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, Matti
M. Al
, p- _ -
4114141k233 , 213 9
Wednesday Blonder Decombei 27,1843
a 7v. B. PALIII6II;Esq., No. 59'Pine street, be
low Third, Philadelphia, is authorized to receiue
-Mibscriptions and advertisements for the .4 Herald
.4 Expositor," acid .. give receipts for thti
Wood !
a'fA number of cords, of dry Oak or Hickory
, -.. "W00d, will betaken at the Mice in payment of
'subscription, if delivered without delay.
0: We tender our friends and patrons the corn.
plirnents of the season. Wo hope they have' had
a".merry Christman," and that all may enjoy a
" !nappy' New:Year." ' , •
•••IVe are indebted to Hon. Jag. Block for an
Immense public document from the P. 0. Depart
ment, which is not of the leak importance to us,
but we nevertheless thank him for his courtesy.
ie ccrWe have the annual Report of the Cumber.
land county Temperance Society on file, but its
isablleation is unavoidably deferred to our * next
°:o 4 Campliell's Foreign Semi Monthly Naga.
'ante; for Dee. 16. 1843. is embellished by a Vig
nette Title and an engravingofpaol and Virginia
in the 'best style of the art.. The contents are
varied and interesting. This is one of the best
of the Magazines mode up from foreign periodi
cals. Price Five dollars per annum.
Thanksgiving Day.
0 -Thanksgiving-day was observed in this bor.
ough with-the utmost propriety, and fully in ao.
cordance with the recemmendations.of the Gov
ernor's proclamation. Every store, 'shop . and
place-of business in - olir borough; We believe, was
closed—all traffic was suspended and the hum of
Industry was no where heard.
,Religious services
were held In all our churches, and the day wore
the quiet and solemn aspect of the Sabbath. It
was a gratifying spectacle to nee -the day thus
cordially and heartily yielded up as a free-will
offering to Him who is "aboVe and over all, the
Sispreme Ruler of-the Universowlio sendeth
the dews that fertilize.the earth, and who bath
prondued that summer and 'Winter, heat and cold,
seed-time and harvest, shall not Cease so long as
the worldendureth." It is trunted, now that the
practice has tit'en commenced in this State, that a
day will hereafter be annually set apart, by future
,Chief Magistrates, for prayer, praise and thanks
giving tu.Gnd, throughout the existence of our
beloved Commonwealth.. '0 .
,try.Theri: have been sonic rather Warm proceed.
ings in Vongress lately, touching the question of
Abolition 14titions. A sketch of t h e debate on
the subject will be found in our Congressional
_proCeedings. The remarks by Mr. Beardsley, of
N. Y. strike us as being correct on thus subject.—
It is'aingular that Southern members cannot see
this to be the true view of the question. It is not
singular, however, but vile and_despicable, that
the mein body of Northern loco theos pursue a
course directly opposite to that of Mr. Beardsley,
Who is Oh other aubjects loco foco'out.and.out.
On. Friday the .Massachusetts petition came up
again: Mr. Adams desired to speak upon it, but
.this was Opposed. Mr. Hudson, however, moved
that tlio rules' bo suspended, which was dune by a
vote of 123 to 46. Mr. Adams then rose and ad.
dressed the House at some length. We shall en.
dravor to given part or all of his speech in uur
next, The petition has been referred to a corn.
tiiittee of nine members, of which Mr.• Adams
will be made chairman. The. report will cause
•stirring times. This petition wa■ passed by the
last Massachusetts legislature, which. was loco
films in both brOnches.
Death of Judge Thompson.
Judge Tuomrsivs, of U.S. Supremo Court, died
on Monday net at his residence near Poughiceep.
ode, in the 77th year of 'his age. He was con•
sidercd'one of the most amiable men living. •
VA %Vhig county rne'cling in Butler,' ately
rasped resohn ions in favor of Hon. John Bunks,
se the next Whig candidate fo: Governor.
It"' A t a Democratic State Convention recently
Veld in Alabama. an issue was made between
Mr. Van Buren and' Mr. Calhoun: Wild decided
in favor of 66 former, Mr. Van Burch receiving
X 67 voles, Mr.lCallioun 56. Mr. King, (U. S. Sen.
ator) was unanimously declared the choice of the
Otate forlhe Vied Presidency. '
President'Tylerand the Locos.
ETTI; tViallington correspondent ofthe N. Y
American, says:. • •
' , Tyler is outrageous about the election of Blair
and pies, ae Printers. fro says the contest is
now narrowed down iotlay and Van Buren, and
the chances are has to one infuser of Clay. Nov
no thanks to him for this as news—we knew it
rotlgitinces ritigt it news that be should aticngth
hake ix perception Of the troth,
The Madisonian several days ago published nn
article ih reply to some strictures of the Globe,
upon Mr: Tyler's 41114 - 16 On to Blair 6c Rives be
ing elected printers. This article in the Medico.
nisei was evidently icing; the'pen alt. Tyler, and
yi the inane of it, be makes :the Colluisfirecaleu.
!Won: ' • - •
• "Mr:'Tyei 'placed his opposition to Blair &
pies pn t he ground of wrong pnd
; persecution,
and on that of the necessity of union in the party.
We think this argument of the necessity of con
' ciliation
,Pebuliarly strong, Judging from the
late elections. the Whig vote, in all.human.proh.
,___abilitY„_wllEprevall-in-the-following-States-at the
cOming•presidenthil election, even with the most
Strenuous exertions of united, ppinucritic per
,ty to prevent it,,vii; . •
Massachusetts, ; 12
Rhode Wand, - • 4
Verinont,. ' 6
" " .' . U.
.. Maryland,
North Carolina, 11
Georgia, • 10
Kentucky, ' • 12
Tennessee,. • - .13
". 23.
Xlectoral votes Certain, 110
The Derneoratio,panditlaie Would, in ell ptoba.
bail s tenehre the votes'or the boleti :
Now lientieshite;
Virginia, '1
• !.
: i• :Mahan, , '
'''..ll l9l k ll o7i ,
:Sktitettatte,, , _
fienth Carolina;
lectlng cerpOit, 65, •
irai m d'd i ii s i 663 IN's in.the Otois
40400011c0t, New ;York, Papieylvanii. Laud's!:
ni(few ti,ervey, indigna;'
• itletitotlauvoleo in Onnl l odieloirld,
0110$ . Irc!tiut 'Pieowi'"7t4'lOn.`n
The stestniiip Hibernia; arri , Mdidlioston Wed 4
nesday inorning,at 6 o'clock, bringing.l6 days later .
intelligence from Europe.
Trade hasbeen, dull, but was reviving. ..1 (S
The Queen was paying.yisitsamong
,the . nobility,
in the country.
,She first visited Sir Robert
then the Dukes of Devonshire. and Rutland, ,- dt le
said, shUwilfvisit the King of Prusaits' nest. spring:
The King wad FreiioifiOyieoe!Oti siieiier.frorn
the President of the U. S:congmtulati4,liim on the
Prince of Joinviße's marriage...
In Spain, affairs apprar, to., be Iranntiil. Some
important changes have been effected in the Cab
inet. . •
In Turkey, there lies been a dlaair of ministry.
