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4,o** 4 o ll nyly A" 44 1 4 4 : ,
RteEiTION 01401'
YN neglaatad to notice at the , priii4 tIM:a4 the
ceremonies whildt woo bad by Ihe,iisundiette ‘ dts
of 16. QWVICY ADAM nPOn hi. retoo:Yo
horti•tile duties in Congress—But it canAiever
!Poloist fin. any,thing which relotes to this
an, titne.honored and beloved stanistnitil y " . ever '
Crwlioia' life almost is is {milli of ottc ottuntry's
bioir..P;ibe "old man eloquent." Who ;with hit
ikstue bending under the weight,of seventy years.'
stationof t t fi'
rind having filled every , rue an con -
deuce from the humble Stath ,ltepresentative up
to the ihighost kn the peoplaia:gttt, the. Presidency
oft United States, is still In his Country's 'service
as it itepresentative in Coegresi;. battling with the
vigOr of youth for Northern rights against South.
ern hovado And Insolence—the unconquered
champion of the iright of Petition and the freedmn
of Speech::' As remarhed by the gentleman who
,wehlonved him, the course of ,the Son is the fittest
troblien of his illustrious life--“bright at its'dawn
L'...htlighter in its. meridian—and going ,down in
" Tin the Future dares
Forget the Past,his fame shall be +
An echo and a fight unto Eternity."
The 17th of September was the dayrip - Pointed
'fbr the, ceremonies 'in honor of 'Mr. Adams and
the meeting with. his conistitnonts, at the tbivn of
Weymouth, Mass. An' immense concourse of
peciple'of both sexes, accordingly assembled on.
the occasionowid formi4 a'processlon with a band
of Music accompanying, marched -to-one q f the
aurehes;which wilt 'appropriately decorated for
. , • . •
the'oCeasion with, banners on which were expre . s.
rive inscriptions.' •On one of them was inscribed,
4 Welcome! Defender of The Right ok petition."
After some
_preliminaries Mi. ADASIS was 111.
ceived on the stage in front of the pulpit,.by the
Eon: Mr. DAVIS of Plymouth, who address e d him
in behalf of his constituents.' • The fidlowing is
an extract from Mr. Davis's address :
"Permit me, sir, to congratulate you on your
safe return to your home, after the toilsome du.
ties of a protracted and stormy session, and to as.
sure you that the multitude gathered here to-day
.have come to bid you welcome. Assembled at .
.Braintree, the birth place of 'your_ father. our ,
thoughts 'naturally' recur to his and your eminent .
publrcisorvices. It has Allen to -you-to- sustain
and to cherish those institutions which he in so
eminent a degree contributed to establish. When
wo review your , active services of more than half
a isenturyobroad. and at home, in courts and in
idolised, as chief magistrate and as representatiVe,
we are dazzled with their splendor and overwhelm
ed by their magnitude. Who, now, sir, doubts
the, wisdom and the purity of your administration?
No experiments Were then tried upon the public
prosperity. No disordered currency then ember.
rased trade. No paralyzing vetoes, the offspring
of self will• and , delusion, . obstrimted
The constitution was not then set- at defiance
,under the shallow pretext of obeying a bliad and
eelfish perional eoriscienee,.nor was the patronage
of the government, as has
_since beau, perverted
and squandered to encourage and reward parti-.
zan services. But greitt an- were 'your services
es chief magistrate, I hardly know irtheyweres
greater, certainly they .were not Mort . arduous or
meritorious, than 'your recent..serviceilts_feror.#.
"riebtative in - Vonfoiass.__Your_brightest
have bOen your last. Your course has been like
that of the sun—brightin its rising, splendid in
its meridian, glorious in its decline.
Upon the_ conclusion of this address, Mr.
ADAMS who rose upoh its commencement and
stood during the delivery, began his address in a
scarcely audible voice. As he proCeededtbanking
ilia constituents for their long continued and most
kt o merous support during scenes of great trial, he
!manifested deep -emotion, and the voice „which_
never faltered when huriing the thunder of its
eloquence at the betrayers 'of the people's trusts,
lit the councils of the nation, now, here among
his own fire-side friends and neighbors, trembled,
as it gave utterance pr) his feelings of gratitude, -
'for their cordial and undeviating sympathy and
kindness. ,
Mr. Adams proceeded—When I was invited
to this meeting, it occurred to rim' . that while it
would give inc the , pleasttre of thanking you for
• our lung continued kindness, it would also af
ford me the opportunity to review and lay open
before you the course of administration, from my
first election to Congress hitherto, not only in its
outward professions and measures, but in its se
c rct purposes. I shall confine my remarks to a
few of the Most important topics. My friend
Mr. Appleton, in his late letter to his constituents,
has lifted., 'coiner fifth° veil and given a glimpse
at the.secret spritigli of government policy—that
policy which had no Its object to elevate South
Carolina and slavery to the throne of the Union.
in that letter Mf; Appleton says, "nullification,
seperallon, and, the forty.bak theory has passed
away. They have, in a certain sense, passed a.
way. The palmetto standard is not now arrayed
against the standard of the 'Union: •El: Carolina
is nut now in rebellion, (He hero .reatilikini
Boston Atlas of Saturday , morning( art extract
frcim a Charleston • paper, the. puipext of which
was, that Mr: Calhoun's party .ociuld either re.
peal the tariff ( or nullify.y This is the way nut
, lineation has passed away. Believe me, nullifica f
tion has neither Changed its name, nor 'relented
in its pgrposen. • NallvEcation i f the acting Pres. -
ident's conrciend itisthe secret of his settles'
and hit reasons. - /,would wish to speak of the
President with all the respect to which, hie' deit:
dental olioe and his receatclumestic - afßelichi"oir:r
title hint.. I would feign spare hie publi'de.bhicie - ..
ter, out •of.resriect Or his private virttibli: Do t
lie has neminitted the unpardonable sin of &Ate.
.41ealing—the sin which brought Charles thitPtist
'to the block. t cannot forgive his duplinitY,
• • is - • • •
lit may bechasight that I owe you an tOogy
for my coarse respecting the President. f dr.
&calif; 'ackstipg your nomination, I stat e d that
ll' would ;support the ' President of the United
'agnates, whenever, and as far `as in my judgment
Leonid do jao with propriety, and such I con.
'coaVCI to be the.duti of a representative. But. I
Brave usually, it is true, boo found in opposit ion
to the President, though not uniformly so, am for
exempletth the case of the difficulty with France,
during General Jackson's administration. I took
strong ground as you may remember. in defence
.of the President. But still; in the main,l have
differed with the administration for the imo be. ing. As to President Tyler, I became satisfied
Within one month after his accession to the Preo
ldency that his, re-election to that office , would
Conshtute the point on which his administration
would turn.. Nevertheless, at the breaking up of
the' Cabinet ution the veto of the bank bill,
(though I one glad Of thehreto, not boatman of the
grounds it was bused upon, but because thb assent
of the States was, required.) . I was one of the
Messachuielts delegation with 'whom Mt' Web:
star consulted, and I strongly_ advised him to
%Indent at his post. I thought the diriger of
war with Greet Britain, at that time, to, lit.inal l
nentl.aidlhad crnifideticifthat Tf:ainy 'Man ' i n
the country avert it, the Secretary could—•
itud liberate's%) iulvilied lim • to 'continuo at hie
Peit•:'="47lo.-.4anger Its now ' . hapPily pined, a.
way—and thereto perhaps no other citmen who
- could hare tiro - light the negotiation' to aravorable
teettlination;;and saved uslions ~ b eing: plunged
into a war,with England, „Yet. though'such was`
advice" to thtEicrotary of Stine,' brasz saill,k_
',:'' rto fied the* eery
p enitent ,I. lnoked at the:, calamities
. 10it'i 3 ishO'bY OP' Treasury Department. 'at the
continetMenientsaf the late .session iof COngress,
'. ,'thvg I must come. out in! . tifeat• opposition. to , the
,presitlent, • The , fi rat page of the report contained
''elftl i neoJetiiifieg'ece.: ,2 4,. 0 ;000. of..clplierelifir.
