Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, September 14, 1842, Image 1

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.''-'• 1"-.`'Y.C1flitilr,OtE:;,,T•E'NY
114 1 121 113\t/1
:','„ . :7 t r.:.(,),it,'.i',1 4 #:4:ll . 'i', it .k p .... 4 . / Vl/ ..i
'cr.: p. tea .
,i.v. N`• addition tO a gcneial pod well selected as-
i , soitmeht of - _ ....
Pv -11 0 4 t Java 'Conte's, asroWil &
bite Sugars. opices, dm.'
thayeitast"r . eq`cived alarge lot • of excellent - Loaf
ugauris, o iitirt of which at the low price of 12i
ce9t#,Pet3b.,by the, Loaf, and other , qualities at
InitionpqndingloW prices. '
Ilie;;Green and Black Tecte, at reduced prices,
~;New Worth River Cheese,. Lemon, Vanilla,
Strawberry and Sarsaparilla Syrups,
Table Oil and Cider Vinegar, first
quality, Sperm Oil, Sperm and
Mould Candles, Cavan.
dish, Ladics Twist
.5- Plug Tobacco,
Spa , . ish,
-Half -Spanish anecoinmon Segars,"One_Tieree of
Superior Honey, Ground' Alum Salt, Fine Table
Salt,'Tubs,Buellets,Churns,Corn Brooms, Brushes
of all. kinds, Bed Cords, Plough Linea, Market
Baskets; Sic.. • Bakers' N0..1. Homoepathic and .
'sleet spiced Tcaland Chocolates, as also , Cocoa
and,Cocoa Paste, Rio; Starch, Mustard. And a
general aSsortment of
`China, Glass & Queenswa're,
Stone CroeltotT,Sugar House, Now Orleans and
.Syrup Molasses.. „ , , , -• . 2 .
Together with, a general variety of all other ar
n - the Gcocery line, constantly on hand and'
- selling at the lowest cash prices, suitable to the
times. ;,
"Aso,' fine SALMON. •
' TheAbseriber returns his sincere thanks to the
public for the, very liberalencourageinent receiv.
ed, and hopei in - inerit and - receive alike
'support. His storein the /Trick Mouse,
Main street, formerly the residence of•the late A.
• Carothme, -- a few doors West of the Court House.
'..1. EDY.
- Carliale, July 6, 1842. . tf-36
f(~"/! .mar ...% L1 — ~'~?J~~.i~ ~wi 0
Dr. 1. C. Loostas,---Dentist,: , .
permanently located in Carlisle, and . will per
. form all operations 'that are required in the
practice of his profession;—such as • • .
Extracting', Fining Ptecipangi.lthd
• Inserti n g Artillehtl• Teeth,
. Item a single tooth to-an entire set: .
'N. 8.. For a few. months -ensuing, Dr. LOOMIS
will be in Carlisle, the first two weeks in each
month—=‘after_which w lie,_will_ba. absent until-the
first two weeks ineach foll Swing month--at which
Pill sl. near M'Farlane's
Carlisle, May 4, 1842.
.. ' ' . tf-27
. .
yirlHE subscriber will sell_utr at gre . atly reduc•
cd pricos, FOR CASH, a large and goneral
assortment of
The stock is new 'anti cheep, tionsistitt in Oca l a
Superßlack , Blue, Invisible Green - , Polish
areen - oudßrown Cloths,
Superfine Cassimeres, Cassinetts; a good assort
ment of Pants Stuff, such as Sumner Cloths,
Garnboons, Merino Cdssiineres,- Cottonade,
Linen and Cotton Drillings, &c. Szc. . -
A good assortment of Vestings, Stocks, Shirt
Cellars, tioSiery...Gloves, Sze. &c Ste. A large
• stock of elegant Silks, Black and Blue Black,
Figured nd Plain Light Silks, new style. Mous
' lin de Minns, Lawmi;Muslindo AngletureS, Bom
bazines, Walt Linens,Checks,Tiekings, Muslins,
Calicoes, CraiEsititig, Dress Handkerchiefs, worked
Collars, Cambricks, &o: &c. Also, Braid and
Strati: , .Bonnets; Ribbons, Gimpe, Leghorn and
Palma Leaf Hats, and a great variety of goods
not enumerated.
Purchasers will do well to' emi at the old stand
oppOsite S. Wunderlich's Hotel, where they will
find stacks of' goods, selling cheaper than ever
sold in this county. . _
Carlisle, 'Juno 15, 1842
proprietors of the Susquehanna Line will
run their Cars and Boats as usual to Phil.
adelphia and Baltimore during the present Beason.
Their friends wilt please apply to Wm. L. Fox,
Broad st. and to Castner, Christian '& Curran, No.
76 South 'Wharvei, Philadelphid;and Joseph E.
Elder, Baltimore.
Until further notice; the following prices will
be adhered to between this place and the above
2: ,
IT El .
El g
'L 9
Ale per 100 lbs.
Groceries, Q Ware
and Hardware,
Dry Goods; Furni
ture and Drugs,
.Wheat, Rye & Corn
per builiel •
-Oats do
Lumber per 1000,
feet $2 75
Shingles, -do 1 50
Flour per bbl. , . all
• Shad •do 371•
Herring do. • '341
Salt per sack, . 28
Pitch, Tar and Resin
.; per 100, . 'l6
Plaster-groSipton, -$2 25
Hemp per 100; , 16
Pig Metal, gross ton. 2 50
& Castings, 3 121
Itar ):. , 3 50
Nails Oar keg, • 18
Leather per 100, 20
Whiskey per bbl 50
?Burr Blocks per -100, 15
CurhStone, do • . 421 ,
Tin, do 20 • 25 •-• '
' r MARTIN.,
Successor to -Miller . &
10 '
Estate ok '41014, deeeased.
'• ' °TICE •la gERt 1 7Y, GIVEN, that letters
Of A.itroliijetratiorli on: t:1 0 ' Estate' of JOHN
TA , late , of Alien -, t4 4,,.. f i,,;,,, , - Cumberland
.; , koiraty."depid. hare bmth issued lirtlui.BVls_tor in
`, ,an'd fw the riujd:Coonek;to'ilmenhioFiiint.,/,-'9oing
••,'; Ito Soot Potatabbie .townaltip: All persona having,*
'' ,, t6laime or; demands agalaat the Estate, Qf thca j iaid
' , `decadent, are requested 'to make know,' the same
"' Without tlelity;,), and those . ia , dokted, to makepay.
;',.iiiimit !Minedi4el,y,to . • " :-: .., .is ''', ; . ~, 1. . .... ! r.:
; — 4
'' ' ; ''.. '" ' ' :Twos, iiiA.DLER, Adin'i.." l
AeaMlCl i trli342'..: ' ' ' '' , ''' .''', "' •''.; ' dii,-421'l
110444COtiAle:MTIO. Sel`47.4"de..ft,
~, T- ,PTttOB:_.IS,IIMIERV.'fAV 4; . OA i 'P• t tqri i.
i , ':., ; , of Mintnistration tittilio . ,'Eit*!w.A.Ar 1 , •,
N s
.0, E 14,i late Or. tile township. corSoutttaffiPtoits
county of Comi4orlatid, havo been: issued: by lthe
'. '--Retistei fiv. and' for thti , said ganniy, to tlin subscri-,
~hor,yito. mikklifis t ;iii I:39olshiplon'tp. Aforesaid: WI.
