Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, September 01, 1841, Image 3

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• IVe have delayed our paper, for the pur
pose -of get.Ong . the proceedings'of thetoun .
ity • •
onven ion. .
The letter of our Washington correspon
dent, failed to reach us this weok.
D. S. Drimioorrs.—A squadron of the
Dragoons stationed at the Carlisle Barracks,
marched through the principal streets of our
borough yesterday accoMpa'niett
S: Dragoon - Baud, and made a very brilliant
display.; they were all mounted, and under
the command 9f_Capt: Sumner.'
- .
BOUNDARY QuEsTioN.--Thecivil posse
- of. Maine, which''• have been sttitioned for
some-time within - -t to- < mint ec •
are to be relieved by two companies of U.
States troops, which have been ordered
there by General Scott. "-' •:` •
TEMPERANCE.---A. .temperance proces
sion recently took - place at-Rochester, New
York e intrhich more than three hundred
ladies walked. They boreTa banner' with
folloWink inSeription--L- 0 Told -.lima
nc-e, or . A'd Hiobandi
,41,1wara; - `,ony of the .fllissienarie,s of:the
Presliiterialt chuich, al; Cape lialtnast;.Af
rick; tlicd, on the 4prii„
--, .--11. - nvT - P - . - . - H - . -- qut - EwErArT - - -- A ibaQrntiOn,
i`Soems, isabout to take place in the pas-
ioral relation; het - 6[6lord exioingtbetwacn
the Itev..Mr..Greenleaf and “Tho'fProtes.:
Lint Episcopal Church of J S : t.-John's,"- in
cons i nliation
dens and Vetry• or his elfureli; it has been
deemedlexpOdient that he accept a call from
_ .
a ch9ieli in Charlestown, near Boston;
lijjfell 'iv ill hil'ord a more . exteaded field for
In a resolution of - the Vestry,. assenting
to the separation, the respectable gentle=
Men composing that bodt; spcalc but the
language. of affection and regard for this
distinguished mi9ister, which is felt by the
•community of all denominationS of chi•is
tians when they atlirm—" That there is
the most entire and perfect unanimity
throughout the whole congregation, pres
:sive of the kindest and most affectionate
feelings of regard for the Rev. Mr. Green
leaf,,and of their regret to lose so valued a
Pastor and friend." •The following is the
cohchicliiT resolution. • , _
Reso/ved.-:—Thartlre - Rev. Patrick; H.
Greenleakpo§esses the—entire-confidence
and 'esteem of this Vestry avid of the whole
congregation; and in the spirit of good-will
% end kindness which are sincerely felt for hiM
we cannot advise 14in to decline an invita-
lion which carers so much 'advantage to
himself; and promises as much perhaps for
the interests of the 'church."
las The committee appointed4o inves
tigate the•affairs•Of the New York Custom
i'frous i e; have - closed theft. labors aiiil-feturn
.• ed td Washington.' Their-report:will be
iilooked for with great interest.
',Timm, as Minister to Russia; Mr. JENIFIiIt,
: : 113 . Minister to Austria; and Col. Wool., as
:".43rigadier General, were confirmed by the
.agenate on Friday lasi. •
'CorrEn ORE, in large quantities, has
been discovered in the vicinity of Wheel-
A. ;C. DODGE. has been elected a de
legale' in. Congress from the Territory of
:Wiskonsan. Tiris gentleman, from his
4tame,:should `belopg to the Van Buren
ranks. What .E capital locofo s co member
of the tegislatureorPennsylvania he would
!make . •
tet 'it be -oonstantly kept in mind,
antl.letno two Democrats meet and part
itirithont making it a subject Of special re
snark,. ThatOe signs of the times indicate
do*rtfall, of the Porter Administration,
and the triumphant Lolection•of ouest John
Iti'Governor Porter still refuses to Sign,
.the election of Canal Celli
snissioneis •to the people; -
10 , When Governor Milne
.'A term of
offeee e'kpiretl, Atie --. otate Debt w
-X30;000.. Under Parter's•Admjnistrntinn,
the,State Debt has been increased to' the
Ciiotrilbll4 burn of FORTY-ONE -MIL:
LIONS ••STX . nuriDgElll & TWEN-
11 4 7 1 % 1 DRE0' '•AND EIGHTY NINE
, •
A incteiso' of more tliad AS'eventcen, Mil
Dollars 'in t eara anl a half I
, Every day affords ne:W proof, of-the-de
termination of the people to put an end to
the present administration, and rally in
favor of John-Banks, who, in pUblic has
always sustained The best interests of Penn
sylvania, and in private, life the character
of an hondst, uprighrman.., If you wish
to see the' credit of Pennsylvania redeem
ed—if you wish to'sce existing abuses re
formed—if you have any -regard for the in
terests-of yourselves• and your . children,
vote - tile ticket headeil John Banks, and
. .
say to Porter and his army of officeholders
The Boston Post has published there=
turns Of the recent election in ILLINOIS,
itconnectiun with the result of the Presi
dential Electi'on of 1840. - Two. Whigs
(Stuart and Casey,) wind' one' Loegfo'co
(Reynolds,) have , been returned to
T;ocofoco loss,
• Three counties remain to be hea*fd - 'fro - m,
which last November stood thus: ON for
Van Buren, 775 for Harrison. Judging
from the above returns, they !mei:mn:l4
given a small majority 'for Webb, ilaking
the majority,in the district about 1800.
