Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, May 17, 1843, Image 2

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r, L 17A
h eiaf~`sttdj,_`~li4iiv'' Y, `YS
, 2. • 2 ,
oopisi9p Convepti!in.
. • .
omit, cluco;
„1 , ,,Tu40pal .Eurrency r regulated, by - the
and authority of the Nation.
2. 'An adetjUnte Revdnue, With fair. PrOtectiOn to
. I 'Ametioau • •
3...14t reatraints on the Executive power, cm
' ti.s . ating a`fiirtliar'restrictiori On 'the exacisUof
4.ltorVem .
4. A fai Rife ladm in iitiatiOn - df the, pnbl i c - tiom in,
abedl 'With an'endtahle . distribotion of_the:(procceds
ira i mang all thet t ates. - •''
5. l An honest and economical administration of.
tli&Gener'al Government; leaving public fakers
perfect freedom of tlmught • and of the right of
suffrage; hut with suitable, restraints, against
liitProper interferenCe elections.. - • '
6...,An.aineridinent to, the Constitution, limiting
heldtiumbent: of the Presidential alike to a
Ttalf. °" 1•
These objects attairieiki think that we shouldi
cease twbc. : afflicted wide bad administration of
tie Government.--41rantv CLAY,
A *void to otur
16'"ihdfse'of ouirs s ubscribers ' whei did not pay
our Crilicetor twills late oxcurNiOn. through Some
parts of the county, era earnestly requested to
make payment as early
,as po Bible. We make
I his call in the earnest 'hope that it will be prompt
lyattended to. The expCnses of our establish.
ment taro'iory- coniiidernble, and we look to our
subSeribers alone for the means ofmecting them
We hope tbeyr,Will not disappoint our expecta
tions. •TDose who bare paid will please. accept
Our warmest.thanks. •
Subscribers to the Herald' who reside in
otlici counties and Statee,are also requested to re.
usi on their subscriptions,
'which they Can' forward by tinia at our risk:—
They:will recollect:that by, a 'law -of the P. O.
Department Postmasters,arc authorized to from
(dilaters containing remittances to publishers of
neWepspers: , ••
Refutation of Tilillic,nrism.
i ozy-We havo , roceived from • tho author a neat
littlo voluirit7Cifil. , " The ltillenium of tho
Cbiirgh toeome before the and of thou; bcing
nn examitfadion of Ruch prophecies as arc styes
iorel4te to the end of the world," by Iler. W.
U. CoiFrv, of 11,1101111 NT.
The volamo before its contains a series of dis.
courses on thu propheeicp which w•cro originally
preached lo,and only intended for the in'ornm.
tion of tho author's own eongrcgatibn, but have
been published r in'this form, at the solicitation of
many friends, that they may serve to aid in a
proper_ understanding , of seine implutant,proplic
' cies and check the progress of error. Of lhnr
_propositions laid down by the author cn•
cleavers to show—" That the
.prophecy of the
_firiventj; w:pchs, Dan. ix. - P.4,`25, and the prs.plicei
of thaL3Uo,•Dan. viii. 13, 14, hare been literally
fulfilled; and arc not coincident in the date of their
commencement." Phis strikes at the very root
of, Mr. Miller's doctrines.
This little work, which is published in a cheap
shape, ntaY be had at Messrs.- lineedlor - & - Huti•
• ter's Hook store, East High Street, and We would
advise: all desire information upon the proph.
epics, with a rational view of the proper interpre.
tatlon to be given them, to purchase a copy.
-It might ills° be to t4aondvantage of the
Edittr of the GoAptl.Pnblialter in Shiremanstown,
' whose irt:i'luts been so terribly aroused against
us .foi the " abominable stuff" we have bema pub
' lishing in relation to the.end of theworld, to pro.
'•curea copy--.-when perhaps lie tnig,htbe induced to
belitim'that the " abominable chill . " is at least
' lapported by a large amtunt of truth and reveal!! I
ituaa)oxilant Decision.
' • ,C , Wo learn from theThilinklphia papers, that
' • npiestion having arisen am'to the.true construe-Of the ninth e'ecnion of Act of April 30th,
841, Ortio act of June 111141640, respecting
WAS; carried •to' the Supreme Court
Pleas of Philadelphia• county, Judge King. The
partieS in the case were, the Rev. Rr. :Cuyler, on
''''befirilf of tire tie'rgy, rind Mr. Ag:new off belialfof
Wei Teitalicia; against the- Commis s ioners of Phil
' ildelpidouiity: Chief.Justico 'GIBSON has giVell
. his.opittlen at length; dccidinge•that the Legisla.
• .Inm:did_ not designto.tsx the subsiateneepfeithet
• " Clergymen or,Sehool Teachers. • .
. . ,
Resignntions and Appointments.
The ..isiAtienai:lntsiligencer announces that the
' '. Hon.,. PANIEra WEBSTER resigned the office of se
$. tretarz otsotp on the Sth inst. and that the [ion.
litonB.tiemtie, Attorney General of the United
States; is appoinied to he ' Acting - Secretary, for
' . oe.present.x.- ',, .; I ,' , , -
, fit. 9. Paril -Cesium', of Massachusetts, is ap-
Inpet.9l..gipisOr,rd Couirn issionor to China, in
• i!iirifit4e9 n(the Sflon.:EuwArt:, . vE r l i rr , w h o
:litiihie4PUO 'the' elipoirainent. ' The President
, 144, 7 Jt4ii)1 . ''.iiiAin l 'illin'aelf to :Indio this'ai;Point?
c .!l;tntl:',444tlistanditig the following proviso in'
~" AlykliAotd.ntig•reitr•bylykie h this •Eiultasay•Was
establishedi' ~
... , .'.44icrpiviidedfurthel, that no agthi 'ALI! be
.. ; ';,A . gaiii.b - fillftbo bf,' this netrunlos.vhe-,',shall ,have,
!OARMPOkrit9OM; nod. y • itl . e, edviee and con .
• Ina cel„e-behate?!"'"'•-.h,
, : • • • • .: -
.:: '.• ;'7 , ••+;•,..1(tqc51 , ; - 11 . ; ' ,- ' - . :-* Ati:•••1 ,-. .r ;1:.4,i, , .. ; :
• 'l'o '' :,*•'•'.;i ..4,;§ftviil9lk 0 6 ,imve).).10°I.q, :.: . 4-.