The Preirdenthe Council, Hafiz
~ pacha, having
been replaced by Acbmet Fethi Fuchs! in the Pres!
iilenci of the Council of Justice.
In Italy.there is still .disaffection. Letters from
Leghorn, of the 11th inst., say that the people of
Naples were in a state of great exeitemen`, expect
ing some sudden movement; and that the insurgents
in the. Papal States were not entirely.disperseq. 7
The inhabitants of Messina were a constant state
of alarm, at the last accounts, from the repeated
shocks of ermliquakes. Mount Etna Wall in a state of
unusual commotion.
Wales is only kept in order 1.1 the presence of the
The State trials of O'Connell and others, have
been adjourned to the 15th of January,to allow the
traversers to prepare the defence.
• Fel' the Herold.
Mr. Editor:—At the anniversary of the Cum•
Berland County Temperance, Society, held on
Tnuredey eiening, the 21st of December, 1843,
the flillowing persons were elected officers for the
ensuing year, viz:
President-3. H. DEVOE, Esq.
' Vice Prceideuls=flee• I'. V. Moon; Prof. T
Secrctaiy—q. H. Crinwa. •
Treasurer.—T. Trimble.
Executive Committee—Prof. M.Calt; well, Jacob
Fetter, Samuel Elliott, George Keller, Jacob Senor
Nathan Veatch, Henry DotTield;John H. Weaver.
The following delegates were appointed to at
tend the State Convention at Harrisburg, on the
10th of January, 1844, viz:
J. H. Dever, Esq., Rev. J. V. E. ThornC, Jacob
!Keller, Rev.' Dr. Durbin, IL. Duffield, Prof. M.
Caldwell L. G. Brandebury, Esq. Nathan Hamel)
Rev. &Squire, Prof. T. E. Sittller. • .
Test, T. H. Ciuswri.r..,See'ry.
Harrisburg .Papers._
Ilia Intl:Mgt:neer, ut Hutrisloirg will be publish
ed twice u week during the session of the Legis-
Wore, at the low'prico of $.2 for the !Cs ion, or
$3 a year payable in advance.
Address , C. hi'Cunrer.
*lto Democrofic Linlop.
palishyrs of the.Democraiic Union at
larrisburg,,tntrouse to issue a'daily sheet during
he sesaion of the Legislature. The tcrrna are as
Daily during the session, super royal size, $3 00
Semi-weekly du double royal size, .11 00
Weekly permanent subscribers, twice u
midi during ilie session. 3 00
linuic G. 111.'ifini.EY Co.
4n the 6th inst. by the nee. Auemul,
WASHINGTON ISELLSI A A', of thi. ploFe, to Miss no.
GOTTIMALL, or :Middletown, Dauphin county
cOtt the 121st inst. by the same, Mr. Arttme.w.
Middleton township.
In the oily ol• Now Vol k, nn the evrtting of the
'2oth lust., by the Rev, Phillipa, the
X. MCLANAIIAN, of Chmohershorg. Pa., to ANN
MATILDA, daughter Of Joaneh Mcßride, Esq., of
the former phice.
ETTERS Testamentary upon the last will and
IA Testament of Wilt. CRAIGHEAD, sr. has
been granted in due form or Law,to Richard Craig
head 01111.1°1m Craighead, to whom all persons in
fielded to die Estate will :nuke payment. and those
having claims will present them for settlement. ,••
December CT, I 8 , 13. 9t-9
91 , 1111', subscribers will rent that large nod com-
I ominous 1-10USl .at present in the occupancy
of Miss Sarah P.. Miller, situated on high Street,
opposite the Mansion I loose lintel. The Gnt•den
attached to the !louse is large and well tilled with
choice fruit trees.. house is well calculated for
it Boarding :louse or Store. Possession given on
the tat day of April rent
_ _
December '27% 184:3
A Two stor , stone House and .Lot
of Grimm, the venially of Mrs. Henrietta
Colltsluiw. Minnie St the west end of Lowlier street,
in the Borough of Carlisle, opposite Dickinson Col
lege, now in the occupancy of Prof. T. 1;. Sadler.
Por particulars 1111114 re of the subscriber at his
Jesidence iu llsoover street, Carlisle.
Possession gi%en on the Ist (Inv of April firm.
Agent loi the owner
7 • VI 312
11,11. pel.sollsl are hereby notified that IVILSON
S. NAIL' •It , of Dickinson township, Comber
l'and county, Na. has this day made a deed of v dun
tort' assignment of ull his Estate and effects, real;
personal mid rinsed to the subscriber, who resides in
the same township of Dickinson, for the benefit of
his creilitorm. All persons having claims or demands
against the 'raid Wilson L. Nnifor. will present the
SLUM arid illOfge indebted make payment.
5.C.1111E1.. ALLEN, •
• Assignee of IV. L. Nonni..
December '47,1 843. 6t.9
Estate of Christopher Failer,deceased.
ETTEIRS of Administration on the estate of
township, to -the suMe R
riber residing a
in tile same
tows:lfni:. MI persons knowing themselves in
-ilelffie.4l to make itnniedtate pnytneut, . And those
having claims to present them :114 authentic:tied for
settlement. JACOB
December 27, 1143. " 61.9
Application for Tavern License, •
alcruce, is herehi giveo"that I intend to apply,
nt the vest term of the Conk of Quarter Sessions of
Cmunerlaml couniy, fora License to keep a tavern
ni public house,in the house! now occupy ns such
in.(halkorough.of Carlisle. ' . •
Den. 427,• 1843,
We, the undersigned E cttiiens of Carlisle, in the
county of Cumberland, dn,certtfy that We are well
acquainted withtlienhoie named Wm. Allman, and
thathe.kof gond report for honesty and temper
ance, and is well provided %villa house room and con
veniences to• the lodging, and 8011011111101 1 / a lOlll of
strangers, and trayellers,,and therefore ree,om-
Zend Onto your . Honors_ as well ,deservtng of a
p eil ee ; furthei• say.. that a Tavern at the stand
is an accommodation to the • public. .-•
• , , Opristiati ltinhoff; •• Adam. Cramp • •••••• •
John Gillen,
Geore cart, Angeny,
William.Aleaandar,..=.John , .Uuderwoodi- . •
. Jacob Hoffer, • •, Edw. Armor; ••• '6'
Henry, Barak; • . llm AlaCartacii
MaFeely.. /'; . •
Joho Kelly:
. .
Washington Motel s
o' 6 ;i'Aiiipoir74 , *# . o344 l l,i4tiiga
Thibsioriber, begs loara itP,,
in *at Int luuklotaan&thif, AialUka wn. ;
undergone ittkoronghinn
fatida)sed# anew, 'laltii,tha balk 4110 ,
rTalidlpre, and, io now rt!
Yr , ,m 01 ;
V theklOlda
a, mid IA
For Rent.
if -9
Yr •
116110151611111Z-slllllllllitt .
