Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, September 08, 1841, Image 3

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    WILLIAM. tuvron
OF - 4NiiS,
Major Sa ivin,
inuel G
-t! ,. Christopher Au.
James Holier. .
Jacob Zug.
-- CA. — J .- Win lirktilioop.
- hoinas B. Bryson.
=== CORONER, ----- -
William Culbertson.
Setrenitt qieles prepared .for this
paper have been crowded out by a'press 'of
new advertisements:
• pc - 7
. 3. Jonathan Peal has - been' appointed
by the P. M. General; to be Post Master
Shippen§hurg,liicelohn Wonderlich re-
prMr. WISE made wballooti ascension
. in Harrisburg on last Monday.. At is said
• • to - ItaVe been very successful, and was wit.
. —messed by many. thousand . speetatvirs. Mr.
• ...Wise, we learn, landed somewhere in the
vicinity of Cleyektown; in this County._
.• first ,number •of paper, published:
eOrge.W. Crabli:hai j.ust made its ap
pearance, and teas excited a good deal
. 'of au - ea - floc - 4 . on account ,of: the strange
ar k -o utby - th
The Ostensible . -object - of Mr. Crabb,
opposition "ThaddenS Stevens and dis
tinctive Anti-Masonry," and while he
fesses to advocate the leading measures of
. .the . whig party, he seems inclined to Op
_ ...pose,...cierly 7 -whig—nominee,-who—will- f not
- ilel(ire independant of
influence ! The_project of forming
a- third party in this county,•to hold the
'- - balance of poWer, is also broached ;'but
the7editorpf this " independant political
..—paper -- ," has had experience enough ill the
politics of this county, to know that such
an idea is not to he entertained for a mo
ment. More than two parties, never can
• exist here—if Mr. Crabb has no desire to
support the whigs„ he must as a natural
. consequence, fall into the embraces of loco
S. BANic.-IVe iearn that the Direc
Mrs of the U.S. Bank, on last Saturday, made
an assignment-or most - 01 . '6e assets of -thai
institution to five
,gentlemen, in trust tor
the payinent of liabilities. About $200,000
are appropriated to the payment .of judg
nents againSt the Bank ,- . where bail bad
_be I entered, and-the-balance to-be applied
for t e benefit of the general creditors, de
posit rs,i'Uote holders, &c.
The locofocns in their desire, we presume,
to sustain the•interests of the working-clas
ses, 6ve not placed a single mecluinic on
their tic'ketl• We-think the mechanics have
a right to, at least one representative on the
ticket, tint it seems, their claims have been
disregarded, to further the views of some,
'who are mere drones, in society, producing
nothing. - If the mechanics;support
a man of their own, let them rally around
our friend Hoffer, and elect him by a ,tri;•
umphant vote.
„. . Although the combined powers . of
fopoism have teen put in motion, to dog
the measures
,of the present adthinistration,
yet Congress hns..triumphed: . oyer every
ohStacle,'atid suciess,has crowned the hopes
''of the friends of reform.
The Whig members of Congress de
save well of their country—they merit the
gratitude and confidence of the people.
fluenced alone by feelings of pa,irio . tism,
;they, have made their' actions correspond
:with their professions. They have passed '
'the Bankrupt. Mil; Which Will give. relief
:to thousands of tinfortunata men who. had
formerly•failed, and were unable again to
,get into business. This law offers new in
(lucementa. for increased exertion, by re
moving all the ~obstacles to futOrc .
nese,;anct: freeing :the”. insolvent from the
load of fortner•debfs.. • • . • •
Anptlier important nAenSure is the Distri-
'bution Bill which,. (thanks to
The Sub-,Teeasury _ has , been repealed.—
Means - have- beenztaken-to , pay the-debts of
the government, which were left Ampaid by.
the', late adthinistration: * APprOpriations
have been made to ;put our Navy in.proper
conditinn. • The Revenue bill is now un
der consideration, and lasi, though not least;
a system wilt yet bematured, which, tieing- ,
dear of constituticmid i• e .s •
store, a sepad,ienriettey, and prOvide.fortho
collection of the public money, without op
pressing. the people. iTnder•the.•suspices
of.the, present administration, the great lead
ing principles of Whig reform will, be safe
ly ca'rried out, and the people will find that
the yictory,of 1840 has, not been achieved
in vain.
The , Ticket—the whole Ticket
r • Lidnd Noticing but the Ticket :—
j file . :Denioeiatic Whig Ticket:,
nomination-WY the late -County-Convention,
is one Of the hest 'ever'ofTered to the people,
'of this county, and the prospect 'of electing
our men is very flattering. The candidates
are "honest; capable and in every respect
ma j or SAMUEL GIVIN, is a man of excel=
lent mind, •of great .ente'rprize, and very
,been extensively engaged in busineis for
many years, he is Well•aCquainted with the
wants of the Mannfacturing cOmmunity,.and
is • the —warmadvocate—of su eh—a-tariff-on
foreign. goods, as will protect . thelahoi of
our own mechanics. .
. .
Major Au, is a plain, honest; farmer, ainl
.very favorably known to the peOPle of this
County; he man of sterling integrity--
of active buSiness habits, and - the friend of
every measure calculated to benefit the
people. NO - nian is more worthy of public .
