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    - in thAdrectiens and confidence of the American, •
• •• •peopie.'
Such a man, fellow-citizens, we present to you
. ,• in Maim General WINFIELD SCOrrl the pre
sent Commander-in-Chief of the army orthe Unit
.' ed StatesLsthe associatern anus and worthy socces s
• sorof Isis gallant compeers ; Brown and Maconds—
• and whose name, withtthe kindrednarries of Jack
' son and Harrisou, emblazons the proudest pages
• • , of our military records! The first to teach. the
• "Wellington Invincibles" to fly—the first to subdue
• the "Conquerors of the Conqueror of Europe."
L • Who more fit thror he to purge our camp of the
"acursed Achan" who troubles' it, and rout•the
combined legionieof Tylerism and Locofocoistnl
• His name will be, like the sound of this trumpet
. which was wont to summon them to the field of
battle, to the scarred and wartworo veterans' of our
- ' land: -and sttioseswito,with
-him. crimsoned with
• • their blood the ensanguined plains of Chippewa
and the still more bloody fields of Bridgewater ;
will kindle intoenthusiasm; they will recall the days
of thiEir glory . and his--sand follow their' beloved
- and accomplished General to his last and crown
ing victory. And those,. toe, who did' not. share
with hi.n those days of trail-and-gray, bins whose
• • fireaides7he protected, whose domestic altars he
defended against a powerful and brutal enemys
whosshowed by their .cornluet-at-Hampton and
• New Oilcans; what the old, the feeble and defence
less miglitaiyait from their lust, rapine and cruel
ty. And those too, who, too ynung to remember
those dark and perilous days, have learned them
hilly from the annals, of History, and there' have
found' the name of Wooers:La SCOTT recorded
as synonimous with all that is Magnanimous, hots
' fusible and brave; and have drawn, from there
cord of his achievements, their first draught .01
• 'loveofin their country and devotion to - her cause.—
• All will greet with enthusiasm and pride, the nom
' itiation of this gallant and accomplished ,soldier,
tis a nattoual tribute to the memory of his friend,
, the great and good Harrison, 'atd a new and 'hon=
. • orable proof that Republics are not, ungrateful.—
They will look . upon his blood sd freely 'shed in
' the cause of his country; upon the scars of hewn.-
: able .wounds.with :which his body Is seamed; upon ,
-- brilliant- trophies.of4issvaleur;_and_theywill
. hail his elevation as conferring honor, not so much
upon hints& as Upon the - people who had the
jialginen( to appteciate and gratitude, to reward
" Worth like Ids. .AlloW us to indulge in • a brief re
trospect of 'the career of General Scott, 'less to in
form you of that with which, as a prominent. part
ofyour Country's History you are of course fami
liar, than to indulge' our own pleasurable feelings
in the retrospect.' s •
General, Winfield Scott was born on the 13th
' June 1785, in the State of Virginia,and was educat
ed for the bar, to Whith he was :admitted in 18011,
with the' most flattering prospects of success. In
. 1807, when the outrage co:nmitted upori that "db. -
mental" vessel-the Chesapeake, following as it did
' • the British "orders in Council." end a long series
of wrongs and insult. had inflamed the country;
• • with an earnest desire to ,vindicate its honOr and,
- chastise our 'haughty foe, young- Suitt, partaking
• •in the general feeling, at once abandoned a proths•
,sion. of whiel tte.was . formed to be , the 'ornament,
and entered into the military seryicenf his country
'as a Captain of Light A'rlillery; and has ever Since
continued in the profeision of which heis nowthe
- - acknowledged and honored held, the pride of his
' countrYmen and the idol of his companions in arms.
--On-the s 6th-July-1.812,-shortly-after-the-commencess,
Silent of- the war. he was prinioted tollie rank_ of
Lieutenant Colonel; and on the 13th of October
. in thesaineyear, %vas present as
_a volunteer s at his
s. -sewn earnest' entreaty and urgent request, in the
bloody battle at Queenstown Heights, so
. trous,but at the same time so glorious for the Ameri
can arms. ' •
• .Cols..Van.Rensellaer and Fen”wiek who succes
sively had the cominandsbeing disabled by their
wounds; the, commillid of the gallant handful of
Americans who lind crossed to the Canatlasidesthen
reduced to six hundred men,devolvcd on Col. Scott;
and with this small,,but:Spartao band, he most
gallantly sustained the contest against the over
whelming numbers_ of the enemy, untiffitll hope
- of• aid from the American shore being lost through
• the refusal of the Militia to cross, on the plea - of
Constitutional privilege, and, with his nuinhers re
duced to less than three hundred,it- became neees
, • city to surrender to save a useless and wanton sa
- ----erifice of the bravo 'surviVors. In this battle, the
troops were repeatedly led to the charge by Scott in
- • person, whose tall stature and rich uniform, resider
' ed him a conspicuous target for the enemy's marks
. men;' hut like the immortal-Washington, he was
miraculously preserved by a gracious Providence,
we trust for higher destinies and more distinguish
. ed usefulness. Ile`was singled out, like. Washing
ton at Braddoek's field, by several Indian mark.s
men, who afterwards expressed their surprise that
he should escape their generally unerring aim un
hurt. But like the Father of his country, "he
. was not made to be killed by a bullet!"
In the following year, baying- been exchanged,
COI. Scott joined the northern army under Gen.
' Dearborn, as Adjutant General; and on the 26th
of May, he led the advance of the army in the suc
cessful descent upon the enemy's territory and bat
tle and capture of Fort George. With his com
mand of only five hundred men, lie attacked and
drove fifteen hundred British soldfers from a com
manding position on a hill, pursued and fought
them until the main body advanced to his support;
and whit his own hand, tore down the British Lion
from the ramparts and planted the American Eagle
in its stead. After partaking in the toils and pri
vations of the fall campaign against Lower Canada,
under- Gen. Wilkinson. he was -in the following
spring, (1814) made a Brigadier General as a re
ward foible distinguished zeal,' activity and courage.
With this new rank, lie joined the army of Gen.
. Brown, as commander of the first Brigade, which
in the campaign then opening, was destined to
' cover itself with laurels that shall be as undying as
the fame of their accomplished commander.
A. new scene in the war is now about to open.
. The long train of disasters and disgrace brought
, 'upon the American arms, under such men as Hull,
Smythe, Wilkinson and others, is 'about to close.
to be followed by a series of triumphs,unparalleled
in the annals cif modern. warfare. His gallant
friend Harrison had,the preceding fall, dispelled - the
gloom and pointed the way to victory, by the Mem,
.orable battle of the Thamea ;, and faithful to the
impulse, the victories of CHIPPEWA, BIAIDORIA'A
TEn or-Leone's LANE, Erie,, North Point, Plaits
' bap and New 'Orleans followed with rapidity,
rho army which under the gallant leading of
such men as Brown, SCOTT, Ripley, Porter, Gaines,
.Miller and others, whose names are synonimous
' with all that is groat in arms, gained such distin
guished laurels fur itself,owed much of its glAry and
SUCCCI3I3 to the indefatigable
,care and' exertions of
General Scott to bring it to a state of effiCiency and
discipline,' hitherto unsurpassed. The fruits are
Matter of history. The well fought fields of Chip
• • powa, fought and won,by Scott with his single bri
gade and few Militia end Volunteers against the
whole British army, vastly superior in numbers,
attest at once the powers of the troops and the skill
of the General.
