Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, August 09, 1843, Image 3

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rielphikAgent•cor this Jopmal,hat rOtoOvVit'frod'i
hiel Ito :gfitsi in !Third *O7, Wri:lOOt §troSt
dolphin. rind is'now locatctLoOtp. 66_110 tre'et
beton/ Third. two .14i4iii,*040*pichatig.
Persotili in Philadglphit *44i9g,!P 1 0" 0 0 1 5 . 5 1, ":1 11 3i
us, willitilossh Noires., who is au.
thorired to scVsitimitAgent. : '
WS , have, received the Medical liens grid
Library, for. August; Published by Les: dr. Maiteh:
strd, Philadelphia, atone dollar pee annum. '
0: "An eittiele on thn'trei mile at to.dayed
paper, entitled l'aiOntid Gonittment; is commend.
ed to the attention orthosofe - Wlicini it is address
, 'ed. Althangh notveiected by di becaoseof,
particu'ar applicability , to this community, a re.
mark ha the report of the board o f in 'ref...
ereneolo the suspension of the Male. High School,
shows that there maybe; those hereto whom, its
censure and admonition might prove profitable, if
earefulir considered.. ' •
EnentOpment •at Illeatiantlesbnrg.
ag•Thito Encampment, which commences to.
through Thursday , and FridajP,-
promisee to be One ofno ordinary attraction intl.
consequence. Criptain WASHINGTON, of the Unit , .
.ad States Artillery, has accepted the command,
.and his, elegant company will take a part in the
-encemprnent.'` In addition to On Artillery, there
will be nwthe ground, we are informed,two core:
'panics troth Ilnriishig;one from York,one froM
Lewisbury, one from Iloguestown, one front Me
chanicsburg, together With the three companies
from Carlislc, - making a body of nearly ihrea flan=
dred men. A fine military display,therefore, will
be presented, such Ms lie not frequently witnessed_
in this part or tbe.couotry. • %.• .
Totiv'e - every facility to, those, Who wish to
visit. the Encampment, Ake Railroad Company
. will take passengers to' and from Mechanicsburg,
during the Encampment, for half the usual fare.
Balloon) Aseensi
rr . We A re Jegnested
,to slate that - our young
townsinari,-Mr. J. A.Caviza, proposes , to 'Make
Ase_ension from our hornugh, Some time
during the presbnt Or ensuing 'month; provided
sufficient endouragame4 is given to Warrant. the
'undertaking.' Mr. C.' Is a young gentleman of
considerable cuterririze and mechanical talent and
ingenuity, and 'We doubt not; if his Proposition
meets with encouragement, he Will maks a sue.
easeful and satisfactory ascension,
insproveninnfa In tairilste.
ajqiiiitwithstandinst thccontracted atindition , of
business all'airs and the scarcity of nloney,
friend Informs ue that the grdwili of our boroug
is steadily advancing, and that as an evidence of
-- -.the fact he has counted thirty:sit now buildings
which are either in the emit's° ole . reetion 'Or have
just been completed. A number *of these are
handsome, large sized bailings, flniaiiet9n niod:
ern style, and adding nineli to the good appear:
a nee ur the town. &Sides these n'irebeer'Ve that
some or our dingy dwelling:; of 'the olden
are undergoing sueliittertud repaint and improve
ments as will prevent their being .thrown in 'the
hy. their More modern neighbors. We note
theca fuels with the liveliest satisfaetiow:
Oikr rublle ISchobls.
ir7The committee of Viaiters at the Waht et,
n in illation of the isever4Piiblic Schtinlis in our ho.,
rough, present a. very gratifying report i which
will bei, : foitsi, io anodier column, and to which
we ask' attention. • Tileadinirable iyeteht,which
'has been adopted for the • regulation'of the schools
in Carlisle; id an hunotto its projectors', credita.
tile to the present , Board of Directora who main:
taiu its effitieney ; and Met prove a blaring to
our barouift:' ' ;f i fth awed reCummenditioni
made In the conelusinn ' of the report anhe Viet.
ter; we think', arientftlo to the tenons conside.
ration of the bitectote, and it lit to Fig hoped seal}
be adopted:
Itnin 'storm,
• • ,
CY•After rather' a •lohg period of, thy
weather, we were siaited ,on Saturday /eat by, a
heavy rein, wbieh continued falling almost in tor
rents throughout the day+ , It came gratefully to
the thirsty polds r and has had a salutary elter.t in
promotingLthegreiwth.of tem, potatoes; &e..
In .fhiradeinlria, ant we -know •by the piper, of
Monday, a periect deluge of felletshich was
followed in alit t4i;f i ningiti , ti thymic mittirm of ter.
tibia triolettee;iiiiiinitgirtreitt destruction of'prOp.
erty and stien oflire Vie city of Plsileftey4ia
was almost inuntitttioi . WithWater, the shipping on
the Die!artr , e#Ts?l , FiTyilkiii watttrerelyinjurcid.
irnabit ., !iti:tigeatweet aiMayi,ttieng , the. Belinyittll I
and Lehigh, canal boils sunk, &c., A large gap,
factory on V,t'ne strcet;on.whkeba number of men
were dTployed in building, was demolished, and
a*matiSlitiliifill# , llitirutepOtyfelldlleffby the
in; ruins. *Tern( ofticitt j ,wci . anic t is infni44; •
- - .
4PRry.f.PaMP .fa
be belkin, the fulkuviug,pla,ee ll r ,, , • "
Cumberland county.--cne near tiliircnianato4U
in m0n . ;1,1u3. .11th Au.
gas!. Ono at or near_i , loyiburg on the let of 6ep.
iornbet: ; •Pnia rule!: Slnolgerown v lth Bcternber. :
..•140;',.':ys,ii4o-fy..idiii,itelie.:!;!i"i49t"'ltn the
;e! . /! A9i;u 3 t, : . • .".
:L Etecehm*,
•. . ,
p-Stete and diagradelenar eleetitoci tot& pliaCc
give -wino if notTulbretu matt ottr. out, f,Ny pea. ;
littOtitdaritient , Notilp
aterAW.tog)l4o4llSck -
. 414 0'holomeigglAfrsinf ux.or 4 14 4it0
contain intelligence or, the , death cale•
brated l / 4 1 / I .44tuel.NolulentilnOil • raring oirthe
23 (aflidgo:illfeivitit.8/3 grata of :age.
. „
liteChitrleileeid,' Esq. or Erie, has been ,
nomiti,"farßoOtre. puortrawm/gerrY•
natuidie anoposed Of Erie; ISlA.Kean s ,
„ „ h $14„)co")0APIP?,
toue.prual, citc , taigiiteampineut ;nest
4 1 itoisit-V r im, watt', , I ,' •
, ) ,1 2 i ow , '''Z' , of,oare,•aftwk in' C 0 1 ,940111"
'l'4l7.7vt' ak " ttio 4. ' INIV bi) tol4lgg. - . 101 .-6 '
daythe' 'an 4 ~P?".. '. i t e ,4 4 , 4,414;,,dicadfui ;
kiat‘ 411.0' cmtg4" • • ' ' veri i ,
• ~e,,A..sultivirchtnism.*+o
„ i /k1 ,1t.„717 . ,..
.; ,Apie4,ll/4or,#te'l
t.,, yeti;, tip rifAuk '' " piiii ' it' ‘ 44Ffeo
- 1 iiill'34tianda°l
, ,
lattOrp 1,04 11Q ' "" 4 7 , '
t i,' ; eeie.,,,ienisinglos'.?f•
.. .A7‘, ,7. '''
4 ,-,. . , •-,
2 TI
't44t :"lr
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• 14'4 a- tra4.^ .
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ti1ie k .5.34J)110„.. 6 , fM1.11V4;, , .
