Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, October 18, 1843, Image 4

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aßllr TI 111011114/),YG.
flow beantiful the morning ditirtia!, ,
low onirqSaidies ihenight
And eloping and grassy,.lawna
Are' tinged with rays of light ; :*1 '
And clew drops'glittel snfOike hearla;
4 .!did'a niabldn'a'floating fe Ur
. .
:flushed is the reveller's mode 'song,
'Aiid 'el iciiiierd'x'roti ,, d 017 I '
And flocks nod hcivls inore,sidw
As conscious of the day-- .
And 'mid the boitglis the-soft wind stirs;
Warbre the woodland elieristeri.
And every hrookletgtitling hy;
And torrent hounding' free,
'Odium to the Power Supreme on high:
A Siibbnth Melody ;
Ara eye the nankin h's Atinp,
A morning hymn he 'sweetlY
\Vita waald ant rani 9a ani,l, a onto , .
Front labor and from roro l
:Must he hotrod u ehihl forlo4,'
Unus od to praise nod pro) cr.
- Illesceq (lay ! Nfost h o ly ofihe seven,
Thy shored 'prototype in 11?..11VVIi
'rho uoeiing in of a •Seottish Sunday
Morning is far ditTerent front what every
• one : MuSt have had oreagion to oltServe—
empecinkly in sir untie thi• large towns in
gland.. There are no shops liall'opened to.
the very hoer that surtmionS the population
to its worship,— no servant's work to be
done at the doors and windows, though ev
•er so early,—nothing that can remind olio
of the toils of the week, 'and the anxiety of'
the heart after worldly tiff+ Ni artizans
idling, unwashed, aml their Working
dregs, about the streets; or any of those tie.
graded characters trim may often he Reim
with half a dozen dogs making their way
to the outskirts of thetown for the purpose
of havint, , r a mowing sport in a rat-hunting
along the ditches. 'they labor six days,
iind Saturday night effectually closes the
scene. From sunrise to broad day, the
whole dine steals on as quiet as though
toil and the common anxieties of life were'
,known. Every care gave that all
Important one, seems laid aside. The
calmness of the atmosphere, the repose of
the senses front every seuntl, and the slow
chiming of the distant bells seems to speak
it. to be truly a day of rest, when the parent
and the child, the rich man anti the needy,
alike -in the presence of the Creator,- oh:
serve his appointed and remember
the Sabbath lo keep it/kohl.
The cottageiion the monntain side,
which during the week present the very
picture of peaceful industry. are usually on
Sunday Morning shut up. and silent; as
though with the cei.sation of all human la
bor, the inhabHants had in spirit retired to
that peaceful world of which a (inlet' Sal) :
'bath ie so beautiful an emblem. Hot about
the hoer when' the village hell begins• to .
toll for the devont assembly, then may he
seen issuing frimp the. humble cottages
which, hitherto, appeared from their quiet
nose almost uninhabited, each little gamily,
from first whist, all clad in their hest, clean,
plain and homely; but to the devout and
meek, a far more acceptable sighl,than that
gorgeous and costly attire, which attract
ing all attention to the pomp of this life,
seems to Convert the temple of the Most
High into a house of (-nimbly vanity. The
elderly clad in sober colors, becoming their
season of life; the young in simple .white,
.one following another in a long train idling
the mountain side, form, together with the
place to Which their steps are bending,
subject on which the mind long dwells
with internal satisfaction.
In the evening, while perhaps the aged
.;--they who are nigh ripen 'the brink of
the dark ocean of eternity upon whiA they
must soon e'm&ark r —are engaged in the pe
rusal of that i•oluute which points out their
way to the distant land; the young to whom
it is given lo4rjeice while their day i 3 be
fore,them, often 'walk out no the frills 'in.
gether or alone, though always with the
peaceful demeanor; that total absence of a
tendency to unhallowed mirth, which be
speaks a heart humble in its strength. and
.eopeefouss of the service it owes to him i
whom all is giory and honor
'flans peacefully and silently; the nigh
attaib steals down—closing- upon a day of
which, ten thousand hearts have been bet
ter titiight.theii (10; to all living
'heed deeply pained, in inter
' course %Cult friends in different parts of the
dand t to find that a great part of the reading
is the skirt recy newspaper paragraph, or
'the light r lietitions trash so widely diffused
at the present day. .
And:Whal,`,think 'you, is the reason' that
sober-Minded and 'even chrisiiat; people read
these 'works? iV.hy,. that, as ladies. and
'frie i ndsmeet, they ',May be. able to 'tall:
.about dwelt- and' not he , -Muni( so unlash- .
fiX. , 142,:p6. - :itpciTani of tv hat, 'acted
'out in4eal life, they would exclude from
, their.familitte,for !erg : • r' s
h*Pithers.' w gu nrcftltrir aughtere . from
Khe idightest al:Tread) of. indelieneY; accept_
the ItKesentof,tite; lieentiOtts nnti.4 to am. -
inentthe perlomable, or to , be the rompatu
tiktripflbeir ehildren j itf . the ~i 1 tog Bouts
Do they' itnoW what they are
,what , thesctseeits..wril grow?
We'Could detail ket's:O"brhlten vows, and
xleepr , diegracenand hearts;; and
lii(l24 . 4F tt e o /115C ill'ienCei 194 ,
goint filthgtOelon, which have followed,
thoooludoi&POosai oilto u € 4 knlianOilgt,del
~ t, a . t ti t , "
Our ehdaien are tottiive, in ,a..wnriilt of
Yt.41',?...,"Wh7-_l'(l4VlleP) be ti',l.lj',i‘o,7
beter inetead34l4e.teinViOiliiii 4t qtiv ! in.
dnignifit ..,Ofmbrillinntolloslilo666
ei ) in )oo4 oP44' ll‘'4 4 -I V l 4 e Or s C ' ill'4.. i rag
C f.: lll34 l °a 4,lll)l"ll:,*°*ntltaiti***o
reckless in&int iett -
are — their•
peets ;t'therebyte
brighter? • Suppo4ethey,indulge thes? day
dre - tMis' 'fi years br 'ten'. - en d'.o bei‘
munothe , wives or,widows of. the drunkard,
and the:ruined ,in (braille Mid charatidei,
are they ! thereby the hoppiert: . pive . mm
poiieriy;.chain rue to'' the , martyr's'stake;,
hut,sare,me from the last, long, lone years
'oft het who Was/Caressed for her CharniS,,,
and then'deserted, to be the prey of disppe
.pointed expectations: .
• %V hy not read FACTS? Are there not
enough, in all the range of history and tfci—
core ? Has not Grid given us enough, in
his creation and his word? And is there
not enough in all thi4 Antall' in
c ir c l es of relinement?--
We repeat it, we must live in a world of
1,. - Atrrs; why not train ourselves and our
141'ildren in facts, to Meet the facts of our
future being? •
4I .S'trawberry street, one door above Chethna
at.Vo. SU Smith seeppd otree:, Phira.
7 1, 11E. Stih, , friher': rent in the pre en
sittiatinit hoiu vt•ry Ine••nndlusti•rtna CASry
he to sell 30 twitch P!,quit. L.1.1.11:11111mies
lir offerer a teal selected clock of
neonatal Imperial dime ply,
ih•Ft Snitryline big, Mill, •
I '11 , 18011117 Extra fine Ingrains,
Pint. and Common do } CARPETINGS
ito treble verw t ian, •
Fitio Eng!' slt Worsted do
Lon.lott Damask do .
