Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, December 29, 1841, Image 2

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TIIE DEAF, DtUlll2 AN 1 4:111,INI)
Meeting of La . ur.y lii idb rnun apif Julia
pontlence, respectiig the:two most remsr-
...peettrg me.... _
kable _deaf int 'lies in the • world, is from Me
••Neyv . _lrof j .it Commercial Advertiser: . •
° Hartford,- Noventher,--184
was at the•sehool for-the deaf and dumb,
ifhis when that, interesting'. little,
vreAttire,LanraAridgmaii, (t to liar Gtit
. one, sense—that. of- touch,): arrived from
Boston, and Made her visit. She Wait
• accompanied •by - De. nolie - ,'Airs.
ney, and some other persons, and' bervurn
seemed .to he quite unerpeeted.,
It is probable that there ; is- hardly another
' the United Stateectviiisse appear
mice qt the schnolArnuld °create stwli a sen
. ration among the hundred and fifty inmates.
Iler name was fainiliar to, all the pupils,
who had dotrbtles,4' marvelled oineit how. a
;Ittinh'eltibt, deprived alto of the sense of
sight s by which they themselves lesrn•
- every thing, shourd - Wahle to Jaarti,to read, ,
write and talk... •• • ••• •
When- the - newS - passed . fronri hand
band that.f.anra Bridgman was in the of- .
. fice, the teachers and pupils 'canto throng
. ing mud her, and filled the rt i ttnit and.pes
. sagetiy, while all. the way upthe stair
' case stood scores of little girls, with Spark
. ling eves and
,animated fact : s ; eagerly.ges
' ticulating to each other, and conversing
•rapidly in dumb , show.
It was a beautiful sight to see so mueltH
- life and happineas among Jimme unfortu
nates; butt the principal antractionvas little
- I f atara; who ; haring -taken: off: her - bonnet
• and chiak,'appeared one'of the most intev.
estinrchildten you ever saw. -- Slendrr and
lac:Hely formed, with beautiful features
motions, so animated-her -gesticulation, and
so foil of life was her; countenance, that
but for the, green ribbon boUn4 over her
' sightless orbs, you would. have called, her.
one of nature's most =rifted children" . ...Suck
- T - tic.fe stood this eltiltl in
opt one ray of liglit to piereo her ever-dor-
.ing•d ' arkoess without a sound to break the
`dreary stotneeg, without an odour even - to
show the presence et - others, -yet jeyoue as
a hird,yet -eonscions of every thing that
wcth all, aunt to learn - the - natnes - of - allr
•• •
lighted to find that every one could-talk in
her fingerlangie , ge,-- and evidently
ing de fume of existence, and speaking in
-dumb 'but expressive lanaitage• the -praise
willeth ..the 7 - 7 1,npidnes9
whom he ereateth. ' - . •-
She was•-very impatient to meet Julia
-Mfrs-^e, the onlyperson in The world. per
whose privation or eense approaches
in any 6gree to hers; ad about whom it
• seems much had - hem told her;
. •• At last.Jutia was brought &wit, and the
- two met, and felt of each other! But what
a differenee between the two ! Julia is a
woman ecowe, and unprepossessing in her
appearance,' because she is without „anima
' thm, without vivaeity r Without any expres
-sinn of face. She was made to understand,
by placing her fingers on Lthra's eyes and.
on. her ears, that eke was - blind and deaf
like herself, hut . her countenance . .changed
. not; she manifested little interest, and in a
monent er two began to withdraw from
tho child, who clung to her, put around her
neck a chain of her own braiding, dnil
kisied her ! Vain impulse of affectioc !
Julia coolly put into her pocket the present
.which'Laura had brought Iter,>and was
making off from the child, whose distress
now became evident, and who eagerly
asked. the Miters, ." Why -dues she push
me, Why does- she not•love me!"
IVhat a contrast . in 'their' charactere I— 1
Lava wanted her affection and sympathy,
and would not besatislied. without them.;
Julia; having got her present, was
desirous of terminating the interview, and
carrying* off her possession !
uch,, is the effect of education; such the
consequence of evolving the moral and so
cial !mime, as. has been done in the ease of
Laura ;' or. of exercising only the lower
propensities, and allowing -human be
ing-to live as do the brutes, within himself,
and for himself alone
. The kthil and good'Peeple who have the
• charge of J ulia Brace seem to do. for her all
they ,ctin do . ; but this, is little, for they have
no - mints of communicating with her. I
• learn that they think of sending herio,the
sehoet for the Blind 'in Boston, in hope:
that the method 'bY*leicli - Laura ha's been
taught may he successful with her; and
though it seems to nie almost a hopeless
ense,lor . sheds 35 years old, and herfile
Ulties'haVer se long lain inactive, Oat ,they •
, can hardly:he reevedto 'perform - their func
tions, • tieverthelesti • the chance should be
given to' her."..., •-• " ' ••
• *twould tell you more about the nilmir.t.
?Me institution; where' I
,beheld the' scene
-which I :have . deecribed, did I net know
that it isfaniiliar to you and to most peo
but,neitherflou,. nor ,I, nor any one,
can ever 'become too_ familiar. with the' re..
tleettons:which the eight of
_the - deaf and'
dumb, or of any
,unforturmiel, 'naturally
.. suggests. Nature *never utterly abandeus
her children.; she furnishis the' some
compensation for every
_privation; ! i she
places means af enjoyment. within the reach,
- of the most desolate ; existenee is 'ever a
boon to the innkeni; these is ne deipair,
but.tliat of guilt l\ :'.** ' '• ..,
Row glen should', '*9; upon whom oho
absolutely . shoWers "down: .her 4ifta—to
• whom she lays open all hermyriad sources
of iMigY:4Vift'irl .69, ,Worfitia44lli, and
sound, fili4 7 ::titioys, an44tidte4 l 7l6vy . 'ilitlotil
we see*ehbie s i_peteelieiltiai.and, :iv,
)dicing in our existence,z,'t!a most'to
Prairie its. Aver I ~''' '**!.,,- ",,,
.., Fort , THE tatmorrto . "....4YVE , ',SOWERS.
