Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, March 08, 1843, Image 4

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    ,7.4T0.,'. '.TPP',.l.4',Pl''''',
Wing 'OBAYERLESS tita,
. .
I%,Ttit on a prayerless•bedinoton n praYerleser bed,
• Coinpose thy weary Atiths to•rest • ' •'•
• Por. they alcitie tire-Mete • - , •
With, balmy sleep; •
•:•Whom ogels keep: '
Not, thougii by Rare oppre . ssed,
Or thOught; of anxious sorroivy
• Or thonght iti inany,oil • perpiexed ,
16 Par chiming 'irinorrOw— •
Lay. nbt thy. head •
On . prayerles. 4etl ! -
: 1 / 2 1',Oti,•tvite;'Oiiti SaY when sleep thine eyes shall close
. ~., '.,that earthly cares, and woes - , •
.• Ttr,thee may e'er return ? . . ' '
• • - 12ouSe up, my soul, _ •
• - -' • Shirriber contra! ) , . " • .
A nd' i
let thy lamps burn brightly;
. _ - --, '
. • , Siislatill thine eyes discern
'things pare arid lightly: ' .
Taught by the spirit-beam - . .
Never on a prayerless'bed
s 'l.'o lay thine *latest, head.
WOO thee, shunbeting ion], of all that's pro
yo faith in holy prayk• .
Lives there withimtibreast • '
A NYOFITI that gives unrest I • •
Ask peace from Heaven—
Peace will be given:
tlumble self-love and pride
Before the Crucified,. - • '
Who for thy sins has died;
Nor lay thy weary, head • . • .
Upon:a prayeriess bed ! •.
Mist tho,n no pining .want, not wish, nor' care
That calls for holy prayer?
Das thy !lay been so bright; •
lila, -
There is no trace of sorrow •,
..Arid art thou sure to-morrow . •
Will be like this, and more '
Abundant ? Dost thou lay up store
And Still•ranke place for more?
Thou fool ! this very night
Thy soul may wing its flight
Most thou no being tlnin thyself more dear,
Who tracks-the pecan deep,' '
And when stotWt3 sweep •
The wintry ari"es, • .
For whom thou wak'st nod' sleep'st ?- •
Oh! when thy 'pangs are deepest . •
Seek there the covenUnt.ark of Prayer,
For Ile that,slumbereth tiOt. is there /.;
• t His ears are•open tothy cries: • •
Oh ! then on prayerless bed
Lay: nbt thy thoughtless head !
URA thomno loved one than thyself More dear,
Who claims a prayer from (lien,?
Some who nn'erlmad the knee
From Infidelity ?. •
Think, if by Prayer
Thy prayer—to be forgiven, :
And making pence with -Iteaveo,
Unto the Cross they're led !
Oh! for their sakes, on ilra - yerless bed
Lay not thine unhtest head !
Aronse thee; weary_soul, nor yield to slitinher,
in communion l lest,
With the elect ye '
Those souls of coimiless dumber; '
And, with them, raise
The note of Praise
• '
Reaching from Partlfio 'I leaven,
chosen, redemed, forgiven : _ -
So lay thy happy head,
Praydr-c.rownetl, , on blessvl !
From the Philadelphia Inquirer
We_ were not a little pained or
two ago on meeting a young friend in the
street. •Abou't yearhad'intmened since
we hapeen him before, and then he. was
all youth, life, cheerfulness, and hope.—.
Health seemed to ippart energy to every
limb, and his prospect was abundantly
promising.. Hi4usiness was .active .and
good, and the future•as regarded the things
of this life, had a sunny and gratifying as
pect. But what a change had a year ef
fected !. Disease •hatt seized upon his
frame, his every movement was languid,
every breath he drew was a 'source of ,
pain, and the sands of life are rapidly pas
sing away. We inquired as to his health;
he shook his head mournfully,. and in a
feeble voice observed.; 'You.see, my con
dition. A little longer and like the smoke
that pisses upward and- minglei with the
clouds, I shall pass from the earth and be .
forgotten.' No, n---we.• responded, -not
forgottenthough 'young your brief life
thus far has not been without its uses.,-,-
You have done much to make you remem
bered ; but why despond ? The sky is
overcast:and your spirit of despondency
borrows its shaiows from the external
Tsnitriii - WilliThitTl smite,
'it may be so.' Sometimes I fancy that I
ano,-3;•et recover, and although I:am resign
ed:and philosophic as I may he under the
- circumstances; it is but fair to ebnfess that
When I hear glad voices around .me, feel
the rich breath Of summer stealing to my
forehead, see the pure blue sky abote and
find so 'many friends• who were boy's with
me,' bounding forward, animated by life
and hope, I Rtel reluctant to pass away so
early. • We took the arm of our feeble
friend,..intLas he walked leisurely along,
the ispirilseemeAo get the ascendent, and
.hOtidulged in a thousand vague but.beau
tiful speculations 'as to life and destiny.—
Beatitifitt . t:vesiajr===4or our friend is a Chris
titto , in thejull sense of that term; his life
haszkee”blatneleas one, ,and . though he
stillvelings with htiman feelings and affec
tions to those of hisjtintlied Whose.hearts
have grown warincr, and., whose voices
have been •touched with' a kindlier tone
singe hie, i)lneslie has no , fears of death,
no gloOply SpOrehunsions, as to the' world
beyond, ,7lt such! beings; do situated
and : , , r..ith a talik,Bo firin and ilettienward
thni file;Clitiofitin, relighto, shines 'forth ad
th,e;ioOrli; bow Of "'pro'mise, , ,•amid the .
----litortue - ,nuoSnayasts‘ *hick surround the
gra,±ke.' be, a sad Icing to
part trent the PointianiUtte .. ,of Uut,b6 oodt
frieede we
• 11100 before
menhooir&booi t.loit its an its" Tire,
• gyon, as wp3read upon.tho.ttgesholdof our
1/0101;01,049PCe,, , 131 4,:5J 1 / 44 3 1 1 e. hobbles
oe : 1 10 ° - /WbRraf and ' . .isaPPea! -- fr:mq . ll,e
40.ropl%tlie as it
t . •
--• ~---;,,-
were; beriefith' out - feet, how O mens
'the edn'solation to 'helitev6iTili'
anierveliees iinging:in' the'distatkee, - tiisee'
plea:Sures that are
‘ ''pereriniat, 'lO to -'
change their spa Ihntatione,its
`and its weakness, 'fei. 'the' tope ? th' treas.:,
tires and the jnys - of 'eternity' ,
From the Lady:s Book.