Obrdiderfaajienditurea: s For :the army 9120000 i
•: ( 1 0.Alit ( tit8;1115 - 0,till0the'clitil . 4,1 AMOO.
,000.' , 7 . The itimk *lie iii'beiiiiiefeeiest Yy. Pee, klig:
lie th enti4 o fte 4 rereAo' be built "fresh' do- end 'or.
,s;eoWititCtleithi•othiin adrialialti*o ittilr' , i'offi..
vineerestoto Ale Odeit t# the ,- , traey:'; :1 '.lr.. t4it
- AMA would.Oa tiai ind'
test radiation', i optkoelXiOif,t: a;'realqatiolsZ,vr,
beep, etede:' l . kat whin' I era? Ittg 00 1 0 10 ,
' eljtiorkait his. IVO k 6 thb " .4 th.':or T er y . 'itOli/tale
mg,* phai l ifi l lobini , :hr thOliettfnelf that 4aaidt.'nf
diendeul w, . mot ' . , othar. ;atiff:thtic PsOlasiat . ..ks
past of Mel t
t ' itre s: ant Ceerese'di e peas iso
0 4 4
- Jew witheiii its ; iiehta'beisime satleBed. of - his'
u „ t te i .„ri . . 1 4 1 4P 4 .,thity.....-: 111 th e. :Preiddanit:independenf
6 ' `-' 9 ngleala ,N.Yo9 ll tai'iMP o4oll - him.; 'VW of . tht
tiettele,' whit . may try . And,: coeneiet ! end Walsh
t 4 t'" 7
Itcyvy 44 fl 1 66 0
oitittlili: 4o l 7
tr- . 4
40% :toe
c'hiSlll444liii4ltlliltigaigriliAiifit it**
4104080 M a pology;
~ Woxis• than' human, and it maybli,tive *hit 11 - haynit
'100""e"` Msed exprpplo i t i whihh einlzati
t betiidie life say; betnei Whit it bicanta theiW
*liB t priwoked them te. hear, 'Rut - the tenth it, no,
ether man is attacked_le.the . way- I!eiri. -They,
always assail *itkliiisr,pretotattonaiia pet.
senaabuse.- ••. •
,Perhaps my bgte °wale Tpriff Bill may require
personal explanatipn her.. I'am glad that it pass;
ed, although I voted steadily against it; , and I
thinkthe.Whigs did sight to,': pass it. :"'but
thought the:distresewhiekthepostponenient'ofa,
tariff until thenext iessien u4efiqgtess .rould
casion - would beofeliartiliiiiition; while 1 ''regarill,
ed the distribution isattpetiatinefit and: itidia
portent 'prineiPle—'-and l'believed that if: once
handoned, it Would li&:nbandoifed•forever:
Would, not, therefore,'in view' ofall I had said:and
all I had written, avert.a.lemporary distress; by
the ancrifice of I:principleWhich I considered :' of'
the highest impeftancelnith t,o You and•Yotir
terity. To.besure, as:it turned- out my fears •
were not realized—fora distribUtion bill was alio.
passed, detached and by itself; and by considerable
majorictis. 'Vet thoTreaident put it in his pock.
It may be expeateil that Ishould say something,
hereon. the Right of Petition: 7 4i right must deal%
I am aware, to you, and most vitatto the country.
But I have done all I could to preserve and defend
that-right, but in vain.. It has been denied you—
and I have no hope that I can do.any thing effec._
teal during e b
the term of service which re:
mains' to me as your Representative to regain it.
Could I' do so, I would esteem It the chief glory
of my life. , •
My career as your representative4s now closed.
Let me end as 'I began, with my thanks to you
for your constant and uniform support for so long
a period and on so many trying occasions. I can
never:, more be the Representative of Plymouth
Rock—but my prayers shall never cease to ascend
for your prosperity and your happiness.'.' ,
'At the chiso of Mr: Adams' address,resolutiOns
approving of his course, firmly asserting (lie
sacred right of .petition, and denying any nOgon-.
attituional interference with the rights of any
Mate, were read bythe Hon. , S eth Sprague, Jr:2—
The following original Ode was then sung after
which the assembly be up:
. Not froM the bo dy field, .
Borne on his qed shield,
By Foes o'er come,_ .
But; from a 'darner fi ,
In the defence of Righ
Clotted in a Conqueror's ight,
NVe hail him hot o . .
Where Slavery's minions lower,
'Before the servile power, - •
He broke the"ban
And, like an aged oak, _
That braved the lightning's stroke , 7
When .denuders round it broke;
Stood up, MAN:
Way—when iliey stormed aloud,
And round him like a cloud,
• Came, thick and blank,
Ile single4iantled, etrore,•
And, like Olympian Jove,
With- his ( "in
.--'-Thrphalanx-back. -
No leafy wreath we twine,
Of -oak, or Manisa; pine,
- To grace his brow;
Like hie owu locks of gray,
Stich leaves would fall away,
As will the grideful hiy
We weave him how.
But time shall touch the page,
And tell how. QuineyN-sage,
Has daied
Sase im he touches Wine,
Or'Shiikspenre's glowing line,.
Or Itaphael's forms divine, '
New life to give.
Thus ended one of the Proudest days fur the
descendents of the settlers of Old Plymouth
Rock, that ever graced the annals of even .that
district whose 'everY rock and hill and river id
written over with whatever there is or can be to
interest a: son of New England, in the story of the
suffrings of the exiled pilgriins, or in the self.sac
rifreing, but more daring strugghs of our Revolt*.
tionary auks.
The Philadelphia Evening Courier says--
" We find, upon a little, inquiry, that the
trianufactuie of Iron even exceeds. our es
timate, as will he found by the following
carefully prepared statement. We have
ascertained that,out of the 1,060 townships
in the Slaw, returns in relation to the man
ufacture of Iron have been received .from ,
0n1y,669. In these there are 104 air and
enpola furnaces, 30 rolling mills, 32 steam
engine factories, 19 naiffactories, 17 scythe
nail sickle factories, 64 axe and edge - tool
factories. 6 Midery factories, 9 -factories
'fin. 'Shovels. spades.and forks, 85 carriage
and wagon factories, 185 plough factories,
sheet iron fictories; &c. In these mills
and factories, and in those in the townships .
'front which no returns taxe been received,
it is estimated that the Iron produced. and
the additional value given to it by mechan
ical labor, amounts annually to twenty two
millions of dollars! .