**,s4•,;Sestif*Ohlio;",4'64 , l•44,ii.i4:i,lo. i . Uf 11'0 , 4
~ •:. r;ntaff:3ll4s4ll l l 41; 4 6,%iii. formerly
I ` l ,- 4 •l4lol . raif4:so:44liefettifOn•pet/• Ail 4 , e1'./tethb2:
.1 1' , 414$1 , 140104dnOtiptipiga3f4eil ',4llosattatW ,
' &4 'l44l . l43ir.indOii.inviteciii, 12,en.: , /{trA;Vincqn i',..•
1 09;$3'9, 1 0;i:.i.,P,P14,40iii.f2r9tigige: .
t0 . .0n , - 0 6 P . P# t liff • Po* - Strij,
' tl i kgre%,e,t,, , #Vq, , ,ti b vi c 1 °'''
0101 r0/448A8ki , ''.W.1111 , 4 . • i' , :
'll'ett Yp C i la ilag ri Vi i lf4 n I tl
'4 o; g gitis ll o . l4l,6llloiiii444o4g
. o i4l . l o l4l f t iei l **# . o
'' ci11,1,, ,----- * - -,--,..... -- , --- 77;:, , ,77.„-.. •
~ ,, ,i ,., ...,..„.:
„:i 1 ;.: Alf,„Q
. .R - ~ •4- 6 r, . ....':1.,.7. „- ~1 ~ ., , - ' b - , ;;TA,,,iix'
cl .. - ,s tiLdow,.. lo o, is. - .; -:- gr,411-.
1% , _
~._,.. . t,: w . ~ , , r,:-,,,,Y, . - - , , , m..,-4 1.-dt; , --:,!..0...
o jYyhos t e,titflo IfteotinkityotrOcvW.O . ,rtFp a: ,
enciAga se son • olodititi.hasiiiii4S'avid'tlilfilltiP
ties with.reartl,teMontititir.;;ltilft44.ii°lll!'il4i!:
, never,beforo l 6en!expOriendetilninei;liinneteatinti l
, Of the X4ikrtA,Vinti'7. XrtitFi,kntatit' . .S;4f , tMatiOkiF' s
: 90 ) Pro.agq4.15.10..ttkihtitnitti9,{1KIAITP#Acilldki,
adversity - from !toxins the, haat eurrOi in the .
:.:.....-.7...1.... -,.., T.-..t.',... , •p: , ,ArTr,,,,,,-.1,7 1'i5 , , ,, ;,,, , ;5 , '. ,, , ,, :•;:r.,,,,..,...N.:r,.44",X,
world we havo•been„ , reducectite . an endurance ot
tbeworaftrash,that ever eieted—a perfect libel
•On' , Bitiln i niOni s i.lii.cniid/ii4P11:...r, . 1 14 iAion \irdP°'
ipsip,9 l ,l l ,,i) g bii F.1700,c1,..w1ii,00, 09.3 V
t'oi,t of ropoplio 3o bor t sfo altogether deatro ,
.. ,
perfidious treason lauglialitthe'ealainiges of : the
people from tle . E:x . eentivd n cl i tai , t , of tho , s govero.
:nient, - . '"ivh a &Mile:lee' itti!' poisonoilif iliationco
through thi) arteries of its ii_atronagti into every
iitiertdr Of itie'd'ounii . ;!'lliii'iiticifdiiiirec!lliitieiS..
'O And:embarrassed, ",but.iptilifidiiifilairst,iiiit in'
ifienty,. end, eat ,Ont Alva sobittpnen' i . !of4,oe,!litptl !"
These arc facts ,whieh ~, all know, .ligop.Tio ,ui lr feel.
their effects.. knowing,theve
, thine, 'Bie!dniy,
,questionll4n is Will Vie' people'-Witktlio Wit "ef
sad .i eiiinrionea, beitireibiarai,"apPli that. remedy
'Which is rii;;;br to be foiind in the nll.liciiveiful and
s'oVreign voice of thPeoplethemsdlvesi . .-EVery. ,
one knows that theAifficifities ',WO-experience are ,
the coinicqubrice44lcpartiog f:roni, that policy of
the gov.critineßt7hich was pursued. by Washing
ten; "Adarne;;Jetter,Seni-Matlison and' Monroe, un
der WhoiekdtifiniairtitionS the people were blessed
ivith_a-siniailLei4cnicy,and-the - iittimartiational
and individual'prosperityenjoyed.: , Lot us'then
determine' to restore the; ancient policy of . the
government, and secure a sound.national curren.
cy, by the election of HENRY .CLAY'to the'
Presidency I
L' Notwithstanding thcir extreme leiigth we oak
the cereful attention of our readers to the folloW.
ing predictions made' by , Whig'members of Con:
gross, of the effects which would inevitably fol.
low the tlestruetion. of the'l./. S. Bank. : Wo find
them compiled by the Jonesborough (Tenn.)Wliig,
which paper says in introducing tho first of these
predictions, that tion:_iqr. Binney, of the Mouse
of Representotives of the United Stafes, in ths
Congessional debates which occurred in i 834,
only nine years ago ; and in reply to Janice K.
Polk,-or Tennessee, uttered the following, memo
rable prediction, whieli,tbough disregarded then,
has since been fulfilled to the letter c •
"If the Secretary's plan was carried into effect
there would be a hundred ban Ito starting tip to
lobo the place of the pro: lied States
Bank. They would have tl
. ..yl.r.qut_ilicir
paper - mird.iles - in - nlrairei hey would
mile from the four iivarters,ot tho Union."
Again : Mr. MeDuffle, of the House of Repro
serita i tive.s at page seventy-seven of the able Re
port, made on the 13t1i of April, and thirtem
yeara ago, says
"If the Bank of the United/States %Were de
stroyet), and the, local inititutionaloft %without if:
restraining influence, the currency would almost
certainly relapse into a spite of unsoundness.
The very .pressure which the present Dank, in
winding up its concerns would make upon the
local institutions, would compel I hem either to
curtail their discounts:teller' needed, or to suspend
specie payments. -It is not difficult to media
which or these alternctives they would adopt us.
der tho circumstances in Which they-would be
placed. 'rho impetions wants Of a snaring corn.
funnily would call fin- discounts in language
which could not he disregarded. The public us.
cessities itwuld demand and public opinion would
sanction the suspension or at least an evasion, of
specie payments. • ••
Now; we ask the candid reader, if this predic
tion has not a Tao been fulfilled, and with an exact
ness, only surpassed by the fulfilment of prophe
cy in holy Writ? Has not the currency relaps
ed into a state of unsmindnese, Bitten the 4ackson
dynasty prostritted the United Stales Bank? Did
not the State Banks curtail their discounts when
,they wen) most._ needed ? Did they_ not suspend
specie payments again and again Have not the
Locofbcos proved to he tense prophets in predicting
that. gold and silver would supply the place 'of
Bank issues ? And have they not proved to he
ft , t , lse prophets in saying that we could get along
without a United States' Bank, and that the State
Banks would supply its place?
We next 'select Mr. Doing, of Ohio, and Mr.
Clayton, of Delaware, not as more clearly pre.
dieting titan those already named, what was to fol
low the destruction of the United States Bank,
but as more condensed. Mr. BWing was then a
Senator in Congress, (1824) and has since • been
President Harrison's See'retari of the Treasury.,
He snid• on the floor of the Senate :
But this is not all. You sap the morals at the
some time you thus rudely shake the prosperity
of the people. The tirst resort will be to legisla
tive aid, and relief laws fellow, or in other words,
laws to prevent the collection of debts, (for what
Legislature can withstand the appeal; of a whole
people buffering under a general visitation 7) or,
if net that, the creation of a host of banks with
fictitious eapital,"whia may, seem for a limo to
suspend the blow, but will make it fall the heavi
er at last. 'And then, instead of the safe and
sound currency which WO now cnioy, wo shall a
g9711-1 liTiViniAreprliehrtird — a — ril — WZAliTelii — itTifs s or
trash, which will pass into the hands •of the.'peo.
pie, and there sink - into nothing leaving them to,
bear the loss."
