Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, June 08, 1842, Image 4

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    Itinp(ttp.tuwvfot 0. otector,
. ~. PEN ' 11 ' tilitlistAlt.L. .I.fli.i ,•• . .
_ ,
Bank of North - A meyier!,: - - par.
54,spurioust . viguette;figures OfJtistice and Lib -
ty, realling,"we promise to, pny, 30:., on de . aid
in specie, or paperof the Bank of North America."
s's and 10's, old plate; nne genuine remaining out.
10's and 20faoltere4 from s's; vignette o 1 s's and
of alt Fred notes, a fignrc of Gommerce sitting, an
eagle:beforeline, Ana ships ht the [ick ground.
20's, letts. D.); Jan, 19, 1815; pay D.l3iithoird and
D. Vail!; left. 11, April 20-,1817, pay It. Chesney.
Bank of the Northern Liberties,, par.
10's tat.' q, Oct. 18, 1837; pay .1. Taylor; signa
tures poorly insitatedt vignette heavily shaded. ,
10's, lett. A; July', 4, 1858; pay J. Starr; printing
• ink pale and yellowish. •
20's, filtered from Counterfeit to's; badly done. _
20's, lett. Ci;''Jan.l, 1815; Pay J. Jenks,. . - .
Bank pf Pennsylvania - . - --, •I 5 a 2.0
s's, lett. All - .' 81 April e,lss l* my C. W. Warder; i
. .plain.white circle nrouf - he 5 at bit ) , not in
• genuine; lett: C . ; April 7, 329, pay E. Lvana. '
s's, lett. P. 8; Nov*: 6, 1888; 'pay N. Nolen--course.
10's, of various ,filling', up; the • - r. in2President con
siderably larger than the other letters. •
'lo's, - lett. F; Sept. 10,1836; pay J. Hicks, signed E.
.i„ IG.A.ewis, Pres ; no 'such Wilkey; -Aug. 6, 1836;
• Phi S. Bray; April 4, 18'29, pay 0. Say; motto on
Pa. coat of artins_eouA done; others, Sept. 10,
1837,. pay C.,Clay: - • • . - ,
.10rs, letts.o and E. ' April 16,1833; pay 11. Clay.
10's, lett. 11; April, 1823, and July 10, 1833; en
,graver'ition.fir. Ho. for Co.: others, Aug. 27,1838,
pay IL Clay; E. Chauncey, Cash., instead of
. Chauncey.. . ~ . • , .
50's, lett; 13; Jan. 1,1817.
50's, lett. C;' March 22, 1821; pay J. Bonne.' ,
Bank of Penn . To wns,lkip . , . ••• 20 a 25
10's. INlShington oh the.t.r.ry-iiqload'iltiaGllTend.
20's, VAIiDUS dates, well done, except the Franklin
on right margin, which is coarse. '
50!s, altered from .s's; Vignette. of 50's, commerce'
-lifting on a bale of goods; ei g hp•en•J piece, Frank..
• lin; left, Penn. , _
Bank - of. the Unitea States, GO a 674
10's and 20's, lilts. A At 13,licads and each end coarse.
50's, leff;D; - liee'2, 1836 - Fend pieces coarse...
50's and lOU's, Jetta. A a and G,; 0ut...1,1838; pav
ano. Somerville, Cash., at 10 days; paper thln and
.100.'s, lett.lit.Sept.-1,-1858; pay J. Ross at 10 days.'
1000's; altered from 100's; Oct. 11, 1888: pay to
rnniand endorsed by R. Buchanan, _ at 5 months. .
-,Cioerbial Bank of Pennsylvania,' 'par.
s's lett. Et; March 4, 1819; pay T. Astley;
-35's alter from the Commercial Bank of Millington,
liroken,,by substituting Pennsylvania for Milling
ton, which observe; vig,netteof genuine s's, Penn's
' Treaty with the Indians, .
10's, spurious; vignctte.of genuine, Washington and
Franklin.. . . - _
. .
• 10's, lett. A, Nov: 17, 1850, pay.R ; R. Lem March
And June 2, 1828,.'29 and-30, pay Efeo. W. Ash;
-..'" Sept. 15, 1830, pay 3,. Girard., . .
• •10's;letts. A a, Nov. 17, 1822. pay E. Lyman; Nov.
. • 8,1829;.pay M. Carey; letter C, pay 11. Clay..
2075, signed Benj. - P. Smith, dated btfore he was
500 Es, 50's,. 20'ir and 10's, altered from - s'n, Which
only has Penn'srlreaty•with the Indians for vig
nette. ' to - Genuine 500'S are printed in urn ink.
....Partner's and 'Mechanic's .Bank,. - par.
s's, IQ's and 25's, altered from Farmer's - and Me,
chaniciff Bank of Wisconsin; V hinette of s's, w fe
male holding A cup in right liand,left arm 11,81 . ing •
u • on ,an eagle; of I.o's a female reaper ; of 20's, a •
female spinning. -None genuine.engraved by .Bur
-ton 8c Gprlev. • .
10's; letter Et1 , c1)75,,1825; . pay P.• Stacy; letter C;
Feb. 5.; and 10, 1820, '25; pay - A. Moses, C. Dull,
. 20's; well :lone; paper redder nod signature lighter
than genuinef some letter A, Nov 20, 1804; pny
G. Hurl. , 1 .
20's, letter El Nov. 2P, 1834; engraying very bad.-
-50's, letter C; Liec.2s,l3l9;:pay 0. Hirst. -
Girard Bank,. . - -• 57. a - do.
10's, 20'a and 50's, altered froM s's, whose vignette
. . is the Philadelphia Exchange. Hold up to tight,
-Kensington Bank, --
Mount'. & Mech.' Beni:, • .$
•' 25“ a
. 10's, altered from s's; Yignette of genuine 10,-a fe
' Male and drINNING WilEth.,Xhieli last is not on
' the altered notes. . . •
50's, altered from 5 - s; the word rirry
. - 1: crooked;
and bunglingly inserted.
Mechanics' Bank, ...... - -
. • .3's, old emission; long since withdrawn. 'N,
20'8. altered from counterfeits on Mechanics's Bank,
' . ' 4 lSTeiv haven ; miniature of. Washington on the
- right, and Clay on theleft.
50's, altered. from s's, April 1, 1833; Firri is
. placed too close to DOLLARS; small lettering of
rives around the edge rubbed vicar.
• Moyatnensing Bank,. \ 20
Philadelphia Bank, • • par.
6's, old plate, withdrawn. Theptate in use has for
vignette a female; and end pieces, NVashington on
the right, and Robert Morris on the left, .
10's, left, C, lan. 1,1819; Sept. 7,1819; Dee. 8, 1820.
10's, letter 1.3,1•"eb. and May 8,1832; pay J. Kam and
D. Evans. Vignette,three female figures will; a
- ship in the distance, Anil a view of the batiking
house on the left, very imperfect. Franklin on
the right, and Washington ()tithe left end.
10's mid 20's, altered from s's: vignette of s's, two
females sitting; between them, a shield, orr - whieb
is a ship and plohgle of4o',s, a female reclining,
- her right hand re-sting hn n Shield, On which is Pa.-
. . vont of arms: of :Vs, Penn's Treaty with the In-.
• dians. - .
___..._.20'5,,01d plute,lettcr-R,-May,9l-1:814, 1 ae4,- 1325,-
and 1827; ;my D. Edwin.
• Southwark. Bank, ,- par.
500's, altered from 10's, old issne. Of lam size; "on
demand" extracted, and "Five P.mdred" sub
' . stituted. . .