Our candidate for the .Treasurer's ofilee,
JACOB Zuo, As known probably to Every
business: man in the 'county ; he was a
Commissioner for three . j,/ears; and gave:
universal satishietion: j He possesses every
requisite for, the office:of Treasurer, and
twill ho elected, by a handeOme : majpritY,_ ,
~,,,,,t I : 4 IIF* ;I I9• RPRAOILWIPP:O4. g Ia,:r?-001t
borengli; tliereis no.mati 1p the.eouqty
bCtier qttalifieff for that office, and certainly
none moto -deserving. . ,
The public inter:
esis; will nevel , iuffe' his hands, -He is
niniiiiOrgOodiii!lgment, and . will manage'
bur p financial — affairs With: a due regiird to
economy:. • • ' '
Colonel - WYNKOo . r. will make an Ckeel
lent Director of . the Poor. No r better - Si
lectiOn could have been ..madC, and his no
-ininationiis--acceptable-:to all =parties:_ We
'corn to r thc; gallant Whigs of West
Pennsbm'ough... They, will take care of
him: • •
Wisp: tIrkSoN and ChIIdIERTSON, the
candidates for Auditor and, Coronei, • are
men of unimpeOchable character; and will
neglect .no duty that may be entrusted to
We bespeak for the whole ticket, there
fore, the coidial -support of the people of
Qtimberland county. It presents an array
of men who will do bonor,to any situation.
NeVer ask if they are popular?
,or how
they , will run?. but examine their quatilic - a- -
tiCoisi-and if you find them to be good, then'
vote . the ticket; the whole ticket, and noth
Men of South 11tiddleton.!
On you devolves the duty of taking care
of yotir candidate for the.l.:egislature—Ma
jor-SAMUEL GlVlN—see that you give
a good account of him on the 2d Tuesday
of. October. You were never known to
desert a • I‘f.itufa';' let his vote therefore he
unanimous. . • "
ticrThe Locdfocos, for the purpose of
getting up,an excitement against our ticket,
are circulating a report 'that both of our
candidates are distillers, and should, there
fore, be opposed on temperance principles.
The accusation is false in every particular.
Vlajor G -;iet has been
.ivin - never - has been engaged in the
business, and Mr. Au, alihough•formerly a
distiller; relinquished it about, a year ago;
convinced probably that it was wrong, and
ace an honest man,..gave up a. business
which he could no longer reconcile. with
his conscience.
Correspondence of the Repaid & Expositor. '
WASIIINOTON, 3d Sept.lB4l:
Since my last, two weeks since, several
bills have been passed . in Congress: The
Land Bill, which was carried in the House
some two tnonths..age,.. passed the Senate
on the 26ili of August'; by a vote of 28„ •to
23, one Whig (Preston • of. S. C . .) and all
the lecdocos, veting, in the neg_ative. It is
now before the President, andN , ill - °sign
ed in a day or two. „An .impnrtant mend
metit was tacked to it in therenatc i Pro
viding that when the tariff shall W I raised
to above '2O-.per cent; on the value'of any
goods imported, the- distribution of ills pi*
eeedS of the sele's of the public landS shall
,cease.. Thia was fastened uPon the bill by,
the treachery of the. Pennsylvania Senators;
had they. determined . upon obeying. their.
instrtctions, alnd consulting the interests of i
their constituents, the bill could haiftliben '
carried- Vi theut thin ern end ni en t:as‘i f;Was, - ,
after they had declared their'intention . Of'
voting. against. it; 'the 'Northern Whigs - were
'obliged "to., make this ooncessiOn .to the.
Smithern Anti-Tariff. Senatore,,to procUre ,
:a-sufficient nuni t ier of votes .for the pas
sage.:' By 'this 'rnie ,•:
Messrs.; eSsrs.: - Borrien;-
. .
,opposed to the bill, in ilie%ebppe in which
,„.. f:.10 - :Je -- 1 -- t:4::T.T.'1'''.4. - ,t-'.-: M.::**:4 - *' l .l;4le-,ti:' 1.112 . r-40 1 0.0 It 0:v. +
it came.from the thine,- were induced to
vote for it. However, this can . be
died hereafter; if, the people of the North=
ern States, and especially of Pennsylvania,
become sufficier.tly alive to their interests,
to elect the proper kind of Representatives
in Congress; andm . emberi of thefegisla 7 ,
turn who choose Senators caringl,nuire
:jot. their staterand, less for the mandS
: of their party leadere. When we regulate
the tariff, if it is . necessary for protection,
to raise n3:T'duty to more than twenty - per
cent. this seetion.can be repealed.. Asyou
no doubt expected, upon the. final . passage
of-the .Land 111fesg,rs.'.Ruchanan and -
Sturgeon voted against giving to Pennsyb:
vania a sum of money which will vary
from three to eight hundred thousand dob
lars yearly. So much for thcir_care . ..for- I
• •
ie interests of their 'State.
On Wednesday, th'e Is instant; the Bank
Bill was taken up, and has been under cliB
- `since tliaLtime.:4lleLLprikipal
provisions, as it came, from' the I : louseoure
as folloiv : The Corporation is to exist
until Ist of June, 1862- . ---Directors are nine
in number; three to. be appointed by the
President, •and six to .be • elected by the
Stockholders. The bank is not allowed to
deal in any thing except foreign bills o
exchange,; including bills 'and.drafts thawn
in one state and payable .in another.
vidends limited,to . 7 Per cent.; the'stirPlus
Profits: to go -into the
.Tre,kury of the U:
States; and in case, in at y, year the tfitti
dend is . less-than , 7 per cent. the fieficiency
is . to•be paid out of the treasury 'of ,the U.'
States ; provided . - a.
.s 6 flicient; amount has
he•en•pai,d, up. till's - deficiency.
