Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, May 17, 1843, Image 3

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".._''.'»YSsFuift.',llotirinti' .L' ',- 1 .!.., A1.t,,f4.!$ Agent,
Hke,Cntjitti;—.l.: -,,,-• ?!4*',,tlf.tlittifettliteinetitir
I I”r41 1 0. ERlO4ilve iecia" a - Jr .. '" '
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fittetestlng itorrof love and the
"e4tt:tif the Voiiiii:', l 'i;,Ut.*irtnindMilent . : , Brst,
anerentayvan;ft , th: r to. ' tiazetPs!..t" ,. .: . ,;t'
, . 8 4,X SnMen 0 114
'of Inc Ol'hfidlehOttife Bor:
'thiglt;Taxt o 4, l !! . e:PnVla' ls y t7.7 kit" tll;
'isthOU'ne . nfineney,in,theT4eiky . beinkanfhef
to meet . the current epenT),so/1141iiilt Or. 0 1 10
' Ta id i. • .•
• ' A iiiiiiiii6lkenciv to the: tour of our Os=
teemed:fellO4.eitiien,lteVi;;l;P, Duninri; Is' reedy.
e44 0 F0 witk,al,klY4o24tii'LP!tstiYie:. are happy to
hp able to-publish r the.folloWingthotiee Ars:
vele; which hat been kindly furnished :.usi:)ger ,
Orrif kettershaire lat4Y::,o ,e eti:reecived hlin
the loot
,frent dated. ; 'April Bth—froth
whieh-welearn, that viisitingtbe
tutting objects in Egypt; he follewed , the route of
the Israelitee to Sind. ' Thence under the prOtec. ,
lion and guidance or an Arab escort, he crossed ,
the Desert , to Palestine—visiting, in Alio way,
Akithali k 'front,the 'neighborhood of which the
ships Of Solommf'were ;Went te 'Sail for "gold,
ivory; apes; and: pcacocks"—Meurit Hor,
where Aaron : dieB in :the' 'presence of Noids end
Eleazer..and_where his tomb is : still preserved .with
reverence - and near it "time "tomb girt'" City of
'etra. • Arriied'at Palestine, he stood at peershe.
Whfch Abraham diggiid+xt
it.CCf in upon the Cave of Mucphclah, thp
titery h ffit-rilattr,of.the ~ .P.atdareh and his fantitA
• koir Tridtriseaife.h . TOtkiisii mosque, whit h
tian htigi; 4 tire blibwpd tu'enter. 'Thence lie
passed ify Bethlehem to Jerusalem, prom the
holy city, ho rambled over the most interesting
pertiOns of' Palestine, not 'without danger, as the
'country' is n very_unsetticil state.
'allid : , where God appeared to Jacob—Shiloh,
'where the ark long rested—Sychem, where the
hones of JiniePli were 'buried, having been bre%
'out of 4gypt 7 -und, w here 71,tir, Lord' held tin; con.
'versation with the woman of Samaria.
He then proceeded he Mount Tabor, Nazareth,
Mount Carmel and Acre,. to Tyro and 'Sidon,
now -miserable little, towns, and thence to Iley.
tout. Ho next visited Damascus, by the way of
tho mountains of Lebanon;' thence to itrlhce,
the ruins of which he the't to exceed auk lie find
before seen in extent acid grandeur, sent 'Of the ,
Mods of stone being sixty-fMven feel. lont and
Aivelve feet thick! Rethrning to Bey rout, be'
sailed in a Steam boatto Smyrna, which be roact . i .
cd on the Bth of April, the date of Ilia last feuds,
baying touched in his confab at the Islands of
'Cyprus, Rhodes andyMinom, • At Smyrnahe ex.
'peeled to be detal some time to quarantinei:—
After that ho designed to visit the seat 'of the
'seven churches mationed in Ifin ReVelationst
'then Constantinople and anew anid aftei•Watds
to return home by the way of &gland.
If not. detained by the qdarantlires, which are
vaatiously frequent Ana prottacted in Eastern
:countries, ho may. ho expected home by the Col-
Sego Commencement on the lith of July next
When we doubt Vat he Will be greeted with a
hearty Weltenie feliow , eititene, and; en.
pecially by,the Members of the institution over
which lie has so long and ably presided, and
'Which may expect to derive additional advents.
ves from the stores of knowledge' which he has
it:Climu)ated during.his interesting tour.-
it is a pleasing evidence of the present facili
ties of intercourse between remote nations, that
of the numerous letters which ?resident DURBIN
has written home, not one is 'known to have mis
t:laded; and that the last which were-nndled at
Smyrna not earlier than the Bth of April, rettel
rd this, country on the 1:211i;of May i . r
More Borough Notes.
ca-Tho people of the borodgh of York have &-
tided upon an emission of small notes by their
ouncil, and the Gettyilitirg Staris 'advising thd
people of that borough to do likewise. The con•
tagioli.isapreading; and we need not bo surprised
to /me bbery borotigh In , the Stele following the .
example ; The truth is;t4:uneisnipled'eontise.
lion of iltiFeurthoby..ilita .Mede' people desper.ite,
,itteinfe 2 deleitnittelt:leiltu‘e money, no mat=
ler .ihtsft'y Oa !kit a Pail.'
a the fulfdreent
rho Caiidr,oNhafiarriebdrg . Talegaph antes
tat Sitdidarlaatrthpto - wara - continachts
tik , d arid thi:ea
atireao,•iying 414 itte, tquot bf tho river;
alma and 6,414 , that ,boraagli, a dleiattho of figit.
t ,„' . ~ •
,Coliceithattoti of Loco Flicofini!
•11The r lfaystonN, ;Importer and Gazette of
ffatrtsburt, era toli7Anited.dpon the lit of Juba,
iii`iitilff '4 , 0,64te1i.tr4e'41 the Voiiet and enerOy
a*, 411‘til l ar414 4 :in'Otitilnfil0 it4ti,whia Li (0
lie ''Cti ndaet. 94 4 ...-ia Uiti. kioluflojtd Enqu6r.—
thliyfAliao to get ItitablatOadltjt Oiaiii - olNona
tintihiiii*W4i4 . be 4ilt itralialt(',...,.. - -, •;'
~ I,,y.t..4 . Wittittiioi deptsty Sebreitity dftha Pohl.
nika*ollil4,#444ajlvania, Ifier4ijined 131 s or:
Ace. 4 - * 44iis.a :10*egisf of prai . an , , f47 , 4kka : die-
--t *C. 4 4 ol ll ll o,: t i t ;T: 0:: 1 : 1 4t. 1 .4 1 i M °41.°) ,4 , 1 the i
fi'lik itt i l4WAY. o Aelallinaing elliP•7' -.
4:. 1,..i.,. - vr:, i' *''t.., ~ , ~ k 1 , ,
' .... • hitlibbAriit4olWeii /IV X‘tofripOik;it
,l 'i t'
, : 11P304 {• 111 11
04 e .
a th
. e N
e niht of t
übp4 robbed itl'quantitpWi g lit
I%lA.+,;iti 4's-!vg, .l' -1;t ,.t o
' .
