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7.01 It Ana' :Slittilaact—.=as96
• ... • . .
Re s zister7s-N(tice.
, . s._,
Register's Office,
. "
• .. . Carlisle. July :31 -1841,
NOTICE is hereby giCam to :ill Legatees, Creditors
'hod other persons'coiiverned, that .the following at:-
`counts have be . eli filed iti this Olney, for examitiatiiin,
!by. the Accountadts thereih moed, told will be pre-'
punted to the Orphans' Court of Cumberland eotiniy,
for confirmation told allimatice, on Tuesday the 31st.
day of Atnist, A. D. 18-id.---.viz: : •
"Thu:iict - F - o - untorlienry - Ittroley, -- 2t - dmrni - s trator7of
. David- Creps,delietised.
'Pile acconnt •of ,lithit F. Ifummer i Administrator
of Jacob-Ci•otzer, deceased. - . !
•- The 'account of Ephraim Cornman, Adrainistratoi•
- of Eliza Spiser, deceased. r . ..
„. '1 . 1,1g act:lmola. of Jacob bosh,.A)ministratOr of
Benjamin SNS artz, deceased. . .
Tiiilt, suppieinclital mild litial -account •of Curtis
ThompsomAillidi "sti•ator of Jan' AlcVafl,d6ceased.
. • . The account of _ ohm Cooter, Executor of Mary .
Rupp, deceased. • o
----tche-su-pp-k-meoltt Mitt-fitm-acoonnt-of.LW.illitin
Money and-dolui'Co ver, Executors of A ndrow Fet.•
row', di•ccased. .
-- •7Tlic :teemed tifiliirilr-EUgICI-A-diniiti-sti•atoii-orl , ) • :
, Thomas Greer r deccased. :
'EIM occu l t Of Samuel Bricker, Allininistrator of ,
Peter First,-ileceased. 1
ilte_oceotint-of----.lames 11. night, Executor of
Mnrtin Zt•rnian, dreeased. • .
• - 'Flue account of (eorge l'atterson and Francis S.
IlObley, EVeutnint Of Jtisepli Burd, decelised.
. The account at Ahraliam -Bretz, one of the Exceo- I
- tors ofJneob Miller ' deceased.. :. • . . ,
- - The account of Philip tooolz, Aqininistrator of i
John Aloud). MOM', deceased. •
• The Mamma of Mary Cochran and -Iloberl "Cock
rams Ekeetit fits or Patrick Cochran deceased.
Tile-ittatoitut-of I/avid- 11105(21;, Exectit-rnt-or-Ileury
. _Moser. deceithed.^ . - -- •.' . •
..,:. -Tilt.- . •_it.ilcotint of . Ny . i I Liam II I user and Davidilloiler,
' -7 :•-•4 7 1 , ;-*-4m•ktystese.te , ii(i , inlitcW0 , 4, - ; 11, ...;;;:iii.;ZT , ,.., - cr. - ~ - ,,.. 1
7 ..- -e,W 4 4, 1 15.ii. - at i7 ,7,-.6,•..u,-.:,• 1:1 "C" 1 '.i....'i5k 1i 'i1 , 41.41 11t1 -41;i— r- ' 1 %Vii..g i1i k.,... ,tL1474 :,.. - :-- °.
A oerioitoc•yri,o..v.:4-010.010;m. - • ..
' , := - ----' , ...*0.• - n - tremnit,•-nf-Willi;i i trtWetik-kr?Cl it nt.(litio,:of:
Bit,s:.iiijahe \\ 1-akloy. ' - --- ,',- l' ' • , '
•Tho :vv.:omit .61' ,16101 - Gilleo,Cont-diaopf Ore
AleGorgeo. . , , . .', '' •
011o .. :kci!oifol.of •Gcol-*; - I'ilvisilicli,-i — Attaillinil .
111,6-."nrut I 11•Ill'y,11,115.)ilarg:ti•Vi. KI111011...; • .
• Trio account .of.,larob Shrum, (;o:ollitio of IN'n
❑ccnnut orChristopliev..„S‘lilev, AtlmitiistratO
. .. .
-:.----7,1111_:.:L . pr414.1 , 2,,r_41,,,e1ph..? ('niirt—of_eunibetian
county, the following real estate late the property 0
-.-- .Alieliiiel-Saxtdii, lulu ot - Silver Spring township, ii
said county, will be sold by public cutlery, tin di
premises, on Saturdav the `i.Blll of August next, a
1:1- o'clock A. Al., the lidlon big priiperiy, N;Z:
All that certain plantation_ situatil in `.;..iilver_Spei lir.
- township, bounded by litnils of ticorge_Alyers, Wil
limn A,lbright, Geo.:ll..lloebor and (Abel s'. contain
ing alintit one liiindred :mil six nel.i.s, or greed am
Liinestone•Patented Lrintl, having thereoli erected .
. . .
...%""71 . %. './A .111)e) E 6 flD9e -4 1 E tV, - (1 , t . ia) ak.-,
'i . . - 1 Vic
: l li `i I' t• - ,5 1., 0C; 11 0U S T?„
e r
~„ k, t
aV.- 4-/ .. -: .: 4 7 :7 1 .. 1 .110.L711 I, E I , ' 1e.1.11 EB. 1 R.v,
and , undry onthildings. The laud is in _rood
N'ation and muls., lbn.c, nbout *tightvlerVti of ttldrh
are cleared, and the residue fine thriving timber land.
There is a gond. well of water at the daor,and a run
ning stream on the premises', :cis , ' a small Apple
' Orchard and other fruit tree's.
"At.the Sanke time and place will be sold a lot of
-grusnul -sit nut e- thin~ h:LII.IU-1011:11S11111...11/11lLdiji...b
lands of Georgo ult cr; , , John darts') Eok
art and others, containing acres Mori: or less,
innin g own:. (.n.!:ti
Two Story_Logjtbuse, and a good
Log' Stable;
There is :to exeelleto, well or wut,t• of the dom., aiol
are itt lent culth:ttion nod under
' gond ft•twe.
' LE--- , ..7.500 to in paid ott the large
tract awl $5O on the small traet 011 thh alidirmation
of the attle. Our half or tho vosid,R. or Alin tuuSrliatit
money Of .the hirge trial 011 till' first, of April of \I,
..:whettpussessino ,t ill be !..,iseti.ntol the bahuice ill 1.%\
etputi atutual instolowitts ttithont intereq. ' 'l'lw
residue or the purchwv toutoey of tlik• stottll tract on
the first of .Npril 111.01.1%11Pu lw,sessiou %, ill Iv.
ell of • it. l'aynomdi to be seettred by judgment
Any information can be received by making up
idieution to the subscriber residinz sAI tmcnsliip
J..4.g1N S\XTON,
July '28,1841
Orphans' Court, Sale.
