Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, November 22, 1843, Image 4

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oft complaining. on hiabed"
u • fair child, as turned alogkiS veins
of fever with consuming Pains ;-
and anon h9 -raised his head I
. he hot pillow•, and beseeching -
:der ! give 'rue water!" By his side
c healer• stood, and tenderly replked..-- •
nit yet awhile—this potion take instead."
‘No,"criedlheduld---"tis poison and will kill'
s father took the cup---" My son, be sure
his is'a natHeous draught, b u t it may
Will my boYdrink ft?" Then said hp "1 will--.
I•'ni not 'his poison sow-..... 1 know
You would not give it, holm. ; were it so."
. .
Oh, trusting Childhood !. I world, learn of thee'
'Has II'ESOII of wire faith, and to my heart '
• So hied it that it IICVCI!'11111V,I1 , :11811--
Therefore shalt thou henceforth toy teacher be; ,
For in thy perilal trust the sin I sec
(.)f my own doubtawni fears. cup ol•
Drugged with the bitterness of tears and ,11 1 411 . .;,
Shall I not drink it o hen 'tis proll'ered o: ?
Ves---for 'tis mingled by a Father's . ..lmnd
And given in love---for, rigidly understood,
Trials and pail's tend ever to oat• good,
Healing the soul that fol. mime *ounce land
Thirsts with a deathless longing! Welcome pain,
\Those end is bliss nod everlasting Tait, !
Many a young man rims his prescrva
lion from s ice and ruin to the julthence of
a sister. When in danger of temptation—
when his own principles were insufficient
to resist Ihe tide of evil influence that was
coming in upon his heart—when he was in
danger of becoming profane, licentious, in-.
temperate. it was her society, her Conver
sation, her prayers, that rescued him.—
Nothing else would have saved him but nf
ft3ctionate entreaties and fervent supplica
tions to Galli and society now embosoins
matiY..a.viranius and pious man, win has
been rescued froon impending ruin by Ilse
: conversation and influence 'of a sister. • In
deed, it will be found tlu t,most of those
young men who are 'peculiarly exposed to
bad influences, and who' were in danger of
who 'have been rescued, have been
•recovered by this influelleC, tilni owe their
happiness •oow, and their hopes iii salve-
Akin, to ,those whoni a beneficent Provi-
Acme stationed - "as. the pure companions of.
:their early year.;
It should be added, on this bead, that
-this is an influence which is evidently de
signed to be exerted in favor of religion,
.and which should be sacredly employed to
remote the salvation of the soul. So fa r • it goes, even in ordinary circumstances,
it is one of the best auxiliaries to piety.--:
She who preserves 11cl:brother from pro
faneness and, intemperance, and an impure
life, is doing much in aid of the proper in-
Iluence of religion in the world. She, is
keeping him from throwing himself forever
from the means of. grace, and from the
!topes of salvation. She is making it pos
sible still to reach his heart by the appeals
.of the gospel. She is retaining him where
the means of grace may have :.cress to
, him; she is keeping him where there is a
. hope, a possibility that he may be saved.
But her influence should reach far beyond
'this. Of all persons,' she, probably, lias
most entirely his confidence and affection.
There is not tine of his.companions whom
he would not sooner abandon than his sis
ter. There is, perhaps, yo amusement
which he would not give up, or a place of
resort that he would not forsake at her af
fectionate entreaty. There is, perhaps,
not a book which- he would not read, to
gratify her feelings, or a good influence un
der which attachment to her might not
bring him. She has his heart at all times
—at all times can speak to him on the sub
ject of his .soul's salvation. Ile will not
turn.rudely away from her, as lie will from
one of his own - sex; nor will he despise
her entreaties. as he may those - of ministers
of the gospel. And she has one power
Which' is in advance even of this; for a
brother,' hough he may not be religious,
..though an infidel, though a companion even
.of the evil and licentious, she may pray.
And. what young man is there, who in his
sober moments of reflection—and all young
.men have such moments—would be un
moved at the - knowledge of the fact that a
.sister was pleading with God for the salva
tion of his sold.; and resorted to this meth
od—the last method Which piety and love
.can use to save the soul. - when all other
.means shall fail to racue man, from etor
mai perktion.—Charlesion 014erner.
.„„Remoung.—The following short and
,i!beautifal from the pages of the
:elegant, the benevolent, and the' inspired
Mackenzie., Speaking of those who pro - • - .
Jess ,a disbelief - in religion, he eN,presses
• Chlmself 'in the ,following 'heart-touching
.. 1 1le who •would undermine those 'foun
41ations upon which the fabric of our future
,hopes are reared, seeks to break that column
'which supports the feebleness of our liu
,manity-4et him but,tbink a moment, and
Otis heart will arrest the cruelty of his pur
.posse: Would he pluck its little treasure
from .the bosom ,of poverty.? Would he
, wrest the crutch fiont the hand of the aged,
front the'eye of affliction the only solace of
.., , iti,yrtte?;.,The.way we tread is rugged at
'beet;'' weAretul , it, however, lighter, by : ,the
•: , prospects of the better country to which we
trust lead,. !tell Us not that it will
:' 'end itt ,the gulf etithuial dissolution,
Weak •wild;..Which fancy ! maY
fill up as she pleases, but reason is unUble '
'.to'deliineate ` quench not •that beam
•.nigh! .of this evil ylieti4-101'
eheeied' 'ilespiiedeneyriSt
aed:iiiihrninated Olui.datlxnes.s,,ersur=
' THE PnEcroes ,Plettiti..'-;-Religion in a
female secures all her interests. It graces
her character, 'promotes, her peace, endears
her friendship, secures esteem, and adds a
dignity and-Worth indescribablezto7all her
deeds. How pleasant when the absent
husband can think of 'home, and i reflects
that angels watch the place! When about
to leave her• a widow, how consoling,' if
her character such, that'she can' lean on
the widow's Cod; and put her children un-.
der the guardianship of Hirn who is' the
father of the fatherless ! Then he quits
the world calm and happy, supported by
the hope that he shall meet them all in
rcirm'l'o suffer unkindness and injustice
front one on whet - I : we have depended for
affection, and to whom we'have a right to
look for confidence and candor, is perhaps .
one of the greatest trials to which the
heart can be subjected; and serves more
than any other to loosen or snap the tics
that bind ustnlife and to our species. It
has tbo C Ire el; however, of causing us to
rely with a stronger faith and a more set
tied purpose, upon that future world whose
promises cannot deceive.
Epa;•own people say they two the jiluitt - - -
santest. Host elrective medivitie in Enor
mous tptatui hies ttre_solt.Land every bode likes them.
Erietuan. I luta, Euuti.t edit or or the Merchants Mag
azine, Rai.; they cured his euunli in a ti•w hotirs.—
•I•hc Bev. Mr. Dunbar, or the IVleDougal street
church, nas enrol or a vet y hall cold ,mlll cough ill
um., day. 'Flue lies. Ir. Anthony, of the lethotlist
Church, was cured or ootooooption be Ihom.
sitEitm.% N'S \ /ICA! LUZENarili litt‘e
the liver. 14 thousands. Ask \I". E. E‘ ;l'si..ll
‘iu, i n t o e - st.u. th e 'l nn , Edw a rd .1. Porter; I 100. It. 11.