\ *iijii 4 1101414'Grittp,e'" ils Olortigelt io;
new paper ' fiat
•yt.l4=illleitel l *** l . s oeek 4 r, Syi4l, and
%144 0 '''' 4' ' 4 i h i,9: 6l 4?O i 'l lii.
' A' ti 111 .44.40 -6 .1.. 1 0
. .
044 c ham.
I rr Lot no One, be+ ile,tefred from
reading tile artiniejleati, k'rpphecy,
day. paiitiritqletter treat there a'nrere'atrik(ngor
ceriditiott'c'tif as,t . 4irecliettid eight
P I !" 1110 ' 1 !X ' : t l he: ' ,14 gi t P i r e :•§ tat ee tnen then in
J I i
„i. go- A itie , 'Keiloary'Deportment at
,Tireehiniton,-ninte r d-11:1'..plairften;,hii! lieeh at.
- 040 and heril fo with.the
abstidetion:ftif treiatilat notee; Dow
iiciti**4,j4ll'oiololl,l4ll,lO*9ii.'e dineella.`
tion'ef Tr•eatiurrnotes,which 'hat] been returned,
ana*fillit'etikatail 1 tlu duty abstracted 'five of
thein tient 'them to a Wornen;in,balfirnoie,to thein Slut failed In the attempt,,and
the fr;titi vvita' Sidi detected. .; • '
cane ~,ogislitturo of Connecticut wont into
session at 'Hartrorifonlyedneiddy het: ' • '
. .
The Hairietitieg Repetter ' tale th
passed by, the' legislature,' providing for the 'an
nual expenditures .of the State' government, has
not yet been 'signed' by the Governor. ' In the'
meantime none 'of the laborers on _the public* ,
works can be paid, or at least are not. •
Labe from Europe.
Thu_ steamer Groat Western arrived at Nero
York on.Friclay, in 12} days from Liverpool. •
Her Majesty Quien Victoria has graceil the
British Nation with another Princess.' This event
took place on• the 25th of April.
The Duke or•Bussex, uncle ofthe Queen, and
fifth son of George HI, died on the 21st, aged
70 years. qo wall a great patron alearning and
science during his life. -
The Volunteer's Position:
g.. 7 The harrisburg Reporter, which used-to
4ilaCe great reliance in. the Volunteer's "demo
icrany," now says that it ."
supports the Governor
In-a Modified form." Our neighbour's position
Ss no positioitoi iill*-he.is_e_good deal like that
iiule -"ipeckled pig" in •the anecdote, which the
Loy, when counting the pigs, told his master "run
round so l all the time that he could'n't count him
at all!" •
The State Pr'nide.
.Vi•Attorney_.Geiieral Johnson has givenhiti
opinion that the election of Isaac G. M'Kintey,as
State Printer, by the legislature, was invalid and .
that the Governor ought Atot to approve his bond.
Gov. Porter's Vetoes don't mect.with quite as
'Bauch apurohation, froni. the Locos now as they
.f.ika to do! •
becirticlion of itellef 'Note's.
. The Stale 'treasurer gives notice. that on the
29th inst., In compliance with the act ofAlre Stir
April, $ $O,OOO of relit;£ notes were cancelled
and the Auditor General tn. the WM . -
°seer being destroyed.. They were of the [of
towing" banks—
Borkn bnin'ty . 11 ahlt , , • $16,262
Alqatnening Bank; L ,„ • 8,420
Mannfactnreiqi & MectiallrOs' Dank, 6,56 n
Towanda Ban 1:, ' 6.400
Po' Townehip hank, 5,956
_West Branch Dank, 4,474
illic bank, • ' • • 1,816
The Baltimore Sun sa.ia Every dollar jinn.
cinusly paid paid for advehising, will yield a
clear profit of five dollars to persons in almost
any kind of businese.! —
A fact that` he merchant!' and people of this
county generally, and tnau'y from PhilOdelphia,
have long since found , out, as the columns of the
Herald have testified. We owe some acknowl
cdgetnents to on.friends, for their dfscrimination,
and for the'. very large
. and regular advertising
patronage with which the Herald has been favor..
ed. Tito Herald circulates among a class of
readers before whom advertisers 'are
displaying their offers.
2.112113 EtaEtlllllB23o
CAT Fix—nick were nominally none in mar
ket 6n Monday' [loge have been intolernblefiirde
maod, the larger parcels having sold at $9 50, while
975 tO appear to haVe Been the ruling rates for
entailer lots,
111111 a ibis been taken for shipment
at $4 571, a park to be delivered §nsmplehimmina has
sold at, p 1:51 ibr good fcebli,groundtand ifolvard
Street at 1 18 from store, and 406} to dealers; from
time ears.. •
GRAN--Tlie tierntmnd: ftit Wheat is for
'Maryland, from in 6 eeiltii and 11.0;i, 100 to 102
cents fm{` Pennallimmia :. We hear of no opeintlons
in Itye, Cam IlLm been steady , at cents.—
,liaryland Oats may be quoted '2.5 to
47 cents, • . •
'WHISKEY—The receipts of Whialiey have lin.
Midi. being noli . , offerdd finely at 21i Ocilla,
bbls at in, some inqep at
May17,,1843. •
flidtlltaleii duringaki . reek of about 2000
,• • •
blitisno6,ahippingkrangsvit $4 124,4,4,25•pet4414
iimylour 2 87 a Si Corn Meal S 021 =ate.: •
GRAlN—Wheat (luring the vveek from' 93' to 95
liana tiht buebhlifurilverialeedf 869 bushels Wheat
to arrive at 93 cents, 1.5051 bushel's IRe at 55 saB eta.
Corn; white, 51 a 52; sales of 4500 thishialc
aS 53a 54 eta.
.41 ust: - Dy J. 16161411triVir:
ScullittiEN botti_of
cuthberlatid county; Pw.• • • ' ,l)
.:t.4:,SuWaicrt to Ali,' walualu. J~eats `
agrgit~, AI
of - Ad:lms .cotinty: „ ~) • ; ‘• •
- 13ii . tVe,40 . enst ; ear 4; 9einCl/te
3,llei.o:''CLlAiTit 1 : 14i1 4 .a 4.46
. ,
, '.4 k:l4, 4;>;=
In'til itt!''ihit; itk
ezroir44llll;l4ill A1)7,,41';.5)c b
l'?.->CiAtillil)4 l )l4egipitlie, 0, 1 004 AtfihtS4altai
Kleic4i4l;l4ol3w_ot ifitoftEgnpmelljtelleri.