Anderson. Hariisen. V. B.
1838- . '1385 • 1590
Majority" fur Caiey, 453
61 Van Buren, 1197
Three .cotioties,xemain to be heard from,
which in November stood, 467 for Harri
son,' 386 for' Van Buren. :• ' .
Six counties , remain to be heard from 'in
the State. In ,No'vetnbei: they threw 124 g
votes for'flarrison, and, 1322 for Van Be
ren. Supposing theme to have done no
better than 11;en,. it still leave:a Whig
majority of soorn btindral and 4eventeen
Whigs of .Cumberland , County
We have the pleasure this week, of pre
seating to yoUr consideration, the tieke
fo i rmed by the Democratic. Whig Conven
Lion. We confidently ask your co-optia
Lion in its support, and Artist you will acqui
yoUrselves of the task, with that spirit whici
the importance of the cause requires.
In this country all power restsrviktke,
-people, and it is,essential-trilheir titer sts;
that a strict watch , should be kept over the .
actions of their kilers, If it is a propensity,
of . the huirian seek power, 'Only - to
abuse it, rest assured that the pregent s State
Administration: form no exception to the
rule. They. have perverted , t.the power
.which has been placed in theirtands to-the
worst purposeg; and ibere is no relief, but
in The iirosoect of:a change. ',The conduct .
of Governor Porter' exhibits a' criminol
differenee to the public welfarti--he has no
concern but to secure . his re-election; and
is careress of the means by Whiehlhat :ob
ject is effected. ' From every-quarter of the.
State, complaints are .heartrof the unpar
donable neglect of the locofoco office-hold-'
ers, wh . oiire too intent 'on their own in !
terests to regard the . duties-which the owe
icAmr,4 — - Never, singe -the formation 'of
the Government, have there been such ex
ertions 'Madq,to keep an in
power:' But the day 'of 'retribution is at
hand—a party which has won its way by
violence and corruption; must fall.
- Non:cannot vote for David. , R. Porter
-who has increased the State debt' to the
enormous sum of FORTY ONE MIL-:
LIONS OP DOLLARS—who refu4es to
give to the phople; the power •to'elect 7 the
. co mnissionhrs--who iniST purchased.
the services Of tti's' adherents, .I4'in-oneyil
,from thC'Trensiiryllci has
not denied ii4whois opposed to-a 'protec
tiVe_Tariff; whiChLwould give encourage=
went to durmeelfanics, and to the distribu
w•ifiih-'Fioulil,.bive to Pennsylvania
sufficient in a few years, to
,pay 'Off her
debt. As you are bound to - oppose Gov.
Porter; so - Will you also-oppose the election
of the men on the Porter tiCliee whoshave
heietofore sustainedd - IAM his pernicious
Majority for Reynolds, • 1801
• " ••, Van Buren in 1840, 3430
Whig gain; 1650
The returns in this district are complete.
rhere , con be no doubt 91 Casey's election.
Ralston, Stuart,
12,505 14,710
The followirig\ is the 4ggregiui result
liroUghout the State-So Tar as hdard froin :
Whig rnaj Loco alai..
Ist District 0
2d District 453
3d.Distria ---- 22.35
Whig2pajoyity thus:far,' • 197
TmiNussEE:—The LocolocOs claim the
result of the election in this state as
. 4 bie
dory ! What are the facts ? In 11439 the
locofocos elected . Pour. Governor, by a
lerge . majority, and. carried both branches
of the LegiSlature. Now, the Whigs have
elected-IoNEs by a majority of more than .
4009 7 and lirtve a majority in both branches
'or like tegislature,,wliich secures 2 Whig
United States-Senators..' , . • . •
In' thie Senate, the. Revenue - bill is still
,discussion; the FOitification !All has
also been sent to the Senate, for their can,
ctirrence in the amendments made; to the
bill in the House. The Bank still
'in possession of a select Committee of the
• The Land bill has been reported to the
Muse from the Senate and referred to. the -
Committee on hinds. A. bill be sses
house appropriating. Money for the relief of
the Post Office department. There are no
more bills of importance to be acted
~on by
the House.
. Mr. Pope of Kentucky,- gave notice . to the
liouse, that he had prepared a bill to e'stab-
Mll"a•Fiseal Bank, which he intended io
otter, ~if.the. bill now tinder consideration
shbuld 1161. 'Some of the prominertt fea
of this bill are:.that it , .is ,t 9 be.under.
• ... _• •.-_. . , _ •
.Cie control-Of twenty six director; nppoin-:
is.l9 be »o•Priyatu
ed g__ II tares
rel).l'o(l466(th in Congtrds':: The Bank is
to - have . a.:eapital.of thirty and to'
be :based..o_ the; proceeds 'of
lands, wliith ar'e to be set apart and pledded
for - the:u . so zr.d •Stippritt'irif We'
the parent institution is to be at Washing:
ton, with .nine Directors —three. - appointed
by the.. President of the United Stated,—
Capital .$421,000,000—0ne-third to be sub
scribed by - the'United States, ;iny deficiency .
not exceeditig one third,-in individual sub
scriptions, way be inade good by the U.