The renewin g real eseite• the property Or 4 1:1( . 1111
'Hire, late of nisi
county will be sold on the remises, by
virtue of an order of sale of the thlibans' Court of
said county, oi: Sail:May the t2litlitlay of.Augiist next,
it 10 o'clock, A. M., to wit:-
All that certain Plantation or.
situate iirsaid township of East l'ennabtaiongli, and
botnidcd lauds of Th.... Wlrarton„lolts Moser,
Andrew Ifeck,,lacob Shtoll, John Martin :Lod oth
ers, and containing
122 Acre,
more el less- 7 -one half of which is elearrd land, in
hood cultivation and well fenced, anti the °flat:Judi
excellent timber land. The improvements are a
IrVIVO Story Stone
. •
tind,other buildings, a never failing spring of running
water is near the house.. This Property is near the
State road from Sterrett's Gap to liarribburg, and is
situate aabout six miles ,from the baler place.. The.
title to the-hind is good, the same having-been placa
ted. Conditions of sale—tone fourtl f the purchase
money to bc.!:pnid On the eonfirinati lof sale, and the
irnidue on 'The I 14141 nexi,w len possession will
be given. t pure . vments to be secur
ed by rctio i 4 u nt Ic lan's Court. •
Atbn'r. of Jacob Hire', dec'lL
July 9.1,
"-,. erilf7s. Sale.
13 Y virtue of a writ of Vestatum Vendilioni Es:-
i ALIII 'lianas, to me (Bret:tut, issued out of the Court
of Common Pleas of Cumberland enmity, will be ex
wised to public sale, at the court I louse in .016 bo
'rough of Carlisle, on Saturday the 2tst day.ol Au
-08% 4,. , D. 1841, at 10 o'clock, A. M., the..fulloWing
described real entatiN - viz: • ' . .
. i
A Tract .of Lauil,. situate in
Dickinson townhip, .c . ontaining ;about Ten Acres,.
adjoining Win" of c6or- g e Mickey, Ilirliard Woods,
- Sleeser, and others, having thereon. crected,
. a one and a half story Logilouse, and a Log Stable.
' ' -
Also, a Tract.of flintier Land,
. ,
about ttii roils frtim the above . stated tract, contain- ,
in - Obi:nit - II - a - Ci'dfcsißjainilig - idailit - uf `VIII intw-Kerr
Seized and
,taken in execution 'as the property of
Henry, Murry. . e , .
. ..' And tiilie sold by me, . .. -
. to
PAUL MARTIN, Slieriiit'')
Sheriff's Office, •
,C ?
arlisle,luly 21, 1841. S
WItC . 4l,llAlt lILITI4T •
• ' Office nod dwelling- tdrcet r ticxt door, ,to
, ..I lorm. , .
CRedilde, August 4,1841.—1 f.•
. .
.' . .
. . ,
. .
. . .
. . ,
. ~• •... . . . ' ' '
. .
. • •
. _
. .
.- . .
.. ' .
I . .
-. . .
. . .• . .
. : '
. . .
11,' '
.. . ,
~ . .
. .
. ,
. . . •
, . ' . . .. , • , • . . . , .
- j ON 'l '
". .. '' ' • • )., .. - "
. . .
, . ," •
. . . .
' •': ,W, • ' • , , . ~
. . .
. .
. .
. . .. - • .
. . .
. . .
. .
o l _ r ... ... ' ..
. - . ..".
. ,
, . ... -
" s f , ' ' II. • ' .... - " 1.."
. lilk . '.. . ' ,: 42 - , .. . s \‘‘ •
,-% . . .
-i''',`..„, •. 9 .• .
k . '",•.;.,, , -..- . . (. . ._..
. , .
. . .
_._ ( ).. .
. . . L 1... ...,..:. .;,...
. I
•,. ...__. . ..
vv .
. ~.... . .• ..•
• 411-'. .
t'S" •
. • .
. .
. . . ..111
. .
. .
,- • • . . . . _
. . .
. . . . .
. . .
• .
. .
. .
. _. . .
~ .
. .
. .
• - • • •
By an order of the Orpharth' Cotirt of Cumber-
NMI county, to me directed, I will expOse to Public
Soto, on the premises, on Friday the. 27th day of
August, Isl, at 10 o'clock, A. AL, the. following
'described real estate, to wit:
..g Igrge poubk Two Stow .
uuov.ro_at., _ :u
- •
• .11 . /Wtr tDir G azoturvD
. 3
situate in the hol•nnj;h of' Aleehanieshorg, ,Cumber
litml county, - titt," Maio street, adjoining tli6; Uoloa
Clan•ell lot, and a lot of Valentine sltoelt , twilit; the
late Mansion House of 'John Close, deed: -Also,
()tie other
Double Two `Story/" .
adta Ur la U.11)1.4' OM 0 L i I 'l:q‘ ,
. _
- LOT , OF GROUND I - ` ,
hi.41,0„.n.„41,..,,...0, ; ,ii.u,,,, -rat Abs. A tainl,9lEcal,
bounded by •Isatie Kinsey 8 11 (1 William 13igley. Also,
4ut6va 111 Lot of (13rotic
eotitattung aluitTP2 - 5 - fe . et front on the rail toad, and
SOtooto in . depth, botitaleddiy the tail road, be the
first described lot and by VtiTentitte Shock. This
lot wilLhe sold togolter. •with_the Mansion House
pr' ierty'aboVe desVribed. Bothproperaes are very
advantageously situated for my kiltd of busittess.—
The terms of sale . itre—ten'per vent. of the pUrebase
nioney to he paid on the emdirinatiou of the sale, the
residue of the one hall of the pitrebase monert o be
paid on thi Ist orA jail, 181'2, wen possession
oidAln..othealtalf on-die '1 st of A-prikl S-1,9,*1
with :ipproveilseritrity . ; alter dtsluelha , the witloV's
interest, which shall liV paid annually thetiurelat-
Rilf;iiiiiAißiiiaiiiit.fii.4...qaaTitirThi..;;; . "
• . 7.aCT11.5.:J;121„T,1;„..7-ti
• - •
tnit s 30,,- I 8.11 . ' ,
. _
To' all. el atmant s anti
.Nritici2/is'llerebv that wt4t ol'Seirtt Vao:ts;
to August T,ertu 1.841. to' rat 1)4.-ett is
stivir out (ii:.thc.Coort or (2'11111116n
Ilia of GuutLrr
land co‘lMv, MI till! 1•11:111 . 1eS
Rllll IT Corded ill OW of
:111)Vt'f.;i111 . .
rommel I.,cililueliet• ji:c•ri., vs. (3:tsper
Term, 1. VI I.
