Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, September 14, 1842, Image 2

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'T , lreq#Fsdittif, 'Sep. :I 4,•.1. 8.42.
To provide tcvonoe from imports,- and to change
'....'.and.'inoilify:existinklais,.iiiiposing dodos on
_..intpot:tsiAnd for:otlx6r-Orposes.!
ntoM, OUR LA7.]
Btls.'"Odfitrif of all..kimli • os the skin; undressed,
r, five periasittiturad valorem . ; on tiers dressed on the
skin, mantle hatter's' fdes; Pitetlier dressed or un
dressed, iiof^ein the skin, twenty'-five per centum ad
• valorena ;;Tur :haps,. caps, •mtiffs,;tippets and .other
nianulectures of fur not specified„thlrtplive !tercels
, kens: valorem,; 'het. bodies, fromei, •or fells,
.Manrifinitured,notpnt in form or' trimmed or other
' wise,tiventy-five pee Penton' .ltd .valoreia ; lists' of
2.,sktool,'lntebMlie4 , felts made- in whole or in part
at,0 . 0 l e ei g hteen Ml cents each. •-
; hats, and; bonnets •for .rnen,• women and
;•chadren; from Panama; Manilla, Leghorn, Naples,
or elsewhere, composed pf satin, straw, ehip, grass,
pelat-leaf, ratan; willow, or any other vegetable
substatice„er of, hair, whalebone, or other material
'..not iither,Wise specified, a 'duty of thirty-five per cen-.
tom ad4alorerin • Provided,•That all flats, lwaids„
plaids,' speller°, or 'willow sipmees, used for making
_ • 'miser Mintier.% shall-pay-the-same rate of duty. n 4,
inalMfactueed. hats or bonnet.S.l •'. • •
'loth. On all ornamental:-feathers and -artificial
- flowers, ,or part thereoc • of whatever material corn
. posed,- hair bracelets,- Chains; ringlets, curls; or.
;braids,- Iminan hair, cleenad and prepared for use,
.and on-fans of every description, twenty-fiye per
("emu in ad valorem on all -ham. human
.or other
wise, mieleaned mid manufactured .item per centum
: • airvisloreM; - on heir Cloth .or', seating;-and- or hair
!l, belts-Mid hair gloves,- twenty.vp: . per- centum ad
• valorem ;on curled 'hair and rheas, for beds and
Yriattresies„ten per centiim'ad4alOretui . on feathers
• for - lie-dB, and on downs of all kinds,,:twenty-five per
centum ad
,valorem; on India rubberliil-cloth, web
, hing, shoes, braces or suspenders, or.ollter fabrics
or manufaCtured articlescompinied wholly or in part
of India rubber, thirty per centum, valorem:. Pro- 1
vided . ,That bracei or sospituders of that material,
not exceeding in value two dollars per dozen, shall
;le valued .at two dollars per dozen, and pay duty.
accordingly. 00 all clocks, twentj-five per centum
iiifoi.e - rim - surou - glaziers? - diamonds, -- when Set,
twempSfiSe per centum led vnlorem; on ship or box
:•chronometerowenty per •centuni, ad, valorem;;. and
on watches, dr parts of watches, and wet:ehMaterials
not specified, savor and a . ./aelf: per centum ad valo
rem; on diamonds, seven and a lailf•Per,emitum _ad .
valoreni; on, crystals of glass for watchis;•and-on
glasses or pebbles for spectacles or eye glesses i when ,
• not set, two' dollars per, gross; on gems, pearls or
precious . _ stones,. seven per'-centurn ad valorem ; on •.'
imitations thereof, end compositions ofglassorpeste,
ton .camoes and imitations thereof, and on mosaics
trot specified, of whatever materials composed. wise.'
Alier-rusl or imitation, set or not set, seven and a half
per cerdum ad valorem; on jewelry composed of
• gold, silver or. platina,, and 'gold and silver leaf,
-twenty perCentum- ad valorem; on planed -or
• ,itnitationjewelry,and Patch metal its leaf, twenty
live per centum ad valorem; on Scagl loin table - fops;
-and table tops of marble or composition, inlaid with
precious - .stones or small pieces of composition,
. position, whets inlaid with various colored marbles,
- .and on alabaster and soar ornaMents;thirty, per cem.
.tum ad valorem; on manufactures of services, vea
-sels and wares of all kinds, not whet wise specifi , ,,d,
of silver or gold, or of which either o f those
shall he a component material of chi f va.'.lle; vase
_ therplain, chasial E dngraVed or emboss.rd,uu ad Va
lorem duty-of thirty per centum. ' •
ot wond,-pot ^otheryviiie
11. Oli ell Manuflietures'
• specified; thirty per centum ad valorem: Povitleti,
"Flea boards, planks, staves, w in tli n t, s , h ewn or
sawed timber, unwrought staves, and Al other de
scriptiona of wood which studl have been wrought
into shapes 'that fit them ,, respectively, for any spe
cific and pernianent eine Without further manufacture,
- shall he deemed anll takes' as manufacturell wood,
-- and 'pay duty accordingly; and on tinier-to be used
in budding wharves ,and fire wood, twenty per cent.
nd valoremi • Providud, also ; That rough boards,
plain ks; sin ves, scantling and sawed timber, not planed
nor wrought into any shapes for Use, shat I pay a daty
of twenty per custom ad valorem: And Provided
!fertile'', That rose wood, satin wood, mahogany - rind;
sP.oil shall pay a duty of fifteen per centum
nil valorem, on walking canes and sticks, frames
and sticks for umbrellas, for parasols-and for sun
shades, cabinet wares or household flirniture not
otherwise specified, musical instruMents of all kinds,
Oarrisir,es....and - thereof," thiirry per centumandProvided, also, That strings for musical
' instruments, or catgut or whipgul, and
,all other
strings or thread of materials, shall pay a
duty of fifteen per centum ad valorem. •
13th. On ttionansif4ctured marble in the rough,
slab or block, twent3' five per centum ed valorem;
pr marble busts or statuary, not specially imported,
as herein provided forottid all other. manufactures •
of marble not specified, a duty of twenty per cen
tum ad valorem; on slates of all kinds, l'l''g tiles
and bricks, twenty-five per canton; ad valorem; on
baskets and other maiiiiiictures,"not specified, of
grass, strew, ozier or willow,and palm leaf, twenty
five per centum ad valorem; on wax, amber or com
position beads, and all. odd - beads not otherwise
enumerated, and shell or fancy bakes not-otherwise
specified, twenty-;five per contour ad valorem; on
combs for the hair; of whatever material composed,
twenty-five per centum ad on ad valorem; on brushes
brooms of all kinds, thirty .per centum ad valorem;
mid 00, bristles, one cent per pound; on dolls and
toys of every description, of whatever material or
materials composed, thirty' per centum ad valtsrerm
on metal buttons of all kinds; thirty per cesium ;std
valorem: Provided, That alt such, buttons, not ex
ceeding in value •one.' dollar per gross, shall be -va
lued at one' dollar, and be charged with duty -ac
cordingly; on all pther buttons, mid on all button
monlsls, of whatever material composed, twenty-five
per centum ad' valorem; Provided, That lastings,
prmiellas, and similes. 'fabrics, not sipccified ; when
imported in strips,pieces, .or patterns, of the size
mid shape suitable for_the Manufacture exclusively
Mittons, shoes or' bootees, and that mohair or
worsted cloth, black linen canvati,figured.antin,and
figured or brocaded, or Terry velvet, when imported
in strips; pieces, or patterns, of the size and shape
suitable for the manufacture explusively of battons;
tortoise shell-;horns arid- teeth, and horn and bonei•
tips, shell be admitted) to 'entry at a duty of five per
centum sect valorem; otherwise' to bei subject,' to the
rates of duty elsargeableton. Morn, •fiesp.ectively,.ao- ..
• Carding to their component materials.
Section 6. And-be -it' fdrther enatted, ;That feom•
and afterthe passage of this actobere shall be levied;
Mdlectetlatid paid, cm the importation of the articles
hereinafter mentioned, the felleWieg rates of duty;
that is to say:
On white or. red , leads, llitharge, or acetate or
cromate ollead, dry or ground four cents per
pound; on whiting or Paris white, and all'ochres or
ochry earths used' in
,the composition of painters'
color, when dry-one cent per- pound,'hen ground
in oil ' one cent and a 'half per pound; on sulphate
Of •barytes,- one hitlf cent,Per . pound; on. kinseed,
hempseed, and rapeseed oil, twenty-five cents per
gallon; on putty, one cent and' half per pound..