' i'sonii - having titilins lor dpman‘ls against I tkp
tato of thomikttlooadeilktite r.equested in nilike
I ~ , k u i T mthe, I ittno c wittiontflalay and fiis!? .tintuti
"-,, 441.t.9 P f4 ).00. / ,P, a , xn9l*lol*aliiAlia. l
.. ,i j .
~u r. : ,q,ANE.s:, , itigt„t'
.;;,.. „i*nitlfairo.!..t§AvviA44:4i‘464'd'i
....„-, ~A
-,..,,aiE,igub.e.„,h...,,,,t4, 4 , 1 rure. for;
4i,„ . ..pp0,,,0rt0mp,,n,..,,,..,,4414,46.0:5tr0k:
IVVVkiklito;ei fow.Allesci OTOWAQN. liM.
•t ,' t4.A.- 4 .4;i i ''.'-''', 4 'i i 3 O' Y t4IECI:.W. lllTsE,ite., , i
I Tani22 1842 :' ,, 4 , '''vl .i. ~, - T 34.
• , • .
. .
. ,
kir'• ,;•,
:•;.• *, ." •
-••,‘ (z 4•„•••::: 4: • •.
;.: •
f 1 4 ' ' ' . 3!
. .
• ~
I t
4 "' W •,; ‘• .1" -. • . :;'. '• ?
Ce 3
THE stock of New Gooile, belonging to. Abe
fir* Bosserman utton, consisting of
HaRD'IP46IRE,' •
traiivits, •
OIL-4.)YE STIJITS &c.' &c. •
Will be eiild for CASH, wholOale, and retail, t re-
ducted Prices.' 'Those • wanting bargains, will do
well to call soomas the entire stock will be Sold to
closb the concern; don't , mistake the place, at the
Store Ropimuf BOsserman & Hutton, NorthHim
ever street: • • ' • *,'• • •
• • . :Surviving partner of, the firm of
May ift,'.1842: • - A • tf-29
rinHE. subscriber, having.tancludedio do an en-.
JR . tire Cash business,Oeis for salohia large and
.spli3ndid assortment of • • .
Nails & Cutlery,.
lower than it' as ever. bought for in .Philadelphia.
The following will give you some ided of the prices
that I am determined to sell tit -
6 inch Carpenter's Patent Rim Leeks, •
from " Si2 . to $l4 per dot::
'0 6,50
10 "
.g • It
4,621 .Keg
• 4,4.4
4,31 -
6 inch Brass Striker, !I
,Newton Darling Grass Scythes,
Newborn's "
HOY Forks, Solid Cap Ferrule,
Cast Steel long handle Shovels,
Ctiniherland. or Reading" Naild,
Phoenix or Juniata - • 44
Other makes,'
I will sell any articles in my . line fr.ern 20 to 25
per cent. lower than can be haught for on credit..
Call on me—examine my gouida—getp list.of my
priccs—compare them with the prices of other
stores, and_ascertain for yourselves where you can
buy the cheapest.
- • HENRY L. ELDER, Importer.
493 Market at. abotli 13th, North side, Philadelphia..
June 1, 1842. • . • 6m,31.
Family, Groceries.
.No. 555 South street,. Pamauf 01)-
po3ite Oe.Ba ing-Ily uoei-recen I ly . occul
-" ^ •
WOULD respectfully offer the citizens of c sr
-7-r lisle and county - of - Cumberland generally,
a first rate assortment of ?the choicest-
Selected with 'great care, which he will pack nod
forwtird by rail road to the dildresx• of those ti•ho
may favor him with their orders. Having-supplied
a number of families in Carlisle end its vicinity, he
would be pleased to incieaSe the number of his cus
tomers there. Hia business has been exclusively
to supply families with GOOD GROCERIES jr
the last twelve years, and he flatters himself,thst
for first quality goods and fair _prices, he cannot bo
surpassed in the 'city. His stock cOnsigis of a
general assortment, some of which he will enum
• Burlington of Jones & Dutton andCH:-
fiat & Booth's curing. •
Smoked TONGUES. •
Dried BEEF. . . .
Green and Blnek TEA, some of the latest im
portations, and of very diem,.
'Sperm flit. and Sperm CAN nizs. •
,conl4, of every.eariety, some old Juvaiforty_
Italian FIGS, a very delicate article. •
~-, Fatimsau,Englash, Sap Sago, Holland and Ame
rican EESE.
Uuderwood's PICKLES and SAUCES, of every
French, English, and American MUSTARD.
S LIG A lt, Loaf mid Brown, of choice qualities.
CRACKERS, of every variety, Philadelphia,
Boston, Princeton, &c.
Canary SEED.
Hemp SEED.
English Split PEAS.
.„SEGARS of , every quality, some very choice.
CURRY POWDER, India SOY, &c., with an
extensive assortment of every article. a_familv can
require. WM. L. MADDOCK, .
55,,Sotfth Third Street, Philsidelphia.
May 23i 1842. tf 80
No. 113;=South Second. Street, Phila4elphia.
g E:g:1 ;7 *- V
THE subscriber respectfully invites the chi
tens of Carlisle and County of Cumberland
generally, to call before purchasing elsewhere, and
examine bia . ,
' . $1 per bbl
23 40
, \,••)•••••,• , . . . ~ . , , .
Ymcgr. •
, . 4 .. , 54.,, , ,, ~ • ,
•,-.-_-„1.-.. ,, e.., , ...
..w-; ; ,,-, , ,q 1 , 4 - .T4-.-., .• ,_ ~' ~ . , ; t,,.
111= i or every diseription; which are
• • monufsetured 'under his own• itn.
mediato•iiireclion.of the best material, by superiv
workmen, and , Which he warrants of ,the best
quality—and at prices 'as low os can be purchased
in the United States. Inr Ho also manufactures 611
- .U.Ept'Qrt3lltlo32 * (....Mo=ft.Lte` 9 '
the Superiority of which consists in
-the astonish
ing Bicility . with' which an In . valid,with the slight=
cat effort, •may by the use of one or both, hands,
move 'tepid fro in the house, or in the open alr
in 4 gaiden or eleewhere; and turn quickly, round
without requiring any more, space than it occupies
whil e, standing.
No. 11 o uch Second Street, Philadelphia.
