Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, September 08, 1841, Image 4

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    • Splendid Lidieriei:
prizes 'of $25,000 amounting to $lOO,O OO
$50,1100-430,000-425, 000,.
FOR. 25n obroiwat.'
• •
• . ,Uoioii Lottiiry:
Claes 8. -To be drawn at Alexandria, D. C, lati Sat
•.• urilay, Sept. 25; 1341.
25,000 Dollars • •
9 •
, • 1 prize of • woo p 011...
1 do 2 • • , • ar,00,0
, I do • 6,000 do
I do • 0 1 5,15:3 do
:P.:prizes of 4,000 do.
4 do . ' • 2,000 do
• 50 do • ' • • 1,000 do
. 50 do 5OO do
50 Jo , 250 do
too :do 200, &c.
.• • . 14 drawn numbers ont.of
Tickets sls—Halves $7 50—Quarters $3 75
. Eighths $1 87.
Certificate.of packages of .26 whole tickets, $2OO
•do . • do '26 half .do 100 .
do do j . 25 gnarter do 50
do , do- 20-eighth do '25
T-1 rand-
Cla . ss 9 To - be drawn at Alexandria, D. C.;itSat
urdayi Oct. 23, 184,1% -,
16 drawn ballots. • . • '
I Capital prize of. . 50,000 Doll.
lid prize of .• • 50,000 do
do • ' 25,000 do
do , . 10;000 do
8,000 do
7,000 do
5,000 do
5.000 ,do
4,00 d do -
-.2,5461'. do •
2,511 ilo .
2,000 d 0
1,750 do, '
1,500 do
1,250 fln
1,000 dd
500 ,do .•
400 do..
500 do
2:,0' do
'2OO • do
1 do
1 do
1 do
4 do
5 .do
10 do
10 do
SO, do
50 do
50 do
100 do
100 do
170 do
. . ,
I G dra w monberß ou I-of-78.
. Ticket42o; 1 bees $10;. Cloartt•rs $5; ElO its $'2:YO - .
~.,,,:416efikvAte§viii!oils....meli or ‘26 Ai Iliac tick. (As
410 do
t ,
• `j-t.wcters' or v tiCKCiff :111t1 shares
Of pnekairs In the above - Heltemes will t•r
Iseivethn most 'prompt attention; !tad the drawing of
— e fielciotteiy,iiill . ll6:sent - intmediately_altizelit_is.ove:r ,
to all who order from as., - , •
-• QltEGOllYs c i CO...:llanagers..
' • .
,Washington, 1); C;._.
. ST-. WAR-T.,-E
, o,msoniari Botanic; Practitioner
_ ofMedicine and Obstetrics, No.
~2 Alexander's ]low, near the
- RailAnad Hotel .• •
WSPFICTFULI Y informs his friends awl the
public generally, that (through solicitation) he
has retnoved from Shiremanstown to Cartkle, where
-he may be found at all times,unless professionally
engaged. The afflicted shall at at all times be treat
ed with purely Vegetably :I,ediciiies,•iNo.Polsons,"
and hi strict accordance with, the, principles laid
down by - that great reformer iu medical science, Dr.
Samuel Thomson. •
Chronic cases, such as Consutnptions, Liver Com-
Ithemnatisms, and Cancers, are
more particularly informed that the Nets' System is
admirably adapted to Weir cases.
. Invalids from a distance can be accommodated
with ,Boarding• while under medical treatment,: on
reasonable terms.
Carlisle, July 14, 1841.---tf.
Proposed Ahtendmeat to the
"Resolution relative to the .thnendment
of the. State Constitution, .•
"11ESCiLVED by . the Senate and I louse of Re
presentatives in General Assembly met, That
the Constitution of this.Conmionwealth be amended
in the third section of the second article, so that it
:shall read as follows:
"That the Governor.shall hold his office during
three years, fiom the third Tuesday of January,.
nest ensuing his election, and shall .not be capable'
of holding it longer than a single term of three !pare,
in any term of nine years." • •
Sneaker of the Mouse of ItpresentatiVoB.
. . .IN. It. EWING . ,
Speaker of the Senate.
Pennsylvania, as.. .
SECILEICAUY'S OFFICE. ' T. ill; ly certify
that the foregoing is a true copy of a Resolution
proposing an amendment of the Constitution, which
was agreed to at the last session of the . Legislature,
by a majurity of the ,members elected to each house,
the original of which remains filed in this office; and
in compliance with the tenth article of the Constitu
tion of ,the Commonwealth, I do hereby cause the
Same to be' published, as di reeled by the said article.
IN TESTIMONY whereof, 1 have
:Cer hereunto set my hand and seal of said
o t office, at Harrisburg, tliis 44th day of
/ Jung 1841.
'sFRS. R. SHONE, '
•-•'` - Secretary -of the Connnonwealth.
June 30, -
DR. I. C, LOOAIIS, Denttst,
I s permanently located in Carlisle, and
wildperform all operations that arc required in
Dental Surgery, such as Filing, Plugging and Ex
tracting. Teeth, find inserting At•tificial Teeth, from
a single tooth to a whole set. Hu will also attend to
all diseases of the mouth, gtinis, &0., and direct and
regulate the first and second dentition so as to render
the teeth of cltildi•en and young persons regtilar and
beautiful. •
Dr. LOOMIS may at alltimes be found at his of
fice, on High street, opposite Maefarlane'S Hotel.
Carlisle, June •13,
Just received at the Net, Store, a large and splen
did assortment of English Straiv and Florence Bon
nets; offered for sale at low prices by -
March M, 1841.
The Subscriber !mitit — opened a new and hand
some assortment of
suited to the season, in North- II nover .stved, be
tween the*Bank and Cornnian's I otel,ionsistinr, in
pail,' of qloths. Qassimeres, 'S. Itinetts, Vestings,
COeds, Stripes, Skirtings,. She:eth „s", Catnbries„lll
- Mousse de Lainei, Ste.lte,,
. ..„--,-,------
. • ALSO, 1 •
.Qaeensware and Groceries,
spiets,..cowv.sw,' Zo'c.
,Egc. Also,
MTh', together with a.great variety.of other broods
whicli he will sell low upon accommodating terms.
Please give' him a call..
. May 19,184f.-=ly.
