Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, August 23, 1843, Image 1

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1, NEINSPAIIER—DIEVOITM. TO ANlNCLXklikFel*Pri*Olllo#olo444l;lll,lo
2111 rd
1 11 111P•ITE . - SCHOOZ
tiIT tit LADIES,
• ••
institution is intended to furnish a thorough and elegant'Educa
lion, equal to the best that can be "obtained tn•theßastern
Cities or in any part of the Unionl
VTR. & MISSES BURNS aro now'prepared to teMehM Mid td ilt;3 instruction in al
:LTA the branches of a polito edu s cation:
The present time of embarrassments and reverses of fortune is certainty Unddgil'Ao 'ciinilneceevery
parent, who feels a proper solicitude for the welfare mid happiness of his dallghtelqii of tIN ilropirty' bf
'so educating them that they mak be, in seine measure, armed against the vicisslliftiroot that they
it ay . lie useful (as well as ornamental) in any position in'which it may pietist Deitven td them.
1 he aceinnplishments du refined education appear, ,none the less amiable when itfi'coidpahied
by I(linli
ticsofrud utility. "The only true politeness. is that which promotes the cottlfort mid happiness of
those , with Whopi'wC come - hrtontiluf."lsioir oflifelesoldettlilitheiiauso.netMm
panied by- the gdowledge that weare prepared to meet the frowns of fortune. -Tim numerous instiinbes
that way be seen in every direction of families reared in affluence—who now, have to encounter, tile, toll
blasts of poverty : without the means whereby to gain a rengoictable • support,—,should remind patent!, hat
while they, at e,ialticatiiig their daughters in all the refinements and luxuries of life, they shotiltl isiso
them, as -fur as may be, ttAttinst thd numerous ills that human nature is " heir to." . There la no
legacy that a - linker can leave his child that is Werth "twentieth part the tithe" of A GOOD EDDCA-
hi the course of instruction pursued in this Institution no real ornament, too proper , accomplibliment
-• • will be tieglecteil--but at the - SHOW time things of a more useful nature will receive proper attention. The
fleet object aimed nt iii the literary and scientific exereisys•will be to evolve, cultivate and strengthen
the intellectual powers, and to bent and refine the taste. The studies of the younger pupils will be so
arranged as to task chiefly the - powers of memory, but care will be taken that the youthltil memory be
not burdened with roles and .principles unintelligible to the novice Great iinporunice is at
tached to the tight commencement of the pupil's literary. education, :mil throughout her scholastie.
course, to - the adaptation of die subjects of her study to the gradual developing of her Mental poweis. Il
will he the aim of the teachers to inspire' in the pupil a love of study, and. to inculcate the idea that
teaming is a pleasing employnient mid not a tedious labia.. Tim various exercises of the institution will
he so arranged lIS to relieve cue another Mid prevent that weahness which is so gredt-n foe to study.
TILE PiII(SI(ML SGiENUEs will be taught in a course of Lectueeti—illustrated by experiments,
. pecitnens, diagrams, paintings, &c.
The lectures Oil Astronomy will he on suitable occasions, .accompanbal by observations nu the noc
turnal sky—the pupils will be taught to trace out the constellations--to know the principal stars, planets,
tie., by their'nanics-.-and to observe the inotions,aspect, &c. of the • most conspicuous heavenly bodies
eiiiirse will include Chemistry, Geology; Mineralogy, Experimental mei 'Natural l'hilostiphy,&c.
ANIM AL AND 1 1 111slui.OGY—tucluili tag- Zoology, Ornithology, Botany, c
Fot. practical lessons bi liotany, Hur
oeticulte, lic:,the pupils will have the advantage of the beautiful
grounds and molten attached to the building.
fislTEld.lii:lllAL, AND AluitAl. IIiILOSONIY will be tanght in lectures and exercises in
treading. This course will also include Rhetoric, Logic, Criticism, and Elocution. 111 reading, the
pupils will lie made iteqiiiiiiited Witli the best works in our language-...b0t1i poets and prose writers--
nu-pains will he spared to make good readers. •-• . •
Particular alt.:lit e. will be given to time Aesthetic culture—or the cultivation of n proper sense of the
{Agreeable soil beautiful in die polite arts. Good taste is the very founilatimi atmeducation.
ENG LISII NI NI A lt, including Orthography, Orthoepy, and l&seripti cif, Dileactic and Bpiste•.
ry Composition.
AitiTIi.NIATIC 111111 the higher , branChes of (lie Ala theinatics will receive proper attention. This
slepartinelit will ittelitile Book-keeping, &e.
I% , IIITINti with Root's treatise on Petimatisliip,lielieved to lie the best systent iii ((Re. •
GEOGitAtillY, nilh p °Merits on the ..-Itibes and delineation of Maps—ancieut tieOLiaphc iii emi
tted inn with ancient History.
ancient and moiletm—icieredthistorc with charts and maps—my Otology and chronology
• Particular iittein 1-be.given-to-timilistory-ototmown_comitry.
A NTIQUCIIES, Jewish, tireciiiii and lionem.
LNNt:LIAGgs. T h e French, German, Italian, Spanishomil the Classical Languages will be taught
when ilesireil, Alining. lady's
,education cannot lie co nsidered complete without the acquisitien of
least one lam.mage in addition to,liet. native tongue. - •
NIUStC. Piano Forte maid Guitar': 1114trlieti011 Oil other instruments Will lie given worn particularly
steSireil.' The ViiitosophY of Mitsic, 61 emmection with the science of Actimairs, w ill also he taught
frequent exercises in vocal music will them a part of the reereatoms Mille pupils.
cIA IVING AN If l!AIN LING Landscapes, Figures ) Flowers, eve., with the theory uud practice of
persperm e.