'Thri:We'sieriiVerider Soya:that the lov
era: of o wBo l.floivemirtjaydbrive
~;fioni thiilknowledge, that.sandy-ei'irav4l
- *o4p,,,rep!opyi, The***,sierction , of aroma.
/71i4e,illtivii 4 r 1 of. Oa richest Peirailidjfe'l
f K r.
iitieeff,iif .00 , Plile*PerOai A 11 14 44 14
andikiiii .1014. :„,liKrsisms : -4,4,***lios, be's*.
pliectivith .-01414-44,.#2:64'iii.gisifril:..‘'''
sight f' : ROG Efi4
'66lllng than that Of a
- • '
lyenng *robs Of 'Argus %id,. 'e xc i temen t et tl et e in. B n o nn
white, led upirembling to Mit alter. Millen laden to' the *deatit,otti young wernan-riam-,
- . 0 .! , P 4-411 O lt l , e.. 100 Y:Eir0 1 1.0 1 efte 0410 ..;:ed.-AntilleAllister, , whoseberdy,tvaislound. ,
of he r years, forsaking - the household of In: the e a ' nu l on !I'lletofay nnder ei,r;•
fathers and, the .11onte:yp4rher,--01041110-0-6711 lead
with-the ,implicit - confidence, : and sweet: s!,e had been murdered:" • The-facts-of the
giting-tip all the world for the Men of her j
native, of Ellswarth, Maine,
,a fete ; when I hear her, in, the good n " i .e i. n ante ty A nt oeAiintee:yoni t
gunge. the,,rittp4;,:ief4,„te7t. ; , ~,11i9 ey oat i, lte44y: , : - #7 ,- eui t ,
''for better for worse. for richer or poerer,_.l friend t ► come to Boston, where she would iweititnetie and 7in 'health, to hive, honor, be4 ,l sisted in learning , a Wade.
and obey till ikath loth us part",—it brings. repaired Boston. There she. re;
to Mind' .the - %beautiful - tintlifffecting mihted rot; a yeo,' Whiff" by- the Atath' - of
Lions of Ruth Whither thou goest.l. .ham friendi,ehn- Was cast upoti•her•own , re
go, and where thou lodge's will.lotige.; •sources. , .
thy people shall be my people and try God
hr the my meantime she had becotne'knoivn
("I° ` l. • • • • anti eelebritted for her - great' bettutY; Torher
tall, graceful form, frerlong raven - COIN - and,
her 'Obeenly atop. She delighted to drees
in Moe _Turkish robes and green velvet, and
'Wei marked' in every, halkotim, . by thi
l'argegainet gem which - shone - up:4i • her
.attreeted - to a . Bain; of - - She
was. the. Matit.of every club,.and the belle . .
of for more thin- threeyears. : ,...
' But a' change came over the. smooth
couree,Olher life.. Alone and inexperienc
ed, she fell a victim .to the .arts of an tin
piincipled 'scoundrel; and she . was next
known as his4nituress.' She lost herstand
ing in society, and Atm pasting from one
step in degratlition to another, With fearful
celerity, we et length find her in the third
tier of a theatre, resorting to theintoxicat
ing bowl to still the harrowing of remorse,
and living upon the wages'of shame and
prostitution.. -• . .
'On ,Tuesday night she attended thea
tre hi Boston. Refey'etilleslietl,_her looks
were wild, and. her .whole manner'etrange
-and-unnatural. She-told .one-of-the• police
officerethat she had- a difficulty with her
seducer on that evening. When she left
the theatre, she begged the officer to go
.w ith , lier.tolsl,-calt r which. he did• not . do.
Presently' there, was a disturbance at the..
416 . 61 4 1Asitier • IliftliVilfit01418:Wp,, seen;.
the very setlecer'it- is - saidand-the -CO
drove_violently away.. . .
A short time afterwards, a. boy standing
upon the borders - Of the Poston Canal, ob . :
served al map holding a woman over the
ivateist'_by_ the - wrists. The. female, shriek
etl,-,-"Let-ine go ! -- lernte - gotmercy! - tiTe.
cy! for God's , saker , The boy heard an
oath, and then a violent plugs into the wa
ter, and both man and woman disappeared.
The. watch were called, and the dead body
of Ann McAllister watifoomfitiThw - ater...
A' wellknown individual is suspected of
the murder.. The-matter is undergoing- a
searching investigation.
Caoae Msenee: few days ,
since, a person in,.engaged:
hotelier to come the nett niorniOtand,hill
a hog fur loin. :.•:: i fite butcher telling him to
have. the water boiled earlhianithe : would
attend: In the Morning lie - attended; asked
if the water was :boiled:, and ;being nliOver!'
e!I '6l4onative;Y::killetrthe• hog : :and lied .
him brougkt up to-ilis scalcling.portition.--
'rhen ordered the good man 'of the house to•
bribg nut the water, which he' dent: by
bringing nut s etiltl:vitater: This surprised
the butcher. "W there," said ho. "is your
&-'Why. here, Molly and
the hi:iled a t last night?" , • 4 0, ,now I know.
you cant scald bogs without, the, water is'
hot." Exit, the trials Of the knife in a
rage. ---Milton iatt. -. • .
A man bawd Stone exclaimed •in n bar
room 4 'l'll bet I have the hardest name in
the coThpany.'- "Done,"- said one .or the
company, "what's your mune?" "Stone,"
ried -- the - fire; --- "iland — melke wane gin
said the other,"my name is 'Ruder!"
. .
