Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, August 10, 1842, Image 1

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iftlitALD & • XPOkSITOR.
Once,. .Centre Square S.' Ir.',
- Coriiti•; at Me. Old
• . rOnArvvlivtAnntvmstrvin
The HERALD' & EXPOSITOR is published
weekly, on adouble royal sheet, at TWO DOL.
LABS, per annum, payable within three months
, from the time of subscribing; OR TWO nor.i.Ans
el 3 t, FIFTY CENTS, at the end of the year.
-(/ -
~Will be taken for less than six
, months r and no paper discontinued until all er.
reurages are paid, -except at the option of the
publisher, and a failure to notify a discontinu.
mice will be considered a new -engagement.
Advertising will be done on the usual terms.
Lettehrto insure_uttention must NI post paid. ",
atiuti vytall, litillilifiltilliflo
Bi r. .. ,
,rlitlllE subscriber, having concluded to do an en
CL 'o 5..."..,e c1.1.,.. 1 - ?...r a , " jff tire Cash business, offeinfor sale his large and
IN, addition to a general and well selected as, ! splendid assortment of '
A sortmeut of •-•• ' - , 1 .. _.,.. FOREIGN '(U DOMESTIC
null & .0 ava Coffee's, llgrown 46‘. I .
P • C._.4 ..s.:l --- ?_ . riDN..9,44:11).;?aa,
'• - White Sugars, Spices,.&c„ I. Nails .13c Cutlery, . I have just received a large lot , of excellent Loaf . !Gver was ever bought for in Pluladelphia.- ,
Stagiataiki a partof 'which atthe low=price - "C - , l2 lTlie - tollinvitifYyill give -you tainreitletrof timprices7
cents per lb. by the Loaf, and other qualities at that Jim) determined to sell at:
corresponding low prices. ',- ' - " 6 inch Carpenter's Patent Rim LoblES,
Fine Green and Black Teas, at reduced prices, . f ro m . $l9 to $l4 per doi.
New North R.ver Cheese, Lemon, Vanilla, ' 6 inch Brass Striker, 1 . " " ! 6,50 "
Strawberry. and Sarsaparilla Syrups, - . N e wton Darlin • Gras ' s Sythes lO .. "
. Table Oil and. Cider Vinegar, first. ,
Newborn's . 6 • o i . .
• ' • - g . ii
'quality, Sierra Oil, Sperm and .
Hay Forks, - Solid Cap F,e.' rrule, . . 5 o
Mould Candle , , Cavari: •
Cast Steel ung handle Shovels, 7 /1
' ' • dish, Ladies Twist . .
Cumberland or Beading Nails, • '4.624 Keg
4. Plu g Tilnicco,: . ' .
• Phoenix or Juitista 11 - 4,44 0
Spa ish; .'' , "
Other makes__ " ' .4,11 " !
Half Spanistfind Common &gars, one Tierce of .
articles' in. my line 'km 20 t
r o e 25
Superior Honey, Ground Alum- Salt, Fine Table.; - i -will sell any
Salt,-Tubs,Bu.ckets,Churns,Corn Brooms, Brushes per cent. lower than-can be bought for on credit.
Call on me—examine my goods—get a list of my
of all kinds,. Bed Cords ? Plough Lines; Market
Prices—compare them with the 'prices 'of other
Baskets, dr:e Bilkerss - NM I. - 11Oinoepathic 'and
sweet spiced Tealand Chocolates, as also Cocoa stores;-and ascertain for yourselves where you can
and Cocoa Paste,, Rice, Starch, Mustard. And a / buy the cheapest. . .
general assortment nf • -. . HENRY L. ELDER, Importer..., ,
• • - i 493 Marketst. Obeve 13th, North Side,Philadelphia.
Chinn, - !lIIIIVISM lar 4 131Areellswa, re, , Juno 1,:18 , 12, . • . 6m-31
, .
Stone Crockery, Sugar House, NeW Otleatit and !
Syrup - Molastios. „ . - . - ~ ' ' • • •
1 'i l makily Groceries.
Together 'witka general iarietY of all other tg.,, - •.. - , • .
titles in the'Grocery-line, constantly on hand - and 1 •
Belting at the' lowest cash sp.rices, suitable 4o the 1 • 2-
WILLIAM ta MADDOCK ----- - ---
, ~
- times. . ,
,_ .. f No. 55 South Third -Street, PIIII;ADELPiIIki4 2 ,
---'---.--- - ' - TAroN . - ' ---
Aso, .finTS - A . _ posilethe Banking House,Teceiztly °Cat.
- -The subscriber returns his sincere thanks to the , .. ,
: . pled by the Girard Bank,
public for the very liberal encouragement'receiv. I , .
VOULD respectfully offertke' citizens of Car
ed, and-liopes in-future:to tnerlt and receive a like tt
.1 1 ,Y lisle - iind - county - oCmberland -tgenerallyi
support. His store is inane Brick House,
a first rate aSsortment of the choicest
Main street, formerly the residence of the late: A:
.Carotheri . a few doors west of the Court House, I FAMILY' GROCERIES -
~ g .
J. -W. EBY. I Selected with great care, which he. Will pack and
tr'' 46 forward by ruil.rotd to the address of those who
. .„ •" may favor him with their orders. Hiiving supplied;
`4 - TEDI..- - 9...t a r.ti-=1 ".. fga ._..rc2. a number of Carlisle and its vicinity,te '
- • I would he pleased to increase the number of his Mrs!-
Dr. L C. Loomis, - DrittliSf, " turners there. Ilia business has been" exeltudvely
IS permanently located in Carlisle, and'will per.' to supply families - with GOOD GROCERIES fur
form all opehitions that arc required in the the last-twelve years ; end he flatters himself.-that
practice of his profession—such as . for first quality &Mils and fair inices, he cannot be
Extracting', Filial;, Pa 21.7 411 1%.:, and surpassed in, the - city. Ills_ stack consists of a
.- • Inserting Artificial Teeth, - . general assortment, some of which he will enum
'from it single tooth to an entire set._ • I crate: • . .
- - N - . -- 11: - For-a- few months ensuing, Dr- Loontsi_ ii„,.H„,,,,,,,Lfi_x_visi_of_jone. st_Dut tona4Grif.
-Will be in Carlisle,.the first two weeks in each rah & Boolit s (me mo. .
month—after which, he wilt be absent, until the smoked TONG ifES. ,-
first two weeks Mauch following month—at which i . Dried BEEF. '
period he may be found at his . - , I Creel' sail Ihlark TEA, some of the latest im-
Office, Pill Rt. near MTh:lanes Hotel.. rort,aimii,al.d ..i . k...ry choice qualit ies.
tr. , 27 Sperm I IIL mid Sperm CANDLES.
Carlisle, May 4, 1842.
. cOPPItIttI, of every variety, rune old Java, forty
• I - 7 • I years old.
- FRI 1 - 1 E subscriber will sell off at greatly redue. " Italian 1 , 11;s; . very delicate article.
it rd prices, FOR CASH, a large and general - lia liati_MAC.A II!INI and Yr...IOU:IC ILLI.
i Painassu.Eit. ; fish, Sap Sago, Holland and Amer
assortment of. ', ~ „ . .. ,
! rietio O. o.ll'.hE.
