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NrlmvarrA AILT.nraQ--mb 904
TAttPlittlitOt TAE: lIMES.I7-:
' , 4 C/IROpiClat OS
The Turf,' Pieid Sports 4iieratta'e and
• the Stage. - • ' - -
. •
NEW 'VOLUME- F 0.12.1841
The First - NuMber of a New ' , Volume of f The
*:• spirit of the .Times;'. will be issued on the 6th of
Nlsrch;lBdl '' the 'course of life 'year, a series of 1
foriirwitfrthe embellitiliments of the preceding vol . - I
- • tfine, Win presented,to the .nubscribers. Por
• trait of MONMOUTH ECLIPSEArom a 'painting•
.• 'by Tuorz, will commence the SerieS,and be succee&
ed by those of other distinguished horses during the
year: .
the preceding' year will he published, arranged in
four distinct .TAIICES---(VC of four milt:whiners, one
--. of three; one'of two, and one of one Mile whiners.—
These tables show-ata glance the, winner of every
_ _ _race of:the - last -year,_his_ogri, color, pedigree, and
(liner, the 'prize won, the. weight - earried;theAime
made, and - the horieS ' beaten by Mini together ivith.
'the dateand place-of the race, mid a reference to the
• page of the preceding volume where. the race was
Originally published. These tables- are compiled
with infinite care 'and labor, and.'at great expense . ;
they are of constant priietical use, and increase in
value eiery year. A list of EN,aur-rWINNING
HORSES for the same year also• be published
in the volume areangedin the -English foknltA -
TING HORSES., with the age., color, owner, time
made;. weight carried; -horses.--bettten, iktc. &c., will
be published in this volume; and in addition;there,
'will lie at; astrao i)f evevy great 'Jotting Petfor
. manee in america; tor. several years • back, with sk
- chit reference.qi the time :nvide. This abstract-has
-- , beetc•compiletl.thim several afithentic sources, and
will be extremely interesting. -as -the . only COM
J,-. l 4,eiver attempted.
Aar Allibabeticar List of STALLIONS .for 811; -
in the usual form, will also appear in an early num. ;
bee of the volume, and. will - be found convenient to
breeders • for designating the age, color, pedigree,
co - wner,place and pi-ice of standmg, of - nearly every
- = - 7diitinguished-Stallion in, Atuerlea,_
In afilitti.o3l to- the VarionNisubjects enunierata:ar
' bove, the pre r sent volume will eontaip AT:abr.] and
c.,:..ond.copinus record of all IMPORTATIONS AND
r SALES - . 0 F.BLOOD STOCK, Sweepstakes, Racing
and Trotting Alatches, and , Racing Appointments;
• FAS:vs of Breeding and ['raining, Pedigrees and
Performances of Distinguished Horses, with all the
Current News und On Dits in Sporting Civeles - ,hoth
nt home'and abroad. And to complete the:Sporting
Department, full detaili,.Origlnal and selected, will
' be given upon all tnaidrpailimesois Hunting, Shoot
ing, Pishing, Yachting and lloating,-Ped - estrian and
other Athletic and Manly . Sports.
Another part of the design of the paper will ein-'
DFPARTMENT, designed tp,promotethe interests
and minister to the instruction of breeders of-fine
cattle 7 sheep, &e. -Seleetiona front the most appro
ved Ainerican and English writers on these import
ant subjects -will-he constantly found 'in its COIUIIIII6.
The SPORTING GALLERY will also be in
creased by the' addition of the Portraits of several
or the most distinguished' horses in the Union, en
graved in a style of superior finish and beauty. •
Thor next prmuinent department is the THEA
TRICAL PAGE, constantly devoted to original
':eritielsins of the drama and notices of the New York
theatres; Green Room Intelligence, derived from an
- extensive theatrical correspondence maintained
, with every city in the Union, and by,which the pa
- per is already favorably known and widely circulated
- in tlientOent circles
Again, selections will be constantly made from
„the periodicals of this country and 'England, and
thus be formed a lively and, elegant LITERARY
- DEPARTMENT, occupyifig several pages. •
For all these varied Departments, ample room is
secured by the immense size of:the present sheet,
- -which fir beauty Of typographical emamtian and ge
ueral elega — tie&of - arrangcment,,is second to none m
.the Union.
. „
"No Lein . local agents *-employed by e. worm--
. tors;gentlemeti wishing Ate paper can Order it through
• their post-masters; or remit by mail. A number of
files from the 'commencement of the Yolupfe; still be
preserved for, new subscribers. Thiscourse, in inlopt
ed,ns the valuable Statistical. Tables' of the paper
nearly all appear in the early part of the year...
• ' %nuns Subscription and Advertising.
For One Year's Subscription, sto in , advance.—
For Six Month ' s Subscription, $5 in advance.
For Advertising One Square of 22 lines, first in:
.sertion, s—Each subsequent inset non,
icrExtra copies of the-LARGE ENGRAVINGS
ON STEEL. niny be obtained at' the Publication Of
fice at One Dollar each, They will be'. sent to
section of the Union so enveloped as to secure'thein
from injury.
. Sher i ff's Sales:. •
• - virtne"of - a - Writ - of Alias L.ev. Facials, to me
%directed, issued out of the Court of Ccimmon Pleas,
' of CumbeAfttid _county, will,be exposed to Public.
• Sale, attlte,COurt House itithe borough of Carliele,
On Saturday the 10th day of April,lB4l, at 10 o;plock
A. M..;the following despribed Reid Estate; viz . :
AU these two certain lots or., pieces of
ground witlithe appurtenances, si t note in the borough
of Carlisle, Mid described as follows, to, wit: one
siti.ate on the northside aid' Pomfret streetlictlie:
aforesaid borough, bounded south by said street,
north by Chureb Alley, east by n lot late of Mrs.
Agneii. Steel, deceimed, and .on the west by lots of.