Sohn - 3 , 11(U Bank,.
s!s, old plate, of various' filling up. The heads of
- .. ' Washington and Franklin imperfect and coarse.
Western Bank, • par,
€olsyr RV BANKS.
Bank of .Charthersburg, ' 5 a 8
Bank of Chester co., Westchester, par.
• • Bank nf Chester. par.
• 20's, savred Trom s's, well executed.
.50,0, altered from S's,-letter A, Jan. 1, 1856; pay
.7. Clyde; Chas. S. Fol well , Cash. The word ri Fry
' after bearer is blotted; the circle dark. '!
Bank Of Germantown, - ' par.
20's, altered from s ' s; hold the note up to light.
• Bank of Gettysburg, • 5a 7i
• "s , s,Nov. 14,1898-9, pay R. Smithwitheut .the
• •
circular water-mark seen in genuine.
S's,old plate. which reads Gettysburg Bank.
' , Bank of Lewistown, 20 a 25
Bank of. Mitidletowni 5 a 7
Bank of Montgomery Co.,.Nors'wn. par.'
s's, letter . .ciOct. 2, 1829, pay E. Litez; Nov. 1,•
1393, pay- J. Wells; othei 'in t 895-6, some,2tl
's's; letters Band F, July 2, 1825,, variously filled
out. , Vignette light and coarse.
Bank of Northumberland, • . s'a
. ,
Bank of Pittsburg),'.! 5 a 7i
ms's; letter y, out Ode,
vignette,a blacksmith, tools, &c.
s's, fetter C; Dee. 4,183 t; .pay Wm: Wilkine ; ;stk.:
era, May 4,1,825; pay D. Baldwin. •
10's and 20's, altered from 'iounterfeit S's; 'badly
done. •
igicette, a female leaning on a vase of fiowere;
of genuine, a blacksmith with his tools.
Bank of Susquehanna Co., Montrose, • 10
Berke County' Bank, - Reading, GO
2'3, relief notes, letter' B; vignette, State Arms,
ft-rather coarsely executed: • •
• - 5 a .19
s's; letter 13, April 1, 1920; pay - J: Cressler. The
heads of Washington light and coarse.
„„ 10'8,nad others, altered from - s's; poorly'done.
Columbia Bk.* Bridge Co.. Columbia. s`a5 ` a
100's, altered from o'st Mercury and a female rest.
• '
Ling on , bales Of, goo* of 1130's, a 'large teffiale
figure, one arni resting on, at shield with a plough
and solo. on right end, a figure of Commerce.
Doylestown Bank; ‘. • par..
Easton Bank, • , • par.
s's, old plate, letter C,tig. 1, . 1827 and 1830; pa,y
C,.Ritte; some May 8,182,9; May 1,1 8 31; ,pay .1.
Duntz; engraving much lightei , thatvgenuine.
10's, letter C, Feb. 1,182 , 4 pay J. Post. •
Erie:Batik Eric, :. 20 a 0 5
Ztchangeßonlc •Pittsbuig & Brandt, 5.0 7
.Certificatats, :.7 : "a.1. 0 '
• .Pfrst . •4 , ~ ' . 10,
5% the vignette is - a. saitor.leaning • against. anan-'
char, while the genuine's's haie Justia . o and an=
' other femalefigure. • •• ...„ •
• s%.letteeli, pay R. N'askit. Lansing, and Win..B.
?WalrUg.' June 1, 1896; paper rattier 'heavy , and.
And the whole appearance clumsy and in-.
• Aetna • .
.11011,..4110red from fraudulent Efahange flank and
Savings , ,Institution of . Philadelphian
~ p erry 's victory. 'flie 'genuine; 'llo's have' far, a
‘igatitto s female figurescatedtioltveen two chests.'
Aft pates signodlitornas al. Howe v Cash.; since
' 10'sjetter A, dated Sept. 7,1831 The , I l ame s .
the Cashier. end President are lithographed. • .
Farmers! Batik of Bucks Briat4l; par. '
s's; dated Orittol, March 1, attd'ApFil 1,2?1,8201,
15 a 20
Batik of %V estrranster,,' _ .
INNOid plate, well executed, bet:ran-be detected by
observing that the letter N in the:, numbering of
the genuine notes is pot perfesitjAhe.first part not
firdsfted; whereas the counterfeit , is complete.
farmers' &:Meelianictillrk, Frederick, 5
1 01 : 0 5, altered froutraittierti'; le :Mechanics' hank H
Wisconsin. Vignette, II ( 8 41itale Cnnirnling an et
gle with the left arm; lefread piece, Washington!'
right, Lafayette. :
'Frederick Co. Spits ,Ffe,deriele.
10's, altered.front ;Nignette of7the'tetininti
and iltererEpotes;a female bolding in one Band's
alokle, and in the'othee, a Sheaf of wheat: •
20 'sjtitetinl-trorn .2's. .
`ll a geistaiiiirHa n k • • 7 . (110
tlra: paper of hluelaheast; the );ermine is red; 1
'vignette indistinct; . bill shorter and narrower than
the genuine. In the_genuisse: the engravers' names
run ow: thelight line at the bottom: •in tho
terfens, itsove.. -
10s, latter .1.1,' pay' to A.:Young; oaten bly 29, 1837,
'otheectlifterent•dates and payable to va rious per sons: The paper .of. the counterfeit has" a blue
.that of the gentnnered. names the
engravere,ltisitlity, Uraper Se Pairroisn'lle Co;,are
miserably epgrayedOtaving- the itippearanee .of
• Mmrity,,Hraper,Yairmap •• •
. s . ol ,:letter_Aolate4lllll-4.M 1 1.110.g1i 8e_141,f 4 ,
Wm. Heyser; Mr' , • etitiei• liTsome
• years deceased., No gerniine 50s o Aids plate
Bank, CUmberland, • 8 '4lO
rotaps,co Brilli;'Eljicotee Mile, ..
luh letier A ;Tel). 6; 181.5 f pay P.', Pinder; March
'29, 1615 $ :end 3';;11117,. at 'Hulme Villet:pay H;
"Ely, Sept: 4 'Ftnd . 10, 1819; eitherti,letter 13.
&'OO, altered from 6's 'the vignette of 20!ai3,a !ma
` handlotio, ItOrsett'und . hurroyes.
(-Farmers' and Drovers'-Bank; Waynea- •
• burg, • • • - 25 a 25
Fanners Bank of Lancaster,._ 5a
58,. letter A; March 7, 18:32; pay .1. Wind; no gen
- . nine notes of this Ai:U(001;50n circulations oth
, era, Mardi 17, 1 . 831, and other &item pay Geo. H.
---',Krug, filling up and signature in sante hand.
1.0a,' letter A; Mural; 9, 1833; pay Wind ; vig
nette, a mill. • 7
Ms-and 50%--altered from s.'s - of, the-above-coup
- terfeit. ' . .
Farmers' 11 - Snk Of Rending, Reading, 5 a
-ss, litter' A; isa.l., 1835; pay G. Ludwig. Paper
lets silk mark; fair appearance.
ss. letter 1), Jan. 1, 1333 pay G. Smith ; May 20,
• 1836; pay A: Strong. , Coarse.
lett. A ; pay John Iltirrold; none Such gnuine.
'Franklin Hank, Washington. • •8 a 10
Ss and -10's, altered from the broken f' Bank of
- siiingfon,"- by. prefixing . " Franklin." - This
flank tipened iiiit 836. • Misery.: the date.•
s's, leiter A; Nov: 1, , 1836; pay R. 'Wylie; John
Marshall, Cush.; these names eligrayed. !mitres
, sion Somewhat' faint, particularly the lines under
signatures whirlrare distinct in the genuine.
liarrisbung• 11: . :Ink, • Er a 10
s's, letter D. pay 11. A Imira, dated gay 14, 1819.
ss, letter C, Ross, dated Nov. 3;1.820. •
55, letter C, pay It. King, fulttid Jan. 1, 1823.