- DRY" GOODS AND GROCERIES, .. Utolerwocul's PICKLES and SAUCES, of - every
The stuck is new and cheap, consisting . in part of thr " l3%
Pritelt, English, and American M UST.% RD. '
. Blark, Blue,lntii,dtble Grern,Polish SUG A It. Loaf and Brown, of choice qualities.
GrePti and Brown Cloths, . ; CR ‘KK Kits, of every variety, Philadelphia,
. .
Superfine Cassimeres, Cassinetts; a good assort. Boston, Prit retro., &C.
merit of Pants Stuff, such as Summer Cloths, '!- ( ,!, 6 "ftrY SEI - a). . .
.. . .
Ga.nboons, Merino Cassiinerds, Cottottade " c*ITI P Si!; - 1.:1 . !! ' • . • ' . .
, English Split PEAS.' , : ,
Linen and Cotton Drillings, &c. &e. ' .
SKG %Its of every 014104-i-some very elmice.
. A good assortment of Yestings, Stocks, Shirt - PRKSKRVKS I .I\l ES 'CI CRON, PINK AT t:
Coll as, Hosiery, Gloves, &c. &c..&e. A largo pLr,s, (it NI:Elt. l'Ii: \ Its, I'ItUNI.I,S, &e. lea.
stock of elegant Silks, Blank mid Bloc Black, CURRY POWOKR, India SOY, &e., with sit
Figured and' Plain Light Silks, new Style. Mau s . extensive as,iortrnent of -errs- arliele a liunilv can
fin de [mins, Lawns, Muslin deAtigletures, Born. require. - WM. L MADDOCK,
bazines, IrisliLinens, Checks, 'Pickings, %I uslinti, ! i 55 South Third Street, Philadelphia. :
Wats, Carpetimr, Dress Ilundkerchiefs, worked May 25, 1 , 142. , . . . tf SO
Collies, Canabricks, &e. &c: Also, Braid and •—,. .., ,
Straw! Bonnets, Ribbons, Oimpe, Leghorn and
Palm 'Leaf Hats,:' and a great variety of goods CHAIR MANUFACTORY
not enumerated. . r
Purchasers will do well to call at the old, stand No. 113, Sou.lh Second &reel, Philadelphia.
opposite S: Vunderlich's Hotel where .they will HE subscriber
respectfully invites the citi.
find stacks of goods, selling cheaper, than ever zens of CarliAiTand County.of Cumberland
sold in this county.
generally, In call tietbro purchasing elsewhere and
• examine Ids
Carlisle, June 15,11342. - •-tf.33
Carlisle, July .6,_1 3,42
'11"8 proprietors of the Susquehanna Line will
run their Cars and Boats as usual to Phil,
aileirthia and Baltimore during the present season.
Their friends will please apply to Wm. L. Foxy
Broad st. and to Castner, Christian & Curran, Na.
:6 South Wharves,. Philadelphia, and Joseph E.
Elder, Baltimore.
.Until further notice, the following. prices will
—be-adhered to- , between -- this - place and the uliove
. cities, • , '
" -
Et•g : /. :&• 1
§. 9,1 F. F 9 rz
o ' l V W 45 .
F A ;_.•
w W 'E '4' • 5 .
• s•
15e. 22 $1 per bbl
Ale par 100
Groceries, Q Ware
and hardware,
Dry Goods, Furni
ture and /rugs,
Wheat, Rye & Corn
• per bushel
• Oats' • •do • •
Lumber per 1000.
. • feet ••: -- $2 75 . 50
•Skiiighis, do • •1 50 200
Flour per WA. 314 35 50e
• Shad des • ' 3711- 50
Herring do .• • 314 .
- Salt per sack, 28 32 ,
Pitch, Tar and Rosin:, '.
per 100, 16 21
Plaster gross ton, $2 25 $2 50
• •
. • •
. , 25
.Fig-,Metal-gross 20
etalfgross ,
••.• Blooms & Castings; 3 12i 400
Bar Iron, , 3 50 4 50 •
Nails per keg. • - 18 23 . •
Leather por 100, 20 25 • ,
Whiskey per bid' 50 55 • *.
Burr Blooka per 100, 15 20 •
' Curb Smile; do 12i
. ,
do ' 20 _ 25 _ _
20 • 23 40
25 28 43c
10 11
.1. & P. MARTIN.'
Successor to Miller & Martins.
Harrisburg, May 4, 1542: 6nt-27
.•.' 14.011.1.E5,
juat received a 'splendid lot of BRAID
BONNETS and GIMP q at the store of
June 8. 1842.
7 ''-' -. r ' ' . OCOA I XO'
ili a d
;:..VICENS Valley, Pine Grove, Linn e.biirn e
and .Bituminous' GOAL, constantly' for
ea c o by ' •J.& P. MARTIN,
• ' ' Successors to Miller & Martins '
Harrisburg, April 20,184. . - 6m.25
. . . • ,
~. 4 - " • .
'-•• • , .
• •
, . . . .
. ,
.. , •
• • . , . . '-'...:,L'''• ' ' ' ~
~. . .. ~.. ~. ,
s . . .
• , - . r '.' ' , s . ' ',_ , . l - I :' , . , ‘,. ' :''. . .;:...'- ',. "" 4 I'. 4' , ; .. ., ' ';', , ' !..., i . : ''',..:., ..,,.:.,,,• --.
~ .
.. • .
a t :,
. 1 . 0 ,,,,,, ..:..:.....,....:,„?..,,,,.,.,..,.....,.........,.,.
~. ~.,3,... '. '4 • , ' - dr.!;-,
,:,-:,.". 'l. ~
~ , . , '
• t l * - - - 'l.: ~ '.' ' . • ' '..
' . 1 z '''
° c.--, - , ~, k
, .
. . - ...: ...: • 01 , , 4
~, • , ,
. . •
. _ •
. ,
. ,
, • ‘
' .
. . ' , . • . . .
. . ' ..'„ 4 1; •.'...:.,. .--,,.: ~_ -14_,, , , -' • .2 .• . . • • • ..
•„,• . , •
. . ~ .
' .' ' -.- -....',' ._-_ .'_ :_ ) '__. .-_ .•
....._ I_____'_:__L.L L.L____. - ___. - - - ,' - - - ---- -....-______. .. .
.I:::3•AkLta CM , dlQ.a.&276aJ.
TThE stock of New 'diode,. belonging to die
firm of. Bosierman4littton, consisting of
• Bran A
*Nail's, Groceries, Paints,
Will be sold for CASH, wholesale and retail, at re
duced prices. Those *hitting bargiiins, will do
well to call 'noon; s the entire stock will be sold to
close the concern; don't mistake the. place, at the
Store Room of Bosserman & Huttba, North Han
over street.
Surviving partner of the firm of,
Mny IR. 1842. tf-29
' re,; ,- ...: • • •
„,„., • 115,..
, ..
