Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, September 29, 1841, Image 1

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\'.l' AL o ,ao4
raltrble . Toaia iiropeily and. out
U C..
IN Nnwvn.f.b
The subscribar, acting executor of Dr. John Ded
cdis deceased, will offer at public sale on.the mend,
•ses,ouThursday the2lstot Dctobernext,tit 10 o'clock
A. M., all 016. real estate of said deceased, to
• ist Tie hpuse and Lot
4 Newvillettkupied by said &Teas.;
ed during his lifetime,witlithe brick
".! dwelling and hall. lot adjoining—the
lots are 90 feet on Alain street, and extend back ISO
fleet on Gave alley. The improvements, im,aUldition
to tint dwellings are, :t dotible:log harn,with thresh
llomt,stabling,..wagno. sliedtand corn crib;.also,
a cistern, wash :old wood . houses. - This property
will be sold,together, or tivided into two lots as
may best suit punlisisers.
• 2. A. - House and Lot viiifliolf
street, in NrCAVViIk, now occupied by Givler.
The,above hits are all. free of ground rent. •
3. 'Seventy seven Acres of land
adjoining -the borough or Nee'ville, 111141•
of • 1101'111W the Golionilogninet creek; the State road ti•om,
• Newvi Ile to Duliliii•Cap runs:through the land-Lit is
divitleit„intoelceen lots of*N-lilll7rrvit sizes, containing
frourtotti-to tvVedve acres, mel will be sold as divided
or altogether, ay. linty be 'most advantageous ta• the
• • estate.' r
• ' 4. A'Ldt of - gro . onil, containing
- nine sexes and 45 perches, lying 'about a quarter or
----a-rnile-frnrn7thmlirirou g h`Of:Newville-otrlie-road-to
Three Square . . _
• Pont. el the above lots time 111 . 1qt(10W ground. four
•°. elover;one Nvill. It sawn in wheat this citriiuml
tan iti•rye. • A plot Of tilO lots, Nlllll the ifinudity in
estelt, .be seen_ hr callilg on Col. -Wood
barn inNelV till!, who will show iiitmlie•properfy to
, .
i? . .1117•17 . t
--:.--.l' titles wii(l.•':iieehn:te. the peir - atts;T:l4l-tlie*
7;'.7 - Tiroll , l4.i::;l , li , 4 l.-iyir . ti. I.!viv . ,
• . Satu:s uniceriT;r;'-e`ee
eil th e Ist of April ee , .1,110.011ey ithe Ist of
A pr il • s of, , ' ; ,. lilil Oliost. OHO
• half; 011-41-ess-l-st priLne.vca of I .111eaher h:df in
tvio ,equa I , onto ed pay ineias,•” how ; pay . -
• tneids to lie seVareit be it lien =
.noiwiri. LAIRD,
.Avting.lf,s,•Ci• Ceddis theca. •
. .
•rfAll.porsoils ihilehtesl to the
)Go , s:do or ins
pi•operly, or Olivint his lirotwit., art. riotilh•il
to 'mike No.iiiiiiiigefice will lie-giveii alier
the 21,st or 0ut010.i.,..0..
itoisEirt . ex'r.
A. ira9ia:ll)l4., IF:ul•naa - 11()a•
wiir ht. sail' on:Friday the :15t11 'lay of fit:lobe'.
1841, on the
.prenitses, in Sih et. Spring town , ltip,
Ctitnlivrlittitt,eminty,ailjnininglatills or Jacob Forney',
William Waugh, alai the •Iwies of N . :all:init.! Irvine,
tlee,'ll., a vain:lllle tract of first rate Linit. , :latio
ill a high state, of ettithatioti, 80 acres
more or less, tiliont 55 :WPCs of a llit 6 1117 CIC`IIII.II
lint] I he 1'551111w t, i
with a considerable tilt:unity of locust. 'Klic on
provemcnts are a new two story
FRAME nat_TSl:4l,
atilt a .l'etv Fratite
Nvith Wagon Shed :(11(1 - t1orn crib attached, 1111(1 all
necessary out buildings. A good well of waive witli
new Twin) ill it is near to door ; there is_a stream
of !Tinning water on the farin, and thriving young
Possession will be given on the tir;t day of April
• The sale will be made on phyments. Conditions
will be tmple fully knowmon the day of sale.
• Assignees of George Forney.'
September 15 f 1841.,-ts.
Publie Sale.
Will be sold at _Public sale, on Friday) the 15th'
day of October next, mi the pretnises,ln Shirentans
' town, Cumberland-county,-the Itl:nice of the'real es
tate o(Dan'eltiretuatt, sr., dee'd. consisting
19 Building Lots., . •
Ott several of them are buildings for different porpo-,
sea. Also the;well known
TAVV33 - h STAND) v • • AL L
with nit the appurtenances belonging
, -
thereto. •
Sale to comtilence at 1 o'clock, P. M., when- terms
will be made known by
.111 TIN 111_111'T nod
E 0 IL P
Ex'rs. of said IVSIliV0111:111.
PItlx,"111:111SiOWII, Sop , . 15, I ti•iI:
MAI" Cool hig !§(tove.
A(011 PRIDLVX, North I tanovor street, rmpo-,
site Commons' llotel,is agentfor the stile of Ilutha
ways' Patent
11761, Jir Conf.:hog Moves,
which he warrants to he 100 per erint fiettel' than any
other stove heretothre known.
Parmers,Tavern keep: T:1 and others are invited to
take those Stoves on trial,'und if they ate not pleased
with the operation al the stove, or the price, they may
be returned
- ' l ' • J. V. still cmitiitticol ..,to
lteep oil bawl
—.- - 7 .. ....-......,..._,„„ .....
' l;•, r 7 -.
- i...— . ` . .; `:- .? ,' -(51 oi tiro
I ;,, liairm ..
a all descriptions, among
C:f•!.. .7.n...:7P!' • Odell are. the inipeOved
~:t::- C .aaMita.- Rotary Cooking- stoves so
• ,; . - ' universally approved; stove
- -'----'--. "" -- --- ' - ' ---- 7=' --.:-:-_.--.' -lownitiirc go% e pipe- and a
Sheet iron and Copper mire, which he will dispose
cif reasonable tering.