' , kr? 4:X111.4421111141‘ ',1,LC;;.10141,112,ifYg,;•;
. .„
itrlifarif . our,4,o*All.o**ol#olool l :Ats.
the ihaaourse of #hitt`ebitdtfN !
vih in the sedO`ilifiresiifterfaq eitureh otdhii
.I . ;riPiih, on .Thuriiilityk enitie
ii,l'* A Ditiiii ,
Asnas; 95 1 iPliii( 1 4.4 0,1 414*1?)ittt
cal; SeimnarY
knows( and vo4eilitedlforditqeet ah 4 c , er.l 4:;' , I
ailioll.' is, s. 1!" VAIA:
the'ireight of years, though it has enfeebled his.
tiotti end ireakined-bia•voiee,has
, ;
his pwer.ful,iniad,ailck pc,b,4,r,i 9 ol eeded far:
,hiesermon, , till,he teemed to be anituateil , .iiy:it
spark that life giving fountain whence ha
has long looked ; far
*tee ,regalne'd measure' 14', • 'the posker 'hi WI
prime; and the solemn and inipigianttrahiPrii: .
notinead loy"Ilid old mail rivet.:
ed the attention end, wn ;dontit :iiiit;"eiredted• the
hearts of his atiditoti. ,
Lte , 134,4A4
~ 1
We find the follaWide thrilling scene 'described
in, the Lynchburg (Va.) . Reptiblican,.in connection ,
with rt notice of the Conitnencement at Washings
kin' College, at Lexington, Va., in Which . De., Ai.:
ZXANDKIt. participated! • • -•• • • • '.;
4 . Oh thd afternoon of Commencement-day, the Al
umni of the 'College
,wer addressed b,y dm Rev.' Dr.
Atxxatirtia, of Princeton Theidogietil
This venerable divine is the oldest Altimaus of
the College living, and now' flood up, hi his 84ut year,
to perfarm,the duty assigned to him. ' Great:lnter , .
tit was impartdd' to the occasion by the fact, iliac the
aged speaker was amongit,hii native hills, breathing
-his native air, and surrounded by numerous relatives
and friends, who all revered him ns a pat, latch; and
loved him its a brother
,and lather.. His address . ,
;:ivitich was upon the suh,p:et of Education, Was full of
siinplicity ttntl sound wistlomt It presented the ine
tured,oplitions and-reflections of -a long life ofobser
and what is more,of long experience intend-.
int. ; He bilked with a jealous ey, e upon many of the
novelties in our systems of Education, and seemed
tO ery_out,Atillt oracular wisdom, '• seek ye the old
paths, and Walk ye in them."
After hitting advanced with apparent ease,through
more than hall of his speech, in consequence of the
oppressive heat and bail air of the room, he was dom.
itched to rest for awhile. Ile shortly resumed his
discourse, hut Was compelled again to take his seal,
when he soon mooned.. The scene now hemline-we'
of deep and thrilling interest. Ail fedred a seriens,
if not fatal issue, and every heart Was full - of ankiety
nail sorrow. However, on belt % reinoved fl'om the
-into the (titre Air of the yard; he scion recOtett
e4anil rising from the grass lie insisted on returning
to the Church and'resuming his di semi rm . The eon ,
gregatian assembled, but lie loud • net 'proceeded me
before the paleness of death stole rivet' lilt face, fled
he was again carried forth appeently lifeless. A
gain he was speedily recovered, and again he expres
sed his deitire and determination to proceed with his
address I nor could the prayers and entreaties of his
friends turn him Pont his impose. He did iiot,ltow
ever, return to .the dowel), but seated on a enslr in
the-midst of that venerable church lard, he discothus
ed to the congregation, While they stood around him,
listening to his words with silent and breathless at-'
tentiott. The portion of the discourse which he
seemed so reluctant to leave tthultered, Kap a glow
ing eulogy upon the late MN. Graham, the Mender of
the College—a person to Whom, it would seem, the
College and the State owe much. lii concluding hit
remarks in that place of graves, lie refereed to the
Fact of his being the oldest Alumnus, and that soon
some of those who were surrottudlng him would oc
cupy his place. lie was soon to pass itWay, sinatite_y_
,to their turn would be the last. lit! tenderly conn.
- .sidled them to put their trust in God, to make the
Saviour of sinners their friend, Mid Willi his solemn
testimony to the troth and value and excellency of
Religion, he bade them all II final Ikrewell, with the
prayer that he might meet them all in Ileaten, It
Wesa solemn, heavenly - scene:" a place AvitriT we
were 'fereed to 311) . ', "it is good to be beret" the
venerable Father in Israel, from amongst the tombs
of departed generations, bad, as it were, delivered
his.dyin. , counsel—it laid been received into eager
ears atursoftened Imarts,and we were waiting to bear
1 . 1.0 m Ina lips the words of one of old. " Now tritest
thou thy servant depart in peace !" That 11100 e WO3
Bscbisa; butt they " sorrowed most of all roe the
wools %loch lie spoke, that they should sec Ids face
no More:"
111 e Light Artillery.
Cr'The rullowlitg Cninntunicatton which has
been ltahad to us, we publish willi pleasure. The
writet pays a just the skill of the U.S.
.Light Attillerf, new *fattened at the. Barracks
near tine borough, and hitt elm/masts the satisfac
tion and pleasure felt by army-one who witnesses
the nnl•et anti ekeltlng drills of the Artilleryy---
Those who imite been accustomed to observing
the vlotr and Odin movement's of Infantry and
other ttouthr, can have no Idea of the skill attain
et' by tho Light Artillery In their almost flylilg
indvembnts, and can searbely credit the ovidefito
of their lenses even when Whamming their rapid
erolutionst The particular estltise of re 2 dltitidt:
ing a giin described by our correspondelii; scents
incredible, arid yet It is as readily tictformcd as
any other.. 'the encampment ni IdeChanicsburg
will furnish a One opportunity ( to those who havo
not yet seen this elegant company on parade ( of
witnessing many new features in military tactics
which have been intrudue:ed by the Light Artil
lery branch of the service.
We hare heard that It Is irfecintaiiiplation by
the Efearetary cif iVuti tci ordef Wei additional
Companies to the post near Carlisle. In so doing
we believe 'tile Interesta of the service and the
D'eportirMnt worth! beethinontly consulted: Whilst
in these o .piping times Of ,peace" many brandies
of the army nisi..inactive arid unemplojedi the
cheapriesi or their Subsistence isn matter of no
semi( concern. in an-economical point 'of view,
no post in the United StateeolTeri greater advan.
togas than the Garrison here. The situation is
also ono of the Most healthy in the country:
'Moigorrom.:-1 w0,..0re0 or die many.. adwiiring
simetatora who witnesicd,,a few dila agd, a deal of.
the Light Artillery COmpany,unile'r the bominand
of Captain W.kautracirott, United States Army, Ma,
timed at the Barracks naaynut , Once, and•oerer
was E naiiiite highly gratified Witli any military !kr-
f. mar e°. The. rnallest degree el • perfectictl to
*Melt every MrII.(CLITI% has been brought. m*f tAtute
all, the . etitam4linnry Celerity; pith *hide they are
performed; strikes tiatilteilo!de'r i?olo.rY
aensadontrof su'rpriac.'y'Very rrittny,:intleed, of their
M anteuvrea treee strikingly Ekautifel t in UM; tlie
ntiredrillWiCs one Ofitvrillingt iittoreaf thirotiolOtt
Imo elleited„the.adMirotion. of al/ present'. ,
During the'. drill,. tfre Captaine' doubt ulth a
view of illosti'ating mere
,dlearlY thtlLlitdale move.'
tent Olds tfie'xite'y WAS a scene
.f unusual ieterest,) had one of the ;uns dismount.
thi that it to say, at` the detninutar "dl' rtiottitt tiro
. lett,' the plea.' was' taken *oat' ' th'e .tiarritite, the
wheels from their moles, and played on the gttound,
mid i die nteirapiihrhiitl'attest term them, When ' as,
Mit istimmand fithountt the piece'! t is giiteni tire guit',
enteeretty part , nit the carriage orerereseared toitheir.
attinali politioir;eliargetlinit) lilenit all , tTlarfr was
perror 6 td in ihe 21 0 ,, b 151 4kia ONICti 6 °/ : 0140 ," '
tbreitseabnds !., t t ,• ‘ , , , „•,
t i 1 find that the Light Jartiltirit it eonsitletted b
illsitte 1 4. 0 44 AutolifeiliP )t 1 10 1. Ttlitlierf ttPiheriTAll
the expressionief,the opinion, tth be aNable ond im+ 1
kiortant arm tic the natitinal (16fenee ocinsegneatiy
congress 4101 ' 1141 " 6 ?ii t tird i" an . k 4r ' l ol ' l6 in still
'adding Ats , th it itxittet;(ltott 1111 r? or th 6 te ,
Nibs'enopo, of which , there are mar fonrii 'am la,
limed; it!'tflthrTY•:' ll ' ' • ; ' '','' ' '..`at.: t .'
