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Wednesday, September
,20,' . 11543.
a FOB ITEsthrivr
Subject to the -decision of a National Convon-tron
Otra CffiEED
1. A sound National Currency, regulated by the
will and authority of the Nation.
S. An adequate RCVCIIIIC, with fair Protection to
Amorican Industry. •
3. Just reMraiyits on the Executive power, em
bracing a further•restrictian on The exercise of
•the Veto. • .
.1. 4.1' the p 11 1 ,14:
with au equitable distribo Lion of the proceeds
of sules of it among all the States.
5. An honest, and economical administration of
the General Government,lenving public (ulcers
perfect freedom of thought and of the right of
sulliagei but with suitable restraints 'against
Improperinterference,in electrons.
G. An amendment to the ConstitutiOn g limiting
the incumbent of the Presidential office to a
These objects attained, I think that we shoffld . be a ffl icted With bad adininistiution of
he Government .—llntnur CLAY.•
For Canal Commissioners.
simmoN GUILFORD, of Le !moon.
*IIII,LiA 'II WEED; Northunannul
MEILTPN. WEAVER, of Allegheny,.
Congress—:Gen. THOMAS C.*MILLER
Assembly—enpt. JOHN DUN LAP,
Trcasu'rer=-JOHN HAMILTON.
- Audifoi..-- - -UCIIARD. WOODS.
Directrir—t , imiAriA'm IcURTz:
• Porter County - Ticket !
Amidly—Jacob Ilcck, Francis Ischlcs,Sr
County Treasurer—Robort Moore. '
Director of the Poor—Dr. Robert :Young.
Auditor tunnel llono to u. .
Coroner—John IC. \Vunderlich.
County CORI initsioner.
nWe are a [lammed to state, that-nt the so.
lieitationt of . many friends, JQHN RUPP, Esq.,
of E:Perinslioro tp:, has consented to be a candi.
date for the ofCounty Commissioner, at the
We make this announcement with'
There is no office of more importance to the pen.
'plc of the county than that of Commissioner, and
Lo office which more requires an honest, intelli
gent, active and prompt business man to perform
its duties satisfactorily. 'And in these respects no
man, we are free to say, is better qualified than
Mr. Rum He is well known to the people of
Cumberland county, and is admitted by all who
am acquainted with hi . tit, to be a 'gentleman of
irreproachable character and standing, and of
enterprising business habits. No man in the
Idwer end of the county enjoys a wider popular.
ity than Mr. Rupp, and the announcement of his
name for County Commissioner will be hailed in
that section of the county with peculiar pleasure..
Mr. Rupp'a election may be coneitiered certain.
117 David Townshend, of West Chester, hue
been appointed by the Whig Convention of Ches
ter county, Delegate to the National Convention.
cChir. Wise made his-forty-fifth balloon as_
cension from the borough of York, nu., on the
instant, and landed near Lancaster city, as per
intention on setting not !
1 :0- General Joules Irwin has been re.nomlnatod
for COngress by the confspiiNif the Democratic
Harrison party, of the district composed of Hun
tingdon;Centre, Mifflin, and Juniata counties, and
will probably, be. elected. . . .
Ott - General Henry Frick hatelicen nominated
for Congress by the conferees of the Demneratic
Harrison party of the district composed uf the
counties of Union, Northumberland, Lyeoming.
and Clinton. His chance of success mainly 'de
pend upon the divided vote of the Lcoofocos .in
that district, ivhich under the present aspect of
affairs seems inevitable.
0: Curter, tried in New Jersey for the murder
of the Warren family; yes been acquitted for want
ofaufftelent proof.
DlrTho Razor' Strap' man was arrested and
fined $l6, in'Baltimnoro on Friday last, fur viola
ting the litonse law in selling his strops. He
paid the find good humoredly, and intends dcliv.
erhig lectures hereafter on the subject of straps. •
CO - 4. man named Patrick APVay, was arrest
ed a day or two since in Manor township, Lan
caster county, Pa. and committed to prison-charg
ed With murdering hia with, in Lucerne county,
in 184-9. • -
117 'David Umbergerof Lebanon, who has been
oelectetirty - tiii.Tecos, as their candidate for Con.
press in District XIV., defeatsd two anti-Porter
men in the nomination. Kickapoo stock le Cif..
Mg.:. .
. .
The keeper , at a menagerie, was lately seen
beating one of the elephants with a largo club.—t.
A bystander asked him the cause. Why says
the keeper, he's been flinging posts about the
tent,,and he's W. enough to know better." •
'O - 3Gevernor,Bopek horpordoned James Su;ii:
yanosho.vias 'sentenced to -two years imprison.
ment in,thoNe* York reatentiary'for his par
tici:l)oloOn the brutal.:prizie fight which resulted
in the death of McCoy.: Great indignation pre.,
Int Whittleiey has resigned, his of
dieliensury, for the Ttioj. Office.
tatearaboat, proprletore on
• our Ncirtbora
lakoibi,ler,Tileobled to et,op.i . iiianiag,, , lboir boats on
the 4 Itle' iisid that,' briejleires acert:getier.
• ally; are boaornieg' more favorable t strict ob.
- nor'/Pairs : Of iho"„Sibtaitli;' 4; '• •,•"'.. ' •
Mho'- ,Ihib ii:BorneO, ofPhilado)Pl4l34lutil',
'do*ReV:.. ! .
~, . .rii,.._l.-,prhem..0,,,,F
.itiod !fie.1.4—:***940,4°,41411A: ~ir.i.:P'., ,, ,, : „-i - -- .. ! 4
' . '9001i6171.':.. -..--?';v4::..4%,,.,,,.1.:.„;:,,
cid', 14 $1/ , '''''''' '''6' IblitiAinils
. too ml.. 0 ..,..,,, :-:5 -7
f ' I!.F.:4oll,,,Tizi,,,foitiiine'apor.y. .
cntitlo. : liAlfTill..4:.4V" iiki;4*s/rg.l"l
h Amer ' 11 -' iifotinec.o , - tm 4 )' , ,, ' ,, .. 2/. , :,;,;,,v 0 1
-a iop '•'' 4 k' -ci,.4..4:4"1,,"e.
./t,i9 k"- It:
' - ..