MOUSLIN PE LAIRS pr , now style fVom 25 to
flri"cents per yard, just received and fIY sale
. Marclip 31;1 84i.>
rerijue r t-rt,te";ve. , l ., n,nll
anew au pp y ie CC .
for sate cheap at the store of
ahslua .1811
• Jacob . Dundore,
Respectiolly informs the citizens. of Carlisle and
its vicinity, that he has commenced the
Saddler yand [farness Making,
• , .
.. .
. ..
hi all, its various branches, in Main street, one door
- east rol:the store of 0 Anderstin, and
a few doors west of Mr. Witniterlich'S tavern, where
he will keep constantly on hand; and mnnufacture to
order at the shortestmoticeand on thelnosi reasona
ble terms, ,- . • • .
. . ,
. ,
Ile hopes by strict :Mention to business, and an mix
ions desire to pi ease, to merit atul rebel ye a liberal
share nfpubl in patrng,age: rinsing the best of wonk.
Men employed, hip customers may expect. their work
to be (lone in the neatest and most substantial man
. Carlisle, Alm • 10;1 81y. •
W B IK N 0 X •
• Office a few doors West of the
111:0. 19; i fi4:1..-1.e.. ••
. • _
• ..
SlIAMIE;11 GODS3 v • .
• ,
.lust received•froM PhihuleliMitt at grettilv reduced
prices from those'purchased carly'in the season; per-.
'soits.wishing lo supply themselies with •
. •
Sum triO,i7 GAssimeres, Cash maretts,.
Linelinings, Bearerteens, Cords, VeVtinglcAlus
lins. becks, 'Pickings, Calicoes, Dawns , MouSlitie
de.htns, ttibbands . , 'Worked Collars, Stockings,
Gloi•es, Gingliams, Silk and. Cotton. I landkerchiefs,
Stocks, ,Muslin de Angletines, Fillet. SOarfi, Veils
'and flandkerelOfs,. Parasols ' Barred Worstedli for
citildrens' wear, Nankeens, Cotton:l(l6s, Pittsburg,
Cords, fie. &.c. f. e., will do well to call, on the sub
scriber and secure gteat bargains.
and Coail!, &c.
a q dft•v(•6 , torge ~jlk of • _ _
• • _
liclu'sllnle ,A hove. cly.lip_gooLls.inity al sk:tS•iiraMitrlT.•
. ' • • 0G11:111(..
.Ttiui: . .
l.1111t:CS leave to inform the citizens of Carlisle aiitl
) -its -its vicitrity, that lie 11:13 comtnetieeil nititinfac
', w i n oJ.l,i,, gli : the latest fashions, and of the very
- Russ4l,:_llrie:sh, Beaver, Ntitrio,•an(l all
kinds.of:FUß ; .• • •
. .
or which a general ossortment-will always be kept
on hand, pr made to snit aecnrdiug to - order; which,
he will sell .on the most neemninodatiiig - terms' ror
cash or Countrij Prot/rite:
Ills shop will he found iu•Londier street, in the
house formerly kept by Lindsey Spotswood as a
!latices' Shop. -- -- • _
Carlisle; May Qr); 8,11.---fim.
most fashionable shapes and hest ginility„pgst
received from Philadelphia. Also, In priced Leg
horn and Chip Hats, at the store of • • '
Bar Iron , Glass,*c.
Just received rittlis.New Store, of the subscribers,
4 Tons BAR of first rate quality, and
for sale very low for tr4s 1, per consignment, JO half
Boxes 8 40 and Mlialf Boxes 111 by 12 •
Western Glass,
in good order, for sale to Merchants at Pittsburg
prices, and Buncannon best
at Manufacturers prices, also, on hand Wilherow's
Celebrated patent P LOCO I IS, X-SEED OIL,
by the gallon, or Barrel,, OIL MEAL, Wetherill
Bro's: Pure winTE, LEAH, MAHOGANY
VANEERS, &e. ts:c.
PAN Y, OF p4tN,ADEL,NnA, - • •
a Mai viomoo.pail iii:'—haii.r Perpltu al,
Ci ONTIN UPI to make Insurance, Permanent arid
s )
lit ) Undte •on ert , i'V description or Property, in
TOWN AN I COUNTRY, out the usual favorable
OFFICE 1(131 Chemml street, near Fifth street.
CHARLES N. 11 ANCKEIt, President.
llc''rThe subscriber, Agent for the above Company
for the borough of Carlisle and vicinity,will prOmpt
ly attend to all applications for Insfirance, whether
made personally nr by letter. Residence Main street
nearly opposite the Car Office.
Just received at the Store of 4 ,
A fresh supply of sii,asonable, GOODS, consistin,
in h:u•tpf Blue, Pluck . Browii, Olive Green, am
. .
Black,Blue; Brown figural and striped Cassimevesl
Mixed figured and Striped Gambroons for- panta
loons. Brown, White, Striped tout Figured Linen
Kentuckey,,. Pennsylvania and Delaware
Jan* Pittsburg . curds;, Cotton stripes ;and drills;
-American Nankeens and coloi.ed Muslins; Burlaps
Frellell and Irish Linens; black, blue, Fawn, Mouse,
Pink, Blossom, White, rigurdti,sthped and barred
neW stile; Figured plain barred striped Jacki
netts; Swiss, Cambrick and Alull muslins; Bonnets;
Lawns and Silks, Embroidered; Mantnu, Glossees
.Sattin and hatted Ribbonsr' Leg horn " flats, Straw,
Braid;Nunimd - Chip Bonnets; Colored, White, Fig
ured Leghorn and-PAM - leaf lliasr Brown & bleach
muslins; Ticks, Checks, Crash, and Diapers; Lin
tn cotton; 4-4 5-4 and 11-4 sheeting,s; Tablecloth,
linen and-cotoii-Diaper) Linen, Gross.,:silk, pongee
and cainbrick Hankerclnels; glove's,. Hosiery, Stocks
and Arti f icial . flOivers; Cotton and Goighalp Hmbrel
lap Parasols; cotton yarn Mid carpet chain; together
with an 'extensive assortment Of,. -
Groceries sk..queensware.
All of which will' be sold on the most reasonable
terms. Person are invited,to call and examine for
themseli7es before purchasing. elsewhere.
Carlisle, April !24, 11344.•
. •
FILET olf‘• SATIV.S . V Lgjust
receive an o ere& tor, sale t ew Store in
Shippensburg, by • •'„ . . .
-loe.deu le ancl awgle ec 11, ter sale 4 le
stovev .
Saddles, Bridles, CO'tars, H ar
ness, Trunks; &c.