4, wltellolall Vi 1 9 41 h OA( li •it' ', .o°: I. Pl4" tk l i°l.
f ; Captain iVastitecurort to risit, .if, possible. 5 0i112 0, Or
Their6lnnitier entiuMptirenis in this Saito tiering the
I Peft i fA4e,4°'lt I°Pbtie.lP vittli'lx YOw • tp;?ltiOe' . llle
eitizien soldiers to ,beepnw more fentin!irtsefFithi m
the • ratheMiintit of the Light Mittliery; tind , l6' 4004
t 4 e RI iP l iill?" i 9 l ,o '.° r*O l A l i i ii:±: 4 _ 1 , 3 r i i.dliNsc, ',°P
tamp snit othe r . 'pail:ant Autienr ', Ai* A Aiwa,
would be exceedingly pleaslng.multinfeketlai foamy'
citizen soldiery. `, , ( t t •
rf, .1. a i i ~ ; ),,,.,:i
Ilhi litii s iitit'aft - Vonglfsbfilbilitttlitg" the rank anti
rtly..mplar i viw4,l..6l l ) ittioißogiiVt ',
MD' Jitgotit theaittemtholitti V lll 'o ol l°, o ` i ittP l mi
t/ tiv413 .1 1441 111 1- AW,PtellalhOPNittitlitiil"'illi
A'eill*cs Wilo9lo ofirP4l,4lnYvVltPkiVeli.
eaetraoropley. rh' POllO E l 7ll'l I P so „uy
dheri reFcto.their- mein ee &Irak 34
'ell mod et dila esti itis lira isie Iriirtr -
te-nlo.4olAligtittetli PltrgfOr s .k i l 439 . 1 1 14 *`
~, c!rigrc",attllll 1 141$1"° ' " ''' ' 41
*liireo ) 4 . l4lo '4 7141;rf l a t ec i rif' i
, ' ' : , , 04' -.. • ..' '2''''. "I , ii It ,-„s. - ,,, a
„ ,:,., 44 : , , o , w- r . ,,,,,,,, L. , , 4, , ,,,, ili.,-. 41 •
- 4:1 .)
0 - 3• We have been I .,_fltatOss, , ipth.fiau
following 1gier:f401440#.1.011,11.4400Aa
itirther ac coun t of the progre;snthititodr:
Vpaniii;'ltethe'lnSt lidtea Ilits'bhed,littddol
I.Wherehe intended sejtitirning . detp,‘ dine pritiiouti
:19 hill OePakOto:PEPt?'.‘. l l 4l U4
71-- • 4,,,t • t
If? 'L4ND
'fliar'ilrofissor som ! tne—Chet firit
graph in be: Cookituletter Avhildt aceomplinielt f this;
;414kefsrm you of my progreii frnin'Patras to MO':
irciil . 4loblige me by
wtlttt I forgot tdiell hint, 7 , -that I,:hitse; Seets'AthenS.: .
the AcadeitijOlyriteilire,PentishiMOVln'inthotit tied ,
ranibled•ol , ec 010;:ruinisof:the temple of
Jdplttt litudiellenius in Eights; slept at Epuluillust
iisitell sacred 4,Aionlapliis, Mauldin;
*kindles, (the Ooliege,:of ,tteiiides yeti know,),
A Fgos'i MyeeneAkeutelintahilitnil.iitlley of Semen;
where Wattled'
. killEd 146114 • 'tire peeped into
his rodUoinin,caves. it ' iVe saw the
ruined temple, population gone. I i:oilb on horse
baci- not irf :the Stadium 'tillefe Hid Nemean
Garnett took 'Plaid, at 16tit'llerese,ilib to the
Staillun.. There is no(Vwlietit 4114e . .were ancient!
)y *9 hurried and heavy trardp of hot•coMpetitcd4.
forgot to say I so* the Letnean Lake; pure cool
water, but the hydra was not there. •
.From Neniea we proceeded to Corinth, where tie,
rested all night, and next morning ascended the
Acropolis, the boldest and most striking object in
Greeee;, we looked upon Sicyon, the birth-place of
Greece; sighed over the solitary ruin of Me Corinth
of history; some lout; columns ore temple of Miner
va, or, as some say, of Octavia,are_stillstanding.amitl
iliemodern ruins of the late revolution., it makes
one sail to, see Corinth now, once the "eye of
Greece." From. Corinth we departed toaardi
Athens; rode across the Isthmus, saw the ruins of
the Amphitheatre Clow among grain fields; then the .
remains of the wall which the Greeks built to defend
the Peloponnessus against the Persians. The tem
ple of, perhaps, Neptune, is still visible here; over
looking port of Cenchrea, where Paul , ahaved
his head ai he had a. tout..
This; der dent Colonel; beings to my mind the
pleasure of In Cotintit the .Epistles, or pe
lages in then' ) of the Apostle. to the - ,Oorinthians,—
and I fuegolfit 911 y, fid bne ban tell Christian
from the New World fgels ';Wien IfC elirokt tip the
smile steps lilt In the iieek to the Mitt of the Areo
pagus at Athens, and stands in the same little square
cut also in the top of the Nook, wltel'e St, Patti climb
ed, stood and delivered that atintifable palso7,e lie-'
fore the court, recorded In the titit chapter of the
Acts of the Apostles. t have not time in this letter
to refer to the beautyautt foi:ce of that thhirtst, de
livered in the very shadow of the Parthenon-01MT Of
the celebrated statue - iirl.linerva, made of "gold and
silver, Mid. graven by art and mauls device,"'Mul
altici t stall beloreltlnt above tile magnificent Pm:,
Itylotoin . All was in tieiv of tile Apostle and the
judges; :Old the jthlges were sitting on tile stone
(Wm:lies - Yet &re; Moans Agctraer marker-(dace
, was below hint (there ha had Pet been disputing
with the. philosophers. I , stood std the spot and
breathed, inspired. it *ll5 a totally different f ' etlllll . l
from that which I experienced when t stood on the
Beira where pressed the feet offientostlieties wriest
he thundered forth tht Athentaiii
aiseinbled on the Pays. I
_stood there, ton, nitli
Untitterable emotion: the area was before me where
the stet% tiettmee.itty or Athens used to a sseinfile to
delifierafe do ptdrlib anidra , and to liner (heir ora
tors from the slime platform (there I stdiftl. lint I
forgot I was at Ceneltrea.
Frown Ct• 11111 course lay along the riot of
NI omit Ccrusiion, with the magnificent monolith'
ov e r nor bends on the 1011, 01111 the coif of o,gina
with its islands on our tight. Tlibt was called the
Scirmiinn Way: and really for its dangers may yet
deserve the ventilation it Oneelnul %then that ferocious
robber, whose monti.ll Lot e, hurled hin - rietitns head
into the sea. milli *rhesus served Idol lilt he had
Seaed mitiTs. We hafted for the night at Niegara;
elate of thnitiffol tfottition In :indent history, as it
Was n mere. otalte-Oight between Athens mid COr
inift,or and Sparta. ltto 011 C knows when or
how it fell,eteut Slegariephilostiphy is undefined.
I'ltric kit no obliquities here, except some frag
ments be titirlde oEinsionally seco in the nulls of
this h illy Titrkisli-built town of perhaps 2000 peo
ple'. Here the 5. , 0. tile only lientailitl Greek fetuale
I Hale tel Aren in Ci:eeee, notwithstanding the "Maid
of Athens" ift still lit fife thy of Minerva...
Prone Nitilion sfe toitlineeti 'm11611611 plain
of Eleusis, ;told saw, larhhig oilier remains, the ruins
of the telOirtitfeil ferople 0f Ceres, who is said to
hale heed tiitight the lieoilld to provide food by til
lage toeit,;;;(1 or depending on acorns andground'unts.