10s, May - 4, 1829; letter A. pay J.. 147.. IVliiteside. -
10s, vignettei a siesuiihont; railroad chill, &e. The
genuine 10's have the goddess of Li flirty, and the
' Capitol in the Mirk ground. •
2.0, altered from counterfeit 10's; vignette, a view of
the State BnildLrgs.•
Honesdale:Bank, Ifonesdale, •
Lancaster Bank,' • '
.5?8, altered frem s's, letter A, October 3, 1336, No
Lancaster . County Bank, • - 5
Leh:mon-Bank; • 5 a 8
Merchant's & Manuf.,Bank,..Pitt'g. 5 n'74
Miners' Bank of Pottsville, • 5 a
Vs, letter', pay J. Lyon,
June 13, 1841; others, J.
- Aug, 1, 1840; The lette,r under the Kin
Sclinyikill; in the genuine, it is below the L and
K; the cross of' the Trs ill Poltssille_hiclities_up,
wards, instead of horizontal.
`Monongalila Bank, BrownsvPle, 15 a. 20
20's, niteretlfrom s's, easily detected.
50'i, this Bank has no 50's out.
• Ilew Hope Dela Ware Bfitlge Co. 8a 10
(Removed to Lambertville, New - Jersey.)
Northampton Bank, Allen own, • 20
s's, letter B, Aug. 28, 1839; pay Lippincott; .sig
natures and filling up engravcd; vignette, coat of
arms, while the gennine s's issued since 1857 have
a view of Mauch Chunk.
'Powantla Bank, Townifila, •' • 70 a 75
West Branch - If k, Williamsport,. 50 060
to's of various -filling up;' sonic to I. Kellum'; T.
- Coryell, Cash; 3. H. Cowden, Pres.; vignette,
-. flying eagle, railroad cars in the dititanue. Presi
dent's signature too light and stiff; general mien.
ranee light; the first I in Williams-part resembles
more a guree • .
50's, altered freni s's; vignette, which is Ilint-of the
s's, is a view or the tnwnmr left owl of note.
Wyomini Bank", :Wilkes Barre,_ • 10
York. Bank, ' •-5 n 74
s's . , letters A and II; Feb. 2, 1830; old 'Ante; pay W.
Wagner, which name is - spelt Wegitar. In Air
word Fn yr, on the left hand margin, Orel ,is not
dotted. The of Five, ini the body'o f th e cote,
does riot exactly line - witli.the other - letters.. vig
nette imperfect in many places. .
10'sollterce from counterfeirs's.. See pi reeding.
Bank of Baltimore, at Baltimore, •- --1
s's, April 15,, 1829. pay ...Coleman'. Pager light
engraving duck, filling up had. frr,ln . the word
BALTINIORE the letter 0 is - but half finisked
and the I btidly done, resetabling a 11. The gem.
tuneon the left band figurekhave a circle of bold
'white-dots; holm had are hardly seen.. .,
s'B, letter A., dated Sept. 15, 1840, pay J. Colerrian,
W. Layman, Prea..limes Cox, Cash; the Presi
-dent's name is - rather heavily wrstteil-welleal
.. minted to deceive.
s's, letters A mul C, dated June 19,1030.
10's, tester ii, of various dates and fill ng up ; signed
James Crane, Cash: L, Baker, Pro. o persons
• of these names were officers,tif the hank.
10's, A, trebly lettered. C. Ktieei,Jan. 12,1835,sign
ed lames Cox, Cash.; 'WM. !Airman; Pres. in
stead of %Vtn. Lawman. Others, E. Cli Word, Cash.
C. Thoma,s,Pres.: othersdan. 10,1837, No. 1646.
CO's, letter 1, dated Oct. 1, 1838, pay Keerl; it
reads, '`The Bank of Mild more prom4es to pay,"
while the genuine reads, "The P'resident, Direc
tors & Co. of the Bank of Baltimore promies to
pay, Sze."
50's, altered from S's, letter 11, -pay to J. Cal;son,
June 24, 1824. In the s's, the words" Bank of
Baltimore," commence in the first and end in the
second line. ' inihe 'genuine 50's, "Bank of Bald
more" stands wholly in the mom line.
100's, letters A; P. Litfig, Ca sh„l. Bier,Vres.
Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road Com. —'—,
Chesapeake - Bank, Baltimore,
Citizen's Bank, Ballimore,l
Cohens' (J. I. Jr. ..-t• Brothers Bank,
Baltimore, • • 1
Commerei , t and Farmers'- Bank of •
13, a lsisn ore, • ',
Sta.artered from counterfeit s's On Commercial Bank
of NeW York "Comm:16BI Ilank_mr.Bultimore.
Detect by
hAter . l3,pay J. PatterstmAtly 4, 1111 and f 834,
others, pay F. CNSS, Dee. 4,1830, atTil •Alarch 4,
UPs, letter Nov 10, 1833, pay J. Crows.
I.o's, Jan. 8, 1831;pay J. Wirt,.
Farmers' and Mere - h.. Inc. Baltimore,
Ws, altered from s's, in the genuine 10's, the word
TEN on the left ornamental border is upon a
• insert .ground, but is upon a WHITE in the altered
notea r
Farmers' & Planters' Irk. Baltimore, 1
s'ski d 10's, spurious, said to be made from genuine
. platea,,but the name of the President is printed
Cnastoo,instead of Chesinn. •
Farmers' and Mereh. B i lt.Baltiniore, 1
Fells' Point Savings:lnstittition, Balt. 1
Franklin Bank of Baltimore, 19
s's, letter n, pay I. L. Barry, Aug. 20, 1824
10U's, pay A. Leakin, Dec. 1, 1819. •
Marine Bank of Baltimore, • • 1
s's, spurious, letter A, dated marrh• 5, 1839. Vig
nette, steamboat, ship and sloop. On right halm
. medal ton head of Franklin, denomination, (5) at
• top anti bottom of hill. - •
• s's, letter 'A, dated Oct ; 14,1826.
's's and 10's, letter C; pay M. Morris,April 4;1826,
J. Bier, Cashier. ,
10's' letter A, Pay %V. Batman dated Oct. 14, 1826.
100's, letter A. pay G. C. Miller, well engraved ; n
little smaller than the genuine notes, and the head
• of Washington on the left hand side has a sluggish
snd unfinished appearance, when closely examtnad.
In the counterfeit, the first. part of the letter Min
the word Alarine, begins a little distance from the
vignette—in the genuine notes it touches It.
Mechanies' -- Bank - of - lhltinibre,.. 1
50's, letter B, pry to B. Stochlart, Dec. 20, 1815.
10's;letterA ; vignette a railroad.
10's, altered ti•ont h'fievigiaiti6 of s's, a railroad and
train of cars, WI the , heads of Washington and
Franklin. • . •
Inc ,-B ,tleretl - from- 51 8—See-preceeding•-note.--2-___
Merchants' Bank, Baltimore, 1
Union Rank of Maryland. BaltiinOre, 1
5',,-letter D, of various datealiiiiil filling up.
20's, old plate; letter B;JUne, 1816.
50's, letter C, May 2, • 1812, pay S. Bating, Presi
dent's-name ha} the arpearance of being engraved.
