Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, May 10, 1843, Image 2

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. .4 ~~ <.... -
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Itift*kto,the.rifrtrisien of it , Nntional bonstentiou
olUnisbirtEglek, : • :
t 4 , 506nd National -Currency . ..regulated ttttttttttt
‘lYl.ll.,llrld4uthority °flit) Vation,
ft adequate kenfentCe.,.uqui . raj: riotoottoh to
,t.Arrifiriden t •• • - ,
tik;4o...restidints; on. the Est:Cul:we power,,en.
bracing n furthei I..strictiorfOte the oxercian of
:slafilithfitladmlnistration of the public.dotnalm
with an.quitablti distrilandion of, the proceeds
of Miles - of it among all the Stated.'
15. - An henest :and . econond l eal• administration of
the G i eneral Government, leaving public :officers'
~'.perfeet triedem of thmight 'and of the right of
'• sufilage; , but•with - suitable restraints 'against
, improper interference in elections. ,• , ,
tf. An amendment to” tho''Constitution, flaking
:,the,inctmberit of the Presidential officelo a
armoire •rfari. ,
These, objects attained., I think that we should
tease to s bo afflicted 'with bad administration bf
the Gorernmatit.=. - -HENtte CLAY. •
"L' Egribsdillmok.
IreTit'ose of our Subscribers who did not pay
cellectorin his late excursion through some"
parteof.the tounty,...are earnestly requested ylo
Make:paYment ali early-. am possible. Wo make
thip call,in the earnest hope that it will lie prompt.•
ly attendedio. The expenies of our__establish.
meet aro very considerable, and we look to our
Shbscribers alonc; Tor the means of meetirrg thim
'We hope thetwill not disappoint our expects.
Lions., Those whohave paid will please“aceeriV
yt warmest (hanks..
lcrSubseribers to the Herald who Tilde in
other counties and Statmare also requested to re,
nit the amount !due as on their •subscriptions,
Which they can for Ward by mail at our
They will recollect.that 'by a law of the P. 0.
` C qlePartrnent POStmaslers are autherizeil to frank
all letters' containing remittances to publishers of
newspapers.; . • • ' r
'Salo ,ofilic.idain
lea synopiis of the hillpaesed by the last Le.
kislat t ir2rfOr thesale of the main line of our State
Improvements, will . bo .found in nmiey's paper.
Although it is three'weeks since the hill vas
passed, aid although not a single dissenting voice 1 1
has been hoard against it from Irma{ the people,
the Governor his not yet announced his myth
, deeision,whether-itshalt - becomma — laaror ntal=l--
We consider the'juigliog of the °overeat with,
'regard toihis bill as the crowning act of base do . -
idicity,frem,onepf the most makes political des
peradoes of the agcy.,
It will be recollected that the Governor visited
Philadelphia two - days ,- ,alter : thiradjournmentl
his stay in the city the Public Ledger.
which is is Iltirnt of semiofficial organ of Porter.
Tylerietn, ihrionneed; as •it said, on the Afeles t
;authority, that tho' bill for the sale of the Main
line would positively become a law. Immediately
. : iapon this announcement, the public expectation
was excited and the rate of stathatock rosoin the
PitiladelPhia market from $45 to 50 a share! Not,.
Withstrindiog,ihis authorized declaration, the hill
iie.nat yet signed: adding another to the many
infamous deeopthins which have' been practised
' i npon.the Legialatute and the people of Penney]:
vqpict,!:ty.pno of the mostabandoned demagngue . s'
that es;or , disgraced the . Executive Chair of the
Delaware Canal COinpany.
The Philadelphia Ledger says that the
tniseloners appointed under the act "to authorize
'the Governor tolincorPorate the Delaware Canal
Company," &c., met at the Merchants' Exchange
:nn Saturday evening and re s olved that the books
for subscription to the capital ate.* of the Coin-
-pang bo opened at tiffs Exchange on the first day
I . Vfiune neit ''his work having paid to, the State
last year several thousand'dOlare over and above
'oil expenses, Will doubtlessly he hien according
. ;. 'to the terms' of the Act authorizing its dispoial.
. .
Clinton , : cottty Whig,• published at
- ,t,ock Haven, states, that , Mr.-,Wilber,.Colleetor, of
toils - at Dunnaburg,.Pa., is a defaulter to the
"State for the last.year tilOnC l , of three thousand
'dollars. Hero is tinether'eviderido of the manner
irCihich the office holdeWtilong the etiniti have
~ '- a gitindered the people's Money. . • •
0 3 4 Rieberd S,..Elliott t,. the , "Tyler patty' 'Ol
t Daqphin ,ceprillikac, keen apeoinied . ono tif
legion'lX'Ardelo tficGniOtnet• - prr r ennsylvap . ..!
If Dick is goiqg among 'the Dettswetamies what,
'PM, he crane*ritli - Die Ala:s11101' Tithe'oiEce he
'istelYAtt hofiriha Accifitnitio be:i;ited bypro.i.'y
ligt.lciiekiinsiplioltninentitlany rite! . •
*yea* a go 'under Mr. 'tian - Bareti, the
etiypoit et the United'
!~tpl ° njncut pare, In ro~inii niiettiots
011' , : . :Attielp0 Jlexcee4
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papers Oat Wordbo
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N9:,, , Srlitcetilie;rlo l ,oearlE , to fitmalC.7 l P,f.
- Woiffrett,f4: . tor not! will
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' , 114—At1 . ..Y . 1 . - - .,'WKV4iA;lO?*:,.'.
..',.,6 , 0ii , 10t4,14iii Il a kftti;#lfrA.J.,,
;lost e AssieOf thii7Sieletuteliill,.#lii , oll, ii.,-;
6ill g ft'cenditioli4Ale''ln:lea**if tlfaiiejattildie;
end aisoentharliing the: Giniginer, to' inee4rete
Ahe•poieliniiitiiVer , aleeieest •"intlee,thntitleeethe.
0f,401,1*i-C44/010,4;".0!Al,O'a ICti - ftb4,
l i Pits Ll'; ,;6 t ,, tafffillifie.phl,,t,lin,,-1.4..4/i- 3 1 .
„ The l iillitself . being tee liiiiolniiitienin
j3er,coluterie,•%ve give in .1106,, the",following:
dondensatirin ef its provisions ' : •:-.