States. The debts not to exceed.sl7,ooo,-
000, over and above deposites:
.The Corporation : is to deal 'in nothing
but gold,and silver,-and 'bills of exchange,
foreign and domestic. - The parent insti
tution at Washington not to make pur
chases or sales of bills—nor loans, except
to the United States.
\ l / 4 .
The Corporation not to buy any public
debtand its debts of all sorts never to
exceed its capital and 75_per : cent. over.—
Half yearly dividends at 31 percept may
be made, and, any surplus x when account the amount of two millions, to be
paid into the Treasury s „ The Secretary of
the Treasury, - in casti of anyoff in
the seini-annual dividend, to make it up out
of any - surplus previously paid • into the
The directorsio establish agencies where
therplease, or with the consent of "ibe
. of the Treasury, to appoint
banks as their agents, Neither the. Cor
porationifor agencies to discount promis
sory holes. .•
Bills of $5 and upwards, may be iss4d,
payable at• Washington, - or at 4. anagency to
be designated on the face oft "bill; but
wherever payable, such bills eceiva
ble for any debt to thebank. ' 1 • •
When the circulation exceeds three times
tlin,sPecie, the corporation immediately to
diminish., its loans. . •
Should this bkll'imeotne a law, the re,
• •
suit, we - doubt int, will 4e)beneueial to the
Community. - Every 'one must have ,con-
ildence in the stability of siich an institti-
Dealing only in exchange, there can
be Ito dimintitioti of capital by bad sloanp I
theirlmsiness. therefore, will be perfectly
Safe, and at the same 'time sufficiently pre
Citable to induce otir monied men to sub - :
seribe for the stock. . .
The bill has
,been referred to a select
committee of the Senate,' anti' is still under
their,cbnsicieration: .
Harrison,, Y. B.
25,148 28,558
o:7°The...Sta4-capitul 'Gazetto 'of last
week'says,lff Democrats, awake! Look
to a : proper organization. Stait out your
eom mittees of vigilance."
We io hope. the •Oazotte will *nttend to
the Locofoep jiarty, and.-not meddle with
ours:. ,wken, the
,DenicietatS want t0,',40;
a - wilco, they will wake themselves.. •
--_..._._ ~___.~, _o_.
Kee - p
it before the people, that David
R. Porter has been repeatedly charged with
receiving ‘fr' inn, the., United States Think
LA R S for signing the suspension 'act of
1840, and, it has !lever been denied by
itimseY or
,of his friends:
l'o X - * - :, 01Y . 1 - '-'.44 - ..ti ,- :Al% tf. : : : : : 11-:r L-t•:..4,
in Illinois ! SO: ar, therefore, as the re
cent election is• to be regarded - as a test
Illinois is a Whig State! . . .• •
victory on the same
ground that the fellow did •who boasted,
after a battle, that he had made the ,enemy
run ; •on being ., asked how ?- replied,'
"why,,l ran, and the enemy ran after me!"
Tile Fiscal Corporation.
The -- chief.,feattirci - of th 6 bill are, that
The - 1...0e0f0e0 Coubent'ion, which
met. in the County. Hall on Tuesday .last,
—rangling and confusion;
piebald ticket
Sssembig—William Barr, Jos, Culver:
corn*issioner—MajorJacab Rehrar.
Treasurer - W ; Montgomery . 'AI ateen
Director—Samuel GrAam, • • •
h'uditor—Petei• Barnhart.
'rhe above is Oertainly one of the weakest
tickets ever presented the people of euM
herland.countY for their support;: and if.the
Wilms ore only true fo - theniselvestrue
to their brethren 'ThroughouttheState-- 7 we
will be able to riddle it pieces. Many
of the prominent Locolocos in this borough
assert that it wos.nomioatefl,bytrickery and
management, and declare that they will.not
Icy'Governor Porter has beert efijoying
himielf at the Bedford Springs. He seems
to, have a relish for strong waters.
"No glasses street the eyes more unfa,
verattly.than glasses of brandy."
- . • • - •
As Governor Porter said, when he was
iunable to see ate. d irerenee between the
0 1 constitution and the new. •
- • the If reins • Bill. ' •
Kr We have justiearned that the Land
8i11,.-has passed finals}' and is tiow before
the President • for cpproVal.— Thus will
jubilee 'be done to the old States, despite,
the : efforts of locofocoism. • •The Loco:
limos, in both branches Of Congress, 6p
posed:the bill',in every shaper .bbt the.
WhigS have through•triuniP6ni . -
It. iyilf add to the yeVentie of Pentisyl
e:th 0f:461404:
nett forgotten, that the
vee reit n enato rS fret]) —Pennsylvania; -11 u,
chanad arid Sturgeon, disre,garded their le
Atructions, and votlid against the, bill on its
;final passage. '•,• • , • • ,
The yeas and nays on the bill are as fel-
IOWS :-.
- , Yeas.—Messrs. Archer, Barrow, Rates,
Ba r yard,'Berrren,- Climate, Clay:, OflCentue
ky, ClaytJi, Dixon, Evans, drallam., - Ilen 7
derson, Huntingdon, Kbrr,
Morehead, Phelps, Porter,
P,rentiSs, Simmons, Smith, of Indiana,
Southard,. Tallmadge i White, Woodridge
—27. .
