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„1101{,Atip': , ,,8z.'XPOSIT.OR . .
i• heXuallorland County
Temperance Society will ke - figt
lTin {h
Ist Presbyterian Church, on FRIDAY
NEXT, ne4,.o'Clock , P. M.. for the 'pur,
pose'of electing officers for the ensuing
year, and choosing „delegateslo• the State
Temfierance Convention. The'Report of
the Executive Committee will also be laid
before Ole Society. S. :ELLIOTT,
. •
Sec. Cumb. Co. Tenip. So.
10 1 " The news by the steamship Colum
bia, which - arrived at Boston on yesterday
week, , is of no importance to our readers.
firi'VFe had written half a page of fools
--nap-onTtlioTeubjecrof-a-series 'of - pnblie lec
tnresin our .borough; when we received
the' , Corn niunication of "'Caiiisle."
_giVe place:to it with the hippo that iis truths_
will not be disregarded.
-Our correspondent alludes to thelectures
which .were. delivered in the Equal Rights
Saloon "two or three years ago." Who
that :heard them' derived from . them no
. ,
.. mental improvement ?.. . 0 '
- We have a number of professional and
. literary .gentlemen who, if asked to . lecture, .
mthesitaiingly. yield to the , call. Let
r - -- ue have them_ out.
10:7•We hai , e•heen fornished,with the
-..". Catalogue of Officers and Students 'of
Dickinson. `College" • for 1841-42, from
whixh, ii appears that theretare in 'College
one hundred• and,thirty students, including
the students Of the Law School attached to
the lostituthiny which - tfierti - " , atitiltie.
- The of the drammar School
• number fifty-eight. -
licrlVlren we _wrote last week_ about
Mesmerism, it was our intention •to recur
_i'sgain-to-thersu f bjec . t.---F-e-havehii‘iever, -
been. favored with a communication on this
shallow' imposture. which we chierfolly
insert; inasmuch as its atithor, who is in
__:_finitely-beuer-qualified. for _a-discussion Of
'this topic than we, has. laid bare the im
pudentfrinds.of the "corps magnetique"
in a way which we think will prevent these
itinerant cheats from ever again attempting
to gull the people of Carlisle.
Our correspondent is a gentleman whose
leientinc acquirements -are unquestioned,
-a►d who, like every other true philosopher,
neither condemnb^•aor applauds a new the
ory because it is new, but investigates for
...himself. We invite attention. to his pro
From the Frederick Herald we learn_that
requisitions were "made
. Upon the officers
of the Frederick County Bank for'their at
tendance at New York in'the case of Mr.
Justice Wiley'on. Mondaylast. We are
glad of .itA ! . Justice has been .slow,..riow
let her be sure. •
ler The Washington. Correspondent of
the lournal of Commerce writes that Gen.
Gaines has been arrested for coming to
head quarters withouforders. •
of • the.tritish Parliament, .alluding in de
bate to the French nation, gravely rethark
ed th t at they "were the most troublesome'
people in •the world, and that they .would
never be at peace until they were ,en
" However pa
of tho honest Hi
. will. apply.. with
ions of certain edi
ting every nerve to
t; each. tiis. favorite
:ncy. It seems as
be at p ence unless
, fare;-and, although
ifore•we .shall be
P resident, - we al
nave in :the• rfieid an liost for that
Jr. , 'Yale : Miran, Clay; Tyler, Stewart,
ate, Buchanan, Johnson, .Benton. and
.undty of the lesser lights "too 'numerous
to mention," 'are now•in training toelhe
political jockey, course: • •
' We . '4aye studiously xeriained from press
ing upon our readers, the claims's:id pre-
• bernian
, much ft
tors Wb
bring bt
— I though .
- ogageti
O V,
tentipmf:of any:of these gentlemen; not be-
fauSsld not willingly support et
• least onset them, but for the reason.that
we hay.B :thought, and think . still ! that the
agitation' of this questiorr ld -premature.
When thaproper lints to ieleci a %up can
-_--di~ac~;~hell'hagesrrived~we shah-then-bold
iiiiidnieguiviiaillyexpress our preferepee
for the , distinguished 'individual who is our j
choice. , If bovveverOte should not obtain
a ncoutatkon, weoball support the gond
' nee of the Whig National .COneendOn.end
shall use every tneaitsin OUJE power to pro;
mote elet,tion, But, for the present,
Obeli urge-the claim s 'Of no moOl-beJlev
.infp•tliat it. is now -impolitic to agitate:the
question, of "t4i SueOession."glohp 'l4
, ,
.. ,
=hope yet inore than three yeers fa serie, and
_ , .
-we big7e hi m ± #! or hetterifor woise." 'When
Ite,Piireimii a 'mei # o o4''Of -Comalnda
lion, we shell Pldiud" ilim, and, wi!e'rhis
measures do not come op-* our nigioai 91
what is right, we shall be•amongst the first
to censure him.
In this early agitaiimi of-the Presiden
tial question, some men areitn . tuatsit by tile,
vain . desire of. Awingciinsidered
wicks," or :Mashie - at:m . 4am' and . (Anis
hope, in thetvent . of their favorite succeed
rave a friend at court, and thus 'se-,
cure to themselves a
, small portion e
"spoils." • Either motive is unworthy, and
wo trust, that no Whig will be. guilty of
advocating the claim of any men, merely
benause he hopes to acquire office and in
fluence. We go .for the Whig, party: .°
- • For th e Herald & Expodlor
Mn. EntrOrt'; , ..--The writer of this arti
cle was, present at two public and two pri
vate exhibitions of - the.corps .magnetique,
whiCh recently visited our borough,,under
the command of one Mr. lOhnson, chief
magnetizer. - ' i; was well - known tit
new " philosophy,:fAlsely so' called,"
litte:Lbecti-I counienanced/by -, Men--:Whotte. ,
learning gave .; authority , to., their opinionS,
1 and-whoseintegrity-placed-Ahern-above-thOv
suspicion of french. the writer resolved to
avail himself of the opportunity_ to investi
gate the subject for himself, and to aittisfy
himself whether or not such men as Presi
dent Wayland until:of., StOne had been the
dupes ,or imposture; It . is very easy to
prowl - mice a matters a 'truth or a humbug
by a hap-haiard assertion, and the man
who thus juMps.achis conclusions, is gen
erally wiser 'in his loWn• eyes than seven
men who _" suspend judgment" till they
can - 7 - rendera-reasow.-----Nhen-eitravagant
pretensions are
~z set, up, '. the - wise. man
doubts but I.lareti not say it is impossible.