4.40 , 110- 14:01010010110411 OM bun ,
'vtth ' , itte*'• vi •q 'Waft
'1 ,,4". • 6
BALTntolit, mny 13, 1343
''§rrAlabolttligadits ,4 !" ,, z'
6 • `4 . C , p
of anlirdiOthepiier,Oiii;4lAfeeter , mbeete , itattiii:
QarliatiilieKtorcife; beetithal4 *olitht , beittettitioh
Niger"thati it hatievtr4liebrglad all nail; 'and
bnd being dattubitilhad*Wiiiit reryy " small pro
ifitallia.looes toirceeiltiOthettOoritorldr (Omer
austomera and, of, tltr. publick,Oinaa_ttlitt, will.,please
to ravor bek ivi4rit.aa!kk#lot kg;
.ing suited.
y . wi tl? t
2,44 ,
••••1•, .• •
subse'ribOr Alopiu,st. : opened; ',the
• -' lar g est; clieSepost - SLock 017.9 MING . . And
SUMAlk.ll..Glloll,S;'.oYeihrought to' Carlisle,
Which arc Llur,follouting e. J.
.! „Broad:Cloths for,sg,tedr:w•
. Cassiiiicre $l, 2, an Ai-, ; • •
French.Cassimeres ; a new srtiolea7k, Land 150.'1
Vestings from 12i '12.; ••• • .1 ,
21'0144 , 0gns stuffs trom.Qtto,sl,oo... •
'Cahleops 4 ots 5,Q 8 10 and cents. .
Chintz Lfti Lo 25, , ••• •
..111usiiiiti, ? 3, 4, 6 , 8;1 0 and.l2i cents:
Lawris, 1 yard witle,l2 1-2, 18i and 2s.
Balzareens, 47_1-2, 50 and •• .• • .
Summer Cloth, Alapathay, and ,Gambroons. • ,
Checker, centaviii 10 ontl-P2 cents.
'Pickings' 7, ii, - 114,12'nuILL8i.'..._ " _ _
Eilkings for 1 et: to 123 cents.
_Elegant FOulard Silks. . • -
Poult deloLtudi pi° de Silks..' •
McMsilin - de Lains,L 2 1-2 dB - . 18;25 and 37.
Bonnet Ritibons for'6+ tiirSt ,
Curdles's and Black Fillett Shnitls.
.•EleganLE,tnbicildered Swiss - 1%1 ull Scarfs..
Do. . do: • Silk and Fillet do.
'Bonnets, Lidice iiiidNisses ki n ds &• prices.
_ „„ • - - -
Mens Leghorn and Chip Hata, tn great variety.
Cottonades, Millings. , Also, • •
. ,
A Fres h Lot of Cheap,Grocertes.
Hrown and Loaf Sugars.
Rio Coffee, strong, it/to 12i.
Young Hyson, Imperial,and brackTeas,freilt and
CigleDiate,:litili Spices of all kinds. '
New Orleans and Sugar House Molasscs a lke.
' Of every description and prices, several thousand
pair just received and selling astonishingly low, lbr
instanm . .
• Mens fine long Boots, $2 to 4.
. Ditto Motiroes for 75 to 1 50.
Misses Slippers of all kinds.
.Cisildrens Leather and Morocco Boots.
Mans kip Shoes, 6 1-2 and 75. '
' Mens Gaiter Boots, $1 '25 to '2.
• Also, Mess Fur and Brush Hats. . •
within short every article needed; from a re& of pins
to Broad Clods at $8 pel , yards inks) sit.priees to suit
the times. Recollect the old stad opposite J.
Wunderliels's old stand, and nosh the second store
Ischia , the corner, east Main street. •
As our chvap Grocer' hp street snya ifs Isis adver
tisement, don't mistake thelosise, one door spur
t i mes makes A treat Purchasers, 'friend s
and custonters., dile and all, }dense to call at the .old
'hlsoss of • CHAS. DUMMY.
Carlisle, May 17, 181 S. tf-27
Neut. & Cheat, Store.
TE-elibseribetwould inform the public
,that he has taken ilte store robin recently oc
cupied by Messrs. Bossertnan'and Hutton, in North
lanoverstreet, Carlisle, in which he is now open
a large and splendid and Cheap assortment of 1 -
. S & suirEttEg
'4 every variety and quality, which he invites the
pntilie to call and examine,confident that the quality
his goods Mitt their low prices'iYill givO Satisfac
tion to all who may favor him with a call.
Agent for Joseph Reed.
t 629
.May 17.,1843
Voricarding & Coninnissioli
ibr.srEurvul,LY informs the pftblie,that lie is
Preparrtt to receive, forwnefi and dispose of
produce of every description ►
either nt the Philadelphia or'flaltimore Markets, or
at any other point accessible by Rail Road. As he
Ntill attend In person to the delivery and sale of all
articles entrusted to his care, the most satisfactory
and speedy returns may at all times be expected,and
the utmost promptitture in the transaction of
,all btl
siness entrusted to him. .
' Farmers nod others basing nnyisrticle which they
wish disposed of, ,will do 'well to call on him, im
mediately opposite the Mansion [louse, and Rail
Road Depot, West High street, Carlisle..
, F. is duthoriied porchnse several, hdndred
htishcls or Gem; for Which tile highest Mho will
lie given.
Cat lisle, Niuy 17, 1843,
ASUPPLY of this superior article for nanki
Jellies, jest received and for side by
May 17, 1843. S; ELLIOTT.
DllCOrrocco, & Finding
OST respectfully infoorpt the citizens of Bar
rlalumg,, and the pulllib in general, that he has
removed his Lenthei., Morocco and _Hinting Store;
to North Sutimid street, 0 few -doors above. Henry.
Buehler's Hotel s where he. will ,ktett constantly on
, hattil a general assortment of the following. named
'articles, viz: .
SlairPlinr; 'Sole, Skirting,
Hartiessi fair and black bridle, wax and grain upper,
whip ttnd collar. leather, wax anal grain _Calf_
Skma, Spanish and country Kips, top and
lining leather,bellows Leather for
udceb and Hlackstriiths; dud Bark
Tanned Sheep Sklntr.
Camprisiug Men's Morocco, Woutep's undressed
red hiulblark straits,French kid of slifferent colors.
lied roans, Bindings,Linings of all colors, 800 k...
binder's leather, Chamois: leather end .Huck skins.
:/4110 4,12 41i0EMAKERS' KIT 'AND - FINDINGS;
SSicli as hoqt,keyaand breakerg,;shot,,keys,rimm 7
mert4hisirs, role& SiamPs;,sise.stiC:ks. Punalles,
knives, rubbers; fileb, - rasps, tliread, boot webbing,
sparables, boot bora, pegs, awls, &c. All of
which *ill at the very LowEsr CASH
PRICE!, . „ • !!..