Allen,-M:nton, Buchan
an, Calhoun, Clay, of Ainbinna, - Cuthbert,
Fulton, Kin‘g,, Linn, McKoberts, Mouton,
Nicholson, Pierce, Preston, Sevier, Smith.
of Connecticut, Sturgeon, Tappan, Walker,
‘Villiamsi-Woodbuyy, Wright, Young 7-0.
Fscr.uAsr. ot"rur, STATi: DMIT.
. Tax-paying farmers of Pennsylvania !
read the following and see the fruits of Gov.
Pokers administration.. If you are not
satisfied with the correctness of our state
ments, or,if some loeofoco whose interestit
is to deceive you, tells you they are "whit;
lies," we 'ask' yOu to take up the annual
official--Reports of the Atadifor General,
State Treasurer, and CominiV i i , e ra ner - of ' th e
Internal improvemet#-Futtd;' de to the
Legislature, and thuilatisfy yohrselves that
the facts below stated are true to the figure.
The books of the Auditor General's Mice
and State - Treasury bear eVidenee of the
truth of those astounding facts, which in
all candor, we arc about to inform you of—
and such evidence cermet be impeached.
'When .Gov. Ritzier came' into office in
1835; the amount of money that had been
borrowed-and remained-unpaid-was $24;
When he went out of pfiice in January
1E39, the amount of money so borrowed
and remaining unpaid, including temporary
loans, was 525;105,003,32;
This made an increase of debt both pee
manent and temporary, during Gov. itit
ner's administration. of 8515,260.
When Gov. Porter came into office in-
January 1839, the .amount of money bor
rowed and unpaid as left by thiv. - 11.itner,
as above stated was $25,105,003,32. .
To years afterwards, the anioutWso
borrowed ankremaining unpaid was $33,-
litore . ase during two yearn—of. Governor
Pail:es administration, 88,196,016,00 ! !!
Nor is this all :—Shice the legit report of
the Auditor General , and State Treasurer,
Gov. Porter has borrowed, exclusive - tit - Mc
loan of May 4, 1841, 51,248,343,15 which
added to the two yeties increase, shows a
nett in the money, borrowed and unpaid
duritig two and a half years of his admin ,
tratibn of - $9;44052,15. '
• Tax-payers! are you aware of the .amount
of interest you are required to pay,amthally
on this enormous debt? If not, We will
show you, and ask . you .to look at the in
crease during Gov. Porter's term ! •
In 1836 Gov. Hillier paid $1,210,168 34
1837 ' do 1,216468.34
1838 1,210,500 .16
rl -- "Ritner's 3 years
, -- 7,17,3,641;853 93
In 1839 Gov. Yeller paid. 81,06,0/024
"•. 1840 • do •. 1,403,915 73
1841 -„ • dry .1,651,000 47
.:•" 8-1,413,032 . 44
. .... . .
1:0, - -Ltvliioli---add-'-pretnum. -.../---- -7
0 - aid - in' '1840; being the '
.• - -'.
ditlrelico.' in. value be; . : ., '
. i won- notes. and specie. -
' as per-resolution ofJ.une.
12; 18:10," . ' ' . ~ '' ' . 5102,145 95
Do in 184,1; --- , ----,.: r • , -- -: '23,077 's7i
~.... . „ . .
Tetal Porter's-3.Slears, $4,539,150,11
thus-it -will . be se:ett, that the interest on
the State - delft :actually paid 'during-Gov:
ei lF ter''thieolyc_iirs was $893,202,*2km0re
lhan' during Gov.: Ritner'ithrei. ; years, or
the average of each of Gov. Porieettlrearii
is 297,767,46-dollars More than GoVI-Rit
nees.; thiS increase being .22,16t1;80 .dol,
lars, more than the average annual expenaz
es, for_all. the ordinary maintainatme of thb
State government' during Gov. Ritner's ad-
Miniatration ! ! • , •
Farmers •Eio yoti Understand this ? , The
amount . of money to be paid each year for
interebtMi.the State debt, and to pay which
you are taxed; has inereabed - during . Gov.
Porter'sadministratiori More thaiiilie *hole
sum Gov. Ritner • spent tai-keep the State
government going !! I .—liiirrtsburk Tele
graph. ; • • •
County Convention.
Agreeably to the, recommendation of the
Demoeratie, Whig Standing Committee, the
Delegates from tho different
'met in Convention at the County hall, on
Wednesday the Ist of Septethbe'r, Cot the .
, purpose of nominating a County. Ticket to
be supported al the next election: The
Convention was organized . by calling. Mr.
borough to the Chair, and appointing Ro-
BERT LAIRD, of. Frankfordand THOMAS A.
illcKiNNny; of Vewv.ille',..kSecretaries.
On over the list of townships the
following geniletbeiipresenteil. certificates
of, their election, :Intl took' their ,-seats as
flelegatcs: • .• •
6'e ills te:- §‘. Duni tip iythiik,,;l4,li,lo 1
4711?..,P1444t4i0 rough---C-Itristian••
nine; Siiiion.:oj7ster.- . • • . • •
• :
3lop4tv I i a . nf ,B ay d ; eo
Gunide. ' . •
-Adam Yount:, 12.ober
.• - .
illonroc---Johir.Luiz, Enoch Yoang.
Alyj Snyder,Jaeobiligh..
ilrorth Noidig,
Koh .i n offer. •
Woo: ,Stoner, Davit'
Rejr hard,. • -
Act,titon-71ticob II iglt, Robert (:, - Kilgore.