He knows that many things, which unthink
ing men, to show their superior sagacity,
have pondeinned, at sight or. without sight, -
as humbugs, have afterwards turned out to
be realities. „Commencing .his investiga,
lions in this spirit, the, writer has been forced
,so,the;powhision. - that thgt.-.'strhibitions in,
•anitnal,MagnetiiM,,iiihnion - and.
his Companions, were 11 - Emil, imposition
upon the public. . , - . _
Mr. Johnson's,. subjects were the boy
Frederick, and rite girl . Harriet. ', The
•odas operandi is this—Haffiet sits id a
bra - -chair _before . her, taker; her thuMbs in
his hands, and "gazes ivith__a_fixed_.',
tense expression into her eyes. After a
feiv minutes he -makes passes with his
hands - from'. the. head to_ the hinds of the
subjectoill - stelalls - inlo apparent sleep ;
and when - his hands attract hers, as a mug
net_attr'acts iron, the process is complete.
The subject, being ready _ for expriment,
the 'magnetizer now- declarea r let. Theta
sympathy in- sensation - now - exists between
him and the sleeper, by whichAmpressiona
made upon.hi%'ilenses are ctuninUtrieated to
hers; but-that lie is lop* insensible to
all: impressions mat - .K.7 upon' her organs'
of sensation, in apfother way: - 2nd. That
she is, obedient to his will, and wherever -
he may he placed, he can by a mere voli
tion, with Out, word or'sign, : make hir lift
an arm ; rise upon
,her feet, and perform
'any other act . which the audience may re
quest in,writiOg. - 3tl. That by a few pass
es he can put her in the same sympathetic
and mental Communication. 'with another,
which she has with himself; so that she
may be carried mentally to any place how
ever remote,, and will describe objects
which are at the time before the mind of
her conduCtor. .
These declarations so far transcend what
we know by tip - erience . of the poivers Of
the human mind, that no' reflecting man
would Admit them unless they were sup
ported by the • strongest proofs in , the ab
sence of all circumstances which could
taint them with the suspicion of fraud.—
The celebrated... argument of Hume, erre
neously applied to another 'subject, *mild
hold in the present case.- • It is more in ac
cordance with our. experience that men
should attempt to deceive us by falsehood
And fraud, than that events should happen
epntrart to _the established constitution Of
nature. • )re may therefore fairly 'assert, at
the outset, that there-is a strong presump
tion- against'the truth of these declarations.
.Again, we remark that a
,single failure
in the experiments made to prove these ex
traordinary mental states, is - primer' facie
evidence of imposition. If the 'eubjeet'is
obedient to the.volitions of the magnetiier,
she ought to-obey-in-all-- cases; 'unless - a
satisfactory explanation of the disobedience
can be given: So if she sees what lie
looks upon, she ought to describe the ob-
ject accurately and without mistake ; and
if she• can . be carried mentally to distant
.placesi she ought to .be able to ;give a clear
and-definete uccountiof thew was oh-
vious to all oheervertr, that both Harriet and
Frederick made repeated failures in all
these thruelaises of experiments. We
will mentioW,illeW un'ller.ench
let. 'Qbedienieto:4he will of the
Harriet obeyed him when he
willed her to lift' en arm, but' disobeyed
When required to Much her loreheetl.With
her hind. , She obeyed him hy rising , on
'her feet. but when he willed her to sit down
again, 'she walked along the floor. When
required to raise the right arm shera . ised
the lerc h and when she.ought to have raised
hiithrlogethir; she 'raised the left - first.--•
Frederick could - nbt be made - to-Opeti:bie
mouth, nor to touch his ear with .his hand,
loir to lift his f00t... _
I ttl. B,yminnheriefensafirm: — The es
criplidn of articles !vas never specifie. - but
always 't*itui(*OCgt‘lterOl.', Nothing was
named:: The shape waif/or:08k or round-
Fgh ; ' and ; : IN) , cOtor# whitish q gaikisk
whitioh,was_conetrued to 111 0 4.1.i:1y c o l o r
from snow white
,to 'brOwnish grey ; and
61clakfirk eve,ry, color; red', not excepted;
from brownish. grey to jet black. • With
such - latitude in eonittruction; the :mleeper
,tie:Bifinewliatiduli-bh not to_ beiiglic r
lah' i - half' he trials. , Ii as, obs erved,,
also; that the descriptions were 4eldom
given without' Ennui!, urging, and '
the lineation in, several different.. forms, till
the sleep-wa)tereotouinenlito to the proper
answer &OM the questions`.. themsolvel;
When -the- sleekwaker was
answers were' so' that Pabotlibat
magnetizerths' cquhrgoiiitiiibend 001.-
. - '
• "
... . ~._
.. , . . .
J(ihnftia was - pinCliedylidently•oethe-arm. moved - her erme-foofor-mati Without:AP -
Fraeriek,-;:madanO.:: Okitiatt: r •;:ta . : - . What . tiCulty.,; ,Itad , then stieimaddnyolttotat'y con
hurt` .yeit„ - Eriderielc't:' - '4l*..t itoit!;.:, fib irectititf oftliantusciea„ta.bring, ',it iiaeit,to
.thciii . , : ;*:Vhy
.? 'MC. Q. liti. - Plaetc ,:.WitilesheiWite liiilding,heintia,
Where:::diii . it • hur t :: :. • Ane.-Tit',,A .41
ui:i horizontally; in what•johesen-eilled,apar.:
tnit...-I:bp..,doliimitiiii.repOrteitthet alytic !a(cat.,•: she, was; seen . to
they;eittitidOef , , tell :Whether :be . Jaid ear, thumb , wh ich had been . ressing against the
aritiiiee . C . *,' hand. • ,:Johnson, though end 'Other fore Anger,,,,to the end Other'
eeierat4aidit distant, uoile . otaiiidliqpi s eiN .iniddle , fir ' ' • , Singul -aralv '. that!'
dieleet'ititte6tinkerked.'.tliathe tioi4gll%.ihe .. ,:: 416;' "
toplikkvainft7Nov - boy-Aie-- -hei
peafPricisely.What'Yea''said, befeW . f . .::lt, ma
hark trik arm.! 1. saye . :Fred.;, ancithe go o d- ,whL Ape
natured audience were.aatished.,:..,Whenn untarily., ' ~ • . , •
..,, ~ -:- ~ ,•,.,... 2 , _..
bottle,. containing a snake , preserved ,hi ' toth. , '-' . IVhen
. JOhnriow l :tyarr;.rierfortripig:
alcohol, was held -behind, iiiM, - Fred, his experiments with,the:will t ehe : .tpened
-it •wes-? - ilongish; end. roundish and con- her head towards hint . io iteohleniiiiimir . ',4B
tained - black' water; that's all." He evi- to look out from und er ilittlotie-biridoge
~,tniateolt' it . for a 'bottle of ink...- and see.:him . .. ',Johnson,:hed.'heep required .
