E. Elder,
Until further notice; the !following prices will
be adhered to between this • place and the above
Ale per 100
Dry Goods, Drugs,
and Medicines; 26 " 23 40c
Furniture, 28 25 43
Wheat, Rye & Corn •
per bustle 11 • 10
Oats do 7 6
Groceries, ' 23 20 40
Lumber per 1000
feet 83 50 $o 75
Shingles per 1000 150 ,2 00
Flour per bbl. 34 30 47
Shad &Mackerel do 50 37
Herring do' 44 114 100
Salt per sack, ' 32 • 28 •
PitchiTaundßeiiin ' •
per 100, . .-- 15 20
Plaster gross .ton, 82 50 $2 25
Hemp per.loo, 22 16 ,
Hides,4 ' 25. 20 • •
Pig etal,grasston 350 • -2 50 • •
Blooms & Cistings,4 00 3 121 ,
'Bar 50' " 50 '.-
Nalliperktig; • '2o`".; , '.
,17 .• • '
Leather per 100r.'" 25 ". •• , '2O i!
Whiekey'per.bbl. 53
Burr Blockoi per 100;20 "15 . '
eurhStorirsi. , f do - ' - ' ''' 126
25 20 40
• narrielkik ''April 12,1843: "•' : tf
0101,10# XieettS; &Co
11.4g44,14E.AT TRW- OlvFwg—
r i ?Lli:AilY,
REPAIRED, only ity IJY."IS. /AYR R . , Inventor,
sillloleproprietor,,No. guSogih., Third , st,
hmladdlpliiii- and , I ttonehin genuine without
ittrittenstrUfjptupon 'thiil'eillsido,wraPper. All
,othereire db . I terrettn.• . • ...;
These ntedidifibilare YenOtilniendethitideitensive
used by the most intelligent
,perdiniti in .the united
States, by numerous, PrOfessors and Presidents of
Colleges, physicians of the Army nnd ?linty, and of
Htipttals and Altifshouses;. and by more than three
hundred Plirgyrnen of varimiedeuominntions.
They ate expressly prepared toelamily use, and
have acquired and unprecedented popularity th rough
out the , United States; Andes they are so admirably
calculated tir preserve—R&M and cure. Disease ; no
family. should ever be without thenri:'•The proprit
tor of, these valitable preparations received his Mu
within at one of the best Medical Colleges in tile U.
States, and has had fifteen' years experience Wan
extensive and diversified practice,. by which lie has
had ample opportunities of acqturing a Itractical
knowledge of diseases, and of theYemetles best cal
nutxted to remove them. These preparations con
sist of
Jayne's Expectorant, a valuable remedy for Cough,
Colds, Consumption, Asthma, Spitting of Blood,'
Croup, Hooping Cough, Bronchitis, Pleurisy and in
flammation of the Lungs, or:Throat, Difficulty of
Breathing, and all diseases of the Pulmonary Organs.
Also Jayne's Hair Tonic, for the Preservation;
Growth and Beauty of the Hair, and'whieli will 'nisi
tively bring in new hair on bald heads.
Also Jayne's Tonic Vermi fuge,a certniu and plea
sant remetV for Worms' Dyspepsia Piles, and many
other diseases.
Also Jayne's Carminitive Balsam, n certain cure
for Bowel and Summer Complaints,biarrlicea, Dy
sentery Cholic, Cramps,Sick Headache, Sour stom
ach Cholera Morin's, and all derangements ofAlies
Stomach and Bowels, Nervous Affections, &c. •
.layne's Sanative Pills, for 'Female Diseases, Liver
Complaint, Costiveness, Fevers, lnpumtii Lions,
Glandular, Obstructions, Diseases of the Skin, '&a.
and in all eases where an Alterative or Purgative
Medicine is requiVed.
For sale in Carlisle, by -
May 31,1843
uticDua, .
faY vir tie of the powers and authority
contained in the last will and testament of
Maeda 1, Eue, deetl., 1 now olfer for sale, the,
CarliSle Ikon Works,
Situated on the Yellow Breeches Creek, m miles
easteal Carlisle Pa. The estate consists ola twat ate
Z. e It" 01 121i:M.'2,413 9
with Ten 7hatrsand'.4cres of Land.
