Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, June 15, 1842, Image 4

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. - .
Office, Centre Square; "8.
. O 1 1 0131,ICATION:'
HERAT/D. & EXPOSITOR - published
weekly, on n doable royal 4lteet,, at TWO, 1)oli--
I;A:11S, per annant, tety.nble'within tbreednOntlis
'from tho,tim . a of subscribing; - on. riso 13011.LAtt8
AVD,III , IIY Otyltt, at the end of Alto
No subscription will be taken for loss than six paporAimeoptinued Inn ii all lir
yeara4La; arc paid; except. at the optien , a the
publiAtor, and a, thiltire to notify a diacontion
. anao,will be eine:blared a new engagement..
Advertisin will be done on: the usual terins.
Letters to insure attention 'nest be pfist paid.
. 4 0 . 01V: . - .1.f11 : 4:t1ei.14 .- lite. •
• - rreamperan."(:te, ceße iLtdra Goa 4f
the 4i9 .of
The-temper,aneZ , men of Carlisie have resolved
to celebrate tho. Fourth of July,. by..Anarching'in
processinu 'toa neighbbring grove, rdiere the day.
will be ilevoted to addresses, songs, music, and
other rational entettaiolnents % •
. Ti,e friends of 'remperatice everywhere arc re.-
'Spectfully iovited to join us; and especially all the
Temperance Societies of the County, with their
respectiVe banners-and badger
The Juvenile Temperunre Serf eat e of C a rlisle
and elswhere„ are invited to join the procession,
with appropriate badges. Also fhe'Sunday Schools
andiColllllloll'Schuols of the Poreugh, wider the
' direction of their respective Teachers. •
The Ladies of Carlisle and vicinity are also re
- spectfully invited to give to our enterprise their
countymmce, and to favor us with their pre sence
on - the day lifjoTii - firdPest - MtiTar - iis ei7-titFar-.
• - re ngementscvill be made for their aeronuflOdatioll
13y - their countebanco Anil presence, we hope to
make this a great day for Carlisle and Cumber land
counly—:a day of triumph to the cause of lin Man
happiness—a dky where. decline shell bring hap
' "pitices to many a heart, and sachus to' none.
behallof the Committee of Arrangements,
111. CALA/WEIL. •
.12113N10E AAiyGNgY,
' .13,'PEN1/13G13.AtiS,
. •
acne of Parlisio anti its
s at the-North East Corner of Hanover at
Loutlier 'street, and also. at bis reFailenee in Wi
Loather :street, lbw doors below Professor
• •
April - 27; . 18.1:2. -
\ •
YE OR .9,
Ifirs removed his Mien and dwelling to.the
three story Brick on South ILtnin't_Tr
adjoining the residence 'of Mr. John. nays and
"131 Can's IlOtel2l
Doctor Myers informs his friends and the pub•
lie that he can be consulted at all holm; at his of
flea:, (When WA. processiollll4 engaged) and that he
will devote his undivided attention to the several
dAtira.uf.his.profilirsion,- and particularly to the
practice of raid wiiiery a 6 Surgery. t%al•
_to the Country will-be punctually attended to,bo
Night and Day.. •
Carlisle, April 13, lE4'2
• Dr. Y. C. Econ:
SFS permanently located in Car and Will per
il'. form all operations that arc required in the
practice of his prefession-:—sueh as
EXtErtettlinZ Fill n;.r, Plugging, and
linisertinx Artiiiciai Teeth,
from a single tooth to an entire set. •
N. B. For a lbw months ensuing, Dr. Looms
will be in Carlisle, the first two weeks in each
month—after which ' he will be • absent until the
first two weeks in each following month—at which
period he may be found at his
Office, opposite - APParlane's,
Carlisle, 'lay 4, 1.842.. • 0127
TlllEstack of Now Goods, belonging to the
firm of 'l3osserman & Hutton, consisting of
• 170. ND greaut_E;
- GlNicerici3, Paints,
• OILS, pl - E STUFFS &c.
IVill he sold for CASH, wholesale and retail, at re
duced pricee ,, These wantik,,e- bargains, wal do
well to call seep, as the entire stock will ho sold to
close the concerm don't mistake the place, at the
Store Iloorn ofdilkisserntin & Hutton, North Han
over street. '
;Surviving partner of the firm of-
.lIU'I'TON. •
May 18,181.2
S/Pit/WM G 0 OLP S.
rill HE subscriber 11a8 received a genera: assort
iL meat or
OVI EE: T.2111E II? 500.L0 0 0
consisting in
. part of Fignred, Plain and Barred
Mouselin-do-Lanee; figured, Plain,Striperl Lawns
and Ginglianis, English and French Chintzes,
figured and Barred Swiss, Jaelrenette arid
• Camliria_iguslins; a general assortnierit of Grotto..
nap, Grodeswa, India apd Italian Silks, Ilonnet
• Silks and Ribbons,
,Straw, Leghorn ) Braid and
Willow Rennet:3, Ila;.v Silk, Cashmere aratfotton
Hose, Silk;Alolniir, Kid and Cotton Cloves, Urn-
Shadds L , new stilu, Freneb,
German and Irish Linens,.oradliiiiiitid . T.Tifeii
Sheetings; Linen Drillings and Gambroons for
Pantaloons, Jino Cords, Stripes and Nankenes,
Carpeting and:.Thigs, Brown and Bleach. Muslins,
ll'ickings'and' Calicoes, Fans and Ilaiikerchiefs,
Pglioitt` and Valin,Leaf Hats,. Straw, Ginlp and
."•,• r Edgtrig;Cloths,Casinicrs and Sattinette. . •
44,,neensware Grocerie,
all of which will be sold on fiworable feints at
tho Blois of . ••• • RICHADS.
Carlisle, May 18, I ,12. • furl •
100 51.'d.". i r io eshiV r ia r ( i l n ....• . ,
~,, •
~:... ,
. .:
For sale by - .1. 4 .P. StAIiTIN," ~
, Successors to Miller & Martini.
Harrisburg, April 20, !8 . 4 . 2..' -. , .:;,u=2s
MILE subscriber informs the public that he has
AL Purchased of 51r. G. IC KANE his extensive
establishnienti Borou'gh of lreitk„z Po t :roil.
,‘y ill aly;ay# have 'on' hand: any quantity of
vihity'vrillWdiepiied wiialianie . Or'reini ri
reasen - able - 'jerina a 8 the can'be-piirehasiti
t n - 7 17,1 rders'ffeerabrOadiirritriiitty"itetided . to.'