.. Juno 1.5, 812. ' iia.33
...GO tHS' g, GOLDS •
..... ,
ple'as these complaints are usually considered,
no one con deny their being Ahtt„iiiitst_iommon_
cause ef thii fhtal nod distressing &limits. It is
indeed a melancholy truth, - that thouiands 'fall
victims to Consum 'tied every-year from no other
cause than tiefflecle Colds. Yet •we find hun-,
1 dieds, nay thousan s who treat such -Complaints
with the groatest _indifference, and let them run
on for weeks and even months without thinking
orthe danger. At first you have what you nady
con4iitior a slight cough or cold; yqu ' allow liusi
poss,'l:4misure or carelessness to prevent:ion from
gliting if i.:11): attention; it then settles, upon, your.
;§ r o oo 4 s o 4.:eoceorne: hohrse, have e the,
--44 0 . - or ' ohOW: c3 i i iimforattit large Muni Mee otinat.
lii;riefliapit mixed ';', , -blood,' a , difficulty; ',of
;brcathing °MHOS, an'd ',theit-' yen And ;oulrf•ot.yiti
.foolish ,neglece , haii•:'hictiiglit ,on ALIBI distessing
.complaint.t;:iftli6n Y 04 1°4' 10 : 0 ? 01 ' Ileilt q_ , be
Warnedin time, and .don'i trilla;vo, YMllr'',,'
or any, qyack nostrum. to Cure, you, but
LeMedialely procure a Ogle, qr t w o ; tt;f ..l i titlY fa.;
: outi.romedy i 'Alie;,?l3sLAK el?'•:W. 1 .0 ) , :gim.: 4lo "
which:ls. welt known to he; the. Most eimeO.Sur. e
ever known, as : thousands will testify whose lOctf
brivigl be& saved by it. -' ,e.:;, •-•.•
','''l iErße 'very particular •when .you purchase to,
ask for ‘,4l)r; %.iniiiiiiiii BALSAM oi Wil.nCirenity,!'
I 'as 'OOl4l is also a SYRUP of this name in use.'.',:
- 7 Preparedr wholesaleand---retail,hy._Wrataidit
'Ott Co4'Cheri?iptai, , No.- - SS,Sonth Fourth siitet,
-Philadelphia..::' --. i.' " , a
I • '..;,"' Sold in, Carljelo by
28 43h
$3 50
35 500
50 ,
82 50
3 50
4 00
4 50
. ,
Price One Do/far a Barre. „
•1unti , 22 1 4842 , - , ": • 1920.31
43 4;r •;';'4*
' , ;I '
A T T.O tt ,N.E- 1 1 - - -A. T-11-AW.•
oce opposite die- Carlisle Mink.
, 2l ; 1
. B f 2 , 1 • • 6m-39
, .
UNLA .P,' A D A I.
.111Ornk*''ot Low,
OFFICE ,15t0.3 'Sectaries Rotv,, on the Pub.
lie Square, Carlisle, Pa.
• • April 6,0842.
1/11hHE subscribers, at their FOUNDRY AND
MACHINE SHOP, on Main Arad, nearly
opposite the County Jail, in the 'Borough of Par
still continue to build the ,Tolloisring•Ma
chines. and. Horse -Potvers '
viz:' - • •
T. D. Buirrelps Patent Imp_roved
' •
• • LEOZZai n D ONlntria,9 .
With a lierizontal * bend-Wheel, with iittunk to eon
duct the strap to the Machine. -• • ..1
The band4rheel •butside of the limiters They are
wellealeulated to put to one side of the !Rim bridge,
or under the barn shed. •
-A New and unproved Shaker,
To separate the'grain froth the straw, which will
diiiense with one. or two hands, will be made' to'
the above Machine if wanted. • • •
• • • Ut.2ltlfga
Purchasing , any of the above Machines inay hove
the privilege, Idler a fair trial, of returning the same .
if not plitisfied._ 'All Machines and Horse Powers
#re warranted for one year,if well used."
All kinds of repairing will be done at the shortest
notice and .on the most reasonable terms. They
always keep on hand alt castingi necessary to re
pair the above Maahines, or any others noviiii•use.
• There is also attached to the above establishment
all kinds of CASTINGS ein be had—such as\p
ple•Mills, Coln Brakes, Plaster Brokers, Mill Gear,
M ill Cranks, Machine:Gearing,_ Wuglon.
Boxes, Ark: &c: Also, •
illZl~'il~ ND FIiNISIIING,
Such as Mill Spindles,- Car Boxes, Turning Lathes,
&c., all in the best,order,_in.iron and brass:
orders will. he-wetted at tit 6 shortest
- notice, and promptly attended to.. Farmeiii and
others are respectfully invited to give us a call, con
fident tlcat - they can be'suited to their satisfaction.
'Carlisle,. Aug. 10, 1842. - tf-41
- 1:0". Planck's, lienwood's & Ogle's Ploughs
anftPloaigh Castings, such as Cutters
Laridsides, &c. &c : , can also be had at the foundry
This is the season when this destructive
complaint attacks your interesting little children,
often robs you pf those you fondly doat on, and
carries hundreds to the grave.' Every mother
should thareforiN know its syMptoms, watch them
closely, and Always be prepared with a remedy
as many are daily sacrificed by such neglect:. At
first the little patient is seized with a shivering, it
grows restless, has flushes of heat,tho eyes become
red and swollen, it breathes 'with difficulty, and
then' conies that fearful Cotton that will surely ter.
,convulsions or death unless something is
immediately given to check it. In this complaint
the "Balsam of Wild Cherry" is well known' to
be the most speedy ever dicovered. It is indeed a
precious remedy—mild, safe -and innocent, and
is sure. to give the sufferer immediate reliefs- and
quickly restore it to -sa&ty and health. Fami
lies residing in the country And indeed every mo.
-tiler who loves her children, should always keep
this medicine'in the house' and . give it to them
early, by doing so you may often save the life of
one you fondly love. Remember this is the famous
remedy of this distinguished physician, • Dr. Wis.
rar, , which has cured thousands of • CROUP,
TION, Ste., Mier ever Y other - medicine lies tailed.
a l.Be particular when .you purchase to ask
as there is a sinter of this name advertised' that is
entirely a different medicine.'
• Prepared only by WILLIAMS & CO., Chemists,
No. 33 South Fourth street, Philadelphia,
Sold in Carlisle liy.
• Price One. Dollar a Bottle.
Jnne 22, 1842. . ' , , t 020.33
PriRIFIC.At(OIfItitGiA7. 4 ION.
_ .
Boih . theai'EAStsirriProduOed by •
Uri. Ltatir > z's lltoon pies
cOritain' in'their coniposi-,
: lion invediente which produce the com-'
. litiirdand desirable effects or
AND ' •
, Cleansing the ilowelgi--
rriHEIM ore no Pills hi existence which may be
timen;ages and ' ISCilbollll,
,--- - - ' . - apt, .., ......,...ig of ti1e,,......, .
without restraint trom. . , living or occupation, as 'Dr.
