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.11,1HIDADRIP,HttiiI.Deo. 17,1842.,
R4..rlieenhttni; heed, Alice the
tleol init.t.i&P,lonV"cOusideitibletititiyitYinithemarket,
. and the dale s this week amount to abOut7ooo Ohl& Of
• whichlit thefore part otthO weekilnfibut 20001thls.
Penna. aninElooo bbl s . Chit! were bold $4:18 - 41 tunt
sabsequently,4,ooo et 4 tq, and part at 410 per
Mit'' , The current riilet,SuilSy IS 4125. The stook.
. is MOO redueed,iliejvceipts
sonteof the up countryjavenues being.etißetl: for the
• senitiOni-'IFor Rye Ploitr• there'll .Inttle.;; ; Cniquiry, it
continues et $2 87$ perblti. - COrn Meitl—A sale to
._ day of 4150 hbls Brandyivine at 2 50;
,hlUls ore 'hell
' ',%1.11 75; Plerinkylvania Meal lias been in fair:4leinand
~,for. export, and inleS to some extent made at $2 12$
Per bbl, and 14 25 , f0r hinds. Cleared: this week for
% ifort , ;ign ports 3305 bbls,Flour,.2s hlidsiind 1697 bbls '
'Corn Mend, and 250
GRAIN.-The siipPlies of 'Wheat Continue light,
and 'pekes !MS Week: have been brill there is no de
mitml for,export to the ' Width 'Provinces; quotel
; Penna.:red; frottiociillopriine,Rt 90a - 98e per bush.
, Rye- 4 -Market quiett. no change inn prices, since last.
. week. • Corn—Receipts have been light, and prices
• ~ ateadyt4old , yellowSoutliern is worth 45 a 46e; white
• • (le 40c;, , Penna , .round yellow 480 per huShel. South ,
ern Oats 22$ a 2.80. - (.3eared this week.7lo bushels
Corn fOr'the West undies. .
WHISKEY—In bbls 220 per gal.; hinds 21 a 22c.
•: . .
' -BALTIMORE, Deo.. 17, 4842.
'DEEP CATTLE.:-1:Ite offerings:at the drove
yards err mcmdiky, were 'something over qoo head,,
'most of wliich sold at $3:50 to 150; and large pig
' eels of HOgs at 3,50 to 3 621'per 100 lbs. The het,
. chers took the principal• portion of thebeeves, but
the salters by far the larger portion) of the'
• Dressed hogs sell only in small lots, nt'S 50 to 4. the
' hider Ord retail.price;
FLOUR,—Prices Inane further declined, and sales
of City Mills have been made at $4 nisi, and Howard
street 4 121 per bbl. Thes6 are the best prices deal. ,
ers were able to obtain at the time of Making up our
. report;Land for Howarl street they were 'paying $4
- from the cars and 'wagons.
. GRAIN.—The 'market for Wheat has nndergene
no material variation. The qualities oll'et•ing are net
prime,but command from' 85 to 90 cents for red;
um! inferior parcels 60 to 80,,vith sales of fair at 83.
No Pennsylvania in market. Rye continues at 45 to
50 •cents,and (hits 2.4 to 23. Cori) is in better re
quest, and the riding 'sates towards the close have'
• been 41 to' 42 cents per bushel, for either white 'or
kVIIISKEY-1155 advanced to 26 cents for Idyls.
end '23 for lihds; the wagon.price is 22,withOut the bbl
In this borough, on the 12th host. by the Rev. Air.
Moore, Capt. B. L. E. BONNEVILLE, U. S. Ar
my. to ANNE CALLENDER, daughter atilt. lute
D. Charles W. Lew is, of Monroe county, Virgin in.
• nacre,
inane toivaship,on the 21st ill t.'iltes. AI A la
f min Myers, awl (laughter of 1191-
Elizaketh Carothers, aged 30 years and 5
We, the .undersigned, - 'do agree' to heep l our
Stores closed on Monday folloVviiii - Christinas, in
con Sequence of Christmas coming on the Sab
Wm. Leonard, ' S. M. Ilurris;
iigney- Sr. • A n d erson; `John, If a milton,
J. &A. Bentz, % Peter Gutsball,
E. Weise, John Snyder,
Jacob Senor, - P. Lyrae,
J. &fl Cormitan„ Geo. W. Hither,
IL Snodgrass, agt., J. W.- Eby,'
S. FuUst, Isabel Woitnley,
Geo. Cart, • R. Lumberton,
M.MeGinttes, . Chris. Ogilby,
A. - Ruchar.g, N.. %V. Woods,
Samuel Myers & C0....._--_ _.
• 41111911/Sl7 -1 •1311
Boots ; Shoes &
r E subscriber has just retiiroml from
the citv, am! is openiug, in addition to his har
mer stock, 1/ cases of 8.,0t5, Shoes and Caps, coil
tainiiina• -
nUal Youth's thick boots.
SI CIA'S tine Calf Boats sod water-proof d 0...
Aleaa's anal Boy's Kip and Seal Boots.
• 11Itha's, lloy's and Youth's Brogans.. •
_ Ladies' Kid Welts and Slipper s. -
Colored Lining - Skins.
Men's ' Boy's dill Youth's • Fur, Cloth, Scot let
And Finley Cups
I.I'.NIONS of Superior quality. • •
BUNCH BAN! NS, superior quali'y new crop.
All of uhicla will be sold cheap for cash.
W.l. N. MATEF.R. -
Carlisle, Dec. 21, 1842
11 ) 1111,1 1.12.1 D
& !lASI:IIi:STICK have just received
11, tram the :11ktotitacinry nt Philadelphia' a large
wisartment D ersistitg of
Pit ilia triv,Cliainbe r& Study Lataps,
with or without shades; which they will sell whole
sale or retail at the otanufileturer's prices.
Astral, Side ,Reflectors awl Glass Lamps of vari
oils Fttcriis. ,
Tim eery hest:Winter straioed; bleached Spero]
Oil, warranted to burn clear, for
$0,t1',5 per gallon.
Best Sperm Candles. 37} cents. per
Carlisle, Dee.'2l, 1842.
Groceries, Sl ices and
THE 'subscriber has just received •the
followin g articles in the Grocery line; which
having. bought for cash,lie is enabled to sell at the very
low prices at which they are marked. • •
Wipe Java Coffee, • 15 per lb.
Best Itio do..Slr'ong., Scented, 14 "
mid•sit loite r prices. •
Loaf Sugars—.common and fine at 11 & 121 "
•Do F.xtraom finest qualiiy, 14
pine crushed I,onf
Film Drown Sugars at Prime N. V . Cheese at
Ground Pepper,
DO Allspice,
G. A. Salt, at 2.50 Sack- and 75 eta
Fine do at 1.00 du
Fresh Currants,
. .
Bunch I/nisi:is by the patina or in Ralf and Quarter
Duxes, ....
Oranges, •
Mace, •.
. Nutmegs, •
Salt Peter,
Cayenne Pepper (in bulk Or bottles.)
No broken or depreciated bank notes taken for
goods — reduceilprices_and good eurrency !
For sale by '
J. W. EBY.
Carlialei - Dea. 21,184 e. • . tf-8
Pure AVinter Sperm Oil'at $1,12 pct•
Pure Sea Elephant winter OiLat.Bo eta-do. •
Sperm Candles, be'st quality; at 81 eta per lb. '
Just received and for sale by J. ESY.