This victory and that tishich soon followed, at
Bridgewater, qt here the roar of the bottle and the
. -cateractmingled in dread and deafening accord,have
established the fame of General Scott and placed
him in the very front rank of military commanders.
-The severe wounds.reCeived by him in this last
battles attest ‘ the• daring valor with which he led
, hts,brave comrades to victory; but, unfortunately
--their severity' depsisied his country 'of his services
in the field, during the remainder of the war.
Hitieartier since need' not be recapitulated. It.
within every one's recollection. After having -en-`
„: .dared iMpertant services_in removing the:Greek
"f nlnans , and gamed blhiiiiitidence,skilf-in di
-proma,..y sead - the - respecturrrediifidence oiiuvenislly
reposed in his character, the title of the "Great
Paerficator " of the North. lie now reposes on' his
laurels, in an honorable station, the Inghestin the
profession he has.chosert, and the well earned re
ward of long and faithful services, great sacrifices,
and untiring devotion to his country. Whether he
• shall be 'called from this to a still higher and more
• responsible'il otion,. is a quesition that remsins with
the people, and their representatives whom. they
• shell selest as the organs of their will in the Nation
. al convention. •
.It may he proner 'Medd a few words in kelation
stn .: General Scott's views on gismo of the great
tions interwoven with the creed of the Democratic
:sHarrison party. -'These opinions are avowed with.
, that fiankness and entire absence of 'all reserve or
' • , &MOOD:tint:. whieh, forms a'snizi s 'Of hierchareeter.
the_eilect or thji first and 'blest - Important
sq ueetion. - efel ,a:Priitective Tariff, he is, its , avowed
. friend and advocate: / am - not only in raver, of
• a Teriff for Revenue, but also for 'Prnsispon,” ere
7---hiriffitli-Wiirdrittitliturflonlitffi•ors arn.iguotis
sin this; ,nothing about ineiriEritaf.proteetiOn ; that
. monstrous conception .engiindertxl upon , tie foul
witch, ullificetion Itt(the"ia in favor: of 'Pretec.
• . (huller Brown siikeand because the dignity; in-'
'dependence and happitiesnief the •Country. dernrin s t
its' And Who is its friend and atlYocate the f rie nds
andadyireates .of the fticictiVe , Orient' May rest,
confident in the belief that it will never he by him
abanjoned, betrayed, oi,.cornpfoupwek,,,,y, as 'it
hail been in time past by those profaning to be its
moist zealous champions. Identifieed as is every -in=
terest of Pennsylvania with the. preservation .0f
this policy and theNuiseetion of this principle in all
its integrity, we cannot permit a doubt to arise in,
our minds that le receive frOMher b cordial'
'and hearty support. "Scoff and Protection,"will
form, e. rallying cry,at which thousands and tens of
- thousands will array themselves under his limier.
'General Scott, too, is in fever of 41Vitig lethe
States their share in the immense'public domain of.
the United States; and will maintain inviolate that.
just and salutary measure, the "Land Distribution
law." Aix{ what State, let us ask again, has a
deeper interest involved in this than 'Pennsylvania;
to which it opens the only avenue of escape from
her hrimensedebt avid accumulating public harthens
without recourse to a scale of -Taxation beyond the
capacity of tier people to bear. aScolt.and Diatri
tution, then, will , ,awershal in Ms cause all those
WhO are unwilling to have their taxes still further ,
increased and the State robbed of her just and right
'ful property.
- In a word, there is not'a great and leading prin
ciple for which the people contended in .1840, un
der his friend and compatriot, Harrison, that is not
sincerely embraced and ardently cherished by Gem -
Scott. Like Harrison, too, ho is of unblemished
character and unbending-integrity-.warmhearted,
hopitable and kind, his "latch-string" never pulled
in against- the way-faring 'man tq t ., soldier, he is
known only to he beloved and respected. The his manners and his kind and getitla.-
manly deportment towards all, conciliate the regard
and attachment of all who apfroach him,: In the
' prime andvigor of his age, his . frame-unbent and
"unbroken by the toils of war Through which he has
gone, and in the full maturity and vigor of an ac
tive and powerful intellect,-he will bripg to the
Chair of State a combination of qualities blending
in most happy unison, and strikingly resembling
those of the departed Hero of the Thames.
Such is General Scott,. and as such we present
!dui to your consideration, as a candidate every
_way_worthy_ofyou r-norninat ion and supportcan--
van his merits; examine his claims for yourselves,
until the time shall come to choose your Delegates
to the National Vonvention. We invite such
scrutiny,confident that it will result only in develop-
Mg new claims upon the admiration, love and
gratitude of his countrymen. • If then, he should
be selected by that great -. National`their
and your candidate for the Presidency, we will hail.
such choice with, pride and jai as the herald of vic
tory and sure. harbinger of success; should the
choice light on another, we will submit and Gen.
Scott himself will - rejoice that "America hes a
wenthier son than he." •
neiolutiong e
Mr.. MAGEEHAN, from the Committee ap.
pointed to prepare Rego!talons for the considera.
(lon of the Convention, reported the felfowingt
l&solted i 1. That in the death of :our beloved
Harrison, and the assumption of the reins of Gov
ernment,by John Tyler, the Demottatic.Harrison.
party of the United,States ceased to be' responsi.
ble for the nets of the General Administration,
.2. 'Thai ip the abandonment by John Tyler of
the policy ofdistributing the proceeds of the Pub.
hQf ands suningtheStatesi_of-o-Toriffof_PrOtee—
tion, which would enable cinr citizens it) compete
with the pauper labor of Europe; of the One-Term
principle, and the assertion of the dangerous don.
trines foundin ids annual mes-age and vetoes, me
find sufficient to. justify us in casting the rearm._
sibility of his unprincipled conduct and dangerous.
doctrines upon the shoulders of the Loco locos.
3. That turning from the contemplation of a
vile-traitor and renegade,and the ruin he has bro't
Upon our Whole country by his unprincipled
course,thb Democratic Harrison party pride them
selVes in being able to point to thousands of great
and good men, who,unbought by thc patronage of
Government prostituted in the hands of corrupt
and venal men—unawed by power in the hands of
has tyrants, and looking to the happiness avid - wel.-
hire of the_whole_people,-_have'never swerved front
the" paths of political rectitude, are still willing to
sacrifice all but honor in defen4i of their country.
and her institutions.
— 4. That in Gen. WINFIELD SCOTT, the He
roof the last war, the Statesman, Civilian and
Soldier, the suppoi tors of the'lamented Harrison
acknowledge a !cadet.whom they arc proud to fol
low; a man In whose hands our country's honor
and prosperity would b ens safe as was the Ark in
those of Su in uchiind whose name as Chief Magis
trate would contribute largely to the honor and
glory of the, American people. A.
