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,VVgDNESDAY: JULY 28, 1841
. .0/O"BE:RKS;,COUNTi"..
-Dentocratia..Whig;standing corn
ofOtimberland county. are reqUested
to meet on Monday the 9th . day of August
next,ltt Macfarlane's. Hotel, at
. 2 o'clock,
f; M:, tai make a . rrangentents for the meet
ing'of the county"Conv.ention.
k is important . thatsevery , tnetnber of the"
ouimittee should be in attendance.
• The. following persons compose the
committee. . .
Nicholas Uricli, Dr. Lame Lener;.Al
- I
Carlisle; James Weakley, WM. Gilleland,
• •Diekinson;. Simon Oyster,' Jacob Rupp;
.• - East Peonsboroogir Daniel Lecky, David
.Rloser, Frankford;, IVnt. - W. - Boyd, sJacob
John Brandt,-Mourpe; -Samuel J. MeCor ,
.jaeob .Robert
. Wilson, George - Singizer,jr., Mechanics
. burg ; Henry Bredemari,•• Lewis. Ydung,
' •• New Cumberland; John Dditfee, Joseph
IVleparniOnd;Newville;, Thomas D. !hie,
. • Jacob Hershey . , Nhrth •Middleton ; Isaac
Koontz, Charles Brewster, Newton; David
sen., Riabert•Stuart; Shippensburg
• ' borough; John .Raann ; Elias Hough, Ship
pensburg,township ; Robert S. McCutre,•
IliditterZietler ; Southampton; "Peter
Glaughlin, Isaac Cauffman, South 'M
•:ton ; Christiarr' Ctioffibad, John - .Martin;
Silver Spring.; Lewis . H..• Copt:
atNt*yr.blortn,lpttiltatyttekxite4kmiistasTMlTF:; ,
.. • . ,
• 16; Persons indebted to the' Elerahi &
• Expoptior 4 olliceior sitbseription, vet tiS 7
liiret - job work"; are., regttested . to mill acid
!settle their accounts as soon as PosSible: .
We haie several pressing demands' against
us, which ; rrlost, be met immediately. .
. The August Court will_afrord many of
—our frimids an , opporturiity of remittnig; at
leabt,4 portion of What is due. •
~..APickinsion.L4-111—annear-iteict-: w eult.=l
"Gr" is under consideration.
itc7"Our readers,are Teminded that the
general exhibition of the pupils of the High
Schools and Secondary Pepariruerit will
tak'e•place at "Education.gall" on Thurs
day afternoon,•and also at 8 o'clock in the
•evening ; on which occasion , the Barracks
~,B and - will 1.4 in attendance.
,!KrOur readers will find the "Tempe
ranee Department" on our 4th page.
o:7.lVie have received' the first number
, orthe " Temperane .advocate and Lite
rary I?epasitory," published in Philadel
r:,,phia, by Lewis"' C. Leviii. It is neatly
; ,piitited in quarto iiirm,suitablefor binding.
'Term's, $2 per annum. It is,well worthy
the attention of the friends of temperance,.
We have carefully examined a series of
..!copy - books, entitled "Rind's Introduction
•to Penmanship," and Ifeard - the author ex=
plAituthe principles of his system and mode
•of tuition, 'and have no hesi6tion in, , ing
that in point of method, and facilit n ac
quiring an elegant and easy style , , of
itis far
.superior to any other system
, -before the public. . :
'The,'lntroduction' is .embraced in eight
z9.9y1:200k5, and is used altogether in ihe,
sehools, 7 or — niladelphia city and . county,'
New York, Baltifiwre and other place S.--r
In addition to the introdui3Wry, part, there
are the " Piece Book," " Ornan'a:!ital 'Co
a- -now-edition-of--tift
"American Penman," by the . saine author;
this latter work is the largest and most
perfect of the kind everliiihushed in this
country, and will be a great acquisition to
teachers. • •
Mr. Rand in town, and has taken
rooms at Macfarlane's, • where he will be
happy to see dame who may wish to ex-
amine bia books.. He will alio, in con-
Au:action with a friend. and pupil, • give a
ailis i diirlelions:if a class should bo forth-,
• .td'in this place. He has been . a.teaelter of
writing in , Philadelphia for, more .than 25
y:ears, and comes, highly : recommended. •
MELluscuovit AcciumiT.—On Thu ractay
erring last, Mr. Joshua llfartin, eldest
son of Pattl' Mtirtin;tEig., Sheriff of , this
county, went but of town with a friend, to
• test, the "relative speed of their, horses. Put . -
ing ~the progress of the race, the horses
came infeo)lision, and, the: one ridden by
Mr.. Mardi) :fell : with him,thrbwing, him
glen:his ,Thee young. mut was,;ta,
ken up insensible, acid conveyed to Cul%
Moudy'e 'next day! iie was
''reinnved - to :hin.•,fither's residence, - where
he ingered in great until Saturday
*Witt 1 2 o'clock, when ,he :died. —Mr.'
Martin was a young man of Much proMise,
and his death is' deeply regretted .4 hid
family and Mende.