Plain striped do ' j
A Isn o A stock of Excellent • and beautiful Flnor
Oil Cloths, :ill widths /Or ItOnMS. " 1 / 11 S/ Entries,
N 7 /./iilllieS, Door pieces. Nzt.. Also. Coach Oil
Cloths. F.;enititre Cloths. Druggets and Floor Baiz
e,. Elegaid Film] and 'Fable Corers. Also Canton
and Sp•mish Floor 'Mailings. with in l.•trge assort
ment of very low priced Ingrain and Venetian Cot-.
prtings, Door rats, bind Mes. Slntt• Hods, &a. CUS
-10/serSill/ellliler, to purchase Tor Cash. ace respect
fully in, ited to call and eNomine fat• therw.elves as
the goods shall be sold at the lowest prites lit the
City. ,
.‘11:411 , 1 30, i Si 3
R.. 1. NVII.I.IAIIIS. No. lq North Sixth Street
above Market. Philadelphia. (lielp !loose
and Sizo Painter and Glazier and Ve
piiiao lllirsil Matadiloamy.
A brae and . inshionable assiirlinent of
J N D, HI wa y on hand, whin!) for lariety,
brainy, and tittle lii workmanship. will excel delve
' of nay other estahlislonent lo Philadelphia., a liich
will he sold at the very lowest prices, wholesale and
Comm,. Jlarell i is sapphc I with any tioantity at
the chortest 11 , 41‘ e.
Ohl - Blinds iepainted atithrionned at the shortest,
notice. •
10;',N.I: J. WILLI \ MS,
Nn. IC. North fith street
September 6,
4. rm. of Prime Phi:ad!.lplita Family TIAIIS
• Alsn. 'lves aapply of I:IIF.F.SE• f + r anlr la
he stove of %VAL NI.
.I . oi,mst 9,1843.
a, no roalla,l\
Forie•arding A' CoLlainiuSion, •
xa s zta lt a
Dealer in vomiter Produce k Pittslitter, Nlanniaentree
eN, street, PITTSBURG, Pa.
A liglo,t 111, 18.13.
ffusqueha,nna, Line,
r IIE proprietors of the Susquehanna Line WO
-I- run their, Cars and Boats as usual to Phil
ndelphia and Baltimore duringthe pOr—. cot sepson
Their friends will please apply t Noble, Flini
& Herr; Rroad st. and Hart, Andrews & McKee.
cer, first wharf above Race street on the Dela
ware Philadelphia, and Joseph E. Elder, Balti.
beUntil,furthcr notice, the followirg prices will
adhered to between this place and the above
• - ta tz o•-c-.
:, g• ~ P F,
Fig f'.-q ir ,, :: 1
-1---) 2 - - 4 ' g'•7l - •
‘,... .4 0 P. _
0 . 4
:' i: - .... 7 • c.. ', 1z• a.
2. 9 cts. 15
,9I porbb
Ale per 100
Dry Goode, Drugs,
and Medicines, 20 23 40c
Forniture, 28. 25 43
Meal, Rye & Corn
per bushel
Oats do
- 6
20 40
Lumber per 1000 . .
Rot 83 50 $2 75
Shingles perlooo 150 . 200
Flour per bbl. 34 • 30 47
Shad & Mackerel do 50 37
Herring do .44 31j 10.)
Salt per sack, 32 29
Pitch, Tar and Rosin
per 100, 15 20 ,
Plaster gross ton,f4 50' 82 25
Hemp per 100, 22 , 10 I
Hides, 25 20 •
Pig Metal,gross - ton 350 - 250
Blooms & Castings,4oo . 3 )21
Bar Iron, 450 3 50 . :
Nails per kog, 20 'l7 ~
Leather per 100, 23 20
IVliiskey per bbl 53 47
Burr Blocks per 100,20 13 ' !
Curb Stone, do - .'l2l
Tin, ' do 25 20 •40
• . I. & P. MARTIN
' I Harrisburg, April 12, 1843. lf
12:k11l(D4 lallaTDll,
rrom 375, Bowery, N. York.
IPOR nine 'rears this medicine has stood unrivaled
r for the' tire of Coughs, Pain imam side, shill •
clay of breathing, Bronchitis, and all those affec
tions of the Throat, Longs nod Liier, which are
gnome of Fib suffering and wide% unarrested
so often terminate in Consumption. 8o extensively
has this relnefly been used and t u so annoy :mines blip
it proved successful, the proprietor feels no -Ilea ,
in 'recommending it to all who unfortunately
Imre occasion to resort to some menus of recovery.
Multitudes who have experienced itaimpfsy etreets,
eaugcstify to kw utility; nod very many rescued from
a peettutture death, untie means of their
'llie:origiti•toni; Of this romCdy tv rg w e lt : o6 m ' i n
the scienFe, or medicine, and a. skilful practicioner;
i s liYsiciins'Cnutiliarwithitseflectsnot unfregtiently
reel t in',l heir :prtietice, and xiilk the - Altidieni;
sicaltikelierhliv it has met with n larger. tAtaie 'of
purohtitlint iliac IS COIIIIII9II with.exclusi,ieiiiie7
titration% ' ' ' ' " '
' InrCONSUSDITTON:—The folloWini ,reintirki
Were bitten , Went, 'the' last n umber,' of !bp; Al edieti
.Nlagnitine: .. ' '.. ; * , ' 0 .- .
"The surprising' 'effect produc e d by Abe' 'genuine
IDr.'"ra'ylor's' l!shwim, of LicSrwort.:Madetut .3 7 43
Hewer:l, In consurriPtivo•enses,eannOt fail exciting st.
deep-11nd thriiiin interest theoughbutthe world. WO
;hare so litng belieied Ode disease (consumption) lu.
~ e urable, that it is (bilk:tilt to credit our senses when
(we see perenns,.esidently. consumptive, restored to
health, A'r.,t it 3S Afs et- o Nici ly occnrrenee, ', v , !•1
!AVER , CDMPLAINT rind - Oeneral Debllity,lt
I dci eonlider' MY eurealmostinirseoloua...l wa'sgiviii.
nii , bY . two . ithysiciani and 4ohl•th preleirefer 'ilesithi
ft' won ;a this l'oir , itate4hen a' friend Mot me a - hot
;tie ef!Dr. Taylor's Dalsanriir three Wort; frare'S/5.
iDo*ery,and , Aelbrel4mil used op the ' , brittle t•Was
Fble te blt, , aplirhed,tbYrAhwfortlier• Intel haid'ealzwl
lyelir t egelnediny hefilth. ''All should hielt. ,
''n't•.'l,::.,ii'-',`, )..r .ei , Gt l o. :• Welksg;"2oJohilSiti , ''
.., . . •
. . .