~, ' •
'7Tlici , firit eection,of tbe ti'at'apPoints eenetriber
of:CernieleiliniCiiii',inifiYlior..!** 6 oshill.CO - Or'-'
belcirei)tit'efiret,,'day24:olzOti/Acr , :ile e itt;;;PlPdvire :
8 9A 1 0. 1 e books9 3o3lo ,,4:ojofii i iel i A d at4. 1 . 1 9,44 , 1P.:;
clienne.P..schenge9'iniMiliadelphiaoted, ukyttich
other: places as riot ''he 4)0034 :b7,,ila Am.•
s miesioners in which shall 46 - ,,enterect the e riaina's'
of sebecrib'pril tette; e piftehaiii'ef , theeliifild public
works,' and :tIT ith'ilber . iifillil4 l ot,,eifiielY;Whieli:
each; one overall& tehe. ' e;l%S.:lslll4',:bo„.ilis'isjioilld:
be, kept open: at ~leest slit > hours dti,ie,o,lii-,iu0. 16 ,
- cg,leyibe space of twenty l dny,eor,,itetib,tlio . e,
ih'iit hive hah inbscrihed one hundred nnd'elOy;
thousand shares, the pride of:Caoh'l'ibrire:being'
one hundred defiers t' and it tit'. the eirpirtitioh' of
twenty' day'sAhe wh'ole• e nember tifejnirea• are not
ioilistriliedluii , thirPosmissionersi ; may-adjourn.
from . tintoje ,-. .ytnacond piece tp 'place,. and traiir:t
for the books elitiwlere,,intil the' whole number;
of one, InAnOrK t ili,eiltind,sbarps . shall he sub
scribed; entrWhen:the-whole number of shares
are siitiser,Thad'fiii;'the baoke shall be cloned. '',
When onnheundrodYind-thirty.ti;ouisand aharos
shall , ,have been eubscriberffori.the.-„Cominission
,.. .
era are to•trive public notion of that fact,
. . ..„.
and,that the su bscribers will be require d within
, ~. . ~ , • . • ,
ninety days ftern'the data of such notice, lo
to the State Treasurer the aniounte respectively
subscribed by them, or to tiithafer'to„,ilie Coin,
monWealth of Penheylvanta, certificates of - the
State Loan, which will be received at par value in
payment of the stOck,,euhaeribrid fin... When ono
hundred and thirty thousand shares are thus suh
scribed and paid for, the Governor is,autliorized,•
by the second section of theact, to ine"orporatc
the riebseribers into a body politic, corporate in'
deed and in law, by the naive style and title of
, thp, " Pennsylvania Canal and Railroad 'Compo
ny,4lenjoy all the immunities and privileges
of a b y corporate.
The remaining sections of the act relate prim:
cipally, to the internal Government of the corpo
ration. The commissioners are required as soon
as may be, after the Iciters•ptitent are granted, to
appoint -a time and plaeo_for the stockholders to
meet to choose directors., If less than one hun
dred and sixty thousand 'sharealinve been taken,-
the number-orldlrectarti'ii fixed at eight ; if one
hundred and iixty, thousand shares era taken,' the. ,
Board of Directors will consist of twelve—all
stockholders-and owners of et keel fifty chutes.
The - stockholders are required to meet on the
first - . Monday in December annually to dent die
rectors, and they. may at the same - time make,
alter, or repeal any bylaws or regulations of the
cOnipany'. Any stockholder shall be entitled for
every- share, not 'exceeding two shares, to ono
vote; for every two shares above,mo shares and
not exceeding_ ten eliares, ono votej and for.evcry.
five shares above ten shares, one' vote; pone but
actual shareholders are entitled to a vote--unless
it be holden in the right of a wife, or as exectitor,
administrator, trustee, or guardian, or fbr the use
end benefit of some copartnership, aolporation or
unless the transfer to him was made at least three
menthe before the election ; and no voting by
proxy shall be allowed. If only eight Directors
are-chosen by the stockholders, the, Legislature
. choose, on the first Tuepday of February
annually four - other directors for the said company,
I until the full amount of one hundred and sixty
thousand-shares are subseribed fsr. .
• The Treasurer of the Company is required 'to
enter into bonds with one or more sureties, in the
sum of one hundred thousand dollars, condition.
ed for the faithful discharge of his official ditties—
the bonds to be renewed once in every tWo years.
The directors are to fix-the salariee and Wages of
the officers and agents employed by the oompany;'
and they shall have power from time to time, to
borrow money on the security of the corporate
property, not exceeding five thousand dollars,.
without the consent of the Legislature, except it
he necessary to 'repair some extraordinary breach
on tho works. The directors shall fro - m time to .
time declare and make dividends of the nett pref ., .
Its of the Company, and pay the dividends,upon
the nnstrbseribod stack to the State Treasurer.
• Itntbediatoly.upon the . issuing of the letter pa.
tent, all the 'tight, title, and , property or the said
works, with all•the appurtenances, shall be. vested.
in tho company, whosliall be empowered to charge
and receive toll, nut exceeding the rates now
charged, •
The State reserve the right of resuming •the
said wuriss'a t the aspiration of twenty years; by
rehnburshig 'the stockhuldenywith an 'advance of
twenty-five per cent.; and if not at the oxpira'tion
of: the qrfit,lyenty years, at the end:of apftwan
ty years, thereafter.. Thu company will be re=
quire(' iPcomPly with, tho contracts• heretofore
entered upon by the State for water privileges for
the woriti.
The^ Leghstatuie may at any time appoint a
committee to inspect the,books and examine into
the proceedings of the company, to,Fee if the
charter has been abused or, iiolatcd; and if the
Committee; report that it has heeti Violated, the
Governor may cause a writ each:O . flicks 'to be
Wiled mit of the Supreme Court, calling on them
to !how cause why the charter shallmotbelfotfeit.:
~. • .
ed.; and:ifeuitioiiitit Ltadso be' , not: shown, the.
Plate moy • take possession of,tho works, upon,
payment, le the 41.941 gilders the amount of their
• tDoitlas Lite....
• no. 'robbery . of tho' Western . Insurance:Com.
