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Tlie.resolution offered on Tuesday by
111 r. Fifinnre, fixing 'Friday fi;i• tht
• a • ‘ 'l,,
eloAe of - the debate on the bill; Was reed
The flons-e Irvin vommittee
of thewhalo'ou the bill, M . y. CA.:siting in
lthe - chairilandlltettilebate .waS'.,restrined - by
ME. J. Iriuly, who-said he - was op{ osetl
'to ilte•raiSine, of
~a •revenoe by a taxation .
'upon the poor. --I.le Still he 'was fir arrest=
inff the demprcornise act, to Lienetity ifiel tour
great interests of tlip.'nountry—tlie . woolen,
`the . cottein;rthe' iron, nntrthe coal realm:is:
13,y arrestiiig this,ttirey 'would save $57000,-
, 000' pii"antitim. - fie- thou ht the present
k'trill . would not have : ihe-effect to increaser.
ithe-amouut of revenue, which the (.hair
:man of the Coniniittee of Ways anti Means
'imagined. If the tariff . was. Maid, . men
. would-- net -import—goods-.----Tliey'would
wit :orthe tariff of the next year. The
t nner in which-the- compromise act was'
onencte4 and exec-mud, as ahoWni, by tik
^enerablemember from Massaelinsetts,
'Mr. AdamYeonviyeed him that, C'iingress
ha'd a .right to
_relied it. , He asked, what
wail home valuation'? Was it any thing
:more fharohe cost charges and tivenly per
4.ce.rtt duty 'tipo - n an imported artiede ? Ile
doubted.mhether,the home v❑luAtion would
. • .
• 'do what gentlemen seemed'
to l'innaine It
s.wolia Ire e ---- tneif - lt T r— at -- ji - efirraTaTril 'id
. .
''protection, was - taxinz the triaoy" , for 'the
• ,
Genelit of the few.. &telt .a tariff was hen
-- eficial- and tvntild
•be • beneficial to the
.country. Ile,eited °Wit district-as. an.
, oxamri,le, where the 'prineiCal,matnitt'eture.
was iron. • It had 33 furnaces in operation,
which produced per annum tons of
'pig metal, and 24 rolling and's . plitting'lnills,
.that produced 254 66 ions' of blooms ;MA .
11)ar, iron, 5iI,3 • (1O per
,ano En.
- 'The number of :worlimen with families
• • eniplqed. Was 3,0"72,- ,The workmen . eori:
: • •sume annuaily, wheat . p.Op;00(i
109.,000: do:; beef; '3,00,000 lbs. ;
ye e5 i ,0144, DO t).
seeti that thopiconsumeir
f the ciraue is7l. i r`n
aroceridSjiteltnling to63ceciTrom:` —`
the south-;--- • • . •
a prkiret,'-i ne4l i cot- :-7-•
••1 ' • 'ton manufactured at•the norti, -
--•,-,--:4444 - 11.L.rais.4.a.C:the south; • -
'Total amount of consumption $1,9,50,000
. .
. . ,
. And there were Mules infportod from Keit-
••• - --. Ittqlty; 'mid - eniiilo - •cilliCil rtis.;:i,, 1000.. Did
!hot . thi s show th: t manufactories in his.
'country bene fi ttc,d he many"?" A . small
V - %Mance only wasleft•to 'be. diviled among
I •
• ithe capitalists.. lo—fact, or - tile Jast year .
, • 'O.r_l_wo:dte receipts have barely,covered the
.. . , -dxficlditureS 7 In, the 'state of Peimsylva-
'lda, fir one.. year; the _ statistics showingl
• -. 'that'. there werel.2lo fortine: - s, producing
• -98,350 tons of- pig -metal and iron-, and - 70,,-
; *OOO tons,. of bar iron, employing. 15 - ,00t)
-, woilimen, nod consuming 1,000,000 cords
---- "3.frotooa.--.:a ru4J.,OP/)81nQ-}V , 4nLQ-VSJ.lY,l'Ontr
• • 12,000,000 pounds of beef, &c.,.amount
lug to ki3,000,000; and..merchandize,'2,-
000,000, and they had a total of $5,000.-
000. And.of coal, 815,000 tons, equal in
! .Value. to iron.. The commercial. statistics
411owed.that, in 1793, the amount exported
'dl Wheat and flour, was 7,000,000 bushels
____ . —in - 1840, 5,000,000 bushels. Thus it
;would be , seemithat the
, 'sumed
all the increase, two millions of
. , bushels of the exports _of 1393 _in_lB,l_o„.
.The- crop lasf ‘ year was thirteen million
Y - 'bushels of wheat, forty million finshelsof
t .other grain, making a total of fifty-threl:
•millions of bushels of grain, out of which
'fifty thousand operatives consumed forty- •
••eight million of linshels. if this amount
.of men became producers, would they. not
injure property, both real and per:3(mM, to
'the amount of forty-eight millions of bush
' "els of •gram ? He thought the gentlemen
, 61' the west who' hold thti balance of power
I -in the House, should keep both North ami
. "South :in their place. They should. en
-;.courtige 'Pennsylvania -to go.-on with her
c.'manufactures, her iron and her coal trade.