THE HOUS , :'.168,11.10ER,
741Fi9 'Di: A. PAIADYAN
I love to steal awhile aWay
From every careleoog care, -
Aial spend the hotlys of parthiplay
Jo [iamb c, grateful An'ayer. . •
..How quietly the. still hone of twilight
steals upon us. The bun's lastgoldenray,'
which lingered so long upon
_the_ eastern.
mountains as if parting wore sweet sor
row,' ha§ •tlisappeated. The: laSt ropy
'tint is fading from the evening• eloaL•
deeper shadow settled over the. valley.
One by one 'night's unwearied watcher's'
shine opt in the far ,eft: depths.:: The
`bird folds its weiiry 'wings within its little
nest. "rhe busy hum of .tnan' is hushed.
It is the hour of prayer 'and ineditatiOn—
the Sabbathof the day:
" All is so still, so soft iwesrth sod tdr ;
You scarce Would start tot Mold spirittther6;
Secure, thattiougtit 'of 6TO:could delight ,
To witik in suclict seime,.on such a pigk,"
It breathes its own blessed quiet'. over
the christian's spirit, and diSpoies him to
deep aud-earnest CoMmuning with himself,
and with his Father. The world loses its.
hold upon the. heartwealth, pleasures,
earth's. vain array.seem now but what they
are—illusions, fleeting shadows, cares and
vexations, which, perhaps, too much occu
pied his. mind and ruffled his. temper.dur
ing„the day, now sink., into real insignifi
eance. • He lifts his eyes to the magnifi
cent firmament above him, and feels he a
bu't a speck; an atom, in the vast crqationi
he thinks of his immortal spirit, and the
priceless ransom paid for it, and knows it
outweighs the Vorth of worlds. • •
Then serious, but pleasant thoughts pos-.
sess his, mind ; the - rapid flight of time—
how soon its last hour, : shall have struck
fur him : •and his ransomed spirit breath
ing its last prayer, and dropping •his frail
tabernacle, shall rise toils blissful Norris
in. [Leaven. Oh, what a light breaks upon
. tomb what aneffulgence ,. .of glory
beams beyond it, Ilis indeed the com
mon lot t• ashes to
. xshes, dust' lo7dust,"
and the clods of-the valley' piled upon his
once living - , breathing form. •But what
then ! It is only . iliesenseleis claywhich
moulders there ; death cannot touch the
immortal spirit; that' is dot shrouded in
the grave.
13ut twilight .fades, darkness gathers,
a deeper silence pervades all nature.. It
i 9 to hint `the " still Small "voice"-of his
Father, and he " wraps . his'lltee in his
mantle," and Vows, down in prayer.
.• There is a power in the voiceless do
quence of the hour even for the worldling,
Its gentle influence, like a messenger from
Heaven, breathes .on his unquiet spirit,
and , his warring elements' within are hush
ed. Unwohed thoughts press on his
mind. Thnubbles he has just been so
eagerly purstagg, seem now but bubbles.
Ile throms hak a hasty glance to wasted
weeks, months, years, that are gone like a
vision never to be recalled.
Life life, oh ! what a very vapor 'tis ;
a quickly •passing dream toil and care,
jealousy and strife, • hopes, and filers, a
weary struggle from ms'ubstantial good,
have made up almost-its 'sum. Ali, how
seldom are its early promises fulfilled ;
even if the'world spread all its• gifts .be
fore-mcif,' yet they are transient as the
morning. Yes, the christian has chosen
'the better part ;' his hope shall not fade
away. Well; 'well, when I reach that en;
vious.elevation, when I have gathered a
little more wealth, when I have brought a
few more worldly • a suseepta-
Ade termination, then my affections shall
lose their hold upon the world : I will be
a Christian.
Ali, how many , have such promises, and
such reasonings, beguiled of Heaven !
I4AUTIFUL . SE:4TIMENT.—The follow
ered at Urbana, 'Ohio, by J. A. Bryan,
1 -'4%. mother's love How thrilling the
sound. , The angel spirit that watched over
-ourinfant — yeais - and - chetred - tis — Avith — VeT
similes ! 0, how faithful does memory
cling 'to the fast fading mementos of a
parent's home, te remind us of the sweet
counsels ofe mother's tongue. And oh!
how instinctively do we h . ang over the,
- scenes of boyhood,brightened by the recol
lection of that waking eye :lhat never
elosed_while a'single wave ofinisfortune
or danger sighed around her child. Like
Thelone star of. the heaven s, iii the deep
solitude of nature's ;night, she
presiding divinity oldie family mansion,',
its delight and its charm, its stay and its
hope, when' all around her is overehadow
ed with the, gloom of - despondency and
despair; The cherished object 'of her .
affection has risen to manhood's years, aud
exchanged the sportive' morn'' of being ,for
the busy and stirring adventures •tbe
world; and yet, wherever he
. may ,wander,
to whatever clime or , country . , inclination ,
'Ur, duty, your invite his, footsteps;'
faring 'the wintry . storm, or. buffeting' the
mountain. ing. prayer of a'
m'other's Jove lingers tin,' his. path,-
shads its
,~ __ __~
tereTs nothing on earth 'can restic
tholitiergy of determination. With it rcii
oufweapon, tve can conquer ottotaclea
can 0 9t RP9 11 , 21 1 difficulties
-,—we can trittiniSh;ovde , otr '0wn , d6(44:4
:.*t3)ansupply;' our own , vilints 7 =andi:Ciin
yERS:&:.II . AVERSTIC.Ic:!iIviv
avi just received ht their" tur,ttg, .t.lOpliv,stavetorr
nntl'lrnrietY •tilitrthe toe ociaent •••! ••
• ,
.ToyNno k 'to
l'4•130 1 1 1 1 1 1r
_• 44til ,E'prit4tolios,.irok 3043. -;
t og dtherwith ti choice selection of 'entertnittini
LIGHT. ItEADING long.fur wintec..Uveningc
'zil.tilt. - b,!acljti.l): . :.t ,•...,,
of eireiy' vhriety, - ,Viz
Seltok _Bibles and Testaments,
Smith's , Veakritidry and . Silo,
Olney (5. Mitchell's do,' " -
Smith's Grammar,
';Hi.rkanz's di149, -. • . . •
SeeleS; 4 , 6,
Cobb'.„9 Se'hoot- Boohs, complete. -
.Emerson,- Web
lter's Spegers,
.Pike, Rose, Smiley, 6. - Emerson's
Keys, :
Mathematical . dustrunients.:
STA'.I',EVA/1: 1 2 1 :7: .