PAUL MARTIN, Slit riff
1705611 s e , July .
'I I)) has jnst reeeivedit fine nssortini•nt
4 joint \VjAki;ig
-Stick-I1(1I)S;:3 ;Ind joint nnliil linzcl 1 ? ,,, 15T 3 7 'I
:p4l S joint ilickory troill, perch nod
Fly Multiply Pals 111111 itt . el
I•lllttS,3`4o 100 yarcis long ; Cinlgeon, Pert:l,l'l.oW, 1
and Itnel: tinnoils.:;ll sizes; Artificial nit, of all
(100:4 cud
nor Mick Eithing; and' Cone flouts, or. all sizes; Kirby and Soper 'Limerick
!looks, assorted Tackle llonla , &e. &e. Apply to
liT'S & co.,
Stli 7th item!!(,
• Dr. Duncan's .Expectorant lic7necly,
--. Is perrolcoliog sonic or tli .N4'01111C1•1111 clues
nii rocord. \Vol. l'earmni, of I/claw:me county,
Penns:, I.N:oda, was taken in the fall ol
1114 , 1441-1,1•11-
notch reduced iu Ile:It that he was obliged'
to In- helped in and out of lied. Ills Pin siehms :.t
length ga‘e im all hopes, and prowittored his Itinz,-v
(led int:lir:Wl,. Iu this hopele:.s
situatitm he wad kin. ten weeks; wieu a fritsnd or his
culled to see hint, and. disco . verifig his.'a%% Cut Cl,ll
- lie illllllelliailly 111'0( . 1111.11 three
1)1% 1)1111e:111 ' SEXI/C,Cil.)%11.1 I tvilictly, (11:1 . ‘ing witnt sa.
et! the etleet 1)14e
cure the medie . ine,) and give it nueording to
curl to Ow ahioni,looent or all his friefids . , tiny
patient begat! Is 1. el better helure using the medicine
one week. ai.1,.64 . , ,,hing• It strictly' six 0 rel,s, the
pat ionl„ . . 3 watt I;ffiitlevett able to ITStillit; his
daily: neeu
piil?ply_..lll/W tilt:111011k ON:1111:11)1('
11:1% . 1. 11(1'11 taken :111 ay from its for the %%ant of protter
treatment. The (l•I'y 111311" who :11 . t• Yet wfloinr, Its,
f.ynilitonvi, to such 1
!leg to say, procure immediately 1);.. Iltenran's Ex
pectorant Itemedo.,:aarif it be not•too late, you tuay
be restored to perfect health. Iti the last stages there
is a e. , nsulatiott found itt•this medicine, by its Booth-'
log and initiative etrects.
- j":I'IIINCIPAL OFFICE, No. 19 North Eighth
Street, Philadelphia, n here testimonials only he
For sale by John J. .11yers Carlisle; nod
lVm. Peal, Shippensbnea., Pa. •
Fltiroirv, Braid, Straw,aihd 1211Ilattd BONNE TS
o tww sititidy of tIR' twwesd blitiliejust received ansl
for stile cheap iit the store of
June 2.10 J
( . 1
,Lott cries.
35„225,D0i11ar5 .
And l'llaTArawn UUtobers out or seventy-five
Class be drawn ai Va.ou
- Saturday, August '2l, 1841.
s yl prize of 35,295 Dollars.
1 do 10,515 do.
1 do 5;000 do.
1 do. — 4,000 . do.
1 0.1 • • . 3,000 do.
1 do. 2,500 do,
. 1 do. „ 2,000 • do..
1 do:, • '1,750 do.
50 prizes of 1,000 do.
50 do. 250. do: ' •
50 do. 200 .-
. • &e.I 4e. • &c. •
Tickets $lO---HaliTs 'ss---Quarters V 50.
Certificates of l'ackag,e so f ‘25 - Whole Tickets $1:10
:Do. 11p 251181 f do •65
1)o. do 3f Quarter do 32 50
00019ollars.. •
Virginia Wellsburg Lottery.
Class G,',for 18.11:—=To drawn at Alexaadria,
• ya. on Sater(iitylAtigusl,o.B,4B4l.,_,...
1 prize of $40,000-1 of 15,000-1 05,000-71 of
3,000-1 of 2,500-1 01 . 0 t y.97-50 - of 1,000
• 50 of 500—;.50 of 9.00 &e.
• Tickets $5.•;-..Quarters $2,50. '
Certitleatea'of Packages of 2Ci Whole Tickets 030
• Po
po- Quarter:do 32 50'
For Tickaa and Shares of Cc 9 tii ca;en of:Pack 7
akeq in the above Splendid Lotteries;Haddress .
J. G GREGORY - 8.: CO. Managers,
. • • '•' 7- Washingtoir City, D..G.
llitytpings sent immediately they
. are over to
all whoorder above. • .
A fcusli supply just icceivcnt this store of.
Public Sale.
reathag '1'67(1,1e.
. .. .
. . , .
Ertiteit mind rifblisked•sfor.the ;Propriel or, by : 11.1 1 1 . 11b0n. ait: 70 i, ter
.‘ .. . CarUsk, Citnaberlanel Connfy; PO.