Alsl, a Vinod stock . of fresh
Hats! - Hats!! Hats!!
June 2; ISlt
Carlisle, May 5,.1 S4 l .
C11.4111.ES 'N. BA:NCKER, S \ 3111 EL GRANT,
...1. 4 a0LA5 WAGNr.R„ Al onny.t:Ai I). limn
ClIAR1.1.1S — (1:11 - A - NCKE112,, Secretary
--0) e eH---
June 2,1841.
~ , ,-li. . i''':. ' . .: . 4. : .* . 1.f:44 : ,.* ;:.,RIV,* A . 1.111: a ttp.:' . *V . --#. o'Lti ii -t 0 ~. .4.
4, 1 •4 ,
ZILIFY , r4fa- •
(lave removed to the cap:Li:MIAS :Warehouse recently
occupied by D.' Leech & Co. at the norlh-westcorner
of Cherry and Broad street, Philadelphia: •
Prom the facilities which the location and internal :
arrangement of this depot afford, 30 to 40 Ihmthen
Cal's can be accommodated to mama' and load at the
same time with sufficient room to store eO,OOO barrels
or Flour, and 400 to 600 ton of Grain exclusive (tithe
forwarding departnient.
Produce of every description will be received as
usual on consignments; and libei til hdvances made on
receipt ' •r / mt)-until sales areeffeeted. • •
• orth-west corner of Cherry
W. S. Colman ' Cashier.
lleaderson & Parker, . Caries m.
11enry Rhomls,
Saunderson & Bo'sserman,
:Teen]) Bwnyer, Neurville.
David Nevi a, Shipped:Marg.
1. LOgan Smitli,Efig. Cashier ?. Chambersonu,
Eyster, Hum & Co,
Robert Fleming, • •. • .
Philadelphta. '
Win: R. Thompson - &•05.
Whitall - 84.• Brown, j .
• •
. . .
The subseribee i•ecently iTeeivea Nita ii iiiiiiii
tional supplies of
- -
Nitedicases,,.C.9lors, - DyC7Sittils,
Linserct _ 1.7 y rpfotinc,,
'' , ottiept.olggatizziiiiam:aapAP.Xgr:ol
.tariet 11, Mass Lamps, t,i'ap miTT'etter
yhysicitms, Mere:lnuits
ituirltit„' at
the..lowest rates, having pnrchusetlen a tirely
for cash-;, he Will offer bargains to those purchase at wholesale.•
1- .7llllmAt 24, 1-811. .
Varjety tore, &e.
/PM: suhseriber,thankful for past favors, respect.-
.. A
['Huy-informs th(% - ptihrie that h.c., still continues
'to "hold fordo" in. Church Allev, near ‘!Edifeation
Ilall,'' he lets now on hanti-a large assortment
olnotjons, emnitsting in port, of the follow i ngt - 41 tread,
Cakes, Cheese, Bacon, 'Hams, Flour, Soap, Cider,
Spices, Fruits, Sweermeats, and other necessaries
-o-ilindated PM this mereilian. .
N. B. Lle also continues to Imp an Eating Boost.,
where gentlemen can be accomModated with , Tripe,
Pigs Feet; Pickled Oysters, ko.
Cat tOßhe shortest notice.
JA Agent..
Sept. o,lB4o:—Lyear.
Atie Hardware, Orocery r 46'
relitzETy i s..TORAC,
%in E subscriber IMS just rctunteil.from
the Chie4,of New York, Philadelphia and Bal
timore,'aMl is now opening at his store room S. E.
Corner of Market- Sit u ate and Main Streets.' (for
merly occupied by Gen- - W. Llitiler,) a general-as
sortment of
Hiirdware, tone . Trare; Cetlar Mire,
Brittania. Wive, .Groceries, •Oils,
Paints, Farniiites,Class,.Brusk
es, Whips, Canes, Lamps for .
burning Caniphine Oil,
and a great 'variety of articles useful and necessary
for furnishing ntid keeping a house.• Ile
will constantly keep 011 hand
• Camphinc - 'Oil,
cheap elegant substitute for sperm oil, and
having been appointed the agent of Messrs. Hackers
and Icrother of Newark .N. 3., for the sale of Jone's
Patent Lamps in Aids county, he is prepared to fur
nish Lamps and Oil, at a very reasonallie rate to all
whommy wish to ifse this now and economical light.
Having selected his goods Mansell, and made his
pwchases foe cash, he is able, and is determined to
sellt ow.
Those having the ensh to layout will find it to their
advantage to give him a call.
. J uly' 8, 1 849.--tf.
Bi•andrelles Ifitigclable Univei
• - sal Pills, • •
Are held by the following agents in their respec
tive counties. As numerous 'counterfeits . of these
ping are attempted to be palmed upon the communi
ty, the propriety of pnrchasing only front the recog
nized agents, will be apparent.
Cumberland County—George W. Ili titer, Carlisle;
Mechanicsluirg; Girmore & McliinnCy,
Neyville; S. (Albertson, ShipPensltrg; Bake &
Brenneman, New Cumberland ;, Isaac BartonLis
burn; M. G. Rupp, Shiremanstown; L. Iliegellsr. Co.
Yetry Cnupty—Alevander Magee, ,Bloomfiel
J. & S.A. Coyle,Landisburg.
"Attguk 2fi, tB4O
The subscribers will sell their stock of Cloths
Cassimeres awl other :woolen Goods, v'ery lew fot
AfnrA 17,1841
Just received, elegant Mous. de Laines at 20, 25
31, 37,00 and 75 ets. per yard.;'
.March IS, 1811.
'1(0 4 ,1 1 (011140 -- . --
The subseriber hereby-informs the citizens of Ca- ,
lisle, and the public generally, that be has taken the
shop nearly opposite the Jail, where he will' be. pre
ppnred to to order, on the most reasons
bleterms, any article in his.line of Imsincss,suelt as
Axos, Picks• 9 &c- •
• •
He Twill also attend to- Steeking•-nnd Grinding-Axes.
'He solicits a Afire of pnblio patronage. "-
Carlisle, Nov. •
500 1)0111 , 4 P
CARET 01-11AIN,in
rec e ived at the New Store in Shippensburg, and lot
&ale by
1841 t.