Johnson' held a-
. pair •of • spectacles: -Q. in 'writing-to. make her-xiaeAut: her feethy•
Fred what do I hold. in my, hand ? Ana. volition - . Before she tuned, her head, she
.4 long 'round thing: Q. What is it nsed hesitated and,seemed at. a loss what - to do;
for ? 'Ans. To walk - with l . 'Tho , boy ii after she looked atiiim,,she'gredaally sc oop-
Irish, and it is saitiyou must alwayslet an ;forward and rose : op.;i: lohnson i wpoSition
Irishman_apeak_twice._AeCordingly-owihe-was-aboutten - fect - ta:ttr leftiTtind- - a - few
second trial, the •sPietadles were a thiugto ' feet Oack - frikm . .-hcp,iclitiir..4ltoy one Will
use—tahold , over'-the head-toAcep,
__the: Jiaii - -italiiikerchOati
oelioNhie eyes, he
r'nen -- efft --- irlie'third - *tine; the . itiectielei will that-hyibrowirig.:lXtek iihr--head
were' to war
.'an:thi: headto see with. and turning it; as shadid, - ,44*ten 'ape ony -
Vo gliet - right - inic - Cr - iiiihree 'times- is • not ~ objeir in - theriiorif.n It. Wes *.ratmiferit - that
remarkably sharp guessin&L s - The Yankees:. the bandage was . pot over her eyes' to en
can beat thatwitliont - thelilMp . of magnet.; ; - able hex to open them unperceived by the
ism. ' • Johnson, tasted , sugar. Frederick , spectators. -- • • ... • : ••- '. ' -
didn"l like *that—sickish—unpleasant—l Bth. Three slight dischargar Of electric
thee s all. When told to describe a WatCli,•! Po , . from a Leyden jar were passed through
he failed utterly ; and on being-informed it'
,' her, each of which caused her to start like.
was a watch he could not tell-the time.— 'a, person awake. ,She• was afterwards
Harriet said water tasted sickish—unplea- 'placed upon an instil - Sting stand, and elec
&ad—don't like - it: Vinegar tasted sour- Inci sparks drawn from her arm, chin,-lips
ish .tadish ;(a itit,) - but being immediate-' ar.d pose. 'She started at every spark but
ly tried again, it :was sweetish.- When: was too Well, trained to - makaanoutery.—
- asked-the-time-a-watchi-shasaid A
it_was n tho_preparation_for_the_s_e_e_xperiments_
; fifteen minutes past eight. It was exact- : and during their performance, 'she became
ly eight. Harriet Was generally niuer k, eiceasively agitated; and dolinson,-exhihit
more cute titan-Fred., - . • • ling unequivocal signs of alarm, proceeded
. 34: CVmmunication. Mr.... Johnson put to• wake-her forthwith! .
.. .• '
- Harriet in magnetic communioition - with a- 1 ••. These •are the reasonseWhich haie-indu
nother.- - She Was taken mentally to a • ced the writer to pronounce the mesmerie
tent part of the country, and told todescribe shimber a deception, bad the whole series,
a hou - se.. „SeveraLenswers were..wrong..,- of exhibitionsinade by• Johnson and his '
She taid .. he;
the Of . the. house was - dark . --'sePi4ce: l 4 . in inqi*iiiim) :on' the cOntmunifY
s iihttlie.color.OlthesWindawblindi,liiht , Tthome4*ai feigned; his hiabeenfairly .
iiht,'tinti thieeltimilietliv ed . in R.' The ''prOved;, it•Watild „he no difficult teak: to ix
house is white;.;-the window blindsi'greetit' plain the successful experiments; however
and two families hire in it. Q. Do _you , nuinerena they rilighthe; by some mode of
see any Old people initt Ans. 0/dish.--=l-intelligenee,lor-systein-ofeollusion arranged
Q. •Is any one sick there? Ana. Some; and agreed on between ::the 'parties: - Ai a
-onez:who4ms-beert-sicki-l'he - se -- werolimief-piece-of-00/erif,.lt9i AncOmparribly. -- in=
iiiiiiiialY - lire - a ii i vie ii: . - There are very I ferior to any thing the haveever seenond
fe.w houses in which there are Mat - persona !deserves to be hissed for-its - awkwardness.
who might be called oldish . ; and still few_ The greatest, not that the opera
'?r in which there is - not seine person who. ter? succeed so often in their experfinents,
has been sick: The firs t. .0 ng_ . Fred , . at. they..faii ao. often.-
was exhibited, Johnson 4 . as `requested - to - •; -- ••.. • • • '••' -- ' DETECTOR.
put a gentleman of the audience in - coinum,
nication with him". After manipulating
a long time with . tweditierent 'gentlemen,
the boy persistedin, refusing •to answer
them. :Some incredulous persons thought,
it Wei. too.early in the course for the ope
rator to run the hazard of a failure,•„ by
which- the imposture could be. detected.
''Three days afterwards the boy was made
to answer a third person, in' a. priVatelek.
arninatiOn, •but when he, took hint into his
parlor, only one answer -. could be ex
torted from him, before be-fell into so pro
fetind a plumber. that he would ne longer
answer . either .his conductor or Johnson;
' and it became necessary to wake him !