James 11. Devoe, Gilbert Senright, and James Cor
nelius, containing thirty feet in breadth on Pomfrett,
skeet, aforesaid, and two !winked and forty feet, in
length to the aforesaid alley, be, OM same more or
less, having ithereon erected TWO DWELLING
HOUSES. The other situatiftto the south side of
- Pomfret street, extended in- said borough, bounded
north by said -street, south by the Seceder Church,
lot,-east"by tt lot ofMrs, Slaugart,htte of-Mrs. Logue;
. and westby a lot of George Murr . ay;'containing six
ty, feet in breadth; and lwp hundred and' ropey feet in
length,he the,some morwor less, having a.FItA ME.
HOUSE theresm erected, together- with all and site:
gular, the: buildings, htid improvements ego. .in your,
.bailiwiel.c..yeti 'cause to be levied as well a , . certain'
• debt Of tie hundred and flirty dollars, with. interest '
rromthe 16th ditY of May, A:11,1633, as also thin=
teen'llollers and .sixty three cents, for.. cost's, which
saldatimorfiveilibindred mid forty dollars, with the
interest scarcest& tinikvaitdcrirederick' Watts,E9.,
Executor of AndreWtarothers, deceased, lately. in
'tiur County Courted Common Pleas, before our
ges at Carlisle.;th •Wit,Mitighlat - - August 18 98 , by eon sideratiiiti ofthe some Mori; recovered against:
the said William Kieth, Of 'this aforeeildtwo`certain
lots or pieces. of ground,-with the appurtenances
• bedeificdibythe defiirilt of the as*d'William. Kieth,
in not 'pity ing the'said sum of five hundred and, forty%
• ..trollars,with th 6 interest thereat n(tho daY • nnittime'
••. when thri saineronght to have been'paid accokling to,
the form and 'creek . Of• eh .AiStiof .Assembly in suck
ease made.OMl,Orpyide4.4Seized and: in ex&
cutioti,.andAm, Sold aS the7property of, William:
Eieth;:dee'd.!‘'i And to be sold by
;$ 4 • - L; PAM! , MAR.TIN, Sheryl:
. • Sheriff's Carlisle, Office, s?
March 04,184' 7 ;4r :
. ,
Rick.,lPtcrming mid EV/cants/ 4 ,,
• •
rersonri o wishing :to iiurehase lands of the Above
flei.oription, already surveyed, in lots of from len to,
en's - hundred acres, part ofthe Mount tinny Eitirte;
within a IthOri distance of Carlisle ; will have an oil,.
-',Orftroily afforded them on liberal trms'of payment,
oedlitigr,on Aire -subteriber," at qvrr,MtleCtiliqtl oB
Morel -in.4.3iflisle*on the igth,j3tll,49ifi ? arril"2(ittr,
. ' •••-• :
. .
. . . . .
..... . ' • ' .
. . .
. • . 0. . . .
. .
. ..
, " . . •., ' . '' ' ...,.;', ~-7•,. ..',.., . .s: ",. . .0 - ..... :•:. ''' - '''' l . . "- ‘ ...." Lr7 ' " '1":'; ', g i; .- ' ' lt . :7' . . . ''.:, ',.; ''.- ''''''"‘‘
--: • ' .'i.. ':.:'' ' .. 7 ' '•
:', ' '' :' '''' ":. 7'.. ~..'.' .... .:'.. ,l. 7 ' ' '••'''' . fi.: .1 iV., r . ,- .. ".
. ' . , 4 . 4 ,10' :,..;':' . :.:. "',' '.' ''',
,:..': ' .--".::: . ' I'' ! . • • .
-. C.. .
. .
. • ,
..-'-'.. .'
'..' ".'',. .. -:
. ~., .'"". --.
'1:".: : .1
' 7
.... ~ .
.... .. ... . ... .
‘ ...
.. .. ,
- : ....
. . ....
__.... _
• • , ..
.. ........• . , .
. ...
. ,
~ . ..
.. .. •
~. ._.. _ . .. .
. _
. .. •' ' . • -,.. •• • • • - •
. ,A .)• • ,
PIETER.F.. : EtkE,
• , -./2TTORNEYd2T
Office'opi)iisitethe Carlisle BIA.
Carlisle, March X 24, 1910, 7 3 . spg. ,
New Goods.
•• • •••
-delphia,-at 'their- store -in South Hanover 'street; a
large and general
. assortment of ,
• • •
spring and Slimmer Golds,
*film best quality. They have alto on blind s a•laixe
supply. of GROCERIES AND FLOUR;' all of winch
they offer to the-public (for cails), as low as they
can be purchased at "any other establishrnent in the
'county. ' • •
- - St A. BENTZ.
• Carlisle, March " 24,4841.-3 t • - • • I
zrote' - ' wouic,
peoons indebted•to HITNER & MBLVA
NY' are requested to Make - payment on' or be
ibre the Ist day of April next, after which time their
Books will beplaced in other hands for collection.
• .---- 'HITNEI & MULN..kNY.
r Eitrlisle',lllareh 17,18.11:' ' • -
•-• Itoonas - for
The rooms above the store of Hi th er &Nubian;
arc for rent. Apply,to
]llarcli 17, 1841
Cheap Cloths,rec.
The subscribers - will sell tlicir Stock of Cloths,
Cassitneres and other Woolen Goods; veryjew for
cash. ' - .
. JIITNER 5z,,111.1..TLY VNY
,March 17;1841. • . ,
. .. .
I :have just received from. D.
Landre,th„ . -Of Philadelphia, my
~spring. supply- of Garden. Seeds.