"" , - - ' -
„, ,.5111114'ild!ila#1tVriE4etli •
P1 , 144 . 1n the
g eld;
bythe Whig dounte'"doi.iventleiflatit week; is:
trusted ito inembeioftheWidg parts , will on thiti l
account think. 'ithis privilege to fold-WS - M4
and take no part ;in the contest this fall ...The
.donyention, .wo'cire sure,- contemplated no 'eueli
thing. 'Apart from, the fact that it is the duty.;tf:
every Whig-th turn out to the Polls and vt
the Whig Candidates for dtMal Conintissiciners,
which every one who dedires to see an honest and
economical management of our public works and
put ait- - end -to the” - Waimea,. squandering and
plundering course - .or the present „Administra...
Lion, vill not-fail to—we think that every - mem ,
her: Of the Whig party will, upon a moment's re.
election, seep. to be as stronkly, his duty to givo
his veto for one or the other county tickets which
is in
The Whig County Convention gave no reeom.
meMlation of either of these tickets.. But it will
not require much deliberation on Ihe'pert of any
one who is in the slightest degree acquainted with
the situation of parties or the politics:Cf the day,
to determine witli which party the %i hig's May
most consistently net. Of the .men on either
tickerwc have nothing td say—they aro all rep.
resented to be men rit fair intelligence and res
pectable standing. But in the measures and oh.
jcets of the Porter and Anti-Porter parties of this
county, there is n very ,wide difference. The
ulloririon" ticket no Whig can think of voting
I:.r. ' , Wiring]] judicious and prudent silence has
been obserci lately by the leaders of, that party
in respect to Governor Porter, yet we have no
confident assurance, should Messrs. Eekels and
Huck got to Ffarrisiburg, that they will' not he
found among the pliant tools of Governor Porter's
Administration, sustaining him in the course of
usurpation and ruin to the interests of the State
which has marked his reckless career.
• Ot the Auti-vorter ticket we have 'dearer and
safer assurance. The early stand taken by that
party,,,against:the Stuto—Vaiinistration, and their
resolute and persevering oppesitim to Governor
Porter for the last year and a half, prove them to
be sincere in their professions; and give reaPon to
believe - that they are honestly endeavoring -to
promote a Reform in the men and measures of
Pennsylvania. Their candidates Ihr Assembly
arc pledged to advocate a reduction of the expem
diturcs, of the State—a retrenchment of official
salaries, and to vole for a sult'of the public works.
We would not attempt to dictate to any mem.
her of the Whig party how he shall cast hiS vote.
Our only 'abject is to, present such a, view of the
objectsof both parties, as shall enable every Whig
(not knowing any ticket of our own,) to ascertain .
Which of these parties is least Objectionable, and,
which inost nearly approaches the Whig party in
• its principles and objects. When we have no
Whigs to votmfor we should choose the lebst ob.
jectionable of our opponents., and these we believe
to be the men on the Anti-Porter ticket. AIM if
we choose them we ought to try and clef than,:
JaOge Black's. Positio:n
cO. - -A pretty 'well-grounded : opinion exists in
this tlistric t among all parties, that Judge Black,
of Perry county, the lately nominated Candidate
for Congress in opposition to General Miller, is an
out and out Porter mot. The conferees from
Perry and, Cu ipberlaml who nominated him', were
men, two or three of whom arc Porter otlicelliol
ders now, and the test .have • been ! Is it not
reasonable to pposodhatthey would. take good
care of the int le its of the great Nickupoo chief,
end if t bey c uld do the thing without beihg de
teeted, m • co Porter nominations 2 So the peo
ple seem to think, and so widely has this feeling
spread through the diqrict, that in reply to a
committee of Locos in Perry, Judge Black has.
found it necessary to publish a letter "defining
his position." It is, however,. a. very mealy
mouthed way ofexpressing hfs Anti-Porterism, if
he has any. The Judge merely says that many
of the Governor's prominent acts have met with
his "decided disapprobation," nod that he wan in
no truc.sense of the word be called a supporter of
his Administration at this time. Any ono can
see Wet these are very Ka terms to use toward
a GoVernor who has so entirely lost the confidence
of thc people as Porter has. There is nothing in
this equal to the manly stand taken against tl.h
Governor by General Miller and other Anti-Porter
men in this county, and we opine that Judge
Black's letter will fail to convince the people that
he is that stern, uncompromising opponent of the
Governor . that every candidate who wants the
votes of this district should be.• Merely to express
"decided disapprobation" of the Governor's course
with respect to the " lumber" transactions and
other things, is too gentle a way of dealing, when
the people are every where talking of arraigning
the Governor at the bar of the Senate for gross
malversion in office!
Something Strange—very!
n'ltis wonderful to see the concern manifested
by some of our "Mormon'.' opponents at the
course of the Whig Convention, and many of our
good Whigs have bedn not a little surprised at the
very great anxiety evinced by the Locos for the
prosperity of the Whig party! It is something
new and altogether unaccountable. We are in
formed that several leading loco flieuu in the how
or cnd,of the county actually promised to a Whig
in that section, that if a Whig ticket could be set
tled they would give it their hearty support! How
kind—how magnanimous! but how green they
must have thought thitheig to be! The " Mor
mons" support a Whig ticket! That's the last
attempt at Humbug!
Now we can put some.confidenee„in the Anti-
Porter'party. . They have been standing out from
their party a year and a half and havo given some
evidence that they -tiro really and truly seeking
to introduce Reform into the administration of
the government. We know them to be good and
true Anti-Porter men. But the " Mormons"
with their milli-and-water resolutions--sort-o%
Porter and sort-o'-not—cannot be trusted—the
Whigs can haVe' no connexion with them, Any
Whig that-can he caught,with_ the crafty -iwofes
shuts the " Mormons" since
,out. pennty
'Conventionoimst be a very gulhge person In
deed. This last trick will fail
• The trial of Shipman, the money carrier be
tween Philadelphia . and Dlery York, was , corn.
commenced at the New York Court of Sessions
on.Wednepay. He is charged with having :Mu:
bezzled the Monies of the Haien Batik' Of ,New
York, entrusted' to his care, to . deliveriirt
delphia, to the amount of $15,007,10 in gold .oein,
io April last: He has since been acquitted. -
.11:3"Tlie Whigs ofthe seventeenth (Thintingdon)
4i'strint;• haVit noininnted the ptesent niembet of
Cc:oirees, Gen.. Jatites • Irvqn;. - fOr re.eleetion.- 7 .
This hi, the disiviot ts;toliegvo c. ,Gov.f . ,'ortot io
mock trouble. : 110 vetoed ; twoy., apportionment
tosiniy,,limiztot they, diii„not mSteeldeei.