Mr. Clayton, then ap able Senatortin Congress,
held this language prophetic and impressive. Ifs
-said :
The farmer must again sell to the
country merchant, for State bank paper
count of from ten to twenty or thirty per cent., in
the nearest commercial city. . 10 * 41 'TIM'
lose of Confidence among men, the total derange.
ment of that admirable system of - exchanges
which is now acknOwledg* to be better. than - ex.
ists in any other country on , the,Globe, °reared.
ing . ..and speculation on falso,capital in every, part,
that rapidfluctuatimi id the standard of value for
mortiy, which, like the. unseen' pestilence Withers'
the efforts of industry, while the aufferer, is in
titter ignorance of the cause of his destruction;
bankruptcies . 'mid-ruin, at the 'anticipation' of
which tlickheart sickens, mast, follow in the long;
train Of'evile are assur edly befo re us.
•. , ,
'ln,fB3s,'llir: 'Clay in'the B,enate of the United
statea, - uttered thefollowing meiriciratibi warning. Loccifocos,!wasAllis not prophecy, and
had; i!,!:4 , Oto prOiction been fulfilled to Lilo very
letter 7' , ' -
Thorti; being io iOngclr any iepiinef,at tho
bottibliiiiiifenti, to warn 'thorn=
fw , 4k nfur w ,t 4lptijOi4:iipote,tione!of. - ,alipro4ohing : .
r!nor; ihe:.lacaCtßyiNtionp, already-solltipliert
pigo.i::4leisertgvira*tospllPlty mike,fiii apita
ppreittrainetkftniattulf t11t,3 pflOrielq l or air.
~glotioli 9v11( Ire tgorggd. ' , Priv6ity
trOliiiMkg bilitiOntl•,4o43otaritlyolotiltltinco-41*1
fbmpeltiorv*lll.bafrometiblO t ~ , ,Oordl M 44
4094'j)04iii *m(l46lo' adkriiitretiintlijai
ileting.mripout 'con coit; ;
11;k44,Aqiilt/04 th .IIIIT e AaIN;CRPt PPVitt
puti;'`thi v ast exaskzerato ha alu r
t in- 040 0-&24 4 .l o:K*o4frrair`VW4 solo.
itNAt , ,.., ,
. Ak = fn ett;cin ill . - teed
ot tot 4101 the4elviliAtr , tt 'ere ,
' ." ''.., .-,.a--vv, ~- .7, , . . ~. -1,-,
.tolie„ittliitfeeittit . tr,4l ,s 1342-B.' ; He,- 4, p orn t,
L il ,lo4 l ,oo4'.o.t i ir ' '' ' i n :-.!; , 41 114 0: 1 0 1 . 'lf e l i
Ilidliitt‘iklliiik „irirti,,ii j itie.j.4l4444 .. trutle
04 41pli - I ,o ll. 4 l6 6 l o . li6iiiii‘l,iv4lo:4PlTl
kai n c if0rgY0P.?*. ,;41 0. 014 4 5 4%4 4 4.4 1 )f14V.04.":
44t :0 0 • L R44 1 4 1:3 0 1 i5PW. 1 404041,4# 1 06-11;1Itt,
'O9 ' f'ttif'-'4lel i 'j'it - ' '''''tt' L iP f iv‘L , ::'Pl -,
,P. f i - t •:, ,-,a ' . ... Pe',-* 'l,q;,,ek'ite.,Vr'X'-,,:t":"'
-.1r. , • ,, P40, , A. , 1? , .•.,.,_,,,
d iril$0;911P0,101,1401004 . 0141t4,1 1 10 fliiiii!ppy
of depart:" . Afij,iintAirYA B **** 4ool ' in I°44'
4 81 Cit - Nifinfiriiirhfindritriatidkaftia*llltontOzltt ,
1836 it•cannot be less than pnerhiOaFed end ttosn.;
ty millions:. An increase-of siziy inillians . of 61: - `
~eial,rettirns,madeby. thellecretartrof,tbe Troa: i
eh ry':' They'come,,sie;'it bilitio;rtioAtitqr''ileehi'
tban.lB34Z:Jiiit irme , ,takeihe asterageineretiiie.
for two or, thrtteyears before that tinte,,,ang.,re %
'fleet on'tliti entirniMityrise'nfc PittVerWitince;-(ti"
'apre'indieatiortml:ast - unhealthycoiroulatlini,))We'
must be satisfied that there has -been more than.
qi ent'den. millionti added to , ihe"circulaticin'wlth.'
te.thelat&siktnm:inontha and that One;hundied
1 11 gpigA i ', n ty, millions,,K bclLow,:ratlitTi thi7ttt above
tho'iTtaestiinato:' •'' ' -'''' ' - ' 7- "' ' :'"'', " ''' ' •
) ' q You, see; sir; therefore at a glance, the causer
of the, present s t ate ,of things, and . who cannot,
als'o;sir, , soc et a kliinile hew it is t o end ? Tithe',
Mil should:be clieolted-now,,and the reduCtion Igt,
1 slow .and .gradual, we might escape t ho
. cense.
quences delfichtime:hatt inovitably'in store for us '
under: anothey;pollq.::' , But i iir,.fer from expect.
jag this,, I IMalt to an increase of'the disease., It
1 appears tome inevitable.. A. universal nandhese '
has taken possession of, the , public mina.: With
in the last,fonrrnonths I have; heard of the • mtg. ,
mentations of. banking. 'capital, prohbsed 'or pas.
sed, to the amount of fifty millions of dollaitt, and.
more I am told arr.,' projecting,;
~so_that we may,
.e . i.teet to'see tiliS ttystem continuing-until it breaks
and falls.from its owlitseight and magnitude. - In
the. present sts.teol things; the States, are all in,
wrested to ir
terease the circulation of their own'
banks; and'prevent that- of their -neighbors. , In.
deed, we already see symptoms, of a war of legis.
lation, the result of jealousy, by which they are
nttem.pting to restrain the notes of banks in other
Shries from passing within their limits,. .
' „ Thus deplorable aittb of things must:yet get
worse ; and•welrinight the Senator from !gleam!.
ri depict it in the colors ho. did a few dity3 ago.
