Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, January 12, 1842, Image 4

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    Noviteso:= ,. .
Z'stateof Logan, dec74l.
tItTERS,Testa mentary . the Estate of .Win
Levin ,late .of Fratikford
lieetrissued do due form of law to the subscriber re
siding in Op same township. Nortci:: i 8 hereby
given to all persons haling blaimi iaga ing said estate,
to, present them properly authenticated COI , settle
inant, And all personslndebted are reifuested to mulct .
,payment to the - Subscriber.
1101.1ER1' LAMA.
Zecemb'er -8, 1841.-6 t:
No.ticE, •
Estate of J otes — lftson, deed. •
UETTEELS of Admieietraiion on the
estate of Janice Wilson, late of North Middle
tcr thwnship, cumberland county, tlec'tl2, - 11a , re beeil
issued in due form of law to !the subscriber residing
ssill township, Notiee is hereby given ti all per
sons having claims ap,ltinst said estate,to present Ilion
ernperl r authenticated for seul meta, an I nil persons
inilehtca. areWiffeStetl tii mike payment 'to the sub
December 8,1841.-6 t.•
. Estate - of Dr: .I,olat Frazer, deed.
. P . stato of u r . John Fraz.,r, Into of South Mitt
etlevin toivoshilt; ttee'd.,.lin‘e been,lontarti to the
sObseriber - rel . & ing In said to,rio;hifi: Novo: is
hereby giveirto all persyntsclaians op,ttitipt. matt
estate to pee.sent -them for settl'entetit, n o d those in
debted to nutitie rytnent , on or before the first. ot.
February next, to ' . .
• 01:101tGE O'DONNELL, Adirt'r.:
December, 13, t 3 -
To the AfflicttA
l'ltoSe who ni a waning from V:11 . 10lIS ailleiqC/1
eitlent to the human family; would:do well to pro
cure Dr. liarlielt's Cotlipottud Strengthening and
.Gertnan Apperient Pills, which are sn pretteniim,
ently rec,omineinleil for Dyspepsia, Li ter Complaints.,
Pains in the Side, Back and Dritest..Nemous Affec
tions' !lend A.clitt . ,tind all the diseases of the Stomach
sold llowati. • 'Pamphlets may he obtained gratis.
'Which bruit:tin full and explicit directions for using.
Tlietteatter is referred to s.iveral very interesting
certiftetites of cures in another column of this,paper;
which may be, relied upon-, as.they are taken Troni
the on final.
Principal office 19 North Cightstret t,
. ....
• •
Ohl. .• ,
• For sale at the I)rug, Store or-J, S. Niyers ~!.t. 1:a .
Carlitie, xml \ V in.l'eal.Shippeaslpirr,. Dee,29 '
%•)'•,:t-'•••••,..Tivjaiee ;TT,.
1, '••
4riti lied tosettle dip their Et'speetifc Al'COnnts L)' the
• Int of Jdnuary next. • *
. GEO, W. lirt**•ll.
:t:: ' ~~
Carlisl6 D c. 8, 1841
Have . located in' Carlisle for the purpose
, of manufactuang and selling ,
Ilatliaway's Tatelit " Hot- Mr
Cooking Stoves."
.And being awe:TINA the' people in this place and
vjcinitv,have been much imposed upon' by the' in.
trodoetion lir new and highly recommended :if:ticks
which they have been induces; to purchase, and whirl'
have been so si:ightly•mitile, and of such !lad materi
al, that in ash l i d time they-have failed and becomeuseless. We, thiirefire, rflteving stoves
for sale mad thepare fairly tried iii thiieororattisity,
and peonounced more durable iw theievoilkistetion;
.better adapted to the 'purposes of boilin`g,'ltking and
all ,the varieties of cooking than any other - stovilalso,
that they are a`great saving of fuel as well as labour. ,
Go' We earnestly. invite fanners as well SS rcsi.
dents of this place and the triighboring villages', to
call on Os at S:Wonderlich's hate!, or notify its by
letters (postage Unpaid) that they are oiling to try
bur stove—and the stove shall be placed in - the
kitchen of every person giving OR notice,•and
taken away atter trial, without any expense to per
sorts making the trial.
"The staves will be kept for sale at the Tin Shop.;
of Pridley, end itt.the Foundry of Messrs.
Lay and Stouffer, in Carlisle.
Having cotif.raeted for Oite ifunelred . Tors of
Castings, we will, in a few days, stipply stove Acid.'
era withal! the did:went sites, on the moat-liberal
ROIIINSOT,s7, of Carliile' . is agent
for selling the right to make mai V . etid the AIR
STOVIL, and will dispose of COttllii CIS in this and the
adjoining States. . ,
We publish the following .rernmendations from
some of those who are using the stove; to encourage
others to try it..
Curt'isie SOL 12, 1841.
I have in use in my kjtehen Jne'of liathaways pat
ent Hat Air Cooking Stoves, and•can recommend it
as a very superior • The one I have is No. ;3.
It has 5 hailers and wEdven Aikfikiently Inrge to bake
six loves of bread. The baking,Toa,thq a n d broil
ing can all be done nt the same time r i ndwith metal
less world than is required for any stave which we
have used.
Thisoize appears to be preitliarlyktileulated for
Fnernerit, and for their benefit I invite them to rail
and see this stove in use; as I shall take pleasure in
showing. thiistove to all whoth - interest or c u r i os ity
may ind.wee to examine it.
• • Car Se/d. it, 1841.
.Rohimon Co.—tletv rt.estex, I have
Alining the few' days I have had your llntlia way , 5
Hot Air Stove in use, become convinced, of its
gr:eat superiority over allotltee stoves I base used or
seen. T find by" the trial that bOiling, roasting, bak
ing and broiling may all lie 'done at the smile time,
in a •most perfect manner, and with less than one
folirth•the fuel I. have ordinarily used for the same
purpnies. I have heretnfore_beenoftheoriiition that
&read 'conhl not be well baked inn cooking stove,
but I - am ethiyinceci upon trial ihnt it van be done as
well in_youratnve As in Abrick: oven.
I lu that the general introduction of yenr
stove into. use will be very benefiehd to the public.,
therefore T shall' take pleasure in reuommentling it
to my friends. Yours respectfully, '
. .
• Car/isle, Sept. Ifi;1841.
. Otesva: E. Rahman f.. 4 Co—Gentlemen, I have,
fairly tested the "l lot Air Stove" which you put tin
at mr house, and can recommend it 118 'possessing
principles of economy and convenience" surpas
sing any other stove which T have ever seen.
The boilers coming in immediate contact with the
fire gives it great facilities for boiling, and t e oven
.is heated on such a principle that bread is baked in
as fine a manner as ton brick oven. I-find it also a
great saving of fuel and labour, and would advise all
to adopt it. MITCHEL • MCLELLAN. '
Ido certify that T am now using one of flathawara
Patent Hot AirUpok Stoves, No. 3, and do recom
mend it as siiperior to . any • stove t have. seen, The
great saving of fuel, and the Variety-that can be took
ing at the same time, makes it an objecktiithose who
wishto facilitate the operations of the kitchen.