sectien 7. And be"it further enacted, That from
. and after the passage of lists' net, there shall be
and. paid; on the importation ofithe
artieleS hereinafter mentioned, the, following rates
bf ditty,,that is to say,:
/ Ist., On hank, folio, quarto post - of a Linda, and
iettisr ,tind hank ~note, paper, ~, seVenteen :edeta per
pound en antiquarian, denty„draWing, elephant,
slonhle elophont 4 foolscap, tumerial, medium; pot,
pith, royal; .aud..writing paper,, fifteen
s..cents'per-pcitindir; ou. copperplate, b l otting; copying,
:colored, for -labelii,.eolored,for - ouelli.s, marble or
t iuuy, colored, Omer paner, morocco paper. pasteL
'Board;pressing, b oard,stintl, paper, .ttalue . paper, quit
sdl other gold or silver wilier; Whether.tu sheeta or :
itrips,twelve and a half cents per pound; "on %Aimed,
statnersilkitt,',ten . Await
etrnbiiidErs".7ll - 43iti'dti;
... 91c7,,b0aa - 8 , mill
• hoards, paper makers! hoards, sheathing;" wrapping,
and csttrulge : mmer,llirec,cents.t,er poundl..and on
101,0411er envelojias, ?Whether 'Plaid; ornamental:or
Voloretl; . and allhillettl - imi or fancy, note paper,
Whetoior form: or siaer;.when of ham' size than let
paper,,thirty-per ieentutn"ad:-valoreM; on music
: 'fines, and ofilitiper"-,gilt 'or Covered 'with
Metal other tilt gold or paper -Amur hoies,
ja,Panued,'or'..l; t, japitined;and other. fancy; piper,
"centtutt 'ad- .valtireMOtnt',all
taller hangings Or pariei• for'lereentt br fire lidirds,
per;centuat bn all blinlo'gr
twelve!cents" per pound; on playing
4 :ardi;lW6ity-fiVe _Cents per /Packi, ..blankPOOks
;" - Wliehliathiditwenty:eeidiperpoititd; When onbOttnd;
fifteitit'Whli,per pouttd;- alhintrelnenteed-Veliq
:Oti,asees , eltin.'and itathition.lhereof;
A(llvalayO'nii!,lnk; avid ink powdortoralli c i q d f6 tiSen r
per'eenhiniAd4oldremi-ituillalirepai•ed or
..;lia,,iiith,olviec,-.tilin4Aqii6i46tientunied- valorem;
OntiktuititsetUradifitiee l i In v
v•itorentvddAtga inateradi
.waste sbolfily o,s,tintirter Stf•ptte- 'cent per 'enturedrittett,fifidelixetitsperlinund e
Ott All :bonktfprinte(l:i4l,l4 Angltabf- tangling/4:
r. , ;;;4giiWhilitellEhailstskitoitll i tt it ityftVltetr•
thirty - oents per poUtMei.i
tniepty Cents per ninth : Previt e
the importer shall prove to'
ellectf:r when t i t vtlatlS'itrtienteredllttil in
,5 ‘.‘ Edam
.*7-7 ,- .... , ... , i•7*.s---- , :-.. , ...11 1 A5r0rw ...• - i'''••• ,,--. 9- -, , ---- :tr --,-- .. - .' , .- , : - .
hOeitt lite beeicirrifitellloll , .Wilishefialitioall*re.
tbin - ,Ptie.year;and nbt *p:UNllihedlin thittiriptudrY,'
or hati , been printed and publiShediibroadttiore ditto
five - yeara, beforC:atiefiimporttitiory, then kititin Such.,
•enie' skid. - books shalt lib :admitted' tit one 4ialfltie;;!
above rate of dirtiest Provided, That the sai4einiti!
of oneyenr and five years, shall .in no Pase.comininCe
or he computed at, a nil froM i Nday before Abe .passisig
of thiSact; o n all hooka Printein Latin o -Greek', which either . language ' forms the text, svlren:
' bound; fifteeareents pee.pound; when imboundlifin ,
teen Cents per pound; pn books printed in. Hebrew,
or of which that language forms the teirt,whenbound
ten beets per pound; and when unbound eight cents
per pound; Provided, That .all , ibiioka ',printed in
foreign languages, Latin, Greeky . and . , Hebrew ex.;
cepted, shall pay a duty of 5 cents perpound whether
bound or iii boards, and when ,in• sheets or
lets: 15 cents per pbund; and•editiiiiis:6f,works in
,the_Greek,Latiii, ~flelirew.„ or IG'eglish . language,
which have been printed, forty ..ears ,prior to the
date of importation, shall Pay a duty of 5 cents per'
volume; mid all reports of legislative committees
appointed under, foreign Governmenta, shall p . ay ;a
duty of 5, cents per volume; On,. polyglots, lexicons
and Alictionaries,;s cents per, pound; on books of
engravings 'or plates ' with or 'withOut fetter press,
whether. bound or tnahound, and
_on limps or charts,
20 per centum ail Valorem. • " • • • - -• -• '
Sec. S.' And he it fiirther entteted,'That; from and
after the passage of this nit, there shall be, levied,
collected, and lumber' the importation of the 'articles
hereinafter mentioned, the following duties:. that is
to say: •._ ~ .
First. OP .raw . 'sugar (commonly called .brown
stigar,) not . :ridvancetibeyond its ,raw state; by:Clay.
1 ng; boiling; clarifying,or other process,and no syrup
of sugar, or of sugar cane, iihrl on' brtiviii - dayed
sugar, two and a half cents per pound; on all other
sugars, when advanced . beyond the•raw state,by,clay;
ing, boiling, clarifying, or other processiand not yet
refined, 4 centl per pound; on refi nett Burrs (wheth
er loaf, lump, crushed, or pulverlaed, and :when, ii6L
ter being refined, they' have been dummied, colored,
or in any way adultered,) and on stiOr candy, 6 eta.
perpound; on molasses, four and a half mills per
pound; - Provided, That alrsyrups of sugar:or of '
cane, entered under the designation of' molasses, or
any other appellation than "syrup of sugar" pr of
sugar - cane, shall be liable to forfeiture to the thrited
States;, on confilecon sweetmeats or fruits preserved
in moinsses, sugar or , brandy, an d confectionary
of all kinds, not otherwise specified, 25 pet centum
ad-valorem:. Provided_ftirther .That anAnspection,
under such regulatiMis as the Secretary of : the Trea
sury•may.prescribe, shall be made of all 'sugars and
molasses imported froM foreign countries, in order
to preventfrau'ils, find to prevent the introduction of
sugars, syrup of cane, or . battery . - syrup,,. Under the
title of molasses, or in:any_other linproperinanner:
Second. On cocoa, 1 cent per pound; chocolate,
4 cents per pound; on mace, 50 cents perpound; nut
megs,3o cents per pound; cloves, 8 cents per pound;
cinnamon, 25 cents per'pound; oil of cloves. 30 eta.'
per pound; China cassia, 5 cents per pound; pimento,
5 cents per pound; on black pepper, 5 cents per
pound; Cayenne and African, or Chili* Pepper, 10
- cents per-pound;-titiger,' ground, 4 cents per_pound;
ginger in the root, when not ,preserved; 2 cents per
pound; on mustard, 25 cents per centum nd valorem;
on mustard seed, and on linseed, 5 per centum ad
valorem;' on catimlior, refined, 0 cents per pound;
etude earnphor, 5 cents per pound; on indigo, 5 els.
per pound; oii" wood or pastel, 1 cent per pound; oti
- ivory. or-bune black,' three fourths of. one cent per
poundoin alum . , one cent and a half per ptlitT: 4 on
Opitlil3;ls, cents per pound; on quitikailv a ; s.per
zentirm ad valorem; on roll brimstone, , 4 o o ; lie L an d'
other mercurial preparations, cor,pl;vi e sublimate,
• and red precipitate, 25 per ecnt'errfacl valorem; On
glue, 5 cents per. pound on gunpowder; 8 cents per
pound; On' Copperas an d t,. - eceii vitriol, 2 cents per
pound; on blyie ee lloryr.'i Vitriol, or sulphate of cop
per,4.cefits•per miti.,i; My oil of vitriol,or sulphuric
acid, 1 cent per poutulybe almonds : and primes, Sets
per- pound; ma sweet of almonds, 0-eetits per,
pound; OR - 6105,1. cent per poinin; currants, 9 cents
per. tfor.o , :ii figs; 2 cents per pound; on shouts not
spemlim, I r -except-those-mieil-for-dyeing,l cent-pe.r
-ON-I:arli. on • muscatel 'and bloO3n raisins, either in_
i ltoxes or jars., S cents.per pound; ,and on all ether
raisins, 2 cents per pound; on olives, 50 per centum
ad valorem,.. .
Third. On olive oil in casks, 20 cents per gallon;
olive salad nil in bottles or betties, SO per cesium* ad
valorem; all other olive oil, not salad, and not other
. wise specified„2o per centnin ad-valorem; on sper
. much oilef foreign fisheries, 25 cents per gallon;
whale or other fish oil, not speem;of foreign fiiher
ies, 15 cents per guiltier whalebone, the product of
foreign fisheries, 14 Per cement ad valorem; „on
. spermaceti or wax candles, and on candles of sper
maceti and wax combined,_ 8 cents per pound; wax
tareri, 30 per mitt= ad valorem; tallow candles,4
, cents per pound; on tallow, 1 cent per pound; bees
wax, bleached or unblenclied;sid4shoemakers' wax,
15 per centum ad valorerii: on
_Windsor, - shaving,
and all other perfumed or fancy soaps, or wash balls
Anil Castile soap,„:3o per minim ad valdreni• ' on all
other hard soaps, 4 cents ;we pound:. and on all soh'
soap, 50 cents per barrel, on marrow, grease, And all
• Other soap smelts and snap stuffs, 10 per centumafi
valorem, on starch, 2 cents per pound, on pearl or
hulled barley, 2 cents per pound, on corks, SO per
nentam 'ad valorem, pn manufactures of cork, 25 per
centum ad valorem, On sponges and spunk, u 0 per
ee4tum ad valorem, on oranges and lemons,in boxes,'
barrels, or casks, and on grapes not dried, in boxes,
kegs, or jars, 20 per &mum nil valorem. ~
lkillis th. 011 salt, 8 cents per •Misliel 0156 pounds,
onadtpetre, partially refined, one fourth of one et.