A CAUTION.—On Sunday.last, a child of
Mr. GEORGE' ZINN, of. Mount Rock, died
(iota the effects produced •by swallower
percussion caps:
A correspondent. of. Baltimore Pet
rip t,_frem-jeffer.son--cotin t-y, V.a,states-tha
the volOnteercompanies of Baltimore; York,
Lancaster, FrederickiJ—Carlisle,: Ilagers
mWn,Shepardstown, Martinsburg, Charles
tovvi,iWhichester, Washington City and
',GeOfgetOWn, (and he might haire added,
Chambersburg, flarriaburg and
Philadelphia) are among the finest troops
'in the Union. He prOpOses, (as there is a
prospect of war) that the olunteers.:from
those places, and, other towns in : Maryland
and Pennsylyania„ hold .an encampment
improement in - military discipline, at
ti more Su n
jecting to the time 'anct—place, names
the point, and the •fourth of July
next as the time. •
By ordel
,this,, as - in other 'cases, we7think
. .
"there is nothing like leather;" we there
-fore-name—Carlisle--as -the-point. --There
are several hundred volunteers in this coun
ty; the town may he' reached by -rail road
from theeast,°Weet and south, and besides,
:there.are, a large number of United-States
Dragoons at the Carlisle- - llarracks, under
the command of Captain &Miner, who
'wouldYbe pleased, we., have no doithl,.-to
uhite.with the volunteers on that oe'caskin,.•
lon ..RigggF4-4,9Riielyp4,,:orker,..ihulo.:
-. •notttlr-ivir , 1134
ithy .. o-:: ; o.`ilthgoit;A iey:•.(frplicr,
time ybu -ivbld.reseue‘ .from • the.
Aueofoco is in;
aprpoaching Av.hen_thai.
pledge is to beredeeme)d; and upon
you to:organize forthe contest:.
The second Tuesdayiof'.october . next
will kiffortl:you an opportunity of correcting
the abuses of. the -tate Government, by
removing, from poiver—an inlministratior;
witich e like the deadly tipits,has destroyed
every moral principle brought within the_
reach (-)r - iti . deleterious =influence. It is
- tittielor yin Prefer - tile public good
to privnte: interest, to interpose "' f aitr vela,.
against an army of office-lrolders,,reinarlea=
ble only 'for their abuse pr power—
In every county of our state, the Whigs
are moving in favor of John o ßanks—theY
recognize in him a man whOse talentq and
integrity eminently qualify him {Or the
station to which-he :will_ be, called; whos e_
Honesty iq .nit even suspected ; who dc-,
sires to serve the people, instead of a fac
tion; whose• educatiqn, principle and feel
ings are all Pennsylvanian, and who limits
the tenure of the office to one term..
Opposed to him, you have R, Porter:
Whqacthas.he done as Governor of Penn
sylvama„, to,win your confidence
when- he. interposed a pardon before' trial
to screen his favorites from merited pun
ishment? Was it by vetoing every mea
sure poised by the'late-iegislaturei-to-re
lieve the wants of the community or sustain
the sinking credit of the commonwealth?
Was it by re fusing to sign a bill giving the
erection of canal commissioners to the pea
ple ?: Or wasit7b7bieo — it, the slavebf
a paltry faction, and devoting his whole .
attention to intrigue anti artifice. to secure
Attine-election if you' approve of such
'acts; j!ou may vote -for David R. Porter
but, if not, you incur a heavy responsibi
lity if you do nOt votnagainst•him •
We call upon you,. then, to perfect your
organization. This is the--last of July; the
Standing Committee meets on the. 9th • of
August to make arrangements for the DOC
-gate Elections. Suffer no member Of:that:
committee to. i iemain at home.
_ : A.ppoint_vi,_
- g - ilance — committees throughtiutthe 'county;
turn out at tite• itminship elections and send
"gnod-men and trut'" lu the'CounlyCon
vention. With a good tiekei, and proper
efforts on the part of our friends, we can
carry the county, bytl greater majority than
that which we gave to
" TIPS No. 1." •
Do not neglect to read the addres l of the
"Tips No. 1," to the people of; pennsyl
r.vania..,....ltis an admirable productiOn. It
is well ltnewn' that previous to the Preef
dential election, a large number of the chi,
zene of Harrisburg, Oro_ ha aided
the . eleCtion of Davint Porter, ca'nie out
for General .Harrison, and organiZed a club
of ".s . traight6itti,". undo: : the name of
"Tips No. 1.".. They dune battle nobly'
for the cause, they had cep'ousetl E and when
the victory was won, .rejoiced . with. the
- Whigs; iii - the utter prostration of the Van.
Boren party. • • Three inelnbers of tltie'elul>,
having since 'rettirned, tol the support Of
Paiter, the Incofficue . of - .Harrisburg instent,
ly formed an "/rOn Grai Club," 'placed .
these''three men at .the 'head of it, and sent
club had , gone,oVer. I:Theaddreee
ed• in' our paPer however,'. ahOwn
Et g: . :_4!?; 0 - *X ti:6 . 4 : .t ..- 11), irA•:al 0:.:.4. - ' - tt'tc - 1,21e* 0 ol, : i 0" - T #,.--„-
that the n " Tips, No. 1," have enlisted dur
ing the "1.46"," anil. do not intend to "groOnd
arms" 'until the:cohorts of locnfocoism, are
swept to the four witii)s, and the state re
deemed from the blighting influence' of the,
present . edministratioo.
g c •
jicrWe learn by the Baltimore - Patriot,
that on Saturday last the, vote was tUlten'in
the Sen Ute, to the final passage of the
Bankrupt Bill - , and carried in the,a,ffirma
lye. •
varicaster, late locofocb' Postmaster at Car=_
rolton, 111. Was recently tried in Springfield,
and sentenced .to ten years. imprisonment
in the Penitentiary, for purloining letters.