. •
The business also gives employment' to
20,000 workinen, so that, with.tlar•
depending upon the Linn business,
there are in • Pennsylv'ania; hot less than
120,000 pettinnia • '
Astounding Fait for Ante*
Late results of inquiries by a British. Par
liamentary commission into the compara
tive consumption of amidst) manufactures
in othit countries, are s ealculated to awa
ken the people of the United States, if in
deed the •sierp . of loco-111661'1r 'is not as
deep as the sleep of death itself. 'lt seems
that on an average, each inhabitant of Pru V
aia amen cents worth of British goOda;
each lintrian fifteen cents worth; each
Dane seventeen cents worth; each French-,
man twenty cents' worth; each inhabitant
or the ' United-,States Won not.Lais and
TWO VENTS ,Now: what:have the
free trade men to 114 to thief ia'no
Vtthigestimate:of calculation, but the' re
sult 'of' art . ' investigation 'by the Dritlah
House of Common :
Ref i rl• Van,. 013 . 1 r/i?. Cie.*
would hrecik :flown :American: labor.: end
flood the country with Britiah and Veatch !
goodi, and riaY iheArmy„.lilaiyomd chit
List by Direct lain. Tile' Whigs ,desire to I
TAX, foreign. labor:and 'prated' Home In ,
Vidatiy,. and have Which.
will;tho People prefer?: • :
• •i 2 : ' - 4 ' 4.
fOS!PFIT'''-'OO , - , P", 313 a,t1ft.. 1 , 11 PYS ;777
.- r n * 6 44 ; 11 4-.'
oath/og, aYieder- thiP c harity -4 .0i4
, , Othilf;i:Atio
widilertieethiitchtitttet ihair
Ovir.v 4 46,
11 4 106 fili* l 4 l4 * ll l , Pl d
, d 7 r . T. ra,
`ra t/ .
th t.;:bit4loA.Atie c 1416.
,azottow ; UNEEkIP I OOO II AItir BOWERS;
gutfPzeputity4,4 , ,,
r41) , 41110, , othlot A ,
1144 koviktAßY47 - A4PPll,Vanitheek-et!
',jam* Iliciltinstliscpof.:, : ; 4 `:'
6th iddoi,t) Mri• 'JOSEPH',.C,4I¢NNELVY; ' 1166",
PHILAHLI I I'III4,,fIotObee , 41 , 111 . 4 , •
eurcent,price,et ;; of:/lour s spas the ,
stock reselptepantsinfltiglight..;,Tetiterday the
price:gaytt,wayg trifle, and, Wee were Amide / Pr ono
or tip? 4ictOra for ettport -at s4,s9.per , bbl;.which we
as the. mar et tollay,for; Peptntylvinds,
#yo kleuxkle, poi Jim $3.2 $
Pennitylvimia. Corn Meal 'stOid,9: s2;l3?4;:'siid'
Brandywine $2 , 04' per -
GItAIN. 4 .-Thei supplies of Wheat cebtimie
iite, end' prieek are. RIR nedittainelL The paler
this week have 'generallylleku•Toti,liiiitili;Peiiiii*
sepia red at• 94 and 90 ceti and.: phitis grand 984
per. bushel. • Pennsylvanitt l iNuqd,yellois , Corn' 5 . 4
55 cents; Southern fiat yellotY-5,.2.10,41 55. eenti;and
.white do 51 cents. • Oats are
at 244 cents for SOutliern---ilt.eelPtitliglsi;
WHISKEY-4i bbls, the' Delaware is:steady
at 22 cents Per gallon..- -„
CATTLE MAllEET4itrail tiet,iptite GO well at
tended this, iwiekiVrehahlf" ti;ititg to. the electiOng
A shade better ;prices wall'oblitinettlhatrlast wiAk
for beef cattle.. Cow, and Calves $lB t,4 $26, extra
$3O to $33; Calves in the yard sold for $1 25 to $2,
'estrw Hog* 25 and filicepisl.- 25. to
$1 8 7is $ 9 • ' 1 - •
• ' CHALTIMI2IIE.Oct. ii,4l
. , .
BEEF CATTLE--The . offerings * on outlay
amounted to about 700 nearly half of which 'were'
taken'ty the butchers; 220 driven'. to another, mar- .
keh , and the balance remained unsold. `-The •The priees
paid lbr inferior, to fair, ranged from $/ to $4, and a
few prime sold; for • something over.. Hogs sell in
lots as wanted at $4 75 per hundred lbs. ,
PLOUR.---The prices of City, Mills has'advineed
from $4 12$ to $4 25, with considerable . sales at the
latter. Howard street has fluctuated from $4 12i
to $4 14; and back again; the receipt price pt.-
Susquehanna* is held for an improvement in price:
GRAIN.---Wheat comes forward sparingly, but
the demand •at, present is. not animated. Maryland
and - Virginia will command 85 eents for the best that
is olTering, and prinie Pennsylvania a few* cents over;
inferior qualities from 45 to 75 cents; and Oats-21
to 29, the latter for prime. Corn is steady at 50 to
53 - cents for white, and 59 to 54 for yellow, Included
tatter_wasa cargo ot Pennsylvania.
WHISKEY, is . in moderate request at 22 cents for
hhds., and 23 per bbls.; the wagon price 20, exclu
sive-of the barrel..„ .
Dickinson College Notice..
Notice is hereby given to all -whom it may con.
cern, That the General Treasurer of Dickinson
College will be in hie-office No. 37; East CollegNl
the fourth Satuiday in each month ficnilipast
o'clock A. 114: to 12 Al:. for the purpose of paying
the kills of the students that have been entered on
their certified account books; so tar as their ,funds
in his bands at The time may be aufficient for the
_ -
October 12,1842.
R-. 0 N
axpui Gulaalt. -
BY virtue of the powers and authority
contained in the last. will and testament of
Itlizewatt. EDE, deed:, [now offer for the
Carlisle IrOrk: Works .
Situated on the Yellow Breeches Creek, 44 miles
east of Carlisle Pa.-The estate consists oca hrst rate
112.011VEllit 41k• alta . VACI2 4
9 -
with - lless Thousand acres of Land.
A newsMERCIIANT MILL with four run of stone,
finished on the most approved plan. About 300 neves
of thwland are cleared and highly oniti rubes!, baring
thereon erected.
Three Large: Batik Barns
and necessary TE NANT I FIOIO . SEk,.The
works are prop by to xe ow Breeches C reek
and the Dulling Spring, which neither fail norfreexe.
There are upon the premises all the necessary work
mens houses, coal houses, carpenter and smith shops,
and stabling built of the most tubstantial
The ore of the best quality and inexhaustible, is
within 2 miler of the Furnace.. There is perhaps
no Iron Works in Pennsylvania which possessesau
perior advantages and offers F ester inducements to
the investment of Capital. Ihe water power is so
great that at might be extended to Loy other manu
facturing purpose. Persons disposed to purchase
will of course examine the property. The terms of
sale, will be made knowts by
Executrix of Michael Ege, de, c'd.
Carlisle, Oct. 19, 1842. "tf-51
Paltimore Patriot, National intelligencer,United
States Gazette. publish in tri-weekly papers, to the
amount of $5 and send bills to this office. .
BaR G•II.,NS :
THE subscriber lute just opened, nett door to M'-,
Elellan's Hotel, a •
His stock of Groceries consists in part of COFFEES,
SEGA RS,`TEAS, FISH, SALT. He also keeps
Dye-Stuffs,and a general assortment of CROCKERY
He ha s just received SO MCI or SHOES & BOOTS,
such as Men's Calfskin Boots—Coarse do. Boys'
Pine inid Coarse. BOots-111en's and Boy's Monroes
—Fine end Cowie Shoes. Also a general assert.;
meat of Ladies' and Children's Shoes of every de.