Letter, Cap, and Deed wiper, ruled and plain. Note
papei... Silver Pencils, everpoilits. Jackson Lead
Pencils in wood, of all tempers; with h huge
sortment of BLANK' 1100 IS, ruled and molded.
2'70Y24a1 , ,112?%3L,
Of superior finish. Razors; Razor Strops
'Shaving. Brushes, and finely, scented
Shaving Soaps and assorted Per
fitmary. . .
s o pi•rlor opa q ue sod Russia aions,Bi•istoi Boards,
iiapyr, Cards, colort.4l Wafers and
Sealing Wax, Plain and Alotto.,Seal3.
• Wilusic,
nitigiCal. *UMW'
Together with a general and well selected assorr-
Cot of Ctassiral and Aliscellanconk Works., "to
ease the Caney and improve the taste." .
Carlisle, Dee. 11, 181:1. tf-7
. • ' 1111 2111133
• .• _ . .
qtr. subscribers, at their ,FOUNDRY AND
i AIACI DNB SHOP, on Mnin treet, nearly op
posite the. County Jail, in the Doxono or Carlisle,
Po., mill ermtille tii build the follawlug Madi:ines
iind 1 lorse Powers—viz: .
T. B. Burrell's Pejotent Improve • '
I +a
. MC)l5lgl, - 7
LP@AZ,1 4 6 .22,9 ,
Ilrith ahorizontal -band-wheel, %vitt' a trunk. to eon
dont the !Arai, to the
The Land- wheel ouptith—of the "They acre'
well calculated to put to one side.of the Lae - n,brid ,, e
„ ,
or tinder the barn shed.
.1% New aiiad Improved Shp.ker. )
'Co separate - 'the grain from the straw., which will
Aistiewie a ith one 0r two bawls; wllJte ma& to the
above MaChine if wanted'.
2 la laz 2 a
Port:hosing any of llt!.., i:lines way li:twilit.
privilege f alter a lair, trial, or returning ilie same it
not sat 'stied. All ,Thiellities and Horse i'owers are
warrauted for one yea`, ii wo I iism.
RE PGlff R
.All kinds of repairing will hit done at the mimics
notice and on the inostreasonahle . ternts. They - ul-
WilyS keep 0111111111k:1n castings„ necessary to repair
the shine AI achines, or ft ny u hers ionin use.
CLPrr t$
n IRON A potyNDlty,nt A% hick all
kinds or CASTINCTi - eon be had—soeli as Apple
Mills,,Coro Brokers, Plaster Brokers, Anil (:ear-
Saw Mill Crooks; Maehioe Gearing, AVoion
Boxes, &e. Also.
Su c h 85 dill Spindles, Car Boxes, Turning. Lathes;
Re., ail in the best order, in iron - and brass. ~
GSLT-A II o rders Will 1/V ( :Cecuted at the shortest no;
tice,and promptly :Mended to. Farmers and others
ara respectfully incited to give 11S n call, confident
that thee can Ile suited 10111(.1V Salihrielioll.
Carlisle, Aug. 10, 1813. tc-41
auk I lenwood's 111111 . Ogle's PLOUGIIS
and CASTINGS, such as Cutters 1411111.•
13i1IVS, Sze. Fee., CWl' also be had at the foundry.
Union • Paper Mill.
THE subscriber respectfully- infornis the pub.
lie at large, that lic-has leased the above cs.
tablishmcht, six miles south`of Carlisle, for a term
of years; arid the MILL haying been recently re
. 11m machinery introduced, he is
therefore prepared to manufacture to order, (and
also has a supply constantly on hand)
Paperni every kind and Quality.
which lie will furnish to printors, merchants and
'othors, in any-quantities at the lowest city prices.
All orders addressed to.tbe subscriber, at Paper
town,• Cumberland county, will receive - prompt
attention. • .
Having lately received astir)* of the very best
materials, he flatters himself that he will he able"
to manufacture paper equal in quality to any other
establishment in the country;
Papertown, Jelly 0,184. • tf-148
N. B. The highest price paid for rags. -
THE subscriber hereby informs his
friends 1111(1 the public in genCtatl, that lie still
continues to keep a .
• 1 ,4 . PU-IgLIC • •
(reports to the contrary notwithstanding-0 at the OLD I
STAND, in East lligh Street, a few doors east of
the 'Court llouse, where be will at all (lines take
pleasure in administering to the comforts of those
who inny.faiod ti ta_with_theitteustatu— -
BAI shall be nonstantly Supplied with the
"ehnieestliquors, and his TABI:E. with' the best the
market can furnish. A careful OSTLER. always
kept in attendance—and nothing shill he left tindtme
to please all "who call with him.
BOARDERS taken by the week,month or year.
Carlisle, April 8, 184'2.'
L C. Loomis, Dentist!,
IS permanently located in Carlisle, and will per..
it form all operations that' are. required, in the
practiceof..his profession—,such as
Extracting, Filing, plugging, and
'lnserting Artificial Teeth,
from a single tooth . to an entire set..'
If. B; For a few months ensuing, Dr. Lome
will be ip. Carlisle, the 'first two weeks in each
month--after. which, Ito will , bo absent until tho
% first two weeks ineackfollowhig month—at which
period ho may ho found 'at 14i5 .. ....'
'Office, Pill st. hear ,11.Prarlgne's Hotel.
Carlisle, MaY ,4, 1842,
M 2, aiav
, .
gSPECTFDI4: I I tandOrs his' serifiCes totho
jug citizens of Carlisle and its 4icirlitY,lliat . 4
wilt"attQnd ~
,to and -rnfornt ; all .tiental'pverlietta
such rut Cleinqt?g,. PlttglOg
turd• Tieth,' and hiSerthig' kn'carinp i tithle .04404;
toetiffroen tii4lOripdthitO ..,;,,;.