' "She would soon consume the surplus pro
, • duce of the west. He asked the south if
•they made their brethren of the 'Middle
• 'States so poor 'that
"they 'Could 'not tiny
their'cotton,•if it wotild not Sensibly injure
'their market: Reduce the 'manufactures,
:and let the Operative, know that it. is .done
'by the people of the south, and the thou
' -sands who now rejoice in prosperity, would
-cover her with bitter reproaches. He said
direct taxation was not calculated to make
:tais,government more economical, "and. he
); to the- taxes in Philadelphia. He
'then read from Professor :Pucker,. of the
trriversity-of :"• 7 'irginia. to provelhat what
'be -said eras right. Ele said Pennsylvania
badbaen placed in a miserable lighten this
She could not get along without
I . liegging, and above all; she could not get
"along ..w and
...without begging 'from-Virginia
'tenth Carolina. She never would ask any
J" ; one to pay her debts. It was true, she had
..:••contracted a heavy debt. .But she was no
(;, , spendthrift. It did'his heart good to hear
, old Mr. Adams -say,-that if -shebad_erred,
• waS.on the •sitle Of -virtue. Be -stood
.ihere - to advocate the products, the enter
prize; and the -perseverance of Pennsylva
nia. Ile asked; who that had"-crossed
!mountains 200 Q feet high, could say she
ivas not agreat state'L :Would any ,such•
AakerbaCk the 430,000,000 spent on, her
:fr.,!great work s? .*Some•orthose worksbe
&:•tititted tn `have - been-'let--alone,bUtin,l
the •
airy:they were beneficial. and, exalted'
- 13ne gentleman had 'said she :was dis- 1
'Atoneit be- should .haie'recolleeted 'that
was under. rurers of • his own' paye r -- •
:-This was
,a hard MIL' preferred . 'trust.:
- - .011 . 4(i-the rulers of•Pennsylvania, - than. to
- 414:gentlearian • from : the B oome and
,initt'distrki New'York. • •
~ALABAMA:- - - The last election. of. Repre
si;sentatiyes- lot Congress - in th "State, our
are aware, , was made under the
tißenetal :Ticket System, a change , froni the
is,. system being made by :the last Leg
uf. that State, to suit a transitory
. rwaitylnypese; From the Mobile; Advert'.
ser . the learn that the operation of the
General Ticket System, in three of the late
DistrietS in that State gave .Mr. Shield a
seat in Congress, when Col. Burke beat
him 520:vetes; it 'gave Mr. Lewis a , seat,,
when Mr. Hillard beat him '47oVoteS . ; it
gave Payne a . seai,•whewGen.-Crabb
brat him . 47o.Votes!" •',.
• rrorh pie snitimoi•e Patriot.
The - 1
.IBla at kr nip t---- Et
'tie the;~iiirjiose
- bringing-- the- prinei-:
pal provisions of this. bill within a small
compass: and,te facilitate. examination
Of it, liit; have, with, some labor, prePared
the folloWing synopsis of it. This •bill;
will he recolleeteil; passed the Senate some
time since,,and has not yet been 'acted out
.the house: Verbal accounts are•
- vorable to its-receiving the attention - 0i the
Fatter,brane i of, Congress; at the present=
session,..tho 10-these accounts are rebutted.
by a vote upon the motion .to lay a resolu
-lion from the , committee-7On the 'Judiciary,
declaring inexpedient to act upon this
- sobj&ct this .session,.Upon ,the table.._ The
vote. upon that motion was 11$ allirtnativi!
to S.l negative, which- maybe regarded ;1
an evidence of a disposition • in the :PiMse
to take action upon this. subject.
$ 1, Enacts that' a uniform system of
13iiikruniev be-establit4lo(l . throughout (hp
United States-'—and that all persons owing
debts, whei•Shall - by•petition - - setting forth a
list of his fir their creditors, the amount due,
eai t, t~t~et>te`rwitfl an tit vent() ry
or their property •of any kind, verified, by
oath, apply, to•the proper.court (Or the tacit-
yr i t of this act-shall he deemed bankrupts,
and be declared" soby •a, 'decree of such
(quirt. All Persons beipfr mbrehantsY)r:re
tailers of merchandize, all bankers, laftors,,
brokers, , ufider(vriters
,or 'mar - ine insuyeis,
owlM2- debts 'to the amount'of not leks . than
- 14:2;000,.. Shall be liable to become bank=
reins; 'and may -iijmn petition,• of one -or
more of it eir creditors,, to.wliom they owe
not less,titan 8300, bp so dcel:o;etl it tile
follo , ovini?,' • eases:;: i\ - 1 (Wit :
..deli - !,(ir he.slate of.whrCh he,iS
,an-,,inhabitant;, with . -- intent:l6 ; defratid
0 - Axertrtiffil;-0 sbritFremineliii;g .
- or - Tin - Wail hem, .ti..'provelit-thi;ir - libin!) . iee
,• or make any -fraudulent assign
nv.ln t-Lo r--s a
hoyi.ever, pny peYsorrso Oeclaied
bankrupt We:instance : or a eKeditoi,
na t . bypetition to-such court; hhve n: trial
jpry to . aSs!ertain•the
roptey,, ,
Enacts..AlraL ail' ..fu ture_payments.
c.anveyances, &c., Made in contemplation
OCbankruptcy, ex for the purpose of giving
Hiny . .ereilitor an undue preference, or any
such payment Or conveyance to any perion•
-not-a-creditor-forlr-valuable - consiileratiori,*
without noticeshall be , deemed void, and a
.fraud upon this"act,.and the assignee under
the bankruptcy, shall he entitled to claim
and sue for the same; and; the person mak
ing such unlawful preferences shall receive
no-dis Charge. And if it shall be made to
appear to the court, that, in the case of a
e.'„&Y . e=
ditor . . over :mother, in •ceimemplation of a
passage of a bankrupt law, be shall' not
receive a discharge, unless assented to by a
majority in interest •of those of his creditors
not preferred. NOthing in this act shall in
any way impiiir the rights of married we-.
men or minors, or any liens,, mortgages,
&c.; which may be valid -by the laws of
the, states respectively, and not inconsistent
; :w i ttlr the second and filth sections of this
property of everyAescription,
of every person deducd a haiirrupt., except
as is..fiereinafter mentioned, shall be ipso
,facWilivested out of the bankrupt, and the
- samehdralFhe ves - ffd in such= assig = nee ns
shall be appointed bytote court—suits pend
ing by the bankrupt shall be continued by
the assignee, and no suit by or against the
assignee shall :Mato by death, of said as
signee. There shall be excepted fronithe
provisions of this section, such. necessary
household and kitchen furniture of the
bankrupt, as the assignee shall . designate,
havingAreference in 'the
,z . unount to- the fa
mily and cimilition of the bankrupt,'blit in
no case 'to exceed $300,-and-also-the_tvear,
ing apparrelt—on exception being - taken to
the determination of the assignee,. matter :to
be decided by the Court. "
.§ 4. Every bankrupt who -shall - comply
faithrtilly with the provisions of this act
shall - (unless a majority in number and va
hie. of_ his creditors who have proved their
debt's. shall file their written dissent there
to,) be entitled to-:a full discharge from all
his debts, and a certificate thereof granted
certificate, }forever, not to be
granted,until after-ninety day'sfrom the de—
cree—of bankruptcy, nor until seventy &lye'
notice , is given to all his creditors and. per
sons interested, - to..appear .and shOw cause
why such certificate should not be granted.