1 3 ; 'r'ettitlsla sincere Omni.; io tbq pub
lib, 'far the' libelvl patronage' which 'hall lici;etprore
been extended to nod respeciftilly .601h:101a
eifntfnifinfee-Of Ilittrfavers.. '"/,'
ftdri.ilabillrg; May 17, 1849/:" "•
;..000114,0g,. ottses.„;,
• FOR SAL'E• ,
; HOUSES and Giotilid"titiOElieil;.rtieftig
I I • rlf,bul 20 feet troy. pod 240 feetio depth
{6o abaft isiiid.iif,:Poritfrefstieeti
opposite !he' Old; College loti:nOwso lite; (en'oril'of
WmAHßsortitiol W.m fircteirty 13f
Bridget , Cornertheirils offereti tottllo%
ptisod et irrils ,, atelin , i hie; the af.l
hi the Cobizt this 'Bora
obib, , on WEDNESDAY , thif 1414 quiwriezt; krjo
oblookin' the ,
will;be glierebytta tfifilettleett l'ilbsfeeerthb!EO
taleiva n y,time ' • ,
renclislivAlay ..11019
Cletau;sig and SoonrAilientitlikipeAr.
i 0 a '4,.;-441* -0 • .!,_;,A•val t d o
sr4 1 CAY ; S II 4 t''
e lvsurepto,
* IV Is
pv.. •
ti t
6•11 .;.$1 0 • a itt* - 4. lIPPLIEVI.' -::-!-.
q ; A'"
,!', ;,.,'.
~ ,ptigii,pc P:',ttw
, '034 - ,....:: 1 ;:i .. , , ,,.,4ki,: 4 limit•",`,44:i*bitiko
~.,*0779 , 10,44,,
I** : -... , g , l':'-#,'''4.,ntil-... ~iii
' ''"lo,ll4*Q - ' 4eith - Ji i i - p , ' '-'0 0 44="P?T
~ au ~ ..-- , 0„. coitcx:
think - iti 'eneedtbe re Ilwitiattogf t .thlit,roosi 1
Ileleiffiltfill* : 311Ptiitille AlVEllete ... llter0411!'
inio re ,It i yen-, Uie:turoullitititi".."-f illacKl9:Pr t had'
gotipliti4lllthellead.Otthi,tairldlllol,lltterituro or
,th o iwoodi o p 4 iifeentinuekt*stialalelti,thartlistlw
rou'owit.holitatrivallr9f44oo4WilsOn i vittveditor,
oldiChristOphey, NO . 11•10 1 0Orisoliest oleo Prose . '
•,a+riter tul.stl2te4AOlt kis 'kelltributoraar,e: among !
the first living authors of , ",Great' Britoil n.',;•A•c•, i -4, ..;o
•i It wilt ka tisuedtio,llooiteltloAllteoller oftllitt" , -New
World, with i n 24.110urs after•tial arrival Of thr.Plev.,
lislaitettmerolilditteatiithrilrst4aliis to subserir
bars in'; all; paha ::,of tlik , tiliited , States and British
TzastA4i poi ., sit;nitnifor.Uite copy-0 iorthree.
idepleit-;.sB for filia;e6jilisZstial 016 tOr ten copies—
partble in eultauee:• , ,f§laktepapies *pi cents.. ..
Any, Oosillikl4i,:i Or,"ollterliersow ";wito*ilitahtain
10 subseritieriOuld I•Ortiitltis "thereforei shitli have
an extra oopy graliKt 4 iSabjeet. io'newapappepootage:.
A.cidress-,,-.1 0• V SiYINPfI ESTER; YOblisher. .
• - , ''.., .3trAtle street, lifeW York.
gay,17,0 , 1,91 4 . , ,' , ,' , ... , k,' , 1.:?,, , ,: v , ~ - - .if.B7
18VET,ItION for Mehl* :lad teittificakelinddr
, the Bankrupt Law,have been filed the 16th May,
by - , •
..• ; '•
NICHOLAS ESLINGER, Farmer aridßleck , • '
smith ; . Cumberlsnd county.
and Pllll./AY the •28th day ,of .ItriLX next, et
II o'clotk, - A•.•M: is appointed far the hearing there
of, before the said Crirt,sitting in Bankruptcy, at the.
District Courtroom in the. City of Philadel ph m i .w hen
and where the Creditors ef,the said Petitioners, who
have proved their Debts, and_alLotherpersopa in. in-.
serest, may appear and s'mw cause, if env they have,.
w stieh Discharge and Certificate should pot he
granted. • • • : FBAS. HOPKINSON;
Clerk of the' District- Court.
My 17,i84.
Estate of Jonadiati Booze, .deceased
• * l t i te4 •
L E a T a
nTesEoRoS of n
t Estate mi n o
71/1V e ft 0 0 TF e °
late of Cumberland county, dec'd. having i ssued in
dale formof law to: thmsubscriber residing in New
ton township, all persons having claims or demands
against said estate„.are requested to present them'
duly authenticated for settlement, and those indebted
to make immediate' pigment.
SARAH 11cCUNEir --
Administrator with the will annexed.
-May 27,. 184.3. • ' • 6t-29
Boots and 'Shoes.
A .NEW. addition to the former Stock
Li of fine calf, sewed and peril Boots, Mena and
Boye Kip Boots of goodviality, Was and. Boys Kip
MA. calf Maumee, Ladies, Misses mid Childrcas
ki'd and • morocco Slippers, Ladies and Misses fine
itarocco welts, all of which will be sold ancoramon
ly Idly for Cash. WM. .M. MATEER.
Carlisle, May . 19,1843. • .
Alas , 2, 1843.. ? ' •
Taff Bontd of Directors of this Institti4
tion have this day declared a llividend oft} per
cept. for the last six months on the Capital Stock paid
in. SlOSltholtlcrs or their representatives rah-re
ceive their dividends on and after the nth inst. Suli
jeet to the-payment of the tax to the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania, aoetstbiy to the provisions of the
Act of Assembly of the 11th of .luite; 1840.-
W, S. COSSAN, Cashier.
3t r 8
Wines. and Liquors.
GOOD assortment of first choice, Liquors,
viz: French - and Doniostia Brandies, Rol-
and Gimold Atonongsbela and common Whiskey,
a prime article of Accomac Poach Brandy, Port
and Lisburn %Vines., .-
Carlisle, May IA 1843. . tf.2B
o li 3 e d sol , : ,; t o rt ,s ilp A ic y. Sa l l n e s. OT L TUESDAY,
the lll/USI:
.E.: LOT. in Main at. Carlisle, .44 1 1 '-
now. occupied by Mrs. William Miller. viii
The douse, is well built of stone; hand- Op I 1."
Homely finisted,smil in excellent repair.
There isa substantial and emutnotlious back-build ,
big, with witsh-holise, eiitern and litubleb, nod every
Convenietice for a family residettoe. •
Tsvitis ' 500 tipon delivery of the deed; the re
mainder payable in anninti lostalmentli two
and three years, to besurtuirell by bond and mortgage
of the prernises,the plirchnser to keep the property
insured. The property...ivill to inspection
at any time previous to the sale.
Carlisle, May 111,1843
LIPPINGER & CAREY, Shippensburg. have
I_,) just reerivethridt of FRESH. GROCERIES,
At reduced prceek -
. April 46,1843. .
ti-c 29
.. • •
WENTV-FIV vs A ND • Pis.