Agencies niaxbelsktititisitFttwitilTTlV.4,s
agents. No noteg less .gipri five dollars to.
be issped,No Aiscounts
,allowed." The
_times, of -are made receivable in
paSrninni'ofilablreq trie Governin,ent ; exr
cepting when ina.state,of suspension: •
, .The bill passed' to-day abeul 2 o'clock,
by-a - majority. of 5-; all.-the Whigs voting in
the aflirnative, excepting 11. fr. Rives, of
Virginia. At will' Co - to:the, President to-.
Ji3orrow...;..and!.be. ieturned.--withr-his veto
next Week. It is greatly to be la - mented
that Congress and the President cannOt a
gree upon this
.subject; it was hoped and
generally believed,. when this bill was in
troduced into the House, that it would mee
Le. views -of Mr. Tyler; but it now ap
pears that he cannot give it his Sanction:
Members of Congress will now have an
opportunity of retiring to their homes, and
afu.4 consulting their constituents,-can.•re
turn next winter, better acquainted with the
opinions and wishes of the people on this
important 'subject. '
Among several unimportant bills, which
have passed both branches; there is one
appropriating a sum of money for the pay
ment-of-m:HI contract Ors, to whom the Go=
vermnent is greatly - in. arrears. This•mea
sure of justice is'anotherof the fruits of a
Whig Congress. .
the flopse tif liepresentative, the new
BMik Bill
.passed on . the 23d instant, by a
vote of 125 to 9.1, precisely the same ma
jority as that by which the first bill was
carried. The three Virginia abstiactiothsts,
together with W. W. Irwin, of Pennsylva
nia, and FestW,of Georgia, voting in the
negative; II whigs am) 8 locofocoa absent.
'On the ,iiiiestion of concurring with the
Senate's amendment to the Land Bill (men
above) over Whig member from .
'Pennsylvania (excepting Sergeant of phil
atleitiliia, and Black of Somerset) voted , ill'
the negative; it was, however, agreed.
For some time past the Douse has had
no husincs4 hand ;. it could have ad:
jimmied ri - ore than a week
,ugo,,..h.itt the
Senate been ready. Owin g to thcdeter
ruination with which the locofocos com-
rneAccil the extra - seoien,.business has been
so — sed-and :delayed by the Sena
tors of that party, that the affairs are much
behind those of the other branch; however,
as they appear desirous of returning home,
it is . probable,that their behaviour may now
be more worthy. of the stations they occu
py. As proof of this, we need only state
the fact, that during the time the Land Bill
was in. the Senate, - the. yeas and nays were
called abouteighty times, on amendments of- .
fered by tke, opposition, a large proptirtion
of which were evidently intended' to slog
tle bill, waste time, and,.if possible, weary
out the patience of the friends of the mea,
sure., • •
Congress .will 'probabbi adjourn abdtit
the lait - titnext week. ::::.Never before haq
so much important business been transact::
ed a .regular this,'ealled•
Congress' of three months dnration: 'lf the
President signs,the Land: Silt (and no
doubt he will) more will 'luxe - been done
for the -: benefit'of the people of the Iletted
States,,than .during.,the whole.,administra
thins of Jackson acid . Van Buren. . ,
I have just learned verbally that t 2 he Pre
sident has signed the Land:Bill., Thi is
of:merit 'imporiatice and will be of giea
• The suhscriber, thankful for past favors, hereby
notifies the public generally. that he still continues
'at the old stand, nearly opposite•the College Campus;
a here he will at all times be found returp.alid wil
, ling lei accommodate the best possible manlier,
those who may favor him .with a call. The House
is located Mlle most business part of the town, and
is near the stopping place of the Cars. on the Rail
Road. The ROOMS arir hirge and airy ---the TA
BLE will be supplied with thievery best the markets
can furnish—and the BAR•with the choicest Liquors:
His charges are reasonable, au.t lie will endeavor to
merit by assiduity and attention a continuance of pub
lic patronage.
. BOARDERS taken by the week, month, or year.
DROVERS and TRAVELERS find it tn their
interest to Stop with him, as he has plenty of stabling,
and a careful OSTLER alwa) s nt
Carlisle, Sept. 8, 1.841.-..-tf
The• Annual Election for Officers and
Managers - of the Cumberland'Valley Rail
Road Company, will be hold at'the . Public
House of Clements Macfarlane, the bo 7
rough of Callisle, betivebn rthe hours of 2
and 6 P. M. of Monday the sth day of
OctObernext • .•E. M. •RIDDLE,.
.The,Subseriber having removed . to the west, here
by notifies all persons; that he ha's , appointed Capt.
Abm. Laniberton hie agent to adjust unsettled as
counts. - Those intlebtett wiWtherefpre make pay
meat to him and persons having:chops will present
them for settlement. I , • - . •
EstilblitAhment •
FOR .8.11,1). •
The " Herald &' E"*positor" le: offered
for sale. It is the only Whig paper in tins
county, has a large subtieriptionlist,"a fair
amounyof advehising and job custom, t4ith
ample iind,good materials for. publishing :a
Letters (post paid)additimdd to Ilr:gdi
,or, will ln'eet with prompt attention.
lan a ozen
Ba r Itimaki Waskilfigiii:n T ilkSbeigly:
The following le4ter konilhe Secretary
of the' above-named2s a -Mety, to certain gen'•
tlemeniii 'Q t arliste, be - read. with inter
est by thelAends.,ifif, temp.eranee'V. , '
• BALTOOrta,- Ang. 10,
Gentlemen—lrouritter of the 9th inst.
has been. received and in, reply, l'am Much
pleased to learn that the honest and'the imv
telligent 'of Carlisle • appreciate ',find: valve
the services of "our' reformed'fipeakers,'
missionaries sent out! from the Washington
Temperance. Society of Baltimore, being
the parent' society in this modern reforma
tion. We never have acknowledged. scien
tific lecturers, nor do we anew suoli speak
ers to address our society under any other
circumstances than to confine . themselves4o
facts, -and to - ' - giveiin : their'ovn 'experience
in the use of 'alcohol... We-prohibit all lee ;
turera from fiddres.4ing odr society, unless
they,have moral honesty - to rerate-a_ frill de
misfortunes.: We'piolibit all political or
theological speakers, andconfine our meet
ings, to experience ineetinga: The .effect
of this course is fslt ancl is visible t0.,a11.
