Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, January 17, 1844, Image 4

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evam-dor Atadotar-,',
THE ISAIIIIATMA- ~ : ,, '„,,,, 4 ,
N . gl : ~, if.V , >,,';'4 - r , .•
~,,v rg, f:raphhli t ml. ) l. - I'Vv4 t okget 4044,tfr
" 40.3“ Olt d' - ` lA,,therihrq , v7ko ,
V004 . 114. 7 , 4 01, 1 400 1 3 4 0fit., 1 44 r iA/" .44 :4°P,t
Aswhon the mornl ng Mat% fiest#* together— i -,.. f
So,quiet 'gel "limits P hieltOkll s " . ,7 4'‘4
u ipmitr. , k r VAontttrkk';i'*i**Aki t :P, -, 'A
Ai awfioN pod cii'lpopi , , iodiPleoAK 44 .1 1, cf'"
I p tl b i ih, ;filllt im, 4 ti i .,, q it t , mi l is.. r i
t r 1f p ,t;, t, f ,,, t\ 1 ,.,; 1, t !,:
gy , the,hitraili'vokett - Awibi:"ad'distageosithlk n c -„..,.
4 e feeek t,hu m O r mlr in C,Mk e ki lii , ,e k a , ln t9 l) ,,r 4 ; . "' =
' ~‘ a usual on t he' ear. I 'ne hour ,to t e on, /,,
And ills:4'l444er of tee errs '' tf 4
11,1141 d Ai% litigift s it • exellseqiirth of tuna ~.: ..': , ;•+-1
'A n d & e s t i I,l o k e el 9 :4oabbatle dare tlf helli-41
i 40 th. old 14111 n liil Ida des'erodautet Irina
,I:ogeiheC pi thi lereselk God: fjoittpi
Rho well-apiateeKlirew4. - liffse Itollr nem --
' 1 chreb,leral k itnd , beeathed thrrprikyer eir faith—
'diiii) dio:grar *Ont:piton Oe 7dtig for hettveli-
'Attl alai& iiektilf-anii tlio hright-Iteit4illoung man,
114-te'd iheehill if turheo lodfsdast Wk` ee to dose
•1 41, - ,;e •,-, bit Lli, --bile .- ' keel.
blue es'e' the while r—all
Iti"AtittUde o ' ffitiager— ,, and then the hyain,
° in itsrliivr'mloily,' WWI up . •
To ivorship,G6d. „
4 . ltu white !wird! Imetor rose
iktidietiked his flock—and with'an eye
hitytiderest, And idiot , that spoke .
elmittence like Futil's,
, He 101.iIiist4's;fire to the'truilis
ieielntien;and per:enosion came
- ,
Vtiti§gtiiihniiti, were yolteneilond the eye
1./etiolate weep sent forth the willing tear
flow boll was the iibliath-day of 'God.
On the frail . stem' in the garden hangs
• 'the epenint,rose. Go ask why itAangS
there.? • "I' hang' there," says 'the - beautiful
'flower, 'j' to sweeten the air which 'Mail
breatlies,,to open my : beautioi to kindle e-
Metion in his eye, to shoW him the hand
of his God, who pencilled each: leaf, and
laid ahem' 'on my . bosom, And whether
you find the here to greet him every
ing, - or whether you find me on the lone
mountain side, WO the
lhatlie - WilEthrOverne•tine parting glanCe,
my end is the same. d live not to myself.
Besideaion•itighviay stands an aged tree
, solitary:and alone. You :see no living thing
. netir : it;'atid you say surely that must stand
:•foritself alone. "No," says the'tue,
'"God never; made , me for a purpose so
, small.'' ,For more than a hundred years I
have Stood lien. -In summer! have spread
'out my 'erria'" and sheltered the panting
%docks., wkichltastened My'side. In my
bosom '1 have Concealed and protected the
brood of young birds ;as they lay and rock
ed in thefr neat';, in the storm I have more
than onedreecived 'in my body the light
nings bolt, which.had else destroyed the
traveller ; the acorns which I have matur
ed from year, to "yekitave been carried far
and near, and groves of forest oaks can
clitim me as their parent. I have, lived fOr
)the eagle *Welt has perched on my top—
ler 'the Inimming bird that has paused
.and :refreelied its giddy wing, ore it danced
.'atvey'agair like a 'blossoirt of the air—for
the idsect•ihat has found a home within the
`folti.of my - 1)0c.; and /when 1 can stand no
(longer;l shall fall bythe hand of inan,and I
, shall girt° sirengthen the•ship which MakeS
•-him lord•of •the Ocean, and to his dwelling
•to' warm hiskheatth and'•cheer his home.—
'1 live nottto•myself."
• .7 On : yonder .mountain site comes flown
'the ''silver brook,- in the distance resemb•-
ling theribbon Of silver, pinning and,leap
'ing dashes ' joyously and fearlessly
• dOWn. Go ask the leaper what Wig doing.
"I was born," says . : the brook, " high:up
the mountain; but there I'could do no good,
and so' 'hnrrying down, running
ivhere, f can, and leaping Where I must, but
hastening down : to' water tha sweet valley,
• 411 qt.. the thirsty cattle may drink—where
the larkinai sing on the marginwhere I
Oaf Ore the mill for the accommodation
of:man, and then ,widen• into the great river
bear.ucv hie.riteamboats..
and shipping.
and' nillk,ftlu nininto,The
. Ocean; to rise a
gain' in !vapor;,and„ perhaps come back a
gain in the clou'd' OWn nativoUoun t
tain, and': live ; My; short-life; Over, ,againL,'—
Not a drop of water. Comes down my chan
nel in 'Whose 'brightbico ynu.niay not: ead,
in thei:very verge. of: heaven,•tand ask ,the
bright'sparkier what it 'ii,dning there. Its
vOlett•comes4lown the
,path of light, and
Might Id: ' w as
statiortmll,horaAt:licin-creation.., I was a-
spring the,tetorning- stars that:sang together,
and'among Ithe eons of God that shoitted
fitiTOVltitiii"e'reathitt - A •
. . ,
"When the l'adlytot .
morn of creation hiolie, ".'
-- -Stid • Alie„kictiTtkp gm andlit,of God Ow:olio, *
And the britity.ralitte Or . fdorknetaiVtidideath
..) 'Were, nikoyed, through thoir,dop!thalyltiotuoigh
ty biroodiil' 'i'' .7; 'l, - '', ':. ' ' , ~‘
abditieoildart; - 64.tbadoer*,6f-Aiinie;-:-.-
14, ,piont - theyolit'ibitiihylerifttada outOO;' •. '', • '
14 ain'thd.tok`Ori.rihd,.itOthiydtkititi Owiii"'" • Jr ''''•.•
P.PlaitikiughitlitiiivitiL•niiiit'iilittiiiiE.: sooteoltiAd ':'
; t!.chi 1 4: 1 . 114 # , .t0fei4 4 1.0,
' c l lOrttit itApg;,.r.,..;
‘' , 4‘4ll , thilwair the** thO'kiaghtottetilitfie!'. , '.