FEATHERS for sale very low, in quantities
to suit pureluipers, for CASH, at prices froiu 10, 15,
20 and es ,cetappir pound. ,
Heady mada,Beds, Bolstera and Pillows; Curled
Hair Alattresses acrd Moss fio., and all,other kinds,
to snit coy sized Bedsteads, al*ays On hand., , Corled
hair and New Orleans Mots bythe bale or single
Country Storekeepers. Would find it to their advan
tage by calling on the ettbsuribers before_purehasing.
§.,EI. Corner of Second 'Walnut ttreets, Phila.
April 26, 1831. . Sm-26
Sheet Spare
1111 — ANITTAC"PORY . ,
fll subsOeilier -biia-leare-to - infurm - his'eu - sto. -
Iniers and the ptilike generally, Wilt he has re.
more(' bisfihnp tattle atone huittling,one door south
of H. Duffield's' Hardware store, untlt immediately
in rene of the'Market HoUse, where,lie is prepared
trt ni,ainilfuetuee to (mire, in die beat style and on the
most aceiiiiimodating teems, every description of •
• , u3aCtdi `3R7Estatnes•t,
He will also IcMlp constantly on hand, finished
and complete,) Homey and Common ',
CooklnkStoves, Nine Platt Stoves, Port
able. .
Grates;, an all 4.inda of Tin •
and., #Thet'liwi, .11'10.0
SVOUTING ,manufactured tti utter, and put
. up
at shortest notice in roll' or, country:,
. Country Mere' antgookl other t, sußlied with any'
quantity of Tin , wholusole.Plueo•
VAil i kmds of eolintry
,produee taken‘in etc.-
chapgil foF,Worki tr • .
Anxioils to please, And F rom n detcrinination to
make, IN prtees MOderitte to suit ill!: times, the sub.
seriber, hopes to redei ve a Ilbeeal spare(pf,poldio pa-,
t vona g e; '.'APIDREW COMtOItT.
April.2ot , • ‘St-‘26
3,1;.' The highest price paid 'for , old, l'ewte,r,.
- 0 11 41701-4.opukk --
:441 : 4 ; ,tr.o.
(• OM I . ' N •I i '.;, : 11 ',lt . ' j .:,. , ~..
~r, ~' ,'
~.7.1„,',,,l taz
~ : ':' 4 T..., , v , T t gl-iioslia ,• , -.1
I:o4taiire,..tdilitotoca.. ta ~ .',iinli-CodUSt.
''. ''
rlisklo-PiP'lll' y...M.ti'F.f....6,q-1181it.dteligihifd. ir*** 49 rk, '
r 0:,., 0 . ustraokoNea aI., I FV. • 0 ' tleaL.!rstiokOS,
1 ' 'ii. it ;er ifand....„,.„.„,,,,,.,,,,,„,:,t
~,. ~..,,,,,,,,..,. i, ;44,,,..1;14144,c{.0,,itti,..i,4,4,0i
' 4Pjlt," 47"flhiga l li 11"
'lt'• fn *OA •.. f S tiik rir Oilli : ti A 9 I A ceigfii,"'it
4 : 1A1169 41111* 'g il d - 16 0 iiiiiiitor:iiiiVAeli,r?lti.
fliti"4:l3, 15",;,-1-1
.t . `" . •
ODV-1'.,.; : -:,: e,,,i; iiii,foii.lo.6 lei 00.o!s.
1,100,00' -11'U!'Fi!g
, i '...,.., , .,, , , ,- -,. ,; ' ......
::.:::Alsoilit4 IP 9fr F f '" ' lium-a.OOO rowdor , lrve. ,
4, .Yolineg. ." ,u ni• ;ni fresh for 74 to 1 34 per 10,... . e •
tleicriopigritncl-aod ungro u , b ,; d ,. ::
. i,e4.,ov.y.ery z.. , kti ..i..,:,,:.,.-..„,,,,..,,
~-;.< '4 ' '',..','j: CgD4 IY4 Buckets, ii.:-,.:.,,,,,
' Tube, ... '' ill ' ql9: bililf 11:3 , ,,p rated .
I,' ''' • ' : .' -
.. BASK TS.. ~. ,
‘,, i
01 1 d -- ,,o l 'llo * re a re n d . l ,:yf,iti , l„heii Baskets , 1.3o!1e
rountl:binkets,&o. .-, ,
Pure winter Sperm or Lamp Oii• • L-none bid heat
. And warranted -equal-to-any. in dila orally:
otjter market at id tier galkin.• Alpo olntidetl J•"
phant Oil et 75 cents per gallon.
Sperm Dandleigpure AVM cents. •
Mould and Dipped Candles.----- •
• PlSit • • "
• likankerel, No; and 2, Salmon and Herring.,
. , 'MOLASSES . : • •
New Orleansistipericr . baking,-) St gar lioust'ual
*rdp Nolitsses, for to 6:4:cents per gallon.
W AM!, :
A ne* . alai general assortment of Chin*, Tdasd,
dnd Queentlatdru, also Zrcickery Ware. •
Ladies to ist and Smoke robae-
Castile) taViegided and width Soap, alio
Shaving Soaps. , .
tilitStltB i .' • ,
, .
White iv:l;h, Sweeping, Scrubbing, bast; Bair
soil ClOthes Bruibes, also Band Bru Stu.
Liverpool G. A. and fine Soßoonton other articles
in the Grocery line, which by calling at our house
cam he seen MA prices compared. .
In our House, we think, we can sell for,Cash, (our
way. of buying) probably cheaper than the same ar
ticles. can be had • in other sections of the town, and
if we cannot. then our neighbors opposite anti our.
friends adjoining can—call and please yoUrsel sea; for
past favors we tire thankful. !
But above all-don't forget the house, one door
SoMetimes nihkes,n_ great dilference,_A living, is all:
we want,so who wants more,bas more than his share.
J. W: EBY.
Carlisle, May. 10,1843
..THE subscriber has just received p gen
Jl eral assortment of
ZiTina CU' (r.) (E) LE) 2)
consisting in, part or Figured, Plain and Barred
Nlouselin•de-Laines; figured, Plain, Striped Lawns
and Gisighams, English . stud French Chintzes, plain
.6;41'1141 and barred Swiss„lackonette and ,Cambric
Muhl's:ls; a general assortment 01rodenap, Grodes,
wa,lndinn and Italian Silks, Bonnet Silks and
lions, Straw, Leghorn, Braid and Willa* Bonnets,
ItawSilk, Cashmere and Cottbn Hose, Silk, Mohair
Kid and Cotton GloveS, Umbrellas, Parsols and
Shades, new style, French, German and Irish Listens
Osneburg runt-Linen Sheetings,-Linen-Dvillings nail
Gambroons for /pantaloons, disco Cords, Stripes and
Nankeens, Carpeting and Itugs, Brown and Bleached
Nluslins, Tickings and Calicoes, Fans and Hanker
'chiefs, Leghorn and Palm Leaf Bats, Straw, Gimp
and Edging, Cloths, Easimeres and Sattinetts.