Why 'I BeeauSe we have Sometimes comic].
that political and • scientific speakers . , were
deficient 'of - moral :honesty in their mica:-
sions of the teetotal or abstinenee pledge.
They therefore could not produce any' con
fidence.- You may form smite- idea of the.:
difference between our experience meetings.
and your old faShiimeil lectpres, from the
pea' t moral: - ieformation_ going oft .at this
time in evert; section of 'our Beloved coun
try, by the exertions of the missionary
gems Sent mit by the...W,aklfington 'Vedipe
itinilerateed and properiy.apprecia tr, tter,
iiiiieniand ate '' Yon can make:
Yoneseltes entirely faMiliar with • those'prin - -.
- tiples. In the mean . tinieove are much
. pleased to hear - that .thelemparance.eause
le prospering in your town: With - senti
ments of the highest-:regard fOr each indi
vidual inemberef your
.society - ,-,and friends
of the - temperance cause, you -have my
humble . preyers„ and my' cordial 'good
wishes for your future success. And I
have the,.-pleasure , of remaining with-high
consideration, your esteemed ;friend,
_,S , .Cor.'' Sec. - of the W. T: S. Society
. if 4 l3iillimore.
To Messrs. Henry palm, William Crop,
and others, Carlisle, Pa, - , .: :
The Silbseriber offers for sales splembd
STONE FARM; it coutachsithout
.16 5 ACRE S
is close to the edge of the borough of Carlisle, in the
heart of the Valley—that inagnilicent
expanse than m Meta the suit in heaven shineili not. on
its superior.' The title i n disputable and the land
mprovenicnis and Local .Idvahlagcs..
New Eta at IL ita ru,
(first rate,) a well of never rdling pure water—prox
itnity to gushing spring water—an Orchard of about
110 rn""'" 1 -PPle_. trees, _About s'o acres of- the land
carries a crop of thither worth a h u ge sum of money
gooll portion is well set in clover and timothy
grass—reneing good. The limestone is the slab or
shelving-, misily procured, takes less fuel to mob:
lime, mid is the most valuable; the north
or slaal land-side or 'the %alley will give a constant
denland for this stone former. It is close to Ole
great Cumberland Valley Itail-road.
if nor'sold before Friday the 15th of October, it
will on that day be exposed to Public Sale, oil ;lie.
preNses, at 10 o'clock,'A.
For terms apply to - . •
Scpt. 8, 18-11.---ls* •li,sle,
071 . ' Lebanon Couricy
_insert 3t and scud bill to this
office. for collection. •
September 5,
. . .
Election.' Proclamatio,
WHEREAS in and by a'n.nntnt the Gen. ,
• eral Arisen-Ark , of the Commonwealth' of Penn ,
sylvania, entitled "An act relating Co. the elections
of this Ce_mmonWealtif," pasied the 2d day ofJuly
Anno Domini One thousand eight hundred and thirty-
nine,, it is • made the duty of the , Sheriff of every
county' within this Commonwealth, to . , give public
notice of the General Elections end in' sach notice to
1: The officers to be elected. •
2. Designate the place at which the election b to
be held:.
I Paul Martin,High Sheriff of the County of Cam
berland, do hereby maketnnw,n,rtial give this
Public Notice:
. . •
•to.the ideCtoriof the county pf Cumberland, that on
the icerondTuesylni) of October next (being the 12th
'day of the month,) a General Election will be held
at the saeral Clectibn districts established by law in
said crunty;sa which time they wlll vote by ballot
for the, several officers hereinatier "named, viz:.
for Governor of the State of Pennsylvania
to represent the counties of Cumberland, Franklin
and Aciatna in the State'S.enate,l
t&-represent the county of Curl - Merl:lntl in the (louse
of Representatives, of Pennsylro,in-c>*'' , 7 ..
for the county of CuMborland. • .
. OIE DRIECTOIi•, "• . •
county. ' . "-•
, ONE TREASUlt i litt
for the county of Climberland. .
td settle thu public accounts of the eminty Commis
sioners tke. • • -
for the county of Cumberland. ,••• ' ' .
Tile paid election will be held thrOughotittlie couu
ty as follows: .
• The election in the election district composed o
the borough 'of Carlisle, and townships of , North
'Middleton; South, Middleton,,LoWer Dickinson
Lower Frankford,'und LoWer lrestpennsboro' will
be held at the Court House, in the borouls of Car
lisle; •
The eleCtion•ie the district composed of Silver
Spring township, will be held at the public House of
.I!bst.plt Grier, in Hogestown, in said township.
Tim election. in the district composed of East--
peunsborough township,..Al be held at the public
house of Andrew Kreitzer, in said town Ship... _ •
The election leybe district compose of New.etim ,
.berlaud and e•part.s)f,Allen: township, will be held
at, the.public house 'John Sourbeck eiNeiv_Guni r .
berland. •
. . ,
. .., . .. . e . •
._ .. _
• I ,..dep,Welfort:44 l 4lM.Jih.flictzecunvortrivflitlNM
• 1c iontreikPeter • MCCitdirifiiitilltuili. -" •;- - . 2 . - : '
:7 ---- fiviieli - leiiiitiltii . he district composed of that part;
of Allen tsiwnshiP;nod ihelmle din the Cum-1
beldam! ,Ind Lisburn electiOu'distrietiOvill:•_belleld 1
' at the public house Of , llayiel Sheidleron liepherds
towdridi •said township ". .- ' • •''' ' • ' .