"liava ' you-dotedi" Relied 41 political
drOmmet ( of a loafer, whciwne hugging a
rotintlJlo,pollts..-tta lie .11ir9at a. ticket into
i r ii*.litiVW!:: .4; * l 4:% 4 W l. l44;ll.4(aitut
tai,;thit?.*:,'-e0ire.,44i41 the rinriaf, c . ,lii - y,.. a boa
.aundown.:„Ntibiryilifiliea haildi'Willi 7 me.
or treats o f fier I have voted. Yolk don't
catch me.'-'—Louisiana aronicle.. •
Which is the most deserving of commis
aoration, the man =who has .an appetite-for
hicainier. or fie who. had na dinar forltis
friend ! are you -a-Washingto
Mau?" " NO, I am - a •ThOmpsoman."
"Yes, 1--sae -you have pee n steaming it,"
• • •
A number of citizens . at Dayton,
purchased a plough exhibited at the Agri
cultural Fair recently held in that city, and
presentcd,it,t ice.n,
tualty,accompauiedwith a handsome cum=
plimentary hitter, to • which lie replied as
ASHLAND. Nov. 0, 1841.
GENTLEMEN: I have received your oblig
ing favor of the 3d iti - stant,And the plough
which you have done the the himor to'send.
I request your aceeptance, and that of the
gentlemen by whom it is offered, of my
cordial thanks for a .present, so congenial
with my most agreeable occupation, and
indicative of the best and -the most inno
cent pursuit of man. It is a magnificent
specimen . of the
,kind, and Uglily credita
ble to the skill and taste of Mr. Miming
"ton, who made it. If our law-makers
would worleas well , and as. true, as I am
sure this plough will, their laws would be
as good.As the crops which I am persuaded.
it may be made to produce.
I am, 'gentlemen, inexpressibly thankful
and grateful for the confidence you have
so kindly conveyed in my public career.=
It is perfectly true that it has. beerfone full*
of difficulties ; resulting sometimes from
political opponents, and-redently from both
-profesied friends and open foes.. Whether
proceeding, hoWevei, from . one or the oth
er, or from both, my rule of 'coquet - has
.durind the• shorflithe I expeot
to-retnain in the public councils, will be,
to.discharge my duty, firmly - And faithfully,
regardless of all personal consequencee..=
Your testimony is highly gratifying. com
ingi-sts -it does. from a .respeetable, portion
of Ohio, to which I have been always un
der the greatest 'obligations:, ll:tender a
-heartfelt ackpowledgment of these to you
and to those whom on this. occasion you
represent. . . .
•.- YOU friend; and obedient servant.
_ • , •,• ,' H. CLAY.
,filirinan. and , .the
, New 'Orleans Orescent,,,City gives . us an
account-of a
. ymingladk, who, having Said
her prayers, (y . iing ladies :then do say
their prayers in that read, over her
loverie, hoitletter,. - and'ivet it with her tears
for 'the 'fiftietrtlitie,'beeatisei cruel,' hard
hearted maul, the : Secretary of the Navy,
or the Commodore, would net lilloW ;. him
to 1eave 14444 and i py on the wings Of
love and stoarn to her arms —;-Warrited .her
pretty feet ; and wrapped, them up .
nicely in , flannel, 'turned deWnithe Clothes,
when lot there lay • nieely.coiled 'up - the
arch 'away of woman The 00 11 Y7Oulig.
Isely.screamed,' ; as she . :,Fss in, duty bound
to do. which
the serpent lOt 'hie, life fothis,preisureptidit
A Tun was made last weeltupon the old
Oswego Bank; but without crippling , her
in. the:' least. , The only parties not
+bed with this result, says the Oswego Her
Irk noticing the fippaintment of a Lord :aidl are those who fear the biirift will riot
Bishop of Jeri:Salem by the =English Go„, brialr. . There is a Mal Mont of this mo
vernment,, a Loriddn: paper 'states that 18 lignant feeling t . this, levelling down princi.
Years ago•hjkloidshlo was the oil:tinting) ph? in -existence: It is the very qufutes.
rabbi of ii - 11 . 0 Pee:of‘destructicenisa, and, it , is .doin
area haptiied Plymouth, and _received , Ifs work rapidly, to the' great iniury of every
orders atthe handed' thb late Archbishop' chin the. community.—U. aY, Gazette.
ofTuam, in the:church - Of fceland,a church I• • - •
claiming. the percsufinosidic descent, un- , , TOtrolteeztteThe..-FOOekiott 01 , the
Wilted by ftoperY.%;'llh: lefilehii of pure two , Minse• 0040 T ennessee - ' egieletUret•
Hebrew:fletigoft4 titer tribe'ofJudaht; his not being able, by Yealleft-'4 ihetrietion.
losiety, and f-4 - ,41‘11W esteemed : nerttier; , Mee; lists absenting ;.themselves,,, to storm ; a'Auo-
Alexandetili cfk,thelnirest : . rnm, have adjourned sine die, without elect
blond, slid of, the tribe unitv,:ng. Senators. Of Course this , 'Stale, will
int A one the•royal and the priestly tribes. not; be represented in the Senate,Of the IL,
Their, ldest bny,whosit' home is MieWel, Slittelret the present eissiOn; if it , is, at the
siOde4ii - Ohilattti Hospital; but whe4'fistit. , This ;conduct. on ,the part. of ,ihe
ther.haritto'unittrittnintneke to nest and recusa nt: members is, revfiluti9nargr -v1
XiNr, is not stated. ,000‘c . ' .„ N„ , .;;" ; ,
. • - __________ -___ .... . . . . . •
.. „
~ .
, e . , „ a $ 1
c ct.a-li • Jo
. _ • ..,
...,,,,..,,,, . ~. ~..„. . ~ -',..‘ . 4 ,''' ' • v . .' -, , '''':••• '',, ' ' X... , i -,..* • ' 4,. , .t,
' - ''.........' ' - ' ''''''' .' ''''' '''
' " '''''
' '' ' ' ' '4, "A? l ' , , ' ' . l . '.