• -o.' VIII , 4, 5 -;; 50 ; .• , ',0,:•.1..,r., - -, - , , , , ....c..t.q.: , „.,... ; ,... , ,, , ,.:
1 4 laire;f 4l :l# 4 l7 6 oki.tritotaing.4 l (oo.l , lsOld .
r-.,. t - r , =:) , " , 4. ". ~!.) , ' ' ' 'B i .
4 4i;', 41,40-, ,. .*.46toilo,,Rotp A ther ,w6r)ds.
kk il l
balanced 4i ntrt , tpVcelh ol 'i;:thiivirto=:
c Oant 4)I OP4TPRo„ ‘ i' ! 0:1 A ..t.i . ) ? 0!,,,1,.9 „1 1 Y 2T 1--
'll 4:LttOiii.if -ls ilaijN . tPlillkt li t i l l 3lat
• 1 4 01 1 0 , 0 1 9t*te
....., I - A.4 , - , -,
' .1
#)::# l4 . o * - 10:011: 1 !J qikfi , " 9 )
owici 3 OirstOiy9ides
univ'frse of ;Gtitt-tprOO‘kinti
doblest itu'i In
:finite esti do, is to do goOitio otheristo
no ,
0o -
NoillcAmeriC,4 CO
company continues to make Insurances
against loss or daMage by Fire, on the most
.reasonable terms. hey, also take
on Stone or brick,buililints at $25 on $lOOO, the
premium subject to be drawn any time by the
party insuring, at u &qualm-19f per cont. on
tha, =Cunt of premium, paid. - • , .
he' usual rates for one year on
-Stone and Brick Buildings,' $4 to $5 on $OOO
.:I.,og_and_Frame; " '• $G to $7_0n4000..
Merchandize,,,ahout , „ .$5 on.sooo
Application in person , or by letter Will have im
mediate attention.
"The Sprink Gardenlnitirance Co
INSURANCE, either tcmporar7 or
n perpetual, against losi or damage by I' IRE,
in fawn or Country, on Housed, Barns and Build
ings of all kinds; on Household Furniture, Mer
chandize,Morses, Cattle 'AgAcultural, Commer
cial and' Menufaeturini Stock, and Utensils of
every deseri ption,nawell as MORTA , REB and Grtoitito
RENT, upon 4he most favorable'terins. •
The lolThwing are the usual vale viz:
On Stone and brick , buildinia, from
"Log rind frame "
“Morchandize notilfurni-
buildings, from ISO to 50 ets. , on tOO
"Do. in- log or frame, CO to 70 cts. on. 00
"Horses, cattle, farming
utensils and sundries,
. at about
: Application may be made to ,
JOHN J. MYERS,. Agarit.
Corlislc; l Dce. 21, 1842.. • ly
Affections of the Liver, asthma, Bronchitis, Pains
or Weakness of the Breast' or 1.1171g8, Chronic
Coughs, Pleurisy, Hemorrhage of the Lungs and
all affectiont of the Pulmonary Organs.
A compound Balsamic preparation of the Frump
Virginiana or" Wild Cherry Bark," combined
with the Extract 7'or, prepared by a new chemi
cal process,approved and recommended by the most
distinguished physicians, and universally acknowl•
edged the most valiiithle medicince ever discovered.
In setting forth the virtues of this (only great med
icine we have no desire to deceive those who are
labouring under affliction, nor do we desire to eulo
gize it more than it justly deserves. Yet when we
look around and see the vast amount oesiffering and
distress occasioned by many of the diseases in which
this medicine has proved so' highly- successful, we
feel that we oaunot urge its claims too strongly' or
say too much is its favor.
Such, indertl,ere the •
01 this Balsam, that even in the advanced stagec of
Cortsuswrzorr,seter all theinose esteemed remedies
of pin•aicious have failed to 'effect any, change, the
use of this medicine has been productive of the most
astonishing relief, and actually effected cures after
all hopes of• recovery hail been despaired of.
Indite first stages of the disease termed " Catarr
hal Consumption,'?' deigninting from neglected.
COLDS, Mats been used with undeviating success
and hundreds acknowledge they owe the restoration
of their health to this invaltiahle mediCine
alone --
I that form of Consumption so prevalent amongst
delicate young females, commonly termed debility;
A complaint with which tliouianits nre lingering, it
has itlio prMed highly sioieessful,Mid not only pos
sesses the power of checking the progress of this a
larming complaint, but also strengthens and invjgo
rotes the system more' abides' ly than Any Medicine
we have ever ifossesseit
For particulars, sertifieates, &se., see Dr. Wistar's
L.. Donix, Chambersbrug. •
Solomon Oswald; York. 1 • ,
"'• J. B. G. Kinsloe, Shippeasborg.., •
Carlisle, November 8, 1843. , '. •
.etutt. nnstnett
skii„ z 4/a 9i " 4- c 9 c e , e; e e
Commissioner in Sankt - hp/4p .
TAI AS - removed his office to. North ,Uanooel.
JL Streir;W est:aide, 8 'doeis Xorth of LoUther
dtreekanA nearly
,opiieshe the o ffi ee,of
'lrvine, Esq . ., :Where he as ,usual 'carefully'.attendlo.ull liesinesicwhieb iney be entrueted
him in'the line of his profesiton.
`Carliille, April 12; 1843.,
ERSTICK, haveltiseieee . i*oo-
111 frooutlic Atunufactory . tit Philade!phise alarge
asaßrulieq.oror4R.D.LJLlllPS ; conststingq
leith,or Nithwii,e4o:4l4l_,viiiiii'.44.i`4 , A4 1101 , 114 /,0!1•3
, ALSIt), b)?
orka.,l3,laorLimittelff ,*Nr.
otieti ! tgrA9l., J.'
Tbtvery byitbiaiOie4,,,;*e4lll
liatrapfed ,
* 1 044
35 t o 40 ots. on 800
'69 to - 70 cis. on' 00
tore in brick or stone
eda‘Cher' , .s ,
ENGES,and grown;pe,„
santest ,and most effect' veinediOne
'rnousAeantities ere sold. and every,body . glithe
,ailne; says they cifrat
,The Rov. Mr., Dunbar ; of the 'MallougOf • itypei,
-eliurch Ouietyprk very bad.oold `and 'cUngh
one day. The4o . loie;.l.Alitliony;xif the.. 4 lhethofist. ,
Olurch, wo6 cliretr ponsumptioo,by tbem.'
. .hum , „l.o2easTGES-liavestived.:
The lives of diousandi, .