I ,i,-; i t , of every diseriptioii; which are
manufactured under'his own im
mediate direction,of the best-material; by Superior
workmen, Mid which he warrants of the beet
quality—and at prices as low as can he purchatied
in the United States. 1)7-Ule also manufactures an
's ,- en‘
the superiority of which consists in the astonish•
ing ficility with which an Involid.with the slight.
est effort, may by the use of one or Ituth hands,
move to and fr.) in the: house, or in.the
in a garden or elsewhere, and turn quickly round
without requiring any more apace than it occupies
while standing. • , - •'
No. 113, South Second Street, Philadelphia,.
Juno 15,1842. • 3m.3-3
it pleas these complaints are usually'considered,
no one can deny their being the moat 'common
cause of thin fatal and distressing disease. It is
indeed a melancholy truth, that thousands fall
victims to Consumption every year from no Other
cause than neglected.colds. Yet wu find , hun
dreds., nay thousands , who treat such . complaints
with the greatest indifference, and let them run
on for- weeks and even 'months without thinking
.fthe - darigerit'firet-yooltalkfzeoliat—Staflixity
consider a slight, cold; you' allqw bosh
iiefii4Tpleisura or ca:rclessness to prevent you from
I giving it any attention; it then settles upon your
breast, you become hoarse, have pains in the
side or chest, expectorate large quantities of mat.
ter, perhaps mixed withblood, a difficulty of
breathing ensues, and then you find your own°
foolish neglect has brought. on, this distessine
domplaint. If then you value life or health,. be
warned in tithe, Emil don't trifieWith your Coin;
or trust to any quack nostrum to cure yod, but
'immediately procure a bottle or'' two of .that fa.
mous remedy, the "BALSAM OF WILD CIISRIti,"
which is well known to be the most speedy cure
ever known, as thousands will testify whose' lives
have 'been :saved • „-
UM° very particular when you purchase Ito
ask foi"Dr: Warsti's BALSAM OF WILDCHERaIri"°
as there is also a SYRUP of this name in use.--
Prepared, wholesaldand .
& Co., Chomiets, No, 33, • Sontit -roarti strest,
Philadelphia. • , -
.„, • .
Sold in cirlislo by . •
Price One Doilar.a Bottle. .
June 29,1842. . ' 140.38
IFV:ag - # - R - 6 -7 6 -1 1 1- ER -11- OR - A - & • ata s'• . CT 10 mp
uPaviamlaasocsn.moxacta.tPiantbad 43 aamac;:as. -- Danwi
dittorney at Law
diLFFICE..ICo, 3 IFleetorn's Row, oh the Pub-,
lip lie Square, Carlisle, Pa. -
April 6, 184'2.- . tap,
' I •MS. za ?
y UMBER of every description & SHINGLES,
IA for sale cheap, by
. J. & P. MARTIN;
• - Siicatigors to Miller & Martins.
Harrisburg, April 20, 1842. 6m-2;/
. . NEW GOODS. •
First_ arrival of Spring Summer
• " „Goodi. . - •
HAVE just received from Phifadelphia,a splen
did assortment of . .
EASONA. BLE - G00D.4 5
of the latest styles; to which they invite the atten
tion of purchasers. They are prepared to offer
goods at suet' prices as cannot faiPto meet the
wishes of those desirous of purchasing. (Meal;
Godds. . .
Country, Produce taken in exchange for goods
Zhippentibtirg, March 16, 1842
caobp -EIN-omiLmENEI
'MQTHERS; 7- BE -0 1 $1 :YOURHGUARI)l -3- --7
This is the season when this'destructive
complaint attacks your interesting little.children,
often robs'you of those you fondly duet' on, arid
carries himdretiti to the • grave: Every 'nether
should therefore,lnow its symptoms, watch them
closely, and always be prepared with -a. remedy
as many are daily sacrificed by such neglect. At
first the tittle patient is seized with a shivering, it 1
grows restless, has flushes of heat,the eyes become.;
red and swollen, it breutheii with .difficulty, and I. ,
then ; comes that fearful Comm that will surely ter. 1' rlO s 'll-1E PUBLIC
minute in convulsions or deatirunless something ii
immediately given to cheek it.:, In this complaintlli
ANUFACTURED) and kept on hand,. for
the "Balsam of Wild Cherry" is weft known to i , ' sale, in the *city of Lancaster, - near the .
be the most speedy ever - a
'Rail Road,
dicovered. It is indeed
. ,
precious remedy—mild, safe and innocent,. and ~,,, • „
is sure to give the sufferer immediate , relief; and : 11 U 411111 . 1 " 9 - 46 Choio , Horse I PoWer
quickly restore it to safety and health. Fund. . 'THRESHING MA CH . INEI
lies residing in the country and indeed every tio. - - r
flier who loves her children; should always keep -for One horse and (or two 'horses, warranted to
this medicine in the house and give it zo them work well, and of greater , drirability than any
early, by doing so you:may . often , savet.he life of other 'Machines; for a Similar purpose known' tO ,
one you fondly love.- Ilememberthis is the fainous the subscriber at present. . •
remedrof this distinguished physician, Dr. Wis.l . WM.. KIRKPAT.RICR. '
rar,. 'which has . cured thousands of CROUP; l'; Lancaster, May 4. 1842. , .' . fim:27
TION, &e.. after every-other-mcdicinc-hait'-miled,
cc - 113e- particular when you 'Archaic to' ask
as there is a SYRUP of this name - advertised that is
eniirely'a differetit mcdierne. • . .
Prepared only by Wu LtAms . & Co.; Chemists,
No. 33 South Fourth street, Philadelphia,
"Sold in Carlisle by . •
Price One. Dollar a. Bottle.
' Jnn0.22,„18411.,.
Both these Effects are Produced b;,
.SOR SelPii IR 1 L.Lel
1)n. LEtny's Moon Putt; contain in their composi
tion ingredients o hick prodnre the corn
'billed and desirohle etTecie of
' • Cletansing the Bowels. ••
frill:n{l'l are no Pills in existence which luny - be
so wifely used at all times; ages and seasons,
a Wont restraint roni living or occupation, us De.
Leidy's Blood Pills. '
From ..their composition they are calculated to
purifylbe blood mid tbe•ii4ler
..val between taking them and their operation;
ail impurities, as well as oblinuiona sillier:niers °law
stomach and .bo wets, are .Carried off by their mild
UPWAIt DS OF 100,000 BOXES •
itf then) Live been gold .during the past six months
al tie, and UPWARDS OF 1,00U,000
since their first introduction by the proprietor, Dr.
N. B. Leidy. • -
have ihpy ev:.r been known to 'fail in producing
good effects. • . .
contain no invedie Mingerntis to the constitution.
which are employed in all Pills manufactured by
Quacks and Impostors, who depend upon such 'lan-.
genus medicines, under die inipression.(a shows
their igtiorarice,) that all diseases must yield to the
effects of Mercury and other Minerals.