6.laZipg, - . anil: . P*p — ei. - 11:4 - 4giO - gr
The subscriber respectfully inforri:is the eitizens
of Carlisle untl the vicinity, that he. has commenced
the above business in all' its varionabriinchel:
'abet) ie in, the ,iiinsre - immediately ,in rear of the
Market,lioutic, two doors cast of A...itiChartle store.
lie bow by attention to ; business .and
, : itiodertite receive a share of pationtige.,r •
Carlisle 'Fbb ISM .4=-0 • • •
fratg,ll fliers .S' Co.
resh Iffedichicts
Chfapi Cloths,. .%•e.
Mechanicsburg Line'
Between Mechanicsburg an#,
Philadelphia„ or Waltinfore.
f [BY RA ROAD OR C.4.11 , 111.L]
. ,
FICHE subscriberS gra t e f ul for past favors,
Jg- beg leave to Wolin. their friends and the public
'generally, that they still run a line of
hurthen Oars regularly bet Ween Mechanicsburg and.
Philadelphia Or Bultimoae; by which goodk and pro
duce. of all deadriptions• will be forwarded with care
and despatch at the loWest rates of freight:
Produce will be received "at' their Ware , Bowes
in Mechanicsburg, and forwarded to either Phila
delphitt or Baltimore, according to the direction of
the owner. •
"•-• The highest price will 'be giver! for Wheat
and Flour.
N.B. Plaster'of Paris and Salt " alwayi 'kept on
band', and liar sale at the hAvest prices.' • •
July 29, 1840,--ly. . • .
is, the baAest - crime'in man:,
. We tire net 'among that class of Editors who for a
few, dollars will, (at the expense of truth and hones=
ty) "crack up" an article and bring it into rapid sale;
neither are we willing to remain silent;after having
tested the utility of an improvement or discovery in
- stienee m nit:—Our-readera - will - recollect—im.tolib
them we were unwell with a sore 'throat and violent
, coldlotnefew weeks. ago.' Well, wmpurcliimed two
HOUND antbsb sudden was theeere,that we forgot
we ever had a 'cold. These who arc afileted, may.
try it upon our recomenendation.—hran 71
iOW• Tele,
For sale by • • •
. S. ELLIOTT, Carlisle;
• A. J. NORTH, Newville.
_Alan, by DruggiSts generally throlighouithe Conn
try:Priceso cents pet: bottle. •
Oct. 28, 1.840.
•, HE SUBSCRIBEII. respeetlully tendcra his
.. grateful acknowledgments to the pnlilie for the
• liberal share of pah•onagC he has received thir-
Am the past-year,...atal.3vonld. still crintinne to offer
tin a his Professional services in .their Vllll otii braii=
•esidence, No: 7, Harpers Row. Ike files,
..clAviNi, an plugs teeth, and inserts incprruptlble
tai rer• met: is artificial teeth in the most 'approved
inatmer. .Larks :away s;,moderate:
:,.., Carlisle, knrcli4s,lBlo.-4 1 . 1. . - , .. .- .
OgITRUPProI7. 7A- 1 4f f•N l:' !'t!'.' :
, - ___l,_-' -
iv . .
Trent — AI "l. 7E7W:I iiiiio-4401r.1;''
. ,
'THE. gr 9 eat calcourageorent heretofore' received .
• • from the sale orhis machine's s juditces
re'r M *ow - fa - Ire a ii - Av and tingroreill orse — roweri be slated in gear or out or ketirby keys,
and shirt the band -to, five iliirerent rmointions..
Awl-he has no-hesitation in 1183111111 P; the nuaner.that
be is, nail , : A ble to ritroi , ll them with an article Gtr
pqrror timbose-manoracturcillieretothre. Forrspeiiil
. be horses lie he
His price is $l-10, -;seventy dollars to ho pall cash,
and Om balance in six Mond's, for' which a note will
be remilretl\l'ith interest. A ny.person purchasing a
machine nod upon a rair trial., not being pleased, call.
return it. Ile will at all times Lit ready to furnish
them on the shortest notice; orders.trom to distance
will bn ponetually attemlod to. also repair
machines on the hhoictest notice. -
Newville, July '29, I 840.---tr. -
A new style of Figured Damask Satin Shawls fast
received at 1.1/6 new Store and for sale by
March :it. Dal. •
'• Carpetbags & Mailings.
Imported Ingrain Carpets, ITeniii and Cottiai do.;
also White and Colored Maltings; all 'widths; just
received mid for sale cheap, by - ''
- , • CHAS: Ogll.llY.
June 2, 1811.
Consumption! Consuiiiption ! !
7hr-DisnratoB E.rperforant lleinedti, is an ihralli
ble remedy for arresting Plumonary Complaints,
Colds, CoughS,Spitting of Blood, dillienitymf breath
ing., Bronchitis, Soreness of the Threat and ditlicull
Expectoration, Weakness, IAVVI• Cont
plaind, and all other alfections of n comsumptive na
ture. Thii Medicine has imlecideillidiantage over,
most preparations of the kind, as it regulates the
bowels, and strengthens the constitution; and does
not bind up the system and encourage ititemperance
as most of 'the medicines do, by .the - fatal opiates al-'
cohol combined in them.
Such Medicines have a• groat tendency to bring
misery and distress, and meMileath upon
able citizens. We find by the weekly records of
the bills of morialiiy, that three fourths of the lumuM
souls who so !mama v departed from their dearest
friends and relations, have been swept off by that fa
tal .and fell destroyer,• Consumption, when many
could have been saved if they hatlomed a proper
medicine. Fellow beings who Mi4well with us,
and are atilicted till); due premonetirg symptoms of
this disease, procure immediately ; Dr. - .Dunytui's Ex ;
pectorant Remedy before it be ton late;''
led to believe that such soon pass off
Without the use of priver medicine; by such negli.;
game you may soon be led to know your folly. One
bottle may atthe first attack, be suffillent. Phamph
lets giving a full treatise, always accompany the
me I i
PriJtl'ST per bottle. '
Kr Principle 011 ice, N 0.19 North Eighth street,
For sale at the Drug Store of J. J. MYers
Carlisle, and Wm. Peal, Slaippeniliurg. aug. 25.
A supply of the above Pills just reeeivedi having
been obtained directlyfrom Dr. Ilrawireth's Office;
they are 1 RAVTE D
Joy '2l, 1841. -
..111 laetunnatisna.
--Highly recommended and u truly •etficacious ap
plication f6r Rheumatism, Bruises, Sprains, Stitt
ness, and Weakness of . the Limbs and Joints, Pain
along the hack , Sides and across the Loins.
111;b0,11.11E.N.D.ITIOA S.