Beardsley, Dr. 11. !looter, soul nearly all one physi
, eituusovltat they-think of Shernian's Lozenges, and
_they. will tell nu they are itvitellent—the only in
fallible medicine known,.
real antlidotes headache, palpitation, sea sicknestt,
lowness of spirio and dettpontlencv—or the curvets of
dis.dpatioa. Capt. ink, tf the 'Wellington,
'Mr. Ad:eon:to, the great sign painter, Alayor Clark,
and.alintr , t every hotly !:th0,%1; their NAI%
POOR MAN'S PLASTElt—Slierrnatt's we litexii
—e(,IS !Qt, vents, awl is sere to rove rhetiorititiot,
pltio or weakorwi in the breast, side, or
hack; also than vale WOrtils when applied
to the part. Ask Joe Ilexie, or Shy one who has
nnell it, nod week! „lye for one tomer than fire
cents For all other plasters:
Sold in Carlisle at lIUNTEn. he KNEEDLER'S
Bonk Store . , Eivt High street, aho ire sole Agents
For Carlisle.
A 4 C? Tr , vr.?` , c. 7
..••• VA 4:1
For the cure of Obstinate Ertiptions of the
Skin; Pimples or Pustules on the Face;
Biles which arise from an impure habit
of body; Scaly Eruptions; Pains in the
Bones Chronic Rheumatism; 'Fetter ;
Scrofula or King's Evil ; White Swel
lings; Syphilitic Symptoms; and all dis
niers arising from an impure state' o
the blood, either by a long residence in
a hot and unhealthy climate, the injudi-
cious use or Mercury, &c.
This Medieice h s frequently been.found
highly beneficial in Chronic Coughs, or
Colds of long standing.
This Nleilicine has been extensively used in the
United States s ith decided benefit in Scrolida, Mer
curial diseases, and In all eases of aii itlceratett cliat—
:icier. As •an alterative in the spring and fall ir:a
sons, it is itnequalled. It posstisses many advantages
over the decoction, and-i 5 introduced Hs a in‘epara
tion there portttble, not liable to injury by loo;; keep
ing, nail better• adapted 11 the use or persons travell
ing or residing. abroad.
The proprietor begs, lave to call attention to the
folios% ing certificates, s ;cutest front a larg,e own it. -r
approving its efficacy:
This certifies that fly wile 'Mrs. Deem, had for
nearly eleven ycsi sulfered Irons a scrofulous:erup
tion lesembling teller,ithick ate deep lades in her
face, neck and arms, the constant discharge of which
destroyed her health, and Ireland) . confined her for
different periods to her bed, during- which time lice
sufferings were very great. The best medical alien
dance.was obtained, and all the known remedies
were tried with but an alleviation of lice complahlt,
which always returned with increased malignitv.—
Having lost all hopes of recovery, she had almost
determined to give up the use of suy other medicine;
s h e W a s however, by perm:is:don, induced to try
Oafseleys Depuraiive if Sarsaparilla, the use oh
five bottles of which has removed the disease, and :
restored her to pet feet health..
opposite the jlepot, Iti•adiug, Pa
This is to certify th tt my little son, oboist eight
years old, bad suffered f'or a long time from exten
sive sores on the right knee and Icg, supposed to
Lace been white swelling, which I found impossible
to heal, even by the aid or the molt respectable
medical advice; itotil I was recommended to use Mr.
Oakeley's Compound Syrup okSarsaparilla, 8 but,
tics of which not only healed the sores, butt perfectly
restored the child's health. which hail suffered much
lu consequence or this otrmion.
7th,aboye Penn street, Heading.
Toe above ease was presented to me both before
and after•_ the use of Mr. Oakeley's Syrup of Sarsa
parilla, add I have no hesitation in believing that it
was the agent of his restoration.
Reading, Sept. 12,18:37. •
UNION VILLE Samlkill county, Oct.l 830.
- Dear Sir—Sometime ago I was consulted by a
with au ulcerated leg, who infoatneil Inc
th a t It wan upward of twenty years standing, and that
he had been titular the care of physicians both of
Ineope mal America, without receiving but slight
benefit, Not wishing to be troubled with his case,
:MI then thought Lure doubtful. I reccommendcd
him to use your Compound. Syrup- of Sarismarilla.
After taking a few bottles, he, informed me his leg
was healed, which. upon .examinstion I found to be
the faet.
DOVOLASSVILLE; Apri1,19 2 1543,
. Mr. Oakeleyt—My son • Edmund Leaf, had the
, surfttla in the most dreadful . :ind distressing man . -
nerfor three years, during : which (tine he was de
prived of the use of his limbs, his heud neck
were covered with ulcers.' We tried,all the diner
cut remedies, but to Mi ellimt until recommended by
Dm-Johnson, of Norrise wm_and • also De. Isaac
[Mister; of 'Reading, to use .youi• Depurativ Syrup
of Sarsaparilla ' of whkh I obtained several bottlee,
the use of .which, drove the disease •entirely out of
his'systeni,.the•sores healed up; and the child was
veitored perfect health, which he has enjoyed On-,
interruptedlg,itTer since, to the, astonishment of
,ma ,
ny persons who, seen during! his •aftlliAleh., I
have thought it my dtity,itid send you this certifi
cate, that others , whO,l have a like affliction iii tbe
family. May khowNvhere to obtainsoyaluable a Mett. , .
mine. . ; LEAF.
Sold''by C.! , STEVENSON ; CRT
lisle nott,tho•fgllo.iving Akonis r .ii Cum er
iitid•Co'unty. •
'Joshua Crainjloguestown.
• IWrii.:k.'o3.,tiuiloi*Kingstou. •
• , NAMELY:,
. .
Scrofilla; or king's wil, Rheumatism
obstinate cutaneous Ertiptions;
pies; or -Pustules' Millie' Face, Blot
ches, Biles, Chronic, Sore Eyes, Ring
. or Totter, Scald , Head, En
' largemene and Pain of the Bones
and Joints,,Stubborn Ulcers, Syphili
tic Symptoms, Sciatica,orLumbago;
and diseases arising from an injudi
cious use of Mercury; Ascites, or
Dropsy, Exposure or Imprudence in
Life. Also, Chronic Constitutional
Disorders will be removed by .this
ImprovemenLin Avliatevet'." - regarils the happiness
and welfare of our race is constantly on the march
to perfection, and with each succeeding day some
new problem is solved, or some prcdnund secret re
vealed, having an important and direct bearing over
man's highest destinies. If we take a retrospective,
view over the past twenty years, how is the mind
struck with wonder ! What rapid strides has science
made in every department of civilized life ! parti
cularly in that which relates to the knowledge of the .
human system in health and disease. flow valuable
and indispensable arc the curative means recently
discovered through the agency of chemistry ! How
does the imagination kindle and our admirationglow
at the ingenuity, the near approach to the standard
of perfection, of the present time! Through the
elaborate investigations of Physiology, or the science
of LIF,E, and the Pathology of prevalent diseases,
much valuable practical knowledge has been gained.
lu consequente of becoming, acquainted with the or
ganization, the elements of the various tissues and
structures of the system, remedies have been Str,tght
after and discovered exactly adapted to combine with,
neautralizand expel morbific matter, the cause of
disease, and substitute healthy action in its place.—
The beautiful simplicity of this mode of treatment
is not only suggested by ihe pathology of diFeifei,
unit only grateful to the sufferer,but perfectly in con
sonance with the operations of Nature, rind sati sfite
tory to the views and reasonings of every intelligent,
rellecting_iniad. It is tint - S - 01a Sand's Sarsaparilla,
a scientific combination of essential principles of the
most valuable vegeiable'stibstances,operates upon (lie
sykena. The Satsaparillais combined with the most,
salutary productions, the most potent simples of the
vegetable kitigdom ; and its unprecedented success
iq OW restoration to health of those his hail long
pined tinder themOst distressing chronic maladies;
has given it an exalted - character, furnishing, has it
does es idence of its own intrinie value;MUl recom
mending it to tho . alllieted iu banns the adllicte l unit
cam know. Il has lung tea a lAnst I alplaiallt • di.-
sid6rautin in the practice of meilicine to obtain a
remedy similar to this—one that 'would act on the
stomach and bowels with all the precision and
potency of mineral' preparations, yet without any of
theiHTeleterions elfcas upon the vital powers of the
I system.