• • - 3e.;21,
• „ ,
rove; TA tne-biliji!Fs;
. 4' , and - 134umlnous:. 'COAL; „constantly' 'for.
, "
' . SueeesSiirs' to Miller
`Hrrisburg", April 20, 1812. • t1a.25
IlllDt 110 itilaovallil4
fIB subscriber, having concluded to do-are-A
tire Cash business, offers for sale Itial4rge and,
splendid assortment of
,- • • .
NnigS, at Callleiy
lower I.lup, it was ever bought for in Philadelphia.
The iollowing wiji give yoi: some idea Orilla prices
lliati am determined to sell at: : - .: :'
... .
6 inch Corpet!ter's Patent, Rim Locks;
• from' ~ •: , - $l2 tiisl . 4: per doz
6 irrch Brass Striker; " . •." 6,50 •. "•
Newton 1/arling Grilse. Scythes, 10 "'-
NeWiirn's • "' - " • . .9 ".
. • . . ..
Hay-Porlcs Solid Caji Ferrule, ' 5'.. 4 4 '
Gist Steel long handle Shiwels,, 7.. ," •
Oundiviland-or-Reading-Nail6,--__.4, 521 _1
Plinhrit or Juniata ',{l , .... 4,44 4.
:Mier makes " , 4,21
- l yvill sell any articles in my line frint:2o W.. 25
per cent. lower thaocnn be bought lin on .credit.
Caldon me—examine my gotida—get adist of my
pritys—eollipare 1110111 with the prices of other
.4oresi- and aseertain for yourselvea where you can
buyNite cheapest.
• HENRY L. El,DER,thoporter.
.193 Atm I; et 14. :dlid'e 2tlt, North side, Philadelphia.
June 1, 1812. - Om-31
. . •
Ed's . #47.1# (4-It l o cerieg';
No. 56- Sfitrilt Mira Hreel; Piil LA DELPHI A, • op
phiite the Banking Mime,- recently don; •
pirdAy the Girard i r 'xp,le,
ou I .1) respti'dfully ofrer the Citizens of Car : -
C r retie and county of Cumberland generally,
a first rate aasortment of the choicest
Selected with great 'care, which he will' peek 'Mid
forward by rail road to the address of those who
muly-Ta vorli ion_w i th Altair ordc - rs—llaving_supplied
a number of fan ilies in Carlisle and its vicinity; be
- would be pleased to increase-the7humber of his cus
tomers there, His business has been exclusively
to 'suptify (*amities With 0001 l CROChilllESior
the InSt twelVe years, :end he flatters.himNelf, that
for first quality goods and , fair prices,he.cminot be
surpassed in the city, stock consists of a
general assortment, some of which he will MUM-,
Iltfrlitigton II A.MS, of Jones & Dutton and Grif
fith k Booth's curing. • •-• "
• Stied: HI .
Dried 111.:E.P. " ' -
. Green and Black T EN, sonic . of 16 inte•suim
onlaii,,,,,,, .1 of ,cry choice ipialitivs. .
Sporn' !MI, aml , Sperin CANDI,ES.,
COFFI.:E; of every variety, same Old :fai', fatly
- eat's old. ' , -, _ •
RASI %S. ('ICS, I'll UNFIS ALMONDS nod VEGAN Nl.l : l'S'.• ' ' `-. •
-7- 11Filliiirlit:STIFT/Vs ; lle'lli , fite - irrt ill (3 - . ---- - 4 -
Italian )lACA ItONI mid Vl.ll'ol - 1.1C11.1.1. ,
Pion:ciao : English., Sap Siigo, 'Jutland and Ame
rican Cl.lb7ESl.:.
• Voile'. wood's l'tCli LES and SAUCES, of e‘.l 7.
miuty. . ._....__...,.
' ,; English, and .A mericati MUSTA Ira. :
- suGA It, 1.0.ic and Brown, of ehniye ipi.dities...
CII.ICIiERS, of every variety, Philadelphia,
-Bowan', Prince' on,S;c. _ .
Canary SEED.. -- , .. • • -. . •.
111.1111; SE E 1).
English Split I'EAS.
SEGA Its or every (piTility, !-oniei.ery choic '•e.
I'IZESI 7 .II \ - 1.1:4,_1 ANI ES. Cl 1110 N, PINE Al'..
rms, GINGER, PEA BS, PH ONES,,Stv. &e, .
CURRY l'O 1 V DEB, India SOY, 'ke., with no
extensive assort:lona of•vvery article a family can
require : .. NVNI. l, MADDOCK, '
S 5 'South Thio stre,t, Phihtdophip.
- Anty. 25,d • 513._ ''. • ir 80
, . . ...
• , '''
Sinkll bickiness'or Health Peevaill.
evident that the further will if there is not
more rare a fiention paid -to ourselves: What
are the primary causes of the Very — great variety
. of
Aliseases which We daily behold, A dlieted!..person,
were you not first attacked With bile on the
stomach, attended wi h siekne,s, costiveness, a de•
rangement of the stomach and digestive; organs,
(probably caused by indulging too freely- in rich
Mod, a setlentaly life, irregular. meals, exposure,late
hours, intemperance, &c.) These mostly are the
cause of Sfiliction ut the present day. Wheil the'se
symptoms occur, if you desire health to prevail,
procure immediately Dr. Harlich's Compound
Strengthening and German Aperient l'ills, as they
are a sure medicine to remove thekc distressing at
tacks. The properties of this medicine are first,
cleanse the stomach and bowels, `remove bile Ord
bilious matters, purify the blood, which, when ob
structed, subjects the body io pain and disease.—
This is elfixted by a few doses of the German
- Aperient Pills. After "this is accomplished; the
Strengthening Tonic Pills are used to givcstrength
and vigor to system, restore the debilitated func
tions of the Alfa 'economy, &c. a.course of
this trcatmcntrthe patient will be restored to per
fect health; when all symptoms of dyspepsia, liver
'complaint, sick head-ache, pain in the side, limbs,
and Other" bodily infirmities, will be completely
eradicated. • •
Principal race 19 North Atli street Philadephia.
For sato at the Drug'Stoie of .1 ; .1. MYERS &
AVM.On., Cmlialo,,anti PEAL, Shipnensburg.