The.elecliott in the distlietentitposed. of the-bdir
-ough—of Mechaicsburg, will be.-hell-at-the-public
!douse of John Iliogiver, in said borough. • •
The election in the district composed of Monroe
town,khipov ill be held it the public house., or Wid
ow Vail an Chui.chtoun-in saddlownshiV ---- 7 -
The election in ,the ;Astrid composed of Upper
Dickinson • township, will be held at Weakley's
School House, in sandttrwnship.
Thii election iii the district composed! of the' 'bort
ongh of Newville;and townships of Mifflin, Upper
Frankfort!, Upper West pennsboro', and that 'part of,
Newton - toWnsliiKnOf iiielnitiOl in'tho Leesburg elec
tion district herein after mentioucd, will be held -at 1
the Brick SchooLllouse, in the borough orNewville.
• The election in the district composed of the town-'
ship of Hopewell, will- be held at the school-house in
Newberg in said township.,
... _....
, . llie election in the district composed of die bor
ough of Shippensburg,Shippensburgstownship, and
That part of Southartipton township, not included in
the Leesburg election distrio,_w_ilt he - field IA the
Connell House, in the borough of Shippensburg.
And in and by all act ad' the General Assembly of
this coanmonwealth, passed die 9(1 July 18a9, it is
thus provided, "That the qualified electors of parts
of Newton and Southampton townships in the comity
of Cumberland, bounded by the Ibllowing lines and
distance's, viz:--11eginning at the Adfams county line,
thence along the line dividhig the townships or Dick- . ~
inson and - Newton to the turnpike road, thence along
said turnpike to die Centre school-house, on said
turnpike, ill Soinhampton township, thence to a point
'n the Wahmt Bottom road at Beybuck's, including
Reybuck's farm, thence a straight direction to the
saw-milt belonging to 'the heirs or George Clever,
thioice)aludig. Kryshir's rim to the Adams “aunty line,
thence along the line of Adams COOOtY to tlit: Pl.ed•
of beginning, lie and is hereby declared a new elec
tion district, the election to be' held at the public
ImMte_ol_Williait Max we.II, hi- Leestui.g i S utt thump- .
ton township.
- Given under my band•a£ Carlisle; 31st day of
August, A. D. 1341
PAUL MARTI N , Sheriff.
At a stated Orphque:Court lie
-gin) - nnil - held - on - Tuesday the 31st day of August,
1811, at Carlisle, in and thr Cumberland eounty,"be
fore the Hon. Samuel Hepburn, President, mid John
Stu:Mt and John lA:fever, Amsnriate Judgr
of the same court, tisigned &e., the lotion big pro;
ceedings were had, to wit:—
In the case of the writ of. Partition on the real
estate of Sarah Leulig, dec'd, the same is confirmed.
Now to wit, Blst August 1811: Rule on the heirs,
to Wit. William Leidig,Jacob Leidig, David Leidig,
Elizabeth intermarried with Jacob Burkholder, Sa
rah Cross, late Sarah • Leidig, Mary intermarried
with Jacob Leitzel, and the issue of two children,
dee'd, to Nt it—Michael Joan,Ja cob Lcidig, Catherine, Sarah, Elizabeth', Mary Ann, Jo
seph and Margaret Leidig, children of John Leidig,
-the- stud Catharine, Sarah, Elizabeth ' Mary
Ann and Margaret are minors, and have .Ilicltel
JioseiL tei r Guardia J ose ph a m
.John Harmon fur his guardian; and Sarah Leung,
Jacob, John, David, I lannah, Michael and Mary Ann
Leidig, who are all minor's and children of 'Michael
dec'd., to appear on the sth.Oetober next, at
the Orphans' Court, and accept or refuse to accept,
'of said estate at the valution. Notice* to be served
personally on the heirs living, in the county, and by'
advertisement three times in one paper;,printed
Carlisle, for those living out of the county.
• , o By the Court.
Cumberland County, 88.
1 W. Fottaerk Orphans' Court,
latqle, •do certify t foregoing is a true
444 1 1 - 5. cop r y,
'Mess my hand and seal of said
..,lAL•ky..47 Court at Carlisle, 4th September, 1511.
1 48 $l.
For IV. FOULK, Clk. 0. C. •
• . liolFnpple.
• TA IX MARTIN, Siterift
Carilisle, Sept. 3, 1341. 3t.
Estate of Sdarn s Nimmon,
14 form of law upon the' estate of Adams Nim
moo, tlee'd,.., lately of Ski ppensburg, have heetomm
etl to john Skinner nod Jades - Walker ; all itersOns
having claims against the estate will pretient them for:
settlement, a n d thine indebted wait makeitayment to
them. -' ' • • - •
. ..
The athninistrators-will attend at, the late resi
dence of the decelitted on Friday an Saturday the
.17th and . 18th of Sep tember to attend to business of
the estate.. • -.-
- .1 AMES AVALKEII,, m /8
_Sept. 8.1841.-6 e
Big n- Stibig Adamantin6 (xuards:
An - election for Captain for said cordpanrwill 'take
place in Newyldlo,ou.Saturday the - 1801 September,:
between the hours of - 10 and 6 o'clock ; at the: honk , '
of Wrn. , U. WoOdburn. -. ' . • .. ,- • " ' - .