As this appears to be a, cane' of peculiar,
hardship, ive advise the locos to run up the
guillotine. and give a -howifor the fate .of
their unfortunate brother. •
The 7th chapter of the)La . mentations of
the Lo,cofoco Blate•Central Corinmittee.has:
made its appearance. This eddresi is de
-16-eie-Obinithe Governor for.the
given by him to screen offenders from
.punishment. In making at cempnrisoit of
with the • number granted by GOvernor
Porter, they state as follows.
Gov. IhTNER.—The whole number of par
, dons
.granted during his
-administration;as near as
• • • • we can ascertain from the
records, We're between one
• and two huared, a large.
- number - or• which were
• • • 'granted during, the last; 3
- . • • months of •his ; attministra- .
• : _
Goy. PORTER. --.Tikentire munberof par
• ' . • dons . gpmte6 .
T .flicfitrir6
half yeat•Sin"fi . iiiiteif•TTS . ',Uni
hundred andihirty,eight:
• .
, • • all 'told !• being, infinitely.
'• • ' .. -- PL'AV - Elt - 111 - 11titob - et
• Were granted by any ad-:
. •• anin4trationthathas ever
. .
• been in power in the stateP
What admirablelogicians• are
committee They tell us thve-Governor
-Ritner's pardons 'were "betipeen one-and.
two hundred (they were afraid to 'mentimi
the eiaetr . state of betweerlity,) in three
years," 'and then , say,_.tbt " the entire
numlier of pardons granted by 'G0v..1 3 0r.:
ter, in two-years and a half,: aro precisely
One litin:lred and thirty4eight, being,infi
nitelv FEWER in number!"-
TfiefhaVe_ also clisCovered, by examin
ing the "Executive Minutes," that two or
thie . e "previous pardons" were granted by
formei• Gevernors, e i .iime forty 'years ago,
as if that was sufficient to justify Governor
Portei. But the committee have not dared
to say so; for' if precedent were sufficieut ,
to justifyo . i*, every...felod in the country
might plead exemption from , punishment.
__ru P_U.DLIC__DE:Ri'.
In our last paper We . published , a synop
sis of the Loan Bill, as it passed the House
of - Bepresenta fives. .'That bill has since
been passed by. the Senate, - and wants but
the approval of the President to become
law. TO. show_ the. necessity.' for a loan,-
we extract the following statetnent of 'the
National Debt, from the National Intelli
gencer •
. .
file amount of treasury Tiptoe unredeemed
by settlement of accounts; and therefore
outstanding, (debt) on Ist of - J - a - nuary,
• 1841, was. • . 84,966,816
The amount of outstanding ap
propritaions (llattittles) on
Ist of January, 1841, was 12,306,265
The. actual amount of, debt
and -liabilities, 01) Isb of . •
January, 'lB4l, was $17,273,081
The amountof appropriations.
of all kinds made at the last _.
session of the twenty-sixth
congress, for the service of
the year NV,. was 10,719,095
The actual' amountgf debl4ll - d
- ,
betweet, Ist of .
January and' 411 i of March.
1841. was 836,092,176
The amount of 'revenue' re
-- between Ist January
and 4th March, 1841, in
cluding the balance in Oe
treasufylon the Ist January,
1841,,,as appears by the
treasury report of 2d June.
and including an amount re-.
ceiveit from the - BaulCoT the
United States, was
. .
Which, deducted, leaves the:
amount of debt and liabili .
ties mt 9th Mareh, 1841, $33,084,40
This amount is chargeable up
on revenue accruing and'to
• - be received after 4ilt.Mareh f
.1841; of.. which. it is esti
mated there - will be receiv.
od between 4th of
and Oren(' of the year, (per
- treasury report,)
. . .
tiethyited.leavea the . . •
probable amount ortlabt and
• liabilities on ,114 of 'Jaittary,.' • ...'
1842, , 118,394;449,6hoeltl-be added 'for
interest on treasury notes
reticanied the year,
Making, the sum $l9 - 694 of „4 49
Thie kiln will be iliminitisbed or increased
'exactly as the • revenue which may ha•ie‘
been received. betweep the 4th of . March
and 31st of December, bind! be ,greater or'
less than the amount estimated:
The Locofoco, State' c'ebtral Committee
are sending " private circulars" tb..thelr
party 'enders throughout the state, urging
the more, effectual organiLtion of their
forces. . .
One of these "c
gentleman of, this place; but he refused to
assist in sustaining the spoilers, and boded
it over to us, with permission bio, use it. as
WA .might think,Jiroper. • We therefore
publish it below, for the, double purpose of
. the_desperate measures resorted
to by the •locofocos, to - sustain a sinking
cause, and 'preparing' our friends, 'also, to
give a proper ,receptiOn to the inquisitorial
committees which are to 'itinerate! through
the ,different Counties, cheering the des
ponding, and converting the
The following is• the document alluded
. . .