• PLAIN AND ORNA%IENIAL NEEDLE-WORK, soul limey work in great toilets'. Mantling
Embraidery, Laccwork,,Z9licr, 11'iTE:tett and Hog work, Bead work, &e. lee. attention
will he paid In Ibis 111'1111e1I olinstructiom The young Ladies will be taught to make up almost every
. article of their dress
DO It ECONOAI V. including Cookery in all its branches, the preparation of lees, Jellies,
Preset., ed Fruits, Faso", C.kes, kr;
INSTRUCTION IN DANCING tvill. lie given to the boartlet.s. The exercises iii this art still be
1 . 1101 . 111211 as Ilf lalll,lllillll 81111 e%el'etSe, 111111 in separate still he made on this
iireonto. As some dilference of opinion t xists as to the propriety of this hied of recreation, it is proper
10 sal , that we believe, there is 1 / 1 / subslaali,l Ohketiolll.o the temper use of this elegant acciimplislinteitt.
histructimi of this kind is mfveo iii the best female schools in die comaryonitler the Salletillll . lo Slalle uC
the wisest and hel4 Well Of Itl•gaellell HS a Srllool Of Illalfile111,1.111.11! is no . proper substitute Mr
. this polite :ill; there nee ill other means e hereby yomig.lailies eatilie so readily taught that "grace of
tmitiee . , gait and iiiieti,"owliteli mei• marks the lady VIIIICatiOIIk NO company will be admitted
u hilt, they ming lathe. are engimeil iii their exercise:it noir still ally pupils lie received liar this Mud of
hattruoiou ool)
4 •ln raltusswe In the boarders, the teachers recognise no sespension Of the duties or i o s t ett,tion. Th.
hon,hohd assorbo, idt Mil 01 Selllllll on terms of easy mad respectild tiiiiiilarity; and
the crows and fguurluwes Of thl. 111011 are Mahal! WWI II kind solicitude Me their imprinement • On
all occasions, in then` rerreatimis, walks, or lire-side coliversations, young ladies who use prat incial,
improper, or migration:sliest SAIIIIS,OII. kindly Im-retied. A vicious proiniticiation especially
to be noticed. The smite cave is devoted to their persniail tlepertment, mien and habits. An ow kissed
StOolli nasal ulauig, lIIIIht he expected lit sal forth from any intoress the 1111111 e l.
"adviee and direction. Bni the chief tare oldie educator, in these hours of relaxation front the beVerer
ditties atilt. sellout i room is to be devoted to the cultitutimi of ti.Cliristimi politeness, atilt:pity, rase, awl
natiwaltiess or niatitiees. To do no mainly-tiler thin g , yolk lilyauthorative advice; Mit any I iolation of
11r law or Christian, Wildness and courthsy, is to he chocked by the teiteller with the most tioXieus
011ee1 . 11" '
(hi cuter Sabbath, when the wentliet. permits, the heartier; wilt attend cliiirth with the ititoress. They
• - will o s ier amrulf elmecit at night. lu the gla.:lt 1 . 111 k °retitle:ding; the moral feelings, the precepts of the
gospel are one reliance. The sotial duties and (ii toes It enjohis will be earnestly iiitailetitial.
ISO PIA NE ) &est It is intruded that licarders shall enjoc all the matt:real Altentionto their domestic
mumagentent Chit emild lie exteeileil to them in it well firthred home. It will he necessary; to require
'that boarders shall never lease the hit tioless in company with one or the tutoressesi 11111' he absent alter
simmt. This will nut preteithiliem from enjoyilig, to the proper extent, till the adVantages of the Sudety
' .111 the thee. Boarders will not be permitted to "ni shopping hut in company !Wolfe el the lathe& of the
sehool, who will simerhomid their purelmsea. Ni; is:sir:thus will be imposed that are- not
ranted t
laessities lit Ile vase. The r
espensibility assuined by thepropeletOrh renders it'tirres
vary that th e y s hould require unlit: pupils a shirt Illther%llllell of the ruQes imposed. Corporeal pilnislis
meta tt ill tint be eitsorted to under ate)' ciremustaiii es.
-Till: HEALTH of the papas will be 4:onside - eed a most iniportatit oltjret,anii will chitin the tin
remitted iittetithiii (Idle in the physical habits aml exercises orthe hoonderd will lie
. observed. The best medical when required. Chatubersinirg is litAieved to he one of
the most healthy places in the country.. TIM establishment Imo as line airy situation, and there 1) not any
Weal eallSe Of disease known to exist in the,lleiglibol . lll/1111.
The regittar SLIANiOIIS will hereafter critiodetire on the first or September mill 111 . 0. of Felirtlari. The
only vacation will be in the Mouths of July and Atigtist. Yining Ladies will be received at d r y tlttie
--during Ihi_Fcyhinii.--
ii Porti;plet` trill li e tuniihiYeiriliaiSitatimi - eltherntate - or - fenuttititt -. this-insittittitto
lu regulating; did prices tot &c:, the l inesent enthatTogm!d enodition of the culottes Is tonsliitivil-
The . pekes are believed to Ile less than tibiae el diij• oeiiddl in the todutry . having equal Ora
, ••„
Petnts of the .Session of
i five lifoilths; ihtetinee,
• • Scientifie ntid [Metal,. Depatintent, o..:uttlis I lunathes,)
.1 tiniol' I/epartment ) •
Sraiut', de. •
Greek, Latin, French, Clerman,ltaliati and Spanish !Afield:l7,es, Loch
Itiftoß 1/1 AittSiet
On the l'imm, .$l2 nti .
' On the GUMM i , . 1.2 00.
(Ise or Vilma,- . . :i no
7.', use id' Collar,. • . , I 50.
. . .
-• • ' 'Drawing mid Vtiluting.. , ' , . ,
ornaineintil - Neettletrot Owl l'atiq Work, i 0 Ott
' Domestic El:Mutiny, &it. 5 ttu
llooks,Suitiumitt, umterials, ke., When furnished will lib ilaigeii at. ate pliced ni *ilia' fluky dii:
`Buhl in Philadeltilthi. ...
Ward, including \rushing. and lodging, 'OO lb
0 - 11eterences as to character, capncity,&c.,will be given on application nt the instihilion.
ConunuiAcatiuns must be addressed to - . . .
J. W. BURNS, Chanabo thlbur, Pd.
g 4
April 12,1843
. .
, . • , .
BURKHOLDER'S HOTEL. . . .Hogslra. Whales!,
.4IHE subscriber has taken that Abell ARCHE I S-LARD LAMP •
L 'known tavern stand in South Ili mover street, -
fitmierly occiipiett by %%rm. S. Allen, and more re- The dleapest Ligrht in 'l c Wilild.
cently by Plitclicl McClellan, where fie is prepared • ~.. ~
1 to'necoinintidate all who inav favor him with their
son , enstom - in the best style, on the most rea
• Jilferchitsits supplied bit the. dozen.