per pomul, completely refined, 2 cents per pound,
on blei t eliing pectler,or chloride of I ime, 1 cent per
pound, oi i Vinegar, 8 cents per gallon, on spirits of
turpentine:, 10 cents per gallon; on beef and pork, 2
cents per pour - 111,6ms and Itheon, 3 cents per pound,
pre pared me-ars, poultry or grime, in eases or other-
wise, and lloiogna sausages, 25 per centum ad va
lorem, on clictax, 9 cents per, pound, butter, 5 cents
per pound, lard u , .8 cents per pound, maccaroni and
varipacelli, gelavinle, jellie; and all similimprepara
tions,3o,per eentma ad valorem, on wheat, 25 cents
per bushel ~barlers . 30 cents per bushel, rye,ls"cents
per huehel,,bats, 10,eents per bushel, Indian corn,or
maize, 10 cents per lurshel,7o centsper one hundred
mid twelve pounds, :,..l: Winn Meal, 20 cents per one
hundred and twelve .p *. iiils . , potatoes, 10 cents per
bushel, on foreign caugfie fish, viz: dried or smoked,
one dollar per one hula: , id and twelve pounds; on
mackeral and herring's pic.lcied or salted ; one dolar
' aud fifty cents per, barreft, .'o,n. pickled salmon , . two .
dollars per barrel, on all ti ther fish, pickled, in bar
rels,'one dollar per barrel;
all other pickled fish,'
imported otherwise than'. in L 'arras or half barrels,
not spe - cified, twenty per centriwo ad 'Valorem; and
on sardines and other 'fish, preserved in oil, twenty
per centum ad valorem:. /Provide' if That fresh caught
fish, brought in tor - daily consuniiption;sliall be ex
empt (rout- ditty; on fish glue ' i or, isinglass, twenty
per centum
.ail valorem; .011 . 0, 3 ekles, farmers and
sauces Of all kinds;
not. otherwisi• k erntroera_..tolli thirty
per centum 'ad valorem; on caste r oil e torty cents
per gallon; nests liiot and animal -o,ils;,and alVvola
tile and essential oils, not otherwise specified, twenty
per century*, ad valorem;, on all gent/yr:id other re
smous. substances not !pealed, m, a ern* state,-15
per centum ad valoretru,Mul, on : die', 814 id ' articles
whenpot in a,crutle state, and "on,.paatei, halaaMs,
yalencee;tinctuNa,extracit,' cosmetics arifiprifumes
•npLotherwise IMiimeritedi. 25 :pri• .ientum ,aif Y lll O-
- remroo . benzoieieitrio,4ltite-• Or- yelloW mmiatic,
nitric, oxalis„.pvroligneous and tartaric iteidio• yen
ty per centum adjalorexn; on heretic acid, 5 yer
centum ad valoremonorax or tineal;2s per *centtim
ad inkwell:woo amber, ambergris, amrdoillli,aniuilto,,•
anises*, arrow root, vauilla beans, French chal:ty
red :411014 juniper -', berries, manganese, nitrate Of
ICad;chwynnte, hichkomatc andlieussiate of potash,
glanber and: Roc:belle salts, Epsom salts or sulphate
of Magnesia; and all inher chemical salts or prepar- '
ations of Salta hot enitnierated, smiths, sal' sqs,alltl
all carbonates of pada, by. whatever - name designated,
Other-than, soda ash', barilla and kelp, twenty per.
eentuire ad 'valoiven; on.sulphate of quinine forty
'cents per ounce avoirdupois; tin soda ash , 5 per een valoretu.
. . ,
'Fifth. 'On brandy R ao dollar per gallon; on other
spirits manullictured or distilled from grain or other
materials, for first and second proofs sixty cents, for
third,proof sixty--five cents, for fourth proof seventy
cents, for fifth proof seventy-five cents, and all above
fifth proof ninety cents' per gallon; on Madeira,
Sherry, San . Luear and Canary wines in casks or
bottles, sixty cents per gallon; on Champaign Wine!'
forty cents per gallon; on port, Surundy and claret
wines in. bottles, 35 cents; per gallo n; 011 1 ) 04:M4
littegundy winesitn easke,4 .5 cents ,per, 0104
l'eneriffe wines in casks or bottlea,twenty, cents per
gallon; on claret Winesin casks six cents per gallon;
on the white wines notenumerated, of Fiance, Atta r
. triu, Prussia( and 'Sardinia; and .of, Portugal and its
twenty cents per gallon; on the white and red wines
of:Spani, Germany and the Mediterranean net enu
inerated,in casks twelve and a half cents.per .ntllont , ,
in bottles twenty cents per gallon; on Sicily 'Aluile..
ira or ltlarsala wines, in casks or bottles, twentY:five
cents per, gaillont.on other wines of Sicily in casks or. ;
bottles, fifteen cents per gallon; on. all other wines
not 'enumerated, and. otlier, than those of, France,
' Ansa ria,fruisia sand - Sardinia, and of. Portugal and '
iterssestons, when In, bottles, sixty-five cents per ,
gal on; 'W en inscasks 'twenty4re cents per - , pill:M.
, Provided, That nothing herein contained Audi , be
construed tir permitted to operate se. as to interfere
with' subsisting,treaties with foreign nations,,,, Pro
videtfurther,..That all imitations ofbranaycor.spir
itaVer of any. of thmsaid wines, and all wines tin,
ported by.any,natest whatever, shall be , subjecile the
;ditty, riroVided. for Idle •genuipe , oracle, and to, the:
highest rate of shity apPllcable to the article of the_
same .ifituit:-.l.And'!pret , Ved further; That when
wineli4treirtiperted in t bettles, the, bottlea ilia': Pay
isePtirate . .duty,accoriling to he rate established , by
thls sicii on 'moral* and liquors; of. all kinds, sixty
4deit , iie.i'gail., o , ll ktqa ' , arritek,4lbaYilthei.lCir-chen- •
;iliiiser;retkfia:attit , ,iiiher,sitailar'.spiriteks :beveri-
Oiriot.olfi'erwise- illiecifiell , siVlSentive" . gilloP •
on ale, lierker.and , ysfiin,bot(lo,,i,iretii , "O6iitio IM F„
0 971',9thPr , iiise i. 6 r , in bottle, 'ee t ;pef
.. . , . ; - c ai l int-oiru l , 2l ,4llinijitured I en—
pee:oo urn ad
,talerersr, on Aigurs 0011 , Q.
arty per' pipuidVon ?ititifr a , tWeVfer 0 ,:e0 . pet'' •
09ndr,niarpx4etuteil tobAtti4s other thin criig!T Anil
pyitirpAn,k.e.tits per potind4l , • ' . ..- ‘-'-1 7 .: - - •
.:CSeetiOn 7 9.4llatietallizilie - Flinietea,. , r4t, frau,
Mid afterl - the -Yearbeforententio,ried;ithe,
folloadnierticles shall be:exempt•froni
::;!i.lse , Ali articles *petted for the .oatiftbii:Unftf - ,
Id Siat . ts. •
,All44odoomies Or inerchariditei,thef,ftTOOhi;
paddee.orfinanufaCture ; of.the,r,Fnitedlitsit.os4
,Utifted Sintesi , and 4ioeks annierionireffeefOint
a.fornlgn, country,:and litfOngliftnekAti' , the,
merchandize, of eitizens•of the. United Siateii'dylni ,
• • 9d., Paintingti and 'staistary,ihe - prodiiCtioti A;i.
meriean artistsraiditig. abroad. •
4tit. Wearing:apparel in netball use; and: olher;
personal 'effects, not m e rchandizei - -lirofesitanid;
books, instru mend., iiiipleutents and' tools'atrtide,'
occupation or employment, of - perititis'irriiing
the Quilted States.. - • -;"
sth. Philosophiesl aPparittan,itiSteuniente;bookit;•
maps and
,Chorts; , Statues, statuary, busts - and :antis
ef-Omkrble,,,bronte,',alittbaiter er ~plesteti, of Parle;,
paintifigs;draivings,engravings,etchitign, specimees,
of sculpture, cabinets of colt's', medals; gems andalt.
other collections Of 'antiquities, provided AIM' same
be; specially imported in good faith for the use of
any society , incorporated or established : 9er philtitie
phical or liternry purposes, or •for:the eneourage
ment of the fine arts; or fOrsthe use andby" the:erder
co f any collegle;aeadetity,sphool br seminary,. Of learn-
twin the United States'
41frAnatCmical ,PreparatiOffit, .nintlebsOrmachl;
nery, and of other inventions' and iniproveMedts: in
the arts . ; specimens in natural history„ mineralogy
and botany; 'Meet, ihrubs;Plantd;bulbs Or roots, and
garden seeds not otherwise. specified; bersies,, nuts
and vegetables , ilea
,principally in -..dyine,o - ;com-1
posing dyes; all dye woodit Stick; Whilbina Other
fish oils of Artiericao fisherieo,,and all other articles
the produce of said . fisheries; animals linpOrted for
beeeili fish, fresh caught, 'imported for daily -con
fruit, green or ripe:from_the West-In-,
dies, in . btilk; tea and coffee When imported in Antie
rican vessels from the' places of' , - their 'growth or
production. •' . • , • • ; ,
. 7th. -Adhesive feltfor sheathing vesicle, alcorno
que,:aloes, antimony crude, argol,..aseafretida, ova
rtiociarillit; hark or cork tree unminhfactitted ;
hells or bell 'metal; old, and only fit to, be remanu-'
'factored, or parts thereat; and chimes of bells; brais
in pigtror bard, and'old brass only fitto be re:nano
' factored; Brazil wood, •erude brimstone, and flour
of ' sulphur, bullion, burr 'stones .unwrought;
aritles, chalk,_elay vinwroaglit; cochineal: coins of
gold-and silver,-copper imported in any_shapm_for_
the use of the mint; capper•in pigs or bars,and copr
per_ ore; plates or sheets_ of copper for sheatlsP,. 2 .