Queensware 4tz Groceries,,
all of which will be sold 'on favdrable terms at the
store of • • A. ItICHAItDS.
Carlisle; lny 10, 1843. • tr-08
ALAIICE•afI lh supply of prime GROCER . .
•lES, at very reduced . prices at the store of
the. subscriber; in South Ilanover et. in the store ,
room - formerly kept by Charles Barnitt. •
Carlisle, May 10, 1843
rdi Rent,
Stone HOUSE and C;rotind, and
JI. Smith SHOP, at the North end of Hanover St.
in Carl i slealiree tly opposite Jacob Weibley's tavern,
until the tat of April I 844.; on moderate terms;
mediate possetvion will Ile givn. • Apply to the sub
seriher or to F. Watts,Esti. in his absence. • •
• 11.0111.11tT
Adger. utthtbe Will annexed of Ja 'nes Aloore,drehl.
May 10, 1843. ,3t-28
firTIE subscllbet• hereby gives hotire,
-u- that his books have been placedsin thd hands
of David Smith, 1.141. in.Carlisle..for collection, and
with direction to commence suit against all who do
not discharge the claims against them by the Ist of
June nest. '1 • J. cuunarrsoN.
Papertown, May 10, 18443.
PEW, Board of Managers of the linover
-•• and Carlisle ;nil"mike !toad Company, have.
placed the accounts oOluise who owe tar tolls at
Gate No. 5. (kep) by A. Dixon,) and at Gate No. 4,
(kept be Wit Alullin,) in the bands of Daisid
Esq. of Carlisle, for uollectiOan with inSthuo-
Lions to collect and receive front all who come fin.-
ward and pay promPtly, without snit—but to bring
stilt against all who neglect or refuse. This notice
is given in order, to atlbrd an opportunity to those
who are in arrears for tons, and arc willing to pay,
to do so without cost—and also diet suits will be
brought against all WIK; do not comply
. May 3,1843
LL persons see hereby notified that SAMUEL
it Nit:HEIMAN, of West Flennsborough town
ship, CuMberland county, Pa., did on the 13th of
April, execute n deer{ of assignment of all, his pro
for the benefit of ,Creditorn, us appenrs .said as
signmefit which is of record. All per'son's haying
claims or demands agotirAt the said Estate, are re
uMesteq to:Make knoilm the' same without delay, andl
hose indebted to mnk. payment to the subscriber,
who resides in the same township:
JAME:: • MeCULLO UGII, Assignee.
. Mac 3,1843. • • . Gt.-27
••. . .
u.p411.111 . zu/kiguris. c ,
fkouf,'•iPECTFCLL'if publia ttnit he
has just opened a .bLO'rEiI,NG .STOItE; in
Ilabover street, opppsite Aire .Clark's Fancy
, Sturfi;b,•here he will keep ourishuitlY for sale at moil
' crape prices,
bf erery.ilesoremlon, such as Cloth, Cassitnet;e and
bum tkr rests„ pantatnons, .coats,, shirts, draweke,
Wools, collars, stocks, suslientlers. handkereliiefit,
-- C11:01es ivill , alao hi xruoa to ortErr of the shortest
not ice. a lid thp 1,64. spyle,
',Carlisle; May SO OM. . . .
Cl-ANITJEL 'ORItICK; of the late fiiin of. Or
rJok,' nwtAtiOrtoo;O: B.
Campbell', 4itiS of tha=.llm - pfL.Stiolfer`ts Co?have
forcood.oßoroersltip undo,: the Grp?, of, Pattic,; anti
Cisteitut.;tb;trtuilitit . 4'0E100:1mm r giitnelussititi
yaloe ,
-OW g 1iiP0E04.. 4-
:kiriloy - 3;4114314;10. - k .6m.dr
1 , 4 1 -4 Siit)PY , !o ': ,1 103 0 fPr s4o.' 9. l iSiraclse r
y.) SAL, ..-cf , .=. ,, ..!Vyt0 1..
IttettEte-Aireiffehyo'lfratik ,
- U.l
tr,',o l , : ro • 110';
t t„
. ~' i` ' }
~ r , r, ~" ~-:;. • ',4 1 .
...11110 : 1tifrib:1101 9 06 ifi l itf' iiiethbatt
' ' : ::; ' llif6Elti ' iiiAilitli4os . 4l l.l 1 o tit ' blio liiiiit,
eritlithitttlikir iiii'atiOinied,thi atittyti'inameo , .
PitettirY;iltuitoliAt'; itktoiltn; 'oh theßlatiti2gro
toraPifieVOlrtillii 4 lintl 6f .eirliilei'viliere they Inki.
Mll4l*tkofitetuktifroinlllo:lleteff`.TL•f ..,;, ~
~,v, ',?4,...:',4'4.
41 •, , ,
~,,,,,,J......,......v.„ ~ , , ,, ..i ; - ••,,,,",' Y''..
! . .eop,Akittor, '- :•iripAttaing it,;:. , 51 :li.,
Anti Twilled 'O ' rolldf:topgidjAinlitin'g r .'',,A.l.iti ,''':
CARDING RD ' .. ,-;
t..,.....,,,,...,,v,..,, , .-• , 1e.....'-'zl" .....0••• + ~. -.
.' Etna ~varpe AM ) volorips: l y - .L* 7 , . :
, ;iiie:,:lifeiiiiiligt,tifil:VO'd*Viiig . z
~,')U ~ - :l l '.lit'f eiC'iltlfitidi. l': I' ' fl= , '
.ssAtipet o,ll.l4;lirriiitilki4,4o4 at 40 penOiiiiilard,
and it ilecluott on ,61 , 00".,'pe r , ,.44A, for ,ettah.".4::lotlout
SPFents,per yard iihtta'deilki:othia of.,A".per enf`fitr
68;4; .13roatl 1412kAiii,t 75 all d '4, dvdotticip,,,.ge 10
pep#4, rO:ottill. k illi„other.,* Eib l ii ninnucHit tired 'O4
loAto $t spritt)ior7„ostnli,ll)iti*Olt, potf 5 por:oent off
tor, ottiti ...: ~, , ~, ,i, , , ::,,r-, ; ,, '. ,„” ,
"i'iTipt.tllel'eiterWOotrailiciatlkni iif,th'eer euitornera;
AgOckinf.,ilikt left, ;It thefont:Tint pliacest--Getir,ge
13e'e.telifi'a ajrct; William „Deb % , ti's, carlialti,i A lil ,or
Iteigie!krOictrea,,, •.(,:tiiti!chtovin f fletidY's." , l,tiivern,
Diliehniic 17..11nd • pf,`Joll9. Rei ell RrTiLl4tyerii ;on . the
'rent*, siirink 86411,3, rnilo3 pelotl ,carlfale, and at
Q.oiglojr'd to, verpAiogimitown.. , ..'• " . ,
! . ~. hIATSDT,:td,QE 611., & lIASKELI,.