Such bankrupt shall at all times be subject
to examination oralfY, or upon written in
terregatorips, before.isuch-courtren-oathi'in
all matters relating to such bankruptcy,
which are necessary for the purpose of jus
tice. If in any case of bankruptcy, a ma
jorityin number and value
„ of the creditors
who shall have proved their debts,'shall at
the-time of hearing the petition.for a dis
charge, file their -written dissent to the al
lowance of a discharge and certificate, lo
such bankrtipt, or if, upon such hearing L a
discharq shall not be decreed to him, the
may demand a trial by jury, upon a-proper
issuerto be directedsby the court, or he may
appeal from ti-tat decision to the Circuit
Court. upon a full hearing, itshalt
be found by the court or the jury, that the
bankrupt has things, compliedwith
the requisitions of tile act,:-the court shall
decree his discharge..,
D. 'Creditors coming in and vroving
their debts, in the manner.hereinafter pre.
scribed, -shall be paid, pro rata, and' no
prioritror preference shall be illoived, ex
cept for -debts. due in the 'United States, and'
raboyere in, .:the :: service- of the bankrupt,,
siiiiiythose of thp latter 'shall not exceed
$25. All creditors whose claims are not
due till 'a future day, shall have their pre
cept value ascertained and allowed.
diatriot court, in every:,district,.
eliall have Jurisdiction in' ;ail' Mateyo; and
eriA Witira
. . • . ~
, - 7 ---------, ---- ' - `7" - 'J - 7 _,,AL of
proceedingsiatising under this net, the Pro-! 111 "t lurebuich°l Y:Ca'anutY'rTh' ira ilicar..
. the steamer Eri e by Piro liiiaL Te r -. -
Feedings' to'be summary. and the' court al-i
t i e y rd fr a o yl t o h r r, b
'lly' two Iton . drefi L . lmit '
w, , ays to be ,open. The' court to prescribe ) we-receiv
i.forms add rule p for the regulation of pro='
led . i ttest,the most.
of the • tottil
'eeedings, and to prestribe.a tariff` of fees.
i heart-rending intejli/ lc9
• § 7. AR proceedings in 'a case Of ,bank
-ruptcy;-shall take
,place 'in the - district in ,deattuction •Ly „4..,9 1 : ,the, sple:Lutid.
which the bankrupt resided When his p e -,'steantei. Eviey' L Jaa '‘," 6 - 6 rte , antf l "le
•tition .waS :tiled, and all . prMif debts or! Loss Of neaes • 11 P ° hYndred lives, !111(1.
obeli. be
under l a jarge ar :, int of morchandize., _ _
other claims 'by
eatl4TbefOre - Strell'enifil::OF'etim in issioner I
.. '4 :Ante*. the - ,Pattichlat'S as receiif
appointed thereby, or. before .some disitf=' , e d,, , ,Ats:-,7. - -. -. • ~ • •
terested :state judge, in such form as thei, -•• Gorirpondo;iceof tIl ;;Veri, 104 fferald. ~
courtfinay direct. But'Such prodf of debtel ' -. • - ' • 111 - LitO.A.D OFFICE,'
shall•be open to•contestation: . . '"n- - - S • YEACUSE, AXAugustAugustll, 1841.
• §B. The -eirenit eouri shall ha , "
cOrrentjurisdiction with the Clio •''' ' .
.et court, •.• The
. 4e, steamer Eriel left Buffalo on
of suits brought by' '
the tv ..gnee against'Monday afteh - loon at3'o'cloOk fel' Chi;
persons elide - ling an ;dye , interest, or bp! engo. . The precise number on •board
'such persons againsi." assignee, toudiing, of her are not known ; but it Is estintat 7 .
any property or
bankrupt . t rar , en ble•
1 .. g us of .property. I
of tie !.eit -hy the captain, from a glance •at the
t0,,0r, -vested in,-the ; register 'before leaving the harbor, to
asignce; , --';' B "„ th • s"„i!s, .barred . 41 '7 1. " I have exceeded two . kindred souls.-L
-years f,..m the oitte of the nankruptcy. I Amongst .the 'numbtir were several,
§, a* Al! sales,•transferi, Sr,e,, by the as- t , . ,: , - 0 -
with „ , / ' . .
shall be t yam tet s, Who their materials Were
siotee of the bankrupt's property,
Port up the lake
made as ordered 'by the: cOurt---all. •aSsets (,)].? their w a y 4° some
shall, he paid ni t ,. the court w i t hi n " s i xty . :c for the purpose of •p ‘ ainting a boat'lying
A Strong wind and rough sea
days' from the time of their receipt, subject; there' , '
•totthe.order of the Court' fur their , di s p os i.Tpikivailing at the titne; * Capt.Titus,hesi- I ,
- - ,
lion---‘and bond shall be given hy the 2S - 1 la ted lot' some time to put ont but the ' • •,-S
signee for the faithful' disrharge of hie l De Wilt Clinton haying left ahout three" GLORIOUS i ' „.
ittliytirmatlN atticn, •
'duties. . . , „:.: hours PretilOns; he was finally induced '
.Savannah, August 7, 18.41. "
§4 O . The eeilrt shall require the eel- to start on the latt4 voyage.
lections of asscts,,to be Made a s spledilv ' At about 8 o'clock the yesacL.4.l.lq
wra Ttf flint • I • 1.1 --f----G"'"'l44/F--rL94ItM74V,VG-------
af --- FareTiiiVr - e - ii: --- offiTiii --- - Will a fioii:7 - s - ad en i y..._ the U. States steamer; Qen..-!Pthy./9r,
ppt. , in, es I orn_ te.t.. ..By
mace ever.y burstino• of_ a carboy Of varnish.on the
and a •tfistribution °ldiom to he I
sik' 'Months, and all proceedingg glnill be boiler• '''' • • •
deck, •whilst, so sudden
,was the 'have the
Peck; -arriyed-here-yesterday;•. - we
the gratifying i»tetligencti from Floi:i
dosed•if practicable in•two years. ,•.