vessels, but noneis to be so considered except" gnat
which is fourteen inelieswide and forty-eigta I n - c h es
long, and weighing from' fourteen to thit -- iy4aur oi.
per square foot; old -copper fit - only, to ti - e • remapo ..,
factored; cream - of 'tartar, efnePT,--dints, ground
flint, gold bullion, gold epauleifi
'and wings; grind
stones, gum •Artibic hsl gom
, gum tragacanth;
India rubber in bolt e or '..'imets or otherwise, un
manufactlired , and old tik,:eakum, kelpikermes,
lac dye, leeches, Pratdel- +,4 , madder root. mother of:
pearl, nickel, nuv„ it °Mica, palm leaf unmanufitetur-
FdrPoini . -3 . Y .e.euv ion - Bark; pewter-When old-and
only fit to remanufactured; platina unmaitufac
tured;•!...,;cey unmanufactvired; plaster
. of Paris tm
grotititi ratans and reeds unmanufactuad; rhubarb,
pallr;dtre when crude, sarsaparilla,shellae, silver
silver epaulets end, wings,; stones called
polishing stones; stone called rotten' stone; sumac,
tartar when crude, tentesique, turmeric, weld; woods
of all kinds - whenunmatinfactined Ont. herein'enu
• .
rnerated. • '
Section''.lo. And-he it further coacted; - That'On'
All articles not herein enumerated or provided for(
there shall be levied, collected and paid a. - duty of
20 per centum ad valorem.
1 Section 11. And be •it _further enacted, 'l' hat an
addition - of 10 per centum shall 'be Made to the se
veral rates of duties by,this act imposed, in respect
to all goods, wares a n d merchandize, on the impor
laden of which in American or • foreign 'vessels, a
specific ffiserimitimion between 'them is not herein
made, which, from and after the -time when this act
shall- take-efict-and-go-infoOperationrsliall-hoLim—
ported in ships or vessels not of the Inked 'St sites;
and that a furtheittldition 'of ;10 p er centum shall
be made- to the several rates of duties imposes! by
this act on all goods, wares and merchandize, which
shall be imported crony any port or place east of the
Cape of,Good Elope in foreign vessels: Provided,
That these additional duties shall hot apply to goods,
wares or merchandize which shall be imported after
the day that this act goes into. operation, in ships or
vessels notof the United States, entitled by treaty
or by any act or acts of Congress, to be ettared. in
theports of the United States, on-the payment of the
sense duties as shall then be paid on goods, wares or
merchandize„ imported in ships, or Vessels of the
United - States:
Section 12. And be it further enacted, That on
mid affix the day this act goes Intol,operation,-the
duties on all imported goods, wares or merchandize
shall be paid in Prevaed, That in all eases
of 'adore or neglect to pay the duties on completion
of the entry; the said
. goods, wares or Merchandize
shall be taken possession of by the collector ; and de
posited in the_pulitie stores, dime to he kept with
due end reasonable care, at the charge and risk of
the owner, importer, consignee or agent ; and if
such goods. remain- in public store' beyond ,sixty
days (except in the case of goods imported from be
yond the Caps of. Good Dope, rerna* • for the
space of ninety days) without payment of the duties
thereon, the said goods, wares and merchandize, or
such quantities thereof as may be deemed necessary
to discharge die duties, shall •be appraised and sold
by the collector it public auction, on due public no
tice thereof being first given, in the•mannernial 'for
the time . to be prescribed by a general regulation of
the Treasury Department; and at said public sale
distinct printed•catalogues, descriptive of said goods,
with the appraised value affixed thereto, shall be
distributed among the persons present at said..aile;
and a reasonable' opportuhity,sliall he given before
such sale, to persons desirous of purchasing, to' in
spect the quality of such goodsvand the proceeds of
said ashes, after deducting the usual rate of storage
at the port in question, together with all other char
ges and expenses, including interest do the duties
from the date of entry at tlae sate of 6 per minim
per annum; shall be applied- to the payment of the
duties.; and any balance of money remaining over
and abcve the full amount of duties, charges and
;tenses and interest aforesaid, as well as such quan
tities of any goods, - ivares or merchandize as may
not have been sold for thepurpestsbefore mentioned,
Shall be delivered and the money paid over hy the
collector to the owner, importer, consignee or agent;
and proper receipts taken for the same:
. And provided, That if no claim be made by such
owner, importer, consignee or agent; for the portion
of goods which mai remain in the hands of ilia col
lector, after stieli Sale, the said goods shall be forth
with returned to die public stores, there to be kept
at-the risk and expense of the owner, importer, coit , ! -
signee or agent,' until claimed or sold for storage a
greeably to law; and . the proceeds of the. sale (Or
duties remaining unclaimed -for the space'pt:ten
days after such Bile, shall, Ace payment' bf duties
and all expenses aforesaid, at the expiration of•tbat
period, be paid by the collector r into. the Treasury,
in the manner provided for the, ease of unclaimed
goods in the next succeeding section of this ach.i.
And provided That when any goods are',Of
a perishable nature they shall be sold forthwith. '
_--Section 19: And be it further enacted, That, pre
vious to the stile of any - ; unclaimed ` goods; the said'
collector shall procure an inventory 'and appraise
ment thereof Lobe made and to be verifiedron-oath
or affirmation; by two or, more respectable men-.
chants, before the said collator, and to remain. with
ldni; and said collector shall aterward cause said
goods to be advertised and sold in the manner. pro
vided for in this act; and alter retaining the duties,
thereon, agreeably to such inventory and appraise..
went ad inter e est and charg es as aforesaid, shall paythe overplus ,
the overaus, if any there be, into the Treasury, of
the tinitesbStates, there to remain for the ' se of the
oivner,er owners, who shall upon due proof or his,
,her theirproperty,be entitled tot eceive the same;
for witieli purpose the collector shall transmit with
the said everplus, a copy of tIM inventory, appraise-.
ment and account of sales, specifying-. the• marks,'
'numbe>7 and deseriptiOns of the packages sold,their ,
contents, the , name of the vosserand master ho which
and of the pcirt or place whetee they are' imported;'
and the , tinicivhen and the, name of, the person or ,
persons to whom said .goods .wereepnsigned in the'
manifest; and the recetnt or certiftate: 'eel=
lector shall, exonerate' the master or..peirson' hiving
the 'dm* command of. any ship Or:vessel in
',i'litili.'said•sciods 'wares andmerchaudizeliere iii
thereof:; Preside!), That tiotitich'idthe:fillitsixitt
sectien,af. the general' collection: law' oft the, seobiidt
'of March Seienteen.littedred anditinety:nine; Which
irovidesfor,the_stOrsige or Uriolalined-merchakdkei
and is herebyrepaleds. Frevided also, That When'
suchgoods are of a perishable nature; they
,SOld forthwith.'
• ,
: Section 14: And be lt, fufther enacted,'" !nit on.
and after the day, this law'goes into effect There shall
.be allowed a drawback on foreign•augat;'refined in
the United States, and exported equal in.
amount fO'oolilty paid . n foreign sugar from whiChs
it shall 11 rnanufacture'd, Pr be ascertained under.
such regtdationeas shall be prescribed by the;Sec
'tary.of the. Trestinry, and no Inore;,.. and'odejnirini
Itslilled from foreign nibliiies; a draribask of ,
r - o five.
cents. pe11On; till the :fwatdayofJanuary. eighteen
ltundred'and;rty:th'kee;•iyhettiOtliall be reduced .
etatt per' tom' and annually; on the first day.
of. January •t e*ftel., the tiard shall 'be"
reduced sine cent per, salloii; ;until; the aame•ehalthe
litliscontinnedi Trinided;'',lfhat thieuet'shall - ,
not ahtev'oritiePeal any laW,:ttow forte regullitint
Ina - esportatitnrot &tiger refined: oe.SPirii"lailile"
irntn - tnalaites in the •United 2 Statecexcept as hi
rates orduties aa&diawbaek:a.,
base or . olVgOo44*Jimeraitil*eilibliciajziOnwirt
a f t e r t h ei d a 3r ffiliadaltjaleictiPli*Olifii
k l o le leilt i t
ilt l'
poi o ( rfikAnlifWirit*Ttiklogt Ir row
tti,e4ote , of ityiticirWioh itie.
iltlttign leykod:.b'y , thin ` act Qu - radi,
*mils knit fokolsii .vo#l4
Il bei ti .,:, a r i e t f v , f iin ii d;4, o ;•l o ri n c a a h se ali of p ' e re r s-i ec tiro tif tia m
o ti l ' ai . i . e,s ta
, t , ..r .