• .A . '43lm/lle--W ill iarn . 11. • •111 ocidburn, T,
'''''''''' -- • •
Silvcr keiley,
Culbertson: -
' South Illichtleton-.Peter McGlanghlin
William B. Mullen. ,
Shippcnsburs'---Joh cC 0 rtl7, • Win
Southampton—Henry B. 'Rebtick, .M i
chael Zeigler. ..
!Test Pennsborotigh--John MeKeeliti;
Samuel °reason. •
After an interchange• of . sentiot, the
eoneonvention proCreded
.. to ballot for condi
-dates, the re s ult of wllich was as. follows:
Samuel Givin,
James iloffi3r.
Jacob Zllo'
Col. John . Wynkoop.
Thomas B. Bryson.
William Culbertson.
'rite folloWinggendemen.were appointed
conferees to meet the conferees,9lFran,kliti
and Adams coutiti'es, to , nominate two can
didates to represent this district in the State
Senate: William AL Woodburn, Simon Oy
ster; and NI tn. M. Henderson. •
The following resolutions wero unani
iitcAtsly adopted: •
. •
1. Reso`ived, That •we will -use ex eiv
honorableexertion•to procure The tdectiOn
of the tick 9t nominated by this convention.
2., That - we pledge ourselves to the zea
lous support of the IVhig candidate for Go
vernor JOll-1N BANKS, because his public
life has given the strongest evidence of his
devotion to th . ose.principles, the success of
which Wo'belieVe can alone advance the in
terests of our commonwealth.
3. That the Whigs of Cumberland eOtin
ty can elect their,ticket -if they will.
'4. That'the proceedings of this .oenven
tion be signed by the officers, and publish
ed in the fterald - tti t xpostier” and the
"Shippensburg Sinn"
BonEtur Lunn, . .
,Titos. A. Mq.XINNEYi ,;' a ccretanes: • ~ ,
,Ear- Our. readers way observe that•all
the townships
,in 'the county i§eie - ,repte‘-
stinted. ~ Every thing passed oil
ously` the delegak• were in tife•best pos
sibld_spirits_and. coal cut of.viete
ii•tarattils•' ountk,
- 71 lan 13 - 11610 ,
initY,'lfel'd - CounirCenVet thin, in
,Gettysbn rgrori Monday last.' '1:11 A D.DE S'
Esitra., have: been nominated. for. the
sembly:• • r .:, •
Diinicl - M. Stny,ser,
Estlri; mid. 'Anti w,
Pointed :conferees, to.: meet . the-0 1 0 1 '0. 4
frem•Frankliwand,Ounsherland, ti
aontits ; to
nominate two candid fer•lhe State Sen
'ate=—with iiistruptienS,tiistkpport . ,as One" j
• •
• More ,conclusiv - e pr oofs of the
effeac itq fDr.-Harlich's Celebrated
DEAR Stui.T Was afflicted walla bilious and ner
vous disease in a verlalarming ilegeee'; With
in all the
syMptoms which so frequently eltect relaxed con
pition, viz : giddiness. the head, tremors,
chilliness; with a fixed pain in,lhe light side, cdm
plexiOn bad, and costiVenesst - indeed f i n a
miserable condition. .1' had tried Many reirittlie, but
feund -no perminent relietuntil I had
Harlich's Compound Strengthening; and German.
'Aperient Pills, which from their-superior virtues,
was completely cured, slalom able, tp.pairse my cm,
ployment, free from'puiti or disease, tt,
. (Signed) • Jost IVOTEI3.
Dated X,enia, Ohba, June 7,1840.
Poe halo by .John Myers & CO., Carlisle; and
Win. Peal, Shipp msburg, Pa. sep. 1-7-8 t
ness, whether it b chronic or rennet—whether' it be
deafness or pain ill sid&—whother it arise from con,
stitutional, or from some-immediate cause—whether
it be from intermit,externil injairy, it
will be cured by peaei;errng in the us , e, „ 2l:43rarafreth's
Vegetable Universal Pills 44t . Caase purging, ,with
these pills
those humors from the body is the true
cure for all these:domplaints and every other form of
disease. This is no 'mere assertionot is a demon
strable truth, and each day. is:extending itself far and
wide—it is becoming known and more and more ap
-preciated. • • - . •
When . constant exercise cannot be used, from any
cause, the occasional use of opening medicines, such
an one as Ifrautketh's .Vegetable Universal Pills; is
absolutely required. Thus the conduits of the blood the fountains of life, are kept free from thoseimpu.
rides which would prevent its steady current minis
tering to health. Thus morbid humors tare prevent.
ed from becoming mixed with.. It ismature which is
tiaras assisted through themeans and outlets which she
has provided for hertelf. _
and vigorous old age,
Sold in Philadelphia at .my own office, 8 North
.Eighth street.
ter Por safe in Car/isle by GEO. W. lIITNEit,
and in Cumberland County by Agents published'in
another part ofthis paper.
• Balttimore, Sisgust 28,•1841,
CATTLE.---The market has not. been , so largely
supplied with beef for several weeks past,
,the offerings at the drqve yaid amount to only about
200 head. All that. were offeFed *ere readily Sold
at last week's price% vi,z: inferioroat $5, and prime
:quality at $6 ter 100 lbs. The - suPply . . of :live hogs
at market during the week has been about equal to
the demand, and prices have' ranged frOM'S 87.1 to'
$5 per 100 lbs: There are but few now in market.