•akcialtSlP.Ftkilane'a : •
• July, • " • • I.l*-3s
OfIUNDRED,DozeA genuine, wtqa
ElOthae`ainiOrted, every.' one sVarriinted,v,
be sold elms pe r,tha Altey 'can ~bkbotight ate nyi &he
insre . , Philadelphia, Mod alldtg,e and ienerhlaii•
40r4e at'ar Abu end Manuee Forks', Rake; Siinvebb ;
Ikea; ; Tanks, Brads, &e. very row; at'' -
. • . HENRY-;!Li fELDER%f; .
; .a Cheap 'Warehouse 40ve, • 493 Market
rebM 1 01 1 .7,10.0 4 .0%! • .' %kit
or 1 mWIO n liiit
OE §trA__ A t it 'I F erected'
in , iktitho jatat ?rear by Ihe !Miami igei about tialft‘
itqlebetow liki m41 , 11E5,.011 tlT l tatst hat4.3l the ; Sutak
(Mahatma 'neat• the Itailkbad anti Canal, containing
two Vertital anti too CireulanSawicia iimMtilloor
ation, and ready to eictute ot derv(' (th the ntinost
tlesnatdi AT Prac i to IN a 1 „i.N i Pell?Mtl'r
IgITIE 1 :1711; GExtuoi , REVUG77 O,I r O.F
77111 TIMES, i
lAh nssol tmeht di flit! , vationt kintla of Se4niliig,
nom de, Plank, Plastologand Shingin% Laths, Gat
den Pales, Pstc , Will he rilnaya kept ready tor ticipi
el yy and pci sons smith n Hafts orLogt to the blill,
can hale them ea wtd a directed, on, tfic most lea-
Amiable tot ma '
",,,* 40,030 tet of, a awed cleat Stuff ale now in
the Nird. ,
VStesim Lcower, anti robin in the building, to let.
Janina y 25, 1843. 3M-13
EI2Y e of.the , powerwaud authority
giv toritainett in Pie vast will and testament of_
Mreit'AEL XoE,deii'd.; know Pifer for sole, the .
Carlisle Iron orks
Situated on the Yellow• Breeches Creek, h, miles'
chst tit Carlisle Pa: The estate eoosists ()fa firserate
, . g
`with, Teti -17ttinsaittlAcres oin.Land..
A. new NIERoLIANT MILL with flint run of stone,
finished on the most appro edpliui. About 500 acres
of the laud are cleared and highly cultivated, hming
theieon Feet& '• . ,• ••
Three Large Sank EPA risB
and necessary - TENANT HOUSES. The'
Works are propelled - by the Yellow Breeches Creek ,
and the Boiling Spring, which neither fait norYreeze.
There are upon the premises all the necessary Work
mens houses, coal-Itouses; carpenter antl Btnith shops,
. stobling-Imilt of the most, substakial• materials.
Thu ,ore 'of the 'hest fluidity and 'inexhaustible, is
within 2 miles of . the Vssetisite:7llfere is Perhaps
no trots Works iii Pennsylvania which poSsesses su
perior advantage's and offers greater inducements to
the investment of Capital. .Time water power, is so
great that it might he extended to many other map- .
factoring rporpoae. , Persons disposed to purchase
will of .coarse e xamine the properly. The terms of
sale still be made knoww by
Eve:Web:of :Mattel Ege, deed.
Carlisle, Oct. 19, 181-2. tf-51
AVE SIM opened their . FALL. .ASSORT
H MEAT' of • •
Together williOrzextenstre oasortment of:
Piatnt OffedfcineS anti iwiiimery:
ortAx6l.lB, • , • .m.moNns,
I.m moNs, • .11(;s,
1:111111:ANTs, • GRAPES,Sic.
All of wbielf thry w ill sell wholeade of• retail an
lhl lamest tering., -
Deectobet 14, 18.14.---.lro.
_ ___.. -.
•4rNOTHE - 11 supply of WINTER
GOODS just reeeited and selling lower for
Cash than ever sold lit Cluijale. The supply hits
been : bought at the present reduced city prietrt, anal
purchasers will tip] it decidedly to their t o
call l i elnre.puyeltasing ; elsewhere.
CHAS, 0G . 11.11Y.
Novrinl)(4. 23, 18'13
..,_. . .. ._
.1 - ear the .14ail Bond,
!w.f.: (i., , ,,,ived a splendid assortment of
uhich !hey are determined to sell at the very lowest
cash prices. .
September ‘.2S, 181,2,
/VIM subscriber is just receiving fresh supply of
17nods, 'among which nine be found
e'er. et. Pilot
and ..arinth, °thy, Broad cloth.. - A great variety of
and other seasonable goods,ior men's wear.
Al so, a general assortment of !t erchamlize for the
Ladies,to which lie respectfully calls their attention.
Call and.see as soon as possild e, as the entiVe stock
will be sold recji cheap for cosh.
Cm lisle, Sept. 21, 181'1
hns just opened a lot of New
IL Hoods, consisting of SUPERFINE CLOTHS,
Black, Blue and.. Fancy colored Cassimeres, Casi
nets, all colors and prices. Nlerinoes, _Mouse de
Laim.s, Gloves, Hosetry, 5-4 Mown Miislins, for a
levy, 4-1 bleached do for n lip, Flannels from 2U to
25 cents, with a variety of other goods, all of which
will•be sold at very low'priees to suit the
HAR timeßlS.s.
• • S. M,
October 19,19.49: • ti.-51
222021,az It a 12,22 9
House Painter and 41aziCr,
ESPECTFULLY informs the public that
MIL he has commenced the HOUSE PAINT.
all their various blanches, and hopes by strict at.
tention to business and moderate charges to merit
and receive a share of public patronage. His
shop is in Pitt street, directly in the rear.of Ste
venson & Dinitle's - DrUg store
Carlisle, Oct. 12, 1842
- . .
Houses for - Rent: -
Store room, Brick Ware House arid Lot of
Grontul attathßd, situate in North Uanover Street,
Carlisle, now occupied, by Messrs: J.& C. Cortmian,
also the Shon,second door South of the above, in the
neontwincy of Mr. Ilontch. Also the Brick
- I)ivel4-
ing Moose,
Lot and Stabling,in :West High strctt,
now in tenure of Dr. Wm. levsne. Also a new Brick
Dwelling'llouse and pint or Lot attached, on Dick
ins" and the Frame Houseand Lot of Ground
occupied by Mr. R. Moore, on `.Vest Louther street.
Possession given on the Ist of April twit. For
terms apply to 3NO. B. PARKER.
Deqember.‘2B, 1842.. ' tf-9
tgeehaniesburg Line
2 .esc - M.N
rasak v Ault.