Carlisle September
FOR , Iyeiro47;
The small two igory notisE
tljoiping Mr. Weakley's, now tieeopted by George
teasing; El., fur dime mouths only from 14 of
outtrynoFt. •
Carlisle,. Dec. 7, I 8 11.-3,t.
I have received, ail alien this day,:a..frCih
entinly 'of drykosils,and several pieces of carpeting;
in Sorsa Ilanoiier Street, in which street burgaine
arealUtays olfOul by
December 150841. . " .
ail .•
- *Bailie of Aridiael Biimilt,.dec'd. •
Jli. 4. estate of Michsel •Briiinit; lute, or , Dickinson
tOwnsiiiit,Dtimberland eetnityi•dee'ci.; have been , ;a
cted to the sabsgriiter residing in. Nets ten 'township t„
Neves is.ltereby iiveitto nil,persons indebtedsto
eseite to, immediate *refit, and tbrise' having .
ein;insugninitt laitleitite'te preient them roe.suttle
1;1811.;-.6t: •
.•• . .
Just reecived 10 dozen PALM HOODS-, awl fin
5:1il• liV. . ..
''.' : CHAS..BAILNITZ. •
- ' ettll)lW . l . s; 1841. _.. . . .
Just ecerived a fresh supply of GHOCP:RIES.aUd
forsqle Iv CHAS. BARNITZ. .
1,)0centher.2.4,1 . 841.• .
CI 0 EPETTE al . • •
h„i„ retorn his thanks to•the .pttlylle for
: p two it .te hitherto, eit,tzlitle(l to hint, and respect
ry i•tr , his rostorners 111 . Q,j)eopla
h A t he still ~oiitiones 1110 nosiness of
in nil its branchei, at _hie old .stand iiMain street,
where he is :Always rawly to attend to orders lit his
, •
Carlisle, Nov. 17,-1841.-5m
'Peases Clarified Esselice .of •
-• • Horehound fern.dy. •
The subscriher having been- apPninted Giineral
.17,ent fur the shrive celebrated article, respeetfully
(Aiwa it-to this leiM c either - wholesale or reviil. •
lire re Ita ested tla trii re 'of n
tctle its.
1;,12,bs .S'AiNqz; ,
nolo e •
Fall 11904 Gon (I •
C . nrisistitii.,- of super black., We black and Other Cloths.
Saltinettc-new sirle Vestngs , avari'elv
of .11aose de ',lilies: wuond mourning anti
ditto, •olOth; Welsh Plannek, ltoiers ditto
for - shirtini., -,-- Gloves, - Iloqiery -, Ed4itiga'LoO6iceilifi--
brie , t. Oil CI athi, .11.1.ifichtla, Ribbons, Alerino Shirts
rod Dra era. "
Also'— rens, Wpmens' and Childrone
Leather. & Moroceo Shocs& Boots..
. .
gleillasavae r e mod Gr.ocerics,
SP ICES; E:tcq m'ith agr•ent variety of other goods
ull of which he tt ill, sell al a small profit to suit the
times. • 14ou't forget to..ealhon • • •
S. M. itArui.
"Q AL:111)N just randved and fin. 4;alei Ly d. Sc
ICKETtl.:l.nn4l ; Codfisb .for axle by -1. Sr—E
, 17,1 Corp ni n.
181111.; brat of 1310:telied Sperm 810 Wil/liC Oil fox
kat! by 'J. lk E. Cornmip..
IDICKLING Vinfor for I.lle by J. & E. Corn
UGII2 lIotok; and New Orleans Mnlasfies of the
bebt quality for sale by J. 84Curiamun.•
OAF and Lump Sitgar. Tho subscribers have
received a large supply of Loaf. and Lump
Sugar; which they offer for sale, wholesokt or retail . ,
at retlttcvl prices.. J. St E. Coraman.
CI PERM thin , 'lles for Rale by J. & E. COTIIMIIII
Csirlible, Oct. 59,1841.
Just received at the store of ANDIttiV,
ARDS, a general assortment of
_Fall Sr; Winter Goods,
ennaistint . in . part of Wool and Cloth died
Blue, Invtaible Gram, Adalaitle, Olive antl.Green
a L'OZZ •
Black, Brown, Invisible Green, Olive, Diamond,
Beaver and Pilot Cloths ;, Black, Blob. Brown mixed
plain and figured Casidrzieres, new style.
Sattioett s of a ssorted - colors, fro in 50 cents to $2.00,
beaverteena, jell° cords, canton flannels,. red,_white,
yellow nn*" green flannelS:—ticks, and muslin*
64 nieriames,moslain-de-laine nod Saxon); cloth,
figured. nod , Plalri;• figortal,-plain, striped, barred
Jac onett and %swiss - muslins. Pawn, mouse; black,
blue black, slate, figured and plain silks.. Bouvet
silkss qttat 'ribbons, new, . Shawls, gloves,
hisicryand . Cloth nod fur enps Carpeting,.
hearthrug - c, floor oloth,liaizes, malblankets._
ed and white carpet yarn. Fresh Nlttokerel,togeth
er With n general nssortmbot of Queensware and
Groceries, .wl4ll will' be sold at moderate prices at
his store.
Cos lisle, October 20,1341.--If.
.• I
The sult%cri!ers have just received at the attire
room lately occupied by Mr. C. Foster, in North
Hanover street, Carlislo, a large and general assort -
tarot .of
~ ..e...W.a" . /11.(0 C. 9 Mi at ala a
a., ~,,
l cilillit."' Glass and
h i .
im.c,) .Q,ITE ENS WAR, E. •
which they ill! sell.oh the most liberal terms; They
.. .
Invite the public to call and examine. •
J. & E. - CORNMAN:
October 13,1811:
. .
alllornty' rut Law, -
Ilas removed his office to No. S, Ilgetem'ti Row
on the public sprn?, • .
Carlisle, Oct. 13;141. '
• Liyer Complaint Cured'. by the •
use of Dr. Ilarlich's Compound Strengthening and
Aperient Pills. Mr. William Richards, of ,Pitts
hurg, Pa., entirely, cured ;of tit , above, distressing
thseasi:7llfraymptomslye:m,.. at' tattilvieight-in-the
left side, loss ni appetite, y,Aih• • ng, acrideructations,
a 'distention of the stomtteh; sick hemlnelut, furred
tongue, countenance changed to a citren cotes, sliffi
cult./ of' breathing, disturbed rest, attended with a
cough, great debility, with other symptoms indicating
'great derangement ofthelunctionsot the liver. .Mr.