June 8, 1842
RS of Administration upon the estate
of Mrs. MARY D. RAMSEY, late of Car
lisle, deceased, have been this . day isstard by the
Register - 9f Cumberland
county, to the undersign
ed residing in the 'said borough. 'All persons hav
ing claims or deinands against the estinc'ef the' said
decedent, are requested to make known the sante to
Jilin,' properly authenticated, without' delay ; figd•
all persons indebted to the said estate are requestd
to pay- the same before the lst of July next. , -
,Carlisle, April 30,.1842. 64.27.
My°led k) Teniperrance an
Literattite .
tw-Tho subscriber proposes to •publish,
-‘semi•monthly paper, to he entitled Ti-IL
IVIII -, ;, , V1.11, and dormed to the CAUSE OF
TEMPEANCE. belim 7 es that a paper
~.rthe kind proposed, conducted in a proper
m.asmerovon (ram io_advanc.c_thra.
just and holy:cause which is now pervading
ail classes of society, from one end of the
Union to the whey, and which, it is hoped,
will soon he without a single opponem. ..A
portion of ."The Wreath" will also i btr de
voted to Literature, &c. /
Should. he he encouraged, the sulscriher
pledges himself that the pape' shal [he every
way }worthy of support,. Mid that the best,
writers-of the day will be ,solicited to con-.
tribute to its-columns; and that nothing of
a political character shall be, permittt to
replica r." ' • • • •
Tur: NV . a."BATII will tiF,. printed on a sheet
half the size of the & Expositor,"
and issued on.the ~ISt arid :id,Sitlnrclay of
each 'month; at sl' per atnium, of TWELVE
.comEs for 81.0—to he commenced as soon
ix ie..Obt i ne,d. II
firS -. 500 go oil
Temperance friends, a pprovir ig • o r im ;pro .
posit irin, are Tegnested - to act es 7 :_
. - Av Akkts .
Address (postpaid)
~,.• 'Oreilice\ - ina.:l4 l, ait4rerpley.• _
Fr"E Portional attonilance 'at.PhillidelPhia.. of
• RpplichotO:for - tho. -benefit of the* Bunkrupt
Law 1 1011 'not JtidgO Randoll. has . ,
direCte4,°, that in •en lion
,wlsorri e , opposition io. fi le(i,
th:O'inbiniinitjOii Of the ' - Petillotter;ohall he inade .
tho , * c outity in' 'which
the - Thinitinpt
Appliconts will thorcfore bcopkicinfie expense
of doing: to Philadelphia: th - b tiole sPeCificd for
tholicortniof;their petitions.' ' • - P 7,
„ . . .
Comonskuonor Banittoptcy.
.Car1i514.11ay,.11,.1842. ' ~...10:28
-,inr-FANIE - vittp - Tor:
.••• . • . ,
irjormr.rdirs_Tar:the:i3enefit of the' Banli.
Aveie filed 'On - .the mny,
1542;1)T : . „ •
JOSEPH MUSSER, late Tanner &Pirrier, •now
Justice of. the, Peace, co berland county.
JESSE. ,HAUMAN, Merchant & Ironfoundor,
"CuMberlandeountY. •
'JACOB GORGASS; Into Merchant; (of Lanett's
ter. rounty4 . Cumberland county..
WILLIAM SNODGRASS, late ,Merchant, now
Tobacconist, Cumberland county.,
SAMUEL GIVEN, Into 'Merchant and. 'Maud.
fasetnrer i CuMberland County. • •
MAY: 31, 184 g. •
JAMES WILSON, late Merchant, Cumberland
. Which PetitithM will be.heard before the .Dis
triet Court of the United ,States for the Eastern
District of Pennsylvania, sitting in Bankruptcy,
iirtlmDistriet Conn icom, - iii - the - Citrof - Phil ,
add ph ia,on Monday the 11th day of •July nex4 at.
11 o'clock, A. M. When and whore all persons
.interested may appear and show cause, if any they
have, why the Prayer of the. sail Petitions should
not hc'granted, and the said Petitioners be declar
ed-Bankrupts, -
Clerk of District Court.
June 8,. 1812
-A- PETITION for the benefit of the Bankrupt
.Law,lias been filed the Ith of May, 1842, by
MAR 0. RUPP, late Merchant, Cumberland
County. .
Which Petition n•ili bb heard before the District
Court of the United States for the'Eastern District
.of PenusYlvsniu,..sitting in Bankruptcy,.at the Dis
trict Court Roam, in the City of PhiladelPhia, on
MONDAY, the 20th day of JUNE next, at.ll
o'clock, A. M. yvh,n and Where all ptirsons in
terested.may appear-and show cause, if•any they.
have, why the prliyer of the said Petition should
not be grunted, and the said, Petitioner be declared.
'--Bankrupt '
Oldrk of District Court.
. •
May 1 t, 1842
Enfa.fe of .Vetthan Reed, deed.
11ETTEft of -Ad niihistiatien on Ae estate of
NATHAN' REED, latu of the Borough of
Newville; C MnbeHand County, 'deceased, have
been granted, to the-subser , iber, residing in Carlisle:
-All persons indebted to tai said .deceased, are- re
quested to'come forward afitleake, payment im
inediatelyamd. those having claims will present them
properly authenticated to the undersigned for settle
Cylisle, Juno 1, 1842. • 6t- 3 0
61) iN 001 II
k6 )4 ryMi3 _V. GI. OSOlat
yi As removed to tbo- hpuse recently occupied
by Francis • Noble, North, Jlanover street,
where be carries on the CABINET MAKINCI
in nil its various branches; and is now munn
thcturing; and intends keepineon band,..a great
variety of
OL,II.I=D . In'LV-111R.-7)MZ;.•
5 . 1 4 aC6511.013 - , • Bureaus, Seeretnri6,: - Card
Pier, Digit and 13retilcrast
Bedsteads, (Vc., • •
of the most rashionable hind, all of which he will
dispose of ohi the most reasonable r terms. He is
alsoprepared to till 01 orders-for-Spring Scat.
ed Sofas and Va 'icy Chairs, warranted
to be of superior duality. - -
He Will also rurnish COOVINS at fhb short
est notice, and having recently'prceored a NEW
11.,EAZSIV Im - is - prepared to-uttend funerals_io,
the country.
Carlisle, flay 125, 1842. ta4.30,
Alexander's Messenger.
EreiloverUurnishini , its Patrons reala Thirtg-six
Columns of intermit's:lntelligence, and only One
Dollar per (1111171111! • •
• TERMS and PREMIUMS for 1842.