i •,...-•••,,;•- ,',.... - 1j.. , A, Ti. Atair , ,t4;;7lferelivititiiTtil*W
L., "For sale Ibit i STAVIMSDN.64 , DINKLF,,•soiti:
,genif(foo.o4.llelp Mid, aicitAik.: ~,,, ..' , , A'''"
r34'.oitillier 26;1.8iti.!` , ."' -, -, - ,.:,'. trr .. 1 0. , '.• ,T‘ Clerl i f;32
iriioMo * .:l..fte; , ;• • • 'r' -:Wi'''2 l ' ''': ""7''''''',-,
*410: LS' ,AIiSAPA ,
.1: ,
QH„TIiE-•itiE~IO_VAIIiAND+I'Bi lAN NT :' mum
• iIAI4T - OP: SMEnit ;
' ; • ; NAMELY
Scroftilii; or King'.s,Evil, Rheumatism
"Obstinate cutaneoustruptions,
'ViefS, , or Pus:lll9h on 'the , F.a.eei.,
' , ..ehes; Biles, Chronic; "Scire Eyes, Ring
or T?tter,
. largement 'arid` Pain of the, Bones
and Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphili2
tic Symptoms', sciaticci, or, Lumbago,
and, diseases,arising from an injudi-
CiOUP use Of MercurV, Ascites, or
. Dropsy., Exposure or Imprudence in
Life.. Also, Chrcinid Constitutional
Dis Orders will be removed by this
Improvertient in whatever regards the happiness
nod Welfare of our race is constantly on the march
to perfection, and with each succeeding day some
new problem is solved, or, some profound secret re
vealed, having an important and direct bearing mer
mait's highest destinies. If we take a retrospective
view over the past twenty years, how is the mind
struck with wonder ! What rapid sti•ldes has science
made in every department of civilized life! parti
cularly in that which relates to die knowledge of the
Immo system in health nil disease. Row valuable
nod indispensable are the curative means recently
discovered through the agency of chemistry! !low
does the imagination kindle:lnd our admiration glow
at the ingenuity, the near approach to the stamdard
of perfection,. of the present time! Through the
elaborate investigations of Physiology,or the science
of Lau:, and the 'Pathology of prevalent diseases,
much valuable practical knowledge has been gained.
hl consequence of becoming acquainted with die:or
ganization, the elethents of the various. tissues and
structures of the system, remedies have been syght
afterand discovered exactly adapted to combine with,
nentralize and expel morbific matter, the canse of
disease, and substitute-healthy action ill its place.—
The bentiful simplicity of this mode of treatment
is not only suggested by the pathology of diseases,
not only grateful to the sufFerer, hint perfeetly in coii
sonance with the operations of Nature, and satisfac
tory to the suers and reasonings of every intelligent,
reflecting mind. It is thus that Sand's Sarsaparilla,
a scientific combination of essential principles of the
'nest yahaible vegetable subst'Ances,operates upon the
system. The Sarsaparilla is combitielwith the moat
'salutary productions, the most potent simples of the
vegetable kingdom g and its unprecedentMl success
iu the restoratidn m health of those who had long
pined under the most distressing Oreille maladies,
has given it an exalted character, thrnishing as it
does evidence of its own intrinie value, and recoM
mending it to the afflicted in terms the afflicted only
can know. It has long been a (mist important Ili ,
Sidelllollll in the-practice of medicine to obtain a
remedy similar to this—one that world act on the
liVer, stomach mid linwtls with all the prtrcision and
potency of preparteions, yet Si idiom any of
their deleterious elects upon the vital powers of the
, am-44
9 • he attention of the reader is respectfully called
to Ihe followitg certificate, liowever grciat achieve
ments have her, tofo're been made by the use af'tlus
Ipialuable medicine, yet daily experience shons re
sults still ITIOIT t•emarkable. Tlie proprietors here
avail themselves of the opportunity of spyin g it it a
sotive of constant satisfaction that they toe made the
harass of relii.,ving such mitunotint of sufferin g .
Woods; ful L'ffects of Sands's Sarsaparilla in
Norwich, Goon..
Itead the following front .llvs. Wm. Phillips, who
has long resided at the Falls. The facts are well
known to all (hr old residents in that part oldie vitt .
711F-9S/IS. A. 11. Sktios Sc Co.—Sias: Most grate
fully do 1 embrace this opportunity for stating to jou
the great relief I obtained front the use of your Sar
saparilla. 1 shall also, be happy, through you, to
publish to all who are 411iieteoloth I Illlely A% II 5, the lie
count of my unczpectrill, and even for 11 long while
despair-of cure. Mine is a painful story, and tr)ing
and sickening:ls is the narratite it, rm• the sake of
many who inay Ile surely l'eliel 1:11, I 0 ill briefly yet
accurately state it.
Nitiete'en rears 31';0 last April u fit of sickness felt
me with an i'.rysipelas eruption. 1 iropsieal collec
tions immediatt•ly took place over the entire ;lirlitce
M . my body, causMg such an enlargement that it was
necessary to-add a Galt' yard to the size of my dres
sesarmind the waste. Next fidlowed,upon nay limbs,
ulcers, painful bey our description. For Volt s, /10111
ill 1111111 Iller 01111 1611100, the only mitigation of my '
suffering. 0.115 111111111 in pouring mum those parts cold
eater. From my limbs the pain extended over Illy
a hole body. There was literally ter memo rest, LP
day LW by night. Upon lying down dies , pains w 011111
shoot through my sy stein, and compel 110150,
nod, for hours together, walk the house, so that I a as
11111100 e 11111.14 deprived 11l sheep. Duriug this time
the Erysipelas cote umed active, mid the nieces en
lat.gerl,mul no tleeply have these eaten, that for tiro
and It half years they have been subject to laleediog.
Doriv, these alumni. twenty years I have consulted
many plisicians. These lime called my 11i51:11Se
-1l it , 1/ 1110101.4111e1l WllllOll 01151 ton gll 111111 11 501111 y
and active pain in my side—a dropsical consumption;
01111 though they hate been skilful practitioners, they
were only able to afford Illy case it partial and tent
pommy rcliof. I 111111 011111 y other difficulties too coot
plicatotl to describe. I have also 1154m:111y of the
medicines that have Been recommended as infallible
mires for (hist disease, yet these till fiolcil, and I was
I ost emphatically genrwing worm!. In this critical
condition, given tip by ifrietubt,and expecting for my
self, relief only ill 1108(11, 1 .Wll9 . (he timely inter
position' of a kind Pro% idence,linmishell with your,
to me, Me:doable Sarsaparilla. A single bottle gave
me all 118$111111lee iii health, which for (amity yearsl
hail not once felt. Upon taking • the second my en
largenterit diminished, and in twelve days from the
Stli of October, chen 1 commenced taking your slip
gripm•liin, l was able to enjoy sleep and rest,by night'
103 refreshing 85 ally les er enjoyed when 111 perfect
hearth. Ilesitles, I waB, in this short time, relieved
[rum all those .excruciating and unalleviated pains
drat had afflicted my days, las svel 1 1111 robbed• nie of
my night's repose. The ulcers - upon my limbs are
hertled,the Erysiimlas cured, and my size reduced
nearly 10 my Milner measure.
Thus much 110 Lied it it...privilen ' e to test.ify_to the_
ecacy of yonr health-restoring Sarsaparilla. A
thousand thanks, sir, limn one whose comfort and
n'tose hope of future health ore 1111 C, under God, to
vourinsttlimentality.•And may the satne Providence
that directed ate to your aid, make you the happy
and honored instruments of blessing others, as dm
eli,§etlimiteesprkiring as.y.smr. 1011111 relieved and very--
grateful friend, ASENATII 11. I'IIILLIPS.
N:w LONDON Co. ss. Norwich, Nov. 4, 1842.
Personally oppeared,the above-natned A seanth NI.