Ts) ,all Claimants . and :. Persons
, . '-• interested. • -
100. PILE is hereby given 'that , a svrit of She
,r4l V 4 .1111118, No. 11, liovember Term; 1841, and to
me directed,' has' been isiated but of the 'Conk • of .
common Pleas.of CuMberland enunty,bn the follefivr- - •
Mpg Nlechnnie's Lien," entered and recorded in
The Contrunf Camraon•Pless aforesaid, viz t
. , George U. Buelier , vs Cas per Sheriels.
:00 L•
Sheiilf 'a °Moe, ? • ~,
Cat-pale, Sept.B,lB4,L :
_ .
co oily fy. -
The'respectfully informi his Wend:
and the public generally ,' that ' lie 'has just rettfraet
fromthe city andlanow opening a large and spice
',did assortment of
. 7 i M irg - Qtr., tutlijlip
• alaugaitaizo,.
Chiria, (Wags SZ' Queensware.
All of which he will sell very cheap for Cash ; the
public are invited to call and examine his stock,next
door' to McClelland's. Hotel. •
Carlisle, Sept. 8, 841..---St •
Public Sate of • •
w a L i L i be soldthe
r o 'u r b ii 'i m o n S s
- and county, on Friday the 15th day of October next,
in 10 o'clock,'A. M. of 'said day, the following de
scribed real estate, late the property of "Jacob High,
deed.; to wit i • ,
• No. 1..' Tiact. Of 'LAND,
situate in Mifflin township, .Cumbb - rland, county;
bounded by lands of Isaac •Uhristleib, Geo. North's
heirs; John High, and land of the heirs of said dece
dent herein after described as No, 2, containing
2 27. AcreS 9. .• • •
, .
nn . 81 :perches neat menaure,haying theheon erected a
Two Story Lon.
. . 6 • i gr i i li t :
.0 S E " i.
latehen, Double Loo'c.Barn • Wu
gon%Slithl, Corn-Crib; and Cider-Press, a well of
'never thiling water convenient ,to the
't 4 a.
house, and an'excellent ,
About 70 acres of the above farm ate first
rate timberdatul f and the (Tibiae in a good 'state of
cultivation, of which about '3O acres are good mea
dow, the giter part of Which is suitable for tillage.,
• -No. 2. A Tract- of Lanikad
jokning the above described lunm and land of Henry
Miller, Alm). Whialer„ Moses Whisler, Daniel Me,
Laughlin, Jacob- Kitner, George Boon and others,
184 Acres :amid 11,3 Perches /
neat measure, having diet:eaa erected a
-Tiro Story .Log o • M- 4 • •
, -
, !4!k•
Kitchen, Pouble Log Barn„ Wagiin-Shed arid Corn-
Crib ; an Apple Orchard. and a never Idling. well 'of
water near the door about 50 acres of the above
farm are flrit'rate 'timber landoiad the .residue in it
good state ofeultivatioa, Of which Atom 20 acres are
good- meadow,•
The above Tracts will -be' sold .separately or to
gether, to-snit purchasers, oil the following (elitist=
the costs of sale to lie paid by the purchaser or pur
chasers (maw confirmation of the sale by the Court,
at which time he er they will be requitbd .to enter
into recognizance in the Orphans' Court with ap
proved security,to secure the residue of - the purchase
money, to be paid aifollows—one third to verimin in
the hands of the 'purchaser dunih g. the, life -of the
widow of taid - decedent, the interest-to he paid her
annually; commencing on thrlst,of April next ,
at her death thelirincipal to he paid
to the heirs.of said decedent, one other third to lie
paid on the Ist of April next, a hen possession will
be - given and a 'deed made to the purchaser„the
maining third to be aid in two ever annual pay
ments thereafter wit hout interest. -
- The landlords share of, the grain growing at the.
time of sale will pass to the purchasers.. Any per
.on wishing to view said Burnes before the day oh,sale
ire requested to call on David High residing on the
subscriber . a hi) lives one mile
vest of Newville.
Meer. ofJaeob High, Sr. (leti't
. ,
Sept. 8, 1341.--till. • - • .
• irf Lancaster Ohl C'earil publish the above t(
the amount of $5 atitl charge this olliee.
learn and -.Hotise for. Sale.
The undersigned offers for sale the FARM o
which he resides, two miles west of Shippensbur 6
being iu S nUlnunpton township, Franklin county, t'a
. 106 'Acros
of 11Ni - rain:Limestone. Land,
'not ii%frrior to any in the neighborhood; 'the YinprOve
- mums are a thtelling
EGUSaI '-..
.;.: ; .
..F k 1 1 1 14
Barn, Tenant 'House and : ..,;,..,•. , ,t ; g.,,..t "
welt other buildings as are lieeessary to carry ea
lartuing; : aLio a good Orchard and-welt of water.-
• •
Also,`a. two s:ory Brick House,
.Ith a lot and a half.ol ground-thereto attached, in'
the borough ot'Shippcusburg, cianberland county—
this pror erty is in goll repair, abd is situated in the
business part or the town; the improvements are a,
STONE STABLE fronting two alleys, smoke
'house and other. necessary out buildings.
The undersigned deems it unnecessary to give a
minute description or the above' property, as persons
wishing jki i purchise can view the ppembies h call- 1
ing on Al.v. I'. S. - Arm, :,:hippensburgonv on '
• • JOHN E'BERLEY, • .
living on the fiww.
Shippensburg, Sept-8401.--GL . .
~0. - Lancaster 41d (limed publish GI and charge
this office.
Orplignsl Court Sale.