.5. That in our preference and that of
those whom we represent, for General Scott, we
contemplate no division in, or secession from the
Hsrrison party, but pledge ourselves and our con
.*Stribents in favor of the nominee of a National
Convention. But the friends of General Scott
never can consent to stand tamely by and nee his
claims postponed in favor of any man,unless fairly
done by,a National ConventiOn.
6. That National Conventions alone aro the
true exponents of the will of the Harrison party,
and that we recommend to our fellow.citizens,
the•tricnds and former supp"iirters of Harrison, to
make arrangements for holding a National Con.
vention at Harrisburg, on the fourth day of De.
comber, 1843, for the purposeof placing in nomi.
nation candidates for President and Vice Presi.
. _
7. That we hereby pledge.oursolves to support
the nominees of that Convcntion, and to oppose
any candidate or candidates brought before the
people in any other manner.
- 6. That although the trained bands of power suc
ceeded in defeating the Hon;JOHN BANKS,and
continuing a bad man in the present Chief Magis.
tracy of Allis Commonwealth, yet knowing his
win th,talents and honesty, and that David R. Por
ter was elected by the default of the Harrison
party, inter,:sted in his favor, we, in the name and
and by the wishes of that partiob of our fellow-cit
izens who are free, unbought and
hereby recommend him to the American people
ae a•candidato for the office of Vibe' President.
9. That we adopt as the mottos of the next Pre
sidenlinf contest—"A Tar Knot only for - Rinenue,
but Protection,—a change, not only in mellow .,
but men—the distribution of the proceeds of the
public lands, and restoration of the Currency."
10. That all the editors of the Democratic Hurl
risen papers in the Commonwealth be requested
to publish the foregoing address 'and resolutions.
The address and resolutions, after some able re.
marks from Messrs. STEVENS and MAGEE.
HAW were unanimously adopted.
Mr. Fenn from the Committee appOinted to
bring business before the Convention, reported
the fulloyeng resolutions:
Resolved, That the President of the .Conver,
tion appuint a State Committee, to consist of ism , .
enteen, himself to be added to the number.
Which being 'adopted, the President announced
the following;... ,
State Committee.
THAD IEUS STEVENS,.Adatna. county
FRANCIS PARKE, Phila. city. •
N'• SA MUEL PARKE; Lancaster.
_-JOHN. H. WALKER, Erie..
JAMES STEEL, - Huntingdon.
— ALFRED .: SUTTON,AIIegheny; - : --- ,---
NILL - E - R - 7 - HORTONTS..
J. i EDDIE,' Somerset.
J. JENKINS ROSS, Northampton. '
ROBERT M. BARD, Franklin. '•
ROBERT IREDELL,, Montgotnery.
.1 JACOB HOFFMAN, Berks. • •
Racked,. That the State Coinmittee ha's° pow
er to appiont the Senatorial Delegates to the INO
donut Convention, or 'to call - a.St 40 Convention
for that Purpose,lf deemed 'ailvirrable.',- • - • •
Resolved, That the Democratic Harrison;, ,
tors of the severgd Congressional dietricla ari re
quested to meet and appoint delegates to the N a ..
,Conventiori.—and shotild.the appointment:
ofamd dcleptes be , neglected, it shrill . be • tho duty
oi the.. State Committee to recommend the call of
sait•Vmeetings and urge? the appointinent, of, said
delegates; and in -case - of vacancies, to till in
Abe delegation to paid Convention. • ' .
. .
Thelftesidentlaid before the convention the. fel
. • • •
lo*ing communication, which : liras read and order
ed toba < ppbllshtid~withklte = pteceaiings:' ..
To the Preeident of the
.I:tempo:age • Sod "Con
' ventieh, aesembled .HarriehisPg.
The widersigned; 'chosen as doleittesi to repro.
vent Northam pton county in the' Detriacratieficott
Convention,"to he held the 26th' instant; .:do sin.
cerely regret being unable to attend on account of
thelervest, in the midst of which we are at'. present
busity' engiged, nut to convince the . Conven
tion end ourconstituents, that we are true to the
T CTIYE TARIFF, we request you to embody.
thi 'into' the .proceedings •of the Convention for
pu ication. ' "
'JOHN - 11E1 1 3LE. • ---
Northampton county, 44 211, 1842,
On motion the convohtion.adjournerl p ine
genarat 31.1ittitignitt.
117 The • Matlisonian, says:-"he Vi 1.30 joins the .
Republican - standard, (meaning,the Tyler party,)
will not bo questioned about *hip formeropiniobe."
To' Which Prentice says—"this is just the style of
the nand notification to thieves. "Whoever Wall
return said property shall have five dollars ri ward
and no questions asked." , • *
pi-The following neat "toast" ! hits the nail on
the head; •‘,
BY A ' LAVIrd"4///prinfentenitt in Optics—lt
said by multiplying glasses, gentlemen see doubly
by reducing them, they may now see objects wort
looking at that are single,
. .
1177hti foll Owing toast was given at a Loco Pow
celebration in Greensburg, Wesinioreland county,
the very libt bed of Locofocoism: •
"By Thomas Dunlop, ,p•James'lliichanin—he
once showed his willingness to bleed fur his coun
try; saying, "if he had a drop of democratic blood
in hie veins he would let it out;". he now' shows . a
desire to bleed his country to the turie of $26,000
a year and ■tealings, if the democrat) , will make
him President."
'otr'Come, Toinmy, giYe us one of those Tippe
tattoo songs that you sung so well in 11J40," said
a gentleman the other day to a musical little,boy.
"I must'nt sir," replied• Tommy—" Father says
Tippecanoe's dead—and if he catches me singing
Tyler too, he'll lick me like.all possessed!"
, 0-Our neighbour seems angry, but we hope he'll
get better before sun-down—fm_he certainly knows
that'..he who. gods to bed in anger with
hour, hae the devil for. his bed-fellow!"
, ~ ititl,4l4/1/VVI.I.AMANIMA
. (0-Fanny Elanler left Boston for •"delightful
France'.' on the 16th ult. She was cheered by
thousands as she departed; both Male and female!
The New York Herald says: •
"She has danced in the Uniiinl States and Havana
199. nights; 21 gratuitously, for the benefit of vari
ous institutions apd individuals. She has realised
near $140;006, of which she has expended near
40,000, and given tiviily to individuals and societies
in the United States alone above sb,ooo. . •
nivsnavivtitrvinrtn• In.ln • :
Abolishment of Imprisonment 'Air Debt.
Not having room to ,piiblish entire the • bill for
the AbolitiOn of Imprisoinned for Debs,wegive
the following abstract of its' principal provisions:
-Section' 1. _Be it enacted &c: that - from and utter
,the_passage_of.this ticti.no_persom.shall-be-ariested
or.imprisoned on _anycivil process issuing out of
1 any court' of •Commonwcalth in any suit or,
proceeding instituted for the recovery of any money
dde upon any judgement or decreo founded upon
' contract, or due .upon dontract, 'express'or. implied
for the recovery of any damages of any nop.per
fumance of any contract, excepting in proceeding
as for contempt to enforce civil remedies, actions
for find or penalties, or a protniie to many, on
moneys collected by-any public officer, or for m y
misconduct or neglect-in officeri-or in -- professional
employment, in which cases the_remediesshall
main as heretofore.