Walkervt. the IltUi,'Eil9irel
Beardsleyf G. Ilanter;:afiitidedilly' l our
'thous, what darythink ;slM,iiitill'w Lozenges, end
they will tell they:4frt'etiSol6rit.. , 4he only inn.:
fallible nrethethe -; • -
real andidotes c. heath - Mlle, palpitation, sea sickness, •
hiwnesouf spirits and despontlencv-;-or the effeetior
dissipation. Capt. Chadwick, nrihe Wellinkton,
Mr. Ackerman, the great 'sign painter„Mayor Clark,
and almost every balky knows their value.
POOR MAN'S PLASVER—Sherman's, we mean
• 12i cents, and Is cure . rhimmotiim,
lumbago, vain or weaknevi in the breast, side, or
buck; au) piles—and they cure worms when applied
to the part.• 'Ask'Joe lioxie, or any One • whO lihs
need it, and would give f,5-for one sonnet. than fire
cents for all 'other plasters • . • •••
Sold in Carlisle at HUNTER riNBBIILER'S
Book Store, East High, street, who arc sole Agents
for Cnrlislo. ' •
'And Anniley & Crenson, Shippentibtirg.
-The proprieior of this ,
invaluable.legaty±ora-great .
man, has for some, time failed to preSent them to the
public in an advertisement. The reason is a plain
one. So, much has. their use given satisfaction, and
sit strongly have they been recommendedlo 'one an
other, that it has been utterly impossible 17) supply
the demand, both and for country agents.' Du
ring the present month, more than two hundred gross
or nearly yllilMr THuUSAND BOKES, have
been sold in this eity and vicinity, and supplied to
Agents throughout the United States, and mom , or
ders have been On hand weeks before they could be
filled.. In fact it needs not the spirit of prophecy to
Ihretell the day when' the only Pill in use will be
flint invented by the immortal Dr. Berjamin flush,
the greatest physician America ever saw.
THE HEALTH PILLS have cured, were cure.
seemed well nigh impossible; they have restored to
Rperfect healtk hundreds who had long languished on
eds of pain; they hive operated like a charm, when
all other medicines tidied even to afford relief, they
bow) given comfort to the afileted, and . hope to the
I despoiling; they have removed the HIS of theyoung
and given back youth ,to the, aged. Indeed, they
seem to possess the. properties ascribed by die A
chy mitts of former days to that ELIXIR, that Soren
etc - I.l%ttair, that eonquerer of infirmities, to discov
er which, they passed long days and weary nights of
labor sin() study. ,
Sold 'in Carlisle at KNEEPLER do HUN.
TER'S : Book store. East High street, who aro
solo Agents for Carlisle. •
Angley dt treason, Shipponsburg.
'6O ete. an • VG
For the cure of 'Obstinate Eruptions of the
Shin; Pimples or Pustules on the Yace;
Biles which arise from an impure habit
of body; Scaly Eruptions; • Pains in the
Bones; Chronic Rheumatism; Totter;
Scrofula or 'King's ; White SWel
lingsr Sy philitieSymptoms; and all dis
rders arising from an impure state of
the bldod, either by a long residence in
a hirt and unhealthy climate, the.injudi
cious use of Mercury, &c.
This Medicine Itas frequently been found
highly beneficial in 'Chronic Coughs, or
Colds of long standing.
This Medicine ban been fXtenvively 'Used in the
United States .vitli decided benefit in Scrofula, Mer
curial ditieases, and in all eases of an ulcerated char
acter. As an alterative in the . spring and hill sea
sons, it is unequalled. It possesses may advantages
over the decoction, and Is introduced as prepara
tion more poi fable, not liable to injury by longliceep
ing, and better adapted If the use of persona travell
ing or residing abroad.
• • rho proprietor begs :ave to call attention to the.
following certificates, s ccted from a large num er
approving its efficacy:
, •
READING, March 3, 1330.-
This certifies that my- wile Mrs. Deem, had for
nearly eleven years sufrered lions a scrofulous erup
tion resembling
,tetter. which ate deep holes in her
face, neck 'and antis, the constant discharge of which
destroyed Iter;healtb,und frequently confined her for
different periods to her bed, during which time her
sufferings were very great. The best medical atten
dance was obtained, and all the known remedies
were tried with but an alleviation of her ctlinplaint,
which always returned with increased malignity.—
Paving lost all hopes of recovery, she had almost
detertnined to give up the use of tiny other medicine;
she -was however.. by persuasaion, induced to try
Oakeley's Depiiriitive of Sarsap arilla, the use- of
five bottles or which has removed the disease, find
restored her to perfect ,bealth.
' •
- opposite the 'depot, Reading, Pa. ,
This is to,certtfY that my little son, about eight
years old, had suffered for a long time from eaten:
she sores on• the right knee nod, eg, supposed to
have keen white swelling, which I found impossible
to: heal, even by. the and of the most respectable
medical advice, until I NO recommended to use!Mr.
Oakeley'a compound Syrup of Sarsaparilla, 8 hot
ties of which not only healed the sores, but pprfectly
restored the , health. which had suffered much
in consequence of this tiffeetion. . •' • •
.; jili,above Pesti streetilteadi'
• :.Iriie,nboNe.ease was presented to me both "e'imA
and after the use of :1 . 14 r. ,Pabeley's Syrup Or Sart*.
'sw 11
ill*, and '. hove no hesitation i n belieriug that it
was the agent of. his restoration. . .. • -
• '; - JOHN P. HLEST ER, MD-
'• : •.. • ' •'DOVOLAISSVILLE, April, 10,1843,
- , Mr. Onkeley r--111y.:son :Ednitind Leaf, hid the
scrtifula in the. most dreddful and distressing man.:
nor Tor three years, during. Which 'time ile.tvem de
prived of the use of his. limbs,- his head and neck
were covered witli,nlieta.';i'Viro tried all,the tidier
'cut remedies, but to no effect until recommended by
Itri Johnson, of Nerrian,wn; and", 4{l IP) 1 D . :3. 'lsaac
-ft ieeter, - oliteading;-te , use - your pepUraltv , Y.lllift .
of.Paraaparilln,Of whiailif obtained severo' kottlee,
the, use of, which drove ; the disease, entirely out Of,
his eystenthe sores healed pp, 8'64., tile; child was, rest . neOt.o4rerfect heoltit,'Which lie his enjoyed en-'
interrhiftedig eVer'infire,to . the f istolphl )s p eq t
,c( j ra.
ny pe rsons who seen 'Win 'during ihis affliction.... k
-have thatight - ifthriliiCy - itiiii..send , ,;yinOhiOertillt
that' - ti
'f,aoly.., m ,yjillowlvher4 to obiairqmsaitia_b_is
.41111d: -, , -. . "rothlViiii j'1,.., -A; ; O ;ArtAF.. .ei.