For Sixty Dollars—forwarded in one remittance,
iu current bills,--the Publisher will furnish Sixty
one Copies of Messenger for oneyear, and alto
present the agedt procuring 'the same, with a copy
o f v on Ratteek's Generatilistory of the World,
from the earliest times until die year 1831, in four
volumes; illustrated by . twenty-four Engraviugs---
first American edition, handsomely .hound.
For Forty Dollars---forwarded in the sAme
Forty-one Copies of
,the Messenger, f o ur one 'rear,
will he furnished, and also n copy of Sir Walter
Scott's Popular Novels, complete in twenty-five
For TWenty-five Dollars—forwarded as above--
Twenty-six copies of the Messenger will be fur
nished for one year, and also n copy of the Quarto
Edition.of the )loly Bible, illustrated with engrav
ings, and neatly bound.
For Fifteen Dollars—Fifteen Copies oldie Mes
senger will he furnished for one year, and a Pre
ntifun to the agent forwarding the same, of either
of the follow ing works, viz;--The 1000 Night's En
tertainments,in five volumes, with enkravings—The
Deamatie anl Musical Olioiconsisting 'of popular
-plays, Songs, and 131diads, set to Music, with En
graving„—or a _copy of hvery Body's Album, an
amusing work, in one volume, with Feigravings. •
.For Ten Dollars-Every agent procuring Ten
Subscribersond forwarding the subscription price
in one remittance, will be entitled to an, additional
copy, gratis.
g'else terms for a single subveription is Two Dol.
lays per anuum,or One Dollar for six Months—al
ways,in advance. Four Cynics will lia_seld for one
yestrObr Five Dollars as heretofore.
Postmasters tare- authorized, and generally wil
ling, to !byword money to newspapers free of ex
pense, where the letters; arc
,signed by themselves.
Persons wishing to transmit, will; ihereforeov hen it
ran he dole, wrdc just what they want the Postmas
ter to say for them, by so doing they will only lease
the trouble of signing. Postfunsters will take care
to emlorse their names on the outside:dui—the word
free eau be written by any one, and 'is Kilo use in
o:inking a letter,. No 'letters are accepted at our
office, unless the postage is paid.
Athenian Buildings, Franklin Place, Philadelphls.
'Elm Public
RE directed Irv. Dr. Harlieli's Celebrated
"'` -- Malteirecomm ended
sands as a preventive and cure for .diseases of the
stomach and nervous system: The Aperient Ger
man Pills, are a direct Purifier of the Blood, and
pertain to remove Bile from the stomach,. which
is _the great cause of Bilious and other' distrbss
ing maladies, regulate 'the bowels, &c. 'The
,Strengthening Tonic: Pills give tune and vigor to
the organs of digestion, restore the lost appetite,
• quiet the nerves of the debilitated, and produce
sweet repose to the restless. The above medicines
are fast superceding tho drastic ihineral prepare.
'lions Which hom - e.physicians have heretofore boom
in the practice of administering to their patients.
nde the - introduction of Dr. 1-inflicted prepares 7
tiontririto the Unitedßtates, many have abandon
ed such,vile deleterious drugs, and commenced
'administering theatiove medicines whenever the..
symptoms indicate their use. •
• N. ni—Phy sicians; and others, who order the
above medicines, Will please direct their orders in
future to the Principal Office No. 19 north eight
ati-ect,'PhiladelPhiai . ftstead of o'rdering'thrOugli
other houseso 'Which will ensurb them to obtain
the medicine Which litey.expeet to receive.' •
- _Philadelphia „Office No. 19 Milli dth street,
where -
hera - the aboVO rnedieine - can. lwaYik be obi - Sin:
ed. Also 'at the - drug 'stem 'uf J. M YERS Sr . .
0 0;:iirlisio, the drug store 'of WM. PFAL,
5411.8,1 p,
0 3 111 :PEIP-'"gP,, 4...v../madiraDtrCP
CAME. ti 0 3110 3, Pr°rniliwi,,,,of, the subscriber, living
ha... Monroe Aowitship';;;Amobarland county,'
abOut one,: .1(tilO South frOoyelutichtown, on thO
.• uf Nia.
'a • •
..'ED,, ii.E.i t rE ) 1 " •
With a white head and three' white S,V 111141,
logs,,.a'apposed to 'he, abop.2 peep -
and a half old., 'rho owner is, requeated. to.come
torivanl, prove proliot:ty, pay charges - anti tOco it
away..' • . , • GEORGE:II774'
, ,
Juno 1, l 842:
. -
VORIVIERLNYorihii - Wtishhigkon Hotel, has
AL ,. .. 4 reMovetftb.'•-::!;r•
.931 . 1111024110020132 .
9 .
Cornerpf Sicond and Ruil-Road Streets,
,When 3 she will be ,accommodate her old
customers , and. others,. in the best style and' on the
most reasonable forms. . ' . •
Harrisburg, March 18,1842. if-20
H 1
hereby informs his friends and
'the public in general, distill, still continues
to lrecp.a
- - PUBLIC dc•
4th. MI ' M a
(rettorts. to tho contrary notwithstanding,) at the
OLD' STAND, in East High Street, a few doors
- cast orthe tonit - Housc, wirer° he will at eittiutes .
take pleasiire inr edmimstering to the comforts of
those who may favor him with their custom. . •
His BAR shall be constantly .supplied with. the,
choicest liouors;and his TABLE with the best the
market can furnish.. A careful OSTLER always
kept in attendance—and nothing shall be left un
done to.please all who call with him. • .
BOARDERS taken by the week. month or year.
April 6, 1842
East aide of'the ;Public Square,
(apposite the Bank,?
TILE subscriber respectfully informs the Pub.
lie, that he has cein'pleted , his arrangements
in this commodious establishment, and is preiWir
ed to accommodate Boarders and TransientVitti
ters'ivitli every thing usually tube had in the lick
Hotels, except • Ardent Spirits—instead of which
lie supplies, flee of charge, the adVantage of a
Reading Rosin, in which found the Latest
News from all quarters, besides mimic materials
-forj - ipentlierleis4re - himrs in intellectual amuse.
ment. A Circulating • Library, cobtaining "all
the New Publications " is also cl ose at hand. 113
fine the subscriber flattersiimself that the Nan.
sion House will be. found to meet every reason.
able expectation. He solicits a trial.
' . . • J. PRITTS. '
May 4, 1841 ' — • • 4t.27.