Richards bad, ihe advice .of several Physicians; but
received nivrollefi unti! - ,using . Dr: Harlich's - 1k11:d1;
onto, which.terminated. in effecting a perfect Ore. :.
tyPRINCIPALOPFICE;Iio. 11.9 NortkEigiiii)
.111i)uflylphia.,:iiltere , tootiamaials: maybe
For seen. sale - by lahn ••. Myers & Oci:',,OtirlieleTittid
,Wm. Penl,Shippeniburg,pn. , ' • ' ' 'dce,ls;',.'l
1 sliercliy given. thnt Letters of Admini strati op,
with the will Annexed; ou the , last wilt and tes
tament of. John' WilliamsOroe(e. of ,the eity..of
Charleston, State of 'South Carolina, deceased, were
issued on the 10th idtimo by the : Register of Cumr
berland pouitiy, Piv, to the subscriber, who resides
in Shippensburs in the'llord comity of Eutiiberlandr
liersons.hav mg'claims or demands agni fist the es.
tide ,eir,the'inlil ,decedent, are re.questedflo'ittalce
knoWit'theitsine Without delay,enti• those indebted
to Mokeqiiiiment • ';
- • ,
it" , „ ;RIF— tlM'r, With will 'amie,Ted:
Dec. 1,f,1841.-.41t:, • 4,.••• • •t - '• •• '
• . ~ • • ,
. ~ . . .
Yitte"Ole writ from th aci
e n: Ali t om VLl'iit tl
13...14, Pre';iiclesit Judge, of' the Ic2th Judicial
I.):htriet a l'oettsylv.atiin, hearing dete•ret Carlisle,
the 4aday or Deettinber :1, - 1).. 1841, ''' , •
... .._
.Vot hereby give
'duds Speci.d CourbvHl be hold by the said lion
Anson V.. Parsons, owl the , AssOchtte Judges of the
Conn dr Common Pleas oECtituberlitail•lionnty,,al•
the Court Ili use Ott the borough of Carlagle,com
mencing on Monday the t/let .of February, A. 11..
18 4 , 2 , to conlititte one weelt,jor the trial of to
causes depending in'the Coontuf Common Pleas of
Cumberland cititty,•iit he • lion, Samuel
!filbert'. Wait teoncernethis counsel C'one of 'the
parties, priori° his tippoinimentas PreSident.Judge
of the 9th Judicial Disuict-4said,.esttett being em
braced, within the neocisitins_ of the 49th:, section of
sin Act 61 the 'Genet•nl'Assembly . , mast:A.oe 14th
April, 834,relative to:the -oi•ganizatitin of Courts
of Justice. ••Of said Stmitial , Court, Jurorir and all
pinsons concerned, will bike' notice.
PAUL ' AMIN ,§hei.iff.
Siterifr'ii Office, •
Dec ...'29,1841
Carli Nor 10, 1341
MORE nEw GooDs.-:
entliat.,Sepi. ID, 1811.-713
..... ... .... . .
4 "' Tfi1:.'4A3'..,tii'ii*,;6:J.i.2.4.7z&,•,:i.,..:;ia,,i,
, • . -„ -•.' 4
'''.57•41 , 11 X••: - 7 . 1 .- • Irlr - Of'•-•)fr•
IleWis .
. . . „ •
fleve removed Itil.llo - intiieltitis Warehousg'reeently
occupied. by 1), Leech &C O, at theunrili-weitcorner
of Cherry andifroacrstreec Philatielphiii. • •
• Promille facilities %Odell - the location and internal
arrangement Of . this, depot afford, .130;_to 40 llurthen
Cars ean , he neemorriodated to unload andload.nt the
same thod4itli sufficient roam to 'Store 20,000 barrels
of Floor, and 400 to GOO ton of Grain exchisive of the
foovardiiii department. • ' . •
Prodime of every • deseriptiOn.rill he yeeeivefl
usual on CoirSignine'ntsiand I itieraradvances made ofi
receipt (if required)lintil sales are effeeted. s.
• t CRAIG, lIELLAS 'St Co.. •
Nartli-west corner of Cherry & Broild
' • Philadelphia:.
„ . .
ligirgiiENCES. • .
W. S. cobean. Cashier.,
H , •,.. •
entrersnn & ' Parkr,,
Henry Rhoads,. , 'F ig . 741114- 1
. ~.
Sanndertion & I.lnsgermon, f
Jecnb Swnrer,..A'broville.- . _ • ,
David ;Nteviti 2 •91iiepenthur,g:. •
• •
~. Lopit Smith, Esq. cath i er?
Eystc•r, Flniz & Co.
.C fiants6 , l-r.l6l . t ir g
obevi.Fleinimr,. ,
'Catherwond 84 is:nig . ,- ' phira , e „, h2a.
W &m. R. Th9mpsnnCC',
. ~7 .r
• .
-IV hifall & OrniVn o - . J ... '
llechaniesbui.g Line
Beltveen .111echanicsbarg and
Philadelphia or Baltimore.
[lir RAIL Roan OR CANAL]
THE subscribers grateful for past favors,
beg leaye to inform their friends and the public
generally, that they still continue to run a line or
hurtlien Cars regularly between. Mechanicsburg and
Philadelphia or Baltimore, by which goods and pro
duce oraildoheriptions will be forwarded with care
and despatch at the lowest rates pf freight„
Produce will be received at their Ware House,
in Mechanicsburg, and forwarded to either Phila
delphia or Baltimore,according to the direction of
the owner.
The highest price will be given for Wheat
and Flour.
N. B. Plaster of Paris and Salt always kept on
.liand,sind for sale at the lowest prices.
July 9, _ •
P. , -EVIEr. 7 .rdAZIZ:=II7 TatisS
- B lt E.
— cflifent $4 . 00,000 paid irt.7=lialster Perpetzt al;
CIONTINUE to make_lnsurance, Permanent and
qL" - ;) Limited, on cserydescrijtiOh or Property, in
TOWN AND COUNTRY, on the usual favorable
OFFICE, 163} Chesnut street, nears Fifth street.
Cti 01.1. ES N. BA:it's/ea, S %MULL GRANT,
l'llo3fAq I. WIT tftTON, GEO. W. Ittrumins,
' CHARLES G. BANCKER, Secretary.
0::)",The subscriber, Agent for the above Company
for the borough of Carlisle and vicinity,will prompt
ly attend to all applications for Insuratice. whether
made personally or by letter` " Residence Main street,
nearly opposite the Car Office. ,
March 31,1341 .---ly
Bar Iron, Glass, &c.
Just received at the New Store of the subwri hem,
4 Tons BA R IRON, of first vote quality, and
for sole very low 11w cr oh, per consignmem, SO half
-Boxes S by 10 and 10 half R o v e s 10 by 12
Western Glals,
in good order,for sale to Merchants at Pittsburg
prices, and Duncannon best
at Manufacturers prieeq, also, on hand Witherow's
Celebrated patent PLOUGHS, FLAY-SEED
by the gallon, or IS:trrel. OIL •MEAL, WAheri I
VANEERS, ed . c.
Carlisle, May 5, 1841.