Now, we say•that these .nutnerons fail
nope of Which were explainedby the
magnetizee are . prima facie evidence - of
imposture. Brit there . are other circum- '
stanceito strengthen the proof. • The mag
netizer asserts that the subject sees, tastes;
smells, and feels what' •he .sees, tastes,,
smells and feels. _ Why then can she not
/sea t he hears? He . hears a pistol'
tired il e room, and why does not she
sympathize with him in that sensation, as '
1 2
well as in others? . Mr. Johnson, declines
to explain that: Again: as there is mental
communication . bejween them, and as he
knows th e names of things, why does not
she know them also? And if she is Obedient
to his. Will, and knows• the names ()fittings,
why does he not her to otter them?. .
Agaiti: he assertsthat - the'presence of a
, magnet in the 'pocket of any one of the
spectators will throw Harriet into' convul
sions; and he explained her agitation nn the
first evening by supposing a magnet Was
near. Diving Harriet's private examina
tion, a large and powerful .compound.mag
net, consisting of one hundred and seventy
magnetic bars inclosed in a box, was hung
;upon her arm; without:producing' the slight
eat agitation.,,lticitb.she-and-Johnson-sup ,--
posed it was an ordinary weight to test the
rigidity of .her 'inn. Again:
could not be prevailed on to submit 'to the
magnetic influence in the same room with
an electrical Machine; nor even in-another
room till he heil'received a promise'that he I
should '_
not he eleatrified._Tet_it ia.preten--
del th at' he id totally insensible to 811 iin
. pressians except •through Johnson!
nally on this punt; if the "magnetic state is
real, why,did not Johnson magnetize some
One with whom we sem aconainted,' and in
.whom we could • place confidence/ With
evident reluctance he made two' privale -, ePl
forts, hoth of whieh were unsuccessful:-;--
Huring . the - fiirs'ilays'he was liere,'-he mag
oetized„nobody .but . his Irainc d' hirdinga4
tikhOvo n
. thus - fee. confined ourselves to•
what'May' be .. considered indirect proofs
that the imeamerie .sluMber" of Johnson's
subjects:Was.feignedr and we ore prepared
to sustain the propnaition with div &proofs.
. .
.Ist. When, ammonia was adddebly,op.
plied to. the nostrils of Frederiek,' he, jerk-.
1417back1rier i- inytal;:rad - tenteltirfirell - 7C - ora: -
ouirly fronvids eyes. hie, private
aminetion, 'Whett - hirr'pretended:ideep -be t
eatite*,firrifimnd that lie
. ptittld 'Wit hear .
hia:magnetizet,, his lips..Werii'alosed to pre
irant;his breathing hie month,- and'
the .bottle of ammonia was held • to hie net=
irilg'tillhe'wascompell'ed,to inhale it. He
agaln:hrked.•st wig hie, head, itud'i torrent
Of:o . 4tc(faltfrorp)iirt'ayee...
2il '.When the'.:ktelf.elotted:eyes,o(Oar.; .. .
riet;•diarilig:thatimeirinlitlanei'wera:deOlar T
c+4 by-Johnson to .befixedi . a,.mettirai: 400 1
of the; eyeAbills and, lids
her *me, 'lmtleistAld,.qht.m ade, it
effort'to resist 'the force, applied While' .
!he'"ether.extierinieeio4o - jiiirOgres° l thi
tioutelea'_Of s, her:air*:,beilarrte,eo. relaxed Asc.',
trtight''' .
go) '4IS 11-- of •
0 lr
rrN • .4 ,
]. • "r'
For the geritld & Expositor
11 . .efilWCS. •
. Carlisle is; probably, the only large town
in Pennsylvania,-itt - whielrlectures of.some
kind are not delivered. Nearly all_ the in
land towns in this State,•liave Lectures-de
livered regularly - rpm' week to week. We
-see by the-pacers. that • this, is the rase in
.West tThester, and many others.
And yet, Carlisle. whielt,is,equarni.mosi
of these in population...and inferior to none
in point - of intelligence. stiller - it
,the wittier
with its lonpevenings to, pass unimproved.
What •can be the reason • of. this? •in
our opinion, it is owing to nothing else
than the indifference of its citizens. It
surely cannot, be the .result of ignorance,
for we have always 'had . the reputation' of
'being, at least, equally intelligent: with our
neighbors. We . certainly must know, as
well' as they, the value of every means of
impravement ; and as lectures are one of
the most popular, - as well as usefutiModes
in communicating instruction, it seems
strange that we ltave almost 'entirely tie-.
glected them.. In Philadelphia, they are
delivered nearly every evening, and to very
large audiences. The . subjects are various
-and diversified, One lecturer will call the
attention of his hearers tasome distinguish
ed character or:event in history;
. another
will dwell on some branch of Bterature.;.
While a third will be' found imparting valu
able information, on soute.departruerit Of
,fine or useful Arts.
...No one can pre=
tend to compute the amount of instruction
thus afforded,' fhe time spent in thcirat
tendence, would otherwise, moat, probably,
be passed—either in indolence, or in some
way Which ,benefits neitheethe', head nor the
heart. • As an "iimoceni,:tvay 'therefore of
tp'enclitig qur ti
dolt - initfarteti,'• we ehoit
have leeturos . delivered in Ottrlisle. Gen
tlemen, no danbt, might
,kesitY be found,
who-would gladly - tOce 4uiiVAlr ! _op r iortuni 7
ty of benefiting theii`felloW. citizens.
Sides the Professors id the Coltele, those
engaged in the different learned professions,
constitute a'AutTielefii supply. far-the
. .
atime tiro or three., yea.rif , ,Airo. we were ,
so (ortimate as to
.0 lets lectures de.
livered AU the Eiftfal " Al
thmigh the weYer huge, and
though considerable interest,, was manifest
ed tit the • time, for some unaccountable rea
ion_ they have nera' heeUresumed.
It is not too lute to begin - thrt work.