N.' B. lia'sling ample Stable room, Tlorqes will
he-fedi:did taken care of on motleratelerms.,
• ime i . fea :l b eku
T"E - proprietors'of the Susquehanna Line will
run their Cars and Boats: as usual-to Phil
•adelphia'and Balthnorc'during the present season.
Thtir friends will please apply .to Wm. L. Fox,
'road st. anittiV , - LliFiailluTd No.
76 South Wharves, Philadelphia, and 'Joseph E.
Elder, Baltimore. • ' . .
• Etna further notice, the folloWirig pricbs will
be adhered to between thin place-tidthn above
11 . A
r •
Groceries, Q.Ware
. andflardware,
Dry Goods, Furni
ture and Drugs,:
Wheat, Rye & Corn
per liuxhcl
Oats. do •
Lumber per 1000
; -feet $2 75
Shingles, de 1 - 50.
Flour per WA. - 314
Shad do - • 374
Herring do 314
Salt per 'Knelt, 28
Pitch, Tar and Rosin
per 100, 16
Plaster-gross-ton, .$2215.
Hemp per 100, 16
Hides„ 20
Pig Metal, gross ton 2 50
Iron, onis& Castings, 3 I 2
Bar A
. 3 50
Nails per keg, 18
Leather per 100, 20
Vhislcey per bbl .50
larr Blocks pbr.loo, 15
Curb Stone; do 124
Tin, do 20
Sureessor to Miller & Martins,
Harrisburg, May 4, 1R42.-• , • Gzii-27
t -S •
; 7 Fr:7 7 144 RS A r?) . A R I L
001)4Y-11T - I - qs.
''cents .
Both these Ejects are Produced by
S PeIR 1 14:1Lel.
Da. LEIDY'S 131.0011 PR.LS contnin hi their composi
ties ingredients which produce the emu
notl desirable effects of
•• Cleans:m— the Rowels.
rrurEity. are no l'ills in existence which may be
I so safely used at all times, ages and seasons,
- without reap.aint trout living or occupation, as Dr.
Leith's Blood , l'ills.
From their composition, they arc calculated to
purify the blood and animal fluids during the inter
nal between taking them and their operation: . when
all impurities, as well as obnoxious substances oldie
stomach and bowels, aro. carried off by, their mild
• • . .
purgative properties.
of them have 'been sold dnring - the past six months
alone, and UPWARDS OF 1,000,000 •
since their first introduction by the proprietor, Dr.
N. 1.1.1.cu1y.
have they ev.v been known- to fail he producing
good effects.
contain no ingredients dangerotecto the constitution,
s 11-KRG4III.-V-011--MMItATS--
which are employed in alt Pills manufactured by
Quacks and Impostors, who depend upon speb dan
gerous medicines under the i mpressi on,(w bleb shows
-their• ignorance,) that all diseases must yield to the
effects of Mercury and other Minerals.
F rom Physicians an d others, have been frequently
publiihed ol the happy elfectuof 'Dr. Leidy's Blood
Pills and further comment upon their merits is un
necessary.. Dr Leidy would, however,earnestly re
commend to all requiring a purifying orpnegative
medicino,:to - procure his' BLOOD PILLS, ana try
them. will ever.use•any other kind;having
&di' given them a fair trial. •
cured from the lobe Manufacturer and proprietor, Dr.
191 North Second street, below Vine street,(Sign of
the Golden Engle and Serpents,) Philadelphia, there
ca 6 he no posSibility of unmake. -
Tlte' are 11190 kept by most of the respectable
Druggists of Philadelphui,and by respectable Mee-.
chants and Druggists.thrOughoutilie United Stake".
For sale, in Carlisle, by •
Agents for Cumberland CUunly.
— Carlisle; May 18,1842. . Iy-29
. g UST received 100 dozen _Palm Leaf Hata,
el which will he pal&Wliplesale orratail, Cheaper,
titan eveidlrcied hatatpforo. - ' .
Carlisle, , May,2s, 184P7
ticALL kinds, Of $l./GlimEß andand 'BßASS.
' rx.sier.fira. done ~at' the, shortest no.
.4.n,jhe neatest inannpr, and on din moat rm.:
sonablsAssOs, at thd
20 / 1842. - •
• • • -• •
,1 • ir
Oa 7 ,
g .
'= 4 :. 5
c 6 j.
2'2 81 per bb
$3 50
$2 50'
3 50
4 00
4 50
Mats t;
rivig STEAM. SAW MILL; recently erected!
11, by the stiblmriber, about half a mild below
Harrisburg, on the °sat bank of the .Susquehanya,
near the Rail Road and Canal; containing TWO
and Constructed in thermal approved Ond efficient
mariner ; is n6w in, operation,. and ready to execute
orders with the utmost despatch. '
An alsorttnent of the various hinds of SCANT. /
SHING,LING LATHS, stuff for Windoni Blinds,
Venetian Shutters, &e.' Will he always kept ready
for delivery. • ..
•*. From one to livelorso' power, ivithoultable
room, to rent. ' •
. April 6, 184:1. ' • . ant"..23 •
- mi
Yyr 111,
r• • •
. -
UCCESSOR to F.A. Kennedy, Coach Maker,
1..7 takes pleadure in informing the puhlic getter ,
ally, that he is prepared to render satisfaction in
the construction or repair of
of every description. His_ workmen are of the
first class, !Icing originally from the city of
adelitia,(and, himself ' likewne)—and mater:'
iale ere. of the best kind: •
CARRIAGES will be finished in the most im
proved stile, and nothing-shall be iventind to give
full satisthetion tO all who may favor hiin with
their. custom. He therefore hopes to receive a
sharOof ptiblid patronage, ,
The establishment is in Pitt street, south of
High, in the rear . of. the Methodist Episcopal
church., • -
Carlisle, March 30, 1842. . tf-22
N. B. Ohl earriagiis,or any kind of trade that
is inarketablre,"taken in exchange for'new work.