bustion that the passengers Were at Ida that. the war, for the ninety-ninth time,
• § 11. The assignie shall have authority
c°lll • ••
res • leeei
end, discharge ,nn.) - r
mort,ralre Once forced overboard, in many install- may now be considered as at an end.-=-
to ces without the slighte'St -article to sus-! Wild Cat's whole band, ti2en, women, chit
tien, &v., upon an-y property, and to tend er ,..l drop and negroes, 160, in all; have come in
a due performanee•of the conditions.ther - e- ta i l' lb6.m. ~ !'' . • . ' • „.i .1, •
:, tne.,e ~;'. at clnion Lula 'pt ampa, and 40 more Indians, or another
of, and also to eempoinfil debts, undelt the
ot•der or - direction of the.conrt—andcredi; put into Dnnkirk,.and diwovering the '
... r'orttniateisr 1 11 •tx t 1
c '• She baud were on their way, and were expected
lift Tampa in two days A gentleman who,
tors.sball hat 7 e• notice; and be allowed to tErie.initalltes hastened to her relief.
show•-•Yause why such. order or .direction ,pleked up.i r3 vi i ; ;T y_s E vi,-,..s poly' came, on in the Gen: Taylor, says A u lt l ie
doe's not think another rifle wilt be fired by
should not he'passed. • ... :.: ~ ' of the Whole,. IMlnbCr O•At 'board, •Whilst ,
,:, il,l of ‘ !
..." , ,• ! the enemy
•. § 1,..t. Ine' alt,eaScs anent V. ye lIIJNiblil:D ICH ViClilllzi t o kre't - '
a. , _
~, . .1Yllet) Sp-ttemi-ellee'g fimilly , canto in,
bankt•tvccy shall he ' deemed . matter' of . re- ' dim - awing , element; ---.
:"" 1- ? l V iem4i€l-- 0 l'•'W 'll'llll - t tf ' i I ' - 1 .- *la - tip •'
c ord ,' bet gliiiit- ito-tlAte-,rceoi•ded 'at Je ti g di, Avas :, ~,,: , 1 , -i-? d , ; ,i s. t itc. : 6 -.. l 'i, ere , tr I V .
,(3: -,t • • '• ' 0 ' • 0I '• I- ° '‘' -- ° I l - 1411 `' * l i i g • g . °ill
-•::rltilifF4n4iiiiii7erriklial4s.,),--wiitz.iihs--cd-• ••••••:-.7,-;-•••-•,,----,..---,..--;:..,.......,...._,..,-.....:n.i..„;.."-11,.;,...,'.-141.-shath framilbe:samiiiin , :lihere-lie,:* as . con- .1
7, _ •••-...---..-•-• - ..._,.....,..- -• . -:, - • l-: .: -- a(' . " --- ir'' . .l
, , eiTi*, , t14.i)5i4.46 ,-- 14;e4,15,-. 7 ••• , 41 , 4 ,,, ,i , ii. , ..r. -- • -i. , • -, -._ -- - • ,- 7 ; . - : - --- • - •. --,- , - . - - - 71 - ., - '. 1 .':•:: 1 . 11 . . 1. -f-Tf• -1 - 1 •L'11f7. ,, . 0 -- 1 •••.' 4., -Vt` , V9:4
. .§,14. Thi s
._, prov id e , , A r or '____i„._ ‘ ' v t,id t. .._ r _l_ . ____ - ` - 7 , _. 1T1 a d i r mr . 46 tt e teill . 7-e 4 rrr = "gfrfritrtir_ st - tratirrtio -- -% - o:fl' ~I tityyrarsivr.fte. - :
two lir more 'persons - 4v ho-fit'e '-file'
'if] l'P lTrlelli c't ::11: - 1.Mirgi. - ! .3 's;:' hild - 0:11 I . o7'l,itY'Fiir: fiffitilYfi - e .- i - Youlditiirriartnit - tltunt-to-vcec'
ge quantityt ,: ot . -- i me , I:cli i :.tudize . (or ; WI lb irons. . Thu . o clone a a ll y _ e „ r i seat ..
trade becoine insolvetiOnd direct the es-
I•signen - tfrefigt - tilitifitiliCWOceels o/
.proper-• - -..---- -.: i . CA :Co ref him gn ----- fon b'reliilil — 'loni flis4F - lack -- ; .
About one hundred find fifty:of,,the Its and-after
,a . warm Ift - I.N - 414r-with his'
..ty, jointor 'septirate; to"ereditors according ''
Were--GernianlfilmilY, he dived -With the t- Colonel,:atid then.
to eqUitaidc rules-;- t hi all, respects ; exeept Pds-sellget,---We.: . learn;
as relates to the:milliner-Of distribution and emegrants;going west to settle.. ...Most 1 returned on board thesehooner. .. As soon
lispositig-lif-die-Wyeee' ils-of-4 lielyroPer Cy-of nu=tty,-- 1- 4-their 1,611 - 1 th 6- -jr- 41-11 3: - Itav - (-
',. - b o . , m 4li tls itti •bis • iron's , were 11:placetlIte"ftold•-col,
of such : partners, the proceedings against swept front the.face Ql the .earth:. •
_themAallite___the c'tme4s_if_h_ad_against-one,- Ti i i 1---t1 61- i i I --O- tf 171 i
'......-J,t--sa.c... .-.4a. .-.le--.--a-rii.s.t ... it±,-. ie-....r:e
person clone. -- r_ - =: -- . -- • .—. Was not, entirely dry, having but a short
§ 15. Prescribes .the manner of ben- time„previcnis been, put on, and that
structing theileeds, to he given ly the 'as-'flirlien the •fire took. it,-it sprqad - With
signpe upon the--sale .of any'lands - of the r rapidity 1
.. sue 1
'bankrupt. .
§ 10. Confers upon the circuit court of
the !Jolted States, for the District of Co
lumbia,..-atilLtipon the superior. Courts of
the terr itories, all the '.jurisdiction, power,
&c. vested in the district, court Of the U.