We shall have at leffst (litee months of
long eveningi4. The dire'Ctiita:ot the pont
oon) Schools might easily bti_iiithieed to of
the use of Folucatimi Hall for this pur
pose: As" . wo said men ' can be
01"41 who will 1)4 willitlh'to lecture. .'We
would, therefore. resperifullY, but earnest
ly urge our 'fellow. citizens to take this
Matter in hand. Carlisle known through - -
I out . tho State for the excellence, of her
Com Mon Schools. Probably in-no district
does the system work more admirably than
lierey let wititit then to;behind neighbors
iii:availingourselves of bilieinotins of i
provement in our power. Let us liaie.lec.
tures on such, siihignisT r at erelong! f o t er o et .
ing and useful. 'l'l47 . 'rill althea - a' means
of, spending nurtime.*filiiring the lopg win
ter eveningel-thq_willitiltiroy e rbur minds;,
and if 'ii . rolittrry Oiroeted. rkr*xert a meet
wholeaoroo iotitenee on Our lives , ondtenn
duct; -We presitit this iilbjeet, WOOS 'On
oiderition of .ont tolg4Ottr4 o :lilein'
particular..WeAtivite to it - the aCtentiooof
the :Directors ' thik-ediniiinb<Seli4.lB;
they:ProbablY;ira,Pbasessed oreateeti:
to carry ibe felinme into eirenti;`a . :
RLISM. ;'t
FROM --W ASH I N crro N.
. . , .
Wvitittto . Tosi,.DeC.l.4.,,:lB4l;
Congress` having',,Made-provisiOn 'for The
holidays: by 0. - Aii . Orateiit,:Sa.',lllodiiy, i .
the 'city MP : pte4.4.tiuOi;tl6' novelty or' itP.,
`largo., foe The. feW"dalitfl . o..Come,
ilin„weathet.,ivstermy an d : . the city wears
a . megrim aspect; ;It has 'been raining for
the lasi eighl.boure,- with occasional snow
and, hail; justfininigh the latter; mingled
wit t•teTit)htmteipltere,-to_,ntakott:neces.
saty for one 'meet cautiously
,to .
keep right side .
Congress, you will see by your reports,
brought nothing ,tb - pass yesterday, - bnt
and ThOse, for the most OM,.
spoken in the•worai . style imaginable, All!
'the debate which, was • had ; was upon'ttfe
proposition to iefeta certaldportiewof the
President's. Message .(that. relating' . . to the
Tariff) to the'COMmitiee on .Maitefactures.
Mr. Atherton, a little nobody froni ..New
Hampshire,' who _betterideserves-The-nam e
of dough face thairanr man I, have Oen in
Congrees,. was' the.. first to commence:the
discussiant — It wad continued by Mr. they-
:wilds, of continued . to 'ley '
many ridiculouothingsin
cite the laughter of the _many' who heard.'
hint, . and closed . by Mr.. Arnold,.
,of Tennesiee, who was .especially out of
tein per with. the Administration and "Cap
tain 'Tyler." - Mr. 'Arnold opened his bat ;
teries upon the' ' Piesident at the extra see=
sinn of Congress.' I have heard many hard
and personal attaCks. made in' Congress,
but Mr. Arnold,. in his or_to-day, has
"excelled theM 'all. He is a man obviouely
with a sounder heart.than head., His feel
ings run riot, and in the excess ofrhis
To such an extent was this feeling display
ed to-day,that the members were convulsed
with laughter, and yet there was nothing
,more to laugh at,.than the ravings of one
man, expressed the strongest and most
offensive language, .over the obnoxious acts
as they were considered, of another.
Mr. Weller,: elf Ohio, hasaha floorloe,,
Vonday, TlC:iareti.Windras an inflatedlial;.:
.lion,' anti -.Wilt elven , like e. porpoise.. .;
• In . the Senate a. debate may- be expected
next week upon the Report and Bill of the
Secretary of the 'Preastiry, for the establish
ment of - a Fiscal Agency. As in .the House
of,,Representatithese --documents' wilt
lee, who will report a 1 Bill incoroorating'
the scheme of the .Cabinet. Upon' this
question of reference, •Mr. Buchanan has
already intimated his intention
tag the Senate:..
Not one of the Locolitho party as yet,
you observe, takes_bielt_what_Mr..
Benton.said at the commencement_ of the
session, upon .the - subject of that part of .
the. Tresidenes - message 'whiChrelniedto
the Cori:ropy scheme, the outline of_which
was given in the ineisage.
,No one of the
,party, in Congress, has spoken of the Re
port and Bill-;-hut the Globe, either not en
cautious; or disposed to 'take the lead,
ters similWmaia,.as a cue for the action
of dose wl.o are accustomed tti take their
cuefigin this quarter.
. .
The scheme, as I have said already, from
the indications I have had, will grow in fa
vor wide the Whigs until in the end, it is
quite peobable,'it will be adopted.
From the National Intelligences of the 21st inst.
The /111111.113111, Treastury.lteport
as•we expeCted, sent to both Houses.
.Congress yesterday. It passed so ra
pidly i n to the hands of the printers to
Congress that. we had only time to cast a
tramsient glance over it, with a view to its
prominent points.
The state of the Treasury is of course
the sante' as it was represented to be,in the
President's Message to Congress; that is
to say, there an estimated deficien
cy in the Treasury on the let of January
next, requiring iinhaeOiate provisibn to
Meet it, of 8627,559; which -- deficiency is
caused by the e failure. to obtain the necee
sary amount of the Twelve MillioOs Lo an ,
in consequence• of the shortness of the time
which it had to run. • Mr. Secretary Ew
ing, the reader may recollect, when he
asked for the loan to relieve .the. Treasury
from incumbrances left by the late Admin-
istration, recininnentled ,that it should be
'authorized fnr a term of eight years; but,
in timing . the Loan Bill, Congress limited
.the term to three years, too.short a term to
inviteitivestment'of - .funds in. it by capita
lists. This deficiency the Secretary re
commends shall be provided for by imme:
dike authority being issue Trea
sury Notes to the required amount. .
For the next ye r`(1842) the Receipts
into'the .Treasnry (excluding the proceeds
of sales of Public Lands)• estimated
-sl9.2oll,ooo—irom which. be deduct;
ed $627,569, the estimated defietency 'at
the end oldie present
. year: .. The Expen-.
diturew for the year; including.:the amount
necessary to redeem:semi millions of out
standing Treasury. Notes,: are fatimated at
$32,791;010; leaving_ to he- provided for;
on a9count of the :expenditures of: 1842,
the.estiMated sum,of $14,218;570.'
_ .
