Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, November 30, 1842, Image 4

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The 'folfoniing , lndispenSalde family4eme.
dies fotmdittethe
imd soon nt• - everyeonntlrgitore in the brad:'
Remember .aiiit-never. get them unless -they'.'
have UM Trite-iiritile signature or - •
"on iholqapperailipatt other"
'by M0.6)31110' names aro base impooitioPP.and coontonT
felts. the merchant nearest you hair .them not,
.urge him to pt:tiehre 'them 'at 71 Miidenjanci iffo'
next time' he i6ita „Non , ' 3raik,'Or tp write for?thoni..
Mtjultray ahogid be ertifek without these remedies:
B A L.NIQP 001—(.31V . 1431,6i, FOR THE [MIR,
whiqh will 'fitop It if-tiillin"gt nut, or restKe it on bald
untivo• if , grow rapidly, or on
tho hair j fient any equee.; '
ALL VER.MfN that, infe,st the betide of children
itt SehUON, art' Itretetned : orby it. at - once::-- .
Find the -a. on
4 4
it, or never try it. Remember this always. • • .
' ''tiFl ' EL,ll44Tll3ll o . l . 7 and. LANIENFS.S.
poeitirely a nrnd, and all thrtvelled muscle's and limbs
ere restored,' in the old or young. hy the INDIAN
I.Mt novo'witliblit'thp riaini3 Comisrock'& Co. on it.
- -
ere wholly,:preyented, or, governed' if tho attack has
(mole ON 167011 uee the only true Mrs' LiNturNr,fronn
igolWefAla .
and' every thing relieved by it that admits of an OM.
ward applieetien.. It acts like a charm. Use it.
[HORSES that have Ring.l3one, Sp4vin,
&c., Aro cured by Roots' SPECIFIC ; and
..r/itiqUieiNed horses entirely cured - by Youfs'
I:, , iiiioer*Ointilient, ; Ma* this, all horsemen.
27?-...llley's Magical Pain Ex
tractor Salve.-. Tho most extraordinary
iiimisnilds. 1 intro out all pain in ten minutes,
and 1,4 failure.. It will cure the
A better and more nice and uieful.ortiole neVer was
'All Pliould wear thorn regularly.
'on flu• prinZiple of substituting the tonic in place of
srlifitifernt principle, which has reronned so ninny
.To he.ased with. • - • -- • •-•
LIN'S :a LO OD PILLS, superior . 16 all
- - e ! !liosior.cleansing.the system and We lennorialTeet.
pug the blood, and for'all irregularities of the bowels,
sad the general boalthA /2k Alt 40.
Nee' Dr.. toes C 1 117-...1 fid
tiamre.Mus:] !"'"
will--effectually.cure 'sink headache, eithet from' the
or bilious. Hundreds of families arc
using it witlizreat joy
Fn. lie certain prew;ntion of ' FEVE:R'S ' !)i any
general siehncss ; keeping the stomach in most per.
feet order, the bowels regular; and a determination to
th - IiCC.
pains iii the bone's, horirsoness, and . DRO PSY
uic q uickly cured briti Know this by trying.
C ORN 9.—The French Plaster is a mire :curd:
k% )
:,...%;;;* '..- :iik . ...."---=--. - • ii- ----,---------- -- '.• : ....1
.: ' , 1.._ -, - ,.....5. - S. • L..,,,-1: , ro _ \-,-- - r.- .
••• ' 47 tp ',.... '-'"--;-... - 9 -------' .4. -- - 7._ - _.
,;,- ,•• -s. , 1 - E;• "''' .---• •In ' 1--:
hair any shade you wish, but will not color the skin.
POUND, EXTRACT. There is no other prepare.
Lion of Sarsaparilla that can, exceed or equal this.
If you are sure to get Coats:roues, you will find it
i.uperior to all others.' It does not require puffing.
7i131.11E1L. 1L43r111119.5
• . . .
OF CHINA. A poiltive cups for the pileii,, and all
external ailingi—rall internal irritation's brought toilie
surface by friction with this Balm ;—so in coughs,
swelled'or sore throat, tightness of the chest, this Balm
applied on q. flannel will relieve and cure at once.—
Fresh_woUnds or old sores are rapidly cured by it.
gill prtovert; , ,or cure all incipient consumption.
takt:it in 'Mite; andie a7 - dolightful remedy.. Retnem
bur the nafile_; r an4 get Coptakekti.
emdicrate all W ORm S in children or adult*
with a certainty quite ustomaning. It is the same as
that made by . stock, and sells with a rapidity
6illlloBl incredible, by draw:Ger* Co., New York.
100111 DROPS, ramE , §--cure effectually
• •
neearding to netorCongreep. in the yenrlol2, byronvrtaek
d• Cu. t iq Liioelerk's office of rho Southern District of New York.
. .
liy'apPlying to our agents in each town and
village, papers may be had free, Showing_ the most
respeciubto names in Act coantry for these facts, so
that no ono can fail to believe them.
- law you call 'foib our articles-, 'and not
be pat virith-tutritories, that others, are as
;rood: - .I7AN-ttligECE OR WINE, should be
your snotto.wcoui these never con be' true and, genuine
without our-names to them. All these articles to be
bad Aybqlasale , and retail only-of .
Wholesale Thomism,
"I 111Mden-Leue.'New York. aitul / o' our agento.
. For side
. .-;!S4IIIUEL .ELLIDTT f and
,' - f)TBYPIst§, - ON & DIN KLE.
- November ' Iy-55
, _ ,
KoLms:rowvs .yERAIIFUGE.• •
..I;i!ts reMFdy.for.Nirortifs is,One of , the moat dxtra
ordiostryi ever uSed.: - 'lit effectually eradicates worms
all,aorts; treti:oltildreri antiatielts•
P.IOI7fSANVS pirish by,Worms widiotit the real
gan,e;boix-khari.. ‘S c inu: other reason is assigned
for.lianksal)lass,,natil too pito:10 ourellic real
thee rest's upon the'
littreritmlio, , tkma L net.icnow, anathe'llCiO r Whd‘dnes.'
not ondc,rAtilt4itre
.e9niplarint' wide rte is is destroying',
tlima-iir,tiplOttwg4iirOrs.ot i lferkiqreo.
Wii.a , ; olmedd hellene/ , ,
- Give 619 rerMitit'geshieh
" be'sore to do good if :they-have no• worms t; and
ii they*liate',:it .01 - destroy' and 'eradicate there with
a i certaiiiisr osteitiatine-.
:Fol , stile in. Carlisle' by SANIUM.; kLtIOTT,
aril 3211N14+Z0.-pod
bungr. Goa.-
--j7 . 71 r -- ; 7 4.IIP4VAILiT.IST,RE•;'
UTI materialref.-I;44es
A., Dresses, of !Orion colors, just Oceived. at 14e_
Elore Of HITNEit.
November p, tgsi,"
, W - . ‘\
9,s•sr.rot4r,. November;;! ;;;Q424 - 1 c.
'NOTICE iihereby given to Gredi!',
tors' and:Other leers - ems interested,. ; tleid„thi.