' ' :414 .' , 1: , . ' .' 4 ';' • tel . ' , ' r, ' , '
~ • , .- . --,
The. Boundaty . Businees.--A letter
from. Hancock Barrackis.-Maine, to ilte - N.
York TribOne, says:
"We have English. troops stationed at
the north and east of tis, but they are not
the finest regiments. I have seen several
Of their service, and believe that should we
h a ve a Rua, it will not be with our equals.
As to that, however, we -have-little or no,
apptehension. Should - we have a brush
thii winter, it will be in consequence of
some inal-administration on the part of the
'Authorities either on one side of the line or
the other. Our citizens ire not wanting
in high toned feeling, nor ;washer Majesty's
subjects on the opposite side. The slight
est faux pa. would produce immense re
sults. A war with England, in my opi-
nion, cannot be,• parried off mucttlenger.'
A singular and fatal circumstance is re
corded by the Marshall (Va.) Beacon. It
appears that a Mrs. Anne Pettinger, daugh
ter of Robert Milk, of Jefferson county,
Ohio, whilst riding on horseback on the
26th ult., was seized With an epileptic fit,
which caused her. immediate death. Mrs.
'. had only been married the day previous,
in Mr. N. Pettinger of Brooke county, Va..
and the bride and groom, in company with
'nutritier of their Mende, when this die
tressing event occurred, were returning to
the home . of My. P. in the height of hilar
ity and merriment. In the spring time f
life, the flowers that adorned the path of the
bride; were gathered to strew upon her un
timely grave, and the gay bridal vesture en
cases her cold form as the , sad and mourn
ful winding sheet. Who can calculate the
chances of existence?
In the Stale of Illinois the newspapers
are discussing the proprietrof amending
the State Constitution, so as to permit the
introduction of slavery, with a ilia! to.the
cultivation of hemp and tobacco.
Many persons seem at a loss to know
why Mr. Botts dubbed the President "Cap.
tain' Tyler." Some suppose 'that it was
in derision---others that it merely referred
. to hinkes a leadef.. The Charlestown Free
Preie says, that Mr. Tyler'during the last
war commanded •a .company of volunteers
in New Kent, or Charles City, was iwthe
service on the seaboard, and made a. pretty
good as "well• is popular officer. At home
he wile generally known as "Captain Ty.
ler," an& was rather proud of-the tide.
• 4, 1 !;1 . f • _
• fieipele4ytifrorn Flotitla;e-..460 St:
1 i"lO,l3aYB
taken in piiteuitiee „oil an (Wei. * . Of the
House of Hepresentatifes. clearly' and un
aquivecaliy,proves,Havid LesrAe ,be-an
alien, and thetefore-ineligibie to a seat in
T,Tkle.intelligent editors - of.the,Xerk,. re..
itePublican; in 'thelipaper of the' Bih . inst.,
.ffine;roapor,de4e-titeT , epporle. , Pwhich,chave
heel) made to the :friends of American_ id
'citiOrkiio ;tlivilili4iiiii iniaior Orthe,HOinti.
League.BoltintoreAriericert. ' _
6 The' i'roieitiilti lit iffiiiit . ' liidtistry.
We have- devoted a !good' deal' of Vile/pace
to-day to. the feblibationiif 'articles hatlng
a bearing,- inorkoriess . direct, 'on the 'great'
subject. ,of theTrotection - -Of Domestic-.ln= .
dustry.'. We :have been indebted' for them
chiefly, as usual, : to that able and intelligent
ativoCateof the true 'intereits of this Couna
try; the Baltimore' AmeriCan; from . which
we have adapted -to this 'Meridian.. the rir- -
tide fleadeti - ”TheqllentOteague,". Which'
was written..viith en lamellate vietitothe
position of-Marylinkbutin-its-argurnents
and- ezliortattcms is admirably adapted to
the • Condition •of Pennayffnitniai- It being
admitted on all hands that the Tariff must
come Jiefore_ Congress for adjustment at
the present session, in' consequence of the
term ,dtiring which the• Compromise, Act . ,
was to run having expired, it becomes all
.who de , concerned in this great matter to
make themselyealheard at the Capitol in no•
uncertain tones. -Thmechanics,the emer
gency is • meet ;pressing. Already do our
dandies, in their - contemptible aping-of fe r
reign fishioni and ridiculous fondness .fife
wearing. foreign 'goods and - manufactures,
begin to send ,orders. abroad' to .uropean
shoemakers_and-tailors for articles of dress, - •
and when the .last reduction on our current
, .
rates of 'duties on imported articles shall
be made hi . July nest, and: every-thing iff
beonght down to the unvarying standard of
20'pereeitt. adhlo rem, our meghanice of
£'/qry :kind .ii'ili find.,ltiteritsefvea : tunleiscild '
at:theit . otin hi:ineeValietts. - :•Vhis result
ie . aneititablefroth - the 'fait that. the differ
ence between the4price of labor in. Europe
and the United States is-quiet sufficient to
counterbalance all the operations of such a
duty. in our favor..•__Look at the operative*
in England, France and Germany—their
miserable._ wagesitutileq -- tel - .sttbaistenee-
and social degardatiob, and ou cannot-a
void thinking that we must either be Le-
ducedld their 'own condition, or "be-sup
planted by the fabrics which they make. '
tint* our 'Tariff be' raised: :Considerw•
-I ion s -- such - a - s * tlicee - iiiight - tii Ofielt - iiiiiey et;
of all our productive. classes-410 Farmers.
Mechanics, and Laborers especially,to the
deep interest which they-have in this ques
tion; and we hope . that an. effort will .be.
i filmed iatelyin tide .t i n organize a- liia n c !i- of
the "Home League in York,.and make the'
voice of our Mechanic.a heard in Congress.