11/11 part of atieient Mythology he true, I was nn
the the greatest licnefiictinn of man to man,
oil rattlei• of woman to man; was made; for hiiitory
attests that she besuiwti every good thing, as in this
case. The beauty of the iliztin would almost justify
the beautiful fiction ot Ceres and Proscrpine, and
the institution ul tit Eleusinian Mysteries.--I-took
care to secure a tictid of Wheat whicli'may germinate
in America. ,
We were now twelve miles from Athens, Mill tf , ie
route tay along the Pin, Sacra, through! the Pis; of
Daphne. Some portions of the atteiinif visiy fire
visible; arid in the roe of the roel4 on JAW fefi of the
Pass, are die Yef,tliwt comaiinvil tho yofive
offerings of the Worsliipiia in tie Niy;teriesi for if I
reeolleit eorrefC' Orb saCrett *Cession Wound
afore 53 Vin gifera f*Corvi Wetisie, tibd
thence ?di* to Ole. Acr c ip'olis of Athens. What o
strange reverence one feels As he., stands 1014(1 the
ruins of the Acropolis, and looks di, at the lone,
senthetc`yer nAtgolircvnt doltiorns of the uhriveiled
- After taking fenrre ol r fri 4 ontfs at Aliens, (iithil ire
found warm and attenti re °hes in Mr: and !Uri. Hill,
end Mr and Mrs. Benjamin) we deptirted feilfebes
in Ilcuotra, tAt city of COMO. Our re — tite - lay. by
the 'Acatlem*, (4roWi of' hide; grid 'de hill of
ColonusWidipus Colon - us - 4 to ,the • Pass of Phylei .
yet wild, sublime ud', liatri . 44 for, the &tier of
Thrasybithrs stri• fat sildne in dile nioutitlidn fist:
near.:- !fibre de Tiiitniiied at : tioon'ithd'ideist a duttple
of hours under' a,treel and i then descended into
Bleotia, and found' d r ib mtideitin tmYn iie'fitbhesf hid
the Thebelrof hiatory thioltim'e(eieettt a cet , eourees
?of Hellehie moon perhhps of • the
f m Thebtie we came the'"ridee
Pli4ta at ti 4 eqmitit tytlite'ro'n,‘jOebeloit'tthi
blana t the taik hete‘on,..
MIA r bbipll of de; 1 04 4 filitkall - ,IM,
;is gehe.. 'the little villagt; of' Titehidge lialV a mile
.dlatald, Mid cattle novi feettl witello rekteltitt . leht
.1d ',power In
there Yet, and Mew:ere of the Mltses tvitterOti hyrthe
Ydanthiti otAtroippet tlitough , *ie statute' titel 10140
ofthe mute& here given Niteee, to the eimetlitt Of St
Ifichtitikia l itAe!ehtMlif G.reek vesterK Prcr
atietrair 1
,*lttlteil ;cli"Sii i;t9fikihtiohlule, did 'the
eelebretetll'onfittlinirotlyttileerf end tethe:
0 not n tlrsinghtfronythttoyett t pst!en nitteentember
rciend . B APPOOI f t " 11 ,0 01 1141 11 1tvt dettttli'Pr
lir otlwittenuld not tlst *000199 o
them: Thewoo"we PrwFwatietks4oiSit*sonek., where
Philip - clove down lluillhetliqe ure..3‘.' Itibn4
aWhitcd Mount ramassus, wt?icti ) for rdv
gediless well tainnta tlle react to eptineniti and
havi4 trefpnilArpur`selliei ot elf Greece;
n t iOu*at E Tifettat'r,4 6 ,ihr}iiitniklif,ol)4l# V
A ' ri 'l l'tteit' ' littl'il, o o,4Plf.4; ‘ 1 1.01.4 44 .40
pall; otaic:atliinjOeita;) Vatattl;piabr 4 at f tso #ttlet l
At little fronveach thtm eleven of -the Iltatk,kindfdo •
tiopoon , the anoienereliiiih-4.
IMO, WM/W.0411 liON'Olitslo4#o*-edl
11 0 11 ; 11 Wit 1 4#41WS YPV I3 41 ; 4 '44100ns to
-4erfroPilmAaWklsjftssmOkileht,,ll illetTri s '
Allitetbriti'dlOiOl*tittut 464411(0441i
,qoatikorilferit*lvVit' '*# 0 1 6 4 sittliliqig
41 4 044; ~dilkil 6M
- ea '
slisiorc:l'att}4 qiaivitt,mll
ill ne PrAl 3 4tNiat*llibil /t iti yr,ifrf4Pi'dit,4,ii..:
10e Wife
tlmie,ittare s l ao, thia okentimea
tliglopiidstOilOttoq to to A4l,otreligio;ii
440 ile0016:
,0 1 1 1 1 ,01 4°,1ttli'
wan IeSS 'dulcet. ' ` 4 t
, , .•
But it Kate nut Etiotit tu,tell jou, more 145 , 01114 olt,
i'guitbatftntortlaigi Wbrahiped :in" the little' 'Greek'
Draft h`o ll .o l to, 6 cq 2ll :l3' enclosure
ilttuttiti tHe,fotitulullync-Pf hil,ceic!nrated
,As ever yours.' , •, ,
:4 J. r!..purinuk.
t 6cintreeneeil thieleiter with the intention
Oillayilig,eeritething the Greek church also of the
AtinetiitmOt9t I an at a gilloti end , have filled my:
thee 4 I must deter this topic.
.111 A #IIIIEV Kv• • ' •
Danville, on the '2sth ult. by
,Rev:"D. M.
lialtidny, Dr. Journ,SPICOK, of ClOrk'sTorry, Pa.
to Moe ELIZAATH HnLLBNDAeu, of _Denville;
Cojunibia county.
/In llatiuslParg.; on the 28th oldest), by the Rev. T.
Atwood, Mr. WILLIAM Fox,. to Miss IM'IAnGAAET
.844.Xencr,both of,Cuntberland county. , .
DI3D; , •
'ln Columbia, Pa., on Saturday last, ill sth hilt:,
kilter a lingering illuess;t Mrs. MARY At m : , consort
of Mr. W. F. Given; of that borough, and daughter.
of George Craighead, Esq.,of Scitlth Middleton toting
410, Cumberland 614; litiddt SCI years:
In this borough; dui '‘Vednesday etening' last; Of
consumption, Mrs. EWA, consort. of Mr..lolin Mat
thews; and daughter of t h e late Mr. Cdnratl Bolantibr;
aged dt years. • •
100 Sunday morning last,* - Bffiling Fold In tlil9
,'county, CRARLES Gcrist. Esq., aged d 8 years. MC.
I G., was Coroner of lidupliin county at the time of I
his death ; he represented Lelianon county formerly
in the Legislature, and was respected by all who
know him. -
/On the 25th ult. at the residence nf,her son Wm,
Palm, Mks. Ai 'PALM, relict of Jacob
deceased, of West Pennsbpro' township; Ciinnber.
land county, i•t the,s2d year of her age.
The deceased was respected by all who knew her
during her long and useful, life; and died in the full
assitilince of a blessed immortality.
The . ladies of the Presbyterian Church Will
hold a ll.irvdst liome, in the new hultdiug oppe.
site the Council house in .the borough of ShippenS.
burg, on Tituasos,y, the 18th df August inst. Din
net. will be prepared for all desiring it, together
with Refreshments of varickiii ltmds. The ob
ject is to rats° funds to be applied to ?initialling
the new Presbyterian Church. All frieBBly to
the cause are respectfully , solicited to attendi
The room'will be 'open at 12o'cloalt M., and at
8 in the evening. Price of adinission I2b cants—
Dinner 50 cents.
ShippensBurg, August 1,1843
Fot sale at J. I_,CODON're Cheap Ilonkelorh, ri
fed' arinis East of tiro Cat officei Muhl
etreet, Carlisle, (bid stand,'
A toward assortment of Religious, Xis
tells:neon% School k Blank Books,
consisling in iiart of Family, School, Octavo size
and Pocket Bibles, of various kinds and Binding.