Western Bank, Baltimore;
Bapic ,of ''
Cumbeiltiqd Bank Alregliohy; . 10' '
Wael!'ington [Plc Willjiroopert,• S a 10"
Ranlc. , of ,the 'Valley, :Wineiteater and
ss; letter A, various numbers and dates; Davidollv. ,
• ion, Pres. • ' • f
SS; Jan. 1, 1839; payable at LINC/4; signed rotolia: :
officers, while the, gelatine notes, shove,;;As, are
signed Dr thein.: • n'Thls-,l3ank has no'Bratach'
• .
at. Lynchburg. •
20s, letterir May I, 1733, pay J.. M. Broome. ,
204,1''ttevr 11, Sept. 2,.1838, pay .1: Brood; A'
'Boat, Cash,Obed White,Pres. Engraving coarse ;
• paper thin and oily. ' - •
Do. Branch, at Romney. .8 a 10
Is, letter A, July I, 1 839. signed John McDowiti,
Cash. instead of McDowell.
3s and ss, letter A, May . 11,1838, signed J. McDow
ell, for Cashier ; David Gibson, for President.
. Appearance .bad. All notes'over 3s are signed '
ny the officers: ,
i loped . flu iken and FraUdtv,;
lent ,Illanlo4
Bank of Philadelphia,
Excliange•Bank and Sii yin&
.Farmers' & Media' Sat.'ltis,
Franklin Savings Bank
Girard Bank (Stephen)
Girard Loan Company,
Kensington Savings Institution do
Manual Labour flank ( Dyott's) no broken
Nlerch.Rafradesmen's Loan Co. • do
Merchant's Bank of Philadelphia, - do • fraud
Pennsylvania Saying Bank do , • "
Penn Township Saving Ins. • do • •
Philadelphia Loan Company do broken
Philadelphia 'Mantifacturing Co, do fraud
Philadelphia Saving Institution •do - broken
Richard's (Mat•k)Cliecks, • •- do
Southwark Saying Bank • do , frae , ' -
-Szlitty 1 k ill Saving Institution • • • •.do broke
Allegheny Bank . Bedford
Bank. of Beaver . : ll,eaver
Bank of
•,; '. • • Hailishurg
Bank of IVashingtott • Washington
'Centre Bank of Pennsylvania Bellefonte
City Dank Pittsburgh
-Farmerek-Meclmies'Brink do
Farmers'St Meehiinies' Bank Greencastle
Farmers' & Mechanic's Bank of Fayette
Co. . North Salem
Harmony Institute •7, ' Harinony•
Huntingdon Bank Huntingdon,
.luniatta Bank •• • Lewistown
Lumbermen's Bank . WaiTen
Marietta & Susquehanna Trail
' lagl.iompanv
Nfechanica? Bank •
New Salem• Bank •
Northern Bank of Peim'a '
Northumberland, Union and .
Columbia Bank '• ' ••• Milton
North WeStern B'k of Pa.,• MillflVi Ile
l'eon'n. A grieul. Man. 13Ic. • • Carlisle
Pottsdam Mina Company • Pottsdam fra..
Sliver Lake Batik• , Montrose close
Union Bank of Perin'a. ' Uniontown broke
Westincireland Bank Greenshui-g
Wilkes Ilat•re Bridge Co.: Wilkes Bat-re
Youglintany_ Bank, • . Perrypolis
5 ce
flank of New Brunswick N. Brunswick- broken
'tirmereds fv. Nteelinoics Irk— do .
Franklin filo. of.lersey . H City "Jersey City •
Hoboken Bbek. Az Cram oboken - • "-•
Jersey City 'Sank-- Jersey City • "
payable at • ' • . -Ontario "
Meehan - We Bank ' Patterson'
Mannipeturers'llank Belleville, "
'MonmOnth Bank or'N:.b. . Freehold •".
NlorilsOnnal & llnkg:Cp. - jersey City:no sale
. Do. Post Notes ,
Jersey-Man. - &-Bnkg.--Co, Dohoken-- - braim
N. J. Protection & Lombard Ilk. Jersey City " •
Paterson Bank Paterson •:"
Stale - Bank • "
Salem. &PhiI:LAI:Ma:Co. „,
• ' • Salem ”
Washiligtota Banking Co. - llaekensaek "
flank °Maitre! 'Laurel !lulu
Wilinington Loan Company - Wilmimdow frau(
Bnok of 'Maryland , . ' ilaltimoi.e. brpken
Bank of Caroline . Denton "idosed
City ilank ` - - Baltimore broken
Commercial Bank of Baltimore Baltimore' fraud
Commercild Bank - of Millington s. , ' . broken
Connoehengue Batik • M illiamsport closed
Elkton Bank, - • Elktbu broken
Farmers' and Millers' Bank ' Ilagerstoyn "
'llavredc Grace Bank Havre de Grace closed
Planters' Bank. Upper Mnrlboro' . "
Poultney's (Evan) Bank . Baltimore hrtiken
'Somerset k Worcester Bank & Branches - closed
Suaqurbaona Bank ' Port Deposit broken
Suy:chinon Bridge Co. . do. - 6
Monongalia Farmers' Co.
Virßinia Salina BA* -
Weiaern Bunk of Virginia
01110. . •
:Niansfielil broken
Bank 'of Nltunifield
. .
Ba nk of Sandusky Buy L. Sandusky
flank ofUirelevilie (new batik) Circleville "
Bank of
Bank of Steubenville - Stenbenvi Ile
Bank of West Union ' West. Union "
Butler Counts. Bank . 41
Farmers' Batik Canton ,
Farmers' Ilk. of N. Salem N, Sale m "
Parmei's' - CiociiuuHi 44
Farmers' & Mech. Bank Chillicothe.' "
German Bank Wooster •"
Hamilton & Itobstille Mould: Co. Hamilton . "
Hamilton County Bank
Jefferson Bank
Kirtland Snfuty Society Ilk
Lebanon & Miami Bkg. Co..
Lebanon& Miami Exporting Co;
Manhattan Bank Manhattan "
Mezhanic' &Traders' Bank ' . Cincinnati no wile
Monroe ' , Alm Manuf. Co. ' . Monroe Falls "
•Urbantt fla nking Co. Urbana "
Union Hank of Wiehange Cincinnati fraud
Orphans' Institute Bank ' Fulton . 4
Owl. Creek Dank.. 1 Alount.Vernon broken .
MIRO: W.) Fe Cots flabk• - ' ' Chieinnati "
Stark Co..Orphans' Institute • Felton
Washington Bank IMiamisburg, "
Western Benne' Farm. Pkg.. ,
Company - ' ; -Brighton fraud
Zanesville Canal & Man. Co. tanesvillel broken
r. 44 a: A
neILT fr_.
zizze.4 .
THE proprietors of the Susquehanna Line will
run their Cirs and . Boats as usual to Phil
adelphia and' altimore during the present season.
Their friends will please apply to Wm. L. Fox,
Broad at. and to Gaitner, Christian & Curran, No.
76 South Wharves, Philadelphia, and Joseph E.
Until further notice s the following prices will
be adhered to between this place and the above
I •
IXI V• 'V g o .0
c .V=g•lti. F,Trg,
• - TN •.P - '1 •-•
F•kr;' • s"
Ale per Ipo lbs. , 150 22 81 Per bbl.
Groceries, Q Ware
and Hardware, 20 23 42
Dry Goods; Furni.•
ture and Drugs, • . t 25
Wheat, Rye & Corn
per bushel
Oats • do
Lumber per 1000
feet - • •42 63 50 -- *l ‘ .