-follorriniaceounts have boon filed 'in this .Offiee;
for examination by theaccountanta therein named:
and Will ho presented td the Orphans' Court of:
Cumberland. county, for, con Ormation and alio* ,
ante, on TUESDAY the2l3th' of DECEMBERY:
I. The acepeurt of :Michael Fishhurn,. Eadcu
'tor of JaCoh•Shambaugh, , lato of North Middle.'
ton township, deceased.- . • :
g. The account of-David Hume Esq. Admin. •
istrator of George Myers ; late' eSilver Spring
township, dceeased. r
3. The a.mount ofJesitth Hood, Administrator
of William Wrienald, late of Springfield, dee&
4. The account of David Palm, Administrator
with the wilr annexed.of Jacob- Goodlearti deem.
cd, filed by said. Palm's Executors.;
5. The account:of Itudolph.lcrystior, Esq. Ad.
ministrator of William Moore, late of Monroe
t• Wnship, deceased.
- "6.. Tim new:Ain - Ca:Andrew M. Middleton,
ministrator of Mathew Laird,. late of Mifflin
tranship, deceased: • • . .
..7. The account of ;Joseph Martin,. Eicenror. of
:Jacob Martin, late of East Pennsluiro' township;
F... The account of David S. Renshaw, Esq. Ad
ininisti•atur of Janibs Clark, late of Southampton
township, deceased
9. The'acceunt of David S. Runshaw, Esq. Ad
ministrator of Henry Pilgrim, late of Southamp
ton township,. decca sed:,
acemint of-Jacob• Kirk, J,r.2Adroinie
trator -erne° Hifflernate, late of Allen township,
deceased. • ...
TIM supplemental account "of Leonard Delni
Executor of. Jacob 'Hahn, - late of Southampton'
township, deceased. .
• "12. The account of William Hinney, &deltoid
trator of Jonathan Rociedate of 'the Borough of
Mechanicsburg, deceased: • -
13. 'The account -of William , . McConnell', • Ex
ecutor of William Cowandate of the borough Of
Shippenaburg, deceased.' , . •
• 14. The account of Mary Ann White, Guardian
of-Charlotte A. IViiite minor child of E. White,'
Esq.. deceased, filed by' William Byrn, the hus
band of said Guardian.
. ISAAC ANGNEY, Register.
Noveniber 16, 1842. . , tc-55
,LAND . P 011: SALE.
V I , subscriber ofthrs for sale, on accommo.
. dating terms,
A TN - 4cl' 4)F .PATENTED
0%11.21.1 tbiazauxp
Containing 170 ACRES, more or less— : with
• 7 ' HOUSE & BARN thereon erected.
1 181 The land is in a gogd state of cultivation,
WI well watered and under good fences.
Jiso, 16 'acres .Wood
Both parcels lying and being in Mifflin toWnship,
Cumberland county, six miles Wert of. Newrille
and four north of Newburg.
Any person ;wishing to purchase will call and
examine the premises, when: the terms will be
made known. W. STEVENSON.
August 10,1842.• •' . Marty"-4l
quarters, o
. a very gOperfor quality.
inf. MATEMI.
. November 1 18 42. tf-53
•S. - -DUNLAP - ADAIR, --
attorney at - Law;
FFICE N 0.3 Bcctont's Row; on Elie Pub-
• •-
April 6, 1811. tG23
aq3 o
°fee opposite the Carlisle Bank. .
.41y 27, 1842:
CID ESPECTFULTAT tenders his services to the
XII citizens of Carlisle and its vicinity, that he
will attend to.and perforrit all dental operations
such as Cleaning, Pluging and Exlraclingnm:
lural Teeth, and inserting ipeorreptable
teeth from a single tooth to an entire set. . -
cCi•OfTice oppesite,.M'Farlane's Hotel,
July 20;1842: tf43S
.1144. e. Loomis; Dualist,
IErNS permanently located in Carlislc:;nQ will per ,
ft form all•operations that - are required in the
practice of his profession—uch as
Extracting, 'Filing; Pluggioni4 and
from a single tooth to an entiresei.
- N. B. FOr a few months ensuing, Dr.'Looans
will be in Carlisle, the first two weeks, in each
month—after which, he will be absent until the
first two weeks inane!' following monthat which
period he may be found at his
Once, "Pill st. near Ill'Farlane's Hotel.
Carlisle, May 4, 1842. tf.27
iVitee,haniesburg Line
Between. Mechanicsburg ant
Philadelphia or Oaltintore.
MILE subscriber grateful for past favors, begs
leave to inform his friends '..a the public
generally, that he still continues to run a line of
burthen Curs regularly between Mechanicsburg
and, Philadelphia or Baltimore,- by which - goods
,and produce of all descriptions will be forwarded
- With care and despatch 'at the loivest rates of
' Produce will be received at his Ware Honse,in
Mechanicsburg, and forwarded to either Phila.
'delphia or Baltimore, accoriling to the direction
of the owner.
a:TTlaii highest price will be given for'Whca
and Flour.
N.. 13. Plaster. of Paris and Salt always kcp
on hand, and for sale at the lowest prices.
Uaulat i matb Cat Er. ei
le has also an blend, at the Depot in Mechanics
burg, for sale, LlUffilliE Ft, such al Boaitts,
Shingles, Scantlings, - ificc.‘of all kinds,
which will be sold on liberal terms.
Au g ust 17, 1842..
MllEsubecri'vr, havntg concluded to do
jj nn entire Cash Intainess, Offers ['orate hie lactic
and sple n did assortment of '
'O•6 1 .0, .Ifr . :4
,I 1 le ~
lower , than it was e ve rv - bought forin_ Philti,delphisv.
The Will give you some idea of t he prices
that C mo.determined to sell at:
6 inch Carpenter's Patent Rim Locke,
from . • , $l2 to sti, per doz.
6 inch Dross Striker " ." • , 6,50 "
NeWton Darling Gratin Scythes,
Newhurn's "' .
Hoy Forks, Solid Coy, Ferrule, "
Cast Steel lorig handled Shovels, 7
Cumberland or ,Reading Nails, • 4,62 i • Keg.
Phbenik or .l' o ttiota: . 4 * *44 - ". -
Other nialtrs • ' 4j31:
1 will sell any articles in my line frOm 29 to' 25
peicent. lower, than can be boo ght for oo credit-Call
- en - ine - -examine my gthillii-'-;;et a list of my prices
+compare them with,thp prices,of other storeS;and
ascertain , for, yotikelyell
,whero 'yeti :Carilliuy the
- r. • HENRY ' , ll,7 l ri.DtS,
48.1 , ;A1orket st.: abort, (atft,North stile, Ph ndetphin
Julie 1;1842. ' - •
Ili ,
Yl{gktfik V:alIoy, Dina GrpiriiitimeAterrigef f
11,21(1 •BitLimirroai t 7041,, constolly fat
ea o
fi, q- , • ' ' - .'' J. itr.,P. MlAlrrnbl,"' i
-- - -, , Ouccestrors to Miller &Nartine'
Harrisburg, April 20, 1842. , 818.25
. -
inscrtifig Artificial
I.lll' R.. 911, ROAD OR. C.1.N13.1,]
etitier3f, -
• .