_ ,
__ . ___.,_.L =„ , S .TA LtIOTT•
Fci)A4 , -1941. ' .' •
• •
•• NOTICE: • . •
Estate of Jaines Glob), dec'd.
j•ofJames Givin, late of Soudt-Middleton town;
ship, Cumberland_county, treceased,havkng,, issued
to the subse t ibere in due form NOTICE i s hereby
given' to all persons indebted to' the estate of said
_decedent, to make immediate •payment, and: thdse
having claims to present them for - settlement. .
nonEnT Exacigore.,
• JACOB RErNgit,
13 It virtue or a writ of e'en. Exponas to me di
reeted,issued out of the Court of Common
Pleas of Cumbdrland l eounty, will be exposed 'to
Public Sale, at the Cana-Mouse in the borough of
Carlisle, on 'Friday the 9th day ot 1844.,.1tt
10 o'clock, A. M., the following desbribed. Real Ea
All the interest of William Davidson in two lots
of ground (being the undivided one-fifth part) situate
in the borough of NeWville, Cumberland county,
containing each GO feet in breadth and 190 feet an
depth, more or less, having thereon erected a . .
TAN YARD . ANII 'HAAR iii)USE, and other improve
meats; adjoining lots of the heirs of Robert Steel on
the west, Cave alley on the north; Big Spring on the
east,iind .lain street on the south.—Seized and ta
ken in (Attention as the property of William Da
-vidson. And_to.he_sold brine
Sheriff's Office,
Carlisle, Match 11,,184t.--St3"
Lo our C9•cditors.
Takes notice th at we have applied to-dhe Judges of
the Court of Common Pleas of Cm - Action& county,
for the benefit of the Insolvent: Laws of this Common
wcalth, and they have appointetWonday the 14th day
of April,ert; for the hearing Of us. Ind our
creditors, ut the Court House, in the borough of Car
liiiie,.when and where you may attend, if you think
prop }r,
•'• STE PH EN. • WEER,
1-7 - - ' JAMES ‘YILSON.
[ . .J. a. e.] . DANIEL noknz,
{w. a.] '
, • JOHN •D M
OR, •
[w. az. r.] , CONRAD 'JONES,
60,000 Dollats,!,
$30,000 . $15,000 „,
• . • , -• aLAKisa
wvray. , l MUITUMII47I%
• , r Glass No, 2;'f'ot•lBt'f. • . r
To be dravo at Alexandria, IS. C. on Sittprdny,
April 17th 1841. •
, • '•• GL A.ND .
1 prize • 60,000 dollai e.
do„ 15;000• • 4 , •
do* • •.' Imo°
- '
• • I do. • 7,0001 t ' •• '
1- tlo
do „ •
'. • 4,000
-1 do •, ; , 2,500
1 do , • * ; 2,311;
' 4 pvizes.of -• 2,000 •
• , , 5 •do . 1,750
lb do . 1,500
" 10, do _ _ 1,250_
. 50 -do *. - 1,000
do • - , 500 .
-;• 50 , do ' • , 400
140 „d 0.300 ,
100, do ' *,250' , '
*: , •
170 do, " .* „ 240.;
124 do - • ' l5O
124 - do• ' ido
„ .
-:•• ItliDraton: Numbers oul oft 8 ,
Ticketß $2O:-Halvesslo-QOart:ssiyAglithe $2 sq.
Certitieates of Pikoki!ges of 26. ‘Vholo ick090260„
LAO . 2311alt'L ;JlsQ::_,'.
D 0., „"
00 26 dO '
1)o. 'do ", ' 26A0 • 32:50'
a/ •
, . .
• 'VP, Orders for Tieisos-and•Sliares and PqrP apkta .
of Packagns will- 40-tirontlitly, attended•Ao, awl as,
sdbn as tlie drawing is over an ,a9nO4ilt of, it wi R
forwarded to all wiirk•order from Wgr • - Address
IL S. (.4 R.ECORY ,Maaagersi r -
Washington City; Dr C:= •
'New Spring:,Goods.
Just receilled an assertment.of
Si:Orin/1100DM' •
of the newest, style and . .litabilmW-sßlendid." Chinn
Silk And Ribands„ Monseline de Lames, Chintzes,
Cloves, French worked Collars, &O. • Also,'a large
assortment of •
.Cloths;—dasaimeres, Vestings, - .TickinEB,l
—• Cloeks - •
•-.- • •
All of which will be S'old very - low by the Subscriber
at the 'old stand optiosite S. Wunderlich's Hotel.: .
• ' • ••• • CHARLES OGILRY.I
- • , •
A fresh supply just received at th'e store of
Marelrl.7, • • -
Brandreths Pegelab le Univer
sal Pills, • •
Are held by the following agents in their respec
.tive.,counties: _ a counterfeits of these
pills are attempted.tol* palmed upon the communi
ty, the propriety of purchasing only from the recog-.
mzed !Tents,. wall be 'apparent.
Cumberland 'County—George \V. flitner, Carlisle;
Riegel,.. Mechanicsburg; Gilmore & McKinney,
Newville; S.. Culbertson, Shippensburg; Belle &
Brenneman New. Cumberland ; Isaac Barton , tiaz
burn; M. G. Rapp; Shiremanstown; L. Riegel& Co..
Churchtdwn. •
CEO. iv. muggn
Perry .County—Alextuider Magee, I.lloonifiel.
J. &S. A. Coyle; La!idisburg.. '
August 26,1830
' • • - -NOTICE.' .. •.•
,pstate of Jacob •Shonibaugh, '
4ccid. . •
ErfERS TESTAMENTARY on the; estate
14 ofJneob.Shombattgla, late.: of North Middleton
township, Cumberland county, deeeased,listving is
sued to the subscriber' in duo form: NOTICE IS
hereby given to nII persons indebted to the estate_o
5a14 decedent.. to , make immediate payment, am
those having claimims to present tin m for settlement.
MICHAEL PlSlll3Ult'S;Extr - . •
.March 10,1841.
. .
Estate of Marv:R:44, deceauit:
T the estate
of Mary Rupp, late • of
_Mechanicsburg, tic
ceased ; having issued to-the subscriber in due form:
Nor:cx is. hereby - given-to all
_persons indebted to
the estate of said deceased ; to make immediate pay
meat:and those having 'claims to present iliCtur for,
settlement. . . .