Plan for the more effectual organi
zation of the'Dernocretie Pqrctt of
Pennsylvania. .
. .
minee, ex perience a high degree of. gr,atifi
cation in-beiii&ble_toistateitas.theirfirm
ednviction, predicated on information de
!hied from.everysection of the state, that
our -worthy and 'patriotic Goiiernot, DA
YID' It.. PORTER, is , destined to he re
elected by a very- large majority.- There
is, however, much. reason „to app . rehend,
that this yery conviction, if i; be gefie'rally
efiteriained i may_prereiiit our'.Deoirieratic,
friends' from \effeciling 'that complete and.
perfect ORGAN IZ4TION . .of our' party
forces, _which ta,.always indispensable to
success; and 'the want . of which; there.tS
w,„eyeiy reison 'to *believe, was . ,,,
Ata4( 4 4Wol l .4 l 4MFllittOrtiiulint
gainst a ssinita - r :disastrous yesult nosk_olit
i he. co-operation _of_ the
„respective -ciinly'
cdthiliitteesrand thni hicupOn'sOme united
and - - - Corinereed-sYStem.of orgao rOL
out the whole ":state." We,.therefore, after
mature deliberation, have agreed upon the ,
following asthe most qezisible - Mode cif ac=
complishingthis mueh desired'object,:and
urgently-entreat. the immediate co-opera
tioir oldie Democratic Vigilance Commit
tee of }roar coil - illy; to carryAfe atails • 6f
- the plan into effect. They are - as r follitws:
I. Immediately upon the receipt_ofthiS,
'oonvelle yourregular couTity_vigilance coin
inittee at as short - a - notice .as-poP.sible, and
organize by appointing, an ACTIVE, IN
ber as•chairinar.,,and another Such-as,See
rctary—beth to reside in the countytown;
2. This same conmiittee; at this their
first meeting, to appoint in each borough,
ivard or township, comi,Pitees composed
.13, 5 or 1 of the most ACTIVI.I Democrats,
to act as vigilance committees for their re
spective districts. • •
3: As soon as appointed, the ch\airman
- and secretary of •the ciiunty" comniittee to
convey to each individual member of the
township and wad committees, through a
collfiaenlial source, notice of their appoint
ment, and of the naturo and effect of the
guiles that• will be ,required of them seve-
4., The duties of these committee men
should be, as early•as possible, to effect a
general . EN ROLNIENT.of the voters in
such borough, ward or.township, designat,
ing them under appropriate heads, as De
mocrats, Federalists; and doubtful. This
may_be_ effected either-by-living-access-to
the assessments, or through the combined
personallinnWledge of the'committee Men.
'5. After, this general classification iu.all
the diitriets has beenyerfeeted, these town
ship -or ward committees to report the
names to the chairnian of the. county .com.
whose - duty - it - shlalkbe-to-report-the
aggregate .result to the . 'ehairmati of the
State Contrail-, Committee. .7 1 /m.,qou/yfut
men should. not only be . tallced to frequent
ly, but also supplidd with'apprOpriate doc
uments. - To this latter duty, the State
Central Committee will attend, if the names.
and loeation of the persons be deaignated .
as.also w hether. documents are to be sent
in English or German.
6,.. It should also be enjoined by urgent
circulars, upon all these committee men as
an especial duty, shortly before the elec
tion, to call upon every ilounTruk or LutiE
wmult soter_within—their—respective—dis
triets in—person, awl 7,:ege r la-s-latenclance
at the path, on the ' day diction.' The
Democracy feel satisfied. that they have at
this day an overwhelining majority of -the
popular vote on their side, if it can be got
, 7. As well the committee men within'the
wins, as also- those in Om. townships,
should - meet frequently, between this and
the election, (say at least once a week,)
for the purpoSe of contrasting •the progress
of their labours, and also to consultAipon
what forther may • be done for the
tion of the good cause. • ,•
• 8. In. as many districts as possible, "Pon-
Tint CLun•s h should be formed, and by-laws
adopted, to which thesignattire4, if.possible;
of every democrat in each county; should
be obtained. - •
0: Vrevious •to gho election, arrange ,
ments should be effected in each borough,
'mord, and township, , that oh VI& da . y of
election formers and others, 'who . have
teams at their disposal, mhy . be- induced to
employ them in bringing infirm or distant
voters to the polls, which teams Bhouhl be,
kept in constant service frowihe_opening.
to tize-dosiog of the boxes.
10. Immediate steps ShOtt ‘ hlbe taken,'to'
client. a general and widsitapread circulation
of Governor Pinvrttn's Von 'Message upon
the ‘revenne bill.", :.1 1 0:Altii; end, the
Democratic Printers jic.o,liiiy.e'.agreed to
sen(l.,q,NT,P I`.OOUSAN:OI.(3OP,IES: .in
Engliiih,-or-Germani-to"anyTrequired demi
nation, for every ion dollars, enelesed:(ie
advance) to lito' Chairmen' 'of tito'cle,ntral
Committee. • • •
The Central' Committee have. forborne
calling mass con ventiotis,'neither will they
call any.such:during the campaign, unless
unforseen_contingencies should render., it
expedient. They "believe that if ' one half
of the means •employed upon these mass
gatherings were appropriately employed in
the respective counties,
.the result would
be far more beneficial to the party.
