Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, July 20, 1842, Image 3

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    inttts? Charges tyrants" the `t
• • , - Presidcnt.,
lit.••l:eharge , John Tyler-with. 'a *ass , itsiirpa•
lion of powerand.violation Of law; inrattomPtibg'
to exeroise,it'controlingint/uenee (Werth° lecotint
ingofficerser.the•Treseury,Department, by order,-
' ing the' Paytttent , iof accounts 'that had been by
them rejected, add threateningthera with eirpulsion•
from Office artless his orders. wore: obeyed. ' 1
2d. 'I charge him with being . guilty Of a high
misdemeanor is retainingmen in office for months
after they, hay beeaMjet.ted by the &Mate ail un
worthy; inCompeteht and un faith ful,,fo the great
detriment , of the miblic interests , and hazard 'Of losS
to the',Mtblia Treasuri ;'the Government having
nolietinrity for the faithful application 'Of the pub.
funds passing throughlheirhanda, arid he thlra_
by defeating that :proVision, , of. the ~.Constitution
1 which requires the. adiice and "consent of the Son-'
ate to ` iill nut
nominatians'de by thi,l"rC*iident.-
3d. I charge him 'With gross official misconduct
in.ottempting, in a spirit, of revenge, for a Caosti'
tutirmal 'exercise of Owe! by', the Senate,
rejection of one of. his nominees to' office, to re
move a large number of :faithful and "ineriltarious
subortnato officers from the Custom-house of Philo
' delphia, with whom no feu:Corm found save that
of a supposedpelitical preference for another, and
Who had discharged , their.. duties with entire. 'Skis
'faction' to the collector of ciistoms; and for attempt
ing to substitute in their stead men having no other
recomreetidation than 'that of a supposed alai:pies
eence views. • •
4. I charge him with the high crimp and misde
meanor of endeavoring to excite a 'diSorganiaing
find revolutionary spirit in the country, by inviting I
a disregard of, and.disobedience to a•law of Pon:"
gross, which law he has himself sworn to see faith
- Tully executed.
• .5. charge him with the Itigh,crinte - and Misde.
•rneanorin office ofwithholdiug his assent to laws
indispensable to the operations of Government, in
volving no constitutional difficulty on his part—of
.•deprivihg the Government of all legal sources of
revenne—of assuming to himself the whole power
'of taxation—.and of collecting duties from our citi
• .zens without the authority or sanction of law.
• ° charge him with the 'high crime and misde
meanor of the open prostitution and profligacy in
willingness to barter away the offices of Govern
ment, and •the principles he professed, to obtain the
support of one of the parties in Congress to which
„ he has heretofore been opposed.
• 7. I charge him with gross official. misconduct,
in having been guilty of a. shameless duplicity,
equivocation, and falsehood with his- late 'Cabinet
and Congress Such *IS has brought him into dia.._
grace and contempt. with the whole - American pea
ple, which has disqualified him from administering'
this Government with advantage, honor, or virtue.
". 8. I churgc him with an arbitrary and despotic .
abuse of the veto power, to gratify his personal
and politiCal resentment, with such evident marks.
of Inconsistency and duplicity as' leave no room
to doubt his total disregard of the interestsof the
people and of his dUty to the country.
9th.. I charge him with . the high misdemeanor
of arraying himself in open hostility to the Legis
lative department of the Government, by the
cation of *deuterons and libellous lettere under his
own signature, with a view of creating. a false and
unmerited sympathy Torhiinseffi'ai) . Minging Con
which metnittlyat Aminiyibetween thO Ejtecutiv,a:
government ant the welfare of the people has been
• 10th. I charge•him with an abandolimMit Of an
acknowledged constitutional--duty, in refusing to
, render such aid to the constituted authorities of
Bliod Island, when. called on, *as Ito had . himself
:previously promised in his letter to Gov. King, as a
,sarred constitutional 'obligation resting upon him.
11th. I charge him with pursuing such a course
of vaceillation, weakness, and, fully, ammust, if. he
is permitted to remain longer at the htiatl of the
Government, bring the country into dishonor and
disgrace altroasl, and force the people into a state
of abject misery and distraction. •
I2th. I charge hitn,with.being utterly unworthy
and unfit to have the destinies_ of this nation in
his hands as Chief Magistrate, and with having
brought- upon the Representatives of the People
the imperious necessity of exercising their consti
tutional prerogative of impeachment, or of surren
dering the Government to him to be used as a ploy
tning and a toy,.for his vport °tulle ono hand and
his malignity on the other.
MORE lairEActrarsra.—The Aludisonian, as an off
set to Butts' twelve charges agaimt.the President,
publishes the peoples charges against Congress,
embracing an equal number as those of Botts, but
somewhat more forcible in their application.
List of Tariff' Laws.
Our Washington Cc:um:penitence furnishes for the
Express the following list•ol the dates of the several
Tariff Laws, or laws uiying duties onimports, whirl,
have'been passed by Congress since the adoption of
• the Constitution, with the volume and page,of the
Laws of the United States whereTound. The laws
providing for regulations for the . cotteealki -a pluties
are notincluded wilds list, It is 7 t list of laws ins
posiug!luties only. . .
July " 4, 1789, Laws U. S. vol. 2, page
August 10, 1790, ' 4, 't • " 176
Alareh 3, 1791, • .11 61 203
Miiy 2; 1792; " " " '279
Juno 7; 1794, • " " 435
January 29., 1799',
March 3, 1797, " 16 • " •666
July 8, 1797, - • t 6 17
May .19, 1800, 16 11 598
MarCh '26, 1804; (Mediterranean funil,)" 613
March '27, 1804, • 4. et " '621
July 1, 1912, - .4 -• •It 559.
July 29, 1813, " di • " 582
February 5, 1816, . e 6 . 16 12
April 27,
.1816, • 66 • " it 105
April 20, 1818, (coach furniture,'&c.) "4:6
April 20, 1818, (iron,alum, sir.c.)" " 339 :
March 3, 1819, " 4 'B 415
May i 22, 1824, (genera(.) 7- • " 268
May ' 19, 1828, (general.) 8 " 49
May 24, 1828, (wines, &c.) " " 130
May 20'; 1830, (tea, coffee and, cocoa,)" 307
May 29, 1830, (molasses.) ". " 360
May . 27, 'lB3O, (salt.) " " 391
Jlll3 l,- 7, 1832,;* (French wines.) t " 674
July • 14, 1832, (general.) " 691 . _
March- -2, - 1833; - (COmptoinise act:) " 788
March 2, 1833, (hardware,tobacco,&e.l" 810
• • This act was continued from year to year, to
the 3d of Mareh,lBls, when it expired by !iwita
tion•—N. Y. Exprer. •
Absurdities of tiro Common Law.