Shingles, do „ 150 200 • ,
Flour per bbl. 314 35 -50 c .' •
Shad" do 37/ '.511 •
Herring do . ' 314 . ••
Salt per sack,' '• 28 . 32
Pitch, Tar.andHosin • .
per 1110, ,16 21
Planter gross , ton, /1,2 25 82 Si) ;
Hemp per 100, ' 16 ' • 22
Hides,_, ,} .20' „ 25
•PI/3 Metal, gross ton 250 .3 50 , „
Blooms 44 CwitingS, 3 12a 4,00'
Bar Iran, ' • 350 450 . •
?tails per keg, • _ 18 23
Leather per 100, • • - 20., .• 25 ••
Whiskey per bbl 50 ' 55 •
Burr Blocks per 100, 15 •
Curb Stone, , do 121' •
Tiny. 'do 20 25'
& P. iMATIVIN, ; ,.
.• , ' 'Successor to MillerA;
Harrisbufg, May 4, 1342. • 6tM.27"
/r7- I;rtitriDalr - ;:3P13, - 6XPErIi --
- IrIJS,T ieceived 50 bnitelaf No. 141E1H1110
?tiny 18, 1842. tf-29
75 OTC
"/ " : % ,1 6 4 1141tigkEte 'D.
UCCESOltiii 'F.; A. Kennedy, Coach Maker,
taken *allure in infOrming the public goner
'ally,"that•he le, prepared to. render eatiefaction'in
the construction or repair'of '
• • -
of every description.... His workmen are of
first class, being.originally from the city of Phil
ridelphia, (and himself likewise)—and his mater
ials are of the best kind. • :
CARRIAGES , will be 'finished in - the-meat: iny.
proved stYle, and nothing shallhe wanting to give
full s'atisfaction to whb - May faVor . him with
.their cuitiom.•-life therefore hopeS to receive
shore of' public patronage:. - -
' The establishment is in Pitt street, South of
.High, in. the rear of the Method ist . Episcopil
church. • "
Carlisle,; March 30, 1842. . ' tf.22
l'hi!adelplild; fraud
•do 41
do .
. do
• do
N. B. Old cai-rlagesi-orliny kind of trade that
is iiiailinable taken in exchange for new work.
Slleellialed _Extract of SaiTa
Av ILL be forfeited by Dr. N. B. 'LEIDY, for a
-preparation of Sarsaparilla equal to bia
It is positively the strongest preparation of Sara:l-
0011 a in .existence. ONE 1101 TLE is equal to
six pints of any other , Syro•p• that is made, and is
bought by numerous persons thronghont the city and
country for making therefrom, and who sell it at
seventy-five cent.; or one dollar per bottle (about half
a pint.)
.. •
The efficacy of Sarsaparilla ie known in
Scrofula or Icing's Evil, Erysipelas, Biseasexof the
Liver, Affection- of the Skin and Bones, Ulcers of,
the Nose, Throat and Body, as well as 411 Antidote .
.to Mercury and the_Minerals, _Conititutionnl-Die
.eases,and a general purifier of the Blood and Animal
Fluids. Cominent upon its virtues-is unnecessary,
every body knows its efficacy. •- It is only necessary
when using it to get a good :preparation of it,- and
then there will be no disappointment in its effects.
Dr. Leidy would refer to the moat respectable phy
sicians- in Philadelphia,•as Well as throughoutifie
United States, for the character of his - preparation,•
as well also:to the numerous certificates from ithysi
chins and others, that have been from. time to time .
published, •now*depined - ttnnecessary, as the,charac
xerof hisprephration is firmly established. Through
out the Southern States it is itsed . altogether, - and
throughout the North tikes the precedence act r
others, particularly among the physicians, H ho, for'
the benefit of their patients, always recommend it.
- The reader - isrelmt,,l•to- the-directions amain.'
piny ing each bottlefortecomrnendations,cernfitates,
slid further certificates. •
linrietta "
Pittsburgh fraud
Fafette co. "
bontfaff broken
1 Prepnred niid sold, wholesale rind retail at Dr.
LEIDY'S HEALTH EM P 0111.13 NI, N 0.121 North
Seeond-strekbeloW'Vine;tign of the Golden Engle
Beipents,Philndelpldn; and for sale in Carlisle, by
: Agents for Cumberland County.
Cturlisle, May 18; 1.842, ly-29
Mechanicsburg Line
S.lO -71§47r-
lletiveen .Tlechanicsintrg and
I'lailadelphia or lEcaliiittore.
riplllE subscriber grateful for past Avers, begs
* leave to inform his friends end the public
generally, that he still continues to run 'a line of
burthen'Cars regularly totwecri 'Mechanicsburg
and Philadelphia or Baltimore,' by which goods
and produce of all descriptions will be forwarded
with care and despatch at the _lowest . rates of
Produce will be received at his Ware
Mechanicsburg, •and fofwerdcd to either Phila
delphia or Baltimore, according to the direction
of the owner.
Morrn ntOwn close
'Clorkeshui•g bt•okc
Parkesburg "
UJ The highest price will betiven for'Wlica
and Flour,
N. *B. Plaster of Paris and Salt always kept
n hand, and for sale at the lowest 'prices.
April 13, 1842,
113:VS :,-
Thrttll, -* &
(faris OINT-MENT. C ts.
dew Salem I.
Kirtland "
Lebanon "
THIS OINTMENT is a safe and agreeable
application, and has never been known to ftil
'in curing various affections of the skin, when used
according to directions,
Hundreds of Certificates might be pi °cured of its
efficacy from Captainifof Vessels, School Teach
ers, Principals of Factories, and Parents, Were it
not fur the delicacy of having their names publish
ed in connection with so loathsome and disagree.
able afflictions.
. .
irrPrice; Twenty-five 'cents a hox.
Prepared and sold only, wholesale and retail, at
NOrth Second street, near Vine. (sign of the Golden
Eagle and r?erpents) Philadelphia.
For salwin Carlisle, by
Agents for Cumberland .County.
Carlisle, May 18, 1842. •
Splendid Lotteries foe3nne, 1942
J. G. Gregory ilff .Co.Olaistigeivii. •
t • Most Brilliant Lottery.
30,000 Dothirst Union tottery,
Class No. 8 for 1842. To be drawn at Alexandria
D. C. on Saturday,. June 18, 1842. 14. drawn Om.
bora out of 78! Grand Scheme.-1 prize of 030,-
000, 1 do of .$1,995, 1 do 10,000, 80 do 1,000, 1
do 5,000, 50 do 250, 1 do 1 4 ,500, 75 do 200, 1 do
3,000, 75 do 150, 1 do 2,500, 125 du 125, ate: &e.
Tickets $lO-144VeS . $5—Quarters $2,50. Certi
ficates of packages of '2O wholes st3o, Ohio 26
halves 65, do do 25 quarters 32,50.
Capital $35,2957--making $30.000 nett.
15 drawn numbers out of 75!. Virginia Lees
burg Lottery, Class H for 1842. To be drawn at
Alexandria, Va. onittaturday,'June 25;1842..
BRILLIANT BenzArz.-1 prize 005,295, I,do
of $1,500,,1' do 10,515; 1 ,do 1,400, 1 do 5.000, 1
do 1,900, 1 do 4,000, 1 do'l 250,1 do 3,000; lido
1',200,1 do 2,500, 50 du 1,000,1 do 2,250;50 do
250, Filo 2,000, 50 (4320, 1 do 1,800, 00 do 150
&c. &c, !rickets $l9--,Halves-ss—Quertere $2,50
'Certificates of packages of 25 Mich*/ $l3O, do _ do
25 halves 65, do do 25 guartersl2 50.
• • For tickets and shares or certificates or packages
in the , above splendid Lotterios t eddrese. .
4:I3I:OIIDHDRY &CV, Managers,
Washington City.