1 0 1 4,fila -T +'',i •'. 4 §..Arrtn,N B °N}': Pat 4 J
1104140 A Aheiblliiivjlig:ll4efitit . .jnb,ciiiiitiO4
:1 4 6 ar , O.iiiiiiif: 4 .T ),r 2V'':. :) t i ' 7 ';: 3 ::'f4;',4,.;
i—AiPAkiii ; OiT iz r,..t....#4,M ll .: , ;;; . .4eWrOtf,Vil ,
~;0 ti,vitpri15%.,67, . ..,...f;441, 4k;l , ' i-;',4 1 4r . ,:
~;:,,, ii*:lA:M!lficlP JClNOtallui:6:..,;tl:4:V4;4'j't.,:i
• .vip ,, ,- ~9V,,i4,1 4 :31.i A ... 1 17 , 44if,'4it.4;, , , , , 4 .00,Q14;
e , , , ADFs.9,4:,&„to 4 ,- ,-,, 461.4 , <W4A,;,04..4v4.4‘ , 01
~ rg..tter6 . 0 6
df4 .-
11 , • •
ilMleit.; tt l li Urt,44" 4r,4A110'9. , 0..' 6414NA#,"
llt .iW..47
T .s ., ''L7'l T - . 11.1X‘e',,.t.•,", '
t. tr i
I .., •,, ,Ct -
4 or,
!I 4 •
rnprp.46 . o64*
, Constit tonal
4:Apqtder t be ved:b , this
- ;ll4Riviterde q (4l regards the haPplaieds
,ittlt?;tiCei constantly off ihO-: . tiitieo.
iecceeditaidity r , adieu
riitrliroitlem- is sollyed,or Some profound , seerst
ve'aled;lativing an ;toff:or:tont and direct bearineoler
notit'S;liigfiCst destinies. If we talec . a,retrospeeter
iv .
view ever 'the past'. twenty years,' how is the ; mind,
struck with wonder! What rapid stride has scienee
made itv every department of ciriliied,
cularlyltt that which relates to the kalowledge of the
-human system in health-and disease,-, flow valuable
and indispensable are the curative Meant recently
discolored through the agency of 'chemistry !-: flow
does the imagination kioalleand our admiration glow
at the ingenuity, the near approach to the standard
of perfeetiOrt,':of the preitent time! Through the
elaborate investigations or Physinlogyor the science
of Lies:, and the PaufrOloiy of prevalent diseases,
much valuable praretical knowledge has been gained.
inConsequence of becoioing acquainted with theor
ganization; the elemeads . nf the various tissues and
structures of tilt; system, remedleiahave been sonlit
after and discovered exactly adapted to combine
neautralioe and expel morbiAo mnttei-, the cause of
disease, and substitutelaealtlif action in its place.--
is not only -suggested by the pathology of diseases,
not only grateful' tu the sufferer, but perfectly in con
sonance with the vexatious or Nature, and satiafac
toryto the views and reasonings of every intelligent,
rellecting'mind. ' It is thus thad . Sand's
a scientific combination of esse ntial prin'ciples ofthe
most valuable vegetable substances,operateS upon-the
system. The Samparilla is coiribined with the most
salutary productions, the most potent simples of the
vegetable kingdom ; and its unprecedented success
in thr restoration to health of those who land long
pined under the most distressing 'chronic maladies,
has givers it an, exalted character, famishing as it
does evidence of its own intriade value, and recom
mending it to the afflicted in terms'the afllieted'only
can know. It has long been a most Important Ile
tiderattim in the practice of medicine - tii obtain a
remedy similar to this—‘one that would act on the
liver, stomach TM bowels with all the precision anti
potency of mineral preparations, yet without may
their deleterious effects upon the Vital powers of the
The attention of the reader is respectfully called
to the following certificate.
.However grCat lichieVe
ments have heretofore been made by the use of this
invaluable medicine, yet daily experience shows re-
Its still more remarkabld. The proprietors here.
avail themselves of the opportunity of saying It Is a
source of constant satisfaction that they are made the
means of relieving such an amount of suffering.
Wonderful /Elects of Sanda'a Sarsaparilla in
has long resided at the Fails. The facts are well
known taall the old residents in that [sort of the city.
MESSRS. A. D. SANDS & Co.—Stns: MOSt grate
fully do I embrace this opportuuihv for stating to you
the great relief I obtained tiem the use of your Sar
saparilla. I shall also, be happy, through you, to
publish to all who are tinkled , as I lately was, the ac
count of my unexpectsd, and even for a (gig while
despair of cure. Mine isa painfill sun, and trying
' and sickening as is the narrative of it, for the sake of
many who may be surely relieved, I will briefly yet
accurately state it. •
Nineteen years ago last April a fit of sitkwess left
me with an Erysipelas eruption. Dropsical collies-
Sons immediately took place over the entire surface
of my body, caus,ing Buell au enlargement that it was
necessary to Wild a half yard to the size of my dres
' sesaround the wasle. Next Ibllowed,upon my limbs,
ulcers, painful beyifiiirdesciiptioil. Inc years, both,
in summer and winter, the only mitigation of my
suffering was found in pouring upon those 'mils cold I
l'water.• From my limbs the polo extended over my
whole body. There was literally for me no rest, by
I day or by night. Upon lying down these pains would
shoot , lbrough my system, and compel me to arise,
and, flit hours together, walk the house, an' that I was
almosttsitirely deprived of sleep. During Mistime
the Erysipelas cominued• active,' and die ulcers en
; lamed, mai so deeply titian these eaten, that for twc
mid a half years they have been subject to bleeding.
During these almost twenty years I have consulted
many play sichms, These have called my' disease—
us it was attended with an obititnite cough sod a steady
and active pain in my side—si dropsical consumption;
and though . they have been skilful practifloners, they
were only able to afford my ease n partial and tem
porary relief. I had many other difficulties toe com
plicated to describe. I have also. used many of the
medicinesllthat have been recommended as infallible
cures for thus diseade,,yet these all failed, and I was
most emphatically growing 'worse. In this critical
Condition, given up by, friends,and expecting for my
self, relief only in death; I Was • by the timely inter
position of a kind Providess°, furnished .With your;
to me, i nvaluable Sarsaparilla. :A single bottle gave
Mean asitimace'of health, which for twenty years(
had not once felt. Dpoii taking the'second' my en'
firgement diminished, - nail in tvosZve dap' from the
Bth of October, when I commenced tiking your Sim
saparilla, was Ode to enjoy sleep Mulrest,by
air refreshing as an: 'I
ever 'enjoyed 'When in perfect
health. - 'Besides, was, In this short time, relieved
from all those- excruciating anit.'unalleviated pains
that haddilicted Imy day* as well as roblied me of
my night's repoie..-- The ?tigers upon my 'limbs are'
healed, the Erysipelas coiled, and my -sizellt`editced
nearly to my former measure,.