. . .. ~
To the Freemen
.•_..,ALLowt,OMZILN :—The u dersigned,
_composing_slke_State-Central -C iximittee
the Democratic Harrison party f Pennsyl
vania, feeling it to he a duty. incumbent
upon them, in conformity with h custom
, long established,. that
. they . should addresS
yott upon the suliject of the
,next gulierna
torial election, present a sunonary•-of the
public. affairs of the commonwealth,"so that
seemg and feeling . , she practical effects .of
the present incompetent and profligate ad
virrissraticm;yorrritrarlt''ind Heof,- - to-como.
up with she.same determination, Which se-
Imred mu t. trioniph , in.:favor of are lnmenf-
ed Harrison, at the late. PresidenTalelc
tion; and which; when • properly. directed,
is sufficient to the reformation of. public
abuses ind -the,reg . °iteration of the political
affair:4 of the state. They invoke you to
.assistthem, in affecting another revolution
equally important, and without which, tire
moral influence of. thd,foriner will be neti
. tralized. They ask 'your patient attention,
' while they' your consideration 0
-few facts, -reflections and fecommentlations i
.. i . d . that. calm.and l ieasonable, .spirit AVllie IP
I.t . !:#-iiliT ,!i,!'ri,r4',.A.14, , ,t..11{j414 , .. '.. , . - gilyi:y.-Ailf'* - 1),4' . " -
4 - tiSikiWtriFo --. ^We r irin'i'364 , 1 4 04Z4,100, 5 020Y. , - , - prt'i Utlie . Pi.7. , - ; '1) , 0 - lbolt-tlt
iIhM in, vo kver not :sJiiii. 7 iiiiCis, 7 liiii,l py l blic men. Referring - to - their acts - and I
judging of tlfOr future course, by.their.past i
career', we min- to, you as.. an •_enlightened I
and virtuous people. . We shalfpcitter en 7
Ilarge. 'Amr. Aliscolotir - 1T,7,1,5,-- n or,--i n—anglif
Magnify the folly or the . evil.ileeds of our
rulers. • :The former is sufficiently known . ,
and the latter sufliciently,Apparent ;'and in
sorrow -rather that 'in amrer do "Ive..Sav
the have tended inotve'efruMnally than any'
thiniielse to breakdown- the eredit.of the
'eonnon - wealth, and rob Pennsylvania_of
I her highest invtiilability.ol
Unhappily for Pennsylvania, :the,_ Exe- 1
"eutive power is now-, and for the last three
years has been vested in an individuai, l
whose adherence . to his own opinions,...un
mindful of the public exigencies, or the
wants of the.people, has never been .equal
led by the conduct of :Inv former ruler.—
•InUil l !::12 , 121.1 Ili ULU y :.••• A
at another, submitting himself NOmlly to'
the guidance of an unprincipled clique, he
has so far compromised the dig - nity of his
station, as to
. us;e his o ffi cial inductive to
41 Cy_ tis....w pid „..aml" re ward a _se- .
lea few with the hard earninas of the farl i
met and,meelfanic; drawn - from them in
Ic shapc.of direct taxation. his 'Ollll Off
grandizemen.t-The enrichment aids friends
and the parasites that have gathered 'and
grown up around him—the.
influence-which blood- relationsh
in securing the most profitable contracis.on
the public ‘vork:l', at exorbitant and unrea
sonable prices—,the open and notorious
system of favoritism practised in the allot
inetirol-commets 16 - others - , - as a proper-re
ward for party services, 'to the exclusion of
honest nice and lower bidders, simply he,
cause .they Could . not, and would not con
'sent to be used for his purposes—the, en
couragement given by him toivards thd
promotion of vicious and eOrrupt legisla
tion,-.-the vacillating and uncertain course
which he • has pursued--at one time The
avowed enemy of all banks, and at another,
their most devoted friend—again, the de
termined advocate of an exclusively tal
lie issuing his edicts to the,A t
torney General, and through him to all his
subbrdinates, to pursue and proseente to
the utmost rigor of the law; all. infraction
in this particular, and again directly corm - -
‘tenancingthe emission of the-smallest kind
of, small notes, under - Irks-own eye, by his
immediate friends;, in the very -.borough
Atd,lere . he resides, and in direct violation of
those laws, which but a short time before
he avowed his-determination to see so re
ligiously vindicated---independent of all
other Objections,, conspire to render him
unworthy of your support. -
Influenced by an inordinate desire to se
Most improper practices for effecting it
All .the eny.rgics of his adMinistration have
been strained to ensure its Success,.and all
his ufficiul power and patronage have been
-subservient to this darling object of his
heart. Patriotism and public opinion, the
good of the state and the welfare of the
people have' been . alike unheeded in its
pursuit. 'Public oiliceh have 'been multi
plied on the public works, for the purpose
of increasing .his strength. They have
come, upon you like the Locusts upon - the
gyptianS„ snd -are' now. feeding and fat
tening upon the public treasure, without
rendering any. services - whutoier,. 'rs an
equivalent... The public, debt has been in
creased, !end lavish expenditures made,
without regard to the Means itsliquida
floe, or the
! wishet4f those . upon,tvhoin
'the burthch of raigilig l sopplies iptist
inately fall. Let a lotik af-the:Oidence
of the reality:- . „
On the .15th tlaY cif ficeeMber,loe), the .
whttls of .m . cley ac wally. oqo w
mid for payment of tyhich ! the faith of
the .state- was pledged, Was-.-ekehisive
the-stun bf f.42-,861,514
„7,glltie . .the United
StateS on ;account of surplus . revenue; 7 -
within ti fraCtiOn 'of $25,D00,000. In ad
dition to this,'there was'dhe anti . otYing to.
contractors -and others; , trfurther stint. of
about ;600,600, and in January '18;16,
IE4I Pavitt-TiAlo • •
Governor:of tfiii-,icO:01
~.~.r ~~CU~`.. ~',~`~P ' ~~0 ~~~'r~lgq~
.. ~..
WM I -00„01W ID
manent stated it wd5524,230,000, er1:007::" itt a statb • they'e
"ooo less "than it wainDeceMber,'lB3s.--. tioned.for . 'l6
'beei:'Thiticed,to r .unparalleled distress p ,
. - • r 1.,. f, From all quarterS pen-
IM,the meantime, the public improVements timis came .up-,,_ the. Capitol ;
had been vigoroualyprOsectited. l'he'Com- prayers of
moo' Schools wore' liberally encouraged, e(intractors.. having
P ublic ' . c"(litors, and neglected
"" 4 (midated claims,
and Colleges and Aademies were reaping with ()fliers who ,had
,the advantages of Ipgislative•_manificence; secute their works in anticipat..„ o f pa y_
Without any correstipeding increase of tax- meat by• the state, 'on the recount... , dation_
tition.--All,atound\--was -
flourishing amid -- of - the - Executive; thil7lefteFlo - acconioi s h•
prosperous.. The credit of the state - was his objects:and the Sinister objects of a 1,,.,
,uniMpairpd, and at home .and 'abroad her voted few—wore listened to by the repre-1
boards commanded a prerninA ' At no pe- sentatives of the people. With . a
patient ear
lied anterior t 6 thst event; hadlic‘ suffered and an eareest"desire to afford immediate.