States, in cases of bankruptcy.
§ . 17. Prescribes the time when the act
'nip Repeal Doetrine rket lyTkoclaim
ed in the Senate by Opposition gentlemen,
does not meet the approbation of the entire
"clemoeracy" of Fauquier county, Va.—
l e Warrenton Times' thus allu des to a,
mee,ting..of Abe Locofocos held on Monday
week : . - •
-"The , violation of individual rights,.by
G'Overniffelit7is`Toiloctane which we re
joice to •tlittl our democrats at least. will
never sanction.
- The mceting_Was_aJailure in more than
mere lack of numbers. They were 'divid
-ed- Sentinfeht.. — The "Sink 02' Spline'
tnen .carried .the day, it is-irtte, but they
IVere . sternly and boldly rebnkeil by voices
never before heard. in opposition.. Major
Minton; General Wallace and Major Wal
lace., east themselves in the breach, and es
sayed to save the party from such deep re
proach; but Mr. Ritchie and the Globe,
.were 00 . strong for them in, that meeting,
(consisting of 33, all told) although we ha •e
no doubt that in a full meeting the . reslilt
would be 'otherwise.
The course Oursued by.these three gen
tlemen exhibited great independence, and
a high . degree of moral courage. We have
-rarely. heard bolder,'more just or more elo
quent,views than were presented by Major
'Wallace. His strictures upon this novel
doctrine of 'repeal' were made in a strain
of lofty and indignantjeeling, which did
honor to his heart. The party hacks, who
manage -in Richmond .an - Washington,
'will find it'up hill work to face
.the•ro - pre
in oppoSition to these men." •—•
'One' Teim and . Strict .deemztability.—
. The ..Loc4ocos., that is, the-leaders, be
gin to grow pale and tremulous with alarm
at the rapid progress the One Term prin
ciple is making in public favor.. And whet
alarms•them most is, that the honest, con
sistent portion of their own party, go for it
quite as-warmly as do the friends of Judge
Banks. The rep`resentatives of the party
in the Legislature voted for the principle
Airiest •unanimously last .session, and. the
,thinking portion of • the liillowers of 'Van
Buren, approve the vole . and are willing to
see_it.carried out.' They have. no concep
tion that men can , consistentlylrote to en
graft.a .principle tiprin •the constitution, and
the, nett day violate it and give -the lie to
theis actions 'by . contradicting it— That
portion of the party who 'voted for 'Mt&
Fenbergin 18ki, sanctioned, the prinCiple,
and they will not•now Show themselves - so vote for a 'man for more
than one term .. They know that it is ,. the .
only way of securing strict accountability
to the people; and the faithful diseharge of
duty. Whil a7:ntan Is eligible a second
tern'', lie Will vend his ,patrOtiage ontCthe
time'of the first to. secure - '-his re-election.
This:inducerrietiOlterefore; should be re
moved 'from Take away froth the.
ExeCtitiVe every 'thing :that . ..Can-interfere,
in the aliglite;nt . degree, , With a free",-faith
ful,, and independent dieicharge'of his 'Of=
ficial amide.
. ,• ,
The>P 4ideet: .has iet
,sign_ the bill abe
jiettsuur:.•.. •
deck' had noi even time to go•below he:-
fore they were enveloped iu tlante.
The persotissaved were taketifrom the
wheels of the boat, pieces of furniture,
chests, and the like.
By ast evening's boat, we received
the 'following, additional particulars,
tiscr of yesterday
We have not any flung direct from
Buffalo, this morning the
awful calamity of Lake Erie, Of which
n 'brief notice' appears in another col-
Allllll. Passengers from that.'city rep
resent every thing relatirig to the sad
event .to; be in a 'state of the grcatef.,
'confusion. .
-"WelntVe the Rochester Democrat of
yesterday wonting, which. contains the.
folloWing "additional . ftartieulars.. The
fire is said to have originated front a
dcniijolm 'of ,varnish setting - over the
boiler, which
. exploded..from_the. hear.
The "mat was owned by Charles M:
Reed, of Erie Pa-.• .
We have dust learnedthe following
additional particulars :
The Erie took fire.'itbout: . B o'clOck,
when she was six miles froni shore,
and forty from Buffalo, a very high sea.
running at the - time. The steamboat
De Witt Clinton reached the boat about
eleven o'clock, took oil' twenty-eight
passengers, and Waited till morning to
pick.up bodies.
Aietter from Horatio 'Gates of Buf
falo;to the Postmaster in this city, says,
in ruferencQ to this sad event Our
city has not been so wrappedin gloom
since the loss of the ill-fated. Washing
ton." .
We are: indebted to the NeW .York
Sun for an extra;, containing - further
particulars relative ;to-, the, fatal occur=
rence• en Lake
,Erie. From which we'
learn nothing occurred till about eight
o'clock, when the boat was off Silver
Creek, about 8 miles from shore, and
33 miles from Buffalo,. when a ,slight
explosion was heard, and iminediately„
instantaneously alinost, the whole ves-'
sel was enveloped in flames. Captain
Titus, who was on. the upper deck at
the time, rushed to the ladies cabin- to
obtain -1110ife preservers, of which
there were from 90 to' 100 on hoard;
but so .rapid had been•the progrese of
the fiames,'he found it. - impossibld to
enter the cabin. : • ..
MlRAcuLous J..... ECAPE' OF A, LADY.-:-
At this period, the spectacle was. appal=
ling in. the, extreme, and no
. latignage .