Beliceen, 'Mechanicsburg and
Philadelphia, or Baltimore.
[BY RAIL 1t0.41)%0R '
rinFit'subscri,ber grateful for pad favors, bogs
leave to inform his Mends ana the public
generally, that he still continues to run a line of
burthen Cars regpiarly , 'between Aledbanicsburg
and' 'Philadelphia or' Balthnorc, by which goods
and produce of all deacription - s will be forwarded
with dare and tiospatarat the lowest - race's of
freight - . , , ~t ,
..PrialuCe will be receiTed at his Ware flouse,in
Mechanicsburg, and forwarded to - , either Phila
delphia or, Baltimore, according, to the , direction
of the owner. , .• .; , ' ,
(17,"Pim highest price will be given for. Wheat
and ! •
• , • • MARTIN -MEILF2r. •
. N. 13. • Pnric,antr,Salt always kept
on hand t 'and for siiiegt,the lowest-prices: • • ' • ,
• • ErtaaAMUTIPCIP,Zrdi •
•`•1 ehasalsoanlji4 - 0 itie VeR9; in. Mechanics,.
burg*ettle t ,i;UMMEt4;ittch al ,lll.oardoc
ythich . will be stiltirilliernts.,
I ugtiti
•,• • „ •
' ' ,'
dig aild:*A9-01:. ''ij"i'')c't'tta'
, A ' limo, , Z zi ~ ~,If.,,,9tielln,en,apl. toe
:T:,o, ,r7 (' - ' 'will Pc, • ' inn Pi tY ,lll * •
iiii,' 61bAgrti W 101111.-Pt4?'" ' antl'Kilt
ltt;t Tl 9
~7,1,i,tt; f,,;9stlteil',.lViorocll; „1/41hqr.
,•§AkAl,4s.CFLß46°:biQolilllCl,l°":ar°Al §b°Ol'
'*r .vies mid.l3,zlP) Vilvi,maa' low Piimtßis,
Ipltlfl4o,lelVl/r°g" !-',.. ,'';,r.(13,1M" ' ~ t • A .*,Ol
'lltironio 80.*:•`1'1',5,t,,',,::;,'..,, '....C ., k$ ~ . ; ..
First Arrival
DR! !GUETTICii I/14AS glti .
imo •
9111 H E OLIVE BRANCII PILLSfox y cerfi,
kf i conly, doldl,Consurripto,n,LPOiC4l . :
( Plaintii;'.gatlin?a, Bronchitis, Sore Tliroat;.
poPs#,Bhdrtheis.:of.Breath,. Pains in the ..Side,
Breast, Bach and Shoulders, Ague and Feiter,
intiillable cure, and all Scarlet and BilionsgoVers,:
' and all diseases..arising from exposure 'and do.
no, matter . how long . standing- 7 in' fae all
disc:isles it: which the heman family arc subject to.
These ; pills aro
,ensurpiissed by any, .medical
63n - 106m:id c l / 4 f6i °Orel to the public as a general re.
.noVator and fainily :medicine. They arc. very
gentle in ; their operatiOn, -causing neither pain,
sickn'esi nor . debility by the use of them;; but on
the Centrary they strengthen the stomach 'and
boWels in'a wonderful manner, and soon. restore'
nature to-its former course and vigoi; • The per.
son using the 011ie.' Branch Pills soon 'forgets
that he was sick=4lliCil is very easily accounted
l i fer:: there is -:notzthtt rdostration of - strength in
'these pills as, in rean: other remedies of the day,
because the materials used in manufacturing them
arc In harm Orly with the powers Of life and act
in coneerewith the opinion's of Dr's: Brown; Bush,
Armstrong, :ffontgornery,.. Hersey, • Kendrick,
Shopper and the' celebrated Dr. Waterhouse,.
formerly Lecturer on the theory and, practice of
Physic in Cambridge University,.,Massachusetts.
Purchase of them, and give them a fiiir and hn.
partial trial, and you will find that perm:Tout:re.
lief, upon Which tho proprietors depend to make
them the. most universal family medicinoused,
and which will stand . unrivaled by any other in .
lie known world. , . Price 25 cents per box.
. .
Is one of the most certain and affectual cures for
all rhe u mat ic, chronic, and inflaintnatorYlniettma=
tisms'that has 'ever yet been discovered; and in.
numerous cases has eradicated that dreadful. dish
ease trent - person•S. afflicted entirely.. All 'sour
drinks and victuals arc strictly forbiddett; , and
spiritons,lignors -must not betaken inwardly by
any means whatever, Qr it will be of 110 use to
take this Medicine, as it will destroy the good ef
'fdalfiiitlietridakine entii•erY: Price 81,50 per.
These celebrated drops have acquired the high.:
cst recommendations In this country,. as well as
in Europe for its most valuable proprieties for all
inward weaknesses, crampscolds,agues'and fever;
and when used with the cllive Brandt Pills,never
Jails to cure the fever and ague. Price :25 cents
per bottle
Is unrivalled for its curative qualities even when
used in oases of. maladies which were otherwise
incurable. Illany.Jecommendatirms have been
given of the bmieticial effects it has had in the
cure of pleurisy,- pectoral and Mthoop:try con-
siunptions, - colds, &c. Price '525 cents per bottle.
• :This 'most excellent article has a quality of
calming instantly and without fail, all cramps of
the stoMachodiolic and that troublesome disease
called mother 'fits .or hysterics; 'and when confirm.
cd for.' some length of time, will cure the Ntient
entirely. Price 25 cents per. vial; '
A certain cure for all Scalds,. Brtises, Burns,
and the most effectual cure for the piles—it will
cure the' person afflicted in a very short time, if
used according todireetions.. Price 25 ets. per Vial.,
This spirit is highly recommended for all
sprains, swelling of tho limbs, or leaders, sinew,
joints and rheumatic; as an outward refnedy, it has
o equal,andwhen used With the Rlmuinatic
grecitly facilitate tin, mire. The am
mtals of History do not precinct': its equal, and it is
the greatest preventive . against cold, in the
known world. For particulars see directions acconi.
panying the bottler: Price 25 cents.. -
• Tour,' 1-AellE DROPS,
An infallable mire if usod according to dire c
timis. Price 25 cents prr vial.