: t , •,. riber •o ff
.• .::.',' ~. ~.„
„ , Eig, „ Ptitiee erb j to !ell !or ' rent.
ttritaln*lfniAplt PrOPerties,aituated on the
ant Greek,ladjohntopetersburgnd DaneAnnon
IrenrWOrkii,and knotin as the l'reteraborg•Mple,!'
forlY kfifilltriel,Oree atorica high, exclusive of the
Garret, with two water:,wheelannd fourron of Stone
Emit 'Spnr.'anit Itevel' . ..Gearhiv Grain and Flour .
Elevators; Smut Mill, Ste,, W1%114410 off in the licit
manner.: ,Ntr. tt:--::,.......,..,..,. 4 • ._,, •' - • •
4 • - •
. • EMS-4.3QP'; dr.taL3:ll34ll .
capable of cuttingliNtO 15641 feet ,of Boards per
'.::..Proin the advantage the above Mills haye in dia.
Oiling - Of oll.their'products without the expense. of
transportation, they are worthy the attention or Puy
chasers or renters,and.Will be sold or let separately
to suit purchasers orren!eri, . . • , . •
. .- . , •- , • AMOS A. JONES.
Petersburg,Dee.2o;lB43-6! ~
ALL persons interested will please la
Mate notice that the trust account of Peter Barn
hart assignee of, Jacob *Michel berger has been exhibit
ed to the 'Judges of the Court of Conimon Pleas of
Cuinbeelmill county, who have appointed the WI
dny otFebrunry, 1844, for the passage of said ac
Test, THOS. 14. CRISWELL, Prothonotary !
Carlisle, Dec. 20,1843. St-8
Notice to Collectors.
pJ The Collectors of the different townships and
Boroughs wttliirePthe County of Condom hind, are
hereby requested not to receive any of the Relief
Issues of the Berke County llankomder the Act of
the,4lll of May 1841, in payment of taxes, its 1 have
been officially notified by the State Treasurer that
they will not be received hereafter be him.
Treasurer of Cumberland co.
',December 19,1845.
Houses to Re nt.
Atwo story Bricildwelliny Ifouse Nall stabling,
c , sittn.ted in West I ligh sheet. Also, a two
story brick dwelling house with a sture-room, ware
house in North Hamlet. street. Also, the shop
adjoining the same now occupied by Mr. Malloy.
Also, the frame dwelling house and shop adjoining
the Post Office. Also, a small fi:irnedwellinghouse
in West Lowlier street, anti a small two story brick
house in rear - of the same nit Dickinson Alley.
rtisseshion to be given on the Ist. of April next
For terms apply to
December 20, 1943
IViimmAs, under the pretence of title, de
, riveil from' sundry unrecorded Demla and
sales made for taxes, which .by repeated adjudica
tions of the Court of Common Pleas of Cumber
land count); nndJhc Supreme Court of this Stole,
have been tleclareilfivnintent and VOl(41111 . ge 11 , 11111-
lilies of chestnut and other valuithle timber have
been cut upon the lands known as the .lout [lolly
!Nate; the piddle are therefore hereby notified,that
the said 'estate cot/silting of all the tracts of land at
any time used since the !vat. 1816, in connexion with
MeAlottnt .Ifolly kat Works, (excepting such por
tions as have ranee been sold by the subscriber,) are
the property of the Farmers' fa Mechanics' Batik,
by virtue ofiretinvevittree by the She; iff of mid enmi
ty, in August 1858; that all deeds not recorded
within six months from the time of their execution
are, by Act of, Assembly. dated 27th ?lay, 1715, de-•
dared fraehtlent and void Tigaittst subsequent pur
chasers; that the taxes have been regnlarly paid, up
mi every tract fo
th rming part of said estate, the
first occupation tip to e present time ; that by art
a Assembly dated 2 1 1th_ Alarch, 1824, dic cutting
hanlingi purclaising,br'entploying of others to cut
or haul, any timber trees upon or from the lands of
another, without the ...license of the true owner is
made on indictable offence ; otal.that the sultscrittO
will prosecute all persona offending agnimt said law
no matter tinder oast fratlitlent pretence suclt
(ion .is attempted Ile s‘ ill alto give a reward of
TEN DOLLARS for such iiiiol . lllllooll no may lead to the
:ipprcloohion, teal TWI.NTT DOLLAAS !Ur the COMlC
timi of tottli and crier
Attorney iu fact ur sold Bank
avyAlly inlin•iuntion in reglit 41 to the coati! may
he aouunullien4•ll to L. G. lirtettlehtiry, L•'sq. Cue-
Houses for Rent.
rin WO COM fortable Brielc.lionse . s. Pus
it session given cat the first of January, er on the
first rot' April next.
Rent to solt the times.
Dec. '2O, 1843. •
XTOTICK is hereby given that persons bathe ,
111 001109 011 the Commonwealth connected wide
the military tire requested to c.ll and
,settle their
accounts liellwe the Mat tiny of December next.
othrru li.e the unsettle:! acromits Duty Hot be paid
'before July or August, 1844.
I. REIIRER, Brig. Insp.
Brigade Inspector's 011 ice,?
Carlisle, Dec. tlo, 1843. S
N. 11. 'llls Collectors of Militia Fines who lutes
tot settled hail better nut forgut the list day of De
cember next. .1. 118.
J. li. 811.11.017
Harrisburg, Pa
RESPECTFULLY iniohns the Far
mers, Millers, Merchants and the mobilo gen
erally, that he is now prepared with large ithol cum
monimis Ware I limses, on the Penult - Canal, near
the foot of Walant street. in Harrisburg, to receive
in Store for Shipment, Country produce and Mer
closualize for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Pittsburg
and toll interinetlioote places. D. Leech and Co's
Line, and the following first class tide Water Canal
Beats, will run from the Houses in Harrisburg.
Bout, J. C. MeAllester,
• Chesapeake.
Mary and Nlartha,
May 31, 184 g. tf•3l
affection; of Me liver, Asthma, Bransldas, Pains
or Weakness of Me Breast or Lungs, Chronic
Coughe,Pieurisy, Ilesaorrhage of the Lunge and
attn./Tedious of Me Pulmonry-Urgatis,
A compound Balsamic preparation oT ibe Prime
Virginiana or" Wild Cherry' Bark, " con bl u eLl
aitiiiltaExiiWriy — Thi'airepared lie a new chemi
cal vrikess,approved,and recommended by the most
distinguished physicians, and universally neknowl
edged the most valuable meilicinee ever discovered.
In setiingforth the virtues of this truly great
we have no desire to deceive Those who are
labouring under. affliction, nor do we desire to cido
glie it more thin it justly deserves. • Yet whet we
look around and see the. vast amount of suffering and
distress occasioned by many of due diseases in which
this medicine has proved so. highly suciseitifid,' we
feel that we cannot urge its claims too strongly' or
say too mob in its favor. • .