In conclusion, we again entree• you, one
and all, to'spare no labour or painsio carry
the details Ofnthis plan into practical effect,.
and also to communicate fteely, and fre
,ntly with the Si l —
queßtly with tht ;tate uent - aqimmittee
upon all enhjeets, that may have a tendency
to, REDEEM Pennsylvania* from - the
STIGMA of Federa'Him, and With it, as
we verily believe, THE: ENTIRE, 'U
kJ . ..BUEHLER, ,Chairman
JACOB SEILER, Secretary.
, The editor of the. United States Gazette,
durit4f , a recent visit to Cape May, actually
swallowed a cobbler. We advise- friend.
Chandler - .not to make a similar attempt on
the kit—he might stall at the laps one, and
thus male an end of himself: The follow:::
irig extract of a letter from the editor to his
"Arm Chair," •will throw - more ligift on
. • •• ',Cape May; July.2o; 1841.
-, •
" The' Company of this island is highly
respeetable i -and--the-order--and decorum
observed, are 'such as belong to respectable
persons. I confess, however,'that -after 1
arrived; I was rather apprehensive that scer
tain associations had been' -commenced;
which-would- detract from the character
which I - have already said the place is en
titled, from the worth of its summer visi-
Mrs. It seems that there have receiitly got
in among' the cOrripany,•colbpOsed of mer ,
chants, mechanics, shipmasters; profeSsion
•al Men, and gentlemen-'-(if --leisure, a class
'il . niindegeripts—a sort Of• patched. gentry
4--call ed. - cob I4e
received, and Mayib,e cdnsidered favorites.
NoW,.Captain Marryat has recently 'written
:a 7 novel,-whielt :turns : .on -the success-of -a
'poacier'• and a • 'tinker,' lwo,kiiuM•of per
:sons-not-found in this- country. ;land --I
thought, perhaps; that the 'old enti - ntry' was
sending hither, by Way of adventurectob 7
liters, to snake fortunes and ensure success.
•Thecobblers-are ,not . early-yrisers. I hear
nothing of theAt until after the bathing
hour, and theo_they, are in general request.
[mot every gentleman inquires
_ler ills.
cobbler,and lakes oysters with ; him.—
trange familiarity ! And truth to say, the
ladies have been seen
.torsi - iii6 upon these
new corners, though I-am not apprised that
any further favors have been shoWn, or faa
miiaruaes allowed: of these cobblers
found' his wily, - up'intOMy . .nwechamber a
few (jays since. I ' turned iiiro down' 1
assure you, very quick=he was not seen
there long. •
, A highly respectable-clergyman of our
city spoke to a friend about these strange
visiters. "Why," says he, "what do they
do with so many co - hiders ?"
"Cobblers;" said the geiitleinan, "mend
shoes, and thus assist the understanding."'
"I have heard.," said the clergyman
"that linkers Make two holes in a kettle fti
every one they Mend. And I suspect .tha
these cobblers, though they may give fresh
ness to the. upper leather, ultimately nth
Correspondence of the Berald & Expositor.
WAsursoToN,-23d July, 1841.: z
Since my last letter to you, the Loan
Bill has been discussed' in, the Senate, and
passed-23 ayes to 20 noes-ti strictly
party-ilote:- 6 - WhigsOnost of them' detain-
ed by indisposition, and 2 Locofocos, being
absent. The bank bill has occupied much
of the remainder of the time, the opposi
tion, as usual, endeavoring by means of ridi
culous, trifling amendments, long speeches,,
&c., to delay the vote, and• if possible to
-prevent-The-passage-or_the :bill._ In this
way they hope to render Abe extra session
odious:to the people. Unless the physical
strength of this factious, minority" gives
way, or , the previous questioa be adopted,
it is impossible to say-how long .the .ses
sion will continue. To convince you that
the opposition Wive not the good of the
Cinintry at heart, but are guided solely by
the wish of injuring the administration, I
need only call to ,your remerebrance the
fact, that, when the vote was taken upon
Mr. Rives' amendment, 'requiring the.
sent. of the states to the establis " hmentof
-branches - within 0161, eberyloCipco •squu.•
we except two voted against it, and yet
the main argument of 'these men against a
batik is, that it inte,rferes with the rights of
the states !! INSferday, the.bankrupt
was taken
. up and discussed. *"
The House of. Representatives continues
unwearied "in well doing," and.are work-:
ink like faithful
of the people..—
The latter part of last week, and the first
two days of this, was taken up 'with the,
discussion of the bill Making appropriations
for repairing and-finishing the fortifications
of our coast and harbois. It was paSsed
on Tuesdarby the vote_of 148 to
Eleven whigs (from the southern 'states
'principally); voted against the bill, and '3l
opposition members (plainly hem the
Northern .Atlantic States) voted in the af
firmative.% TWelve administration, and ten
oftpuition Members absent.. ,_Un Vetlnes
day.the bill appropriating a sum for the
erection and maintenance Of a hoole i5(1 64 (17
ran was taken up.' This provides for "tive
frigates, two sloops, two . small tieseels, and.
two 'stearners,'',4o . defend our .coast: It
was 'passed imallron the same day by a
nearly: unanimoUs_vote4.4B_to S._ UL.the,
eight who mastered resoluthef enough
to vole igainSt loOpfuens.