To ins et this defiCiencY in .the 'revenue
for 1842; the ° Secretary recommends to
Congress to authorize an extension Of the
term of kllfilvlrtiP4 Of the Twelve' Million
Loan not yet. taken. and are-issue of. the
Tree:milli' Notes heretofore authorized
latv.AntountinittO'five of dollars;
the balance of the deficit in ,the ways am!
arta, t o gather with_two..millions• of did:
liars (a surplus diemed',neeetalary:to be in
the „Treasury to ,meet...emersenetca id,the
public eervice,) supplied` frool imposts
upon Built toreigo articles : imported ..joto,re.
United..-etatee ""aa, tuaybe., selectOlsitit'
due reganktpa.rigid reettletiOni:htupotiht,;''
to the actUell:ttanteef.thtiOntierk .... nent. and
a proper
This is the otithiteitir; , t,het'Utidiet.ti,it
ie. iiioittainiy 'orid . r eleterly•etited'
into'ao,orgoloopxrirmi tlke.kiaciplas*hieh
.iptaittle . govern 'the inlitiatment . eflha''Td.
riff to the niantis'of ilidtGinterninent'of
.we shall not,a;faiOo4:brailatiOiL:
•, , fyl u ih anxiety if felt et ,Tireshingtort. to
li,o9y,v_ihe.cutireemliteb will be, pFeeed
Nt .01i140.01q the
TistiNstlar Alte• 16th `by Ate ~ ,1204. John
/leek, Gebitdr. Myzna,to MissivlßCL• OSWALT,
60111 of Erankford, township.,• • ,
•, •
'On tbetiaine day. kithe satite,Mr. DAvIDSCoIIcIi•
to Miss SAl4ol.l.4uece,bothefFrankford township . :
/Milne same day, by the s ame., Mr. pima Oxen
cuiatist; to Miss Soup,
,Brenr,a,, both of West
rennsboto'townshi•• -• • • - •
.. , Ott the 14thinse. by the Rev: OtAiti Witt, Sven..
.11110.311,:Esq:i iof .Coltunbia, Pa.;. to;.Miss.•Mau'r,
daughter of,Mr. Wllliatti Brooks, of this county..
r-On Thursday_lsist by the.,Rev.Attritnil,
Mr. tllarnitaw,'SicEliett,to,Misi ELizinwrg fit.atott,
all of, Westpe'neisboro' township.
•t the 2Sd intd. b . 7 the' Rev: John Ulrich, Mr;
dome Pam'. o Westpennsbnioug townshi ~ to
Miss Jittz STpliS Nurthmidilleton towns up.
/On the sonic ila'y; by_ the. mne, SASIUZI.
Evezts, to Miss ELIZADETU Low, all of York co.
..:Onthe Spine ilayi by the mine, Mr. SAISISML, MA
Middleton township. • ' • • •
. . D IE D,
.0n the 14th inst., in New York, Mrs. iltrititt're4
'M: Wife 'or Mr-Thomas Oliver. formerly., of this
Borough, in the Stith year of her age. ' •
( Conintiourcited.] •
~llt Lie residence-in-West -Pennsbaroi township, iii
the 4filk year of his age, Mr. PS.TEK DUCt. .• •
By this bereavement-the church has been deprifed- ,
of a member, hiathmily-or alhintl- husband anti an.
offer:dim - tide and indulgent father; and a large circle
- or iridativee; of inie - Whii ecilipletl4-Onist prominent
plate iii their Salfeetion4.., Affable In' Ananners
and obliging in his disposition.. the. deceased was
highli,esteemedhy his neighbors and nequaintancea.
Sustaining :thigh repiitation. for_ honesty and lutegri._
ty, he secured the confidence Of his:fellow citizens.
his family, relatives and the cotnlnunity.
hare been deprived of one whose memory cannot be
easily obliterated._
Though a disease of peculiarly unmanageable and
Audi character, had taken bold of his mortal frame,
yet it was not anticipated that it would so ' speedily
terminate his earthly existence. This circumstance
rendered his death extremely distressing Olds
taut relativea, who'coultrnot vo^and take their
finaLlettire of him, before the angel of destruction
had performed his work. , - •
How true, the sentiment, " in the midst of life
we are iu death."' And,hOW soleinn and totpressiee_
the - ailitioniiitut of the Snvioor, "Niittch,for in such
an houras ye. think not the Son - of man will come."
A A;arti.
In behalf of the delegation Or the, Dickinson Col
lege Temperance Society, we tender to the inhabit
ants of Mechanicsburg our grateful acknowledg
ment for the kind reception and attentions given vs
at the Temperance Meeting in that plaCe on Satu
day last. - .
- • • *_ 'LOVEJOY; Chit.
• • • : • - 4
Diukinium Citolip;e, °tic. 18,
17rOTICE. •
-A Temperance meeting held in the Rev:
Mr. Citmmine. Chnrch, Dickinson township, on tile
evening of Thurstlay, January 6th: The Rev. Mt%
-,sprole—will l -:addrese -the- meeting - in - lichalf of the
imtberland - roimty - TemperancelSotiew: - 7 -
- ' .. • - M. CALDW4LLTChif.. ----
Deteritber 29, 1841..-
• _ TOWN . MEETING. -•' -
A meeting of the citizens of Carlisle will be lick
'Court' Motile , -Cien
lug, sit 7 o'clock, P. M., to consider-the subject of
IsiNting Snatell Orates:
By order of Cour.cil:" - • .....
December 47 x. 1 24t.
To the Afflicted.
Those who are,suffet ing, from various diseases in
cident to the human funnily, would do well to pro
cure Dr. Ilarlich's Compound Strengthening and
German Apperient Pills, which aro so pre-emir-
°Lily recommended for Dyspepsia, Li , t;r.Compliiiiiis,
Pains in the Side, flack and ilteast, Nervous Affiv
tion.s, llcad Aclie,nntlati the diseases of the Stomach
and . be obtaiiieil giatis;
which contain full and - explic. , t directions for using.
The render is referred to several very interestiin
certificate's of cures-in another column of thpi paper.
which may he relied upon, as' they ore taken from ,
the original. . • . • .