Diawings 'sent immediaiely..afier they are over
to all who order as aboie. May 25, . td-30
28 43c
IrarriHt, STEAM SA,)V MILL, recently erected
by the .eitbscriber; about half a mile beloiv
sburg, on ,the east bank of the Susquehana,
near the Rail Road and Canal,"containing TWO'
'and constructed in the moat approved and efficient
Manner, is now . in operation, and ready to execute
orders with the utmost:despatch: -
An assortment of the various kinds of SCANT
,SHINGLING LATHS,. stuff kr Window Blinds,
lrinatian'Sbutroys will
. bo'nlwakii kept ready
-* * * Eroni one to.. five hoiset . povriroyith quitablo
room, to rent.
April 8, , 1842: ' _ '
• • • o• ,
r 7y. , 4 ! . • ,- '
-, o,k,
„. ..-._,7_,, , ,•-----_-_- - r-_-, 7' 4, ..t., , -,.. -- -r. ri,- --- , - ;-., --.
ONI3 - EIUNDRED - DOL - L - A - R8
Medicated Extract of Sarsaparilla
[BY ROIL 80...912 OR C./LN:IL]
iFAR!WERV : :!IO.TF..L,-,.
• •• .
MBE subscriber hereby ihforths hie friends and
the public in general, that he still continuee
to keep a
• • 4.- • D
:PUBLIC ;.' • '
• 111
IA a.....cca>135603.118
(reports to the . contrary at
OLD STAND, in. East High Street; a few doorri]
east of the Court House; whore he will at all times
take'pleasure lifitdministering .te :the - cornforts.of
those who may favor him with their custom.
His BAR shall be *latently supplied with the
chokest liquors,. and his TAB LE ' with -th e best the
market can furnish. A careful OSTLER always
kept in attendaece--,and nothing ihall be left un
done to please all who call, with him.
BOARDERS taken by the week, month or year.
April 6, 1842
East side cf the; Public Square,
(opposite the Bank,)
Tiu subscriber respectfully informs.tlie Pub.
]lei that he has completed his arrangements
in thjs.cbmmodious establishment, and is prepar.
Ad to accommodate Boarders and Transient Vial
ter. with every thing usually to be h e best
Hotels, except Ardent Spirits—inste.. which
he supplies, freo of charge, the advantage of a
Melding Room, in-Which will ho fOund the Latesl
NowS from all 'platers; besides amplelnaterials
for spending leisure hourEi in intellectUal amuse=
ment. A Circulating- Library, containing
the New Publications" is also close at hand. In
fine the subscriger flatters himself that the Man
skin House-Will -be found-to-meet-every-reason•
able expectalion. Ho solicits a trial,
May 4 - 1842:
N. B. Having ample Stable room, fiasco w
he "fed end taken care of on moderate terms.
-- MRS. WM. E. CAMP,
F ORMERLY of.the Washingt on Hotel, )has
111 t o '
_ Corner of Second and R iil-Road Streets,
Whim she will be pleased to accommodate her old
customers and others, m the .best style and on the
most reasonable terms. • ...
. Harrisburg, March 16, 1842.
UllE y and
. tn i,al l i c c e .
a p i t on
IYI sale , in the 'hand, or
Rail Road, : • . .
Endless Chain Horse Power
for one, horse and for.two, - horses, WarrantCd to
Work well, ,and. of greater' durability than any
other MachineS,for.a'aimilar, purpose known
the subscriber at present;
Lancaster, , May 4, 1842,
- .NEivir GOODS.
First zirifral of Spring 451 . 6 Summer
. - • Vroods. .
- T - CLIPPI - NaER - St - CA - REV;it
HAV-E just received from Philadelphia,a 4plen
did assortment of - •
SE AS ONA B.LE . Goons,
of-'the-latest atYles, 7 to which theylnvitellte atten
tion of purchasers. They are prepared to offer
goods at suchr.prices. as .eannot fail to meet the
.wishes of those
s desirous of puri;hasing -Cheap
Country Pcoiluce taken in exchange for goods.
Shippensburg. March 10, 1842. tf-20
Both these Ejects are Proditied by
SaRS I O4/ B eitirlAt.ride
DR. LEIHY'II BLOOD VILLA coUtititt in their composi
(ion ingredients which produce the eons-
blued nod desirable effects of
Cleansing the BOwelo.
191111 ERE are no Pills in existence which,may be
Jil so safely vsed at all times, ages and seasons,
without, restraint tromliving or occupation, as Dr.
Leidy's Blood I'ills.
From their „composition, they are caletdated to
purify-the•blood and animal fluids tinting the inter
val between taking them and their operation; When
nil impurities; as well as obnoxious substances of the
stomach and bowels, are carried off by their mild
purgative properties;
of them have been sold (hiring the past six months
rime. and UPWARDS OF 1,000,000
since their first introduction by the proprietor, Dr.
N. 4. Leidy...
have they my been. known to fail in producing
good effects. .
contain no ingredients dangerous to the constitution.
which are employed in all Pills
.Mq . nufactured by
'Quacks and Impostors,Acho depend T.fpon such dale
proud medicines under the impression,(which shows
their ignorance,) that all diseases' ust yiehrko the
&eats of Mercury and otheeMinerals.
From Physiciatik and others, have been frequently
Mil - dished-of the happy effects of Dr. Leidy 's Blood
fills and further eminent upon their merits iamb
necessarY. Dr ',tidy would, however,earneitly re
commend to all requiring a purifying or purgative
medicine, to procure his BLOOD PILLS, ana try
them. No one will ever use any other kind, having
once given them •a fair trial.
Awed from the_sole manufacturer and proprietor, Dr..
IR North Second street, below Vine street,(Sign of
the Golden Engle and.Servents,) Philadelphia,there
Can be no possibility of mistake.
They are also kept by most . of the respectable
DrUggtsts of Philadelpkia,amlby respectable Mer
chants and Druggists throughout the United States.
• For sale; in Carlisle, by • - •
Agglitd for Cumberland County,. •
Cm hide , May 18,1842.
Dr. Paris' Strothing Syrup. •
HOW many thousands of Little Children die
annually from the effects of Protracted Den
tition,. It requires no argument to convince you
all'"Little Children" suffer sooner or later from
the effects of Teething which their'kind protectors
may easily perceive from the-following symptoms.
Restlessness, sudden fits of drying, fretful, feverish,
thrtists iti fingers-into its mouth and bite/4 there.
braeonfing' to 'obtain relief, - frequently atteuded
with cough, difficulty .of loathing, bowl cora
plaint,;inflaination• of the eyerfand sores behind the
cars, convnlaions; datt:' Those who hive the care
of the "little Ones" 'ididifid never be' Withinit "Dn.
.PAnts',Cix,nanATari kataitresar SoiPruiria SYR,
op," lir Children Cuffing Teeth,' by - which they
can prevent many alarming 'symptcons-whichoften
Thousands of Mathew and nursos.can testify . to
the Immediate effects of. this, invaluable Syrup.
when applied to the gums. If a child wako with
pain in its gums, the Syrup. when -f applied, givori
immediate ease; by "opening the pores" and hoal
ing gunia, thus preventing convulsions, &c, Co
the happiness . and enjoyment of their kinirprotec.
tore.(Sntored according to an ACt of ..Congress.)
For sale at No. 19th North Bth St; Philadelphia,
also at. Dia Drug Stara of. John Myers & Co„
and at thiEDrugStoro. cif WilliamPial,
9hipixitudiurg, • , May .5. • .pt.;o
, .