(PETITION i. 4 4:pitilliarge CertifleatitiM ,
,Aer - the , Dankittot I.4*;hati heed fil9l l lY
TkiO7.llAS FLOWEKS,intticeeper,,Ctinineriand:eq,
and FRIDAY 'the day ot,TANUARY„neit,
1I o'clock, A. M. ilatipointed,fod;dieliearii4 there.;
of, before the said ~Court, . sitting , in . liankruntey, at
the Di sty' et ofiPiii lade! Oda',
When tindl.wftere the Ceedifors of the said Petitioner,
who hitve
,preied their llebts,•nad'all:persOns ht
terest, may appenrandahoW eause, , if liar they
whir each Discharge and .Pertificate stioilid not be
granted., • , FRAS. DOPRINSON, •
' - Clerk of tite.:Pistrict Court.
• Phila. Nov. 9, . . • 16-54)
.„ • • ,
; . 1 ••• • 111011. CIR.• ' • •
PETITIONS for the 'Benefit ni. the
BRAruto,,Litw,lea . p lie*fifed t4.lst Ndveuri
ber,iB42, bY
- - - -
Maker,. • • • -Cumberland co.
I MICHAEL P.' ECHI, late Iron Master; •
&Molly and 'ABA Partner of the late firm
.of M. - P:llnd 3: A. Ege.);r • • Cumberland
JOSEPH. EGE, late' Iron Master, (in •
dipithudly and as a Partner of the late firm
of M. P. and J. A. Ege.) • Cumberland en.
3A M pa,g9!..E, Tailor, Cumberland co.
.WILLIAST'BIGLEir, Currier,: Cumberland env,
Which Petitions will be htiard before ; the District
Court of the United States for the Ertstern:DistriCt
of'Petinsylvaiiiii, sitting:. in BankruptCr, at the Dis
trict Court Ronm.iii the City of • Philadelphia . ; on
FRIDAY. the 9th day of DECKAIIIEH next, 1842,
at II o'clock; A. AL when and where all persons iuu
tprestettnuiLappcar and show eau sg,if any thultace,
why the prayer of the said PetitiOns should not be
granted, middle said Petitioners he declared Bank- .
rapt. . ' • • PICAS. HOPKINSON,.
Clerk of the District 'Count
Phila. Noy. 90842:
V. 0231136,
.110 PETITION for the lienefit Of the Milli:
rupt Law, has been JAM . the 28th October;
1842, by ..• • .
CONIIAD BAD . , FarKar, "Cumberland cm
Which. Petition Will be heard before the District
Coiirt of the United Staten for the Eastern District
of Pennsylvania, sitting in Bankruptcy, of the
whit Court room hi the City .of Pliiiadelphin, ou
`FRIDAY the 9th day of DECEMBER next, 1842,
at II o'clock, A. 111-when'and where all persons in
' forested may appear and show cause, if ;my they
haw, why the prayer of the said Petition'tibmilit not
granted, and the said Petitioner be declneed NA:
rapt. :• -- FBAS. 11011iINSON, .
Clerk of the District Court.
Phil. Nov. 2 . , 1842'..
20 . 0 . 77 en
PE ITIONS for Discharge•and
ficate under the Bankrupt LAtw, lime been
ed by
JACOB A. ILA UM, Inkeeper, Cumberland-co.
NOAKER, Saddler and. Dis , •
tiller, . Cumberland co.
JOON DAVIDSON, Millwright. an I i.jate •
Butcher, in colnpany with Sarmiel-IXtrid
-505 .Cumburliptil co.
and VRIDNY the 30th day of .DECEMBER nest, at
II o'clock, A. M. is appointed . for tin+ hearing there
of, before the said Court,sitting in Ilankruplevonlbe
District tourtrdom in the City of Philadelithia,wlien
and where the Creditors of the said Petitioners, who
have proved their.l)ebts, and all other per Sons in hi
tefest, may appear line FhOW C:111SV, if aim they have,
why such pisehar g e and - Certlifente slimild not be
granted. . . • Pt{ AS. 1101iRINSON,
-131erlt of the District, Court,
0at,.1,84.1 • ,•• • 10-52
StO/L 2 242.
fgfITION for Discharge and Certificate
der the Banknipt Law, bus been tiled by
ROBERT SNODG RASS; late -Mercha n t;
Cumberland co.
and FRIDAY the .10th (lay of DECENIBER nest,
at II o'clock, A. sr:-is appointed for the bearing
thereof, before the said Court, sitting hi BankilliptCY,..
at the Dist.:'et Court Doom, in the City of Philailcl
phia, %%lien and where, the Creditors of the:said Pe
titioner, %lid have proved their Debts, and :al other',
persons in interest, niay ripionr and show cause, if
any theyhave, why Discharge and, Certificate
should not be granted.
Clerk of the District. Court,
Phila. Oct. k2,1&42. 10-50
13111ETITIONS for Dischargamial Certificate under
the Bankrupt Law have been filed by '
ADAM MAUlll7,.Stone Mason,
wad as a member of the firm of Altair) .
lit Zeigler, Cumberland county,.
GEORGE V. HALL, lute Merchant, now.— •
Shoemaker• and Agent, Cumberland county.
anarTnesday the 6th - day of December• next, at I
o'clock,-A - . - M. is appointed fin• the 'hearing thereof;
lig.fore.the said Court, sating In Bankruptcy, at the
District Co u rt Room in the city of Philadelphia,
when and a here the creditors of (bens Id Petitioners
who have proved their debts, awl till other persons
in interest, may appear and show cause, if any they
have, a by such Discharge and Certificate should not
be granted.
Clerk of the District Court.
Philadelphia, September 17,1842. .10t-17
11 CD d
T' Tm
oNS for Discharge and Certif . '
Eelite under the Bankrupt Law have been filed
MARTIN G. RUPP, late Merchant
Cumberland County
.10S1)P11 FRY. Cabinet Maher now. •
• -
Laborer, • Camberloml 'County.
TUDSDAS' the Oh da}•_ of December next at I t
o'clUck, A. M. is apPoidted for the heariog thereof,
before the`snid Court, sitting in limikroptry, nt the
District Court Doom, in the City •of Philadelphia,
when and where the Creditors of the said Petition
ers, who have proud their debts, an.l all other per
sons to interest, may appear, and show tfltisv, if any
.hey have, why such Discharge and Certificate Should
not be granted.
Clerk of the District Court.,
24, 1842. 10-48
ILL peisons indebted to the Estate &MAR
TIN G. RUPP, who was decreed a Bank
rupt, Juno 20, 1842, will make payment to the
undersigned Assignee of said bankrupt, on or he. ,
fore the Ist day of January, 1842.
P. F. EGE,
Assigneeyin Bankruptcy of Martin G. Rupp.
Office opposite the Carlisle Bank.