'POYEet,ColAnshps, Geo.i turns out to be. is high s
Ve.affoir, is said that sive' ol,thonsand,dollots,
o i•: . thn hipi been found at the 6otiti ft i a;
Oniver-pbt in the T: C. 14i'Keen;en
innit 4 lawyer!of etnfeified'' hie'
014'itiilliffetio the tensest:Of othtifhitheito
peetible:Periene ie hie ibournplieis ,There' was'
fp:PPluinbytki CaMiequencti
TYLER'ilmorainx.—The Waelfington— correa:
r nuant.,
9 F . ' 0 1 4 '! 4 1. 174 - Aurq 6 MA° bYN4iO Wbe
: 11 °' i c " E.q..80u
;ilaie leo;
nid - 'kftllPSh:Otir
!roi *,iftliOns , 4} AM
*tvt.,„l 4l° !
t , ,41, r
• "1. 1 11, 1 ! 4 :
I ' , Wriialtik ft i •• 1 tOt` 1"
• ' r II
oto.44fik. r7r.
, h‘fdliioliojioat
ttdcmptaratio";'inetnbiiii3OCOgriiip - ,weie
' pfixid
to takeillo
Consequently, "the party" 'pretty intiith, 14,1 .
ferment In , regard:to the. matter; and the rrloidr:
!thrtft;e.andtdites thitnateltios;:are4attliloirsand)ilp
1.144401,t2Ft in Prire4•ftF9oo ohgiie fer=s 1 re d'
Ideatiat nomination
,"deo'cricy"',iif Indiana; VecpTiiii, intr.
ifrnpgtieet hi the' Matter, addieitied ilueriatf
!trithe , 'Arians loaddroittibiutditiaicilbr=tire Preei
,denoy,•sevoml. months Aincevinni bays rtacolved'
and published ...aoßweri! cryta . . Nediro..C4houq)
o!.9h4vhpepri, and Bnehanan t „Me% Van ,}ttion .
:hap not pondescended to reply, to these queries ) ,
'although: thine hionths' beep 'elapsed . sliett` they
were netdressed to it,int. 'Tiala . is very ilardepeet....
ful tolhellidiane'"deritociitidy," and iisuppOtesd'
is be - o, silent' rebuke - for periiiitting -the 'vote-of.
the State to be east for Getrarai.filarrison. The,
subject of moat interest in the tre'plies Or these .
gedtlemen,la that of. the binding'faino of the
thi s Convention. •
.. '
'ltiir.l3nchatian says
I' shall 'abide . by the decision of a National
Convention of the democratic party, in the ,selec.
Lion of a candidate for the, Presidency; and shall
give my suppOrt and influence to the election of
the nominee ofiaid Convention." • - ,
Governor Caps answers as follows: , . •
..In the summer of 1841 i in answer to an ap
plicatioti from a committee appointed by a demi).
cratic meeting in the city of Philadelphia, I stated
my determination not to suffer my name to be
used in this matter, unless nomiriated by the Na
tional Democratic Conventiop. To That declara
tion I yet adhere: and I add, in the terms of
your questions. that I shall give my support and
influence to the nominee of that Convontion.!!
Colonel Johnston thus responds i '
.1 will abide by the decision of a National
Cenvenfionaif the democratic party, in the select
tion of a candidate for 'the Presidency of the
,States, and willsgive my, suppert and influence to
the.eleption of the. nominee of said Convention, if
not myself nominated by said Cutivention."
Each of these ts very explicit arid satisfactory
to the committeei The reply of Mt. Calhoun
clearly indicatenhis intention not to be bound by
the ConVention unless it shall be.coristitutad upein
the, basis and shall be holden at the time a'greed,
tippet by the earlobe beiitientielis of his friends. •
"The ilticstion deedis to resume that 1 am a
candidate, soliciting the- office of President, and
determining, by my individual judgment, the
ptoper Measures tb he adopted to secure it: 'lt is
not the light in which I regard mynelf,•or desire
to be regarded by the publia.' My name has been
presented fiiettint high office by no acency or so ,
lieltation ermine; and it belongs to the friends
me, and have presented 'my name to
the people, to decide upon the course proper to
pursue, in reference to - this question. I have,
however, rio..reasim to but that they will'
elfeerfully abide ny the decision of a Coifttention,
fairly called and faithfully constilulitd: that would
allow ample time for the full develepinent of pub•
lie opinion, and would. represent Pity, equally,
and fairly, the voice of the majority of the party."_
In reference to this subject, the Georgia Argus
takes the same ground as Mr. Calhoun's organ,
the Charleston Mercury. It says:
6 1 We have put the name of Mr. Calhoun at the
- tread of otireolumn this week us cur choice for
the — Presidency. We have said nothing about
being subject to the decision of a convention, be.
cpuso we do not know whether we shall submit•
to it or not. We have no great faith In cariven.
Lions, of which, more hereafter .4
—Ladies' --radii ions.
N. P. Willis, in a letter from the -Astor ammo
published in the Lndy's hook, gives a few brief
hints on the pretailing modes of the Manhattaß
lt Eitinnbts,l l be says "leaning more to the lips
than the Shoulders are beginning - to prevail, end
we shall soon come to the degagn hat so captivat.
irg in the pictures of Greuze, with the rim just
plaiting before the eyes - odd set equals* as.
trido of the organs of benevole,pne.. As' to. the
cardinals, or jerkins or pes.jacketror capes, or
short • cloaks or whatbver they an nominated,
prude of silk, and pierced with armholes, they
ore certainly" worn' with 11. prodigality which
will soon bring the fashion to a close.. They wear
curls again, long curls, thanks to the gods who ap.
pretihated Hyperion 1 and that terribly tight and
ready fa be Scalped look is, I hone, foreVer passed
away, from the feminine temples. "A head like
a hair sofa is my holy horror I"
011 is currently reported"that the National
Administration meditates this • negotiation , of ex
tensive commercial treaties wjth England, and
perhaps France, with the view of arranging the
mutual tariff's more to the satisfaction of all"pnr.
lice. This movement, if carried out at all , avail lie
by the enemis of n'`Froteetive 'rariit• No ar.
rangement can be entered into'between the U. S.
and Great Britain that will he permanently, ml
vantageousto both countries, and Great Britain
Will not be satisfied unless she gets h..ld of the
longest end of the rope. FollowGen..lVaiihirri.
ton's advice and enter, into no entangling allian
ces—especially with such et 'hard customer as
England. Let us stick tcfhome markets and•prO.
eaten to American Industry.'