Phillips, and matte oath of the litcts . coldained ill the
foregoing statenaitt before one.
Justice of the l'eaee,
' • Being personally acquainted with. Airs.
certify that the above assorted facts are substantially
Minister of the Gospel at Norwich, Conn.
Snntl'a Sarsaparilla will also remove null perma
nently cure diseases baring their of In nn impure
state of the blood mid depraved 'condition of the gen
eral constitution, viz: Scrofula or King's Evil in its
various forms, Rheumatism, obstinate cutaneous
uptlons; blotches, • biles, pimplea r or pustules on
the face, chronic sore eves, ringworm or tetter,scald
heed, enlargement and - pain of. bonm and joints,
stubborn ulcers, syphilitic symptoms; diseases aris
ing front an injudicious of mercury, female de
rangements and other similar complaints. .
Prepnredund sold by A; IL Sandi& Co., Deng
gists and Chemists, Granite buildings, 278 Broadway
corner of,Chambers street. New York,' .And lon sale
by- Detiggists , theoiighoutithe =United - Stnics:' — .Delee
$1 per bottle, sic bottles for $5. • •'
The public nee respectfully' requested to rentem- -
ber that it Is Sands's Sarsaparilla di:Wittman:l la cote!,
stand); naltleying , such remarkable mires of the most •
difficolt blisk 01 , diseases to which the' human fr:inte
iicobjectotiffusk• for Sands's Sarsaparilla; Lind take
neebtlie'r. ; ••••. • ,• ; • ;; ,
Agent ,by, arieCiel'alipninttilentfor therreprieteoill a
for Cneliele'nint " .
• -
. . .
1 .
• TPLICA'.'IION :,thp
O rectgte of nes,Co4-.
isliture of the COmniOntrealtit,- q 1 Poonvivitoili;for i
it'reiiewitl'of oriiieksoty•tfikuvbY'3ligt. l
nomkoiol style of •tlit
v010114)4 it ahall ho lociottid
littoliOokttitt,ihat itisll4ll'. have the's
htivt,hav, - ,temit:
the'epOollitf objeet,er
Of reattitti;
's.• BE4'N; eitikie,r )
' -
• • •
The heSeniethod fbi.i e
~ a. 10110.0 . IS.,
r - v.. • ~.,. ,e ;,,, 'lb .
ease is elethise 4.. fail, tke,#hiack.:4.2;
'• ': ':,' ' ;'::" :
,IV,`„' ,';' ' , .t . I - •
; Ittint ANY' : 1 11EGEr ii\B t: ' 4t114$ '''
,t, , . ..' ;•',.:. ~., • ,or frilz", ,
~, . :14:,':', . • ,'-`:'",-,'!
rprth airiiiictin colfowOrgetittla
Are now acknowled g ed to,he,theYbeat: Medicine in
, the world for the eurenf '
E6'E,ll Y . 1 7
.11111.#Tr OP - :b1,51, i 4 'SE' •
1131•EOAT./Sti they coriipleiefY'Cle , mae the stomach
, 111) 'Anil bowels fiord tlicte,bilioua and corrupt hu
mors which 'five the catiac"„not
,OnlY', 'or ,Heinlache,
qiddineas; titfpitatioa orthe. #ctirt, :Pains in „the
ponoa; itheumitiarntetd Gotii, but of eteri ..rnalcidy
incident to man. . ,' : • '
. svirn Ix.alJ!* rEc.E:7.4IIz,E PILLS
•.!sre . a certain core for intermittont, rendttent,ner
'cons, inflamtnatorY and putrid Fevers, becatumthei
cleanse the body' from those . nipchiti humors; which
when confined to the cii•chlation, Aro the cause of al
kinds•of •
So, alsn, when the'satne impurity is deposited on
the ineti.lTane and muscle, causing pains, hal:Mint:t
itans and swellings, culled
trimitor.giv,w, GO U 7; err.,
The Indian Vegetable Pills may be relied on as al
ways certain to give relief, and i lf perserved with ac
cording to directions, will most asiuredly,and with
out fail, make a perfect cure of the above painful
maladies. prom three to six of said Indian Vegeta
ble Pills taken every night on going to bed will in a
short. time so completely rid the body from every
thing that is 'opposed to health, that Rheumatism,
Gout, and ptiin of every description, will be literally
FOr the some reasons, when, from sodden eh:urges
of atmosphere, oe any other cause, the perspiration
is elictiked, mid the humors wii init . shoulAriss off by
(buskin are thrown iminrtily, °nosing
Nausea and sickness, pain in the hones, watery 'ati
infla l meil eyes, sore throat, hoarseness, coughs, con•
sumptions, rheumatic pains in various parts of the
body, and many other symptoms of
rxmAN VEGE rABLE PIL I.S will itlVflri
ably give immediate relief: From three to six of
said Pills taken every night on going. to bed, will in
a short time, not only remove sill the above unplea
sant symptoms, bat the body will, in a short time, be
restored to even wavier health than before. The
same may be said of
Melodist) Vegetable Pills will loosen and carry
oil' by the stomach and bowels those tough phlegmy
humors, which stop op the air cellit of the langs,and
re the cause not only of the above distressing conk
plaint, but when neglected, often terminutes in that
still more dreadful malady called
It should also he remembered dint the tndi
Vegetable 1911 n are n eel tnin Mire for
Oppression, nausea, and sickness, loss of a s ppetite,
costivenes4, a yellow tinge of the skin and eyes and
every other symPiont of a torpid or diseased state o
the Hier; because they .purge front the holy dime
impurities whiult if deposited upon this important
organ, are the canoe of every variety of
IVlien a Nation i 6 conitilsed by Mots, Outbreak , .
and lick:llion, the only sure intuits of prevetit.ti% the
dreadful eunsequencen of a
Cl' VII. .
to expel all traitor°, mid evil disposed ones from
Tn like manner, when- pill or sirknes9of ani• kind
tuliente tlwt Ow body is struggling with internal
he true remedy is w
I.XPEI„ILI, N 10111111) ilUMOit§,
(Traitors to life,) and IIEALTif WILL BE TUE
Tina the Principle nf curing disease, by Clesimin
and Purifying the body, is strictly in ncenrthuire wttl
the Lau s which govern the nuimyl ecnnonty;
propel:ly carried not by the use of the alatvt.• 'ethic(
\\'W certainly result in the complete Abolition
I)isease; ttcoflimthe forloe int; testimonials, from
persomi of the highest respectebility in New 'York
alto have recently been rurell of for most obstinate
complaints, solely by the nee of IV ate tz - r'l4 INDIAN
VDD DTA HAI 1'11.15 or Two
jAnAIeA, L. I. June 9(1), 1841.
DuctorMum Wright—Dear Sir—lt iv with
great satisfuction o.m I infm•m you of my haying
been entirely cured or spepsia, of five veers et:lod
ine, by the use of your INDIAN VEGETABLE
lie inns to meeting with your celebrated medi
cine; I had lweta under the halals of several Physi
cians:anti, had tried various 11101CIIIVfi; lint all to no
ell'ect. After using one Q. 5 cent Gov or your Pills
iIfAVCVIT, I en tit:Hence.' soli - MI6 benefit, that I re
wired to pt IIseVCIT in the use of them according to
your directions, which I am happy to state, has re
sulted in a perfect cure. In gratiinde to yon fur the
great benefit I lIIIVC received, and also in the hope
that others siadiarly afflicted may he induced to make
trial of your extraordinary medicine, I send yon
this statement with full liberty to publish the same if
you thick Koper. Yours, &c.