• „Orders in Town Mid Country, foesllottsc Spoutipg
be:other work promptly mt • eml i etl lo.•
Carlisle., Sept. 15, 1841.-Iy. • -
Mary Ann Snaveldy, by her s next friend,
itcorge Moltz s irs. John Snavel4. , ' •
No. 214. of jannary Term, 1840 Jo the court of
Common Pleas of lJumberlaud county. Libel for
Now• to wit; . August term 184 7 j, the said Court
order and direct the said 'Sheriff to cause notice to
be published in one or more newspapers ffrinted and
published within said county of' Cumberland for four
weeks successively, prior to diti first day of next
tkrm, mini 1: . I I 1 g the said John'appear ,on .
said day, to answer to the complaint of the said li
bellant . . .
By the Court. -
• I'ABL MARTIN, Sheriff:
Sept: 15,18 11.-4. .•
ett , 60 1 3 1 40 C
'the Subscriber resjpettltlly 'informs his friends
and the public genet , ally, that he: has just yetnt:ned
froli,the city and is now .oinuting a tar*: and splen=
did'assortment of 4 , • :" '
. _ .
- &'ftheet,osivare.
Alt . ikyAil li he' very cheap for cash ; : thC
ImblkOrel'ilyitcil to call awl. exloniac. his sI.WA., next
Hoot to MaC►tllti id's Hotel.- • - •
.101 IN • A: I'I:IFFER.
. . ,
. . .
. . . . . .
... . . .
.. . ' „ . . . . , . • I . .
.. . .
. .
. . .
. •
. , . ..
- .
. . ,
—___. _____--_-_.
....._ ._ . . . . - , • —__—__— ,
. • ... - ,
, • , .. .
. .
. ...... ... . . , • •. ..
(I V - . ..
. ..,. .. .
_ .
~ . . .
. .
.„,.... . .
. .
.. _
, .
~ 4 .
~ . •
. . .
. . . .
. .. . .
. . .
. . ,
v .
lb.• . . ....
. ... .
. .
. , .
. 1 .._.
~..... . .. .4 , 4: : . . . , .
p• gi: . .. i . e .....
. . . .
It _
_ .
••, ...., . .
, a .
. . . .
S. .
..... ' • . . . . , _ - -, .
. .
tvitlet• coovettirlit to the
..tiC5Vf . .93:' , t 4 4 house, :11,11 :o; tArtrlieq
K1q1,, ,
t4.7lr*Aw 0/20.11:4RD.
Aboot 70 :WITS Of the 1:11.111111 rt. first
. ...tiil.,sidoe iult good slate or
dote; the greater.payt of Natt:h fsnsttitlilire! ,
. No. 2. ~A. Tract. of :Lail& ad
jniiting tin s above l'v a
am nd lana of I lenry
Whisier, Mose% Whislee,Danic,l Me.
Laughlin; Jacob Kitner, George Iloon and 9thers,
11. S 1 Acres and iI2 PerchcS,
nett measure, hm:ing thereon erected a .
Kitchen, Double D , . Barn, Wagon-Shed and Corn-
Crib, Crib, an Apple Ocruted and 0 never railing \Veil of
water near the.door; about 50 acres of the abox,e,
farm are livst rate timber land, and the residue' in a
ghod state of cultivation, of which about St.) acres are
good meadow.
The above Tracts will he sold separately or to
gether, to suit purchaserS, on the hollowing
the.costs of,paid by the purchaser or pur
chasers 00 the confirmation of the sale by the Court,
at, which time he or they will he rthinired to enter
into recognizance in the Orphans? uoirpt with ap
proved security,to seettre tile residue of the purchasy
money, to he paid as follow s—pite third to remain ill .,
the handsof the - purchaser - 11 Wring the life of the
widow of decedent, the interest to be paid her
annually, commencing On the Ist of April next, dur
ing lieu life, and at her death the prioci pal to be paid
to the heirs o,f said decedtOtt, one other third to be
paid oil the Ist of April 'rat a when possession Will
be given and a deed made to the purchaser, the re-
»mining be.paid in two equal
,annual hay v
'Molts thereafter without interest.
Ininliords skarn , of Ilin grain growing. at the
time of sale trill pass to t h e purchasers. Any per
son wishing to vies said i . arnts helitrethe dad• of sale
are requested to call on David High re'siding, On the
premises, or on the subscriber• r, ho lives one uiile
west of Newville,
Sept. 8, 1.84t.--ttls. '
ItAtiie:oter Old Guard pt 11,1611 the above- to
the entoutdor . ss anti charge this oiiiee.;
The undersigned offers for sale the FAIL T on
Which laJviEgilles-jwo voiles west of Shippeakhoem,
being . in South:ll4ton toivaship,Fraoklin comity, l's.
eootaming . .
. . .
106 Acres - - •
of ftrit rate I,intestone Land,
not ii.ferior to any in the neighborhood. the Prove
pleats area - dweiling
.E 0 IT
Barn, Tenant House and
'assortment o
such other 'huiltlingq Ile are ileOesaarv, tO'
fai•tning;'also a good Orchard and well of water.
Also, a LSVO story Brick Badge,
will a lot and a - half of ground thereto attached, in
the borough-or ShiPpensburg, CUmherland county,
this prol city is iii good repair, teml is' situated in the
business part of the towt; the ilnprovementware
STONI.I STALILF. Irontiiig two alleys, smoke
house an d other .11VCCSS,1111 out buildings. • .
The 'undersigned deems it unnecessary to give a
mitinte:tlescriptioti.ol the shove property., as persons
wishing' to purchase can view the premises 'by call
ing on Mr. P. S. Ariz, Shippensluirg, or on
• . - living on the Ihrim.•
l.aiocaster Uld Guard publish 6t and ehtfige
this ofiie4. •
„form of lMe upon the estate o(l,i,tlaita Nim
moo, ileo'4l., lotely,.of Shippenshnrg, hale; tweo gram
'ell ti ; John Skinner Mid Jollies Walker ;'oll•purions
htivimr, plait*);agniust'tl n e vishittt . seill pi•eteat them tie .
seitlointoit,nos.l those indebted will make mqment to
them— - - •'• '• ' . • - - : ''' ' ,
'rho administrators will attend at Minato yetti
&nee of. Ilk deceased on Friday And 'Saturday the
.17th and Ifillt.of Septembec to attend to business of
. •
IcE4! Ls ES.TeITE -
P-0 it SALE.
offek for sale a splendid LIME.