Read the following from NIrS. Wm. Phillips, who
has long resided at die Falk. The facts are . well
known to all the old residents in that part of city.
Mrssns. A. B. Sawn ti k Co.—Sins: Most grate
fully do I embrace this opportunity for stating to von
the great relief I obtained from the use of sour gar
saparilla. shall also, be happy, through you, to
publish to all who are itilictialos I lately was,the
ceunt of my unexpected, and even for a long while
despair of cure.' Aline is a painful story, and trt ing
and sickening is is the narroke of it, for tile sake of
many who may he surely, I will briefly yet state it.'
Niiwteen years ago last April a fit of sickness left
me with an Erysiiielas eruption. DroPqral
bons immediately took place over the entire surface
of my body, causing such an enlargement that it was
necessary to add a half yard to the size or ni dres
s,sßround the ‘raste. Nextfollowedmpon my limits,
ulcers, painful beyond description. For years, both
in minuet• and winter, the May mitigation of on
sollering, swaS limed in pouring upon those parts cold
water. From my limbs the pain extended over my
whole body. There was literally for me no rest, by
day or by night. Upon lying down these pains would
shoot through my system, and compel me to arise,
and, for hours together, walk 1101 house, so that I was
almost entirely deprived of sleep. Daring this time
the Erysipelas cowinued active, and the- ulcers en
larged,and so deeply have these cutup, that For two
and a half years they have been subject to. bleeding.
During these tiniest twenty years I have consulted
many pLtsicians. These have culled 'MR.:lse—
:la t was attended tl', dl 01011:ltee011g019111 steady
and active pain in my side—a dropsical consumption;
and though they hate been skilful practit;iniers,they
were only able to afford my .case a partial and tem
porary relict I had many ether dilficulties too (min
plicated to describe. ',hate also- used miny of the
medicines that have litsch I'Veollllllollded Its infallible
cores fin• this disease, yet tlwse all tidied, and I was
' mos t em ph a tically growing worse. In this critical
condition, given up by friends,and expecting, for my
self, relief only in death I was by the timelv inter
position of a kind' Providence, furnished wifh your,
to • me, i ora li m bh, s a rsaparilla. A single bottle gave
me All assurance of health, which Mr twenty yearst
had not once felt. Upon takiii,g the second my eta
largement diminished, and ill days from the
8111 of October, when I commenced ta.kingyour Stir
saparilla, I wits able to enjoy sleep and re st,lisnight'
as refreshing as 1111 ,, I ever enjoyed when lit prfect
health. Besides, l was, in this short time, reoeved
Wont all those excruciating and unalleviated pains
that had afflicted my days, as well .as robbed MC or
my repose. The ulcers upon my limbs are.
bealed,the Erysipelas cured, and my size reduced
nearly twrny termer measure.
Thus muclasdo I feel it it privilege to testify to the
efficacy. of your health-restoring Sarsaparilla. A
thousand thanks, sir, feom and whose comfort and
whose hope of future health are due, under God, to
your instrumentality. And may the same Providence
that directed ow to your aid, 'make you' the happy
and honored instruments of blessing others, as dis
eased and despairing as fflit. much relieved and very
grateful friend, . - ASLNATII M. 'PHILLIPS.
Now LormoN Co. as. Norwich, Nov. 4,184'3.
Personally appeared,the above-named Asenath M.
'Phillips, mid made oath of the facts contained in the
foregoing statement before me.
Justice of the Peace.
R FADING, Mardi 3, 1839
Being personally acquainted with Mrs. Phillips,
certify that the above asserted frets are substantially
true. . . • WILLIAM 11. RICIIARD.S.
Minister of the Gospel at Norwich, Conn.
ie Sand's Sarsaparilla will also remove and perma
nently cure diseases having their origin in im impure
state of the blood and depraved°condition of the gen
eral.constitution, viz: Scrofula or King's Evil in its
various forms , Rheumatism, obstinate cutaneous
muptions, blotches, biles, pimples, orpustules on
th e ihee;chronie sore eyes, ringworm or tetter,scald
head, enlargement and pun of the bones and joints,
stubborn ulcers, syphilitic symptoMs, diseases aris
ing from an injudicious Esc of mercury, female de
rangements and other similar complaints.
i'lepared and sold by A. B. Sands & Co., Drug
gists and Chemists, Granite buildings, 275 Broadway
corner of Chambers strem,New York. And for sale
by Druggists throughout the United States. Price
$t sier bottle, sik bottles for $5.
1 be public are respectfully' requested to remem
ber that it is Sands's Sarsaparilla that hatiand is con
stantly. remarkable oaf es the moat
difficalt Chula of diseases to ,which the human frame
is subject, and ask for Sands's Sarsaparilla, and take
no other. ,
•••...: . , S. ELLIOTT, •
Agent by opeetal appointment for the Proprietors,
for Carlisle and vicinity. • • "
Jul3''l2is.3:.. . .
.. 13r,-37
:E3C;OI.I . 4UC.MIc. '
A.PPLIdATION ' will be made by the
EX Director 8 of the Carlisle ilinif,tu the next Leg
islature of the Commonwealth of -Pennsylvania, for
a renewal of the Antler of the. said Bank by the
risme and style of the "Carlisle. ,'lt., is. in
ilea it 'shall be located In Carlisle,' Ciliation.
laptEcounty, that it shall , have the .same. Capital it
I now lies; to wit/ Three •htindred',thotisand -dollars,
for,the :specific °Wept of Dankim and discounting
culler of the Boarttliftliiee,tOrs„:
• • c94.E.0r, Cash_lee.
The attention of the reader is respectfully called
to thy&flowing certificate. Illowever great achieve
ments have her,tofore been made by the use of this
invaluable medicine, yel'daily expertence shows re
sults still more remarkable.. The proprietors here
avail thentsch es of the opportuhity of saying it is a
source of constant satisfaction that they are made the
means of relieving such an amount of sulrering.
lrozalcrfeil Effects of Sands's Sarsaparilla in
Norwich. Conn.
AlLY'nre'the effects ()Pads' preparation be
• Coming more aPparent. °Numerous •persons
assert they have derived more benefit from using one
bottle of tt, than three of any other. • This is easily
accounted for, as Dr. Leidy's Sarsaparilla is a &Mill
stronger preparation th . RI any other, rind near twice
as much is contained in one bottle as' of any other
(and sold at the same price.) Let the public remem
this—it is no vain boast but the Teal fact.