May 10,1843:.., *
.. 1 : . ' --, P ' ~, GI •8
rpIll; subscriber ihnittidil 'Tot' past! fitvors begs
leave to., inform,his, frieada,and , , the ptlhi ie n
&mild, that he comintiqi ciirry:on_the
in all its varicnie brunt:6i , at the'rootit occupied
him for the laid ttvo in fliglvd'reet, west of the
Conn./101.6e ' adjoining Itj. W. 3VoniPti stereot here
lie is prepared to eiecute'nll. kinds 'of tvoik, in his
line; in, the best and tnok. fashionable; manner, and
upon the pliortestrtoticet Clivulfes
, suit the
time's. • nyestritteattenticin to busin ess he still 'solicits
sliaFe of the pidtlic Puironage.:^:' :
'is .
Carlisle, April 5,1543.. . .stn-23
atitif4 it° VE A fil.
Rs. REBECCA KELLY; respectfully in
forms the citizens of Carlisle and tis stein.
that•she has just vett - Arne& from Philadelphia
with nitew aiideunipletuussartment-or-----
Millinery and Fancy Goods ,
which she is prepated to sell low for CASII:
mould respectfully call the attention of the ladies to
• the thshionable
suitable Inc baps, collars.Btc. nod also to her assort
ment of READY MADE COLLARS. Mrs. K. is
prepared to make up Bonnets, Caps, Collars, Sc . e.,
'at the shortest notice nod most reasonable termsond
she hopes by strict ottentien aitillow prices to merit
the public patronage. Her shop is in Alexander's
Row, No. 4. •
Carlisle, April 2G, I G. 43.
T .
.taken subscriber has .taken that well
known tavern burnt! in South Hanover street
formerly oromical by Wan. S. Allen, unit more re
cently by Alitcln:l. McClellan, where he is prepared
to accommodate all wlio Duty- favor-him Avian their
custom, in' the best style, and on the most reason
able teens. •, - ' • .
Hiv 13 Alt will Owners. be Female& with the
choicest liquors—mud his TABLE with the best' the
mulcts ran nfiurd.
Ilia STABLING is ample, and h. careful Ostler
will lie kept always in attendance DROVLBS'wIII
find it to their adVantage•to p; a call:
BOARBEBS will be tuken• by the week, month;
or sear.
. .
gothing shall be left undone on the part of the
subscriber to please those who may pey his housea
-s isit--,lie therefore solicits a share of public patron
. ,
IL L. ituitittioLDErt.
,Carlisle, April le, 1843. Om-44,
E subscriber..ltonl(l'resprictfully in
form Ilia friends and the pnblie generally,
that he has taken the .
e 4,41 PUBLIC .i
•-• l
le • IN
if P-2.2.-4 - CDU.Tct.ii, , . ll
lately kept by Mr. Simon Wonder Hell. in 'East High
Street, n tow doors east of the Court Douse; rhere
he will at all times take pleasure in' Administering
to the comforts of 'lime uho inay Calor Ilifil with
their eutitont. , ..
Ilia BAR shnil he constpotlf supplied With the
choicest liquors . , and Ilia TABLE. with the best the
market can furnish. A careful CIST LER al wa”
kept in attendance—and nothing than be left undone
to p:case all who call with him...
BOARDERS taken by the week;Montli.or year.
Carlisle, April 12, 1843. tl-2.
Kals: .ffats: Rats:
No. 166 k Market at., and cornr'3d lirdnut sea:
• .. . ,
711 II E subscriber has ou band awl is noiv
- making nil Entire Freilt Stock of Hats and
Caps fiir the Pennsylvania trade.
Finn and secend quality Beaver, ?Moleskin, Cor
nice Sin; and rit•coli hats--and the "Patent Cassi
a ere Hat" of n hich he is the Patentee. .
Naking the flats lit his awn Factory of the beat
lintetialo and by the hest workmen, hu enabled to
sell unusually lo i n.
Thnie who buy to sell again will have such Hats
wit tip as will be Sure to keep their custoiners,jus
all . lititA and Caps are made eajareael . Joe Retail
71ade. Call and judge for yourselves.
IG6k Market St. and earner 911 ts, - . Walnut St.
Philadelpliiii,.April . l% 1848.
. The "Patent,Cassimere Ilat" it now coming into
use, as it is light, durable and cheap.
A-. 12, North Si 11z -street; above Market, Phila:
ill HEAP. Hon and sign epinter, and
IL% Glazier,' and Venitiati Blind. Manufacturer,
has a large and ;timid:wile iissortmeht of - 13L1NDS,
alwayti kiwi, Which foi;. variety, benitty and style
of workonanshiji„will estel those of any other es
tablishment, in, Philadelphia, lthich will be sold at
the very Iptvest inlets. i
,Country,Merilhantssarvilen with any quantity at
the•shortestmotice. . ' .
Ot.n lioniis repaiied and tritinied. • Stows paint
ed alto $5.
citiiens of Cambering County-are respect
fully invited •toeall befoie purchasing china/herr..
Aprils; 1848. ' 'sm-15
f ~:
• t
.A:purebased:thWenure Stock
• '..,pf Merejoindize of Geli/IV I Milner, have rig
miqyetkiliti 4tookto.the new Sloie , Romfaionlioininil .
Chstelet9i4by inkloiui_eyopposite the TayerniStinti '
' laP9lPePt Sunan..,...W.Linderlinit;:sitid.'inoWlo the,
ociiutuinoy o lliKlitewiii'stOdivi,ll,l4'hiippy te ie:,
ceive the vlsitwof th'aftiiintiquilrinfilifihrie Storei'7
tiodul so, l itollcit .31 continustnot of .the' , pm tronagW,of ..
tirj . ;.,,yl;;cfscd'aiii.:.,i. T,liiisAlo47lc u'oViothFaheiA giii: / ",
O eo s Oli q i i ii i tirti iti li iirtgBtOre'G°°W r iaff " i 'f'
dititiOiktbe'iiiiideltiiinii chit:4'4 eiolyiiiiiiii - . - "Ttie-
tleiiil9entientliiiiiiill hegitkisiiithOsia)oodon ofklinoz..
1 , .cu5h514,Arivik5 ) , „151 , 15, 1 "".1 . ..;,.c.7'4 2 , 14, • ' -$. 5.
""'''RtiEki.lf o 44s ,4,.Ytit...';'01k 2.