"The suliscriber, thankful for past favors, hereby
notifies the public generalty. that lie still continues
at the old stand, early opposite the College Campus,
where he will at all times . hefound ready teal wil
ling to accommodate in the best 'possible manner,
those who may favor him with
.a call. The louse
is located in th'emost bUsiness part of the town, and
is near the stopping place of the Cars on the Rail
Road. The ROOMS are large and airy—the TA
BLE will be dipplied with thesery best the markets
emillirnish—and the 11A .R with thectudeest Liquors._
His charges are reasonable, and he will, endeavOr to
merit by assiduity and attention a continuance of pub
lic patronage.
RDERS taken by the week, month. nr year.
DROVERS and TRAVELERS fi ß d it to their '
interest to atop with him;ns he has plenty ofstabling,
and a careful OSTLER alwava at hand:
In the Court of Colinnon• Phai of Curn•
berland county.---NoveniberL . 2. 1841. .
Stales Woodburn, surviving Trustee of Satnoei
Caldwell; presented to the court nn aceount-of the
execution of Ins trust, and ltlonday the lath ifity of
January, A; 1)-1842, is appointed for its toollfilTo - 11,
tion and allowance by the court, if no.objections hu
made—of which alit peesuns • interested will take
Carlisle, Deo. 8,1841.-6 t.
' ..SITT9R.ArBY ,
Iligh - street*Tew: doors
• west ()film Yost Office:
• •
••Dental• Surgery. '-
WIRE SUBSCRIBER reiVeCtfulir tenders. lie
1. grateful acknowledgments to public for the
very liberal share of patronage' be has received dur
ing the past year, and would still - continue - to offer
them his pro.fiessional services in their various ,hran
dies at hie resilience, No: 7, Harper'i Row. He files,
cleanses, and plugs teeth, and inserts incorruptible
3AV:et-Mt ulktiracittlerttillihg.Lll9lBt...4.l!Brovfid
•mantier. Charges always moderate. . • .
J. c„, NEF,E, M. D.
•Carlisle, March lB4o.---tf • • • '
• _
. Dry Goods; at Cost.
The subscriber is now offering Ids entire.- stdek of
(tripods at:Cost foicash,-consisting in part of
' Cal SNMERE S.! C. 958 1 .-
: :NET.TB, at from 34 cp.: td $1,20.''
I,IERINOES from 25 aents,to $1,25. -
assortment of Thibet, Brochi,,
Merino !Hanky.,
Mons ale laines, Chintzes and Calicoes; a, variety"Of
'Ciiribrio . Edgings - St" InsOrtiogs."; .
Rho ,Cottpn Edgings and silk and cotton
Thule; Bonnet and Dress Silks, Cheni.attd•Vlaid
Bonnet and Necli. RibbonsiGloves and Hosiery' of
farious kinds., , ;:
,Decernbe 8, i841.' • ' '
.• tivder.lind
• , ,
Tea juot received ver!,aa 'OGlLet
01, :%i'. •~a`t'N:,~l:~:;~?ufiJt~l;:e•cl,.
Trtistee AcCoiltit.
.rt4tc*,.: tOoiiiiofi•Ot.'iiic.
• jA.ooji - Vitill)litV,No`rtit-fiannyer street, oppo
Aitet.:Oromons 3 tiot . el,ls4igent for the ialO,of Botha
ways' Patent ' . •
`Stotts „....
• •
Whip!' he Warrants to be 100 e7,.nt lietter.than Roy,
other. sioyolieretnfore known.
i:.;rariners;reVern isei•jiers and others are invited to
to those Stdves on trial; and if . they are not pleased
w ith 'the operotion of the, stoi,o, fir !litypr4:e, they may'
be; returned ' '
Sheet iron :Ind. CoPper.witre, which he ,aysll dispose
of dd rensonnble ternas. - •
Orders in Town and Country, for Hottee Spouting
or other work promptly attended to.. . ' •
Carlisle, Sept. 15, 1.841.—ty. . •
• • * "SV
... DR: S. L. - STEWART
'Thomsonian Bulimic Practitioner
of. lledicine anttObstetiic,.No.
2- Alexander's • Row, wear the
Rail Road Hotel, -
ESPECTFULf Y' informs friends And the
IX public generidW, timed( through solicitation) he
has removed from Shireinanstown to Carlisle, where
he may be found at all tiiiiesotaless professionally
engaged.. Tha afflicted shall at at all times be treat
ed with purely Vegetable Medicines ; ' No Pois Ons;"
and 'in strict 'accordance with' the principles laid.
down by that great reformer in medical science, Dr.
-Samuel Thomson.
. . .
Chronic cases, such as Consunipti °ME, Liver' Com
plaints, Dronsies, • Rhea mat istns, mid • Cancers;, are
more particularly inforMed that the New System is
admirably adapted to their •ittsbs. . . . .
Invalids from a distance. can be ncoommodated
with llnarding while under medical treatment, on
refisonable terms. 0 .
Carlisle, July 14, 1 841'..:--tf.
~ - • .
• • •
ouraEs t ,p6t3Dz, .
_ .
as these coMplainn3 are usually ciffisidered, no one
can deny pew heitigtbepost confiron cause of this'
falel'autplistreisaing , diseaW - lt•is'ipleett , a • rpehay- ,
"Pti"lirlar rigt**-00.971j'
v;ei-,v6 , -,tiiutliiiiara. •
treat Stich' complaintewillk the . greatest Indifference-,
and let them run bn for weeks lint! even months with
outthinking of the danger. • At first you have-what
yotrtuareonsider-a-slighfcough or-coldi-you:allosw_
si ness, eastire or carelessness tei,preventyou frOm
Loviifochliy::ittatioifilfi lie - if:Set
breast, you become Imerse,have pains in the side or-,
chest, expectorate large quantities , - of matter, per-
Imps mixed with hlnod, a difficulty of hivathingsa
sues, and:then you find your own foolish neglect lass •
brought on this distressing complaint. If then you
value flee - or health, - be. warned in,timeond-donte
trifle with your Coi:n, trust to any.quirck ttoetrum
to core you, but-immediately procure a bottle ort wo
of that" thmous remedv, the•" Illatenta or Wmn
CirERRY," which is well knowirte be the mnst speedy
cure: ever known, as diousauds-will--toestify whose
lives have been'saved by it.
n'Titi very partieulnr when you purchase . . nsk
there is also n SVRUP of 'this name in.use.. • •
P'repprett, wboleeald i encl retail, by Wg.t.rAm's lk
Co.,C,lteinists, No. '33 Scalar Fourth greet; Phila..
(le!tibia. •
Sold in Carlisle by
—Price One Dollar a Bottle.
. 0 October 20,1841.—1 y.
By the extraordinary virtues of that unrivalled
medicine,' the •" BALSAM OF WILLI) CHER
RY," the Well-known famous remedy 'for CON
Williannsyrg, Sept. 4,1841.