It icsot little • surprising that, in -this en.
lightened age, a code of laws can
not be framed sufficiently perfect to- answer the
lift:poses of justice,without a resort to the max
ims of other ages for rules of practice in our halls
ofjustioe. ',There, are doubtless' instances where
no special rule ca n, be made to apply, and: where,
much must be left to the discretion. ofjudges and,
jurojs; but leading Principlei could certainly be
sop defined, that it would no longer :be a doubt.
fdl question.whether an injured man might obtain
redress by litigation, or whether a rogue might
escape by one I of: the thousand quibbles of the
common law. We -.have been led to
marks, by reading an article on' the' Subject of
"Judiclal 'Testimony: , in an eastern paper, in
which:the absurdities daily. exhihited 'under' the
°Sanction ot common kw, aro treated with nierit.
ed severity. "Suppose," says the Writer, "in a'
suit alai*, a witness offered and directed to hold
up his hand to be sworn. At the moment, the
opposite,. party objects on account of, the
my of his character. "Ali," 'but says ille,witness,
stretching his.hand b!kher,. l l baYO alpligieo be
lief—l' believe in future - rewards . and -.punish
' meas.'? "But says the Objecior;"yo'u wore never
known to speak:the truth, when it was your, inte.
'rest to toll 'a lie. You never paid a debt, when,
you could cheat your creditors out of Yon
stand noevicted by the unanimous'voice Of" the
public as a liar, a knave, and altyricrite, , More
than . .Bnit, yap was convicted sheep.Stealieg not
two yeersaince:' "But I have beets pardoned,"
says the .ivitinise: - "VP& now4tarid .convicted of
perjuiy.," Ways &I.bjeciter'... 1 1E34:Mont 'is' 'not
yet . pronsouneed,":saya the witnees; • 'Arid iitretch
ing his' hand as high aabe Can • reach, "I • htivtt
moreover Curry religious belief. I hold my book
higher, and mad-iityl Prayers loader; :Ban' tiny
man in charett.-• - "l.prity Tour lionera,•am : not
, a competent,t'viitntita” anyticthe
.Court"accordinglo" Common Law, as-held. by
sound lawyers. You must thorefuiv be-sworros •
, ,
ke , * ''of potinier, „
Which' it
lighted candle Was • incautiously plaeed; ' in, the
awn of Jlicobe . tom , HineX, ''cluitatertiwn;',l%fd.,
exploded on tbo morning of the 4qtjpit.ind blow
the:W.:km . lo Monis: . • The • hOuttei adjoining on
'each aide, caught' fire, an 4 Were deati'oyed,. and,
sibirtder•to say, no person was injuicil. • •
.1114110'.4i," niNggitN*
R. WHITE PiIDpI,LETOINI4piTOR litcll s ,Fll TOR.
WeOnOsday,' . Jitly.2o,;l:B42.
Subject to the debision . Of a iCationarCoivention
Gen. SOH, 0111 the Tariff.
Lam not only in favor, of a TAuiri.-Fon RENE,
nri, but also FOR PROTECTION."' '
Gen Nefott on Removals.
, . ~
`''',l%fy rule would he. to TURN OUT THE BAD'
AT ONCE, and displace the indifferent as last as
h might conveniently be done."' . .
"1 bold that-on a' Change' of parties, vacancies—
no matter how„inade 7 :4 mean by death resignation
or removals, ought tolte filled bilSeleclions from
thy political majority, and always. with the .best-
Men that can he had for the several places."
. . . ..,..--
V. B Noma, Esq. at his Real Estate and
Coal Office, N0.':104, - South Third Street, Phila.,
is authorize to iet as Agent, for procuring sub.
scriptions and arcJertisements for. the "Herald &
Expositor." •
1:•Ont. thanks are due to Messrs. Wm. R Gon
GAS of the, Senate, and J.. M.'o,l.unx of the House
fur public documents. .•
I- rrWe give to, day several letters from our at.
tuitive Harrisburg correspondent. They con
tain Ynuch valuable information and will be . read
Witkinterest. ,
oi'Wo regret that our neighbor takes our quer
ies about the Legislature plundering the 'People,
and esPecialy in the knife line, so much to heart!
It scems that the question we asked is a culling
onm--even More cutting than the BRITISH knives
in The pockets of IVlessrs. 'Parr nnd Culver! if it
Seems "mean" in the'eyes of our neighber , to• -ask
questions - aboutthe plumyr in re sinall,-way;' , :boyv
Ti s v . ill•heta§it ii,l l - 4444Mftii61ri c i4ntii.H,diaint
latripubliETie-n-for 'certain - higlr-ha tided robber
ies, committed in their public' capacity, anu the
proceeds appropiated - to - tireiroWtyprii , rtle - osol -, ,..
Lo t ok out,-neighbor; we have some AWFUL ItIS
CLOSURES to make, and lay 'before the injured
people -of this heretofore-'hood-winked" county,
"after the dog-days.'! , • '
“I'Rean: 7l
'The Volunteer thinks it "mean" to let the
talv r pnyere. knoW that SIX or SEVEN HUN
DRED DOLLARS are yearly thrown 'away, to
purchase:HM . llBH penknives for our servants at
Harrisbur4!" :Very well--but what say the )abor
or and tax-payei'l
Look Here:
iri"3.37e lma.n_that_neigitbor Sanderson-and his
"delegate" clique have already selected the men to
be swallowed up by thoeikOf their patty willing to
be duped by ikeiriiHOw convenient it is, to have
asthinking Cannittee !" -ft saves a monstrous
sight . of 'trouble!
. .
Dcatocrattic Scott Meeting, at
c:1-In another column we give the proceedings of
the late Deniucratic Scott meeting at Harrisburg
We learn that it was a most enthusiastic one, and
was well attended. The proctidings are highly
rauriotic,md with which no true Whig can find
fault. Thl meeting was addressed by Mr.. STE 7
YENS, Mr. LESLIE and others, Mr. Stevens' speech
was a powerful one. - The capitoliawx—n Clay
per, possessing apparently but for Mr.
Stevens or Old Chip " says : u Mr, Stevens'
exordium was an eloquent description of the con
Prete prostration 'of all' business in this country,
and the Consequent sulfrings attending it. In his
narration le: portrayed, - in most .vivid colours, the
heroic bravery, indomitable perseverenco and suf
fering of Gen. Scott during the last war. These
lost nothing of their true interest by this rehearsal."
•Vile ask attention to the proceedings, and trust
hat they will ho perused carefully by our readers.
, The Elarvestt.,
(r From -4mry quarter .we : learn that the
Wheat ankilye crops are very abundant,. and
,Our own beautiful end luxuriant valley - the :yield
of these rich grains will be great. beyond prem.,
dent. - ITbePais and Corn, also; never et thii sea.
e'en of the year looked bctter,and.. from every -aii.--
pearance the husbandman will be amply reivard.:
ed by a kind Providence for his labor. rich
harvest And a PnerzeTivE 'new are the only
things which can relieve the country fro:nit:a cm.
barrassments. • -
The Corn Crops.
'cO - Trom every appearance, ae far c have
been able to judge and learn, the c p *of Indian.