Carlisle, ce..21, 184/ •' ' tf-8
• 'Bale or -Rent l ,
THHP.Pinmfrtable tsoew Brisk Buildings, in n
'amulet and •healthy part of the borough. Posses
sion given on the let of ApIll; 1843.'
Heu,2l,. tB4B. CHAS. • CIPILBY.
• • •
. . .
. .
.. .
nu EAVHR and Pilot Cloth for ever oats. ' Also'
JUl.Hlack, Hine and Invisible Green Clothfor dress
ecoata,juat noel ved and pelting very low,at the store of
Dee. gi , i 841... ,•- , , CHAS. OGILDY.
Proof Iloots.
I . l sT;. , recciii.,ilit tot 'Or . Water Proo
a large assortment orShoes, for
Me l i cWomeoariaCtiildreit, which Twill sell 'cheap
!' CHAS. -
;,Heoeriberit.lB42 ' ' tf
ailloAgnibcrslrliet 'Centeiv.ille Climber
-444 Count3', opening a 11,eraperanee
I,loalscmthCticgoltdriodaoott ofTearelders,Drovers,
ant!, o t. hd tk l !_t 4o ; :"W,illY". binb- *4 l l a oall• ;T4e'
Ho l e ` l9o,l)Sit beFn44l !..rr mitßy Yearti s walk' house,
is %welt ealittatell :foe:the ' aceannadidad:of
7` rave ll .o l ' Xlie'Stati/hltis, 'tad cones
itaatly haVe sisfficie447 of bootie feed, Bio.
Wit Tabli will he supplied • With the' bestln the
aaket.: pains will be spared to mabei; pena l s
coagulable; who may ravokbilik with4wdl;
• ;:',Cll..Aatt4rl4 RAVER.
' 4i; 'pi ~r . •A,,s
. , .
ilre the mn - lersi.ned,,ClilZolls or Carlisle, in th
county or qumberlatal, do certify that we tire we I
' acquainted with the al : we mimed %%run. Moody, and
'that lie is of good report for honesty :Ind temperanee
and is well provided with house room and e l /11V(2111
elleeS ffir tile 1011011 g am! accommodation of Strang
ers anti Travellers,and so therelbre_rmunnetal-hina
to your I ((mars as well deserving of a Lirense; and'
further say, that a Tavern at the stand is an aceom
motlatiotti;to the public..
Edward Armor, IV. Foulk.. . •
' .Inlin M. Good C Imhoff
" lt'. McCartney ~ Jacob Zug
George Walt : Willinm Alexander
---John-Cillen -- -- Sitrict Davidson
G. L. Morey • • John Underwood
' \Vtr. lark.
Application for Tavern License.
ItTOTICP.I3 - liereby giveli, that I iiitentl to apply
IN at the itelct Court of Quarter Sc , ssions or Our
berhtial county, for a license to keep a tavern or pill
lie honse,in the township of East Peintsborough,no
kept its such by the subscriber.
Deeentber,2l, 1842,
We the Inulersigned.Citizens of East Pconsborongl
township, do cerury that we are well acytaiuted will
the ((hove tanned Thomas %I'll:l'qm', and that heiso
good repute for honesty and temperance, and is wel
provided with homeroom and conveniences Ibr lodg
lug and aecOnunotlatiost 'of Strangers and 'Travellers
and that a public housuiltere is necessary. •
A. Erb, Jolla Searter, Sen.
;John I'. Quigley Moses Starer
Satuttel no 3 er Atidrew Freitzer '
John Sierec William Miller
rah(( Fake , 'John Holtz
Francis NieQuine Jaunt) l'itatz
`John !fipple Jeretwah,llarver.
To the President and Associate Judges of the
Court of Quarter SeAsions of the Peace for the
County of Cumberland.
trOUlt petitioner intends °cent)) Mg that cont
. Ji• modious Matsu, recently erected, satiate nt, the
depot at the Cut bedand Valley Rail road in the
borough of Mechanicsburg,'which will be well cal
culated for a 'public hawse el entertaiiimentatild f. 010
its proximity to said 1)opot nod Usti road, is snitable
for the accommodation of travellers and 'for persons
wishing to take passage 'out said !tail rm!, (which
place at present affords next to no aceinummintionS,)
That lie provide himself with all the tie
oessary stecomininlations fun the entertainment of
strangers and travellers.
8 & 10
16 4,
Mealianiesl;N i g, Dee. 2t, 154,2. to-8
' We the inolersi,tned citizens of the broiler of
Mechanicsburg of 'resold-, being personally and well
acquainted a ith Samuel Meiiy,•and also having •
knowledge of the house for which the license is pray
ed for, do hereby certify that he is a person of good
repute for honesty and -temperance, and that he will
be well provided with house room, ['accommodation
of straugers and travellers.
WM. C. Walser,. , Joo. Riegel,
Samuel Cotner, - ...10Im Duey, • !
-JOhn Cooveri - Lewis, Leaping, •
- Adam Itiege/, Michael Garver,
G. S.'Parner, John-Palmer,
John Swisher, Samuel Woest,
Lewis Schoti, , -John Zimmerman,
' Michael Hoover, Jr. -A 11. Vatikoff:
John Boner,- :Michael Hoover.
~ • SUER II S. SA ILIES... ' :
. ,
n Y virtue of sundry writs of Venditionf Exponns
L.P to me diceethir, Waned out of the Court of Com
mon Pleas of Cumberland county,.willhe.e.sposed to
public sale, at the Court House._tit the `borough of
Carlisle, ou :5.9 TUII DAT the 7th doll of JAN'U- .
..I.RY, A. D. 180, at 10.o'elock, .A. M. the follow
ing describMilleal Estate to wit: .
situate in'Ent Pennslibough t o wnship, coma; tt itt g
/no hundred nd ten acres,. more or less,. adjoining
lends on the 'est by Michael .Ruhey ; on . the North
i l ,
by - D., Sharbonand 4,,,Kietzet; ou the Jaetb_
atmp, and
,ouithe South - by4laytitt - Iteppand.cdhera •
havlng thereon erected sitwo,itery,SMOK HOUSE
4`lirgo Bank Mini, being frame and brick Mid other
out houses. -.Seined and - taken in .ozeoution as the
. peopertrcif Andrew Sheely,'Sr.- ::
~ .; • , , ~' .
' Mee, the one undivided Ninth part an • .
• ILIRA ~ . A
' Cr'or -,. .tAND . -
situate i Newton township; on the. Turnpike road,
contni ning,One hundred . and,uighty,i Aorta," More'or
lea, inljoining.litiods:Of,Mtur }piton; Jacob 'Pelts.
hoover, John McCulloch; "burned ' l4l !ltZettrtf.John
Sherp's heir* and others, having thereon ..ereited n'
large:two:lWO ST,QSEI(OI.IS.kI, onefratee house,
two log hotisesi one 'stone thee, a hme.,lJank, Barn,
and;, sundri'uther :out
,- . l)otiles. ; , i Seintsd:Und tnken in
eaecution,na • llte,proli,sit ut Citristiatt . p,, • §totigil,
mato, be Sold:by rne,. ' ..:. ' -2 •'r• . .' •
~.'' ' '''''' it.itnS' ilateFric:Shceitt'
SheintraDfliti;Viirliale4 -- "'•'. .-: ~ .:. •. '
' PegetubOrl,l., ISM:
wJ the , Co rt of
ptsblit'vettdue on thnprepthics;.on , e
:211 th'day a JANUARY nest,ist,t2 o'clock, at neon
of said day, the following real estate, late the proper
.ty of Jacob liarnish, of South Middleton township; '
3 Lotg, of . Mountain Land,
adjoining each ether, situate in Dickinson township,
in said County, about-two'-miles and a half from
Holly Forge, on - the 'Whitestowir road; bounded by
lands of:Jacob-Myers, David - Gib - in, IN iclanel , Myers,.