A new 11:ItClIANT MILL with four run of stone,
finished on the most approved plan. About Al/acres
of the land are cleared and highly cultivated, having
thereon erected
Three• Large 'Bank Barns
and access a ry TENANTHOUSES,The
works are propelled by the I chow Breeches tArek
and the Boiling. Spring,which neither fail norfreeze.
There are upon the premises ill the accessary work
mess houses, coal houses, carpenter and smith shops,
and stabling built of the most -itbstantial materials.
The ore of the best - quality 111111 inexhaustible, is
width) 2 11111( . 4 of the Turn:tee There is perhaps
to iron Works iu Pennsylvania which possesses su
perior advantages and olfers greater inducements to
the investment of Capital. The water power. is so
great that it, might be extended to Lity other maim
lactating purpose. Persons disposed to purchase
will of course examine the property. The terms of
sale will, be made known by - -
Execiitrjx of Michael Ege,dee'd.
Carlisle, Oct. 19, 18dtt. . tl-51
ctiNtili , .m.ANi) VALLEY MUTUAL
PIif)TECTION CO, I PAN V, brieg incorpo
rated by an uct. tho Legislature of the present krl!S
SICII i;111111 fully oygtioti7..ed and in operation mulcr the
direction of tlfe following. board of Managers, viz:
Thonias_C. Miller, C. P. Cummins, Juhn Aloore
David IV. - .McCullough, James Yenkly, George
Martin, Aloorre,Stoutiel Gitibraith„fames
lireft‘on,Thromi t s Paxtoti, \Vol. ilarr,.losepb Culler
and A. G. AI liter, call the attention of the inhabit
ants of Cumberland Valley to the cheapness or their
rates and the "many advantages ttlicla this :Mil of
11:11 , ever any. other.
Ist. Every !topsoil insured becomes a member of
the company mid takes part in the choice of officers
and the direction of its concerns.
'2.1. Poi. insurance no more is demanded 1113111 is
necessAry to Meet the expenses of the Company and
indemnity tu.faitist kisses whicli'may happen.
rid. The inconvenicure'of frequent renewals is a
voided by insuring for a term of live years.
4th. Any person npph iug tor insurance must . giv.e
his premium note tin• the chcap i :st class at hue lat e
of fit s tier (fellows, which will tie !Fait on the $1 (1011,
for wide!) lie will have to pay $0,50 fiir live years,
and $1,50 for survey and policy, and no more unless
less lie sustained to a greater amount than the fluids
on lauds will covenant then Immure will be requir
ed thaoa pro rata share. These rates are timely
cheaper than those of other companies, except such
as are incorporated on the same principles.
Insurance is effected in the lidlowing
person apply ing for insiirance for property t
cheapest ela 48 of risk Ihr $lOOO will be cliargril
per cent for five Year sot note amounting to $5O must
lie givim by liim,on which i.e will be required to pay
5 per emit $11,511, mid $1 ,59 esing and policy,
and will have nu more required a 11111) finless IhAPes
occur and the funds oil hands are out sufficient to
meet them.
Agents will li. oppnintetlas 90011 as possible in dif
ferent places to attend to insurances. nettittny persons
wishing immediately ; to apply C/111 110 80 by signify
ing their winlt'utMlicebtlitwes of tlw ennipsny.
A. G. :NrILLER, Sl•o 9 y.
TllO follost ing gentlemen hare been oppointetl
Dr. Ira Day, .Afe...ltanie4mrtr..
.lantes.l:ennedv, Newville.
George Brindle. Esq.. Nlottrov.
Clemens McFarlane, Carlisle,
L. IL s, Esq. Westpennsho . ro'
James Ktde, Newton.
Col. Jas. Chestnut, Lee's - X Roads.
JOB. Means, Esq. Newlmrg.
Jos. Mosser, Esq. New Cumberland.
John Clendenin. Esti. llngestowli•
Stephen Culbertson, Shippensburg.
Peter 111eLaughlin, S. Middleton.