re , •
:. Sand's Sarsaparilla will ats: remove and perina
nentlY cute diseases having their origin in an impure
Mated the blood and depraved condition of the
. gen-,
oral constitution ; vizi Scrofula or King ' s Evil salts
various ,forms It4eumatismi„obstinate:cutaneolts
et uptlions, blotches, pirnplele,postalekow
the lane; sore . eye's, ringwor m or. totter, Bahl
enlargemmil And pain of bones and joints,
stubborn' ulcers, syphilitio.symptoins, diseases-aria:
inerma au; imudiesomh 1.4 e: of merattry4,fertiale de-.
rangemenlenoil sinffitir canoplaintsl4 l,
Thus much do 'feel it a-- privilege to testify to the
efficacy ,of Tour, beaithrrestoring, St snparilln.' 11j
-Sibusanir ffiankb,-idri-frentupe-Aoso-tioniforfrartil
irliciahopaq.flature,lieoltlt are.duei upiAer,,9Asto:
your. hheit 'l ii Providence,
Unit tihteteirmo to your-Ohl; *liter* the Sappy,
and iiinfored 'Merin:tic* Polliffi.nilliri;.llolks7„.l
ealiedandAapaiffirig as year , nnich relieved
It!PeinotuitV• amseore4,ttAhOlVOnuned, Aston**,
Phltli~m"s~ an MOO oath bf",oe lasts contained ittblAe,
!-• :•RUFITS
. ,
Beteg iefimaltiqetlat4iti itert - Vhllllis. I
:cergy u tlttp,& ttle lthevpAstsersimfaass tint - antistaettallp:
....1049r5rvIporlAqmoit ,
mint M4k • • , 41cPtotro
ititita che,. sys , , vanttth oga;11
.3, reowav,
11,0 ,t r :4 , 4 Oros t - kAmligorraitle
11= Pittgr toso,stavitnwo,c
- I(tAifet.DAt ! .19) 1
i t R 4 ' " I .r. vinlkelg4 tite , ro*;
.rimttl i f • illtWOhttAttlts* , .:
ngyit. rlso-Mdt xems tr„ qua onOit tic
.the mo*
191191tAtti ~„.,‘ltAcamits gsitrtncl;
s bl;p4AptitakAOM
wt '
~k.,.4... .
stead the following from Mrs. Wm. Phillips, who
44,, ~-,
Iketi#A, qi
t itPr. , l,ei
s oiliarmieN ; ,-:-
ti4repySob. , x.o.
iny trieroko#ptl 1 00., nutli
Motieeefllilib/aW , O
- ig tri .....5 , ~r ,: . .i
, 4,
, , :' , Y r ..:•: , ; •" : , ;', 1 ' :2:-' , .. , NA'fi'', '......,A ::4 :0 1 114 1 ' ,..
- 111i14; :1406* V AMlCttpt. - lARILitc•C :
JUL. , •;.tiWPrt . ,\ 4iitt;'' .'''..P 11 Al , l^. ' t . it." . ...'. ,',' -.':'•
tairliet;9e l 4 , letter trOm9.43)Wjiltaitiie, or Eastoifi.
:,•..'; 1,1 - iikttniAticiog LeTtif Satiatiitetitit; -.''' ~ ';.: .
"lity ill itle yadii.,*:tilvgjiyi,t e:, , fpriktee ..noW ',three ,
Years and Ilielattet , :viihr,'Avetty'Ors; Old; liave . p4en
an i eted'i' o loo4, 66 falt l?steeterfrotif the time they.
were three': tiiiiinthil in it: , Tbtee months ago l' Was
induced to make trial of your Extract of Sarsaparilla,
anal have given it to both to the present time,, 'Try '
are ilbsi' entirely free front any appenranee'of Scro
fula and .never were in Metter health." :. '• 1 _
Dr. Lehly's Banaparillikiceliipacious in all dis
eases arising kin . IM purities 'of 'the blood min other
fluids of tlm=•system::i All inialitle who :may ',have
been under' in laical treatment; who are debilitated
from the quantity of mediiiine they . mailirive'taken,
or are under a mercurial influence, will find that by
Using a few.bottlee of Dr. Leidy's Sarsapnrilla,their
usual' vigor and elasticity of their frame and system
will be restored, utul be again permitted to enjoy the
sweets of life. . , .
_ • •
. ,
Ca'"Phis at tielexippears to be • doing *enders at
the South, and 11'66111e high character of.the re
commendations, we ReC fully iS a most
capital medicine for all impurities of thy blood. We
know many Physicians will have .given their testi
mony on thin statical, and we know they would not
give a eliaraetUr to zny medicine that did: not really
-deserve it"—Eharleston Enquirer.
Extract of a letter from Dr. Warren, Natchez.
"Having for the 19st year in my practice used your
Sarsaparilla with much satisfaction to myself and
benefit to my patients, I have no hesitation iu declar
ing. it to be one of 'the most useful preparations in
diseases for which Sarsaparilla is preseribed."
jThis preparation may ~ b e depended upon as
being the strongest (Consequently more efficacious)
of any in existence ; all fluid preparations must pus
:setis eitnilar virtue.; in proportion to their strength,
heing prepared from Alio same article. Dr. Leidy's
Cottipopuil 'extract. of Sarsaparilla, however, pos
seasmi,properties not possessed ,by others, from its
manner of preparation, And combination with other
vegetuble extracts recommended by the medical fa
culip.-itial hence the reason why it ism() generally
recomniendell by the PhysiChnis of Philadelphia and
elsewhere. - .
Prom the Ottraort!linnry viatica - of this prepara
tion and a knowledge of its compos*.tion by. Physi
cians, (tiw kiason why thef, so generally use il, as
they woulil net use or recommend any preparation
they did not know itho composition otO it has been
introduced in ninny of the Hospitals throughout the
U. S. and is highly s•etsommended by Pbysicians and
Sfirgeoni of those fhiethYtions.
From thi isTet , Orleans Advertiser.
The high and .envied celerity which this pre
eminent medicine has acquired for its invariable ef
ficacy in all diseases which Iteofifisek to cure, has
rendered the Urinal practice o f Mifffing unnecessary.
It is known by its fruits and its gone' Works testify
for it: Dr. Leidy's Sarsaparilla will be l'oUnd *O
cularly efficacious in all diseases of the liver, stom
ach, skin, kidneys, spine and bones, Slcellwtion of the
tiose, throat and other parts, absceises,fistnltuf,stro
fulas, erysipelas, jamulice,rhenmatism anti incipient
gout, mercurial and syphilitic affections, reied° de
rangements and in restoring the sickly and debilitat
ed to their natural health and energy.