New Yoan,inne 19, 1841. G. C. BLACK.
To are. Richard Bennie, Agent for Wright's Indian
Vegetable Pills, No. 289 Greenwich a. N. P.
Dear Sir—At your reconnentlation.l some time
since made trio! of WRIGILPS INDIAN VEG
ETABLE I'ILLS or the North American College
of Health; mid can emiscientiousl .assert, that for
Purifying the Blood, and renovating the'system,
have received more benefit from their use, thanfroin
tiny other medicine, it has heretofore been my good
fortune to meat with. 11..tim, der sir, with many
thanks, your obliged friend, NI. 'TATE,
No. 60 Ihmersly at. New York.
Mr. Pebard Dennis, ngeot tor ‘Vright'a Luken
Vegetable Pills.
Dear have been afflicted for' several years
with in ward_weakness.and general_deltility, -mecum
',aided times with pain in the side and other dis
tressing complaints. After having tried various medi
cines without effect, i was persuaded by a friend to
make trial at Dr. Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills;
which fawn happy to state have relieved me in a most
wonderful manner. I have used the tnedic.ine, as
yet but a short time, anti have no doubt, by a per
.severance in the '•use , of,thecnedicine- according to
directions, that I shall in a short time be perfectly
, 1 most willingly recommend said Pills to all per
sons similarly niliteteth and in the full belief that
the same beneficial results will tallow their use.
1 remain yours sincerely ,
Wawarsing, Ulster Co. New York,
NEW YORE, Sept. 29.1831.
' Tide is to certify that I have used Wright's Indian .
Vegetable Pills dith the greatest benefit; having en
tirely eiwwi myself of the freiment attacks of Sick
Ilendeclie, to which I, hail previously been subject.
392 Greenwich atreet; N Y.
To Mr. Richard Dennis, Avid for Wright's Indian
• . •
'Vegetable Pills. •
• • . (4A. UTION.;, '
'AS there arm tithe. m any wicked Persons
busilyy engaged in selling a "counterfeit niedicine'util
tics the Hann! of•threkLod.ntii' . Vegetable 'Pills; and us
these' ilCipernte 'Med are so iiiterly • reckless of con
sequences, diet many valmiblu lives may he lost, in
coinietpience of using their dreadful compounds. the
Mtblio arc cautioned =against piwohasing any
unless onihe ayes. Of .tht; boxes, the following word
hug is'found`r , • -
. .
And si
!An en 'te guard istiechilly against Mutlitteing Said
tetlidine;of any Peitiolve. s silept the regular advertised
ents, or at the Mike and general" : tlepOt; , ,Ne. 109
;Jobe Coover, ,
UPPIT nrelin. ol . o T.i;;;':i ,.. Niiii''''oo44llll/11; 'l l '-
i, :June Loyd. ,
Jelin Vt
'At "•.A.O
crrunt n few days shims 0 Clergyman of this city
[who does not desire Ilia name published in the pa
pers, hut is left with Dr. Leidy] stated that 31 lady
who had long been a eninninnicatit it Isis chttrilt, butt
fill' IWO ye:urs past nimble to got', vlitirtio, (11111(14m.
of he, extremedebililV,oceasionell by Meer:llion of
y 411.10115 parta O. her body; ilkease of her rivet. :mil
other 111 W! nal derangements, and the constant tliking
of medicine therefor, never 'Mind any ehange for the
bettee mita alter using several bottles of 1)1..
Sarsaparilla, :mil 6y n ii•AV mouths perseverance in
its use, 11 :Is enthvly restored to health, and reenver
ed her former strength, mot to list! her own Im,,o,tome
"was shntist ereste,l ii tielQ. bring." Tifiti, is but Otto
or loony instances almost flails. of. '
• It is prepared only final sold wholetaili: and retail
nt 1)1•. I.EII)V'S Health EmpoiitincN6. 191 North
Second street below Viiim.also sold by Frederick
lirown, miter Fi lilt aitil Chestitit streets; nod Fred.
Klett & Co. corner ‘241 and Callowhill street, at $1
ier bottle, (n hall pint) or six bottles•s'. •
For sale its C'Arlisio by
IF parents knelv the value and efficacy of Dr.
Leidy 's Patent Vtgettible ‘Vortn Ten,* hey never
%%mild tie without it in their fantiliesot Olt14 . 1:1111re
subject at lill tittles to Worms.,
Dr. L.iitly's Worm Tea is composed of vegetaltles
R itogether, mid may be given to children °fall ages.
Di, ectionsaccnintnty ettela pap r or package.
chudi t en sulfer much, of times, 1 . 1 . 0111 5() many
things huing given them fur worms,'W idiom any ef
fect. Iticla medicine, given to children, has a ten
dency to Aestrey their general health, unl they are
more or less delicateever after.
To avold the necessity el tieing medicine untie
cessurily when you tire - ctirtitin - your - cltildreiritit
worms give them at first Dr. Lettly's • Worm Tea. it
is all that is necessary.
lteftyt•ncc might Le made to severtil hundred jin
rents; in i'llilndelitliin city nod ):nottly, of the OM:lm.y
of Leidy's Wolin Ton. Try it and yoo will be
Price 113 cents n smalionills cents it largepack
a,,,,e. Prepared only, for sale,- wbolesale sod
Rebell, at 1.)r: ',eddy's Ilealth Noeporititn, No. 19'.
N ort h se c o n d swept, below vi11e,f411441 at . the Cot , -
linle steal erpeals,] Plaglebidatt.
For sale hi Ciallede by -
'r.. C.
Dr. Le . iOy's 'I otter~ and itch Ointment
AN inkillible remedy for rurions affections of the
Skin, rentoving Pimples, Posttilesointl Kruptions,
of the Skin, and particularly yitutkleti to the .c s t.tre or
'Fetter cud the I.lph.
'Fbis ointment/las been used numerous itgbonis
lhroitghnut the pity anti counly, es well as, Factories,
emploiring numerous girls and bops," unit Ottiolltst
whont'Vetter snit Itclions us other Affections of
the Skin, pretatiteil r with the.moSt . unextunplett sue.
eess. NttioCa of School Telyiltera, Us well oit Soper-
Intendants and • PrOPrietors of •Mtetnries could be
reel in
above, but for time tlel,icacy they,
reel in baying their"thintes - pitblisboyl 111 connection
withrstich•luitMome anti disitgreenblk Offeetintis.
Price ‘2sOtials“ box. For toile ity,testlisle by
, , r STy•VENSON.'
lure idylBd.4: • •Yi ' • • r rrr tr. 443
Altai IC'S' EX roctortAk NT.