(MAIM surnO,dny several bills ,wore report.
ed by theapprepritliecomMittees.. A bank
rupt bill by the judicial 'committee. The
bill_ passed by the Senate, fur the repeal ~of
the Sub -treasury, WasTsiPO&il.AViih amend
of 1806.
A bill for :Ilier . biention of Bank'
nf„the:Ußitedstates," , very , similar to :that -
noW n'iler discission in the :Senate.- was
ilk) 'tiorted - by the judiciary
•Ye . erday, ti , resolution proposing to ap
point d•ciinimittee Of nine members, Whose
duty ':it should tie to sit during the recess
of Congress, far the' ptirpoSe of . takinir, evi
dence-IA tit the opeintion fit the existing
tarift "and information useful irfany.rev•i4
sign of the revenue laws" atl , thii next ses
shin, gave rise to much debate;nccomjiati:
ied with a great deal of •warnithqUite tiff:
necessary at this season. • The vote-on it
will be . taken, if is supposed, to-day. Quite
. a': ci — imm. rred '. between Wise - (th - e L
prime mover of all the disturbance in the
ilouse)-`and - Nisbet, of , . Georgia, -it very
quiet, excellent aim • Mr. Wise, however,
found that if he was not his equal in noisy,
denunciation, he still possessed the . courage
and ability to defend himself.
. Virginia abstractioniSat •is fast losing
ground: Wise ;Ind . , Mallory. will in all 1
probability be driven overto the locofoces;
Gilmer is improving very much. Out of
Virginia there is little or.' none of it. Ar
nold, of Tennessee, made an excellent
speech a few-dais Since, 'showing the - evil
of abstraction in a strung point' of view.—
Wise, the most.trpublesome of this school ; H
hevertheless professeS to be a warm friend
of President Tyler; and asupporter of his
adMinistidtiOn. Ile cerfainly has ashigu
lir way ofmaniteSting his"..attachment, op
posing ae:he has -every- measure excepting
the home squadron bill, which was report
ed by-him as chairman of the Naval Com 7
inittee. • - . ,
Ed‘Vard Everett has' been nominated to•
. the Sena_le_as Minister_ to Englond = Daniel
leniter •to Austria—and Colonel Todd to
Russia. 4suppose, however, you hive
heard .of:these appUintments. They .are
excellent, as wellas that of Middy Thomp
son to Mexico.
.;Everett was formerly fir
many years Governor' of-Massaehuset . ts,
and next to the Lion. John Quincy Adams;
is said to be the most learna" - rilan in t.IO
.o_nited_States; . -Colonel Todd,
no doubt aWore,:was the: .- pOrtietflar tripod
and aid during the war, of the• lanapiited
Jenifer ‘Vavfor many years
member of Congress from Maryland; - and.
aline" tin die . lOSF. ongreSti; : in the'delo - 5-7
tion of henii , lited' nut,: Carolina:-
Th e wcathe . • :ere has -been' extrFtnet3r
hot for severld . days c 31 . 1;1 the Whele'atinosr
'plferc is loaded . ivithast. President Tr
ler continues' to -give groat. satisfaiiiiiin to
the crowds of his fellow citizens daily
throng the white house,
.1)3 his;affability of
manner_anirreptibliean - .
L.hade just learned that the whir=s of the
Senate Int-ye-agreed upon a plan b 1 a bank,
.by which the ecmstitutional scruples of all
can- be satisfied.. Messrs. Rives,. ,Preston
and, Merrick have signified their iatentien
t 6 Vote roe a hill upon. thelilan proposed.'
Mr. Clay will introduce the, amendment
to'-inorroW,.ond the bill:Will, it is generally.
suppostal,pOSs finally on thus saute
As soon as this is done, there will be a
prospect of the speedy _ ailjntirnme - ntr
Congress. 'I could give you the outline of
the amendmznt, but you no doubt will see
it in the paper's as soon as this 'letter can
reach you. I must conclude ap,the mail
will soon close.
By the way, what has Lecome of the
bill giving the election of the 'canal com
missioners to tire. people ? Surely your
democratic Governer cannot inten d to be
lie the principtes of the party which elect
ed him? If
,he does intend to keep the bill
in his pocket until after the 'election, how
can-the-demoefat le-pa rty-voie-lor-h im
In answer to our correspondent we•liave
to say, IliaL.the Governor MA yet
signed , the. bill-giving - -the -election of the
canal commissioners to the people, and his .
friends-say he does not intend to do, so; and
yet his party will support. him tiotwit
standing. It is a way . the. Locofocos have
of showing. their democracy, to oppose any
measure calculated to take power from the
oflice r holders,and ,give . it to the people.
D F.
In this borough, on Saturday night last,
MR. JOSEPH HAYS, in the 77th year
of Ills ago
Vin this borough, on Monday the-;6lh
. SKILe.S, Senior, in
the 81st year of his age.
hy-Mr. Skiles_ was a native of Lancaster
county, Pennsylvania, and faithfully served
his country in the war •of thu Revolution,
He alleiWerds removed to this county,
where he has resided for many years, es
teemed by those Who knew.him as . a useful
Oil-Z - 6 - 1 - 61nd good title.