ICalltr Keifit'qlys ?hop if you wont
Cheap . • CarriagCs;
TIIE subscriber 4.4 now on Wind and is.finisiiing;
•between 50 nud 60 CaiTiagr, of different pri
ces and patterns; such ns• ''''' -"
• Falling Top
Standing top Family Carriages, Tilburies
and Buggies of every variety.
lloth,Carriages and Tilburies Will he sold cheaper
than ever offered in this country- before, priers $101)
to $9OO for Cash -or good Paper. Having a very
heavy stock on hand, the subscriber will be induced
to sell veryloW, and hopes that persons wishing to
;mallow. Carriages will give bins a call 'before going
Also, a large assortment of • •
Silver; Wass and Japan'd
Both Double-and Single.
The above, Work. is made tirsriate• Workmen
and ordw choicest materials.
lr,r Repairing done ,aS usual at the •subserihbr's
Shells, situated on Pitt street, immediately in rear
of the Methodist Church, and , near the Railroad
Car Hale, :March 3, 1841:7'273in
. ,
• Glazing and Paper Hanging.
The' subscriber respectfully intim:tits the citizens
of Carlisle iii ttbe vicinity; that lid has. commenced
the above business in all its various
_branches. His
shop is in the square immediately n . i.ear of the
Market House, doors east of A. Richards store.
He hopes by attention to business and ' - ntoderate
charges, to, rceeive o tt _sham of patrOunge; ' '
1 . 7, 18 1.---tf '` •
Jratice to ItriOg.
The Cominiisieners of - Condierliind comity will
receive .proposalS at the house of John Common;
Esq., iiikeeper, in the boron:511 of Carlisle, on l'hurs,
day the lb i of Sprit next, between 9 and le o'clock
in the forenoon, for the erection of a good, and sub=
atiodial Wooden Bridge, across the Conodoguinnel
crt,..ek,nt Benjamin Eberly's fording in the township
of East Pennshorough,ot the following dimensions,
to wit:-To Containan length froin one abittinent lZ
the other two Itiordred and. twenty feet, and eighteen
'feet wide 'in , the Clear, the abut meids to be' .8460
roueleetf lett 'thick each; there Shall. he two spans of
110 .feet- each, supported on° gait' and substantial
smile abUtments end pier t the 'said übidnienti to be,
built in a splaying direction, with d ; regular slope;
and about 14 feet high feardthe - bottoni of dm creek I
from whetted wooden arches, tire to .be started, amt
extended to the said pier in,the centre - of said'creck;
the arChei to he:sprinig Obeid '6 or 7- fort hi the cell.'
tee;, OM'. floor to: he
~double floored . : with. . two-inch
'plank; the: tipper' floor oak and' the lOwOr yellow . ` nine;
the sides awl...gable entlS to. he Sulfa:it...ldly high. to ad":
mit..ceyered and liarAvaggotia, ld Fais - MiPptsll ,tllO
igimit,?stiy 12 feet lit - the clear; to be closely Weather,.
bearded and painted`red,The. NV liolc,te he,welt , reollal
with goeiliviiitdpindshinglestthe:whole Of the wood , Work M be-.well secured with' iron • bolts, ready.eyesi
&e. From :.tlie back of - . the abutments the , filling
eliall'ionsist of eartliainl sto ne, Mid well itippeoileiT
with trliog.walls , 3 feet high abeve thofillio* extend.;
ing,on each'iiilO about 20 -feet fr - ora. the - britige, and
as high as "the fillingi - untili thefilling Mid , wallitig
shall-,tneet theroad .with an escent, and descent-not
' eXceeiliiig , fiV,e:".(l6gi•ebs . elevation ..fronillie road: to
said , bridge; die wood•ivork to be built or squad 1111 . 4:
iitiVitiiiitial" tiinherv!the stove % Work, of large , good
itone,lime and sand Anortar well itoiottid, tuttla-:Ai.:-,
rcotion.heird for each end.Of said ; bridge,. , Tifelistr-' , -
f:y ocititreettag tcrtire. so& '..sOeitrity atithe r eeirimia:
.smaiers, May,require for the_faithful.pprfortmorMe of
tie trttrkeitinslitp aiid pertiailettortif• said bridge::
ProPosalti-to be neoompatimilaritliM Olio:: Slide/if
mono Of, tine: proposals meet. 14 iopprebat ipttOf the
'f.:Miintriatitiners' they-'• titer same day,ibetiveeit;•
theitomrs gr.q, i ‘pd:o,o'eliaoc,in thO afterimeni expose'
tliesafil,bridge to - pnblid sale, and sell the sante to
thelewestarabest tildiret - .1... ~ , 1 ! f. , ,:;, :.,:. !"!' ~ 1 %. :.
- - MIN CPIINNIAN,,i.-. .... , . '
'' '.NLEXi . .M;'Kflltlt;' •', Ooniiiiiiaioneil
..;', :• .•', 4 4ICIII.AP-; AX501..E.44'.: .' .:,: f ..1 '• ,- ',?
ititest—Jatirriatypfi puti , .: ~,_ , . -
.7 - eoMlllailiVgliii r Oillfeili
. CaDlisk . ,:Feli.. i 6; S':
• t, „
Edified ~cnd Publishedrior
,the . „Pivii 4 itOr; . #l . ,,c 01.0*, flipiibOritigd
. • ExeOutor of Mary MAT, tlec't
3farc6 3,1841.---6 t"
wat.omuziLVW:t amarante. arkkatatti v o aoda.
, Frown the New York Mercury.