In pursuance of an order of the Orphans' Coml. of
Cumberland eounty,'Will be sold by Public Vendue,
on the premises, onTriday the Sth of Octobtr next,
at clock; M. of that due, the following . real es
tate, late the. property of 11,00 Wow, o f Mouroo
township iu said county, deed:, to wit:
AU that rimetatiota and
TILLOT Z 4.11,7).,
situate its Monroe township aforesaid, hounded by
15cds of Mil:lntel U. lleitzhoovec, widow Gross„lohn
Bricker, Samuel 11a 4 ickee, Samuel lloffee and the
Yellowilreeches creek, containing
99 acres and 34 l'erches
strict niensUre. This-land is.limestone land; in ex
cellent cultivation and under first rate fences: The
itnproutments.are a • •
• • •
Two Storystone 7, Alt
•U SE • 1 4 7 ` ;'?
wagon-shed und'othei-out buildings; 21160 a never
tiiiGng spring &water close to the house; ti good
'Orchard of well selected l'relt is on the premises,
and also n late quantity of locust timber. The
whole of this tractis cleared land. •
• AlgO,' a. Tract of WOodland,
situate in the said township of, Monrcie, , bnunded by
ohn Bricker, Melchoir Brenneman; lg. Ego's heirs,
J..Leidig's hews and others, and containing 9.1 'acres'
and 30 perchei strict. tneasure. This piece of land
iirwellYenvered with ellesuut antionknimber.
TIM conditiona will IM made known at • the time
and place of sale by
Adiu'r. of I)avid Wolf, deo'd
Sept. 8,1841.-4ds,
S. tnnesster Old Gunrd.pubNeli 3t and, send bit
. .
, • rwo•riteE.
. , .
"All persons wishing to be supplied..witli die earli
est eity.,.newa, May feel ;themselves mueli , gratified
by ealling'on the subscriber, where they' CM bare
eseleation of the following daily mid 'weekly, tutpers,
.daily,•Chroniele;* Ledger • and
Sprit of the' Times ; New...York' Heralrd.daily 'and
weekly; New World, Brother JosadtMis noitotiNo i :
unkee Natiorkhlktgazines,&e. Ric„ , Atiy per.
• n-wishingr-l*. Eseetmie-subisriberrforratryany
aboid workaolactallthe popular works` of eltarlee
.14:far bound, in boards, %e a,
pleaseclati'wttit . . •
. . . •
. . . . .. ..
_ . .
virginia.LecOairg Lottfry.
Class N, fin.' . 1 841..:. --To be drawn at Alpicandria,
Va. qn Satuiglay - ;Septen!bnrlllth 1841.
' • -. -1 evmen , cArrrAts'.: - ..
35,294 dall.—nej
IL prize , of $11,764 I or 6,001
, • ' lof 2;500,1;of 2,361,
1-ekets SIO--Ilalress
Certificate's of t i o cringes of 2
• • • •
Virginia IVVelisbnirg, LOttery.
:Ctaqalit, for .1841.---To be - dranui at Alexandria,
Va. on Saturday', September 18,.1844. •
30'000 DOHai
$lO,OOO, $B,OOO, $5,000, $4,000, $3;120
30 prizes of $1,500, 50 of $500,, 50 of $4OO, &c.
Tickets $10..-Halves $5 - ---Quarters $2 50.
Certificates oleackagesof '26 Whole Tickets $l3O
. ' 26 Half do. 6$
.. Do. . 126 Quarter der - S 2 SO,
. • .
. Uni on. Lottory. '
Ulass No. B.—To lie-drawn . in Alex:m(l,loK C.
on, Saturday,September 25 1844.5
prizes d f $25,000 mafciag
100'000 Dollars f
1 prize of , 10,000 dollars.
.. , 1. do. . .8,000 du.
1 . do. • 6;000 . do.
- '-1 ' flo. ' 5,153. . do..
• ..,
. • 2 p,rizes of-1 - ,000 -- -. ...--do.' •
-4.. .do. • 2,000 do,' • ~
' 50 d(i. • - 'l,OOO do,
50 ' do. , • • ' ' - •500 d0"...te.•
, 14 drawn !lumbers out of 73. •
Tiiikets sls—Dalves $7 50--Quarter9 $9,75
Eighths $1 'B7.
Certificates of Pitthages . of f2t; WlioN 'rickets $2013* r
Do do . 9.9 ti a 1 ( ' do. 100' •
Do ' • ilo ' . •26 Quitl•telitlo - . so-
...Do .• !" • do ,29 Eighth do . 25
. - • • • .
. ' Por 7'icketo and Shares or C'ertifietaeo-Of Pack-
sages in the•above Spleialtil Lotteries,-address
, ,' ---• J. - G ,CiIIEGOILY &.... CO. Managers , ' ..
• ' -
. • ' . • :Washington Clil t 111, .;.: L ..
- : ,-- A?ralv.iirzsivitrtir i iffililtaii" - ,4004.17:jti7fi1v r . c,D.m.r - ji? , h „;;;;::
A - mvsz.--7-4:34r.1.„z......P.".. :- . :...ems -. ~., :... ~,,,,,,;
it _. , ;-, , ,,.. 4-. a,.. •,....,,v.m.,..*irWrta.ti1e.1&13r...:;.,-,,.-4.;..,,,,,,...