from . the same causes. that inipaifed the . relief. After much., consultation and ank
credit of other stateq;im d'
Kitt unsullied and ions reflection, 'and after - all others had
suspected, her faith wog;and re- failed, the only plan which it was supposed.
ceived the -highest cenfidence, because it would reconcile conflicting,
..inteeests was'
was. never . abused, Initwas always scrtipu- :Molted; that the.o n
ommowealth-might be
lousl ' autl--honorahl-y-4-bservelh--------------eiml-fled-40-nreet-the-exigeneie&of-41-It4ime -
Since, then, however, a .most melancholy and 'sustain her credit. . Ilia - that plan'thus
ehawre has come • (Tim- us. -In' the first matured, was. staid in the' Executive chant
"yiiiiATilie. - Portel gb ablillitirra • ~', -. g:!I , a orhirr-the-flist-oe--May;fi t-th
ditiorral debt of about $7,000,000 was au- i of the session, was retulgied with the Exe
, thorized ,by the Legislature, at his request cutive veto: The members 'of the Legisla
and upon his -own reComMendation ; thus ture, harassed he and" further endurance,
':iiialting, •the Slate debt at the end of the by these repeated acts of tyranny on the
ye mm , according to his own 'shorting part •of the Governor; groping their
iribis'a neat (deslitige to the Legislature of darkness . and uncertainty as regarded the
1810 31,141,663 80.. lAt the next- ses; 'ExecutiVe pleasure; and . who' sli'll ,
td-on of the .Legishanre, that of 1810--a ninely refused to 'cominunicate his views
large majority of :the Members, of
.both ;,in conformity with the requisitions of the
houses - . made up of his .politieal'friends,.iit '' . ,eorit.tition-he w:l6 sworn. to sapport,tin,
I • •
his request and upon :his recommendation: able of,thernselves to . .aflr(l relief, Wisely
1attaht;,,;24e0.y.;,:, - s,olNAlioa.4.l.4.*i.4.3,,Ar....4.ol.l:.e.l,ltuaeturtilo;4l.liar;:e,on..gtintt4oiii.ib-,..
},:f3l - 045 . 00,44)1.ft . iil,sa.iiiliiiiiT_Lcgiall,44:iiO4*). itilliniTat'Xll;Wf:itla.
[Of :t-Ittstate.,..)tutt.tite opiLresistance (dittos() least had diSchargedtheir fluty ' ::-:_•,:::.
wll6 - :we're -- opiiitsifit'.ur ifilatTtaTiti.'i'arir . ritT'f -- ''fhe - fr it WtiSTilftirtliirtluplicity orlitivi&
Idle -public-litibilides—agtdm authorizett.a: h. Porter . became apparent.-- Feeling, -the
! fertler'increase of the 'perinane'n state debt. full AR.ight of the. responsibility- will( :he
Ito the `amount of •B', - 375 - ,0 - 26. - 'Plias inak - - -- hadinca•• . I resting. I • • Id• . I
. .
._ -11-pok, um, _aut _ lea( -.
) ing the state debt at the,,end of the
_year • ing the indignation .of an • insulted and in ;
-14.3.10 $3-8 - ,*P27.,289 80;- - Iluethe . G`tivernor; jnred ..pcoplic. he sought to, tit 7 ert.its . viSild:
with . ..all these carets. before' hint, .- - Lwith Pe- don upon himeif, by bringing hisloilicial
euniary difficulties meeting - 11in1 at
. every influeuee to Operate on a:few:of - his poll
step, and warned.,--as every -prudent -man jical friends, - and those "mono., the' most.
would , have been, that we had reached.that • embittered oppoitentS. Of the bill . on•its fitial
point, - ' - iidien a - 5 - 6 , :010as . necessary to exJ- pa i ssa!Te;. i n the fi - tV,e, --, S6` - fl - iii - ,eVilli --. 111611; .
"amine our position , with a oritical-eye, and support it iniaht become •a law by.a''Con 7
by exercising the .most rigid economy, en-. stitutitinal majority. What„the argumnents- 1
deavoc to;retrie've our waning fortunes; Mul -.made use fie wiere, we (wither know inl
maiutain-:lse__eredit_ne _enjoyed in betttr_are they.-important to thisinqUiry. Stifle
,days, efilittrt'ainid- these adverse and dig- it to Say, they we're stiflicienito induce the
astrous ciletunstanees, instead of . sympaili : members to whomithey wae,addressed, to
izing with ouradversity—openly encourag- stand between thexeople and the Governor.
()tithe (nest extravagantexpentlitures., in- Of such condom,. on the part of the Latter,
capable of properly appreviating„ . either time the cannot sneak With patieoe. It excites
wants or the' wishes of , the peOple, coo- a- keling of indignation in - the I;reast of i
suiting only the 'll - tterests of his :idloseu every honest man, constraining him to re-1
• • c. .1 • 1 1, ~, ,• •'. • fence - I
to curry ....,.‘;;'-' (' . I .. o oses ()I those to wt.:"! II? rd with r"viilll-`,"'nf Pit!' the l''ll'll"
guidance he has submitted throwdunit the enc.;Ttidtly. l 6 - 0rn'4::' . 16 1 '.!....ti-1110].0-14 - .i,ll.ittlltt , ;
whole coursi iii' hip; adininistration,.he pur- self and•the unvermin sen6mee whir!' the,
i l sued the 'same profligate career ; and by public might pass upon that which lie de:,
meam) of Ili-s-emld conizoissiotiers", t . t.111 on sired &Mould be excented,e n
yt feared to en;;-.
a'fter - TIM EX - (I,TIT ()N1
Tor - )1) - 1.)Tn's aittlUrrized - StintiTi wn
alc by his - o art .