All articles hi his line will be sold at the lowest
prices, for cash or approved country produce. He
solicits a share of public patronage. '
Carlisle, Oct. 19, 1942. ly-51
Estate of James Reed, deceased. .
NOTICE Is HEREBY GIVEN, that letters
testamentary,on the last will and testament of
JAMES REED, late Of Newton township, Cumber
buid counk, deceased, have been issued, by the
Rmister of. Said County t to the suboriber, residing
in' the bilroliih i of Newrille„. All persons indebted
to the said Estate, are' requested to make payment
irurtiediktely;and thole having &ail& will , prelent .
thetkproperly authentfiatted for settlement, to
• , • .- , JANES' eV:MEW.
.NeWlille;Dotober 11, 1841'." • 6t-51
. . . C
THE subscriber his just opened a lot of New
Goods, consiitintot 'SUPERFINE CLOTHS,
Black,Blue and Fancy colored: Cassinteres ; Cosi•
nets, all colors and
. prices, Merinoes, Mouse de
Laines; Gloves ! }loamy, 5-4 Brown Muslins, for a
bleached do for a fip, flannels from 20 to
25 cents, with a variety of other goods, all of which ,
will bessolOtk r yeryjoy prices to suit the times.
S. .41, HARRIS.•
Carlisle, October 19;1842. .,.
- Boots and. Shoes: -
THE: subiW,ribei; Soplrgi:ehesiiper and bettet
scarce HOOT than-cad be found in Cacliele.
ALSO--Latly's doublF soled hiorocee. and ',kid
Shoes; Ties mid Huskies, superior ardele,togetber
with Hoys' kip'Bi•ogoes, voquies! low priced Shoes,
ohildreiesilke: • M. HARRIS:''
Ektaion of `bireator~.
. .
• ,
'4 n, .. , ~* . .'. Oxittletz SAX
Oct 18,1842 . ' , '
.. .
?ikTOTlefe_isitereby Oren pi) I Nt Stockholders in
this Inititution, that an election wilt he hold at
I a flanking-14665t, on dui third'iklOnolay of Novena
bet next, (beinitko glit : day,of the toontli,)for thir4
teen '
Diresoo' -Se rTO INC en - OVAlcir* ,• . '
." ' '', - react
-' MI $; 90 /kIC Corkkrr. 1
riletke to . Cred
tintAiCk- notlOO the
Atokekg akb•Slottri.ofink: Tloits or.
tie;jand oputity. tbs. tlve;:bbitttfit of the
Vi 110401 6 1. thiiL Ceibniortyr A O
141114 anti .
Rite litblidaithiil4tth day of , NOItOM4
beentikte 00! ttib Marring of WI , aid our Crithfor'oi
at: o 4 - -Couif.4. o Wo in•;•thi" Wallet br Carlisle;
when they
pope. ' WILLIAMYI4OOpft,
' l 4'l! •., aijAikt
,' , 64 I ‘I I 7PreIRLCVr_
Amici i .gpoplAws
( . oet. - 19,-184ift. • . * " . '
trimv!sost _ , toslx
'; ' 'titeroueranickt, eVriblfol i, ,
.. , ,,,,,,4 tit A A- ,-,..,, , ,e,, , ,„ . 4 -4,,, , , 2 ,
..".e V ' ' 4% 1 , •
IWI4 irat 4 PEN! 'Altilt 1 2
tog ourilig Li
preparatiK 4
100 ~ o:laditewitierinid--141k it; eittudAt*
ke s t z i , 4,i01;', it enthralyrtepttntp*t_low omagi
i ti o,,. ~as* than Ifralf3 l l4s,3ooo; o 4kntaPt*Sta
1 ..0
for AO ntitict 1 1 0 illt l 4 o4ol d ahnEllei OkB; 'Citil
tt ettplihtioiOpeillitnile, li 494 44 f
e ftpk t i "
entiatrVand„alay 60 stivied, at,aatnal ' " J "
itiositNis OW In use.; Canfilk4ein(th fAntiOlif'
iiiitdrid fartobelralownlo'comil tirge'Oild'aae;
reolietfaufhakerwpetiouiikit' and' we them
in nnration;,,, .: n v ', ',"'', pr. HARRI S : I
'Carlisle Oatabett.l9►flrAll i 4. 4' . -
~' : it , 51
. „ •,
'lrtillt * VOStal 7
iiisettled accoucta us„ ,little
c Al to Induce. them0;0111 'and iitialY,thealaime,*e
are again compelled bi give - them another lnyitationr
andirnot miniplied 'WO between nowsiodthWEIRST
OF,.-JANUAIIY next, aU unsettled accounts or notes
*ill Olen be placed ro otherbande ter collectiOn. .
Ce4tivaille,.Oatobes 19 3 ,1842.* 9t-51
To 'Owners' of Land
- hiniing a
ciroulatlOn among acid'
auszatait max ip ,I f inciiiter 'and adjidniiig coon.
'O4; cdFixod to inch 'raison. in Cumberland
tO f unty,daiiirouil of disposing 'of their Property, as
an advantageous me dium through which to make
known their intentions. Adverthiements can be
left at the Herald ikiErpoisitor ogler orAddreis.:
id to - 11: - WifITE;111[DDLETON,
• s ancaste , Pa.
tkiiiilol' 1 2 ; t 842,• atzo.
Itrannero find .31erelinosts.
HE subaCriarii itivo Not ice that for all Flour
. mantifiettired at Sick Mill• from sound
Wheat; they will stain!' the Injwiloo—ap also
form Flour froni wheitt,fpntiiiimf npt qjore.tlirn
iiiiifour,th part They wall stand thp,in
apection to all purchasers of Flovir manufactured
artheir mill
Levixcept, Adam Riegle of . Mechanioo:
burg; and v Riegle of Churchlown., No lore
Wheat will be required to make this ,Flodr than
common: Out Mill , and Machinery are now
elfin first raid order;
• October 12,1842, 3t.50
Instruction in the berman and
R. DARSCHAiI i st native of Prussia, begs
~LTI leave respectfully to inform the Ladies and
Gentlemen of Carlisle, that, having 'mined Classes
for the German at the Collogq, he Would also attend
o Classes in .town, both in. German and French,
'either for Ladies or Gentlemen, Satisfactory refer
ences can be . given to the faculty of Dickinson
October 12, 18 , 12. tf-50
TfIE favor with which the etmrse of Lectures de
livered helot.° the alert Fire Company during the
latter part of the last winter, .were received by the
public, has induced' the Company to ptopose - a sec
ond course, to be delivered on the eVenings_of every
second Tuesday, during the coming winter.
' The ent re courie will Consist of SIXTEEN LEC
TURES, on every,variety . of subject in . Literature;
Science and Philosophy. • .
Admittance—tidies free. - Uentlemen PA cents.
'Pickett! for the season, $1,50 cents.., •
Doors open at a, quarter before 7 o'clock ; Lec
ture to commence precitely ht 7i o'clock. -
Tickets to be had at Myers & Haverstick's Drug
Store, Line & Monger's ConfeCtionary Store, Ste
venson & Dinkle's.Drus• Store, and at_ Mrs. Mem
ing's Variety Store; _
.• • V• - •Bc•PALMEVS
graVVIPAili.2lll ,4121.21iRiVirg
No. 104, South Third Street, below Wwlut, near
the Mechanic's klachsnso, Philadelphia.-
August 31, 184titt: • tr.:414
Altar the Ran Road,
HAVE received a splendid assortment of •
which they are determined to sell at the very lowest
cash prices.