SuO, intril, are the
01 this Balsam, that 'evenln the advanced Stage° 'of
CottsostrTrost, after all the most esteemed remedies
of physicions have failed to effect ally change,' the
use arthis medicine has been productiveCtif the most
isstonishing relief, and - actually effected aurae after
all hoped of reetiiery had been despaired of. - , ;
hi ire first stages of the.disease termed " Catam
hal.Censump,tion,P,, 'originating "' Elwin nagteered
COLDS, it has been used - midi . undeviatitit„,sposrsir
and hundreds' aCittiovriedge _they
. owe kit9 . rea l Pratictit •
of their health to: inyaluable Medicine itlone ,
In that fovea Of','Cootiitinpflon , so prevatent.aliitit*
delicate Young lemiles, coffin:Moly 'termed debilliy,
A complaint with which 1 outwit' aite lingeripg,3S
has also proved MAW sttocessful and not only poso
sews the power ot oficalting the proem 0f Orb a
larming complaint* hut 4_lo strengthens-and invigo.
relic,* lite BYsliii4 wire 'effectually than any;medialntt
we layover ,ti
Of-F l ft.q l P 0
11 ‘ ,6 eOltleimeor 604 see ne• NV;star'zi
• •it, ~ ps, t , •
,•Pr )(opt; •
, ••,' •41
'• `!§,0 ,6 4 0 4 gt0 V o' . r
4 • ,••
.0 a4' '..•
NO for, sale); ft,' few Caplet of ;the following new
1. O ,WHY , ARK you; A LUTHERAN."— A
view• . or the' dectrines , br the
Linheran .chttrelt:; hy 'Me licv. II Kurtz, I). TX
TION.ThiIis. got.up in the form .of en annual,.
.and in en elegant manner. It contains : a number of
well Written ',tholes from a number of Ministers of
different denotninaticinsithieflY , relating to the life;
. olittnetelv operations'and eaperienee of,...Lterumt,
and tathe necessity and efreasof the blessed Refor
mation: A'kuost interesting and useful books '
, aZ7CDV3 4 Z:I'=3EI'
To `Constables, Retailers of Newhall-
IN and by the several acts of the• General Assem-
My and the several' Supplements, thereto, it is
made the duty of the ccinitables of their respective
Townships and Bol'ouglis'within the county of Cum•
berland, and they are hereby required, under the
penalty of" one hundred dollars to make under oath
lor affirmation; and deliver to the Clerk of the Court
of Cluiirter sessions," on or before MONDAY the Bth
day ofJnfroAnT,lB44, a separate "list of all persons
engaged in the selling or vending of Goods Wares,
Merektindize, Commodities, or effects. of whatso
ever kind or nature," designating those whole'sal'es'
are 'confiiied' alone "to buying and yendiug goods,
wares and merchundize, 'the growth, product and
manufneture of the United States," and also those
who sell or vend "wines or distilledliquors."
chants, Dealers nod others embraced in the forego
ing notice are also notified,"that the A ssociate.ludge
and county Commissioners" of said county, will at
tend at the Commissioners' office, OD FRIDAY tlic
19th day of Jniinsry, 18.4, between tie hours of 9
mid 4 o'clock of said day, for the purpose of chissi
fying all persons " when any of the Mer
chants, Dealers, or their agents or attorneys may
appear belbre said Judges nod Commissioners, and
mid skew the amount of their SUIDUHI sides. dining
the year previous, mid if such Merchant shall not
attend, it shall he the duty of the Judges rind Com
missionersifrom the hest odor mation they min have
or obtain, to chum them" accordingly, 0 which clnesi
fit:idiot' shall be final." By order of the Commis
sioners, JOIN 111W1S, Clerk.
Commissioners Office, Carlisle,
• st-8
December flt; 1843. - S
JUST received a Erect' lot or ibis valuable medic
hal by the •übcerthcr, sole Agent lor Car Hide.
Dec. 20, 1843
Thanksgiving & Christmas
TUST received by 31YEIts tiAvklio.kpitk
iFred' 111ulaga Grapes. iierfcctly sound, beat
Ulundi Raisins, very flue; 12 1-2 cents per lb. Fresh
Figspin flue.order, mud very superior Citron, Cur
•Altnnnds, Walnuts, lirazit and (;rou n d huts, to firth
er with a.'general assortment of CONFECTION-
December 13, 1843
N as much as Doctor Nevin, has published n
pamphlet in opposilion to the use of the
xious Bench, er'Neto Measures, as he calls them,
in which lie gives all such iniiveinents,the appella-
tion of QuaeleeryOnder (be garb of religion, with:
out its inward litb and power. Now be it known
to all the good people of Ciinaherlsmi county, and
elsewhereoliat I have published strictures (upon
the Professors views) in which it will be clearly'
That the WIC of tho Mourner? Bench is
not`idet?intentul to thin piety.
2d. That there is Scripture authority for wo.
Men praying in to.blie.
3d. That the Professor:ha 'written on a subject
he did nut understand.
Its nature and operations ect girth. Through.
out these strictures it will he clearly seen. that the
Professor has evinced liiittEelf to be a Quark of
the first order in the Century:: 111 y pamphlet
contains 56 pages, price 12A wits a single copy,
a discount to those :s ho buy to sell.. They can be
had io .
Carlisle—at James Loudon's Bonk Store.
Shiremanstown—of Rev. John Fold.
Mechanicsburg—Store of Mr. Lease: •
Shippetteburg—,Stutnitautth & Hoover's Store,
and Mr. John Gist, or from the author in Chard-
b rsburg.
I)cceinber 13, 18.13
11 , 1111131111 Tilt (1111113 ,
,viyEus & HAVEI2STICK: have
. rtitil
"". opened l'or the neeomnoolation of their young
rico& ti large assortment of
Toys, Toy nooks :V Fancy ,Jrol ions
tor /itt/efiav, both musing' tool instructive.
Coll Infore the ussortutent 13 broken. „- -
Ducember 13, 1843.
.Rill TO LE.ISE.
BY -public outcry on SATURDAY, the 9.:1d of
Demoher;•'lB43, nl I O'CIOCk, P. M. the sub
scriber will lea c for one 3 car the estate of Daniel
P. Seherhalm, UlliCa,lll West l'etwa'nwo township
Cumberland county, containing Int acres of good
Lnocstone Land by DAVID COME,
eaa.zi , asiunt.
cAMID to the premises oldie subscriber in South
51iddletou township, nn the loth of November
lass, a • dark' brown STEER, sup
posed to be betweson two mid threetti f4 4;''
yeses old ; both his cars base been .
cut arr, which are the only ;Milieu- ''4.llmik
tar marks. The owner is requested
to come I . ..rutted, prove properly, pay cherges and
take him away.
December 13,1843. 3t•-1'
EV violate of n deed or Trust, from Bezel:info
fledges and Elizabeth his wife, to the under
steed Mr the benefit or his creditors dated the 30th
day or May 1843, now of record in the Comity
Conti of Berkeley, State of Virginia, we will pro. 4
teed to sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder,
before the Court !louse door in Mat tinsburg, on
MCNDAV,thetith day . oElanuary, 1843, being Court
day, the Milowing -
lying and being on Back Creek, adjoining the lands
or Dr. Thoincia .1. Harley, Phillip Sine:lnd (Altera
known by idle panic o r the Snedgross . Tuvern Farm,
be the same more °ries; there is • about two-thirds
I:Unwed, a good portion of it low ground, in a high
state of cultivation, tb • balance well clothed with
good timber. The Improvements are one large and
comfortable DW KLLING lIUtiSE, a
good house for 11 tVIIIIIIt,SChWitZer Barn
and Stable, with all other accessary out- ii a i. l ,
buildings, and a well of never haling sail!<•i
water near the house. A further de- -
scription we deem unnecessary; as any one wibliing
to purchase will first view the property.