ONSAJSIIiT/0; CoughiSeAtting Ace.
kJ TO Cbistsurnptire'w—VOurillintoEyinifire *ally
eutterjng,tl•omy orglretpd, CON; orno;.Obetrtictidn,
anlYcoosequont iMlomMotion oft ilm •,rdelleote
of ibor.Mb4 Ahrongthyhinh breinhe se
distributed tp..e L very Iffiti*,:ilto„ Wide .ob-'
strFrAloo .pratiolep polo, nog vorenetv 4 .lmoirliengSei
roog.1); b 1 :00.11?gi !V
;top; bKoil i nioiter, or' phirrr4-'whreh,.'fin4lijr
ev,ll4iitsta ilieo4rength or th notientiAnd ehtln in dePilk-
JnyoiN popectoront never -
to remove this: oht,
ot ruction; onttprottnOnalhe:MolitiilegOlinfifiN'tt kr
reoulm,-;lkPloeo44 in Ito efreomiond
rolyo:'= ! r ( Cbe'r l ßo l4l . ll, l+ 2 9,o9.4! l Third 00401111:
' V ' t
;11;14Uttitit.4t: -5 ST In 4 4
j • ••=x4..,.4 5 ..!:, , :''" • iNS" , ; . - ";:':
• ,;;,'•
114A 11 4Vokli n i• the 'affet44' prepa'riqia'ry,b6;,
-. ll,"ekainaehlbek.apiila.ent t Afei.sons;
ssert'xlify !atya $lOl sect Mote belfefitTroili tieing one
;bottle nP tt,:tluin threeOTony. - othetc. This eintily.
acoonateif folf;filir.:' Leidy's is a' hitieli
,stroitgerrpintrationlienviitiy niliel., 4 tuur-near twjce
sip much enntoined in one 'hottleiti of.ani: other
(and Bold at the some price.) Let tile - ptifilie.renytit , .
thhi—it is no inin c lionst but the real fact.
na., LEIDY'S SA IiSA rA it ILL A
' - Fi'Om the Medical lieVie*.
(1 - '"Airwaig. •the Vegetable altoratires with siddOlt,
our'diepensitries abound, there ate few ' so nada! Rs
Sarsaparilla, and When properly combined nod pre
piiredos.invaluable; not only brrestoring debilita
ted constitutionßtotheir wonted energy but in every
Case arising out of an impure state of the blood.
Front a knowledge of very many cases (and some of
them considered inctit'ahle) where many different
preparations of Snrsapari la littd . been used, none
seemed to possess virtues or'remedirirpowers equal
to Dr. Leidy's Medicated or ComPeund' Extract of
Sarsaparilla." •
It is a preparation ills bellered superior to
any other, and , would recommend it-to the particular
notice of Fitysicians.-- 7 td. U. S. Ginetie.
Extract of n letter tram J. IL Whitmore, of Easton,
in relation to Dr. Leidv's nirdht.
"'My little boy nod girl, die former now three
yenrs and the totter noir seven years old, have been
afflicted with a scrofulous tumor from the time they
were three months old. •Threc months ago I was
induced ti make trial of vont. Extrnet °Navas pail Ila ,
and have given it to hotifto the present time. They
are now entirely free from :me apnea tattier of Sec.o-
Fula anti Here,' were in better health."
- Dr. Leidy's Sa.isaparilla is efficacious in all dis
eases arising from impnritio or the blond nue other
fluids of the system. All 'ovalids Olto mar have
hero under at aural treatuont, a linfire debilitated
from the quantity of medicine they may have taken,
or are under n mercurial influence, will find that by
using a few bottles of Dr. Leidy's Sarsaparilliolleir
mud Vigor and elasticity of their frame and system
will he restored, and be again permitted to enjoy the
sweets of life.
(Cr" This article appears to be doing woinkrs at
the South, 111111 front the high character or tho re
commend:ll'foot', we lire fully persuaded it is a nrost
capital medicine for all impurities oldie blood. Wc.•
know many Physicians mlr) have given their testis
moor ciii this subject, and we know they would lint
glee weleiracter to tiny medicine that did not rea!ly
deserve it."—Charleston Enquirer.-
Etttrsiet of a 1 euer from Dr. Warren, Nateltez.
itg the last year in lily practitte ascii 'cony
Sarsaparilla with touch satisliiel ion to ni sell' and
benefit to my paiietlia, I have no hesitation id declar
he one of the most useful preparations in
IijSCIISIM for which S:u•s;yan•ill❑ is prescribed."
• (rylltis - preparation may he depended iipon as
being the strongest (coin:civically more efficacious)
or any in ecisteittte ; rill llind inieparations must pos
sess similar tile', in peoporrinil to their strength,
being preoreil Irmo the salon article: Dr. Leiily's
Compound E:xlrat.t of Sarsaparilla, however, pos
sesses properties cot possessed 'by Miters, from Its
.maititer of prepaiTtion,pittl combination s lilt rube
vegetable extracts recommended by the lit- .
catty—and hence the reason why it is so ;;laterally
recommended by the Ph) bichois of Philadelphia and
elsew here. •
Prom the extraordinary virtues 'of this prepara
tion and a knowledge of its minims:tiro by Physi
ritms,-(the reason why the/ sn generally use
they woad not use or recomineffil 3IIIV preparation
they did not know the composition it has been
introduced in many of the IlostiitnlA tbeongboot the
IT. S. tool is highly veronimettileyl by Mysieiaos and
Surgeons of those Institutions;
From dr: New Orleans Advertiser.
LIU DV'S Sit 11i.54V,11 It I
'Hie high mid envied celebrity uldeli this pre
eminent medicine has tiegoured In its td-
Cleary in all distlist's which it profes2es to 'ince, -lis
remlertil the usual practice el' wanin g umwerv:try.
It islinown try i s fruits mill its gond works li.Stiry
lot it. Dr. Lily's Sarsaparilla will be 10111111
culls efficacious ill all tliseases'of the liver, siom
'nth, t•ci - ilt, kidneys, spine and bones, ulceration orthe
nose, throat anti other pares, abseesses, fistulas, sem
colas, eryslpvlns,iiiiiiiilice.i.hetintatiani and incipient
gnitt.invrecrisil mid syphilitic alb'etions, lenetle de
rangements and in respiring the sicf,ly and debilitat
ed to thele'initural health and
DR. 1,1E11140 . S t4.IIICSA Pit 111 ILL t.
Dr. 's Compound Extrar, of Sarsaparilla lets
stood the test for five y RII.I • RI, 1,11051 to
say tutu there is no oiler p•reparation or etpuil
strength cum in me. 'clirongliont the Southern
States at here Sat tparilla it as notch in eeneral use
as tea and votive, Dr. Leidy's Stirsaparilla is gener
ally preferred and is highly reeomntrnded hr
[)% rt•rtiiirates hove been frequently pnh
fished 1 hroir;liniti • the north and set , ,t it iv also
notch used, moteperhapsthan anyolier.
One Willy Of it [half a pud j is wlitTalliell equal to
IWO of any other in strt•ngth, and is :gnat to one half
gall'on of the strongest Syrup that tact he
Tircetions or ImAkiig Syrup therefrom nerom
ainies the nireetions.
May 31, 13!3
irorms : IPor ins
June 14, 1843
I - Pamily•llltedicines.;,..
and sole proprptor,., No. ad 'South ,Ttlitalet„
P,tulatfolphin; ' ni'ar huntl'ute gen 1, nifth without' s
signcitureitpon ;the outOthi, wrapper. 'All
otherd Me counterfeits. • . . ,
Tilde medid i lies nre recommended nod exteOsi ve
used by the most intelligent veracias hi the';..thiiteil
%to o by numerous Professors Prcisidents of
-Colleges, Physician Aof the Army-and filiv i Yin..fid
HoSpitals and' : 11 1111)ShOilSet1;1t110 by More than three
litindred - Cleit7pieu dc'v,itrious
• They are expressly prepared fdelandly use, and
hare acquired and Unprecedented popplar4 through
ditt. the United States; and as they are so admirably
qulculated .td preserve Health ylld cure , Dieeme, no
family shogld ever be without 'them. The proprie
ter.6l. these rithiable preparations received his edit
estioniat one of the best Medical Collegei is the U.