I,eitly's Blood "Pills. '. ' . . joints and rheuaticlaa ad, utward remedy, it has
noequal,and vvhenused wit. the( Rheumatic Medi.,
• From their cabal 'lslam, they are'calculated to .„,,,...,
purify tlie blood and anitnal fluid's during the Inter- ""'"'" will greatly. facilitat tile :cure. The an.
and between taking themand their gperationi
all impurities, as well as obnoxious substances of the
when nual ' s of History do not pro uce . itscqual, and this
. the greatest prevetit . iven gain_st c9lO,
stomach and bowels; are" carried off by their mild knoWnivoild"For'particula a see duectlonsaceorn.
purg,ative properties. ~. " - partying the bottles:' ' Fri 25 cents:
. • UPWARDS 00 100,000 BOXES " - • ' • - TOOTH'ACI - 1 ' DR.QPS,... _ _ _..._
of - th - dminot been sold during the past six months .:77'--A n i n f o loble,ente 'if ea d- according to . !lirep•-
rd.le ; stud . . UPWARDS,,OP 11/9(1,000 - , tk o n st . ik;ice 25 cants per ma.. , . ~, .
since their first - .introduction by the proprietor; Dr. 7 • rs-ALVE
N, :H. Leidy; • , • ', . ./ • .. • , .1, - • ... • .:• ..• +. . .. •
lia'reilie - y - e liN V i rteTi l t 9 1ii - O L tino sir fa it il ll i C it E" 'pro - d ' a s ol;4 4- ab l d a- se dtt re dgi es- c o d lti lY- S t r b te bel"l NS, Of MT:l t' d:7' .a s'i n o d r- w i ll o l u p nll te lr ..
gobd effects .',.: '• • • . , 7 , ..,_.• •
_,...„ . 7. , . vent . if need: in tints, rria y onarations; and pre..
nit LEIDY'S. BLOOD, PILLS,' '• - • ';vent Logli-JaW;7Pairts in 7 e'. Dack . ," , Hstati•-tif•C.-.;-,
contain no Ingredients datigerausto: thb constitution. , Armlet( Who' are "so 'unfelt %incite as to-have' sere
which are:employed 'id aIL Pillii inanufbatured• by ,
s ' '7. breaate,•and Will' Ilse thin'Woriderftil salve, will be
Quacks and 40,,postars, who',dspend. upon, stick dead , eter,cclfin' a Sery'silottios cannot. be too high.
:ly:lreceirinitiridce For fa i t erpartiattlars see dime.'
gerousinedicines under ihe iinpresiion.,('Whicli 7 lthowe •, .• '•,. ni,iiii.l2lockiiii box.'
~ ....,
.7 . .
.: •
'their 'ignorance % ) that all diseases sips yield to the - ... , ..!P!!!1• '‘ t.. ,„,...„2 ,;,- , r ,. ~T , ...: - L -,,,,,,. --. i v - ~ •
: kfr ee p l O E, Afernory and' other Mineral's. ,-,• : I. 1 i..., ~• - vt'l i iti in .LA L:711 %A-PP N
.' '.I,IPWARDS - 01 0 'sow cnirrimic A ES'-. e.,., .-An excellent °Welt} f the "cure of worms, ir,
,proin Physiciatisputt tubers ; hav,eheea 7 requentlY, " adults as- well as, ehlidre , 7 avid. Wi il cure when
publiihed CI the happy . ,,effects"of Or. Leh : vow! ;:other. remedies fail: •:: Pri , 6i cents per holt.' ... ;
; pills arid fUrther COlnlnCtli upon theit:pierttn-nspii.i.,i -.`. '' :' 'COUG Er'L ENGES.' , , ... :-
o ,4 e „ ar y.. Ale, 'Ant ‘Oion , ltPv3evOr.te,llil 6 !!!' rear :„,'';l , - ,,,,6Biii,,iiti c it gfii, l Pold§iiie throat;
commend to.,aly.irequiritig a purifying. or purgedY9 " 7 ' ••• - ' h••• 7 , - ''' • ”'' or ' r b r a - jj i" '' ' yi.• 61
'medicine; to`. procure - his 7 BLOOD'. pIDLS,Vnetu try ; .Br,one ltielmo difficulty' 7 „ .Ing--- ,
,i.c.f! .
them ? ~ No lattetwill eirer mm Ally otherlind,lutsbag : vbents par flot.,;_, :2 '-1 : 1 :1
Once givelitheat'alitir tidal.' .- ' - 7 . '-. 7" , '..''' 1 '',:xl ~1 '::: old wholesale had reU
fI i .(rp . 'BEWARE. O O,.CODNtr.RFIEITS=IIfpre , :NO;3I34,'Nortb . - . 3d street
:Cured ,ii.orntlis sole tuastufacturer and proprieter, Dr, 1: .7... -,-,,,, 7 ,•:•7 ...,r.•,...J0HN- 7 .0
151.7 ILLEIDY,UthiaIIEALTD•EIRFOItIUIVI;Isini". 7. • f ., - o,,,,i' i ii.'irmi e itf o
121...-Nutter-Sroond,street,heloWNinestreat4Sign ot.; ~- 3 i n i o . 22 -1 8 4. k.
the , Gulden Engleand Serpelits ; YPltlladeliilutt;there
can he nopussibility, of 'mitstake:'•l '. ' ' 2 • - , ..7-5. - -: - ,: -, •:" -
"„..ffiietareglitipeatt :Apr mnstitktlisT . ,yelpectablli
f V
Druggistti - obibidelphia;snd - hy resp_cetablelTeNl
chants ond,Drmilds throughotit the, United States.
'PRICE; TWO , NTT=FIVE. CENTS •kr.110X.:4 '
Pow sale; in CafllsleibY 7 'rs'..,r 'i - ..: A' j , ~: ~r
° ..',. ; IrgvENsoisi , .4..pul,KLE, ,
-T' -, r. - --- - :."iont.sigit'unit,4rigyidrctigiits , .; ,,, .
ciablel.llll , tailB42.7 -- .7 .1,., • •:y,.. t ilr;;?, :t ./1 429
1 :' ~ ''''N ' t ' Y • . ::li h':..) '' : rf' " , (1 ' ' ' ' -' rc , '.;;. , 1 . - F• ',.;,'
OTHE OZ . :. ;E N.. 0,40 -5 ;AP - CP:X: IC , 6-84 . 143417 : 051 V 114-4- A --- . 0 , "ft - ol f: •r,
LPEPaualttcDda Eumm- PPcmitbatto3PD'ai'm
; ; ,,W,F 4 j):NE$O*-it . 5:.,4'fq,. , E•MJ1F4'R41...4484.4:',:y .-.
0 11- - 11 -
-Comnitssiener fit Saiplcreeptcy.
FFICP in Souilk ; ,nover,stree , near X.
ed, in reference to') OS' of Aimee, intending.
to apply for tbe'benn 4: i the Bank r upt 4t, can
be obtained, &„:'
Carlisle,May 4. 184* , ty.27
• •': FARMERS ) .- wog ':: L
rriHE46beAriber ligitki* informs his friends imd,
A . ' the' Public in gericral, that he 'still , continues
Qo keep a
'pa pazo•ctiulit UP,
(reports to tliC contrary' rotWitt4iiiiiding,) at the
OLD STAND; ; SOM.. tile* doors
east of the, COurt Roue where,he,will at all times
aqiiiinist Ming -jo the-iotitforts - of
those who'may faint: himnithibeir custom:
-- BAR' shallhe_constuntly_iupplied.with the
choicest liquors, and his TABLE;' with the beat the
market can furnishes A carafht:OSTLEß-; always
kept in . attendance—and nothing shalt 4 . .10) un
done to Please till who Call will him.