• - ,
From the Medical Review.
sq:"Amons the vegetable alteratives with which
our dispensaries abotind, there are few so useful as
Sarsaparilla, and when properly combined and pre
pared, is invaluable; not only in restoring debilita
ted constitutions to their wonted energy hut in every
case arising out of an impure state of the blood.
From a knowledgeef very many cases (and some of
them considered' inctiVable) where many different.
preparations of ,Snrsaparida had beets used, none
scented to possess virtues or remedial powers equal
to Dr.Leitly's Medicated or Compound' Extract of
Sarsaparilla." ,
It is a preparation it is believed 11w superior to
any other, and would recommend it to the particular
notice of PhysicianS,---Ed. U. S. Ga:ette.
Extract of a lettelroin .1.11. Whitmore, of Easton,
in relation to Dr. Leidy's Sarsaparilla. '
"My little boy and girl, the former now three
years and the latter now seven years old, have been
afflicted with a scrofulous tumor from the time they
were three months old. Three' months ago I was
111 , 111CD11 to make trial of your Extract of Sarsaparilla,
have given it to both to the present time. They
are now; entirely free from any appearance of Scro
fula and were in better health."
Dr. L'l' , t
Sa.maparilla is efficaciens in all dis
eases 'wish% from impurities of the blood anc other
fluids of the system: ' All inNlids who may have
hermitlike Is ulical treatment, who are debilitated
from the quantity.of medicine they may have taken,
or are under a mercurial influence, will find that by
using it few bottles of Dr. Leidy's Sarsaparilla,their
usual vigor and elasticity of their frame and system
will be restored, and be again permitted to coley the
sweets of life.
(0 - "This article appears to he doing wonders at
the South, and from the high characteFol the re
commendations, Ave are fully persuaded it is a most
capital medicine for all impurities attic blood. We
know many Physicians wit) have given their 'testi
mony on this subject, and we know they'wbuld not
give A character to any medicine that did not really
Extract of a letter from Dr. Warren, Natchez.
"I laving for the last year in my mai:tire used your
Sarsaparilla with much satisfaction to mysell•and.
benefit to my patients, I have no hesitation in declar
ing it to be one of the most usefur . preparations
diseases for which Sarsaparilla is prescribed."
-- - ,
nj - 'l'ltiit preparation may be depended upon ay.
being the strongest (consequently more. etlic•acious)
of .any in existence ; all thud preparations mitiit pos
sess similnt• victim . , in proportion to their• strength,
bring prepared from the same article. llr. Lehly , s
Compound - Yooriiet at Sarsaparilla, however, pos 7
sesst, proltrl•Ilell not po , ,sesseil by others, -from Its
manner Of penital'alloti, nod eonildintliOn with other
vegnlnkle este:kids. recommended hy 'the medical fa
culty—mid hence the reason hy - it is Si) generally
reconinwifficil by the siciaits of Philadelphia and
From the extraordinary vit•tues of this prepara
tion and a knowledge if its minims:tic:, by Physi
cians, (the leosoll why the/ so generally 11(e it, as
they would not We or recommend tiny livelier:thin'
they dill not know the composition ot,) it has hi•ett
introduced iq many of the I lospitals tlivoitgliont. the
U. S. aitd ix highh reconmwitilcifby l'hyt,itiiiins and
Surgeons of those Institutions. ,
From th?, New Orleans Adrertisu•
The high mid enxied
. eetelirity which this 'pre
rniincut niedieine has sequired kir its invorishle Li
lle:icy in all diseases whieli it proll•sses to cure, has
rendered the usual practice or iitilllitiguiniceessarv.
It is known by its trolls and its good works U:stily
for it. 1)1.. Leidy!s Son:N.:wino will ho found lin , :
vularlY ellieoeions lit till diseows of the liver.
itch, situ, kidneys, spine and hones, ulectsiti ° jo ie
nose, throat ant( other ports, ale,es ss e s,f.., o o B ,
fulas, e 1.3 si twins, joinolieeodietinntti.i;„.i
'rota, mercurial tool syphilitic 111 . ..et01 t 5 . , feinole de
rangements and in restoring. t., e sickly „ n d ( I„l,,li tat _
ed to their 1111LIIVal. Iletlilli enu ct..
DR. LEIDI'. I / 4 1 !tilk tZt; A Et. II LL
1)r. Lehi) 's (:',onlinottad of -;ai,aparilla has
stood the t('li for liiiyears pmt, 11!III 'll5 , 0 1.. A. to
say that there is no othnr twepsrotimt of v 9 11:11
strewth now in. use. Throogliont tbe Sottihern
Stites where Sat , aparillo is :is moth io •rorrul nor
as tob slid coffee, 1)1.. Lehi . ) 5.11,511.11 . 11111 is g oner..
:illy preferred and is highly revointoloithA
sietans, [whose certificates has e lievo frequently poll
lislwd ] hrotighout the ilortil sod urns it is :11,511
much used, 11101 0 perhuils than any when.
0110 bottle of it [lndfa !dial is nu...ranted equal to
two of any otheeiu strenr,th, and it cliost to 01.;• halls
wino!' of the strongest Syrup that tool be mole.
llirections lot making SJ Fop Oa rellsoo nee'3lll
- the tiireciiuns.
a few days since a Clergyman of this city
[is Ito sloes not desire Isis name publlslisol its the pa
pers' but is left with Leidy] stated tint a lady
whit Lod long been it communicant at Isis church, bat'
for RMyears past unable toi go to church, on account
id' lies. extreme debility, occasioned by ulceration of
various parts of her body, disease or hcf. liver Emil
other internal derangementsomsl the constant taking
of medicine therethr,nevvr, found any change for the
better until alter .sising several bottles of Dr. Leidy's
Sarsaparilla, and ltv a few months prrseveratice in
its use, 0 as entirely restored to health, :ttsil reeiirer
sal her former strength, and to use Insr flints language,
"was almost create,l a stew being." This is but one
of runny instances utmost daily hesed of.
It is prepared Gfily IMO SONd and retail
at Dr. I.F.IDIPS Ilcalth Droporito, No. 191 North
Second street below Vice: also solirby Frederick
Bown, cornet' Fifth nod Chesnut streets; and Fred.
Klett fi Co, corner :NI and - Callon bill street, at. $1
per bottle, (a hall ;Aux) or sir bottles $5.
For sale in Carlisle by
:%tay 31, 18.13. - tr-31
iE°or•uaaS a IPorms
IF parents knew the value and .ellleacy of Dr.
rLeidy's Patent Vegetable Worm Tea,they never
would be without it in their litmilies, as children are
subject at all times to Worms.
Pr. Leidy's Worm Tea is composed of vegetables
altoget!ter, and may be given to children of all ages.
Directions .accompany each paper or package.
Children suer much, of times, front so many ,
things being given.:ltem for worms, without tiny el
feet. Much medicine, y',"' iven to children, has a ten
dency to destroy their gene: al health, anti they are
more or less delicate ever after.
To avoid the necessity of giving medicine unne
cessarily when you are certain your' children have.
worms give them at first Dr,Lenly's Worm Tea. It
is all that is necessary.