Carlisle, Oct. 5, 1842. • 3m.49
Estate of James Reed, deceased.
ik - i - oTta.; IS HEREBY GIVEN, that letters
.1.1 testamentary, on the last will and testament of
JAMES, REED, late of Newton township, Cumber
land County, deceased, have been issued, by the
Register of Said. C.:minty, to the suberiber, residing
in the bnrough of 'New ville. All persons indebted'
to the said, tlstate,:are requested to make payment
imqdiatelyouul those Imving claims will present
thern,properly authenticated feesettlement, to
Newville, October 17; 184 e." 6t-51
_ /53 SSE Lll ZA
LUMBER, ofovery desoriptiort &SHINGLES,
for solo, cheitp, by
• .J. & P.llAltTrbt,
Suctosnortito ?Killer, & Martian.
Harrisburg * April 29.1842. 0n1.27
CLIPPINOER CAREY i have lost re.'
ceived an extensive assortment of CLOTHS,
CASSIMERS and SATTINETS. which will be
sold at redneod prices. ' •
ShipperisbilreGet. 6, 1845,, • tf.49;
31(001.P63 * gatom
• reeeiyed n new d 6711
n?(YTS IigWOE aurPolire:f
son. , -Se tills. ow or •-ne I°
8111 t
Ceenfite, Sept. SS, 18 , Pi. CHAS ' °GIL" '
. .
. E '' Sa.' ' i9:::tl ": l:': ' N 'N :6'. 0 11. T ° .;C •sld- E 9ll •:• 4l6 • : •. ee t S9 — d • ':'''•
S HEREBY, GIVEN,,IIhdt: rett6TYL2l:
lkihntolstmtion on the...Estate'
1 -e fr f!l Z A ttr ik att - c it rr U nd
- IN; ticoNk of , ilk".'renittes l l l Mt, Th ernier. l i t
county, likvekllneinNiairilet,l7,T,L, ii.oreatedl.,
, m'smis h i d e - te‘ (l i 3 llitis knvingreltiininn 'Present
make psY;ntePt, ant i , ; ' - 't
titClit fdr!.etuem`"" . . . 'Xlol;tkAiltu6/..
- - ..• ' , • FREDER ICK X
, October 2 . 6,113.P.E. . . 44*•52.
WiLamacautatiattii%A (I)TEci.
`ditMeiit"PgiiPialYAL: . " •
Tho' Spring Gnidrn,nre Insurgnel
pten:ll.)6l Philtrdelphici r , •
31)1[AKE' IMOTiJr.A. - 14C0 , "citlier top - fo . o . wiry or
* c fMiietnal, against lOsii or damage
in otetier, COunirg, Itogice, Darn! , and Eletild.•
of all kinds; on ifotisoluild P nrniture, .Mer.
cliandiie; Heroes, - CittTo, Agricultural , :Cana mai.
cial and Manufacturing Stock, and Utensils of
every defier' ptian l as well as MciaThOna and Gr ov tin
Res.ri upon the most favorable forme.
- The follozoing,are the usual tales, viz:
On Steno and brick buildings, from
• • S 35 to 40 cts. on $lOO
"Log rind frame " 60 to - 70 etc. on 100
'lllelcriandize'and furni.
ture in 'lirick or'stone'
buildings; rpm • 40 to 511 efo. on 100
'"Do. in log pi frame, „''GO to 70 cid. od 100
"Horace, cattle, farming
utensils' and sundriCa, .
41 about 00 tth.; on 100
Onßricli: or Stone bnildings, $25 on $l,OOO, the
prernium subject to be withdrawn at any time by
the party insuring, at,a deduction' of s,per cent.
pn the amount paid:: • , •
Applications for &mimeo, or arty inforMation
on the subject, may be made either pergonally or
by letter, at. the Company's Office, the north.
west corner of Sixth and Wood streets. ). • - •
'MORTON MIMICAAEL; - .President.''
1.,. KR UMBHAAR;. Secretary, Or
JOHN J.. MY ERS, 'AGENT, Carlisle, Pa:"
161rectOrs.*.' .
Morton George M. Troutuian;
Joseph Wood," Samuel Townsend,
..P. Laguerenne, Robert L. Loughheadi
Elijah Dallett, R W. Pomeroy,.
• Chas: W. Schreiner; Charles Stokes, ."
Joseph J. Sharpless. .
September 14, 1842. _ ' • IyA
T[lE herebyinforms, his
friends and the public- in geUernl, thixt he still
continues to keep a
.• y
. runLic
1,1 Z...-4•Sc3DU77'.E3 1 • •
. 9
(r. ports to the contrary notwahstanding,) at the OLD
STAND, in East High Street, a dew doors east of
the Court House, , whet q lie will at all times lake
pleasure in administering , to the comfortt of -thoSe
who'mar'favor him with their custom.
shall be coindantly supplied with the
choicest lip Mrs, and his TABLE' with the best the
market can furnish. A" careful OSTLER always
krptin attendance—and twilling shall he left midone
to please all who call with him.
I.IOARIWItS taken by flu; werk,monlli or vein.
Carlisle, April 6, I -
T.Tnion Pape.r. ill.
_ .. 4
iiHE'subscriber respectfully informs the pub:
tip at-larieithat he has leased the above es.
tail Ti I Rai/IT - A - I Mil6iielTtth I — V,CiiilisiFjor a term
°fleets; and tilt MII. ? L-halving . been recently re:
paired, and new machinery.- nitrodueed; he is
therefore prepared tti .matitditotUre to order, (and
also has a supply constantly on hand) '
Paper olevcry kind and tida illy;
which he will furnish Co printers,- merchants ond •
others, in any quantities at . the lowest city mites.-
All orders addressed to•the . siiiiseriber;. at Paper
. cemay, will receive tWompt
Attention: , . ~,. . . - --
lining lately receiVcd a supply' albs Very best
materials, lie flatters himself that he will be able
to manufacture paper equal in quality toting other
establishment in' the country -•
i'apertiown, July 20;1842. tf-38
N. B. 'The highest price paid for rags. •
`12111131.un 11111311"121
tuiltsrril.f...e, of their PCIDNIDIiit AND
1 MAC SHOP, on Main street, nearly op
posite the Comity Jail, in the norolauli or Carlisle,
l'a., still eontlue to build the following 74:tehines
and Ilorse Powers—siz:
T. D. Barrell 9 l4 Patent Improved
With a horizontal bankl-wheel, with a trunk to con
d"uct the strap to the Machine.
The hand. wheel outside of the horses. They are
u•el1 . elileulated to put to one side of the barn bridge,
or under the barn shed.
A New and bispilwed Shaker,
To separate 'the grain from the straw, which will
dispense with'one,or two hands, will lie made to the
above Machine if wanted. . •
saap.wazzas .
Purchasing any of the above Machines may have the
privilcke, alter &Mir trial, of returnin g the same if
not satisfied. All Machines and !lone Powers are
warranted for one year, if well used.
P 1.1? ife4W.
All kinds of repairing will be done at the snartes
notice and on the most reasonable terms. They al•
days keep onhand all castings necessary to repair
the above Alaehines, or any others lam in use.'