Sec, 2. •3. 4. 6. Gives a remedy by petition to
anyludge aginnst debtors about to remove, conceal
or dispose of property . to defraud creditors.
Sec. 0. 7. 8. Authorizes the Judge, if upon ex
apaination, the.alleged fraud is proved, 'to commit
the,debtor to jail.
See. 9. 10. 1 I. Commitment not to be granted,
if debtor' pays the debt. or gives bail to pay in 90
days, or gives bond that he will not remove or as
sign his property, or gives bond to take the benefit
of the Insolvent laws.
Sec. 13. 14. 15. Provides for debtor in con
finement or charge of fraud &c., taking the bcnefi
of the lusolvent laws.
Sec. 17. Persons now in jail. for debt, may be
brought out by writ - of habeas corpus and [dia.
charged. „ . . •
Sec. 20. Persons removing property fraudulent
ly to forfeit the itilue'and undergo imprisonment
not exceeding one year.
-Sec. 21. Persons Obtaining money or goods by
false pretence4milihed by fine and ityprisonment.
Sec. 22. No copies or warrant to arrest to issue
except as above. .
The remaining sections provide for various con
tingencies, but by no mean's for all that are likely
to occur; and the act will no doubt afford plenty of
work for the courts.
j.The printing establishment of the Leesburg
Genius of Liberty, Va. is offered for sale. A fine
opening for a practical printer. _
IIVIA. 0 1:1. 1 / 1 A11.4.1ANt.WW
rrrotai Contabuiions received at Hamburg, up
o the 15th of Juno, $900,000. - - -
(OA Whig State Convention will assemble at
Btaton on the loth of September,
• 113 A. Baptist Preacher, of Lexington, Michigan,
ommitted suicide by hangingLimself on the I.lth
ult. Cause, jealousy!
__CCl!Dr._DArrqki,President of the Wepleypn Uni-
versify, Middletown, Connecti c ut, has resigned his
office.. •
oj , Juatice WILEY, of N. Y., who was some
months since convicted of receiving stolen money,
viz: the large amount stolen from , the Frederick
Bank, of Maryland, to return it to the bank officers,
and whose case was carried up to.the Supreme
Court on a bill of exceptions, in consequence of
that Court hiving affirmed the judgment . of the
COuit below, arid sent the case back to the Circuit
CoUrt for senterce, has been arrested on a bail-piece
and lodged in the city prison; there to remain until
the'Court can pass sentence upon him, in Septem
ber next.
• OVlMlNVllMlNtlininnitan
ncA Winow WOIITii Us.vixii.—lt is stated
tliat "during a rccept. , de.bate in the United *Steel
Senate, on'Cerfain bill for the relief of the widoWs
of the soldiers of the Re'VolUtion,one werrpresented
in hehalf of a widow,' who had been the wife of
three men, either of whom would , have been enti:
tied to a•Pension. The Senate acted favorably to
the claim, and allowed her the tines several_pen
sjone required.. She is a widow worth having:."--
Senator Buchanan, it is stated, is about "propesing!"
"-- iirThe toe theran4 fruit in,FritKe. --- ff . , --
t.rrespondentof the . National Intelligencer says
'..The weather during the three months just expir
ed has been splendid inAliis meridan. - Fruit and
vegetables are Age, but exubereht, and or the best
quality. is wonderful to. the : tbut they can be
afforded at the IoW prices at which they arcv:old.
In the ifilddlillnd southern, province's, storms,'
whirlwindai and haVe deneccinaidetable
damage, including destrudtien of life. This seems
to be the most temperate etiolate in France. Ex
tremes and tempests are rarely experienced."
mr - Theltaleigh:(N. C.) Register !I?tuathat all -
0e Loco rgeO . Calldifillsßil• for the Legislature in
Sorry Co. hays ` coin out in fayorof a •NATIVNAL
Aealling it the only...remedy-for the mirk
of the timee. • - . - - ••• •• '
„,-. A .44 rieetieue - ohlignyrtreleribing-tile-rame ,
blincsermene _of her minister , eaich .If hie text.
had the smell liox,hie:p6r*von would Lieyereatqh
'rria matotilog, , soldier o ink° otepi pot
.minute; qt4c,kfroiitclihig, '169; ikid it, chargink,
, . •
I •
. • •
An A CO° provide tor-the ordin Penni; of the Ocerertunent, payment et the interest upon the
-State debt, receiving of-proposals. • 0 sale of the public works, and for Other purposes: •
SECTION I,l3 t ift t enartted : and of the Common.
wealth of Pennsylvania in General Aistiembly met,and it is hereby enacted , by the authority of the same,
That the State Treasurer shall be midis hereby authorized, empowered and required, to apply and pay
out so much of the interest Rind be. necessary to meet demands en Treasury, under the
requisition of law,t9 the various purposeadesignated by the specific acts of assembly, Under which, such
regitisitiontiehallhemade,(except the infinest•guaranteed- to rail road and navigation companies.) And
the State Treasuser directedbto pay out of the said-funds the surd of $170,000,t0 the commission
ers of the internal improvernentiund, to be expended if necessary for ordinary repairs upon the - finished
lines of einfilit - Mid - rail roads.of_this commonwealth, and the balance which may be in 'the Treasury on.
the first dayii:OrAngtist,November andTebruary next,(exeept the money which appertains to the motive
power fundianitanch sum not slicreeding s4o,oooas-the Treasurer may deem,necessay to retain for the
i purpose of meeting the currenedemandenn the,..treasury)shall be paid by the_State..Treariner tovsuch
'creditors of the State is have received,or, who are entitledsto credit for the amount of their claims on the
beds of the AUditor qmeral,bearing interest from the 4th 'May,lB4l, by virtue Of iresioltition passed the
7th April, 1892, including the re'ained per centage on all work done prior to the said 4th May; and all
payment heretofore made to contr&ctors,shall be applied to work done prior to May 4,1844,and also to the ,
payment of-such of the creditors as have claims upon , the State for labor and repairsiand new work done
and damages or materials furnished, or fuel far locomotives, on the finished lines of canals and 'rail roads,
prior to the first day of April last. And when the claims of the aforesaid creditors shall have been paid,
then to the payment of all those haiing claims entered on the books of the Auditor General for work done
after the said 4th May, 1841, up to the • fith April,lB42: Provided, Thairthe contractortron the Erie and
North Branch extensions shall not be entitled to thebenefit of this act, unless they forthrvith suspend all
operation upon said worke,until otherwise directed by law,and that those, creditors of the commonwealth
who signed receipts and vouchers for'their claims in advance, or previcne to the time of actual payment
of the l same,shall be allowed interest Up to thmtime of aetualpayment, according to the prOvisions of the
act of 7th'April,.lB42: •Provided also, That all the 'Creditors entitled to be paid under this act, shall be
paid pro rata in proportion to the several sums,due each. - , 2 •
SEC. 11. That the Governor be lid. he is hereby authorized to borrow the'som 0f5870,-
000,at a rate of interest not exceeding, six per cent. per annum,payable half yearly,at'such places as may
be agreed utron between the
„Governor and the subscribers to the said Inan,for which sum ho shall cause
to be issued certificates,of loan,signed by the AuditorGeneraland countersigned by the State-Treasurer,
transferable on tbebeeks of the Auditor Genernl,which said loan shall be reimbursable et any time after
the first day of
,August,,lBso, the moneys so borrowed to be specifically appropriated to the interest on
the public debt falling due on the'first day of August next,and to the payment of interest guaranteed to
tail resident!' naiigation companies.