-F4RRAX.TAWILi.E Fire lir*
'J. & P - MAIM. •
• - - • Zueeepaor to Miller & I- MArtillo:
:Harriaburz M a rch 23,1842. "
.. •
,;• -:-.;'. =-7 - -I-I-LEL - OUR -- - ----- ---- "•-
• ,_
Jimiceoeived a lot of SuperEne wporTE.
EAT FLOUR;'antl For We at Om
story Of. . ' - .. _ .-.' •• A. 41C1. 1 / 4 .111)8. :,
• . 'Febrt :try' 160149.' . . • ,
Ifernt'Slid with , Uwas
professionally connected, aro placed in the
hands of P. P. EOM. Esq,,who will attend to the
Berne, during my absence:, • • • ,
'• W. '17.. LINE.
. -
Office itik s'
.K llsts\
West of th Court House: ' -
6irliale, April 6,1842.
' • - attorney at Law,
OFFICE 1V0., 3 Ifeetenn'ir Row, on tbo Pub ,
lie Squilre, Carliale, Pa,
April 6, 1812,
H - HARPER' , :
Comniissioner inifiankruptcy•
OFFICE in South 'Hanover ;st r eet, near M'.
Clellan' Hotel, where all information desir
ed, in reference to the dutiei 'of those 'intending
to applS , for the benefit of ,the Bankrupt Act, call
be obtained:
Carlisle, MO 4, 1842.
BE 6 111
LUMI3ER of every description &SHINGUS,
for sale cheap, by .
Successors to Miller & Martins.
Harrisburg, April 20,1842. • gin.ct
FRI9LEY & 0011111ViipN.
Ti,n: Coppersmith l , -&_:Stove
• Busine ss; . ..-•
gJI having entered into Co.lPartnership, in the'Tlis
Copper and Stove business; under the firm )of
FIRIDLRY & ROBINSON; respectfully inform the
public that they intend oarryins on their business hi
'all its branthes, it the old. stand of Jileati
-North-Hanover-street-Carllsle+-tv here-therw ill-at
all 'time, be propu'reil to serve purchasers with any
article in their hue, on the most reasonable terms.
Inoddition to'aleother -varieties of stoves; which
they will constantly have on Init], they have purchas
ed'of Mr. J. G. Hathaway, the exclusive right- to
manufacture and sell, in the counties rot' etimber
land .and Dauphin
Hathaway's Patent "Hot Air.
Cooking. Stoves. ",
And being, aware that the'people in this place and
vicinity, have been Much. imposed upon by the in.
troducuon of, new and highly recommended articles
which dies. have been inducentO purchase, hnd w hick
have been - so slightly made, and of such bad materi
that bra-short-time they haye-fidled - and - become
useless. We,therefoye,donotintennifering stoves
for sale until they are fairly trletl in this 'comin .... ity,
and;proconaced more durable in their construction,
better athiptyd to the pnrposes of boiling, baking and
all the varieties of cooking than any 'other stove. also,
that they arc a groat saving of fuel as well as labour.
.(0.. We earnestly invite farmers as well as resi
dents of this place mid the neighboring villages,
call on us at S. Wonderlieh's hotel; or tidily; us.b'y
letters (postage Unpaid) that they are - to
our' stove—and thc-. stove shall be placed in the
kitchen of every petson giving• us such notice: . and
taken sway litter trial,..withoutany expense to per
sops making the trial. .
Tim stoves will he kept for sale at the Tin Shrip
of Mr. Jacob-Fridley, and at the Foundry of Messrs.
Lay and Stouffer, in Carlisle. -
Having contracted .for -- One • llidred 'Tone of
Castings, we will, in a few days, supply stove deal
ers' the different sizes,-on the most liberal_
terms, •
' ELEA ZORTiINSON, of Carlisle, is . agent
for selling the right to make and vend the 1101' AIR
sTovE, and wilidispos,nof couoties in this and the
%%republish the following remmendations from
scone of those who are using the stove, to encourage
others to try it.
- Carlisle? sept. 12, 11341 f..
have in use in my kitchen Jule of fluthaways pni
e-nt tiotrAir CookiiikStovei r and can recommend•it
as a very. superior struck. The one I have is No. 3,
It has 5 boilers nnil an oven saffleiently large to bake
six loves of bread. The baking , roasting and broil
ing can all be done nt the salute time and with moth
less wood than is required for nny stove. which ive
have used. :
This size appears to 'he peculiarly calculated for
Farmers,mid for their benefit I invite them to call
and.see tis stove in use, as I shall take pleasure in
showing this stove to all whom interest or curiosity
only induce to examine it.
Carlisle, Sept. 11;18.D.
:lbws. E. Robinson & Co.—GENTLEMEN; I have
iloring the few days I have had your Hathaway
Ha Air Stove in use, become convinced of its
great superiority over another stoves I have used or
seen. I find by the : trial that boiling, roastilwbak
ing and broiling may all be done3rat the•same
in a most perfect manner, and with less than •one
fourth the fuel I have ordinarily used for the same
purposes. I Intee heretofore been of the opinion that
bread could not be well baked In a cooking stove,
but I am convinced upon trial that it can be done as
well in your stove as in a brick oven.
I believe that the general introduction of your
stove into use. will be very beheficial to thepublic,
therefore I shall take pleasure in ricommending it
to my friends. , 'Yours respectfully,
Carlisle, Sept. to, It 41.
,• ,liesars. E. Robinson, Co —Gentlemen, I have
fairly tested the "Hot Air Stove" which you punt up
at - my house, and can recommend it as possessing
principles of economy and convenience far surpas
sing any : other stove which I have ever seen.
The boilers coming in immediate contact with the
fire gives it great facilities for boiling, and the oven
is heated on such a principle that bread is baked in
'as fine it mariner as in a brick oven. 'I find it also II
great saving of fuel and tabour, and would advise all
to adopt it. MITCHEL McLELLAN.
Chambersburyr, ,Yeept. 6,1841.
I do certify that I am now usingone of Hathaway
Patent Hot Air C.ook. Stoves, No. 3, and do 'memo
ment it as superior to any stove I have seen, the
great saving of fuel, and the variety that can be Cook
ing at the same time, makes it an object to those who
wish to facilitate the operations of the kitchein.
September 15. 130.—y
Read what it huffs Done.
Anil if you have a friend,a relation, or know any
one that is Afflicted with that distressing disease,
" CONSU P fION," persuade them without de
lay to try that famous and .unriveled medicine, the
cured thousands of this complaint after every thing
else bail failed. . Read the following undoubted
proofs of its efficacy.
Roxamitroon, Sept. 10 1841.
Dina Stn:—Please send me two bottles more of
your Balsam of Wild Cherry, like that you sent me
before. I have taken nearly all of the first two, and
confidently believed this medicine will cure me. I
have used a greet many remedies within the last
year, but have neverfound any thing that has relieved
me so much. It has stopped my cough entirely,
che'cked my night sweats,and I sleep - better at night
and feel better in every way than I have for many,
months. . Yours, respectfully, -
JR/LIME/IMM; Sept. 12. 1841.
FRIEND WISTER :-1(111t, ag,flill :trouble thee to
send me two bottles rrid 'of thy'inialuabfedialsain.
.1 have now - taken three ott!zs,in all, atid can assure
thee Omit has - donememet good tbaiiallthe medi
cine I have ever taken Lefore. Send by the stage as
soon as possible, and oblige-thy friend,
BRISTQL, Sept. 8 1841.
DEAR DOEToll.—Bearing so many people talk of
the wonderful cures your Balsam of Wild Cherry
has, made in Consudittinn, I sent, to one of your
Agents the other day fora bottle, and have found it
to have relieved me so much, that I want -three - Aim-
More sent soon, as I believe it - will cure mil too.
have used Jayne's Expectorant anti - pther medicines
besides, but nothing has:Mier done me as midi good
RS yours haii. Send' by the steamboat Boliver.