. , .
able' term. ' . '•• , ~ . . . .
... , ,
'Ms B A it ' will always he supplied with the . . 014 . 711 $/gigreletegrerS •Orke-- 84 . -.
- choicest liquors—and his TABLE with the best the ' -•:-.-"-"- - -,, '-''• - . . -
markets tan idliwd..•
- ;
lii, ;SI'ABLING is ample, and a' careful Ostlei;
~....,,_ .
) o!ill'bd kept always in attendance. DROVERS will '
had it to their advanta,ge to give him a call.. - . • ,• • t it . ' t.
. . BOAllDEltS•will'bu taken .by the week, month, ' . '', . ; 4102
~ . ,
. __ .-- _
• '.lt/Pt.hing,sliall be left endow) on the part of the . , .:" --- -- ---1- ,,,„,.---='-' — ' - -,....,..,-..,
~,,,-., - 4
- - subsenberto pleate those•who rimy pay his house a, . _ , !••70 . 07 , C= l .-,-
.. ,
.:::: _
:.;!41 slt , i , lib theyefure solicits a share of public' patron.' ii l icjilniv kii4 T ' EriT i;itatilAriip
~. ;.:: :..-_,... .. ~., 'H.'l4-BUIIKHOLDEIL bfor burning Lard without any,peeparatlon,
ilPfCarlislo, April 1'4 1 .1844. ' 1 - ' '••• ' • int light 14 qillal te the
Gm-24 . sale by ,lne subriber• L , . . . ~, ... ,
.„- , . ~. . : , . ~. - ...- . 1 , . • best sperm - mit id entirety free from smoke or
*mit costs less' than-half:the- price: 'l:he ;apparatus
~,,NEliiiir,: GOODS'. .:. , , • , for. beating the lard,ls neat awl simple, does not de
tract fruited* r.ppearapep, is pot liable to get out of
•' • - :' •-...., ,',I, , ----...-:,......• . !,' ~- -,. ~., .) .;', -, • repair, r Butt ruiA,' he, applied ,al a small expense, to
' those kbalenoT in use. •• COOftdeut tlist this'arbele
CiLlpri?iGEtt . & CAREY, Shijiptins- requires l, .. ' - '
-, mk.v.'burk, lalaiil,l4t, Vead,Vell a large mat: splendid cm"- to be known to come into geeer,A We.,
I respectfully eiThvite the public to call and see. them
janil fashionlible•assortmentof 400DS, for the Bunt- i n E i nem ' • 0 k ,„6" . , `• •' ' ' ',... s' -. ;'' , ' '
in Yhic l M l l 7 " -al .I °ll et the tewe tt i hPeahte: - NI i• .1 1 - I•frel ke *a' '' i dothersilwelurite
PriceL . s t - - ••••' '• • • ' .•-,.- - „. „,.' of . Itte.subsorilier, and extasoltjen,
t.vsaUlle 21 0 18434 ''• : . '' ~ -" "- ' ; ' ' --:. 2--- ".'"v - wradap ted to Stores, liiiintooms,'Bo. •
• . ,
.. , . , 7---,,..„..,- .., R*IV., LIG ,
, ~.,..,......,.... ~.,. ,„ „. ~, lii;llt•,,,l)rilit -
' . r Ctieltsle; - " May 3 , , itl-1.9.: ''• • !••'•'",- . '''. '•••• '- ' tr..'
_...,..,, ..... a:11 - taaldiCellit,T4a,„, • •- - I .n . _ '„ • ' f : : ' ; . ~.. .......,,,, : ... , "17.t‘ti" : .
I/ v45.a,.. i.t ~,.:., 1 A F . 1,1..2, '7...:...%.4,P,...:. , . ~...'i t t. , ..: ' i; S . ' ,• 4 lestoufitite 'Zr q . kliXagllrii ,, .. ;
A i v itidiveroN .. willi be malt° 4 ?Y; Ili° Mouse l'aiiitiii• - :''itiiit''Glittieni
niAklibtbirketots'ellthe ea'rlisle•BablEctdAbh Cat' Leg- ,-; •". " - -•-• ''' ~. .'. - ' .
y 00111)01 Y 1 * , filiairor;' .E4Prt l TFUTlYinfOrtyarth r il Pliblleltliiir
t : optilii prthir, utp - ovf4e r Paid • ,11 44kLb/ 'the:, be Aus Pommetteal ; the f kttNliE. , ,,.. / ARIT.
ill itiiiifitiiiiiCtikibritat to
'-i le bank." 'lt' thill-. 0, :04,Anititi; ti'l li rialepalfANDlNG,lti:
iivitcitilyttit - viiiiiiitie;lottittep a - Carlisle; •Cumliee. , - a ll o u ji i , r i i ii„.•bf A i i ,oi c iii i idii i ir:. -I; , i ii,r6ii i -t.;-
,WO txmitli,tilitt it, iiititit.,listvc.:tlio :. mums; Caulitat it .-, , t Y4 -' 7 ~•-', ••-• ~., AI. • •'• u re't., . - ...
- i'lloiliati•Ao writ,' Thipe , , Jitindreit,tlMusand Alolkies,,'bratte . esaudirtotto_etlto totreitto..,Torn.
'Liiitt:tliJa .;it'e-elfte olticotrwiltliliiiiiieititir 418i:46604f b j i j . d : r , 6 9' )lB9 ft' °biro . :9f ijobild!l 0 9 1r 0 "gir.1 11 9
itaii,lf titiriA.dittbtly iii.tliti rya* tif , btu.
,I,ittiplft* . ../4,rAtrilei! .l )F,Stlttlkilittifilseit.Dircoviirsi i r."".7 .a.
•'• 'V ' ' ' '‘, ' ,', 1 ,- ., "t' , l': 4, 1 1".1it-T
- • ' 1 ~I s : : -. , 1.3,Velf toPftr4 , ,il4lilpiglibiqr. , .: vic - Floif*Kiiiiiblip.v*poo• - , 1 -. , :., - ~,,. ..., ~,
.Jl3t: 2-8 ; iti ' l '' . . , ";: •• -' ,- it:-.-?-1. ,. .4.r.., , _k6r4;.152,.'01'51ii.hti 04",14,,i1312,: ' , '.• ; :";;. - '.p..,. , ;i14i5 1.