There is also attached to tlmahore establishment
SINN AND BRASS 'FOUND M, at a itith all
kinds of, CASTINGS in be hall—such as Apple
Mills, Corn Brokers, Plaster. Brakers t Mill Gear
ing, Saw Mill . Cranks, Machine Gearing, Wagon
Boxes, Ste. &e. Also"
Such 'as Mill Spindles, Car foxes, Turning Whet' ,
' bze., all in the best order, in iron and brass.
co - " All orders will be executed attire shortest nn
tice,and promptly attended to. Farmers and others
am respectfully - Invited to give us a call, confident
that they can he suited to their satisfaction.
Carlisle, Aug. ID, 184.2. , 5141
n"Planck's, licuwood's nod 'Ogle's PLOUGHS
,as Cutters Lamb.
sides, &e. Ste., can also be I ad at the foundry.
THE proprietors of the Susquehanna Line will
run their :Cars'and Boats 'as usual to
and Baltimore during the present season.
Their friends, will please apply, to Wm. L. Fox,
Broad et, and to Costner, Christian & Curran, No.
76 SOuth Wharves, Philadelphia,and Joseph E.
Elder, ticatithore;
Until further notice, the following prices will
be adhered to- between this place and the above
• • 121 (1 1 17
F, wx ,
•c's i P :'tF ar
15c 81per bbl
Ale por 100 16.
Groceries, Q . Ware
sod Hardware,
Dry Coeds, Fursi.
tura and Drug's, ' ; 43c
Wheat, Rye .& Corn
per bushel. • .
Oats do •
Lumber per 1000
feet $.2 75 , -$3 50
Shingles, do .1 50 222
Flour per bbl. 311 34. 5 0 t
Shad .do 37/, • - •50 •
Herring do • • ' 311 •
Safi per sticky ": ,28 g 9• ,
Piteli c Tar andßosin • , • • .. , •
•perloo - ,, „. , 16--y •21 '.
naster'gross tonl $0,25.. 82_59 •
Hemp pei '1 IO 22'
• . 20 25
Pig oe4ll, krces;fori 2 50' 350 ••• •
Blooini• & Ofstings, 312/ - :4 00
Bar Iron, , • 350 4 , 50
Nails ppritege • 18 • . ,
Leath fietlOW -2(r, ;'• •
NV,IOEi er hpy,p* b,41
Jlurr li!OcksPcr. OP; 115 - .
V . .
•::Liter ;,„ ,
V. - 11 , a. & P.IMARTIN.• •
~t.-It • ; - 'Saeqoasor to lifillbrAt'Hsrtinti.
Harrisbur Ma v 4, 184 q- • - 6111,27
20 ,
10 ,11
- • •—•
ri ,.„
p ,ple as these botriPlaintS aro' deo allynonside red,
rin one can deny their being:Aye most, comriton.
.cit r utio of thitiftital it is.
indeed a melancholy truth, :thitt Iliimtegiide fall
victims to CotrurnptliniMietlyffitr . froni no ether
Cause than ireeeccect,celd4. ,Yet. rya , Arni, hum
drids i rtay thousands WhO.trent Btch: cOM.Pieitits:
witlt the - greatest indifference, and let ttliem „run'
40 for 'weeks and even months without ;thinking.
of the danger.. At first you have what youmay
consider' .'slight cough or colducio' = allow bnei..
ness, pleasure or carelessness to, prevent you fromgiving it altyattintion; it then settles upon 'your
brensti - you 'become hoarse, have' .paina. ih,the.
side or chest, ekpectorate large,rplauttties.of mat.
ter, perhaps mixed with llocal r a difficulty
breathing monietiCand ethen • yen find your own
foolish neglect 'has .brought-'on this. distessing
complaiht. ;fthen you value hue : or, health,. be
warped in titne;Und don't trifle with' your Coix,
or trust to any quack imairtat . t to 'care you; but.
immediately procure a bottle or two of that fit-
I moussemedy, the "Bateau OF Wutro Omar,"
which is well krietvn folic the most speedy cure ,
'ever known, as thousands will testify whose, lives
have. been saved by it. , •
It ..Be very particular When' : yen . I- purchase
. to
ask for "Dr., Wo STA R BA f.dA 31 OF' WSLO CO)ERZY,7
as there is also a since of this name in use..'
Prepared,.wholesalo and retail, by -WILLIAMS
& Co., • Chemiets, No., 33 Smith Fourth street,
Philadelphia. • „..
Sold inCarlisle by.,,
Price One Dollin'ttlluttle.
.Tunc 22,1842
I vgI . q.; ., P,is.),OINDIENT4f 2 .:c. I s.
. .
gEIS OINTMENT is a safe' and , agreeable
application, and has never been known to fail
euring various affections of the skin, when used
according to directions.
Hundreds of certificates might be procured of its
iellicacy from Captains of Vessels, Sch:ml Teach
ers, Principals of Factories, and Parents, , .yrere it
not for the delicacy of having their names publish
ed itt eonnectioir . with so loathsome and disagree
able - •
KrPrice, Twenty-five cents a box.'
Prepared and sold only, wholesale and retail, at
North Second street, near Vine. (sign of the Golden
- Eagle - an - d - Serpentrr) - PhiladelphiaT - ;
For sale in Carlisle,
Agents for Cumberland' County.
Carlisle, May 18, 1812 : • ly-29
.11311111111 01-11111A111
T ii i .E :i s
1 1,..8.6r es fiiier t h e :a bove
n-* .
trlacli Into in a few veins euredand relieved upwards
of SIX I'IIOI.ISAND perstmi in dilrerent sections
of the country', of the following diseases, such as In
dig•ention, Thispepain, and ail those trains of diseases
arising, front a disordert d condition of the stomach
nd fiver, derangement of Are digestive functions;
such as
Generalcakne:Ts' of the Stomach, Costiveness. )leadachc, faunthce, .
• lent E? liitiotth:Cholle,Xervorta .qffec• .
- • • •- tiono r .kethr-- anti- dguer, : -
and has desernyed all kinds of 11•"0-11.11iS, both ip
grown persons as well as in children, and cured ma
ny other complaints. which are too numerous to in
sert in this advertisement, a hint can lie seen in the
directions which can lie found a rapped - around each .
bottle, %rids a Mitither_of „certificates of cures per:
formed by this valuable Balsam of I lealtb.
The.great demand fur this Balsam of.. llealth has
lately induced some Unprincipled persons to impose
on die public it spin-ions - article for flue genuine Bal-
SIMI (Wile:shin therelore the proprietor cautions-the
public from purchasin ,, any but . from his regular
appointed Jgenis. Tie genuine Balsam of health
.tics the m an e of the medicine blown on the glass of
each bottle, thus—"Garlegant's Balsam of Wahl,
prep" ca Only l,v 303.1% , S. AIMu Tale' 1111 d tiPSICICS
that, he has his signature, written on a label,,which
is pasted on ,the outside wrapper of each bOttle,
which secures it from being counterfeited.
cCrTo be had at all times of Isis Agent in this
place, who has already sold large quantities, w Lich
proves it it medicine of great vitiate and celebrify.