Szc. 111. That in case the Governor shall be unable to 'borrow the money for the pur
-1 pose aforesaid, the State TreaSurer is hereby authorized to issue certificates 'of t sMck, signed as aforesaid,
to the persons, respectively to whom the r .intesest will be due of i thi fi r. Bi of Arno ltst next,payable upon the
1 -. firstr - day - of - August7lB43;bearing - the - strmeTate - offiftefe r as ided iiitheforegoingsectien,in payment
of the interest due them on the first day of August 'next: 'Provided, That all cases wheWthe amount
of interest that will become due to. any of the present holders of State loans on the first of August next,
shall not exceed the sum of sls,such interest shalibe paid out of any money in the Trensury,and no cer- I
Itificate of stock frirthe payment ofinterest shall be issued' for a less sum than $l5: Provided, That the
stock thus issued shall only be transferable on ths books of the Auditor General,and the State Treasurer '
is also authorized to issue like Certificates of stock, or loans, upon which the interest was guaranteed by
the commonwealth.
SEC. TV. That . the Govern° . ris hereby authorized to sell,transfer and•convey,nt public
sale,at such place or places as he may deem proper. any of the bank, turnpike, bridge, canal,navigation,or.
rail road stock,io any. incorporated company, held and owned by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania,to'
the highest bidder or bidders.his, her or their heirs or assigns,after having caused sixty - days public notice
to be given of the time and place of such sale in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, and the county or '
counties in which the improvements or banks are Iticated,ofwhich the stock is offered for sale. Provided,
That no share of stock shall be sold fer lest than- an amount Which, at the rate of five per cent. would
prodotan interest equal to the dividend received by the State on said Stock for the year 1841.
SEC. V.' That it shall -be lawful for-the State Treasurer to receive in* payment of 1 - msr , ,
of the stocks hereinbefore authorized to be 'sold,certificatei of kale itock,or the amotibt,or any part thereof
of-any credit given to any person on the books ofthe Auditor General,itt punivange of the provisions of
the resolution of the seventh April last; any that sale shall be effected of the said stock at ,the time
the same may be publicly offered for sale, then any..creditor of the State, holding certificates ortirock, or
having n credit as aforesaid, shall be allowed to exchange such stock; or such , creditat por,for • any of the
bank,bridge,canel,navigaticm;rail road or 'turnpike stock-owned, by this commonwealth, at (berates stipu
lated in the proviso to the fourth Section...- • • , ' •
SEC. V.I. That . heron fier no private, act of assembly, shall, be•en rolled ing he office' of the
Secretary of the Comnionwealth,or havethe force and effect of a law,until the part.Msking rind requit--
ingibe awne,slinll have paid into Treasury of the commonwealth the_feftowing_suinsyjz: On every .
jaw incorporating or re-chartering of any bank,With a capital not exceeding.s2oo,ooo, the sum- of $2OO.
With'iCapital over s2ilo,ooo,.and not exceeding $400,000,- $4OO. With a capitaroveni4OD;aoo and
not eiceedings6oo,ooo, $500: With ri caPital over s6oo,o,oo_arul_not_exceeding_SL,ooo,ooo,oo.-
Wilk a capital over $1,000,000, $l,OOO. On every law incorporating or re-chartering any iron-or coal
company, the sum of $2OO. On every law for the incorporation dairy capital, rail road , company, or in
surance company,(except mutual insurance companies,) the sum of 8100.
SEC. VII. That the county commissioners of,each county' of this commonwealth shall
be,and they are hereby authorized and required;at the time of assessing county rates in the present year.
and at the_usual period ofrnaking thesame,annually thereafter - ,IN ADDITION TO THE INCREASE
AT PRESENT REQUIRED BY LAW; to add to the county. -rates and levies for the use of the
vid, That in the assessment of the tax imposed by this section; all stockli,martgages and other Securities
. .
shall be assessed-at-the-actual value thereof.
SEC. Yiji. Shrink! any county 'assess and collect for State purposes n less amount than
the appropriations made to the said County tor academies,limale seminaries and for common school pur
poses, the said counties failing so to "assess and collect the State tainforesaid, shall make up and pay the
said difference out . of their county treasury. .
. -
. SEC. 7X. That instead of the oath or affirmation directed to be administered to the -as
sessors and assistant assessors, according to the first and second sections of the act passed the 15th day
of Iday,lB , ll,the following shall be the form of the oath or affirmation, to wit: "You do(swear or affirm)
•that you will support the constitution of the United Statesand the constitution of Pennsylvania, that you
will i es assessor for(ward,district or township,)use your utmost diligence and ability to disc Over, and ascer
tain all the property,real and.personal,within your(Ward,distriet or township,)and all °tier objects subject
to taxation by the laws of this commonwealth, and take an ticburate account of the same, and that you
will justly and honestly, to the best ofyour judgement, assess and value every separate lot,piece or tract
of land,with the improvements thereon, and.all perional property made taxable by the laws of this com
monwcalth,within your (ward.distriet or township,) at the rate or price which you s,hallafter due exam
ination and consideration, believe the same would sell for , if sold singly and separately at a bona fide
;sale, after full public notice ; end that you will rate all offices and posts of profit;trailes and occupations
at what you shall believe to he the actual yearly income arising therefrom, and that you trill perform
your ruty,as assessor of said(ward,district or township,) with honesty and fidelity, according to the laws
Of_this_ckmmonwealth, without fear, favor or affection, hatred, malice or .