Henry's hOmmentary on the old and new Testa
men( 6 i.ofs. Royal 8 vols. Scott's commentary
3 Vole: Royal 8 vols. Doddridgc's Family Exposi
tor, .coniplGte . in ono vol. Royal b vol. Buck's
Theological Dictionary, first 4 vols. Dick's works
In I vol. Royal 8 vols., also Dick's works earn
plate in 7 rots:, Pytlers Universal History, Rol-
Iln's Ancient History 8 vols., Napies History, of
the Peninsula IWar 5 vols. Royal d v 015.,: Wil
sons Ornithology in 1 vol. 12 mo. colored Plates;
Eno Turkey„Biudingi,Aitken and Frosts British
Poets 2 vol's. Also the 3d vol. a. Continuation
lately published; (from Southey to Croly,)Aindt's
trine Christianity, translaterl from Urn German by
11Ci. J. N. Hoffman, now Pakor, of the Isitherad
Church of this place, Also Ltithorgo; Methodist,
Presbyterian and Winebrenarian Hymn Boar,.
Also tiro ditTcrehi Arithinctiele ;keys, & Smiths
Mitchel's, Olney s sift/ Huntingdon's Gime - ankles
and Atlases, Algebra, Philosophy;. Astrnholnyi
Ger:snarly; Ctranimatgi Expositors, &c. fingel'ei
No. 1,2, 3; 4, , 5 and 6 ReSders; Cobbs fle'atlins, and
*Pa, bk. Baokd. Also LedgerieDuy Books, Po6kets4.
Iheocipt llookti; Memurandunt Books, &e., Ire has
oleo on handdiabeent arneles of Stationery
. ite .
follows:' Writing; Letter, Note and Deed Paper;
Visiting Cards, Scals,PenknivesiSilver and•LePil
Pencils. Shies; Wafers , Mathematical Instru
.Guatet"s Scatch, Dividends, Sand Boxes,
Inkstands of Jattekis kinffiii extra fine Paidt,Vlc.:
win Pens, Black Sand,black and red Ink PS4 4 derr,
Sable and Camel Hair Pencils, Bristol Board, wa
ter colodr, Mtitic.Paper, Port Folios; Lithographic
Prints, Pocket Maps, Albums, Blank Cards, large
office and traniparent W afers, Fancy , colored Pa:
per, Opaquo - & efarifietlAuilla, Fancy Rosati, &c.
Also, Violins, Pfutes, Tiro; anll 'other Bdoka and,
Stationery too tedious to mention. Alio Snnday
School BOoks'andTteltete;pYmt! Books, Sec:
of superior quali,ty manntliefared by '.l3elrMe,4o'n
end BAncharde Phila. The subscriber has Pattern
oks;,..containing ripeCimend of Brno ind'eommon
Taper, and can procure ih d few days notice any
qf thn.diltitini . patteirmithekichtettet tbay rfettilW
Re 'atei.'caltiles oil thb
• "84i•ok ,
, .l3inditYyi
iW . vari.'nus branchosovhero ho mann fatted&
Lcdgerti; Pak Banks, llOokota and blank boblts of
every. description,' and quality., sdpbtior to thoqo
glade in the, city fur country rntesktda ; . also obi
"looks .rebound. ; ,
, Perion's wishing. • ofd bboks is=,sOtsed at'a moderato
thus enabled toliresorve inany'valuable books that
might otherivise bei lost: • • • . • •
, Wtlting• and:Letter rajlei at 12i' ttnd v Q•if mitt*
gaive: •' ./.1: LOUDON:
Aug05t. 4 4,11;g4.7.• ' • ••• •• tr.*.
itead st sale 41111kFOpty
in Carlisle on WEEINESDAI, the SOUKof
AU sUliriihin4tWo'cloisk, ft; M. )01 thti righftitle_
ngdintt phrna st t 44,0;
entusto on ' tie top of tile: Noint MOuidiin;lieloiv
SterretsiOsn), 3 tong , tart&i, )2:ye ,togositip;yores,
ei)Phlit a myotv 4, 51)1Fr P,1g,.cM911,10,190,1.',1
Crx; f o,4Z. /11141iMi s e
tie the sioneolbA i dti WS, libiidetiirtres of whiCli
nite`ildlire;l; hash** gc(cidliOUS FlA:Thr s iihd,
tkthei l 4riltiriNtiltiColo , thOrehti.ekedted..l
Istoeltattoi l ikild'Ohlehieli',Chiyistoplre,Vireiroort
resides/ ,
• 4. t .' • ,
Ternoie 314 chsh: A tale 4i11•• • bler
* .ii. Con Mkt' day to the highest biddeft. ,
Yosl,intottohtio4 op!thosultieet ipply,to F ' eSnieriekr
WattsiltSq.,4 914e914. - ,. . •
• eftit: 6 . AgSDN'; ,
1, , I `,"'') - toStibo ,- ,
itStWiietlsottleibtiopll3 the, ti 111* ' treet
~„, 4 0 4
~100 1# 11 15 M*1 1 103 , 1 M , F KRAr-,
a e n 4— yr., 3 : ,
fa w UlO . i.
"14 r r l l it grilitlll2l l l l l ll
)11/412;4•14443e 7 , 2 i fil;1, 1 L.rl
;1 1 N hUAtliitkOlta*4ol:lll,llofA;
• -
FARBISare offeied fbisaltii'etioli
4.. U"; wieatiotlso. Acteneof ;"-a
• Linieptone , and 0 °cola
I w te ted tirld imprtitedi . tvitti*Juo Proporthin
off , or:Celt:date on'tho" State' Road in' Trough:
Creek:l7ol4Y, trilleiffi.tiii i tlio'ltalatown Brandi
'elf7tltos; iind'PhilebalpidttrapabOut
the: Tuli.mill Gap) i 3 frord'Criiiiptitillis"Lack oh
the State Canal) itnd-20.frrinMet'onpellsbarg and
the town 'cif Huntingdon:.,siirrounded
by a respectable and thriving 'priitillation: &nab.
lished'nnite than 50 ears akribet and oro,
several Iton' vit . :arks, which afford inarketd for the ,
produee of OAS fortile:tind
Pur juror:Motion, apply to Mr. JairieS
Huotinglion ,oinityl,Pa.; or Mr.
Williars Houok, P; 0. 4 '1 - liintingiloh
county; Pa., who will slicii3T the proiniage• to Jos.
E. TOwnsend, 309 Arch streak,
August 91 ' 1543: ' •• tf-41
14.1r0 FORTE
11EAITTIPULInetrurnent, neatly new, and in
good condition, is offered foe sale, very vary
lot and on term to suit the purchaser. '
_. • ' . EN6/11111r. AT TlllB OPFIC.E.,
August 2,1843. 40'40
1 - .
____•: . •
1. AM very desirous of clos i ng my ;Airs
in Cumberland county.,Mr. JAS. It. SMITII,
hi (lie omen of ;ttie Herald t. Expositor; is fully ail
litoriXed to collei;t all flies due die, which I
hope will be promptly, *barged. - All, accounts
against me can bb pips* tl to, Mr., gaiiilli for col:
Icction ,
. car Mr. Swirls is also thilhdiixed to aitt as ngeht
fort' ',Rimester "Union f.s . Sontinei,"—and will
Lilly 'forward . the -nemci-pf- those -of my old
'lien( 8 tthii tali) , w.irell , to, sqe how we. are getting
along. . , . It: WHITE MWDLETON.
' August 2, 1943. - tr-to
CASH ! CASH . ! CASH !! !
ALL 'virus indebted to the subscriber,
are notified that they must Call anti settle'
scrountsfort/ilUitit, la 'Unger ittillilgene cannot be
Carlisle, A di. q, 18 ts. 11.-1(1
nollies and Canibrielt
.1)1mIty by the
Lif yard, for sale low at the store of
August 0,1843. 9G11.11Y.
. S U/11' 6 E 17.(VG:
ur Wilmad county, will attend to Surveying of ail
kinds, on masa:lo,lo terms. •
3011tliartiptnit tp. ¶2, 1843. 31.40
Wines and Liciuors.
A GOOD assortment of first 'choice Liquors,
IV viz: French and Daniestic lirsodies, Hof
land blin,old Monongahela and Collilllo,l
ft prima article of Accotnac Poach Brandy, Port
and Lisburn Wines.
Carlisle, May 10,1843. tf.:lB
A 1,r.; pefsonnie fiercby notified; that
A RCTIEfIAIIAi illtlCXElt,olNewville, Clint
berland county, Pa., (lid on the 'Milt day of July,
execiite a Deed of Aasigntiicnl of all his property
Iteal,,persomilitiol Mixed, to the stiliScriber for the
benefit of all hia Creditors ,
as Impel - till by said ai
signment IS of record. All fiersoils having
thiiihs or demands against the said estate, are i•e
yfinted to make known the same without delay, and
those indebted to make payritent to the subscriber,
residing In silk! 14or9ugli.