BOARDERS takenby the Week, monlli or year.,
611VIDINI woNpEgucn.
April 6 1842. ' ~ tf-23
VIANUPACTURED and kept on hand, for
171 Bale, in the city of Lancaster, near . the
Rail Road; . .
Endless Chain Horse over
for one . horso and for two .liorsen warranted to
Work well, and of, greater .durability than any
other Machines, for similar purpose known to
the:subscriber at present.
. .
Laneaster, May 4. •
A NY 'person„ wishing iv indest a few . Thou.
AIL lend Dollars in new and subitantial Pro,
perty in Carliale, yielding ten peteenfper annual,
will hear•Of an opportunity of d oing So by calling
op the Editr4 of the "Herald de gipositor."
Cat I We s , June P 9,, 1842.. • . 4.05
vaintaavaa 2103111111
• .
of Coughs, Colds, Conan mption,-Liver Com.
plaints, Asthma, Bronchitis; Sore Throat, Dys:
pepsin, Shortness of Breath, pains in the Side,
Breast, Back and Shoulders, Agile and Fever, an
intallable cure, and all Scarlet and Bilious Fevers,
and all, diseaSes rirising:' from exposure and de.
bility, no matter how long standing—in feet all
diseases to whit.% the human family are subject to.
These pills are unsurpassed by any medical
compound ever offered to the.public as a general re
novator and family medicine. They are very
gentle in their operation, causing neither pain,
sickness nor debility by the tips of them; but on
the contrary they strengthen the, stomach and
bowels in a wonderful manner, and soon 'restore
nature to its former course and vig,or. The per
son using the Olive Branch Pills soon forgets
that lie• was sick—which is very easily accounted
for: there is not that prostration of strength in
thcse.pills as in many. oilier remit:4o.a the day,
because the materials used in smounkteturing them
are In harmony with the powers of life and act
in concert with the opinionsof Dr's. Brown, Bosh,
Armstrong, Montgomery, Ileiscy, Kendrick,
Shopper and the celebrated Dr. Waterhouse,
formerly Lecturer on the theory and practice of
Physic in Cambridge University.' Massachusetts.
Purchase of them, and give them a fair and im.
partial trial, and you will find that permanent re.
lief, upon which the proprietors depend to nuke
them the most universal family medicine used,
and which will stand unrivaled by any other in
the known world. Price 25 cents per box.
one of the most certain and effectual cures for
all rheumatic, chronic and inflammatory Rheuma.
tisnis that has •ever yet been .discovered, and in
nurberous cases has eradicated that dreadful,, dis
ease from persons afflicted entirely. All sour
drinks and. victuals are. strictly forbidden,, and
'spiritous liquors must not be taken inwardly by
any means whatever, or it will be of no use to
take this medicine, as it will destroy the good cf.
fects of the medicine entirely. Prim 81,50 per
These celebrated drops have acquired the high.
eat 'recommendations in this ; country, as well as
an Europe for its most' valuakle proprieties for all
inward weaknesses, cramps,celds t agues and fever;'
and when used with the Oliva Branch Pills,novor
tails to cure " the fever and ague. Price 25 cents
per bottle: ' • '
I. unrivalled for its curativel qualities evert *heti
used in cases of maladies ultich were otherwise,
incurable: • Many recommendations have been
giyen of the beneficial effects it has had Willi;
cure of pleurisy, pectoral end pulmonary con.
sumptions; Colds, &c. Price 25 cents per bottle.
This most excellent art elo has a AtellitY of
calming instantly rand without fail, all : clamps of
the stomach, cholic and that troublesome disease
called mother fits or hysterics; and when contiuu.l
ed for some length of time will cure the patient
entirely.. Price 25 cents per vial: • .
A certain cure for ,Pruses, Burns,
and the niciat.effectual curator, the;pilee—it will
cure The person afflicted ;Dia very 'short time ? if
used according to directional PAN) 25 etc. per vial,
This spirit is highly recommended fur all
gains, swelling of the limks,'or leaders, sinews,
Cll 4 :l;e:',ol'l ll o 4 .g ' iSV
. ,
days; .All ortiprs,
.fileAy,attehdadi.o:t ,i ,
tearlitile; Atm. 24 4 18
1 tt: , t , t•Attri . tiint'iy... , •:. n.
CARLISLE, Sept. 10,1841. 4,
Messrs. E. Rollinaon C.o.— Gentlemen, I have;
fairly tested the "Hot Air Stove" which you fait
up at,4oo can recommend it °evinces,
ing-ptirietples of econotny andconvenience far
surpassing. way, other 'stoic which . l have evi3r seen.
The boilers doming in . immediate contact with
the? fire'gives great facilities far boiling, and the
oveit-brAutiited-cat-ittph-'repnrneipltrth'artiread - hr
'baked litas, manner as in a bricktivrat.
find it : aleo a great eaVirig,of fuel .and and
vvould advise alit° adopt it, , . •
• i• . mrroar.L IIinCLEfLLAN.-.
• lIA.MBERSBURGt, Scifi. 6, 1841.
Ta. , cot tify that I dirt i riOw tieing ono ot . •
way's Patent lint liotAir coohiitg Stoves,
,NO. and,
do recommend it`, as superior ' to any' • etota I: have
eeen, the gieat;eavitt,of cnel, end the liatiety Oat
aatihe cooking At; tlie,eatne' 1111{64 it
jest to thoso who Wlels to flu:Wilda , the' operations
of thaltitaheti. ) -
carliedeiJittve 274 ~ta15.34
wog* .. , !hawjs,' Muslin dc . Luins,:
vfroy4ll,lol , ollg4,oairtboong, Reite; . ll ara;l34oo
t iaii,§heee; 01s, 404 ; jupt,received,
auctiope, and , sellipg for cosh,;, cry. , jew at the
store of • ; 'VI - I-A5..41)C444Y;
'.• - Af4i.
777 7 7 1111149irl1irticrlintot -- =7:
Ar 1782"; feeeityed;.loo'"dazen, P
r aha' Leaf Mite;
"aild ykoleaoe, - 001 4 % th#Per
' - than'o4:pfeted'hefitefota ? " '" ' •
MPT 45i1t3 2 ' ;.: '' 0 !; 7,r-4,
::!` .4• ,:spl
, •
I.•at the pri ncipal etßee,
Philadelphia; and. l 4 , '
RAY, Carilala.Pa-'
Cetiiberland County,„,,
•i %1y:34
H 13:41144,L
...;i!iiti?,#cOffoiaf few
hie line.