SEC. 15.7 -- Theening. : y_Ltommissionera and associate judges °reach county, shall corn
pose a board to be called a •Bonfirofltervii --- aori,"ltf,which the county commissioners, holding the oldest
certificate of election, shall be the president._ _The members of the said board shall each take and sub
scribe an oath or affirmation, before the president of the court of common pleas, for the county, in the
folloWirig words; to wit: "1,-----do swear or affirm, that 1 will faithfully, and to the beSt of my know
ledge and judgment, revise, correct and equalize the valuations of all property taxable by law,
in , -----county,-----and faithfully perform all the duties of a member of the board of revision for
--county, according to the laws of this commonwealth," which oath shrill be deposited in theeffice of
tha recorder for the county. s
SEC. XI. That the county commi s sioners ofthe several counties, shall, as soon ns the
'assessors of the several, wards, districts and townships, in their respective counties, shall havemade their
returns, according to the sixth section of the act entitled, "An act to estimate a uniform mode- for the
valuation of property and assessment of-taxes," passed the 15th of May, 1841, make out and publish, - 1
in not less than two newspapers, for two weeks, or if there be no newspaperspublished in the county, by
hand bills posted up in each ward, district or township, at the place of holding township, ward or dis
trict elections,-a Statement:in Such form as will show the aggregate value and assessments made by cacti
assessor in the county, upon property-taxable by law for county purposes, upon mortgages, moneys at
interest,debth due from solvent debtors, stocks, loan and investments in corporations of other States,up•
on household furniture, and upon watches, according to - the Second section of the sot entitled, "An act to
create additional revenue, to be applied towards the payment of interest and the extinguishment of the
debt of the commonwealthrpassed the 11 th day of June, (840, according to any laws that may hereaf
ter lie passed relating to similar objects of taxation, upon all salaries and emoluments of office, and all
persotit, trades, dlicupations and professions, according to the ninth section of the act entitled. "An act
to providerevenep to meet the demands on the Treasury, and for other purposes,", passed the sth -May,
1841, or according to any laws that may hereafter be passed relating to similar objects of taxation, and
will also show the whole amount of taxes assessed on each Ward, district and township in the county,
and at the time, and in the manner herein provided for publishing said statements, the county commis
sioners shall also givepublic notice of a day.not later than thirty days from thm time of_publishing, by,
them appointekfor--finally'determining whether any of tho valuation of the assessors have been made be
' low a just rate, aceording.tO the meaning and intention of this act.
Thosfrom the time of publishing the returns of the assessors, according to
the third section of this act, until trio day appointed for finally determining whether any valuation of the
assessors have been made too low, any taxable inhabitant of the county shall have the right to examine
the said returns in the • commissioner's office.
SEC. XIII. That the board of revision in each county shall, on receiving the returns
of the assessors, proceed to examine aril enquire whether the slime have been made in conformity
the laws of this commonwealth, and _whether all property to be valued for taxation, for State and county
purposes, has been-valued at a sum or piece not less than the same-would bring after full public notice,
at a public sale, supposing -each separate lot, or piece, or tract of land, with the improvements or the per- ,
sonal property ofeachindividual, company or corporation only, were to be sold. They shall receive and ,
consider the wrifteirromrifineation-ofdny tiZableinhahnant of the county, relative to any property
which such taxable inhabitant shall believe - 10 - hareheen reduced too low, and on the day appointed for
determining whether any property has been reduced bric-low, or, reduce the same if too high, they shall
proceed to raise the price or valuatidn of any property which theyshall believe to have been reduced too
low, and if they cannot, on the day !Appointed, reviscreise and equalize the valuation ofall property which
they shall believe to have been reduced too low, they may adjourn from day to day until the whole of
such valuation shall have been revised, raised and equalized.
SEC. XIV.' That when the whole of the valuation of the assessors shall . have been raised,- .
revised and equalizeed,in conformity. .with the foregoing section,the same proceedings shall be had in refer
ence to noticempeals lie corrections,which ere now had by , the laws of this commonweslth,excepting only
that the board of revision, instead of the county commissioners, shall hear and decide upon all appeals. -
SEc. XV. That the associate judges.shall be allowed and paid out of the Stnteyrea
sury. $1 50 per day, for . the time by them necessarily employed in performing their duties asMernbers
lof the board of revision, • and thotr accounts shall be settled as they are now 'settled for performing the
duties of their judicialtdations._
shall c-_ and
. 2C- Th lh t:eni county commissioners ofeach - and -every county of this common
e a required, annually; at the usual, period,of making county rates and
levies, in addition to the increase at'present required by law, TO ADD TO THE COITNTY ItATTA AND LEVIES,
'for the use of the commonwealth, upon - all real and personal property now' made taxable for State par.
pases , hy_the-existing lavve,-forthe-purpose-of raising - eourity - rstes - and - leviemsne - ntfill-ensuedr
TallinfltherectiffPiovided, - . That this -act, so far as it ; relates to the
ititpoAtion - of - an - increase of taxation, shall not extend beyond the assessment and callebtion of one year.
SEc. XVII: That the Governor is authorized and reipiired to.rebeive nroposals for the
sole of the Delaware' division of the Pennsylvania .canel, payable in three annual instalments; in par
funds, State script, or Ptate bends_at-par, and • that the. Governer. be regliesiekto make known] the same
in as many of the public papers of this.comnaonwcalth 'as he mayltieem expedient, and lay before the
next Legislature,at as early a day as possible, such proposals, if any, for their-concurrence or rejection:,
;• Sec. XVIII, .That 'the GoVernei be, and. he is het ebyltfuthorized, to receiVe proposals
for the sale ofthe North' Branc h, from Northumberland to Lackawane creek, and Erie Extension of the
PennsylVanie canal, altiothe Columbiwand Portage rail-road, .and the main line of` the Pennsylvania
canal, and all other branches of rail fonds and canals belonging to-the corranorTssteh• '
SEC. - XIX. ' After . the I:inasrige of th-s act the' Govener shall MUM tole published for
two months in'irarrisborg,'Philadelphia and Pittsburg, O notice that propos/di will be received at the 1
State department until the, last day of November next, fur the . sale • of the works aforesaid, or either of
them; for which Strite'iitock at par velne will be received in payment..'. '• -•
• .
SEC; XX; 'The Said proposals shall . be Sealed up and directed to' the Secretary of State,
partieularly , statingthe amount 'and the work propo,sed to be taken. . .•
.SEd.-,XXI. It shall be the duty of the Governor, urn the meeting of the next General
Assembly, to lay the Said . precisalit before it,and if, upon examination rind consideration;theamount of
fered tohe gjyain for all or any of thoaforesaid'ilivisions of the public wOrke,shall be deemed sufficient by
the Legistpaurs i tbeni and in i that case, such provisions maybe made, to car ry . into effect the, contract or
.pk.J.lpigottapperig,2„Lativ ,41 . 131 . ,g, said
*itkor the gic9'etary of .Brsra,,,h4 uatisfer-the same, under the great seal of the , commonwealth, upon
such conditions; atil . iinder sucli reiftrietions, - ;as the Legislature shanty law- direct, and an account of
the stock so rikeived in -payment tor noisome, Shill* entered . by the Auditor General upon the books
of his Officei-014 the ceniticotes thereof cancelled.
, • , . JAMES ROSS SNOWDEN, Speaker of the House Of• Representatives.
WM. ; MESTER, Speaker of ilictSenate, - •
Arirnovto- r The 27th day Of 'July,- 18412. -, • • - tiAvit);,:n„:
To the Electors of Cumberland coinity..
ELOW-CITIZENS-1 beg leave to' offer
myself to your Consideration al a candidate
for the office of
at the ensnindgeneral election; undid' elected wi
discharge. the duties thereof to the best of my abilit
Carlisle August 30842
"Sia* a Gitlin' up. Stairs Pl . :
THE Subscriber, at the solicitation of many of
his friends; offers himself to the consideration
of his Mow - citizens for the office of
Lla I:E6 &D 3 as cast un • • -
of Cumberland county, at the 'election in October
next, "subject to the decision.of the" ballot-boxes.