•! I °4lis#oogh',.."VonefoOn..}c,ciry'entiiiie the
hnYlr Of. 'Stit'esint. • bn th 4,
' ,l oo•l l ; 4l 4 d lf i i i 94, l ** ;l icorqw_O i r
' 'di/ 4 4 eg #•• f 0”
mpe4. timpre,ootno ! ...';
-" ' :• r p,,r Itig•• Jlit '
,t 149
• 07Thir - candiiiatel presented to the peePle for
Visou , State Cenvention,'are men, says the Harris 7
:hug Telegraph - , 9E4600hm - a objeoion
caneetlM raised. Th'ey•are',nen high-moral :
isteedirig mut- of unquestionable '
ttbility , , and , Worth. ;?OlioSeitro then of that , integ. •
rlty and proitioable fitness that The, station do
enjoy,: thisr,higheat 'Oenfirlenci' of
• those Who, know tlicrii—areunconheeted and un
adulterated with the fruuds and pectilatioria that
, _the management of our public,
Works, railed the State debt to the enormous sum
of FC/IPPY.T*6, 411LI:ICINS—surilc tho crodit
of t'cOpeirrionwerilth below, eve,,, that. of
rupteyi - .o4enriiilibil a few out of the hard'earn
ingeriiif th e :many: They arc men in' fa.
find no friends—and speculators or
pluntler'Oriino abetters, They arc mun.wliuse lives
and 6a:reefers', aro guarani} , that, if elected,
they will make faithful f .competent, economical
and devoted.publicservants. e •
Mr. TWEED, who stands •at the head of the
list, residel in. Northumberland county; a contra
and proper location for the President of the Board.
Ile is well and favorably known in this section-of
the State, not only as a man of unblemished rep.
utation and integrity, but as one of extensive in.
formation on the subject ofinternaLimprovements
—distinguished as a writer upon Them—and as
Having been well acquainted' with all the improve
inents of the State. from their first commence
inent. HiS qualifications in this respect, no one
will question—they could scarcely be surpassed
—and in the middle counties of Pennsylvania he
will receive such a vote as will show that the peo
ple know and appreciate him. . •
3 The' second on the list is' Mr. WEAVER, of
Allegheny, the present Sheriff of that county, who
was elected in 1840 by an unprecedented major.
ity fur that Mike. Wherever he is !Mown', he, is
esteemed fot his plain, unpretending manners—
his courteous demearor-his sound. judgment.
and gerM;al intelligence. Ife• stands above re
, pined), from even his political opponents, and be.
ing extensively - known in the West, will, a
very strong vote.' Abetter selection could not
probably have been maile, us it regards locality,
qualification or popularity.
Mr. GUILFORD, of Lebanon. concludes the
' list as thc eandidate for the Easiern portion of the
State, and all who knoiv him * will say, that he is'
stron'geartdidate, and will poll a great vote hi
this district of the State. lie is n Civil Engineer,
and has distinguished hims'elf as such in the ser
vice of the Union Canal CoMpany. Ills qualifi
cations for Commissioner tiremot esereded by any
man in the Comincnwealth—and his personal
standing is of thateleva led character that secures
the respect:of all.
.Mr.Guilford Is 'too well known
in this **vicinity to require any eulogy 'at our
hands. Ile has not an enemy where he is known
---nnd the vote he will receive- in Lebanon alitt
Dauphin comities, 'trill show - that - lie - is - not only
esteemed for, his private Worth—but that the pee.
plc have confidence in his experience, enlightened
judgment, unbending integrity anti firmness of
We may truly say, that the selections of tbese
men arc most happy and satislbeto . ry, as it re.,
garde their locations and qualifications; and when
the second Tuesday of October arrives, we hope
to see those in fitvor' of RETRENCHMENT,
REFORM and ECONOMY, 'dull political par.
tics, git"c.a.long pull, a strong
altogether,dbr TWE'ED, WEAVER rind
FORD, and be gratified as well .us benclitteoY
their election. •
True 'll'aritir Doctrines.
• Let the anti-tariff men read the following ex
tract of a speech delivered by John C. Calhoun,
on the Tarifl; in 1816.
"That he was`no nrtitutitetufel7that corning
rout the Suutli, lie and his constituents had no
nterest but in the cultiralion of the soil."
" That to :Ilford mannfitetures ample protection,
would enable the farmer to Hell Ilia products high,
and buy ell his wants and conveniences of life
" That a Tariff for protection was of vital im
portanci to the security and permanent prosperi
ty of the Union."
"That it wou Id. produce an interest, strictly
American, as much as agriculture; and fur more
so than commerce and navigation.".
"That it would produce a hero andtnOet pow.
erful cement, far outweighing any objections that
might be urged against the system."
That it would preserve us from a new and
terrible danger— DISUNION —against which
we ought to be perpetuully guarded."
"And that it would afford to the cotton and
woolen manufacturers • protection whia ' would
place them beyond the reach of contingency."
Dreadful Itai'road Accident.
A disindrouii accident occurrcd on the
more and Susquehanna Railrolid, on Tuesday
morning, by which a number of persons were se
riously injured, and, it is feared, several will lose
mir lives
' %nen the first train from Baltimdre, say the
American, which left at 7, A. M., with a large
party of Defenders, Military, and Citizens, on
their way to the celekration at Yo . tk, (Pa.,) had
reached a point about eight miles from York, the
front axle-tree of the first passenger car broke,
throwing the car and the two following it off the
track, and splintering all three cars, the first one
being almost entirely demolished. .The cars being
crowded with •people, a acetic of eonfusion and
dieriay ensued which may be readily conceived.
A thimher of persons who were imprudently
standing on the platform in front of the cars were
. off, some of them being caught between
the care, and others forced under them. Many,
we are happy to say, escaped unhurt; but thirteen
persons wane found to have' been rnoro or less in.
All the persons injured were on the platform'
As soon as the wounded persons could be got out,
Medical assistance was instantly rendered to them
by Meters" Dunbar, Martin,._ :Maguire,
Hall and• Ringgold, and, as soon as he could
reach the spot, by Dr. MCClellan of York..
Tho wounded, persOns were soon after convey
ed to York, thence taken tho HosqUal where
they were well provided for. 41 five o'clock their
wounds were dressed, and , they. all scorned to
be es comfortable as their condition would admit
Oni First Demand.