STONE FAR. 111;• it contains about
165 ACR)ES,
is close to the-edge of the !Trough de Carlisle, in the
heart of the Cmnberland Valley-L-that.niugni/icent
expanso than which the snn in hea'ren shineth not on
Its superior. The title• indisputable and the land
patented. - .
• InqmOvenkents, and Local ddvaniages.
A GOOD .1,1'7). LA It GD G
- - •
--- is If I I
LO 1-1414ETSE 'l - ' ... '
. 4. 1
1 ,i a .
New Bpook - linen, ~ - '4', -:,„..
(first rate, , ), a well of nexer-thilitig..pure water—iirox
imity to gushing spring water—an Orelnird of aboht
100 yoinig Apple trees. About 50 acres or the iand
Carrii•S - a crop of timber u'orth a large stint of mon ey
- 7 :t good portion is yell set in clover and timothy
gm5 ,..2..11,,,,,i ng good. The limestone is the slab 'Or
shelving ' easily jiroeured, takes less fuel' ri make
lame, and itlail the most vuluable the north
6e shoe hula shit:. of ' the valley will "give a constant
den - land lbr this ustone forever.. it' is close to the
great Cumberland Valley RH I 1-11'0:111. • .
If not sold fie Core Friday the 15th- of October, it
-will on Una day he exposed to Public Sale, on the
premises, at 10 o'clock, A. M.. • -
• 'For terms ap'ply to __
„. .A.
-Sept.-8, Pa.
(7' Lebnimi,(;otirkii• insert 31 mid semi bill to this
1 . - :— .)Pailifele -7 61:. - • '-----:
. i'
': -. .. 6 ! 1-:-. V-*Ml l .,Tirig , r7r. - 7 - 11311t9 - - - .
---.- liftv. l 4-1-a.1.4-- 111.•, - J ' J . .
INlff --IzL-.7 liiii - 47 - 7 1' W - i --- :
__ .. , J 1U;SO -1 -.4. U 1 IU, U 1.., - .11- pill StUlliel•pl ,
. - .:11, - 111 . 1111. ~r. , lie )... i ii,i,,,,5% . 0,,,,,.t. -ill' :Ctiiill,Esi , t'
.11110'enio:ipit Fr i (1a . )7.t.fy. , .. j.isii,.' ' fAsi-?,,:•,:,,,;:‘,.:,'
lititi - , o0c70,_,14:11. ~i. ..,:ad . th. tbilmi ivg.",./t:-.
.-., . . .
Nerilictl rval estato, late,tliewup ' .flithililD+
• ”
(Itte.'ll., t0 . wi1..: -(.?,
• .—NOT.
4.,. . 9. l ract.- LAN-D
111 - 01;i4" - Tiiti
licirs,..l(llll; I liglt, latur,c , am. Iteirsif
22 A re s
ilia 81 niensan4.ll:lYing thereon meted
Two . Story To o a
111 MPS El •
Kitchen, Double Lodi Barn,- \lra-
Two : Story Log
H. 0 IT • S E
.JACOB 1111:11,
Adm'r. ofjneob WO, sr. dee'd
Farm and Hpu,se for Sale
• •
Estate, of deed;
Sept. 8,1841.74 t,"
. .
. .
Printed-and • Puhlished (ok:the' Proprietor:,* irna. S.. er2sicp,. C mrZisle, Cztutherlun4 County, ra.
. ,
:_, .
. .
. .
. • Or kati§''Cou .t - Sale, . ,
In pursn anc ord6r of th Orphans' Court of
embeds' c t itty, will lie sold kyr Public Vendee,
on the premises, on 'Min) , the Bth of October next,
at I'3 o'clock, M. of that day, the fanowing: real es
tate, late the property of David Welf, of . Monroe
township in said county, dee'd., to wit: '.
situate in Afonnoe township aforesaid, .bounded.lT
laidls of:Michael o.lleltzlionver, widow Cemni,.l,ohn
Brieken; 'Samuel Brinker,. Samuel Ifolren and , SIM
YelloWßreeeliesereek, containing ' ,
• • -•
J 9 d'cres awl 341.Perrhes,
strict ntensnre. - This land is limestone land,, iii ex
cellent enltivnti en and under first rite fencer. .1:lie
. • - . .
Teo' Story Stone • if f-Tiv.
, JuLt4f
HOUSE 1,011 •
sf.. )
Wagon-Shed, and other out Intlhlingst also a never
ftiliog spring of water dose to the house, a Rood
Orchard of 4'ol .e.eleeted fruit is on the pakvises,
and also a large quantity of locust - timber. , The
whole ofthis tract Is cleared land.
Also, a .Tract of of Woodland,
ii_orAjtmr.o.t, Winded by
John Bricker, Alelelio . • Ilvennernatr Ege's heirs,
I. Leiili 's heirs 4in Alici : s, and. containing 21 .acres
30 perches strict tpcssitre. ' This. piece of land
is well covr•retl with eheslint initl oak limber.
r• .The conifitieits will be made. kiiewit . : ll. :Ole thee
- - ritl-pinee.uf salt; by . - • • :-
- Sept. ,B, 1 84.1.
'lO tfiis coirectioti. • -
he sqlll at Itl'arttv . „
.. „
. .
~• , •
—• -.--• -- Lot. 0 r. 1., ro 0 n.k.:: -,.
r .,
„0„,„„,,„„ ~. ,„ „„I:yri,-1.,,,, ii, (kik'', ~.,,,.,'_
k in I „
„, m i ,,
~ ,
y,,„ d„, ,„ , br.r.w...;11 4 (arlisle„bminill.
i.... 1 ! - Itylitt, tio . f)y I.Vt..,y , T;aild tm (lie,,wi•ni by
C. I Iltmerit•li, Isaiikg ili . . , re..a . ..retied a 4iry nod a
NiIri;OCTIVMATI Ilili.l-34)All1)1 , ,I1 -11(.11.15F.,_
. K1•11.1,1•:If. - 1
_ . .