From Physicians and oilers, have been frequently,
pub,lished oi the happy effects of Dr. Leidy Blood
Pills anilTurther comment upon their, „merits is MI.
accessary. Dr Leidy would, howe.ver,earnettly re
commend to all-requiring a_purifv_ing_or purgative_
medicine, to procure los BLOOD PILLS. aim try.
them. No one, will ever use any .their kind, having
once,gl retriliem a f a ir
curod front the sole and proprietor, Dr.
N. It. LEIDY, ut his UE \ LTH EMPORIUM, No. j
PM North S cowl street, below Vine•street,(Sign at
the Golden Eagle rind SeriWtitsi Philadelp, there
They are also kept by most of thin respeCtable
•Druggists of Philadelphia. and by respectable !
claims and Druggists thromainut.the United Stales. •
For tale. in Carlisle, b
''-Agents for Curuborlanil County. •
Carlisle, May 18, 1844/. • ly-24
SpWndid Lotterieti for A tigust '42.
J. G. Gregory. A' Co. .111anagers. -
324,000—512,000,431) 0181%600-31181 ;200
Maryland Consolidated Lottery, Class No.' 94, for
1842. To he drawn iu Baltimorean Thursday, Au
guk 11th 1842: 1 prize& $24,000, I do 12,000,1 do
8,000, 1 do 6,000.1 do 5,000; 1 do 4,000, 1 do SAIO,
1 do $2,500; 1 do $2,058, 90 do $1,500,50 do $1.200,
6w. Ike. Tickets! sl'o--halves $5--Quarterb $2,50.
be.tificate% of packages of 26 whole tickets, WU,
do do 26 half do, 65,-do do 26 quarter do 32 -
Sprains, swelling Of , the limbs; or leaders; sineWs,
, , ...........
1 . • jblutsand rheuinatic; as an outward-remedy, it. has
30,000 Capital—AO prizes 01/32,000.. Vir- noequal,and whedused with theithtimnatialedi.
ginia Monongalia Lottery, Class K for 1442. To be cino; will, greatly facilitate the cure. 'The an.
drawn at Alexandria, Va., on SaturdanAugust 16, mulls Ofliistory do not produce its equal, and it is
1842. SPENDID ;CHEM& I prize el $30,00,1 do 10,06 u
-the_ greatest preventive 'against cold, in the
tdo 5,000, Leto $,500,1' do 3527, I do 3,000, I do . known world: For particulars see di rectilms accent
-2 51%1 do 2059, 30 do 1 2 500,60 do 1 . ,20W lite„ &a. 1 .l Am.(6 4 _,._p_ t i 00 ,25,.-t en t o .....______
VITA ietilatt-Illiiiiii - rlSz:iliiiii - ti.i - ca - $2;3 - OX - e - riiinY "is''' '-','" --- -- - -.--- - - --e.z,ll.o._ d0...el .25....... •
' • TOOTEI A Cii E DROrS, ::,....
lhalves 65, do do of 25 quarters 32 50. • ~ An infallable mire if used according to dime.
lions. Price 26 rents per vial. • ,
635,294* Capitnl—making 630,000 Alex. : SALVE OF DRESDEN. -
andria Lottery, Class A for 1842. Tole drawn et ' Is decidedly the best" application Tor wounds
Alexandria Va. on Satnrday, Augnst'2o 1842, Brit- mid sores, older new, of all kinds, and will pre- . ,
limit Scheme. I priae of $35,294 1; do 12,500 1 do, vent if used ill time, many, Operations; and . pre.
10.000 1 do 5010 Ido 3,0e0 Ido 2,5001'(10 2,000.1 vent Lock Jaw, Pains in the Back, Head, &e.-
do 1,975.1 do .1;600 1 -- de 1,500 2do 1,250 2do 1,2011 Females who are so unfortunate as to hve sore 20 do 1 , 000'29 fin 500 20 do 400; Sm. lice. Tickets
$lO-lialves•ss-Q.tarters $2,50. Certificates of ' breasts,'a'nd will' use this 'wonderful salve, will be.
cur." i 0 o ve'ry 'ehort thno-' It cannot lie too high.
packages of 26 , whole tickets $1.50 do tkr26 halves..
Wreeemmended. For further partictilaniseedirea.
65.dp do eo quarters 32 OD: .. . . ~ , - Lions. "P 12t' cents ..
der box. _
uce zut cents
Capital 80,000Dollais!—UrtiOU Lotte . rv..- ' ! , ...
.A. s n excellent • nitiOla ferile cure of worms its
Class No. 12 for 1842. To he &awn at Alexanilria, • • • •
1.1, C. on Saturday, August 271,842. Brilliant Scheme , a'auits r - h lei ' "nod will 'when
as wel : as it t ran,wt . ewe :
'lOO prizes 9 r . 51,000, 1, d o $3000c4.- 1 610,000, 1 --other-reinedies' fad:- -Price - 6# 'cents ' .
4oLspoctirde; 3,000; 1 'tin 2.500, Ido I,olnBto. Br.c. 1 .." •' • cOtIGEI' . LOZENGES. . • ;
Tickets $lO--Halves' $5-Quarterso,so.. Certifi- ..'' A initterior it itielefor Caughs, Colds,Sure throat,.
rates ofpnekages of 25 wholefrsl3o,do do 25, halves
do do 25, quArterl 132 50. , - . ,
For tickets and shares or oarti fi woe .of planes 'Bronchitis -and diffieultY of breathing, Priet• 6
'cents: per box. ----- -___ •.. .
in the abovesplend id Lotteries, address ,
J - G , .. GREGORY St C, h. Mana,zers: ' Said wholesale and retail,Ut ti-rincipel office,
•' .. ,Washiegtoit D. C.' --' . • 3Ol-IN GRAY, - Carlisle Pa.
: IV, 0. 334; North. - 3d street; Philadelphia; and by
Drawings sent imme • dlately - after , they are / ff.. vertu ' . ' `General Agent Alai Cum . terland GRAY, - Carlisle,
al} who order's's ahote. . • I • . • Jape 22,.1842.- , , ,_,.,,,L1y.34
.yrydl)NES,Dj-Y,; • Av0v5T..1077.1:842.
1-1 , .N 14 A R;',-I‘ll
CoMiniN sioner its pritger grptcO.
rtFF.ICE in South Hanover ~street, W
ILY Clellan's Hotel, where all ftiferination desk.
ed, in reference .to the dutiei o 1; b ase intending
tofapply for the benefit of the' B 'Act, can
lie obtained. •' '
. Carlisle, May 4, 1842.
T „
HE subscriber, heieby infornis his friends, and
the public in general, that tr,i- still continues
to keep
0, 47; . • PITABLIG:i„. ~• • .
(reports to the contrary notwitlistanding.) at the
OLD STAND, in East Higli*Sireet, a few doors
east of the Court Houve, where he will at all times
take pleasure „in .rulininistering to, the. comforts of
those who may favor him tvitlit,eir custom. • .
It is .E 3 AR 'shail be.ennaiantly
.suppliad.with the
choicest; liquors. and 'his TAB E' With t best the
Market can fuinish. A eariful allays
kept in attendance-Land nothink shall be left un
done to please all who call .with him.
BOARDERS taken by the week: month or year.