,t ;
elt - !ttittibinittc'ttilowed,_ exectits'.o - 0,. threign : refined
inigara.,:.altalLbit-retained frir:liteasisOf tfitV United
. Rititga;liy_tlikeitlifecterii;:paYliiraireh'ilrittihaek a 'O r :
apectively; mid haltieeaseafforeign refined sugars,:
ten per 'o6l*m-shall be : so r'eta'ined:.. :-
Section - l8:' And be it further enacted, That in all
'oasis!Wyeie :Awe' is or. ibill -- he ! , ttrtpoleil - anted .
i'aitir€" ol :. rate di r duly oo;aargoode, waies or mer-
chaniftie iimported into the United States, and in all,
cases: iliere. the . impOied 'shall' by lisp be'r&
,geilstett-by, or, directed to ; be...estimated...or based
upon,, the ialee'ef the square yard; or of any rpeei.'
_fled quitititY-or parcel of.sueh goods,-wares or .mec
clatindlseiit shalt be the duly 'ist the collector,mithin
whose.disfriel:ttleteamesball be i inported Or Mitered,'
to ottuse,the.aittual market value or Wholesale Price-,
time.theretf,atibe hen .purcliaSed - :, in:the.principal;
.marketstirthm . counh7 flap .whiclr-the same shall
lede.hiee c iraPorted-into the United IStates,'or of
theyardsAiiiiiiels or :qoaritities,sistheeaSeMaT 4 ).ct .
41i,be:appypiiteiti, estimated, and ascertained; and to,
such .valuear priee; to h'esiscertained -in the manner
Pigii.deil'ili 'this' • att,loll,,liejitle4 all costs ',and
eliargesiatepiftinauhin; Ipiding:in every cane a
Oliarge.fdroommissiiniSlik easurif rates r asthetree
, alien
at.;.ftie: port Wheeetthe , same may be entered,•
t,MOn vvideliAuties. aluill ( g%stSiOssed.• -And it 001
to „e'veetaiiikelirie, he the: duty of , the - ippraisers of
the Unite d -,,"seil t tiveltqf them and every per
kin whit:aba ft: act *torsecli appraiser, or of the coli
lecteratrilarival .Officce, kis ilie-crisearnitbe,by .all.
the reasonable Ways . and means in hie or their pow
er, to aicertain - estimateandappraittqlliktlFile , end
actual. market, - value, aed,,wholesale 'Trice, any, in:.
yoke or - affidavit thereto to 'the contrary notwith-_
standing, of the said goods, wares and merchaedize
ritthe tune , iii the principal -mOrkels"
of the country:whence the.same shall have b'w,.,b n .„
ported- into' the, ti,nifed States,and ,the.r.a al b er o f
such yardii,:,parcels and qualitiies,ried:,c,,mh actual'
market, value,,,or wholesale price of i3,,:ery of them,
o a r s the case
n rii d a i y so re , rewire;' and all' si:„ii, goods; wares
shall be imported'
'whereof woof shall . he tr* --
being InniolLetimed of wool, er •
' wiisponent' part, which
finished condition, et', r.. .i ii Tt , t t '''Llu o i i t y ed si S ci t i s a tes in
taken, deemed: 0::,4 'estimated. to:have .been; at the
time PllincllEtsrat and place whence the same• were
imported it•ts the Units) States, Of as great value as
if :the tts . toe had been entirely finishedi• Provided,
Tile+ iifall cases where goods. worms , and merelian-
P!,s'es subject to ad TatoremLdety, or -on which- the
I ;.ittties are tcrbe levied upon the value of the square
yard, and in all cases where any Specific quantity or
.parcel of such goods, wares and merchandise shall
have been. imported into the United- States from a
country inwhiclithe same have 'not been manufac
tured,or pro treed, the ,foreign value shall be 'ap-,
praised and stimated according to the , current mar
ket, value' wholesale price of similar articles at
the'princi I markets of the ' country-of production
or menu cture; at the period of the exportation of
said go dsovares and merchandise to the United
State . , .... .
,-8 eticia 17. And 'be 'it further eilacted;:l'llat it
shall 'be-lawful-for the-appraisers, or'-the-collector
and naval officer, as the case may be, to call before
them and examine, upon_oath or affirmation, any
Owner, importer, consignee'or other persons touch
ing any matter or thing which they . may deem ma
terial in -asemlaining the true market value„er
wholesale price of any .merchandize imported, and
to require the, production, on oath eiaffirmation,No•
the cullector.or to any permanent appraiser, of any -
letters, - accounts, or invoices, iii 'his poisession s ,re-
Jatiorfolliertame s for - which, purpose they arc here,:
by respectively. authorized to administer Oaths' and
affirmations; and if any person so called shill ne
glecter refuse h? attend, or„shall decline td answer,
or shall, if required, refuse to answer in Writing any
hem rogatories,and subscribe his name to his depo
shied, or to produce such papers when an required,
he shall fOrteit_mul Pay to_ the United States the
awn of, one huildred dollars • and if Such. person be
the - owner, imp o r t er or cousignee, the appraisement
. whichthesaiif aPpraisers, or „pollee:tor or 'naval of
-ricer; where there are-no legal-appraisers, duty-make
of the goods, wares and merchandise . shall - be final•
and conclusive, any act of.Congrehe to the contrary
notwithstanding; - and any person who shall wilfully
and corruptly swear-and affirm falsely on. such ex-,
aminntion, islailltie ile , ' Merl guilty - of pe - rjilifriiii - d
if he be the own i
er; mporter or consignee, the men;
anodize shall be forfeited vend -all testinieny in
writing, or
.depotitioi‘s taken. byvirtue of this sec
tion, shall be in . the collector's office, and pre
served for future use or reference, or be transmitted
to the Seem tary'Of the 'freasury when he shall re
quire the same: Provided, 'fled if die owner, im
porter, agent Or consignee of ally such goods, shall
he dissatisfiedw_ith_theappinisementoutd_slitift have
crew - plied with the foregoing requisitions, lie may
forthwith give notice to the collector iii writing,
of such dissatisfaction; on the receipt of a Web the
collector shalt - select two discreet and'experienced
mercleinta .citizeits of the United .States, familiar
with the character and value of the goods in ones
titan, to examine anitiippraise the same, agreeably
to the•foregoing' provisions; and if they .shall dis
agree, the collector 514111 decide between them; and
the appraisement thus, determined shall be final,
and deenita and taken to be the {,rue value - of said
goods, andllie dutic x. 6111111 bele,icd thereon accor
d diligiv, any, set of 'Congress -to the . contrary not
withstanding: Provided also, That in sill rases
where .the actual, value to be appraised, estimated
and 'ascertained, as hereinbetore stated, of any
goods, wares oe; merchandise, imported into the
United States and ' subject to any ad valorem duty,
or whereon the duty is regulated by or directed to
by imposed, cr., levied on the valise of the square
yard, or other tntriel or quantity thereof shall ex
ceed by ten per-yentum-tir more the invoice value, additicaffollti. ditty imposed by law on the
same, there :shall be levied and- collected on the
mime goo is, wares and merchandise, fifty per can
tons on the duty. imposed an the same alien 'fairly
invoiced. , I -
Section 18.,Aind be it further enacted, That the
several collectors be, and they are herebY author—
ised under such regulations as may be prescribed
by t he Secretary of the 'Treasury, whenever they
shall deem it necessary to protect and secure. the,.
revenue of the United States agaiberfrauds or un
dervaluation, and the same is raeticable, to take
the raiment 'of ;duties chargea ble. en- any artiffie
bearing an ad vithirem rate of duty in the article it
self, according to the proportion or rate per cen
tem of the duty. pn said article; arid' such goods, so -
taken, the collector shall cause to be sold at public
auction; within twenty days from the time of taking
the same, in the
. inauner prescribed, in this act, and
frlace the .proceelsarising -from: such sale in the
Treasury of the' .‘Juited Stites: Provided; That
the Collector or praiser 'Mall not be allowed any
fees or coMmiiiii nTor, taking and disposing of-said
goods;arid payi, g. Abe proceeds' thereof. into the.
ressury,.other ion ale, now allowed by law... - -
Section 19. A be it further et acted; That-if.
any person shall knowingly
,and wilfully., With in
tent to defined 'tbe: reveaue .of . the United States,
smuggle or elandestinelY introduce lhto the United
States any goodii,wares or merchandise, subject to.
'deb , by lawirundwhich sliquldheve been invoiced,
without payinglutaimounting for the (lofty, or shall„
make opt or t pasite or' attempt to pass through the.
Cusitom-houne,any false, forged ,er fraudulent in- ,
voice, every.:,lmelt . , person, his, her, or their eiders
and abettor ,, Shall be' deemed 'guilty of a misde,
iireanor,initon-canyietion. thereof-ibis!' befined u s.
any.sum'not exceding five thousand dollars, or im
prisonedfor-isnyiterm-of-tiree not -exceeding two:
years,or-both, atthe discretion of the.eourt..