Carlislt , , Silt. LI, I S 11. . • ...
. ,
. •
14reii7)1 0 11 ) rbeillndef: I it; .
byan iwt of thjfien,
oral A sseinblv of tlie.Coin moms valth et' Penn
sylvania, entitled " A it act rel , itiog• trr the
:of !Ids Coinnionwealih," passed the, '241. da'y of .Pulp
Amin Domini-ono thaiistknd eight hundred and thirty
nine, -it is made the duly of the Sherill . of every
coludy %%Willi this Coninionweallti,,io
thel;oneral Elections and in such iintice
,t. The °nicer , : to lie eleetod.
2. 11)esignate the place at which the election is in
make witt - give MIS' •
to the electors of the county or Cumberland, that on
the Second Tuesday qf October next (being the 12th,
day df the month,) a 'General Election will be held
at the several elfetio» districts established by law in
said, crusty, ad which time they Will vote by 'ballot
for the several officers hereinafter named, viz:
fop Governor of the Stale of Pennsylvania.
.tal , reptesent the counties of Cumberland, Franklin
and Adams in the State Senate.
to represent the count• or Cumberland im the !louse
of Itepreseitt.•ttives of l'ennsylvanivi.
Or the county of Cumberland.
of the Poor Viol of the llotisti of l'lmployment of said
county. -
tin• the county of coomooood.
to settle the public ttecowits of the emmty.Conintis
sioners Sec.
*or the county of Co ndierlad.
The saidelection will be . held throughout the Won't
c as follows :
the horo . iigh or (_avil , .le, and townships or North
Alithlhim), Smith Alithilcion, Lowor Dickinson;
Lturcr Frankford, kuul Lout!' 1V'Sipe11110)01'0' will
audit! Court Douse, in the borough o 1
TIM election in •tile district composed of Silver
Spring township, will in held at . the public I loose of
Joseph Grier, in I ng . estoW 11;ln - said township.
ele:tion in the di,striet composed • pf' Rot
pemishorougit township, will beheld at the public
house of Andrew lilrettier, ill said tcwitithip. .• •
The election itt the district compose of New Corn
lierhind witfit part-of Allen towitshiporill lie lull
nt the fluidic. house of John Som•heck in New Cum- .
The election ip the district romrsed of Lisburn
and a part of Alreti tOwnship'tvillW- held , at the pub
lic house of Peter Alt:Conn, in .Lisburn.
The election in the district composed or that part
or Allen township, not included in the New Cum
berland and Lisburn election disfricts; Will be held
at the public house of David Shearer, in Shepherds =
town m said township.
The election in the district coMposedh of the bor•
ouglc or Medninieslairri, will
.fie held at the public
house of John Ilium:L m said borough.
The election in the ;fistrict composed or mooroo
'township, will be held at the public house of IVid
-orPti;ul m'Cburchtown in slut, township.'
Tho election, in the :listriet composed of Upper
Dickinson' totithip, will 'be held-at WeakleyN
School House, in sold township.
The election in the district composed of the boe
ongh of Newtille, and townships of Jl'itlliu, Upper
Prankford,, tipper Westpentishoro', 11111 i that pallor
Newton - tow nship,not included in the Leesburg eke
lion district herein after nientionvil, will he held' at
the prick - School I louse; in the'borough of Newville.
The election in the district eninposed of the town
ship or Dioyewell, will be held at the school house, in
Newburg in said township. • , ' '
A 01
,••••t.,r•to• • s
The election in the district composed of the "boe
ougli of :Shippensburg, Sldppensburg townildp, and
that part of Southampton township, not included in
the Leeching election district, will be held. it 'dpi.
Council House, in the borough. tif Shippensburg..•
Anil in and by an sterol the Ceneral,Assembly of
this' commonwealth, passed the ttd July 1.80; it is
thus provided, " that the qualified electors of parts
of Newton and Southampton townships in the county
of Cumberland, bounded by. the billowing lines and
distances, tint--fleginniag at the A damio comity line,
theiictelong the-line diiiding the townships of Dick
inson and NeWton to the tarapike road, thence along
Said turnpike -Centre -schnolAmiese„ on said
turnpike, in Southampton township, thencp,td - ri-iinint
nn the Walnut Dettont road at' Veybuck's, joidading
lleybuck's' farm, thence a ''straight - diMetion to the'
'saw-mill licking-mg to beim' of George Gloria.,
thence along Kryslur,'s ran to theAdiumi'poutitiAine,
thence: along Site line of Mauls-enmity 1.64,10 placeof beginning; be.and is herein declartltin'
nw eke
-001). district, the. election to, held at" the piddle
house' Of William Maxwell,m Leeslimg;Sondurinp
tonship: .
• .
Given'under my hand at Carliale, this 81st day of
August, A. D, 1841. -
wa_oawzmaz =Wald
All Unit Plantanon and
. 1 17,A07.,
Pathlie Arotice
ON cbitox nit
i(aa OTATUZArintaIiTZ $OO azaa4
' Valualil Fates For Sale... •
The subscriber utendino,to retodvo to the-West. ;
. ofiers for salt: the trio on irielt lie bowyesities; sa
tiated on the . line I ctween ()lbw:land and Franklin
counties, t ‘2 tiles north yest Newbur y t
about 7 - miles fro' i SliippeitArg,
• - :
Conihiligaing 0 , R 3 ACATS
of first ' , ate slate land, the pridipal part of whiph is
Cleared and in a high, slate of hltiv 4 ti e e, ' Th e irt t .
'provetoetits are,.
, . '
,-. ... . A LH* Two Story' ,
..444figo_ • .