Ile could not overcharge the'piCturc44 - t.plettire,
sir, rendered more painful to conteroplate,,hy the
recollection 'of our condition. beforetho•war -was
waged . o n the Dank .of the' United State. For
sixteen years it regulated the currency of the
country with . a wisdom and success of which
there is no parallel. We threw it away and we
see what we have gut in' Its place. Sir,all the.
projects of regulating und checking the excess of
bank emissions by law, refusing to receive at your'
Treasury their notes of a less sum than no, will
have no more effect than would have a- bucket full
of earth thrown into the MiSsissippi river to stop .
its uurreilf: — And as to pushing gold and silver
into circulation when, you have five hundred and
fifty, hanks interested in gathering it all up, and
supplying its place with theirnotes, that is equal
ly inrpractieable ; a' cheap and dear currency
never. can exist together;: the former always des
treys the litter; - Having no. power by the Consti.
tution to interfere directly with State legislation
in this matter, I see that tiro country is destined
to cm through the same scenes of agitation 'rind
stiffening which it did previous to - the time. of the
late Hank of the-United States. After the evils
have Collis to a heightli wherithey can no longer
be enclurell,‘ye shall have another National Bank,
and not until then. But I submit if it would not
'live been no well to have prevented this State of
nf•things two years ago? ; I enquire, what good
has been or can be attained, by nuitings the pea.
plc Simnel this liiarftil trial? Five of eix years
henec will •be the lime to get an 'answer to these
questions." .
Thus the reader will 'see, what was Whig
Prophecy nine and a dozen years ego, io•llistory
now. And never did the filets of real life"
more triumphantly demonstrate tlio , sageeity of
three eniinent Statesthen. Inspiration from on
high, could only havO more luminously foretold
the_miserablc_futurs_ then _did the sagacity of
these Statesmen foresee and predict the ruinous
tendency of General Jackson's war upon a Na.
limit Bank.
Who Nomin ated Tylert
GEN. Sot. VAN IZENSaF.LiEII, late Phstmaster at
Albany, (remove?! by Tyler) appears by card in
the Albany Daily in answer to the imputations
cast on his — olliCial conduct 'in the Aurora. He
adds that lie wai!,present at a conversation,in May,
1840, between Jelin Tyler, and Silas E. Burrows;
in which the latter spc4e of a !Mier he once re•
ceived frnin Munron maintaining the
constitutionality of a National Bank, which - Mr.
Tyler desired to see; and Mr. t ßurrows handed it
to him: A conversation ensued on the propriety
of creating such a)Elank, which Gen. 'V. 11; will
publish in dye time. 'He closes with the follow-
g interesting reminiscence
"At the Harrisburg Convention of December,
1839 , on the morning - after Gem Harrison had
been nominated for President, the New York
dclegati -n, of - Md.:li I was a member, were as
sembled by themselves and were considering the
question of a candidate for Vice President, when
I joined them. As I entered -the room, ono of
them observed they Were waiting for me ; that
as the Convention had nuked so harmoniously en
my nomination fir President; .they wished me to
nominate a Viep - President also.
I replied that ttlid riot wish to name a candi
date, but that I should join them in any ono they
would he pleased to present. This inypileagues
- declined, and again urged me to offer a noMinn.
tion. I then said that if such was their- wish, I
would name several indiiiduals from whom they
could make their. choice; and accordingly I pm•
'sented - the - names-of--John—Tyler i - govr'Owen, - of-
North Carolina, and John •Bell, of Tennessee.—
They still declined • making the selection, and .
wished me to designate the candidate. I then
-named John Tyler, and ho was unanimously-ac.
cepted. He was on the ground and -knew what ,
course I had piked. Had I designated either of
the other -two gentleginn named, he - would have
been accepted with equal readiness and unanim.
May God and my countrymen pardon my grciv-•
ous error.—iii, this , mutter ,
.which I shall never
ceuse to deplore. But I did it for the best. lliad
served iii Congress tvltli him, in 'years gone by,
and Alien I deemed honorable. man ; , and
ss Virginia WWI nearly balanced, I hoped the
nomination of my Mnlable friend might incline
the scale in Our, favor.
Such is. a; brief ilatemont .of - the manner in
_which. John Tyler obtained ~h iw nomination.=
flow grelvously he has deceived and disappointed
expectation, the whole country can testify. But
retribution Is draWing nigh,' and -the token can
not be mistaken. A lower full awaits , him thaw
has overtakenanv pub3ic man who has ever", 4.
frayed tho"misplaced COnfidence ;of thci 'country.
; Alhary, May sth,
„ ,
, .
La'n'clistee Count y Dink; , iliaiousfer,l24,• ; ;=
0 '4i altered froth fiouthwArie, Jnptitilti
dated. Feb. 12, i 824 ; FtAsamciji.
iiit' ~F'reayent, „, 'No ,suck persons 4vit
Wank o
from sduttiwark &minket' flank,
Ral!e rts, Cashier;F. norket,Vies. suoh'
iirtpemoe, this tialkitte.l,ny Ztiiii"oz;;Mtipeo-; ispyri t
bile.o 4 AW 4ll6 '4tdifitei ,a= sti idCriy4, 'Of N4l. pl
- * .11 4 , 4
' 1 , 0 0*0 1 4 1 %
'itvrwiltkv , i * t ;
se : 4, 1 .4 ;0
Nett COunterfelts
::°~~;~ .
i w
"•;, , t' iiiv, iiiiti4*ler. ill er , ,:
, - 4,ariiitili; ,, tk>. it k A;wn if
'.):: W. ef 44.1q 4 ii, ' ' ' .44eani f ia°4
#ttysl. , io;!**Vit irkitr 4 1 .4'i
C.o 66 frAo3'sf.f.§ ih'irgilifel'hi:AS),, L.tri ;:iiii4i,
ber of/teliilune and•OhllAßliri#Tukr/lich 1 4 8 '
4 ***o 4 l . P * 4o#4;#l..o4.** lo l4i*l
0 0 K0110**-:4,4:1,1# 1 04*hi ) 4Y€ 1 1
#erNi - ' , ;,l l ,l,os4tlMOlilin-t;:trAiLekjitisli Ilk'
tp . ,4l4EotiaiiiNp ktiolkopi..4oolPo?
p9#pity.. 4 ,!lit pi aftitilf 69telgelft4i , itici '6 - ivi 1 iiiik
!liiiiikiiiiiiiiiikiotAikofti*kii.lie - '0161, 1 ,
fointatieri)etid 41111604 A: iif aciiieti,in ,oitiZowit;
'ftii/trt; ; 4!4' ll.6 :oo9q4 lll l l ,4iTerlint.noikoci4!te
,eenetw In4leairet!pg, Pr Ae!it year a,* 0 T 3 4 47 , 100
bee heed Wiericett With the moot tWilliaef ,Ad :nu,
JW,eeedented eeceeseto all efferteWfiletrlitOce been
Tqadifoi ibill'itleiel tied Intellecinel-elevittibti Of
trenikidd threugiatitllie:Werlp'4 - .:1 '. ; ,• . .
Ww.arer soriyilluitt We liteoriooeiltut . for eon.
doused statements of the 'egerbtione of one or two
From the report of the American Bible Society , .
that..there`iavt% 'been Orginized dtirlng
tboleitrE 59 ;new -airrtiliariett.,; There, have: been
printed of English Bibles, 02,0001 . English Tee.
tirnoste, 12.0,000 ; French.dcyßpoo . ; German do.
4,000; modern. Greek do. 4,q00. , Thie lour not
include what has beenprinted abroad at the Sock.