April 6, 1842
A LL kinds of SKIL IrEitsintti BRASS
PL.47`l.lrG dope at 'the shortest no
tices, in the neatest manner, and on the most rea
sonable terms, at the Carriage Manufactory of ,
Carlisle, April 20, 1842: • if-25
;0; -Q~;AEC-H:--i-Bt~Ei^o-~~-r___-.-
A" person wishing to invest a few Thou.
saDd Dollars in now and substantial Pro.
petly - iii:Carlisle r yielding-ten-per-eant: per-annum,
will hear of an-opportunity of doing so by (Idling
on the Editor of the & Expositor."
Cal !illy, June '29, I t ,1 1`.1. tf.3s
tn2o 33
Of Coug6, Colds, Conskiroption,livcr Gow
plaints, Asthma, !3roncikitis; Sure Throat, Dys
pepsia, Shortness of Breath, Pains in the Side,
Breast,- Back and Shoulders, Ague end Fever, an
int:attic cure, and ill Scarlet and Bilious Fevers,
and nil discuses
_nrising from exposure and de
no•matter how long sfanding,- 7 - - -in'fact
discuses to which the humun f t t roily are snbjttet to.
These pills are unsurpussed by any medical'
.compound ever offered to thelniblie re a gelkeral re
novator and family medicine. They ere vjry
gentle in their operation, causing neither p kin, ,
sickness nor debility by the use of theirs; but on'
the contrary they strengthen the stomach;„dind
bowels in a wonderful manner, end soon restore
nature toils former course and vigor. The per
son using the, Olive Branch Pills soon forgets
that he Wilt+ sick—which is very easily accounted
fdr: there is not that prostration of strength iii
these pills as in many other remedies of the day,.
because the knuterlls used in in-amluetut int; them
are in harmony with the power: of hfe and net
in concert with the opinions of Drs. Brown, Bu-h,
Armstrong; Nlontgoincry, Hersey, Kendrick,
Stepper and the . celarated Dr. Waterhouse,
formerly Lecturer on the theory and practice of
Physic in Cambridge- University, Massaphusetts.
Purchase of them, and give them n fair and im
parti-ltrial, and you will find that pormanentre
lief, upOW which the, proprietors depend to make
them the most universal family medicine used,
and which will stand unrivaled ,by 'any other: in
the inown world. Price 25 cents per box. .
•Is one of the most certain and effectual cures for
all rheurrntlic, chronic and WI/minatory Itheurna.,
tiaras that has ever yet been discovered, and in
numerous eases has 'eradie.ded that dreadfirl dis.
ease .from persons. afflicted entirely. All sour
drinks and • victuals are strictly forbidden and
spiritous !hiders must not he. iken inwardly:lly
•any means whatever, or it WU; dm of no
take this. medicine; as it will destroy the good of..
•feets.ot the - medicine. entirely. Price 31,50 per
-Tlicm:. celebrated drop,l_bayeacquirekthc high.
cat recornmendatiims in this cduntry, as well as
In Europe f rite most valuable prOpricticrifor all
inward weaknesses, ci•amps,colds,agues and tbrcrt
and when used with the Olive Branch Pillsorever
fails to cure thd•rre'ver and ague. Price 25 cents
per bottle.
Is unrivalled for its curative qualities even when
used incases of maladies which were otherwise
ineurable. Many recommendations have hen
, given - d
the beneficial .effects it has had in the
curb of pleurisy, pectoral and Milmonary - con.
sumptions, colds, &c. Price 25 cents. per . bottle.
This most excellent article has a quality of
calming instantly and without faikall.crunips of
the stomach, chilli° and iluttlrouhlespine disease
called mother fits or hysterics; and when continua"
'ed for: some length of time, will cure the patient
entirely. Price :35 cents-per vial.
" A certain Cure for all Scalds, Bruscs, Burns,
and the meet, effec.tual "cure fur the pike—it will
cure the person afflicted in; a very short time, if
used according todirectinne. Price 25 eta. per vial.
This spirit is highly recommended for all
Selling oft ajt first Cost.
ilamoLD a i BRADAS)
WHEsubscribers intend winding up their busi.
ness, and are'now determined to sell goods
at such unusual low prices as cannot fail to con
vince the purchaser that they have the cheapest
goods ever offered•in this 'region of country.
Their stock is NEW and CHEAP, consisting
in part of •
Blue Fthick, IHne Invisible
Green, Brown and'..Drab Cloths,. Cassinteres
4 Satinets, of various colors and prices;
a variety of Nowlin de Lames,
• Plain 4- . gitred Siks, Black .
. . ¢ Blue Black Bombazines, ,
• , Stimmer and Winter •
Shawls,. . . '
dfm ling,
.Calfrcoel, Dress .Han . kerciefs, 4-c. 4-c.
There numerous advantages in • purchasing
goods which were frequently made known in for
mer advertisements, will be Sufficient proof to
satisfy, alt Those "desirous of Obtaining bargains,
that they are now prepared and fully determined
to eel', them exactly cheap enough. Come then
all ye who have so long been stitTering..under the
sewe'praisureTifthe - timcs -- 8, ndAdopt - t he-rem edy,
which it hero' provided "fur'-you, f, e. CHEAP
- - -
OCTThey Would particularly invite the attention'
of-purchasers to their Cheap Cloths, Cas
llle+l'ffs and Satlinetta.
P. S. Those who' are yet indebted tothe sub.
Scribers, .will please sutksfy the same between this
and Dercember-
ShiPpensburg, u 0,1842,
in inankeleprey.
Mte110: 2 2 , 4 • .
PETITION for the benefit of the Bankrupt
ill Law has been filed the sth July. 1.42, by
JOSEPH FRY, formerly Cabinet • Maker, . •.;
now Laborer, Cumberland county;
Which Petition• will be heard. before 'the Dis
t-Islet Court of the. United .States for the . Eastern
DiStriet Pentisylvania,sittiog in Bankruptcy, at
:the District Court Room in _the City of Pbiladel.
phi.; on MONDAY the 22d. duy of AUGUST-{
next,. at 31 o'clock, A: 111. Tien nod where, ell
persOns interested may :appear 'and show cause, if
any . they, have, why the prayer ofthe. said Petition
eboulit not be granted, and tip said Petitioner be I
declared .B..nkrupt.
Cleric of Diskrict.Couit. •
--Philadelphia, July &,-1342.-3071
IDDETITIoNs fur Discharge and Certigeale utr
EL der the Bauk.upt Law riaye been filled by
A BHA H A M HAMI LTON, late Merchant
of - the firm of tlatnilton & Graff, now
AI3RA HA M W. GRAFF, late. Merchqr,t
of the firm of Hamilton & broil: now
EDWARD A. SMICER, -Teacher.,
Cumberland county.
and FRIDAY the 30th day of SEPTEMBER
next.-at.-1.1 .o'clock, A. M.. is appointed for. the
heari-g titeteof, before' the said Court, sitting- in
-11a tiirruptcyrit- the- Dis trier-- Cou rt-- Room,_in :the
City of rhiladelphia, when and %here the Creditote
of the said Petitioners, who ititieepoved their Delos,
and all other persons 'into:est, may utipesratid
show cati-te, if any they have, why such Discharge
and Certificate silo:11,1 . 11ot tie granted:
Clerk of the District Court.