4,, LOG HOUSE, - •
.:,,. - i •
---=' .- - ' 7 with-a well of Ist( tat the - door, aikil a
never fitilin ,, stream of U afer../1111 a pump in. it in
the basetnei7t; a large BANK tAltNi.a 'hi:one spring
house and other- heeessary ottfoiri.ingsooll an ('N
cellont ,t)re'oird of rhoiejt Frill. - Tliel'e are also it
eonifortableTP,NlANT . 110. UT, sited Stable on 1-m
-other illy( of saiii:Trot, and al 7. - -:CretiSlt'e sti; ikiiii
mAcut IV.Eny for .vittoing olittiitzrqr. with v ERY VA1.17-
)1 4 S.l), • -
- A tract of land in Omitted:it& county, within one
mile of the - farm above described,
• t,'4)-volairtfB6t.7 152 Acres;
'about '2O acres are cleat-v(1,841 the residue covered
with thidring thither. The I;ltteovements lire
.12 .I...dRG L' NO' S' TO R Y. 1,0 G
ented, and clear of all incittalrances..
The firms Will he _spa taparate or tagetller,
mac beet tat lenTliasct;. tires
the land can di? so; . t
lion by calling Ott the subsetkr, r. , sitlitr,r,a4altove.
• , : . \ Vll ESLER:
is.) .••••--tr: •
tta kr .
lif -- }
er)litity, - 1 10H - -Al
mt 1.7111-r ., ?ittlYltl+ . l Stirt ot•oip:,..,,,,:rl;;,ilit'h
t•lock, .1., Al, the tolloniii g .ili.,cributl-laThaitle prop-.
erty, to Nt
• • • •
l'tSOf' - -1.-Pl4att- • El in P toiln
• Land,. , •
by 'lB ids:of • liarkneis, 1)altiol
mite spio n ti deny
e-dotoder lu;h---btate. of_ e . uti
thyrohidw: eovi.ll young 'I:ho
ller. Tbere rs uri lotildin , o on the Insol.
• A ant, mill be given, and
terms nnole knoN% iron the iliac of side. . .
Persons W idling to % lc w Ow premises pri•%iotts r(
lor flay of s;tle,t:oi rail ni the J:tte rehlikliCl. of Jas
4.alinra, adjoining .iln. , Same, ni. MI OS' S&P-N . 11.M%
.- . It. G. `i 011,N (;, -I.l.iectitor.
- 8.1111. I n 111,---711,12..-. . -
.. . .
Shil.e, - Land' -at
ra "cede.
Subsrribrr will sell at private sali: '1 . 11111x•
TINES, volitNining tiviords at
situate:id Hopewell. township, Cumheel:mil eotody,
and toirgati towitship,l'eatildin (moldy. The Paring
are well improved., and in a high mate of cultivation,
together with suitable dwellings and barns, oil caul
of them, thereon eiTeted. Auk• person wishing to
purchase are t'iliteideil In call on the subscriber and
examine,the l'oe themselves.. 'ferns will he
made to suit the purchaser.
Sept. 1, ISII,---fit
N. 11. If the above farms :n•c not sol.lo,efrc the
t of Duernit,er, they will be rented or lensed 1•m• a
1.111 01 rears.
• •
1).1'1; VTIZZI.A.`4I' 1R7111,.
(Hilt :„„1 dwcwiiiii in High street:next door to
Itev..l. V. 1.1..Th0rn.. .
~ . . . .
(;:trliste, August 4, IS41:-,--tr.
12'11131i:1g Estit hi iNhancie it
1491 g N. , .2 ff. E.
Me ." Herald &, - .Expositor" is offered
for sale. It is the Oply «' pig paper in this
county, has a large subscription list, a pair alllollllt Or3dViNgiSitig :1/1(1 job custom, with
ample and good materials for . publishiog a
weekly paper.
Letters (post poid)nddresseo to the Edi
tor, will meet with prompt attention.
• GOLDEN - 13A - EL rioTEL
'the subscriber, lhaoLfol Pir past fa \ o rs At r , by
nollii(r.S the ptiblicgenerally. that he still einithmes
at the old staml,nearly opposite the College Campim,
ii hero he krill at all times he fonnd ready and a fil
ling to aecommodate in the I:et possible'manner,
those who may favor him with' a call. The I I nose
is located in the most business part 'wow own, and
is near tIM stopping place of the Cuts on the :R u n'
Road. The ROOMS are Purge and . airy—the_TA- '
111.1.1 will he supplied with, the very best the markets
can famish--atol the 11.% It With t I thoieest Ilignors.
Ills Vharges are reasonable, and he will endeavor to
merit by itsi ‘ littity and attention a cot - Allot:met; of pub- I
lie patronage..
.IMARDERS taken by the'wei.k, month, or year.'
DROVVIIIS nod TRAVEI,I',ItS will'and it tn:their :
interest to Sttlindill hill),:lti helms plenty ofstabliok, l
;Mil it enrefol 05T1.F.11.,,b,,i:,,:ftt hand. ,
AN ;‘II.FAV 11.011EHTS.
Carlisle, Sept. 8, 1.841.-:41 . • - •
41 . .0 wise
EJtate of David Bender,
nrmits I'ESTANIENTA'ItY an the..esta,t
1 . 4 'of Dayo Itendee, late of Allen township, Qom
beldamd comity, deu'il. li
ve.t•toi grated ta the sub
scrawl• residing in die same toa' llr , lilp: NOTJC F, i 4
hereby given to all persims indebted to the estate to
make hmtieditite pa . ) anent, thoie hating Adios
against's:lid estate to present them for settlement: •
N 'e.- '
Sept. i5,18-11. 7 .--lit .
Estate of Saud., Sturi”eou•
LA Fiititte of SalllM4Sttirgeon, Into of the borough
.of hi"r. Leta issued in due
loon of. to .the sitbserilivri 'Some is h ece b:y
given ogniiii•Csailestate,
to present titeti ditty
t i l a n t I ► indebted to•saiii estite,tn•e reivestea
to milky pornient to the subsonic'. residing in the
tiorough of.Shijipousburg . . • • . • •
woaa.l.Nr.virAti, ~I.!lner.
-Septembvt• ' : • ,
. .
-E.itato of , john Johnson, deed." .