• To Dr. WISTAR-i:illear, sir, it gives me great
pleasiu•e'to s,iv, l have s -lottod meat relief from yqour•
fSulsant that I have to„send to you for more. • I have
Bnly used three bottles out of the.half dozen I per
chased, yet it ha's done me more good than all the
I medicine I have evertaken before. A neighbour of
i mine whose Wife was 'very low with Consumption,
' ersualled me to let him have some of it, and bought.
tree'bottles, which she lias' taken also. . I saw her
a' few days ego, and' she told mc•she believed it was
I the only thing that had saved her life. She had hi.:
l - every thing betm•e,but mottling did her any gond, '
and MIRA, she commenced taking it was sick in bed,
but, is now up, end
,looks better than I ever saw her ,
before. As for itivsellf
_am cure-me
entirely, for I feel better every duty. Send me six
bnttles more by:Ate - bearer, as my neighbor wawa
three,moce. .
. Tliey sincere friend,
-lier The genuine Stamm sold in Ctirliale
Price One Dollar a•Bolfle.
1841.-6 m - •
Read whirr it • has Done.
•,,* Anil if you have a friend, it'relaticin,'Or know . any
one that afflicted with that distressing dieease,
" CONSIU PION," persuade them without de
lay to - try that famous and- - unriveleil'medieine; the
":13ALS OF WILD has
cured drittsands of °di: comPlitint after every thing
else had failed. Read the following, uudeubted
proofs of its efficacy. :
' . Ro#nottovoit, Sept. 10 184 t.
DEAR &lir—Please send me two bottles more of
your Balsam:of Wild Cherry, like that you seurme
before. I have taken nearly sill of the first two, and
confidently believed thia.mediciim will cure rim.
have used a great many: remedies within the last
year, but have neverfound any thing thattuts relieved
me so, mucb. It, has stopped my cough entirely,
checked my night sweats, and I sleellilmtter at night
and l'eel better in every : may% than: I have for many.
months. ~:-NouraotettistAulkt; • '- •
•- • • 7.. JARESVEELY..
• , •:„ Ilomdmmunis, Sept. l 1841.
• Fniwin Witriart mutt again - trouble thee to
'send me two bottles more of thy invaluable Bulaam:
I havemOw taken three bottles in all, and can assure
thee.that it has donememoregood than all the med.:
eine I haVe &Cr - taken before. Send by the stage as,
sommurpOssible',Ml obligethY frien
" •' ).;;04,,,i,otomMixtowv.
Sept 8 , 1841, - •
-.PEAA.lll# . .c . ron; , ;rlletulng so many people talk:of
has 'mak e in Consumptitiro sent citU-onei' of .your.
A„, ,, ents.the other - day. tor a.bottle, and have fotind it
toliave relieved.nie so much, that I watt three hot..
more sent loon , believe it will cure •me too.. ,I
have used Jayne's Expentorant and twther'iniedicines
besides, but nothing has ever done me as much good
as yours has.. Send by the steamboat Boliver,
• ' " Ytittra . •. : lirzu.kt.3lTuoiLts.
-br.lesids its Mitonish . hig efficaky in aonsUtiip-'
tion,•it is alio the most eff ectualremedy evei discov
Sto. t as hundreds will testify: Who
have been . cured by it idler oil :other remedies had
. : • •'. •.; ;. • • • ;
LIRUGOISTS and Data f fdlgi will find thin me
addiima to.theriidock, and should
alwariceeii it on hand; atilt miknow-,
Jeflged tObe•one of the most Usliful fariiily medicine&
. .
11 - Be verrnarticulak•lo ask for.De, WISTAR'S
BALSA NV OF WILD KY. Sold wholesale
and retailky WILLIAIVIT & Co4CliemisteiNo. 33
South Fourth street Flinadophia.. , „. -
Itr7.11"11e Balehnrk•sold . in 'Car.:
.ed4g*.),nt.", ; • „ v.
,Priee:44 ;00"a Bottle.. .
.pot •
. ,
__.. _~~CFi:u„_
~.“'\l&,',f§.,,:.t; {€qu}.
.51 91A,.qumiiirrh;
F.. still boniltiucs to
cep ottlouid . ' '
if - nll deseriptiolia,oramii
ore alle. - - InniroVed
Itotitry Cooking Stoves so
tiiiiversotily pprovt(!; stove
im•niture; stoveliit)e Slid
~ eneral nssot•tment of Tin;
WM.* C . - - G: 18. O _ l'1T:
Still 996tiouesiliegaldtiet.MAing..6i illy 30,3
'where tic is now , emouititi:turinji, 26d iiitendskeer k ing
ou letudot great rariety '
loth as Si deboards;B ureauxiSeeretariea, Card; Pier,
and Breakfast-Tables,-Bedstends, of ilte
most failiionablelaa, all orwfiicli tieWittdispose
of on the mosrresisonable terms.—lie' is also
Ii Ii MI orders tbi.sPRING SEATED SOt'AS
and FANCY CHAIRS, warranted to be of superior
He, will also furnisl
COFFINS at the shcwie
lice; mul l haring ' recently procurer a NEw IJEAnsE,
he is prcpiu•i (1 to ,attend funerals in the'eountry.
Carlisle.; Maoist 4,484L-1y
rresh Medicines.
The subscriber limy recently received large addi
tional supplies Of '
Medicines, Colors, Dye-Stnfts,
Linseed: Oil, 'SA!. Tterpcntine, Copal
FUrnish, • Painters' Bi ashes; Garnish
!trashes . , Hair Brushes, Spermaceti Oil,
(very fine) Sperm Candles, Soaps in great
variety, Wass Lamps, Cap and Letter
Paper, Fruit, Spices, Perfumery, lke.
Which he-will sell to Physieiaos, Merchants
and others, WHOLESALE or by RETAIL, at
the lowest rates, haring purchased entirely
for cash;' he Will offer bargains to those
who wish to purchase' at wholesale.
• S." ELLIOTT.:•- ;
March 24, 1841.
Mew ll:ortlivare, Grocery, AI
m2E subscriber has just returned finm
the Cities of New York, Philadelphia and Bal
timore, and Is now opening at his store room S. E.
Corner of Market Square and Main Streets (for-.
merly oecupietl by Geo. W. Hither,) a general as-1
sortment of -,
to - rre7 Ware, . Cedar
Britannia iretre,,.Gro'ccries Oils,
Paints, .rarnishes. Glass,:drusle
es, Whips, Canes, Lamps for
burning Camphine Oi,
awl a great variety of artieles,useful and necessary
for furnishing and keeping n ftqnse.,_ He klialso, and
will constantly keep on nand
. • . ,
Camphilic Oil,
a cheap and elegant substitute for sperm oil, and
having beeo appointed the agent of Messrs. Backer's
and Brother of Newark N. J., for the sale of Jone's
Patent Lamps in this county,' he is prepared, to fur
nish Larripsand.OiLat a very. reasonable rateto all
Who . may-wisli . to use this new and economical light.
Having selected his
. goods • himself;and made hie
purclutaeafbr cash, he is able,and is determined' to
Belli; ow. , . •
, Those having the cash to lay ont will find itto their
advantage to give him a .por. - • • .