September 28, 1842.
- .limos 61, .ciabs: - . -
ANEW supply of fine - Russia - HAIN, just re
ceived. A large lot of Fur, Clotia -- TClette and
Hair Seal CAPSinim opening and for sale, very
low, at the storef ; CIA AS. °GRAY.
Carlisle, Sept. 28, 1841. 'tf-48
, .
. - N E
THE subscriber isjust receivinkitivelt supply of
Goods, among which may be found
Beaver dr Pilot Cloths
and various nthyr Broad Cloths. A great variety of
and other seasonable goods for men's weir.
Also, a general assortment of Mer g.andize for the
Ladies, to which he respectfully calls their attention.
Call and see assoon as possible, as the entire stock
will be sold very cheap for cash.
Carlisle, Sept. 21,1842.
474 (3 7
C . , .
LIPPiNGER 4. • CAILVY, have just
calved an extensive assortment of CLOTHS
CASSIMER.BI and SATTINETS. Wiikit will be
sold at reduced prices.
Shippensburg;coct. 5, 1842. it:49
New Goods', New Goods!
boqght aWIWI rsAtosd priers; an 4 Win ietl *poi
PON EASNichoilisit`,„dian ever. Persons,
wi nt l Pg
barguiis io COTHS„;CAMMERES CA B S'.
TICKINGS,VESTINGS,to. ko. siodoWill
to'coll it this old stind,'East Nigh itrit4, oriposito J.
Wonderlich's Hotel. Y.
- Carlisle; Sept. 211; ta4e. ' tf-4
irk*ell -finished two-story . BRICK HOUSE, ht it
tonvenlent_part-of the Borough, and utit f'
oni.the Cotpt-House, is oared' for rent from the
let of -Ootober ult. Eiiquhv ,of E. D. Now, or
VV:. tr.',SBAIIIOIIK, , t
,1. , ' tf-45
tOMFOIrrARLY no* Mick D . WEL
INO '11017910:, Red reeder!tte. Poe.
lees given
Corliete, Adg.lo.lB4t * 674/..
Jeri' received. sole greoll Gr°und FL° l ;U ' i
at the storeof Ad RICHARDS.
CarlialeOtiair. 24,1849. ' • ' • =
•. • ,
Valuable Buitdiii . ,LOts.,
, 4 ,
• e
mug . ~,,,bo i see,ofrent etriratlslulk
W°l rlekrC'Wnii.iiEltil
glePt° ll4o q.4 : • +, •
• ai111.ti1',1,6414 ‘.•
intialkorevord49 4 o44.4alit u ilwt
Aul - s, chef*. ,
" MAILTRI, , SFAo ll o l .
`tilleisttvg, Apra 29; tem - "tip-21
First Arrival
t3P=wi zatieos:tzfic,l
vszegli nizurr4lo'
.ii_ _ , , , , 1% 1 ZlN#MattrgaillaH
' ' . 7-- ,'.g . -;,,-.., '. • Fetit SALT; _ ,-... , , i. ,-; .
' 7 ,ol3 *Pkitfrerlrr te ' ll l e ilr io l ; 7 1
4‘; .•-`1 t fliiiitf," , , Isti 'Vilest' sWe
4 Tasfl
if , • ''
41/ ,t10 1. 0 114 b 6ri,i .
•-,4,-- . a v, ovic ,_____,,,_
f t
iork4iiic irikAOATENTElolob,.ibtiit 1.25
spfintofsWhittli**ololfrettaild a ltiWillitte 0. r , 1
wit#,ThotAilidithiiiogdui, , ,iii
4 **i-with thAv•
o ; iiiiitiii. - ,lhe ilieproveritiliii ilia ie.; ';- ' • 1'
, .... .vt. T3Y,a irrpityr. ; ; ...,i, , .0 ~_..., „
Liu ,,,.1 ,, ,..,
Im It 2, ~ .
ORTOETtAtidarlfi •_.....--:-..L ,
frame Rarni-withivtikett shed antit6iii,Crili:iind
it tiff yotintrZth'riviiig OROIIARIt; with choice ,
tilt Areas, , The, farm is Weill canted :With Lo.
1 (mat linlber, end has lilminber: be herer.failing
springs of , Wattir 4iir the'tloort
[ , : Tbeobbire tit iitioned,tract !sail LIMESTONE
tLAW mill to' n A healthy neightibrhood, within
wit inilekofearlislevand one mile from the Cum.
berlanit: Valley' Rail ;Road adjoining lands of
John VViinderlltili and John Noble, and bordered
by the Canodeguinet m •
An indisputable title. will be given --for, terms ,
apply to the oaks:wilier. . ~ . .
' _ , •JOI - IN FISEIBURN, Sen.
October 5, 1849. • 3t.49
•DHE subscriber offers for sale, On accommo.
dating, terms,
1311tAT1221 tbalgrarci
Containing 170 ACRES, more or less—with a
HOUSE 4118,11A11111 thereon erected.
FEB The land is jn a good ststp of cultivation,
Vlll well watered and under good fences..
ideres Wood Land.
Both parcels lying and being in Mifflin township,
Cumberland county, six miles West of Newville
and four Rath of Now burg.
, ,Ahy peram wishing to purchase will cell and
examine the premises; *hen thO terms will tie
made 400,- , W. STEVENSON:,
August I 0; 1842: . 4emly-47
, ,„,,AIO„TALCZIE.4 •
korai or xatnign - lieeir deceased
rriHE siibecritirr fir ieby, tiveti
that he, will attend in the borough of Newville;
on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thuesday, the Id, 3d
and 4th of October net, for the purpose, of settling
up the estate 'of NATHAN - itHEO, - late .o said
borough, descried. Those knowing , themselves to
be indebted to said deceased, either by bond, note or
book account, are requested to be then and there pre
tiareil to make payment, and those haying claims
will preicot their-duly-authenticated for' settlement.
- • ; AdMinistrator of Nathatylleill. • •
September 21,1842. • St-47
ALL persons residttag in Cumberland County
having claims on the Pomrnonwealth;through
my hands as Brigade Inspector, from the 3d of
August, 1835, up to the 3d of A ugust, 18.12, are
hereby notified and. adiised to. make 'such claime
knoWn to. me, otherwise - they may lose them for,
ever. , ,
Constables.having in their hands military war-
rants are also notified to come forward. and settle
the same, on or before the November Court, other
wise Stilts will be immediately institiftedegainst
them fot "double theitmount . ofiuTersiiirrinni. -
, .• W. FOULIc_,-
Into Brigade Inspector -
Carlisle, Oct. 12, 1812._ • • 3t.50
P. S. All persons having served as Judge or
Clerk to an election for Volunteer' Officers, since
the 19th ot March, 1830, arc entitled to pay at
the : rate of one dollar each per day. IV: F.
. Cumberland 'Volunteers.
YOU are ordered to parade at the house of Maj.
!locket, on the turnpike. on TUESDAY the
18th of OCTOBER next, at ten o'clock precisely.
Completely egitipt ftm drill, (summer dress.)
- ' WM. 'WOODBURN, Col. Comfit.
• September 28, 1842. • tp-48
Big Spring Adamantine Guards!