NOT YET sm. TO ssesie:nr nowt:
AS a sensitive 'coon lay a sleeping 'pee day,,
The sound of a wood -cutter's hatchet he
So he juMp'il stump to seee)vhat - was to pa.y,
- .And thus tli(1:110 sing—aye,he sang like a bird
, Wootiman, swore tluit treed •
' , Tquelk.notit siiiglc bough; •
And I'll stick` to , it now:
:Hard by, hi a idno,vit a.sobcr old owl
anuiiig tana l elf in the cool ViEsfeinAreez.e i -
And he wore on has features a IMerible.scowl;
- As he sung to the zephyrs that' swept through the
• trees:
810w,,0 blow, ye gentle breezes .;
. 'All among the leaves and-treesear
Till you gi . ie.myblo' od the freezes.'
-A-skunk-and• a-'possum together then-Met,'
And they shook Intias aintkiSscid;*and most lovely
For they'd. vowed,yearaago, that they ne;er would • . . „ _
forget . •
One another—ad they struck up and
• SIM,Oi ~ . .. .
. .
4 Should auld nequaintance ho forgot, ~
•:- . " And nevir hrouolit to itliiiii; ;• " : '..
Should null nripiaintance he forgot •• - -
. .'. ''4.lid days of nultt inn iiine.' , '-
A fox leaped . wild the tbicke and played
With his JiritsWfo n while, :iii n transport oirgle - ei
Then thoughtfully walked. to a green. forest glade,
Where he sat himself down, and roost sweetitOE
he :
... • _
~ .
'on in the stilly night, - • • ,
_ Ereelinaer's clininaluve,hound file, .;..,..
Fontrinettery firingsn sight. '..
- Of nice, fat gee fie around - me.' . • .
- Then lilL-rox~-51:U11~ and 'posemii--~thc, owl _the
in concert Or joined, to tbcitinteOrilkioliiiroukse
The 8i:1113 cried 'encore,' and time bright silver moon
_Grew brighter anti brighter 'a they .sanr,, withotit
O 1 -TUE ponoucat OF CARLISLE,
TPrE: g'o PENCE&
SECTION 1. Be it enacted and ordained
by the Town COuncil.of the Borough of
Carlisle, and it is hertby evaded and or
dained by the' authority vf.the same, That
no person .or persons' bli`all make or erect
any fence; or rebuild the same when 'fallen
into decay, upon any of the strems,.lanes
or alleys within the hounds of this borough,.''
br 'make or 'erect any .party fence, or re,-/
build the Same when decayed,. within'said
limits,, On the line between his,•herlor
their lot of.ground, and the lot of gr6unti
of any, other person or. persons,'beltird tho
same.shall have been .regulated. anti marked_
by the. regulators of said borough, or a
majority of them,io •be called upon for
i that purpose by the person or'persons pro : -
posing and intending to bUild and erect
such .fence (unless when the parties, adi
joining agree to the partition)—and if airy
person or persons shall build, erect,'or
build any fence, otherwise than as directed
hysaid regiThitrirs,.sUch person or persons
so offending, upon due conviction thereof,
before any Justice of the PeaCe of the bo
rough, shall forfeit and pay to 'the use of
the corpuration the' sum of Five . boilars,
for - every , such offence; and shall Moreover
be' obliged to reinpve the same agreeably
to such regUlation, or pay a fine of One
Dollar, to be 'recovered as "aforesaid, for
every month the same shall rdmain mire! ,
SECT. 2. All party Sences, "undo and
built at : posts and. rails, pales_ or boards,
shall-be—set—and—fixed-„upa7t—the,line—be 7
tWeerrthe - oWnerEi-nr: occapiers-ot dm-. ad-
joining lots;
. and if . the'Said ,partition fence .
shall be. made
,in part' of . . posts. and Jails;
and in part of, rails and ; stakes, shell iper=
son or persons so; making his, heror their'
part. or half of, the s eMilasure, shall setand
build the same entiroly and wholly colitis,
her, or their.-ground..• . • . . .
'' SECT.. 3.: All party 'fences.shall be- made'
and kept in repair in equal portions by tite
owners or. obcupiers Of saitradjoining iota,.
and if the:-owner or occupier Of. , any:a&„
joining lot shall at any time neglect..tir
refuse?to bitilil.or repair his, her, or their!.
part orlmition of stick party fence, the ad 4;
joining party.: in interest Amy givenatico.
thereof Lilt
. writireta the-party. thus. ne•;,: 1
glectilig dr,refusingta rebuildrprrePair.ihe
said.fensa(as the' case - tii.4 be)i - the Mille' I
"it) b e One-. Week ati . tet..:the, latter and:Ahree.
,intinths'ati to:the' former; '!which' untied;
slug be.served *by' thei high emistable;' taint.
it' suet' per Son or PersonS - :sliall':refuse,*
neglect-lo' rebuild .or repair
_her; or
tilt* pared the said knee, it Shall:11W may
be lawful, for .the:yerty..eigrievek4o*.build
or repair the sane as the eatteinarixi e and,
all the, cost and-expellees. which' ielnattc.--
crue in said building or repiriringishhilklie:.
.teintburse'd and' paid,: by the ''party,;. so
fuiffig - or:iinlerting, to the partyaggiliyedfr
and said Alelitiqueet shall• ntoreoverz Otty4a,
Ant, of riii •• Delleri• •in idle ;nee•• of :the; cor-.
PinialOtrili*everPefraffikluigt6i . or oinis;;
:don to etimply'litlf.irrYW:thrt. provisions;.,
or - direddetis, herein , ekpreSsted:'••
, "Ordained; lend 4 , . , Prisseted '
Conned" of thellarbugh Carlisle, March
86th; .1841. •,• ;
etIAIMES liceet•MßE; . .'"
PreS'ideitt of
Tunt4LE, Clerk,.
:."a f .' r
‘, \Ve'll not go home till morning,
We'll not go borne . till morning,
We'll - not go home till morning,
Will daylight (loth appear.'