Dm Leidy's Compound Extruct of Sarsaparilla Bali
stood the test for five years past, and 'tis no boast to
say that there is no oilier preparation of equal
strength now in use. Throughout the Southern
States where Sarsaparilla 1: as much in general use
us tea and coffee, 1)1.. Leidy's Sarsaparilla is goier
ally 1)1.01:v1.ot-um! is highly recommended by Phy
sicians, (whose certificates have been frequently pub
lished ] Ihroughout the north and west it is also
much used, more perhapsthau any other.,
One bottle of it (half It pint] is Warranted equal to
two of any other in strength, and is equal to one half
gallon of fhe strongest Syrup that can be made.
Directions for making Syrup therefrom accom
iranies the directions.
0:7-But a few days sincea Clergyman of this city
[who does not desire his name published in the ;ra
pers, but is left with Dr. Leidy] stated that a lady
who had long been n communicant at his church, but
for two years past unable to go to church, on account
of her extreme debility, occasioned in. ulceration of
various partrflier body, ,tliseaac of her liver and
other lidera*. 'erangements ' and the courant taking
of medicine th ; dor, neverround any change for the
better untitaltit using several bottles of Dr. Leidy's
Sarsaparilla, and by.a few molitha perseverance in
its use, was entirely restored to health, and recover.'
ed her former strength, and to use her own language
"was almost created a new being." This' ia but one
of many instances almoit daily heard of.
It is prepared only and sold. wholesale and retail
at Dr. LYADY'S, Health Emporium, No. 19t North
Second street.below Vine: ; also sold by Frederick
Brown, corner Fifth sod Chesnut streets; and Fred.
Klett & Co, corner 2d and Callowhill street, at $1
per bottle, (a hall pint) or, six bottles $5.
For sale in Carlisle, by .
May 91, 1843
Worms: Worms
. . . . „
. . . .
P patents knew , the value and efficacy ,ef Dr,
I . 4.eitly's Patent Vegetable Worth Teti,they neier
would bp without it in Children are
auldeet it all nines to Wormi. ' . ,
• Dr.'lLeitly'is Worm Tea hi:coinpeised of vegetables
altogether; and may be' given to children of allages.
Dirt.thtions accompany each paper or package.
C.lfildrenc suffer much, of time !; From so many
things being given . themlor 'worms, without'any et
feat. Muchsnediine, given to children, has a ten
dency to destroy their generil - health; and they , aro
more br less delicateeser afte6 • - 1 1 •
pro avoid the necessity at•eving *medicine nnne
cessarily. when' you are certain your children. have
worms give themat first Dr. Leidy's Worm Tea. It
tie all'that is necessary. . • • ‘; , -
Deference might be made to•seviatat hundred mo.
`venlig in Vhiladelnblirdity 'and ebunfy, of the efficacy
01 , Dr. Leidy's Worm Tea. Try it and yeti cwill be
convinced. .
Price,l2i Cents a : small; and 25 dentos
age.. "Yreipareil ntili;•• and for side, .wholesele s ma l l
-Retalliat-DlA;eitlyta ,- Hcaldf-t:inporiurnA,% Ntr.'lo
North Second •street;'below' Vine,[s:igti ot the Col
den•Dagre and erpents,34'lidadeplua: -
•` • For Cin = '• •
• T.' C. STE,VaNSDN.
Jurie7A; IBS: •m••'• • '; qi;s3
, • ,
DC•Li3idy . 'i Te ttef 'an d" 4ch 9iptmq Rt.
-AN lohilliblo remedyfor varions offectionq of ti!e
Skin o refugyife,Pim!cav:•4o 4 lo, gil.g l trolilKing',
,of tho,alein„:sour potioulak,!ttlolloro of
Toiter otiillll4 l lolo.' 0*" ' , . , .- Wi
: ';ghttroiO(folitt liiis Weninstil s iii Aiiiieriois!weliOolti!
throughout itip:Oily itiOicooritt,i's ,k*Mitivlik
etoitlotrineliminitititiet iti Hi it ndlioN-find •omp, Igo;
;whooll'etterand,itch;ss ivelkilithEivliftek4hYii4.
*AV PtOjedr"S* 4l ::o o *"alite,l. r , :io6
peos.'2 amoLdio .9 4 0
‘ po, - othete 1411 J.ll!•Orer
,lntendoots ooti Propi.lo A, o aottal 'top tio.„
glikopoottfirinliiethlifkbo*bot pitho44'4lv_ ti*,
?Ofitti,Zioob"lo‘l44bieVidANtiOalikle 10trisZ.."
' Vritio*elitilibtiVoPotioifi ' lOW .2'L .. .,',l
' 04 - q*ifoc;)- , , t145 . f0i-i. ii,jiraticS : ~tiS N.
jutie f 4 • illoorp - -Y ,- ,6-s. WI :: 4- .6iP V' 40 4 I ' 4 ' ti. 4.?.
tl".1" - a:;. - r ,.!, 'two
:,Y,34Tiiiiiilf .
~,... ... 'Cure t witikiii.;'nci
0141 Collegitin tlte' tr.
„,firtiol:,' tierielice Wan
~ 0104401,01 ti iii' ,, y.i.Nlich.heliali
ounitiCtisdie.-010(filiritig 'a practical
~rilttidinio,tyriA4sotu ,140.iiiMdi Et hell bil;•
ifooSiallieni:.+ ; friese . picidirtitinits ctt6
.. ti:•••4, IIP: , ;.•,: ~ - • - -
tOrsi . tirti*liitableieliieiVortiiiiiii;'
„ol,thr,j ~,,,,, ititi, AtllliiiiiiTSfiiiiiiig - iilitiooil;
fliiinniatittAf_the tangs or ThrOati Difilculiy of
-Breath:W.6,4l'oA ilitienses'ortfiel'itlinonaryoituri.
f' , ;4lSo'Jayne's',lllair?:Tonio, for the ~ Preperviition;
Prowth and Beauty of:the Hair, and which w ill, pa's*.
!iliely bring iii new hair on bald liiiiida.; '''"' - i
Also Jayne's Tonic Vernsifuge,a certain and plea=
sant remedy for Worms' Dysp.triti,pilesiandonsofy
other diseases. '
Also'Jayne's Carininitive Balia in; a certain inre
for. Bowel and.Sumuier. Complaintsi DiarrhouirDy
sentery Cholla, Cramps,Sick Headache, Sour, atom;
ach Clioleca Marlins, and all derangements Of the
Stomach and towels, Nervoiis Aftectionif tto.
Jayne's Sanative pills, for Female Dismses, l..iyer
COmidaint, Costiveness, ' Fevcrs,.: ' !Asthmatic:on%
Glandular; Obstruetions, Diseases Of the Skin. Zzo.
and in all cases where an.. Alterative or Purgative
Medicine is required. • , ,• ~ , ,
~ ,
..., :. , •
• , ,
?or sale in Carlisle, by
" . • ' - T. •C. STEVENSON.