Carlisle, September 28, 6m:48
Garlegant's Balsam oft:teal lb
THE subscriber hi; just received n
fresh supply of the above named celebrated
BA LS OF 11 E A 1;1'11, which has in a few yestrs
cured and relieved upwards of four thousand. per
sons,in different sections, of the country, of the. fol.
lowim• diseases, such as 'the Dyspepsia, ull Cholics
and ' , errous Diseases,and all those trains of diseas
es resulting l'rom a disordered condition of the Sim
achL-cures the Ague, and Fever, slid old and fresh
.Sores, And destrovsall kind of worms, both in grow
persons and children, and many other compla nits.
All hose persons that purchase this Medicine Will
find a full direction to each bottleos wellns A num
ber of certificates of mores perfortned. To be hail
at all (lines of his agent in this place, who has sold
already large quantities. The great demand for this
Balsam of Webb has lately-induced some unprinci
pled person to counterfeit it—therefore the proprie
tor cautions the public from purchasing any only
from his regular appointed agents, The gent' hie
Balsam- of Health has the name of the tnediclint
blown on the glass of each bottle, and, his signature,
.lolut S. Miller,wrote on a label which is pasted on
the outside cover, which completely secnres them
from being counterfeited. For sale only in this place
by • SA M
l'nr snl64,:dsn, be Messrs. J. W. k D. S. Sinher,
in,Wayneshorn', Pa., and John Brackenridge, in
Shippensimrg, Pa;
Seplember es, 184. e. • Gm-43
• • • ,
PURE CIDER VINEGAR fur Pickling, for sale
by the subscriber. •
Carlisle, Aug.. 31,1842. If-14
1.111112 lidll.llllYollifi
From 375, Bowery, N. Fork.
EIOR nine years this medicine has stood unrivaled
,for the cure of Coughs, Pain hi the side, diffi
culty of breathing, Bronchitis, and all those-affec
tions of the Throat, Lungs and Liver which are
source of BD' much' suffering and 'which unarr es t e d
so often terminate in Consomption. So extensively
has this remedy, been used and in so many cures lias'
it proved sucilessfid, s the proprietor feels no hesi
tancy in recommending it to all who unfortunately
have occasion to resort to some Means:a
Multitudes who have 'experienced its happy effects,
can testify to its utility, and very many rescued from
a premature depth, point to it as the means of their
• The originator of this remedy wrs well versed in
the,science of medicine, and a skilful
. practicioner.
Physicians flu:pillar with its effects not unfrequently
prescribe it in their practice, and. with the - Medient
Faculty generally, it has met with a laiger share of
approbation than is common With exclusiv,e' pie
potations. , . .
IrTCONSUMPTION.-rThe remarks
were taken frotn;the last number of tke Medical
p". The surprising effect prodUced by the 'genuine
TayloOs Balsam of Liverwort, made at , 875
Bowery, in consumptive'eases, amulet fail exciting a
deep and thrilling interest throughout the world. We
have-so long believed this disease (consumption) in
curable, that it'credit our senses when
we seeperssins,evideritly conittiatpthe, restored to
health. Tet'itis u filet of daily oceurrence.
LIVER:EtINIPLAINT and General Debilit3=l
do eimaider my cure 'almost miraculous. , I was given
up. y two .physlcians. And told to . 'prePar for -' death.'
I was in Outlaw, state when afetand.seot me a bot
of Dr,. : Vaylor's Balsam Of Liverwort, from _375,
lloviery; nail - beforel hail Used op- tho. bottle I *Ai
able to sit up in bed, by the Blither use lime war
pletely'regamed.roy health. All should use it,
GEO. WELLS;,g.sJolin,st.
. ( 3-vioI.,,ENT PAIN IN TfirSIDE.—I hive
beencured, of .8 .violent. pain.f in the side, extending
through to the Shoulder,, tadigestion, dizzness, 4oss.
Of appetite and general debility, ' by . the use of two
hott!os aylpr's , Balsam of 46 , :erivOt.
ado- by' STEVENSON- &* MALE, We
figents for Varlieleand.vicinity.. -
October 26 ; 1842. ; • ty4l2,
WU - T s printed at this aria's, a fi aaassattiaStitk
latti 1121011natillIas
,AintOrratp...o,for thAmere
••• ji; ,of Coughs; Cords; Censiimption, Liver Cpin T :
plaints; Asthma, 'BrOnehitiii,'Sore Threat,' D'ys.
pepaid, , ShOrtness• of 'Breath; Pains in'the , •Side;;
*east; Back end Shoulders, Ague and.feverian
Intallebrq;C.UrN4nd all Scarlet and Bilious revers,
itinrali.,,discases, arising from • eirMiure'tind de
bility;llll3 Matter I hOw 'look 'Standing-LT.IW fact all
diseases' to which the human family "are sebject tO.
These Unsurpassed . by any; medical
compound ever offered to the public nsa general re
novator and family '..medieine. 'They are very
entle in•Aheir• operation; causing neither pain,.
sickness nor debility by ; the use of the* but on.,
Alio contrary they strengthen.' fid stomach' and
bowels In a wend, erful'manner, and' soon restore
nature to its former coitipe 'and vigor+. The ! per.
eon Using the Olivo' - Branch. Pills seem forgets
that hp, was sick-T.-which iis,very easily accounted
for there is not that prostrationiof-strength in
these pills as inviany•otherreniedies of the day,
• becanse the materials used in manufacturing them
aro In harmony with the powers of life' and act
in concert with the opinions of Dr's. brown, Dash,
Armstrong, Montgomery,' Hersey, Kendrick,
Shopper • and trio •• celebrated • Dr. Waterhouse,'
formerly Lecturer • on.the theory and practice of,
Physic in Cambridge University, Massachusetts.
Purchase of , them, :and give Omit a fair and im
partial trial, and' you will find that permanent re.
lief, upon which, the proprietors depend to make
them, the most • universal family medicine used,
and which will stand unrivaled by any other in
thalnown world: Price 25 cents ticr 'box,
t020..V.1- .
rs'orie of the most certain and effectual Cures for
allrheurnatic, chionie.and inflammatory Rheuina
tiams that has' ever yet been discovere d, and in
numerous cases has eradicated that dreadful dia.
ease 'from persons afflicted entirely. All sot*.
drjnics and victuals are strictly, forbidden, and
spiritous liquors must not be.talew inwardly by;
any means whatever, or it will be of no use to
take this medicine, as it will destroythe, good ef
fects of the Medicine entirely. Price $1,54 'per
package. •
c , '• • •
These celebrated drops have Acquired the high:
est recommendations in this' country; as well as
in Europa forits nrist valuable •propricties for all
inward weaknesses cramps,colds,agueti and fever;
and.when used witli the Olive Branch Pills,neVer
fails to cure . the fever and ague. Price 25 cents
per bottle. . ' . •
Is unrivalled for its-curative qualities even when
used in cases of maladies which were
incurable. Many recommendations have been
given of the beneficial effe:cts it has. had in the
cure of pleurisy,. pectoral and pulmonary con.
sumptionv, colds, &e. Price 25 cents per bottle.