William .Moore and ,othels; the first of said. Jots
marked No. 1. A.4;111 the (flagrant flied in said Or
phan's CoUrt,..conitdeidgil Acres. int! 74 'Pekbes,
riitriet measure.. The second No. 2. B. containing 10
Acres and 70 Perches, strict- measure, nnd the third
No.A. B. containing 10 Aerei and 59 Percliesi'strict
measure.' These lets are Well timbered With- chest
nut:rind other Timber, andlare'ef convenient size fur
fariners owning property In the neighborhood.
The , terms, and conditions of. sale will be made
known on , thOlay thereof by ,
Executor of list will of Jacob Haraish, deed. •
December 21,1842.• is-8
ingpotrrio rys for the. Benefit of the
BankrupfLaw, • have been filed the 20th 'De
cember, 1842, by
JOHN SOURBECK, :late Merchant, now, •
Innkeeper, • • ' • Cduiberland co.
JEREMIAH MYERS, Farmer, Cumberland co.
' ANDREW BARRICK,',Iate Distiller, now
Mason, • - Cumberland co.
Which Petitions will be heard before the District
Court of •the United Suites for the Eastern District
of Pennsylvania,*illation Bankruptey,at the District
Court room in the City of Philadelphia, nu FRIDAY
the 13th day of JANUARY, 1843, at 11 o'clock, A.
'AL, When mid where all persons iwerCate(l. may, •ap=
pear and • show' cause, it any they haye,"Wity the'
prayer of the said' Petitionti should not be granted,
and the said Petitioners diAilared Iliiiikritpts.• •
' • Clerk of the District Court.
Phila. Dec..2l; 184:2: . •
o;) Contractors, Ref:idlers of
Inerchanii,e; &c.
-1V and by the several acts of the General Assem
bly and the several Supplvineth s thereto, it is
made.the duty of..thii. Constables of the respective
Townships and Boroughs. within the county nt Cum
• beehthd, and they arc hereby required, tinder the
penalty "one Inquired dollars to make under-oath
or allirinathin, Plulileliver to the Clerk of th . C . Court
of quarter Senions," on or before 3fontlay the9th
dog of Jauttary,lBl3, a separate "list of all persons
engaged in the selling or rending 01. . °oils, Wares,
.lerchanilize,Conmtodities,ut ellints, of whatsoever
kind 01• nature," designating those whose "sales" are
"confined" alone "to buyingamd venthoggoods,warbs
and merchandizt.; the growth, product nthl manufac
ture of the United States," Tina also those w ito sell .
01`A:end -"wines or distilled liquors " Merchants,
Dealers and others embraceiL in the foregoing notice
are also the Associaie . Judges and
county Commissioners" of said• county, will attmul
at the-Commissioners office, on Friday the 20th day
of January,. 184.3, between the hones of 9 and 4 o'-
clock of said day, for the purpose of classifying all
personi ' , when any,of the Merehatitc
1 - DealersTOTtlicir itgents or attorneys, may appear
belbre the said Judges and Commissioners, and skew
the amount ()Mei!. annual „sales, during the year
and if finch Merchant not so attend, it
shall be the duty of the Jutiges and Cthumissioners,
'froth the best information they can have or obtain, to
claw, !bent" accordingly, "which classification shall
be final." By/order of, the Commissioners,
Commissioners Office„ Carlisle, t
December 21, 1y43• S St-8
Appli'cattob forA7avern -License
To the Honorable the Judges of the Court_ of
G'en'eral Quarter Sessions of the Peace of Cum.
Tberlasd,eounly,at January&ssions, A. D. 1843. HE Petition of WILLIAM MOUDY
Itespeetfokly rert. snots, tha I nor P'etitintter is
travifletl with the iti:et.ssarY requisites fin. keeping a
loose of public-. eatertaioment,„ ; to the
tiniest occupies. Voile petitioner .
•otiv Honors to grant hint a Millrace for the same;
e t ptaingfeto• commencing on the Iht January,Bl3, and as iii duty bound lie will 'ever pr.ty
)1 MO )\'.
Carlisle, Dec. 21, 1842.
Application for Tavern License
As you', value yoi:it'Lifeanii-.lleqlth,
beseech you reaittbe ;following :
"DR. IT.-11...1.E1Dit
.nrAs - tho.. pleasure of annOuneing . to the
that has valuakle,l4l.edio4eorecelye the appro-'
pi k tion of the . , ' , •
1 11 1.EDICAL - FAC 117.1: TY
being composed of ingredieUts 'which are known to
the profession, and Which are dnilygiven by the most
respectable physicians to their. -patients.: This fact
alone is sufficient to stump their
.. FOREVER, . ,
REPO — T - 4'7
', 10X
as well as cause them to be employed by all with
'' ' MORE , 0WV7 0 1.0.E.A . 'OE • . .' ..
than the preparations of quacks and impostors. ,
have been published frequently, in the papers, from
Physicians and Clergymen,
Members of
".. 'Congress and State Legislatures,
respectable private citizens, and among thmn many
of the most distinguished members of churches
and other institution's, ' • ,
in reference to Dr. Leidy's Medicines, and h is ho p
ed, from the 'numerous certificates and recommends:-
tiohg, !idling been puhli 4 hod far and near ,that all that
is now necessary is to keep theni.beforO the public,
that they may be'reininded of the ir, where s they may
obtained genuine; &c.:&0. • • '
• One of the most valuable is ' '
...• . . -DR 11.410.11) . 74 1 % NI
. . .
Sarsai)apill4 Blood "'ills.
Diseases ceiehrated:Pills are daily recorninendeil in
Diseases of the Stomach , Impurities of the Blood,
'and Sewels,• ' generating disenses of
Billions Affections;' ••
, the Stomach, Liver,
Habitudl Costiveness, ' . - Heart,the Spleen,Kid,
Indignation, Flatulency, . neys, Bones, &c. &e.
Want of Appetite, .. Ulcerous' Sores of the;
Sourness of, the Stomach, Nose, Throat & Body;'
Waterbrash, Heartburn, &ally, Eruptions- and
Foul and offensivetbreatli, ' Blotches of. the Skin;
Bad taste in the mouth, . Dry,and. watery pimples
Inward Pains, Pairis'of the t?f the face and 'body;
Stomach, the Sides,and Headache, Giddiness,
along the Back; I Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Rheumatic Pains, Gout, I Glandular AfTeetious.
---: Constitutional diseases, produced by Mercury and
other mineral preparldiens, as well as the dangerous
consequences resulting from the improper treatment
of Syphitis, Sic. &c.
'‘The Life of the Flesh is in the Blood."
Leviticus, ch. XXII, v. 11.
Be yepurified in your Blood,
And health will attend you.
The great principles advocated by Dr. Leitly, - brul
in which he' is supported by scripture, are
Ist. That vitality is contained in the Blood.
2d. - The - 13loorl, becoming vitiated or impure,gives
•;se•to numerous (Messes of the organs of the body,'
he Bw:iv-fell, the liver, the heart, &c. &c.