Philildl4lllß. J u ly
.11, 1842. 10-38
:a GB's' ~ a'
A PETITION -eor the Benefit or the Dank*
yf rupt Law, has been .tiled the 22(.1 July,
ROBERT SNODGRASS. late 'Mgt-chant
or the City of Philadelphia, now Agent -
of • Cumberlrnd county.
Whieh Pctiti . bn lie heard bet re the Dia..
ti int 'ourt.of the Unitvil States for the Eastern
District of Pennsylvania, sitting in Bankruptcy,
at the District Court IlTrin, in the City of Phil.
adrlphil,on ihe 19th day of Sepunber,at
11 'click, A. When and where all persons
interested.may ;ippear and show eau.u, if any they
I have, by the prayer of the said Petition ahould
not he gr, d, and the 2111t1 titiOner be declar
ed Bankrupt .
. Clerk of.Districi Court.
July 27, IRO. 301
egaLEe.rr's aPotice.:
Il Entsrtnt's OFFICE,
'Carlisle, July 16, I vie.).
OTICE IS hereby given to all persons inter.
.1.29 eked, tb..t the tbllowing accounts hdve been
filed in this office for exatninutinn, by -the nc.
co:lntact'' , therein named, vied will he prevented to
the Orphans' Court of Cumberland county, for
confirtnation , and 'allowance, on ..Tutttday the
16tIkitry of-Augst, A. D., 184:2, viz:
Tho-Adirtitti;crutiOn-neeiaia: zof George r.larit,.
Administrator of Elizaboh lato of,the
Borough of ShippensbUrg, deceased. • •
The Adm inistra 0 , 41 iII:COMA of Joh n
Adiniriaratrir of. William 11. rialwiicr, late of
the Borough of Bbippensburg, deceased. ,
!rho Adiuiniotral ion account of Jacob Biz!er,
Administrator do bords•non cum
nexo, of ! Ilainiltorirlatti 'cif Cumberland
(now Perry) county, deceased. •
—The Administration acautut of Samuel Woods,
Administrator ofSampson S. ilitullen,lato.of Dick.
!ascii township, deceased.
The Guardianship account. of Josiah Hood;
Guardian of john Cope und James Cope,
Children of Philip Cope, late of West Penns.
bOrOugh township, deceased.'
Tho Guardianship at.cotint of Jacob Keller,
Guardian of
.Mary J., William and Elizabeth
Stephenson, minor children of John Stephenson,
lute of Silver Spring township, deceased. •
ISAAC ANG'NEYt Regist-tv •
July 20,1812. • 4t:38
AIi"VENTION, Nilll.llTl
THE Enrolled Inhabitants residing within the
bon - as-of the lst Bittalion, 23d Regiment,
I eposylvenia Militia, -are hereby notified..that an
eleetion will be held on Monday the 18th day of
Aquae Mixt, for theelection, of Captains, and Ist
anit2d Lieutenants, at the following places,
. • Ist Company of the lat Battalion at the public
house of Mr. Jacob Walnut Bottom Road.
• Capt. M.. DONALDSON.' Superintendent.
3d Company at the public house of Col. John
----------Capt,DA-V,IDSON T ,-Superini 4 e'ndant: ---
- sth Gaup:my thO Toisom Hill chool House,
Frankford township.
Lieut. MARTIN, GEORGE, Supeet. •
Company at the• public housomf John My' 7
era, Diekinson townßhiv. -
• . •
The election - to commence at ID o'c'ock, A. M.,
and close at 6 o'clock, P.
The Captains of said,companies will furnish the
roll on the morning of the eloblion to the Suporial.
tentianta, Vndef the penalty of fifty dollars.
, . .
Major Ist Rattal!oh,2Bd Regiment, P. DL
•• Carlisle, 25th Jilly; 1842; ' •' teAtt
llate P 11410::
Ir,UST received 100 dozen Palm Leaf Hate;
&W *blob will he sold wholesale 'or retail, cheaper
than e:or-ollisrekheretofore,
Carlisle,' I/14:25, 1842:
lif UST printed'at thii office, afle'itssoitroiant of
00 DEMOVS., MORTGAGEE* ..11114
.(UThe HMI. Mr. Fut.sloar,member of Congress
from New 'Vail:And the present able Chairrnati oldie
Committee of Ways and Means iii.the House of Re
presentstiyes, declines a re-electian to Congress. His
letter to his constituents is an admirable on e,and shall
be placed before our readers in it week or two.
cjr•G en. 51Asorr, of Ohio, declines a re-eli•eti6O tO
' 0 - The Ohio I..egislature c inet in spcs.cial session on
the 25th tilt. for the - purpose ordividing the Slide into
,Congressidnal districts.-
cOsA valuable Coal bed ha's boon discovered on tile
farm of Mr. Porter, near Augusta. 1:1. Y.
Sseione• 1. Be it' i enacted by the Senate and
House of Beprtsentayes.qf the Corn filOnWeati it
rf Pennsylvan.n• in General Asfenibly reef, and
it .is hereby enacted by the authority of the riame:
That in all cases where lands, tenements, or here
ditaments, have been, or hereafter shall be levied
on by virtue of any writ of fleet facial, or •other writ
-or-execution, inquest efztwelve men, sum,
mimed by the - sheriff or coroner of any of the
cities or counties agreeably to the existing.laws of
this• Common wealth, shall find that the rents, lames
-end profit(' of such property are not iluffiiiient, be
yond all reprises, within the spare'of seven years, j
to satisfy the dainages kidi costs, or the debt, in-. .
•terest or costs in' such writ mentioned, it shall be. _ .9ECRET.IETES,
the duty of the same inquest tn'value and appraise 11.. - w; TmUDDLETON, of.Curnberland.
the said property, and in all eases where the de
. . THOS. ELDER. Jr:, of Devine.
fondant or defendants shall consent to a veniremna•
• INO. 13. RETHERFORD, of• Dauphin
tion..ftereealrly - to arract, entitled oen net relating, CHRISTIAN LONG, of York.
to executions;' passed the sixteenth of June, eigh- 1
case where i Ori motion, Mestaa. McGeehan, McClure, -Mc;
teen hundred and thirty-04x; and in any
an inquisition and condemnation of such estate. as ' Addams and Hoffman were appoirited a Committee
aftheimaid, shall not be. deemed necessary in law, it to draft resolutions for the consideration of the
shall be the - duty of the blieriff or coroner of the '' (.l , lvent.ion.
proper countv, to :summon an inquest of twelve . ' -,, •
good and laWful men .of his .baitiollek, who shall' On motion, Messrs. SmYser, '. l . Pr riethetterdi,
be under oath or affirmation,' and shall receive - the, Eilmaker, Sotton and _ Hopkins were. appointed a
same pay as jurors ere-entitled to in silnilus eiseei:•Cominittee to prepare'an - address to the People of
to value and appraise the same, end the 'sheriff or' ' p eeek ei vaa j a . •• • - : . • . .- . .