FLQUIL;,--//veard .1•Y0zir. , ....We• note. alt ad,
tvanee in:the price 'of'lloward strert Fletk since. the
publication of the; fOreigh nttt, rtakived by the'
steamer-Caltntlii,a.- On this ulai Weak the'lparket
clfiltsl44lPavilY,l44PAtc# o-6111 *= 1 4fAir - 0-x94,9 - 4,
tou-rmoileaate exwitt'at anitzultsti , -
quently at $6115. • ' • • . .
An imprdVed, dethand sprang up oil 'Wednesday,
and satc , s - Wthe'eXteWof - ationclOUOVntrrets --- ww
made at, $637-}, when' the folders advanced the rate
to $6 50, We note sales yesterday at $6 50 and hold
, cps :are verY;firm to-day •at the sante pried. - The
wagon priee . is rather unsettled Le-day; and we - arc
unable to give ,h.delioite quotation.. '• •
Rye Flour.-4s held at 0 50. : 10 9 .
- • the itiVetifinS of ilteWeek;Cniliiig 'on TliikstlaY,
eomprisethe billowing kinds and.qiutlittes:
Howard street, 5.365 , 310 .
- City Mills,- • -531 V • ' 1511
Sum:chant • 713: 00
- .
11,506 400 .-
Besitlca Ilya - Flour, and 210 bb!s. tan
heat.---The advance in ;mites, since
this day week . , iu conaeituence of the last _English
news, is Bto 9 cents per bushel. On Saturday and
'Moi.tlay last about 15,000 bushels Pennsylvania mall
were sold ; ou Saturday at $1 3U a 33, mar on Mon
day at $1 33 a 1 36.' On Tuesday and Wednesday
several' parcels of Pennsylvania reds .(alloat and in
store) were sold at $1 35 and 1 36. Since then, there
have, beet' furthar receipts or sales of that des
cription. On Monday, good to prime Maryland reds
were. sold at $1 Qa a 1 32; on Wednesday at 1 28 a,
.135, and yesterdayamitn,dayia $1 30 a 1 37; that at
the later price being strictly prime. We quote good
to prime Maryland white wheats ut $1 38 a 1 43.
Cara. —The sahlii of -Maryland white 'were,
Monday, at 70; cents; on Wednesday at 71 a 72, and
to-day at 70 a 71. The sales . of Maryland yellow
- wereat 73 a 74 on Monday, but the' price has declin
ed a little and to-day we note sales at 71. life tales
of 'prime Pennsylvania ear)); iii the leek,.
'were at 74'a 75, but to-day buyers are offering only 72.
Rge.--Sales of Pennsylvailia throughout the week
at 68 a7O coda. Sales of good Maryland at 68.
Oats.---We note sales of Maryland to-day !'t 44 a
-45 cents. - A sale of PentisylvaCia at 47.
Cloverseed—re retilliktitt $6'25 a 6 50 per tiishel.
Tirnsthg:seerL=-Sales of Thitothy - seeillo some
extent have taken Voce at $2 75 pet'busliel.
WI Wt; quote hlids. at 23,1 cents, and
Mils. at 24a 243, cents. --Xlie'wagon price of bbls. is
20 emits, exclusi Ye of the barrel. The inspections of
the week emnipt:i,se 125 lank. and 109 T hbls. of which
-125 lilids and 611-bbls,-were-receireil - by
Witter (;anal.
„.-- MARRIED, .
''' on Tuesday last, by the Rue. W. T. Sm.°le, Mr
.1. /,nSinart,Jr. to Miss EtizabA Seari:glit,. laugh
ter of tlielatO Francis Searight; deed, both of .. . S i -id
M idaleton township. ' •
a. .
.. '
I / Ai his residence at Newville,'onManday
the' sth of July last, Joseph Casey, seri.,
a - g,e 70 years. • 2.:
• n Shippen!bnrg, Mi the 10th Atigust
last, Mr. Samuel. &lowa, aged 60 years
9 *lath and 25 days.' • .
Shippensbursr, on Monday the 23d
ult., Mr. .Rilams .Niminon,lnnkeeper, aged
abs tut 62 years.
1;14 Shippe,nslmrg, on-Tuesday !Warning
the 24th ult., Louisa Mary, infant daugh
al:of Joseph P. Nevin, avid. 8 months.
f"..At.Papertown on Sat4rittlY; Gei3l.v.
the 24th year of itiTage: • : ~_ •
VOlthiteei Calididate.
To the Independent T'otens.of Cumperland
- count k.
. FELiovir ()inn:Ns ofter• .myself to
your consideration for the ottee of
. •. • Ginteity Tir6aoreei,.• • .
and respectfully solicit your totes; should
I he so fortunate, as:tO receive a majority.
I pledge .inyself to performtile. duties , of
the office with fidelity.
• ' Youfobhdreni servant,
" • -- WILLIAM dOITLD....