ItY on the estate
or John Johnson,' late of New ville ,Cmnher
tand county, tleo'Ll.,.have been gi.,a9ted to die snbseri
hrvs: NoTme is bevel?) , Oven to.all persoas Indebt
ed to thri estate - to make immediate payment;
nod those, having ttlAti Ins to Present them for, ..settle-;
itolTr..l,,mltn; of
IRVINE% ilfSewillk,
•E'x'rs, of John Johnson, iletl'd
Sept ! 15, 184.1.--Gt.,
• . :
Whig PiTeianbers
. Session
of Congress has, at length, been brought to
a close, The .incidents 'which belong to
the.history of : this session, mid ,especially
those ,which have marked i'ts TOrmination,
are of a nature to make Sot.styong r an im
presSiou upon the county), and to excite
so much
.interest in the future "action and
relations of the Whig,Party, that the Whig
lkpresentatiVes' in a ' GOth :Houses - of Con
gress . have thought it' their du ty;ThefoTe
separatiii:g, to . . address — their - constituents
with a brief exposition of the circumstances
in which they conceive
.themselves to be
placed :by the events which • have recently
transpired . .
-- "This:'session of _Congress was called as
almost the- first measure of that illtistrions
and rarnented citizen whose elocdon to the
- Presidency was no less signifi cant
. Of the.
general ':.!sritiment•of condemnation of the
n g — Ad tra t orr,7 th in
• it was expressive of a wish for an imme
diate-and radical chatige,.in,the pnblic
-Tlie impro.v.idence of. thOse :who had ; pelted; fr . i)iit po wCr !tact render
hiev,itairki4,,:and the the
nliTatifir ..)IJ-Vit
-. 11 [4.0 F o t tel of - fiTtgryYtill='rtlmce2 . --74 , ..r11 - siwitis. 1,1,
early alloPtiotil
of the p.oliey which kali' liven pronlised.hy
the Whig party. That: pilliey /had he'en
to-consdclel%ition_Aribo . enuntrY,L
.throughout a vmlest, of nearly I'2 years'T
duration, inalptalned.whli. unexampled de-;
votiOn ; andats• principles Weil) illustrated,l
hv. the proceptS and. praelices 7 of the..tmist!
eminent .— an f- d - patriotic :O otir-c.iiizen,s„in,T
-every fgrin 'by which they wet'eable - ;to ad. 7l-
dress themselves to-the,,;-0, of the
People____N _
o hue misapprehended., these
principles . ; they were idc4ttificd ‘l , the
labors of that great party whKe Itpayallel- •
led success was liiitlt.the token-and - the-re- .
ward of. the-:general jeonfidenee - of the
in,ltniigthl reform =
Ist. In the restraint of Executive-power
and :patronaae;.
2d. In the Wtfoleso - mr , vraultdinn or thin
V. In the establishment of an economi
cal administration of. the tin:inces;
They proposed to accomplish 'the first
of these objects by limiting the service of
the President to a single term; by forbid
ding - all officers of the Goveniment from
interfering in clectiens; end by a voluntary
self-denial on the : part Of the Chief Magii
trate,.in that 'excessive use of the veto pow
er which'had recently become so •otiensive
to the country as an instrument of party;
They hoped to achieve their next object
by the• establishment of a' National 1.3an1;
by an adjustment
. of the systphi Of duties
upon a moderate and permanent scale.
adapted as nearly as practicable, to the in
terests,-and conformable-with-the-views-of
,portion of the Union ; by the estab
. lishincut of a uniform system of bankrupt
cy ; ' and Itv the distribution of the proceeds
of the public lands ainon2st, the states—a
measure recommended not only by con*
dcrations`oljustiOe to the states theinseives,
iq_also-hy-a-sati - experience of the.embar
rassment produced in the currency result
ing from the administration of a fund of
sueli variable amount es an 'item in the or
dinary revenues of the- Covet =pot. The
establishment.of an economical atlininistra
tion of the finances,..theY expeeted 'th'attain
by cutting down all useless offices; by en
forcing a strict necontuability of the public
agents: and, more conspietiously,byAnak
log exact and adequate provision. for the
ascertainment..anti eventful. liquidatim of
that public debt whit-di the past administra
tion had created by•perinitting their expen
diture•to overrun their receipts, and which
thq had concealed from public observation
by'the casy;.device of repeated issues, of
Goyernment notes.
'flies-0 were the proMinent points to
- which the
,policy of the Whig Party had
been direeted, and which.consOnted the
great issues before the country in the 're
cent Presidential election. We.are aware
ikat:mur adversaries now deny these issues,
fonnding their denial chiefly urpon'the fact
that no formal manifesto was put forth to
declare theterMs upon which. we insisted:
„We chose rather mj.,appeal to the 'widely
diltused lotowlehe of Tr principles which.
had been. impressed, upon . every "man's
tmind in
. the long struggle Of years gone by;
with which one party had been' identified,
and of which its very'natne ANaS an expp
It need tint he 'pill Altai, in a representa
tion spread
. Oyfr a territfier of such extit
as that- reMprelientfed by our ijnion,.and
pxhibiting interests so diversified, what
might be called the characteristic.
ples..a the . Whig party., throughout the
wide srilige, should he subject:to occasion
al modilleations- dependent upon toe.atin
-11110th:es; -;lnd That it' Was incumbent, there
fore, upon ihe' party to rIIOV,C together lit a'
spirit of, mutual emieeSsieti" and acconflim
datiou'lif sectiMufl difrerences
Ii need -nOt-be.lohljhat,:in tlie:system of
measures tvlticlt the haVe enuMeramil,..Con=
Meting views might tiatinally ekiSt betUree — ii
the'Repr'esentaii . ves of.diStantjoriiiOn4; . of
Our , Reptgilic.,' U6ll tli,it .only by'ahe yield=
Jug 'of minor interests to . the establishrnent
ofthe.treneraLgiiod;. entire ...harmony was
to be obtained in the action Of Congress,
This was natural, 'and to be expeCted. -But
tvelelt a proud consciousness that in. the
patriotism of the party 'all such difficulties
would vanish, and that the demands of an
enlarged welfare would be met and - fulfilled,
through AIM virtue of that spirit of corn pro=
mise and forbearance, that liberaland 'corn
prehensive sentiment 4.4 self-denial and
concession, Which rests at the heart of our,
/ and ,whiehteopstitutes the liv
ing principle. of our Union. - Pefore•Me
appointed : d ay arrived . . for the meeting of
Congress, .and . the expiration of but, one
.short-month from the -day of hi 3 inaugura
obr heleved"President was - snatched'
front us by the graSsii of death; too soon for :
the happiness of - his country, Lint
soon to awaken in otij hosoyiS a deep and
"awful sense -of the irreparable loss Which
we have sit Stained in.the Peprivntion °V a
great and.good man—Mot eon
since us hdw, long and 11
country `doomed to del
misfortune. In this our cab
to find censolation in the
principles of him-whom
had, designated to fill the' office of the
-pa r ted- ittf,----- 7 4-is. - --trite-,4lnit.-towards-that.