• . 117:11.
August 2,1 6.13. . 40412
Summer Goods:
•.„ .
. ill olf balseee of my Surtinder dMele, ni
gremly reduced i»ices, fur Cash.
Amtmt 2 1845. CHAS.
Town Property .at
>vim. sub.:raw, will Mier at public sale, to
I.lAlr the:lsth or A.I.II;UST inst. at Ow Court
llonse, in this 1101 . 011.11, the property on whirl, he
now resides, consisting Of n one story
AND LOT OF GROUNFi, 111 ,_ 1
sit ato ou South Hanover street. The house has it
basement and garret finished, With ix fine garden and
tehoice fruit trees. A Ito, two half Lots adjoining the
above, will be sold at the i:ame time and place. Iluth
will be sold without reserie.
Side to commence nt 2 o'clock in the afternoon,
when attendance and terms will he given bv..
Carlisle, August :1,1845: ts•4o
Register's Noticd,
Cariisfei July V, 1843.
Notice is. hereby tfrven to rillportiorfri interested,
that the folltiwing recounts have been filed irr this
office for csprifirraildir by the accountants thereit
namao and mill be Prescuteii . to the Orphans'
Coutt okit.firrberland county for confirmation and
ollovlance et; Toesday UM 29th day of August,
I. Tho a6count or Andrew fiaiidson Mid Da-
Yid Snotely; Ad ministratois of Joliri Snevely, late
of Newton township, deceased.
'fhesppplatrrerital account nf George Moltz
grid Jaco b Administrators pf lamb Molts,
kierof East Pcnnsborough township, deceased.
' The necount of Jacob Sadler, Admintstrathr
of Jrrint Molt; late of Mien township, decenied.•
,4: The account of John Johnson ' Administra
tor 'of Martha Geddes; dectaried; filed by said
lohnion's Ezzetetorri.
5, Tine aceottnt of Lerris Harlan; Administra
tor corn teSiarrientO annexo of Christian limner
late of the borough of Carlisle, decease&
6. The accoarit °Minium Peal; Administrator
of Samuel §turgcon; falai of the borough of Ship
penslturi, decease&
.7. The account of Mrchael Cocklin,•Execnior
of Jacob Cocklin • late orA lien .illninship; deed:
8. Tho account of W Exe6dtor or
Hobert mcGla nghli it, Taiu of the ha'rohgli or New
vlllo, &centred. , ,
9, The ttiCounli of John Zietilei,,,Adniitihdtafo'r ,
aJorin ofNotth Middleton intiv :whip;
. .
10. The aceoahi of George W. Shearer and
Jacob Shrotn, Executors of David S. Fornek,daio
of the borough of Carlisle,: d'ecessed: • • •
11. The, supplemental and final account of
Cliristibn'Starman Excedor of Abraham Stay.
man', la t e of Bari ' ennabuilitigh foCoiltips, cleo'd;
'Oufiplonietititl account Of fißenjaminMyers, Administrator of John 111yors,l , atd ol Wes/
Peonseorotigh ton4iship; deceased.
• .1,3;;Tho : ACetiokot of •Rebect .WilOartrAdinlnis
..erator of Robert Contour) late of th 4 O hoiohgli of
'll4olaanietheirg, deceased .
14. Thb account of Macon; Admin . .
4itirtdoll dom . testa nataito'annimief Jo in es Parker,
late Of the bbralfgh Shttienshurg;decetied.
15. The accollni of Fiederielc
Ziegler, Gunrd'-
iam of §tunuol .Ziglor, a itailloe son of Chri mien
Zigrqr, of Penifsboron'gh townehip,due'd.
JACOB BRETZ, R eg-iste:4
- ,
ALOT '(if pirrinte 'Oranges' and LeniHng,
jnit tvciisloCtutdttit , tdle . liki it the &tore of
• LINT , ' &t'itrT+,lll:llt. •
MOSIOttiOOi. - fir l ir a fgetStergliiPi'
#E }~tirinerdht (i heeetoforeictiitit'g
the - firiif of P.. a; It. KioONT7ii
Idk thlillereaeti heti nesii•wilte dhisolved'on .the
Hail mutual' oottlient.' eritib ,I3bbki
nothWer the firte".#ol-...1;et • thh litandtv otithhert
tiotintt'; to Whomi;•:fehtens',.kithivitaglheaselvei
.debtetl'iSll4lease eidy Make. settleme4. , „
' • l't. , lZ 11.-IKotrwrzt.
hertfonthtued at the old stand,.
by Philip Kearny, *he solicits a contihuhneti
i i i sontitsLw - OTIEIK,
i l vioposa s ,w ilt fio 'fOPOINPLI;
osmo qt,ti
'O4llOl Sigtigawo Wrltinelcrith:
111°.111§*ihgl? 14k
t i4p
in bt.lollo.Yi it t 1.4! , 11 1 hP
alfg uole rrt 14 1
$91'46/11 b A t. ' 46 R i k
both tWjehlitioi,e;
an , iqt4,1, 141 4* 1 21 „„ 11$110, 1 1 ds
A _
"AO (
,1 4V31P
2 5, 1.30 .
' , ,
/FIE subser bera th e t me hod 6 'in or mg ,
theylisee'enterell .in/clPahn - Prr:.
•••••,••• • ,••
l o t thh.hld shop, for seyeritl 'year.F . Oeeditit;il rine'of .
ateeet; nett , dede!weet . or N. , Wil eon
'Nodule Stays,. Where. :they. all prenneed to execute
dock 'elitruetBd to nekt;Thslilonable
and tiatitifaetory'manneN , theirg:tperiettee in
the' lhisineas,Atid
•, portih : r ?
%On! haile ti eked 10Ht13 , iill 14e in.' neltitit cities tend
,Idtvati of the, fitilted States, they doubt not they
be able to render geneitti satistnetion: They' titeie.
joie atilibit a' Dlutfe Ed'ladle pati•onnex,
cOrliilei July. 26, 1843. ,
. •
, these indebted to the subseribeilwliile curry=
ing oo in..nness by hirnsell, are reonestet , to setae
their aceounl6 wlthont tieluy,'na he neeili money very
much. W.NI,—.NI'I4IERSON.•
July 26,1943, tt-30
. .
TillOSaindebted;to Lb stit3criber, will
picnic call i ni tned lately and hett le tl lei t• accounts,
and oblikil yours, fie.
A. Iti.6llAlldq. •
'filly 26, 184 . 3 . . 11*-59.
. .
• •
~... • ,
.. ,
lit BO6rd of .Managerf; of the cton
!mil:in& Valley Mittual Insurttne Compti4,
fire reotiiisted to 'rivet at the 'house 01.411teoh Tregn,
in !Atkinson township, no.the inth of Avila; at I
o'clock', P. M. Punctual Mk:infante ir r•titueited its
husineis of importance is tobe trri)isecte,i, ,
A. C: MILLER, Se'ey.
Wltite: - rioilic, Jury 211, 1&l3. , it SO
Com i.l!4szo:v 1:n0 -011-16:,- --z -
. . - July._2l3 1843.5
PTIFIE tirierlii Door& of School. Directors of Ole
COlility are hereby notified that the packages
containing, the Eighth Atoned Iteid.t of the Soper
intenilent, of Common SiAtools,and Monk Forms for.
each School District, Ital.e.liern vcceired nt this ofii
cc, and are seedy for deliiery to those 'entitled to_t•e
eeivl them. 111.W1N,
Clerk to CormuissioniNs.
_ .
July '26.1843..
Houite Painter, Glazier El. Paper hanging
S. S I ;
P ECTF 151.1 .Y honotinc'es to the citizen: of
Carlisle and the publib in, general., that he has
comthenectl the above businesS in all its branchrs, and
hopes that by strict :mention to busintAt and with a•
desire to please, to merit and receive at,hare of pub
lic patronage. le—may he toned at the corner a
South Ilanovei• sli•cet and East ChaPel alley, oppos
ite C, • 1•;. It. Davis' Chair Manufactory. •
Ca .luly 111,1843.