CBrlislp",July 8, 1840.--tf, • , ,
the.seasoli When thildestriactive complaintattackis
',your interesting little children, often robs you of
those you fondly dont tm,uniteurrieshindreds to the
grave; Every mother; stiould. the rAfore, know its'
symptoms, watch them closely, antl,,ntwoys. be pre .
pared with a remedy to 'cure it, att'`Miuiy, are daily
_sitorifieetihmneluSOßPl:44ll4:4l4l: lit 1 kit!?
is seized with a shivering,' it grows rest ells; has
"(lathes of .heat; the eyes - become red and swollen, it
breaths with ilifnuulty t tind then gomeli: that. fearful
Conon that will surely terminate, in convulsions or
-death - unless Something: is immediately given ; to
Check ft. In this tomplaint the " Balorina of Wild'
Cherill;'!,, is well known toile .the most speedy Cure
ever disc overed. It is indeed a
. preoious remedy—
Mild; safe and innocent; and sui‘e to give the little
Sufferer. iromeiliate;relief,and quickly restore . it to
Safety:Wild health'. .gainiliesre!Ading in the country
and indeed every mother who•lovei her
give it to them early, hyqtleriog -so you' May .loften
save. the life .of one you , tondly love. .Itenseitiber
thialpi'tlie'farrions remedy of this diatiguiShed php
'sioinb Or`. Wieder; :which • haii , Cured. thcinsatide of
c Rove.- ,W,HOOPINI :Col.lGtl,
CONSUM el.:10N; Bte A , fter every ' other , other , 'medicine,
has failed., , ' ..‘
,e-gartieular,:vheii - ieuiViireloise Silk for
otsr - _wurrAtt , s Eazi:su Or WILD CHERRY," us there
is a SvtiOr. of thisl:ame advertised that is eiitirelta
different. medicine. '
Prepared wily by I,l 7 4,Ltrana &Oa., Chemists, NO
33 South,Pourth etreeN.Phihidelphia,
&Actin Carlisle -by,: ; - '
- Price . One,Dallar a •Bol(le.
Oatobeqa, lam •
‘".: ..VTI.S.2PII •
S permanently located' in CaTliste, and.
peiform bjnAtioiajliat Carlisle,
required in
: Mentul
,•Sui.get4y, such its . :FilitlgiPkAgg,ing and Ex = .
teitotiag-Teeth, and- inserting A rtifinittl- Teeth, &tow
it-single to - 61.1140 a.alio I e set. ILA %fill also attend
nll diseases o f the mutat*, glints; &u., aid direct and
roguitde the first and second dentition so,as to rendei
Ole toetli of children nod young persont regular and
• -
' ll lt,-1.00:12E5 may at all iimes i befotind at hi aol - -
!lie, °a street,opposite Idaefaelant's Hotel.
Carlisle, June 23, 1841.—y. • . •
Diseases-01 the Eye.
• /4 , 4 ,1 -••
___ • •
Cat' (
ficitibrated Eye Water,. .."-'
For' the cure of 'Weak. Watery, or mood Shot Eyes,
Uteent. Ilumouro, and Inflamation of the Eye-lids,
DihniotsoSighti-E.4.. •
Person- Unlject to any of these oupleasaiitAisor
ilers, a 41 l ntl Hui' the most effectual remedy in use,'
as it seldom fulls to remmc any of ththc affections
by a fe'w applications, withiatitke least inconvenience
or pain. Those who are woo - fired witha DIMNESS
OF SIGHT will atdd Mid it - valuable -rernedyloi
strengtheninw the eyes,imiwoving the sight, nail pre
'Yeutiii.,' the ovine st iaturrises from straining them.
It willalso be found particularly mien; as a wash for
the, eyei of young children, to remove 'inhumation,
And subdue the Humours to which they are so liable.
71.friCe 511:. Cent s Bottle willtfrll dircc
tipiji. for
•Sold iii Curlisli~ )~,y
. -, S .' ELLIOTT.
A priP2B, 841.---ly • .
Family Jetta-Bilious Pills.
These valtiable trills arc very gentle in their %tern
thins causing neither pain, griping nor any nauseous
sick:twig..'l'licy ex - eeetli ugly cunt rort - and .siretigthee
the stomach and bowels, and clettria.r ^ the sight hear
ink nod Cacmary or ageil persona , by •carrying off
pith:gills, watery -pumice, pit:(3:111- gros.i,atta.thick
,lopes Iraq the, stomach . hoW6IS - Mar brood ; - .01.1
e 'lel": illonto4 l l,*rf."trotso .. .14,"
loom - 41'6.04W'
anti tvcir i iiiiii
Thi‘nietlioiiieft also no infttlillile cute for fever and
ague. •••
__Davi" es Panacia
I_ - _ - _rilrilicCUlre-OLP51:11811111
. 0 . 011 4 111 seased . wind-pips,
ulcerated sore throat, lungs liveirenroplarnti
I night sweats, flushes of beat, burning in theatomaelt
tightness across the chest, pains in the breast and
side,inward cancers, piles, sore eyes,sore legs, ulcers
of-every description, swellings, Shetimatismv• thev
stop_the,spitting_oLbliinfLand heal the part affected.
•The Pamaceii.Blood pills are.prepareds:_tpressly for
the strengthening of every part of the system and
healing altulcirs and sores, purifying. and removing
all haul humors from the blood, which is often Wrought
on from tan much sitting or standing; or' by—expo
sure lioin sudden heat to .cold. Weakly debilitated
persons are tistrticidary advised to use them;as they
strengtheitthe !Jody in a superior manner; they itre
not hotaded to operate on the bowels so much as on
the blood, al too muck pu rgira . g will'destriv any weak
ly constitution , anal has carried off its thousands to n
world unknown to us. Take the advice'of one who
studies to save life and not to kill; weakly nod debili
tated persons should not purge more thntr once a year
as it often times, brings on oostivetiess.
'Stafford county, Va. Sept.. 7, 1840.
Dear Sirl-1 wr ate to'let you know that the Lord
lies done great things for me, whereof I am glad.—
When I saw you in Fredericksburg, I think I said
I had been aflicted with. a very acid (sour) stomach,
mid subject to a violent pain in my heath for more than
twenty yeah, for which I took rhubarb and soda three
or four times every day for this many years, with
little or no refs', and my legs and ankles were so
much swelled that 1 was onable,at times, to attend SO
me business. lint since sou mauls me a present of
box of yoan• Family Pills I have taken one or two
' of -them at 'night in going to bedoind now my acid
stomach isrelieved, the swelling ii, my legs lies nesr , .
ly disappeared, and I do not think that I have been
hindered one day, with the. ;min in my lle,lal since.l
began to lake your valuable medicine: I think the
Lord direchid you to Fredericksburg, to ildnliniSter,
to my relief. (Blessed lie his holy name,l ani greatly
relieved:) . here is !king in. my neighborhood a
poor old woman who had been - sick a long time and
"could get no relief, at length I purchased n box of
your pills and gave them to her, after a white I saw
Ler out and about her business, and she said Ana the
one box had cured her. I have spread the fame of
your valuable medicine amongst my acquaintances,
and maim have purchased. Now, as it - respeits my
my friends tell me when I go to town, diat they
have lint seen me look so wellfor many years, and If
say to will tell you'the secret why; a Short
time agol met with it Du „Davies in town, and hegave
me a box of pills,tind they have tn•ule me look as
you now see , me.' And now, my friend, I hope thit
the Lord Will continue to he, and make you
useful to your fellow-creatu•es,ns he has hitherto
done. ' I remain respect,
- • Cuantr.s Magee,
Seveial Females bate he6n cured of the flitting of
the, womb, by taking very small doses at intervals.