Murder, of Four Person's!
• On Mendarnight last; at Changewater, Warren
county, N. 3., lib Out 10 miles from Belvidere, Mr.
John Castner, his.wife arid child, about two year
old, and , John Parke, a bachelor , who', lived with
Ctiatner, his brother-in-law, wore all brutally mar.
tiered. - It ie supposed that the object of the your.
der was to obtain Parke's maney, as he was rich
and knoWn to have 'a, Jorge 'amount of specie Lind
notes in his trunk; which, healuver;. - frOni some
+mammas not taken. ,A. tall stoat plan, in green
specaalesovith blush yoliiskors, who load been
seen' 03i some peeks in that neighhOrhood,
out any And
toile 'puisinvothimi, • ' " .
.14FT,lie Harriette% Arges 7 -the Case paper
and Got!, Porteee item tin.. whietle—thue digs ii;
.IntO soretibad„y':. -t , .
"The Aikui ia a Cass piper, and'.lt never
ahan,dor, tts Myelitis:. for • thet tinatiot:, Or , OCodera
'renegade of any , party , . _ -•,
Mr. Bueliatuitis - the Ninejent! teitoiiiite, who
isthe triodern tippaarsio'he uttiertaiaw • •
Colima:nom Muici f .,v,=—A loge amount °atom
'ell ' ‘tr
terfint notes, neer , , , ire en y
din:Overall nkieilmit Of it bain,liwale, Reit*
r ine, supeoeilillokhaveqlroillilioinkOeinslf*n
or twenty '"ears elnce i lty,4 l W2o4,;i t tni,;#lon:
4 1 0 4 All - dpr,#Oprgn Of:pliestrik'niioneetNllnelOY.,
Ct *4O
1.4019r:40404*40.0i,,4i1Kiiit0.;.' ittk
11` — lit A,
450 f# 4 ',' s..*act ,1'.4)-- , A .
001' ' re'rl''' , ' •• •i , 1 / 4 1•'
, 6 0401-1,....%
441,00i.daloot:.„: „ . 40( 1 4,
001.;*.i.,:,.7.404,2.5i*1ii0y:1 1 .,0tei5.,-,,,?.igat..4
1iti001i4.0:40..404.04id,"ichcd0n..114' ,
J6i'itif-; ; L Atc,f1 . 44411‘00 .: 14.94 1 , 1 44T14 1 44, 1 0f.
40 1 41$0.0K4 1 " - **AAVV 31 0 . till0.40,•
Pi,0i1i01` 1 34,:f1t9P00.404.40#0 11 6 , 0 1 1 - 1 7 4 i x.,1 1 .,0,.
Air-Pr#4 , 3 ll 4". , ;tig*: xii4o:or . 44*.*-"t#A.P ,
Pt riti., , *itiiito . iff6olo4' . 3.olitiOtiaiior• itiiihe'pv:'
inottpcitiii;Ati. ; ',o4ao ittioAiiiiiy. '44744
of inittrantirAtki4o'k'itY•l!i_ I#!iti_li:tf !090s for , ,
n . , e,yetarsi fannlit , til.taq:-..ointriey,ccutif a ye!tt t
60 Ihlii WSliiitSt %ShfreieNi+liiiiiid tadoisithei'l
Oinitpani elidultlineiiiiiir:iii”iifloiliel by,*4l
ifinrb *till conldl4646lB,lipieltioney milaStill
tr.thEttisresto*ioehlohj44)gulight;pcisohdy, l
be' ealled,upon'i4i4ree•'•iiit,foiirdollititiMiore in'
theAmee.ortlic , Artlicarrta;vetyunall Bum ,by
liii'umi ilienCUMPar,eft ir,oll-Ylii', ndiant!t4f 4 r im'
4iCil. 'l'6 iigisii*isi4S . iiiiiiicitiid aiotire find .
iflaiinntii ' aft&sie 'clolibi . init'tlfeir4o:aitie4brilty '
etibili.*Ul . b43,Cibiaiicevi‘iith abutidlinienComm. ;1
~ e„orrt nhve tin ere a pin order to 4 4 '
'Th t pi( '4is a • •
Oite(oMpeititlo*;barc,figenta ornploYed in near.
Iy:cm , tha4iffeript taisnoorid iillagce ofCuinber-
I laid hot ; Aaamti otilitici.. rho locality:: of the
'company lamnrepaitlablnely monfineirt6 Dick:
inaon towiishili . itt - thin' County ; but weilmlieve,
necluindlyKual i 'atitticiut regitird to hie plabe ofrer
idefice f upon taking out a policy of insurance be
comes to all intents and purpthies, a Tull, number
of the aseociation.and entitled to 01 its privilege.,
and imminiitica,___ . - •
Pi m! Loco Addresti.
The Locofoco members of the Legislattlie"held
a peeling on the 13th' ult , at which Judge
Champneys, from the dommittee appointed for
that purpose; read aft address to tho 'Democracy'
of Pennsylvania:"
"Addresses put Ibrth upon occasions, such as.
this, ,aye the Lancaster Examiner,, , generally
contain expositions a the measures advocated by
the party, mid their views of public policy, but
in tha address before ris wo find "rttling. of the
kind. ' A few Vague generalities and unmeaning
declaration, of principles, comprise the sum total
_of the positive portion of the address; whilst the
negative side ofthis comprehensive manifesto of
"democratic principles," ventures so far , as to tilt.
rtthri_ghost or, tho U. S. 4 Bana; and to misstate
Cost Jolinson's . project foi the relief of the States.
Not a word is taiti about tlio sub,treasury, tun is
any currency plan to much as hinted at. The ,
tariff is also passed over with the silence of the
grave. Verily c a bold declaration of tprinciples
for the public
There is one passage in the addres; which not
be passed over in silence : and it is, that the
Whigs -thy extravagant hppropriationa have al.
ready laid the foundations of an immense national
debt' This . declaration—made in tile face °film
well knovin facts that the debts loft unpaid. by
Van Buren's administratiOnpor4than swallowed
pp thefunds it the command of tile present ad.
ministrationdUring ,its first year, nhdthatthe ap.
prOpriations undo by -Alto late Whig Congress
Were just abeat half the average nf_the_Van Bu.
ren approprilions, comes as near' to a downright
assertion of vfhat'is not true as the Englisli lam.,
gunge would i llowt .