Corn, in the .Cumberland, Va , promisee AO be
immonse. - =Tr _ and= about our borough, we have'
now every indication ,of a most abutideint yield,.
and, we trust that nothing will occur to blast the
hopes of the thrifty •huabaudirian. Ono field 'in
particular, in the eastern part of the boronghi
owned and farmed by our wtrthy Chief Burgess;
Jszoe Zua, Pig.; alyeady , presents a very beautiful
and luxuriiet appearance, and bide fir to rppay.
him ten.fold for his, laborious exertions. Verily
we ahould all, citizens as well as farmers,. feel
grateful to a 'Bountiful .Providence who has eon- .
descended, in these tim i of pecuniary embarrass
ments, to bless-us in our baskets and our stores.. ,
.. „ .
o:rit the; %Harrisburg Qapiltonion loolt
the : query . propodnded ihseterence tri - our'Members,
it NV ill.find thrit their'omberiabohts" on theAth of
July was not giveli. Thoeditor must feel much
in want of 0 , small' game," when he volunteers to
give , the vwhereabouts of Loco Foco members
of the Legislature about whom an'entluiryis'made,
through Whig papers! Better Nave such things
such papers
"night r
. mae arm be-ore
lait; .to: the house, occupied by iheMissiiis
Kernan, , of our borough ;- the robbers ancaaniled in
entering tho house;' but were alarmed tiy the family
j•The 'otoKO "or ' 60r,, worthj;tovinointtn--dhis.
Barnitz 7 -situated Berlie,,titts short
!Imo' since :And !abed - two heeded deltas in
inoney,stul . twtt silyei• watches. We are softy to
learn' t!tet,t!te to*toets Itave riot. se yet boon arrested.
(En he surplus eindnetii of Orantillis ?CoMity,
has 4ear—tiMsO whiqi:t4ti by iirtied".Or ni*r49t,
ties estimated at aboyt one millien of doilars,
• titerit ;Scojit
arA highly'
,4 13i,b CHIP" was held in Gettysburg, on Hatur-•
4(4 EA. Presfde4 an
eloquenteloquent ? 'set`of reioltitions Were • wloptOil, and the
eting__was addressed by_D:, M._ SDITSER and.
Atix. , STEVENSON, EsqrS. Delegates to the
Democratic Scott State Convention were also ap
pointeil—amondthem, Mr.Hitvigiva, Col. CiAlfIC..-
40N, Mr. Thomson . , Mr. T. J. Coorsn, Mr., bus
rrizylAin and,othOrs, whO labored. !At and most
lealouslrfoLlhi election of the lamented Har-
The meeting' was iitioet 'decidedly in fiver of a
Protective Tariff; as'well for the hblding of a Na
tion&COnventien. • The proceedings . in_ full twill
be.gitcn in our next.
. .
Since the above was 'prepared, the
sproceedinge have appeared in the. Gettysburg Star;
but we have•oßry room forlhe names of the dele
gates appointed to- the Convention—which we
John Dickson, pen. Jas. Cunningham, Wm. W
Paxton, C. Zecher, John Ilrough,..Jas. A. Thomp
son,. Thaddeus Stevens, P. W. Koehler, A. D.
Buehler, Daniel M. Smyser, R. W,.M'Sherry, Ja
cob Martin, Henry Munfort,,A. R. Stevenson, W.
McAdams, Valentine S..Fehl, G. W. Bowen, C.
S. Swope, John Beinkerholl; Dr. J. 'N. Smith, D.
Z. Little, Henry Shltzgiver,,Col.:jno. Wolford,
Samuel Sadler, Wm. Cobean,George Trostle,.Jno,
Neely.,,Ozias Ferree, A-X. Myers, Peter Shot], A.
Heintzlemon, Di.. Geo. nines; Arnold Gardner,
!Wises Tyers, Geo.. Hersh„ Peter 'Diehl. 'Wm.)/
Rime Harman Wireman: Peter Raffensparger,
Henry Hunt, Pfeffer,. Wni. Loudon,
exander Harbaugh: Joseph H. 'Culbertson, Wm.
Albright, Conrad. Weaver, David •ffeagy, James
Major, Thos. J. Cooper, Jas M'AJlister, Jacob Dpl
lone, Joseph J. Smith.
The Cabinet.
o"We' have still rumors or probable changes
in the Cabinet.- "The opinion," says a Washing..
ton writer, "is hourly gaining ground, that, as soon
as Congress has separated,tlirce of the Cabinet will
be indtned to resign their places, and their room be
made good by gentlemen of the Opposite party.L—
Mr Forwatd, it is said, was not even consulted by
the President, relative to his last and a slight
so great, if it indeed be true, no man of - the small
est particle of self-respect,. would be willing to sub
mit to. Mr. Spencer is the intimate and close
friend of Mr. Forward—and tilde fate will not
be separate. The Secretary, of State will remain,.
it is certainly to be hoped, until the foreign nego
tiat!ons eve closed."
Steamboat Accident.
t.,..The steamboat , Edna colapsed both flues of
her larboard boiler on lie, 3dinst. at the. mouth of
the Missouri'river; yhile on'her ,
•Sixfwthi_te..poroo - , -
we t °. Arendink. - .nrounileolopieny
since died.. • • .
. We learn by the Missouri
,Reporter of Oie' sth
inst - .-, - -thatTorrtheAthz - forty7o. ftthese—urtfortu nate
victims were followed to the .grave by a large num
ber of the citizena.of St. Louis.
.0- -- : f -Owing to the. many rohficriee lately commit
ed in Harrisburg,, the atithoritieS have found i
teCessary to organize an efficient force to patro
he streets every night. - _
• •Itis,intended to the remains of those
galhini s men wlio fell in "Datle's Massacre;" In
Florida,. in . the garden of the U. S. l3arrucks, at
St. 'Augustine. • •
ct—yrhe Gettysburg Compiler, copying °Ur' ee 7
arks iu reference to advertising Wives, appends
vreto the following.approprinte confmunts: • •
We copy the foregoieg• from a late neither of the
Carlisle Herald &.F.spositor,find the sentimnnts ex -
pressed, our approbation. We-have ev. r
regretted to seethe course pursued by some MEN (?)
in advertising their wives, when in it large majority
of cases, if the ''whole truth' was knowh, there is
little reason to doubt but that cruelty, on th.part of
him who has promised to shield and protecting wife
while life shall last, has impelled her to a seperation.
We, too, have refitted suck advertisements, and no
inducement Will_constrain -us to — depart Trerri—tlie
cotirie of conduct laid down for our guidance. The
Almighty dollar,' potent as its influence 'almost
always is, will fail of its desired effect, when tender
ed to us for the purpose of procuring the insertion
of nu advertiselnent .cautioning the public against
tent - ding a lady who has separated from her liege
lord.' We want no such notices; and in miler that
we may not be 11111.00 ceder the necessity of refusing
them, we wish that no person will offer any to us—
but, if it is done, they may rest assured that their ap
plications will be useless; they must be taken to
those who view the subject in quite a different light
from that in which we look upon it, in order to pro
cure' their publication.