~-,4.._,~ ~,_
An Ordinance
Respecting Party. Walls and the Paunch
lion of Buildings—
SECTION I. lie it ordained, aryl, nactd
- the - Town Conn eil ; ql, the Boroug4 of
and - it i:4ltereby ordainedand
'acted, by, the .aulhority of the, same, th 4
it' shall be,. the duty' of - the regulatora or
surveyorsof Said' borough; When called on,
- -for-that-rpurpoiaby..tha : owner or Owners,.
- ccupier or — occupiers of. anylot or -
itt said born h,, to lay off,- ascertain ,and
- ridehe titidlionirdarTiT - it --- stiali - 1 - 4 -
o riots, agreeably to the plan of . said bo
rough,and the just rights of: all parties in
terested; and no , person or!persons. hereaf
ter shall,build, construct or erect,' or cause
to be built,'ainstructed or erected, any
house,or building on any of the streets,
lands . _or —alleys, adjoining _the lot
ground of any other person or perions,.be
'foreliej she, or they shall have his, her or .
their . ground upon which such building is
intended to be -erected, ;designated and.
marked mit by said regulators or surVeyori,
in,the 1-tresence of diapason or persons
owning the adjoining lot' of
.ground, or .or
such -executor, guardian or, agent, as may
lia;.tathiqa . ro - algmanagement of the same,.
:unless in cases
.of non-attendance, where,
ten days - writtcnniiotice. bath. been given to
him, her-or theni", by t he - Tarty so intend
iug to. build..
SECT. 2.' That. in !ease any.":person or
persebs intending to or erect aby
house or 'houses, on his, her or 'their '
ground,' and adjoining the ground of any
other person"or .persons i shall 'declare -and
manifest his,-her or their intention th-cen
,:tlitel ntliit - nake,,the - Saine wall - or walls, of
' - or houses to lie a party. Wall or
walls between him; her or them,' and:the
person or.
_persons owning _ the adjoining
ground,sthe.perSonor persons intending
.to build,-before he, she,or they shall coin
jnenee - to break ground!in - order to prePare
the foundation thereof, shall call 'upon_the
said regulators gr surveyors, to set out and..
mark the foundatien for the same; and the
said regulators or surveyors shall lay out
the foundation or. foundations thereof, so
that the-Said party wallor walls shall stand '
upon and extend over the line the one-hall
of the -thickness -of _such wall or walls.
Providedjhat in no case shall'more than
twelve - inches:be occupied by such .neigh
bor's walls .Ind provided also, that . the
regulators/Shall not proceed to make any'
regulation, except in the presence of the
owner/or owners of the - adjoining lot of
groOn'd, Or of such other person or persons
as May have the care and management of
the slne;unless in cases of non-attendance,
Where teirdays. written
,notjee• bath been
proved upon. him, her :or thenn,: by the
partylitentlingto•bifild as aforesaid.
&cr. 3. The foundation of all party
walls shall be,.dug and laid at. least seven
feet - below the surface of the street, if the
,saiistreet.shall...havaren- regulated_ anti
tili - Y
pitehe the regulatas or, surveyors; if
not, the said regulators and' surveyors shall
fix the depth' of. thasaid foulidation, to that
'it Shall he at least seVen feet lielnw the le-,
vel of the street, when it shall be so regu
lated and pitched.,
'SEcT. 4. The said, party walls shall be
constructed and built as follows, to wit
if thq Auperstritcture shall be built
.of sitar:then from the foundation up to
the first floor or tier of joists, the wall shall
be two fectin thickness and - faced - on - botlr
Sides, and from. the, first floor or, der :of
joists, the: said wall shall. be carried up.lB
inches in thickness, leaving an, offset or
scarceinent of three inehes on each side, to
support the first tier. of joists; and if :the
superstructure shall be built of brick, then
from thd foundation up 'to the Arst,lloor or
tier . Of Eaists„ the walls shall .be built of
stong7and built 2Q, inches in thickness and
faced on botlrsid'es, and tlicHbriek . .worli .
from the firiffThor or tier ofjOillSTilfallbit
14 inches in thickness :at least, lea' ng aq
offset or scarcemont of three inches on each
aide for.tite first tier of joists to rest upon.
The first builder shall
biased :one moiety of the . expense or charge
of such' party, wall or . wal,le v or,ol so much
thereof. as. the 'next . bliilder sliall have occa
siMi to:make use of befoie sueh 'Mgt
ei.stiall in any - 4 isd -use 'or break nun nil)?
such wall ormialls, , abd ihe'elinrge and va
hie thereolsball :a . neertahied • npd: fixed
by said regulators or surveyors, or si
majority of them: • • -
0.. No • person or persons shall
• hereafter build, construet oferect any
or leluildioir oi big or frame .nedret. -to • the,
, line ,OCtlie adjoining lot 'or ground'o Wife&
inelies,,eiceepting itr`ease where t stone or
brick .house.or..•binlding:nriay„Jtave.,been
previonsirtirectqa.,,on:the line of. such tl4l
joining. lot- or:lois:of Oen nd. ' • •'. •
`;',0E0f..7.• f •fiirk 'poison 'periods shall
wall 'Or 'hnildi
befek , C, the 'place . .be. , iti,wed'aniWireeteti.hy;
Abe fish' regelatiiri'or"Spry surveyors, -
kiiity•bf:otherwise .
the same
shall ha.i . rObeen sift tint
. the
said regulators siiiieygisVor a majority
of them, according true, intent .and ,
incaningi 'Of ',dile, :Ordinance, such ,.
fie,rliOneßkwell 'CdPlciy,Cr#'
Itins • eery s.iipli.Oltetiee,';
1 3 10n:-COlivig4 0 .n C9PreOri:B6ll ,.. roTript_ ; o4,
'piny to 0-486: ofc . ther;cor the . sun!:
of Otte..'lltindiii(ilkitiits,;2 Srld'ab 411046 ,
,shall be , dWeeted by the regulatOr4.
under .thw penalty. of. Ave Lrundted
lars . ~to be recovered 'agreeably to la*, for
; the use of the corporation, and shall more
over' beliableA9 such actions at lovas.any
party injured may havc.a right to, niaintiiin
,against him, her or them., •
SECT. 8: No person or persons shall be
permitted- to,occuy r o!..use any-part.of the
street,under the paveMent opposite to his,
her ortheirlot, further . than, the curb stone,
extendingbY into 'Said streetany:cellar 'or
'Vault, per titiless the same shall be secured
by. a sullicient_arch, to be insH_Med .atid
approved of .by the
,regulators and - iffeef.l
_co mmissioners,o : a-majefitY,TotTthemi...and
unless also, the 'same shall be.coMpletely,
closed Within! the space of two months from .
the time of breaking ground, under 'the!
penalty 'of Ten 'Jailors for every such of- 1
feifee, and 'for every cohtintiance, for one!