-Ilailie:sTertyydugust_l 1,1840. , Read the follotvine.
D. War. DAva.s.—Dear Sirv--15am happy to in- •
form you and the public, thigt I have been cured of 'ROBERT WHARTON, -Esq., lite Mayor of
that dreadful disease the Rheumatism, by takingyour Philadelphia, has certified, as may he seen below, to t
Family Pills. lave been Wieling uguler that glis- the high character of the following gentleragna • •
ease for more than a year, during Which time I tried The undersigned do hereby certify that-w& ba t e _
the- sk ill of ilie best pllysielan-w idiom elfcct; ! sit length-, uked the flitlntof Colifigibia discovered by .J ..Old- •
I was ilohleed to try your . ' medicine; I found relief I ridge, and have found it highly serviceable not only
nileelnking half a bOX, t I continued to take. them until gas a . preventise againittlie falling off ofbair,b'ut also
i had taken five boxes; ravage is 71 ..i eara,and Icon- ' a certain restorative. . • • p•-•
Bigler that none bid' the old 'and rheumatic perms • WM. THATCHER ;senior,
know how grateful I. feel to the medicine. that has Methodist Minister in St. George charge':
restored tne to heath.
N 0.86 North Fiftlr st •
-` - Yours. respectfiiliyA •- -- joilw ME. • JOHN P. INGLIS,33I Arch (st. •'• • -
WE, the" undersigneglone agents at Harper's Ferry ; • • •J.OHN D.' THOMAS, M. D.' 163 Rate at. •
for the sale of.D.r. Davies' Family Pills, we know I JOHN S. FUREY, 101 Spructidst.
. Ourneighbour t lltr.Dyei sold
-him the.pilla of- whiehl• -': HUGH ..MoCURDY, 20 South 7th at. '
lie speaks so highly, awl beliegie his' statement to be ! , .- JOHN YARD,jr.,-123‘Arolitit f ' ' .'
substaneally trite.
'' 1 The aged, and th'ose who persiat in wearing wi gs,
- '
I • 'tßespectfully, W. &S. B. AttnEnsort. . • may not alwayi experience its rest o rative qualit ies,
yet it will certainly raise itavirtues in the . estimation Mrs. C. 'Burton, near Locust street, was diseased'
or seven years with a lump in the left side; bumps
all'over , liprskiii pains around thesmall of her back' of the publie,•when it is known! that three Of 'the a-
bove,signers are more than 50. years of age, ando e
running into her stomach, which prevented her (to. others not less than 30.
use her oWn words,) from eatingone particle of meatrt : [From' the afayor.]" .' L ,. - 7 .'
the first dose 1
removed, the lump, and twe b vies 'set. i ,!. 2. Cordsloa.twr•tlaw or .Pawearzwilvia.,2
'her at liberty . , . City of Philadelphia. ~, .
1 • I was severely 'diseased with. the blind piles for ' .1, ROBERT WHARTON, Mayor of laid eitiof
twenty months, and prostrated ti•orn-the loss of blood; Philadelphia, do. hereby certify . that Fain - weir Re.
and one and a halt boxes of Datitrafaridly Pills bee tpuiinted with M essrs. J.' P, Ingliti,John S.-Furey;
made an entire curie of me., , • ._:--:.- f•• J. Joints.ox.• .'• and targli McCurdy, whose namesare signed tithe
' Washington; D. C., May 7,164 t. •, _ . above, certiffeate; that they are gentlemen of charge.
Manufactured and sold' wholesale; and retail; at ter. and respeetabilitY, and as such full credit shouid .
No. 265 South third street Philadelphia; and by Mr. be given to the said certificate.. . ] r •. •
ette•GretwrCarlisleagetierakagentler-Cumberlaritt_.:i4w.witness whereoertliaseliereunto,set•triarba---,-
county Penna. , ' . • • ' ' -
,I ri .: . • , 5. ., - and caused the se4of the city to beltillixed
Also, for , sale by- W. &T. 'Loudon, Kingstown ; i" . J the sixth day •of. Decemher,,lke. -- -'t • • '
Eel:els StFireovid,Hoguestowu, M. G. Rupp, Shire- I‘• ••.' • . .ROIIRT WHARTON, Maier,
manitown„J. Logigueeker, Woemleyshurg;.l - I.llren- I tt
_ • • •- .•. • . . ,
eetnah, NeW Cumberland; Stephen Culhertson,Sliip- ®THE
pensburgi ' Win. Barr, Newville ; - ;James' Leehy, 'HAIR.—Its positive qualitietare is fol.
Newburg ; Henry Lelia, Mechanicsburg ; Josiah I owat . t
flood, iiringfieldt•JoillillP9d iStenhstowni ' '•''l Ist. Voeefant's kat-ping (belied freelkoni scurf
. pop rer s ons wishing to become agents in the v i lla- . - and enining.aluxiiitient growth of hair. "' ! r--
geeTn which the pills arc not.sald in Cumberland ,2ii For ladies-nfter child-birth, restoriAtbe,skin '
county, will'be supplied with theni•by calling on Mr.' to its usual ' strehgth and firmness ; and preventingthe
..JohnsGray, Carlisle; Pa., Who ; is enipoitered • toup- falling out of this hair. ,
point agents,' ; Fatuity pills to these who .purchase • 3d. For any ii,e,iiiiic - qc - oefiiii - feciiii - lkiirdelPitY --''--
to sell again Will be chai:ged $2 per.glozen Faith.* tbe-same effect is ' produied. • • - ' '' ' :-.4 '''' . ,
8 . 2'q5 to sell on oommission; and thePanacca'Blood 3 , • 4th, If used in infancy - till a geed grovvthituttarted •
,pillitat 44-esish,-itie $t 50 'on.'eamiliisaicia,' -Retail it may belireserved by attention to the latest period
prieefit • faraily,pills.2s!ets per box; ,Panacea blood ,of life. •'• . i. t. -.- • -5 • 5••:' 5 , . • ,
- olls 50 cents per. box. Full glirections for:Using I sth. Ittreea the bead from dandruff., aire,ngthens
hein neenielninfeitch box.' •" ' - ''''• . f the roots, i mriitts health and vigor to the cir c ulation
. Carlisle; Sept : 1:50841.-=-0m. '...Ne --- I and - preventalhe hair from cbanglngeoleter-getting
. ,•','
, ..
6th. It Camels. the :hair 'to curl beautifully, *thee
done•up in it - over night: -I • . • • • ---•\-
11;Ir''No ladies' toilet should 'eper e.made without it.