YU-amordered to parade on TUESDAY,
the 18th of OCTOBER inat., at the house
of Major Haeket,oa the turnpike, one mile West
of Stoughstown, coMplatily armed'and equipped.
By order of the Captain.
S. SHARP, 0. S.
October 5, 1842:
Journals and Reports.
September 29, 1842.'
METE Journals of the Senate and House of Re
presentakives of Pennsylvania, and the Re.
ports of the State Treasurer and Auditor General
for 1842, have been received at this office, and
ate ready_for delivery_ to those entitled to - fteeive
them. JOHN IRWIN, Cl. to Com'rs.
October 5, 1892. . 3t.49
To School Dire c tors.
' September 29, 1842.
HE several Boards of School Directors in
Jt. the county, aro hereby notified that the
Eighth Annual Report of the Superintendent of
Common Schools, has been received at this office;
and will be delivered to those entitled to receive
them. • JOHN IR W iN, Cl; to Com'rs.
October 5,1842. • ' • •
ALL persons incielited to the Estate of MAIL
TIN G. RUPP4 who was decreed a Bank.
rapt, 3Mic 20; 1842; gill inake,ilayment to the
undersigned Assignee of said bankrupt, on,ol
fore the Ist day of January, 1842.
P. F. EGE,
Assignee in Bankruptcy of Martin G. Rupp.
Mee opposite the Carlisle Bank. .
Carlisle, Oct. 5, 1842. • • 3m.49
Six Cents Rcsvard;
. ,
ANAWAV froirt the ditbdciiber an indented
lA, Colored verdant , boy named GEORGE
HOOKER. Alt persons are forewarned not
to harbour said boy or trust him opp my,iiecount.:
Any Vermin taltins bitn 'up and returning him to
me; wit} receive the above reiiiiid--.but no charges
Will be paid;
- r >rlEl itY DUFFIELD.
darfiele, Oct. 5;1842: , 31*-49
IWHEREAS, John B. ilkpricar of: ihe BorJ
ouo of Newrille, Cumberland county;
Pa.; has Obtained from. tho Fitibsaribers, emote of
hind dated 2Pilt September; 18.0; for Sixty •Dol:
late and forty : five canto, payable in ihnle months
ever date with f intsrest;.and yritheiri arty; for
which he gore only'fifty flolfars and forty:fitio cte.
The public are t hereby, cautioned; limn thb the
ehase of.. said mite r :as . We -are deternitiie4 not to
spq r More than the lap requiresi sueh cases; un.
*Fs °the/Wise compelled. , ° •
- Bewton township:
October 5, 1842. . 8t:419
. lATlteatfield :ractor3r
Fpojirtftiariatilic itii4 profitable ritiblrotir
•is for rent. It Is smelted rent% '1 own top,
rig ,county, in is flourishing husinessominifunity—
about onti mile from Petereburgand the Susquehanna
It will be ,rented :on the most reasonable
tettdi- ,, krr %shish,. andlem !any other information iij
relation to the same, OW to ffte•Pkt , Prittaiii 2 10'
h)ll*.fltitlittremisese - , ,
; C614044.4184q4 Aso
',101 4 : 4 ; 6 4 4 ;t: *it Ataats6 -
and 461,1n010ry
pint/MIX kitkitti the' 'ittil44-:`0144
When eornnientred ',184110118E 'MIND
1111 •illOtt`Yari°" 10110 hM 0 1 014 4 101 i b 7 -0 1 i 101 4 1'
teutioq to busking end moderato ofturgo, 10.1 0 _ 14 1
and t eoeivo shale ,olf, pollor Polsoooll o - nitt
chop RPtATects rear a' Me'
!moo Drugetolo4 - r 0 •
Calliete Oct:l2, 1842 ' • ' ly-50,
First Regiment
„ „sitionrrs-smws-----
,app***dpia..4 prAbe.yo,sl.o.Poz
10.0 o,94o§coind f olty,:, 11. goo
tubtiwnic.# Vier* ulna's* , liorinigtt of
Cirltilefienil3lVrtl DATE e4tOdavollif,"#,W4t
BERAt'. ll ; 4B4 O;' t.Ap . osibi* tbik T .,
206/011.roeritit.41) •
illetee'Oriesa,linunded bYtantla
of ,sirj Eittnanrho3VagueriEl44andelient!.
4 . 06 0 0. i
- 7;1 - : to g ,* g o, •
10* 'tel‘Pao.4ePettPti,es. the PropertYofJe.r ,
tio” lira,: *m010.11' 4 6 J ‘ eseph N . orth and. An
di4*-Pretith'' titre tenants • •
i r ie l Itiit 3 0E G round -
ia t um q i q Sktnightigb,of bounded ~on, the
Nertthk ; leadtog to , the hail, Road
Dep , on the West by At tht6of,49lni Davidivan, On
the Swab f raitdn and Galbraith, on the East by
another lot of Joileph, Otto;b4pg 80 feet in, front,
and 180 'feet bfdettr the parne, mire or less.. .
: of - Groblid,
situate in,„the borough of ;If econtaining .42
feet tkiiieheit in. breadth; and 220. feet in depth,inore
orilnYV'boilnded by' ill loCiarJohit Bricker, on the
East; by alti feet Minion - the South,
. 1 31 1 ,0 0 theritot
of Joseph Otto on the - West;' End ) Eoad street on
the'porth, having diereon erected a t*o atoll -
. . ,
R ,Clifki-R.,011-114 E
and frame back building.
Also, .A. Lot of . Gro.und •.•
in the borough, of Ne , kville containing 42 feet 8
inchea in breadth and 220 fee; in depth, more or less,
bounded on the North by Rail Road street, on the'
West by Reiekialt Roads, on the South by a 4 20 feet
Alley and on the East by , the above described, 14;
havidg thereon erected a frame Shop one storyitigh.
Seited And taken in mceintiott,ai the Property of
Josepli Otto. And to bl sold by me
• PAUL MA IttlN, Sheriff.
Sheriff% 011iee, Carlisle, Sept. 21;11142: ts-47
- -
It,Y. ;Mine of a writ of r Venditionl F l xptinas to nae
directed, will be exposed- to p ublic sale, on
SAT U IiDAY, the . fith day of 'NOVEMBER, A. D.
)842, at ten n'cloclr, A. M. the following described
Real Estate, to -wit: . , .
situate in the borough of ShipPensburg,, containing:
64 feet 4 inches in breadth, and .268 feet iri depth,
More or less, adjoining a lot of John Mutiny .on the
West, Main street on the North; Jacob Culp on the
Bast, and on the South by a fourteen feet alley,, Seiz
ed and .taken in execution as the iiroperly of John
Also, A tract of Land, situate in North Middle
ton township, Cumberland county, containing sixty
tier4 - ititire or less, a . djoining lands of Jacbb. 'Wag
goner and others, haring thereon erected a two story
Stone HOUSE and tog; Barn. Seized and taken
in execution as the property of James 'frown, and
to be sold by me
PAUL MARTIN, Sheriff.`
Octobei• 1842: S - Bt-50
• •
•) T, , •
:,. at Commonzveulth of Penn-
Aylvaiiia; .to Lut#er Davis;.