Reference might be made to several hundred pa
rents in Philadelphia City and county, of the efficacy
a Dr. Leidy's Worm Tea. Try it and you will be
convinced. . • „
Price 121 cents a small, and '25 cents a large pack
age. Prepared only, and for sale, wholesale and
Retail, at Dr. Leidy's Health Emporium No.. 191
North Second street, below Vine,[sign the Gol
deu-Eagle and Ferpents,) Philadephia.
For sale in Carlisle by
June 14, 1143. ' tf-33
Dr. Tetter and Itch Ointment.
• AN infallible remedy for variant) affections of the
Skin, removing Pimples, Pustules, and Eruptions;
of the - Skra„ and *tit:Wady tithilithcrth — tlie cure of
Totter and the Itch. . .
This ointment has-been used in numerous schools
throughout the oily and county, as well as Factories,
employing numerous Owls and boys, and amongst
whom Totter, and Itch,aa well as other Affections of
the Skin, prevailed, with the most unexampled suc
cess. • Names of School Teachers, as well as Super
intendants and Proprietors of Factories , c oul d be
given, confirming . thd above, but for the delicacy they
feel in having their names connection
with such loathsome and 'disagreeable affections:
Price 25 cents a box. For sale in Carlisle by
.luaol4, 1843. tf-33,
ciONSUMPTION4..Cough, Spitting Blood,:&d
To Consumptives—Four fifths of y °nal%) really
differing from neglected Colds, or an Obstruction
and consequent: inflammation of the delicatelining
Of those tubesthroughAvidelt the nir we Ireathets.
distributed to every: part of the lungs. :This ;Ob
struction :'produees pain .and soreness,- hoarseness,
cough, difficulty of breathing, hectic fever, and a
spitting 9f blood, matter, or phlegm, ~ witick, finally
exhausts the strength'of the patient,and ends in death.
Ja,yne's klimectorant never fails to remove this ob ! ;
structict4and produces the most pleasing and happy
results, Is eertainiti ittreffects, and cannot fail to
relieve :170 he r bed et No. 20 South Third. St. Phil 9.,
_ Forsaie C4ll4l'l'l. B.'EVAZIO9" -
PREPARED'OnIY by Di:11 - 3AYNE,IInventei,
and sold proprietor, Ne.' 20 South Third at.
Philadelphia, • and none are " geehine without his
written agnature upon the outside wrapper. , All
others are counterfeits. • • •-•
These medidi nes are recommended and extensive..
Used by the moat, intelligent' persons in the Unkted
States, by numerous Professors sad Presidents of
Colleges, Physicians of the Army and Navy,'and of
Hospitals and Almshouses, andiby more than shred'
hundred Clergymen of various dencuninations.'
They are expressly prepared foe family use, and
have acquired and unprecedented popularity through
out the'United States; and as they are so admirably
calculated to preserve Ifealannd cure Drawn, no
family, should ever belwithout them. The proprie.,
toe of these valuable preparations received Wanda
cation at one ot , the best Medical Collegee in the U..
Statei, and has Ind fifteen years eAperience in nit
extensive and diversified practice, 'by which lie has
had ample oppqrtunities of acquiring a practical
knowledge of diseases, and of the remedies best cal
. eulated to remove them. These preparotions con
sist of
Jayne's Fapectnrant,a valuableremedy for Cough,
Colds, Consumption, Asthma,Spitting of Blood,
Crmilt, !looping Cough; Broiti s, Plcutlsy and in,
flammation of the Lungs or Throat, Difficulty of
Breathing;hush all diseases dale Pulmonary Organs.
Also Jayne's flair Tonic, for the Preservation,
Growth and Beauty °film Hair, and which will posi
tively bring in new hair on bald heads.
Also Jayne's Tonic Vetunifogen certain and plea
sant remedy for Worms' Dysp Piles, and many
other diseases.
Also Jayne's Carminitive Balsam, a certain-cure
for Bowel and Summer Complaints, Diarrlura, Dy
sentery Chotie, Cramps, Sick Headache, Sour stom
ach Cholera Morbus, and all derangements of the
Stomach and Nervous Affections,
Jayne's Sam tive Pill 9, for Female Diseases', I Aver
Costiveness, Fevers, Inflammations,
Olanthilar, Obstructions, Diseases of the Skin, Set..
and in all cases where :on Alterative or Purgative
Medicine is required.
For sale in Carlisle, by
T. C. srEvi, , ,,Nsox..
May 31,1813. tr..
HON j{`fix OHS
rf2 vit jib of the poviers and authorit)
Hid contained in the last will and testament 01
MictiAm. ECM, dee'd., I now offer for sale, the
Carlisle arbn - Works,
Situated on the Yellow Breeches Creek, 4) miles
east of Carlisle Pa. The estate consists of a first rate
,45) mew a 3 Arty ,r 4 i - Iva 3
with Ten Thousand .Icres of Land.
A new NIERCIIANT AIILL Wllillollrttill of stone,
finished walk, most apprtned plan. -.About 500 acres
of the hold are cleared and highly cultivated, haling,
011.re011 erected
Three Larae auk Barns
:kild tiece;skry TENANT HOUSES, The
works are itropelled by the \ Mow Breeches - Creek
and the Boiling Spring, which neither fail norfreeze.
There are Igloo the prentisesall the necessary work.
I leos homes, coal lola se.,earpenterand smith-shops
awl stabling halt. of the most mkt:MIMI material.,
The ore Of the best quality and inexhaustibl e , h.
within '2 miles of the Furnace. Then: is reran;,
no ham Works ia Peithsvltania hick ine.,, e ' sses hu •
pecior advantal.fes and oltera greater im,l t n ee n tee t s I ,
the investment or Capital. Thin ww, er pow , i s s ,
great that it Might he eNtentled to tdt y other noun ,
lacturing purpose. Persons tP spe ,,,,i
will of course examine the-I':pp ee ty. Th e teet ,,, l
sale will be made knoten I,y
Exr"." - etitrix of Micboel. Egc,deed.
Oet.l9,lSk. 11 I
CIINII4EI2I;..VNI) 111Y1 . 11.‘ I.
I'ItOI'ECTI()N CO:NI NV, Itcing iucor
slid 6r :111 nit of the I.....gisinttirt• of the present
Itilly.or..,:tnizt.ll and in undo. :.11.
diret . th,ll the f1111(1, !Ward
TilontaS C. ° \lillrr, C. I'. Clinottii,s, John
NI ( .1
I:lt•tin,, I:oll,nnith.
I:rra~un,'l'hmoo, Ira Into, \ V.. •i•
(;. the :Meta ion a
\ . :114.y to tlit•
rates and ilne many a,1%;p0:1••,,•ti - 011,1 Or
11110111111 e, 11,1•+ nt cr any in
• 1,1. I , li'vr ty•vson insot,l• Ins-ontos It wend .••• Fir
11111 enntimti tnk,, ilat.t. in the elto:ve of on'. • ys
and the ilircs•timw•ef its vonerrns.
"2 , 1. I'M' 110 MIMI , is (11 . 111:1 1 Idell ti Is
I ‘ ll 11100 VX;11,..i .
.311. The inrnnccuirurr nl fro l it,lll reitt,t ;•.•:1-
I insurinl.; for n of
•i M. Any perym applv Mr, lne in, nun..
pr,unime note el., lit um .to
..1* ;ILO i 11.... 1.1 . 1a11111, ,1111CII will Ile C ult nn ihe
hull 11, I% in 'have in pry flll . 6%1'
11111 rol' snryry 811 , 1 rlicy, null no morn .•.