, ,
irt A provielon in the Washington Treaty Pro= .
vides for tho runtual surrender of 'criminallseacy.
ping into the territory of either party. The first
demand tram 'England under it "Wastbe case of
Christianayilmfire, for murder. She' vviur. 'Bur.
rendered. ; The first demand on, England, of a
similar character, was made in. tendon • gin' the
18th ult., by ofliconi Hays and loviiides
oft• New 'Korn, for , a' man namod Clinton;
alias jtSed ? 'a - id:war...lW a' 'large amounf open'.`
Messrs ilttle dz. • C0.;.0f Reed-'144
iinclin:iniiionianalting tinting. eiiidenci
4-5 471 457.0 1 4atter1 t n t ehePt e cetelrweetee. *telt
tht:,:e l l4oo; t ;telhitittl eetth le, iteeteel dm the
40,pithotillge**kiji :`'y.
• .
la' the stnountrorexpenintiftetrovWreqdigo.snlA
the tlarrisbut litiolligeheer,nrilliii,Vphilieg lines
of the PublieVorke Of Pennsyliania - in ' 1839=
40, when „iferries Clerk , of Indiane,Wirs Presldent -
Tf. the Boar d,or Canal Comlissioners),.
the y ear
, bolero under lionerit'AOrninatrittfon l
of the public affairs, thii . sama • pithlih'-'Wririti*
yielded, a revenue to the: State,. e'ver. 1304
expenses, of
• , • $354,180 . 1.72 -.,
Tho diffe?Onca of exponditurb between these
two years, was:thus,
$711,351 4 all
Here was the• enortnotie sum of upwards of
lost to the State in n' singlaYear; by the misman
agem eat of the public officere v 'er by the outrage
ous system of WHOLESALE PLUNDER prat.
tisod by those officerson the public works. This
RUM, properly appropriated,.would have been suf
ficient to have paid e ballot the interes t
r ofthe public:debt, arid relieved the people of One .
year's taxation. It cannot be pretended fur a
moment that this enormous expenditure was ne
cessary to carry on tha works. Ibis clear that
the money was squandered upon political favor.
Iles as a reward for partii,an services. .
Now the question is an interesting one to the
people of Pennsylvania at this lime—under whose
management were the public improvements at the
time thesii enormous abuses were practised?—
Why, the same .Janice Clark of Indiana, who is
nuw the Locofoco candidate far the same ollice
was then the President of the Board of Cana•
Commissioners: •
• r
What confidence can the people have 'in th e
ability' or integrity ofa public officer under whose
administration of the public works such astound
ing corruption and plunder was permitted? Will
they-,can.thei reinstate hint in the same office,
to revive, perhaps, the same system' again, at a
time when the Commonwealth is bleeding at
every pore;ilinwrier.kpvery:, dollar of Public reve.
nos ought to be carefully, husbanded and appro
primed to, the payment of the interest due to the
inndeent and suffering holdere of her State bonds,-
her domestic creditors, and—the, poor,bui honest'
laborers who have toiled in her seirice, and have
been cheated by her dishonest agents? We
greatly'mislake the feelingeand temper or the
people of Penn Sylvania on thi s subject, Willey do
They want 11 change in the management of affairs
on the Public Improrenictiti— , -a - thorough and
radical change. ' • .
' For this purpose they.hav e taken the appoint.
meat of the Conunissioners trout' the Governor ,
and resolved to take it into their- own hands.—
The Imecfoco,,patty, liowe‘'er, -- Say - to the - puple
now--.•1 the: old officers -are good enough—Ory .
know best how to manage the Improvements
must elect such men. CLARE and FO&TER.
hare both hod experience on theAyblie_works, and_
they always .managed- thing? . admirably FOR
-But will the people submit to tlii§ - paFty dicta,
lion ? The election of Clark_and Foster
would defeat the wry object they bad in view in
making. the Comnissioners elective. They de.
sired by that net to tithe the management of the
Improvements out of the hands of the ohirificers,
land place them in the hands of NEW MEN—
men who ore entirely disconnected from the rot
Mb. ddminiliqatioh David R.
This 1.1.4 can acorn:dish by voting for the men
placed on the liemocratie Whig Tiebet. Elect
will have a Board of Commissioners cumpo . sed or
conduct the hushiNts 'cm:rusted to their bands
not solely for the benefit of a party.
this gentlemen his never obtain
ed any veld political -notoriety, yet he
_ix tv_ell
known in many parts of the State as a man of
excellent qualities of find and stainless probity
andAnygrity... The Columbia Protector gives
the following instance of Mr. Freed's conscien_
tiotis honesty.' It is !lolly refreshing to hear of
such noble conduct in these days; when conduct
BO much the reverse a daily practised. With
such men for Canal Commissioners our State
Treasury would be oak.
The Protector says,'Mr. Tweed has ever , been
a consistant Whig, ald as to his priiatirpharae
ter, it is as pure and inspotted as it could be pos
sible fur mortal prima' maintain it: To show
how c minently sticeersful he has been, in sustain,
i rig en honcit repulsion, we will relate an anee
&lc, given us by an ild acquaintance of his, and
on whose authority,, do will vouch for its truth
Mr. Tweed at one tine, had fallen into redpced
circumstances, and Ire effect§ distribuied equally
among iris creditors,tiving them about\fifly cents
to the dollar. A fen years after, having recover
ed from the fall, Imhof only paid off every cent
remaining, but addei the interest, from the time
a - Contracting the iPbts.l Such acts of honesty
are as rare as they.4e noble and generous, and
arc knoin only to tip truly good and virtuous:
' • •
Edward in Be Baltimore broker, who re
ported that I e was obbcd of the 617,000 which
lie was commissiond to take to Fredcricit. and
which was subseqii9tly found where he had
, ty
creted-h, is said Mime disappeared in a tit. of
insanity. ,
. .
n'A series of mounding forgeries, on differ
ent mercantile' hors in New York and Phila
delphia, but princi lly on that of C. & W. Mil
nes, of New Yor i t i , have been just discovered,
committed by Wi 'am Goddard, postmaster of
Petersham, fifassaamsethi, who has heretofore
borne an unimpeathable character for . honesty
and integrity. _ 1.11 was .arrested, and pleads
New York colbco :Convention.
The Albany Ar us contains the account of the
proceedings of the oco State Convention at Syra
cuse. on the Ath.