- ,
Estate of Sa.ol I. S turrebn.. ,
gstate . of Samuel borouglk
of 56ijpjiTiisl u 7 g; ilec d.,, have been issued in . . due
thrrn, of law to the subscriber: . NOTICX is hereby
'given to all persons having elaiinsagainst said estate ; •
to present them duly authenticated for settlement; •
and all persoml indebted to said estate;arji.erestetf---
to .nuilie payment
Nvtix.rAlr PEAL,
. September 1, 4 . 11;-tliv: • •
Valuable l'own property 'and out Loto
surr - puozitc.S.6lL-E y - - -
The subscriber , acting executor of Dr. John Cietc
dis deceased; will ofrer at public sale on the itrelnie
_ ses ' ott Thursday the ‘.2 Ist of Octobernext,at 10 o'clock
• A. ,NI., all the real estate of said.deceased, to wit:-
Ist TheAlimse and Lot
•.. ,I gm : in Newville Occupied by said deceas- •
, tt IP I: ' & eil during biklifc time, withthe brick
~..., ~• dwelling stud %all lot adjoining—th e .
lots are 90 feet on Main "strvet, and extend baek liBo.
feet on Cave alley. :The int provemOnts, OP addition
to the dwellings are, 8 Aoribie log barn with thresh- .
ing floor, stabling, wagon sited and eorit crib; Rigo r
it cistern, wash and wood houses. 'Phis property
will he sold togrliwF, tie divided into two Tots at
may Bost suit purchasers.
t t .
and Lot House and Lot on High
,ti x ,t, in Newville, now occupied by John Givler.
The a bos'e•lnts•are all free of ground rent,. • •
3. Seventy seven Acres of land
adjoining the borough of Newvine, and extending
northlo the Conondoguincl creek; the State toad from
Newville to Dublin Cap rims through the land—it is 't
Ii tided into el vete luta of differmit sizes, containing.
from fitur to twelye set 0, and trill be sold'its divided
Or altogether, a 5 may be mast advantageous to the
estate. • .
. 4. A Lot of , ground, containing
nine acres and 49 perches, lying Atom n quarter containing
si mile from the borough of . Newville nit the.road to
Tlirite Smartt !fellow: '
-Tom- at ibe - above lots are meadow ground, four
are in.cluver, one will be 5954.11 in wheat this fall and
two in•ry,„ . A pint of the lots, witlithe quantity in
each, can be seen !iv - calling on Col..lVm. Wood
burn in Newville, who - will show all the property to
any person wishing to Clew it.
The.above described property or any part -of it;
can be purl:based at private sale, previous tattle day
of public sale, Mrapplieation to the acting executor.'
Perfect tides will be made to the purchasers of thtr
property, clear of incumbrances.
, Tuasts or SALt.--hum sums under 55300, one, hair
on thelst of April next, the other half on the tat of - ' -
April 1843. Ott purchases of $3OO or above, one
half on the Ist of A 1)01 next, and the other haf in
two equal annual paynients; without .interest; pay- , '
ments to be'secured by a hen on the land srild.l,. ' ---,
12 0 H ERl'
—Acting - Facer of Dr :folio tiettilirdeo'tf:
Nowville, Aug. 24, 1541.-rcow,ts.
persons indebted tMthe estate of Dr. John.
GeMlisolecCast.d, by note given at, the sale of bin
personal property, or (luring his Broil -he, are notified
to make payment: •No hnlolgedce-w ill lie givela atlkr
the 2,lst of October nest:
'ROBERT LAIRD, Acting ex`r.,
tf),e Court of Oro - lump
,Pleas of Cumberland
chunts2,l;:lth August, 1841, ,lolinitupp, sAksignee of ,
.Incoh Slider, presented fill pecount or the execution .
olifita trust, and Tuesday the sth day of October
finxt appointed for the confirmation of the ;time, or ~w.
whirl) all versthis interested are hereby notified.
fly the Court. • •
tiEO. SANDERSQ* Proth i l,
Sept. 1, 1.141.;-3t.
Valuable • Properly for Safe.
In pursti.u. a the last will and testament of •
JaMies Graham, late of Allen township, Cumberland
county, I will sock Public , Sale, on the premises,
on 7'inmsday the 48th day of. October next, at 10
'clock,' A.. M. the following described, valuable prop
erty, to wit: • •
.100 Acres of Prime Limestone,
Land, • .
bounded hy.. rands- Darineek, Daniel ~
Mohler and others, on the. public .road, about .one,
mile south of "11 1 eolpinieshurg...-abent one.half.cTear
ed, tinder good knee:mil in a high state of ;
fiat), the residue covered with thriving 'youngTits
bee. There is no, buildings on the land; Aalent 'aud-iudisputiblo title-wail-be giros; and:
terms made known on the day of sale.. • •
Persons:wishing,to premises prnclooks to -
the day of sale, - ean call'at the late reSidenen of .11to. '
Gralutini adjoining the ratonior on the inliSorlheL
• It: G.',YOUNG; miecUttir.
. .
ar e r er X • • r
yi. • ---
Pavade at the Armory on Saturday.
al 2 o'clock,E,M.,in annamer inlifornt,
By ortley afgaie Captaini' • •
t,IOI4.ZsT , Kt:UNAY, Ist Sorgt.'t
CarliO'o tat, }841..' , ; ' • . ' •• •-•
. -
. . . ,.
Those concerned will take notice thellia: velnfue
nekea of the subscriber : have.been left, in the liantla•of
-Jinni.. L'll;utt;.l.: N .; fur. uellrotioit. .I'sayinetit ;nun ,
biiinitle tii the Ist. of Otitobet', or snits will In, itlti.
4 • • - - JAc0n,,y,4414,
-30,000 doll.
, 1 of 5,000; 1 0f3,000,
aof 1,000, tr.c..' •
.--Attarters fa 50.
Halt 'do. ' 'f.s
0 Quarter do 52 so.