1/1..S11%1:1111 , 1 in a gremi.t. ....mum than the its
011 II:111113 %VIII CMCI . ,;11111 (hell Wlllllll'o ,11l he
ell 01;11111 1/1 . 0 r:tia These are f' , 11 . 11
ehenprr thou) 111051! Or other companies, excepl souls
as are incorporated on the some principles.
' Insurance is curveted in the 11.11.)wing mantle.'
person appl,ing for insurance fin. peopet•ty I: the
cheapest claw of risk Mr $lOOO will be vitae •ml
per cent Mr five year s,n note amounting to must
he.given by him, on which lie sill be require.,
3 per celi ~!,8,50, and 14,59 for surveying and poi ivy;
And mill have 110 liinre requiem' of him wiles , lo , ses
occur and the Funds hauls aro not sullicient to
meet them.
..\gente. will be appointed as SOW) as possible b, 1111 .
11111eCS to :Mena to iiihtwahres, andany persons
wkliitik; immediately to imply can do so by simiiry-
Mg their wish to the officers of tlie nonillion%
A. G. Niti.ttn, Sec'y.
Aprilil'2, 1843. 15-21
Mechanicsburg Line
wwa ..oapps.
Oettvecn allechanic*trg eztad
Philadelphia or Bedianw,re.
[BY RAIL RO.RD OR C.4.11i4.1,1
'VIM subscriber grateful for past favoN, begs
leave tiiinform his friends and thr public
generally, that he still conlinues to run :inc of
burthen Cars regularly between
and Philadelphia or 13altimore, by will, goods
and produce of all deseriptions'will by lot -arded
wall care and despatch at the lowest r.:fos pf
Produce will be received at his Ware Ti alse,in
Mechanicsburg, and forwarded co eitln Phila
delphia or Baltimore, according to the direction
of the owner.
In - The highest price will be given for Wheat
and Flour.
.MEi! EY.
N. P,. Plaster of Paris and Salt ale hept
on hand, and for sale at the lo'ilest
He has also an hand, lathe Dopotin Ilfochanica.
burg, for sale, LUMBER, such as I:, cords,
Shingles, Scantlings, ate. of .11 kinds,
which will bo sold on liberal terms. ,
August 17, 1842. tf.4
• TAVID.I lataD IaTIP2 •
Mlyrais & HAyERS'IIcK have ju t reeeived
' from the Mtutufactory at Philatlelpt.'lo a large
assortment of LA.OD LAMPS, consist; lig of
Parlostr,Chambpr&Study Lamps
with or without shades; which they. w il sell whole
sale or retail at the manufacturer's prices.
Astral, Side Reflectors and Glass Lamps of aqui
°us patterns.
Zl . Lta
The very best Winter siveined, bleached Sperm
Oil, warranted to burn 'pleat.; for
" • • sl;taa. per ga l lon: :. . ,
.':Bett§peynt Candles, 37j cents per lb. •
Carlbde Deo. 21,18 , 42.' • • • - tr-8
Dios. .11A111)EI:itte1011i1ititAlri
lil/OULD Inflirra the public lhatelle,aonthaues
7 the nbove business :and will pay.tha uttrapat
care and attention ,to till clothing and other aril,-
idea entru.sted to hot; for,aleaning, c ,aocuring and
. dyelneat her;house,i4.ohall.Alot?*.Pitthd
ucatiTt. gla l 4:rtilliftV i tT l o4 o illtesPc'et!lillY . o'er
/I 14 ',•
Vijectione of the Liver, Asthma, .Bronchitie, Pains
or -weakness
. ofthe Breast or Lunge, Cieiconie
' Coughs, .Pleurisy, Ilientorrage of the Lunge, and
ajections of the Pubnonar,y Organs.
• II coin pound Rai samitfliiiiparation of the Prunna
Virginiama or "Wild Cherry ilark,"combined with
the Extractof Tar, prepared by a new chemical
: process, approved .and recommended by the Most
distinguished physicians, and universally acknow
ledged the mostwaltiable medicine ever liscovered.
In setting forth the,virtues of this truly great me
' (Heine, we have no desire to deceive those who are
laboritvinder affliction, nor do we wish to eulogise
it more than it justly deserves. Yet When we look
around nod see the vast amount of suffering and di.
tress ocensioned by many of tile niseases in Which
this medicine has proved so highly suzessful, we
feel that WC cannot urge Its- claims too. strongly, or
say too much in its favor.
Various remedies it is true have been offered :mil
pulThil : into notice for the cure of diseases of the
Lungs, and some have no doubt been found very
tiseful, but °fall that have yet been'discovered,
dilmitted by physicians and all who have witnessed
its elfeets, that none has proved ms suecessfid as this.
Such, /11(10141,711T. the -
Of ihi.a Balsam, that even in the advanced stage el_
.Corisvmrrtort 'after all the most esteemed remedies
of iih3lll - eiriiTAlNcrtivitell - to - effe - et - nwrehangeTtile
use of this medicine has lyeeti. protetive 'the
most astonishing relief, anti actually efrect,7d utrE
alter all hopes of recovery had been despaired
In the first stages ofthe disease,termed "Warr
in! from neglected Gulag,
it has been used with undeviating success, and hun
dreds acknowledge they QWC the restoration of their
health to this invaluable medicine alone. In that
form of COMIUMPiiOII so prevalent amongst delicate
young females, commonly termed debility, nr
A complaintwith which thousands are lingering, it
ha, also proved highly successful, and not only pos
ses,ps the power of 'checking the progress of this
alarming complaint, but also strengthens HMI
orAes the system more elfectually than any meth
xiiatAce have ever.possessed. •---
Besides its surprising ellicaey in ConSnmption, it
ov{unl ly efireneinllS in Liver Comfgaints,.lethria,
iirmchilis, and all Directions or the Lungs, mid Ines
vetcd runny or the most obstinate cases, Drier oiury
~ 1 ler remedy bird Ihileul.ec3-For partictilars se
I,'r. Wistar'sTreeise on Constunption, to be hail
the Agents.
t'cluting the use of tins medicine in diseases of
I mugs, and the many singular mires it Inis'ef
',•eteil,lntring naturally attracted the aumition of
many physicians, (as 'well 'as the a hide traternity of
quacks) variottsconjectures and :JII•Illises earl:it:ll
:•cspccting its Lomposition ; sonic phy,iciaiis hate
rlpposeil it to contain torthie, oilier ignorant Imeteii
derS s,ty it must contaiii .11err•ttr'ii, and in some such
.iilistance they each attribute its siagnhit efficacy. - -
:55 such opinions it'saltogethry erroneous, and cal
ciliated t 0 prejildice 11111111; perSolOi aguilv.t. 11, M e
That it contains nothing of • the kind, or tiny thing
tic least injurious; on the contrary, it is enmposed
finite ruoSt simple sultstances, the principle of which
are the extracts'of TAIL and It Pt/ Cherry Bork,
and thewhole secret of its olit,it r eeisists the
•mode by width they arwprepared.