,- Y - Ft - this is lout,
!by ill;‘ different acts ()Cif , lo, was expmuled, ono tunonh a thousand enstatfces of., similar
i - ominolly to coinvlrte the 11111,1ic iniprke- departuro front 1111. Laths of ollivial .reeti i
anent,, but achwthfy to enrieli his frii•nds,''.lfille. W,t) appeal to yea, know. citizens,
iby wc:rlsing en the I.itli and credit of'the to r'ea'd this conduct o f the magistrate as
commonwealth, ),tr.dued as it was to, its yogi would that - of, any_ other man, .and as
k a iinost, tension. Fp: tv - licu the Lygi;ik yo
iture_fir Jud 42;6(1gment - es. y our in -the Jatter t
1711. Its:5(110)11:cl, erk.‘ditins ponred into `case, so let it be with the officer. . •-• I
I its halls from all quarters of the state, flood- -Elated with die possession (4',power, and.,
big the tables of the srakerS of the respec- • destitute alike of the hirowledgc to guide- i
five •houses with, their tnetnorialS, and ask-. him in his .(lecisiiins, Or the wisdom 'rightly
itigior, the_payinantolltheldehts_justly_du e; _to_disattninatelletw eve the ssitbjeets calling,
and 'which, confidently helicving that no„ for its legitimate exercise, and those in re
injustice would be done them, they were lation to which it - was never contemplated
ioduced,.PS they alleged, to contract fOr the by the Constitution, he has ',used the veto.
benefit of the state. ' • i power to all extent inconsistent with sound
• With an exhausted treasury, an impair- : republicanism, heyond, ali Cornier example
ed credit, and withotit the means of pay- in the history of this country, and Unequal
ing the interest aceruing on thelpublie debt, led
. by that afforded by the history of the
Legislative actiOn became necessary to pre- kings of Great Britain. In 'consequence
vent the coMmonwealth from liceoining oe this extraordinary assumption of power,
..praCtically bankrupt. To do this, arum to his opposifion to the fiction of the Legisla
paydebts* actually due and contracted, in tare has been characterized, from the cont
i nanner we have see n, up to the cues- ineneement, by tharked ineonsistencils and
mcneement of the present year; a loan to the ino - st absurd contradititions. II is sown,
the, amount of $3,100,000 was required, friend's believing him to be sincere, in sus
and is indispensable.' ' The, history of the raining his vetoes, have most Unexpectedly
passage or the law authorizing this Loan, to theinselv'es, been charged by Itifli'ivilli
shall lie considered hereafter. .13y adding hostility to his measures. At another time,
this loan, therefore, of 13'3;100,000_whici; -when so sustained_ against his wishes, he
it is true is tacit as yet all taken, but Mast • has succeeded, by threats and promises;
be eventually, to that of $38,527,280 SO, ' with the, roil of executive power, or the
which we have shown was •the perinaneat more sedoetive influeneciof,prothised eivor,
debt of 4,te state at the curl of' the_ year in perSnading,them to rap the risk of fneur,
IS,IO, we have the suin of $11,627,289 80 ring•that Tes'ponsibility ivhich he dared not
as the aggregate•liabilities of the common- : ssmate.. -
wealth, and for the faithful reimbursement' 'Upon this subject, we do not speak .tin
of which, the farms and homesteads of the ; advisedly. The journal's of the legislature*
honest-tillers-oithe.soil--are-actually---mort--,forthe-oth-day- of-January, 1840, present
,.-g",aged I! ' the novel spectacle of eight Exe \ eutive ve
We ask you; feirtAilcitizens, to consider : toes; ma.l4lm journals fist the Same sesOon
these thing's., We beseech you to shake ' several others. Again, the journals of the
off all unreasonable prejutlicias,and to pen"- ; late 'Legislature (1811) are burtheiuld with
der on these facts, for they concern otv-; at least ten more, and with bat a single.ex
selves. We aro standing upon the edge of , ception, no other
. reasonsq)are advanced
alearful precipice.' 'lt-becomes:us to move than those' of local inexpediency' as-the
cautiously for the future, and to be no lon- grOnnd of objection. In the exception re
ger Misled either by the empty soundings furred to:--:-the first bill providing for • the
of.a name or,the'lleceitfal tales of the dem- election of canal .commissioners---..constitti
agogue. •--:-. -• , . '• . . tional objections .were iissumed and taken,
• How call this enormous' and increasing it is true.; but these objections-were bailedl
debt be arrested) How shall - it' be (Hs , upon -a clause in the constitution of 1790:---:
charged ? Are 'we safe' in longer Contin- .whichlia must have known had haat repeal
uing,an administration so upwise ,:is that ed by the 'constitution
. of 1838: To pre.
of David R. - Porter',,, with - the-evidences of sumo. the .coattery;-is-to suppose him igin.--
its imbecility and prodigality, to'call the rant of the constitution :t• inch it is his sworn,
,abuSeal'it has, practiced by no harsher name, duty. 4. OP - port ; and to admit his krw
meeting •trie• eyeiat every turn - , 'so 'that-he ledge - of what lie,was doing, is to emtviet
, s? . Are' you content
WlM„rons . itt , GY read? Shall we fonger beat' him'a :., toilful and.' deliber;ite , attempt to,
with, set:ll-recklessnes, Mislead the Legislature .and , deceive the:,
to see'our beloved commonwealth Made people; that he . . pligii:t. .oeieby retain the
the sport of iiiiandl . if politiCaispeculators; patronage'of the publirrimpravements„and:
(IMAM-4 . 0 0IY ql- Viql,l_9l l . l ,er jh'....lbe. 51110.41 t. _Withgt.9. o .ltiOklY ‘Y.e 1 1..40 (3 ... , 'a11Ai„,5:!
which: each' can secure for himself out of otre-ejection wouldfie cleedat'A.'.
.. ,
the wreck .of our prosperity? . These are 'Local hills, one .for insmace' tO remedy
qUestienS Witiclkwe submit :to you "in all
~, candour, jinu, :t . l•leave you • as candidly to , an-. ati . orior.COMmittedbY the ProthonotarY_Of
Hentingdoii,coUniV, in. negleetinir m make
•ivei'• ..; '-:,. . -• • • 1.:'• - ; I ''•-'''. the. proper einrY of a 'deed:barring an es-
BO. : we turn from this: . gloomy. picture,
to the - cOntemplationTef anOther. . -• •
~, „ . , . tatetail-7-• atiOthei for the: abolitiOn of a•coart
in•Alte . eounty Of ;Lancaster,.stikiottedOut
', When the Legislatoremet at Jlarrisbafw be the.. conuty fenti.s l an the passage. of
ii, .1 f,
, ~ ,
~,, la, ,
~ . !.
_,.. ' , ' ..„ r-Thicivi.S7#aftlefitly-d*K4 by air .1560 . Q n
under great pecutilary einbarraisments,.mid• the•citizens : of tliat - count,y .with, an,.tutani
ttic pi3F.
o aaaac.
mitt' triparallelled.:*--another for the.regrda 7
Bon and internal police of the. Chatter
county prison, and yet another; fori the pay
ment of debts. due by the commonwealth
in good faith, to creditors hiding adverse ..
political sentiments to those entertained by
himself . ; have all been vetoed by him in
the arbitrary exercise ofithe most delicate
power with whidh the Executive is . armed.