Ititgrr . Fe txtraordinary
the last .0 Mrd (N. H.) Gazette, announces
the ftillowing q eerinarringe:—"ln this town i by
Dca. John haudlor and Miss Ftaria French,
Dea, dnitn B Chnndlbi is Miss Maria Frencliitwo
non•reSista altarrled, by • themselves to them
selves, all the' Sabbath' day, at the breakfast
table, many upon God lend 60_1,u:illy preseiat, to
bear' witnedilo the not:' - -
VE/1.8 , ..-A eclebratecfrriter.onaight says, that
the wearing of veils pcitnanently weakens many
t j /
naturally geoid eyes, o account ofithe endeavors
of the eye t; l adjUst i If to tho ceaseless vibra
tion of thattam comnin nriclo of dress. '
, • ,
(07A fire oceurre , i at Wilmington, N. C., on
the 30th of April, wile!' destroyed Two Hun
dred 13uildingo, incbhing the Custom House, a
Methodist Church,d many of the best dwell
ings in town. • LossOstimated at B:loo,ooo—in
surance about e 100309. '
a Election.
ongressmen elecled. in Vie',
'five; they have also gained
,Legislature over lost year.
have the Legislature, but by
11:70f the files
ginia the Whigs h.
ten members of tl
The Locus will et
a much reduced
of Cumberland Volunteers
n this borough, on the third
' next, for firing exercise, both
Q 0" - The Battal
will parado ngui
Saturda in Au.
with dm small a
and the.fiold pieces
meeting wee held in Balti
last. The immense.
TjA moss T
more on Timi-s
cnty nersthni in alt
'ildren of thnlate Mr. Ridgway
• his principal legatees. The
left is about $6,000,000.-
8800,000 are bequeathed f o r
• a, $3OO Imo of the $BOO,OOO to
erection of a hospital, Them
5,000,000, will be e q ually &fill
-0 children. .
07The throo
of Philadelphia
amount of .prop.
Out of this, to
charitable purp •
be devoted to t
minder, riedd
cd among hb
turning The new. Whig Tar'
!that friends predicted. The
palely cleared from the , poit of
viith 409 biles of cotton goode
UfaC4 ll : l4 1 " • •
01• The (UI
barque Niag
of 'inimical
ofgrain • aro sat .to be
/ Fruit crops , the noikhborhobd.
fid fair,te,be, Very attendant? end
• .0:74110 -1 19
iiiiir 'iircti ';-.:''..(
rams '1
of public pottca, , a gonotal meet
zees of the borough of
field, at Konnedy ' s lintel, in said
• evening of Tuesday the
end ,
.BoefetorY4:l :
• •Pekng'can.od i!, , , 4 1 1 014hreg00 ,or
eivid ! that .the botoQiiih ot Car,lisho
oat pPretidifiretijill,tte
moon' of illege),:eoiimer,'whiciti,
to" hWid. ;
JO .
4,1" ;41
V1tTe4 , 100,004
7t4i t o g al hotetee'tKo4r:Cirttitit.'
Otj.z F. 04
ipg, of 'ill,.
aniCriciiii ,
borough o oni
-.‘ Albio4 . .
lia4Or 4
tikiiia , lY
s ilVediti3O,
resident af,
',!14 the
adoceii4nea*,4**oo-en:eiire.bogi and r;";
clusa her
' ItiO l eret
'' 3 4lo°o4,telf, l #o l filf'l4.!'!!MttLt9l 4l oo l #,
W4 'o l l lvlP,ting;:lif'?? l • 4 4l"s!t c s 3 ,,- 2° Ae - ot !II : :
vaatureci,tatliakjaintite - muzzltpAittuit itiateat.
. '
01hoWasitiagon Globe states that the Col !
iciat;iirCuetb4 A VNetv;,Orlea'ne c ispOidtedThl
Mr. Tyier, is niirt , us. itt acaount atliat
tate huridrettifiallia4,iiiillara.
PIittIaDELPHI . A4.III4 , ;1843.
FLOUR—Is 'Boll'u 23 a 4.301 . '4 tho tat..
ter it sale of 200 blAi.: ,, Rye bbla. - were
Sold at 85 porn meal. 300 bbls. at, 82826;
ExportS, l floor 4140 - bbiti. • 1130 Co'lifel
dies; 24251.4 Booth ; Atierica, 255 to Britislt'Cel
onies. Cora inea 2700„bblsi 1 620 _ to Wert In.
diestll,7o , tp British, Colonies, and.B4 hbds; to
W. Indies . Rya mealy 50 bbla. to Weetlndiesi
1265, do to British Colonies. • , ,
. GRAlN—Wheat, sales at Irariaus•prlces; from
94 to 90k; 2100' bushels 907}, light Pa.; 1600
husliels7gand'do aentis'; .1100 . liuSheils_s;mre
purchased yesterdatat 911. 'aro railimieeed•
log, sales Of 1200 be , round corn at 54, someaf .
53 a 52 cents ; yellow 641 sl , silPeTnno white
50 a 51 cents; Rye, 700 bushels Pa. at .54 'cents.
Oats, Penna. 31 a 29'cts.. 4;ports— , looo bush.
ele• whdat to British N . A. Colonies. Corn, 1100
bushels to Wy t lndiea; 750 bushels to British
Colonic • . ~ • .
• ,
BALTt MORE, 'May 5, 7843
CATTLE—Few at the drove yards, not quite
200, held by second hands, sold at 575 a $6 75
per 100 lbs. Hogs have advanced, .nd sold at $4 .