Locofoco C President.—=A ' .
idiute r Prestdent.—
correspondent of, thit. New York Tribune
writes as follows:-="On one subject I was
under a misapprehension prior to coming
here. - I supposed-the-larger portion of the
Loco Foco party impaled to support Mr.
Van Duren for President' in 1844. It is
not so. Unless lam greatly mistaken, the
Recluse of Aindcrhook has now very few
advocates South or West of the Delaware.
The tide may turn in season; but just at
present it sets very strong!, against him,
and his look is a sorry one.
"The party" will probably take its heat
candidate for President from the Senate,
and perhaps Air Vice President also. Mr.
Buchanan, of Pennsylvania, is certainly
looking to the first post, and Mr. King, of
Alabama, is esteemed eligible for the se
cond. But ("olonel Benton's star.appears
to bein the ascendant, at least at the Globe
office. His blusterin# voice, was'in . stantly
raised in vehement opposition trt4he Mes
sage. in order'tci forestall 'the judgment of
the party, and huh thi approbation which
it was feared its moderate tone and, concil-
iatory doctrines would extort. It is his'
ruffian spirit which dictates the brutal it
melts on Mr., Webster, which defile the
oluMns . of that sheet, if' its defilement be
possible. Last . eveming's leading article
violently assails that portion of the Mes
sage which treats of the Right of Search on
the Slave. Coast,viv bleb it attributes to Mr.
Webster, insinuating broadly and repeated
ly that he is in the. puy . ofEngland., and
engaged in selling our eights and interests
to . her for sordid gnidl Such is the spirit
of master and_ man---Bepton _and:
Shall they,etTr again beihe rulers of the
AmericanleoPler We trust not.
It seems that we have ' ay length . one at
_the head of this Department who is dispos
ed to ferret onfiqd,:coirici its abuse s. We
beg leaveto celthia att,ehikan le the'ehame
ful impositions skikpractieed upon the De
p'artment by the., proprietors of the Globe
newspaper. Recently they have addressed
to almost every postmaiter. in the West a
lithOgraph.pircular, _referring to and accom
panied ,b3k'Pack!igen ' Congressional
Globes andAF:ipe! l 4,i4ii r e' large . pack-_
age of dime _ recentl y ie.* to the , beeterille
post office, and the tionitineeter promptly
returned them to Washington: About the
siinni time, the ,rmiile 'throlgh this place
were` oaded 'downwith the, IMMO doo u .
ments, addressed to post masters. During
the lot canvass, at an, obscure-post ,effice
in,Shelby, county, a bushel of Amos ;Ken.
dalPs, Extra Globei were received a
single mail,. addressed ~to the postmaste4
and it is presumed that ~ t her Were 0. 10 1 , in
like,quantities to all the post'offices in the
Union.. It is_ monstrous that' OlesliAbinill:
should be longer tolerated, Every post
inester convicted,, . of "receiving such filocu.
withoet !ending haelg;ied
_Prizing the Peet Office ;De partment .of, the
frond, ought to be, piapjly rem4ed; and
ae ought ; . every officer ,convicted ,Of, using
his franli for ,eleationeerini mpg,-
10,(frale -
Robert TYIM .Privute ,SWetary, to the
PrPonin. Yp nt, kpoim in - proire
in 'Neiv , 'rit, It should 60 eatitio4:!erho
Tiacal Along'. or, Boit; to Keep a Becioo
mip.Atirigict , GAVATlN.
I be
err . etter Jr..
T. Abbott, i:,""of Tfeitinti';' , N. 3. On' ttii
subject of a resumptiOnlof specie payments
by, h e, flanks .of New Jersey. „..„
'The folloviing is apartd
• the letter:
order resume_Spepie,pept
a • • • • , 'eLtilove suipentled
meet havomade.thonicesearipreparetions..
It, is not
,a aletter . of opinion, , !Mt
this , 'Citi' 'ffeetiii in
,no other. Fr111Wer3,.t4,13.. ky u PA'
the of bank s, and a Ctirree
. POnding curtailing of their , own loans and,
discounts.' This list Measure is , always
.inconvenient twthe- , borrowers, who call it ,
an injury to =the ~ c ommunity. : =The con
tinued suspension 'of specie 'payments, and
circulation of u deprinated - currency, are the
general evil and the true to the com
munity at large. , The , reduction: in ; thit a
mount of.disiounti is a. pititial evil Which
falls precisely on those who• ought to bear
it, since it was the excess of loans, which
was the cause 'of the suspension." Two
years hive elaiised since thilitUtlik4ibielor
the second lime. if apy of the' Banks
not, during: a period- = so- amply : -sufficient 1
for the, purpese, gradually , lessened their ,
discounts and liabilities, so' as in be pre- 1
pared for an immediate resumption, it is
their own fault; . and .it ie fir . better that
some of them should, if: necessary, wind
up their business; rather than those which
are sound and prepared, should continue to
suspend their payments, ind.that the gene
ral interest should still be sacrificed for the
benefit of the few. The interest of diose
borrowers who oppose, a resumption may
be combined with that ofsome of the bankr,
either on account of their own embarrass- 1
mend as was the United. States Bank of
Pennsylvania, or because' they make larger
profits, so long as they are not compelled
to curtail their disiounts. In either case,
plausible pretences for further delay are
never wanted; And of this we' hail sufficient
evidence prior to .the resumption of
paydents by the banks of this city.
Arkansas 'is. probably 'about .to
the lead of het LocoFoeo sister Mississippi,
and. repudiate .a portion . of het Debt! It
seems that the State loaned her bonds to a
large am o unt to create and sustain her Real .