'..-:,:•; -'; .. i ,-:', - ~.--.• . ',, .;;."- -,. ''' '.',", ''',"' , 'LI-'? -'4' ) '.1. , :::' , . ..<,- •-' -- v.,.'•
_' . •': , '"-' . ..i'''.. - .`"'"'.' 4 ,••`r•'- l.'''''.. - :. • ••'.'
ir , .._...,..
~.t,?„,,,...,.„.., ~,,,,,,‘,.,.,.. ~,,.„...„.„.„„,..,...4,,!:,.,!:".,,t.,,„..,..„..„, ..„...1..i.„ AT - 4 - 'k . '.:•• , ....'` . .::
L , ..-..:.., t , . — fil , ; ' ; : X :: ''' ''
. . ..
. ,
..: ..
. ....
, .
. . .
P't '',: ~.7 .. .:, „,‘.„,,,,..,;:,.,:: ... :i ., ,.. :, :.. .." - ...... : ..,......,,.,........ :.i . ::,
~ ....:5 ., p„: „ ._
..,. .. ! . :..f ., :: ,.,,,: c ,„
... 7 ,,,,
.. ::.:::,31,r,t,
::, ,ri. 34 :.-,),., ":•.-• ~,, , 1 , . ,''.•,,-, • :. - r ti '1 IV" V ''
: ' l ' I ' ' '' )'''''' " V '''' l'''''' ', ~ - : lII*
. ' ' ' •• , ~.. dr.',1 , ,, , .',... , :!4:1 ,-...,; . ,i , ,, • 1 ti . Iv E.
.. r .rp. f:iy..,:yr . .1 , 0 . ). , .. 1,
.....; ~It.' ,);,., '. y '., -, .... ; • . . '.''.'''' ' . ' • ' . . ''
- • . '''''''
' '''
' - ..':.
: ..
- ~ ~
~ .
... i..
~ :- ,
~ :. , .
.• . .
.... . . , ,', . ~',' ',
-: . ~ . • -', . ..- '.
0 , :t : ' ( . 41 1 -1 :::'i :. 3' .,- . , '" . r ' . .j*...Zi:: , 'i . -?'' e ir- F .' ,‘ - , •. -;.,;.... ''..,.:'• .':' !". , ..::,:,,. .' t t.' ', ..' ' : . r ,.. . ' ' '•' ~,'', ' • . ~ . ', . ..:c : :,. ''..:._. 7 ' ..._: ~• :. ' : . '..•. :, '',
' '...,.. ..
~ ..
' K. • .
$l5 00
28 foo
8 00
upz::3 - 3v- 'aita
Pro Sono
• - - -
.. A IiATN . I:
.:ILVI'S:•! :
.'yo who 'w*iiii iO suit v'Otiriefirns in
In 'find rate, HATS of every kind, just give a
call at the new Hat 'Manuhtetury of the, subscriber,
No. A, Harper's-Row, two doors north of Angney
and Anderson's 'store, where he intends keeping con
stantly on Inunlvand will manufacture to order of
the best materials 21111 at the very shortest notice,
INEarEll, .rUTIUwI, Haus',
AVID leMit 224111139
of every description, in the neatest and moat fashion
able style; havens good and Perrinuten
a color as any of the Hats mattulbetured in the et
ties. Also,
'Chapeaus and' Military Caps,
of every description made in the best style, and at
very moderate prices.-
k or CAM, he will sell lower than ever lints have
been sold in this llorringli=-:-suid;
generally will btr'such as to suit the depression of
the times. Although lie prefers selling for Cash—
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„h.: , a the market prieesin eseliange for klids..z.,
ti h Subscriber returns his sincere thanks to a,
public for encouragement he has re
finice be first commencuil business about three
ytaits ligo in the old shop in Lowlier streetmulliopes
by isti•kt 111(610011 to business to merit and' receive a
etintiadliitt cirt.hoi• pnci•onne:
• Clitl allt jillige el vnhi it cs.
• WI adAlll,ll. TROUT:
COliste tall. . • . tf-90
• S.I'ICINa stret,r or
4 : 1122 1111(61211143;
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Brick house ; nearly tipildsite the' -tri g Locus
Tree" just received a large alud handsome assort
ment of fresh and the best qtlallty Groter fr jiruoug
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Pine crushed Loaf Sugar at 12A ttmts.
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Brown Sugars fine and superior qualities tfdtii 04
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Rio Colfees strong scented for 10 to 14 teats.
Also, .lava COMA[.
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Tubs; Bowls, Churns, painted Buckets, &c.
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Pure whiter . Sperm or Laiiip Oil—none but looNit
pinlity, :mil warranted equal to any in this or any
alter market nt $1 per gallon. Also ebu•ilied Ele
tbant Oil oot 75 cents pct• galleon,
Sperm Candles, pure at SI cents.
Mould mod Dipped Candles..
Flall :
Aflacivl, No. t A m! &anion :41111
.111()I,ANt'ili6 s•
Nen'Orleans (superior baling,) Sttgar llonse.and
Syrup Alolasses, for to 64 emits purgtdlou.
A 11e1 T- :11111 general assortment of China, Mass,
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en, Cigars; Custlle, sariegated nut] n kite So:41. 1 :11w
Sluicing Soaps,
'bite wash, Swerpite , ,'Set , ttlthlint, hist, flair
and Clothes 111 usioll, ;Ilsol land Ih•usllca Vic.
Liwopool'G. A. and line Salt,antl all other articles
in the:Grocery line, n hick by t'alling ot note 11o11be
um Int wen and vices emniloh'4l.
in out• I louse, we think, tie eon sell rot' Cash, (ollt•
Nvo. ol• but lug) probiddy cheupet• than the Bann.: at
titles tint be had in other set•tinns of the town, and
if we tmisitot. thea ) oltr •oeigltborn opposite and nine
friends and please ) Dorset veal Ihr
past Illl'ol•s we are tit:nil:nil.
Wit lane all—don't lid•,let the lonise, one door
sometimes make* a great dilferenee. A living is all
we want,so a ho Wants more,has mote than his share.
.It I \'.
Carlisle, :Slay 10,181!3.