The Land Question.
following questions, propounded through
the Nfitional Intelligencer, to our •Senntors in Con
gress contains information 'of the highest impor
lance to Pennsylvanians ; and sluauld be reindilislied
in every newspaper in the State:
To the lion. JAMES DucuANAW andpANIEL STVR
ov.ol, Senators in (Zongress from Penn
. . sylvan a.
GENTLEM EN! As one of , your constituents I claim
the prieciplege respectfully to propound to you the
,following questions in relation to the votes which
mu have given in &vor of the eituitous surrender
of tlre - ptheeede of - the 'sal es
,Of- p MU el in d s-to
the United States: and, as republicans aud responsi
ble Representatives, you are tliMbtless prepared to
give to your c.pustituents prompt and explicit an
swers, Prelithiliary - to the proposed questious,:it
may be proper to state that, originally, the public
lands belonged to the States; that, after the forma-;
tiodof the Fetleitil Governmeat, these hinds were
ceded, by the States to which they , belonged, to the
Federal Government telpay the Revolutionary war
debt; an when that was discharged they were:hy
the terms of their eession,to revert' to the States. L-.
lhu last of , that debt 'saving been, discharged some
years ago, Congress aceorddiglYiTsseitalaw#rtrthe
4th or September last, surrenderii g the proceeds of
the sales of the publio lands to th Suites, In pur
' suance of the Arms of its original cession.
'By the official reports made at the late extra ses
sion it appears that the publiclands,to which the In
dish title has been 'ektinguislied, aniounted to 220,-
000,000 acres, and that to which the title remains to
be extinguished to9so,ooo,oooacres; Of"which Penn-
sylvania ' according to her representation in Congress
is entitled t 0 .101,785,704 acres; that is, 4,241,071
acres for the Representative: The title of Pennsyl
vania to her just proportion of the Public, lands;Viz:
101,785,704 acres, is. now; by virtue of the original
cession and the act of Congress of the 411* of Sep
tember last; as perfect and indisputable as your right
to seats in the Senate, or the farmer to his 'mots for
which lie holds the patentot
The share of Pennsylvania in those lands, at the
minimum price, ($1;25) would be
,worth $127,232,-
130 rand, at fdrtreehts per acre, would pay 'off the
whole of her .State, debt, iamountingto Onwards of
fdt:ty 'Millions of dollars ,Whch never can be paid in'
any other way, withciut iinhabing the:.people under
insupportable tairdeos. Take away the proceedief
the public lands' an Pennsylvania' must become
bankrupt, or, what ins worse, repudiate, to this edn
dition of things, would it not bo more wise Mid Pa
tricide in her Representativesto endeavor to procure
additional means to inviter debts, than to give away;
'fur nothing, the only , means she II s?
,The question, litenito:lN_ltich_tieg.uestapiswera
(and ; they must be given to thp, tax-paying, people by
all who voted with ,you,oilitlifi subject) are these:
Ist: Pennsylvania in a , condition lci..gire away '
the avhole. of her distributive:, share. of her public
landsliiihout some equivalent? '
Pennsylvania . surrenders to Abe United
States ,101,70,7,,04 acres, her distributive :share Of
public land, worth, at forty cents per acre,more than
forty millions of dollars, ought it not to-be on condi
tion that tho United States assume at least that Amount
of the Pennsilvaniii, debt, fOr. which her creditors
would gladly:accept a United. States three per omit.
steak, which whuld reduhe the lands'io twenty cents
,per Imre, lesS titan cue-sixth of the present mutt mum
price? „
. 9d. If you give up the puhlhilande,what has Penn
sylvania, or any other indebted State, left wherewith
to pay the principal and'iriteteit of their State,debts?,
This is and itogrtant questim t o ; ' N epa l
there is but one.answert.,aud, thatts,- toavitioki-sji-!
irraftikT faratipn—nokl, heisceforth,ondforever.—;
Will this answer be satisfactory?
t 4th. But . why is . l!ennsylvanlit , andtbe other States
ab soon tilled on to: , retrtieedi te• lbw United Stites
• the proCeedsof the, public :land' to • which they are
nOwboiliequitnbig . and . ,''Oitky',„entitted?, - • , The . Only
answer, io avoid' the'n'eneslity - of
increasing' the turvr, n firOgit
sth. But
,aides tt,has become ner.eastiitiviropOse
• taxeliither.onioreigisPrOdinititina 'oilreint pea
- ple) - ie it not-hetter,to jutposelheponforoigners,es- •
pecially when foreigners impose ditties Open) then
double the ailionot on must 'of ottr'staPlesf and when
the'elfect•of. the tariff .:on • tbreignioods Woulifbi
-create home markets for 'our Sinners ) entleheekihe
exportation of .our,specie to pot for Whitt we canned
ongld to produce at home? '
lOis then, in fact,. a questimf taxation .betiveen .
foreigner' on the' one 'side and , Anierieignir on the
other. It will be 'discUssedrand understood by the
people, who alreatly gee clearly that their:indeed the.
tart/questions are inseparably•connected.
• hose who vote to give theland proceeds to th e
States-gafor the- taritT-'and . 'against_ State , taxation;
and those who vote to take the land from the States
and give it to the, United States, vote against tat , : -
itf, and iii favor pf increasing State taxation. Such
is the obvious effect of thcirvOtes, and it cannot be
long dis,guised or evaded,. - ,
_• :
'IL his bringS up the great' tariff question , itself,
: which so deeply concerns the prosperity" of all the
'States, and olnone more than the State Yon repre
sent. • P.ennsyhenia is essentially- ggrieultifral; and
orallinterests the farming Interest is the most deep
ly concerned in the result of the tariff question;, for
it may be safely af fi rthed that more than one-lire of
the value of an the goods imported 'from abroad con
sists of the agricultural prottinstions'of foreign coun
tries, Worked up into cloth, iron, hats, shoes,. and
every_ - species of merchandise, Ste; sent here for
sale, add. our specie, by millions,T exported tmpay
for'them, while our fanners are left without a mar
ket, without motley, and without a motive to jitilus
try. Fur ex:imply: Take a yard of foreign Cloth,
won't' six dollars; oite.lialf the Van, (83)• is wool,
-the product of sheep, sustained by , the pais. and
gram nbforeign countries; ode-fourth .of its _value
($t consists of bread and meat, and other Ma gri-'
-cultural supplies consumed by the liaads employed'
in its m a nufacture: Thus three-fourths (Attie whole
price (54 5.0) is sent its-specie, to pay Tor English and
French wool and other agricutural produce, worked
up into
,a Yard of cloth, and sent- here for sale. The
-same result will attend the analysis ,of iron and - a
thousand other articles. .Is it not ruinous to our ag
riculture (on which every other interest' depends)
to 'pursue sdch a policy? And- can 'it be -sustained
by the votes of American Senators,. and •especially
those representing the great farming interests-of the
country? • • . "
But I will not now trouble you further on-the tar
iff question but may hereafter add something in
another letter
The Mormon Troubles.
noticed a few days since (Gaya the Phil
adelphia: Inquirer) the excommunication of Gen.