Afraid to trust' to 1 e
people of the scveLl - dis..
t riots, the Convent an have taken tho responaibil.
ity ofappointing a the delegates to the Baltimore
Convention, all of thr ' • Van Buitn men. If
the-Calhoun mr such • a dictation a;
t hie without eo
indeed to bo ti
Governor Mari
vention, over
lino ? wri barn' b
string of repo
rem' Among .
Cambinlong a
' .761
elect from' the.
Ansa o
i;:adha trim
had a meeting
Ccqiiqketce ''of
diirinir tlis
300,595 ‘--
l'ilivArvreed, Esq.
face, they doserve
)onoboozled. Ex.
:sident of the Con-
Davis, the Weil
s'Cotinty, offered
favor'of Van Bu 4
, ointrA are LO. C
:4 Staters Senator
int, is now in 'the:
York., , • . ,
Eq soya fpf
kt# !i!s ATIt
01:iioorA c: , ,,ountyConyention.
~-/'.iiiiitri44lsAiiiiiiheifeethi; ael'egatis'appoint:
81 1 1,1-.81 1 1,14-party,4-41-thit:Lastertil horeughs
and avi;iilsiiipil'of Ciligtiiianil, 6cMniy, met in the .
i,sq. l
C i- my Hall in C i iiiibilfio on Tuesday the 12th of
S ptemfmr, init. . Theponventien was organized
' it6iPpointment Of ANDREW MODOVVELL .
: ,- of North Middleton, 'President& and Dri, ,
I n , I.4atp:cart and 1. 4.:llemphill, Seeretarma,'
' 'On calling over tIM" liift . ei . townships the fol.
lowing gentleman presented certificates of clot:
lion, altd' took-their seats as delegates :
, ,
Alleia—John Meteor, Doct . T. L. Cathcart.
earfisieDeet. 1, J. Mytre, S. D:,Adair
. .
Diokineon—Ocorio Lee, „
James. Weakly. ;
B..Pennsborough--:Christian Stayman, Simon
.Prankfed—John Oiler, Abraham Bowman.
llopewell--J.• J. Hemphill, David S. Runshavil
Mrchimicsbuig--W. C. Houser, .1. F. Spahr.
11107in--George Knettle, Moses. Lindsey...
' Monroe—Samuel, N. Diven, Stewart MeGotv.
Newton—llugh 11. McCunc,.Samticl Piper.,
Nebari//e-Jacub Burkhart, Jus. McDermond.
N. !Middleton—T. D. Uric, AndreUe M.:l)9w-
S. Middleton—W. B. )Mullen, Geo. O'Doncll.
Southampton—Junco Kelso. Gen Clever.
Shippensburg borovgli—Dr. R. C.. Hays, James
Shippeusbarg townuhip—A'ndrow Frtizer, John
17:0) tic It. '
Silver Spring—W. M. Quigley, Jacob S. Hal
W. PeNnsborough—Geingo Rca. J. C. 'Wit
The following resolutions were then severally
coed and passed. .
Realised, That in the Present position of po.
liticnl parties in Cumberland county, 'the mem
bers of this Convention deem it inexpedient to
nominate a County Ticket to be voted for at the
ensuing election—and that in this resolution they
are actuated solely for the good of the Whig par.
ty and the ultimate success of Whig measures.
Resolved, That. we' cordially approve of the
nomination of Canal Commissioners by the Whig
State Convention, and that in their support we
will rally as a party' at the polls and give then .
our undivided stdrragcs.
Resolved, That:the course of our licprcsbnta.
lives in the last Legislature, JA311:9 KENNEDY cud
GEourni &girt'. 'met with our decided
Resolved, Tbat S. Dunlap Adair, Andrew S.
Coyle and Peter McGlaughlin be appointed Con
g'resional 'Conferees, to meet did Conferees of
Franklin and Perry counties, in Ncwvillc, on - Sat.
orday the 16th inst. •
On motion twutersons frorn-eaCh borough and
township in the county, Wercsid&cted 10 act as a
Standing Committee. The fainting gcutlinan
were appointed:
Jacob Shelly, Alexander C:dhcart, of Allen tp..
Col.' Arnisty;ng Noble, N. Detach, of Carlisle.
William Line, James Weakly, of Dickinson tp
Rohert Laird;SiUnljlonan, of Frankford
David Runshaw, James Sharp,- of Hopewell o
J, F. Spahr, .191 m Comdr . , of Zacchunicsburg.
George Knettle,'Solornon Shaw, of Main tp.
James Clarke, .rutelt Young; of Munroe
I3nbl C, Dlass, Bilgore . , of 'Newton
Win.' Woiniburn, Scott Coyle, of Newvillc.
A. McDoWcll, T. D. Uric, of N. Middleton fp,
J. W?CraigOcad, Matthew illoore, of S. Mid'ton "
R S. McCune. Win. Clarke, of Southainpton "
. .
Allen Bird, John. Rebnek, orShippensburg bo,
John Full iler„ Dr. A. Stewart, of Ship burg tp.
John M. Martin, Joseph Bucher, of S. Spring ‘.
Saul Grcason, John Laughlin, W. Pennshoro" ,
Oa motion, the proceedings bf the Convention
were directed to be published in the Carlisle Der?
old and Expositor.
On notion, the Convention then adjourn ed.
ANDR Ar Mont/ W ELL, Chairnia
J L.
Secretaries •
. pursuance of previoni public notice the
Conferees of the Sixteenth CongreFsional 1)151n et
composed of the Counties of Cumberland, Perry
and Franklin, met at the nods() of Col. James 11
Woodburn, in .Newsille, on .Saturday the 16th of
September, 1649.
The - fhllowing gentlemen apripodZand took
their scats as Conti:recto, viz:'
Franklin —Gcorg,c A. Madeira, Esq., Dr. Jamas
vidt:on, and Col. Nathaniel E. Kinzer.
Pirry—JAn U. NlcClitilock, Esq., Major .i.ames
M eGewan and John A. Baker.
Cum taland —S. Dunlap Adair, Eaq., AndreW
L. Coyle and Polar McLaughlin.
The,Conference WIN organized Ity appointing
Dr. JAMES DAVIDSON, of Frunlaia, Chair
man, and Join , : A. BAKER, of Perry, Secretary.