• , .
ply's expenim. .
:The whole ititinber of Blble'ir and Testainents
issued hi the crime of the year has been 215,605
co - Pleti.. in_ nirteteenl-iliflererkt-tonguesvmaking - ii
total of 3,068,370 - Since the organization of
society. These books have gone mostly, - not to
the rich and Weil supplied, but to the needy
throughout our States and Territories—to searnon
boatmen, emigrants 7 to prisons, hospitals, Sze.—
most of which cases would not have been met bet
for this organization. Ono hundred and sixty
copies of rare . Bibles and other worki - have been
I added to the lbrary during the year. .Thirteen
agents have been employed during the'entire year.
Grants Of Books have - been made for 'Texas,
Canada, - Hayti, Cuba, Honduras, Rio Grande,
Buenos' Ayres_und Santa Cruz. To the latter -
I place have been sent 500 Bibles rind 1000 Testa
ments. .
At the N. Y. Convention for.evangelizing the
World, Mr. KimTM, recently returned from 13
years service in Burma'', 'addressed the meeting,
and gave a gratifyinpiceount of the remarkable
progress• of the Missionary calico
in India.—
Christian churches, it appears, aro springing.up
on the banks of the rivers of Barinch,_and he
had planted ono under the Painch of this King of
Ava. Slim) /830;mnro than 5000 heathen in
in that country have giVen the Missionaries coin•
fortable evidence that 'they have abandoned:al
confidence in their heathen idols, and embraced
with all their:hearts the gospel.
From the report of this Society, we learn that
during the year, there have been circulated 7,000
Journals, 25,000 Youth's Advocates, 5,000 copies
of Reports, 20,000 Almanacs, 4,0,00 Hymn Books,
and a large numberofDi.S;vull's Plates.
The Sticiety 'has only cause to regret its re. ;
striated means of usefulness, rind trusts that the
Temperanco_portion of the community will not
alien , them to sink under the burdens already ac.
cumulated upon them. The Society was first or•
ganized in 1833, and remodeled in 1836. Since
that time the'NeW York State Society has issued
15,974,000 publications. In several of the States
new aukilitnies havo.been added.
The Tedtperanee Reformation has been instru.
'mental in saving not less _than half a million of
our citizens from. degradation and ruin—has re.
stored, more than 100,000 drunkards—has dried
up the fountains of pauperism in a great degree
—has made the poor rich—the wretched happy,
•and Ilie idle industrious.. It has greatly dimi•
niched crime, as. has been ceriifiedby eminent
judges, in various portions of the laud, as well as'
by Reports of State Prisons in several of the
The report went on to say that so great was the
spread of temperance principles all over every other
part of the world, that ip a short time England would
he the only drunken country let on the lace of the
earth. Thu Chinese are fast becoming sober men ;
and the Society have reason to be exceedingly proud
and gratified to think that the King of gtalleite has
recently signed the pledge, and compelled 140 of his
children to do the same.
O'One Dollar Notes on the Bank of Northum
berland, altered to s's, aro said to be in circula
tion, arid itdmirably executed.
• 'n" -- C01.12. M. Johnson, who has been to the
furthest southern limit of the Union, now intends
to tack about and take a flying trip to did New
England States.. He will pass through Penn.
sylvania on li way,and thepoliticians at Harris.
burgintend•giving him a public reception. The
Col. owes Carlisle 'a visit, having disappointed
last full. - • •
The - Now - Yingt -- papars -,- contairt-a-corres.
pondence between 300 of tha principal !tier.
chants and Captains of Packets in Now -York,
and Commander Mackenzie. The letter •of the
merchants expresses their approbation of his
course in the trying scenesthrough which he has
lately been called to pass, extends ,to him their
sympathy, and approves Of the public decisions
which have acqUitted him with lioncir.. TM, Ex.
press states that the gentlemen signing the 4Ottor
have claimed' the right and the privilege of pay. every evens° to which he has been silbject
ed by the various trials to which he has been ex ! :
Texas and, the United States.
An address to tho peoplo of the United States,
„ ,
signed by John' Q. Addms end others, is publish:
ed the 'of, last weeli;
Itom whiCh wo copy tho:following commencing
perngreph;•, • ~ • ,
Niro; the undersigned, in closing our duties
our constitnentsand our country, os moorhen' of
the 27th Congress; Mel bound to call your' affair: I
tion very briefly to the Prejecti bopgg entertained ,
by a portion of, the poop)? of these U,, Status, still
pertronCiousty adhered to, and Intended' soon tO,
be consutrunatird—fue , Annaximoir OP' VEXAIII TO'
Tutu UNION, , Ip thO press of business incident to,
ithe Viet days of a session Congress , we have
not' time ,'diirirrs 4 deeni . reetisary , to "inteinjien'
14 : 4 4ailid.044Pinut .•9f.* ?Do Ilreasonk Which'forpo,
upon. ur inindesthe . conviction that this project
nd'ifiettni abanuNiied'i!ituteiViiiigf poitlon'ot
'Pm country interested tho,4ontioultrwevifidol
;meetioelaykry r and tslave.tradeAn theSe ‘ ,ll. States
0 11 •VdcoVernely and iialtilfably deletirilaitil a seiy
(11 4 1 2" , **PeediT:COrlie4k.0.180 AVOsahmkicitthaA.
tiy 9 11 " Pr IlyneiY. ie g av - 9 1: 1. % r tkii;f•-'nfid
Pul; 47 #B l4t ract irmr.liiiii 4 tVp
It o o fid, to,
,• pi.4410.444r400-44:zooto**
, -
10#0,1 4: r -
{ an d ok kt
A' ‘
V.l.l".l.Aypr*lliiiiip . ltltiatid irA titirls;44olol,l:4pestr ;
Min iiid:„Srolls",,cinnamon Lisa=
Was; 600,101iild;':Obisir;'Oreitinand beril;ey4
, I.'honipsointui3Or pbopertandiesi d Cloy,
halts; litinnie bat French , and Commonitlkienga ;
French; coraniVit'alt4exl4 o, P4Bilecretfl.o l 4,oF o .l4.•
rook and vanilla randy ; , sugar and biirtivalmnridas
candy:liiYa ) ;liquiirictikko:gi , , , ,:„ , l'q,t :I',
NiraAir9 ol /011#4 1 eriBlEtjeiSh Falplitioll9ll-
blike;cfianititi, and Bruijr,ciiiira;coabit . ground
nuts, • AP,I
ff31.11111-411nsnies,lemons, raisin,, prance,
dstes and Chian: `'' Als o the ,
Cavoiadistr•Tollimpoei and Alogitrole
such, as ; rri not po,, Hasana,!Tralacas.ond
*Ameriosa segars,;or Site finest
Theirrassortmentila*fit constantly. supplied br
fresh additions.. .Conatt'y merchants are invited
enl4 as they - con be supplied do terms atadvantage
otits as oity. pricis; , ';erlic.4patronage .of Abe public ie.
Carlisle, ' , April 26; 1843.... C .