zcoroner shall :make lewd' of such valuation - or' ' • • • - - .' -
erppraisemeet with the Writ aforesaid, to etli . ecourt j - - . Oil motion, Messre„Fonn, Miller,lTurst,Ehrinan
I , froin, width the same issued, and 'winch valuation `and Foreman, were appointed: a c6morittee to re- .
or appraisement shall lie conclosive in any future port any bosinesi for the action - ofthe Convention,.
execution will& ' may be levied on the samepro-• 'which had not.beenalreedyiprhvided.fori -
- party, - atiolierease - any - Vin d i tie-Ma - ex venue, ': -
or other writ iliall issue , for Tlee Convention then adjourned to meet- at o.'• the ale of said lands, 1 '
tenements or heredilaments, and•the thine eanam quarter before 7 u'el.ocki P.M. _ . . • I
_b_e_imijl to public vendee, Or am:cry - fur - -two-thirds i
. EN'ING - sESSION: : --- :7
or more of such valuation or eppraisjinent. thit , r. - V
then, and in such case, the sheriff or eel - ober ehallT The 'eronvention'inet'inireuarrt to adjournment.
not, make sale of the premises, hut ,shall Make. re= ! '
Mr. SMYSER, front the Committee appointed
turn sof the some accordingly to the court from— •
r to prepare an address to the people of Pennsylvania,
which the exception :soiled, arid that thereupon all
further procceeinge far the sale effendi lands, tone- : reported the following
- '-'•
'merits or hereditatnents, shall be stayed for°not-
6 2 .1
11 ,
' -
,I_sieNt Te
~,t -4 5. 1 .
..t i , . • ...
year frump and after the return day of the vendi. , .
. .
tinni ex,pones or other writ, for the sale of the pre- I • Femme; other state iif affairs as tin.
?likes: F'eu'ded, Thattlie sheriff or coroner shall , toward and disastrous, as it washut a little while
' not:be entitled to-poundage, unleOs'in these cases ago uttlookrd for, has_ culled es together. for the
where a Bale of the pi-operty shall take platte, , I purpose of deliberatitig upon the'pereve quearion es
Socii. - 2. That in all casts where lands, tens- to vein) ought. to ha selected by the Democratic -
merits or hereditnments, have been heretofore le- I Harrison, party attic Union, to Sethi end complete
vied on and condemned or extended, or thattere--( the hopes and pledges of 1340, unhappily rendered
after may he extended, in virtue of_ sno writ of, abortive .and for the Prese . nt delhatedi by a combi
(lett liitiwe, end In nil cases whereseny=ian4 - tene , o_nation_ofecauecn yiiliEf!: we will nut now turn aside
mente or- liarerlitirments, have been, or hereaftea! te erfol.l. . - ' . ,
elm!! he seized• on by virtue of any writ of !eyed :. . Tliii - qoestioe, so fraught with tetereet and toe
films, it shall be the duty of the sheillf or coroner,' mentaiis result:4, vies representing as We do'but a
before exposing the said moperty to sale, pureuant !eeetion of the country, and a phrtiou only of the
to any'wi it for that purpose issue!, oe is pest:lmre : great Dentiwratie tistmly, do not as,mme outhorita-
of siiehovrit of levari facing, to summon to elve good tiyely' to settle: ire have assembled, in pinsuance
and lawful risen of his beiliwiCke who being first of authority derived from the people in their prim-
sworn or affirmed, shall make a true valuntion or , tey astienielies, to express their and our sentiments,
appraisement of such property as directed by the' and as we believe, the sentiments of the great State
first section of this act. I of Pennsylvania, in relation to the individual to be-
Sec r. -3. That in all rases where life eeta , e, or e•oitieeil, leaving . the ultim Ito de•ieion to the au
t..- a term of yeri - rs, in any .I.inds, tenements, or .thoiitative voice of a National Convention to be
hereditainentse Have been, or shell he, seized and essenibled in due time, til, only proper and lew fel
!oriel]. on by virtue, of any writ or execution, it 1 whiter, of this important question, and to whose de
"Alan be the duty 01 1 the sheriff or coroner, before - termidat ion we are prepared to yield a cheerful and
he, shall proceed - to advertise mid sell the e prerniees I ready aeq eieeeenee, whether harmonising with our
tit'. ireisaid' to summon an' inquest of twelve good (private view's end preferences or otherwise.
and lawful, men of his bailiwick, Wl.O being first 1 It In ipiet_he unfit that we should take occasion
duly sworn or ermined. than make a true valuation betici7t:irexpreis not only our driver,' approbation;
en d appraisement of the same, and if such estales but our earnest deeise for the callibg of such a Con
fer lire, or fir it term of years 'as arOlesaicl, ithere vent:on. It pre *rats the imply means through which
being advertised and effer,ed fur side hy•publie ten- entire and cordial lilroiony and uneiiimity of ['ed
ible or outcry
,aceoriling to the laws of this Com- ' ing and iietioti innallget those holding the KIWI
monwilalth, cannot be sold for two-thirds or there, political creed, eon iii- insured: it is sanctioned by
of the enema of the valuation and appraisement to : see! pre :stmt end the Menges of the party., and is
he 'made ae elm °said. the sheriff or cozener shall; senctified by the hallowed remembrances thatgather
Make. return wow:dim:oy, and thereupon all further ! around the glothies assemblage that convened hero
proceedings for the sale of the said premisowshall in the ever memorable year 1839, and which are
be staved for one year from the return day of the indiesolubly moot-kited with the name and recollee
said writ of exeentinn. - - the,
tion of that great and good man.' the revered and
SECT. 4. Tlint in ellmaas where perrinnel'orn- STllUteil Harrison, memo-el, plus!'-in an evil hour
n'erty Shell he taken in execution, by virtue of from the seen° of his neefuliore and glory, to'he
any writ of fieri fielas issued not of neysnert:of suecaebd by one, holding - contrary snnaments, and
common pleas in this Commonwealths, or by v'ir. ' peening an opposite Odidgel '' Did the party which
1 the of tiny execution issued by a justice of the was 4] to a glorious victory by the one and basely •
neaeri, it shall be the duty of the officer to whom betrayed by the oilier, harmonize as fully in its
struck writ sholl he directed respectively, when it choi•ce of the m in' to consummate the political re-
Ishell be requested by the Miter, to semmon.three volution of IRO,' unhappily rendered abortive by
`respectable freeholders oreitizens of the vicinage,' - th e &nth - of Harrison, and the train of events which
-who-.-being, first dilly sworn or nffirmed by_the
_hove follnyveil e _aatlieY do in their prineiples arid
Fetid officer, shall vales end rippraise the pefsonal Via . W.l of Public ..pnlicy. there woidd be littleores
property aforesaid, for Whielm vain ohm or lip• shin fl• the - assembling of auch, a body. 'But, al
, praisement signed by the appraisers, together'. though "see hear ioseribed in our banners, the same
with a schedule nf the property taken in exeriution, principles which.were.the Watehwordo r•;f battle and
Shull he annexed to the return on said writ, and harbineeerszoretriumplm in 18:10, it is notorious that .