• Section 20. , Art . be; it, further enacted, „That
there,ehall be:jetted; collected-and paid, on each
and every notwedumerated ',article whlch' bears a
similittide,either)ln Material . quality; texture, or
the use to which , it may be app lied ; to an enumerat
ed attiele-;cliaigetlble with duty, the same rate of
duty v44104161;10 and charged on the enumerated
article' which if Most resembles in 'any of, the ;par=
ticulara beforeltneotionedi ,and if any non-enumer
atedartiele eqtralfy resembles two ,or more enumer
ated articles onwhich .differeut rates of duty are
- eliargrable . ;thereffiall he leyied,collected and paid
on' 'such non-eau article, the same rate of ,
duty-as - i,chii Ikon the article which it re-:
sembles.paying 14 highest dirty;' and on allarticies
manufaCtured fro' two or more materials,: the duty :
-shall-be assessed 4 the' highest sates at which any,
of. its(cOniptinent, rts May he.chargeable.'-..- : •
• Beetle,' 21.-An4be it further mulcted; That, the'
colleetaceliall'dvdguate.eri the invoice at leesi .one
package of every .*ivoile, and one package at leatit,
-. .iffeverrtenPacketea_tif geode, Ware* dr,Lreerchaii
.:ilisiiazgl„ sysmitet att,Mber . ifie - Wilier eldier.-ix
the ritipelii26;),„ ni:A ifeebt , aary.;.upported' into
l e
such port, to be . o ned; eta mined "ittin:er,;:ii. l , - --i ‘
shit Shall order* liSeksge oßptieltages , so denim ,
-eitedtattie.pnblitni oresfor-extiminfitio4eeditaity;,
-package be fouridtheappraisers to contain any or-
- Selo:not:specified , • tlieinvoite, and they or a ma
jority of them she 7 I
be of opinion that such article
wee omitted in : Ili ittyolce. with fraudulent i ntent,
ett theliart.of the s ipper, owner or, tigent,the-eon
tents bribe-entire - close litirliiiih the article' may
be shall bit liable,toapieure
.and forfeiture; on - con
vietiop thereof belee acYCourt Of competentjuris- '
diction; but If said ppreitierit 'Shalt_ lie of' opinion'
that noitich frairdul ntintent 'exhited s them the value
'of . such article-Oil be. added. to Atte etttrX 014 the
i i ,
duties thereorYpaild Oisto'dirig!Y, kid Ilk sturfealisill:
beAellvered,to'ffikimPartPra agent, Oi'!consigbeei
Ilirtiiiiied,S Thatane? forfeiftite,maY:lidiemitted by -
the'Secretary t hlht„Treteatur,oo , the'prialuition of
evidence, satisfacto: 'to liims.thitt wo•fraildWiiii:ll l
toiid,dde:•-,.ProTtitettl rther,'"Th`at, if eii the Opening'
'ortiny luickage:Mii- mikages.of,igeods;',Wdeficietiqt
- .ofjanyarticje,slialltpiTound,on exandriatiokify Se
t .., ertulhe'hiT Ol*lid,akellewatade
;i th.: iiic e - be
nadiinestimatin'' e lutlea;,„ - :., --m -- - -
Seetitnal44l44- - katiti*vogqiiii,tiiiiiiii
g4als.wio4tow ligw . 4lol , ,oter4t ;r
Pi° Itlitce' the re, YP':Pd.:4lpprabiers;.the 'Mode:
h . i • ''''ri beg, " '' ' ' boil f''"6 int'l -. -th-r - iiii.
se,..qt- . re:t .. e 'as e,r ,o tig eore -
.to, -- ci,th - eiectf-shill- -4.llofelfy.,oliser fr edly. the**
Yrinahtfolfletri tiiz . ivb itilitecituraiteed tfiel , stientitiug- :.
tied - didreellitehriliit W..'•': , ::` , :.% ,- :i';', ,, 1 , ,.,, , ,',', , , :r , ,,,
, - eiillOW237A'n
the:dutyof' e , qeoretarptilie:Treainry,
.frauftlicitotirreN t estelishiumhrletm4 refit
4atiOni; poi Iniensistil
with. (tali litweof thOliPticti
'2 :.~K~i~"rNt.
States', tb. sehure44l4s4' faifhfell eirel,llnpurtial spit
raual' gtauls,•.Warel.and `trierehandize• as le..'
foresaid, iCoPorted . into the'United-States; and'just'
and Propeg entries ortiliqffilietoal • .value?, or ;
s wholeiale priceti , thereoWigiril 4f the yardsil
parceliror other riltantitiee;iii thee.ale may require; ,
and of such acittlid, market vtilueivholeaale price-of
ever. of theme...- : •
!Section 24. And •be further _.ehacted,.That it
xhiatitithe'duty of alLoollectOra and other officers
oftlfe ellegoms to execute and. carry into effect all
inititictions of ther'Elecretary of the Treasury rein.
tive,to the execution 'orthe revenue laws; and in
case any difficulty . alnaliarise as to the true construe
tion or meaning of any part of such revenue laws,
the decision °Mho Secretary of the Treasury shall
be conclusive and bindisieupen all such collectors
anti other officers of the customs. .
.. .
~.Section 25. And be h.= it fort enacted, That noth
iiig in this act cientetined shall apply to goods shipped
in 'a vessel bound to any•port of the United. States,
actually having left her last port of lading - eastward
or the Cape qf Good Hope or beyond' Cape Hop
prior to Oh Ist day of.December,lB42; and all le- ‘ ,l
, provisions and regulations existing immediately fie
fore the 15th day ofJune, 1842, shall be trolled to
importations ,which may ha made in 'vess e ls ylifeh
'have left such last pert :or eastward of the
Cape of Good. Hope or beyoni Cape: Horn prior •to
said lst,day of SeptemberpB42. - •
Section 26. Anil . be ;A iurtlt6. enacted, That the
laws abiding on ay.: list day of June, 1842, shall ex
tend to and be.t . ii iorce for die collection of the du
ties imposet by' this Acton goods, wares and mer
chiffilli7:e, imported into the United, States, and for
the ' r ecovery ; collection, distribution and
PI all fines; penalties and forfeitures, an for the al
fowsince of the drawhacks by this act authorized, as
fully and effectually as if every regulation; restyle
tioq-,,peani6e; ferfeiture, prevision, clause, matter and
tiring, in the said ,Isiw Contained, had been inserted
in mid re-enacted by this .act. "Anil that • all pro
visionrof 'any foriner law inconsistent With this act,
shall be and the same are hereby repealed. •• '
Section' 27., And be it further: enacted; That •it
shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury,
annually, to ascertain whether, for the year. ending
3th of September next preceding, the 'duty
orralkartieles has exceeded thirty-five per.centum
ad.talorem on, the average wholesale market value -
Of snch articles, in the.several ports of the United
States forAliepreceding year, and-if so he shall re
port a tabular statement of such articles and excess
of - duty to; Cmigress, the-commenced - lent of the
next annual sfsslon thereof, with such observations
and recommendations as lie may. deem necessary for
the itnprovement of the revenue. •
.Section 28. Arid be it further enacted, That the
importation of all indecent and obscene prints,
paintings, lithographs, engraving
is hereby prohibited i nvoice ,
; ,and no package
Whatever. or any part thereof, shall iwadinitted to
entry, in wtaichlmy each artistes are,centiiined; and
all invoices and packages whereof any, zuch article
shall compose a part, are hereby 'declared to be lia
ble to b - proceeded against, seized arid forfeited, by
due course of law; and the said articles shall be
forthivith destroyed. .
Section 29. And be.,it further emitted, That
wherever the word ten is used is this act, in refer
ence to weight, it shall' be deerned arid taken to lie
twenty hood - red weight, each hundred weight being
'one hundred and twelve pOundsavoirdutois ,
Section 60. And 'be it further enacted, That so
long ns the distributiOn - of the nett proceeds of, the.
sales of the 'Public lands,directed to be madeardong
die several States, Territories and District of.Do
lutnbia, by the act. entitled "An net to appropriate
the proceeds'of. the sales 'of the' public lands and' to
gram pre-eMptlen rights,"- shall.,be • and:manias
suspended-by virtue of this act, and "of the proviso
of the 6th section or the act 'aforesaieli*he ten nee'
cerium of the said proceeds directed to be paid by
the said, act to • the se* end States , of Chio,
Illinois, Alabama, Missouri, M issiseippi ; Louisiana,
Arkansas.and Michigan, Shall also be and remains
PreBiflen! /no tem olthe' Samle:,
Section 7. That the coun'y commissioners of each
county of this Commonwealth shall be, and they are
hereby - authorized_ and required at the time of as
sessing comity rates in the present year anti at the
usual period of makingthe same, annually thereaf
PTESENT. REQUIRED BY -LA W, to add to the
county rates and levies for the use of the Common
IDE VALUE TIIERIEDF t Provided, That in the
assessmcni" of the tax, imposed 4 - this section, all
stocka mortiages,and other oe . curideo shall be as
Arraovin-Tlie 27th day of July, 1842.
llAvgip. YOILTER
licrThe above . is the 7th section of. the
NFAMOUS TAX BILL passed by the late Legis
ature, and for
... which MR..DARR, one of
he TAx l candidates for Assembly, VOTED.
upon this section, the Harrisburg hie
gencer makes the following excellent com
ments—which weinost cordially adopt, and
ask for them the' serious attention of the
TAX-PAYERS of-Cumberland county. 'I hat
paper says : In the bill passed at the ses
sion of 1840, the tax •assessed upon real
and personal property for State purposes,
wait one millon the dollar.. By the above
it will be seen that the county colt:mission
ers of each county are required to add one
mill in addition to the tax already levied
ENT TAXES ! Every tax payer in thp
Stair,' can readily estimate the effect -of
this bill, both upon hituself'per3onally, and
upon the 'whole people. He knows how
mach he has been requifed to pay thityetar
under' A thaold law, And how much will be
wrung from his hard earnings in these times
of depression, by the present . bill next year.