.Cji . fAkLP.A:pI,..E.FI OAROIN,'O.3,
THE subs4iberei would informthe chi.
zeitti of Carlisle and the yie4iity, that they are
pyepared to famish' their '
in the most superioi manner, at polees that can only.
be afforded by their biing the most extensive.mnnu-,
lecturers in the dounttl.', • ' •
We still, retain, the ,ruit.. txxont ; no ".curtail
ment lo suit tlietiiii - ete;' - but:tipon - theliimin. Call'
and see the best, cheapest,' nol largest assortment in
No.loo, Cheintit street,
April . 26, 1843
Farm for Sale.
ILL he sold at Private •Saleo Vain'
of OW :STONE LAND,sittutted in North
idd eton township, 4 tallest east ot Carlisle, Cum
berinnd cotinty; Pa. containing 100 Acres, more or
-less', having thereon erected a two - story FRAME
HOUS, frame Kitchen, frame Barp, Wagon Sinai,
and Horse Stable. Ctimberland Valley Railroad
ruts through said farm. There is a stone House and
side Track at the rail road. Also a tenant house ut the
rail road,and a young Orchard: About. 70 acres is.
cleared and the residue is covered with good timber.
Immediaie possession will, be given. on the confir
mation of the wile. "
The evil, in the ground will he given with the
him. Per terms apply lit Middlesex Dl ills.
Aprll 48, 1845
Spring •& liitinner - SintwlKT
CLIPPINGER k CAREY. Shippensburg, have
just received au extensive • assortment or Silk,
Cashmere, WI De Like Shawls, of the newest style,
and at reduced prices..pi it'2l, •
To tho Electors of. Cumberland county.
ELLow.ct TIZENS: Having 'determined
to be a .candidatc - for tho
I respectfully solicit your Support.
Itay 10,1849
To the Electors or Climberland county.
xELLow-CITIZENS: I . .of fe r Troll: to
your consideratidn; as - n candidate forthe
ordumberland county, and shall be thankful for
your auffrages..__Should The elected shall ell.
deavor to, discharko theldatiee 'of the office with
fidelity and impartiality.
Eastpennabovro tp. April 10, 1841 te•B2
To the Voters of Citioberlatid Co.
110ELIA1-UITIZENS: I offer my
self to your consiclerution Ran entuthlate for the
at the next general election ' and respectfully solicit
sour cotes for the same. Should you elect me I
shall entleavomo discharge the duties . thereoTwith
fidelity and impartiality.
Newton tp. April 19; 1841 te.
To the Voters of Cumberland Co.
GENTLEMEN: 'Offer mysof as n candidate
for the
of Cumbe s rland county at the general election, and
will be thankful . for your supprirt. -
Cxrliple, April 19, 1843
To the Electors of Cumberland Co.
GENTLEMEN . 1 announce . myself
' as us candidate tor the
'at the neat general election. Should you honor me
with a merrily of yotir suffrages I pledge myself to
discharge the duties of the office with'lnfelity.
iSontli Middleton tp.-April 19, 1845. 'll-25
To the Public . Generally. •
respectfully inform you that I am a can
didate for the
of Cumberland county, and
_should you think me
worthy and-elect-me-oi-such_stAthe_nextgcneral
election, I pledge myself to use my best abilities
to servo you faithfully. • JAMES HOFFER
Carlisle, April 12, 1843,
To the . Voters of Cumberland. Co:
BELLOW -CITIZENS : I beg leave -to offer
toyseJf to your consideration as a candidate
for the
, .
'' : ' OFF ICE Or 1511Eginr,
, .
at the'gc`neral eleOton, and ;shall ho' thankful for
your support.. ' ', . •WILLIAM GOULD. ,
Carlisle, April 12, 1843. , .„,.. . . t 0...
. „
':To the •Voters of Cumberland'.
• ,County ? . ,
t=l offer Myself as a win d i date for tbe
office of SHERIFF of 'Cumberland • County, tuid
will, be tlutokful to you fur your support.
. , MIC I-1 A 81. - HOLCOMit.
-,Carlisle, March:92, 1843. `.' ' ' te-21
Tolhe Voteis'qrCum erlan,dCo:. ;
F tee
I 'offer pyielf for
of Ciirribeilind county, at the neat General Elec
tion, end tespeetfilliretilleitiqineetiplikirt-' l Shoill
you elect, rne,j,ehail endeeyor, .to illagliergey the
dinlei of the rifflee'faithfully . and
,• t.:l • a *(101 , :
•- •
-2 oltiieqeketbil ' C l itth.bol" ted.i
tinigutowx ZEES. aolltoia
',: ., i1 6 1,140Pijr 1,1 .0,9 11 0. 4 1 1 .dat9.011.the
orticl orsumaxer.
at tho ensuing ge4 s eral ayattan. l l3lt t oullt.,you,,alect,
ility;irowtrie4, ditto' dhalitio hiCittittaa ,af ;
Stjtelll!! 14,04, „4141 ink 0
;0 K„v
DA ,
iiiiotltEl'l2°ll3¢SW;l 6- 4 - Pial•
1 11WAN:104 1 , 1 40,i
Vikatk * Attit*lir
: 11 44 0 9 4931 kitat1k
next door to the Ledger Buildings, ,
Agent for the owner
P`eM6, 'cl4f
ire ou
01 are
frU takiPleee esiIA.II:IRIjAN thaVth alto
doors open at ,I,o,frill:escensionlit, 0 , 04 P.
froie the Ceutie.'Siitittitig In - the ileiough ,
• Thip.will boa xoyel Ate,NVieei Intends
benig vith' hien it:l4ll4kt , belloeit;the..,eteilef,7lsp,
that, should he take se.fencl, he, may :
,an to goroPe•
Extra cat's ill! IX' 'run on this excelled betiken
usual price. r • ' ,
!II Is hopecr dint 'the friende';or„ this , - magnificent'',
spectacle, who seine expressly to witness it,
purchase tickets and come snside" thgarena and-see
ALL. ~.:,,•
Admittance 50 cents-Children haliPrice. •
May 3,1843; , •
ii4itt Town Factor":
THE auheeriber takes this method of in
forming-his-friends-nod' the pubbo 7 teneralif,
that heltas.rented the above named Factory, known
ai Bower's factory, situate on the Conodoquinet
Creek; two north of the Harrieburg turnpike,.
four miles north of Afechaniesburgiand four miles
north east of HOguestown, having thoroughly re=
newed the Machinery, he is prepared. to execute all
kinds of works such as
Carpet, Flannel, and twilled or plain Blanketing.=
Alio—Carding Bolls,•Spinning and coloring Stock
ing and Carpet Yarn, Coloring, Fulling, Dressins
.amt Weaving or all kinds. All •of which work is
, Warranted to bean well done at at any other factory,
in Pennsylvanin, and - on the most ivasonable terms.
Be will keep on hand Sattinets, Flannel lic• Blau
bets, which he Will exchange for Wool, also Stock
ing Yarn tind " • ' - '•
---- . - F.Mrifirt• accommodation of those who wish to fa
vor him with their custoM. Wool rind Cloth will
betoken in at the folloaing places and returned once
a week, via: At the more at, Mr...Coyle, and at Mr.