CTIFIA4 4 001) S •
ti Li P PINGiIV4 . cAtillgtifriti•ttio•ittliti Iwo,
IGI: .BiiikuAishu'rg; hive jcist, roue; Veil. itO/P , Phi !IP!.
ilelpliiii,a splciiilidlustnigetit 0fmw,f,u519.0,9t1;141,4
, . ,
to will cly they invitethenttoothov,or InittilitielwidiY
arc p repuredlo ofir Goods at the lowest Cusb.prioos„
iiid thUsotleineousOf porchnisipiefiliciip sled foahluii-
U hie 9rioils, will' find itto iiitie . • iiihnneigit. to give
them' a cull. ~o 2 '.. • ~.,,, -..-,.. '. ' . ; • , , , ,- ...-
..Atiril 5, 1844,f, , ' , '
E !J
Wit g' del olietieil
:4i;'4.41.)01)5: Ailtl selling) tok.:aith,corm
itied of tOlottlift.(l,i‘sinjerthit,Outititflii,,drillingno.esto
4;4,24,44 tilo. 10, t heattlithl 44,
Breachedllliinlins foe lei; ,l24Blliatelithl sheet i ng, handsme new st 6",A;14 - ,42i'etiotze, gloves,
, et ockiiiiii(
4.4 bitir eprd 1040 i; eliOilkjnits de
Lnins, with a'rueiity'oeviliiii , gdodnlvliiihinchivites
- the r examinii Tor
thstint..l Alpo, llratltl , Ors* an.cllpou.nonueul,
1.. n die? iebeAlllllt liii tuns lToruccohntjkidtinp.
pebi: best
er Penn., enVedilish,Tolinetio . , nu pronoun
ced by Alie.besi judges, alLinf.:Whitilithe.., will 'sell at
atteurtionee with the times
lit t;•
. •
p!Oalc, Muy.:9„,18,13
JOHN ..HA - " R,EFt;
eititt,g g 4.4t.reti .'!••
t. e ? v e z ez e '
Conainiskienicr in„pcsnfrmmicif?
_ll. , Street, West side, trdo,obt Isleirth oC LOuther
street; arid nearly, oppolite,thtirifficonf William
Irvine, lisq., where Fill
_as, 3,l§ual „carefully
attend to all business ivhlqll;msy be entrusted td
him in theline of hisprafesston.
April 12, 1843. t 1
Main street, one equate West ty.the Cron House;
canusin; P. • •
TUEsubscriber having, ease(.l the above
, house, wont(' 'most respectfully 'aanouiice to
his friends and - the public generally that he la pre-
Tared to accommodate them and the tracelling corn
inanity, in ,11 Style that he hoped_ will kound antis
llietory to all who may 111‘01111111.1%ith a call.
file table will retervellis,estieclul,atteioop,.and
shall always be alnuidantly supplied witlythe best to
lie hail hi the county. The bar Is and, will be found
co limp ntly- supplier:4th i-the thoicestAV,ino anti
Liquors that are to be obtained here and in theeiVes,
•The. Stabling attached to the hemiciii cOrorno'dniuil
and will be under the charge of a Careful Ostler.
Ile hopes hy,a strict attentiow to businoasiciFeeetvo
a liberal share of the pitlilie„paironage. ,
irris REMUS will be taken by the week,oionth
or year. , 'WILLIS FOULK._
Carlisle, April 5,1815
. Attorney at. Law,
OFTEW his :profesiouill, services tct?
the public.. C&Office at the lute residence of
Mr. Jacob Zug, on *kin street
Carlisle, April 5,1849
subscriber bovine concluded e sale
and transfer of his fortuci•Stock. of Mercban"
dize to Charles 13arnitz & Co. ticsires a speedy let. ?
tletocut of all his outstanding accounts, and requests
all those indebted to . come forward and disehargt
their accounts withopt,ttelsy, as the 'Books will ht.
put into other hands for colloctioo Tory Ahord.O
tii4.4 .
4 - NITERS for 8.,10 td very reduced prices; a ful
kity ansorlinuat of
Drugs, 'MediciAds; Miti:Situltii;
• PAINTS, &o. together with • .
Stationary, Fine Cap Paper,
1 1 the Ream, Letter do
Slates by the dozen, Silv i .• • enoils, Drawing do
Sable heir do., Drawing Paper; 5C111.111,7
- Wax, Wafers, Penknives, or a fine
. • quality, Paintliir, brushes, Grav
ing do. Slinvin- do. Teeth do. • • •
s , •
Flesh do., _Shaving and,
Toilet Soapser . gmt • •
• Spices (round and Unground,
Together with every.other article in the Dreg line:
the attention or Pliysieinns,Conntry Merchants and
lli•rt a, is solialethas lam determine to sal at'very
lo . w priors for Cash, :
. Carlisle, Match, 15;1843. tf
LETTERS of Administrittiop,D.,, L. N:
with the wilt annexed bfJatites,.Moore,
lately of Carlisle. have &ten 67anted in Ilueloraf of
law, to the subscriber to wheal alll.persnos Waited
will make paymelnt/1344 those, haNang chains u
present theinforAttletnent. :„.. '
itOUERTI.I . I 4 OO:
10,1843. , 61.:20
Estate of - Martha - is, - decease - d: -
L' I"I'ERS of: Ad min iskro.ijim, ate konii
non, ha ving•heen iratitetlte. the t subierilier re- •
sitting in the some, duce,uPqn Oe:Pitate.9r MA it-
TIIA GEDDIS, 'otho ,
deed. , ; All ;persons, a tr-,ii)vos, or, tletroutda
against the estate of euid tietetlett, 4ritt regtOteil to
make known the same • avithinicAeltre;arid•thoite ,;•
Jelled to 'Mike • •-•
• . 3ANtiS:l2.lllVit•ik, •
Ad it!nitio7, (10 Joilis non , . I "
liy to, jets.
Viatif f*
I S on li ti F O ß „trt r fie 9 Pia gdE n t; . :'
late or Allen towelahip, CumberlandsOunly,, , ,dee'll.
hare beengetintetl to,tloe.sAbwibeilt, iAll, peraens
having olainia t iw Jernandang4ireOke.l%f9,,,o4 Ater,
eetlent, aKe,regileiietl to,)nal;:4lrultitaf9plth.' ,
c1ut.1 1 ,4 1 ),V4.1.11 , 9iti..;"deb1..0t0 03 0.,.t.,12tit:.
mcdiaety tp -
aaotirr B: bdOVER,OenIO: I I6I....
ildlill'SCHEßlCE:o 4 llii 4 4 s, o4
. Agttiin
. . . . . . .
~ L lstate- o f.Jacob!lialsVdc -Aac , , '-,.
_ - .
,6,2 , 1116 . ) 41 , ..•i;•,1'44 ' ..-- • • •
- .• '.. ;• - •,-. 1 -70, , 31% 6 0 .4 6
ti t I" 5,".6f , -'4 ni ntonctintr On .thel
E, to or - .IACOB.PP/Sl 4 tAitill'itie besiggli,
or Neti , ..cunthirimo‘PiiikftiMkuoil;Msveen ,
',Buell to tho subseribete4;cqiiYs'" the seqete , .
AU It •
Aeraont 3100111g..ililff,1 at " i will" ' ',- •
piesent tlttalieoverly - tto - • a!‘t , .' ''., , ,r, .
Red those iritlebted '.'.-
, .ifi;'•
_ /I.i ,
[ 4:4' IITOT I)
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the ottio,