The following resolutions were unanimouoi;
Resolrcil,.Tnat we deem i t inexpedient to put
in nomination a candidate to represent this D un .
gressional District in the Congress of the United
Resolved, That GEORGE CHAMBERS, Esq.,
of Chambersburg, be the Delegate to-represent
the. Sixteenth Congressional District, composed of
the counties of Cumberland, Perry and Franklin,
in the ‘Vhig National Convention, to be held in
Baltimore in May next, for the Purpose of tionii.
rutting Whig candidates tor Presidents and Vice
President of the United States.
On motion, Resolved, That G eorge A: Ma -
deira, Esq., of Chambersborg, S. Dunlap Adair,
Esq., of Carlisle, and John Baker, •of New
Bloomfield; be appointed a Committee of Corres.
On motion, RestolVta, That the proceedings of
this Conferente be sighed by the Officers, and
published in all the Democratic Whig papers of
this District.
JAYNE'S EXPECTORANT.-1.(10k nt our bills Of mor•
ality, ;nal you will find that Consumption is more
destructive to human life in this country than any
other disease. %ire all know that cough, like the
%yarning of die rattle sanke, alivnspreccdes t as *ell
accompanies, this terrible simurge. It is a fair pre
sutnption that every cough may terminate in pulmd
nary disease if not checked early, and where the risk
is so great, the danger so immenent, it is ftstonisiting
that .individuuls should fle found mad enough to neg
lect the means of cure, DP. Jayne's Expectoran't
can he readily procuredin any part of the United
States, and the experience and voltiutiry testimony of
thousands, Ale results of chemical analysis, and the
decisions of profeasional men who stand in the first
rank of medical science, all point, it oat as the best
preparation ever invented by man, fur the cure of nil
diseases of tile lungs,chest, windpipe, and ether or=
gans connected with the proceis of respiration. - It
used in - regular practice by-the- most_ celebrated_
physicians of the any.
Prepared, and manafaelurcd by Dr. D. JAYA
Philadelphia, and for sale in Ea lisle by T. C. STE
VENSON, soleAgent,for this Barbee'.
Mesocar, whether in shape 'of Blue Pill, Cato:
met, Corrosive Sublimata,mr any other ; form, nev.
or can affect a' permanent cure of any disease; be,
cause, being a mineral, it cannot be digested, and
conseqUently cannot purify the blood. :The only
curative preprztlWit possesses ie to 'change the
present • developement of:the disease and inibsti
tuteMnOther in its • ,
,BratairettOt Vegetable Universal Stands
premmiaentlltt the cvre of disease, because their
aunts are; as certain' au they'are', salutary, and
b'•ing composed entirely , of vegetables, they. tari 7
r 4 possibly Injure, therefore R. trial of, th 9 tll:
btllenfoi t i selo of the"alittva'valuabld Pills No. $4 113 r 6 4w0 4 );
iiv'Cs file byCHARLEStVii,I9I,Mcdc , '
co :'4 1 444 1 45, :4444A.111310.°F,440/61'
alt J.
rnanufattoiy, in New is' not in fall
Operation, 4 . 14 some, to fulfill.:cirddrs - Itr exports.
tic ,are runningliotli'day-and-niiiiti_omploying_
a distinct set of hands. , •
, .
I,:.C,6II.AVALLACE; a Reformed Drunicard,.from
Philadelphia, will-lecture at folleivieg named
Oat:ea in Cumberland and Franklin cciuntier on
the dayii riarited . • ;
% Grain,
Carlisle, - • '
Opster's Point,
Now. Cuinberlund;
Mount Joy,'
There will be a collection {alien up to ricriaSi
his expenses,.whiuli is all he asks for his eeriricei
iii the cause of Temperance,
6%; 6 - 0 Ivallaisise,
Forwarding IP Commission
.laariteata 4 2 E ,
• •
Dealer in comitry Produce & PittAhltm.nanntlictur'es,
No. 28, FiFtit street; PrPTSBIJIM, Pa.
August 16, 1843. • .1)'42
<~'J ~ r~..~~v
APP, - LICA'II()N will be made by the
Hpircetnis of the CRIIiSIC Bank,to the next
. Leg-
Nature al the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for
n renewal or the charter of the said Bank hY the
mune and stile of the "Carlisle Bank." It 13 in
mitiled that it diall he located in Carlisle, Cutnber
land eounty; that it shall have the same Capital it
mite has, to wit: Three hundred thousand dollars,
for the spealie. Object or ;lookin g end discounting
purposes. By order of the Board of Dineetors,
NV. S. COLIMAN, Cashier.
itme2B, 1843
Faritas, Fternts.
VOR SALE, 15 highly improved Farms, in the
highest state of - cultivation, each fttyln contain
ing front 70 to '2OO Acres, hest quality of
Th., Or S:1111 farms 111 1 0 8 . 1111:11C W 111111) 0111: mile of
For further particulars et quire of
Agent for the pitrelta'sr and sale of Neat Estate.. -
Carlisle, Allglll.l 50, I 613. ' ' If-14
care and attention: to all--clothing and other tali.
Iles entrusted to her for dentine:, ticourfc4, or
,dyeing, at her house in Clinch Alley oplin.4te Ed.
tication tlnli, Public ritranage l i rmicetibily
t ieited. •
11leg BLINDS;
B. 3. NV1E1.3.17.11%;, - No. 13 North. Sixth. Ntroe
ahoy, Alket I loose' •
• or
nod Painter aii3 Motley and Ye-•
• 1116:111 111h.c1 Alaillifaeturer.
loran and fahininible nssortwent of
BLININ ah,198 nn hither,; - vhh•il
be:unc, and siyh: of work,oanshio, mill eXel 1 1110 ,
VI- any, in Phi
will he sold at the t•et•J loAest and
supplie I with.any quantity at
time 1101.1 , ,t not'', 0.
Old lilmds . vepaiuled and trimmed :rt the s!mrteht
No. It!, Norill (tI street
Phil:1,10011a. September 11, 1813.-9. m.
vn. olyeef, one door Chorna!,
uls - .4 41: .N*o. .10 South .e. , cond Plea.
TUE F•tillscriber's rent' in the present
8i11.11.7:1 behtp ct`i IoW,S.IIIIIIISIvI . IIIS CA
lvi,litlcroliill . ll to 111 . 1(4•S 10 .
the 11:1111 11111( . 5.
Ile t?'lerg a will selected 'etuck of. -
11,:mtind 1,,p,•0;ri thr,e, ply
hAt :tipt.rfinc ittui Ain,.
Fildsollit• EN. 11:i row higrains . : .