*esti, a further_ penalty of Five Dollars. • I
Ordained hml.. enacted by the Town ,
Coudeil-of the borough,9lCarlisle, March!
Nth, 1841. • --
. „ .
• • President of Council.
An Ordinanc"e
Directing the Manner ;of Paving • «nd
Cleansing the Streets.. •
SECTION lie in...dab:led - bind
by the .Touk.Council of the BorAgh of
Carlisle, arid it Is hereby ordained and en
acted by the authority
,of the same, That.
the owners
_or occupiers of any lot or lets
bounding: on inly -- "Orthe streets;_ lanes or
'alloys:7=a said 'borough, wide!' have, been
reg,tibiteff; and paved, shall, - and they and
hereVireqaired_within__siiiiitentlie - after;
: the--passage,of:_thls ir'ilivance,-or_ • .w_ithin
:nine months after the part orthe street
which .bounds on his, her- Or their lot. (,r
lots, regulated - and: 'paved, to eta
upon- the regulators of said borough, to fix
'and regulate -the foot-pavdments or side
wallas; along. smell lot 'or lots-, and shall
-cause •the sanieto be Well paved _with brick,
or good and - sufficient smooth flags, except
such part as may be - necessary forrthe pas
sage of wagons or-other vehicles into said
lot or lots, and which said wagon passage
shall also be paved musuch other sufficient,
manner as may be directed or-approved of
by the said regulators. •
SECT . . 2. The regulation of- ail pave
men le ',shall be uniform throughout the
town, as -well in
. breadth and extent, nit to
elevation 'and. declination, viz in High
and Hanover. streets, -the afoot pavements
shall extend into said streets twelve feet;
iii all the other etreets ten feet,.and in all
the alleys. three feet, and shall be made
iiritl► sufficient eurb-etbne, so lb:ed • as to
form a gutter or passage to carry off the
water, and every' owner. or_ occupier or -a
lot or part of a lofofground, neglecting or
refusing to make and .complete the•.said
ibot-paventents, or causing the same to be`
-matle-and , completed, -tho - - - -mannecand
within the period hereihbefore directed
and prescribed, shall forfeit aud"may a fine
r l of T wenty Dollars, to the use of the cor
poration ; and the street' commissioners,
upon -such neglect or rerusal,'sliall make
and complete tile...said pavement, ore:lose,
the same to be dbne, at the expense of the
borough in the first instance, to be after
wards reimburseff•by or recovered. from
, the party so offending or ionising.
I :.:SEuT.23. Every. owner :or - 000tivide — of
any lot or lots .as aforesaid,- . shall.. when'
' necessary, make and -finish ,such sufficient'
outside pavement as the regulators' 'may
direct and approve of; which said
High eight feet in High and
Hanover streets, from -the. curb-stone into
the far as the breadth of said, rot
or I art Of a lot may be, and six., feet in
every other'street, and if 'such he net made
within twelve months' after the completion
- streets; - every- person so negleeting-or-re;--
fusing shall 'forfeit and
.pay a fine of Ten
,and the street toffimissioners shall
pp:meg in , the manner hereinbefore stated,
to make and finish the said pavements - , the
obit:A:if - which shall be I:eceivered - from the'
party So,offenilina or refusing,
*et, It o shall be the . 00y of, the
:owner orsiiecupier of anYlot .or 'lots, or
parts 0404, .il,lltite on the paved - streets
of°'tho - boteugh,'-at least flyles s in-every
year, that *to say, ot'lee . in Bepteitilior Sind
once in April, to. Cense *. pavements, out-,
Salle the co,rkstonee on, each side of said'
streets,, to ?• and cleaned, :
cacti Party,doing Ain half • of said, ;Mieete,
opposite his own•let , et gonna, A s
the breadth
~thereef-.extends,.and. causing'
thefiald dirt. to be removed` Within . l , rea:t . ,
sonithle fieriokafter,the•aaarie Shall have
• beep:brought'.inte.heatie; 'end, jtieding. - ,:alei:
'be.tho dutyfof•the.Owaera:or acctliiiers of
any lot or iota iiithe bilrerstrente,ni:folloW;
. observe the same regtilatione; , as - so*
as the payernentS • :thereof shall hit coui
pletnly triadeand.tittisliOtl: 7 7and.'pvery:per--,
Son,ueglectuig or I . 4ffusing to cemply ,
the 'regulations . alliresaith or poy efithem;
shot h ay fine of 1'7,?4, : D0/?r.k.spr.olt . pry;
'stidh:Oiroo'cO or AC - fault y Anti itshall
tFisn be„tbe tfety of. tilt; iireetentnntissitw-; .
titente .wiYieji lie. wittli . n „iitt!ire the
fnbi;t9,.Pqtnn.e t 'senpetliciniteleittiect
me an«~ #kphpante A# a me
: f t ifie'r;:'o: l :l4.:N3l, be f! rgnitit6i'.o”'qt , ;44o ag . ,*ey,-40 , : tiecee ;!