Estate Bank, like true Divoice of Bank
and'ttate Loco-Fdcos, 88 most of her Pen-
Weed Legislatortrare;:i_DlA,hese - Boods_
8500,000 were regularly and fully endors
ed over to the North American Banking and
Trust Company of this city, to 'raise funds
upon: The N. Am. Trust Co. pledged Messrs.. Belford & Co. London
Bruke - rs. - Th - us they - stand; the N. Am.'
Trust has gone. out;_the, Real Estate - Bank
and the State of Arkansas refuse to pay
either principal or interest, alleging in bar
the frauds of their agent, the N. Am. Trust!
Of-course; - -if‘ thie-grOund be --tenable. --no
paper security can ever be considered safe
or negotiable. His excellency Gov.. A.
Yell, in communicating the determination
Of the State to the unfortunate holders',of
her bonds, is ad abusive and insulting as a
scoundrel who-believes he has the advan- .
tage of his victim.would be likely to show
himself.—N. r: Tribune.
Real men and women never sneer at me
chanics and operatives. " ,But. self-styled
gentlemei•and ladies not unfrequently do.
We have hearll of a lady who once4eft the
ball room „because a mechanic entired.,
She married . a basket-maker, and died a
Teniperance Departbnent.
This Coniention meets in 'Harrisburg *on
the second Wednesday•of January, ISO.
it is expected 'Oat the 'various 'meiotic'
throughout the State fully repre
sented, as subjects of Veit is pertanee are
to be presented for its consideratiOn..
RESPECTED FRIESID:—..About two mouths
has elapsed since I visited my old acquain
tances In a districCof,,this cit.*. where.
used to call every tel days.' During my
absence,.a young lady called , on me and
very, earnestly requested that I would go or
send some one to invite the intemperate to
attend the , temperance . meetings. I - called
on our brother. McKim, and , he went to the
,pot immediately, and succeeded in gaining
he attendance of some. Yesterday I called
at the house tenanted by six or eight fami
lies. An old lady was the _first to say she
was glad I hiltsome, for a,great „change,
the said, had been•madein the house. , ''he
man overhead, had joined the temperance
society a few weeks ago, and was sober
ever since. I went up stairs into his room,
and his, wife,seemed overjoyed. 0, said
she, that man, pointing to her husband,.
has been tk‘ great dninkard twenty yew,
until.three or four weeks ago, McKim
come here and got bins to awn the pillage,
and behaenetdrank a drop of liquorsince,
and he is determined not,tedrink.any. more.
~ Her, "laughter, about twelve or thirteen
yeant.of age c neatly clad, sat near her, and
seemed delighted. She•had come front the
Sunday eehooli and intended Logo with her
father to the temperance meetingithis even-
QI g. • , •
- Pelehi - c
into the Ifeet room, there - i
4nalhetr, feetilYlejeteiet also in the ellelfr-
Jug .refnrmatiou of the huabind'And father.
too, hadiong, been a driiehard.;:hat,ll4
same_invitation 4 0 , rie the
temPPIVFu ) SiegY , 41 10,hb! *ire'. %valiance!
Ivo* happy , • ,"
, Nowldi ;this re ulted Troia' ilia ,attention
and-intereet . cnfi-thatiffrontlatly,=Shelkful ,
visited, the '
old lady alreiuly,. mentioned;
when very sick in this "houe'et,and at.theee
tehLrv_iett't er charity, she discovered , the
iheoe Her tendeirrei
gard.ror them has wrought Out, a deliacy
anceirom the dog , redation of drimkenness.
i l afer Red ef' 1 1 1 0 e - ite:PereY greet thai
Other ytin.g ladies meY CO,a lid ilkew,hie•
- ,
..'As. a neivly pledged Washingtonian' was
passinff- through the street last week, he
wad thus' hailed by 'an old runt companion;
"I say,..Tom,.,they tell me you"ve. become
teetotaller." "Yes," was the reply, "and
I am proud of it, and wish you would - too.
I have been a drunkard; a loafer, and most
every thing else for the, last.. three years,
and thank Goa 'it has made me a .man a
gain!". The companion hardly knew, what.
to say to this, it length he added in a jocu
lar manner,. " VV.ell,Votn,.they any you tee ittinw .caelt other
34u:telt-an what it is ?',.
'Certelnly; we'have a .rilost excellent sit, T
added Tom , - pulling out a • double - handful
of half-dollars. and shaking them.-in,..the
"face of his' former companion; 'this-is the
teetotaller's sign.!'lChis proied a knock
down argument,.and the other promised to
the teetotallers,-for he liked - theirsign-N.
Y. Orsct. .. • r--
'The unfortunate_ Menwho perished at
Ilbgara_Falls. a tear—days--Since; -were en
gaged in smugglint*hiskey. In their flight
from a Canadian custom house ()goer, they
were driven by a gale into the•rapids;
Milk.iaaaid lioattansidoie,to that burn
ing and' apparently . unquenchable thirst
whicli afflicts men who,bave been confirm
ed dninkards, when they atteMpt to break
off from their habits. •
• Came to the plantation. lateof Wm.
, Weakly, deed, now In the occupancy
of the subscriber, in Dickinson town
-011”1111.t shipp, one mile West of Cumberland
on,the Bth of November last,
.• Two Red Steers,
supposed to be about four years old each. One is
marked on the right-horn with the letters B. C.,nnd
c othir one on the left with B. G. The owner is
requested to come forward, prove property, pay'
charges and take them away, or they wall be disposed
of according to law.' —
. .
Constables, Retailers, ckc.
IN and by an act, of the °emeriti Assembly of
. Pennsylvania, entitled " An act graduating the
duties upon wholesale dealers and retailers of bier
&lndite, and prescribing the Mode of issuinglicen
ses and collecting said duties," and its several sup
plements, it_ isinade the, duty of the Constables of
of the - levet:Si townships and boroughs within' the
'county of Cumberland, and they are hereby regain.
ed to make out, on• oath or affirmation, and deliver
to the Clerk of the . Court of Quarter Sessions; a
separite list of" all persons engaged in the selling
or vending of goods, wares, merchandise, of what
soever kind or nature," on or before the first day of
the next January sessions, being the 10th day. .The
following is the classification underthe act of thelith
of May,ll4l:
Those. whose sales amount to $900,000 .and up
wards shall constitute the lst class,
and pay 6200.