- cart — deSeribellie\friantic horror of the
downed :passengers, The
: small. boat
was lowered—four-persons, in its .the
captain jumped in—and the boat filled
with water and.'droppcd :astern.
lady floated by:at this
life preserver on, she. shrieked for help,
the captain threwlerythe only oat in
the, boat, she caught it.and. was save 4.
this. lady was a •Mrs.:Lyide of Mil
waultie, and she was.-:the only female
who, was saved frotrithattated.*ssel.-
Atone O!clock; A.; .I‘4:.4llWas . over:,
Nothing was heard. but the, low, dead'
crackling of the expiring, fire. . :Net a•
solitary Striiggle for life7C - 6614 be ..seen.
ti . . ( 441.-0 :14.y . -0..0,:0i.j._,t9T4 ~
. .
on the wide waStdebfwaters. Nb trace
*as left on the glassk surface of the
deep, of_all that ha.d perished...hthat
hour..of agony, except a portien, of the
hapless hulk of the ill-fated ERIE.. An
()flint was made to to wthe hull ashore, !
but it sunk in. 11 fathoms water, about
4 miles from the . banks •of the, lake.-- •
It was now daylight and the
headed for the shore. •
! •
NUMBER ON BOARD:-11• is impoSsi
ble' to give a correct list of all the pas 7
'sengers., • Of thecabinpassengers,Capt,
Titus thinks there, were between 30 and
40, of whom 10 or 12 were ladies. 7 --'
In the steerage there were • about 140
passengers, nearly all of whom were
Swiss and Germaiiimmegrants. These
were in families, all of whom found' a'
6mijton grave in that, yaWning deep.
The : , heart bleeds, as it reflects on the
many tics
,ef endeared relationship
which were thus suddenly, rudely ad
forever broken.-
. Mr. \Valiant 'E. Camp, of the Wash- -
ington Hotel; Harrisburg, was on board
and lost witli the others. . • •
Worthithat he had but one reiinTstmoiel-o
thale, and•thlt was, lo allow him amthis
people rt . s ()O)i gsjyi ssiblc !
l'A LT: ASSEE, (FLonln4,) - JULY no
TIT - F. SICKNESS AT Sr. JosErn, rumor
says. -- still - continues --- to - rage - witlr unabated
violence and - Mortality. Few-of-the cases,
however,. are said to. he the -Yellow Fever.
Amfing our own citizenS,.,who went thitlier
to spend the summer Montlis,iind who have
fallen victinasN,O . disease contracted there, it
is with heartfelt regret atilt we chronicle the
following deaths : Jr,s Mivli wire or
. . lru vat', now ^ absen t
from the Territory; Mrs. Ward and Miss
Qeorgiana Ward, mother and Sister of Mai.
George Ward, now also - absetit; Mrs.
,Sibley, wife of Mr.•S. S. Sibley, formerly
°Nile Floridian, and Mr. Fleming - Ilixon.
A New Orleans.paper mentions a rumor
that Gem Gaines will refuse to. obey, the
orders,of Maj. Gen. Scott.
- IVe: abine itrthe — nowspapers, -
and suppose that there are some grounds
for the assertion. 'appall' Scott. is "Gen
eral-in-Chief." of the armies,of the United
States. If Gen. Gaines refuse to . obby
his superior officer, the "alternatiiies are, re
sign or be broken.
When there is manifested a restivettes9
on the part of a high .otliaer touching the
.authorities, of another, it has been thought
a good way to send the reeushnt to Europe
for a year, with an intimatiott :that if his
opinion should not have undergone any
change on his , return, his commission would
be received by the President without any
In military matters; the Virginia rule of
instruction obtains—" Obey or resign:"
We Watt' weived a communication from
11Ir. R. Petes, containing the information
that the boundary - line between this country
and the United States, has been completed.
to Red ' River, it strikes the southern
bank. of that streath about fifteen Mike West
of the- town. of—Vulton,. Arkansas. We
are glad that this long vexed question is at
length definately settled. The settlers
which have by this 'survey been included
in our limits, have been annoyed by the
conflicting rumors relatiVe to. their claims
to the lands thus changed from the jurisdic
tion of the United States to that of Texas.
Some believe-they will be compelled to re
linquish their land claims or pay for them
to this Republic; and others 'believe that
they will be permitted to hold them upon
the, same conditions as settlers in other
sections of the Republic, and that the money,
they have paid to the government - of the
United States, will,be refunded to this gev
ernitent for them: Some.further action of
Congress will be necessarfto.adjust. these
claims. -It is the general impressiOn, how
ever,-that the settlers will'itot be - disturbed.
Houston Star.
• Morn ".PA.TnxoT"' goatons;—.— . l 4 he Ro
chestei.Democrat thinks there is some .mis
chief. breWing an the frontier., ' The Hun
ter's ;Ledges have held 'frequent meetings.
catmen have mysteriouely.disappeared,•and
intimations 1 . 01 . some .movement 'had' been'
thrown.out in :vatic*quaFters.
,It will be well to .
,be on the'loolc out. '
'FROM MEXICO later' accounts have been
'received•.at New Orleans. • A Minister from
Texas had •arrived at Vera Cruz to negoti-.
'ate• for The recognition of the independence
'of• Texas ,by Mexico. There appears, to
tie a Wend prostration of business through=
out Mexico. Don Luc s Alarnan had fail
.ed for ,more than $1 01 ) , 000. •
. .
•.. -• BY REV., RUIN lit. Ititbitts.
_ . .
'trthie ine,while I give you an incident
furnished by ',another hand., ‘,‘ When the
Declaration of Independence was under de
bate in' the Continental. 'Congress, doubts
,c ,4 1 / 411
and forebodings were whispered , tl4 (Th.
house nut' that Hall: •The,-ouse liesi
wavered, and for a while; the liberty- nd
slavery ot the rflition appeared to hang "tt,
even scale. It was then an aged patriarch
arose.; a venerable and stately .fort'; big
headLwaS_white:With the frosts of years.
E.very.ey,e went hidtim with. the quickness
of thought, and 'reinaingd with the fixed
.nesa of the polar star. lie cast' on the as-.
sembly a look of thexp sible interest and
nuconquerable'd,eterinii it oar while on his
visage, the hue of age w• lost in the flush
of burning patriotism that reel his, cheek.