Extract of (littler from Dr. Johnson, dated
Philadelphia, May. 7th 1839,
the Rheumatic Liniment ano_Blood 1'i11.4 have
been employed by myself, and finding them effica
cious, I have since recommended them to many,
that have been entirely cured of Rheumatic pains,
lumbago, 'stiffneSs of the joints, numbness of the
muscles, limbs, &c.
Extract of n ietter from Dr. Jennison, dated
Baltimore, May 19, 1841.
Your Rheumatic LiniMent possesses properties
which I have never found in any Liniment I have
herctotbre employed.,
Extract of a letter 'ft tim . Dr. C., IL Gootlrich - . da
ted \-„,. • Pittsbiteg, June 21st, 1.839,
Of nitmerousliniments and Medicines heretofiire
employed for Ithenmatioaffections, none have been
so successful as the LiniineM anti Blood Pills man
by you. 'll hey have in this place won the
golden opinion of all who have,used them.. To my
own knowledge they have,cured, several that were
by - myself and other men pronounced incurable..-_,_
It may not be amiss to remark, that-both theLini
.meat mi . d Blood Pills are, prepared by Dr. N. B.
Leidy, himself; a regular Druggist and Physician,
attested by Drs. Physick, Chapman, Jackson; Hor
ner, Dewees, James Gibson, Coxe, Bce, of Philadel-'
This Liniment prepared only; and' for sale,.
wholesale anti retai at.Dr.N.I3:LEIDY'S HEALTH
EMPORIUM, No, 191 North'Second Street, (sign
of the Golden Eagle and Serpents,) Philadelphia.
_ P. 7 -The genuine is accompanied by the writ
-ten signatitie:OfDr,7N. 8.-Leidy on the:label::
Price 37 cents a bottle ' .or threeliottles for $l.
. Also, for 'sale 'by STEYENSON 13INKLE,
_Druggists,Carlisle,Pa';' , ''' , o
May' 19 • • ' •
IC T i itiSt
recetym at tie ov,bitore, ppeas Hug, to I We
sale by . ' ARNOLD & ABRAMS..
Diseases of the 1E);e.
, z
, 1111
, 5
\s, ....
Celebrated_ Eye ater,
For the'eure of Keith, Watcry, , o Blood Shot Eyes,
Ulcers, ilitaouri,andAllaina ion Vase Eye-lids,
.Dimneds of Sight, &c.
Persons sabjeci to, any of time unpleainnt
dersovill find this'the most effectuat remedy in use,
as it seldom fails to remove any, of . these affections
by. a fed appli cation s, wi theta the least inconvenience
or pain. Those who are troubled with a HININESS
OF SIGHT will also find it a valuable remedy for
streagthehing the eyes, improving the sight, and pre
venting the.dimness that arises from straining them:
It will also be found particularly useful as a wash for
the eyes of young children, to remove inflamation,
and subdue the humours to which they are so liable.
Price 50 Cents .a Bottle with full' direc
tions for using.
'Sold' in C . arlisle by •.
'April.2R', 1841. r -:y • •
• .
-Will-beforfeitetl-lyr-D-I. • ID-V- r foin-preps ,
*ration of Sarsnot•illat equal to . his •
Medicated Extract of Sarsaparilla..
The.efficacy of Sarsaparilla is weaknown in Scro
fulac or King's Evil, Erysipelas, Diseases of the-Liv
er, Affections of the Skin and Bones, Ulcers of the
Nose, Throat and Body, as well as an AntidOtt. to
Mercury.add the Mtuerals, • Conslitntieoal Diseases
and a,general Purifier'• of the Blood and; Aninial
Fluids. " •
Dr. Leidy .Would referlo the most respectable phy-
sicians in Philadelphia, as well as throughout-the-U..
States for dos character of his preparation, as well
also tc the numerous Certificates.from physicians and
others, that have been from time to time published,
dow deemed unbecessary as the character of his pre
paration is firmly establillied. Throughotit 11172 Sou
thern States it is used altogetherond throughout the
North takes the precedence over all others, particu
larly among physicians, who, for the benefit of their
patients, always - recommend it:
reader is.rdlerred to the directions accompa
nying- each bottle, for recommendations, certificates, -
rind further particulars. • .. • - .
Remember, one bottle, (half a pint,) is equal to six .
pints of syrup, and iv equally pleasant to take. t
Price '
01w Millar fe; Bowe; • , •
11"; r: so la-in'eat'll§le bikcSTE VE NSON
' •
. ttnaiterj,
. .
;...._,... , • ~,, • •
____ • • '
el . , .
:- 'Be yiiirifi - Eilliqutu • Blood, . .
' ' , • , And.lleiilrli will alleuil you. : .
. 7 ' s ' ricrilit: V.the Fle•9lriN in.lhe -11loodp . •
• •• • • • LEVIT'ICII.9 t*, XVII . . i': Sr.
11 Thong:m(ls can nifswenttik (ptep,tion \Ow kiii)
froni actual expiTieliee that • ..
• lin: T. F. It I) Y'S II 1:0,0 ti 1'117175 -----
- . •5'.1115..1.1+., 1 1.1e 11.1,A.
Arc the sareSt, best, and most -effectual l'illi,knowm
as a
• Spring . or. Fall
who have. for several' years.past usect
them during- the Spring and Fall (as well as at other
times) will never 115 e any others...llmplreds are
procuring them, who have heretothre
.employed them. The 'object of this ady(;rtisement
is to inform the thousands who know not yet of them,
where they may procure them genuine, that they
may try thenit being fully-satisfied that tried
diem, they will. never be persuaded to-use any other
for several reasons.
QUACK", being prepared by De. N. 11. Leidy
himself, a regular Druggist, as well as Physician,
attested by Drs. Phi - sick, ;lames, Horner,Dewees,
.(lackson, Gibson, Corce, £cu. &c.
A NTI-MERCORIAL, - beiljg an Antidote against
:\ Lawry and the .Minerals, so deleterious and (lan
' germs; and uprdi the effects of which Quacks (le
mma, f o r " killing or curing," and therefore mix
? ahem with their nostrums.
VEIL TIIAN ANY OTIIE RS, as in using them,
they,immtire no restraint from living or occupy-'
tint:, and may be• taken by the most
,delicate 111111
letade r ola and riling, male and female at all times
and unaerall circumstanees.