But this is not all.: With the 'same obsti- .
-.they which has so pre-eminently' marked
career,.he still persists not only
in entLiavering by. his acts' to . defeat the
imPuliir will, but•to . enibarrass and perplex'
the people, by withholding his'asserit from
laws passed by a large majmity of their re
presentatives,in conformity wit's the known
and expressed Wishes of their coif s tik wil t s ,
..aml—e.sseatiall3 7 .-necessttr.y--for--the.-;x4 h:
Among these - maybe , enumerated the
iaLE Leciion Di , orirt Bill t i . atereq'
to the citizens Of.all sections o f the state,
because - it7affords - them-greater - facilities for
-exercising the elective franchise, by bring-
ing the i . polls, nearer to theit - respeetive phices. And yet this bill, one of
pressing and immediate importance, .pass'ed
several days- before 'the final adjournment
of die Legislate ee, is still 'unacted upon in
the . bands. of - the ENe'entive. . Again, the
Bill providiii . g for the. electiOn of•canal cow.,
iissioners by the People, and dividing the,
tiitiit' - (f - .1 - IjyttF4:l::-,Ljeptif_ttl. dist]: r.tli ar.p,rvki
tile 1 . 3 n Ira; s tiildy — f
iilg ith as be peateab,..,aslted. forhY , ..the'.
.p.aople;.and that %vith ',scarcely a*disgenting
voice; like the: foriner,•.it is still . unactLl
upon hy7tlie Gove,enor. •
The tfiule'rsignepJ - dreL not untlirr
cio_idee ! lit re 't hat, nitt,y lie !! die plobtible fate .
of 'this It is ; truifc: ittprevides thttt
certain-gentlemen- :therein named, shall
Iconstitute the board of canal Citintnissioners
fritin the-Ist:day of June, 1 1 1-, until the
- .1 - s - t — non - dtry-uf — FTslrrt rary' . Tcx - tran - d - 1 - 4. t a t --
t h 6... next general electitin of. live
ineinbers shall he-duly elected by the peti
!pie m r eonformity with its provisious.:llut
a]tll.)tt,glr this-bill- has—not. as yet rendre:l
, . •
the E..ccentive signature., arid as t hese gen
tleme,) arc requir t ;tl, front
_and.aft t ,tiLAlK.--1 st
I day of Jtllle, past; to assiline the du
ties of canal commissioner:3 i . and as the
dud:fon - at %Viiitd) candidates are to be N;pted
for, is. the next Gener4l Election, to be
held on the Soiond Thcsday or
I the year one thousand eight hundred and
is 1)m t 1
nor, and you • lie called upon
"to vote for
candidates tharein provided fur.
do nut say that this wily be the ease ;•illit
free: eleltitel• we. catn i p forbear
; reeonitnending, to the
"citizens of the coon=
! tics composing the -.several canal districts;
to appoint 'delegates :it their approaching
vounty meetings and contentions, :mil
-1 cipation, to hold themselves in readiness po
meet delegates siMilarly . appointcd.from.tlie.
linker c;ouiltieS in th,c ! ,
city of Philadelphia; for the Second, at ! I
the city of Lancaster, in the county ofLan
!caster ; for the Third. in the borough of!
Willi'ainsporf,' in the county of LycoMing;
lo l';!! at the bo rough tit lieitfoiil,.~
! in' tile county of Itedfer'd; and for the Fifth,
ill the city of Pittsburgh ; at such time - as
may be designated by themserves, to fiend•
nate. a suinele candidate 'f9r the oflit:ti oil
(lanai commissioner, to be supported the
Democratic Harrison 'party of dis
triet, at the gencral...election, in the
event of the bill ti - ow before him suddenly,
receiving thesignature of the Governor
We 'Jo nit %visit., fellow citizens, to be,
understood as at all intimating, that there
is any present design on the part of the
Execktive. to entrap the people, or to over
reach them in this particular; but when we
see-hinrwithoutany legal-authority, and
direct violation of the 22tf Section of the
Ist Artiele.of the Constitution, Which. pro
videp.,That r " No money shalt be draWn
front the Treasury bet iti' . consequence of
appropriations made by law," drawing his
warrant on the State Treasurer in - favor of
hisbrother James M. Porter and Ovid F.-
JohnsiM far $2OOO, for alleged legal ser
'vices-7%01mi We see him abusing his con
stitutional prerogative, and in direct viola
.tion-orthe-very--spirit and - meming of its
provisions, setting the alarming and dan
genius precedent—of granting 'pardons to
. thverites, charged by tire. Grand
Inquest of the commonwealth with the
commission of crimes and misdemeanors,
before trial and conviction, we are admon
ished to take heed, that our rights are not
prejudiced by an over cinifidance in him.
Fur when once the - fundamental lot of the
hind is. openly disregarded by the chief Ma
gistrate, it is not likely that your inte'rests
vrill be by him More Sacredly regarded.
. •
FrOm the consideiation of such conduct,
calculated astt is . , to' ri
deStroy that ieasoable
,eaudidenco we nu' itt to place at all .iiine'On
our public men, we turn, to say•hnt a few
words tu support of the man, whom the spoiitaneon& movement never
before equalled, titid•With a Unanitnity pillg
nesticating.the certainty .9f success, have
ptatech in nomination as the oppmEing candi
date of itaVid • R. Porter; -- That. Mail ,
John' Ranks of Berl;s con ntY ;*. emPliatioalik
Aar man of the peOpte, in tv . htini
'Rai heVeTii:tAiSbilrtlrt.ii.
contidonce, nor in . :any ,pobtip 7 or ptiv,ate,
station violated,' his trust:' Selected . by the:
people thems?.Ncs, , not by the concerted
tiOns of an.oxoluSiVeSec•Orintlitjiltialgt.o,
e t their ..oo'o bttfto'
you as 'inutt,iit'nll things 0.-Iciv'ory.oi)po
silti P,rtor. ; ..til' t iomoerat of
d'itihuol lie has alWayo held fast to.
w fsar
:I' J. etTO2IIMo Valiatk Ze—D.l)o,tilaa
. .. ..