'itiemid C.tittiffilli do CARPETING:'.
tnyal eveldi• h‘illed•Velictian, f. '
Nile Eizli.h ulirsted do
1 .
.olk.lon 1),11;ksk do
Alin, ,\ stock of Flxcellent Itml Lrantifnl I , lnor
Oil Cloth.. all widths for Itoonis, !falls, Entriea,
N'estiblik., Door pieces. k.. A Iso, Coach Oil
Proggets and l'lnor 11818-
es l'ianoan%l Tahle Covers. Also Canton
and Spanodi floor tiogs, with 11 large assort
,„,mi of priced Ingrain :111d Veiteliall
f ‘
qling'i, IL a w NI out,. bindings, Stale Rods, ti. 4:
lo 11111%1110.e Cash. arc respect- .
!Idly in‘ bed In (all and ex:lndic lon tlwoiselu as
the good:, shall be sold at the lowest prices in the
kiigust 30, 184:1
r For sale nt J. LOUDON'B Crienp Bookstore, a
few doors East of the Cat Offiee, Main
street, Carlisle, (old stand,)
13 1 . !11 113.):J.". a at of Rligious,
S olnol & Blank Books,-
consisting in part of Family, School, Octavo size
and Pocket Bibles; of various kinds and Binding,
Henry's commentary on the old and new Testa
ment 6 vole. Royal 8 vo. Scott's coMmentary
3 vols. Royal S vo. Dqddridge's Family Expos].
tor, complete in IMO Royal.b_,vo. Buck's
'Theological Dictionary, first 4 vols. Dick'S worki
in 1 inl. Royal 8 vo., also Dick's works cow
. Mete in 7 vole:, I'3:tiers 'Universal History, Rol
lin's Ancient History ti vole., Napier's History of
the Peninsula War 5 vole. Royal 8 vo.,
sons Ornithology,
,in 1 Vol. 12 mu. colored Plates,
fine Turkey Binding, Aitken end Frosts British
Poets 2 viol's. Also the 3d vol. a continuation
piibliShed, (from Southey to Croly;) Arialt's
true Christianity, translated from the German by
ilev.•J. N. Hoffman, now Pasta of the,Lutheran
• Church of this place. Also Lutheran, Methodist,
Presbyterian and Winebronarian Hyinn Books,
Also the different Aritlimetick's & Keys, Smiths
Mitchells, Olney sand - Huntingdon's ...eegraphies
and Atlases,Algebra, Philosophy, Astronomy,
Geometry, rarnmars, Eipositors, SIIC4 Angel's
N 0.1,2, 3, 4,5 and 6 Readers, Cobbs Readers and
Table Books, Also Ledgers, Di t Y Books, Dockets;
Receipt Books, Memoiandum Books 'Sze., lie has
also on band different articles of dtationery
follows: Writing, Letter, Note and Deed Paper,
Visiting Cards, Seals; Penknives, Silver and Lead
Pencils,States; Wafers, Mathematical instru
ments, Gunter's Scales, Dividends,Sand Boxes,
inkstands of varions'ltinds, extra eo Faint, Vic:
toria_Fens i llfack Sand,black and red Ink Powder;
Sable and Camel Blair Pencils, - Bristol -Board; we:
ter colour; Music Paper; Port Folios, Lithographic,
Prints, Pilkiket Maps; Albums;Blarik Curds, large
office , and tfansparent Wafers, Fancy iloloredTio.
per, Opaque & clarified Quills,Fancy Beaes o &e.
Also,'Violins, Flutes; Fifes; an other Books and
atationerY too tedious to-Mention: Also Slanday
Schad Books and Tieltote, Hymn ROAD, &o.- -
of superior quality mantifactared by Belrose, Son . '
arid,l3lanehard; Philo: The subberiber has Pattern
books, Containing - spectiriend of tins and common'
Paper, und'ean' procure in a few oinks notice any
ofthe different plitaingthilitirCharier May require;
He .also carries an thio - • • • • - •
- • ,
: • Book
in allite, vationSbrarlaeliMbeie)lo manufactures Ledgers',Poy:4l3ooo,l .- Pirkite and' blank , books of
every. , ..desektp4ea,,apk,citkittitt.siipoript: to those
made 4ty . for - country', markets ; , oleo ON,'
.; ..• -
'hive their - 61 d fe;
Itaatidi.cair bts seree4 at'a"riaislersto price; and. be.
Yiasenablectio'preilerre:q?.Oy.,y'al. 4,bl . e.birokeiltat
otlieitvisa•tie !wit: • :; •. 1
Writing , siiii(Lettet . ' I!ittoeet 426 'aiuitss,.ceektie
• •3. 1.91/DON:
Dlto :V >$ C.ValtSo
:117 ILL perfOtti6iH..operiitions upon the Tee*
—Altaritre„t_iduired' diet presercati Oil, such . •
as Scaling; Milts, c.j-ap— , will-restQo-----
the'loss of them, by Inserting Artificial Titeth from
a single Tooth, to a ftill
cci r -.oMcli on Pitt
• atrept,;st few doors Sputli.o of the
Railroad Hotel:
N. B. Dr. littorals will be absent from Carlisle;
the last ten days, in eriel i montli,
May 24,1849. •
Sept. 20.
" 21.
•!... 22.
25 .
Y virtue of nn order of the `QrAn'a Court. of
jul Cumberland county,ll will - extiese to sale on
premises, odylilDAT, the Gth day of,October next,,
all that certaid tl'aet pf kotiol, situate in Silver Spring,
township, Cumberland county, about 7 miles West
of the-Susquehanna nivel., Mid, a quariee of a:Mile
Irani die ilarrisburg. and Carlisle; turnpike, con
taining2.2o Acres of Oral-pith _
Oct'r. 1
.' 2
16 3
. .. . •
,alintit. 180 acres of vt hieli are Cleared, and in the
!tightest state of Cultivation, with a large two story ..'
sToN 1". 110U91;, Shone r,pringthouse, •
Stone smoke liouscouoi a 110.40 Bank - ~ ;
Darn, part along and part frame, and n"'; 4,
Wagon plied and COrtiCrib.with Dinning PP I ,; ' •
water on the fin and wells that' never'`-' - -
fail. I'lieip. is !'shoo.'
so ii kooll Orchard, and - a — tenant
/louse on ilie rant). Ther6 tire three, Merchant
Mills within two miles. and altogether it is one of
the best farms, and in tic most convenient situation
of any farm in die county of Cumberland. The.
farm will he divided before the day of sale into tracts
of About 1 , 20 sterol, and the improvements, and one.