April 1'2,1843.
tr 7 td cr g"
47 ,;-
8 - 4 vz
W es . R
• a
29cts. 15 tinier bb
ADO oi, THE,' itYBTEMr
Scrofula,, or King's Evil, ilheurnatipa
, Ostinate cittanbous Eruptions, Frqn
, pies; or Ptistulas on the Face, , Blot.
ches,Biles, Chronic, Sore Eyes, Ring
Worn - Or 'Atter, Scald Head, En. ,
largement and - Pain of-Abe Bones
and Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphili
licSynalitoms, Sciatica, or Lumbago,
and. diseasei arising from an injudi.
ciow -use of Mercury,' Ascites, or
Dropsy; Exposure or Imprudence in
Life. Also, Chronic Constitutional
Disorders 'will be removed by this
Preparation. " • •
Improvement in whatever regards the happiness
- and welfare'of our race is constantly on, the march
to perfection, and with each succeeding day isomer
new Problem is solved, or some profound secret re-
vented, levying an important and direct bearing over
man higliCst destinies.
Y . We take a retrospective
view over the fait tucnty years, how is the mind
struck with wonder ! What rapid strides has science
made in miry department of civilizes! life !
eularly in that Whieh'relates to the knowledge of the
human system in health and disease. How valuable
and indispensable are the curative mdtinti recently
discovered through of chemistry! How
does the imagination kinillemid our admiration glow
at the ingenuity, the near aPpritiach to the standard'
of perfection, of the present time! Through the
elaborate investigations of Physiology, or the Science:
or LIFE, 'and the . Pathology of prevalent. diseases,.
much valuable practical knowledge has been gained.
In consequence of becoming acquainted with the or- ,
ganization, the elements of the various tissues and
stenctures of the system, remedies have been Bonk
after and discovered exactly adapted to combine with;
neautralize and expel morbific Matter, the cause of
and substitute healthy action in its place.—
The beautiful simplicity of this Mode of treatment
is not only seggesteil by the pathology Of diseases,
not only grateful to the sufferer, hut perfectly in con
nominee with the operations of Nature; and satisfac
tory to the views and reasonings of every intelligent,
reflecting mind. It is thus that Sand's Sarsaparilla,
a scientific combination of essential principles of the
loom. valuable vegetable substances,operates upon the
systein. • Sarsaparilla is combined with the most
salutary productions, the Most 'lntent 'simples of the
vegetable kingdom ; mid its unprecedeMed success
iu the restoration to health (if those wrio had' long
pined under the most diStrriising chronit maladies,.
has given it an exalted character', furnishing its it,
does evidence of its syvii iuii iuia,value, and ITCOIII ,
mending it to the afflicted ill term the inicted only
van know. It has long rn.TllOl most Important Air=
sitleratum in the practice of medicine to obtain
remedy %undue to this—mid that would act ou the'
liver, stomach and bowels with all the• precision and
1)(11C110' ofmineraLpreparations, yet a ithoui any of
their deleter'i'ous CM:eta upon the vital powers of the
iq stem. 0 -
The attention of the rearle‘e is respectfully cullctl
to the following certificate. However great ttclsime
meats have Iscr..stotbre been made by the use of this
Invaluable medicine, Yet daily mcpersence.slum re- '
sults still more remarkable. proprietori here , .
avail themsekes of the opportunity of snying-it is
source or emist,ito. itlttimlietioit that they are made the •
nemVs of-relieving sod' an amount of suffering.
Wonderful lillects of Sands's Sarsaparilla in
Norwich, Corm
Head thep)llomitig from :Sirs. NVEn. Phillips; who
lots long reaided at the Falk. 'l•he facts an.; well
known to all the old residents Inset oldie cite.
Nlrssns. A. B. SANDS S Co.—Silts: Most grate
fully do I embrace this oppm•tuuiiy for stating to you
the great relief I obtained from - the use of sour Sac
saarilla. I shall also, lie happy, throng(' vow, to
publish to all who lire allicted,3 l b I lately was, the an z
scout of my luu•spretvd, will et t•tv fin• a long while
despair . of cure. •M hie is a paiulil l story, awl try log
and sickeizing as IS the interstive of it, the lie slaw of
many who filly he surely relieved, J will bri e fly yet
accurately state it.
yo w t ecil vears ago 11101 April a fit of sickness left
me with all Erysipidas eisrption. Dropsieal collec
tioesitnmeiliately mok place over the entire 1411`litre
of my body, eatisii, such no enlinvernetit that it was
necessary to add a hull 511.11 to the size of my dres
sesaround the waste. Nest followed,upon my limits,
ulcers, painful beyond description. For years, both'
in 511111111C1 . and %deter, the only mitigation of m y
sintering 91 00 Mond in pouring npon those parts cold
water. Fl'olo Illy lilllll9 Ille I/11111 extended over my
\it hole body. 'There was literally for Ole no rest, 11 0-
day or by eight. Upon Vim.; down these pills %voila
shoot through my system, and compel me to arise,
.and, for hours to,gether,' walk the house, a 0 that I was
:datum emir ely depeived of sleep, During this time
the Erysipelas coteinneil noise, and the ulcers en
so.deeply have these eaten, that for two'
undo hall years they have 1)01 . 11 SllltiVet 10 bleeding.