l in easeraid - prironnal property, - or any part"the-re,..- much diVereity of opinion prevails, es was but ne
er, cement he sold for twolliirde of the emnent et e ure
t Ily to be exneeted, in relation to the individual I
said valuation nr eppraisement, at a public veedno t o l i e ehe,erm as our leader into the promised lend "
Of the WIMP, of which notice shall be given to the
of politleal renovatlon* and reform. '. How is this
plaintiff or plaintiffs, his, her, or their agent or et.
difference to be ieconeileal Surely not by an oh
tor ne,v, , noreeably dm the (timeline of the first sk,e•
htihate adherenee on the Perrof each, to his or their
then of this ect,' that then the sale peach o :
',., ° n - i t e h t .; : favorite candidate, nor by separate, detached and
ty shall he stayed for the term of twelve m .
efforts 'in divers , and
. perliana contrary
from that date: Probided, That the said defen.l It!lc". 1 b- ;1 " . d,
dire . ctions,.eaell state . or_
, C , :le!), section of the party
dent rir defendants, shall execute and deliver to
malting room end fur-
Ihe Sheriff, coroner or constables, es the case mop , ileum; firenself and .
. bY
. it....
i iehine ocension tor the operation of rival . "Merest
be, ailliond - With coo or more suiliment sureties, in 1
and dietriett. No: our cause
n. penalty of double time amount of the said iiiiien. ' "9d. l'ue!.ual jealousy
tion or appraisment, eenditioned for the faithful eis too carted, the issues involved too tnementober,to
forth ensuing, - nod delis ry of all and eveiy part i putt
• all to hazard in this way. Ie l_Tni_n is our
'of the sold personal prim - party upon the expiration ' steength The differ( nt rays of public opinion
of the said stay cf execution, to the proper sheriff, j troist all be concentrated mid converged into one
enroner - or constable, or his ancensor in office, i ii I intense end phwerfol &Kies by means of a Nlitiohal
like' good elder and condition (reasonable wear 1 ConventieMin which all may be repeesenteil and
and tear being allowed.) as when the same was so ,by which the seitee of the Nation may he gathered. •
as aforesaid ("faired 'for sale, or other personal Then eillY the of the. rnnjority can be starer
property, equal in value, rind in like ',rood order, I tained . and the rights of the minority duly respected,.
lobe esenrtaillad in the manner aforesaid:Pr in de- 1 anal therefore . all will aequiesce in the result; be.
fault thereof, for the payment of the amount of the t Callaa an equal and. fairThance to have 'their wishes •
aPpraisment or 'valuation with interest and masts; I made known and adopted, will have been extended
or the llMOant of the debt, interests and jest's, for to all, ... .
which the levy was made, an upon the execution We th - e - t•efore do nit thesitate to aiiinr:our con
and delivery of such hond,t e said personal prop. fidmce in the National Convention, xi - Melvin - due
arty, shall be returned and .delivered•into thea t ime, will he Convened; and, tietn4tedby high_pa-._.
Pusses Mini: ofethee. a id-rief do nte..or e atefalid e ol e e
fir,r irenliPl r filifm:4 alinvralfFonsidiratione-metip.
-Prorideihst ty_t f .is orir o,. our. entira.:_willinguesatoyerned
shall be construed to prevent any jildgment credi. Iby its d.eision, if fairly expressed. .
~ .
tor or creditors, from Navin i. the, property of any I In the meantime, hilWeVer, until eurti Sind dc
debtor,or debtors,capmed to h a le et eee
time, " 11 claim' shall have been pronounced,. we , hold it no
as often as he,' she, or they may thinlypreper, after • lees a ditty to preeent tp the public the 'name,.. - ried
it may have 'once been exposed to sale as aforesaid, to urge by all proper and bfirful rimaiderations the, e -
by, paying all the costs,thit may accrue in cense. claim.; of the man whom %TO deem qualified
quonco thereof, except the time at, which as le by - his personal qualities, public services and polite
tmiay he effected, accordin g to the provisions of this
lard principles, to fulfil the baffled hopes of 1840,
necwhieb ebite shall be paid out of the Kmiec's
and whose nomination, we holleve:woum b e , / h e .
of the'sale as mother eerier. • . _., • . .
, and this weFhlevare to Ile with
- pledge. of succes t , . ~
SEnr..s. - .That before any person shall he coati-
out t ier ' s, Merits or'disparagtrig the dailies •
Wed to 0, 'otay of execution on - reel estate levied
othe r o, .
~ .
upon, he shall, pay' the intoreat , chto on thor-debt, °' T r it o - 6 *%;itround for • a 'man' werthy to - fulfil ' '
andlhelriter t eat duo upon prior liens thercon t and
'such ti'x' sited destinies; Wo seek one Who, to di s tiu. .....--t
disCharge'ell 10w:000m and municipalcharges . o iihedpersenal 4ualitiei and talents.' Unites enat-'
due On, the propititYolitibject tell's judgment,.and
e g .int, public serviced a higlt . placein the confidence . .
shill - Per i3iilill.annually during
;the. 000tinuance,
end` , ...uffeationit of:the , people,'_And,:svperadded to .
of the titay, Of ,gxecollPtl.S4'Pe e4 : ll4 !Pg•i 9 !" .e n !'' . all, an •nomiart - fied devotien to the 'priiiiiidea of • - -
on the judgments and the accruing ground re , M.
18-10 1 'conibilied with energy' and flxednese of cluir. •
' • 21AmEw ROSS . sNwDEN. , . : •
' . 'Speokekophelfeises'el ReOresentatires. ,
e.. . , , , e
~ .
' acter, to.carry nut itt every hatard tem' himself. , .
'h . ' 9 o ' ffirat'ans
~ —.. ~ ---, •••—•-,301iN 6,TROHNi, • ..It, . rnmem*,. theZe re.e and, ,a 1 ....,...„ 9 a, i
•, sce Senate; shook' be found united in ono who.ivas - thirWainf•
i.lorawis,Thea •eikt,aeotti Oily '' 3 I 0ne . .. : .
._ , _ _ _ _ _
t honest:pi eight hundred- and forty.two. . •of the tmmo , tal Harrison, we need look no flArther
' . • DA,VID R. PORTER. (or a eandldati , eyery way werthy te 'succeed- him.' •
i . .
. _
Cuntbedund county
---- 71 - Fi1Et.T.211.,.3.1L
Old Chip in the rieleil
Agreesl)ly to previous notice, the Convention of
the ft:ienifs - 'of Gen. ,Ntinifield:ticott for President,
met at the ijourt House in-.llarri.bdrg on Tuesday
the.26th of .filly,.l§l2, and' u Egan lied by appoint
.ing the following °Hirers, •
SAMUEL. PARKE, of Latictan
Hon. WILLIAM LINE, of tumberlanti
THOS. ...RAIHTIEAD, - of pauppin.
FRANCIS PA , RKE, of Pniladelphia.
'JOHN JACK, of:Allegheny..
JAMES B FERREE,,,of Lancaster.
THOMAS, I3AI RD, of Barka.
tpaw.) .