--Also, Mille sante dine and place;onetither .
situated in Berkeley county, on Toolooses branch,
on the east ,side of the' North Mouniain, adjoining
the lands of Michael Seibert,:lames H. •Jtobinson~
Alexander:Robinson nucl•others, known as !he said
: Hedges' Mansion Farm, now. in 'the 'oecupanoy of
-Samuel- M. Hedges, containing:
220 .11,:ieltES,.
l'he improvements are a good:
ttlytultint.toftiwam If fur
Barn; 11.)447;.Srookejtoutie, and all out- ---
necessary' fcir n 'aria, with %rep of never.
failing water near, the : Muse, ,with a pump in. IL--
Is not surpassed by, any m the
, c9upty
fertilltyi.und'advanutgeijand is well for ita
orialidy of produetionsi . we deetn it
give any Nether description .of,thia,valuable farrn,ns
'tiny, one Onitt:di!dattee,wisiting to pure/non will first
view the proof : sea -
ef the purobaseinoney:ltv
attd; 'the.balance in two equal annual.. paymeati;
from this lit day lir April .I.44.'iritts interest, soil a
',a . thg , (lretrti4OSttt=aeottrtittle deferied
rrNitY , .I;;II3EII3CRT,)4.: .;'.
ft.i.0.3„.--vtitiiiiihevincor'or the 1:1
Carliele, Dec. 1 843
dize, &a.
Mourners' and Anxions‘Bench,
ibbiguce iii Bankruptcy of 1). P. Scherbalm
Tract of Land,
Alttitßits & HA.IftIiSTICK hitio.;Juii3Operird
Aelie fan iteinritnene'ept.Drivigt;•lnte; . 01hi;
Uyetoffs, Patent, Medteinev,Terfuniery :Mil Fancy -
Coeds, tfiey, win , vell . ,Whcdessde or eitail,'llt
the very loiveat prteeti;otso
itira piill . pe°
'of biBotted tiatierno prieee. /• • •
Made Union 0111 Iniev mid • patterns for borning
eithei Oil dr Lad. Lfimti .011atles unit Chimules
of nssoried 'thee • • • • ,
Best spdi ra and *ma , Ult, Sperrii Ciindlei, Al
mond, caulk and CutintrY Soapai os,low as•they
be hail from the city,
(acarlivle Borough Notei foO sill trufthiks to
ken at, . •
Deeerabevl9, 1843.
SPLE.IrDID wr.rmiLs.
y ERS & HAVERSTICK has just received
I.T-IL a splendid assortment of "ANNUALS,"
consisting in part of the Opal,Oift, Friendship's
Offering, Literary Souvenier, 'American and Bri
tish Poets, in rich 'and showy binding suitable
for Christmas presents. Also a choice selection
of elegantly bound Bibles, Hymn Books, Com
mon Prayer ditto,—together with a general as
sortment of Standard, Miscellaneous and
,• SCHOOL ,1300 HS,
all of whirl will be sold lower than ever - offered
in carlisle-;-
of every variety, best 'quality .of Letter and Cap
Papers,•ruied , and .Imrtiled from lq to 25 cents
per quire; Quills, glue fluid and black Ink, Steel
Pens, Pencils, tiaelt(net's beat,) Silver ever Points
Leads forditto, Wafers colored and transparent,
Scaling was, fancy and plain, iVlotto Seals, Paper
folders, together with a large assortment of Pen
knivts, superior and cheaper than ever pared in
the market,
Carlisle, December 13. 11143
Y vibtue'of a Decree of the Orphun'e Cook
eCumberland,county, I will exptam to pub
lic bale, on the premises, on sATuu DAY, the 61.11
day . of January next, at 10 o'clock, A.:11` ; of said
day, all that certain
situate on the South East corner of Pomfret and
Pitt streets, in the boreue It of Carlisle, fronting
East en Pomfret and running 240 feet on Pitt
street, to an alley, having there. it erected a two
story Brick DWELLING IIOOSE, and Kitchen,
and other outbuildings, late the property of , Con'.
rad Bolander, deceased.
Terms of sale, one half to be paid in Cash on
the confirmation of the sale, and the balance td'bo
secured by,recogniionce in the Orphan's Court,
with approved security:
Pecember 13, 1t313.
To the Honorable the Judges •of the Court or
quarter . SCH4OIIS of Cumberland county. The
petition of William Clark, respectlidly repro.
sents,dhat he is well Provided with house-room
and conveniences fur keeping a Tavern^ in
Leesburg, in said county, and that a Tavern in
addition to the one now kept is necessary fir
the accoinodation of strangers and fraiellers ;
hu therefore prays your honors to grant him a
License, to keep a Tureen in the house he now
occupies, and he will .pray, &e.
December 5, tBl3.
W E, the undersigned, citizens of Leesburg and
do certify that we are well acquainted
with William Clark, the above named petitioner,
that li is well provided with house-room, and
conveniences for the accommodation of strangers
and travellers, end that he is ofgood repute for
'himesty and temperance. and that such tavern is
,necessary to accommodate the public and cntcr
'Thomas Sibbet, ' • George Trone,
R. S. M'Cunc, Mosea Hemphill,
James Willis. Johnston Williamson,
-- John K. Kelso, .- Robert H. Early,
Christian Belt; Samuel Wherry,
John Pilgrim, Iletiry B. Rehm:lc,
[leery Sliipperisteel, Robert Weigle
JOl/11 Ferree,- John W. Clever.
Thommt ,tlatthews.
11/ 3 2' virtue of an order of the Orphans'
Court of Cumberland emoitv, will he rxposeil
to public sale on the premises, oil A I'UItDA I', the
(13y of .limuary heat, the
belOtiging to the estate of Jonas Hupp, lute of East
Pei tisliorough township, deceased, ,adjoining lands
of Messrs: Newcomer, Eberly and others, contain
ing. (SO 11101 T or less, or Slate Land in
good state of enltivation. The improvements are a
TWO STODY LOG HOUSE, Log Darn, 311111 oth
er ont-bltilditigi. TheN is also a thriving young
Orchard, Emil several spiings of good water on the
The terms of sale nee, half of the purchase mo
ney to he 101111 on Confirmation or the sale, when sin
indisputable title. W ill he given,- and remainder
is two equal annual paythents With interest; to be se
cured by Judgment llonds.
Sale to commence at 'AY o'cl'ode ih the foiNttoon,
ohen attendance will be given lir
of Jonas Kopp, deed.
December 7, 1843. , , is-7
• • Attorney at Law.
WILL attend to all business entrusted
to him in Itt!, comitieJ of Cumberland and
Athoos. Orrick: in gust Main Street, second dour
from thu Public Sputre.
Cut lisle, November '29,1545. ly-5
THE FARMERS of C . :timberland county who
are desirous to msociate themselves into an AG.
RICULTURAL SOCI ET Y,nre requested to meet
ut the Court House, in Carlisle, on SATURDAY,
the 13111 January 110Xl, at 11 o'clock, A. M.