. 3,i, Th a t whatever has the effect of -purifying the
Blood, p3ssessetz the power of re-establishing health
Tul aciion to the lutly,_ :
- 7411iTTliat Purgation and Starvation, or, in other
words, purging to the extent that is too frqiiiiently•
dote, rand at the sante time enjoying low diet, and
abstioence from food altruist entirely, are productive
of much more mischief than is generally supposed,
and in proof of it will only remark, that
' By- Pia•gstion—Theliuman system is.more or less
debilitated, for the very simple reason thlit inlhe
pi'neess or purgingvill is carriertoff from the stomach
from which nourishment is 'derived and distributed
throughout flu. oyster's. • . .
By Starvation—Nourishment is ,- absolutely With
had limn the system so necessary to it, both for sus
taiiiing vital action and aiding nature in bearingnp
rigaiiist that progress of disease. , ' - !
Renee the - consequences of too much pinging, and
t continued d,et must be to produce such a condition
/1 the systemi as will eriable disease to make :inure
lipid progress, and extend itself the 1110 re. ensily,nnti
li it brief time throughout the system.
Admitting the foregoing; it becomes. necessary to
nimbi! how is the be purified 1 and in ens - -
Raying the means, how is the systeni to be guarded
igainst ally' serious ensiriequeuet s 1 .
- - "Iris easily 1111filt'erell•—•
_ .---- Por all your ills, .
Take-Dr. Leidy's Blood Pills.
These fills operate gently, though effectually;
ili..y do not produce. prostration of the systein,as Most
pills do. ,
_They minim no restraint either• from occupation
or the regilliii• mode of living. No fear need lit 0115
tertiiiited of Inking cold trout their use, and may bi,
take,, lit all limes, by young nod old, without inter
fering with any other medicine that may 111 1 / 4 1e liven
taken beforehand.
These Pills arc prepared only, Mill old wholesale
and retail, or
DR. LEIDY'S Ilesilth•Emporium,
..„ No. 191 N. 2il st. below Vine,
(Sign of the Golden Eagle mid Serpents,) phia.
PRICE 25 CE,, YS a iloA-.
' ati--A discount to Nliolesnle dealers. •
.. (0 -1),. Leidy's Blood Pills are also soul in all the
principal cities and towns throughout the Union,and
by many respectable storekeepers throughout the
For sale, in Carlisle, by
Agents rot Cumberland County
Carlisle, Dee.^2l, I •
North America InsuranpeCo
JOHN J„ . I , IIVIEHS, Agent, Carlisle
MILLIS ccmPany continueirto Maks Irisurances
against loss or damage by Fire, on the most
reasonable terms. They alim take .
on stone or brick' buildings at $25 on $lOOO, the'
premium subject to be drawn any time by the
party insuring, at a deduction of live per cent. on
the amount of premium paid,
The usual rates for one year on
Stone and Brick iinildings, Si to $5 on 91000
Log and Rams,. '^' 86 to $7 on 91000
Merehandize, about • ss on $lOOO
Application in person of by latter will have
mediate attention..
The Spring Gard s en• insurance .Co
.31AliE INSURANCE, either teropori or
perpetual, against loss or damage by FIRE,
iri Town or Country, on Houses; Barns and Build.
ings of all kinds; on Household Furniture, Met
chandize, Horses, Cattle. Agricultural, Commer
cial and Manutitaturing Stock, and vUtensils of
every description,es well as MORTAGEU and GROUND
RENT, upon the most favorable terms..
The following are the usual rates,
On Stone and brick buildings, from
35 to 40 Os, on $lOO
"Log and frame "' 60-to 70 cts: on 100
"Merchandize and furni
Lure in brick or stono
buildings, from"
"Do:to tog or frame,
"Horses, cattle, farming
utensils•• and sundries,
at about
Application may , be made to
JOHN J. gi YERS ; Agent.
Carlisfei Dec. 21,4842. • ly
aUsl7 received, Blue Black and fashion
ble colored Silk Velvets ; at the store of
Dee. 21, 1842. • CHAS. OGILBY.
1LT0241 1 2M141 . 1 95 . 0 ttaltio
Horse Painter and
IRESMTFULLY informs the public that
hdhas commenced the HOUSE PAINT
and'PAPElt HANGING,• in
all.their various binnehes, find hopealik strict at
tention to busineinand.moderato charges tamarit
cod receive share 'of publio patronage: .His
shop is in Pitt street, lirectly in the roar of Ste.
venson sDinkle'e Drug store,
Carlisle, act. 12; 1842.
_ _
1111[ Y e. E,2 d d 'a-70 A t 7 0 E f"Fig T r i f'S K :30 11 tro?"r R j e a g t alr . ,_
Ira uoa,'AndiPriaciio .Sogara e 'and ydrytasat
.Cateadiel)..arid'qther.l'Omeeei which' they. wiU
801 l le large tiatir#ltiea on - thol moor ay..
• Decamlier 1 4', ; 18.1#.• •c: • '
meet hereaftei, on' MAT-int.
DAY lIIVDDING'S;, : nt' 6 I;2'
- E,E 1 ny 's ,)
: ----- SARSAPARILLA. ----
. .
. 10 .4
001) vi - 1"1 - q 4
.---_.: tQ - . - 25 (..e)lt s :i li 0x.. - . - Th i
40 to 50 ch. on 100
60 to 70 cts. 100
60 cts. on - 100
; , :ctstarzuzamyrgesx&ati:t 43
ri . •
TS ' iptygrl i sTica have
just received at t rug, oo Stationary
and Variety.Siore,4 large assortnient of
Toriq`• TON:Hooks: 'tor bhritinitas
Presents.": Annals; StiiiiyeiOrs;
and - 'Portrfalileis; febr ',lsAta. •
Trogetlier.'wftli a Choice selection o f intirtnining
14Gler ItEADING, for long Winter evenings. , •. •
- • -
,afico" iticiproati- v •
:of every variety,
- Sehool - Bibles aryl - Testaments; .
. Gerography and Mks,
Olney 4. Mitchell's do. ' ' '
Smith's Grammar, ; • • - •
Kirinn's.ditto, , :•
dlngers Series, 'No. 1,2, 3,4, 5, 4..6,
Cobb'eSchool Books,. complete.
Emerson, Byerly, • .llturham, 4- Web
ster's Sp - ellers '
.• ' •
',.' Pike, Rose, Smiley, 4 .
Emerson's d
rithnietics, with . "Cep,
Gurninere'B Surveying;
Mathematical Instrunlanted
Letter, Cap; and Deed paper, ruled and plain. Note
paper. Silver Pencils, everpoints. Jackson Lead
Pencils in wood..or all tempers;. with a largc Jut
. sortrnent•ofTEANK . BOOKS; vuletJand moiled;
218ZW422"31f •
Orsuperioi finish.. Razors; Razor Strops,
Shaving Brushes, and finely, scented
Shaving Soaps and assorted - Per- -
Superior opaque and Bassin Quills, Ileistol.Boteds,
Bice paper, Visitipg Cards, colored Wafers and
Settling Wax, Plain and Motto Seals..
• .New •
• -
Together 'Midi a general and well..seleeted assort
ment of Classical and Miscellaneons Worker, "to
please the fancy and linprovethe taste."
.Ctrlisle, Dee. 14, 1842,
rtivtals VERSTiCK
urAvE just •opened" them FALL ASSORT-.
AIkNT of.
Together milli an extensive assortment of
Palent:Aredielnes and perfumery.
A Iso—FitEsiit_raturrs,___:._
oif.iivGns, . A.moNbs, •
CURRANTS, . GUI I'ES,.&o. . ~ .
• All of which they. will Al 'wholesale or retail on
he lowest terms.