' . l',ltere is," . said he, when he sate the house
wavering, `'There is.a tide in the'affairS of
, .
men,—a nick Of time. • We, perceive it
now before us. To, hesitate; is,to - ,consent
I 6 our own Slavery.* That noble initru-.
ment upon your table, , , Which insures int
mortality-tolts*author, should be subserib
ed . this very morning by every penin the
house. - Ile that-will not 'its ac
cents'and strain every nerve to caVri t inip
effect its pro Visions, is nnworthy themaine
of a freeman. For my own.. part; of pro-.
perty'l have some,--of 'reputation. more. r . 7 :
That.reputation is. staked., that property is
-pledged-on4the-issueTof-this---efintest: -- -7And
_although_these_grey hairs must soon de
scend-into thesepulehrei I- wotild infinitely
i rather they should descend thither by. the
I hands of -the public executioner, than de
sert, at OA
,crksis.-the sacred cause of my
Country."'". Wlm was it that uttered,. this
',memorable Speech,—potentl in torningthe
scales of .a nation's - destiny; and %tinnily to .
be preserved' in the same imperishable re
cordin,.which .is, regiStered the not more
.eloquent fiperch ascribed *to John Attains on
the same sublime'occashin ? , " It waSJOhn
Witherspoon, at that' time the most dis
tinguished-Presbyterian :rninister::.:West. of
Jim .Nt lan liß;Rcr.: 4 lß ,: , •7 , ,,111(14:it1ii , y - ilf 0 fe.P r-st:
IV,kpjiali: d;ti ea in =the:United States:"'r':
--- ....-.z.::_-..;-,..:..:„.....:,.:::,;..:,,;::7-_,;.,'..',.7:.:5•!:::*'
' 4 "s l eg i 46 - 0
1 , 118.1114+0 4 . .1;94 htS49444;sl:igigkodiZ
says, "this •is no A , itleitee of Appro,ac_blog_
epidemic. — Sporadic cases occur every
year. Still iOvonldbe welljor transient
residents • and' the unneelitnated to be on
their guard. We know not . homr.soon the
pestilence may birin.our midst." - -
«i: lthii R - 0 FE t-ti ef
ago •a- planter of the Stile of Mississippi,
who had a heavy mortgage upon his - skives,
left the: country, and- took with him Allis
-negroes. The - mortgagees *having learned
that he had — Mli.en liis rout - fiir 7 i2kas, soon
after started in piirsuit. Ile was traced to
Nachitoches, the parties procured the assis
tance of a sheriff, mid procered as fair-as
the U. S. line, but without overtaking him.
The gentlemen then left the sheriff and
crossed the Sabine into Texas... Dere they,
rpq,pn.iinq 1110 SI:IVPc. t11)11
found out where they were stalving for the
night. As soon as they supposed the fa
tigues of the day's travul'had fairly thrown
them asleep, the pursuers . stealthily ap
proached and secured all the arms ..of the
company. They then roused them up and
obliued them to make an tmeonditional.sor
render—and, with the okeepLion of the
swindling owner and his accomplices,
the •mortgagees captured and brought into
_all that' ;had been__ wrongfully_
taken - lion - I'k A detachment of the Unit
ed States troops, headed by the sheriff, and.
accompanied by the mortgagees, all well
armed, brought the slaves to Nachitoches
a couple of weeks since; when they were
placed-in-prisod u to-be rec vered-by-a - prov
er process of.laW.
PENNSYLVANIA ImAn.4JtTlrere-s'ecms to
'kmo mistake about the Ic?ad, mine in North
umberland county. The Sunbury Ameri
can says:-" Seiierat hands have.-116-en
gaged during the last three montliS in work
ing And exploring the lead mine near this
place, which was discovered about a, year
since. They have already taken out about
twenty-five tons of ore, which will, o an
average yield about sixty per cent of pute,
metal.' TIM vein now working is about
two feet in thickness. There are several
other veins which have not vet been opened.
U. 5 . Gazelle.
In addition to the above; we. find the fol
lowing in a Milton paper as an advertise
"Lead Pipe of different sizes antrweighl,
rolledAays . cut in pound and half pound
Weights,' to suit merchants to he had at the
steam-mill in the borough of Milton.—Far
mers_and_others,_ wishilig to lay water
pipei for fountains, &c., will 'find it much
cheaper and better in every respeCt to lay
lead pipe, as, they will last for.several
and then can be taken up and sold for near
brras much as .their first cost. The public
are invited to 'call' and judge for themselves.
If this leadmine should continue to yield
as it has begun, it will add immeasurably
to the .wealth of Pennsylvania', wkose Min
erals are destined to make her not only the
first State in 'the Union, but in the world.
SACI/iOTY. , —A young lady
while crossing . a river in South Carolina, a
short time since; be horseback; was by a
blunder of the horse, iccidetitally.thrown
ofr into the stream. :.She- , was borne. down
some distance by the'eUrrent. When the.
animal recovered its feet.ned found that its
rider had'beert . plaped in so perilous a situ
ation, it imniedintely Went in ptirthiil, over - took the fair prize; caught her garments in
its teeth . bed carried her triumphantly_ end
safely tire shore, thus 'saving alife which
otherwisejn all 'probability', would, haVe,
been lost in'a watery grave... 'The memo
ry faithfid an anitifil should be
mdrtalized witha marble neenument.—Ra
leigkfiegider.. .
. INDIAN'. Passengers in the
steamboat Thames, fromihe-Couneil Bluffs,
makes reention,:sayi The
,St. .I..pnis . New
Era, of aliatge between :kparty of the Pot=
tawatoinies ain'a band of Sacs. The at
tick was 'made by ..the Pottawatomies, who
are said to have killed Ave of ihe,Saes, and
lost three of their own party. ; The Pottd
watomies were expecting a visit from the'
Sacs, and were apprehensive of being cdt
to pieces, as many of their warriors were '
out on-a hunting excursion.
Parade at the Armory-on Salimlay the 21st inse t
nt 2 o'clock, iii summer uniform.
By order of hue. Capptin,
N. 13. A medal will he shot for by le members
of the Company on said day. , • .... • .
Aoditaii' Nloticc:
Che subscriher Iniving-heen appointed A to
Marshal the assets in the hands of Daniel •Shir'eman,
Administrator n,', Samuel Sibbets, dec'cl,among the
creditnrs of Stdd deceased, will attend at the Hdpse
or Af.A.lrtlellaud, in the Deroniiii dimearlisleo)n
Monday the IfitL AtiguSt next, at 10 9;ploCk A.• M.
for that purpose.