Bennett, of the .Nanwio Legion of Latter Day
Saints. .3Vo now have from the Burlington'llawk
Eye, his defiance of the prophet Joe:
- NAIUTOO, 111., June 27, 1842. •
Mr. Edwards:, In your. paper of the 23d, pools!. I
hide' to the... Trouble among the Mormons, anti
express a desire or hope that the schism is :incura
ble,' and I,assure you it is really so. The holy Joe
fears the consequences of my disclosures,_ and has
threatened to take my life, end, has ordered, some of
his Minh° band to effect, the murder clandestinely _
he.B;hall' - If ,liemurdeie Me, oth ,
- iehdaiiithe'Cilitir6nt 6 fikto 6 if"lir ir int " ' : /die ,
siispentrY4r judgment a fuwdaye until you
'my expose in the "Sanga . riin journal'? - t - j.fne'xtmeets
of the week following, over :ny name. In haste,
Debt of Pennsylv;inia.
c0 - -.A recent report of the , Auditor General to
the Legisluturc, give'silio funded debt of the State
us'_follows, of couise not , inading unsettled
C 1111138:-
licld by citizens.orPetin'a.
Citizens of other Status of
- the Uoion i
Subjects of foreign Maidens,
Specie of the United States.
ErThe fdlowing is an °slim* of the amount
of specie inthe United States Treasury, made by
the Register, in a recent communication to Con.
t, has beau estimated bysome, that there was
specie and bullion in the country oft the 30th
September, 1820, $18,000,000; but
say . -120,000, 000
mportcd from 1821 to 1841,20,y0ar5, 181,589,84
Deduct exported from 1891 to 1831 138;085,922
CROPS IN lifissouni.—The last Hannibal Jour
nal says--" From present appearances end
information, we are led to believe that the forM
ers neverr,had better reason to rejoice over their
prospects of an abundant harvest. The
of wheat, and that of the finest quality, that will
be.gathered, will be
greater than last
year's crop. Corn, hemp, tobacco, Ste. 'protnise
to be abundant."
tO - A RF:LIC.—The packet ship New
York, -from tiverpool, it New York, has Bcnj.
Franklin's Printing }quail on board, consigned to
J. B. Murray.
ceremonies attending the erection ofa monument
to Uncas, tho celebrated Mohican chieftain, took
place at N orwich, Conn., on the Ath, Among
the performances was an,Col. Stone, of
the New York Commercial Advertiser. -
- :Kr EmIG,I2 ATION.—The emigration
Europe to America will be iiiirocnse this year.
The movement is especially from Germany—
whole' towns and villages are coming over in a
• - .
. .
. .
PHILADELPHIA, July 16, 1842.,
FLOUR.—Sales of • superfine, $5 376 to 5 50;
Rye Flinn. $3 75: Corn Meal $2 56 to 2 94 per
bbl, hhtls $l3 50.
Wheat 131 c; - Coin, 52 to 54e; OW;
WHIBKBY-21 • to 22c per bbl.
CA'T'TLE MARKET,—Beef Cattle 4 to ssi;
per lOU lbs. Cows and Calvesll3 to $39; Spring
ers-10 a Vi;
. Dry Cows 5 to $9; r !logst4a
Sheep-1 624.,L0
• BALTIMORE, July'l6 _1842._
FLOUR AND GllAlN.—Flour, $6 per bbl.
Wheat $1 to 1 30; Rye, 86 per bushel; Corn 54
to 57; Oats, 91 to 85.
CATTLE MARKET.—Beef Cattle, $3 50 to
$5 25 per 100 lbs; Hogs, $4 50 to $4 75. • .
On Thursday last, by.the Rev. Henry Aurand
CLAUSER, all of- Perry County;
On the evening of the 28th of Juno, by the Rev.
J. Marsdoni Grandib, - Ikle: ALEXANDER BIL.
of-Dillsburg, York .k . ounty, Pa..
. On Sunday, 15th - May, by the Rev. John Lind.
say, Mr. 'JOHN STOOKDALE, formerly of Car t
lisle, to Miss CHARITY, PRIME, of Igeiv
York. , • ,
. .
On . the 1 0th inst. by the Rev J, Marsden Gran
din, Mr. ARNOLD SINK, of Mechanicsburg, to
Miss MARGARET • KENN EDY,.. of hepor do-,
. . .
• D LED, '
-fit his residence in Columbus Ohio, on The 26th
Juno, Mi. 'SAMUEL LOBAOH, formerly oft:or
lisle,-aged 27 years, - - • . ,
At his residenco in Southampton lownonip, on
'the 6th inst. 11 , 1 r. SAMUEL , KELSOi 'a - god
years. • ; • •- • • •
On thu 11th inst., in• South•lVliddleton town.
ship, Captain DAVID COOK; iged ' about '4O
On,„hiriday raornine, last. in'. South-Middleton
township, Mr, PHIL4,I I- ..IF,A§IIKUKDI,,•I6. agoo
About. 38 years, -
On Monday morning last in South- 'Middleton,
t4inokip;Mr, JACOB HAKlVlSlt'agOirabout
30 years Mr. ft, was an - honest nun, n,good .
lien; and wag nitwit beloved and cemented 'by: , all
who knew him,
*coil, avid a Viotective Tariff:
fE Peopbs of thimbeliand COtinty friendly
to the:election of Gen. SCOTT to the Pre=
.eidency; and in favor of a PROTECTIVE TAR
IF F--a Tariff that : will give,not onlyseyenuti to the
Government, but voiection,to the Mitnufacturer,
Mechanic and tabOrer without any compromise
whateyet---are relithisted to meet in Carlisle _
On Satimday..Plext, at 1 - o'clock; P,.„111,.
• •
To appoint delegges to the State Convention,
whielf assembles at llarrislarg on Tuesday next.
- All 6;001y - to the objectof the ineeting,are inviter
to attend, • Friends' of. Scott and a Thrill'
July 1842. .
(0 - . We ask attention .to the ahoye•call, and hope
that all who cake it convenient to attend Will
do so., Adams, Allegheny, Dauphin,'LaneaSier.
Frrinklin, Erie, Lebanon and many other counties
hrive appointed delegates. ", SCOTT AND A
PROTECTIVE ; TARIFF ". will 'soon by' the
_ •
war•cry in old Democratic .Pennsylvania. , Old
Mother Cumberland " roust let her voice be heard,
as she has
.t_vithin her bounds many friends of the
Gallant Ole. Sealer who fought end bleed for his
countfyare anxious to express.their approbk
tion of his worth and great services. Let, then)
dome up then on Saturday, next to his help.
Selling off' at first Cost.
pRaOdD t onaNisp
THE subscribers intend winding up their busi.
ness, and are now determined - to sell goods
at such unusual- low prices as cannot fail to con.
vine° the purchaser that they have the cheapest
goods ever offered in this region •of•coun . try. .