He deems it superfluous to. prate about honesty,
capacity, modesty, fidelity; 4,d. &c., but if elected
he pledges himself, to IN as honest as the times will
admit, and to perform the orduous duties of said
(Mice to, the satisfaction of all interested.
• • • JAMBS. R. SMITH.
Oil) . Milo, July 27, 1842. • • • ..te,39
To - the - Electors:of Cumberland county.
ELLOW-CITIZENS-1 offer myself to your
coosideration for the office of • •
of Cumberland county at the ensuing general elec
tion, (Subject to the decision Ofti Democratic Court.
ty Convention) and if elected will discharge the
duties thereOf to the best of my ability.
. South Middleton tp. July 13, 1842 -:•te:37
. .
To the Electors of.Cuniberldnd cpurity.
FELLOW CITIZENS: T offer myself to your
consideration as a candidate fin the office of
of Cumberland County, at the election in October
nest, and If elected plcdge.myself to perform the
ditties of said office 'with fidelity, and to the best
Carlisle, J une - 22, 1842. tf.34
To the Electors of Cumberland county.
FELLOW' - CITIZENS : I offer myself to your
consideration for the "office of
Recorder and Clerk of the Courts
of Cumberland - County at the- ensuing general
election, and if elected Will discharge the duties
thereof to the best of my ability.
Mechanicsburg, Juno 22,. 8.14
a."...N3a2M.11 U)a:•cos-;_pc&,llmlw
THE subscriber pliers at private sale,
A Tract of Twenty-Two_Acces_of
sitUato in CiimbylandCouuty; on t h e. road lend.
int. from Shippensburg to NOi!litlig, one, mile
North of the formef place, having thcreOn —
. .
,71E11 C
;in -4, . • AND•
• eamt3.'ziamm,
•twv story stor i -C
choice fruit, stabling,
The Mill is in complete order, containing
three run of stones driven by the Middle Spriiig
a never toiling stream, and located in the heart of
an extensive grain growing country, affOrding a
large country custom and having excellent
ties for conveying merchant work to market,heing
within one mile of the Cumberland' Valley Rail
The Mill property will he shown to any person
wishing to purchase by Mr. J. FISSEL, residing on
the pretnises.., .._ . . •
The subsCriber will also sell, either in connec
tion with the mill property or separately,
A Tract of 48 Acres of thriving
lying two miles / South of Shippensburg, near the
road lending to Mary Ann Furnace.
Terms will be made reasonable and payments
to Suit purchasers. For further ilif!irination ap.
plication must be made to the subscriber, at Car
lisle, Pennsylvania. •
Carlisle, July 27,1842.. 4t.39
13 rARIVE .ron SALE,
• .
rinuE subscriber will dispose of at public sale,
•ou the premises, on THURSDAY, the 20th
of OCTOBER next,
of Slate and Limestvne . Land, in North Middle.
'ton township, Cumberland county, containing 117
ACRES, more or.less, of patented land, adjoining
lands of (Aver, Zigler, and others—said farm is a
_of tjse estate of John MeClintick, deed.
The improvements are a
LOG . • op ,
AND B,14111N„ "
There arc also 2 never Ailing springs of water on
the premises, convenient to the house.
Said farm is but a, few' miles distant from Car.
lisle, and is well worthy theattOntion of capitalists:
Persons desirous of viewing the - farm previous
tone day of sale, can be gratified by calling on
Alexander McClintielt,who rcsideson the premises.
The terms will be made easy, • and a clear in.
disputable title will be given.
Residing in diainbersbuig.
July 27, 1842
J .
a te
UESPECTFULLY tenders his services to the
citizens of Carlisle and its vicinity, that he
Iva - attend to - and' - perform—alt dental operations'
such ae Cleaning, Pinging and-Extracting-Iff
tura' Teeth„ and insertintincorruptable artificial
teeth froin a single tooth to an entire set.
a•Offiet3 opposite M'Farlatio's Hotel.
July 20, 1842. tf-38
O .
FFERS his professional services to the citi.
ions ofCarlislo and its vicinity; and that he
intends to devote 'his time to the duties of his pro.
fessiori, having been many years engaged in the
practice in the State of New Jersey. He flatters
himself that:the experience thus acquired will en
title him to public patronage.
C -
Calls to the Country will be attended to.—
Residence, East High Street, next door to Col.
20, 1842. 3t-38
Estate of Jacob liftsrpi*-dce 9 4l.
; traii
Testamentary on the last will and testament
.ofACOB. BARN ISH, late of South Middleton
township, Cumberland County, deceased, have this
day been issued by 'the Register of said Count:) ,
tollursubscriber who resides in the said township
of South Middleton. All persons having claims
or demands against the Estate of the said do.
cadent, are' requested to make known the same
without delay, and those indebted to make pay
mom t to,, - JOHN PETERS;
:41tir 26;1042.
• I:4uon Paper Mill.
rliEautmcriber respectfully informs the pub. - -
eat large, that he has leased the - above ei•• :. A Doi atikr 'll!Crlit fr@t.:_.
tablishment, six miles South Of Carlisle, for a term (11F the usirivalled virtais of
of years, and the .
MILL having been recently re- Compound Strengthening and - . Apperient
paired, and new machinery, introduced, he is German Pills!., . .
therefore prepetbd to manufacture to order; (and DYSPEPSIA OF TFN visas sysninua ' CtoED. :
also 'has a supply constantly .on hand). - • . I was a ffl icted with the above complaint for ten
Paper of erery kind nigorgaiillty, years whielkincapacitated 'me at-intervals forlhe
which - he will.furnishio pritit:irei merchants and period of six. yettxs from attending to my buSintiss,;„
others,:in.any quantities at the' lowest city prices,- I am now restored to perfect health' throb - 011ie
All orders addressed to the subsOriber l at Paper_ frequent use. of the above medicine.. My byinp
,town, .Cumberlandv ,courity,... Will receive Jipmpt toms were, a acme of oppression after cating,pain
attention. v v . . at the pit of the stomach, limb of appetite, giddi- •
• Having lately received asopply . of the verrbest palpitation -of nesP,. the heart, and great trebility•
Materials, hellatters himself th,at,he will be able lam willingto glie. any information to the afflict
to manufacture paper equal inmiality to arty alio , ' ed respecting the benefits received from the use .
establishment hrthe cou ntry. • of Dr. Ilarliph's celebrated Medicines. Any. per.
'. ''' v: - ''' :' • ' "NV Mid AM 'B. MULLIN. ' son wishing information concerning' the efhcaoy
' ' iiiPM:tewn, July 20;1842.. - . toB of the medieinc,-can be gratified by directing to
B . .ALTbe Jiigkealpriec paid ... fsm k. !Lae althe nesstfflee,DOmingtownAhestersolmty,„
• - • • ...• arniENDßlckg, .'
' .
:- .- 123CIDliZtV.TUERXEii30- Philadelphia Officio No 19 North Bth street
ric HE subscriber has just , received a tbrther, 1,/,,here the above reedicineleart,alwa' btein v
supply of Gimp; Florence, Braid and Straw ed. ' Also at . thei, drag store of J. J.' .MY SA'
BO Nr 4 TS;'altiO,ti few Misses Straw BONNETS.. co., Carlittle,and attheiktigsedie of vitAti ..EALi.