Mar.31,1i843. ' , , . • ,
~, - . • .•; if- '
Y• vie de of the powers and authority
14 contained, hi the last will and testament o
ItfiennEt IF.lnE,dec'd.,l lid iv. offer for sale, the
Carlisle - Iron Works,
Situated on the Yellow Breeches Creek; 43 Joe.
cast of Carlisle Pa. The estate Consists aft tirst rate
TIE aVaitWas/agt
With Ten Thousand wictts of Land.
A new NiERC fi ANT 'Aft IL with four run of stone,
finished on the .most approVed plan. About SOO acres
of the laud are cleared and ittglily4ltivated, having
thereon erecte'
Three Large Bank Barns
and necespar
works are propelled v) , the ellow Breathes Creek
and the hulling Spring,which neither fail norfivete.
There are upon the premisesall the nOvsattry work
mess houses, coal liouses,carpenter Mid smith sham
and itablingfluilt of the most substantial materials.
The ore of the best quality and inexKustible,is
within 2 miles of the Furnace. ' There is perhaps
.no Iron Works it. Pennsylvania which possesses
perior advantages and offers' greater inducement's to
the investment of Capital. The ' water power ha sh
great that tt might be extended to t.ny other Manu
facturing purpose.. Persons disposed to ptlrclume
will of course CiAMMIC the property. .Theeerins of
sale will be madnitnown by
_ .
- Executrix of Michael Ege, deed.
Carlisle, Oet.lo, 1842. tf-5t
JIL, PROTECTION CONIPANY,-beYng incoepo - • , .
inted by an net of the Legislature of the present ses
sion,sind fully oreanized and in operation under the
direction ,n 1 the following board el ..111anagersi viz:
Thoithis.o. Miller,
C. P. Cummins, John Moore
David W. McCullough, James Weakly; George
Martin; William Moore, Sanniel Galbraith, James
Geenson Tlinimis M ision, Win. Harr,Josepli Culver,
And A t . Miller, .111 the attention' Of the inhabit
ants 'fft Ciiiiiln*land Valley to the cheapitcaS of their
rites nail the Many ittliiantages which tltts ;hid di'
insurance luta over my other.
Ist. Eiery pei s iou finolured CrOdmes it member of
the* conrpsuiv and taketi part ih the choice of officers
altd .ille,ihrection of its cliticeliSe.
For iiiiitranee no More Is s .clemanded than is
'necessary to meet the exbenses of tffe Company and
indemnity against losses which mity Itgjtplru., .
Sul. The inconvenience of frequent i'eneWalb fa AL
voided hp insuring for a terns of five years.
4th. Any person applying for insurance mast glen
his premium note for the cheapest class at tile rate
of five per remain, which will be $5O on the $lOOO,
for which lie will have to pay $2,50 for five years,
and $1,50 for survey and policy, nod no more unless
less be sustained ton greater amount than the funds.
on hands will co'verond then no more will be milde
ed than a pro, rata share.. These .rates are much
cheaper than ilmse of other companies, except such
as are incorporated on the same principles.
Insurance is effected in the following nianner. A
person applyint , for insurance for property' of the
cheapest class of risk for $lOOO will be charged 5
per cent for five yens so note amounting to $5O must
he given by him ' on which Vie will be required to pay
5 per cent $2,50, and $1,59 for surveying and Policy,
and will have no more required of him unless losses
occur and the funds on hands ere not sufficient to
Meet them.
Agents 'will be appointed RS sonwini possilde . in dif
ferent ploCes to attend to insprances. naulany persons
wishing immediately to applycan do eo by signify
ing thew with, to the officers of the. COMpaIIV.
A. G. MILLER, Seely.
Tha following gentlemen have been:ttypointed
Dr. ira Day, Me,diaiiiesburg.
James Kentiedy,'Evq., Newville.
, George Brindle, F.sq.; Monroe. '
Clemens McFarlane, Carlisle, •
L. H. Williams, Esq. IVestpennibotti'
' James Kyle, Newton.
Col.. Jas. Cestutit, Lee's X.
Jos. M. Means, Esq. Newburg. .'
Jos. Monger, Esq.' New Cumberland,
,John Clentlenin, Eiq. flogestown..
Stepben , Culbertson{ Shippensburr,.
Peter McLaughlin, S. Sliddleton..'
Aprillg, 1843..
Susquehanna Line,
ryVIE proprietoriof the , Sui quehanria Linetifll
' A. , run their. Cars nod Boats as usual to ,Phil.
•adelphia and Baltimore duringthe present season.
'Their frionds'will plaits° apply' to Neble,Vlitio,
di Hersßroad et.ind Hart, Andrews Sc !VICKI:re,
.ver..Brat l nhttre above Rate street on the Deli:
ware Philadelphia, and Aesop!), g., Elder, Haiti,
+more: , . .
. • .
• UritilfOithei
be adhered•tci.between . this Fgaie airid - theC aboSvii
. •
!Ale pdr TOO ,
:Dry Goods;•Trug-s, - . , ...
and Mediciiide f 1,11 . .2 1 6 .; 4
,f-;:,Vf23:t . i..41.400
-Varckitur 4 N. --- - ',
pli ..., ..... « 5 ...., .: 4 4
..wlicat;Rie‘itOrii ' s . ' '.." •.
: t.r.t i er bveli., t-, .4 ...- il , :, t , . 4 - 11 . 0' r., ~.i . -... r.z . 4t ..1. , ..'•!,
thitr.o4lda-4..1,!141 ...4tt 7.4 T:I :.4.1- ft - -, : q...' , .. 71.1-:ri: ,
GrOCCO)Ns- - , i , -, ,:.; z 1 .1:1 ~,.-,-, „,,,41 1 k,-,441 4 1tAi ~,,.,
tpalberrr,io"`;' , : • , ,-.. ~, '.' '„ : . .... '....
vlidec :,., "...)• ',' is 'tir'''.. 4 li2:7.t.'' , ' ;.' ll .''''' ,
stanktemodt+. _ juocc.l.- ; 50,71,y, 2 t 0 ,.., 44.;t I; .4T:,4,, 4 . ... 41
n0ur5tribbi40. 4 41,14 3 74.14, 1 3013di-Wi . -AA , ;: - .. , :l
r 1
li v :
f 3 - 4 .404114 1 M,140.101.. - nt .. .; 41 7..:1 1 i4:10. - * , 40::
n1 3 :049',07,•:: ' 4 442it.'41141114
" , Llr':'
liiiikitdrilli 1 4 --`..'l7K=';itlf , ''otAVAVE': if
-40tertilo O. g Ni ik , •% kiyelit , ita, , i
4i4.41104 , 40;00 , ' , i
•'f•ii — • - '4 , 1t0
- 14 .' - - - 4 g,
kswar 'l,
0 4"
/24,)111 . 6:3.A1'a1ack
q P
. wEra I F,i it
.„• fed;_,72.l
. . .