Carlisle Sept. 1, 1841. J . •
All per Sons Wishing. to be sup „ tilied with the'eat4i
ek nity news, may feel therasekes much gratified
•hY•calling cm the sabseriber,'Witere' tli4y tan,haysi
seleotion of tilb'roimoiiig . tilly i a'nd . weekily papers,
riz:4-Philadflphia daily , Chi•onitre,r 'Ledger and
Spirit - or Abe New. 'York Iferaid daily and
weekly;_ Nva , World; llrOther Jonathan, Boston No-'
tioth Yankee Nittion,MagaiitiesiSto. Bto. Any per
son wiShin„,"—to henoni6 . subSerlbcri for any of the
aboi-e-.worksinntl all thommulurrWorks of %Arles
'o'.slalley; for fiir atennfilishedibOunifin
10'6! ealfivith '• • ' '
.• • • '
'• - "iL l'
.• • : Carlisle
Paraile.nt the Armory on Sla 0
w trthe 11th insl
in '2 u'dock , ll. M.; in slimmer uniform: •
By order of tbelUnptoin, .
30I1N. esiSerg,t.
Sel4'. Ist, MIL „ ••
612111 Mil
, • Those nonegened. will ,take notice- that the 'Vendtte
utiles or the subSe'eiber Ilium been left in tile. hands 9f
James 1..154,; 'foe collection; . .P.. l 4 4 nent ,Irt!o'st
he,tnatk hi. theist. of oetober i pr suits wlll ; b9.tne4
. • ' ' ; JACOB'. PACM.
Septenthet . t . • '
.w..~~, .'.,,~,, ~
j ~.
-- in the Codirtif COmmon Pleae of Cumberlaa
'county; 12th August, 1841, John Rupp, Ass.ignee cr.
Jacoblider, prePentcd an acc4uut of the,,ette'pdtiotk
of his trust, and Tuesday.. the sth day; o f October •
tteNtnpyicinted for the confirination of .the katife;
which all persons interested stre,hereby - notifiett
By the Court.
.., • .
Sept 1, •
for Sale: .„
.. • Valual . •• •
In pursuanee's.l e. hitt *in no d testament 'or
:James Graham, t orAllen.tciwaship,,Curnberltinpl
'county, II tivill t2Pithlie . Sale; the . remise-
on 'Plan'Ary the2Oth Ary of 0.601 0
.07iiirt far 6.-
'clock, A. M. the tollciwing desc r ibed valualble prop=
ertY; to .wit: • . .
• .
100 Acres of Prime *Limestone
Land •
bounded.. by lands of William., Il• ness, b ame,
Mohler aml.c.tliers, on the,,publo ,toad, 'about one
mile smitli.ot MeehaniAVorg-L.about one half clest.:,,
ed, undel;viod tence and A high state or waava r ..
tion, the residue covered with ihriving_yoUng Tim= .
ber l i, There is no buildings on the land. ,
A clear and indisputible title be given, and
terms made ltnoivii .on d l ay,Of
side. . '
. Persons .Iv:ishingto premises previous to
the day of sale, can nail it the 'fate' ireiridenite of ,Tas: ,
Graham; adjoining the 'saixie4 or on -the subscraber. •
• It; G.,YOUNG, Executor,
Sept. 1, 1841.---ids. . . .
Valuable, :State. Latitl
- Private Sale: • ,
The Subscriber will Sell at private sale THREL
FARMS, col.taining of.. , •
500 Acres,
situate in Hopewell townsilip, Cumberland county;
and birgau township,Pranklin Comity. .'llteVarms
are well'ampro'Ved, and in a high S6te Of ialltivittion;
together tvillt Shitittle dwellings and barmi; tiveh
of thera, thereon erected; Any person wishing 'to
parch-Ilse are requested to call un the subscriber, and
examine the land for therciselveb. terms will"he
made to tiultlll9 ptienhaseri • .• .
. . .
1, ln-11.—Ct - -
r. ,
N. It. If the above farmastiss not sold before.-thei
Ist of December, diet will be, rented or leaietlfoiii
term of year's. •
. .
Estate of §aml.
• ,Sturgetin dee d:
Eshde of Samuel Sturgeon, ate of the borough
of Siiiptientlyur* hare Geo issued 'in : One
'foi•in of tit to the?. ,s'abseriberi linficE is hereby: .
giiien.tojili . ..tierSonshityin. ,, c4iinti,loipit.iftid route, • •
71 . j . d r rAiir
TiorAvglt of•ShiIII)C4SAJPVCC.. •• . • • e • • •
__Seiiierdlnr 1, 18,11.—(1w. .•• • ,
'Valuable Town propeily and. out Ltini
. *IT if' UAILIC -.
17 .*Etvtir.LE.
The subscriber. acting,eNeentoe.lorDr..JOlM,
dis =lei eased, will Or at public saltion the premiL
sea,On Thursday the 21st of October next,at 10 o'clock
A. all the real estate of said decenaed,Owit
A, - Ist The Hons6 - -and Lot
Newville ocenii!ed,hysahrileceas-.