• 111(1)0.V51 ,. 4 031(911iitaa
tAltGglot of. "goers , * SWOES;
of:all - deilcrintion j apt, ieceivad;
or caah, uncommonly, Jaw ; at tha atfirtl of
',. . :CHAS., OGELBY..•
Aug.lo, 1842. ' - tf.4l.
" Selling oW at. lirst•Coot.
, . ,
subseribera !intend vAnding nio then busk.
11 1 . 1
and noiv determined tO•sell goods
I .lls
at such 'unusual ,loiv prices as cannot t, con=
vino tho pdrohaser, that thu s have the. , o4spest
goods ever. offered in this repou-of country.'
Their stock is. 'and CHEAP, consisting
in_part.ot_._. • • - ,
Blue llMack, .111 tie Invisible
Green, Brown and Drab Cloths, Castionerea
¢= Satinets, of ,varioua colors and prices,
a variety of *wain de Lames,
Plain 4: Figured Bilks,lllack
• et Blue Black Bombozinee, •
11fus4ns, Calicoes. Dress. Hankerehiefs, tfe.
There numerous advantages in purchasing
i.. ? otis which were frequently made known in fer
nier, advertisements, will be sufficient proof. to
satisfy all those •desirous of obtaining bargains,
that they arc now prepared and fully determined
to sell them exaetly cheap enough.: Come then
all ye who have so long been . suffering under the
severe pressure of the times, and adopt the remedy
'which ii here provided for you; i. e. CHEAP
fErThey 'would particularly invite the attentio
of purchasers to their Cheap Cloths, Comfit
'hones and ,Sa tt net s. •
P..8., , Th05e who are ye't indebted to the sub.
scribers; will• please satisfy the samobetween this
and December next.
i3hippoOsbuig, July 20, 1842.
Fll-101E R
Ttite; COppOriiMith, and s'lave
- , :Bitsineof.
SON, having entered into Co. Partnership, in
he Tin, Copper", ami Stove 'Business, under. the.
inform - the pnblic that they intend' carryin - ratr
their business 'all its braricheS; at the old stand
of-Jacob-Fridleyi - North - Ha - rroverstrettreatliTAT
where they will at all times,' be prepared to serve
purchasers with any article in, their line; on the.
most:reasonable' term/.
• I
la - addition to all other varieties of stoves,
which they will - constantly have pn hand, they
have purchased of Mr, J. G. Hathaway, the ex
clusive right tornanufacture and - sell, in the coon.
tics of Cumberland and - bauplzin •
Hathaway's Patent "Hot Air
- . Cooking Slovei." .
' And being aware that thmpeople in' this place
and VicipAty, - have been- much itimosed upon by
the introduction of new and highly recommend.
cd articles which they have been induced to pur.
chase, and which have been so slightly made, and
of such bad material, that in a short time they
have 'Ailed and become useless. We, therefore,
do not intend offering stoves for sale until they
are fairly tried. in this community, and pronoun
ced. more durable in their constructhm, better
adapted to - the. purposes of boiling, bakingand all
the varieties of cooking than any other stove;
also, that they area great saving of fuel as well
as labour.: ,
cr . j-We earnestly invite farmers as well tus:resi.
dents of this place nod the neighboring villages',
to cull on us at' S. Wunderlich's hotel, or notify
us by letters (postage unpaid) that they are will.
hug to try our stove—and the stove shall be placed
in the kitchen of every person givilig us such no.
tic°, and taken'away utter trial, without anycx.
pense.te persons making the trial.
. The stoves will be kept for sale at the Tin Shoji
Of Mr. Jacob Fridley, and at the Foundry of
Messrs. -Lay & Stouffer, in Carlisle.
Having contracted for One Hundred Tons of
Castings, we will, in. a few days., • supply stove
dealers' With all the:different sizes, on the most
-liberal terms. . •
ELEAZER ROBINSON', of Carlisle is agent
for selling the right in make and vend the 110 T
AIR . STOVE, and Will diSpose of counties in this
and the adjoining States.
- Wepublish the following recommendations from
some of those who are using the stove, to eneour.
ago others to, try it. p •
CARLISLE, Sept. 12 1 1841.
I have in use in my,kitchen one of Hathaway's
Patent Hot Air Cooking Stoves, and can morn,
mend it as a very superior article. The oriel
have is No. 3. It heti 5 boilers Mid an oven sufE.
biently large to bake six loves of bread. The
baking, roasting and broiling can all be done at
the some time and with much less wood than is
required for any stove which,we have used.
This size appears to be peculiarly , calculated for
,Parreers, and for their benefit I invite them to call
and-see this stove in - nee, art I Oran take pimiento
in showing thie . .stove to all whom interest .or
curiosity may ipduco to examine it.'
. -CARLISLE, Sept. 114841,
Messrs, E Robinson 4 Co.—GENTLiMEN,
have during the few days I have had your. Hatha.
way's not Air Stove in use, become convinced of
its great superiority over all • other stoves I have
used. or seen. I the trial that boiling,
.rousting, baking and broiling, may all be donerat
the sometime, in a most perfect manner, and with
less than one fourth the fuel.l have ordinarily used
.for tho same purposes... I hove heretofore. been'of
the opinion that bread could dot be well baked in
a cooking• stove, hut I. am convinced upon trill,
that it can ho done as well in your stove us in a
. .
brick oven.
. _
',believe that the general introduction of your
stave into use will be very beneficial to the public,
therefore I shall take pleasure in recommending
it to"my friends. Yours respectfully, •
.. • . WILLIAM MOUDY,.. •
Tilt subscriber ON SrAt3ON4Lt =ISM,
hie valuable , • 2 ,
Antra 2 8 24 . 64124 . 22 6 0
Coitalliming 110 Acres%totalled Monroe townshii, Cumberland county,
Pa., 7 miles East of Earlikle t on . the public road
leading from Carlisle to York; Fnife•from Chuph
tmvn, and 5 from Mechanicsburgn—. Imving there.,
on erected A THREE, STORY STONE • `,*
. . ,
- . 7 IIERCH•fiII T - ..•
AND . • '
(11113LtrAY2 atIMILsi • "
40 by 50. feet, with four run of stoned, and all ne
cessary, -Machinery, die.-belonging to a mill, all
in firet•rate order, . . • .
4 1 2 1gster. Jllill. .14". Sally .71111,
with every .thrng about them •in complete order;
all situated on the .YELLOW .BR E ECHES
CREEICk—a large two story • '• -
- with the necessary out-buildings and
other conveniences; alarge new BANK
BARN; roomy, compact and complete; a thriving
ORCHARD of apple and 'other fruit trees; a well
,watcr at the House, ,and water in
nearly - allay field on the place, ,
The whole of the above property txttn.the best
condition, and the Mills are situated On ono of the
'best. &Cams in the State; and which never fails.