ANY OTIIERS, when used assorting to the di
rettions—and do not require to be taken iii largo
quantities as is required of various other Medi
cines, malting it Drug Shop. of the Stomach,,le
")n tying it of its accustomed - nourishment, destroy
• nig its mctions,and thereby causing a rapid de
cline of the liumtut system:"
in all cases where n purgation may be necessary,
-these Pills will be, fount' - both effectual and easy in
their operation, producing no nausea, or sickness of
the stomacb,triping or any other unpleasant stnisa
thins. •
. Further comment is deemed- unne s ccssary—the
numerous certificates published from tithe to titan
frimi Physicians find other individuals must have
convinced the incredulous, and for the further in
formation offal others, Dr. Leidy refers diem to the
directions which accompany each box.
They arepreparea and sold, wholesale and retail, I
at Dr. LEIDY'S ImAvrti EMPORIUM, No. lot
North SeCond street, below Vine street ,. (sig n of
• I
the Golden Eagle and Serpents.)
Price 25 - cents a Box. - '
Also, for sale by STEVENSON t DINKLE,
Druggists, Carlisle,
....[May 19 . 184.1.—Gin.
Sarsaparilla, or Blood Pills:
"The Life of the Flesh is hi the Blood."
Milt safest, best and most efficacious Pills now
1 in existence, are Dr. Leidy's Blood Pills, a
component part of which is Sarsaparipq. It is use
less here to name the good qualities„or commend
upon the medical virtues of these Pills,as the pnblio
are fully aware of them. • Sullied it to, say, they are
air effectual purifier of the blood and: renovator of
the system. •
PhPaUelphia City,rss: .
s ,) p ersona lly appeared bef're me, one of the
Aldermen of the city of Philadelphia, Dr. N B.
Leidy, who, on his solemn onthrdoth declare and
swear, that in the composition of the Sarsaparilla
Blood Pills, manufactured by him only, there is not
contained Mercury or the Minerals, or any Drug I
whatever; unfriendly, dangerous, or deleterious to
the human system.'
BRAZER, Alderman;
o:7*Priee 9.5 cents a BOK.
They are prepared and sold, wholesale and retail,
at Dr. Leidy 's Health' Emporium, No. 191 North
Seennd street, below Vine street.
_ . _
for sale by STEVENSON. DINKLE;
Druggists, Ca Pa.
May ..1.20841..—,Gin.
• .
• Teller! , Itch !! . •
a . .
_Ur ITCIFOINTAIENT is daily becoming" more
popular. Daily numerous individuals stop:and
-inform thepraprieior:of Its great success in remov
ing and curing the 'fetter aifillteh...2. • _ - -
Numerous testimonials might he published TiP its
efficacy, but for the delicacy felt by individulds hay
• ing their names' published in connection, witl so
loathsome and di agreeablealllictiens - : .
It • may be need yith perfect young and
old, even upon infants, .containing no ,mercury. or
other mineral substances. ,Dr. N. B. Leidy prepares
it himself -and knowing its" composition, mast confi
dentially recommends it as superior, to any other
remedy : Tor the Teller and Itch. ~Prepared and sold
at Dr. Leilly's Health Emporium _ g sign Of the Golden
Eagle and
.Serpents,) 191 North Second street,
heletii Vine. 7
"ATeo, roi• Sae by STEVENSON & DINKLE,
Druggista,Carlisle, Pa. r":""vt-„
TU . above preparations are sold, byvall wholesale
Druggists. in Philadelphia ' and by all respebtable
Merchants' and Druggists throughout the United
States.. .
- .
A.TTO.P.N.E.,I' ✓IT .1..41n .
Offie n e in High, street a! few doors
west of the Post Office.
c m .jisli3, April 28,1841. -- -11
. II CST RECEIVED. some, very line rAD•
el HERRINGS & - ..CHEE, E,at• the
Store of . A. RICI ARDS.
May 12, 1841. , • • ' .
Dn. wisrrAws
remedies. havo been offered and
pull'ed into notice for. diseases of the Lungs,
some of which has undoubtedly been found very use
fithbut of all that have hitherto been known, it, enust
he universally, acknowledged 'there is none that has
e ver proved as successful as the " BALSOM OF
Such indeed are the aStonithing restorative and
healing Properties of this "Balsam;"that even in the
wort. forms 'of Consumption,. When the patient has
suffered with the most distressing cough, violent
pains in thechest,difficidty olbeeatriingoughtsweats,
blending of the lungs, &c. and when the most esteern
tlour'Plinrinaeopiashad failed to afford
, ven.wheli Botanic, lionntepathic, and
remedi , Inntircetraweirforman
• •
, this invaluable remedy has checkeil
et 4 ery symptoM, and been productive of, the most as
toidithing relief. In the early st a ges of the dise6e,
proceeding from neglected colds, ternted Catarrhal
Consumption, it has been used with undeviating sac=
eras, and in many. i nstancesovben thisdisease• seem •
ed to have marked Hit victim for an early grave, the
use of this medicine has arrested CNC mptom i tind
restored the Ifings'to a state Of perfect health.
Tn that form of Consumption, so prevalent armAgst
delicate young females, commonly termed debilith,or
'doing into a Aceline,"m complaint with which-thou
sands arc iingering,it has also been nsed avid) surpri
sing success, nut' not only possesses the' poWer of
checking the progress of this stunning discase,but;
nt the dame time strengthens and invigorates The
whole system more effectually - than any remedy we
have ever possessed : •
_ -
.rny LI V Int tOAIPLAINT.-- 7 1n diseases of the
gestion or wandering pains in the sidc,•it has also pro
ved very efileni.d on 5, and mired many cases of , this
kind after,themioSt powerful remedies hail
. .
. .
• ASTI IVA this complaint it has also becin
used in numerous with the nuisl singular
- .4-opens the'elw;:t; rendering the breathing
uel`feetly4ecs urrtstii the cough; seldom fail
':"?.sotWego: 4 .i4FAWOt#P i i* -4 T ., 5*
N. ss,coUgh or slire.htthe.throat, it will also belattUrl
y effectUal remedy, tint will nunitly a flinal im
mediate relief ir used at the. commencement of its
mid colds;that,prevail so extensively throughout the ,
winter', it will beToinid nmeli more elllictOal than any•
remedy. in Ilse; and whep colds settle upon
eausinwati milli pains in the breast,dif
olmeathing, Ce. , the use of ?this
Balsam will suppress such
am 1r e . ne-prcymit-the-liings-froin hecom-
Mg More 'seriously diseased.
these complaints., so common to young children, this
llalsainw ill he cound.ouirli superior to the l'arego
rib. Elixir .Syrup of Squills, and tlie'varietis cough
niixtiires in common use, entirely lice from
any thing the'least injurious, inurmay at all limes he
giyen to children with perfect s:tlety,and with the 'mi.-
~ tainty them speedy relief.