.success of the party. 'Reg' . 'fig- the fu n-
. sot* doctrines and crude n tt ns of false:
teachers, he has calmly but rmly purstieit.
the even tenor . •of his 'way, honoring the,
il.'and 'adornin .t.,r .overy station' to Which. the
partiality 'of his felftiw citizens prornoted •
him. ' As a repreSentative of the pe - pte in
_thellongress_o(the-United-Statesi- te-wati—
inferior :to. no One . for depth' of t ought;
firmness of purpose,. facility of ei . resSion,
'and fervid patriolisin. To him it must be
as -it is le .us, matter of pride, to lc,neiv that ;
there his name, ‘i'lls always respected, and'
that lii voice - always-Colinuanded-attention;L_
As' a Judge, he. possesses the confidence
of the people of. his district, and in the .
unanimity with, iithicli mei] of ati ,. parties •
desifroate• him as - ".1-10NESr, JOHN
13AW.C.5.,1!--we lyt-v.e . -exhihited-tlte-h4Lestin'......:.-
mate they put upon . his character. • .
Such fellow citizOis, is the character 0f..-,.
•Tuiliiiii_te, of the. Demoriatie Harrison:
,Nirty of. Pennsylvania. Pledged by the
whole courrs -his-pnblicLatutprisiattrlifei . 7-7-
Ito - eat:l-y oin, the great prin . ciples upon which
we It ittm plied at the last Presedential
tion, we confidently' ask for •hlin yettr_cor- •
dial support. Iligh.rninded and - how:01.01e,
as a politiviati, industrious and useful as a:
leg:ld:lmi, impartial and .decidethrs . a Judge;
atiliable'at^al courteous as ,a man, what can
he, be.. but .die-Ivery 'reverse of-David -- 11:;
:Porter?.. Springiom-from the ranks of: the' •
Ainerli'an manufzlefor - t:rs . .- - TritlY-PennS.VVr2..-
I •
~vanian ,in. feclitors he already. •
avtiwed himself in . ,favor of a: distribution
a•Meng . the States, of die-proceeds •of tli C
we have -seen'in principle and in practice s . .
he i 5 like the .venerated ilarrii-oth the open
advent() of a ptire - itlovernment and the
power c i f the COMmonwealtli wilt be. safd, ! .
trd - we - canimtimr - ferid - trs - stfred;sthat he tvilt
bYlthe obsers'ance •of a just and pradeni,
economy, pre veht. any unnecessary inereaid„
of lir. Siaie-dehi, at thitsailielline, - that - all
its interests _and ..the_ interests of all, are
.earefulty considered: In his election, fel
low_t•itizens, relieved from th'at
rain Ivhich wilLSurelv come upolf,,yoo; by
conti•uuance of your prkla _corrupt act;
'The time is now rapidly.- approaching(
when you will• he called upon to choose
he! WC( . .11 David R. „Porter and John I,lAnkii e
• ilicit:!.ll'll;ln`l'inJa'OA'irtN"Aii!a'n-s"' or -am
IState during , the next three years. We thd .
not doubt hi:. a ail instant what the decision
will le. It caintot btu, that men, and free
men too, trill sit by and witness With cald.
indifferem.e, the most flagrant viol:air - MA of.
the constitution and an opea^ : invasion of
their right's. It. capitol be, that you will
[any longer remain unfaithful stewards to
( waste y ' (Mr substance and exhaust • your
l-rneans. . Past consciluences and coming
Levi - ruts, drAnan:d a change, and that,
.chant ",.
must be , effected, -if you remain tette to
i yourselves. Let your watchword thetefer6
Ihe • " 110 NEST JOHN, BANRS, RE-:
and the victory you Will achieve at - the com=
! in,, election, Will be the living evidence of
your determination and ability to assert your'
rights. . . ...-..-
tw.on(iE POUT)jv. Lncaster. •
lIEN RV MONTI:O\ IP,ItV Ilrislthrg.".
Tilit \ I AS S. SNI ITI I. Phif ar
a. City. .
'WILLIAM P. HUGHES; Phila. county. • . r .
• IL\t M kit DF.XNV, Pittsburg. . •
W11.1.1.1A1 M. , \\'A'l" I'S, Elie. •
.1011 N 0:. Allt-X.Syllaitting,doa, - -
JOII , Z TAW; AIM', goaltuiaterland.'
' .1 A COli \V EVG ANI yr 1 , ,,t0n. ,
are inure astottildinif thaw this whistlo
heard during the still lioues.of the in'g,hi!
particularly if you are suffering under a
nervous affection. The thrill which vi-
prates through your whole frame has scarce- .
ly vensed,beforelbere comes a rumbling 114
.of distam Milliner, increasing exery tlsoment
ill lotitineskl thu ground 'trembles, and you
hear a hissing and a rii - Klettthous-
and sorpt , Ul3 were tel fronit:heir sub
terrancons-nbite by an earthquake.. 4YQII
. .
!ook through the ilarkiirss, tg,er
figures by a kind of hale'-fire,: - stauding like`
slaws on a pedestal, yet shnoting past you
with the velovity of the whirlwind. Itr y.
the twinkling of an eye they are Isone; the . 1
rumbling:, and the rushing; and, the hiss:
lug are heard no inore; ,the burly burly has
.sped onwards- as if iMpelled by laid', ima . ,
knowing. neither step ,nor hindrance. Ca-.
reering thus through darkusss and tempest,
how. awful appears the situation of the nays 7 ".';
terious voyagers, fur voyagers 1114 - a'76Aliq
that fiery aml lar 7 soulding vehicle, rcelr.".".'i
Icsly hurrying on as if commissioncd.bythe , ..
powers which brave Men quail to mentinti,Hi • •
'to sweep oVer this. Our diM, diurnal sphere,'
on a-messago- Of - .
or bound dories
G RF,N,OIJOH7S ST/STU t . l OF V A I.llN'O'FOlir-f!.
The Madisonian says: "The sliip.,sca';
arrived at the Navy Yar*on Friday teepii
iug, from Leghorn, bringing orenough'4
fir famed statue of the father of his country. ,'
It is,titfil to be a magnificent Work- of , erlj
kripaittixt to the subject as meek of graee,:
dignity- antiwstthliani ty-tul-Awas.-posklile..4d°,.__;,
enoveiVe„ It is destined to take the placC''
of Jefferson's statue ni the Rotunda of thm
(lanitel.. It is or soek:a . tothisal ize:tiuf, -p
-it. will, probAbfy ifeeomo: u4ediary 1;6;4 ~
move a portion- of.,the wall or 114: 4 t.apikt,
to introduce it. , ...Thestatbe of:Jelfersoe.'-,
wlfich.Qougress declined Ateipting, will.
reoved,' we 'ontler,stillul; to •^the, yardr ,
run, e k 1 l'Ujilltllll.i.l'