HE subscriber tint lust rue6lved.a
eral assortment of
574 t .111 3 CO.
consisting In part of Figured, Plain and Burred
Mouselln-ile.Laines; figured, Plain, Striped Llityns
mid Gin teams, English and French Chintzes, Idain
!Figured adid barred Swiss, Jarkonette and Canitiric
Ahistitin lt-gollei'allissofinientsti * Crodenap, Geodes
-wa, Indian and lutliiin Silks, Bouvet-Silks and Rib-
lions, Leglinfii Braid and Willow Bonnets,
Haw Sulk, Cashmere imd Callum !lose, Silk, Mohair
Kid sold Cotton Gicites, Umbrellas, Parade and
Statutes, tuei , Frimeb, German and Irish Limns
Ostiebilrg and Linen Sheetings, Linen Drillings and
Canibrotiiis for Paiduloolis, J hat Cords; Stripes and
Nankeens, Carpeting and Bugs, Brown and 111 curbed
Altisliiii,Tickings and Calicoes, Fans smut I tnker
chiefs, Leghorn mid Palm Leaf Hods, Strati Gimp
and Edging, Cloths, Casimeres und Sattinetts.
Illuccissware & GrotieltieS,
all of which 4111 he bold OD favorable terms at the
store of A. -Mull A !WS.
MOir lu, 1843. . tr-28
Small Profits A' gait* Sales.
73111 E stibsciibet Itas just quasi! bib Hew
31 COWS, which he will sell low for Casli,Com
posed of Cloths; Cassinieres, Satinets, drillingi4vest
ings,4-4 sheethigs for 12i, 5-4 do. 10, ,brAutdid 4-4
Bleached 11Iiialina tor t2i, 12-4 Bienlied sheeting,
'lsm!clime new style 6,8,10, P 2,5 eliiiitzeit, glades,
stockings, Wish liucns,um shadesand parutols,bepit
tiful 4.4 hair cold muslins, and binns, cheap MOS&
Lains, with a variety of oilier goodi which lie trollies
the !mod folks of Quitsle to call nod examine for
themselves. Also; Braid, straw Gird lawn Bounds,
Ladies, Misses iris Childtcns Mordeto and kid Nip=
pers. Best Rio Coffee, best black, imperial:m(l'6th
er Teas. Superior Cavendish Tobacet4 so pronotYn
ceil by the best judges, all of which he will sell at
prices in 11'6:m111111mi tditli the times.
PICEA% May a, 1f,!3,13
~,.. S.. ELLIOTT ,• •
rrims tot sale at very reduced pHics, a full
O o sso r tmo o t o f . ..
. .
Druipt; Medicines , TlyeStufib,
PAINTS, &c. together with
StationarV, Fine cap Paper k by the Rein% Letter do
Slates the dozen;Silver Pencils, Dtawing dp :
Sable heir do.; - Drawing Palter; 'Sealing'
.•Wax, Wafers, Penknives, of a , fine
bru'she's, Gent 4
In g d 0.% Shaving do. Teeth do'.
Flesh do.,
,Sliaving and ." ;
Toilet SoapsVn grea!
' iturietyiViiiiiivii; • '''" '• •
;qpir,es, Grotitidnd troullit4
together' wit% ViOry . Otlier ardele intlie a r
the attention iitrhysicsansiCodattq Itetehatitairod
Ilyra,is Solicited as I am fletceiniir
tow prites (Or ' ' =
• Carliore,tMlitvill:ls,lB43.'! ; 0,1 .
'Boots and oes:.
will 504 a cheaper and bblei
`enarti: BOOT than Cif* Bo fnundin'
AtSi*L=Lndy." double'soied: Morin:et. " ant! Mil
.Bhrietv Tit II andllutikins;rt superior artiolte,togitfier
`ol", ( 4sl3r4PorigcSaluipViggumerow priaPil.Sl l *i
, , litAlollB.
'; 'pew bk tat' ' •
~ , •
o ß ir t iea t:sllp p l y, 9f .014 r
lattlies blvtiselN , GV.pthiTlett'd ,
Luer senate of tilt 104
AilitiUdema • AALltlAS;•laigiNt47l4o ; eo;
Julie 1 4, 1810.t}tia
441231345tirai 6 1 44 L hatPietivat tites wet&
t • • ' • •1110 X TAME'S NAGA
. .
,When roses deck the cheek of rand',
And Idtighter litlda
„the eye,
Wtiolt fo rget the 'aolenin truth '' .
f ' Tlmt all those oliaemimuk ilk! !
AIIII Wilenßirough 4errbotituling vein'
The thid Of vigni 4 ilowi; ,
We think flak' die bed' of pain,
The nioditheF i a seerr:ee 'does. '
TikiliaCtore good to 'ear the seat
(Tile Book of IVistioul tells)
Of mirth trod joy, for tlitiretreal, ' •
lirlici•C ugeor anguish &ells. '
'Tie there the child'of folly Imrna, •
. The wounds sin a given;
And there the eye of fait
The balm which flows m Heaven:
Alt ! never does the youtlittl smile
Such angel sweetness , bopow
As when it would the heart beguile
Of one dark hour of so&ww
And never is the youddlll
- In shower more gratefttlped,
' Than when it dtoops dtion r ilhe liidP
Where Vests the
If final him who ednifut li o
*Mild the future tut
'there Is d tbbOid kepi oh
Of what is done below
And on Ski Flue a seVaph*ell
Inscrlliefi Gtch act a 101
itywhicli sons ortutai
We kidred
'Leh gentle look, cacti it'eceP kind;
Each proof of tender ear
lvhich or 4 WC cannot call ittniittil,
-Have long been written tl3re.
And they-, ibho wcepwilla tlign that WeCii;
Ur age'S sliimbersguard,
May lose the 'friends whose utMelt they keep; . •
, . But not their own reward. ;
FM., in that thlY, when i0n,14 sun
And ever- clue is dim,
'll,e-eutitif-„joy-Mdefi they hive won
Shall sparkle to the:brim. '
And if the bright;thu happy ands,
The draught of rapture drain,
A stream of emlfees pleasure rolls:,
To fill the cup again !