200,000 and less.than 100,000 241 class, $l5O
100,000 •do 200,000 9d " 100
85,000 do, 100,000 4th . q . 80
75,000 do 85,000 ' sth " 60
.60,000 • •- do • • ..75,000 • 6th .-;" 50
somo , do 60,000 7th " 40 •
40,000 do 86,000 Bth , g .30
30,000' do . 40,000 ° 9th 25
20,000 do 30000 10th 's -20
15,000. do 90;000 I Ith - 15
10,0001 do
.. 15,000 12th " 12,50
5,000 do 10,000 19th 10,00
,Less than . 5,000 .14th " 7,00
Pitovsarm, That where such wholesale or retail
deiders confine their purchases'and sales to buying
and vending goods, wares and merchandize, the
product, and manufacture of the Unitid
States, lie or they' shall patron!). one half the amount
of ,the license required by 1 140iprOvtikbul ig above
*bitted. • • •
" And every seller or vender of winecor olialilled
liquors. either with or without °the-00W wares,
merchandize, commodities, or effects, as• aforesaid,
shall pay for his license rim crier. in addition'
to the rates above specified far the respective Glasses."
sMerdiants Dealers, •
and others'interested in the wad act, at a also notifi
ed, that the AssOciate lodges and Commissioners of
said county, wi/lattend at t4e Com iniultmers' Office;
on hiday the 14th day. of January, 1842 at one
o'clock P. N. for the purpose of helring,and deal.
fying all retailers , w slid county, agreeably te
said set, where all such asshink Proper www Weed
- . • • Arresp—JOHN IRWIN, .•
eke*. to Cenunksisnere.'"
Commissioners' 0 Mee, Zor .Cartnle, . •
. • .
itSt,hs4l. , •
s -
fly: virtu. , off writ or wo - ditroof Expo*. •to
la tie direeted. souped out of the .Court , of gitm
, mosi Mai orComlierland county, wilt baexpoied to
siobtle Wei et the "CoOrt Howlett th'e'lo'reugh . of
••ftniiele,' SatUreat the.etkdai,ofJaintiu74B.l2.
.141106 1 oloelt;.!%. dee , follOwhit'de#titied:'reat
A,.faFt or .11 'L9t or orowid situate ' in the
boroughale, Cunalierlendeounti, eoutelnink
BO feet in breadth on eh AO, end 4 25 feet iitibreadts
,mororkirs i , oh Porofectscreet, (the Afrieon' church
soulgroood belOrigtht- th 6 came.' excepted 4gto
,todirt o 4l94l 4 Pirrol in'gOPth Moro or klOOlorißt
Wore ciA *`oted *Au* I•4g House:
. •
. ,
Seisell.and taiterritt exelottion SA the proper . ' 't7 of
:John reeir.'• , And to be sold by me, ''-
,• • ,• •
PAUL MARTIN, Sheriff: •
Dec. eit • -
TPmppratice - Altnaitacs
JUST received itiid for silo bv •
8 , atiorT. ,
jil'A oN it SIDE . '
Often-`,eatiptireil op*ho,, m
bite otthe Cincinnati Withingtou'rem
perance Society are, and who are the friends
efTemperanettio the'Queett City ? Who
are on our side 1 Mel!. it is not .hard to
answer :such -questionsati/Ilweei for: we
-miglit-sathat dill on - the et tire population
are on'our side: , . ;,
-- But if our friends wish us to partiCulli,
ige, we may say us to members—we have'
l ihe iilh SliefiftsCour ,city,anil:, contity,
the Posttnaster,the Marshall and nearly all
the-Constables of the city, the Coroner of
the city and county; we have on our side
the 'majoritv..of , the.Cincinnati,llan--uany,
of them being meinbers , of the SoCiety; we
have the influence•of every pulpit . and every
church in-ihe city in' our, favor; .we have
on our • side the' good will and hearty coi ,
operation of nearly'aLl the thinking; sober,'
respectable men among, us t'and last, not
Wet. we hove all
,the ladiee of "the city on
our side.' ho are there left? who oppos
ed-1 Welnaw-not-wbo.--Oui-opposers,-1
if we have any,'must answer.
Now with snob helPers, ond*ilb _the bid'
of thi3 — poweinbove us, is it not , to be ex. ,
pected that we shalt- sueceed ? '
What do we :toted more than we have 1.
—we-need•more harmony' f views and ac
tion. 'We neerrmore.of the spirit of con
cession to the . views and feelings . of others.
We need more of the kind and benevolent
spirit of this great and glorious .rtform.
• 4 - ;' , DIS;tifALOrTIO.74 '
•..,. ,
The plirtnerehip'existing between .1:"H. k W G.
ititail;" . llas been • dissolved by ,eon Sent of parties.
The booklet.° in the ; hands - ola Ilk Reed. Per
sons' indebted will , please call and • setae , their si°
.1: H.& W. G. Reed.
The subscriber will be blessed• to •accommodate
• e o aan 'n w o ee
him and invitee them Weal!
Newville:Dee: 22. 1841.—St.
Cure your Cough before it be too late.
'Dcmpan'a'Expectorisist -Remedy is -the only
medicine that perfect confidence can be relied upon
for the immediate removal of this troublesome atom
plaint. This medicine • relievei: a . cough'in
a few days, and when the disease is seated ors the
lunta it causeeltto be discharged by ExpeCtoradon,
thus restoring soundluralth-,A6 the happiness and
'enjoyment of those who have long been afflicted.
erinespal Office N 0.19 North Eighth street
For sale at the Drug toreof J:J. Myers Is Co
Carlisle.andAlfra. Peal,Shippensburg. deo. 22
•• -.Naluable' Property
The subseriber will offer - it Pnblic Sale, Cu the
premises onSaturdaylhefirst.dal ofJanitirt next, a —.