individual, even at the Moment of.-his se
leetion for •the- Vice: Presidency, it very
, earnet public .atTelitiiiirliattbcen . directed;
fI and._ it is, equally,truoilial Init,a_vassing . .re 7t l
pril.was beSto - ,wed,tipel,t the ; Mir,,rent of his
(him Lasime_: t04.0.,..ea.,;.memh en _Or..
Ithns4l-1--,- ti0irr4.16,th.:44.7,4 - , atlL;ro Ad: ft t
party .Whose,opinimis and principles'Wero . l
deeply engraved in the. inost .compictions
acts of. our politic,dl history, and were read,
quid understood by.every citizen . in ills. :11 -
In this connmiTit,
be inmninent, we discerned what we
cetvetl,' . and what doubtless lie inCt.lit," ta i be
pliTtlge of faithful
,ailherenco to : . 11m ear--,
ilinal doctrines lOr 7 tandi
Qipes:4 f the - con ti tifv.
1 --
linimdiV , . We hoped to font
consolation alSo in . the fact that his acces- - the_ Pi:et:Money brought him into
communion• and intimate political "fellow-'.
ship witict , Ke chosen vangziard of the Whig
party-,the first selection made hv.(lenci , :ll
Harrison of• a.Cabinet, distinguished for its
par:m . lool4 ability, integrity, and fidelity to
the glorious cause in %OH' we had con
auered—a cabinet emMentiy crowned with
trns,ted as in tio.; tiny „
principles of the Tarty to which they be
longed; who, were inseparably kssociated .
with its glory, and in whose generous and
honorabledrelation to the President, - we had
the security of wise and .prosperotts coun
sels, and he the pledge of a co-operation
which should enable him to accomplish all
that the Nation 'desired. These hopes
were 'still further enlivened by the encoura
ging tone in which the President referred,
in his lirst address to the Nation, to - the
"ever glorious example" afforded` him by
the' fathers of the g , reat Republican school,
and the declaration of his'determination to
walk in the . path in which they pointed out.
In the indulgence ,of these hopes, Con
gress entered updn its labors. By adopt-.
ing : r les for the_despatch of business con
formable the entergeney of nn extra ses
sion, and t 1-view of th(i great amount of
legislation which the times required, we
have been mudded to achieve all and even
more than a I, that our constituents could
have demanded at onr hands. The leading
and great measures of this sus ion have
hero under discussion, in Congress and out
of it, for many years past, and little re
mained. to he said beyond a- repetition, of
former debates. There was nothing in the
circumstances or position Of either party in
Congress to _require, or even to justify,
protriicted discussions; and the majority,
therefore,' felt. tlmtitsclvcs ClititiCit to gilie to
the extra session the-character of a Con;
gress of action -.and decision; rather than
one of debate; and we feel assured that in
this effort we haveifime no more than re
spond to the just expectations of the people,
First, in Urgency,amoo . g the bills pa.4e'd
during the session;:anl that . to-which the
public . 40111mand most iniperativuly draw
the attentinn of Congress, was the repeal
of the Sub- Treasury Law. Our next care
was the enactment of the. Land Hill. This_
was followed by an act converting the debt
whieli 'the
,precedmg. Administration had
entailed upon the country, into a loan of
twelve millions of dollars, which is limited
for- its redemption to a period of three
years. Associated with this • measure was
the 'Revenue 11111, rendered necessary not
only as a provision towards the extinguish
ment of the loan, hut also as indispensahle.
tor the supply of means to meet the ordi-_
nary and necessary' approprititions of the.
year., ; ', The Bankrupt Act, so earuestly.and
so long,splicited Itva. large ood meritori
ous _class of our Wtrzens, has been passed_
under circumstances which paint:but:4 - e-,
lim+t time highest honor niuM time. Represtm
t'atives itf manrof,the sections of,the 01111'7
• As_a Tep9ro standing :done, it might
perhapsi haVe :been' destined:to• a:further.
delay ; : but being. brought, as it was, into
that series of measures which Artie sup
posed to embrace thcsoheme ofrelief which
the nation at large -required, it.met froin a
.I'Vlii“)ongreSs that SuppOrtef it'ltich the
'chit!f,arginent;and Ai
highest :tine' are de
rigid'from:,the respect which
felt to lie dile . to 'a Conipiehensiire.‘policy,
hese 'seppe shintid ineluilti:eVery!, interest
,the'nation. It; is ii thelbetztit .
of the 'country.; tinCremnains_ be :
or iin rci veit, as. !lib pim Idie iv a titS may here
after be fUtitul tit require. -The importanc i e,
in the. present_ no6iuto of otittqairs.,,'ofort4
awn' ommutmoo volac) 409---laTc) 49%
tending:to the 'national defences, suggested '
the measure of establishing a Home Sluzi&
ron, of repairing 'anti: arming the•Fortifiea.: ,
tioriS, of Providing for the defence of the
Lakes, and of bringing the nation at large •
into„a state , of readiness 'against hostile ag;
gressionsin regard to. whieltMeasnres, ail
great unanimity prevailed in emigres's . , we
may safely„ assure ourselves they will meet'
the' Undivided- approbation -of„our_.eonsii-;
tucuts. throughout the whale Union: . •. .