E. D. N.
*Medicated ]Extract _ol- Sarga-
ot-b3 , 4)N-'Y.-,-LE.lllY r ior-o
e" preparmion.of Soriaporillit eqiial to
_Medicated Ectractsof Sarsaparilla
It is posit - icily the strongest preparation of Sams
parilla existence. 'ONE Jim yLE. is equal to
six pintrof- any-- other -SyrOp , that-is - mule; mild - is
bought by mimerous_persons throughout the city, and
country- for making therefrom, and who sell -it at
seventy-fire cents or one dollar per bottle (about half
a pint.) • . • • •
The efficacy- of Sarsaparilla is well known in
Diseases of e
Liver, Affection of the Skiti and Bones, Ulcers of
the Nose, Throat and,Body, as well as an Antidote
to Mercury and the Minerals, Constitutional Dis
casea,and ageneral pnrifier of the Blood and Animal
I Fluids. Comment upon its virtues is unnecessary,
eery body knoWs its efficacy. It is only necessary
%%hen using it to get a good prepneation of it, and
then there will hi; no disappointment in its, effects. •
28 43c
would refer to the most respecitilire
siciaiis r Philadeliihia, as well as thrOughout the
as well also to the numerous certificates from physi
cians- and others, that lime been from time to time
published, now deemed unnecessary, as the clime
ter of hi A preparation is firmly established. Through
out the "Southern States it is used altogether, and
throughout the North takes the precedence over all
others, particularly among time physicians, who, for
the benefit of their patienth, always recommend it.
35 50c
50 - .
The reader is rclerred to the 'directions necom
and further certificates.
Prepared and sold, wholesalq apil retail at • Dr.
Second street, below Vitteoign of the Golde n
& Serpents, for sale in Carlisle, by
. • -Agents for Cumberland County.
Carlisle, May 18, 1942; ly-29
Mechanicsburg Line
. .
Nsetioeen qlechanicsbarg and
Philadelphia Or
[RI' 12.111, R O,R.D OR C.R✓V:RL)
TtlE subscriber grateful for past favors, begs
leave 'to inform his friends and the public
generally, that he still continues to run aline of
kurthen Cars regUlarly between Mechanicsburg
and - Philadelphia or Baltimore, by which goods
and produce or all - descriptions will be forwarded
with care and dospalch at the lowest rates tof
Produce will be received at his Wire Ifouse,in
Mechanicsborg; ' and fbrwarded to either' Phila.
delphia or Baltimore, according to the direction
of the owner.
higlicut price will be given for Whoa
and Flour.
N.' B. Plasterorraris and Salt always.kept
hand, and at the lowest prices.
April 13, 1842. • •
Splendid! Lotteries for June, 1.8412
J. G. Gregm3l . 4 Co. Managers.
Most Brilliant LotterV. , .
30;000 Dollars! Union Lottery;
Class No. 8 fur 1842. To bedrawn at Alexandria
D. C. on Saturday, Juno 18,1842. 14 drawn num
ber's out of 78! Grand Scheme.-1 prizo of $30,-
000, I do of $1,995, 1 do 10,000, 30 do 1,000, I
do 5,000, 50 do 250, 1 do P,500; 75 do 200, 1 do
.3,000,,75. do 150, 1 do 2,500, 125 do 125, &c. &c.
Tickets $lO--41alves ss—Quarters $2,50. • Certi
ficates of packages of. 26 winkles. $l3O, do do 26
haloes 65, do do 26 quarters . 32,50.
Capital:s3s,29s—making $30 . .000 nett.
15 drawn numbers out of 75! Virginia Lee's-
Virg Lottery, CliiiiirfOrlll42: — To - be--drawn-at.
Alexandria, Vu. on Saturday, 'June 25, 1842.
BRILLIANT SCUSSIE.-I prize of $35,295, 1 do
of $1,500, I do '10,515, 1 do. 1,400, 1 do 5,000, 1
do 1,300,1 do 4,000, 1 do r 250, I do 3,000, 1 do
1,200, 1 do 2,500, 50 do 1;000, 1 do 2,250, 50 do
250, I do 2.000, 50 do 220, I do 1,000, 60 do 150
51 . c.-&c: Tickets $lO--Halves 25-Quarters $2,50 .
Certificates of packages of 25 wholes $l3O, do do
25 halves 65, do do . 25:quarters 32 50. • -
For tickets iintl.shares or certificates or packages
in the aboie splendid.Lottories, address • •
' . J. G. GREGORY & Co. Managers,
Washington City.
. .
Drawings sent immediately after they, tire over
tool( whO order as above. May 25, are.
1(25.-C is4OrN TIVIENT.(2 , S c ts.
firms OINTMENT _IS, a safe and agreeable
'1111: igiplictition,lind has never been known 'to fail
in curing'various affections of the skin, when used
accoilling to ,directions. -• • •
• .
Hundred's of certiOcates might be piocured °fits
efficacy from Captains of Vessels,
-School Teach
ere, 'Principals . of Factories ; and .Parents, were it
not for,the delicacy of having their names publish
ed•in cOnlieition with ao loathsome and, disagree
able' affections;
• pii , Pricti, • Twenty4lveteents a 'box.- •
Prepared. and sold - only, wholeeale and retail; at
North ocond street, neat Yine. (Agit of the Golden
Eagle and Serpents) Philadelphia. ' • .
For- Bale in Carlisle, by . • , ;.; .
- • . STEVENSON - SC •
: • Agents fot Cuint!etian4 County,.
- Carlisle; 'tray 18, 1842.,, Iy-29:, , •
00110115 001,1)0,
. as these eomplaints arc usually eon'si tiered, no one
can deny their being the most common cause of thiS
fitaLand_distfessing,disease..-1 is udeed- a-melan
choly truth, that thousands fall victims to Conatithp•
lion evdry year from no other cause than neglected
colds. Yet we find hundreds, nay thoitsands - ,who•
treat such complaints with . the greatest ' indifference,
and let theni run on fur weeks Min! even monthandth-
Mit thinking of the danger. At first you have what
you may consider.a slight cough or cold ;-you allow
business, pleasure or carelessness to prevent you from
biving it any attention; it then settles upon-your
reast, you becomelloarse, have pains in the side or
*chrtd, 'expectorate large, quantities of Matter, per
haps mixed with brood, a difficulty of-breathing en
sues, and then you find your own foolish neglect has
brought on this distressing tompland. If then you
value life or health, be' warned in • lime, and ,don't
trifle with your COLD, Or trust to any quack nostrum .
to gum you, but immediately procure a bottle ortwO
of that famona remedy, the . "'llacsast OF Virtim
CztEnnie,"..w.ttieb is well known babe the most speedy
cure ever kilowatts thousands will testify 'whose
'HITS have been saved by it.. . • ,•;
rylle very particular when you perchese to ask
n x,l!
there is also a SYRUP of this name in use. • -
• yPrepai-cd, wholesale and retail, by ''s
Co.,Cheinists, No.. 33 South . .Kotirth street; Philo,
_•• . . .
Sold in Carlisle by .