David Sterrett, Christian Stayman,
. George Brindle, Henry Jacobs,
Thomas Bradley, John Rupp,
George Brandt, , Philip Spangler,
Michael Mishler, Boberi.Luird,
Sidles Woodburn, Abraham Lamberton,
John Mt:Aeolian, i f.",'Alexander Davidson,
Melchoir Brenneman, Robert C. Sterrett,
William 11. Gorges, George Leo.
November 29, 1843.' ••
Winn' quality Loaf and Crushed SUGAR, at
rl4 cents per lb. •
Second quality - inglo - Loarantl-Grushed,-goenl
quality, at tonal price 126 cents per lb.
Brorrp Sugars, at least equal to any in the mark
et, at 8 and in cents per lb.
White thrum Sua It. at 146 per lb.
Prime WO Coffee at Ii ,and Hernial gnality at 10,
Fine Jain at 16,by the Bag at legs prices.
.7.titta , opening at our Grocery Stare, Went Mani
StVect, next dour to the store of R. Sontldrass.
J. W. EBY.
Carfille,l)cc. 6, 1843.
Rouses for Rent.
ing to INV. limbert Emory, lately oceupiod . by
Mr. Edward S. Walker; possession given tone , ,
iliately. Alan the+lOUSl S, Orchard 01111 Lot, new
in the occupancy
. of Mr. George Ringwalt, adjoin..
Gig. Fessession given on the. lot of April next. For
trams apply to the subscriber, agent for the owner. •
December 6, 1843,
DissolutOn of• Partnership. •
mum Co-Partnership heretofore existijo.; hefive6i
Motpoti,MoorekHnskell,le this (ley dissolsA by
mutual eonsent,and sH•personti indebted to saitr,srol
either by, Note or Book account; err re quektOd to.
makes Inept on or .Before the lot of FEBtARY
ne xt. .11,110 thoite Wing claims against said tirttinie
requested to present them for settlement,
Kidderminster, Dee. 41845.
'. - N; 'An persons Indebted to 'the' late firto :of
11tAtoost, bikini, - RTC requested. to , ,!:,,ouosprlrtird .
mud wake htiosedhite-iisyntent,''
reiseii.J.o,,bied,i4.oiiilfite oo.c siiniet
Co.Myeri fit bi.Dttimnpnd orilooldWount,
ere reilubsfedth pay the ' l 4 l o6''Oni 1)0; Lierort th etit
JanumihKegi t vis rittiii,AUtli s gtwWiliddgento
4ao=begivinwirTo4 „, i,*,oA.M.it_4l VEIL%
Oaryivintr" .. ri,
,of the,,11,1011T`,0E,4403001
Tdst . iiitieb,tetrto fit3' .
_eposcilbi..l, ' VS?
',.,' , holdvi:Aiiot icgoiint,ai* requeated to' ea{ iinA
'lett] obeli alioonots forthwith. . ,‘ • .- I: ...I
, .
• . JACOB' §g.ltEll; '
Ca 'ale; Dtovetib6 54,1849. . . ' "'..,' ',' ,
Puri; Winter Sian; bit, best CIO
per -gallon. -
Winter Sea Eleplinni (one quality) Quiet $1,0C:1
per gallon.'
lb Sperm CalidieSitierriinied pure, at 37:6 Centsper
Philadelphia 14Otild unsorted rani
cents per lb.
Wax Candles assorted Colours, at 64,1 cents per
lb.. „
Pure Castile and Seented Soup—also Miami and
oilier fine SOAP. ,•
Just received 14'0' for aale at tit.) •
J. W. EBY.
Carlisle; December 6,1843
Casinieres & Vestings,
. . .
CLIPPINGER, St . (LIMEY . are just
oreetn a lame acsnetmcnt: of NhhiotAttbae,Cas,
rimeres & Veclingo' elicit wilt be sold at the Jellies
October 18, . . ..
For Indemnity agoinil loss by
Charter Perpetual.—s4oo,ooo Capital paiil in
Office 1631 Chesnut street.
• MAKE. VSSURANCE, either pe•Ananent or lini•
lied, against loss , r damage by fire, on 1 3 1V1PEILT
and EFFECTS of,evtry description, in Town or
Country. on the. most reasonable terms. Arplivii
tions mule eitlit.r personally or by letter, will he
promptly attended to.
C. 157,. 11.30.X.KER;Prest.
The enhscriltcy 15a.ent' for the .: tillovt. - diiirtiretns'
for Cin•lisle and IVO viclintv. All applications for
llnsul , ance either by mil ° or personally will bit
promptly attended to: D:..SILYNIOU'II.
'December 6, 11043.
1211132 7111113 a IL'
BUNC 11 RA ISlNS:Os'atips, Litnionsi
Currants, 141(1 Prunes.
Assorte.l Pickles. Pine Olive or 'ratite Oil, best
by'ands. Citron.
Clincolsle—llaker's No 1, and llonstepittliiti.
111iistaril--Viteiotis -
Yitsells WEIS. •
Together with a general assort - anent of Nutmegs,
Closes; 52Murmion; Pepper.; Ginger, -- Nlispiee - , - 111ace
and a general assortment of all oilier articles in the
line of n (kOCCI . .
For sale at the Subscriber's . Store—at the lowest
ensli,priees. J. W..EI3Y.
December 6, 11343. tf 6
. ' . The solotcriber, oilers
1F ,,,,,,,,,, r nt wholesale:it his 1% art.- ,
1.5.K.1 1 11 House, oft the Catial, at - '4W z I
u1,,,Z,1:11 ' the foot or chestoot s t roo ig i ,-;..7..„- .,
ilarrislttirg, the follow ing -' • ''''''''
Groceries, sit very low prices, I , r cash:
200 li r A 1313.
or RIO coil LAC:CA . :YRS Coe
. 9 I Mils. POrto Stiro S'lrt'iii. - -•-
57 Mts. No I , ‘2, .titl, S ' Alsekere.l.-
3/ Ilti!1* bill, do. 410.
34 11..r6..s lioperittl, Voting I lysno;niol Gul
powder le:6;in .i. soot h hoses.
New-,Orleatts :11olse.:es Mils.
13 Ilhlln and Tierces Slight• I I nit se
13 - Ilnxes Sailor's mid other brands plug To
Cronin] and %%hole Pepper, by the bog
and keg.
- Starch in 95 li,. boxes. •
15 dog. Coati Brooms
Loaf Sugar, ltiCe,Alspiee and Cinnamon.
266 Tons of Pinsky.
1811 Soeks C. A. and Ashton Fine Salt. •
Mu bushels Smith' Cook.
Sugar (louse Molasses hr the llhd, and
T ierce , st do cents per gallon, borough 'mi
ne". I'mr mile by. I.:. S. PA I:
I Itirrishileg., Dec. 6, 1843.. 6
H p 1: . ..12 .. 1:. A t
I S . t byi i i n s c o il i ; t i; r t
of County and
Stith: tsars, In 1:11101.9, VIM/Hills out standing in tbi
hands of the Collectors of 18.13, and °whit; to the
low state of the Trete.itry and the ps•e,situ.7 demands
no the saute, it therefore absolutely neces
sary, that the 6.410 balances - he collected and paid
it to the Treasury' on or before lime last SATUIL
r of I)reeother 1843, otherwise judgment will
positively be entered against all delinquent eullect
itoisiqrr Lmitr), comnero.
clintsys TiTzEL,..)