FLOUR—City Mills 4 25 to „ s4 37i for old.and
fresh ground lots, some holders refurie to sell the
latter at less than $4 ~Susquehanna has :sold
at 84 25; Howard street $4 7B and the transac-
tions in , allcrcloseriptions during the weelvi would
form a considerablo.aggregate; the rocipt price
of the latter remains at $406. , • • ---
• // GRAIN. -.The prices of Wheat may be iluoted
Wont 90 to 98 cents for fair tu good and 81 for
primp.. Rye 50 to 53 cents. Cnrilis not in such
brisk demand and prices have rather receded, 54
to 55, being the best offers holders are enabled to
obtain, for 'either white or yellow, the latter int
eluding a lot pf, Pennsylvania. Oath are down to
24 ceuta for Virginia and 25 to 26 for Marylunr:.
bbls. may be quoted at 23 Mei
EM&O,M 9 in d3IMSZre
. This pleasant Medicine is formed by a eombina
.tion of twenty (liniment ingredients, all -celebrated
for the cure of -Colds, Coughs,- and Pulnuntle-Coin
laints( and by its 'combination, if one of these nrti
cies should he Used separately and afford no relief,
in the Ernrwr 01' HomumuND they are
two amalgamated, thatthe benefit of the whole it[ex
perienced in one Compound.
About three years and a half ago, this article seas
first brddght before the. puhlio. It was heralded with
nn previous annou acentent of itimerlt or valuer .but
was introduced by the proprietors to the co - mintmity
to stand by their decisldn, as regarded its beneficial
influence.. That decision has been attained in a tuna
ner altogether'Unetpeeted. The (unsought Ocknowl
edgement of its worth has proceeded spontaneously
from thousands, who have 'experienced its benefits
throughout the country. And why is it so ? Be
cause the trial of its qualities in Coughs and Colds,
I loarscness, Irritation of the Throat. Croup,Whoop
ing Cough, Asthma, Catarrhs, Palpitation of the
Heart, Liver Complaint, Night Sweats, difficult of
profuse Expectoration, and all diseases leading to
Consuniption, has given it a value that no other situ
lar medicine has ever reached.
When the blood Is in an unhealthy state;and the
constitution naturally delicate, if a cold sets in and
uo immediate relief takes place, the chances are al
together against the patient attacked; it is when rem
edies are taken in time, that disease is checked and
life saved. There is no disease but may not be suf
fered to go such a length. that no medicine or phy
sician in the world can save the person attacked. -
This should bevemembertd by all; the safety of
life is, to be prepared in time. At the symptoms of
a Cold, Cough or Chilliness, THE CLARIFIED
be freely used according to directions; and in every
case where it is so Used in propel' time, the Cough or
Cnld dill, be broken up or eradicated. Nye feel it
our duty to impress this upon every one-411 reme
dies must he taken in time,
:omplaints , of—tlns-luagi-are—the — rtenst - ilangerour
and at tiresome time most prevalent of all diseases.
Our climate is uniSt Reenlist.; it changes Smith/illy
Worn extre me warmth td extreme ,pall, from wet to
dry, and it is fermi this Change in the :dinutte that
diseases are apt to arise. '
The follotiong is nine of a thousand certigrates the
proprietor could shovi, attesting the virtue of Iris
ff I hove experimentally tested the virtues of your
Clarified Essence of Iloarhound Candy, and would
recommend it to be universally? used 'by thole
whose.,ltings are exposed--no public speaker should
be without'it. ' Rev. Mr. LYON,
Formerly Pastor of M. L. Chureh,,York, Pa.
RemCinber, each package of - the geneinc Hoar.;
hound Candy isaigned FE,A f E SL,Soss. r •
• All letters, pos t
, paid, dicecteil to ,I:Pease & Son,
4•5' Mahlon 'cued, Y, will be punctually attended
o:3° Merchants in the. country wishing ,Pease's
tioarbound Cnntly can obtain it at the tannutacturer'S
lowest 'terms, by sending on order, to, any one in the
city with whom they have dealings.
• • oL . T.MeOchants.and 'storekeeper/I'e in' tibia vicinity
,CRII be supplied by, applying to., Messrs. ;Myers ist
Ifaverstick,'Whe have a lane and treat' supply diem
from the3.l%innufacttiren.
For sale by
' Sole tiehta for Carlisle and tit
J: Dorshelmer, Mechanic:limp,
Daniel Shelly, Shireinan stow's, •••
Abyaharn Gets; Kingston':- x+ ' , l -
Joseph Crain, Hoguestown. -
Samuel Nilson, " ;,• 3
,Jnhu.Gish, • S ppeuslnpg.
J.Wil s on; Greenville'
„ ,
• ' • • • LINE -dr.rXIONNISICt r- - :‘ i , ..ti'
(*Ur ihtliiiii their' Ititiititi and" the giabfla,,
-: . .; that they baits jimitiresietOtil*t thele'ltaPei.tiP;
H gh. r4treet,. nest door 1.9 Beeteura illotet,.., , tArlpat:
silistOi riesh;iiiKW6gititeasliottlirtitht oftIIANDI .1
y3144:15, - e still other ttrticies„ht Abeitiljup;,lol434i,..
they are Veatip tci : dil p o k tif, wriiikittliklitid"Stiiiy
ott.ithe :oder rammableNet mir' i *Thokr.litiortoptilt , ,
a dpre f gmfoftawinf',Atii,ls # till i _orStis p ißh. are'
:t,t ,.... ctioimit lii i kitt .,,, ~,,,: ~,1<,..,tp0.., , , m4 ~ , ,,.7, N e v,
kiv t o:oPigii--milii,ritmAtimoginctiov#i.Ssrte
m nu... mint 'Ali, olices - .*nil ro#:!,.:,lottpitiiiim,liirtm ,
flitiziOliii*WWlTeltr*OW 44 l4l l
Tharirniso ctirkirmoilt atif trIN - Ii 011 V
1)41!,16..., et4oiti; MI Iv - -1 104tIfin -1 . plypoiti: fill
Ateru'it:4ll o -- tt i ttri t rit .
- ._.
di, rite
'Pi . i• -• ` ,,, ' ' '','• .' .. r -'• '.'''i . ' -,-
~, ; ..i.i„, , ,,t.,,,,f.,':. : 2..Nt511., , ,,,,,
.' it . ... iii.wii ~ -it''. -(livgrin . : tiociti;:i
, zlc % 7 1 o il.. s • iiir - riii ifi. - iiii - ‘-'that i*: erg':
~ Vral' IV ' r 0: )g11 , ,,.,,,,.:-,-(..... , ...-.