F. FOR 8.11,F,4
be sold at priiate sale a FARM or first,
Situate' in South Aliatltetoit tnite West
of Citrliste, Corolierfond coOoty, ,ivioz on the
Wahoit liollniu Ifwul,, eolitnittiog 110 ACltlt!,i;
more or lebi, having theriion er'eeted d tiro story
. . . .
~,. ...
. ..:-.„•:,p -- STONE Net3.BlEl, ---
~ : . .. .
.._...........„, . a 1ar, , .. fronts Ilarir; tY welt of first,ratp
water, a young rind thriving: mirk Olt Cl/31 1). .
Also to he sold trith the nhae tract live UNTIS of
first ratir, chestnut Tlintrti..
Alm Walnut llonoiir road MASestht•engli this Farm
\Vlach gives it market l'or all the 'manes riiiseti up
on it, by drotes pasiing to the EAst. ,
Perstins ii fishing to porch:lse will please eall Mm'
Sir.' Andrew little, in.Carlihle,,or on tho subscriber
at Iris Alills, 4 miles West of Carlisle. , , .
July 12; 1813. .
Call sOokt for great Barg:Lim:
UST . mnpilinctuved nod for soli•, n first-rote
e j quality of COPPERAS, which will he sold in
quontities to suit purchasers far legs thou it eau lie
bought in the City; for eash,in,Ciudislr at Ilurklipld
eri Hotel, I Innover street. All orders will lie hute
tually attend to by
:111,FRED B. KEEVIL, Agent.
Carlisle, .Inly 18 , 1813. 31-.37
Agtent far the sate of Soulhzcoriii ainufricial ii g
Co miul pies
WarelAO; ./Vd. 5, Minor etr'ed,
following kinds enuglantly on hand, and for
sale to Me trade at the kiwest market prices:
Fine thick Plai Caps, 12, fl, and Ifi lbs. line and
Extra supei• and ne 'Polio Posts, Blue C n bite.
Extra super Packet and commercial pm:4, blue and
Extra, superl.inen Note papivs.
Superfine acid flute Bill papers, (Long:l
1)0 do (Broad.)
Do do Counting lunise Caps Air Sc OM ie.
Ex:r4 super, Congress Caps and letteti, plain 4MI
• ruled tine and white.
Superfine Prenilt Post plain and ruled:-
Do Sernion Caps and Posts.
Superfine salt fine Cap , ' and Post+, ruit , it and pialn;
Moe and illite,varions'quarilies and prices..
Also, Bonnet Boards, l'issmi,,Em'el'ope,.
ping and I lar.bvare paper's, Sze, ke.
lots 19, 18.13,
T" reipeoitnity inf6rm the
puhtio, that. they letst purchased the entire
slockisf Cclotis of Thotnarl 11. Skiles, consisting of
Cloths, trassitncros; Postings, Glovcs.
, . _ •
Stocks; IlanaltOrchgofs, Linda Coliai.d,
Gentletneos llose,,Cenvqi, Caps, Ae.till of
.whith they offer for sale of the old :Ann(' of 1 1 . P100 4
11. West :‘,lttin Street.- They nssOre the
pnbrie lhat their wt 4k will by 11011 11 . 1 the hest Man
ner nod dont titshitniable Gflglemen furnish
ing Cloth; bitty rely - upon - littingi't cfp vith
e q ual' tare. •
frNi. X. uN•riantsT,
N. 11. ilcionsShire& will be eatitinned in the
establidhment os Ctifter,L.; & S.
Calisle.Jollo 90 , I 8 4 3: . • ll'-34
11. 11.11•1161 P. I OdirliP
Patont Upper and . Improved Lower
VIT in till kind of ; I . Ind ()WS
V V caw lied to . l . oi l r ' er g the tipper sash, which
may he leltu part way down without a possibility. of
,beingioPened any farther Irbil% the;outside. '
took a prewiam nt the American Instinde in New
'York,and have beeh recrunidended nsa very superior;
article by - the host dawpeuters throughout the country
wherever introduced.. They are .warranted—tibt to
lime their elastrcity or brink, have Piii.Oltbr
seriing the notches 1 4 0 1 ,•BASh i sad directiolo. thy
selecting the appropriate 117,eS ainillirowly patting
them into windows.; , ; ,
For sale nt the Itlierdattire . S.iors sir ;Carlisle; :tint
stores selling fiarti'aie ShiphtislinVit; Mercers-
Churehrown, Alcatinie.sh4g,
Greeneastin,ilaiciliitVain,,Wti'ynesburg, Getkrilinrg:
Newville, Harnsttait, ,Also nt Vholesale and
(ail stores in Neyk•Yolik . , Italtinibre;
Pittsburg, Chitiliiha 4 o, St: Louis; Now Stc. suit the times. ;: t
ing)4 'TPhipsstiliti, boar thill thettame These,po to; w i linloWs hi ohlbuildiitgs
10 Copes linotonntl Shbeir,ilfst'reeriveillool for
loivOt the sicire'Of
• • June 21,180.
. .. . , ,
, " , ...
lilidtV . 6iril - 'Bltoes.
_... ....
'..- ... NE,Wmitlhioti: to! , tilt) .1044 Slo : 6k
, of fte ( clf,xeAv . ,e4i,,ekiii i ptiged .‘l4.9ts,,:ife t 4abd
'. so ii'Xitil3bbeiOr Otioll''qualitY.:NretisanWlroy i klii
Ant Oalr Ntoivadir; htilliel, 'Nlisii•Jitlii - plii Wrens
klitand spoioceir siiiii)eo; l ; 4 oWi.ittl:, 141 es. alio-
ItiVictimb *ats,lill •iir, viiblbtiiiii be 6 ltl onktettihiaiiq
tylou%•kr cuib; ..!:, .1 7 , .o4NOttsv;Ay.' , ..ll4 , 4riN i t4
-Giirliiile, Mak t 0 .1845 ! . ''•' ' • - '.' •• - •., .st
Ofil.lairref‘ ',; A ,
41.,Ifilystuith 4A1.1-os9,lontlifirr,
sual i d
mal.,,to;4onoti Od'ex)i+P
earn isweaelphik #l'c!':"*:.iiiitxot.-:
. ~
=;:g5Pat0 , . , 11 , g4 , z%0._.40.0..,
~::', , , , :. ,. ....DENTis.ii,-; , ,--'7'7:--;,
'. • iLtifilicir'm . " till- op'e' I.:Minna upOnAlie Tei•iii,',
, .. , tliiii. are required lot' theta preservation; Binh
- Ad ccdi,i g4 ,/nirin z ,.pi ng yi ng , oc. f . . t or ) .•will•reßtor
the" lo t s of themnifiiiiiMitig!MtifieitifTtetli, frolic
n 1400,1'00 . 1N ,to a full sett. . • • • ~•
,al7-pliiii..on Plit'afi•etie' 4 few 'lloninSoittlihf . the '
Alailrotiii Hotel. ~ , .• '-; - !. :.
N. B. Dr Lo'inni's '•U•ill'he'idient riOin • Ciiidiale;.:
the lAst ten 1131114 in eneh month,' • :•• ' i•••,. 1 -t t• -
•,?..lny 21, 144.3. -,,,.•.':;4:. ',,; - .•., :; ,• , ..,.,tr...'s#
__. • ,
ilicorrif their !Kends' and' the ftibll`o';'
V that they have just rbeci'Veil mr their store on.
High , Street, next door to 'lectern's Hotel, Carlisle;
a large, fresh, and elegant itssorttne4 of CANDIES;
,FRIIITS, and -Other articks intheir line,. which
they,are featly to dispose of, mholesalq and retaili .
out the rhea reasonable terms. Their assortment
tompriitei: the followlog varieties, nil of whialt arti
of the elipi'eeSt quality: ,
CA NI !tit, rPatid, edris, quies, spear
mint, Mint plat, cakes anti Oinnumo,u,',sassar
leturdi, Imaritotual, civil', cream aud,bird-eye;
Thouipsmilan candies; Clay
leuton amd, common Neuga
I'i encly m
eurnoa,:iml exploding secrets; mint drops
rock tacit vdnilla cdittly ; bugar and burnt almonds;
empty lays, ligtmrice, &e. , ..„
barks, elaistilitS,Undlirniil,eream,cocon nod ground .
lerrmS., raisins: figs, Primes;
dotes nut ciu•bti. :Also the-best
Carembsia TobaccO mind Segarst
sae]; ns llep,alia, Pi•incipe, I.fitvintn, 'frailness and
American sopa* of the fittest quality.