I States, aild.lins had - fifteen years experience iii nit
extensife mid diversified practice, by, width Ile has '
load ardple opportunities of diciptirinva practical
knowledge of diseases, and of the TerneeieS best cal
culated to remove ihem. These preparations COll ,
Ost of
Jayne's Expectorant, h taloa hie remedy for Cough
Colds, Consumption,, Asthma, Spitting, .q mom'
Ceoup,ilooping Cough, Bronchitis, lilettriin , and in
flomtnation of the Lungs or Throat, Difficulty of
Brenthino . ,iiiiil'all diseases of the l'ulmonitry'Organs
• Also rayne's flair Tonic, for• the Pretteri - ation
Growth and Beauty orate Hnn•, nod n hich will poi
tively being in new hair on bald heads.
Also Joyne'S Trade Vethniftige,a certain and.plen
said remedy fin• Norms' Dysp :psiii and many
Also Jayne's Cartrabitive Balsam, ti certain care
for Bowel and Sommer Complaints, Dian. !Dy
sentery Cholie, (:ramps, Sick Ilrirdnche,Sour stom
ach Cholera Mgt all derangiunents of the
Stomach and IlaWls, Nervous Aflections; &Lc.
.layile's Sanative Pills, for Female Diseasel ; Liver
Complaim, Costiveness, Fevers, Inflammations,
Glandular. ObstructiOns, I)iseases of (lie Skin, &c.
and Mall cases where nu Alterative or Purgative
:Medicine is required.
For sale in Carlisle, by
Nlay 31,1843
LK)~S~ ~~~~0
irpY vtr i'eff of i he, powers anti authoiity
111 1Thmniiiincii in the last will and testament of
NfleitaEl: Eoi,dec'd.y I itoiV offer far sale, the
Carlisle Iron 31{1fOrli.s,
Situated on the Yellow Breetlitqf Crerh, 4.; miles
east of Carlisle Pa. The estate Consh.ta Oro !first tate
2s ilit 2 l e 2, 2 To 24t, ita u
Tear 'Fitotrsaniti .Icres of _Land.
• A hew Nll:l{CflA NT 0/111110111.1.1111 or stone,
finished oit the 'oust approved plan. About acres
or the land are cleared and highly coltisated, hat Mg,
011+01)11 erecied
Lam Rank Earns
mid ffeeessm'Y TiiiNA NT IHIOUS'ES.
works are propelled by C
the Yellow Breeches reek
and the Boding `ipring,which neithet•foil norftneze.
There are upon the premisesall the necessary work . -
1111.11 S, 11011801 iie01111011/Seti,C111110111•I'Z I llti smith shops,
Mill stabling !milt or the noon •obhowtioi ootoo•ials.
The fire M . the loom epiality and inexhaustible, is
within 4 miles of the Vurnstee. There is 001.11:10S
110 Iron IrOrkS iu P0:111S31101101 which possesses so
perior. ittlenidages . and otters greatei• inducements to
the investment of CapiTst. The stater inm er is so
great that it might IM'eTtenclefl to Lily other maim,
tat:wring :purpose. Persons tlifMosed to purchase
will or 00111.:0c esmoine the property. '1 heterms of
sale will be made known by
• MAUI' PIM:, •
F:1-catt`ix of Michael Ege,tlec'd.
"Cat•lisle, Oet. f':, ti->1
aia LTL,3,
rt‘rfr, ]1("1'1'.1 1.
P l itoTErri,.N (.;()7(11'..5.N V, itivorpo•
nitrcl by Hi( tit t Sys
!ldly in ..1)1110' ti e
ilirvelimi (it the I•4lriiv3iii; viz
NI Wei., :111ifire
\V. f.t./17",:e
(;. Myr.
'!1 Vacy (!),. 01•;ippl•rx eel' their
r:ite, nud 11c nu, , y • 0113 :hid 01
iIISIII . III‘re bay St a :Ms Oilier.
Elely per- Ili :I
thy rompliry thn . clinict; of ullivcrs
:mil iii lincttioo it; coliten,%,
4 , 1. Pori ih•rn:uldvel 'Nun iR
Ilulse,fidry (0 11‘,1,1 the V:iIII.IIM'S
hid) may
3i). The ilienhvenieus•e is...v.:As is
he fl/1. a ivrm Of rft
Airy persinii iliqilying for in:Mr:lllre must give
Iriv prenthiny 'nine for the eliealarn-Ulnas the tide
nf five pre vellum, yi hirlr 0 ill t/O:ttl ta the i,1 ,11 c 0 ,
filr'ythieh lie a ill hale to paytt . .?,..iftilyv yrays,
inky, $1,51} for mules twit policy ; and en ysairr, initess
le'vot to a greater the finals
nil bands will enver,:iiiil thou tutu minae will hr veilitir
reit turmla pro rata sha'. • ralrs
chraper than' n( ()flier ramp:oaks, rarept stitli
11A•tt.11 . I/II O' .tune
1113 , h.:Illet• i 9 etictfeil itl the filthy% lit manner.
person apply ing fin' 111.S1111111re fOr propel iy of the
clicopest rhiss of risk ru,i , 1:1004, , ,, ht., ithargeil 5
per rent fin , yeat :I. 11(.Ie wylowiting In , :;51111kliq
lie 4:vull st ill I.e rrryuirrd lu Inn
prr ev . .t51),:k1111.:1:,59fin• Ylt,t^t'ing and pony) .. .
andit] 11,1 V 'to more rt•triirol of trim nide , s !loses
°erne and the htnda (All 11:111113 urQ 11./t if.
Ilirei6lllll. •
.q.Z('lll, , 1, in If" 111111 ,-, ?litOdOlgOl, as 0r, , ,VA1. in dil •
TILIN'S In aOu uul to i1 0 ,11 1 .:111,3'h. 100 •011.
wishing iihmeditdoly to nopdy coo do lir) hy niiinill
ollivori id tilt•
CHAS. P. CONIAIffiS, Pres.
A. G. Sib Y
April 1.2, I sp.
%I celnari iestui rg Line
0 21?- 1. yy
41.140 , is :
)3rlavern./12eOlitsiiiri;bearg and
Philett&lphia or Biz
[RIP 11.1 u, OR CA,111:1:]
TILE sabsertber grateful for past favors, begs
leave to inform his friends ana the public
g i nicrally, that he still contiones Lanni a line of
bindlien Cars rigUlarly ifetween ilferilianicsburg
and Philadelphia or Baltimore, by which goods
and produce of all descriptions will be forwarded
with care ! and despatch at thp loWbst rates of
Producc,Will be received atlas Ware ilonse,in
Mechanicsburg, and forwarded io either Phila.
delphia or Baltimore, according to thb direction
of the owner.
IrrThu highest price will be given ibt
and Flour.
- • -
N. B. Plaster of Paris and Salt alwgys lept
qn hand, and for sale at...the lowest prices.