'el) this, borough, on Tuesday the 27th
instant, . Mrs.. MARTHA' ANDERSON,
‘tife . of Mr. Henry Anderstin (Merchant,)
:Ind daughter of Lewis Harlan, Esq.—abed
about 19 years. . - • , •
• .71coll claimants and persons interested.
Notice is hereby given that a writ of Scirc Fatima,
to August 'Fern; 1641, to me . directed, has 4t..:en is
sued, out of the Court of Commtit'lleas of (Mother
land 'county, on the following. "Meillianic's Lien,"
entered and recorded in the Court of Common I.':eas
aforesaid viz:
lutimel Leibkteher• mid Kerr; vs. cssiit..r,Slierk.
,Sci. Fa. sum Mechanic's Lieu, No. 56 Aug9st
Turtn,4s4l. •. • , . •
PAUL M.%J Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, • .
Carlisle Ju1y.2,7,1341.5 . •
Tishia.e Tackle.
The Subicritier !aka JIM received a tine astortinent
of TACKLE: cooiktit l of—S and 4 joint Walking
Stick ItODS;;/ and 4 joint solid Hazel Retie, 3, 4
and 3 joint Hickory trout, perch. anti rockyods.—
Superior Fly Ruds • Brass Multiply Reels and Reel
Lines, 90 0.1.09 , y:1r:1s long ; Gudgeon, Perch, Trout,
and 1q4444§010,18, Mt sizes; Artiliehil Flies of all
ticseptPlootisVjatlian Cr/11,6;in I Silk Lines, for Gud
geoir,;:lodeciii,,er 'Rook F;diltig ; Quilt and Coe...
floats;; . O( r all' sizes; liirhy
_and Super Lin - U.lloc
Hooks, assorted Tackle Rooks; &c. Ste.. Apply to'
DUKE' C 0. ,,
10 . 1 i lialtitnore kit Dalllteure.
28th 7th tnotitli, 1841.•- 3 i• • •
'TOR N. • .- •
• !l'lte . ',"lleraltl & Expositor ;is ofrorerl
for sale..; It is the only Whig pnper in ,this
eeunty, - has a , large subseriptiottlit.fa'fair
amount. of atlve. rtising,.ontt joh euetiiini With
iti,tiiltitsterittls . fot•Onblis.iljog ,
'Weekly . papor..: • -, '-• •'!--
Letterelpooi paid) tt4tlreattetl to' the ludic
tor, will meat with prompf .attentiory.
A new Weekly paper will be issued in this hototig
esidy iir August, under my superintendenee:„
Its political position will be defined in the ,fral
'taunter published: In the mean tinie it may be
well tinii . :l;lt to state will be entirely tilde:
pendent of the Control of till old
. party leaders
tratntnelid-hy, any, connection with their rinterest;
and free to take any Course in relation to Men and
"mph mites now . before the puldi 6. or that may hereafter
be'brought for Ward, Which the real interests of the
people may seem to require. ,
In If literary point of wiew, I intend that the new
Papa' shall lose nothing by coniparlson w ith its elder
It Shall always Contain, Whatever . general
- and local
,ueuir 'ie.iirrent. marke prices,
trial ientjury..l . lsts_sintlEbe—correstly.--
and reguldli
.dy the paper will be T . 114
'JOLLA RS tine-half pavable-in advance.,—
Subscriptions at the same rate will taken flit diro
or six months, in either. Caseinifable iv advange.,
Carlisle, July 20, 1 /1,41...-•tf. _ .
Orphans' ConrE tr le , •
By order of the Orphans' Comet of -dUmhet:lnntl..
coitnty, the following real estate late the
.Property of
Michael Swami, late of SilVer. Spring
. tn#uship,
said county, will he . sold by public „outcry, onthe
Rremises, on Saturday the 128th of August next, at
II o'clock A. M., the 101 l ' wopertv viz':
All that certain plantation situa n Silver Spring
township, bounded by lands of Georgt. fyers, Wil•
liam A II; Bucher and otl 'l5, contain.
ing about oae hundred and six acres', of ,grtivel.. and
Lituestone - Patented Laud, having thereon elected
21.'110111W- Two tiito.ry
. 0
Wr ;
and sundry outfiililihgs. The land is in gond Julti.:
vation and under fetal; n'hont eighty acres or which
.are cleared; and the residue fine thriving timber land.
There is a good'well of water at the door,und run
ning stftatn oil Vie premises, als.) a small' Apple
•At the same time mai place will he sold lot or
g rpuio botinded_by
lands of George \lver3, John Esdoll.,.zin, Jacob Eck
art and others, containing; five acres mote or le,*
having thel•eoa erected a
TwO Story Log tioilse a nd a good
Log . table,
> There is an excellent well of Water at the door, and
the premises arc in excellent cultivation and under
good -
TERMS, OF.SALk--$3OO to be paid oilthe large
tract and $5O ow the spoil - iv:tetonll'e confirmation
ofthe One half or the residue of (he !gird/mile
tnone.)' of the Large tenet on the first of April rieit;
when-posLesFloti,will he given,siTid thebalitnee,in two
equal imllosl, mstarrswlits .withclut interest.''