Their assol.tment , is Kept constantly simPlied by
fresh addition% country increlvints arc iityited .to
call, as they eatl 6c supplied on terms as advantage. ,
MIS - as - eh , : prices. TIIC pationager of the inibtiO id
respectful Iy...solicited.
Carlisle, APO!. 1843.
Leather, Morocco and Finding -
ES.9 T -M
Wlia. L. PEZVER; •
/10ST. resptciftillv'infortns the citizens of Mr
ri,borg,,and the public in general, that he hhe
remoiell his heather; Morocco anti Finding Store . ;
to North lielottll street, a few (lours above livery
o•Itobe he keep congtanfly eu
gynet:4l assoetment or the following named
artiyles, .• . ,
Si)aliiifi6at .Ifrattlikr,
Harnesg, fair alai black bridle, wax and grain upper,
\dill) and collar leather, wax antigrain Calf
' I Skins;Spanixli and entinirj• Nips : top and
lining lyailax,bellows Leather Ihr Far
' later% and Blarksmitlia, and I.lark ••
Tawaid Sheep SkinA.
doinprising Men's Morocco, Wottiett's tintiresst4 , -
red and black sirait.sTrench kid Ofdifferent
ked.roans, Binding!. Linings of RN colors, Book;
binder's Icath s er, Glettnois' leather. and Buck skies:'
Such as liont.key stuttbrerikcrs, shoe keys; hani
tinA.s, pincek, inlets, siartiPs; size stieks.- pooches,-
knii•esolthhers, files, rasps, thread, boot webbing,.
sptiFables, hoot cord, tegs, awls, Ric. Sic. AU or
which t ile' very'. LONVESI' CASII
\V. 1,1 3 . rettt+6 hiti sincere thanks to the pub-
Lor the patronage • has heretofore
f eo estended Idol, and respectfully solicits
continuance of their favors.
11arrish , iiff, - Ma . y 17, 1843,
Attorney • at. LOW,
FPERS , his professional services
the nt the late residence of
1111 Akiii.street
Carlislii, April :1, 1343,
JOHN m.ivs.
Nevi?' Cheap s t ore.
•__ .
rrinE subscriber would infdifil the public
-IL that Le hos Luken the store ro(nit tecciody ()p—
-eopled Nlessrs. Itos , erman and I 'idiom io North
I lanover street, Cali sle, lti ii hick lie is now open- -
i a large and splendid and cheap assortment of
of every variety awl goality, which he invites the
toihlie to eon anti evaniine,confident that the quality
of itivgotols :dal their low prices Will give tatisfac;
Clod to ail itho,tmir favor hint with:, 6,11. ,
Agent foe icisepli Reed.
if -2g
May 17, (81.7
J. IL 131:.11.4^1
• • Illitrritiburiv Pa
nESPECTFUI,IN telbrills the Far-:
,ILL niers, Millers, Merehaids and the public
that lie is ttoii pt eparCil with large and' dit=
mon jays Houses, on the Penni'
‘ll9 rout nJ W:ilmu street,in Ilareisburg, to receive
in Store for sliipnmut, Conntry produce and Mer; ,
cliandiN: rot: philadelphin, Baltimore and Pittsburg ,
and all interntediate places. D. Leech nod Co's
Line; And the rsllolving first class title Witter Canal
Boats, p ill rnit (ruin the (louses in Harrisburg.,
C. MeAllester,
- Chesapeake *
Mary and Marital,
May 3t, 15.13. tr-31.
. . .
. •
ririltlF, subscriber having sttippCd the re-:
i s gt. tail iiiisiiietis is nos prepOetl to Fell to tom
try and Town Storelceepers nntl the trade generally;
Sugar,. , " Coffee, • Itacon; •
• Ten, Molas3cs, - ' • Brtindy,
Ciiipoliite, Rice, . Gin, .
Spices, Oil, Wine,
Sperm Cantlied, Tobacco, AVltt§key;
Fist. - Salt, ' . Plaster;'
l'ittil 2 , '. Oakum:. ' . , ' . .,
nail a:general asFortment at GROCERIES, for sal t
JOHN H. BRAN': , .
tf-s .
May 31. 1843.
Slisqu eh annei.. Line,
rrHE proprietors of tho.Stmttehannal,inewitt s ,
•L- • run their .Cars and Boats as usual to Phil.'
adelph in and Baltimore duringthe present season.'
Their friends will please apply to Noble, Flinn
& Herr, Broad at, and Andecnia&lll6Kee.
ver',' first whaif litroVE Race street ea r ths Dela:
wain rhiladelphiai and Joseph E. E1der,..11410-
11101 T. ,
Until further the tollotvingprices
be !Winded to botweott this plaeo r and tha.nbovel
Mc pet 100
Dry Geodd; Prup,'
nod Mediejnei, 26' ...
23 406' ' t
.Forniture, . '22 25 , . 43: J.,:,/
Wheat, Rye
,Sc. Corn . , • , , , ; 2; .•
• per bushel 11 -.0 : : ''' ~''', - ,
Coati . do'' 7 ' , :',l,3tt• .:, .',. 2 :,4 wili .
Groceries; . 23', ~ ~ ; 2!).
~,fillf. .t : ' t ~. .
Lumber 10'0,. ~_ ,_, . ''''''
feet s3 l ‘so' -"/ '4: 75 '." 1 ; 1 % . r':. ,
Shing,lee‘pbrl:ooo.,l4...s,,C„: _,4.011. 4 , .;,:-..., L.!
Flour perlild. 3f 3b, '4 7 '
& l'ittAirefdd'slY.'‘ t ' , '.37 r , '', - .7it' l o , '
Ilerrirtz do.. : ' '.: , A , P -,,- i{ ~ 11 , 1 g .!‘,., - . . 1
Salt.per tekelq , .32 • . .gs , . . .
Pittili,'Pai!castflldirin` 1 : ' •kt , '''t: .' !tr.' ri:%.•..
per 100; .. 15',7 .. 20 .
:Picts* grass tVii;e2 '.so' ,- t? i2 ., 25'
qiernii 1)0'1 1 , 00, , 22 , --- • 16'
,Hides,! ;i,..-. 'n'.. , ^; iils ;,l ,' ' , Y 21 % ,..;
-Pig 54i:el:cross 6 , 4,3 „MY : O' 504.
.. .
11310dIllti ik. ' l#l.ktliio; , o OW: 1. 3 'l,2kt• -iri
'Par Irciii,vi,w, ; ,', ,‘1 , 60 . . . '. 1 ..• 3,50 . i' .14
~,i ,: ),..;,i
~.Nallo viprlVV,
~',,, ~1 2 0. . . , ; 1 71 ',.,. .. -
'Lattice, OrVOUr, '' '.25' ' 4C ' 2131' t''`-., '""•'',';
,Whisiktiy, Ver. bbt ,i.:. , •63 , i 1 li ..,4 7 !: , i l . , ;•;•' , ''''''' .I , i.t
, fi?tx. 1110ike p1r,.1017,'21:it ~ -,,..
110 . 1'.i tifr:v'lltil-r: Y.f,;•,1111t..-: , i;f4te. , ,,' , ; 14 ,
~,,v,";: p = is' ,:t
~ :fifl Pi- Mh t liTlgiy •
,nar . ril!lilirk t tAtili).l2,,' pd4:3:: •.. ;' .„ .';' .'i,'.'..:2ti . R ..,
7 .....t..4,. 4 ,,,4
1 ,q ) i,iliii . r ~ krzgronewt,,c___At,,,,,g,
f,,,i1 0 0:04,0A. ertit .7 ool4io' 3 /
Asi4lB34f ..ii , Ali i .4 " . ,• • " '
I:,nl' f . ) c. , N,l ,, ,Ptlptg , A il 0 c.' 1 , 1 4, ,;' 1e4:4:14,!itl
4 , „,iiip1,t,,,X11. 1ii',;2:,..
CEIAS: - (itiLny
Firg. ..•
g-03 '
22cts.' 15 $1 Lb!
_ L '7.1