(hundred acres without improvements, and..will he
sold all together or separately, as may best Boit per-
Chasers and promote the interests of the heirs.-- --
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M., and terms.
of sale which, w ill he made easy, wi ll be made known
onAlteilai of sale by '
Administrator of Martial Dunlap, decd.
August do, 1843. is-44
W AVILL sell At public sale on the premises on%
FltIDAy,. the .'2oth of SEPTEMBER next, et
at - I
I o'clock A. M., all my real estate, situate on the
Yellow Breeches C . reck, in Dickinson township, •.
pumberlami county, consisting of a .
and about Three Unwired and Fifty Acres of Lai n )
which I have ilk iclud into three stmll farms:
Ist. The Mills null about one lattalred and. i,i r t, 4 .
acres of Land, of which about severty acres aii,•
el,t aced, leaved anal inn high shad .:;1 cultiyation;,
witil a; soil 3 3 ,
DIV mr.LlNg t • . • t.
wi t
11 : 11 'n, and all other yieressnry and core , ..... • '''•.
s ( 1, 0 4 l'....itlings ereetell on the :woe. The. Mills
at'o.'''.opell , ! ha the waterA of the Yellow Breeches
Crick, having an aniotutt of bead trod fall, and A.
quantity or Avater mbieh nyver fails or freeze: , nue
- th - F - lotillylin.; on hoili — StibM - Uri .
tbl. A Purl-1s ing_nn_the Creek.-above. the fir r st c.
cic . , cg 'Owl), containing o'WOr one
.hundred mitt sego., of which !bunt tut-fur luny' acres H o; d e s i. e .
under eniu‘utiou, sod residue in good tim
ber, there are Om buildings On this lvaet.
l'arpl Is lug nn the Creek n‘ljuitting•the Inst
described, emit:titling _nlintitnne sod
ten lll l l .l, i, 111 . 11111011111 1 /la 111 ' 1(1'11 are eleared
otiltiiiited, 0101 the residue timber+ this.
toil has ntenunt house eroded oil it. •
This Laud is sittnitt•ii-utiout the mile& from car
one .rnile and it hair we , t of linithitoris
turnpike, in is most healthful ti nil belOoiftirOnuittry,,
and possesses ull the ink:tut:l6 , es tbr tort ietiltiirai put , -
110,1. H. '
T 11 1; till' 15 tiowtet•ptionable,llllll tiny inform:Virtu
!'on the stilijcet, mills regard to it, or terms of the, sale,
eon be had hy mildew l'reileriok Watts,,
Esq. Carli.le,or to toe tut ,the premises.
Ct.; ir I ,184.1
TM.; subscriber, Assignee cf . Samuel
Nlt•Cochoo, of ‘V(...t
iliberland comity, oilers for sole the
belnirggg to said itate, slimily in said township, eon
tah,hr; Acre:, of I,llaubtola Land; there is erre
tvil oil it a
' 'll'l , `V "'
131'11.2111:1,111 . 11 1 1 .. •
with ;,11:„,i, Baru :11111 fil•lt . 1,11
gvllavi• itithplhritiog (MCI IA It I); Ne. The Omit:
barn is hi it ilia.. ,late of roltitatiotoottil w ill licsolif
seperatcly or as it st hole to tilit Thii
Ctititherlaild Valle• rail road tuns dircrllc through
it, forttishirg, the best lacilities lur specdik rritching
iitarlict o itb 111 ,,, 111ee.
11 not sill at itri‘sle
DA V, the hilt lac of OCTOBER next, it on
Sale on the pren;lises, xt
n , (Anelt in the alternotio,
gitrit titttl term', u.ade kitortilw
Assignee of Samuel Aid:edam..
i : Ntezttsf ill, Ist3.
PUBLIC/ 0/11:E.
Y an order of the Orphans' Court of
onooly t. we io, Administrators of
Adam NiOlsoonS, deed. o sell at public winkle
a t the publi e home of Alototolee Malmo, Jr. in
Shippemborg, on FRIDAY'. the OM of September
at 11 o'elock,.A., M., ull that u'ertain
L6l' BTIOIH , D,
situate al d bulog on the South side orthe Main stree
of Shippensinirg, adjoining . the Tslei% house 01 the
said A ila ins Niniinens, ilec'd. but 111 it,
lOU E,
shop and two Wagon-stalker shops,'
And other buildings thereon erected.,
and all the appurtenances thereto be- ,
Iniighig. A Iso, all those three several LO'FS OF
GEOVIA'D, in Shippensburg, bounded by %hi. road
to Angle's Mill, by' David Mahon and an tniopened
road, containing ahneit one third of 1111)(Cre C:41:11,
on one of a +mall 2.11011 is erected.
l'ernis of sale: 01,e hall of the purchase money
to he paid on the etnitirination of the sale, and the
II:still:hi in tit& rear without interest.
Administrators of - Adant Niinntens, deed.
August al, 184:3. is il.
New & Cheap Store.
subscriber would inform the public
that be tins taken the store, room reeent_,lr oc
cupied by Met;srs, liod‘erneut and Hutton, to North
I !snorer street, ettrliele, is which he is now Open
itig• a large nod splendid and cheap assortment of
or every variety and quality, which he invites the
puhlio to call auttexatuttuysettattent that the quality
of his goods nail their lot , prices will give satisfao-'
tion to all who may favor him with a
C11.41f1 E 9 ItEIED,
Agent ibr Joseph Reed:
May 17,1843.
Rouse Painter, qlazirg riaprhanging.
S . ä.t WM T
DI P1f.C1'1 , 14.1.1( announces to the. citizens or
RA Carlisle anil the puhlio in . general; that. he has
conniteneed Ole above b usiness in op its branches, and
hopes that by strict attention to,buainess and with
d es i,. o.o pl ea se, to merit : and receivesharit pub-'
lib patronage. lie' may be , found abr. the corner of
South IlittoverAteceinnol.Wist Citapel alley, oiipos
Carlisle, Jtili t0,.1843 • • "
subscriber once more calla' Upon all persona
indebMtl ko him by Note or: Book Account; to •parupr
on or heir: the I iPbf Septembetneitp arter.which
date the Owe:44. willpositively be placed, in the
Wide ol'ajtiiiibb of the - Peace for ebßectkm.- •
•Aukust 16, 184 S.
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