*lll . :l4ftit 'ail iittliti=oo6-
-stoti . es i in 7ilni - : ..etteete - : and . ttliey . i.,‘of . ,. tbe
tinOntiti;end:tti:l*,itit. marks to en atit6 the -
Vie '4611C1 4561.-":04 . 10Q dig
iti said' streets and .
leys to make". their pavements" and' chrb
stones Uniform throughout. , . •1
Ordained' and enacted by the . Toviif
Council of the Borough , of Carlisle, March'
00111, 1641.. .
. .
SE6Tiori 1: ..13 . 0 enacted and Ordained
•by the 'Town Council of Borough, of •
I Carlisle, - and it is
. here . by enacted
. and . or . !
! dallied by the authority of the same, That .
'it shall .be th3 . .duty of the Burgesscsto
Iprocure. alphabetical lists of 'the free male
inhabitants above the age of twenty-one.
-yea rsoc - be - made out .b)%„tlie Town . Cierti;:. -
l and from such list.the said Burgesses (or ei-:
the! olthem in. the absence of the other) shaft
select, as often as may be necessark, a sta-
Oient number OTs n ilitable persons to patrol . the
'streets of the borough from %the hour•of ten it
theevening until ihe hour ()flour in the Morn- .
-Jo, and the board of- police thtiS Constitu-r
-led, are' hereby empowered and,required
Co arrest alLsuspicions . and: disorderly
sons • wandering or, 'v - agraittin-the streets
between the afuresaid: hours, and' to com
it . the' sa mti ai I 'Of the coimiy for
j udi cia examination.l,•
SEC. , The board of polite-shall relied :- •
to the Burgesses ur either of them, the
eurrenet.a.• of the night,. tytth, the home 'of. -‘
the "Owner :or occupier of any.pubkie or
private house kept open at it:lre:wettable
hours, fOr the entertainment of,idle, irregu
hir arid disorderly_ piftsons;:and'Alie IRMO
Burgesses are - hereti) enjeined to take' a#
legal and. effectual: - Means for. the Suppfes-
siotrof such: houses and the punishment.of .
the offeUders.: . • • •.
• SEC. 3: The Burgesses or either dawn!
Shall - cause the methbers of the board. 'of
police to be duly notified of their appoinin_.:
went; and every persolY so notified, neg
lecting to attend and -perform, his duty, of -
procuring -a ".tillicient .substitute, shall-for
every mmll4lo'o4 pay a fine of two dol- ' 7 :-
tars for the use of the corporation ' , unrest
Wenn - render to Abe 'Burgesses a' satisfac
tory reason why he should he excotrerated..
. .
Ordained and enacted by the 'to*Jr
Conned of the Borough of Car'isle t SlaroPti
30th t 1641.
President of Council,
an .annual .Rppropriation to Me
" . fire Companic3,..
:SEcTioN 1. Be ii enated enUt th,WOined
by the Town Council o f Me Borough of.
_Garlislei, and it tx:hereby enacted and_er-__
doined'hYilte authority of the some,. That
the President of the •Totvw
: Connell. shall
.on the Second Saturday of October in each
and every year ; draw* his warrant on - , the
Treasurer of the Borough, in ratter of tIIM
respective Treasurers of the' INioti and'
Cumberhind Fire Companies,- ibr the sum
of thirty-four dollars 'each. , •
Snc. 2. It sit:di be the duty of the Tome,
surer of said Companies; en- thvisaidsecond .
Sattirday in October of.each tut] every year,
; to - exhibit to thMTOw.n . Council a statement
slioWing.M; what niamier the appfoftiStion.
of. the, preeeding year has been expended:.
under, the penalty of forfeiting the appro
priation, for the ensuing year.
. Ordained and enacted by the
• I'o*.m..
'Councill or the liorough of Carliiile,
30thi.1841. . •
..Presigot of Council
Be it enae tedand ordained by the Towle
'Council of : the B . firough .pf afid
is,,here4 • enactedWd otdolved• 4 the'
authority of the q,ame;' That ordietineee'
ipaa.sed by tile antherities,ef i thie Borough;-
preiiona to the thirtieth : .Jay of, Noieniber-- ,
One Ahousand'eight hundred: and- forty,- be'
and the sanie,erehereby repeated.'
..._Orth,tjued„,betvd . .hy . Abe
die 434.irough,of..purjislei,IVintie!y,
,:•_? • ;
: • ; P)esiden.t. pf
e •
Seed ,85:0iiiii.i. 1 41Vo reim out -
to ,evotk: farm; who • iiVeable - ,:[o . i - Fmtnifirc
40Md, IMO:M . )411c good seeil soil/et:soffit q
are Am to be had , for,„tiarious'priees, ni the.
IMe nufaeleiliiii, est abl is h rop ; !`ng - rjoul--
tural,warehpiWes; There are 0077,1, sit
kind'sof, Ahem •that a , person ean•suit
self, el tber, , turto form oefirsltion; = ittl when ,
you .get one;r-the• of :Ate 'A,
hair is : very " great. ; 4,oYou,tlo•not
ilese, hard ..tiMes, tip, ; porelisse' OUC alonfi r -
lit,l)e,NW) o o ,, tP' l 4l)ite. witV,you, t4:oopur.
Fhace, and thus ,*,,t4Yitiq:' the i Ot,1).(0
Fci ).*•
rmer. • •,.
'ffnE , U.S. STkditini}. o ,'i3.6 `atTttiorNii.
tf - 11 '
:fey, -1 " reb 1* ti 01 t te al •• te • -•
Pl)'Nith llitr;wl - ventinn'of';lll6l)aupfel;-,d .
it is c4pl)o4itift4 forVetreu Mini)
smoke and eparki, , and - will save mat:
deal, of, fu •
Pivaident ofiCatincil,
Mtest:--Tgos. Talk' 14. E Clerk.
An Ordinange
bilißk c _P
An Ordinance I
An Ordinance
for2ini, Ordihanc6:-:.
, - 4