;34 ed during his fife time, with the brick
3a . dwelling and half lot adjoining-,the
lots are 90 feet on :”nin street, and extend back 180
feet on CaVe alley, The improvements, in addition_
to the dwellings ire,,a double log,hitrn With a threih:
ion' floor, stabling, wagon shed and `corn crib; also;
a cistern, wash and wood hOuseli; • This - property
will be sold togethee; or diVidgct •fitfo .tWo lots
may best suit purchasers. -
2. A Housp and Lot
street, in Neviville f now. Oecupicil, by John Givrei.,
The above lots aro all free of ground rent,
Seventy seven . Acr . 6s tit land
ailiditiing the borougfi'of Newville, and extending
the-Conmittogui net creek; the State road from
Newvilte to DuhlinTlap' runs through the land=it is
divided into elm vrn /,,ots of different sizes, containing
from focirto tort=e Hera, and 'Lilt be sold as diiided
or altdgetlier, as May be most titliaufaeotts Co Old.
estate. • , 9
4. A Lot (if groun d , 6 tount ind'
m 0
nine Acres and 49 perches, lYing about a quaemetg
a mile from the borough of Newville on the road to
Three, Square I 101 l ow.
Foilr of the above lots are meadow ground. four
arc in clover ' one will he sown in wheat this fall amt,
two in rye. A plot of the Inti, with the quantity in
each, can tailing on Wni. Wood
burichtNeWville, wlio will and' sill dlc et:operty 6
any person wishing to . Fiery ii. ,
. The above described property or. ,of
'canlie purchased at priVate sale, evious to the (jay
of public saki, on application to the acting executor.
Perfect titles will be made to the purchasers of thy
.propert.elear of. incumbrances.
Timsts of Sp.r.:--Per stuns muters3 . oo, one half
on Mu st,of April next, the other on the let of
April 1843.
,'Om, plirefilisei of $309
. oi, , .above aria
half el the o April otherlialf in
two equal i amittal,.Ciavinenti, interest ; !pay
ments to be secured fly a lieu on the hind sold.
• Acting Exee 4 r n .Dr,John-Ceddis tIeCAT:
Newville, Aug. 94,1341.-:-.50w,111.'
a - ? All persons indebted to the estate a Dr..lohn
Geddis, tleceased, by note given nt the sale of his
personal property, ordering his lifetime, are notified
to make paythent. No indulgence will be giVen after
the 31st of
,Oetober next. . .
ROl3 ERT eVr.
Val a blc 1 a ti-Yard..Protteity at
• .Puit4ic
will Ihie SOl ut. •
6111 e, onWednesday the 101,11 .
of NoVembels:n,,t't, at' o'clock, A.'111.,0u the..pre
mi SCA, in' the hbrongli of calmly e,!Clintlicrland
ty, that large and conamtthoui•
situate on the north-east corner of Louther and Easi
streets; bhunded on the east by the Letart da ring,
and on Me twilit, by la or R. qmttiip
ing two hundred and iisty Beet in front„ ten one hun
dred and twe n ty in depth, more or feu", belonging
to the eatute of ])acid S. ForneY, deBAT.,
thereon crated a large
D 11
welling Itokse ;
a Two Story Stone Finishing,Shqp, a la Two
Story Illdek•Mara House,st lute rge atiti
Mill,Hottse,*Urn a K . Mill I'll Thee'
fortpalllr illy-11.WA)14 1111 d one pool in the yard, ems
bundlers, three limes endow batC in the beam Waive,.
and a good well of.water at the kitchen door. Thu
property iftilf good order,,antLittoa very desit able
situation for gq Tannery, t or a prirt`ate
'rends ttfilf lie made knoutt on the t i dy of. sale
and, any inforMation gis ye' Omit the prolix '
et ty before the day of sale Ityy,
GEO. W , %MA.YER' Ez.
Carlisle, Aug. _ ' ,
1:0 - - Lancaster Herald, Chambershorg Whig, sold
Hamner Herald, will publish the abot e till Ist Nov.
and send , bills to this office fop collection.
• '
Cf . t`' C S *
p ta4§ . our a t..‘ • .
-To pursuance of glecrsci9l;tlip-PrOlithis'-CoOt
Cumberland county; 'th .litibtiellfer es *Ai
sale, by Piddle Ireellite,'crurWedneiday tlie,lsth' day .
pfficplemberuCie,.at'g o'cdpciciy.,:kf t ,lonz the' pre-7.
triute4,yr4l.... , •i ...;
i. ‘ .
-.' 4ltthoso• two , tali tfolititts .: TO*iii
1 Dote, inqtpuest.own, in wad 'tioutity„.6Onisiniti,„:= lby
feet trout, tduilit 1,40 feet in ..deptb, boupdlitt an
le south, iit.timapi l ititkei,oit:',tbe Westinaf6rth by
11 leys,istd on the (list ky ' lot. No, p;•beingints.-I'cris.
. and,q,iii tn. tilbi'l eif, sald,l'o r dli: . "- ; - •:,,-.• ; C•••,:";
'',•• Said, Icits wilt fie ; Sold `,SepsrafelY';'iii 4 ttigethei-, to.
,suit piiiilinticil ; they: . tire handset - Ro;y, sltosted'for'
building, and this ti tie. is gooll.' . Pdssetisidn • Will be'
'giVtill:litirrietilideli7;,,Obe lialf . the . iu ibnisiit'• trioitej '
to be paid' iii liaridpand tbe reildnit lb% one yeze, 4 -tts #
be ttre :
''' ''' ''''
"112Ltg' ' Et" rat' ,_. •
, - . ' Adiish:.. of tbibiOclieg-er :ibtsti•cl'.•
^-1.4g,18, 14 . 1.11.-r-3t.':. • -'..• . ••• . • • .