• ~ ", . 0 ' .Greetirig - •
WHEREAS, l4ary Ann Davis by her
V.V , father; and next friend John T. Kepler; on
the teeth, tlay,:of January!A. D. 102; - preterred w
Petition to , the.,Judges . of, the ~Court 'of,Common
t'leas of Cumberland county,,.praying that for the
.causes therein' set forth; she might, be divorced from
bonds of matrimony entered ato,, the
said: Luther Davis,. and the , said :Judges ,halln
awarded a` subpoena, we commend
. you as we have
heretofore eoromautled you, that setting aside all paw
ex-business and excuses whatsoever; and befit your
proper person before our Judges sit Carlisle, at our
county Court of Common Pleas there to be held the
second Monday, of November next, to answer the
Petition or Libel.of the said Mary Ann Davis by
&o. and show - cause if any you have- why the said
Mary Ann . Davis lour , wife shill not :be.: divorced
from the bonds of matrimony agreeably to the Acts
of Assenahty in 'snob case made andprovided, and
hereof von are not to fail. Witnes,s Samuel- Ilep
bur*X-sq. at Carlisle the tenth day of October, A.
D. 1142. For George Sanderson, Proth'y. •
JOHIC ' sat.
- . PAUL MARTIN, Sheriff.
HE subscriber, in returning hie-sincere
thanks to his friends and the customers for
tlieir favors thus far bestowed upon him, takes
pleasure in• informing thorn that ho is still 'im
pend to execute any and every order they may
stand in need of in his line, as respects thb finish
ing of NEW
or the repairing of old ones, at hls Coach &
Harness Manufactory in Carlitile t
and hopes from an earnest desire to please all Who
may be disposed to give him a call a to merit a
continuance of their customs and. offers the .fol
to farmers and dealing men generally. On ac
count of tho scarcity of .money; the undersigned
is induced to hold out to every man inopportunity
of purchasing a Carriage for . •
for' which will be taken the following prn \ dildp and
merchandize, to wit:
iron, Lumber, Wood, Coat, Flour,
Corn, Oats, Wheat, Rye,
and any and every kind of gtore Goods, or almost
any kind of trade going; Now is your chance
Farmers, call in and. look for yourselves; you who
bad, en'excese for not Wending; Chinch or visit.
your friela4s, there is no excuse for. yoring t Old,
lame, blind, or those without' CARRIAGES:
Brass and Silver Plating -.
~ . .
of all kinds, dime it the guided notice; in the
neatest manner; and on the most reasonable terms.
Pitt street, South iff nigh; id' the rear of the Me
thodist Eplayopal, Ehnrch, and immediately op
posibi the romance Of, Mr. John Noble,
(0 -Old Carriages taken in, exchange foe new
ones, and Repaying dorm with. nestnasA and de
spatch, and on veil reasonable iernis;,
Tleaso Rum give me a. call arang Bits .iest
Of the Coach Makers. *, I will be ploalied•itisee all;
and acknowledge my, th:anks for their patioCago.
AUgUst 24, 1842:. tl-43
ITIHE ittigkiibet half just recei4ed a
splendid assortinent of
and Wier articles iu his line--aniongWhieh R iqt o
first quality No: i fresh MACKEREL..
isrt in hal( and quarter , berm's; **,Bo. ,aanahaat
ItKlNtwe •
ew Vriestos and Porto Theo linnstAitti heat
quidity. Itefrneifideisbed ItO IVAarSVig; Lump
and Lnal SUGAR* .aciirra , 14" uperior
A new lot of CUEVAIM;first-ttite:T
An addltionnl,supplio RIO and 3 Va COrii
niter Sperm and VVhttic GIZA
Sliertn, mould mid erimmint AIyDLES!
best irsitity. • .
Pine and - Ororind Alum !SALT; bj the bushel
and - ' •
.tt sulitilt of froth SPIVESi ground and un-'
Pine Al monil;Palmi CU'rtilo attifotlier qualities:of
So AP: suitable for stmetng s washing s tee.
Those with all.Utliett line, the sub
atwitter ii pretared to' sell 'on the , nungt atktonniiodar!
tlng • terror, at hirol4 eitindi Weal blank ofrent
JASON - .W,. any. •
, 6 hi ' liCbigitilli . lf . ) , i i ,
... cj,Sinr- • O.+ 14'.1,i. all ERIN I/ '
t ' I s tf s 1. 41i1 11 ' • ,r , , ' 4 ,
, - ;-4.44 teinit‘ , APttt • ,
;Aio' t' . :* olOr 1440 11*„:1 01 0 0 .....# 0 ,F ll , 4i,
ta 11, - ; ardl - . . •
gspEcTrut4t isforino-tha vitt soksto.qt 4:41)..:
otsids d its 'vittitt*:titint al ie -."4l!:4,lmill)list
Milikoll 4, 840rAiiIiiiiiit
el, ,1174- .,.7. - ., , , ..,..,., , aN, *"
.". ' W043 , 1101* Og - IR: Kalil Ins•'•',( 1 1 , ,•
`Ail D'i . Viatit,D4 ONO 1 . . A 1 , 1 1Y S:e OU11.!!!‘r4
in 01l iltaVlikihibSvietteli• . gilhe'iql*7 tat Rile ii i trf ,
residOnte in c htut ' A ' An l4 4l tr altu t E r ß itt ! t 4 isiiiit °
where !silt will' be than 1 ;re I'. ,•.;!' . . ~ • t
ted in it nest and ftindsoute tiNuurr., ' ... ,1.
Vatlitk, Sept. fill, 1114.7., i '•-•-•,„ ut..4q
- • 6 •
A 'kottiti '01360 e Oa . sl,Certifieitte un
tdl be, MO .
RODER.'P' • -01CiPP03.0; S terell " t, • •
•• ' : 4ikberbuid
anCPUltidArithe73olll - dat. ot
utitoictskolyi, 4. 3:1„ oa t apppletc4.. qrr ' bea ring
thereof befftra thedsahr CeurfAtlngia ankruptcy,
At,lbelto* CPurA 11 4 0 Mt Ott Plailadel
phia, w ea jut), where }he. yip:Mari of the iajd
litionee, who haie ppved
,theilKnebts44ol other
peFapas hAntekest, play,Apelpe,and ,idioue.tbatase; Jr '
any they . hskieor,hy .stiehßischaftoi mat o',2lilleata
.should net be granted. • 1 . 1 ••• ',_ •
r•Jidilik t P 6 PktAii ;
, • • erle Motet caUrt r •-• •
Opt, . ' 10.50
- TIC ...,. .
A liiliTici ' . ibi; ii4.;i3cotit iir illeciiiinkriipi •
jil k ,. Law; hai been Gled,tho Ilif of Ocfdlier,lB44,hy
,0E,00111ir,, -- '''''':Comblelood co.
JOSIIVH 4 :OTTO, Catrfielder ' dna. Cabinet.
maker, .y' ; ,; • ,,,;,,..-' • . ' -::-: '' , '7fPittelierland co.
' Which :Vetition will ice i4si , l'aerotv oio?Distriot
Coon of the UOted States fitiqbe• Eastern'Thstriot
of. Ponnayliania, .sitting' inlhick lll _o l l;^ l ¶be Dis
trict Court ,roonl lo the , .City , of ; Philatlclphia.' on,
AWAY the 43.404 rroyEMßEß'}teat, 1844,
at ti.o'cloisk....B..,M.,:wpcl) And ighere. all Demme hi?
terelded nuty-apkap andeahipi'eause; It any ? they
htive,lviay theprayer of,tho said Pctitionahobld not
granted, and the said: Fetitipner he declared Bank. •,.-
ruck. •' ....