, : .:.:,...t c'st . PAtiT N3', OF. WAL‘. kith '"'
' in themo,so4rierlorisoehner,. ei pphie*,that can ; ray
lemiffloti,let.y;tljektie . , hig,tktsilMPOkixtehairmelou
fivoureiliiethe ebuntry,i" - 1 .. •- .. . t 1, , ,p74: - .'•" , ,ty ,, 0;
i AVVee,e)ilf.ietrh.thelsti,t,riiiii,4„o:
,:il ,
eioot tomilt tike titnee,'!., hut ,poon the ymeg, ss • itiiill.,
nod eeti,the beat; hheethhit;: led hetailuettilitoeiitin'
O. N I 0 0s CiliSllt atiief; ' . +'"
. ti ,
'-; • ~.. .next door to the Ledger. j3uildiege, ,
' ''''P",`'..'0,0%),:,...'-,!:'7r ~,' ,::-' -'f ''' ' - .':, - 1 1,' ' •-‘, :4,_.',..i, !..,,
11 : 11 W , atic OCEOZIO EZI 4%;
rILiPPIkt Mk i Siiiis6a3"66
just received a Pre tikoik ot..neW style De
.Laines, Balzarines, Parssieaks;)Pitated,Fonlards;
Lawns Bcc:lke.
April "!%
Springo.4o :IMullillr.••>hfatTeriSm
I...I,POINGER*CAREY: Shipperisburg, hive
NJ knit iteerietlim—eistinsife assorttOtitbrille,.
Cashmere. aiitTig Laine Shish; bribe neirestatyle,
anti at reduced prince.
Apr l ea, 184+3.
'. . Farm for',Sti 0, 1 •
d w
1 ILL be sold', at erivate:Sale, a' Varm
: - 'of LIMESTONE LANDAMated in North
Mi leton township, '4 mile; east op,Carlislit,.Cum-,
berland couiiti, Pa. Containing 100, Acres more or
less, having thereon . ; erected a-two' story FRAME
HOUSE, , frame Kitchdn, frame Barri, Ware Shed;
and Horse Stable. The Cumberland Valley Railroad
tura throttgliaald farm.' There is a stone House and
side Track at the rail road. Alias tenant house at the,
rail rogd,and oyoun; Orchard." About, 70 acres is
viettred*and tee retake itcdveretl'aith good timber„;
Immediale posseision will be given on the confir
mation df the sale. ''' '1 S , -
The crop' in the ground will be given with the
farm. For terms apply' at Middlesex Mills., -
. ' - ' '
Agent for the owner..
April 20, 1843. • Bt-26
•I The Unenster Union, and Ttentling'Atiler, insert
amount of $l, and : solid' bilisto this office : for col
leetion. '
e l jg P r i e N O2, E llot of FRE , 9H GRQCERIES,
4t redhead priee e 3. a
April /6,1843.
.„ •
'FEATHERS for sale sery low, in muotities
to suit purchasers, fer_CASH,_at prices from 10,1 k,
'2O and 25. cents per pound. • • t.•
• Ready made Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Curled
Flair Mattresses ar.d -Moss do.; sitol all other kinds,
to suit any sized Bedideadv, always on hand. Curled
hair and New Orleans _Moss by the. bale or single
Country Stoickeepers would find it to their advan
tage by culling on die subscribers before purchasing.
S. E. Corner of Second k Walnut streets, PilllFl.
• April :26,1849. Stu-26
frinE subscriber takes this method of inform.
■ ing, his 'friends. and We public, generally,
that he has commenced. busi nest on the public squire,
in the rear of the Court !louse; sidjoitiiir, the Volun
teer office; where he will be, prepared to accommo
date in the best-stvle awl latest - fashion all who may
laver him with their custom. 'From his experiente
in the above business, his desire to phase, he
hopes to merit and receive a xhai c of publicpatron
Carlisle, April 19, 1843:
Toterm di EtOide — riand
e oCo.
self too ur consideration ea a craidate tbr the
at the next general election, and respectfully solicit
tour votes for the same. Should you elect tne I
shall endeavor to discharge the duties thereof with
fidelity and impartiality.
Newton tp., April 19; 1843. te:
TO 'the Votersf o Cumberland Co.
GENTLEMEN:offer myself as n onnilidnte
for ilte
ofCumhrrlatul county nt the 'genet-act election, and
will be tltankful for your support,'
Carlisle, 401 ID, tsas
To the _Electors of Cumbeiland. Co:
GENTLEMEN: T announce myself
as n enailidate fur,lha• •
nt the next general election. Should von honor me
with a majority of your Staines I pledge myself to
discharge the duties of the office with fidelity.
South Middleton fp. April 19, ISO.
To the Public Generally.
. inform you that I am a can.
didate for the
of Ciimberland county, and should you think-me
worthy. and elect mo an such at the next general
election, I.pledge myself to use my best abilities
to serve you faithfully. JAMES HOFFER.
Carlisle, April 12, 1843:
" To the, Voters of Cumberland Co.
FELLOW-CITIZENS : I beg leave to offer
myself to your consideration as a candidate'
for the
at the general election, and shall ho thankful for
your support. ' WILLIAM GOULD.
Carlisle, April 12, 1849. te.
To the Voters'ot Chntberland
,•,-, , Cottnly. •
GENTLMiN:-1 offer myielf as a candidate for lobo
office of smarerpr of Cumberland Coonl, pod
will be thankful to •
-M•I-C El APi :1101,C0i1B.
Carl isle,Marcb 22080. . to-2l
, rathe ' gf C um erlan
F GLowthe . . ,c ry pNs
OFFICE Coir satin/iv
of Cumbialand Count:gild' the' tibia octieral
reigiobtfully ytiut'snigicirt, ''SbOuld
you cleat lilt);
• .indinvoe toit
the e
dutes of tho ofice,fiitBA hfankt+netialllEL N f 1146 . ,, ;1043:
14 0.4 1 ectora VOttinke;largrea:
" i 44-• ,
DELLOI7-CITIZE c. se myse , !cNyssjp,
9nsiderft,oo. l l Pe ; can foTc th o r3=:l ,
. ,
at .thetui s o44o,oeratPkqto4 , i , ' l d latcPter4
Ine;- , I"vgdie mysilf tti'dteobl*l tPdittittsor
the uffma to tbo•belit'of .