• . 7th;Ohildren'who have hy_itny means contracted , ,
!`teemin in•the head. are immediately and , perfectly •
cured ef thin:GAY. its use.' It IC infkllible._,••.- - ;• !
•'-'F',Or sale et the .drug store tir Coixtitnik,4t ..00,4
iFletilueestreetwear-Pearliand-ins-Carli a le - bYSIe '
'reason & Hinkle. .- .:. -
,rElee.l6 - 1840:—In •
. .. _ .
, . .
Carpets! * •-• .: •
IngrairriVenition,lininp;no Cotton qtrpetrtnir,
jurpo,epfell and for sale vnty low by. ,'..
Doo,lsil£l4L CLIO. .014ILBY.•
Suet roomed 20 bozos-RA.IS IqB,'nnl Rik ale by,
he box only._ 2;C/lAS. DARKITZ•' .
Llcibember 15;1141., . •
• ../1/,'lo FICTION.... • -
Whig extraordinary clieraiaul composition, the re..
suit ot ecienuatid the inventionof a celebrated med...
icul iitaiiiithe. introduction of which to. ,the public
Was invested‘With the solemnity 'Of a -, .deich-bed be
questi-,has'aince--kained- repotaii on- unparalleled.
fully, a ttain' g,the 'correctness of the I iiniented 'De,
.Grlitlley's lest confeasion;., that-!'he dareenot die
without giVing posterity the benefit' of his knewt
edge-600,4 asdiject," and he therefurajientieatlied
to hit; friend and 'intendant; Solonion Hay.B,tlie secret
of hit • it is'nane . ‘:.•• •• —,
u gedin.the'prinpipal hospitals; and the
private practice, in, cinr pountry;firat an 'Toot Oct.
tainly. for; the Cure of the-APILES, atidnlen tenterie•
1.? and...effectually. aato'baflle Orednlity,unless here
':its'efFecti are witnessed .. ';xterniali,y . follow'''
lug complainti: :•:- , • •
at once. ..Drop.sp.,4-Creating extraordipairalnarption
. •
Swellings---Reducing :them In a fei r hau rs.ltheumutlsm .Acute •
,or •Chrinile;:.olging quick
Sore Throat---Ey.eanners. ulcers, or colds-
Croup iind'A Vlipoiiing-Ccitigh-- 7 Externally. and
over the chest. • :,'.
All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns -;.-Cured in a few
hours.' • .
Soresand Hicers---Whetiler fresh or longstand e
ingond fever sores: . •
'• lits,Ope - ration upon ruhilteand children in reducing
Phenol:lqm swellings, Mid loosening iboughsand tight
ness ofthe chest by relit:cation of the parts; has been
surprising; beyond conception. ' The coMmon re
mark of those'who hive used it in the Pfles,is"lt
acts like charm." - • .
THE I ?ILES: 4 --Theprhie, ,is refunded to any
person who will use a bottle of,-/Inys' . Liniment for
the Piles. rind returrilhe empty bottle witliombeing,
cured. These are the positive orders of tbe prnprie- -
tor to the agents,nnd out of many thousand's sold,nbt
one has been unsuccessful. • •
We might insert 'certificates to any length, bull
Prefer that those; who sell the article, should exhibit
t he original .to pnrchnsers.
• , 7o Physicians and P . -
The Blind Piles, said to be-incurable b f external
applications.--.4olomori trays . warrants the contrail.
Ilia Liniment will cure Blind Piles. Pacts:are mote
. stuhborn than theories. lie solicits all respectable
physicians to try it upon their
,patients. It . will do .
them 110 hartn„atui•it is - known that everrphysician
Who has.had the honesty to make the trial, has can.
dilly admitted-that it has succeeded in eiery case •
they have known, Then why not use it?, It ;sae
:recipe of one of theirlitost respectable tnei4ers, now
deceased. Why. refuse - to use it ? Because it is sold
as a proprictaCy.metlicine ? Is thin .a auf4eient ,
cuse.for suffiling their heneit pstientS.lfo :
dis ess T. „WeAlsinklit,,:.;Pi;philms-sltall"±he,eart=l.
!1•" 01/1)*44*W140,;.•,.
Anrit , A4istilfirOti;"
inn . ?"lftliet,• hefore';.let' thein alter all •
otiter - preseriptions fail. Physicianscare respectfully..
retPietsted to do themsel yes and patients the justice to '
use this article. It shall be token frein the bottles
and done up as their prescription ifthey desire.
Sold by Comitock & Co. Wholes*. •Broggists,_.
. For sale also by STEVENSON . &
DINICLE, Dprliele, Pa.. •
0 - 11:NIS -- , •
There is ii Cone ease - oi : Peveri trit:thonstted;'hur
may beetles malty broken up and removed .. by the
use ofthis P lisle.. It removesplii acidity indigestion ,
bilious ma and constipation from the stomach _
and bowels. It operates gently and efictuully on.
the bowels, and powerfully out the.Riducii_and_skin.
It removes alfunpleasant feclingsaftera hem tv meal, _
and - promotes a good aPpelite. It needs only.a.ti to I
to give perfect satisfaction:" I thaa become a genera I
practice With matiy to use this article in all cotes of
colds, pains in the bones, or heavy disagreeable feel
ing, tendering to headache or chilliness, For hoarse- -
ness, if taken through the day, it completely rester t s
the voice .without producing sickness. Whooping
cough, and aliVehighrof children are cured by it.—
The stomach is kept imperfect order by it, one it i a
quit° impossible that any dim*, should commence
while a person is using this Syrup.
cCy' If taken daily itproduees a rudy, healthy, and
young appearance, by driving off all the. hiimors of
the system. Sold genuine at 2 Pletcher street, one
door below Pearl streef,N. Y. by Comstock & Co.,
and by all respectable Druggists.
For sale also by STEVENSON dt.DIN
KLIE, Carlisle,. Pa.
Balm, of . Columbia.
Britista Cofisurs'o 4 §Ftei
• • Philadelphia. .
yr NOW ALL PERSONS to whom' these web
' ll l cuts shall-come, that 1, GILISEUT ItouEnTsozi..
Esq. hii Britanie Majesty's Consul for the City o f
Philadelphia, do hereby certify, That Robert Whar
ton, Esq., who attests to the foregoing Certificates, is
Mayor of tho• City of Philadelphia; and that Mat
thew Randalli Esq., irProthotiotary of the Court u
Common Pleas for the city and county : of Philadel
phia, to botb whose signitures, With tbeSeals of their
respective offices, full faith and credit is due.
I further certici, that I am' personally'acquainted
with Joseph L. liiglis,one of the signers of the certi
ficates hereunto affixed, which expresses the 'efficacy
of the Elam of Columbia, ard that.lie is a person o t
great respectability, and worthy of fall faith and cre
dit; and that I have heard hini express his untinalifi
ed approbation-of the effects orate said Balm of Co -
lumbia, in reenring his hair.
Given under m, hand and seal of office, at the city
of Philadelphia, in the Stito•of Penntylvania, the
United Slit* of America..