But thisis not the -Worst feature of the
bill. What the'people complain of, and
have reason to complain of, is its unequal
and unjustoperation. According to a re
port inade by Dr. lIIIDDLEBON =co Sed. -
'ate at the late .session, thp w,ttfile amount
of taxes paid into the treasury_last year'
under the bill of 1844 (except two coun
ties not then heard from,) was ' $639,•
493 38. sOf this sum •
$510,730 /22
was paid by NINE'rEEN' counties of the
State; whilst the other - THIRTY-SIX
counties paid only the balance of $l28 1 .
763 16 1 and received out of the echool
fund $204,042 00! 875,278 84
more than . they Paid into thi treasury!--
Thus them hie teen, counties.a re, required to
pay,' 11'1-1E WHOLE 'EXPENSES OF
TH,E ,GOVEIRIMENTiniid 475,00 be
,the education of the' children of
tintlel9lthe Slate.
- -Tite - 7conntietriupon:yr,hicii - _.;this 'heavy -
liurdee ie imposed are Dauphin, : Lebanon,
Hucks, 'Cheater,- ,Lehigh'ESerits, Oentra;
Lyceming, Northurn,
berland, Northampton,'Frinklin, Hunting
don, Cunibeilafrid,,'Sfentgotnery, Lehigh,
Delewere, and. the city and °Minty of Phila.
' '
'This unfair , and infamous To, let the
. Tetx:Pdyeee retnembei.; 1S:N0 11E' DOV 7
111.EIY,BY THE . rggstryT pi.W! and
repeated by . the next . ,
sgroinu rr,se.iefix o 4l:o;,tifellineteen l w
50 u
ties '4;56 *nem edniust Flak into the treasury;
T 40,10` ) I460 - 44!
thilot'Amt,o l ber: thirtY7lliz bill
, S 2O :Ta2O 32 ! . N>
15 40 '. 1 i 1144 4 , 0 ( ci1f L ibi 441, 4 2 ' 3, 0 4 4 1
inbuilt to j thie odioui tax
oithoui effort do avert it I Cenaiitlr
att. • tthini-hthi': Oen it be Wit
by the:LegiSinteie . arnajeriti
f ari,tfT,Whigi i 'igeake:d to rekod
'before it is iiitieiiitiennd'if 'We anisTitiVe
taxation, let us bave a biltbased on an hon
eat' assessmentohat will operate equally
upon all sections of the State, and not make
pne4lOrd of the. counties 'all 'the
penses of . the ,Governtnent 'and help . . to,
educate the children of 'the others besides. -
. As we have said before, we are not for
repudiation, an some 'of . our truth-loving
LOcefeco neighbors represent. - ir the' tax
-98 under this hill„are once assessed and le
' Vied,' it is idle to talk of a refusal to pay:
them. The tax gaitierei ,Wring them;
from .the ,people,,dcelpite., of elf 'tesistance:.
Reshitanee to the lawit is 'no 'Part of our'
creetii - and. we do not advise any , pbrOon of
Our citizens. to restirt.tO it; but, by °keeling'
good :Whigs to the Legislature .this fall,
. they - have yet a chance to repeal the law
before it goes into 'operation, and ;his we
advise' th eirc tO • do .
But there is yet another m4ter to be,
considered in relation to this bill. • Net!'
withstanding the taxes are to,, be,
• heavily 'increased, not a dollar
money in to be apmpriated to the payment
of the public debt, or
,the interest on the
debt, ;but it is to bliquandered, as millions
hive iMen already, UPON THE 'ARMY
OFFICE-HOLDERS_who swirm _Upon
our; pablid` works . and in !Abet' , official
stations, in the' goverment.
TAX PAYERS of Pennsylvania,
Tieitix. OF THBBI2 - 111110 - 13. IS : it not.worth
an effort . to rid yourselves of the op" . klisive
burden of unequal .taxation which a reek-
less Locofoco administration would 'fasten
upon you? Arouse;yoursekvit tothe Work,
and you can do it.- Send good men to rep-,
'resent you in, the Legislature—honm.k
men—men . whom you can trust, and' the
evils, under which we now labour, which
hive 'crippled the energies,of the people,
and Prostrated the Credit of-the State, can
and will be re medied.'`-Arouse'then - to
action! Action!! ACTION! Do your
duty faithfully, by . , .sending a majority_: of
honest Democratic llarrison 'men to the.
Legislature, and THIS '. ODIOUS 'TAX'
measures matured which will de justice to
Ma. Enron:—lt was the remark of a great
and good maw that it ;Yoe 'the ' hennderf - dety 'of
' every Officer ofJustice i okeep himself sedulous- I
hisclear from all stains vhich might be east
his station, even by the, slightest interference in
' political warfare. . Now, I presume, Mr. Editor,
that every one will perceive the .peculiar apposite
ness of the above retrtark to a couple of prominent
JudicialDfficers of Our countyovbo have lately
on several occasions grievously instilled public
opinion by their meddling_in political uffairs. It
is, however, not my desiie wantonly to injure the
feelings ninny individual; but
-the late, as well is
the former acts,*of these Honorable gentlemen,
taken in connection witli, a'sense of duty to the
. community and purity of .tire, kw, forces me to
inform-judges Hepburn and Stewart, that their
entirely uncalledfor course, has had a very strong
tendency to weaken the faith of the people in-re
gard to an impartial administration of Justice.—
Is it not perfectly natural,l ask, granting the im
perfections of hutnan nature that mans' feelings
should ilovVin whatever channel predjudice may
dictate? And carrying out the question, is it not •
possible, that a high state Of partizan feeling, such
as politics are always knovvrr, to produce, may •
be carried to the bench, there, instead of Law, to
decide on the merits otsuch matters as shall coma
within their jurisdiction? NoW, in sight of these .
self evident facts, I ask all reanonable personsL
- whether fflormons or Bennetites, Democrats or
Whigs—if it is not a' base .wandering from the
path ofmoral teethed°. add ono which should re.
ceive the open condemnation of. every. upright
citizen, for those whose (dole and only province It
is to "weigh even banded justice out to all;" 'to
deimend front their ,high', stations , and be._
conic the vet jest pimps and jots/era itt pulling the
'wires' lett political machine? I ftel no fear for
the answer. Every one who will, cap and must
perceive the truth and necessity, of the, foregoing
marks; and I do sincerely hope, for. the honor
ofCurnberlend County, that the gentlemen, whom
we have thus slightly' noticed, wall in future con_
Ai" themselves to their proper sphere. They are
remunerated the State for perform.
tones, of certain duties; and it would at least Balm
but 'lOl, thatthey should, attend solely to those
affairs incumbent upon them.. , , - • ,
In regard to the war now: waging, between the
different factions: of the Democratic party, I
, have nollisposilion to-Write; hutlivheneverl 60 .
the - iii;Vutra , hand 'of political , deagagogueism
stretched out toloop the *melee drjestice, I, eon.
ceiye that it then beetnes 7/17,eiokrim duty es
a cithien oficounty• where thopnritf td: itnr
Law ie the greatest safeguard, to raise a warn
ing voice, and to apply the lash Of truth to all.
Those vtliaknowingly commit a• high:handed of.
fence'against ' the good sense of a community
'and the light of Justice.
. ... ... . ,
' September 9th, 1842.
PennTylvania Co at
. _
Friini the Aiinhattlatalegne of thjs flourishing hi.
stitution;sre.learn that" the total number; of students,
connected .with it during die current year, is site Mm.
tired andfsevetyvfive; ,as , follows:'
Seniors, - •
Juniors, 2 • •-.
Sophomores, , , , •!7
. Freishmen' -
, Partial COurse; - -
• Irregulaili,
. - ''•l'Prepartitin7;'"
, . ,
: Thus, .This College hqs beeit i .stiing 'forty s tl ever,
since its first establishment. The number of at dents
luts never before been tallirge, and but for Ilia rea;
sure' of the times, we have no:dontt it would till,
larger...'With such a Faculty as that Colle ge , b i ble s
ed with, such, a Coqrse of 'study add such syitern . ot
diacipliba it cannot; faff to• Command' public' 'wan
denim and,secitrn, extensive and, cobstintlrgeowing
patronagi.-• The 'Medical' Department of the Cob•
legs is loCated at Philadelphia • and the' Faculty is
composed of men Of' a high order of talent, possess-;
b l gtreat nibkal as. well Illst4ntific worth:::
The 'expenses paid in advance at Pa. College; eXz.
e,lusivesoftliookl,clotlik, 11 ghts; room-furniture, fuel;
washing, pad traVelling,are as fohowin .; ;
•,. .;, irone r '. ,Session,'- .
Board and attention to'nucun 24 weidt,,,a , ..
$1,75, per week; .; 2)440.00
Tuition and Wooidentat •
Boom ,rent, , ~,,c„:
5pp,9 , 5•.
MAIO* - Ott
l g attin g 'il4to.oo for the 77,4
ood.about $6.00, • , •.:* •
:' .. ',Ari_.'•II, 7, TALMERI • !.
orricl3, -, 4
Rili*lt*:LlPlLtlal, :AO Elpsp:.
o.•lo4;.South'Third-Stieet i bel a a War
. the.Meehanie'a E,tehaage, Philadelphia. -
Chkeaper than '.eyer
cailioer - .
TlVlE . iithecriber hat,on hand ti nOrittier,n(
64113111114.61110 -
, Vomit SALE,
A, Fl of siogie . , ifo01:4
anti P IST OLS.. 1-lA.Te t ,q-evry.dg
lowest prices.
purchiscrtilkiiiiii hi iecal, •
ai he iiVetertititied 'to 'sell lower. than nny' 6 tilt.
tabliahinent in the county.' .