Their stock is N.EW.and CHEAP, consisting
in . part of
Blue, Blhck, Blue Invisible
Green, Brown-and-Drab Via -Cassinierei.
4- Satinetir,: of various co*s and priecs,
a tvirieig:urNotssliri
Slimmer and ;Winter • •
Shawls,:" _ '
Muslins, Calicoes, Dress Hankc - rchiefi; ti-c.
There numerous advantages - in purchasing
trier advertisements, will be sufficient proof to
satisfy all those. - ilesirous - of 'obtaining bargains,
that they ate, now prepared and fully determined.
to , sell- them exactly cheap enough:—Come Moli
na ye who haVe so long been 'suffering tinder the'
severe pressure °Nilo times, and adopt the remedy
whieli iv hero provided fur you, i.-c. CHEAP
GOODS. - .
$9,635,613 47
irrThey would particularly invite the -attention
of purchasers to their Cheap.ploths, Cassi.;
'neves and Sattinetti._ •
1,060,536 00
24,736,t106 06
'. S.. Those who are yet indebted to the sub.
scribers, will please satisfy the smile between thus,
acid December next. , ' -
Shippensburg, J uly 20, 1042
it. I3ETITIONS for and CertilicaCertificateun
- der the -Bankrupt Law have been filed -by
A BRAHA M HAMILTON; late Merchant
of the firm of Hamilton & Graff; -now
Farmer, ' Cumberland county.
ABRAHAM W. GRAFF, Into Alerchalit
of the . firm of Hamilton & -Gran; now
Clerk, • Cumbefland•county.
EDWARD- •A. SEIKER, Teacher,
Cumberland county.
and FRIDAY tho 30th day of, SEPTEMBER
next, at 11 o'clock, A. M.. 'is appointed for the
hearing thereof, before the said Court, sitting-in
Bankruptcy, at the District Court Room, in the
City of Philadelphia, when and where the Creditors
of the said Petitioners, who have proved their Debts,
and all other persons in interest, may appear arid,
show`cause, if any they have, why such Discharge
and Certificate should not be granted.
Clerk of the Distriet Court.
Philadelphia, July 11, 1842. 10-38
ID Lla St 12.11. fa 12 0 •
ESPEPTFULLY tenders his services to the
citizens of Carlisle and. its • vicinity, _ that he
will attend to and perform all dental operations
such as Cleaning, Pinging and Extracting na
tural Teeth, and• insciting incorruptahlo artificial
teeth front a single tooth to an entire'set.,
cO - 011ice opposite Wrarlaine'a
July 20, 1842. tf-38"
OFFERS his professional services to the citi.
tens of Carlisle and its vicinity; and that he
intends to devote his time to the duties of his pro;
fession, having been many years engaged in the
pra etiee-in- the Stater:of - New - Jersey.,
himself that the experience thus av_quired will tan
title hini to public patronage.
c 0" Calls to the Country will be attended \ to.z—
Residenco,'East 'High Street, next door to Cul.
McFeely's. •
. •
TAKE notice that we have applied , to the Judg
es of tho Cpurt of Common Pleas of Cum.
berland county, for the benefit of the Insolvent
Lavis'otthiti Commonivealtk—and that they have
appointed MONDAY !the Bth day of AUGIN7
ne2st, for the hearing of us and our 'creditersdat .
the Court House in the borough of Carlisle, when
and where you may, attend and make: objections
to our discharge, if you think 'proper.
• ADAM , al LIBHART, •
July 20, 1842. • •
July 16,1842.
°TICE is hereby given •to all. Persons inter.
ested, the tthe tellowingeccounts have been
filed in '.this office' for examination, by the ac-:
' iogntants therein named, and will be presented to,
the Orphans' Court of Cumberland county, for
coutirmatibri, tin . d, allowance,' on • Tueiday the
I . 6th day. of„ ugust, A. D., . 1842, viz : •
' The)Administration account of George Clark;
Administrator - of Elizabeth Dead; late of the
Borough of Sbippensburg, deceased. •
The Administration account ofJOhn
.Fultv ller,
AdOlinistrator of. William B. ~,Fulwiler, late of
the_Dornugh . ef
. Shippenshurg, deceased. '
The Adniinistration'eCeeituil — cirJaeolf - BiZIK
AdministratOr, de bonis non cum testament° an
nexe, of • WilJiarp Hainilton, late•bf Cumberland
_(now Perry) gognty„deceased. —
The Administration acicoun t of Samuel' Woods,
•Afhe iriistretorof Sampson S. Mullen, late of Dielc-,
irloon.Ow l lo lll / 1 0 it* 1 9c4a,tic4,„,..._
beard un. account of.Josiali ilOod,
Geardian of Jelm Cope and James Cepa Minor
dtildroll 2 of-Philit* Cope latO of West' Penn
borough lovinship; deceased. ,
aeoeunt.Of Jacob Keller,
Guardian • of Mary J., William - end - Elizabeth
Steptienhon, minor children of 'John Stephenson,
late of SPring townithiP; deCeased.
• ISAAC ANGN EY, Register.
July 20,1842. • ~ • e 4.38
- .
• •
. _ • .
Scott:Cpunty llleetitarp..
THE i'ma the pub. large, that he has 'lonia the above es
tablishment; six miles south of C liisle, fora term
of years, and the MILL , havin een recently re.,
paired, and new miiehiner -introduced, he is
therefore prepare&to Ina facture to order, (and
also has a' supplieonst tlicinhand)
Paperof4arCey kind and Quality",
which he vital furnish to printare, merchants and
others,'M any quantities at the lowest city prices.
All orders addressed to the subscriber, Ixt Paper.
town: Cumberland _county, will receive prompt
attention: •
Havirig lately received a supply of the very best
materials, he flattersliimself that he will lie able
to'nanufaeture paper equal in quality'to any Other
establishment in the country.
Papertown, July 20,1842. tf.3B
N. B. The highest price paid for rage.
ENTIRELY CiffedThy the . use of O . ; P.
r d lIARLICH'S Compound Strengtheningand
German Aperienu,Pills. • Mr., SOLOMON WIL
SON, of Cheater county,. Pa., afflicted for two
years with the above distressingolisease.of• which
he had to . use hie crutches for eighteen months—.
his symptoms were •exerilciating pains in all his
joints, eepeciallyin his hips, shoulders and ankles,
' pain increasing towards evening, attended. with
heat: Mr. Wilson was 'atone time notable ton:love
his.linabs on, account of the pain being so great;
he. being advised by a,frierid of- his to.procure Dr.
Harlich's Tills, fur which he sent to the agent in
West Chester and procured some; on using the
medicine the third day, the pain dissppeared, and
his strength increased that, and in three weeks was
attend - to - his:husiness,-which-he had not
done for eighteen months. For the benefit of others
afflicted, he wishes these lines published, that they
may be relic , ed, and again enjoy the pleasures of
healthy life. . • '
Principal office t 9 North Bth street Philadephia.