Quigley's Innkeeper, Hogueatown ; at the store of
Williann.C. Honsee, and &An Hoover,innkeeper, at the store- of Mr. ones,,Perry
county, at George Boyers, near the mountnintandht
Samuel Banners, state road,
May 5,1838,
y ILL rent for one or morc years, the HONEY 7
JEAVt.OD MILLS, tit Dam No. 5, on the Poto-
RUM River, in 'Berkeley count'. Va. This estab
lishment consists of a MERCDANT 'MILL, with
two ran of Stones, nod the most approved modern
machinery for conducting the operations with the,
least possible labor, all in good repair The works
manship aml machinery are not . surpassed
Finin or Maryland. A ttachedto it in a - BMA ' , Mil,
to which 11150 - there sire ,two tint of stones, with a
Hitler. drying Corn, and
.all. the conveniences for
innnuliietneing it, with unto houses, ware !Moses, fee
• SaW Min with tw a Saws, •
hod Circular Saws Ibr. tutting laths. and for
rir 1.
I itj• other small sowing. -11ir logs are limy,' in
lIIL to the mill from the river by machinery, And
in fine, all the orningenietits of the establishment
have been carefully made with- reference to siring
manual labor,:4l I believe fewestablishments of the
same ettent eati be more economically contlected.
There arc on the premises all necessary buildings
for millers, coopers and laborers, and a large„ttvo
story BRICK ROUSE ~tin• a residence. Persons
desirous of renting tuck 'trot - Ally are requested to
examine this. It has.the u bole surplus water of the
Potomac river, after supplying
,the canal, with a fall
of 17 or 18 11.41, constant access to the Canal, in a
fine wheat country, tint more than 4 -miles from the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and very conveniently
situated for the trade of the line county of Vranklin,
in Petinsyhattia, whence a quantity of a beach an
nually purchased, and to accommodate the trade of
whirl', there is'it Warehouse on that site ofthe river,
where he: iiiii nt he moved at the remarkably pled
lent lord just below the 31111. • r.
I-will no I one of the most valuable Farms in this
part of the State, consist' ng of about
250 Acres of - Ififorrale Lkinestone
Laud, •
nod Ricer bottom, lying.ou the Potomac titer, ad
joining the Mill Tract, now, occupied by Mr. Fran
cis 12. 'Dugan, residing on the premises, who in the
absence of the subscriber, will show the hind to any
one desirous of porch:ming. This farm is consider
ed one of the most Certain, for all grain and grass in
the country. Its ohmmeter is so well understood in
lice neighbot hood, that prrhaps no farm is in n great
er derriand. Mull the farm and mill are considered
remarkably healthy situations. They will be offer
ed at public sale nod rem on THURSDAY the :15th
of MAY. From the renter of the mills, testimonials
of character, together with opprosed security *ill
be required. The tenths of payment for the land
will be made neer e. a portion of the pur
chaSe money bein this balance secured on
the property.
April '2B, 1849, 81-26
usqueha,nna, Line,
T HE proprietors of the S'usqueltanna Line win!'
run their Cars'and Boats asi usual to Phil.
adelphia and Baltimore during the present season..
Their friends will please apply to Noble, Flinn
& Herr, Broad Ht..and Hart, Andrews & McKee.
ware' Philadelphia, and Joile - pli E. 'Elder, Haiti
Until further notice, the following prices will
be adheied to between this p . lace and the above'
• ion.
"P Fri
to azi
4-Fel v -r 2 R`g
it'a3 g',7l 9 4‘'
'C P= O C , ' 4l
E EL4 Fa
220:te. 15 - et. poi bbl
Ale pct 100
Dry Goode Drugs,
and Medicines, 26 23 . 40c
Furniture; 28 ' ' 25 43 '
Wheat t ,'Rya& Corn . • ,• , f . •
per b ushel , .„ . :11 ;.10 '
Oat s `do ' '7 ' •'6 ' '
Groceries, ' ' 23'? '2O -40' • `
Lumber per 1000 -
feet' ' r 03 50 •02 75
Shingles per 1000 .1.,50 ' 4 '- 2'oo
Flobr per bbl:, : ..,. • 34' • ..:30'• ~, 47.
Shad 54 Mackerel do 5.6: „,,
Herring . do • 44 ' 34 100 .
,Salt per saek, , ' ''' I ".32''' ' ''':2B , ' 'y"- ,
Pitelii 7 Par aiidaosin ' ~ -,.,,, , I
Pgr 1 :9 0 i—,1 _„ ~ 715 , .20- .• , ; , v.•
Plaster eon tOn, S2'so -'O2 25 ' •'' '' ,t.
H em p peel6o, ~ 22 ... : '::; 16 •,•, .• 1 "ti,
Hides,:::„ „ • ,-' 2..5. .. , RIP .
Pig Bleialiiinuitoii.i 50' . 1 .'2'50' ''••••`• ''', , • ' 2 ,''
BlooinksCCoatiogo,4 00 . ~ 3 •va l l -,i,1 , -.. , 0,- , ?. 4.
Bak Xr,911, ,-. oth•; , , 40 , 3 , SO t - ,-. 4", s 4;
rNalti ger iceis;:'i7,3 ) ;Or, '•• 19 f ' :' '' '' ....
tuithu r per 100,1,0 , ;' , ;25.,: , ~ ...i i'1.'20:',1 , !,,,..-q , .;;2. )1,7: 31 /
vy,) ,
'okey„per b6lO .. , 50,,, ~ i, „ r i g , „ ~.... , ~ ~,
109 r iljoijiiiiit.ll:lo;2o ::. : 4 15 - ' ''.:- ?..", ~,---
Car StOttbir , tiii.,' , : Vtil''. l ' kC," , :rs/24 7 ,,y,1t.ii1y , 1,
,'...,' 2 1 • .1,•',40`..4 •. 4 . 1 ,
~a , - %'•'," i .i- ART*.
i 1 mirtr:l l icreiv f outo, teak, , 2Vf.,*44‘
• 7:7= - •
•, 1 figWitn3 Dill.
BC •
ri thelikoit.
an* , TULE Plait
Aitom'oo-.04000411ff Krifl6P6h3bh
4 g - 4 1 4fek 4111 ",9
riPki'r , P7.4infrttt#P.PAstd2O
aUcill,koiritts - fron, awl corrupt Itu
*ltti ( oittittPti:4"ll4 , enii6"Ple.C.6ol 4 if - Hadifit
amigos. t f aioltitior-4 1 *AiniiS - 'll..
t Ot44;o6,lllkeunimlii,'bomcor : pi•qrrrtseiatt
jnitidettt'to tutu. N- "3,
ArraprrEoptamg PlZ f r,,s
. AtT, ictitidept, ncr
iitti/ittd Alin, be tote the ,
01.'4;614 ilia
kinds Of
'~u _.,.