This most excellent 'article has it quality of
calming instantly and `without fail, 'all eramps,of
the stomach, cholic and that troublesome disease
called mother fits or hysterics; and when continu
ed for sonic length of time, will cure the patient
entirely "Price 25 cents per vial.. :- •
A certain cure for all Scalds, Bruscs, Burns,
and the most effectual cure fur -the piles—it ivill
cure the person ,atilicted in a very short time, if
used according to directions; Price 25 els. per vial.
• -s.putrr DE MEXICO.-
This 'spirit is highly recommended for all
sprains, swelling of the limbs, or . leaders, sinews,
joints and rheumatic ; as an outward remedy, it has
no equalona ivhen usid with .the incuinatie Medi•
cine; will greatly facilitate the ewe. The an
nuals of History do net produce its equal, and it is
the greatest. ,preventive against cold, in the
known world. ror particulars see directions accom
pknying the bottles. Price 25 cents. . .
An infidlidde diiro if used according to direc
Lions. Price 25 cents per vial.
Is decidedly best application for wounds
and sores, old or' ni..w,• of all kinds, and will-pre
vent if. used in time, many operntiomi; and pre.
vent Lock Jaw, Pains in the Back, mead, Stp.—
Females who are so unfortunate nitto have sore
breasts, and will use this ri.e.mirribl salve, will be
cured in a very short time. It cannot he too 'ight.
ly recammended . For further partieultit.fstc direc
tions: Price 194 cents per b0x..........
An excellent article for the cure of worimt ire
adults as well as children, and will cu w hen
other remedies fail. Price 61 cents per•bo...
A superior article for Coughs, Colds,Sorc throat,
. and'ilitileulty of breathing. -Price fil
cents per box.
SoJd wholesale and retail, at the principal offe'ec -
No. 384; North 3d street, Philadelphia; and by
• JOHN GRAY, Carlisle,
. General Agent for Cumberland ounty.
June 22, 1842. • •
A ND ifyou have a friend, a relation, or know
111. any ono that is afflicted with that distressing
disease, "CONSUMPTION,"persuade thcin.with.
out delay to try that famous and unrivaled medi
cine, the '
"dials tin of Wild .Cherry,"
which has cured thousands of this complaint of
everything else had failed. Rimd the follow
ing undoubted proolii of its efficacy:
Roxaortouou, Sept, / 0:1841. Srm—Please send me two More bottles of
your Balsam of, Wild• Cherry, like that you sent
me before. I have taken nearly all of the first two,
and confidently believe this medicine will cure me.
I have used a great- many remedies - Within the
last year, but have never found any thing that has
relieved me so much. It has stopped my cough
entirely, checked my night sweats, and I sleep
better at night and feel better in every way, than
1 have for many months. Yours, re9rdilllly,
Ilimamsatnta, Sept.l2, 1841.
FRIEND WI/MARI—I must again trouble thee to
send me two bottles more of thy invaluable Bal.
sam. I have now taken three bottles in all, and
can assure thee that it has done more good than
all the medicine [have ever taken before. Send
by the stage as soon as possible, and oblige thy
friend, JOSEPU 11OLLOWA Y.
Snurrot., Sept. 8, 1841.
Etxxf. Doc-mai—Hearing so ninny people talk
of the wonderful cures your Balsam of Wild Cher
ry has Consumption, t sent to, one of
your Agents the otitis. day'for a bottle, and have
found lite have relieved .inc so much, that I went
three bottles more - sent SOolli as 1 believe it will
cure mo too., •, have used Jaypo's Expectorant
and other medicines besides, but nothing lias done
me as much gond as yours has. Send by the
steamboat Bolivar. Yours, truly,
'Besides its astonishing efficacy in
Consumption; it idols() the most effectual rimed.) ,
ever discovered 'Ter LIVER COMPLAINTS,
WHOOPING COUGH, &c., as hundreds will tes
lify"who baize been CuFed by it utter all other 'reme
dies had Billed. • •
.•, . •
DRUGGISTS and DEALERS .will find this
medicino•a valuable addition to their stock, and
should always keep it on hand, tui it is universally
acknowledged to be one of the most useful family
madicines•now in use. • • • •
' Oafßo veiy,caittful to ask for Dr. IVISTARW
rialUtinti retail &
WILLIAMS CM., Choinisti',
N 0.33, South fourth Strtiot,Phihttlelplait. •
The 'genuine > Eralsenri• soldAn
lisle by, SAMUEL ET.LlOTTiappointed:
Agent. Priee-;-$1 Bottle. -
....Tenor 22,1843: - • •• , 1 •;. t 0343 3
IVrANtir4Cll.lllElYiltil kept 'on Irma, fde
at:R..6oe • in the city of Liugneter, • nevi ,
• • • .-•,
Endlestc - ChAWlllorse — rower,
',•' - '111,1114'111:WG' ,. -M AtH 1R15;,:,-.
Ework.wreater„durability” than, any
;000 , )440hiTteki for:a pqrooBo known to
thd , onibiazrllier aPpromenti.,;-;-;';
• • • • . •
•• • 7;-mt KIRKPATRICki.:4
i Lancastei, Ma 4 18427 • • It-o •
in t oupr. , ,lllfra
- : DTHEIVV - 1113' cON • YCIDR. • GUARD!--•
44hitiiii the' icatien , :when this destructive •
cant aittfaiiiPtakeyour,interesting,little children,
'often robe yeti . of,thrise you ; „fondly, dont on, and .
Carries hundreds. /to, the . grave .., Very, mother
should therefore; knoW its symptoms, Wateb them'
closely,,and alwayshe prepared with a remedy,
as many 'are 'daily.aaerificed by sechneglect.'4At
'finit: l the little patient is seized • With a sliiveritig,•,iti .
grows,restlees, liatiflualiceef heat,the Pro *cilnle• •
red and swollen, it breathes with tlitfieulty„ and
then comes that fearful Dimon that Will surely tee::
minute in Convulsions or death 'Ude& something is
immediately given to cheek•it.- In this complaint
the "Ifaleam of Mid, Cherry" ,is
,well. known ts,
be the' most, specdy . ever dicovered. It is indeed a.,
precione rethecryi•-;mild; Safe Sad itinotent,' anti'
is mire' to' give the 'sufferer immediate ' ' relief,' and.
nyieltly . rested it,fo aafety 'and ••health. yami..
lienresiding hi the country and indeed every wo n
thor who loves her children, should always„ keep:
this medicine in :the . house . and 'give ' it tolliein .
early, by doing so 'you may often' Save the life of
one you fondly love. Remember this is the famous
remedy: Of this distiriguislied phYsiolori,-Dr. Wis.,
rar, which; has ::cured .- thousands of, .CROUP,
TION,• die:, after every other medicine haiilailed.
, 0:711e particular 'Mien you ;hireling° 'to risk'
as there lea avane of this namendvettised••thatts.
entirely3t diffcrent medicine., 4 ' -=. -, -'..
Prepared:only by Witziatia & .Co., otierniilig
No. 33 South Pourth . street, philadelphia, • .