Carlisle, December 14,1842.-3 M. ,
A - PETITION for the Benefit cif the
Rankrtipt Lay, .bas been filed - the - 3d - .DeciaU:
ber,.1842, by
GEORGE FLEMING, formead• Printer and 2--
Publisher, (late a Contractor on the Pub,
lie Works, - Cumberlant o.
Which Petition will be heard het - m.olle District
Court of the Cadet, Stateit for the Euston Dislidet
of Pennsylvania, sating in llookruptey, at the Dis
trict Ctint•t (tooth in the City of Phtholelphia
PRIDAA . the 30th das of DEOD II ER lust., 1342,
at Ito'elock A. M. when and Wlcereallitersons
erestett may appear nod show canso,if they have,
why URI prayer of the said Petitions should not be
grantee:, and due stud the_
big declared Bank
• Clerk of the District Court:.
tPhila. Dec. 14,1342; 3t-7
PETITION rarDlFeharge arid
fiente under the Bankrupt lice,. filed
it... I N, Saddler , COMIPCCiOIiII CO.
WILLIA.' B. NIILLFICIA N; Coach Aftiker, do.
and FRIDAY the ‘2lth day of FEBRUARY next, at
11 o'clock, 4. M. ix appointed for the hearing there
of, helbre the mitt Court, sitting in Bankruptcy, at
the District - Court Wont ' in the City of
when and where the Creditors of the said Pe
titioners, who have proved their Debts, and all other
persons in interest, way appear and show cause, if
any they have, why such Dateltar ,, e and Certificate
should not be granted:
• Clerk of the District sCoort.•
Phila. Dee. 14,1842. • 10.7
dig 01.1a.iCamING HOUSES
lroUri utIVE7O,4
THE subscriber will Rent from . the' Ist
of April next. a two•story
,411711111,111 1 4101 , 32,
situated on the COnler of Pitt and Lout her streets,
having a huge back liuildiing, wash house, cistern,
smoke house, and other improvements.
Also, 4 two stony stone DWELLING HOUSE,
situated in , Lotulter street, Opposite Mr, Lewis Har
lan. It has a back sprifig house, smoke
house, cistern mid also a well of never=tailing water.
There is also good Stabling attached to the property.
Both properties OM now in good order. •
Persons desirous of renting either, of the above
lentioutat Ilouses will call oh the subscriber.
W l tTe: s'otorteyncto"nferolTOtl't of Ap r il
lot of n jt x .o t i l i!:: l l t
East-Mail-street,in in this borough, now occupied
by Rev. Mr. Moore.
' Also the two wljoinino k tionses, both of which are
nt present being Innalsothiel? etitaired. - '
Persons desirottaol,,remMg tilay know the terms
by calling on the umleijsblue(l,,
Application for TdNiern License'.
xi', °Tim is hereby given, that 1" intend to apply
IN at the next term of the Court of Quarter Ses
sions of the peace in and for the county of Cumber
land, fora license ta keep a Tavern or Public House,
in the house I now .decupy as each, in the - horotigh
of Newville. \vM. H. NVOODBURN:
Newville, December 13,184'4
. We, the *Undersigned. citizens of the borbegfi'of
Newville, in the county of Cumberland, do certify
that we hre -Well'acquanited whir. the above tainted
William 11. Woodburnoind that, he is of good re
pute for honesty and tempetinice, and is Well pro
vided with house room and conveniences for the
lodging and nccommodation of travellers and strati
gees; and that n tavern at the „stand is an acrommo•
dation to the public.,,
James Kennedy; .
John S. Morrow, '
Thomas A . ..McKinney ;
Joseph Meljermond,
' Jacob
Joint Waggoner,.
..;411111111` PROCLAtIII TION.
-W.HEEEAS the Han.Ssiniz, iternuniv Pic.
sident Judge of, the Court of Common
Pietas of the Ninth Judicial district of Pm:wt.
yards • and the lion. Jowl Sruswr and THOMAS
O. M ILLER, 'Judges of the Said O m, ' o f c ommon
Pleas for the aunty . of Cumboilarid i have issued
their precept bearing date "of . the 26th Huv.
1842, and_ternoAirected, for holding a-Court of
- Gyer. and Terminer,. General Jail. Delivery, and
General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, C9r
lisle, on the second Monday of january .184340.
ing the , 9th• day—pt 10 o'clock, in the forenoon:
NOTICE rs HEUEBY GIVEN to the Coroher,
Jitsticcs of the Patios and Consipbles of the, said
County ,of Cumberland ? tfiat : they , bit them and
there r PrePea% Persons, with their
Records, inquis(tionectixaminatici t s 4rid other
remetnbrances4o de the AiMg6 Which to their of.
floe respeefivelyappertain—an ft m o o " who arc
bowati:byvotognizoneeir to .proseeete against the
pH: Miters that are, 9r then may b* , ip. the Jail nf
1 00 ethtel,,Ji to* be- Limp', a9d theta to prosecute
against' thciiiiiit be just am:fright. • •
Dated at Carliele; the, Bth dii'y of December, .
180, and'. the 68th , yea( 'et AMoriebn' •Indepep
" •• • '
'r• '• PASVMAIPI*r*erAnI
- • - • - cd..t
,('CONSISTING, in pnrt, of Engli;3l4 French,
licayer, and Pilot cLonis: Cassintere,
Sattinetts, u l Kentucky..leans. Linsey mai Cotton
Planneri. Rose, - Mackinaw, Point and Pilot
. .
' Wt.
Flannels and Carpeting. French, Englisl
and American Chintzes, Brown, Bleached & Color
ed Mastiffs. Checks, 'Finks and Diapers. Bonnets
Silks and Ribbons. Fine Cloth. Velveteen Caps
llosierv, Gloves and Umbrellas; Merinoes, Man
lin ma:Saxony Delaines ; Figured, Plain, Striped
and Barred Jack keit, Swiss Blonds, and Artificial
flowers. together with a variety of
Queenswa re ..sic Groceries,
for bale at (Ice btne:e of A. RICHARDS.
Carlide,.-N r ovember - 50," l 8.12.
P. S. -State Scrip and Floor taken in exchange
for Goods.
-By virtue of a writ of Venditioni Exponas to
me directed, issued out -of the Court of Com
mon Pleas'of Cumberland eon*, will be exposed
to.Publie Sale,,v the Court House in the borough
of Carliale,'on Saturday the 31R1 day of December,
184% the following described Real Estate, to wit:
The undivided half part of a tract of land
situate in Hopewell township, Cumberland' county,
T inPO INE:VD RED . 1 1e11 .
mare or less, hounded by !Inds of Jacob Stouffer oil
the North, James' Ilerniddll on the East, the Frank
lin comity line on the West, having. thereon erected
TWiLSTillitY ng tall; E LOt"
HOUR r 4; and QG 11A It and LOG TBN
T OUSE,—Seized and taken to execution as
the property of James Ifoderaws.
situate in Hopewell township, !Jimmied on the East
hy, Joseph Quigley, on the Sonth.hY James Sharp
and W. Greens heirs, on the West, he the Cnnodu
guinet ereek; on the North, by the creek and Joseph
Quigley, Containing One Ifundred mu/ F. acres,
more or less, having thereon erected n large
31(10db:int and Grist Mill. ..
with three rim of Stones (part stone and part frame)
stone' WELLING GO SE, log ienant brise, large
bank harti;large log Still !louse and other out houses.
in Hopewell township', eniVafning 7 4 aelva Acres,
more or less, bounded by. lands of Joseph Quigley,
Fnglesonger, \V i Wah , goner and others. Seized
rind taken in execution tai the property :of Samuel
- :
situate in the Borough of Carlisle, containing thirty
feet in breadth, and two hundred and forty feet in
depth, more or less, bonneted by a lot of Josoph Rgolf
on the Satoh ' Game Folandoi the North, Hanover
street on the West,and Rufus E. Simply on the East,
having thereon erected a two story
Brick House anti Brick Kitchen,
an d frame ztable. Seized mot taken in execution as
the property of Joseph Egollt.
situate in Frankford township, containing One Hew
area and Trventffour dcres, more or less, bonneted
by lands of William Musselman. Cinch Hess,Joseph
Stayherry and others; haring thereon 'erected a tiro
'story LOG JIOUSE, fiat Log 'Kitchen, a log Barn,
and an Apple drcnard. Seized and taken in eicon
tion as the property of George Wolf;
And to be sold by tem.,* • •
James Minor,
William Barr,
James Hoover,
;Inlin Matte,
I)aniel J. Dunlap, ,
-- • • VA iii, MA R TIN, sAero:
Slirriff's Office, Onrlicle,? T .- .^--
December 7,,1842: S 3t-6
. .