.: • . ANDREICG/L - ECHgR;
Athiaiat . attire. North .tiatinvei ti
. , South of E. Bulloak's Chair rat#7.
Carlisle, Aug-314142. , „ •
. .
• • .
A person i446kio .. l'o:t,ryi ntibecribgr
11l either., b*.uote attoono4;ske . retitly
notified that their nOCOtints will be lellatthe Store of
Charles Darnitz, where all 'indebted are nvedt
ed to call and''make payment On iii‘.,before the 201.h'
of SEPTEMBER; as after , that linie all Recounts.
unpitid, will be left in other handirfor . eolleedon:.
Aug. 31,1H4V. , • - ' ,• at-44
ALL persons indebted to the aubeeribet
are hereby notified, Thid. Their accounts moat te
settled . ott or before the - 2oth SEPTEMBER heir
Carlisle; Aug; st 842.' • ' •'• at 44,
• liisdian . Vegelithi:Pills. •
IDRESH supply: just received ,by the subscriber,
-r- whois Agent. for the same. : ' •
cmoiole, Au g , 31,
PURE CIDER VINEGAR for Picklhig, for sale
by theaubseriber. ' • . •
. GEO.
Carlisle, Aug.' 310842, ' . If—d 4
_Lpcomkialitric• caamati - 4 - •
SEvEflAi..-DREss .PATTERNS of Fontßni
..Silks for sale very' low by the subscriber.
- ICtielisle, Atig.-81,1842
T i e the Heirs and legal representatives of GEC
•SHAEFFER, late rtf , Earl tcvnahip; Loam
fir County, Pennsylvania, deceased, . .
T an Orphink Court, hcld ) for said County
4,4 on the 16th day of August, 1842, the Cour
granted a:rule on the, heirs, and legal reprcsenta
Lives of the said George Shaeffer, deed., and all
persons interested in his real _estate, to appear. hi
. • - ourt, at 10 o'clock, A.-M.; crn.MON.DAY,
the 26t r day of P-TEM DER, „1842„to accept
or ran - sal al Astute, at the yalulitien,and in
case of re al to show cause Why the same 'should
not be sold according to Law.
. A.. 11.
,HOOD, Clerk,
Lancaster, Aug. 31,1842. . , 41.44-
in and by an act of 'the General .
Assembly of Commonwealth or Pciresyl- , -
.vania,cntitled±!Aii act relating to the elections Ofthls •
Commonwealth,". passed theyd day, of duly Anai •
Domini one thousand eight hundred &nil thirty-nine.
it is made the duty of the Sheriff' or evoly:Fouoy
within - this Commonwealth, to give public iodise of
the General ElCations and in Such noice,t,o enumerate.
1, 'The officers to, be elected. • , • '
2. Designate-Abe place at which the eleCtion is to
.Paul Startin, High Sheritrafthe Coatiti oftiim
hrrland,d9 hereby make kuMott and giie this •
to the electors of the County of,Cumberland, that on
(being the 11th tiny of the month,) a General.Elec
lion will be held at the several 'election districts es
tablished by law hi sr id county, at which time they
will vote by ballot - for the scleral olUers hereinaler
tkarnad, viz:
wreinvsent the coimiy.tif -Cumberland iii , fire'Housir
oflteprceeittatiiveA of Mennsylvstoii. • . 7
for the county of 'Cumberlaild.., • .
fur the county of Cumberland.
for the county of Cumberland. .
of the Orphans Court, Clerk of the Session a, Oyer.
and Termmer and Recorder of . 11 eds, &c. •
of the Poor and of the Howie - of Employment of rAid
to settle the public . .aceountS of the Meal CoMmis
sinners; &e. . . .
The said election - Will be helddmonghout the coon- oe
ty as follows: ' '• .
-The election in the election' • disti ict composed of
the borough of Carlisle,' and townships of North
Middleton,' South Middleton, Lower,- Dickinson,
Lower Franktord, and Lower Westpenushoro,' will .
.be held at the Court House,in the borough of Carlisle.
The election in the district composed of Silver
Spring township, will be held at the, poblic Howe of
Joseph Grier, 11/ liogestown, in bald township.
The election in the district composed olden part of
• Evistpeinisborough township, lying West of Oyster's
Point, running from John Holta's to EA chelberger . 's
tavern, at the public house:of Andrew Kramer, in
said township. . - ••• •
• The election in the district composed of that part
of East Pettnsborough lying, blast •of Oyster's
Point, runningfriiiii John Holft'itti Eichelberger's
tavern, et the public house owned- by Robert B.
Church, hi Bridgeport, in said .toweship. •
The election in the district composed ocNew Corn-
berland and a part of Allen: township, will be held
at the Public house of• John SouOelikan Nei Cum
berland. •
The election in the, district eomposeil of Liabum
and a part of Allentminship will be held at the pub
lic house of Peter McCann, in Lisburn.
in. .
The election the district eointmsed.tif that. part
of Allen township, not" included in the New Cum
berland and Lisburn election districts, will beheld.-
at the public house cif David Shecifur, in Sheperds
town, in faid low ushi p r • . • , .
The election in the districtcompelled oftheArougli
of Mechanicsburg, will be held at ,the public house .
of John Moser, in said .borougts: , ~ ... • : .
The election lir the riStritt composed of Monroe
township, Will be held t the public Mese of Widow
1 .1 6 ,,,0; inchurchtown,• in Said township:. •• , '
The .Gie9...Tl i' .the district composed of Upper
Dickinsiin to;"..1151111: will be, held m
at WeaeY's
School'Hiniteoii'ss;d to - wfiship. - ; ,7 , :,. t"
The•eleidionin the ditri;!tA oemPbsetjetf the' , bor
ough pt Newillle, and towitsliip,Q:A-..tkligliti, -Upper •
Frankford, Upper Weitpennsbore7ni:! l tbe, t p 1e1 ..,... c4
Newton toWnship . noVinoludini in the 1.4i11ite.."=,....L" -- ,,;
don di strict , herein aftet• mentioned,. will 'he'llei.;....
the &let School Honse, In , dm : horoußh •,s4 Now. • .••
_The election in the distriet comPtised'OrTheioWn.
114 4 ' 0 11 °0" re!!,atilrbe heldsit the schobt, house
!in ewlitirs. in said to.wnshi.,
The electien'in the (Patric 'conipoied of the boi. ; .
°Ugh. ol SlitppensbUrgySliippenskurg township, and
'that pert of Sotidsittnpton'toweslup net included its
the' Leesburg lelicition dbtrioli; Wilhbir;:lkeld , :id the
Council fledielliAli.Oorpugh ofohWeeehlie* ' - -•--
2 And in and by sisstot,of,the.Ceneraf AssenOty of
this commonwmith, passed thild :Nay '4839; it is
thus provided. "That 06. qualified Peetelli:ei P"
a' ..
of Net Stint and Southampton towns hips in; the' mem- . •
rt.of Cutiaberland; liotiridedliylthe'folltivilsiglincs fa'
'itiit'alume,'Tia...=-Beetining'st the Adarasinountyiline,
thenCelating the'lihedisidint thenitrinitiploEDick.. ,
Moen and .Newttni , tu the turnpike ressd,thommtdeng .• ,
said turnpike to" the -Centre:. school4lionat, pn • said
turnpik,e in Southampton toornaldp;theicotos point •
on the ;Witinst Bottom , ,road si fleybieli,s, Including ..
ReAuclOS lane, thenie a straight:Arc:T.ocm to the
saw.milLbelonging Co tho'Heirs .01 1 George 'Clever; ', 1
thenoe..)6pgilirystieWarun to the litsims s4stititi line;
thence along pc lino t efAchiteet'StAn s t . I::'„lhe'placs,..,. :
of begirMing; he and' ta hereby "ir ntaraec-
tiois dirtiht; • the-electiton hi be - lii.''itAltilmbliciitl:'
house Or.Willians.-Maxwel4inl*l44loo4PP - r'
ton' tOW4IIIO. 'I '•'• '
,:': . Lt.;l 4- .. ..t t":": , ,
.. k . , 1-, •
..., Givens under my' hand. et Celisle,;ol,lo.o.4i.f of'''? " AngtisyA;.• . 11t.ftl8Ailf.' ~ • •:, T.: t. iiT. , '' , ": 't 4 • - v''
' - , I lt jU lf 4 141 4 1 r br AMPA" : •, •
. August - — , .ki-i • 1
„ .... 27 , Si,
:g4iiiio':iirkioloa!' •!rli.iialW . - ,tiNe ( L- , , , 1
~, fyr;qo,„p3J,; l ltali ,t;",civzg,:.4. 04t(va „.
INi i
PA'WPAlLLAlkit;l t ite'sd';NtillidltiathOlpi, rz'' ,. -
• utribe 't" .ll47d ern -I, * -C ic c:nty lV , th . :deceit ell iel yli tli l :Vif , %; e4 7lm t4, : . ;
. .,,,,IniellS : lfj Te 4 'lleVNA ',ilf 11 0 0 A:'.1171' , 7"- t° ' 1 ',.*11t7.::,
i,je ll
.” .Wll' 4134 it t e sathetowri 1p.... - ..A i lefattint' . .?
1004 - Wpm said' Ailaittotsoilwilitia... 1n0w ,, .
0000,6t•Inulkiiiiiiktisktionaltiatio - fiak 901 91.04111- : . -4 •
rr.e.i?VihnrXe Ittentisiied ot..asiVoto ' ..
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