residue of tlio purelitisei - noney of the small traetoti tbc jit hail to !uiihip,_
7 - .1 - 415 ,-- gs; 1841
B Yvirtue of a writ of tebtantrn Venditioni Er
to.nic direet«l.isiated tint of the Court
of Goinnion Pleas otCumberland•c unty,«iil be ex;
posed to pitidie sale, at the Court House in the
eough 4 cl. Carlisle, on Saturday the 21st tine of Au.' -
fist, A. LI ,ut 1.0 o'eloeli, A'. M., the following
described real estate - , I it: ''
A T ract, of Land,. situato
Dickinson township, coat:1;1,1'1:g about Ten Acres.
wiljniah ' r , landtror Cenrge Mickey, Richard Woods,
Slreser;And others, hash% thereon erected
a_owe_and_a_lnill_stary_Lug_llonsc r antra-tog-Stable.-:
Aiso,it Tract of Timber Land,-
About-six rods frnni ,tho ahpvc stated h.:too:mania.
ing about 11 acres, adjoining lands of William KM'
mid others.
Seized lituLtak-en in .excentiotf , a"s-tlia—propertr of
Sumucl Davidson, . .
. ' Aud.ui be gold by me,
. •
PALL .111.-IRTIN, Slig.V.lft-,
Sheriff' 's Office, ?. - -
Carligle, July '21,184L 5
tplettelfet SAlterits.
Vivginia 111107,nonallia Lottery.
class 1, for 1841.---To be drawn at Alexandria,
Va , on •Saturday, August 7, 1841.
$30,000$10,0.00• • •
I prize-of • $5,00111 1 prize of '51,123
.... j__ll _do __Of— 1,500- -
1 do . at`3,000,30 do of 1,000
do of t.',500 I &c.
78 number lottery-4k drawn ballots.
Tickets only $lO llelveti $5 Qusyters .. s2,so
Certilivites at' Ntektiges of '26 Whole Tickets $l3O
Do. _ do - e 6 Half _ illa, . 65
Do. do -06 Quarter do • 9150
Virginia Leesburg 14.11 try -
Class M. for 1941.---To he drawl at Alexauclria.
Va. on•Saturdaugast 14th 184 t.
30,000 Dollars
1 prize of $10 ; 000, 1 of. 6,5011, 1 of 5,000, I of 3,000;
1 of 2,500,1 of 2425, 25 of 2 U.K)
' •
Tickets $lO , ---fialyesss—Quartrrs $2 50. ..--
CePtificatesoll'ackagesof 25 Whole Tickets sl3o'
. Do, • do 25 Half do 65
Do. do '2s . Quarter do 52 50
35,295 Dollars !
And FIFTEEN drawn number's edeofiserelity-loco
Union Cindery.
Class No. 7.—To be drawil at Aloinntiria, Va. ca
••,' .Saturdayi Augase2l,
_GRAND ..5C111:11E.
or 35,e05.
1 di.; — '10,515 • do. •
1 do. . 5,000 . - do:
1 do. . 4,000 do:
1 do. 3,000 do;
1 do. 2,000 do:
• 1 *do.. • 2,000 do. •
1 . do. . ' 1,750 .
50, prizes of 1,000 do: _ •
50. do. . 250 • dd:
• sAo do.. 200 do:
&c. &a. 4:e.
Tickets slo.—flukes 1,45--Quarters $24(41.
Certificate% oil'acil9igesof 1.3 Whole:11(1c tm $ . 139
Do. 110 that" Ito CS
do CS,Quart , a• d 31 SO
For Ticketst and .81aires•or • Cel•ti.,Ccatee of FaCk•
area in the above Spkrolol LOtto•itt.,'—addrekS
•• J.; G. GUEGO - Its Ist CO. Mataigem .
. • - City 4 D. 0.
Wowing? sent irototidiatOy ovvr to.
all who order 113 ‘ aboye, . • •
. .
New, york -, Ciretts. - ,
it,t.trirLET EILSVA rt" / * ' l '
The proprietors v.:spec:filth . inrorto the Ladles. • "
and Gentipmen Carlisle l ift fits •Oeinity;that they '
will open Their Cirens'on• Thursday, July, 4 . 01 ; aut;:'.. , '
uoittiime two days only. - •
In Announcing this..extensive estutilishMent, theft- .
feele confident. in uSsertint; unit -- heti+rwasi so'.. • '
much talent combined in ony. one CempallY i n .
.0 nited Stutes,'Apget her m ith u stiperier teldnetl.strecY.:.
horses:.,, Among the mitnet4 pet router*.
be found the following, viz: rilv..l..rri.Xert,
eteLlreafesi 'tlir - trxied.i W." 0.'114; the
Champion i , oultt;ro.• ho has thrown : sixty sonsen*ls . stt
01 - 4 trial; ..
.Ghit,i•ny. Odd 'Joe Swucav autl' Iti 41)11 `Cicitaifi.;,
N:rs. XV)..;lll:thret; Misses Wells; WitlV'teatti
ethers .w4use,nalues. will unt.ur.iiu , Oa 6114 - adi
:- ,
day.' •••
dmini9o.-110ips 50 centsi I'ltliets:
. Perfornutoce to-eon:pence at 8 oN:lnek, P. , 511.;
Thtt,Computly.g ill tire W PerforrusKe
`:; Oinkl:, P t NI.. tUF,I4e.
.oftliase utu'distante:,' •
.IS • • •
.• • • . .