. Yours truly, WILLIAM T11031,,,M14
Cy Besides its astonishing efficacy , in Consump
tion, it is also the most effectual remedy ever discov
ING CQUGH, &c:„ Re
have been cured, by it alter all other 014000"
failed. -• ' •
' DRUGGISTS and. DEALERS' Wilefitid this
dicineo valuable addition to their a teek,and Should
always keep it on hand, as it id nniversallyfacknow
ledged•thhe one of the most usefid WARY medicines
now muse. --- - ------- -
no vorymartioalar tciask. for Dr. 'WISTAD'S
and retail by WILPA MT & Cot, Cltemiats, No. 33
South Pottrotreet Philadelphia. .
• kr:PTIle - genttine Balsam sold in Car :
lisle kyi ISIAM 'ELLIOTI', appoint:
ed . , .
- - 81.00 a Brittle.;
DafhGcr •
•- • ~"
1, The subscriber .
tional suptlies of
iftediguies, Color*, Dye-Sings
_O4 SM. • Turpentine,' Copal • -
• Varriii Painters' • finishes,
Brushes, 'Hair Brushes, Spermaceti Pit„
(very Erie)' Sperm Candles,' Soaps inoreia
variety, Glass Lamps, Cap and Letter
'Fiiiit;Spidee - , - Perfamery,
which he. will sell to Physicians, Merchants
and others,- WHOLESALE Ift" by RETAIL, at .
the lowest rates, haying purchased entirely
for cash; he 'will oiler bargains to 'those
who wish to purchase- at wholesale.
. March 24,
.18414 25 . •
• I
Coppersmith.., Sheet Iron and
Tin-plate Worker,
Respectfully informs the public generally that he
still continues •his business at the OhrStdi t id, North
Hanciver street, tlext door to the
sholt of
William G. Gibson, where he has, now on tigtid, mid
manufacturing, every article in the line-of
his trade consisting of
.HallelsVftt ers.' and Wash ,
I 'll
T E •S
ea Kettles, Tin-ware of' every
description, Stove - Pipe, Drip-
Ping Pans,- Drums, &c.
Ifs has also • for sale the imst assortmeid of Com
mon', Cooking nod Parlour, • ,
i • .
ever fd n this place. iltaeommon wood stoves
and cooking stoves are of every size and variety;
and his parkin stovcs - (for woturor coal) are Of the
tuatentlrettnetts. He has AO addition the Rotary
cooking stoves, the Radiator stoves-and Radiator
drums for parlours; which are unsurpassed for com
fort and economy in the use of fuel.
All of which he - ofTers - ou the lowest.terms foe
Carlisle, Aug. IS,
keil in exchafte for stoves, tin or copper ware.
nathese complaints are usually _considered, no stile _
can denytheir being lire moat common cause of this
lilts! and distressing-disease.- -It ia-indi•ed- a melan
choly truth, that thousands fall victims Id Consume. lion eydry year from no- other cause than neglected '
colds. Yet we find hundrcila, nay thousands a ho.
treat such complaints with the greaitest Indifference,___,
mullet them rim on for weeks andeven mouths with-
out thinking of the dang6r. -At first you have a bat ,
vott - may Consider a slight cough or cold ; 3on allow
inisiness,pleasureormirelessnessto preventyou from
giving it any,attentron I It then settles upon _your
breast r you become hoarse, have pins in the side. or
chest, expectorate large ginintities of mar ter, per-
Imps' mixed with a itilculty of breathing en
sues, and then you find your own ibolhh neglect has
brought on this disfilessing complaint. If then you
value IV° or' health, be , wariied in time, and don't,
trifle with your COLD, or trust to any Quack nosh on)
to core you, but immediately procure a bottle or two •
of lint famous remedy, the "Bet seat or 'WILD
CHFRRY," which is well known to be the most speedy"
cure ever known, as thousands will testify whose'
lives have been saved by it.
n'lle very particular when you tinrchlise ask
here is also a svnur of this on omit' use.
Prepared, wholesale and retail, by WILLY:v.Os fkr.
Co., Chemists, No. 33 South Fourth stt•eet,
Sold in. Carlisle b •
Price One• Dollar a Bottle. '
Oetnber '20,1841.-Iy. •
is the season when this destructive complaintattac kq
your interesting little children, often robs - you
those you fondly dont (mould carrieshundreds to the
grave. Every mother should therefore, know its
symptoms, watch them closely', and always be pre- -
pared with a remedy to' cure it ; as many are daily
sacrificed by such neglect: . At first the little patient
is seized with a shivering, it .growe restless, has
flushes of heal, the eves and swollen, it
breaths with difficurty,and then comer: that. fearful
Minim thatwill:_surely terminiite in convulsions or
death unless something . is immediately . .given to
check it. brthis complaint the ".Bolsion of H ild
Cherri," is well known to-be the most speedy cute
ever discovered. It is indeed a. precious remedy
mild, safe and innocent, and is sure to give the little
sufferer immediate retie!, and quickly restore it to
safety and health. FaindiesreSiding in the country
and indeed every mother 'who loves her children,,
should always keep this medicine hi' the . hous`e , i - ani
give it to Arm early, by doinp,'so you may MINI
save the life of one you fondly lose. Remember
this is the famous remedy of this distiguished 'phy
sician, - Whiter, which line cured thousands itf
CONSUMMON,&c., atter every other medicine
has failed.
r3l le particular when you purchase to ask for
' Dr. WISTAR'S BALSAM OP Whin Cumutv," as there
A SYRUP of this name advertised that is entirely A
lifferent medicine.
Prepared only by lArtu.t ADIS & CO., Chemists, No
3,3 SOuth Fourth street, philadeloia, . •
Sold in Carlisle by • • '
•-. SAMUEL 'ELLIort.
Price:One Dollar a ,Bottle.
October . '
Every Body Oaght to Essour,of
Pulmonary 'PreservatiVe.
0 effectual in Coughs, Colds, rnfluenzaiii,= Ca. •
tarrhs, Asthma, Paink of , the Sideand,uf
Breatd, Bronchitis,. Spitting of BloJl , Shiirtueast
of Breath, Whooping Cough, all Diseases 'of tha
'Brcast and Dings, and for, the arrest of
AriprOV .
ing Consumpt!ein.
So popularM Dr.' , .Bechtet's Pulmonary Presew.
saliva throughout all . Germany, and ea affeetual in
Diseases of the, Lungs, that train its -miraculous
effects and wonderful cures.-itis thorn generally'
known and ivied iqdr. Bechter's Life. Preserver,
As numerous Certificates of iii'verysocatefferitii;
arid, wonderful ctireahrthiiemintiy, have beeit
(1 11 040 Published, it' is deomed'sfecessai3r 0r114i4111-
rem i n d the , public- of 's° vnkableamedicine s and
inforin them where Wean beproeuNd.gonuine.
ozyTrice:-Fifty , Cents'a half pint bottle.
pi a par e d and iirild,wholesalemiffretail,ot Dr.
North Becond` street; . ' below' Vine,, ,. (sigri of the
Golden Eagle anal SiiirPepts) Philadelphia::
sale in - Carlialei by • • ."
. , Akgrits•forCoruborland.Cminty.
Carlisle, May , ao . , • .0
I: o.N . P.ll'll . . , .i . t.';''4',
mc g rk. LA-Pirdik3o purchase' BONNEn's an d
ejlll_, SElOES,ia!the stoic of • ,
'A i RICiiAR.O.S„
Cakrlisle, ilfa's,'lB.lB42l