For sale at the Drug Store of J. J. MYERS &
C.o.,,Carlisleonia WM. PEAL, Shipbensburg.
July 20,1892. . , 3t-38
NY person wishing to' invest a few Thou
sand Dollars in new and substantial Pro
perty in Carlisle, yielding ten per cent per annum,
will hear of an opportunity of doing so by calling
on the Editor of the "Herald & Expositor."
Carlisle, June 29, 1842. tf•3s
To the Electors of Cumberland county.
FELLOW CITIZENS: I offer mystlf ttnyour,
consideration for the officeof s -
Recorder n.nd Clerk of the Courts
of Cumberland. County at' the ensuing general
election, and if elected will discharge the duties
thereof to the best of my ability.
:Mechanicsburg, June 22, 1842.. to-34
To the Eleetor of Cu thberland coimty,
ir eovv , brriihNs:l offer m0:01f,0174.-4„1
of Cumberhnd County; at the election in October
next; and if elected pledge mysellto perform the
duties of saitroffice with 'fidelity, and to the beat
Carlisle, June 22,.184.9.. tf-34
To the - EleCtors of Cumberland dputity.
r _ coli6Weration fur the ifflicii.of
of Cumberland county at the ensuing general elcc
tion,'and if elected will discharge t h e duties thereof
to the best of my ability.
tp.-July 13, 1842. to-37
in Baniernptcy
APETITION for the benefit of the Bankrupt
.L'aw has been filed the Bth July.lF42, by
JOSEPH FRY, formerly Cabinet Maker,.
• now Laborer, • Cumberland county,
Which Petition will be heard before the Dis
trict Court of the United States for the Eastern
District of Pennsylvania,sitting in Bankruptcy, at
the District Court Room in the City of Philadel
phia, on MONDAY the 22d. day of AUGUST
next, alp o'clock, A:, M. Wlien and where all
persons interested may appear and show cause, if
any they have, why theprayer of the said Petition
should not be granted, and the 'said Petitioner be
declared Bankrupt. . • ,
• Clerk of Diedrict 'Court.
Philadelphid, July 8, 1842. 3t-37
coluirr. PROC LAM ATION..
WHEREAS the Hon. &slim. Hr.rsunn Pr'e-
Sident Judge of the Court of Common
Pleas of the Ninth Judicial distract of Pennsyl.
Vania, • and the, Hon: •Jotirsi• , S•ruAnT and TIIOI4AB
C. Mita-nit, Judges of the said Court of Common
Pleas for the county of Cumberland, have issued
their precept bearing date of the 22d day of April,
1842, and'to MC directed, for holding a Court of
Oyer and Terminer, General Jail Delivery,"and
General Quarter SessiOtis of the Peace, at Car
lisle, on the second Monday of August, 1842—be.
ing the Bth ddy—at 10 o'clock in the forenoon:—
Justices of- the Peace,and Constables of the said
County—or Cumberland, that they be then and
heri3 in their proper persons, with their
Records, Inquisitions, Examinations and other
remembrances, to do the things which to their of,
flee respectively appertain . —and those who are
bound by recognizances to prosecute against the
prisoners that are; or then may be in the Jail o f
said county, to be then and there to prosecute .
against them as shall . be just and right.
Hilted at Vatksle, the 25th day of June, A.D.. I
184t,T; and HIV 66th: yeaitof American Indepen
July 13,1842
Trial List for August Turin , 1.842
.Stuart vs Stuart . • ...
Pjper vs MellingellTiir ----- '
Spotswood's Adm're vs ' Carver & %Valises
Monis & Brother vs • Lyon
Reigle vs Aul •
Palm. e
vs. • Readier ' -
Reynolds & Mosher vs . Moore and Biddla
'Samevs Moore, '
lliighes' Adin'r.- .
" • vs'-Moore & Mahon
Noble's Ex`rs. vs Harper
-,Cake vs M'Clure .
Myers of al • vs Myers, -
. Brandt vs Givide i
,Same ~vs Same
Gillingham et al vs .Given's,Ex'res. .
Same vs Same ' . °
Gorgas of al ; va Alexander
Snavely , vs PoOrman & Sheoly
Thorns • vs Ditiow
Sturm' , ..voi Zeigler'a Ex'rit.
Commonwealth • vs
-Leas ."
. • GEO. SANDERSON, Vroth'y•
Carlisle, July 13, 1842. . l' te.37
Jr'Q.Td CE.
To, the heirs and legal-representatjaes of
! GEORGE SHEAFFER, late.of Earl
township, Lancaster County, Pennsyl-
Vflilia; deceased.
. .
- g - N Pursuance of en order issued out of the Qr
. phans' Court of Lancaster County, I will hold
an inquisition upon the Real . Estate of the said
George Shaffer ; deceasedon FRIDAY, the sth
day of AUGUST, A, D. 1842, at 1-,o'clock, P. M.,
at his late 'residence, in Earl township,. to make.
partition and appraiscment of eats:Meal Estate, at.
WffielftinWand - placiryou•miy-attend ifyou think
The Real Estate of the said deceased consists
of . the 'PILAW TATIONG in Earl township;
upon-Which _ the said 'deceased'; -resided when he
died,'contiiining about llao. - Ac resondjoining
rands ofJohn Wallace,Johnitlartiii,'David Rarick
andisth era, A PLECEr,imx N &aid
toWnshiP,eci :o
ntainlng about 12 A eres, adjoin.
Inglands of John High ind Gideon Ilituder“ind
said township, containing about' S Acres, ad=
joining lands of , Wendel.illoll, JOSSO , •Line and
others. • - A. "E.' ROBERTS, • '
r. sh• e ilift of Lancaster county.
Shcriff'slOifloe, Lkatitei.
• . Auli , :0,185.,.