The neighborhood is the most thriving in the
country, affording a first-rate.custom, and every
facility for the conveyance of Flour, Grain, Loin.
bcr, &c. to and from the Mills. - • - '
Per Sons desirous of purchasing,- are invited to
to • call on the, subscriber; residing:lin the propertyi
who"will show the
.same, and
,inake known the
terms of sale; nr he wills' (*hang° the same for
a good landed property.
August 17, 4842. !,
Valimble Real Estate
MIKE subscriber, assignee of Daniel P. Sher•
ban , will sell by-public outcry, on the prem.:
ises, on FRIDAY the 14th of OCTOBER, 1842,
at 1 o'clock, P. M. • 104• ACRES and 04 PER•
CITES of first rate PATENTED " •
~ •
Situate in
. West
.Pennsboro township, Cumberland
county, three miles west of Carlisle, the State road'
to Newville passes .through the property, swats°
does the Cinnberlatill valley, railroad. The land
adjoins that of Henry Bitner, Samuel McCormick,
John Fishburn and others. ' The property is in a
healthy section ofthe country. The improvements
area good two storPog . •
• DWELLING • • 1111
110-U . SE
A - first-rate new STONE BARN, a house occupied
as DISTILLERY, and other riecessary - out-build.,
ings, dwell of never failing water at the door, a
young and thriving apple ORCHARD with other
fruit trees. About 90 acres of the land is cleared
and-in' a good 'state of cultivation, the balance is
covered with thriving timber. tome and see.
ALSO, on the same day at 10 o'clock, A.. M., a - 11):c,„
with a Steam Boiler and large Wood Vessels;with
copper Worn's, 18 now double Hogsheads. The
above mentioned articles are now and of the . beet
kill& If it'aen not be. eold together,* tvili r. or,
feted in pieeei. T,ho 'larger vessels wilt niiite:'6 ,
telient cisterns. .• . ,
Any person wishing to reo the :Real Estate or
the Distillery,' will please call on John Hays, Esq.
in Carlisle, or John Kreitzer living on the premises,
who will Possession , will be given on the
Ist day of April, A. D. 1843, and an indisputable
title made,
ErAttendance given and terms of sale made
known on day of sale, by
. • Assignee of Daniel P. Sherban.
August 11,.1842. • 41-42
A FARM part S.ALE,
rong ..übscriber will dispose of, at public sale,
on the premises, on THURSDAY, the yOth
of OCTOB R next. •
Ai 11,4i11311i111 a 0 4121/11
of Slate Limestone Land, in North Middle.
ton township, Cumberland county, containing 117
'ACRES, more or Roe l of patented land, adjoining
lands of Coover, Ziglcr, and others—said faun is a
portion of the estate.of John 'McClintick, decNi
Thc, improvements are a
Z - :.= CD' 'Ca 13 :; i•
There are also 2, never filling springs of water on
the premises, convenient to the house. •
Said farm is but a few Miles distant from Car.
lisle, and is Well worthy the attention ofcapi toilets.
Persons doslrous'of viewing the farm previous
to the day of *lle, can' be - gratified by calling-on
Alexander McClintick,Who resides on the premlies.
Tho terms- will 14-made easy, and a clear,in.
disputable title will ; ha given.
Residing in Chambershurg.
July 27, 1842. - t 5.39
- -
A-I\r.r) •
•; C 1(5.4 •
- -
-.• •
Cate&Extract, of Sarni
IvILL be forfeited by Dr. N. B. LEII)Y, for it
preparation of Sarsaparilla equal - to Ilia
Medicated Extract of Sarsaparilla..
It islioisitively the strongest preleamtioe of Soria
patilla in :existence. ONE 'llOl 'I'LE is equal to
six pints of any other.,Sirup , thatia made, and is
bought by numeroue personsehroughout the city:and
countrzfOr t
makint therefrom, and who sell it a
p rae - efficacy' of-Sarsaparilla is well known in
Serofula or King's Evil; Er,yeipelas, Diseases of the'
Liver,' AffectiOn 'or the Skip and : Bones,. Ulcers of
the Throat and Body, as well 'us an Antidote
to ftlercOry and the Minerals,: Constitutional Dia-.
easeeited h general purifier of the:Blood aud Animal
. Comment upon its "virtues is unnecessary;
eiery betly knows its efficacy. It is only necessary
when twin' it to get' a good yreparation of it, and'
thou there will be, no dia;tppnintnteut in its effects. !!
• •• .' . lllf. I '.eidyWould refer to the most respectable pity.;
sicinns in 'Philadelphia, as well' as -thrum:hoot the
United States: for the character of ItitqtreparMieini
:is welfillsti' to thentinterOlitrei , itifiiiiles pkyst
clnes 'and' others, that have Leen: from time to tiote .
published:. new deemed tuinepeasirr, as theehtirtie - gi
ter of hi s pr'eparati ohl establfsheiLYThrotigli.' . :
oiit the'. Southern States -it is - used: altogetheirOind,
throughout the Werth takes• the precedence over-ill
Others; tiarticularl among tho-phyeieians; olio;' far
ttie*polf . iif , tlitAilitilent*,:alritys • reatintrrMed . .'it.
!The reader- ik retelVed, tol:the direetionstationw
pan . yiOgeortiliottiefOrtecoiomOoOtilooti;oortatat • Aik
,•nail -:!!! !
qttarStii i tigitt
ivholestalcoind , retoitiii , Dr-
LVDPSlnumroxmtromemmatz t
Skotity•iitr44lli4oirlffnejolq et yrr :i ilf:
- )rit
• .
• t t•-0,•!•t tt:l
, ...•
in itankrOptcy.
•-• "C3DCCL' a IXiCZZEIEtob
PETMOINfiaI for - Discharge tind.Certificalo Mt,
der toe ,Banltript•LAW have been filled by
ABRAHAM HAMMTO.IS, late Merchant,
Of the firm of Harnilton 46 Croft; now
Farmer, - • • Cumberland Comity,
ABRAHAM W. GRAFF i late 'Marabout •
- of the firm of Haniiltun dig craft now •
Clerk, • ' Cumberland con*.
'EDWARD-- A. sa
ngn, Teacher, "
• Cumberland"county,
and FRIDAY the /Met day • of , .SDP2'.EMBER
next, at 11 o'clock, A. M., -in ttppoiniedlcw . the..
heari. , g thereof, befoie the . said, court, 'ghat/gin
Bankruptcy, at the District .Court-Rooin, in the
City 6f Philadelphia, whoa and
of the said Petitioners, who haviproved then' Dobta,
and all other "persons in interest, may appiar and
show cause; if any they have, why - su 01:Discharge •-
and Certificate should not be 'grouted.
Clark of the,Districit Court.
Philadelphia, July 11, 1842.. 0-9fi
PETITION for the Benefit of the Dank:-
' rapt - Law,. heti been filed the 22d July;
184 by
of the City of Philadelphia, : boie Agent
of" • Cumberland caunti.
, .