C. '
15 . $1 pezlob
• .
e 14;d 4
ul corrupt her=
4;:n.,, _ ti a Agile,
61141 ,,, %0j Ottre,'ilit"th.7.ll, ,,
,A - ..h
, Are 'AO hill ; Ore: C00T:i144110P..-.TP,PW,PtqII4
owl IpdAiio# m111119,0(1 ,Keve.,o4,4ers9-P9e
clettlise rtorn lltotte,tpo4l4, trtnnOrsi,
*IMO4't • (I.& .ti)"ti - iioti,4olr.ltuie•oViii
• 4-e
• • - • • ".•
• Sii; fits°, 'witch c thane impurity is tlepositeo ort
tions and 0011440116 d,
vin} a iierhfin to give. relid, Mil if pehei;"vtia, as
cording 'to tiir,ectiont, will nio'kiitridileit/lAtidliiili:i
oat fail* *nuke a p'erfeet-cnre of :ike.A . 4 0 4.144 n i
mai:Wies t ~ ,From ttFee'to,six,of
ble.Pilla taken everY niejtnn.goingn)tbnil'#fif 4 s 4
short time, so , completely. rid err:n . 1 . 1444'1
thing that is , opposed to healtit;;,that :, #*47441613';
Gout, and pain of every des
DRIVEA' F 110.17 `7IIE
For the same minions, when,from - eudden clianges
of atmosphere, or any miter cantle, the'pO•iipirsition
is checked, and the ktimoes which skould,pasaoif by
the skin are thrown inwardly, causing,
Nausea and Sickness, pain in the boneliWaterY'and
inflamed e) es, sore throat, hottisenees,' ioeglis, eon.
sumptioni, rheunuitio pains in varionii ,parts of the
body,and many other symptonis of -• •
'• • • C4TCIII.IVO COLD, '
itbly• : gl4l6mediaie relief. • From _three to six of
said 10,farlaliien every night on going to Leal, sill In
a 4ltort tiniei not Only remove all the idios'e unpleas
sant symptunni, but the body will, in a short time, be
restored to even sounder health than, before. The
same •may be said of "
The Indian Vegetable 'Pills will loosen and etirry
off by the stomach owl bowels those tough phlegmy
humors, Which stop up' the'aie cells of the fungspitl
re the collie not only of the OboCe !Ustieasing coin
plaint, but when neglected, often terminates In that
still more dreadful malady called
It should nlso be remembered that the Ittihad
Vegetable Pills u•c n vet lain cure for -
Opp`cekkinn, Hensel., and sickness, loss of Appetite,
en'etiveneesot yellow tinge of the skio'mnl•eyes end
cwty other apopteni of a torpid or diseased stated
cite liver; became they rime fron th 6 hotly those
impurities which if deposited, tipcc this important
ottpui,ecti the muse or every rnriei of . .
VVItOn 'A NIA On 1 touvulsed by li cite, Outbreaks
and ltebcllion , tht only sure means o preventuig4be
tire:1(110 etinkettnenees of ti •
is to expel all ik-aitors, and evil disposed oti . s from
In like mittin'er;wilt`ii pninot•sit;kitessof kny kind
Intliente that tlie hotly is 51i . unling with intermit foes,
the true remellly Is to " '
(i`niitops to life.) find II EA WILL'
That the Prineittle'nfintlitiztlisvitae, by
mid Purifying the body, Is sirmiy lb Seco:ll:mei: , with
. .
the Laws which guVelst the hiiinds) economy' mid if
proilerly tarried out by the iThe a itie above. milted
cbrtainly remit In the clituplete Abolition
Disease; we ofrer lestitoenisitt, from
pectin's of the highest respectability in Now York
who hate recently been cured of the most olisimate
complaint's, solely by the use of WitlbilT!S lirbinx
- -- - itotAtbA, 1:3 um , ill,l 841: •
. boctor• Minima Wright-:-Deity Sir—lt is With
gitait satisfaction that I inform putt of my having
beta entirely cored of Dyspepsia, of livid -I.tirs' stand
ing; by OW Ilse of yotir INDIAN VEGETABLE
PreVia§ lb ftlectlukttills, your celebrated, media
eine, I ball been tinder dill banda of aereral
ciana, and ball tai foila tnedieinea; but all to no
effect. .Altee itsiiig tlne 43 litod box of your Pi lld
however, I egit!eleittbil sn ititlidt bettai,..,thut I re
solved to perseaeiii hi the tilt or them. neeording to
your directions, Whidi I ttitt Nippy tO'stnie, ban re+
suited in n . perfeet turtg In gratitude to you for the
great benefit.] have reamed; null Also in the hope
lint others similarly nffihited nine be induced to onikd
Oat of yobr eitraortlionrY meilitine, i send yott
his statement with fitllliberty,td jiabl is!! the same It
you think proper. ;Yout.r., ttb;
Nrm Yot*, June 19, 1 9.11. • G.:Ci•iilLAek.-' •
To Mr. Richard Dennis, Agent fin'AVrighealtaliail
Vegetable Pills o 'Dreenwiel .kt:'.ll.: Y.
'Dear Sir--At. your, 'reeornmemhition, 06iPe is . r4 •
!three made trial of IVRIGET'S 114DIA1 1 1 . *.fiG: •
EI'AIILE PILLS of the North` American Cnllef
of Fleattlir hid can ticaisereationsliOsiert; that for
• . Parifilug Dloial; Mid retiii: . ;atier; the ay
. , , „
have received ninte'benefit &bin their ose,ifoui fit° dt
nay tither tattilitioe; - it illlWhiPetotorti htlen4tit2iBiid
fnetune to, meet ••Witli, '1 din; ileac ,air, with' many
Ilianktyyour obliged friend,, TATE, - .*
Zk1e.,.69 ; Ilarnerelyay New york.
leielMiCtienbit4, agent 'to!, Wright,'s.,Todiarr
Vegetable 7 '_r• •
Sli.=Ll tyieiafflicted foi,eeverit,,Tatd,
with. inward weakness and geneVul'dillthlit?„ actiMlT
,puttied ; times with 'Dahlia the,:side'sied: other :did.
tressingeMoplaints: AllecttayingtrieAsatjeusl9l4o :
,etaes' without by p. friend to,
Wright's VegeoadePilie,
ara,kinppy to St ate lifft reool.irt taejn nines
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yet torittt'sbni•tlitiieV:atid have iloibt, , tiji, ' per.
«f : the media* sioscedinglo s '
tilreitiono,,thi4,A shall inn short,.,#tAsi_O r i._kett*?oy.,
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the same
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Vegetalsie - fiaIWA4V:
ti Iyy ; P.o4#fif 400,k 0 :1 1 !$ik'dekdki• , or. wok
Ileauaelre, to . which I bad,payipledykef,rt.,.Rald,,etterr,ir..
t ' ,' 'X l l9 . Grc; . gottlh:ll l Vilil t ,)[, - . •
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