U_Quzv - w -- I,l2Dcs)zn,
lie has ulso an hand, at:the Denman Mechanics.
burg, for sale, 161U.111 lISIE It, snob an Boards,
Shingles, Senn' H up; - ate. of allkinde,
which will be sold on liberal terms...
• August 17.1842. ' . tf.4
rti `'FIRS 8c . 11.4tVERStICK I . nt just c just rOeci yet!
froni (lid Manufactory at Plulmlelphist‘ irlavgY
assortment of Lveßil .1.1:11PS, cunsiaktitg. of
Pariott v,h•a bc . 14f•ing Lam,ps
wait or witliont shatlen'tyllich they w:11 *hold
ov retail 'at Om otalitifiXtUreY sliFices• •
• Antral, Side Relict:tot* intb Mani Liiratis'Of
Thp very Wear Sperm
Oil, Wm...ranted to htiro' elOr, for
; • $1,26 Fier
slest Sperm' Caildleq.i• centikpe'rlih
00•1it1e,1it04t,4842. ?;
y '06'41604 endpey the - dimwit
dike die' dtfamttoie Vidlt• clothing end oOieelarth:'
0104 Ontrqsted to< 'fbi 4 theningi
dyeing, at bothabois,iniCtlitck.Allgrohloalte
pot eliAqopctrtgb: 40 1
e • " • '
" ,4 c '47'ft
... i..,
The 'following indispentable family reme.
dies may bo.Sound , at 'theAilltage drug stares,
and soon abiverrecntnt,li Store. in the state •
Remember and never'. , get them nnleis they
have the fae-siurnite*iinatate of
~ ' on°the wrappers, as
by tho same names are base impositions end countq.,
feits..- If the merchant nearest. yen ;hair. them not,
urge him to procure them at 71 Igaiden.lane,ther
next time he visits New York, or to write for them.
Aro family ihould hr. eiecektalthq;it,ihetm remediet
, , „
which will.stopit if falling out, or restore ii on bald
places; and on children make it grow rapidly, or on
those wholes° lost the hair from anyenuse..
ALL VERNIN,that infest the heads of children
in schools, are prevented or killed by itMt
. •
Find the name of 16.1:91iiarifiao on
it, or never try it. Remember this altaqys.
31,", •
itositively cured, and all ahrivelled Ila:dee and
are restored, in the old or young, by the INDIAN
but never without the namo of Comstock & Co. on it..
come on, if you use the only truo HANS' Littnitarir,from
and every thing relieved by it that admits of an out.
vlrard application. It acts like a Charm. Use it.
.RORSES, tIMt have Ring-Bone, Spavin,
Wind-Galls, &c., are cured by ROOFS' SPECIFIC ; and
Foundered horses entirely cured by Roofs!
Founder Ointment. Mark this, all horsemen.
Dalley's Magical. P . dint..llr-i
tractor Salve.--mo most extraordinary
reined) , ever invented for all new or old
nd aores, arid sore Ey E s II has delighted
housands. It will. take out all pain. in ten minutes,
and no fabure. It will cure. the, P I LES'
beucr and wore nico and useful article 'cover was
wide. All eliould wear.ilkem regularly,.
n the principle of sitbstituting the tonic in place of
stiniehmt prineiple,.wl•ich has reformed so many.
milliards. To be used with
LIN'S i13:1Et):()D PILLS, superior to ry
rers tbr cleansing the system and the humors affect:
'it: the !deed, and for. all irregularities of the bowels•
and the gmeral health.
[See Dr. LIN'S sig. r- , ViGg at— to evi
HEwYlll IP 'A . , CHE
will eilitctually ewe Bich headache, ei.ther from the
orbiljona. Hundreds of families ant'
for tho certain prevention of !FEVERS:I or nny
zeneral sickness ; keeping the stomach in. most per.
feet order, the bowels regular, and n deteintination to;
the rtc.o. :i0;0)Qcb:S1
pains in the bones, hoarseness, and ORO. P S Y.
are quickly cured by it. linen• this by
CORNS.—The French Plaster is a sure cure
I - '" - 'f , ; f „-.=,...' - 7 - - - -- - =''..„, 1 ;,. :
-4k cs .c...'•-: ,---- -- -1-
-; ~., 6.,-ra - :fa • - -
' - 4 1 / 4„; :-. 0 .•••• -,-,; .;... r, 1, vr,%."
hair. any shade you wish, but will noecolur the skin
POUND EXTRACT. There is no other prepare.'
tion of Sarsaparilla that can exceed or equal this.
If you aro sure to get COMSTOCK'S, you will find it'
euporior to all others. It does not require puffing.
OF CIiINA. A positive cure for the piles, and all
external ailings—all inthrnal irritations brought to the
surface by friction with this. Balm ;—so in coughs,
swelled or sore throat, tightness of the chest, this BAnt'
applied on a flannel will relieve and cure at once.-- 7 "
Fresh wounds or old sores aro rapidly cured by it.
D. Bartholenithels
will prevont or cum all incipient consumption
cpups:kco!. - .Ds
taken inlire;;iind is a geliigifel mwedy. Inmate.
her the name, and get Coma'ol4*,
eradicate all Wo R M in children or adult
With u certainty quite astonishing. It is the same a;
that made by stock, and sells with a rapidity
almost incredible, by Comstock ,j• co., New York/.
Entered ycconiing to act of Cookrece, in the year 1842, byrdnistes4
4 01.. In the Clerk's omen of the Southern, District of Dew York.
• By .applying to . our agents• in each town and
village, papers may be had free, showing tha moat
respectable names in the country, for these,facta, so
that no one can fail to believe . them:
Cc). Be sure you call for our articles, and not
,be put off with any stories, that othereL are as .
your, tiotto..ctiul these ewer eins,be type one 1 ,genoine'
withinig our, names to them:- All these articles to,be'
had tyhalesale and retail only of us. , •
twa y •if i to" • ,
Wtioleasle ;Druggiu
"f*sidon-tang yowitork. ar, of ow. oie -
For solo in hy -, • •
& 11 AV E RST K ,
THE ottbseriber once more calls
indebted to' 141» 4:lC'ete or Honk ttettottni r tniir y, tit%
on or before the Ist of tiridentber licit, 'arter
date the potitirely:'beldaied 110101
bands of a jnstiey of,the r!i. , ttee,for nollertion. 1.1, t.; •
August 16, 1513...
Int ok primp ennyaslo):l nis t :;,
A lot of. I)rietl Ijcer of• 49 , 14901/ ttitit k Atti,o 4 ;)
nibre. Ai store' di - -
SeptemPer arta43.-111,,
,• •••;;t./. ; ;:„,in i t, , g ai,;1.,..,,•„..,,..a40,.„, , , , f,„:)
Aso.Golioo.•or IN,OI/(4,' Videgli brlTtir : kg it '' ,- C
HEST 414.1;k10.',41,ir1,¢00r441iRd pr. sulallrm, !,,
-, ~ • „ .- '',,:' '. : • ,:,. 1 '.'..-:.; LlAO'rl'i . .
i .ilati a llitift.:l4 l ....4.Arlmla , i , ;. 1 g .r& .
;', :',...IFOR:SittoWATi 'it,: kV lc rt .
' '' ' - ~./,;(t,',.`!-‘; , .t,ir,, , '..;.,.;ti'-.* : . 2 ',',-.. l''' , . ; • ~-. ~;„„;/.. .. - •.;.' .*: ~",,, _
using it with great joy