LttS2l'&l3 t_ , l /II
From Ilse Philadelphia
Young persons, on commencing life arid
laving little experience, 4rc frequently
teard to ridnetile, public opinion. They
lisregard Arliat is said of Them by the
world, defy the sentiments of died neigh
bors and friends, and imagine that they are
pursuing a very independent course, A
sad mistake this. No one is independent
• in a eivilited and moral community, 'Who
willingly or wilfully pursqes the path of
•error:, We are all liable to vicissitude, to
calumny and suspicion, .and disguise it as
we .may, when a elattdir .Is related of an
individual, We ate apt to believe of diedic
Heve it, according to the character which
the Individual had bafote enjoyed: Thus,
it lie had been perverse, vicious; irrolighaue
or immoral, if he had defied public.opinion;
violated the proprieties of life; and neglec
ted his duties as a son, a father aild a citizen,
we should be very iipt to credit to some
extent at least, any story that might be re
lated to his disadvantage, no mattef Itoii
serious the charges against him. If tiolerit;
passintimemitvin - diethvive - mighttielieve
it poisihlo that he had committed a Mei
der; Mid grtiund °lir belief on ectniparative
ly slight eiramstatitial evidence I but if;
On the other hand, vie had known Min tb
be subdued, vial regulated in temper and
forgiving in disposilloN Ire sitbilld
credit any serious charge of violence arid
blocidshed, e.*cept- on testimony of the
most unequivocal kind: The settle rule is
applicable to otery other description of
crime. A knoim falsifier if - Charged .with
a bittef and
slander, would be
regarded as gtillty upon very slight eii
dene6 I while ad individual whose whole
life had been ode of bctievolerilie and gen- ,
nrosity—Who would father Soften , add
apologike for, than exaggerate the defectd
of character in another, Would be entirely
innocent, if charged, except on the strong
est testimony, with having ealuntiniated a
neighbor ter a friend. The importance of
cheracteii therdfore; will tie appteeidted by
the intelligent observer. the valde of a
good dame cannot be over:estimated 'in an .
enlightened] moral and Mrilizett
Even lice is constantly' paying tribute to
virtue. The vicious. 'never'--Select (tore
among their associates person to thorn
t hey confide iMportant trusts: KnoWing
themselves they. suspect: others, situ ilatlY
sheeted. ThusOhe beauty of vales:llnd
'the tfahilt or tharactet-ute Made palpablei
.•, . ,
,• remenMer baiingorme real a 6 ;.
eOuntof a trial for metal: The evidence .
against the accused vras-Oliegethei:eireum-1
stential4 - but it nevertheless was sit'Ong.
'ft% prospect, was glie l intliend the 'feel,
AI) I 4IVS unforttinate'
mart belibiieel that fritt'elMnee of n'etinittal
struck the' Pitied of iita . ati o rneys,' -lie sent
eut:and, ,- tlittetiopted,
heart ,the
Neral`'.yeiire'of his youth:.,. lie :itpuistiotted
kiff:' o 4 l4 io 6 l 4 iSti.liiik : 00 0 1 ** 4
14:4,00 . kiti*04k 1 4 0q0Kk)iij:
e. 6 ,
AhirS A[' l) SCIENCES - AllitSElilElt i r &c.
V? OM' V3-0'
tofichee,*alig deservedly. Ile was, gentle
ofi's7ioslt of 'doilr l teoes among hip elite
d `in cida '
rrel~ and was
geiie l iOuit'it*,ll testiinoni
,!I.t4e old inaii; which ilvaiirtren before the
Coiwi and likitated voiee',.and
with tears in his eyei; i,ifiiedthe acath , and
the accused waeactiaitted, • Hero the value
of claiiract6e, oven id bally was toibit
bly illustrated. A oak so%ewbal sirliilar
*as recently tried in this city. A young
man was ipilidted ter foigerk, and die piss-
ecutor lestified nut ohly filar, his
'name hid been toiged, but that the &ten-
'dant hid issued ihe,baper_ to.*lnc h kas.
attached. Bet a hat oC tVitheaitea came
forward, Who had ktitittrit the youth for . • .
T.._... Met, wen
The following is a' bona 11de i
several years; and whd testified as to liii
ioilacharacter; and he*ab consequently without eliielidation front the life of a milk
er in Isiaet; it will show that diet.° *es
released'. This was alicigeireet right. •" h i
Is Alniost impossible tot an indiVidnal Who' an anti4ritish sPirit,in the women de well
as the then . of, '76. I !lope all the gill's lit
roi a Peridal of ten, twenty; or thirty years, I
cAaata o . l Franklin will read-it,-tlintigh tatli-arraid
has been in the habit or actingtiously and UpiightlY, to commit a 11a . a . 0 1 some of them, espeCially in the ‘blittntry;
crime. Years of proper conduct:int - ire-
I will need a dictionary tb ilnd oilttheiliean
wheel.. and loon,.dte.—
over, should be permitted to Weigh against : i ng• of the 'terms
eircumstantial evidence, howeVer setting.
The first is the nanieor . an old .rashitmed
Piano . with tine string, ihe other is a big
Young men, therefote, when' setting 'out in .
lionse-orgali With but reir itilpsl lint to
life, should not, as Is tot) often the ease , Ilia
story' • •
turn' a deaf ear to What Is called public .- . • t 1 •
iipinion,.or violate - what are regarded as . Late in thin
days in May, ' 7 76, when-
atternocin of olio 'ot t h e la'st
i Was a 'fedi months
the rules of propriety and the principles of ,
virtue. Although such a course may an-
short of fifteen years old; initiee came to
Silver for a tinter a.Peried will come, or may' Townsend, Mass. Where rity father died
fifteen soldiers *ere whited.
'come, Wheite depabite Nun the correct to live, that
path will be viiited'irilli actions penalties.' The training band was ii tautly ailed
It should lie. temembeted i 'horsier, that .0.10;•and my brother being nattildet thin I,
l'a well ethigtructed society tilaY lie corn:.' was One that *as selected. ile did Mit ..e
-pared to a 'c'dmiiteibial partiteislilo,,wheit:
..tirrd till late at night, wren all %trete in bed.
each has a•tililablit PriiPoilloil lir interest' when I.,torie In the \ til4ning, 1 found my
7 -there, if each partner do all lit Ida powet ; Mettler In tears, 'Who informed me that my
tiabenelit the general fond, the portion be-:- . brother .hillit - W - wtinattilt - licit day after.