..AS A FANIILY MEDICINE for many oth
er complaints, this Balsam will also be found partic
ularl,y useful. Besides haying proved an invaltlable
remedy Mall - Pulmonary affections, it exerts a pow ! .
mild influence over many diseases depending on a
depraved conditio of the syston,and those With have
suffered from to Indiscriminate use of Mercury, or
other deleterious drugs, that are often compounded
in different quack oostrums, will find it. a remedy of
great value, possessing the power of strengthening
and invigorating the whole system more effectually
than any other medicine we possess.
ichw has already acquired great celebrity. ilteiit
- probably be.sonte-attempts to imitate it, tonl deVeive
the public with a spurious mixture, to prtkotivhich .
I w ould wish all he to observe the followin g
marks of the genuine flat sail'. It is put up in bottles•
of. two sizes each, having the words VISTAWS
BALSAM OF' mu) unEnnx, P1111,411.11,-
;MBA, blown in the glass, and a label on the frotit
with the signature • of . nENity wisTAR, M. D.
without which none is genuine. • •
- Prepared for OW proprietor by WILLIAMS 2,7,
C O Chemists, No. 22 Commerce street, Philadel
phia, and sold by the most respectable 'Druggists and
other appointed agents In nil the principal towns
throughout the United States. •
tr --- 7. The Genuine. Balsam sold in Car
ed Agent.
Price $1:00 a bollk.
December 16, 1 84.0----1 y
Hays' Liniment.
'his extraordinary chemical composition, the re
sult of science mid the invention of a celelotted'inted
ical mile, tli . 6 introduction of. which to the public
was invested with the solemnity of a death-bed be
quest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled,
fully sustaining the correctness of the lamented Dr.
Gridlicy's last confession, - that "lie flared not die
without giving to-posterity the benefit of his knowl
edge on this subject,". and he therefore bequeathed
to his friend and attendant, Solomon Ihys,the secret
of Ids disebvery.
It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the
private practice in our country, first and most cer
tainly for the cure of the PILES, and also extensive
ly and effectuallycts to baffle criAttlity, unless where
its effects are witnessed. Externally in the follow
ing complaints:
For Dropsy---Creating extraordinary absorption
at once. -
Swellings—Rafting them' in a few hours.
Ithettmatism----Acute or chronic, 'giving quick
Sore Throat-44Irt s sicers. ulcers, or colds.
Croup and Whoopulg-Cough--Externally - and
over the chest.
All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Cured in a few
• Sores and Ulcers---Whether fresh or long stand
ing, and fever sores.
Its operation upon adults and children in reducing
rheumatic swellings, and looSening,coughsand tight
ness of the chest by relaxation of, has been
surpriWing beyondconception. The common re
mark oftliose who have used it in the Pile,s,is "It'
acts like a 'charm."
THE PILES.--The pricg, $l, is refunded to any
person who will use a bottle of- Hays'. Liniment for
the Piles, and return the empty bottle without being
cured. 'flies° are the positive orders of the proprie
tor to the agents, and out of many thousands sold, not
one has been unsuccessful.
We might insert certificates to any length, but
prefer that those who. sell the Article,_shoUld exhibit
the original' to purchasers. - •
o Physicians and Patients.
The Blind Piles, said to be incurable by external
_applications.—Solomen Hays warrants the contrary.
His Liniment will curirßlind Piles. Facts are more
stubborWthan theories. Ile soliCits all respectable,
physicians to' try it upon their patients.. It will do
them no harm, and it is known that every physician
who_basimil the honestyy . tomake the trial, has Can
didly admitted that it has succeeded in every case
they have known. Then - why not .use it ?It is the
recipe of one of thei most respectable members, now
-deceased,--Why refuse.to_use it.? ."IlecituseJt is sohd
as a proprietary medicine .Is this'lt. Sufficient ex
cuse for suffering their honest patients to linger in
distress ? think not: • Physicians shall be con
, vineed that there is-no' humbug • or quackery about
this article.-_=lVby then not alleviate hurrinn suffer,-
' ing ?' If they *on't try it before;let them after. WI
other prescriptions fail.. Physicuins arc respectfully .
requested to do themselves and patients the Justice to
use this article. It shall be taken from:the bottles
and done up as their preiicription if they'desire:
Sold by,comstook , & Co; Wholesale DruggistS,
No. '2, Pletcher street,New "York. • •
. For sale :also •I)3r:STEVENSON. , . &
Iringozo's Balsam, of •
An unphralleled rclnerly for common Colds,Cotighs,
Asthmaanfluenza, Whooping Cciugli,Bronclutia,
and nil diseases of the Breast and f„ungs,leading
to Consumption; composed of the concentrated.
virtues of Horchoun.d,Poneset,lll.ood Root, Liv. ,
erwort. and `seeral other vegetable substances.—
Prerfd only by J. M. WiIsTLOVV, nocliesto.e
• ,
The innocence and universally admitted •peetortil
virtues', of the Herbs from which the BALSAM OF'.
HOREHOUND is made, arc too - generally known.
to require rcco end net ion; it .is therefore only ne ....
cessary to °bee' ve that this 'medecine contains the
Wholeof their edieal properties, highly concentrat- • '
ea, aial:so happily combined with several other ve.. --,
getable substances;aa to. render it the most speedy, ...,_
mild and certain remedy, now in lisp, for the Com- , -
plaints above mentioned. . , - •
For Children,this Balsam is of inestimable value. •__
11, i s a speedy remedy for the ll'hiioning Cnitgh mid'
Croat, and affords certain reliefin Rowel-Complairac f ..
Chohc,Tet;thiv,&.c. It is pleasantto the taste, and
ma y he safely given to the tenderest infant and should'
be kept at all times in every flimily, as it is much' -
better for the complaints incident to Children, than;
' Paregoric,Godfreys Cerlial,or the Cordiale so OM- ,
monly used, as this City have testified.
Read the foltateink.—T hereby certify that earff .
Mille spring of 1838, I eontracted a severe COLD',-
which settlml)mon my lungs, and threatened a flAS,rj ,
COOSIOTIption; I, used 9eVeelll prescriptions, ' hut oh- •
'tinned little or no relief; I was much alarnied.— '
Happening to t be in Rochester. I was' a d v i se d b y m y.