' Sola in . Carlislet by-, . • • ,
• ' • ••. SA 111 UEL ELLIOTT. - '
' Mice Qtae.DoTlar ct Bottle.
Pinch 2:2, H 342:
kft •
Both these Efect;iare Producedby
SoffAtS Pd 11,1;
Dn. I.lltars Moon PILLS contain in their rotriposi
lien'ing-reglients which produce the'coni , .
.I.dar.:(l and 'desirable effects of
Clearishtg the lgowels.
TliEliPpre no Pills in existence -which may be
I to Sorely usetkat 'nil times, ages and seasons,
without restraint trom liyiug or occupation;as Dr. ,
Leidy's Blood Pills.
• From their
,corn`( osition, they are calculated to '
purify the blood and uninisi fluids during the inter
xal hetween taking. them mid their operationt_ddien
alLimpuritit.s. as well as ohnosibus snbstane - csilfthe
stounieh and bowels, are carried oil' by thiir mild
. is P Itl
of them lance bred Slid ditring'the past six mouths
.tp, mid Ul'll7 A1211)S I,Ouri,ooo
since tlwir first introduction hy the proprietor, Dr.
N. 11. Leidy.
. ,
kayo they - era. -been known to fail in producing
good erects.' • • -
-eoiltaiii Fin ingredients dangerous to the constitution.
In hie are emidoyeil in.sil Pills inanufatitured by
(tinseks anslisispostors, who . .depend upon such darn' ,
geroll% 11111' , 11eillet WHIN' II111111131011.( WIIII . IIIthOWN
their igiloyailin.;) that all distssses snost yield to the
effeets or Nlereney until other Minerals:
Prom Physiciansantl others, have been frequently
published id the happy elfects of 1)1.. Leidy's Blood
Pills and further (gunmetal mum* their merits is tut-.
necessary. Dr I itly would, ho wever,earnestly re
commend to all requiring a porirving or purgative
medicine, to procure his 111.001) 3 11.1.5, rum try
them. No nue will ever use an) other kintl,lttiving
none tti reit them :t fair trial.
tit, salt: wan aractitrry and uropriemr,cDr.
H. I DV, at Ms IlE11:111 EMPORIUM, No.
191 North' S ' pould street, below Vinestreet,(Sigw or
the Giblet' Eagletual Serpents,) Philadelphia, there
eau hr 111 po , ,sibilitc of mistake.
They are son kept by most of the respectable
Druggists of l'hilailelphisouttl,hy respectable Ms
c hants aml*Druggihts throughout the United States.
.For ;ale. in Carlisle, by
Agents for Cumberland County.
Carrisfe;•lllsiy fB, '1349
arc dicaled EilrOct of Sorsa.
iv i p i, i. i ,:p l !i e t., r i c t ;l o .r. ; l o tv s i , , ,j ; ,, D ip i. „ . , •l . l; in l e(l l.
Medicated• Extract of Sarsaparilla.
' it Is pissit:vely the strongest prerratiOn of &wets*"
parilla in existence. ONE 1101 TILE is equal to'
oh pints of any other , Syrup that is made, and in
bought by numerals persons throsighout the city mut
country rm. 'making' therefrom, mill ho' sisll;sit at'
seventy-five eent3 or one dollar per bottle (about half
a pint.) ' r
^r. •
Tsti .Baplipari I s .tr ell known io -
Serothla or King's Et ii, Erysipelas, Diseases of the
Live ', A 'realms of 'the Skittistid Bones,' Ulcers'of
the Nose, Throat sod Body; as well as an Antidote
to Mercury and die Minerals Constitutional Dis
esSes,sitsl'a erase Blood Nutt Animal
h'lui in. ConThient upnti'its , iirtues Is 11111 l reef...urn
every body kisou s its efficacy. It is onlY steuesttsry ,
when swing it to 'get acgond
. pieparatinn.ot it, and
then there will he on disappointment in its effects.
'Dr. Leidy would refer Intim most respectable pity
sieistas iu Philadelphia, as well as throughout the
United States r for the character of his, preparation,
as Well also tope numerous certificates frOra:Ohysi
clans 'soul others, that liace been from time to tame
published, slow sleepiest mineeeSsary, a'athe thane
teen(' his preparation isfirmll established. Thraugln
out the Southern States 'it is used altogether, and
throughout the North . takes :the prectileneeciier all
others; particularly among the.,phybillifUlß t ,wino, for
the benefit of .their patients, al ways recommend it.
The reader. isyeterred to , the dire's:Omni Rect)4 , "•
panthivach hottlo,forrecommendations,certificat
and f&ilier'certifientes... l•
al" PaTIDE ONE, DOLLA n rEn 1110177. r.
•Pl'epni . ed t tmd sold. Avhnlesale, and reign at D r .
I DY 'S 'BEA EMPO ID , No. '19I : Norths
Second street, below Vine; sign of the Golden Etaglir
B,‘ Serpents, Philadelphia; and for sale in Carlisde
'Ate for Cund.;erlatt4COnsitp , •+
Carlisle, 111ay.,18, Uhl% ' .!": 7
Every, 3300 5,414 tlXttoyf
- :Olelmoolary Pivi:Ortattile.'i
I 0 0 effectual in,C,otthili,,Polds,.Rnittlenze,S..Cll-
0 latche, Asthinfi, . Pilllill 9 fF'tllo§ide andof the
Breasti , Bronchilis, SPiAing of , 4 1 P4,( 1 418hortnessi
of 4 3 , rhath ,, Whimping - ,Coiigh;:a.ll;Disease s of the
areast and Lungs, and forsthe arrest of
lifg Clonainnritiori. '',, ', • ^,: ~. , • , , i;
. 80 popular is Dr.',l3ectiter's Pultrionattr
.iftti." throughout il,l„,GehrianY,,andA4 ". 4 0iiillt-Ou -
Diseases, of . the .ipunes, 'th:4,frinit-jis..tairACidoitto
effects and. wrinderful enrest is them zenerally
known and ityled."Xlr. Beelnees;,LifwPresarver."
Awnumerous certificates of itiver.kgoOd'oltects;
and' wonderful'Cartss in this Country,. have llefin - fri
qugntly published; it. is decinod ,necifisity onikto
,roMind,ini pritilic of Wo,lmluable OnOdieMl3_44i_
10form,iliern-Whoro:it- can - hpinitiur . eti - iinufric.
ttl Ti ` ic e" - Fifty" . ooo4l4 halt filit bottle
, ,*„,..Ttrepareil end dold; wholesale a il retaii,att r.
-L EIDY'S - ` - lilFlAbT - 10/POIIIU 7, 'No: 191
North',. , BecOnd i'atrii.l4"boiir -•:Vin *(04 11 butlie
Rolden &Arlo . aini)Boipinta) phljilq , i ipt4l.?:: 1' '
:' l 7k#J444',..ctolikreoi.t' ._;. ~ ;if i ' ~. 7. ' . ' •
.;,-,.:. ,i ,:, * O.. l44 Y4NSo,_N., , fs : ii.ttit Lg ,,, i . ''.,
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'Agents for c. , tiniTierfausi , Venn '.. •