Longing to each will 'become valuable; btu i 6
to-inciti•oiir morning at sunrise. My father'
if any, mindful only of his own individual I Was at iic'stmi- in . the Massachusetts As-
Troth, prove careless of the united pros- ' semblYL -Mother. said that though John
Was supplied With . sumndet elothea; he
perity,-the probability 4, that the concern 1
i must be abseitt set , ett tit 'eight Months, and
will be ultimately wrecked upon the tjuick-
I would suffer faint want Of winter garnteilis.
sands of selfishness, and involve In Its ruin
the authors of the hail:Stye! 1 There were at this time no storii and no
articles to be had except seek as each fam
ily could make itself. The sight of moth- .
er's tears always brought all the hidden
strength of body and mitid into action. f
immediately asked What gatment was need
ed: She replied 'pantaloons.'
'O, if that is all,' said I 'we 'will spin'
and *cave him-a pair before ho goes.'
'Ttit,' said mother, 'the Wool is on the
. backs, and the sheep aro in the
pasture.' .
• From the Newark Dilly Whig
The subjoined extract of a eliaracteristic
letter from John Adams, describing a scene
in the first Congress in Philadelphia, in
&plumber; 1774, shows very clearly on
What PUOTitho mighty men of old rested
their cause Mr: A. dins *rites to a hiend
at the. Unto t
"IVlten the tikiligresS iitet i Mt. ettshing
made a motion that it should be opened
with ptayet. It tirafi' disposed by Mr. Jay,
of Nett , fork; and Mr: Rutledge, of South
Carolina, because we Were sb divided iii
religious sentinibuts, some hplicopalians,
some Quakers, some Anabaptists, some
Presbyterians, and some Congregational,
ists, that we could not join in the same act
bf worship. Mr. Samuel , Adatni idie and
hal(' ?drat ho was no bigot, and eotiitl hOt•
piayerlibiti any gentleman of Piety Mid
virtile whd Was at the . dame tittle a friend
to his Coithli3r. Ile Wati a stranger in Phil
adelphia; biii bad hea' id that Mk Ruche;
(bushay they primotinced it,) deserved
that character ' ) and therefore Ile moved
Vial Mt. - Eli, ; a ti! E liietip 'ere itittit It;
might be cleared to feat frayers to the
Congiese . th-meiroi morning."'TlM mo
tion Was 'seconded; and Nised ip the af
firmative. lift.. Randolph; bat President,
waited on Mt: Ehiche4Cand received fot an=
swat, that if his health wotild peirtilt he
certainly *mild: Accordingly; next morn
ing he appeared With iris Clerk, and in his
pontificials; Mid teed several ptayers id
the established fcirni; and theli teed the colz
'feet fot .the eevehth day of September,
whibli wad the thirty-fifth With; toil must
renrieittliet, this has the nest Morning after
we had head the tumor of the , horrible
cannonade of Bostein. It seemed as if
Beata Add orddinid that - psalni lo bel
read on that day.';
"After this, Alt. thiche, rinexpeCtedly
to overY body, struck out intd an . extenmel
re prayer which filled the inisom of ever)).
than present; . 1
must confess.)' never heard
a better prayer, or one eo well pronounced.
Episcapaliati as he is, Dr. Cooper himself
never prayed with such fervor, strbh ardor;
correctness add patho4 and in language . so
elegant and s'ablinte ; fo America, t&r Con;
gredo; for the province of the Niassatilinsetts
Bay; especially the town ••of Boat*. , It
has liad an eteellent effect upotieVetiv body
here. I must beg you to read Au psalm.
If filets is at faith in the Sortie, irirgiliatiali,
or Bones ilomeried, or edpecially the
Sikes Biblieve; it *odd be thought prtid
Bete wiled aerate ,worthy of: the •painfet's
'art. was: iw Carpenter's Hall in Phila.
'deleltin; a which (tee lain 14'a
temrtta tie e ) etilk anrvOes inita Original
,enniftnai .. though adw,,tairelkipusly COivi
itertedi we 'believe, into an anation Wert
for the stle ehair's 'and tables, that tWo
611 f-sit inet wham 'thie'renc
4 00 , *-reao%., • , ' s
~.n.liVrath'ingteit: Wart . kneeling .literoi, titni
Haney add. , itundolfilti:atut , Rulledgoi and
Lee, and lan and))); iligit ' ?,ldiJ! , h•dti 3 41 °0
,lityttottifikieVereneevilic," t inliitatf initrints or
reason to beliel , e' that , an. armed. soldiery
was wasting'their humialelioaeliolds. It
believed that Beaten had been born:
liaided and detitioyed. They 'gaged feri .
Vently "for Anforiea, for the Coilgress, for
the inoViliee of MrissachtiseAS Ilay, and et
tVenially for the town of Boston;" and who
Can iealize the emotiona with which they
Wined impla'ringly to
,Ileaven Divine
,interposition and aid?: "it .was
sail Mr. Adams, "to Mai alioart of `atdne.
I salr the ,tears gush into the eyei of thb
dld', grave, pacific Quakers of I'triladelpltia:rt
From the. GrecAeld Mecury.
I inimediatoly turned to a young brother
and bade him take a salt dish atiti call them
to tl'o yard:
Mother replied • •Pooi• tliefe.aia 110
Sheep shears within three 'lilies Mid a halt.'
I have sonic entail shears at the loom,'
Said I.
•13tit no sOri ind iicavo it in so
aboii a times'
am certain %ire bai l mothe r.'
'flow can 'on weave it there is airing
Web of linen in the
I No matter; lean find an enility booth. ;
by this time the sound of die Sheep
iiidde me quiCken my Steps Idwards the
yard; I requested my
,Siiitei• to lirtng rile
the Wheel and caids went for IHe
406 i. I 'tient to the yard With my bicith
er and set:died a white Sheep; froni' . Which
' sheared With My' lenity iheareis Half e:
nritigh for a well t we then let her go 'tilt!'
the rest of her iteeee; i dent the whet iii
Sister. ',tither 'ran fora black sheep
and held her While I cut oil wool for lily
fhlidg and half the vi , tirp; dud then vie al
levied tier to go with the ithitaining codrie
Part of the Ileeee:
he"fest ill' the tierialii4 the ibriter
Went(' abridge bk saying that the Wool thus
Obtained was dtily carded and spdin, iiriish
eil; sized and dried Was liiiind a
teW doors oft the Web grit in, Wove; and
chilli prepared, Cdt and Made, tWo or Mice
hotiii , before the hirdther's thipartilie—;:that
is to Say, in ihrtjr boors front the cilia
meticeinent, Withotit help trent slay modern
'l'he good oid hay 005.61 tiSr saying I
felt no weariness, i wept niji. I was serviiig
my country. waifelioOldig poor mother,
I was preparing a: - gainient for,nry darling
brother.. .