7, , So; 'silsci,Whrn the Se* Impitrity is deposited o.
f O rfina
tionr and si4lingto';cideti
• •
!Cho'lndinn"t' ""'t ble'l l ifl nary 7titi seal
days certain to give and,if
i Perseryml.Witync.
to* diectltins, will mOleassuredlYandwith
Mit fail, mako a .perfect. , cure ,the above* paint('
maladies. ' From stireop e sikni; Anil Indian • A'egetsi
bin Pills taken orm7,plght . r galpflitilled will in,
shorttirne so completely: rid the bOdi7lfinoever .
thing that is- eplio'deiUoyhe'aTtfi that Ithcitfiatiah
dOnt; and pain cif ere'ri deinit;tioir,; Will lie literati
• PRAWEJV 4.710. 1 11'.
.Por the 'same reason' w hen,frorn. sudden .change
'of atmosphere, or any other eat* the perspiratio.
is checked, and the hamar, 'whicirshottld pass off b:
the skin' are thrown i watdly,eaoai og
Nausea and sickness, pith) in the bones, watery an,
inflamed'eyes, sore dirchtt, hoarieutts,' coughs; CO3l
sumptions, rheumatic pains in rariottS pots of di,
body, and many other . symptoms af r • •
• , , C. 9
.7' COIN c0..1,11,
THE INDIAN yr f og
,give immediate `eclief. Vroin three to iii o
said Pills taken every night on 'to bed, will it
s; short time, net only remove all the above; , uople*
sant symptoms, but the body will, in a shot:Ohne, bi
restored to even sounder health ~than before, .'Thy
same may he said of
Fri - wx,oitotPAcut.TvoittiEitiiitst4
Indian Vegetable 'Pill's will loosen and carry
oft* by the stomach and bowels those tough phlegmy
humors, which stop up the air cells of the lings,ani
are the cause'not only of the above distressing earn.
plaint, but when neglected, often terminates In tun
still' more dreadful malady-called
,should also" be remembered that the Indian
Vegetable Pills are 'certain Cure for
• -. 1 • PAIN-1 THE SIDE. ' • -
Oppression, unusia , and sickness, lass of appetite,
costiveness, a yellow tinge of the - skin and eyes and
every other symptom of a torpid nr diseased shite 01
tub liver; because they: police from the-body those
impurities which if deposited. upon this ;minuend
organ, are the cause of every variety of
. St-27
When a Nation is convulsed by Riots, Outbreaks
nod Rebellion, the only sure means of 'preventing the
dreadful consequences of a
CIVIL WAR, • • •
is to expel all traitors, nod evil 'disposed ones front
the Country. . . •
In like manner, when pain . or siekness of any kind
Indicate that the body is struggling with Microsl foie;
the Vile remedy is to
(Traitors to. life,) and HEALTH WILL DE THE:
' CER PAIN RESULT._ . ; - .
That t h e Principle °retiring disease by Cleansing
tuttl Purifying the botly,is strictly in accordance nide
the LAW/ which . govern the stihnal economy.; and if'
properly carried out by tht• use of t h e above maned'
, ,
Wlll certainly result in - the complete Abolition of
Disease', we offer the following testimooinla, from
persmis of the highest respectability in New York,
who hate recently been cored 4 die most obstinate
complaints, solely by the use ot Wttigire• INDIAS
VeOP.TABLE. Picts or Tut
r . IsstAigA,l t I..lune 9th, I &It,
. Ilittor Wiliistn Wright—Dear Sir—lt isii•ith
great satietirticin that I iiikrin you of my I viiig ,
been entirely cured of Dysitrvsis, of yesrir wan&
ing, by the use or your 'ISIDIAN :VEGETABLE
Pieviout to thc'eting with yo u r celebrated mcdi+,
tine, I had been under the hands of several Physi
cians, and had'tried various medicines; baton to tid
effect. After using one 25 cent boi of *our MAN
however, C experienced so,much benefit, that lies'
solved to persevere in the use of them according ftr
yout 4 directions, whit); I am happy to state, has re
inked in a perfect cure. In gratitude' to you fur the
great benefit thave received, and also in the hope'
that others similarly afflicted niaybe,intlueed to make
'trial of your extraordinary medicine; iend pat
this statement with 'N111;661). to publish thexame if
'You' think
hnEO coLsTofi
. .
~ :. , • , . . .. ~_
14d.w to iti. Jtini ig, 1 a 4 1... ,-, . '-.OP-', PIACK. '.
fo Mzi: niehcAttlegtii:Aget;t:Yor'lVright'a ludiutiC ,
Vegetiatilel4l)4NO;•9BB AGi:ioittiloirat. 7 l4r. Y. .•
---- Item , Stic—Atiotti• eeiernineadation. I come time'
since. 'mule. Mil ot ,i+VItIGHI".4, INMAN NEG..'
liitis7 - iFir, A' C o lle g e
ETABLE . o th e or merman
of Health;' ithd' aft eoimmettatisly tkelert, that fin:*
Purifying 'the 196o11'r + itiia 'ielui4iiiithesystion' ,
haire received mnrelll**Ortitetheir OseitharifiMer
any t?!lTrinedieitip;;lP SW tore,uxgre beim my good'
fortune to meet..viith. 'l' mu, dear. ,sir i ,witb many '
thanks,'yOtir 'obliged 'frieiitc. - , C. M.;.
`, .i. 6o Ipittierati#Miitort.•
Mr; RiChard - Itetutitr; . iii 6 iii 4 or'Weigtire' luttianP
'. ,x., VrgetahAe rills. ',.1. t t 'l,, .• ;
Beim Sit:-11 haie , :cheict afilloted.fbeinwerat year's'
with inward weakness and general debility. attenliu
I *led, et Woes ,witititele in the' eitititetother , die- - .
1 /melting coMblaietc:' Arlie hislOrtiedttitelanti, biedii.-
Onec*ithotirelrect i I:was tterausartakb7 IC Matilde
wake Waled Dr. Wright's bidisrqegebtbl Pills /
which 4iiiikipityls ititebaserieliired tee &iiiiiist
wond - erfulFmanner. I ham emed l ruknortdan, as .
yet but a Wort time, and are= Ito
. 40 . 01/1i: y a per.;
nes - crke itt , the use Lof lbookittillit i ' guloolOnit in
*section!, Ow I shall 14' e 4 1 ceqe,oe lirpnereetly .
Arttostatillingly wain:p..9d iajdlPills too!! bft.,
sons similarly afllletedt and Ad the rah WierllW
thaaltrue tidnefielslitelintts'lriti*U .. OW thelitiaev 1.. ;1 4
. 1 retaaS: netttsilatolllo t'. , . e='''?fi .. ,
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N r etstablersllkwithtlielieatestlieWeftiolitilp gm ?
climb' cured myself' of the.frequent Attaakiinpt let'
Uniithierte,tiiithlidethildfaraviouldi lionikil .
...1 :4. AN* -3 vaiikipgroxs. ti., ,.. .
4, 4..A.zfr —, ~., •,89 , 2 DI iori tteite r"'
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i'dM lol tilnia DetlLAsAitalti?' , , Witintloogai
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