Attest-1m ' Intet N. Cl'k.
Carlisle, Dec. 6, 1843. • 3t-6
No 1, finest quality MACKEREL, (fresh) iu
whole, half and quarter narrels.
No 1, superior SALMON.
A few boxes dried HERRING.
New Orleans or fine baking Molasses at 40 cents
per gallon or 10 cents a quart.
Best New York Syrups at 64 by this gallon, or
16 cents per quart.
A tot Of flue TABLE SALT in 'ixes and ia
A Lot of Liverpool G. Alum SALT, bythe bush
el Suek, in good order,
Ccastuotly ou timid and for =IC
J. tt'.
Carlisle, Dee, t, 1813
AriplitatiOn for Tavern License.
T" E snbserqbee hereby gives notice that
he will lipply of the ,I,muary term ettitting of
the Court or Quarter sessions of Cumberhmtl enmi
ty for a renewal of his I.ireu . se pi the Tavern still
now oecupiell'h'y him in Eltif ficonith4dugh town
sow. brim; provided with till the heteSSaVy requi
sites for keetriiig a hortse of pile cotermitunet I.
December 6,1941
We, the undersigned eitiiens' of Eastpennshoro'
township, in the County Of. .Comberlatal, do certify
that we tire well acquainted with Thomas NVltarton
iond thatim is Good report for honesty And temper
ance and is 'well provided with home room and effitve
mences fir the ludging mid necomtnnantimi of Strang
ers nod Travellers, and do II n
lere_.)re rec:matturtill
him to your 1101101'0 as well deserting of a License;
and furtlar my, that Tavern ut the stand is an ac
commodation to the public.
Adam Sierer
John Skier •
Andrew b:reitzer
Joseph Pink John P. Quigley
Abe:ilium llonnoinan John Hntz
IVlllium ',Hiller Samuel Unshorn
WN the matter of ISAAC MITTEN a Bankrupt.
-1-8:13,-Deccinher-4._Petition of P. P. Ege, Esq.
ass ignee of said Isaac Miller, for an order to sell
c ertain Real Estate,,Ste., of said Bankrupt, is read
and filed.
And it is ordered that nbi notice be given in the
Carlisle Heeled
. /k, Expositor, that this application
has been made. and that FRIDAY the 15th (lac of
Deeember, II o'clock, A M., awl the
triut Court' Room in the city of Philnilelpitia,have
been appointed fir the tunic and place of hearoigi
when and where all persons in interest may appear
and spew cause, if aity.they have, why rho petition
should not be granted.
Deo: 6,1840. Clerk District 'Court.
" ce-r ,U,C3:11:2 3 0 .
IN the matter of Jonas Miller a Daultrupt; ens
. Petition or P.' F. Inge, Eeq.,for an Order to sell
certain Drell:state; •
1843;thrtember 4; Ordered that notice be given
in the Carlisle it erald t't Ex posher, dud this applica
tion has•been made, end that • FRIDAY 1.5111 Dp..
cerati.innisiiitt o'clbok, A. M., and the District
Court , ItuciriPiartbe city of FM12(10014, have been
appointed. - tor the time. and pleeo of hearing, when.
and where tvlllicrsons'in interest may. 'appea'r
stalitey here, why`tbe ietntbnshould
not hst.granted::- .-.•RUA& f10PK1N5024; , % . 4' , '
0"1843;:' ..:;
, EuttioupTcy,
prtrICIN. uw, 1114 k li st d
the Bankrti • • • A•ufaher
corm .,
, 7 ,„,
yRIDk Inter*? , wireupia,Tose
ei0ty,11,1),,:m.,1111151.;, ming;
it4:00190-ga Ccuult-s*.tho °l7 14100
of, bArstr9l 13ou,otL_AF,404; 00,0)1,43 :1011,5i)i
;:-whenc wnto,,,ol'ociii.;:ge,(l4toeafkieli use,
a'- lobo IotTP info
.64 ' , gclopa...,
tionfb, neat :
1146P0'- if i lo k ke 011 A, 1:04
Peter Fester
John Fake
Cloths 1 CitiotlyJ t,t ,Cip;ltB nr
Over 13PatiPgs + 4 . French'
1 50 to ,
E o ng I lihh and American., ill Uroadzi.394,gr
$ ttar- 14
chattp B[OM
„ -!;liemong'REctednalanfl ,
bitßO fiesli , irkpploetsf 411 ..
,ONS;IMISINS d i~fel
Pe solo by 14NEAtit14$01icif”
- alfitha b a. 44..:1 1 ..: • s'' \ l, .' 0 ,'
~ wt,,..,i I lirktiV" , IP. 4 r
. 11 ,' , ,', + 1 -.0
h I ga
Wi Li te01 41 0 5 V 41 4 10011131314h r
''' .%* O ' req, Ito Clo i t Dr ite:o4o,lpAgra.
13 Scalikti*`l 4 4VP-h4O, #AelYtilWed'
4boytt-R r aPll4 t 3i.trArtn" A -, liiTmpw
! , a..lfkrviii444. ll 4twojtviuo : 4:4:V °
phitiv-.9muttotot:l 4 4,.4.,tif lti
,Wl4 4,
:A.'ll'2 4,l'salif'.l6llioiii ',
"o" . '
:nllloE'lehacriber has 4ust repeived a ROO. Bopp!. ,
•.vt7lN TN cr.:oops,
run ofrat2greatlpieilticed - ,4riceliTof Cash.. P
chaiersittrillAit'd%ohis".stilre iSnei.s(ook 'or Cloth
Cusiiruerel4,Caasivatts,yeslings„Platutels, Blankets
Merino 'll3lpaCeis,Zedogia Cloth..Crapo rte 'Amber
Chepe.CMisah,'•: Mou'it'•ile - 14iiiii,''crape 'de Lain
Perieitinct!'. Silka'Sittinit;Eitititieflteliets and Silks
b''.reiudi"".failutzes; tinett...CAmtgrickitatklkereltiefs
.G.loves,,.B,iughtiros,•CaliAnts, Bosley,. togreat vari
ty; Caimtirick TiCkingi c Checks,
.aud lo t s of oth •
Oath too numerous lo lusert. • • ,' • .
Aldo a fresh lot ofGROCERIES: receded
srlelt as Sugar, Coffee( Molasses, Chocolate, .Teos.
feeeland Sue,•Ginger„,Sfatioch Cheese, Rise, lko
Afsu, of al l kitals. all Of which will tai sol
uti c oni.only• • ,
Reeollect the old stand',ll thh third 'tore fro
the earner, Cast Main street . ..and ilit:ectly 'ouriosit.
S. Wunderlieh's old tavern stand: Ono door 110111 t:
times antik;:s a great difference.