Tract Of Mountain Land;
situate in - Dieltinsnn township, Cumberland county,
four Miles from Mount Holly, and tenfrom Carlislei—
, on the road leadingfrom Carlisle to Gettysburg, eon,
•• taining one hiThdred and twisty acre:. This land is
well covered with
Oak, White-pine - and Chesnut
and is extensively watered. This land will be dis
posed of in Lots of Pipe, 7''en and Fifteen Acres. to
suit purchasers.
- The above property-will be surveyed on the 40th.
.of December, (instant,) and the lots numbered ; and!_-
personswislung to view it can do so by calling - on
ISRAEL GRIFFITH who resides on the'plke.
JACOB' HA RD1.1813.'
December, 15,
F , or. Ren t.
rviHE Brick Dwelling, Lot, Stable
' and Carriage flouse o on. West I I
High street. Carlisle, adjoining the •
dwelling of John, Drown Parker, now
- occupied by John J. Myers, M. -
Possession the first thy 'of Akira
-n=4. , 'for...terms apply to
December 15; - . •
-For Sale or
_. ~ . R en t. ...
That valtilible *d commodious property now' in
the tenure of-Samuel McKeehan, Esq., situte on the
south side of East High street. Vossession will be
given_nnAlid firefof-April-nest.:--Appl i tto.--,----- --
JAS. H. DEVO , • -
__ - --- - • '' Agent for the wner,
arnel°, Dec.Deo. 14_, 1841.—St • ,4 •••- -
. .
JuifFeceived SO bozei RAISINS,-and for sale by
the box only. - • CHAS. 'BARNITZ.
December. IS, - - • ---- ••
An persons idebtea to\ the subseriber are hereby
notified to settle up their respective Accounts by the
Ist:of-January next.
Carlisle. Deb,..B b
• Indian . - Vegetable Pills.
Just received a fresh lot of the genuine Indian
Pills. , - CHAS. OGILBY.
Carlisle, Dec. 1,1841. , . .. • .
Caps Cnipil • •
ClothiSilk- Velvet. Tabby Velvet, Celett, Nair
Seal, and Fur Caps ofall sizes and shapes,just open , .
ed and selling off at reduced prices.
c.I, 18 , 41: .. •
.(iroceries.! .Groceries ! !
Afresh lot of Brown and Loaf Sugar, prime Cof
fee, Molasses, Cheese, Chocolate; also all kind' of
Spices, Stc., &0.. just received and for sale by •
Carlisle, Deo. 1.1841
Gimp! Shoes. - .
Juit; received 150
_pair of Gum Shoea,and for
sale chap by -
Carlisle. Dec. 1.1841.
. ,
Water Proof Booii!
Juk'reeeived for Men & Boys wear and wilily*
o suit the , times at his cheap store.
Dece:lst; 1841.0. - CIIAB.
Estate of John::Sanderson, deed..
RS of Administration de bonis
non cum testamento annexe, on the will of John
Sanderson, late of North Middleton township,dec'd,
hive ,been issued in dUe form 6f liw to the subsea
hew residing In the borough of Carlisle.. Norms is
hereby given, to all per ) ben a having claims against said
"estate,to present them prokperly authenticated for set
tlement, and 'all persons iklebeed arc requested to
make payment to the subscribqc • . •
- JOHN'H. WEAVER; Aden .
December ft', 1841.-6 t.
• Asgigneeship Account.
In the'Court 'of common 'Pleas of Cum
berland county, Decernberl.4. 4841.
The account of Moses Eby and Me cher Brenne
man, Assignees of Maj. John
_Cmigh Atl, has been
presented to the Couriby Melaoir Bre 'neman; and
the 2tl Monday of January. court (loci • the 17th
day) wpPointed . for• its eonfintbition ind llowaticei
if no objections be made—of. whioh.all menu!'
will takeytotiee:
_ • GEO. SANDERSON, 'lt'''.
Carlisle, Deo:22, 18414--4 -
11163 4 2a311121t011111,141111aa
THE 'fillibecriheriestiiicifuily infertile his
friends and thompublic .general yl , that he has
West Louther street, Carlisle, near the German
formed church. Having employed an experienced
hand at the business, he - hopes to merit' a share of
public patronage. • ",• ' '"
TALLOW will be taken in exchange 'for candles,
or the cash it all Ilmoikken tilt - •
o:) , Orders hi kiln _
dr country be promptly
attended ' Mgrehints In the neighboring totter
by mewling word by tnall - or otherwise, Can be accom
modated with any quantity, which will be delivered:
oti the shortest node's.; • WILLIAM MILS.
December 111 ,.1 841 - - St•
• •
'Shiny's!' Shawls!
Zlegiat Embriiiiiered Thlhet Shavfilis7, ter
I;al.6,lliftha, other shawls
, • Ise 1041 • • •
Justreoeived lOdoseo pairattekskiii Glories whilst
will old itt , , , ptco suit the Semi. by
Ul l AnitT4 l / 4 W7
1.184*. 4
Take notice that erettaiiiiiiilitietrta'theV= 4...
the:Court of Common P leas e t C Ita
for, the loietlit4 thelcuolvell mada* u e loth
will, and, they hays, beano
of 1 „, Old our
day ,
10111010TOUSh OICiiIN;
d 7° ll, thfak
proper..- • tREDEtttCt- A.:, KENNEDY. •
rtleir ftitELACHER,
' -
'JOHN' soußnEct W .
q3 . 2tl====
CHAS. Orillal.
7 : . .010 —! . -Glovoitit I
to patronize
, W.- REED,