OltatTl l / 1 3 /Et 011013111760:4 •
/THE sotSicribet respectfully infOrtns,the pubic
1 in - gaeratthat he is prepared to accommodate
Boaideris6 Visiters;
at the above well known and justly celebrated spring,
situate eight miles North of New vale, in a plea=
east little valley or. Gap of the mountain. • 'ho air
is pure,\ the scenery beautiful arid romantic; the
'Mountain abounds with game, the Laurel or Tiout
Run, about two miles distant, will afford amusement
for those who are fond of angling—and every ex
ertion will be used for the .accommodation and
comfort of those who may wise to obtain benefit
from this invaluable water. • - • • •
July IS, 1842
Tan" Yard Property
WIL be sold at public sate, on the preniises
off SATURDAY, the 23d day of JULY,
at 10 o'clock A. M. in the Borough of Carlisle,
Cumberland county, that large and commodious
situate on the north cast corner of Loather and
East strcets, bounded by Letart Spring, and on the
'north by a lot of R. C. Hull, Esq.. containing 260
feet in front, and 120 'feet in depth, more or less,
belonging to the•estate of David S. Forney, dec'd,
having thereon erected a.large • • •
- ;;;11 ' , Tl7/11111111 liltill32,
fist •
• a Two'Story - SforieTinishing Shop;mc
large two 'story Buck. Beam House, a large frame
Bark and Mdl.House, with a' Bark Mill
There are 44 Layaways and — l — Pool in tlio Yard,
5 Handlers, 3, Limes and 1 .Bate in the Beam
Hodge,. and a good well of water faille kitchen
door. The property is in good order, and in a
very desirous situation for a Tannery ore private
'‘'YlETTermis of sale will be mile known on'the
day of shli t , amid any information Will be given
about the property before the day of sale, by
- June 22, 1542., • ts-34
'My virtue of a writ of Levari Facies, to me di
rected, issued out of the Court of 'Common
Pleas of Cumberland county, will be exposed to
public sale at 4he Court House, in the borouglt
of Carfiale - , - on•• TITI.IRSDAY — the" 44thr - day . - of
AtiOUr3T, 1842, at 10 o'cloCk• A. M. of said day,
the following describes} Real Estate, viz:
And- hall Eat of • GrOund.
situate • on , the ...North •side rifk High street, in"tha .;
'borough of CtirlialS,-bounded a half hit
thri'heini•of ;:leSePlatutixLsteeetui4; ; :W.ust h t y . .
- 4,oiltanT Es4,Matfth . ly:friigh4STOZ , V
and North by a - tiventv feeralrev, containing . !r•
feet:in front on !High street,: and two hundred and
forty feet go length from the street to the Alley. •
Also, •A Lot of -Ground,
Situate. in said borough of Carliple c on the Nortlp,
side _of the road or street . extending westward—
from...said borough , and north of the College square, •
and running parallel will' the turnpike road:. ul
- a lot oLAndrew Carolhers,on the West
by a lot of James Noble ; anti onthe South by the,
aforesaid toad, containing TWO ACRES or
thereabouts: • Seized and.taken in execution as the
property of Charles R. COoper.und to be sold by
me, . • PAUL MARTIN-; Sheriff:-
Sheriff's °lacy
July 13, 1842.- 5
Y. virtuo of sundry writs of Ficri Facias to
• me directed, issued out of the Court of Com-
MOB Pleas of Cumberland County, will be expos
ed to public sale, at the CoUrt house in the borough
.of Carlisle, on THURSDAY the 4th day of AU
GUST, 1842, at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day, the
following desirable'R cal _
siluateli4thc town of Springfield, in the county
or Cumberland, bounded on the North by a lot of
Young's help, on the East by a lot' of Samuel
Freud), on the South by a lot of Isaac Marguart,
andon tl.c West by land of Jacob Keller, contain
ing about one half acre, having thereon creeteda,
117/33114 . 10132
9 HIV*
part brick and part frame; also, a log
building. erected for a distillery, with two stills
fastened in the.same apd the necessary apparatus
thereunto belonging; al . s%, a log Spring !louse
thereon erected. Ah-o,
A Lot of Ground,
situnto in said town of Springfield, containing
one fourth of an acre, more or less, hounded on
the North by a lot orVaniel Swigart, on the East
by a lot of Josiah Hood, on the South by a lot
late the eroperty of Andrew Morris, and on tho.
West by a lot of Samuel . French.
Seized and taken in execution Os the property
of Peter Noaker, and to he sold by me,
. a
She ¢''s Office,
, July 13, 1842. (
‘11E,1111'10.3 ,57 . .11,141:.•
Y irtue of a wait of LOvari Facias to mein
directed, issued out.of the Court ofComun
leas of.C,umberland county, will be exposed to
public sale, at the Court House; in the borough of
Carlisle, on THURSDAY ,the 4th of AUGUST..
A. D. 1842, at ten o'clock, A. M , the following
described real estate—to wit: '
A. Piece or Parcel of Land,.'
situate in Monroe township, Cumberland eimnty,
lioiivaed and desciibed as, fellows, to wit: Begin
ning at a heap of stoncs,,thencehy lands of-facia -
Bricker and Michael Ege's heirs, north •
and a half degreed, cast. fifty-nine perches to a •
Spanish-oak, thence by lands of Michael Ege's
heirs, .north lwenty.eight degrees, west forty-six
,perches: to a stone, thence by lands of the heirs
9 ,C . Nafriii.Brandt, south eighty-six degrees, 'west
thirty-lbw perches to stones, thence by lands or
the heirs of Jacob Bricker, south twenty-six de
grees, cast five perches and two-tenths to a stone,
&c., having thereon erected a small Stone and log ,
1110,1 USE, and log.stuble. Seized and taken ill
execution as the property ofJacob Shaeffer.
And to be sold by me,
PAUL metwrEsT, Sheriff: N .
Sheriff's Office,Carlisle, /
. July 13,184. s t 5.37
. - - -
._ . •
Interesling-Intelligisce. •
PR. PARIS—Dear Sir—l take this present.
opportunity of itifor - ifaifig - you of the won
effects of your invaluable SOOTHING SY-. "
child was first taken with fits of screaming and. •
crying; attended wits a dreadful bowel complaint.
I sent for a, physician; he came and told _me ho
,could de nothing for it. but "to lance the gums."
Thiel would not submit to; lie then recommended
your invaluable "Soothing Syrup," which 'Jr-.
cured at your office; NO. 19 NORTH EIGHT II
STREET. Atrneon as Lobtained the medicine - , ----
I used it according 'to the directions. !rho effect - '
was astonishing; the child went to.sleep and rested
well all night. The next:morning! used it again',:
and continued it for several days. The child re
immediately, and is hearty to 'this day.
Happy would it be-both for parents and little thil
droll, if they could have'access to a smolt pardon ' •
of your medicine. lam sure' that • money would
be no object in comparison with human suffering..
Sept, 9, 1840, "' .. SPruce Street. , ,
. , ..
REMEMBER, nonaje-genuitte_.o Riese (bp_ Sig- , - -
nature' of Dr. PARIS is impressed on the' phials; ,
also, bo carefutNand -purchase only at.. the Metlicalr •
°flie s , No. 10. NORTH EIGHTH STREET„ . '
and advertised. Agents. Beware there are several,
persons imposing a deleterious, article on th e , rub, -.
lie for the above mit up in plain bottles, with the,
name of rATIIS spelt different. When you pnr.
chase, see that the name of PARIS is 4 sr4t 4 6 .Y.91 1 t
sea it in this notice, and unless the phtals" , ,ao;ioP- - '
pressed with " DR.f PARIS! 500T4.11X0. , P . , Y-- ' °
RUP,". touch it not. • .' • -, , `.. 4 "' ` 7 '- ' '
For sale at N 0.1911 North Bth St.Philadelid)iai
also at the Drug Store of John J. Myers dt, C 0,.,•. :„,
Carlisle; and at. the Drug Store of William Peal, ' '
Shippensburg., •, ' , , . July'' 13; 3t..31
' • •