Estate of :Goon David Sluaser, dec'd.
lOi s fERS . of AdiriiniiltrPtiollt on: 66 '
. •a Dante of GEO: EFAVIO'SI,VSSEIC, lido of
Dickinson township; deceased,' have issued In dee
limmof laW to the subseriber in said towinildP: • All
_pertions indebted-to said-name are - ii . .qtrested to Make --
immediate payment, owl - those' hospg .claiins will
prOsetit Ultra tfult auttientiesiteiTrni settlement.
December 7, yin. - •,• • •• faza
,1.0 14 4(H*5-4 . ZE )
gunatiOn ie often noted. by strangera'..l(lbree
can weget.the.lollE4PES7 , RES 2,. Ff .51057'
11 , 151110.448 LE lUD :or -Alre
would recommend. and refer . them to .'C. F..RAY=
mgorgo, Preetiear Hat apd,trap Manufacturer. bro.
112, Chesnut street, where tbeY ail4 . find rarke and
seigasiiiiiment of ail- Gondola'. ak.tlLjee; .
GIS Terms are Cam amino deviation 10'0414,
-nun CWER VINEGAtIt foillioldini,fohatte
JP•Ajr.khe lubscriber. , - •
'• GEg.
g. 3. 1 ill4‘' • tr-44
119atiethhirg New
- •
soperioi, Fide ifecti)eri'
•• ,
UT little more than'three &Valls have.elaPied
since the subscriber; aulimitted frit the inspec
tion of the Public, his - eupersorine •
Fair Hits; at the lost price tit.1941,g16,-
Equal in all respects, to; the ,most costly (and
short Which he challengeti a dertiparistm,) and in this.shorl.
period of?tirria,lic has More than realized his_4nost
sanguine' expectatfons. He: would' therefore take
this appal tun ty,ot making his grateful acknowledg
ments. to a discerning Public, and also,of expressing
his gratitude to his former friends And patrons,. who
have ap generally called °tibial since hi s yeiesta bl i sh
ment in businesse-as it is a proof that he has hereto
fore givers - satisfaction. He will now use everyexer-'
tion, not only to please the fancy, but to furnish the
Cheapest .and boat Fiat in the Clip"
• This he is enabled to do from his priratical know
ledge, and peculiarly ..ECONOXICRL C,RSii
'SYSTEM OF BUSLVESS, at, less price than
they can be offered by those who are mere buyers
and sellers, and still adhere to the old credit system s
With high rents and extravagant expenses. In proof
of ids position, lie has introduCed.. tor the inspection
of the public, a... ,
surtanciri rxtno NUTRLS. • HAT, ,
On fine Russia body,nt the unprecedented low price o;
Equal in a n y respect to those sold under the old sys
tem, at $4 and $5, - '
The above mimed price will be strictly adhered to,
and he trusts his friends' who order their hats sent
home-, will hot be offended should the bill be Want nt
the same time, or soon their cotinting-houses
as an book of Charges is kept in this establishment
The subscriber is sorry to say, that Ohms have
been made, and doubtless will continue to-be made
by some, to injure his Economical and .Fashionable
Establishment. He .would iliereforspnrticularly in
vite the public, stfteii examining every where else, to
call and• see him.
oar/lints and Ceps of every descriptiOn madeto
or eventshort 'notice, whnles.ile dm' ratan. •
Practical HAT and C CAP Manufactu Y rer, No. NIOND;
Chesnut street, below Third, opposite Congress
Hall, Philadelphia.
._ P. S. The Ladies will here find a handsome as
sortment of Furs and -Fur Trimmings, at reasonable
prices. Old'Furs altered and repaired in the best
WANTED-12neepon;'Alusk lint, Otter, Fislie
and other shipping Furs. •
Deeetnber 7, 1842. '
All3lll . 2 . 01.311 11.0221
Pon RENT, ".
Pim subscribers offer for . Rent, for
one or more years, that well knoWn and emit
modions Three Story_Xivvern — Stanti,lcnown:as the
. on ,the corner Of High - and Fpti)l'.
Pitt street Carlisle, and now oceunied.' by Clemens
MeParlaue., 'enjoys n huge share of patronage,
including theitdrantages derived from the Rail road
travelling. There is.attachedto it eXtensive stabling,
atuball necessary convenienCes. It is well worthy
the consideration of Hotel keepers, Possession s will
be given 0.11 the' Ist of April next. A ppliention to
be made to JOUN. NOBLE,
Carlisle, Nov. 23, 1.8.12. tf-56
'P. S. The fiumititrentul fixtures now in the
will be disposed of to the new lessee Ma reasonable
u. 7~ ~`~' ~'' JJ~=3O
TA NOTHER 'supply of—' WINTER.
GOODS, just recrived.ond selling lower for
,Cash thorn ever .sold in Carlisle. 'Hie. supply has
been bought at the present reduced city prices, and
purchaseis will find it'dccidedly to their interest to.
call before purchasing elsewhere:.
Nbrember 9.3, 81'2. • 'tf-56
. 1 it afir •
w RIF .
taartack. - .
y.viitlue.:of the' warm; And
Am contained:in: . the last will anti testainent. of
E4itie,ol;, I now ofthr for sale, the ".
Carhsle Iron- Works
Situitted on:the Telfow Breeches-Creek, 44 miles
east of Carlisle Pal The estate 'consistiof difrst rate:
RealitUa TAVVYMAL4II3 0 ,
faith Ten Zwegi#olo;acri.s . of Land.
A new MERCHANT MILL with fourrdn of stone,.
'finished on the
,mostapproved plan. About A'oo acres
Of 'the are cleared and highlycillti , Mtett, having
thereon' erected
Three 'Large Ranh
and necessar yTE;NAsnrnottsras. , The
works are propelleaby the °Bow Breeches Creek
and the Boiling Spri l ng, Which neither fail norfreeze.
There are upoh the premises all the neceSsary work
mens !iodises ' OoaLhouses, carpedter and-sinith shops,
and stabling built of the most , übstantial Materials.
The ore,' of :best 'quality, and inexhaustible, is
within Zmiles - of the Furnace
,There is perhaps
no IrOn NV dirks it. Pennsylvania wldch possesses so-
Perior advantages and offers rehter inducements to
the investment of Capital he water power:is so
kreat that at might be extended to may:other menu
lecturing ?purpose. Periotis disposed, to . ,purchase
will of course examine the property. The teems of
sale will be made known by
•-• Executrix of Michael Ege s dec't
Carlisle, Oct. 19, 1842..