W. F. LINE,-Anditur. •
Carlisle, July 14,1841.--;4t
.•- To school
• Carlisl ,; July . ; 2, 1841, S• •
The several Boards of School Directors of the
comity, are Irei'6liyootificd • tlinf' tile packages con
taining the seventh anndal report of the Superinten
4nt of Cominon Schools, and: klankihrms for cacti
School District, hate bd,en received at this office, and
arc ready for delivery to those entitled to receive
IN 'IRWIN, Cl'k. to Comm'rs
The partpership heretnlbre. extsting between
has beeii
Perhons havimelaims-ngniiist the firm will present •
•m on b'elore the ISt orgiiit - arei 7 nirif Tni 7 Ter=" --
August 4,1,841-3 t.
cemmis, k iei l rais , orrice,
Carlisle. July 2'2, 18.11..
, The Journals of the Senate and 'House of Ildpre
scriratives, of Peonsy 'rabbi, and the :Reports of the
State Treasurer and A Ceneral, for 1811; . have
been mad wed' at thisiolliee, and "are ready for., deliv
cry to those entitled te,reemve them.
• •.101IN 11 . 0 VIN, CIT.. to Corarn3rs:
W 31. C. ff 13. S N
Still tan . ititiitei the Cabinet Makin"' in , all its • v,l--
arhis -014- Nortii.4nnovez
qt•i;er•lt*O•Wool•S • zakut .9001i..a_ L'eptiai.4
aglly r. he is now;rparinfactorioE, - -innil
ffirfIi . FINITAJ
1 : "
Dining loot . ..rables,Aleilsteatls, - Nce., of the
"most: kintl,nlrhf ~s~ticli lie ilf dispose
of o s ii the most reasonahlell.lll4. Ile is also prepa-
reil to fill all foe SPRING SCATgO SOFAS_ •
Ail FA \C.I CI f warranted to be.of superioc_
_- • • .
lie will also'fornish COFFINS at the shortest no
ktiee,_autl_h3Siiil.• recently 'maitre(' ii NEW II EAEgE,
he is in to Weil( — otter
--f.-3,trl kir:At igitst-4 7 -1 8-1-17-13
ZET-M - ZS ZIAO 81 3 9
Office Fayette - strut, second floor South-west - of .
St. Paul unTet.
Baltimore, .11d.---Mcssrs:Entimv.fx.St evens; Jas.
Sangstom ts: co, and Aximstvang Dania
r . Pa:---Col. Thomas E. Smiler, Professor
of Mathematics and Civil Emrinecrim , Dickinson
n ,
'August 1841.--4 t. • •
To (11l claimants and persons interested.
Notice is hereby given that a Nyrit of Scire Facing,
to August Term, 184 f, to me directed, has been is-,
sued out ofthe Court of Common Pleas of Commoii
Plens of CuMberland county, on the following "Ale
ehanic's Lien,'' entered Mid recorded in the Court of
CoMmon Pleas aforesaid, viz:
; John Sherick vs. Casper Sherick; with notice to
.facob Rupp.
Sri. Fa. sur. - Mechanics' Lien, No 65, Aligust
Sheriff's Office,
Carlisle, A ilk; - 4 - , 184
- 9- -TAUI7. - AIA }MIN; Shiniffl,—"
4 prizes of $25,000 amounting to $lOO,OOO
- FOR ''2sTh! SEPTEMBER; Awn
— 15000"'"$30;001W . '425;000,
Union Lottery
Class 8.. To be drawn at Alexandria, D. C, on Sat—
urday, Sept:..s , 1 8 4 1 .
25,000 Dollai's
9-1 •
•1 prize of .
• .1 do
1 do
1 do
prizes of
4 .do •
50 .do
'5O do
50 do
-100 do .
411rtiwn numbers out of 78'
Tickets slsl.lalves $7 50—Quarters $3 7.1—.
, Eighths $1 S 7 -
Certificate of packages of Di whole tickets, sf4oo
ilo , do 9.6.•ha1f do • 'ltdk
do do ' 2.6'quarter - dor, 50s
.do •.. do ' 26 eighth do .25.
The Grand Uniott,Lnttery,
Class 'To be draivn at Alexandria, al C:,.on Sat.
urday, Oct. 5r.1,-1-8
' 16 drawn. ballots.
1 Grand Capital prized" 50,000 Dolt.
I Splendidprize.oo '-, 50,000 do
.1 ilo do . "25,000 do
1 . do: do. . . 10,000 do
1 prize of . 8,000 do
1 do .. 7,000 do
1 do 6,000 do
. •
1 do ' . . 5,000 do
1 d 04,000 do.
1 do 2,500 dO
1 (10 2,3V1 do
_ 4 do ..
... - 2,000 dd
S do 1,750 do
10. do 1,500 do
10 d 01,250 do • '
50 do • 1,000 do
50 k. 500, do .
50 .do- ---- - - - :400 do
— lOO do . ' ' • 3t)o do ,
100 do'
f 1 - - • • • 2ao • do
170 do I .
• " 200 .do .
16 drawn nunilters out of 78. "
Tickets $9.0;, ilalvei $10; Qtfartersss;. Eights $2 50.:
Certificates of packages of 26 whole tickets $260
.do : • do 26 half • -130
410 26 tptarter do 65
. 110 . do .. 26 eighth do 32 50
. gr 0 rders for: tickets and shares and certifiCatei
ofipaekages•in the above .splendid, schemes will're-.,
ecive the most prompt attentions and the drawing of
each lottery will be sent immediately after it is 0vt .,...,\
to all who order from us. Additnis I ~.
• J. G. GREGOAY & CO. Managers..
• - : -,• , 4 . I , Vashington;P. qv.. •
- New Goods!
STILL 'ciritio.spEire.
.„ •
• ' ARNOIA) .tz ABRAMS have - just re'ceivell
greatyariety,of Cloilq;Oasslnieres, Sattinets, &e.,
w hi c h, t hoy are determined to-bell cheaper thanevet:
before offered in: this place•or elsewhere. .•
• • The public are invited to call and examine' AV
• Shippensbm*, - Angnst, d, 170. ',', ..• • - .
10,000 Doll..
8,000 do
G,OOO da
5,153 do
4,000 do
2,000 do
1,000 do
, 500 do
250 do
200, Sze.