. . - GEO. W,HITVER: Shippausburg, C;- . . •.,
tf-3•l_ - .August 10,1842._ , ../ -.' v:•
_Juno 22, 180
ATT 0..1tN , E T LA VVi?
Office opposite the Carlisle Bank.,
July §7;1842:.'.'.:.• • • 6m;39
Remainittg iit the Poet Office,at.Carlisle, Augua
• . 1,1842: '.
oj'tfiqu'irerswil l t please to say advertised
• A-Leidii,Gqorge • .
Abratitine 'Mrs Hewitt'lt -Leslie Dennis
-Armstrong -James „ Liess William
Ayers Rey, .laines •Lne{turd 'Jane. '
Armstrong - Joseph. 7 ytich Hobert
Agilly Jos" nthieum Z. .
Baker Daniel MoMurrje Jane
Barber Joseph . McCarty. Sarah
BaugherWillism , MoCartney'Jolin
Bell Miss'Ann • -7
'MeManini - Joli L
Beelman Christian Motown Mary
Bittinan Meiotic) • - Manger Joseph
-Blain Reuben • Martin James II
Boyer Margrate• • , Meeker C 2.
Bosh Miss,Jeni Meixel John
Bowman John 2. Merkel Mr
Bower Henry.._Miller-George • -
Bradloy.Thomas Miller,J H (M D)
Brandt Henry . Millhouse V
Brown George r Minnich Leonard
Brown Rebecca Moody-Copt Wm
Brown John W Moore William
Boom' John
Moreland Alexr
Mulvan•Y Saml P.
Carl Henry • .• • N
Cormany John J Nelson Mrs H S S.
Carter William • • Nelson David
Captains of Volunteer. Nesbit 'Susan Az 'Anna
• Ciampanies • Noble Franeis •
Clark William . •• • . Null John :. •
Clark John A ' • Nutz -Ebenezer , 0 • .
Corubt•obe William • . - 0
Cowick John , Oatman Andrew
Crommer William • Osborne William •
Crooks George li Jr. Owens Rev Alexi-
•Davidenn Matthew
Dean Mow)
Donnell I Ile.nrY
Doty Elizabeth
Duflity Charles
- • F
Fisher Wdson
Fisher Samoa
Finch John •
Ford William
Fries James H
Fuller.) J
Samnir Jacob
Sims Alfred W
Simpkins William S
Shoemiker John
Shetron Peter .
• G • , Smith Samuel GNI 2
Gardner Franklin . J) Smith Mary
Garver Charles 'Sterrett Robert C
Gibb Henry • . Stevens J W _
Gilbert John " Stouffer Benjamin •
Gring Daniel • Strnek Jacob
Grove.Jaeob - Suydam - Jacob
H - • Swartz John ..
:Harris - RC . ' - --'l' .
Hays Eliza - Thurston CAI • '
Heffner Jacob. ! Trimble John - •
Ileinley Charles (drover)Trembley Daniel B
Hutchings Mrs ' • Trough Williant „
Healy William' • Turnell.:harles
Jilbertier‘Amkeiv . --.-- • - - .. 1 - :
•1. . '
Iloffinan.Martin Updegraff Susan
Holmes Eliza • .W .
Hoovet; Jacob F Wallace JNT =. •
Hoover Anna - Walls Sabina .
Irlt—J Walt olin•
Irvine LucindalcoloCed . ) , AVant-Jovilll. .
Jones Esn'eline . Watts Eilwavil
- JoitiM — Jat - Mb • -WebLv Henry L
K • 'Wills Alexander.
Kany Elizabeth -- . Wltartoti Mr • .
Keller Francis' ' 'Wkimaivlintli
Klechmanio Itenrich . Wilson Hester
Kutz David ' Wingard Isaac
• - • 1., Wert .1 - oseph
Lane's Thomas C Rep Wonderfich John
Usiitalcau Thomas :7 7 - Woodward L l::- 1 .
Latshaw Sarah • - WTiglit Mrs Wiii'L
kshly.Jantes H. .._ - . _Tape Jacob ~ .
Ashly James -- - - McLoughlin James.
Burton M McKay Lawrence C -
Bruce William' ' Peterson JH. '..
Graham Joshua C B tigold Capt Samll.:
Hamilton Lieut F 2d DragThompsou William II
W. M. .PORTEIt, P.... 1,1
Note—The postattewoull-letterslnteoded for for
eign countries must hi• Paid when the letter iette.: -
posited in the office, otherwise they cannot be'for
trollied.- •
Remaining In the Pest Office at Carlisle, August I,
8 4 , 2, for West Rill, Cumberland county, Pa., said
office being nom di'seontinued.
Alter William Sell Andrew
Ilryner Sarah Ann ,Shaw Susan
Moon William S , Snider 'John
Alusselman William Strome George
"'.rester Andrew Wise'Elliiabeth,
.Henry , •
August 3, 18.12
Produce, Coinntissitnt and
Forwarding Merchants.
N. Hr. Corner-Brood 4 Arch Street ; Philetrfilphia.
. WM. 11. JAM ES.
ED - Reference to William B. Murray, CarliBlo.
.1 oly 27, 1842. .
IT 4 ET,TERS of Administration upon the estate
of PHILIP FISHBURN, late, Of Dickinson
township, Cum berland county; deceased, have been
granted in due form of Law to JouN FISIIBURN
and ANTHONY Pisnouns: all persons who are in
debted to the estate will- make Payment imme
diately, and those who have claims will present
thern-duly authenticated for settlement to'
Residing in North itliddleton township,
Residingin Dickinson township',
July 27, 1842,
PITOPOSALS for teaching . the Common
Schools of this Borough. will be received
until the 26th instant—TWO MALES ,Sz ONE
FEMALE would - ho' preferred. It will be fleece
nary that one of the teachers, at least, should be
able to give instruction in the following branches,
viz: -Beading and Writing, Arithmetic, 'Geogra
phy,dGrammar and History; and the others to be
able id instructin all the above branches, except
ing the two last.
The schools are to ,be commenced on the 2nd
Monday of next month, (September,) and continu
ed, at least, six months. . .
crlt will be necessary that all applicants be
able to give .unquestionable 'testimonials of char
acter and qualifications.
Separate proposals for either ofthe above schools
will reeeive•attontion, addressed, post paid, until
the abbic date:
' • ADAM. RIEdEL, Pree't.
Mechaniesburg,.Cuniberland county, Pn.
August 3,1842. 4t.40
Adamantine Guards,
YOU are ordered to'pa rade at the public house
of Maj. Michas, on the turnpike, on Mon-
day the 15th of August, precisely at .19- o'clock
A;' M. completely equipt for drill. • ;
officers at said pinch on zaid day. By order's.
• W. FOULK, Brigade Inspector,
.Augost 3,,1842: T ' 1p.40
Penwell David
'Penwell Mrs Susan'
Plate C.bristiah
Randall Mary
116liard Gotlieb
Riddle Martin
'Robinson Jane
Athnin iptrators.