The darniatif Onialto; I retifed
4rid wept till mr oOe t ielratged arta btirsetig
heart relieJetLY
h'fother Oas pcetbaps oiiti of Gen;
Stat soldiers; and euclt
.a spirit in
cope; with, need We *odder lirdi tlikrgdine
did not execute Aid threat of iliardhing
througifi the heart 61 America.
r .eoripl? at
IParis lately, goittg (o,the t ll:layor iii qbe the . attioay ai iaga „ porfotOtt , but,
the hollio . in stepol4lo,ot of ihp:carnage,
inltanghid her hieW. , thrims in the dep; .anti
Peru it. !!'How ottifitti''ex+fm'etf the gen
',oi*a!T• tOok. nottee of this
ungallant -,oxpression; ;tintt the party wini,l
into' the hotel, of . #O,4lTa. I
being tisked Whether Consented 640 :
thegdn'ildniithlkica.buifio. 1101 , 10000 f she
Stukci yas the'i
bPlY.a*fit'er : that' could bti ,OhinSilitya*
vf' 2 , WW21133D1 &Ana,
• '',‘On ilia (lair, we kirriifed at Cdrk, and as
tub paSsehers descended from , the drag;'
a Atout, handsome; honest looking man, of
aide idro ., and-forty rears,,Was poising 'hy; .
acid fe*CeiVed anuttiber of bows fiom the
ciowd al'idind. It was Theribald Mathew;
wllh whoSe fi6e a thotisind little, print shop
wilidoweima ait•eatly }6iideted me familiar
He Shook hash's With ilia master of the
carriage . very7COrdially; and just 'di Cop:
(tinily with the-master's boachnian, a ilis=
eiple tit minperatiOe; as al leatit halflreland .
is at present: The day after the famous
-dinner. at 111cLlowell's, 'some of da vitae .
defirii rather late, perhaps in :consequence
of the events OP-the night before—(l think
it was Lord Bernard's littotation Irani Vir-
gil, cir else ille.atisence or the 'currant jelly
for the vention;hat occasioned a slight
homMelie among owe of us, and an ex;
t \__
treme longing fa. soda water - ,)=iiiirtliere .
*as the - apt:lWe of temperitifee seated at the
table stinking tea: Solite of us felt a little:
ashamed of 'oiliselves, and did not like hi
ask somehb* for the soda-Water in such
tin anent presence at that. .I3esides,. it
*otild hate been a confession to I CatholiC
priest; and ; al d Protestant; I am above
that. Thu world likei to know now a great
° appears °Len to a valet-de-chaitibre;
and I silppoie it is one's Vanity that is flat
tered iii sticli hire company tofind the
great man quite as iinassmiling as the very
subtlest personage present; and sip like 'to
Mler hiortale; that we could riot know trine
to bb a great titan at 'all, did we not
kilo* his mink; and What he had done.--:
There Is nothing tefflarkable in Mr. Mat
he w'S . iiianit'4; cieept that it. is exceeding
ly simple; IliArlyiiiiirnitinly, - and - that-IM:
(hies not wear the tioivneask demure look;
which, I knd* not i'vliy, certainly charac
terikes the. chief part ilt the .gentlemen of
his professidir. Ile Is alitkist the only
man, too, that I have Met in Ireland, who;
in speaking of public Matters; does not talk
as a nartitan. - With the state of the c00n...,
try, or landlord, tenant and peasantry, ho
seemed to be most curiously and intimately
acquainted; speaking Of their wants, dif
ferences, and-the means of bettering theni;
with the Minutest praCtical knowledge.—
And it was impossible In hearing Ilint to
know, but from previ9us acquaintance whit
his Character; whether ho was AVlng or
Tory, Catholic or Protestant. Why dosti
not'lovernrrient retake a privy Cotineilor
of hitnt—that is;11 he *Mild honor, the
right lionorablii bony by taking d seat-a
mongst them. Ills, knowledge of the pooh
plc is prodigious; and theit bonfidenee in'
him bt great; and what a totichiug.ittneli;
ment that is which these poor fellows
she to any ono wltd has they cause at
Heart; even to any one tv'ho says h as i
Avoiding all political queatinns, .no man
seems mom eager than lie for the practical
idiprovement tit thig bodntry. Leases and
tents, farthing improvements, reading-lio;..
cieties; mtlsiC ilocietieti; ho was full of these:
and of his schemes of temperanCe above
all He neve!. IlliBEIC£l a chance of makitig
a Central; and- has his hand ready and it
pledge in his pocket for ditilt or poor. One '
of his diseip_lesi,in_kitirery . tbae r came inhi -.
the room with a tray—Mr; Mathew iecog : :
tilted !din; and shook hide by the hand &
reedy; so he did itith The strangers, Wild
wete presented to Itim;and not with a final
ly popularity-hunting air; but as it seemed
tram sheer licartY kindttess end a desire id .
tto ebery one good: .
. „
When titerikfaSt 'vas ,donez--(he took but
one edit' Of tea; and says, that front have
tag Veen • a great cdrieitimot of lea and re : :
fteshing licinitlii befrite; a smolt cup of tea
and tide glass of water at dinner now serve
him fol. liis . .dalY 4 s • beVetage)—liti took the
ladies 'of our party to see his._hitrying
gfilurtil; a new rind handeome eninotery;
lying a little out the way-if the totin, and
Where, thank God 1, Protestants and Cede
ones eddy lie together without eleriymen
quarrelling over theit Coffins." • ' , .
Nattisksenus.—A iibwspapar is a family
school in a family; Worth ten dollars
,a year.
Even the.most barren paper brings souk
thing nOW. Childten toad or heat the con-:' "
tents, gain intelligence of 'ho iMpothint tifz
fairs of the wlithli and acquire Elkin).
knowledge, of mote impartttnee to them in
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From Tihuarehts Irish Sketch BUok