•• • r-S2AMITEL-:PLIA011%---
- Price One Dollar a Bottle
Maier 20, 1841.—ty. -
is the season when thispestructiVe con!pliiint attacks_
your i4teresting little children, often robs yOu of
- those ysiu fondly float (nand carritishimdreds to the
grave. Every mother should therefore, know' its
symptoms, watelvtlwm closely; Mid always be pre
pared with a remedy to cure . it, as many qre daily.
sacrificed by 5 TichAeglect, At first.the little patient
is'-seized with a shivering, it geoWs restless;liatr
flushes of lwat, the eyes become red and swollen, it.
breaths with- difficulty ,and then comes that fearfoll
couowthat will surely ,termimite in convulsions or
death mileg. - something . Is immediately .giveiri to
check it. In this complaint the " Ba/sOnt of 7/ ihl
Cht+r:y," is well known to be the most speedy cure
ever discovered; It is indeed a precious remedy—s
mild, safe and innocent, and is sore to give the little
sufferer immediate relief, and quickly restore it to
safety and health. Familiesresiding in the country
and indeed every mother who loves her children,
should alwilySitt,wp this medicine in the house and
give it to them eat ly, by doing so you :lvy often
save the life. of one you fondly love. Remember .
this is the famous remedy of this distiguished phy
sician, Dr. Wistor, which has cured thoussods of
CONSI PTION, after every other medicine
has &Red.--;
("'"lie particular when you purchase to ask .for
8 a SVIVOC of this Larne advertised thilt is entirely a
llM•rent medicine. .
Prepared only by WILLIAMS F.: Co., Chemists, No
33 South Fourth street, Philadelphia,
• Sold in Carlisle by.
Price One Dollar a Bottle.
October 20, 1841.—1 y.
• Everyliody Oaght to Ilnow of
Pulmonary ..I'reservallve.
1 ,0 - 0 - elTdctual in Coughs, Colds, Tufluenzas, Ca
/...7 (awl's, Asthma, Pains of the Side, and of.tho
Breast, Bronchitis, *Spitting of Bldid, Shortness
of Breath,-Whooping'Cough, -all Diseases of the
• Breast and Lungs, and for the arrest of approach
ing Consumption. ' _ -
• So popular is Dr. Bechter's Pulmonary Preser
vative throughout alLGermany, and sa affectal in
Diseases of the Lungs, that froni, its miraculous.
effects and wonderful cures—it is there, generally
known and styled "Dr. Bechter's Life Preserier.'
As numerous certificates of its very good effects,
and wonderful cures in this country, have been fre
quently published, it. is deemed necessary only to
remind the public of so valuable a medicine, and
inform them where it can tie procured genuine.
k ).Price—Fifty Cents a half pint bottle. ,
* 4 .* -Prepared andaold, wholesale. and retail, at Di.
North . Second - street, below Vine, (sign of the
Golden Eagle and Serpent(). Philadelphia.
. _
For sale'in Carlisle,. by
Agents for Cumberland County.
Carlisle, May 18, 1842. Iy-29,
50 LADIES' to purchase BONNETS and
SHOES; at the store (if -
Carlisle, May IS, 1842
• •
itroVcr • GOOD& .
First arrival or:Spring & Summer
•. ' Goods. .
. .: NEAR THE RAIL ROAb, mien:mm.lll'o.
WIFAVE just received from Philadelphia,a splen
' gig did 'assortment of - . ..
of the latesfetyles, to 'which they invite the often.
tion of . purchasers., They are prepared to offer
goods at such prices ea cannot fail to meet the
Wishes of 'those desirous of purchasing • Cheap
G 0048..
Country Prodoce taken in exchange for goods.
— Sliiiipertehhig, March 16, 1842. ' • itl2o
ANVEACTUREIr and : . icept on hand, for
INJL Bale, in the city ; o,Paugaster, • near the
Endles4:Clinjoi:'lol,Ore rower
THRES H.L G°r MA, t 141 E S •
f or o k k r, boas' and'inr . two horses warranted to
Work well,' - and dirreiter dirrabnitf„lhan any
other .141aehifins, - for litirpose•known'to,
th o ooheariber at present. . ,
• I • • .'• WM. ICIRKPA'FRICK.
Loncaster, -May 4, , 1842. , 6161.27
• 1114
u 'recpiiiiitl ,a
May 18; 1842. .;•
-' • LAW Noncp
T'mere,. and inieineee with which I wag
•", profeesionittly connected, are placed in the
handle 'EGE. Eqq., who will attendrto the
same; during my absence.. _ • .
W. F. ,LINE.
Office in High 'street, -. a. , few doors
west of the Court . House: •
• ..cnoisle,-Apror6,lB4e. • cr.23
;S. Ci-UN LA - P
aittOr . ney at 'Lair,.
OFFICE' No. 3- Beetein's Row, on the Pub.
lie Square, Carliile,Ta.
April 6, 1842. . , tf. 1 2:3
% 1 . 4'0 HN HA It P,g R: ,.
tommitigionerin Itesaltruptcy,±
et i FFICE iirSouth Hanover, street; rca . i.
lur CICIIIM'S Hotel, where all Intormatien.desir.
ea, in reference to the duties' of those intending
io apply for the benefit of the Hankrupt Act, can
be obtained. -
Carlisle, May 4,,. 4842. .„ tf.27
113 EaLJ IS Eh, c •
y UMBER of every description& SHINGLES,
for sale cheap, by
Suecesliors to Miller & Martins.
Harrisburg, April 20,18424 . 6ma
Tin, CcipOersmith, tic Stove
...Business.. • ,•
s having entered into CO-Partnership, the. Tin
Copper and Steve business, 'under the firm of
FRIDLEY & ROBINSON,-resp'eetfirly informthe•
that theyintend earryins on' their business in
all its branches, at the old stand of Jacob. Fridley,
North Hanover street Carlisle ; where they will at
all times, be !mowed to serve purchasers with any
' on-the.most reasonable-terms
In addition to all other varieties of- stoves, which
they will constantly have on hand;they have purchas
ed of Mr. J. G. Hathaway. the exclusive right to
manufacture and Sell, in- the couldles of Dumber
land and Dauphin •
Hathaway's Patent "Hot An.
Cooking Stoves."-
And being aware that the.peoplein this place and
I vicinity . , have been much imposed upon' by the in
troduction of new and highly recommended articles
which they have been induced to purchase, and which
have been so slightly•made, and of such bad matoni
al, that in a .short time they have failed and become
useless. We, therefore t do not intend offering stoves
for sale until they are fairly tried in th is community;
and pronounced more durable In their construction
better adapted to the purposes of boiling, baking and
all the varieties of cooking than any other stove;also,
that the}} - Are n_great saving of fuel as well as labotir.