Is decidedly the best applieation for wounds
and sores, old or new, of all kinds and will pre-
Vent if used in time, many operations; and pre
vent Lock Jaw, Pains in the Back, Head, &c.—
FA:Males whp' arc so unfortunate as to have sore
breasts, and will use this wonderful salve;will ho
cured in a very short time. It cannot be too high.
ly recommended. For further partieularssee direc
tions. Price 12a cents per box.
An...excellent article for the cure of worms in
adults as well as children, and will 'cure when
other remedies fail. Price 6.-1 cents pc . fsko. •
A superior articlefor Coughs, Uolds,Sore 'iron f,
Bronchitis and difficulty of bi'eathing. Price
cents per box.
Sold wholesale and retail, at the principal (Mice,
No. 381, North 3d street, Philadelphia; and by
JOHN GRAY, Carlisle, Pa.
General Agent for Gumlerland . Ctitinty.
3 une ly-31
A NI - Wyatt have a friend, a relation, or know
any one that: is afflicted with that distressing
discasc,4CONWVlVllON,"persuade them with.
out delay to try that famous and unrivaled mcdi.
"Balsas t of Wild Chem•;
which has cured theusands.uf this compPut.n.f-
er everything, else had failed. Read the follocv
ng undoUbted proofs of its efficacy:
RI/X,lloltoilGlll, Sept. 10 1041.
Mita Sim—Please send one two more bottles of
your Balsam of Wild Cherry, like that you sent
nic before. I have taken nearly all of the first two,
and confidently believe this medicine will cure me.
. ,
I have used a great many remedies within the
last year, but have never found any thing that has
relieved me so much. It has stopped my cough
entirely, checked my night sweats, and I sleep
better at night and feet better in every way, than
have for many months. • Yours,respectfully, -
FRIEND WIS'IAR:-.1 must again trouble thee to
send me two bottles more of thy invaluable Bal
sam. I have now taken three bottles in all, and
can assure thee that it has done moragood than
all the medicine I have ever, taken before. Send
by the stage as soon as.possible, and oblige thy_
-- ,- - .l6sEr 7llef.i.ow
Minor, Sept. 8, 1841.
DEAR DOCTOR:—Hearing so many people talk
of the wonderful cures your Balsatii of Wild Cher
ry has made in Consumption, I sent to one of
your Agents the other day for a bottle,. and ' have
found it to have relteved'•me so much, that I want
three bottles more sent soon, as I believe it will
cure me too„ I have' used Jayne's Expectorant
and ether medicines besides, but nothing has done
me as much good as . yours has. • Send by . the,
steamboat Bolivar. - • Yours; tritly,
VP - Besides its asionisiting efficacy in
Consumption, it is also. the most effectual remedy
over discovered fOr LIVHR • COM PLAINTS,
WHOOPING COUGH, &c:, as hundreds willies ,
tify ..Vhdhave been cured by it eller all other reme
dies had failed., ; • ;
DRUGGISTS and 'DEALERS will find .this
medicine, a valuable addition , to their,: stout ; And
shOuld always keep It on },and, as it ia Universally
acknOrvledged to be one of the nos useful family In use. ~ - • - ' ' '
Orfffio Very, careful to ask for,Dr. WISTAIVS
BALSAM OE Avap Sold wkple.
sale tind hy WILLIAMS Sp CO:, Chemists,.
NO. 33, south Venni! Street, Philadelphia/ !,;
13altsfitif sold
lisle hy, SAMUEL. ELLlClrrakieirAted
Agent rnc°77nPer 001t1P, , .„
Jiihe 22;184: y
1 . • 1 • ••-• • I;‘' •
- ' - - .. COAL . - ' - ' '.'
l i 4
YKEtsTS Valley, Pine Grove,Lime.burifers;
arld,)!Ditiiniizioua) ..CIOAL, ~ 4enatrintlY' for'
aa r I . o, ,I`7 11.:& P , MART1N4 , ,, ,,1
-, - , ro - centsbra-trrAtill-&;14 -
itei+e "r
1 ,: ' t flarriaburg Apri1:20,1842; ‘; i 7 l ''' lh'ii:2s
• 1B: . •83 '
411-4, 1. 9 .F.4 8a 1 9 ' Ch4P1'037,`;,,, t4i
, J.' dr. i';`
IV ° iiiitaatit;flll4 /1111101113diiiii
ilarie , bl#lo,lol 419 . ‘ t3l42fitla 3 i
, :.:
• • •
viii A' 7C V.U.PIGS4:
... .
-41fOct‘oiis• of the „ outbids, Pains
or zooid:mos:of the Breaot or Ilult,oB, - Chronic
i CoughoaMetirtty,lltholorrtike of th6.l,rings; aitd
.•..a.roctiop4 of the,Ptilidohial
IlMompOnntli)nlsroide pretiarniron Of the, Pronlis
Virginia is or Wild Cherry Bark',''combined with
the Ilviracf.,of Tar; prepared a new nhemical
proeesS, approved and reCommended by : the 'most .
'distinguished physicians', and universal)) , aeknow- ,
ledge() the most valuablemmdieineeVer-lisdovereil'
In setting forth' the virtues of this truly, gvicat
dicine, have no desire to deceive tbose. who are
laboring under.afiliction ' Wor do'we wish to ctilogisc'
it indre : Aan it justly deOervei.; Yet when we look
aroundlind sec the vast anifooltof suffering And dia
tress occasioned by many of 'the diseases in,Which
this medicine has proved so successfol, we
feel tint we copilot; urgeits claims too 1 itrovgly, or
say too tricich in its revue: . '
. ,
'ArarioUS remedies it is.lrite liaVe been offeved and
Lind into , notice fr o the''cure of 'iliseastis . of the
ungs, an some have, tio' doillit been 'fauna very
useful, but of all that have yet been discovered, it is
admitted by pliSsicians nail all who have witnessed
its effeets, thatmone has proved as sucCessfutas this.
•Such, indeed, are the,' • , . . ,
Of.thiii Balsam, that Ci•en in the advancedstage' of
(iOtssustmoi.e, after :indite Most esteemed remedies
of physicians puce failed to efiliet any change, the
,use Of -Lids medichie has. been . I MMlnetive oftha
most astonishim. tel and actually effected citrus
atter all hopeara recovery hitillieen despaired' of.