'Phis rapid review,. felloW eitiiens,, will
exhiliit what we hate ~ .dope, , What *6
have failed. to do remains to he told. •
It is with refound and poignant regret.
that we. find ourselves ;celled upon. to -in.;
'yoke ybor attention to this point. - Upon'
alre - grearami - leadimr - , meastirc:-
miehtiort, our anxio us endeavors to.resPond.
to "'the earnest prayer of the nation have
been frustrated ; by an act as unlooked-for hi
it is - to be lameirted./: We grieve - fo say iti
you that,-by the c,e'retse of that power -id
the constitution which has
.ever- been .re
„larded. with .•stispicien„ and .often with
°dint - 11,1)y the people--a noWer which we.
had hoped was -never to.„be exhibited, od _-
this subject, - by a \Vhig President—iia
.defeated in two altemPts to ere;
ate a Fiscal Agent, whieh - tle tvants.orifirr—
country bad demonstrated to,us, in themosi.”
abstain-lc:form of proof, eminently ,ne , : •
cesseryl- and proper in the present emelt
vice.lfave -we, with`TtlM..-tftmost -
:71 WlT€ 7 ft - 4144i140f.:*4":4 7 14Vri - '74i.
11X, 11.111 f,
;11 [744411-
.„ .
AgfuQyz , ..'of.- rportt ie t,,; 404pisa,
trtirie6 , 4as to.ett our-fete fo
eouine r the opposition of the PreSidenir"
! through the-application . of the.veni.power. •
lTh.e ; eharactertof that veto in each ease,the
ciTcu instances in-wit
l'and the grounds upon irltieleji has the
decided -disapprohation of .yette,friends in
Congress, are..snfliciently apparent in 'the •
iltdili,ti:•dot , mmenN:aiid - tliU debates relating - ' -
Ltoit.• "This Subjeet has acquirtM a painful •
innYresrwitlytn-1,- mill- will doubtless
it, witirydu, froin . ;the unhappy deyelop
meets 'with -which it is acconiDanied. - We -
are constrianed -to say tijat we find -•
1 -groutid to justify usin the conviction that-. :
I . the veto of
_tho.President-has-been-inter--.._' .
Find ,on this question solely iipian con
scient ions and• well considered. opinions of,
constitutional scruples as to his duty in'tho
case presented.. On the contrary, too Many .
That tho President has permitted ionise Ito -
be beguiled into an opinion .that,'ly, this
exhibition of his prerogative, tre,might be
able. - Ri divert the policy - of.his 41.1ministra
tiop into; a channel which should lead to • .
new political combinations, and accotryplish
I results which must Overthrow the ph! Sent
divisions of . parlyin T tlie country, and final
ly produce a state of .things which those
who elected him, at feast, have never con
templated. ' have seen from an early
period of. the, session, that the AVldg party
did not enjoy the confidence of the l'resi
dent. Mortification we have observed
that his'asseciations More sedulously aimed
at a free communication . NVith those who
have been busy to prostrate 'our purposes
rather than thiee 'whose principles seemed
to bc most - identified w•ith the p(itvet by
which lie was elected. AVe have reason to
believe that. he has permitted 'himself to ,
be approached, counselled, tend influenced ,4
'thos c - cilia 11:1V - C
umniksard least interest
the st«•CeSS of , s It ig measores. What
_were_presented to be his opinions and de
signs, have been freely, hind even insolent= -
putforth in. certain portions, end those
not the most reputable, of the public press,
in •a manner that ought to be deemed of
fensive to his honor, as it:certainly
.was to
the feelings of those who were believed' to
be his friends. In the earnest endeavor
Manifestetl by the members of the IVltig
party in Congress to aseertaia specifically
'the President's tiotiontr,in refi:rence to the
derails of suelya bill relating to a Fiscal
Agent es would he li`kely . to 'meet his sp;
probation;tho friqiiient changes of his 'opi-
Men, and the singular want•of consistency
iia Iris views, have baffled his best' friends,
and rendered the hope of adjustment with •
lino impoSsible.
and .
. .
. Coniirets, early' in the session, called
upon t he Secretary of The Treasury for the
plan of ar Fiscal Agent; the. result of this .
calFvvas it bill which was reported in tle.- . r ,
tail, with. an arguinciet in its favor, and it
•was;:as - we had a right to regird it, receiv
ed by all as the bill of the,President. • In' 1
lam ; it was kiiown to certain provisions, in' ,
reeerence,to• the assentof the states, which
corresponded with.the . private •opinion of
_no menther of the cabinet. This bill 'the •
PreSidunt - had - 'vven informed Wore: than' •.
One unlimber of did : House he witild,l4;:.',
willing to,signif passed by, Congress; yet
it contained provisiOn for tocotdisecronting;
in regard to
.which his Vet Message•,a(, - .
firms his objections to be •altegether.insu-' ;
pevable.. • The IVresidea' has s subsegnently
declared dial.' this was net hig':nicUstire, and:::
that 'w hen he said,,be would •sign; this:bilg,
he had • r uot: read. ; it:, ,The 'plait of . an. Ex , ...:•...
vhatigen Ilivok, eitch••as was reported after :
the first Veto, the:PresidenHe'rtrulerstood•
.by niore, than one member of - Congress,• t 0?,:..
-., .
'.whoni„lic.-:esP'reSsetlhis,•opinioni to!have. , .:',
reg'vded•PP*f#,Orite , •lnessure ,, .• , .lt;;,was.irk , .•:, , •,
view.. Of; ddioPiriien,•• suggetfed : gp , it, is • inl. ;•
'his tirst.:.'veli). ) aPdiirwPl l § l . ll ‘v. l3 Yrr . 3 7 ,llr9Pfe ;••
effert ; tri 6Seeriaiii his : „Preeise,-,views upon
it, that the`iiintUitfee,.ofcAre:HfitiSe, ;of 116-I,'
presentati'v fi'Telikted,lheir.sicorid.blll. 4:.. -
(t s,
minis 'll it. - #i $ ions.•fotit,)?.SUL . ,.witlo.4(thri":-:'•.•
pri\;ilege ' Of. .`fri . e. f- I ..
diSeVinnlii4, ; .::,'intitl.: mai '„•:;:::
adopted; as closely as Possible, ktiiglAlT:lU'.Ef;• . ;
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