Winter Sperm Oil,
Table Oil, • Prime new Cheese, • -
Bunch Not Raisins (new I FreSh Carr:grits,
crop, j ) . • Assorted Pickles,
Rio ' ava Colfees, • I litikvia & LoafSuorrj,
.Mould Candles 6's & s's, I Cane & Panay Soaps,
Sperm do 4's s's 4 6's. Painted Backets,
Cedar Tubs Cheri* &u. For sale at the 4toi'e of
• " •J. W. EBY.
' Carl isle, Isro v. 23,'1$W: . tf-5
. ..
:Cash 1 .•ft Gish: : •
' AtL T,. persons indebted to' the subscriber
tr-wi%.,- nre'nntifiedlo cull 1111(1 settle their accounts be
fore the' 15th Deconber nest, its longei indulgence
cannot be given. . • CHAS. OC 1L131'..
November 23, 1842. tl.-56
,quantity of first rate Cheese,
L.- M L AL York Cheese, at 'reduced prices; Wholesale
oe Retail. Alsoa lot OF SALT at the store of
November 23, 18421 .11-5
A firht-rate Iron Printing Press, of super im
perial' size inanufletured by floe . &_Co.cif. Net/
Yorke vcrp'rcasoneblo ternisi Letters
addressed to the Editor of the herald reecire
Estate of Peter Thick • deceased.
- WOlitre'''.
ALL persons;intlebted to the. estate a
PI l'Elt DUCK, late of West Penoshordngh
toWnship, tlecea;ml, either lir_ bond,_note-or book
neentMt,nr& - Fectuestell to discharge their dues previ
ous to the :NW tiny of Dere:tiller next, ortherwise
§Mts-will be brought.: Those having clainis will
present them•properly authenticated. for settletnent.
• JAVAN! NI VCRS: " ra'rs •
November 23, 1842; td-5G
The proprietors of the Philadelphia nitiontil
Forum will. on the I st of January next,issue a week
ly edition of tht , Ftitanth This edition will contain
matter selected from the daily Forum, with original
articles propiited expressly for it. The literary con
tents will he made up of selections from the mos
popular writews of tictiott—of instructive essays up
' on useful topiet.--athrgivn agreeable miscellany of
light reading, whichTitir interest, variety, and exeelt
knee, wilt equal any of the lifeenty weeklies. As
the FuNthi will not he put to press until the eve of
Saturday,it will contain the latest new down to the
day of its publication. A weekly Review of the
Markets; and, on alternate weeks, a carefully cor
rected table of the solvent Banks, and the rates of
discount at which their notes tire houghs in Philadel
phia, and a detailed Price Current of the Markets
willthe given. .
~ •
In its political course, Forum will be ardent
ly, inflexibly Whig, and will advocate
.with its ut
most energies the Piorrirrios os hears
Polo! CURRENCY,MuI the election of /MIMI
CLlFits President of the Unihll States.
lt,will be published on -a double Imperial sheet,
and its for beauty of typography, will compare with
any paper is the Union. ) .
As it will' . be sent only for cash, in advance, the
publishers will be.enabled to afford it, notwithstand
mr, its great size and the cost of, ifs publication, at
thy low price of Two Dollars ayear—six - copies fur
ten &Bars, or ten copies for fifteen dollars.
Subscriptions solicited by
P. h. GRAHAM' & CO.
'B5 Chesnut street, Philadelphia.
'Post Masters and Publishers of .newspapers.
are authorized to ree.eivesuliseriptions for the Wee
kly Forum. • -
Ever Offered to the Public !
• - _
rm. bul•ning Lard without any preparation, for
sale by the subscriber. The light is equal to the
best 61)61;M-oil, is entirely free from smoke or smell, nhd uosts less than-half the price& The apparatus
for heating the lard is neat and simple, doeviot de
tract frouri he apPearance, is not liable to get out of
repair, and Illay be applied at a small expense to
those kinds now in use. Confident that this article
requires only to be known 'to come into general
respectfully invite the public to call and sre
n operation. S.M. HARMS.
Carlisle, Octobet' . l9,lB42. - if-5
•• aura SHOES. .
rrHE subscriber has just received a . good
assortment of Fur Sandalloal plain
RUBBERS' for Ladies Neat, also n good. Aaiun
mem. of Gentlemens' Rubbers:
November tf.4.54
itipply at •Cathmete Mous
Ile mines, just received ni the Score of
CEO. IV: 111TNErt.
katemtei• t?, 1842. • . tf-53
N. assortment of tAR'F/0/ . ..PLAIDS,
AIL for Children's Clothes now opening at the
Store of GM). V" """NER. •
November 2,1841 -' , te-5.4
Estate ---------,-----
of -Noah Heddpii, dqcdased.
I _
S - HEREI3 - Y GIVEN, that lettett . ' of
Administration on the Estate Of NOAH EED
DEN, dee'd. or Frnnkfcird township, Curdherland
county, have been granted to the subscriber...* All
persons indebted to the.deceased, Are requested to
make payment; and those having claims to - Ottawa
them for settlement. - . - - •
FREDERICk ZElth, " 4l4 Adrter
A . LARGE and general 'aisortment of
• ijk. GROCERIES; recei*ed . by the etihsielhei °eh' .
sisting in part Of Colree,Teaa t LoarLutnp o 13raxile,.
Clarified and:. Brawn SuOrs,- also lliaey,%Syrf!li,-
Sugar House, New Orleans and Pottorldo Molasses;
also Sperm and Nylinla OIL Sperm ~ Vandles,,i Roll
Tobacco, Cut oarendish, best Spanish* , bilf Spanish
arid. common Cigars, .still best llai:Snuff;-anir
every article in the line Or st , Groe'ef .orrivlfiCh.
will be sold cheaper than' by nny'Olt 1 tiae %vim bare
&reit n eatalokee ciitheiti'itrices to' Cash
and no oredit.i - • ~W111:.11d4.-AtATE.,Elt•
NoCeMber • • •
, ,
0 0184242. 1 : "Sti b eetigt u a a ti
AWNS. rig% ,kiatia; Prueci, fresh currant .
' AA, Gropes, Lemons,.. Ahnentte, Cocoa' nuts. Fit•
berta, rcesh fliditlei t tejars, Tomato Catchup, Pep
per SaUoe, a prime eftlete of table oil, Su*, Butter
and wjtter.eritekersyCap i dlett of all ktudi for sate by
the eubser_timrs( WO. 14:+D/4:Ma
' 7 U-53
Tho' Now WOrblAitliir hi 1043.
Evectoed 0. the Xrit Cilrtisktoxcleteivitlyfer ale
lorder to oefelirafe. Ow ensuing holidaYsill*
ecorning.. niantier';atick accordance With
out' usual, custom, the Publisher of the New WOrl:l
announces his intentien' tu istilth a 'CIIItISTMA:-c
AND: NkIIY'NEARS'• ;PRESENT; , whicli"
sarpass, all his, foriner,cfrorts theleatity:otiltisit
luserationi.and. the variety filtie of its confeili,.