Which Petition 'will be heard before the Dis
trict Court of the United States for the Eastern
District of Pennsylvania, sitting in' Bankruptcy,
at the District Court Room, in the City of phi!.
adelphia,milltlonday the 10th day of So.ptembeatit
, When and where all 'persons
interested may appeal ansishow.eanse, Wang they " ,
have; why the prayer_of_the said Pptition-ahotild
nut - be granted, and the said Petitioner be declar
ed Banitrupt.
July 27, 1842
..--,. 5Z1C11).‘U 4 . 1 .,71.;(rA .E: - :`.....c. • - •
.;,EnTioNs £.r the Benefit of the Bankrupt
Lairlitive been filed the 19th Aug. 1842, by
JACOB it, RAUM, Inkccper, ~ Comberland co,
GEORGIE HOLLINGER, of the 'firm of . • •
Hollinger & Davis, Contractors on the - -
Works, not: Carpenter, Cumberland•cci. ,
WILLIAM " NOAKER, .Sadler and Die. •
tiller, . - _
• • Cumberland co.
THOMAS FLOWERS,lnkeepei,Cllmberland co,
• • Which Petitions will be heard before the Dili, _
Wet Court - of the United
. States for the. Faistern• _
District of Pennsylvaaisitting in Bankruptcy, at
Atte - Dlstrtot - Cinitilliitififiicifii - City of Philiiiirel, -... .
phia,- - on TUESDAY, 90th day of SEPTEMBER
next, at 11 o'clock,../t, M. Wilien and where_ all
personirimay appear and show cause,. if
any they hive, Why the prayer of the said Petitions
should not be granted, and the s3id - Feiltioners be
declared Bankrupts. . • '
. Clerk of District Court. .
PhiladelphiaiAng. 24, 1842. , • . 3t.43
griIIETITIONS for Discharge and Certificate
JE • under the-Bankrupt Law have been filed by
WILLIS FOULIC, Clerk of Court of
. • Quarter Sessions, 'Oyer & Terminer &' - '
• Orphans Court and Recorder of Deeds,
- Cumberland county.
JOSHUA OGILBY, late Merchant of.
Lockpbrt lately trading in Company with
Charles F. Mitchell, under the firm of -.
Joshua Ogilby. • Cumberland county.
JAMES McMATH, late Merchant Tailor, '
now Agent, Cumberland county.
and FRIDAY the 4th day. of,'
at 11 o'clock, A. M. Is appointed for the hearing
thereof,, beep the gala 'Cart, sitting in_ Bank. •
piptcY,at•the,Didlyiet Court Room, in the City of
ThilidOpttlaokelien,atuiwkere the Creditors of the
said Petitioners, who have provia
all other persons in interest, may appea rani show
cause, Wally they have, why such Discharge and
CertitiCate should not he grunted. •
FRI. S.• 1101KINSON,
Clerk of the District . Court. •
Philadelphia, Aug. 13, 1842. • 10.42
rILETITIONS for Discharge and Certificate un•
der the Bankrupt Law have been filed by
now Tobacconist, Cumberland county,
JACOB GORGASS, formerly of Lancaster
'county, Merchant, • Cumberland county.
and FRIDAY • the 21st of OCTOBER next at.ll
o'clock, A. M. is appointed for the hearing thereof,
before the said Court, sitting in Bankruptcy, at the
District Court Room in the City of Philadelphia,
when and where the Creditors of the said Petition
ers, who ha , o proved their Debts, and all other per-
sons in interest, may appear and show cause, if
any they have, why such Discharge and Certificate
ahOuld not be granted.
• Clerk of the District Court.
• Phila. August 6,1842. 10-41
. vit
A PETITIM tor the Benefit of the Bankrupt
Law has been filed . the 22d Aug. 1842, by
,DAVIIiSON, Millwright; lately . •
engaged With Sim net - Davidson,. Ilk the -
. Butchering business. -Pumberl.and county.
Which Petition will be heard' before the Dis.
trict Court or the United Status Oar the Eastern
District of Pennsylvania, _sitting in Bankruptcy,
at the District Court Room in the City of Pltila.
- delphid, on FRIDAY the 23d day of SEITEM.
BER, at 11 o'clock, A. M. When and where all
persons ihterested may appear and show cause, if
any they have, why the prayer of the said Pail- '
tion'should not be grunted, and the said Pal
tioncr be.declarcd Bankrupt. "
Clerk of District Court:
Philadelphia, Aug. 31, 1842. 4 .44
, -
Niost Splendid Lotteries.
J. G. Gregory dl Co. Managers.
50,000, Dollars-25,000 Dollars-12,500
Dollars. 50 prizes of 1,200 dollars. 14 draWn ballots.
Union ,L.ottety, Class No.lB, for 1842. To be drawn
at Alexander, D. C. on flaturday„ . Sept. 17,1842.
Untitiairr Senattz.-1 grand cap ital of 30,000 (fol
iar*. 1 splendid prizeof 23,000.d0. 1 . do, do. 12,500.
1 Mize of $9,000, ldo 0,000, •do .1,000,1 do 3,000
1 do 2,617,2 prizes of 1,230, 50 do 1,200, Aso.
Nearly es many priaes n* I'l4lool. 78 number lottery
drawn ballots.; "'Tickets sls=-HelleaVs so .7" - -
. Quartiris3l—Ejetthatl;ll7. The:pa:ice °facer. litrge ofilr
splendid lottery . is only $lBOl-a-tertiflisttn , ofil, Ital. •
'yes only $99; a certificate of 26 quarters only-$45; •
certificate' 41 . 26 eighths only' ray% end aeertifi.
et.te or a 01004014 drew the fitelliglieit
• - • ,• • • _ ••
M A OKIFIcENT„ScEsE t--60,000
3 oot) Pidlaro-15,000.1)ollors7 , •_ , /2 0 00600110 ,0 100
prizes or .1,000 dollar'', ,Thlion Lottery; Class.)3,, f o r. -
1844.1;,7'n be drawn at.Altliandria, §situr.
dity, 7 oetotier '15080.2: Orind Scheme. : 1 grand
prize 0f , 60,000 . -(l6llfirs, 3 do 30,00,1 do .1.5,000,1 '
dp12,09()„ Ido 30,000, t Bp®, 7NO, I
s,96o;a:prizea of • 5,000, 4,430, sdo 0,000; sdo .
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133 t,hi 500 . t ice. Ego, I.B..roiodier . lottery-33 'drawn
;: telkels.s2l:l-.;, l ti:era
' , Eighths $ 2 OO- "Thb Price Pf it certificated'. a pack
;,.,6 wtmle,:tielatts lit the above 916icti4 lottery .
fa'i m iy $240; .a. ; 26 ./ 1 14R064i s! 4 th
*ertilloute of gfb qufwiertp,pitly FA 44rtiniatte of WS ' '
eisbths only • 05; . 110 R,cfriifte.oe 0f",„*L4e.40 auly
draw tliefour.bighest. ittizv?„ „ , ~• ; • ••••
mail Will
Atteil mum alkaPPO az cacti, draw-64 to overlin at- • -
loouot l'of, it adll.liensentl 0 All-who:Order frOm ire
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. .
Clerk of District Court.