In the first stages of the dihease, termed Catarr
ha! Comvumption," (nigh iati ig from negfecied
it has been used with undmiating.success, and-Mtn
_deeds sich•no‘iledgetheY owe the restoration of their
health to this invaluable medieine In that
form of Consuniptiatt so prevalent amongst delicate
yMnig femaleS, commonly termed debility, or
A complaint with Whi ell 111 7Us dials are lingering, it
has'also proved, highly successful, and not only pos
sem% the power of checking. the - progress of this
alarming complaint, but also strengthens and invig
orates the system more elfeeCtially than any medi
cine we have ever posbessed.
Besides its.stmprisitig efftracs' in Couseimpt ion, it
equally 011cm:ions ilf Lire) , "CompfoiniB, .1811tmo,
licnichitix, mid all affections of the Lungs, and 11119
CII ninny of th&most ohslinate eases, niter every
tatter remedy butt failed. t ,, Ft - ir partictillit•s Sell
Dr. ll'istar's Tee iso on Consumption, to be had o'
the Agents. •
Attending the itse'of this tnetlicine in discases•ni
the:Lungs, and the 'many singular cures it has ef
fected, Ira ing naturally attracted the utttmtion of
tnany phygicputs, (as a ell as the. a hole fraternity of
quacks) varionsconjectures find surmises !nice arisen
respecting its toiTiposition ; snore physicians have
supposed it to . enutain Other ignorant preten
ders say it must contain .11ereurp, and to sonic such
substance they each attribute its singular eflicacy.--.
As such opinions are altogiither emu-trims, till'eal
cniated to prejudice mattnwersnits against it, see
• ...
'flea it entotiins tiothing of the kind, op sue thing
the least injilvionsf on the ciintrary, it is composed
of t ;leanest simple substances, the tf which
tiro the eitracts of 'l'All. tmd 1/ lid Cherry Mule,
awl the whole secret Of ffi
its ecacy consists in this
t in,de.hy they are prepared,
we have titre: l ily idled 111111W . 11:11S certiti
ewes, front the higheq authority, ulijc,Ni lico!'e its
vi i cues becouti all doubt, we consider it unnecessary
, x hihit a lon g list of them in this place, awl. will
only nietdiOil ts few C:151'5, to show what it has dune:
A St.TItrILISINI: CIAt.E.--AnioPg the many
eut•c!s %dice!' this medicine lizei eillieteth
Ih,•er. is perhaps 111111 in SIMI:II :11'e SO
1)W% . Ol1 . 11 :IS hi the ease nlJles• Austin.
Phis lady' had 111:( oentistonpthe for several years,
and durit g the grelder'partol this rime had received
the brat tiledical attention, wild tried all the most
'tato:tide remedies, yet nothinq could he found to
arrest its pro;:irce,, She became sul.jeet to violent
fit 4 of coughing, exp. etorated Ent.
111.ittlir occasionally tittgiql a ith blood, and step In'
step this fearful discase•c 'whined its course, until
nN Itop . ! Ida reco ve ry as entirety despaired 0f. 7 -
to this tli.tees , llg situation, lingering upon
the very verge of life gyave. she commenced the use
ol this lialsalm, whirl, to use her min expression,
operated Ulntost like a ele.rot. In a low day s she
eNpet:torateil freely, the eough
Cl'y lippellll*o add fresh nigor
to her looks, and now, in the plat,:.t'llf that emaciated
form withering to decay, he is seen mingling in
society, better health than she has enjoyed to
Lobe siti•rming vilicor'y 'Of Dr. Wii.nir's 'l : Nils:4lm or
( \Vila Cherry, in the case or A usiin,l dice] ,
folk arginwleilge the alini'i'i.statment to be true
nod correct. .1. L. WALTERS, - 11. 1).
IVontlstown, Sept. , 1.5.i1.
I)ear Sie—Althow.;ll your ablenieileiue has
alreadv Mum] ritnitireds of imwerfill advocates, it
1101 V rtti I I lit . grata') iu to you to eeeeke a comintini
cation froth anyone that .lass Leen relievad by it.
Such, Sir . , is truly my case. 11/th` been :1 VI1 : 6111
In that terriltle (lisase Consninptiott, for many
toontlis, mat hale suffered so much, that I had be
come almost Nvettry 'of my life. Hearing )nut'
Ilalsalin so highly praised. I began takinz it a few
weeks hark, and can aSsitre ) nn it has relieved me
more 1101114111 y have ever we , eii before, and 1
contitleatly believe it will 011 , cm:illy. 'Please
give the . bearer the worth of the eia:loseil,:tial oblige
Yours 11'i:spectrally, Jolts
Chester County, Sept. 11, I MI.
Friebti Wistae-At grs ow much ph asure_to in
form thee that my wife's health has improved vt.tY •
ttutelt since slit• I n es been using. thy lialmtn - or WHO
Cherry, fled we think there is no doubt but that it
will owe her. Site lots taken the two bottles I pity
ehnsed'from thee tt.short time sinee;*tottl her cough
is much better, site also sleeps well,nt sight; wl
stir's site has round nothing to give het• so nitwit re
lief. Thee will please give the lattice two bottles
more foe • Thy
Lancaster connty, t lnli 18,,1841.0
Dear Sir—Please send no two bottles of your
genuine Dalsalin of Wild Cherry. I have tern al%
Meted with Cemsumption for the last two years, and
stillsm.(' very notch with a severe cough, pains in
•teK , " breast, (1)111etilty of breathing% night ,sweats,
and having tried numerous remedies, and also been
indfer — SeroA - dOetiirs. yet reit - did not find any thing
to relieve me until 1 used some of your Balsalm.
F ot one bottle feoni a neighbor of mine who is using
it, anti have found Both wooderftd relief from it. that
I,it will cure the effectual'''.
Very respeetfully yours,
.Hoarier IiOMBIAN.
Rend the following from Dr. Jncob Iloifmno
iihysiniau of extensive practice in Hunting:jot
county: • , •
. .
Dear Sir-4 procured One bottle of Dr: Wiste r's
Balsalm of Wild Cherry, favni Thornits Reed;Estie
of this plump' and •in is case of obstinnty
Asthma on it child of Paul Sebwebie,in which man
other remedies biul been tried without Any relief ,
'rho Ifoliiilm , sudden relief, mul in my Opinion
ilte child is eflectunlly ctired by,its use.
~Yom's, &e. JACOB HOUMA ti, NI, D.