As we have already pnbli•heil 'imperious certifi
cates from the, hight,t which prone i.
virtues beyond all doubt, a e rpositivr it unuere,ary
to exhibit a Jong list of theta in this inacc, and will
only mention a few rases, it hat it has done•
i SIIIIPRISING CU Itr,.--Among tilt. many
singular cures a Iriclr this mrdmilm has
then. is pl.rh;rps nom: iu 19iii.,11 its praers are so
fully Sirowlllts . lll till.
Thigly Laid Levu consumptive for several years,
tliteing the ,seater part vt this, time Lull I cerise:l
the hest medical nttentitni, gild tried all the must
‘altialiKt reinellies,t could Ire totn.:l to
tuTeht its prottress. She. bernate stihjeet xiolent
:its' of eatighiteg, a. p' et.crated large tottintities tit
lttvt , ;1 nilll 1:10:n1, :nal step 11
11th this learflit eataintted iii coarse, until
reoatir:, i i . eatl.refy tit...Jilt:tired cit.—
\l'hile ill i dim.: ssin:2; sitnatiuu, litiAeriniz 010:11
;lie Ivey ter,,, , rim zuto n e. stet ihr•
Or ibis 11.41:ettle, ;.i: It, to rnr lice men ee,pression
operated :11:1,•I eht.ent. Ina It w days she
..sperninntell , enn: 4 ll tens gen:lin:lli
presied, es, nvesl to arttl throb vigor
h e , : in the place of !lint 1 . 111:1( . 1:1W11
I . ol'lll M 111111glilq ill
,1,1 belies Lc lillll the,il rube II:LS enjoy etl to
t ears.
Ihst Tf.qTrunN g wi(ilesqtql
1111• snrprisin, i•die:try or 1)r. Wistar's of
\\lid ease of Alts. Alkstitr. I clieur•
fully stiiivinent tric
and unrrvo. J. U. \ n:7.;, 11.
Wornl . sto,%)l, )f.;
I)Cllriiil'--A1(111111 , 411 0111 . 1M:1111:011e 111(.1116M. 11;1,
nlrcadv 10111111 i1I11(111,11S of Tiourrhil adtocatcs, it
may aline gratify ing;•to to *Teel% e a
cation trout ally out that has been relict ail 113 it.
Such; Sir, is truly my ease. I hate been a victim
of that terrible Consumption, tlm liam y
months, toil havv pilfered so much, that I hail he-
COMP 1111'111q. weary of illy lite. Ilea:in:4 your
lialsalta of) highly praisoil. I began taking it a few
weeks bark, told ii,sure 3 out it lilts relleveirme
more than tilly•thiug I • have ever used before, ;nal I
imnlitlently believe it will eure um ell/lain:illy. l'lca , T
give the hearer the ivoutli of the enelosetlmial oblige
' Yours liespeettitlly, Jon:: ON.
. Chester Conroy, Sept, G, t g 1 1.
Friend Wistar —lt f-- es me much ph aster to in
['ono thee that ow wife's health has improved very
n owt; since she has been tisint the Mist:hit or 11:iId
Cherry, and we think there is no doubt but that it
will ow.. her. She has taken the two bottles 1 pur
ehased front thee a short time sluice aml het: tough
is notch better .she also sleeps we'll at night, and
says she has room. naming; to give her so much re
het will please Give the bearer two bottles
more ler
Fhl• Fi iiil. •
Ellll•.11lD 1101.11E5
Lancaster county,July 18,1811
Dear Sir—Please send me two bottles of your
genuine Balsam of Wild Cherry. I have been at'
dieted with Consumption for the last two years, nod
antlered very lunch with a severe cough, pains in
my breast, difficulty of breathing, night sweats, &e.,
having, tried numerous remedies, and also been
under several doctors; yet I could not find any thing'
to relieve me until used some of your Balsalm. I
..Fot one bottle from a neighbor ofmine who is using
i t,ki n d have found such world: 41d relief from it that
I have no (lonia it will cure me effectually.
Yery ”espectfhlly youp3, Szci
1101:.&10f Ho -stf.tx.
rißeatl the following. from Dr.:facohnottrm.::
a physician of extensive practice in Ilmoingdm
county :
Dear Sir--1 procured one bottle of Dr. Wistar's
nalsalan of Wild Cherry, from Thomas need, Esq.
o f this pluee, and tried- it in a case of obstinate
Asthma ott a wild of Pout Selttrehie,in whidi many
other reniedies hail been tried IVithOM :Inv relief.
The 11111SOIM [;are sudden read; and in mp opinion
the child is efleetually cured by its use.
Yours, &c. JACOB DOrrIOAX,NI.D:
December '23d, i 341.
Dear Sir.--Your Reisalm of 'Wild Cherry Las ag.
fected some astonishing cures' here. One of which
is an old Indy, Mrs. Russell, who bad been - suffering
for a long time with shortness of Lrcathing, and gen
eral weakness, until she was finally obliged to keep
her tied._ After, various' other. remedies had been
resorted to in vain, she commenced using your Bal
alm,and after taking two bottles, was so far recover
ed as to be able to attend to all the duties of her
house, and on taking two bottles more was entirely
cured. Respectfully, &e.
Pottsville, Pa. .. • • ~ • - . .
CAUTION.!—As there k a spurionS MlN:titre
Called SyTO of Wild f.TherlN;purteliasers•Shotild he
very -particular to ask ‘ tor &)n. WISTAWS:IIAL
SAM. and observe his, sipm7ttirtitielhn.l/01110 , •
Prepared for the proprietor, and sold at whole:
sale by Williams 4 .co., Chemists, No. 21 Minor:
street, Philnifel . phirt. , .
~,• • , ,
. ,
Sold in Catiisle ,
by . . • •
In Shippensburg- by-the Bei% David Wrath tt nor- .
risburg by John •Wyeth,- Jr; Litneniter by J. Gish;
.Chiunbersburgby.LewisDenig and - in ol most every
town nod vi lingo throughout the country. i
Price, $i 00 a. „bottle., ;
. r.
'Noverober . 2.9;ll342. ' ' -
• , ,
• 86 Giklions 'or Yinegov el. }ho '
.2EAT qualiii,j4st i reeeividtPAnd for sale by -
Auguet29;,l9#9i? , . ,
;451kitinks •
-4,,f,Q# PALE 'TA Tais OFFICE
• •
The best method for the &oilcan of Dis
ease ie cleanse* puly the Blood.
Are noiv,ftekne*leggetl to be the best. MediOtte itf
. the WOrld for the cure of
HCA USE they completely cleanse the stomach
and bowels froM those bilious and •corrupt hu
mors Which are lliocatise not only . of Headache . ;
Giddiness, .Pacpitation of
,the Heart, Pains in the..
Bones; Illieumatisrattbd Goatt,but,;ife , ,ary
incident to nian.
Are a certain.cure t'dr intermittent, remittent, tter
vous, inflammatory and putrid Fevers, becauSeAkey
cleanse the body horn those morbid humors, which
when confined to the ciecUlation,are the cause of al.
kinds of
Sn, also, when the siime impurity is dept sited oil
the membrane and muscle, eniising jtains,
(ions and swellings, called ..