Principal office 19 Northh Eigfit street, Phiadel•
phis. -
For sale nt the Drug Storeof J. J.,,,Myers & Co:
Carlisle, arid Wm. Peal Shippenstiirg.. Dee... 29
'1 Stray Ball. •
Came to the premises of the sob
ca 7-7 7 .; eib in South Middleton town
O. ship, about one mile east of Paper
, BC er •
Sae( town about the 27th of August last
• ,A Black 'Maley
supposed to be about two years old. Ills markaare
a piece. off each ear. The owner-is reqUeitedlo
come lorWaril;prove rtropeity, pay charges and take
him away, or he will be ditposeil or according. to
December 29, I Bil.-r3t."
in all cases pending , in the Common .Pleas, for
' the.two weeks of court in January next, are hereby
notified not to attend at that time; but the uttendeace
of the GRAND Juaoas and. the Psarics and Wrr
?tram in all cams in the • Quarter Sessions will be
This notice is given in consequence . of the indis
position of Judge llaruunu, and the opinion of his
Physicians that it will he impracticable. for him to
hold a court in January. •
, GEO. SANDERSSIN,Proth'y. •
Carlisle, Dc0..29, •
p, Y iirtue nf a writ from the Dom Ausote V. PAL.
BONS, Preaident Judge of the 12th Judicial
istviCt of Tem:vine's, hearing date at Carlisle,
thu 4th day of December A. D. 1841, '
-.Votive is hereby given
tkatirSpecial Court will by held by,the said limo
Anson_V Psirsoitscandlhe Assoilate.JilOkks Of the
Court of-Ciminion•Plens til)CuMberland county.'at
the Court Muse in the borough of Carlisle,- com
mencing on' Monday the 21ist of February; A-. 1).
1844, to continue , One weekTfor the trial Of certain
causes depending ilitlio.Court or Common of
Ciindievlani& - eotinty; in which . the Hon. 'Samuel.
Hepburn' was concerned as conn - set for one of the
partied; prior to his appoititrnent4.fresident Judge
of the 9th Judicial District . -'-said'-enuses• being em
braced within the provisions of the '39th; section of
in Act of the General Assembly, passed dot 14th
,April, 1834, relative to the , isigniiization• of Courts
of Justice. Of said Special Court i -jurnii and all
persons concerned, will take notice. . • .
PAUL- 51 A ItTIN. Sheriff • • •
.Slieriff's Office,
Persona wt ,lang to'. purchusc elicap + Jr ru.dipo c are
tz il lur 4 essissubAcri her - Curli ale, w bend
iigusifies of all drscriptionsomd:Sulti
at Our put!lishers prices tree of prone., - -
J'or Sale as a6oeit • . - •
. •,
GnAltem's 11Ingwaines,.. -Lady's Dookt • -•
Ladies' Cornea ion,' in,Atiagazine, •
Nople).*Libraryp , , Young People's Book.
lAdtes`Aniarenth.. Knickerbocker
• Neir-Fowler on MairtmOny;
Bickneli'sUounterfeit !Brother Jonathan. ' -
Deteettir, • .' Nsw World.
,Boston NOtion._ • • • Vol verse) Yankee Nation,
wiitkiyilerald• Public Ledger. '.`
Daily Chronicle,- - - Spirit'of tbe Timrt s , .•• York Daily ,liersld • •
Tragedy of the Sess. Life in a "Whsle...ol#P, , and a
"Alutantekt far
bseriptions..reeeivtid- for
iwbljiwt[mtsof OW day. •f• , I. •
N. Thi'Matumotlt Dratliee.fouvis - Up_ arid Neit.
WOrld; will itex,,ibia for eikkilak the " Orst,
laWre 10', • • • • okntt foe
. . :• . cr:
r- o.
-, ~.. .•
Splealiglid•lAalllekies.toilo „..
• JAtitIARY,-1842: - : •
.. Viegjiia,Nitiinniiirst ift tottotr: - •
(floss A, fol. • 1842.—T0 be .iliiiim at Aleiandri4.
~. • ~ . ' Va. ou-Saturtlaydanifry 1, 1842.. , . ,':
' ' "011 AND /301001 E. ''''• ''' '• - -
1 prize of : .. .
.$25,000 •6 , Prizoil of 1 , '. : , ..$ B6O .
.I .do of. . ~ 43,00.0 'lO .do. or, . ,60 :
1 do of ' :4,001) •.20 do ...of . SW' '
I do .of '•• • : ;3,000 .20 do 'of '. 400 •
1 'do of • 2,224 20 'do of ..300
10 prizes of •. ' 1,000; 70 do of ~' 200
Ist ((pawn atimber .sls', 20.. draivo toirelieVsl3;
-. do do $11; 4th do do $lO, and lowest prize $B,
Tieketailell-4101ve 8 s,... ; :.Quarters $2.
CertilicatessfFife s kiViiiieltieicetsfl
D. . . _day' SO He r.• .00 .55 ~
. Do.
..% , .': ;.dis .... , gagicarter do '•
~ .27 gl.
• • 5a0.4100.41 5 . 060
blatokA2. for 1842. toliedritstii at•Alohlndylii i Ya., „„,
• • oil Satfrdiv , Itininifw 8 , 1842.
j mike Of $30,000; 1 of $13,0001 I of $6.000; 1 of
$5,000;„1_or 4,028; of $9;0:10; tof 42,300; 1
• .of 02,000; 25 of $1,000; 93 of 4500; 28 of , -,
• , $300; 200 of $230 ke.
---75.nothbers•H 3-drawn - bail Ms." •
Ttekeis only . slo—Halvt4ss.. 7 4oarters $2 sfi
pAirtilJest:teoiiit , paalcages of 13 who'd tieketi $l3O -
, • , •do 2fi loklf ao 65
I.lo' " do , "26 garter do - Sd SO
Moligaiii tcittety,
'cioss 8.. for 1842. -To Le drawn at Ale:xondria,, VI/
• on Saturday, January 15, 1842.
. .
1 prize of -$35,294 .50 prizes of $1,009
1 • do of 10,000 -50 do of 400
1 do of I
4,00050 do of SOO
1 do of Ifi O 3 I .132 do or 200.
Tickets slo—Halvett ss—zQuarters $2,50.
Certificates of packages Of 2604 hole tickets $l3O
Do. ' 10 26 Itnie , do 65
Do. - do .26 (pewter • 112 50
• ,11 . 4 • . ..,
irginia Wellsburo• Lottery •
. r" • •
-_. • Class A, for 1842. • . . - -
To be drawn at • Alezrodria,:Va„_on_ Saturday, tile_ • .