During these almost twerity years 1 hate consulted
011111' physicians. These have called my disease—
as it was:unaided wadi au obstinsteentigh mid a steady
and IletiVe pain in illy side-11 dropsical consumption;
mid though they have been skillid practit;orters,they
were only able to afford my case n partial and tem
porary is•IV. I hail many other difficulties too com
plicated tu'ileseribe. I have also riser! many ef the
medicines that have been recommended 118 Itilitllible
cures for this disease, yet these all hailed, and I suns
Moist emphatically growing worse. In this critical
condition, given up by friertils,and expeeting for my
self, relief only in death ',Lew by the timely inter
position of a kind Provirleireinlitenisheil with your,
to me, invaluable Sarsaidirilla. A single bottle gave
me an assuranee of health, which foramity yearsli
had not ?awe felt. Upon taking the second my On
largement diminished, and in twelve days frouethe
Bth of October, when I commenced taking your Star'
saparilla, 1 sus able to enjoy sleep and rest,by night'
ns l'erreßlliflir as env I ever enjoyed when in perfect
health. Resides, r was, in this short time, relieved
from nil those excruciating and utmlleviated pains
that had sfßicteil my (lays, 115 well as robbed me of
my night's repose. 'The ulcers upon lily limbs are
healed, the Er7sipelas cured, and my size reduced
nearly to my Werner measure.
Scud's Sarsaparilla will also remove and perma
nently cure diseases having their origin Man Impure
'state of the blood and depraved condition of the.geo
, eral coastitution, viz: Scrofula or King's Evil In its
various foems , Rheumatism, obstinate cutaneous
eruptions, blotches, bilea, pimples, or pustules on
the face, chronic sore eyes, ringworm or tetter,seald
head, enlargement rind pain of the bones and joints,
stubborn ulcers, syphilitic symptoms, diseases aris
ing from un injudicious of mercury, female de
rangements and other similar cotnplanits.
'Thus much do I led it a privilege to testify to the
efficacy of your health-restoring Sarsaparilla. A
thousand thanks ' sir, from one whose comfort and
whose hope of future health are due, under God, to
your instrumentality. And may the same Providence
that directed toe to your aid, make you the happy
and honored instruments of blessing others, as dis
eased and ilespatrieg as your much relieved and very
grateful friend, ASkSATII.,M..PHILLIPS. •
Niw LONDON Co. ss. Norwich, NOY. 4, 1842.
Personally appeared,the stbove-named Atenath M.
Phillips, and made oath of the facts contained in the
foregoing statement before me. •
' Justice of the Peace.
Beingpersonslly acquainted with Mrs.•
certify thst tlteabove assbrted facts are.substantially
Minister of the Gospel at Norwich; Cenm ,
PreporedUnd sold by A. B. Sands BOCA., Drug.
gistsand Chemists, Granite buildings, 273 Broadway.
corner ofChamberilvt reel, New York... And for sale
by 'Druggists throughout the United States.. Price,
$1 per bottle a ttitt bottles for $B. ,
The public are respectfully , requested to remota- .
her that it is Sands's Sarsiparillit that lisend is con
stantly achieving such remarkable'eures 01'114 most
difficult class of diseases to which the 141133110 frame
is subject; and ask for Sands's Sarsaparilla ;tad take
no other.
Agent by. special `appointment for the P.roprietore,
for Carlisle and vicinity. ,
J 03,12,1043, -.1317
J 0 1T W. ICENDIEr i ;
illPTa-1111.401r,teaditte bi. oetvices tothe k
0114610 4101 Vidnitnik4l44.:,,
wilt attend
ltrood to lind7iiiroitpt':altideittillopepitiono
suckati 0k0&tit. 4 44-Agbwat* * *
11 tit oconotil)ltrz orawati,,
tooth' 6oni n tunglotitiitli to eq set.
lArkDl.d.r;*" •