The Indian Vegetable may be relied on as al
ways certain to give relief, roil if perserved with ae-.
cording to.directions, will most asstiredly, nod with
out fail, make a perfect ei':Ve or the above painful
Maladies. From three m or said Mdian Vegeta
ble fills taken every night on goMg to bed will in
~ short time so completely, rid OM hotly from every
thing that is opposed to healdr, titnt Ithenniatiern,
Gout, and Pain of every deseription;will he lite, ally
For the some reasonsot hen, from sodden ithatmes
i!tnosphere, or nay %her cause, the perspiration
ischcc i ital the humors which should pssa It?
the skin are tilown inwardly., call sing
Nausea and sielincss, pain in the Imes, watery :nal
inflamed e) es, sore throat, itharseth:gst Coughs, mOll
- rheumatic pains in variott3 it ,111 . 8 or thu
hotly,attil many other symptoms or
C. 2 1.A17 C 01,12, .
ably give immediate relief. From three to sit of
,said Pills taken 'every.night on going to bed, will ht.
short time, not only remove all the alone unplea
sant symptoms, but the body will, in a short time, be
restored to even soulider 'health than before. The
same may be said of
, The Indian Vegetable Pills will loosen and carry
off by the stomach awl bowels those tough phlegmy
humors, Which stop op the sir cells or the lungs,and
re the Co Ore not only of the oho% e liktreg , lllK coils
%, !WTI livgleek;d, often ierminate!sitt that
!:till more drumlin! malath (Idled
CONSI . 111 . 111 N.
II ,:holthl 'also he tooaeollwred that Ili* Italim 4
Vcgtoahlt, Pill, are a i , to lain ran. coy.
Inns appetity,
eosin uness, a - yellow tinge of the Skill and ryes awl
erery. other s symptran of a - tor - pid or diseased state of
the li'et•; her:Luna they
_pnrgr 11 . 11111le body - 111(6'17
impurities llhien if ileka,ited tipaii this important
orgati, are the call;[•u% cry
:t N:it1011 is el,ll‘llltit'a i+y ( . ),11111 . 11k4
111111 litl,llloll, Ohly 5.11, prvt:litiltg 14,
dremaid •
is 10 rgirF I,H tiaiunti, nud v% prison :wan,
?hi. y.
11 . 1::111101 . , V. 11 1 .11 pill 01 ., /..lillCS,nl . :zi.y Kiud
that the lirl4l i r ; With hit-1'111:d
lb:: :tw rioTooly is to
o`raitors IVII.I.
CFA': l'.‘lN ItEtiUl;l'•
'l'hat tI Ihdowiple i,fennnginit'ase, In Clonnsing
and 1'11.61161'g the body, is tivieily in ❑cum•dsnue
the I.,:tivs which gorc nit the animal ecoinnwi
la•ovvly carried cq;t4v . s- of nhttvt, named.
eerrtioly result in tie: entopiete .
Vorase; we offer riot teqtimonials, kook
persons 0r ow Itight,t respet.htbility itt , . - S;ew York
%rho harereceolly hero Attired 01 ale 1110.1'
1.011114:7111tS, solely Ity the ii WRI 0117'S INDIAN
VEGET,IIII.I: S or •1113:
J 01%1CA, L. I. June tlah,
.1"sorl• ICiliiam IVrigl0 7 -I),oar Sir—lt is , t WIC
,2,1 est s,,tisflasios ilist I 111611,1 p.ll a me 6aliu
M . 1)3 yvars
the a - ,..• a 1 OM INDIA:c VEGETAL:LP.
Pr,, inns in I,lth relchrlthol
I lord been under the hand, of wveral si
clans, and had tried various medichtml I nit all to no
Mrect: After using one t 5 cent 1,• - •,N of your Pith;
howetvr, I experienced `C»111101 unit I 11:-.
solved to 111.T.S1 '. Vere in the dye of them according to
your directions, %%Melt 1 :4111 io,ppy 10' slide,
1015 oc
sulted in n perfect cure. In gratitode to you Mr tho
great benefit .1 hate reccivcd, and also in the bope.
that others similarlyithlicted mat ho induced to make
trial of your \ traordinarq medicine, I sendyont
this state - luck ith thirlifiCrty to ',oldish thesmire it
pat think propiir. rinu,s,Sce.
N E ‘VVonl;,,ltine 19,1811,- G. C. BLACK ;
1•o Ilkluttl Wools, Ae'eni for IVriglit's Indian
Vegetable Pills, No. ::88 st. N. V.
Dear Sir—At your recommendation,l , 4mMlime
since made trial of w warps rsnLvis.: VF.C.
ETA nu , . PILLS or the xurni Amerion Colic-go
oC it o dtli; and eau coni.eientiously ao.ert, that foe
Poriffins the 111 poll, and renovating the system,
have reeeived tonr9 heneflt from Moir use, than flout
any other medicine, it has heretofore been toy wind
fat tune to meet with. 1* am, dear sir; with many
thanks, your oliligrd friend;
No. GO limnersly 4. Now York.
Nit.. Richard Dennis, nen, NVriglit's 'finnan
Vetetai)lu Pills.
Derir.Sir , -71 have been afflicted foe several year
1111 inward -weakness anal general alebility,• necom-
I ',lc,' -6m:° with !pill in the side and other dis
treeing complaihts„laming trimly:loMM
-.4(1W b a friend In
eines wttnu...! eill'et• was per:.
make trial of Pc. ,'''',,,`, l ;`' „
which lam happy to state have ," • .
wonderful manner. 1 have lased the metlieine,4 l
ct.but R short time, null have and doubt, by a per.
scventawle m (I)Lt 1151: of the Myilicille aetln • llilig t!1
directions, that Isholl ha at slmrt time bu peraNtkr
1 most willingly recommend said Pills 16 all pry,.
sons similarly aillactealt 111111 ill the full belielthui
the same laawlicial results will follow their
I remain yours ncerely,
- • WawarsingrUlster Co. New York.,
Nrw Yost:, Sept. 9.9. 1841.
This is to certify that L have used Wright's ittpti ILI
Vegetable Pills with the greatest kenefit; having ea.:.
artily cured myself of the
attacks of Sick..
Headache; to whirlt I had previously beensnbjeet. ,
AtliV Pt
Greenwich eS
street, ° N V.
• t
I'o,A l ir. Richard Detinit., Agent for Wright's Indiati
' Vegetable Pills.
As there are at this time many wicked tiersons
busily engaged in selling a counterfeit medicine on.
der the name of the Indian -Vegmnble Pills; atidlts
these'deiperate men are so utterly reckless of,
Sequences, that many , valuable lives may, lie , lost, i n
`consequence of using their dreMdful compounds, the
public are.' cautioned t.agninst purelMsinglmy
unless on the sides of tbe,49XPPAhe following pyor4;.
i rig, is found: ,
• - (/),ityan Pars:nit:4) ;,
OF, Tun NeFtir A:cap:caw
,Go4Fun s pa ,
And also to guard especially ag:ainstptirtdcismisaid
piediaina of any person except thc.regular advocated
agents, or et the °Mee and , f,eneral . depot:; ;. N0.49
Poir pale by. ,:.• • ,
CHARLBB. I 991111:2; Carl' . tiMfberilind do ,
John Co4ver,. " 111tehnnieslomei' e
Henry Brenneman; . New Cumberhub,..'`r
IsaaoLOyth ,lll3ll ' ‘•
ClippingeL &t Carey t
.Tohn Itiek.nryuiwn
Alareh 15th 18,0:
FL I P.: I? 8
ALL 1(;11)