Tl e a iiiiiN 0 '''' o.4oakelitioli 01' -'
o ; 4 " ,, crits iii 4: 4 4, , , p , _ , jigrify,the•Blood.
t''* . o.llyr's , -
-111101144: EMILE Kit
Aieteiriteknowlagetirtc4bs the , ' beli',MbdiMeb it
1 ' -k ' -i 2l '4' , A ':?Ab ' h : W°, 4 ,oo- I !Abj 44 ,6 i -4.lfifr '',i " . •
-BP4R-tgaR1EVA.0.049 1 4'4448- E ..-
1R EcAriFf Altir,ceropteteiy eteenee the siomadi
ant ajp ileweli,, fr onlhose hiliote eud eerrept hu-
I 'Mete ylifliireA ifiiiatiso iiit ^mtiy, , crneadtlehe;
1 411,6364;,'1i1Piiitri1ii,.0614?1*.k..;:1441141Q the
-I,,gief;,ollln!tnathe and 9?" bu t 44 7 4 1 , sim l adi
T9c 3 fikat.,to,maPv
''P E * I , A TI :wi T9 I ,., ,E * , ,* ) , LP !krus
Are;a peiteleorre c for: • l4erTinent, o.ellttet, nee:
v°"s'infl°4iilT'illin , and:ool4'keTtroplifeiliie they
eleateuNt4e body ; frem,thoie morbid heelers, which
alien cod rietyto the eire . all6cribiare the Wise oral!
kinds of.!:;:',•4 .'' - r ' '' 2
r , '"80; deo, inipisrtty. is 06011 ted.on"
the'ttiiaitaikiane*act asoliheadtiog palaidulatonuo
i.,4•:. , MILLVAiRT.L.tiIf, °QM ,
•Thq .,ll o#n Pi l l !inil*lAted 6131115
wayi ilititt reitef, anti with an.
'Oot:diosdtatiOns, rip tattit autturtaihoottidwitti•
,4tit 001,.*icep ,i VS'ire,ct if)/ iNo r itr i painfu'
maladies. • Troth IndhiVegettt.
ble Pills taken every fl ht'ott 0146 bod:will in ' s
ehert time tiO`,elingitletati'iiti the - bilay ., •ft,oiyi Merl
thing that la oplioieti, to healtli,..that
Pout, and,pain'of every denoription,wiii bp Wendt!.
. .
` .`~;°..
„ .
For the same reaions,ivhen , trent sudden obangel
Of , atmosphere,or_any,ot er cause, the=perapiratiot
is ohecked, and the humors which "should pastroff bl
the skin are thrown' iiwardly,causing. , •
Nsmieltand siekneks, pain , in the bonet;wateay one
ittflamed, - .pyo,sore throat, hoarseness, coughs, con•
sumptionsi,rhetnatie pains in various part of thu
toody,and•many other symptoms of
••- ,• •
, .
ably give inimediate Prom three to tie o
said Pills taken every'night on going 'to bed, will it
'n short time, not only, retitoye all the abiiii!`.inplea.
tantsymptous; but the body will; ilia shOrtiinie; he
reatored to even sounder health: tlutrai beak. The
Sallie may be Said of
-The Indian Vegetable Pills will likisetiand carrj
off by the stomach and bowels those tough phlegmy
!lumens .which atop up the air cents of the lungs,*
are the cause not only of the aboveidistresung cons•
plaint, but t when neglected; often tekutittates in that
still more dreadful malady called
'lt should. also be remembered that the Indian
Vegetable Pills ire it certain cure for
Oppression, sinuses, mid siekness,losis oft appetite.
costireneias, a yello4 tinge of.the - skip and eyes anil
every other symptom of attorpid : or diseased state ol
the liveO; beinisso they: purge from the hotly tliose
impurities Ai/4h if deposited upon. this important
organ, are the cause of every variety of -•-
LIVER 00111I'LAINT.. .
When a Nation is convulsed by Riots, OutlirValr:s
„end Rebellion, tho.only sure means or proventihrthe
dreadful consequences of a ' -
1 - CIVIL WAR, . •
is to expel all traitors, a nd evil dispaacr-
lhe Country. • ,
In like manner, when pain or aicknesi
indicate that the holly is struggling will
the true remedy is to b '' '
(Traitors to life,) and HEALTH Wit
CER rAlN..nesuLl
That the Principle ofuttring (Mean.,
and l'urifying thei hOdy7rrlffietlFin set.,
the Laws Which govern the animal eponOn..
properly carried Out by the toe of the above nnm
Will certainly result in the - complete Abolition of -
Disease; we offer the following testimonials, from
persous-eflhe highest respeetability fo'NewNork;
who bait: recently been cured of the most obstinate
complaints, solely by the use of WRlOltel ISDIAN•
' • .I.lltAyA, L. I. tuna Otb, IBA '..
Doctor 'William Wright—Dear Sir—lt is ith
great satisfaction th at I inform 'you of any, sing
been entirely cured of Dyspepsia, ()Clive years and ?
ing, by the use of your INDIAN VEGETABLE
'-- 'il• il
' Previous to meeting with your celebrated medi
cine, I had been utuler'the hands of several Physi
cians, and had tried various medicines; but all to no
effect. After using 'one 25 cent box of your Pills
howerer, I experienced an much benefit, that I re
solved to persevere In the use of them according to
your directions, which I am happy to state, has re
sulted in a Perfect cure. In gratitudeeto you for the
great benefit I have received, and also in the hope
that others situilarlyafflicted may be inthlced to makp•
trial of your extraordinary medicine, I send yin,
- thisrstatement - withi - fultlibevrtisTailigilliFiiisine if
yell think proper:
..' . Yours, lkis.
New youtOtme;t9,ll94,l. - . -G. C. BLACK.
To Ale. Richattliennie, Agent for Wright's Ihilliaes
. Vegetable Pills, No. Ullti Gre6Oielt st:N.Y,
Dear Sir—Nt your' ficorn men dati en. I some time
ranee made trial. of WIIIGItr3 INDIAN VEG
ETABLE' PILLS of the.North'cAMerfeeht College
of Health; and Can,. conscientiotlely'. !Met, that To;
Purifying the Ellood;, and renus,atipgtl%e systgivi
have received mere lm -s eat from their Oeis;ltisrif fittri
any other nieritc,inii ii
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