Norember 29, 1843 . . '
;ling subscriber %%;ilultl .re . 4)uctfull..y in
form his friends and the !arlin, t lint hy has late
ly replenished his stock slid is now offering at die,
old stand in North Hanover Street, a sidentd assort
rpent Iliirdutarc,' Cuee:4o( . o6.,comAsting in part or
Lceka.lottiges;lairewsontilaliirr,Sliitteii; of all, kinds
and sizes. Grain, Canal and other kinds y.rSliovels.
Co . .arpettiers' Tools, stadias OiiiSet . B; Ste
llar Iron; blister;.east and, shear. :Vteels., Saddle,
and bridle' ITiollltti ligß in sets; Saddle
,Tree's, girth' g.
and other Webhing.• Sire Findings of every de.
veription. lalingany and' Cla'ss kitobs of the la- .
test.stylea; Also;
oils, - Paints anti
such ns white 16d, spirits of Tui.pelitiite, Coral awl
japan Variiialt. GLASS of on hizeq,.fronri Bby 10
npxard. Also, am :issortmvid pt Art,liOr's paten
Lard Limps,togetlies' whir °dier numer•
ous,to meutinu , , •
All of which will . he sold-tiventy-fivC per eetit
er thin they linVe ever been, sold before,
good money.. Call and ex:mine before,ptirchataillg
nail if the art)eles and prices sire not
fottlid us stsittid Yotitietid hot purchase.„ Call lie any
rale , , , . JACOIr SEIVER.
Carlixl 02, 18.43'; .
A6l 0 IL: & ' ANDELl§oNc — ritt the'
North Enst'Cot 4 ner of ilk: Public . . Square and ,
(IrreetlY opjio,i?6 thit . Mat'ket . liouse,are 1101 V open
ing; lanjt 7 well selected assortment of DRY
( . iOOPS anti :110CERIES n latch they will !gaup'
the titocl favorable terms. The lullowing articles
compote part of their stock,to which they - tire week
ly' making; atitlitiona t .
Ward dyed blackd and Woe_binck greens, avas.._,
ible greens, olive greens, olive hrownit, cutlet greys.
blues and brovin e1..9 . 11i5; also Pilot anti Beaver
Cloths. • . ,
- .
PilllOV, Plailt,nn(l'l'v;eol CA
YLtin owl Fancy SA'll'INEl•;I•S.
lltcl anti IVliite Manuel, Canton and floe skin'
:%lerillocs, Foust-line do Laiiies, lustrts,
Eolintatea Pi•i:iis:uu; Baharincs. Brockit; (wino.
Tlaibut Wool, Silk mid .thimabk
I eaelirs Craiars . , with a largeassortotrat of Glove&
sill I losiery. Together milt a groat %ROLA)* Of 0111. ,
It, tides too reeeneerolis to meeetion:
Carlisle, Nov. 8..18443'
.Sobseri bet- boding just retuktedli•ont .
city, ii no& °rid% a very Jorge stock
Dorad, Shoes; Ilsto - nlitl Caps in ailditibit to his
nice stuck, till n Well will Caps,
sold'os low as any
the •
AS Cases el :Ma's; boy's and Youth's Calf, Seal,
Kip and e,1311 . M. hoots.
7 east's of mews, lio)."8 and yotitit's Half, real, kil
and coarse ircooroes.
3 ruses Woolen N, trusses' null 611(11'01i% calf, MU
I'OCCO, grain, WA kip tnouroea.
.Is , s Wollleli'S and 1111S9cs' Call ' Will se:01)110611f
10 e111 . 11 ,, i) s of I,ad;es,kid and morocco yells, but
kills and slippers.
Afso a large asTotruent oeehilth'en.'s
At the store trf
South fioliocor swo
S:!ntltrribe.:' q, 184:—II
Tllls hnbscrlhl•r bas just received another simply
of BOOTS k SllOES.notomohe lot x•,ll he Iow:.
20 Oases Boots ti•oni $,.; to $5.
15 Maas Mumma from 1,00 to 1,50:
10 !tom do from 50 to 100.,
25 front '25 to' 1,25:
ro !. Do • Ala!kit mg Shoes mut Burkiod:
Children', Shoes oforeolor , g,slutpciien„prtem.
Don't mistake the old stand, where you x ill he sure
to get great but•gains.
Not ember '29, 1845.
Leather,.lloracco and
.3 . t..s , z)LLE.l Ey
.V t7' L. PEZPEII,
MOST resPectfally infoimis the eitizeninf ffnr
risburg, and the public in general, that he has
removed his Lenther,'Moroedo and Finding Store
to North Second street r a few dodri above -llenrr
linehleii's Ihotel, where he will keep constantly on
beinel a general lissortmeat of the following mimed
articlea, •
• .
SpOlo lab & Slitinger, Sole, Skirting,'
Ilaramis,tair and black bridle, %VIM and grain 'upper
whip and collar leather, wax and grain Calf "
. Skins, Spanish and,coutdry. Kips, top mat ,
lfnin leather,bellows Leather fogur
inters and Illacksrniths,. and Hark
Tanned Sheep Skins. . •
Comprising. Men's'Nloroceo,'Notrien's undressed
red Mid black strai ts, French kid of different colors.
Wed ranus r llinclings, Linings of all colors, Book:-
binder's !rather, Chamois' leather and Buck skins.
Stich as boot ,keys and breakers.. shoe keys,litam
iners; rolets, stamps, size sticks, punches,
knives, rubbers, fi les, rasps, threat[, boOt trehbifig,
'parables, boot ticirtl, pegs, awls, fro. Aid of
will& he will sell at the very awls, . cASIL
PRICEI. , . •
W. L. P. returns his sincere (banks to the pub
lie, fm , the liberal i.strimaie which has here tofore
heel, extended to hint, nn respectfully; solitita
ottatidtiattte of their favors.
lbu risburg. Nlay 17, 1843.
©~~~ moo'
PPLICATION will he thlide by . the
DWl:ctn) s of the Ctiriisle nunlF.,to the ttext` Lest .
is! attire of the Continboweattk of I ) etrasylvnitiu, tor
reeewhl of the elisrier of thti said Ihittli.:J)7, the
tintue and sty le of the Ontik." It,,ltr in-
Imulcil that it shall be !nested in etirlikle; Ctuitbr:r
hoot rootityolott it shall have the, same Capittal,it . •
has, n oihas, to wit: Three latintired 43ollatis,
fur the ipecifte,ohject itrinkiilg - %nil. ditto:imaging- ,
purposes. eviler of the Board Of Directors, ,
\V. S. COBEAN;•Caohi6 , ;
hana2B, 1843
twMstory itouserind serera . 1
IL/ hip, well situated, ire offered by r e nt, .Al4O,
a earlier room flied I'M , sr , I•oeery store, will be
rented fur that purpose or otberwise......:Eliquire,iii•
Carlisle, November 94, 15%15: • •. • ,7t144'
WI:1E Subscriber haitinoliso9,4eitot tas
entire stock in the Livery tlckartmoid.totol...
Wm. Hood, desires thlisd in nrreamgdtr; ,
settleim old scores; ottieryitlie acttouutsriP.,lte'
placed in the handsel' a Justice cot: oolleation.; . •
tr 74
1, 1 , , ., ,