• friend, Mr. inslow, to try a bottle 'of his_B_Axiwit
HcW - liiiiitiliTTilid - iio, atat to my surprise ob- ' '.
' tainedrelief at once- 7 tfild by the use or tlint single -
'bottle was perfectly vestored to health.' • To those,
afflicted with Colds or Coughs, at this indenient
season, r say "go and do likewise."
• Pittsford, Nfonroe en., Nov. 9, 1838: •-.
Mr:.Tolin M. Winslow, Druggist, •
Dear-Sir: I have been for a series of years afflict- • •
et] With im affection of the Imngs,and a hard cough, •
filkfi haye many times arose in the-morning-as corn- '
-pfetely exhausted by excessive coughing during the
night as a person would be by a hard days labor.. I
have tried most of the popular reniedies of the day,.
bit never found relief until I met with your Balsam •
of florehound. • All the other remedies or prlatives.;
that I have used, leaye the bowels in a congested
state, whiJe yours Mayes theni soluble,and free. This
I consider a grcat•desiderntim. @oinking a . iloc.ol
-v.:our-Balsam-when gning - t - WW,T - cestmuietly thro'
the night; a n d my *sleep is refreshing. I. take great:
Pleasure. in reitmmencling your Balsam of llore 7 _
hound to . all •those a ffl icted with y Coin
pland s or nor -disease appertaining to the lungs, and
I lake this opportunity to thank you for the greatre
lief and benefit 'dive experienced through your in-_ •
strumOntality: - Yours, With lunch respect. • • .7.",• •
• • Mary
OBToi . A,rekrine...
• Also,lty•Deuggists rxiiiv4df): the •
try . . Price SO rents per htttlel • ' • •
April 15,1840.771 y;
There is not one case of Fever inn thOtiSatid, hut
Addy•be edited - fiddly biliken pp and - removo -- by-the
bilioPs mattel• . nail consiipalion ti•om the. stomach -
and bowels.—lt - operates 'gently and eifectually on
the bowels, and-powerfully on the kidneys and skin.'
It removes all unpleasant feelin,,o•saftr a heartr meal, .
and promotes a good appetite. - It ;reeds only a trial
to give perfect satisfaction.
• has ba - ome a general
practice with 1011114 to llSCthis article in all eases'Of
colds, pains in the hones; or heavy •disag,reesdolo.eel
ipg, tendering to headache o - r. Chilliness. For hoarse
ness, if taken through the day, it completely restores
the voice Without producing sickness. WhOoping
cough, and all coughs of children are:cured
The stonmelris kept in perfect arder by it, and it is
quite impossible that any disease should commence
while a person is using this Syrup. -
It taken daily it produces a riuly, healthy, and
young appearance, by driving off all the humors of
the system. Sold genuine at 2: Fletcher -street, one
door below Pearl street, N. Y. by Comstock & Co.,
and by all respctable Prtiggists.
For sale also by STEVENSON & DIN
KLE, Carlisle, Pa.,.••
Balm of Volumbia.
British Consurs
3 .
K NOW AT .L PERSONS to whom these pros-
Cuts shall come, thatl, Glummer RoBERTSOIST, • •
his liritanic nlieStV'S Consul for the City of.
-Pliilailelpliia, (lo }berth} certify;TlquitohertWhar
ton, Esq., It ho attests to the foregoing Certificates; is
Mayor of the Pity of Philadelphia ; and that Mat
thew Randall, Esq.,.is Prothonotary of the.Courf
Common Pleas for the city and county of Philadel
jibia, to both whose signitorrs,ivith lhe Seals of their
respective offices, full faftkand credit is due.
I Cooler certify, that am personally acquainted
with Joseph L. Inglis,one Of the-signers of the certi- ..---
firates hereunto affixed, which expressra the efficacy
of the 1310 m of Columbia, aid that lie is it person o f
great resplibibility, soil worthy of full fbith and cre
dit; and thall I have heard him express his unqualifi
ed approbation of the, effeels of thesaid Balm of Co
lumbia, in restoring his hair.--
Given underhand and:seal et:office, nt the city
OrPhiladeliddil, in the State of Pennsylvania, the
United States of America.
Read the' following.
. ,
ROBERT WHARTON, Esq., late Mayor of
Philadelphia, has certified, as may be Seen belor, , to -
the 144 character of the following "kentlemen. • .
The undersigned do hereby certify that we have"
used. the Balm of Columbia discovered by J. Old
ridge, and have found it highly serviceable not only
as a preventiveagainst the falling Mr of hair,but also
a certain'restorative.
AVM. THATCHER, senior,
Methodist Minister in St. George elinrge,
• " .No: 86 North rifth st.
JOHN P..INGLIS; 331 Areh'st.
JOHN D. THOMAS" M. I). 163 Race st,
JOHN. S. FUREY, 101 Siiriicp st.
lIUGfI McCURDY, 243 Smith 7th st.
JOHN YARD,jr., 123 Arch st. •
The aged, and thoselyho persist'in wearing Wigs,
may not Always experience its restorative qualities,
yetlit will cwt - sinly raise its virtues in the estimation
of the public, when it is known that three of the a
bove ingpmis..are more than 50years_orage,ittnd the
others nbt less than SO. •
City of Philadelphia.
I, ROBERT WHARTON, Mayor-of said city o(
Philadelphia; do , hereby_ certify that I am well ac
quainted with Messrs. J. P.. big] is, John S. Purer,
and Ilugh'McCurdy, whose names arc signed to the
above certificate, that they are gentlemen of charac
ter and respectability, and as such full er.diLshbuld
be given to the said certificate.
•In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my.had,
. EL. S. , and caused the seal of the city to be affixed,
1 the sixtlVday of December,
is -
tIIE , HAIR.—Its positive qualities ore as fol-
. Ist. For infant's keeping the head free from scur
and causing a luxuriant growth of hair. • '
For Indies after child,bilik_restoring the skin
to its usual strength and firmness, and pre - leight - the
Falling out of the hair.
For any person recovering from ;any debility
-the same effect is produced._.-__ • - •
4th, If used in infancy till a good grairth is started,
it may be preserved by attention tp the lateat period
, Sth. It frees the head from dandruff, strengthens
trig roots, trriparts health and vigor,to the circulation
and preVents the hair from changing colour or get
ting gray.
.• . •
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[From the Mayor.]