.. , ,.. ,C F., i r RA.S.,II.OPIEINSON;
- • , •lerlr. of, the: District Co urt.
P,liil. Oct. I; 1444:..
• AlgorAT ,
. 4 P41:01;4 . SAMUEL
G MG. duly verifies, that'DANIEL P.
SCHEDBAHN . ;Afer,cIoint. ,aild *Miler olltler-;
chandize, of Curcherlai3tl . County, may he .declared
Bankrupt:,,: I'V Petition willbe heard before the.
Distri4 (kink °film United States for the Eastern
District of PennaYlitinli t sitting in Dankruptcy, at,
the District Ciiult I Wtm in the City of Philadel phis k
on FRIDAY the dtli day. of ZiOVDM HER neat,l 842,
at 11,o'clopk, A t AL wheit,and where all persons in-,
wrested may appearandahow cause,if any they have,
why the prayer Of the said Petitione. should not be
granted t andthe D'an'iel P. Scherbelin declared
Bankrupt. • 1..,
•• • I • I• Clerk of the District Court.
-Phila. Oct. 1;1149. St-419
pETtTIIINS for Discharge and Certificate tinder
the Bankrupt taw,hare been fi led by ,
ADAMt won :Stone Bon, individual
ly and ai a member of the firm of Maury
'& Zeiggler t ' Cumberland county.
GP.QII, 4.1 X. BALL, late Merchant, now', •
Shoemaker and Agent, Cumberhunteounty.
and Teeitlay 4 the -6th-day—of-December next, at t
O'clock, Is appointed for the hearing thereof,
before the said Court, sluing in Bankruptcy, at the
District Court ROOM in the city of Philadelphia,
when and where the creditors of the said Petitioners
who . have proved their„debis, and all other persons
in interest, mey_appear_and , show-caulei - it - titiy they
have, why such Discharge and Certificate should hot
be granted.
*RAS: 110PKII5g0N,
• " Clerk of the District Court.
liii t ileptentber; 17: 1842. r 10t-47_
... :, ,-. • - . ,
aETNlClNSfnr:Discharge and caiiiii- .
cate under the Bankrupt Law have been filed
by' . -__ . ,.......rp. , F-J-4.------
MARTIN G. RUPP, late Merchan. t.' • . ._
Cumberland County.
JOSPoPft .PRY.. Cabinet Maker now . •
Laborer, Cumberland County,
and TUESDAY the 6th day of December nextat I
o'clock; A. M. is appointed for - the hearing thereof,
before this said Court, sitting iff - Bankruptcy, at the
District Court Room; in the City of Philadelphia t
when and where die. Creditors of the said Petition
era; who have proved their debts, and , all other per
sons in interest, may appear, and show cause, if any,
hey - have, why such Discharge and Certificate should
,not be granted
Clerk of the-Dlstriet Court.
Philadelphia; Sept. 24 ; 1844. - , • 10-48
. .
ETITIONS for Dischargro-and Certificate
under thu Bankrupt Law have been tiled by
I LLIS FOULK, Clerk of Court of •
Quarter Sessions, Oyer & Terminer &
Orphans Court and Recorder of Deeds,
JOSHUA OGILBY, lute Merchant of
Lockport lately trading in Company with
Charles F. Mitchell, under the firm of ,
Joshua Ogilby, • 'Cumberland Bounty.
JAMES MeMATII; late Merchant Tailor. ,
now Agent; . Cumberland county:
and FRIDAY the 4th day of NOVEMBER next;
at 11 o'clock, A. M. to appointed for the hearing .
thereof; before the said Court, sitting in Bank-.
ruptey, at the District. Court Room, in the City of
Philadelphia; Often end where the Creditor's of the,
said Petitioners, who have proved their Debti,apd
all-other persons in interest, may appear and show,
cause, if any they have, why such Discharge and
Certificate sinoild not be granted.
kite. S t HOPKINSON,
• Clerke of tho District Court.. ;
Philadelphia, Aug. 13, 1842. • 10.42
• WO rICE.
• P ,
.OTITIONS for Discharge mitt Clerti.;
ficate under the Ifankrtipt Law have been fit:
ed by • . , • -
WILLIAM SNODGRASS, late Merchant; ,
now Tobacconiat, Cumberland county:
JACOB GORPAS, formerly , of of Lancaster
eountv, Merelhant, . Cuinberland county.,
and FRIDAY the alai of QCTOBER -nester-11 o'-
clock, At: M. is appointed for the hearing thereo
fore tale said Court, sitting in Dankruptcy,atthe Dia:
trict Court Rooid hi the Gityof Philadelphia; when,
and Where the Creditors of the said Petioners„ who
have proved, their Debts, and all other,persons in ip
terest,mayppCsi and stow cause, if any thev have.
why such Discharge and. Certificate should - not be
granted: • PitA,S; kIOPKIF,SON,
Clerk of the District court i
• 10:41`
pEI'iTiONS fbr rtilcharge aria, Ceramic'
under the Bankrupt Lw;bave been filed by
SAMUEL GIVEN; late Merchant and •
Manufacturer, , . Cumberl and county:
JESSE BAUMAN; Machined, and .Iron • •
Founder, • ', Camberland county:
JOHN. GRAY, ludividnala and um mem:
bee of the late firm of ray end
man Iron . Master, , Cumberland county.
ABRAHAM H. PIOLLif* late Mee
' chant of the firm of Egolf. •
• now Clerk,, Camherland con*:
JOSEPH MOMititi TinUier. Currier and_
Farmer; • , • •••• Cumberland canny:
C. • ' DAViEk. date .Merchant, now • •
Chair Makeri • • • •
_Cumberland co u n t y:
and • MONDAY the, 21st darer NOVEMBER.
next, at 11 o'clock; A. -M. is
,appointed for, the
hearing thereof, before the. Said, Court, Shang In
Bankruptcy, at the . . District• Court Hoorn in the
City, of ?hdadelphia; r ho*and where the
fora or the satd-PetitioMirs, , attahm+e•profed their
,bebis,And alVotherlionloriis -th-friiiieikerfkritm ' -
pear and oho* Mense,;leatty they harp;triitsuh
Discharge and Certificate should riot ter:granted:
. • , ' , .FRASAROPKINSON, '
• ; • Clerk of the DlitiletCeurt;
Philadelpitt- Sept: '5,:1845? '
ciiiiirr rittititiAlvitimv.
leiltll4RtikMeth a the ken. Sitivii. fissairiwpre:
, went .19,dgik of th, Court • otiCroMmon
P ds of the Indic:fat tlistriiMeCrannaP
iabiei and the .110111.TOni IhnalaT MO as
13;, : 14 . 05eenr-14011d Canifak'Onntento
pleas Cur the naPatii Or Vinibeatidi hiteLlik.ued
thiAr pr;lcepi beitr . !?l dal! i qtlirklithil4ro4 Aloic,
12 . 4•2„i and an - ' - 'mine ail Oman •''
441 yet• and
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d-. 0,„,,,,,
etainet Abet
r, Detester k
, , tie_ -
41842anOni v and "
--.)w -
•xii• , • - fkil.Nii 3 O*,,
~.: ~ , , , 7.: ~ v,‘,# 4 o7l,ll(kri,N,l3hetfiT.
October 2'iB4 ));','; , • te ,ro
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