It Will contain all die :most Valufilife and dlioiee - ar-c 5
ticks HOWE LONDON KEIEPSAKE, one of 1111:
finest and most
.cestly of the English . Annualti4--to,
gethee with theeltpjiceat, Tales mid
_Poetry from ail
the other Eligfigh Annuals. „'Aminlg the ElngtatiitiV'
will be given a moethedukiful-Piciire qf
Majesty the' 4itert bf . Enoithad,
And the.PIL M OP: WA LES, AN
PRINCE:SS IN./YAL;ileawn on. Wood by
and 'engraved by Lofsing: The Literary'-contlmtir
will be a drn irable, and - present Ocey thing. worthy
of perusal ; consisting of new mid original Tales by
Bid wer;.Marsitt,. Countessof nr - fo36in g ton, and other' Will also contain'
by favorite and. pdpnlar. American , Authors, ds
many handsome' in illustration of the'
subjeats—limuing,a 'together, one:of the richest spit
mosta.thietiie gifts that - can't* Ord.:del.' fo it friend,
at the•Pestive Henson, and got up in 'a style of Su r '
perinr elrgatiee: •
anal" will be printed on paper of Extra fine quality, •
on -a neW Minion type, in 'a liotible Kitt's' number
(tiefaqi,) so that it. can be hound the new
volume. It will be printed .by the 20th of Deem- •
hereitt,atintile_li'me to be sent by 'nail to the most
distant part of the and Canadaa So is to reach •
stillSeriber's brY:Ordig I.AVY lAA's Dtiv °Ater shpul .
therefore he forwarded. early, in. order 10 . prevent
distippoilittnimit: Pike 23' cents single copies—Five
collies for $1 Ideren ter $2 • Thirty copies'
for $5, and S IO .
per 'Mildred.: The demand will iie"
very WO, sod AgeptOlooldelteris, fke.
their .orders imomptlyi enclosing cash; paid.
ThiSVctra.will be subject to neWspa per postage only;
Address . WINCII ESTER,. •
, 30 Aim street 'New York:
nali#V-611.11%' •
/11111E'subseriber hasjust opened,' next dootfo
Cle Rotel, a . .
His stook of Croteries Oonsisa in part: of CoFFEES
SUGARS, TEAS, SALT. Ile,.also.keepec
Ure7Stuffs,and a general assortment of CROCKERY
WARE. , . •
•If elais recaiVed 3 . 0 ei6ettifSllol:s
Hach as Men's Calfskin nonts—Coarie . Boys'
Fine and Coarse lioida—Men's nod Boy's blanroei
—Pine and Coarse Shoes. Also a general,assert
went of Ladies' and Ckiliteen's Shoeloreveiy do-'
scription.„. • .
, .
. ,
. . .
All articles in his line 4111 be dolt] at thb lowest
priceS, for cash or approved country prbduce. He'
solicita a sharp of pUblic patronage.
_, _
Oct. 19,13,12.'
.4-5 t
• 11TH'
FALL & WINTER. 1;1001)1SC
. . . . .
inbscribei• iskist receivingatresli supply of .
L Goods, among which may lie tband
Be.averl & _Pilot Cloths ' •
and various other Broad Clothii. 2 A great varied,' of.
and other aeationable goods for men's wear..
Also, a general assortment of Aferchiintlite foithe
Ladies, to which lie resplretninv cans their attention..
. Cull and see assoon as possilile, as the entire stock
will be sold very clienpior+-casli,
. . GEO. W. Int NER:
Car lisle, Sept. 21;1812.
911-1 E subseciber -has just opened "a lot of New
Goods, emisisling of SUPERFINE CLOTHS,
and Fancy colored Cagslmetes, Casi
nos, all colors and
. priees. 11ferincies Mouse de
[Alines, GroVeS, Jimmy, 5 - -4 Brown Mu mina, for a
levy; 4-1 blenched - Ms for a fM, Flannels from 20 to
25 cents, with a variety of other goods, all of u hide
will be sold at very: - low pciCes to suit the' titiries,
Carlisle, October 19,1842.
. Fie Sit Arrival
.79 :Car* the Raid • Rotid, , v:
nAvr. received a ,spleadhl assortment 'of
which they, are'determittedlosell at •tha -yery• lowest
cash prices.'
September tf 46'
_ .
• .ISROAb 61LOTHS 0 elcga,
FURTHER etipply . . of Low - priced
11‘. BROAD CLOTHS, suitable for overcoats:
Also CASSIMERES & SATTINETS, just. Weir- .
ed nt the Store ofCEO. W. HITISBER.
HALTS' az, CA.' PEA.•
A NEW supply of fine RU'S$ll.l HAIN . % Just rh'-
A large lot of Fur, Cloth, - Celette and
flair Seal CAps, now opening and or sale; very , '
low, at the store ofr• '• CHAS.' OqlLBll.
Carlisle, Sept. 28, 1842..
Estate of Jadob
,Cart deceased.
. .
IETTER of Adminiettatton on the , totat¢.
4 JACOB CART ; 00 , 0. of the llornugh of Qtr.;
lisle, Cumberland county, Nice Wen. On:tiled to tile
subscribet,r9iidin; in the annle'platitt.., Ali perSinm
indehted .to the said etude are regnested to Mike
pigment immediately, and these: lttiving elates to
present them properly authenticated for tettkenent..
• wILLIAM CART, A:din'r.
16, 1. all. - • 6t-55
• •
Estate sot Sa N muel . Wild, .deceased.
• itlifirr.
$. U6R.EBY GIVI that,. letters of. kin:anis
" &Minn the Estate ol sAisitalL WlLD,deo'd.
late of Norton township , Criniberland county, have'
Deen granted to the subscriber, residing' in the soma
township. AU persons indebted tif the Said ? estate'
are requested to make immediate pa.Vittent and those ,
unsung claims . to present.then't properly nutlicutica.;'
ted settle ment to • ' '
Novem'be'r ti; 1542
arao ( Dti l- billit(OUliGio
JUST te , eeil'ait,''n new and large: auppirof
ot the sea
son. vletairitm ttirr. gems , .
taii6fe, •
Boots . and. oes.:
HR aubscrabir will :nell,.a.ohniii)et• and btltter'
il...•zoltfait BOOT - 014ff* I* . totlliti
A LSO—l.auly;s potihie
Slinen"fieri .zihd ttiiipeiitir Itt`tioleiiokeithei
with Boys' kip lirogani, lkomane. low prWec; Sb ea,
ohildreo'i; • AI.- HARRIS.
Oct, 19;11.442:.., :•••';'- • • • • - tf-SL
• Zacties Cap,E. ,
uswo l e6ink d !supply ofgte,lo3p,llittrt. for .
fir LiatitsCps; Snaps f0r...010k Plirciltrigi ! ..,Shawk
Pins;fTntcPityl;Mytal Eylet,
• 111411g0Fhf pr,.4gzen
L.Sief Pur!!3:l"lTti ;11)%jarNER.--
ijMBEI ofeVeo 41)10011,1
:• 0 4 ' e r ci;git9r.ito" 7 4 11 10 . 4i;$41,1tui.c , :
garrititiaig i *pin 20. /842.;•:-t;; , t t:4. , gy•Ani:27
Ari LIPPIZMER 64:1MV ifaieVitt f ter
Li doiVad cm- exttinslio mit4ioEitijitiirg,Mtikaie"
CAS2IMEM' 41/ 8471111#1.64;04:Wig•tP4'
iold at reduced
Stiippensbuxg, Oct.
:._Hoots & sok ./,,
le Ndrllii !Ripply :4,13 , _ ,-- Tpt. 7,- ,
'WA, StloBB,just 1...- .Iyed add 01 .** ' ~ ,e, , .,
ly low, at the storet -- -\ ,', Clino , btita . "..,:f - • .„,
soveniuei , 423,l 441.,;, - ; x„,,....„-- .- • •:? ,lAtt
_ _ ,
$_ M.