1, -.2 2 d0f January, 1842. '.• ' , ~-
1 prize of ' $30,000 .. i. priise of . • : $1,363;
1. do of lO,OOO 10 . prites of -, :.1,30i1 '-'
l (10 .of ' ' ..5,0013 10' . do- of !" '1,200
I -do of.- .- : :'... 4,1100 , .. 10 ~ ...J. V . of; ..-',„.4,v00_,,,-..., ;
t.,.: O,W 2:,. . '-. .: 4 , 900 J.lO Rio ';'of
.' . : 600 '.-..'
I' . ,tlO of. ' -' '_';,2,100
_lO '-do 'of; • ' 0
, -,..' .
'1..: do: of'. - '. • .-1,800 - . 10 - do ''of . 40d
IsCdrawa flanker $l6; 2d driw.n number .$l5; 9d
• drawn number . $l4; 4th trimwii number $l3, sth -- - - ,
or 6th drawn number sl2,lowest Intim $10:
. _
Tickets only slo—*Halves s3—Quarters $2 90-.----
Certificates-of-Paelages of - 25 - Wbole l ttletiisT3o -7---
Do - do 294 alyes.„---do--452—:------
Virginia teesburg Lottery,
• CIAO R, for 1N42.
ro-be. drawn titAlemintlrin l'iwon - SatarePy.,
• - - January, lab.. •
1 _prize of--,,„..540,000 - • prizes of 4E4,050
I• do of 15,000 2O do 'of .. 1,200
' 1 do of _ 7,000 50 .do of l,OOO
-1 -do of 5, f fICt 60r — : 500
_6 d0...0f • 2,000'1 fa - .ctr . • 200
Tieltell4lo---ftalve, $5-Z4likarters $2 50,
Certilicatekof packages of 26 wiinle ti ckets $l4O
' do • do 25 half do iJ •
do • • do • 25 quarter do . SS
F.,. 'Picket* and Shares or, Certificate* of Pack..
agee In the alv96r 5n1r.,1,10 Lot teries,—ruld MSS • •
. •^• _ J. G
•• • • • Wasldeutnit City a). C.. ".
Drawln;msent irotnetliateky alter they sreover to
oil who order as At:rte.. - •
. .
A4N01.1) lrrt•e .received at
leir new store,nn 11.4: , p1y of
to which they 'tithe Ale. attention of the radio.
Grent bartains ill!' fie kite!).
Shippensburg, lice. 8,1841.-4 t.
Just received from auctimi 100 pairlaVern Slip.
era; 7$ pair Women'''. Patm_i leattier lined and lured
over. allots; 50 pair Mena' do Ad do do; '25 pair
Women'a.rnoroecu.ilu, weltw; and for Prile by
December 15,1141..
New New Goods!.
chippiNcirm, ¢z CA.lttrr-‘...
SR/rep:A SfillliG, have just rveristll at thiAr
old stand, near the mad, fin the eaStern cities;
an rxteftsive ussortMont of
Fall A' Whack Goods,
of the most. Etsbionable style, which the- vitro thttcr.; -
milted to Atll at prii-es to suit the thavit. Persons
desirous of purchasing goods are 'most earnest!y de
sired to ;ire thin w e:411. titr,pios may be etpected.
December o'2. 1811.
Diamond, 'Seaver; rind Pilot LYolhs—
osr and fir vale at red(rred prices by
Shippdnex.rt;;;Dec. Sf 9, 1841. •
-. . .
111 cs
_iro — RINDE - S•" Frenc h, German and Siiir
lira .Muriel. iatiet.jast twatved as exteasi'va atatartnitit
at the. ttOtt.of ' ' ' '
• - , r7 , ° - CLTPPINGER, Is CAREY. ''
'''SOppentilitim i k,a.,i'ill, 1341,, ,•• . r •
of to Teryx e?s j er; •just rreetred at t r Gore of
SltlppensbOrg, Deo. 22. 1841 - •
VIIEIIEAS,the !lon. &snort. Hsritottx, Pre.
* *Went Judge of the Court of Ccrutuon Ilene
hi the 4th District, compoied oft4e counties of Cuni.
herland, Perry 'and Juniata; and the Hem Joatts
Stuart and Jo/is ,folevre, Judges of the said Cciat of
Common Pleas of the county of Cumberland; libse.
tsiued ,their 'precept, beoritovilate-theigth - dty
;Nbrotaber, 184Gand to me directed, for holding a
Cour_toldver auel•Ternsioec.and
. General Ja.11.1.!c.
aucraenersl.Quakrtet,Sesaroita 'Of the Tette,
at Carl the • . -
. .
• &emu: - .llauflay if January, 1842: -
(ti r ti, g the loth glitz )fit ten o'clock . io the revel - 4,0p t
tahlerehy to' the oroaer,:„Tostieett
th e lieuee , and Conataidekof the said , enufity of earn. ,
. they e then' and tlicre'fii their Tr( t r
persons, with . t heir,: retools,' Otarni I a.
tions renietnitrocesi to;:do• those
whieli to their offices trapretfully apperta!ti. Alit
those veho'arn bound bv. reeognitance-to proSearte
ow,tfnat tho.prisopera tl4!i arc , * or teen vita, be, Li (bc
Jail of Cumberland nairitty; to be then and there :to
promiontiitigiiiiittlie,to lihall •
Dated, it Qarlialeoalla 1,11 Al. Of ;Pert tnber, 1711,
,thr, Of • fit t platiettintlii•ee:
• ,P A ar..:tl
- . .
The tinder:lived, the ,noditor, t syl go l t v d t k y
Cowl - of coming!, plc.. hi' 001fi l ui . o)eintic - 10
Lino, F,ent a: itticititn4(if eine ,11.- jmiln..
I m s . to mud mnionF dist.
tnirnikao on TnOjtky flits 48th tine- tiat,li oNiutit in tim
forenoon. it .bis 61111te Ca'Jilm'ci,ut *Metz ill, con.
oerneci will tiiite,noilie; — ' l ' •
?' • JAL IL I)EVORA titiitis4
• DectilAbort
Jog kilrylk , nrxater' 'r T. .
fur'trile,hk - `'.' jtA.ll: Oft-gNrtiKi'"
Fa] 11Scnot1:4)
lkoest Shoesi