(rf We earnestly invite farmers, as well as
dents of thiti -place 'and the neighboring villages, to
eall'on us wt-S:WonderliCh's-hoteltor,-notify-us by
letters (postage unpaid) that they are willing to try
,our stove—and the stove, shall be placed in the .
kitchen of every person giving- us such 'notice, and
taken away after trial, vithoutany expense to per--
sons making thetrlitl, ,
---The-stoves-will-belept_for_c_salent the:Tin:Shop,
of Mr. Jacob Fridley,and at the Foundry of Messrs.
Lay and Stouffer, in Carlisle. •
. Having . contracted for One .hundred Tone of'
Caatiiigs, we wilt ; in a - fliw days, supply Store deal
ers with all the different sizes, on the most liberal
ELEAZOR ROBINSON, of Cnrlisle ' itellgent
for selling the re , i) mke and vend the IIOT Alit
STOVE, and. disp 'e ofeounties in this and the
adjoining States. •
'We mthlisit the following remmeodation - s; from
some of these who are using the stove, to enemas°
other's to try, it,
Carlisle Sept. 1?.,11841. --- ,,
hitve . .in mie in kitcheti oar - of Hathawityspit
ent Hot Aie•Cookiug Stoves,-and can recommend it
as o very stMeriornrticle. The ofie I hare is No. 3.
It has 5 boilers and an 'oven sufficiently large,to hake
six loves-of bread. The baking, roasting nod broil
ing.can all be done nt the same time and with metih•
less wood than is required for any, stove which we,
have used..
This size appears be peculiarly cal - 01840 for-
Farmers, and for their benefit I invite them to call
nod see this stove in use, as I shall takti`pleasiire iii
slioiving this stove to all whom interest or curiosity
may induce to examine-it.
Carla ,
Messrs. E. Robinson & Co.—(
during the few days I have had .-
llot Air Stove in use, become ,t
great superiority over another stov
seen. 1 find by the trial that boiling
ing and broiling may all be Alone at I
in a most perfect manner, and with' t
fourth the fuel I have ordinarily used
,purposes. 'I have heretofore been of th
'bread could not be well Lilted in: a co I
but lam cOnvincedup . on trial that it can t
well in your stove as in a brick oven. ..
I believe dint the general introductin
stove into use will be very beneficial to 'll e
therefore I 'shall take pleasure in recommit
to my friends. Yours respectfully,
Caritite, Sept. 10, 841.
Ofessrs. E.• Robinson & Co —Gentlemen, louse
fairly tested the "Hot:Air Stove" which you tit up
at my house, and can recommend - it - as - pass ssing
principles of economy and convenience far 5, tos
sing any other stove AS hieh I hove ever seen.
The boilers coming in immediate contact wit the
fire'gives it great royalties for boiling, and the ven
is heated on such n principle that bread is baker in
as finest-manner tts in a brick oved. I find it al o a
great enving • of fuel and labour, and would advise 11
to.udopt it. MITCHEL McLELLAN
. • • elitintbersbnrg, Sept. 6; 1841.
I do 060 ify that I am now using one of Hathawa
Patent Hot Air Cook Stoves, No. 8, and do reco
mend it as superior to any stoic I have seen, th
great saving of fuel, and the variety that can ht cook
inF at the same time, makes it an those wh
wish to facilitate the operations of the kitchen:
Carlisle, September 15. 1841.—y
Read what it has'ltone.
And if ion have a friend, a relation, or know any
one that is afflicted with that distressing diseilse.,
"CONSUMPTION," persuade them without de
lay_to try that famous. and intriveled -medieine; the
" - BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY," which has
cured thousands of this complaint after etery thing
else had failed. .Read the following undotibted
proofs of its efficacy.
• Roxnonovon, Sept. 10 1841.
, DEAR Stn:—Please send me two bottles more of
yeti! Balsam,of Wild Cherry, like that yon sent me
before. l'have taken .nearly all of the first two, and
confidently believed this . medicine will cure me... 1
have used 'a great many remedies within the .last
year, butisitve neverfound any thing that has relieved
me so much, It has stopped ray cough entirely,
checked my night sweats, and 1 sleep better at night
and feel better in every way than I have,for many
_mmalts,—Yours t rcapectfulLy
110Massouno, Sept. 15. 1841.
:Fnar:lvo 'MISTER must again trouble thee to
sertd me two bottlei more of thy invaluable Balsam,
have now taken three bottles In &Bond can assure
thee that it has done tnemonegood than all the media
clue t have ever taken.before.• 'Send by the stage'as
Boob as poptle, and oblige thy frientli,
Monet., Sept: S 1841.
DEAR Dorton:a-Hearing so many people talk of •
the wonderful cures your Balsam of Wild Cherry
has made, in' COnsumption, sent to ne of your
Agents the Other Oar for n bottle, and liatefoond it •
to have relieved meito much, that I want three bet
more Henke*, as I believe' it will cure Me' too:: 1
have used Jayne's Expectorant and other Medicines
behidesibut nothing , has ever doneme much good . '
us yourto has. Send by the : steamb oat . Deliver, '
Yours truly, • Waitress Tritimmi.. , '
Crßesides its astonishing efficacy in Consump-,
tien,,it is alio the most effectual remedy everdiscov.,,
COUGH, Ste., as hundreds' will Itestifit NAG ' , ,
have 'been mired by- it after other rentediet.' had •
failed:. •
DRUGGISTS and DEAI.ERS. will find this the-.
Oidine a valstable^addittan to thpli• stock, awl sh9idd
aliviyi keep it on% hand; as it is lifiiveimp.rackinew
116dged tittle one of the mostlisefutihroily.
allte very purtioular to ask, fox i Dr. WISTAR'S,
.BA LSAIWOF WILD coitauty,. ,p,qll yholesall:
WILLIAM:F to,.,.c,4,Fiktp, 149 2. 45 :
South Fourth street
p The g enuine VatsSm,.enhj
lisle by, SAMUEL ELLIOTT, appoint-,
ed . Agent. •
Price $.l *0 a , • ,
DotObei ' • = ;
usT received lot of SiferE:ne ,WITTE
•Ji - witigitr - fl,( ft mid fCii SA eatVl,'
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