? ' December Std, I SU. .
paisalm of Wild Cherry has tif
fc'eteillsonie astonishing, cures here. One of -which.
is tin oliffady, .Mrs. Ittissell, Who had been suffering
for a long time with shortness of breathing, and gen
eral weidtness; nmil she Was thuatly obliged to keep,
her' bed. After various_ other remedies hailleen
resorted to in yalii,slie em . ninenced using your Bah-.
Salin,and nftertaking t wo.hottles, was so thr recover
:ed .ns to be able to attend to all the duties of her,
!houise, find taki iiefive bottles more was entirely
cured. • • ;.
Joins S. C. aIARTIii:
'Pottsville Pa: :
CA s W 00.48 . 41 .sPoriellajnixtlll'e•
P:11 161- ( s.yrup .of s: i sprirclinsers shoidd , be
very particu l ar to WISTAR'S .11AL4
'SAM, and,observe his''; re on the 1114f1e....!• 1 4
Prepared for, the, proprietor, rind sold nt whole ,
201eibY Co • Citi,tnlsts No, 121.
street, Phi ladel , ,
- ISold in Carliele•hrY.' , . '• •
!StIVItO tt,Liolut
u,shipp.evitioi ,liyAlitt,nSmith
Clinmhcrsburp,l elyisPcuir,,,ao it% iilinest every
'tawd'ihid I!l°lo4.4icrtikb'alit.lll4:c:l4loft..-Th .!„
• 00, a. Lathe - •
• igAvelAbelt
ti l tA„..l4V-NAVA EV%
e C e Vitt: f l eircP4 Cl i c e a ' n ' tl if"1"11 "
f # ll Pee• '210842. bitkanitile"
The folor, rein&
dies "maihe Ammi" at.the : Maga drug stores.
and scion itt:eiletY.eountry store in the state
Rentembr and never , 'get them unless the)
have the fiie-simile signature of
W:on, the wrappers', aspll other: ,
by the same names are base inipositione and counter.
the, merchant tioaresb you hits' them not,
urge, hint to procure. them at .71.:Maidemlane,, the
next time' he visits — New York, or to write 'for 'them.
No faTilOhould be a week without dim
which will atop it if fa4ing'Our, or reetor9,4 on bald
Places';`difd oh children make faPidly, or on
thoie'Whla ha'vo lost the - bair frorrf - ahsi
ALL' VERlVllN.thatinfeat'llielieida' of children
in 66°018i - tire prevented or lit
Find the nameof -Tclernajecrateo on
it, or never try it. ' Remember. this :
• ,•
rioeitively eked ; and an ahrivelled nyureles andAmbi
era restored, in the old or young,. by the INDIAN
but never without the name of Cometock.&:Co: on it.
WainldaCte ffa • ALLSORES •
and every thing relieved , by it that admits of • an out.
ward application. It acts like la charm: it:
HOTASF.A..that, hale- Ring-Beni, Spavin.
&c.; . nro cured by Roors''SrEctFre ; and
. .
Folindered botTes entirely cured by Roofs'
Founder Ointment. Mark this, all horienen.
policy's Magical Pain Ex
tractor ►.Salvo.--Tho most extraordioury
remedy ever iryepted fdr all new or , old_ ,
and sorPs, and soregggig It has delighted
thousands. It *ill take out all pain in ten.tninutea,
anti no failure. It will cure the Pl'LE ' S''
A better and more nice and useful article never wail
made. All should wear them. regularly.
the principle of substituting the tonic in place-of,
ilia din/slant princittlo, whidli has rofornied so many'
drintkards. To be used with
.bo op PILLS,' superior to tit
~eers for cleansing the system and the humors affeet.
-g the hlood,,snd for all the bowels,.
awl the general health. /n • AL. e
(See Dr. -bas's sig. uVertil — sei
nature, thus :1, "'"'""----
4411 effectually cure sick heackielie, 'either from the
61RME.S. or tilious.. Hundreds of families are
using it with great: joy.
, r the certain prevention of ,FavER:& or any
eneral sickness ; 'keeping the stomach in most per
ea order, 'the bowels regular, and a determination to
o surface.
pains in the hones, hoarseness, and
are . quiekly cured by it: Know this by trying.
CORNS.—The French Plaster is a 'sure curt
air any shade you wish, but will not color the skin,
POUND EXTRACT. There is no oilier prepora
tion of Sar'saparilla tat can exceed or equal this.
If you are sure to get Common's, you will find it
superior to all others. kdoes not require puffing.
OF CHINA. Apositive cure for the piles, and all
external fiilings—all internal irritations brought to the
surface by friction with this Balm ;—so in coughs,
swelled or sero throat, tightness of the chest, this Balm
applied on a flannel will relieve and cure at once.—
Fresk.wounds or old sores are rapidly cured by it.
.rdr. barthoitmeip's
till pi:ovont or cum 'all incipient consumption.
taken m lane, and - is a delightful ve.►tiedy.' Remora,
ber the name, and get Comstock's. A •
eradicate all W oRm S in children or adults
witlt a certaintequito astonishing. It is the same as
that made by stock, and sells with a rapidity
almost incredible, by Cotnstock . 4. Co., Now York.
100111 lIROPS, KLINE'S--cmo,effectunpir.
Entered neeonting tn netnrCongrese, in the year MR tannatoek•
4 th
- 93..1n e (Jerk . a
office of the Bouthern Diattietof en , York.
Igy applying, to our agents in each town and
village, papers may be had free, showing'ther most
respectable names in the country for these facts, so
tlitit no one can fail to believe them.
05.-116 sure you call for our articles, and not ,
be put off with any stories, that others are as
good. HAVE THESE OE NONE, should be
Your motto..and these 'emcee can be true and genuine
without our names to theni.. AA these articles to be
had wholesale and retail; only of us: ,
illieles ' ale Druggists,
, s
Maiden.tane Nevi YorU. end of out agenbi.
' For salO'in ~• • •;•
• Novernber,l6o.B42. ' - 1y155
' This remedy forlVorms is oriemr.the most bitiri
ordinary ever ,uscd. , Iteffeetuallreradieatee worms •
of all sorts, hem children and adults-
THOUSANI).4 perish by worms , svithout,
esintill being knowt3,-- • CIIO4A-otherrerisonistaaS i g ned
for nick sickness,until too late so cure the renteassie.
What isumonse.,respqnsildlity then' rests 'aPimv she
Parent who does not know, and the doctor who does.-
understand , the . bomplaiqt.;wrlsicls isdestroy!fig,
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